1993 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

1993 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

Is there anything you would like to add about University Computing Services?

Undergraduate Responses

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overall great system!

more workstations (mac) A106 class is a very informative and useful class

In general UCS has provided excellent service.

Most consultants are great and know their stuff or at least know how to find an answer I recently acquired a land locker and it has made computing a lot easier The Lindly hall 24-hr phone service for Q's is great too

Spend more of money allocated to add more computers.

I am please with the UCS, it is fairly convenient and it helps me alot. I would just like to see more information on how to use the different systems in language those of as who are not Computer-Science majors can understand.

More computer (UNREADABLE TEXT) please? anyway, I'm really satisfied with the UCS in IUB this is the best ever know.


Put the phone lines back on everyone's account.

The main library could expand the # of computer, i.e., IBM & MACs if the budget permits.

More information on how to program in the system.

The quanity [SIC] and attitude of consultants vary. It is important to make sure that they have fully ability to deal with different aspects for the network, programs, and basic knowledge for computers. In addition, enthusiastic and willing-to-help attitude is needed for every consultants.

The ability to access the network from the rooms in the residence halls is wonderful + should be expanded to other dorms.

I am very pleased with being able to connect my own computer to the network. I didn't last year b/c it was too expensive, but this year I was able to do it for free - very nice!! Thank You!

Other than the problem listed above I think UCS is an excellent service to have as a student at I.U. or any other campus that supplies it.

Many of the computers themselves have annoying but fixable(?) idiosyncrasies such as uncooperative mouse and/or keyboard, slow response time, etc.

Would improving the services cause our fees to increase? I don't want to have to pay anymore technology fees.

Overall, I'm very impressed w/Indiana University's computing services.

Overall, I am very happy - esp. since e-mail is free.

I use the terminal at Sycamore Library and there is no hired staff to specifically help with the computers.

I really would like to see the Halls of Residence connected the network. i would like to have access to the software available in the clusters available to me in my dorm room. I also would like to have access to VAX without dialing into the system and tying up my phone-line.

Just better, more knowledgeble [SIC] consultants.

I am pleased with the UCS, but with anything there is always room for improvement.

Larger or more Clusters in Library More consultants for K201 in Bu415


more computers. It's a far trip over to Lindley hall for computers when you live close to the stadium. Business students don't have enough computers.

I would encourage (strongly) to freshman that starting up their e-mail account is imperative! I didn't start mine til late in my junior year and I don't know *how* I survived without it! Thanks! It's great!

Last year we had trouble using the modem to call IU. The line was often busy. It has greatly improved.

It's good if you can use a computer

nice to have this service at IU. Thanks.

give all students user guides upon request Then we don't have to try to figure out which class is the one we need & we don't have to waste our time sitting through a class when we only need a couple answers

It would be very helpful to more students is more computer clusters were available. It would be nice to see more of my technology fee money going to more use.

I would just like to see more MacIntosh computer and extended hours of computing in Ballantine Hall.

Graduate Responses

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More classes on computer literacy.

Early this semester I went to Lindley to print 100 envelopes for a student organization. Despite the best efforts of the consultants, it took us *hours* to print due to the insufficient printing equipment for envelopes. The envelopes I did get printed were of poor print quality.

Considering the lines of people waiting I've seen I think the best thing UCS could do is have more terminals available and more lines into the Vax and Unix systems.

I think the public site UCS consultants generally do a fine job. I have worked in several of the clusters and have been impressed with their patience & good humor. A more general comment about IU Computing would be that there seems to be some lack of cohesion in the planning/allocation of resources to different departments. eg. The new Education building has an impressive array of computers but little variety of software. Fine Arts Lab is generally very well (maybe *over* used) and could be expanded with emphasis more strongly on graphic design/animaker/multimedia. A recent visit I made to Purdue make me think there are better ways of handling this! They seemed to have the faculty/the students/ the equipment in the same place for graphic design & multimedia rather than scattered across campus. Sorry this is so late - spent most of last week in Print Queues for color printing. [IRD]

I love the Mac labs- the laser printing facilities

Overall a very impressive service. This questionnaire is much, much too long. The **only** reason I completed it is that I have put together a few surveys myself and was doing what I have expected others to do for me.

