1992 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

1992 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

Is there anything you would like to add about University Computing Services?

Undergraduate Responses

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The consultants at the CSC don't help me- I help them! I oversee their work! My answers to this survey are from a different perspective that ANYONE else!

I believe UCS is a well managed group. They do an excellent job of keeping the best interest in service to their users, implementing fair policies. They lack discrimination among user groups and maintain an admirable degree of accuracy in their announcements and upgrades. I would like information on their goals as an institution more easily accessible to the public, as well as information on their current projects/progress.

UCS needs to strengthen its research support in terms of providing stronger machines dedicated to computational researchers.

Maybe you could advertize your service more often. I'm not really sure what is available to me from your department. This is from a business/ and or (sic) personal standpoint. This includes hardware/software packages and services.

classes need to be aimed at academic task environment than at application- guided instruction- e.g. how to use dBase to get academic reports and to interface with Word Perfect rather than a general intro to the Control Center.

We are a small office trying to computerize. I feel UCS caters to large offices forgetting about those who lack clout (or funds).

the couriers delivering printed output do a great job! But, the printing staff could be more customer-minded and helpful!

Some of staff seem to speak another language. Even though I am computer literate, most of the time I don't understand what they are telling.

Overall, I think that they do a really great job!

I often leave a UCS computing class feeling I was given a lot of new information but I don't know what it is or how to use it. There is no follow thru in my department- so I feel everyone's time was wasted.

the response time while on-line in CIC5 Production (TELC) is some time very slow. Also, down time is too often and too long.

In prove (sic) communication with in (sic) the department. Sometimes it seems support is not manned with enough personnel to support the problems. Overall UCS does a good job for the personnel they have.

The computing arrangement in our office can best be described as a mess. We do not have enough ports & the terminals are/have been programmed differently.

Much better service from UCS in recent years- keep up the good work!

As a novice, I am still interested in how to use the computer... so education is still important.

Most UCS personnel with whom I have been in contact have been personable and capable. The level of support offered to departmental units however is limited by shrinking budgets- I don't know how that can be resolved- but departmental computer maintenance needs to be addressed.

Computers are interesting. Thanks!

Would like to see more manuals on how to use some of the available systems


More and better booklets for educating the computer users


1) Most of my "don't know" answers mean that I have heard about what you're asking and would like to know more. 2) Twice I have had to have computers fixed by UCS (one IBM 286, one IBM 386) and both times it took weeks and weeks! My 286 was gone for 2 1/2 mo. & I had no system to use during all that time. Can repair times be shortened? Or maybe you could loan computers to people to use while theirs is gone?

The number of users on the VAX cluster at peak hours absolutely requires an increase in the # of nodes and their speed. This should be far and away your first priority- only 707 used (sic) can currently log on to the VAXes at a time. How many people regularly use them? You do the math!

All the phone lines are always busy during evening hours

I'm very satisfied with IO, but impatient for the journal system (INFOTRAC) to come on ine. It's bad enough the majority of the journals aren't available to be read without standing in line at broken tape readers, but at least let us look up the reference without standing in line at the, what, ten INFOTRACK terminals.

You're doing a great job considering the funding situation and the population you must support. Keep up the good work!

I hold the highest regards for all my peers that work for/with me at UCS. Many of them are mentors of mine. I look forward to the excellent level of support services they provide to me an our department.

Right now I use very few of the services available through the computer service. However, in the very near future, I will be required to use the system more than in the past. We are limited to what we can use on the NeXT computer.

Several instances in this survey I was unfamiliar with what was being asked of me. i.e. "shared system", "VMS VAX verses (sic) ULTRIX and IUIS" It would be most helpful to me to attend a class explaining in broad terms, all the different options and functions of UCS.

The consulting services esp. the Helpdesk are generally very good. It sometimes seems, however, as if our access to information about machinery, programs, etc. is rather limited.

Need better accessibility to I/O during peak hours. Need Boolean searching capabilities on I/O

I think each individual that has an account with UCS should receive all the information need to access all the functions offered. I know I didn't. All I know how to do is send and print mail

Thanks for everything!

UCS has been very helpful and considerate in my job.

I feel like I'm entering a federal prison at USC (sic?) with the visitor badges i.e. staff badges- It's not NASA, or the FBI, and it seems threatening and somewhat.