I support the restricted access to PU151 for stat. software; however, I feel word processing should also be included. Developing a computer facility (2nd one) at SPEA. As a grad student, I am very disappointed w/the 4th floor accommodations.

I think it is an excellent service overall. I do sometimes wish that learning about all the different available services and accessibility to networks was made a bit less daunting for us slightly computer-shy individuals!

[IRD] did a *fantastic* job of improving the MBA cluster.

Overall excellent. Keep up the good work. The addition of more lasers has been great. We could always use more.

Overall I rate the services good, but needs improving.

As a brand new user I sometimes find it difficult to know exactly where to get information about what is available to me. However, so far everything is very agreeable.

Midi interfacing!! we have keybook + software but they don't work together

Thanks for the new computer lab.

While this is not the problem it once was, there are still times when changes to systems and services are made with little or no advance warning: This is particularly true in the network applications. Often the impact on the user is not mentioned even when the change is announced.

I enjoy the VAX system it saves time + paper!

Although I thought I learned something about using computers this year, after reading this survey I feel like I know almost nothing of what computers heck at I.U. can do. I don't know what my point is, but I thought I'd bet you know.

A great asset to my work1

I have used the NeXT computer since September in the school of Journalism - [IRD] is fabulous - He gave an introductory class in September and is always happy to answer questions - If other consultants were like [IRD], students & faculty would be less frustrated & more interested in computing -

In general, I think UCS is doing a good job at keeping IU on the forefront at computing.

In the past, any problems I have had or questions asked have been handled promptly and with understanding. That is very much appreciated!!!

I think the University has a good service.

There are many aspects of IU's system I know nothing about. I have no idea what might be available to assist me as a researcher or educator. I don't even know what to ask because I don't know what is possible.

I'm very impressed by the availability of service and really have to search to find anything to complain about. Documentation is excellent, and most consultants are very friendly & helpful.

It is both wonderful and frustrating. There is never quite enough info at the terminals. I realize that I need to take more user classes, but the library needs to keep the computers running. Also of course there are limitations on what can be found-the software is not very user friendly particularly

I have had very good experiences w/ helpful consultants. I can especially remember a time when a consultant at Lindley specially printing room who recovered a document or a damaged disk by using the hard copy of my document- he spent a lot of time helping me

more information about wider net services, e.g. Internet, Bitnet, Gopher, etc/ The April 1993 UCS Times was helpful, but not specific enough about how to use Gopher when connecting over a modem. Also, I would like to know how to find Internet nodes in other countries- perhaps a menu from the AIE would do the job. Keep up the good work!

I'm really impressed with the extent of the systems, software & services available for computing here at IU. Thanx!

More facilities like printing at Tulip Tree Apartments.

you folks do a great job!

This survey was too long. Please do not send me another.

Overall I'm very impressed with IU's computing resources. I was at another Big Ten school before I came here and it was not nearly as advanced. I feel like I get my $'s worth for my technology fee.

Mostly, UCS needs to advertise what the possibilities of Internet and info databases like Lexis/Nexis are--I've felt like I've wasted lots of research time because (1) I didn't know these services existed, and (2) once I found out, "how to" documentation was seemingly either insufficient or non- existent, and once I got into a system or database or application, I wasted time blundering through it while I tried to figure it out.

I like the laser printer & E-mail service.

Print-access time is rediculously [SIC] long at the Campus View Computer Lab as is access to Educational Server Program from Campus View.

I hope that we can use a linguistic software like UCLA at my computer.

Keep up your good work; strive to maintain and improve your "technical edge."

Thanks for considering our thoughts into your plan

The printing & computing facilities have been significantly improved the past 9 months in the business school & MBA computer lab. It's nice to know your organization is listening to the needs of the users and is attempting to make further improvements. Good job!

Where can I find second-hand, inexpensive MACs?

More jumpstart classes on Hypercard

I would like to see a service department on campus for dealing with problems like the one above!