Greater emphasis upon specialized consulting and "user friendliness" is needed. Obviously, we are all utilizing computers with increasing frequency, but our use of them does not necessarily ensure that we become more knowledgeable and comfortable with their technical requirements. Computers should be like automobiles- both are complex machines, but both should be easy to drive. Currently, cars are still easier to operate than computers.

Don't play "IBM" and drop support for older software. We use DBASE III+ and are very satisfied. You have already dropped III+ and will even soon drop IV. If a piece of software works, why should already broke departments be asked to continually upgrade.

This survey is typical of UCS and computing people generally- it is too long, complex, and repetitive.

Matt Gullett- gaining UCS access at home, more commercial data base availability

Overall, I enjoy the computing resources available at IU. In fact UCS has been a valuable enhancement to my graduate education. What I would like to see is ease of access for home use of UCS. I can only gain access on one number at certain times.


When using the ocmputer systems, it is quite frustrating and maddening to have the system taken from you without any warning. You then lose your documentation, or your current input.

This survey was much too long! Some communication between UCS and the Library is "lost between the cracks!" One person in my department had to wait 8 days in order to get a PC repaired. A PC that person need (sic) to do their daily work! Corrections made to IO with the "Globs & Glitches," it appears to me, could be done more efficiently i.e., done correctly the first time they were programmed into the system.

list subscriptions of periodicals available in AIE through differing networks & on-line instruction to help sign-up. Workshops for general patronage. Addresses for non-student or non-staff access (fee charged-OK)

You provide a very valuable service to the university. I am VERY IMPRESSED with your HELPDESK staff.

So far, the classes I have taken were of great importance to me and very clear to understand.

I am just beginning to be computer literate, so I have limited experience upon which to comment

I would like to see printed documentation on all services provided on VAX- some I might use occasionally- but without documentation I don't know where to begin

Is there a handbook which describes the services available and how to use them?

I'm curious about the services but they don't seem to have much to do with my own PC use word processing & database management.

If there is a problem and you call the Help Desk they don't seem to be able to answer your questions.

Yes, how to access the AIE from EMMA

I realize that the computing environment is changing rapidly but I also realize that UCS has a tremendous set of tools available to users that is communicated and explained very poorly. Better brochures documentation and dissemination of information is needed!

The people are terrific!

Since I have no idea how to use them, I can't answer this.

A very general info packet with acronym definitions and system highlights and features would be helpful to new users like myself.

There is a lot of paper wasted at computer sites! Perhaps at sites with many printers, use recycled paper (used on one side) in one printer as a "rough" document printer. This could save much paper and expense.

I work for UCS! But I feel I do not have the proper knowledge about most of the systems and services to use myself or aid others.

I would like to know why ethernet will be so costly. When we switch over we will be limited as to the # of machines we can connect,plus our dumb ternimals will not be usable. this is my understanding


Seems like support is either a home run or a strike out. +: NOC/ hardware repair -: Unix network consultants

I don't use VCS because I have two IBM RS/6000's a Macintosh and access to the IU High Energy Physics VAX. My main interaction with VCS is through use of Network connections

We need access to the network! (Theatre & Drama)

I work and am a Good Student. I only filled out one of those Questionares They seem about the same.

Graduate Responses

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I'm not sure of where to go to find out more about computing services.

Foreign language font support for IBM based software- and printing

Too many classes scheduled at main clusters. Mac's esp. in Kirkwood Hall need to be better-maintained. Perhaps -new ones. Need cluster at law school Phone lines at access always busy

Aie has improved, but it seems to be getting too big. I suggest several smaller systems

Need more PC's and PC support. Especially printing facilities that WORK

Better access to e-mail and faster e-mail processing more workstations

IU has lost its lead in high end computing. Our CDC 6600 was the most powerful machine when we got it. We need supercomputers, but not a CM-5, which is a bad design and too expensive. Buy a MP-2 or KSR1

Enjoyed using e-mail. Would have really liked to learn how to send e-mail to people at other campuses, but never knew how to go about learning.

-generally very satisfied with the limited range of uses that are pertinent to my work

The people at UCS are always very helpful and understanding. They don't treat people like they are morons because they don't understand computers as well as they do.

Better documentation on uploading/down loading from Vax to PC.

We need a cluster in the law school.

More 2400 baud lines- getting on line at night takes too long- often 10 or more attempts

please delete the FORUM Bulletin Board. I do not appreciate my technology fee being used to post pornography.