Yes--maintain the computer printing systems better--the ink drums are always spotting, & there's frequently no extra paper at computing sites.

Needs more stress on customer satisfaction--particularly those people who work w/ the students the most. They need better attitudes.

I am very impressed with the networks over campus, the help I have received and the knowledge of UCS staff!

The machines I get to teach my class from consultants in Lindley are never checked before being given out and are mostly dead.

Any time I have attend [SIC] a class - it has been very helpful. The few times I have contacted UCS the *REAL* people (not voice mail) have been great!

I'm a grad student who is rarely on campus and not plugged into the university computing music. I have no account and rarely ever use the library IO system. I use computers at my work but it is no connected to I.U. If there were a way to let people like me know more about the systems.

You should consider condensing your survey--too long.

Just yesterday I was in the large cluster at the Education building and saw woman get frustrated with her assignment, yet receive no help from either consultant. They said they did not know how to help her, but they could have referred her where to go or called or done a little more than leave her hanging. I am a bit disillusioned with the computing service and wish my technology fee was being put to better use. Yours, [IRD]

(1) dial in is much improved (2) my biggest headache in keeping track of material at the library. It would be nice to call up my account- check books checked out, due dates and easy renewal. Similar access to bursar information would also be useful.

Staff Responses

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I am pleased that service has not suffered as a result of [IRD] leaving. [IRD] & [IRD] have made changes that I agree with.

The phone consultants are very helpful each time I called. But once I called about microsoft word on a Macintosh and the consultant really couldn't help - didn't have the knowledge.

I don't know that much about UCS. Please send me more information I am interested in hering [SIC] from you.

I think UCS is doing a fantastic job! I have learned alot [SIC] in the last year through the TIES program. Keep up the good work

Overall, in a difficult environment, UCS does pretty well. We have made great strides [UNREADABLE TEXT] to our consultant staff. Our computing environment is superior to those institutions my colleagues are involved with.

- UCS probably provides better support that similar organizations at other universities. - UCS still needs to have a more friendly, user-oriented attitude toward faculty and staff. (probably students, too). - Almost every item in #15 is needed. - Would like to learn how to use many of the services I circled as "never use"

They seem to be very distant from the everyday need of the faculty. they seem to have more money than ideas on how to solve faculty problems.

I would like to take some classes or workshops above my level (which is *fairly* *adequate* for a secretary using WP)

I have had only good experiences in dealing with UCS staff. They have been very helpful.

Would appreciate knowing or having access to a list of UCS and their area(s) of expertise or responsibility so questions or requests can be better directed, either on line or hard copy

new student accounts should be immediately accessible. I was with a student who was not told to wait 24 hours before trying to log on. Her frustration and anti-computer attitude increased unnecessarily due to this delay and lack of information.

Overall, UCS offers a wide variety of support service, but I have found the student consultants have a limited knowledge of the systems available on campus.

Better Communication.

I find UCS totally satisfactory, especially avaibility [SIC] of services, + publications quality. However, I am a very minor user, I mostly use the systems at the LABORATORY where I work ( IU CYCLOTRON ). The things I do with my prism account are generally non demanding, but work well.

A package that explains all services available.

Once I get into computers, I will be glad for the service. Once I become more knowledgeable [SIC] I will experiment more and not be so intimidated.

You are doing reasonably well with an impossible job.

Consultants sometimes treat a person like the "village idiot." We're not all computer experts.

Can you give me a shot + make me a computer Whiz?

No big complaints- the times I have called for help I always got it without much delay unless there was a system-wide problem. Now that we have a new building the system has been much improved.

I think it is very important for UCS to help departments better solve their problems in technology. There are too many barriers keeping the UCS professionals isolated from the real work that is going on

I regret that IU does not support Wordstar. Available software listings w/ IU discounts via Access would be useful. Electronic ordering w/ M.C., VISA, etc. would be even better!

I am quite pleased at the service UCS provides. I have *no complaints* (RESPONDENT ADDED A SMILE FACE)


no, I just need info I have requested. Thank you.