It would be really good to have a better consultant who knows about programs or systems in foreign languages.

I want to start using IUmail.

The Lan system in the Music library is what I use most and is what "goes down" most often. To make matters worse there is no consultant consultants there to help [sic]. I would like to add that I am dis- gusted that my tuition dollars are going toward this costly survey. Providing templates on the keyboards would be a big help! Why can't you do that? [correction, line 2-3: "consultants" is the word R chose, but it was cut off when at the end of line 2]

The services are generally excellent everywhere but the law bldg. ["bldg." sic]

I think that classes and course offerings could be better adver- tised. I don't know what is offered.

More spare 2.0 & Next (color) [sic]

Cricket Graph for MacIntoshes > public clusters Harvard Graphics for IBMPC


Most of this is unknown to me: AIE is almost impossible to gain acce access to -- The rest leaves me very confused--

Keep up the good work!

1) "vi" is buggy as Hell and has caused me severe problems 2) I asked for a silver account, which I needed & [sic] the damn secretary [underlined] refused me. 3) Consultants sometimes officious, self-important & bothersome. [all sic]

Pringers in the Music Library [CORRECTION: Printers....

One problem is that the systems (BH) (WH) seem to be full of people "playing" with E-Mail, even in Places where there is Special Request Softward. Some places should not have email access for serious work or stop the abuse of E-MAIL. [all sic]

Most of the consultants are very good! They're very helpful. (Esp. [sic] Library A)

You need more PC's--I can never use one on campus.

I realize that the staff at clusters are busy, and that they assume most people just want a problem cleared up, but I would like them to explain what they are doing when they bang all those keys real rapidly to fix the problem I'm having. When they don't tell me what they're doing, I remain computer illiterate.

I know there's a lot you offer that I don't take atvantage of, mostly because I don't know how to use it or what's out there to use

satisfied in general.

Am I the only one in the university taht uses computers for word processing? This questionnaire makes me feel that much use is a poor reason to be on an IU computer!

more mac clusters

Most of these systems are unknown to me. The things I listed in question #22 are the only ones I know how to use.



In really busy times, introduce sysetm to make sure users can have access to computer for even a short time

why is a fee charged on the subscription of the Bitnet address?


The folks at the PC-help desk have been VERY helpful!

Spend more on hardware especially geared to people who only want to print. I feel this will become more of a (unreadable) as more people get computers (without printers.)

more powerful pc well trained software expert more opening time computer clusters

computer rooms in IU residence halls should be well staffed, We always run out of toner or paper on weekends whan we need them badly.


The names of these systems mean nothing to me I don't know what services are available. I'm sure I could benefit from some but.......

it's much better than the CDC6600

1. UCS support staff (#061-IMU) are quite efficient 2. All surveys should be conducted 3-4 weeks before the exams


More (UNDERLINED) computers to do basic things such as wordprocessing are absolutely needed. The majority of IU community does not need a supercomputer.


Business and SPE IGNORE ABOVE NOTE Business and SPEA clusters far too warm Need more MS Windows stations and 5 1/4" disk drives on PC's Need more places to laserprint on user-supplied paper (i.e. resumes)

Better assign aome special consultants for each department. Who knows well about both computer and the fields in that department.



Additional clusters in residences.

Unlike 3 other universities I know it, IO is dreadfully slow and so unflexible as to be very frustrating. These other systems place a request for a book title or author within the range at approximation if the spelling is in correct. If the name/title is not exactly correct you receive no (UNDERLINED), none, nada, nil assistence (sic), and are told, "no record found".

I don't know what is available on the UNIX system. We need graphical software available on the networks.

We need more computing sites. How about some sites in more dorms. Lindley Hall is great! Need more table space at Library & Union sites


I hate your questions

How about a Mac Cluster at SPEA? More Macs at the library. More printers!

In the student building site, set aside time for geography and anthropology students (similar to that given Art students at Fine Arts) would be helpful. When 3+ students per PC work together on WPing a project, specialized work is impossible (noise, crowd, etc)

I have always found it extremely difficult to get a timely answer to computing questions posed to UCS. Any but the most basic problems require a half to a full day to answer, with much of this time playing "telephone tag" with appropriate consultants. Also, UCS is an organization with a penchant for superfluous gadgetry. Many dollars have been needlessly spent on facilities and features of dubvious value to users. The money could have been better used by improving and expandinghours of the computing support center. Having that facility available only 8-5 is a ridiculous circumstance and only shows how out-of-touch UCS really is, given that much serious computing takes place at night

While I do feel that the Computing Services should be used primarily for academic purposes, I do not feel that non-academic services (MUD's, Forum, Vaxphone, Irc, etc.) should be prohibited as long as they don't interfere with academic users.

I want to emphasize the need for more lines to connect to the VAX vi a modems. The lines always seem to be busy. I also think there would be less demand for more computers if people has consistent easy access from home.

I have absolutely no idea of the things I can do in the University computing sysytems. I have a Vax account, but still don't even understand most of the information given time--which was little.

difficult for me to obtain infor @ ucs-different bldg on campus--not sure what resources are actually available and at what cost

Please add Federal Reserve Economic Database (St. Louis) to online database options!@

I liked being able to use IO when library closed! Thank you. I wish I could get into the books and journals with this service.

I appreciate IO very much, but I would like improvements in library computing: 1., online access to more research tools (Social Science Citation Index, etc.) and access to borrowing status; that is, a listing of material checked out and date due, plus simplified means for renewal; notification of overdue/ recalled books by e-mail.

Hello Steve Wallace! Hello John Kennedy! My offices (CDC) computer person will never ask for anything --assumes it will cost a lot, can we encourage people to voice their needs--maybe we could save $$

Who is UCS? I never heard of you. Spend money telling us about your resources!

is there any way to provide access, through library portion of AIE, to other library database searching tools. -CDROM, and other various on-line indexes

Two things: 1) I use the clusters quite often and am constantly run off so that space can be given to classes--more clusters for more trying to work. 2) Sometimes the noise (talking) in clusters gets loud and distracting

Help some of the departments have more access to dept. consultants. More classes on UNIX for Novice users- Jumpstart classes

This is a waste of paper

With all the free paper and maint you provide, why don't you offer student laser printers at subsidized costs or at least at cost. You would probably come out ahead- good business school, acct. problem

We came to IU in August '88, just when the IU housing was being wired for voice & data lines. We still can't use the data lines!

Staff Responses

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I have taken a Jump Start & was disappointed because I was told about (unreadable) things i.e. types & styles of computers, not how to use the e-mail/papers/(unreadable) etc.

I know very little about UCS, so I don't feel I can give you a very good response, but I've tried to do what I could. I mainly use word processing and e-mail. I only used AIE when I was enrolled in K201

Compilers, etc. on the vax ace there (I think) and I don't know how to use them. It should he easy to learn this, but it's not easy to learn where to start.

Overall I am generally satisfied with UCS. However I hate when an instructor forbids people from entering a public site when there is a class in session. I really don't think I bother anybody while I'm there and it's unfair to close off a public site with 30 computers when there are only 6 people in the class!

The electonic mail system is fantastic! It dramatcially cuts down the time that I would have to spend trying to get a hold of people by phone. the only complaint that I have concerns the clusters in the Business school. the rooms are too crowded and there aren't enough PCs to meet the demands of the students.


Brian Bischoff CIS

The reliability of the printers should be improved

More computers

consulting is often horrible. This survey is rediculous (sic) because an occasional user like myself dosen't know what half the words mean which led me to guess at my answers!!!

I have no major complaints about the systems. I would like to be able to find out what all is out there at my disposal. And I think you need more dial-in lines to 2400 [unreadable text]

Is there any relation between ucs and the pinkertons whew, the way you people patrol the labs for food and drink is scary!

Need More Computers at Main Library

Overall its a pretty good service, but its overcrowded


Great job!! All my friends from other universities are extremely impressed w/the equipment available for students.

I think you should have manual available to check out in lab where they arent nearly ex:Lindley Also, during the day it seems that all the clusters are always full either classes or the ones w/out classes have lines a mile long. One time I was trying to do a paper and I went to the library, Business (1st & 4th floors), Lindley, the Student Body, AND Ballentine. Either get more clusters or try to stagg when they are closed. If I have to type a paper and a class is only using 1/2 the computers in the room, why cant I do that? Thanks

I think the dorms should have access to lotus, paradox and e-mail. A lso, more computing facilities should be institued because it is oft en hard to get a computer.

We need more experts in the computer room for students who are not familiar with the usage.


more printers please! faster computers!



Listing of all computers(public) which could be used and hours able.


Simply need more access and easier access to computer systems - It would help those who have an interest but dont know what to do about it.