At this time of yr.--there is not office time to complete a survey this long & detailed--sorry!

This survey should have been sent to our Systems Specialist.

I did not understand many of the questions asked in the survey; perhaps because I am a novice computer user.

More, more, more, of course!

I appreciate the fact that this survey can provide highly valuable information to UCS however, I do not appreciate being bullied into providing information! This is too PUSHY.

Amazing resource--wish I had *more* chance to tap into it--my work day is so crazy I often barely get the necessities done--though I know I could be more efficient if I was more involved w/ UCS.

Yes the inability of the UCS staff to acknowledge their existence in your dept. before doing a function be it adjusting a computer or working in a wrong room. We never know who they are, some type of *id* would be nice w/a check in system. So if the system goes down it could possibly be due to maintainece [SIC] or a pulled plug.

UCS classes should be free to students, staff, and faculty.

Response time and Accessibility are much improved this semester. Thank you.

Is there such a thing as "IU Student Computing Manual", a descriptive guide to all services currently available through the University system?

Have used UCA repair services sereral [SIC] times and have always been very pleased. Their response time has always been good. They have always "fixed" the problem and have always followed up with a call to see if everything is OK. Also think [IRD] has done a very good job keeping me connected to the mainframe. I am in a small office on the fringe of the campus and sometimes have a problem with my connection. Response time is good and he seems to know what he is doing.

Overall, UCS supports our computing needs very well. The staff is very competent. I would like to see more support for the IUCARE system; this is a complex, large system, and it would be of great benefit to me & other users if there was a person @ UCS who could help w/ encoding problems, or table problem, etc. At present, there are people who can help (& do help) w/ the *system* (the DARS software), but no one to help when there's problems with individual programs. UCS should send analyst/programmers to the DARS training conferences @ Miami University. Many other institutions send their analysts to these conferences on a regular basis; this way, they are kept apprised of the new releases & various programming changes. IU does not do this, & many users on the campuses have complained about this; they feel that UCS does not consider it a priority, or important enough to warrant sending an analyst for training. I feel this is a serious oversight on the part of UCS.

Support for systems development continues to decrease--to the point where I am considering the creation of my own systems staff. UCS appears to be moving more toward becoming a utility company, but departments can't always afford or don't have expertise internally to develop a good technology strategy for the future.

I would like to say that i have found the UCS support staff to be a very helpful bunch. People have been cheerful, patient, and thorough in responding to my problems or questions.

As professional staff I only have access to EMMA and no connection except through EMMA with the VAX system. I'd think it would be more efficient to have the entire campus on one electronic mail system

For most of the trouble-shooting & questions & answers, our department deals with Business Computing Facility. It is rare that I deal w/UCS.

The LAN classes are great. But I'd like to be kept up to date on evolving technologies.

Ditto to above message. Make more information generic or add another layer--for novices, beginners, or people just interested in exploring UCS and its many facets.

I would like to be more involved with computer & our office is in the process of upgrading our 1 old computer. Then maybe I take some

I would like to suggest that there be more support and consultation for faculty & staff for specific computer needs. I know that I did not receive good information about my software needs and I could use a knowledgeable MAC consultant to help with getting my hardware & software more suited to my needs.


Most of the clerical staff have no knowledge of the tools that are available to them via the networks.

[This answer continues response from question 26] then you get transferred. What is clear to a person needing help is different than what seems to be clear to a computer expert. I would like to talk to a *person* when I call - the recording depersonalizes an already frustrating time in one's workday (the time when you have a computer problem). This is especially true for inexperienced clericals learning new systems.

Faculty Responses

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Keep up the good work!

Things develop rapidly - some of us are still out of breath trying to keep up with rapidly multiplying complexities!

Laser printer should be available in departmental clusters for faculty/student use within department setting, i.e. offices where printing can be done on site or routed.