Overall, I think it is a good system- I generally only use word programs off of the servers.

The consultants were extremely unknowledgeable about Paradox and the Lotus 1-2-3 programs. They were of no help and actually made the assignments more difficult to complete.




The online student advising system does not have all of IU's majors on it. It doesn't even have some of the basics in Arts & Sciences like English majors.



need more effort on informing students about the classes and services offered by UCS (i.e. advertising). Advertise information about what students can do with computers on campus (raise awareness of capabilities of the computers on campus)

more computers

we need a way (or is there a way) to fix errors in an e-mail message after "enter" has already been keyed?

Yes-- I would like to see class registration be accessable by computer to actually register classes. (The telephone could also be used to register. IU is in the dark ages -- UC Berkely has had compu ter registration since before 1973!)

why were so many of the VAX computers removed from sepa 151 business students need to be able to get on the vax quickly to check bpo messages. When all you want to do is quickly check it is rediculousto have to wait a half an hour.

I'm sick of the MACS! Every other time I use one it freezes and leav es me helpless. IBM is far superior. Also, I've rarely talked to a consultant that know (sic) anything(underlined) about BITNET.

due to the fact I have my own pc, I never had much use for ucs facil ities except for vax mail. However, waiting for computers and their speed is a problem . Perhaps there should be clusters just for E-mai l purposes and computing papers, documents, etc.

how are you supposed to find out about all of the ucs services---I've never heard of some of this "stuff".

your consultants be more polite. I speak better English. They should be more tolerant- not everybody are computer wizs like them.


Faculty Responses

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Most of the time, I try to use the VMS/VAX, the lines are busy. This is very frustrating. I need simple instructions for most operations.

I would like to be able to consult experts in the use of Nota Bene when I have a problem. I would like to be able to print out files on laser printer using Nota Bene disks.

I need a modem or something similiar

Why is it so hard to reach 855-4212 from a modem in the evening? the line is always busy

I think unlimited free laser printing is a fabulous policy

This inquiry is far too detailed. I quit when the predicted 15 minutes expired.

I'm very disappointed with the new charges for BDS services

Did I miss the PC helpline the one service I use from time to time? Sometimes consultants are knowledgable but sometimes not. Sometimes I knew more than they did. If they don't know they should take home and number and phone back.

I am amazed, with all the planning long associated with mainframe and department level computer usage, that we could reach a point where the Vax is saturated and is accessible on weekday afternoons and the dial up ports are clogged from 7pm to 1am on all but Sat. nights. You have been successful in engaging many students in computer usage. Was this success so unexpected as to outrun the planning of capacity and access? I know about your plans to head towards workstation oriented e-mail and conferencing. Meanwhile, I'm very frustrated trying to use the existing, insufficient capacity.

Elton Jackson (Sociology)

Increasingly, researchers are asked to "translate" journal articles or other research into specific programs (e.g., Mactinosh Microsoft Word---P.C. I.B.M.-W.P.) I have had a lot of trouble getting help with this, and all indications are that it will become increasingly important Also, I've taken my IU computer home and have LOTS of trouble with scrambled screens. It's probably caused by line noise, but people at UCS seem to (correction ) no idea. Many of my colleagues also have this problem

Better access to large data sets (via the network) would be extremely beneficial. For my purpose, Citibase and International Financial Statistics (IMF) would be most useful.

This questionairre is too long. My major beef is that the last AIE change merely complicated things without improving them. I find the on screen prompts for the class roll service to be bizarre! Every semester, it takes some experimentation befor I succeed in getting my rolls.

UCS is the most unservice oriented "service" unit I have ever seen! Either that or perhaps faculty are not viewed as customers by UCS. In my 9 years at IU, I have learned that I can not rely on UCS and that UCS is one of the major factors inhibiting my research productivity. Research computing support is an embarrassment to IU.

UCS resources spread to thin-- deemphasize e-mail and emphasize research support

All of the UCS staff I know (and I know several) are hard-working, intelligent, dedicated people.

I regard this type of survey a waste of everyone's time. A large number of the questions will be irrelevant to any given subject. Instead of asking everyone what they think about everything under the sun, why not just ask two key open-ended questions: 1. What complaints do you have about the current computing environment? 2. What additions would you like to see? I'm tired of filling out this tedious forms, especially during the end of the semester, when I'm more than busy with finals and grading

I bought my own computer (I use unique software. The university does not provide (unreadable) protection and has not provided a more see the Help-line become several full-time positions. I think it is important to be consistant w/ the help you receive. Also, I would like to see smarter consultants although there are a few great ones.

The most knowledgable, helpful individuals(and most accessible) are those at ACCESS. Perhaps giving them more funding for more consulta ts and for a weekend helpline?

It would be most helpful to get advice on which personal compu uipment to purchase.

Don Gilbert at the Biology Department is Fantastic! He can run any program and fix any hardware problem. He is indespensible.

I have a DECmate III p.c. at home; I would like occasionally to have some help and advice, but Access had such a fit when I bought it 5-6 years ago that I've never asked for assistance. Smith, etc., said I'd have nothing but trouble & pester you all the time. Not so! A wonderful machine. But I do feel cut off from any university support. R SIGNED HER NAME--Marcy Murphy

I use IO more than anything listed here. Ifind IO only sometimes reliable as a guide to recent library holdings.

The VAX system is pathetically slow; too many undergraduates use the computers for e-mail and bulletin boards. The computing that is available strictly for research is overused.

Please, much more dumentatiob: use of MAC II_ "WORD" 4 and for 5 desktop publishing with MAC II, etc.

My research has required the learning of Basic Fortran, and C-language on a PC. It has been frustrating trying to do this on my own and by sitting in classes although I do manage. The major problem has been obtaining access to these programs and computers for self-teaching. Thanks to the profs teaching, these courses I have made progress.

I think that UCS does a very good job. The main problem that I see is that as UCS becomes more complex, some functions do not find a "home" within UCS and are poorly supported. The areas that I have in mind are tape support (terrible), text databases, and mainframe DBMS support (i.e. Ingres- I get support on Ingres from a staff person whose responsibilities were not well defined.)

I think UCS is generally doing a good job, and I appreciate the support. Please make your questionnaire shorter.



Why does it take so many keystrokes to get to e-mail? Why must bitnet messages be so cluttered with routing info? Why is forum so cluttered with trivia and trash? Why can't computer people speak clearer English?

Need to move e-mail use off cluster to all other use during prime hours

The people are good and helpful. There's a good attitude and morale. VAX cluster is too often overloaded during the day. Even worse, I can hardly ever hook up by modem at night, even at 11:30 pm! Turnaround and quality of answers from CS center could improve.

Some public clusters should be specialized for certain applications only and Not have word processing software available.t

word processing e-mail on-line library access

I like our system- it responds to the needs I have identified and some I have not- I would like help identifying these other needs.

The e-mail system has been great as well as the use of the computer for data analysis (SAS). I would like to have Psylit on line. In addition, consultants to help me analyze the data for my research would be nice to have.

Major frustrations: Availability of good consultants Availbaility of graphics output from VAX Access to VAXes during the day- too many users Availability of manuals Positive features: Free computing Good software generally available ( though poorly supported)

There should be development of courses, especially for grad. students, to not only becoming computer literate- but literate in basic skills of statistical applications and word processing- This could be campus wide rather than department by department.

They are probably nice people, but my interests lie elsewhere.

Mark Staples was an invaluable resource in selecting and setting up Mac's in our teaching lab. He was patient, intelligent, extremely well informed. We could not have done it without him! Many thanks!!

How about a site license for SuperMongo or some other set of interactive graphics packages that produce PUBLICATION QUALITY graphs on our UNIX workstations please.

decentralize support more AIE should be up to date library access in user unfriendly- too slow and time consuming staff should all be trained in Tex or Latex editing

My only real complaint is the apparent instability in UCS because of A) personnel who shift their responsibilities within UCS B) lack of clarity about who own what responsibility. I wonder whether the broad-brush apporach to serving all users with (unreadable) equal access/ We may not ultimately lead to problems. In some cases it might lead to better development of hardware & software if use was more tangeted to specific projects which could serve as exemplars (I haven't come to any conclusions about this yet). But trying to be all things to all people often backfires. On the whole however, I'm basically pleased with UCS.

You guys have done a great job in making UCS more responsive to the user community. The biggest problem now is managing the increaded demand for computing on campus. Also, my students could use a lot better support to deal with their various phobias.

In my limited experience I have found UCS continue to improve their services in advance of my computing needs. While not perfect, I feel UCS keeps me from having to know about computers themselves, instead I just focus on thier use as needed.