This poll doesn't directly address what I find to be the biggest roadblock for me expanding my use of computing. I am, I suppose, expert at using software already on my Mac. On the other hand, I am only vaguely aware when new software or new technology comes along, and this is a difficulty. Probably you are silently cursing me, since there are a number of avenues in place through which I might be exposed to these things. Your advice might be: a. Visit ACCESS! b. Attend our workshops! c. Subscribe to MacWorld! d. Read our literature more closely! These are all legitimate responses. As a teaching/publishing/grant-writing/student-advising/committee -sitting faculty member, however, every free moment is extremely dear, and must be used as efficiently as possible. **Reading updates, reviews, manuals or "easy-access" literature is an extremely unproductive use of time since most of them DO NOT CONTAIN ANYTHING I CAN USE. **Between interrupting my work, walking there, milling around while it gets started and listening to things I already know, when I attend a seminar, 3/4 to 90% of the time is wasted. **When I find a precious two-hour time block to myself, it is vastly more productive to spend it writing one of my umpteen unfinished articles since doing advances my career 100% of the time, as opposed to reading pamphlets which has a return rate in the single digits. **Most of us learn by talking to someone that knows the software, not from the manual. I have advice. I don't need more or better literature and workshops. I consider those things to be a waste of time. I need someone to come to my office and ask me what I do in my research who can then suggest new hardware, new software and new techniques that will increase my productivity. Then I need to know how much these things cost. when I buy them I need someone to come to my office and show me how to use them, as opposed to calling the software manufacturer, where I must know my product number, punch all sorts of buttons on the phone and wait on hold for fifteen minutes before getting someone that may or may not be able to help me. Ideally, when a shamefully overpriced update is issued, I need someone to tell me whether it is worth it or not. [IRD], Anthro

I am sure I am not taking full advantage of what is available that could be of use. I use what I have and know; learn or seek out something new when I need it--usually in a crisis. . .and given other obligations, will probably continue to function this way. I don't know what we cannot do/don't have until I discover I need it and can't find it.

I would prefer to do it face-to-face.

It does seem like you guys try hard to please, so you should be complimented on that. Why not design a few *faculty* classes. Keep beginner stuff (word processing, AIE, e mail) in one, and more complex topics (list server, data bases, file transfers, searches, etc) in other classes.

[IRD] is a Master. I hope he is well rewarded for his service and dedication. He is a very valuable resource.

I know that computers & networks are where the technology is--but older methods of teaching & research prevail in my field and change will be slow. I am interested in the resources UCS provides but as yet have not had the need or [UNREADABLE] to use them.

I use CS dept. systems almost exclusively in recent years, as do my advanced students. I haven't heard many complaints from my undergrad students though [SIC] UNIX system load is sometimes a problem. I don't know enough to comment on other [UNREADABLE] [IRD]

Very impressed with recent progress

Cica and the stat/math center are great. However, the stat/math center should also support the unix/x tool called Splus (St) for graphical statical [SIC] analysis.

One annoying change recently should be changed back to the way it used to be: Now, if machines are filled with users, one is only so informed AFTER typing in USERNAME & PASSWORD. Before that information was available after CONNECT. We don't need to expend that extra time if the machine is full.

The various expressions of dissatisfaction I have indulged in on this form arise primarily from one thing--There seems to be a glitch in my CPU which makes it impossible for it to handshake correctly with my printer--i.e.--I use Wordstar 4.0 as my software and can't get my printer to print out more than 7 pages at a time. It turns out that there is *no one* on campus in UCS or my Departmental Computer advisor who services Wordstar and/or is willing to take care of their problem without charging me. this is a rather basic problem and if UCS claims to be providing support of faculty, it ought to put me in touch with *someone* who can deal with their problem rather than tell me simply "We don't service Wordstar and you ought to change your software." [IRD]

The publications are a waste of paper. They should go only to those who request them and the money saved spent on aid to departments.

The gulf between you computer nerds & the normal computer literate but non-computer-nut faculty member grows wider. Even e-mail is no not user friendly, w/no instructions or clear help menus on how to u use it. I'm writing about Humanities faculty but I would be curious as to how many of us use your special services or just use use their computers as glorified typewriters. You'll never break th thru this barrier until you rethink your whole program.

UCS is generally excellent and, from what I hear and observe elsewhere, *VASTLY* superior to most university computing services.

This questionnaire is *ENTIRELY TOO LONG*.

The overall service and facilities are "EXCELLENT" although improvements in some areas are possible.

This is a terribly designed survey, hard to read and time consuming.

Compared with what I've seen at other institutions, I think UCS is doing a great job in a difficult, ever-changing field. Keep it up. But I do have a frustrating "Kermit" problem that no-one has been able to help me with...

Your survey is too long.

I think UCS resources have shown significant improvement over the past five years.

I use UCS for network mail only. We use our own machines in physics. [IRD]

My attempt to use an Electronic Classroom (EC) in [IRD] this semester has been only partially successful. The biggest difficulty is that students have trouble getting onto computers in the clusters. There are also problems with the rather primitive editors and the coupling of my Next into the (EC) e.g., I have trouble reading successive panels.

Inadequate or obscure documentation keeps one from using resources that are currently available--such as Grantline-Online

By and large UCS is doing a very good job, at least in the areas I have to deal with.

I appreciate the (belated) expansion of the Vax's and the time-off function and the additional 9600 band ports. However the clusters are getting clogged in the evenings. More are needed

This is a too long & unnecessary yearly survey

I really appreciate the overall quality of computing at 10 and your efforts to find out what faculty / staff/ students need. I hope you'll get a good response rate. The new Jade system is great!

Recently I have the impression that UCS has really made an effort to assist its customers to define & to understand their needs! (Most of my dissatisfaction has to do with specific computing problems on e-mail, and so on)

Congratulations! Great job

Support for the mainframes has really been fairly good. In general, we need more support for advanced applications of PC software and access to PC multimedia software.

Get CD ROMS in the library to check out.

Need a good way to display text and graphics (sound, video) that is not machine dependent, w/o loss of formatting info when sending across network. (ASCII limitations is a real pain). I see why fax and xerox are so popular, but can't "edit" such documents other than in a bit-mapped mode. Where is *Oberon*? Need support for some standard multi-media document coding that is not device dependent. File/media incompatibility is a big headache. . [DDE NOTE: R left the following note referring to *Oberon*. New op sys by N. Wirth in Switzerland.]

No! Generally good.

There is more here than meets the eye (when you visit) New faculty could have a two-day orientation session on e-mail, ums, and electronic classrooms/rosters.

Better/simpler/up to date publications about operating systems/bitnet, internet bulletin boards/ computer resources on mainframe and network.

A lot of good people tacking detail problems make up UCS. I find "who doing what' to be confusing. I think many working for UCS feel the same. Helpful people, can't help if you can find them buried in the big system.- Again, more specialized helpers to guide us through the system.

Personnel have been very responsive to us in our efforts to promote computer use in our unit.

I find the use of a computer to be extremely helpful in all types of written communication.

I wish to explain that 1) computers are not of much use in the actual teaching of my field, Piano Performance. I am trying to become more proficient with computers in general. They can, among many other things, help me with keeping track of my student's enrollment, repertoires, grades, etc. But I have just received a Macintosh at school and have not had a chance to start to utilize it yet.

UCS is a large organization, and often communication is lacking or inefficient. I would also appreciate seeing less become more service-oriented and less entrepreneurial in general.

Overall, I think UCS's progress in the five years I've been at IU is exemplary. Except for #35 above, my complaints about UCS are minimal; it's doing a great job.

This was a long survey.

This could have been done on E-mail

[IRD] is great!

The service is good and highly beneficial for the University.

By and large UCS is excellent, the envy of faculty at other institutions, an attraction for recruiting good new students, retaining good faculty. If I had the time I'd love to get to know all the things I could do using UCS sources at IU. Keep up the good work.

No. My answer to Question 35 just about sums it all up. UCS has provided excellent service, and has been very patient with 9 years worth of my (at times) dumb questions, usually asked in moments of great frustration, or time pressure, or both.

The single most important (UCS supported) resource I currently use is NovaNet. This resource is critical to both my classroom and research activities.