1994 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

1994 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

Is there anything you would like to add about University Computing Services?

Undergraduate Responses

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There should be computing sites. There should be consultants on duty. I almost never see them.

I was wondering if there is any way a computer off campus could get rid of the odd characters that click on when I use e-mail. There may not be a solution, because it may be due to something else that you don't control.

I use the Fine Arts Lab (IRD) everyday. My only complaint is the slowness of the computers and that they seem to break down rather commonly.

It is very difficult for me to dial into the system from my apartment (off-campus) in the afternoons and evenings. Is there anyway to help this by opening up more lines? Also, is it possible to get the same services for an outside modem as the ones from the Education network? An *example* of what I'm thinking of is Departmental Servers.

The way all the journal indexes are on one computer in the Main Library now is really great

Silver is way too busy!!! Do something to decrease the load!!!

I use the email and wordperfect on the computers. I might not be familiar with other things because I haven't looked into anything else.

--IO has problems when you are trying to find something specific.

--I want to use the "talk" function on internet to other campuses --exceeded disk quotas are a pain in VMS and I don't know how it happens.

--What is gopher and how does is (sic) work?

I have a very difficult time connecting to the VAX with my modem. Sometimes I dial for hours without getting on. Could you please make it any easier for us modem users to get on?!! (I have many friends with the same complaint)

During the day it is often very hard to find a free computer without having to wait a long time. However much expansion of numbers of computers--the more the better!

Need more info about the different services

I would appreciate more computers in clusters, larger memory for student e-mail and larger student lockers. The student lockers are an excellent idea and should be more widespread. Overall, I am very pleased with UCS since I have seen it progess from having cheap slow IBM compatibles in residence halls to today's quicker, nicer systems.

I've been trying for the last six months to get information about connection to internet and no one seems to know anything about it. Can you connect to internet from/through campus net? [IRD]

I think that we should have more computer clusters - I have had to wait hours.

I'm happy with everything

Finally! Something I don't mind getting stiffed $100 a term for!

The phone lines to get into E-mail are always busy. Is there anyway to be able to have more lines put in? Sometimes it take (sic) 1/2 hr to get in by modem.

It would be helpful if the MicroAccess pick-up at 10th & Bypass was open at least one evening for those of us who have trouble getting there before 5 pm because of school or work.

Computer consultants are almost without exception INTIMIDATING, which makes it hard for computer dysfunctional people like me to ask for help.

Departments like Telecommunication are switching all information to e-mail. The problem is, there are few computers available. Like at Woodburn Hall, there are sometimes as many as 6-8 people waiting to use the computers. It is nearly impossible to get a computer during the day. I also communicate with class members regarding class projects through e-mail. Therefore, I do not agree with the policy that papers and class work have priority over e-mail, when I use e-mail for class purposes.

You do a super job keeping the systems on line. Just keep adding more computing sites.

I never have a great deal of luck connecting to E-mail from home. I have a internal modem in a Mac Powerbook. It's just not simple to get IU system.

Have there been problems w/ overuse of the phone in the pay computer room? If not, I think it is ridiculus (sic) that the phone there is not for public use unlike the others (sic) phones in the other clusters on campus.

need more computers

A student information guide. Questionaire (sic) that students can fill out if they want that lists hobbies, major, favorites, etc. Available to any student

Once - I have called the UCS Support System during hours - no one answered. (The UCS consultants at IMU were not in) The latest changes you have made have made a difference e.g. longer consultant hours.

Yes - Have a nice day!!

Am aware of service supplied to Dept. by UCS. Appreciate the refilling of laserjet cartridges. have heard very few negative comments about UCS. Most people take it for granted. That indicates a high level of reliability

It seems like there are a lot of links that go down when I try to Bit International students.

No thanks

For the large volume of support you give to IU, I think you do a good job

The system could use some modernization (AIE and VMS) to support modern technologies.

Virus Protection Utils should be installed on ALL clusters

I think the system, as a whole, is great. I'm glad there are so many computing sites and so many services offered thru (sic) the network.

Yes, I have been using the same node for two years. Two months ago, I had to switch to another, but I could *not* get in! Also, when given a list of computer clusters to use for a class project, it's *very* funny that *none* of them actually do what their (sic) supposed to!

If applicable-I have found the departmental servers very helpful, because one of my classes last semester used this resource almost daily, and I never had a problem.

I wonder if you could make a book of all other college BITNET/ INTERNET addresses so we could contact our friends?

I would like the addresses of other schools.

More modem phone lines.

the consultants at the Union are generally knowledgeable and friendly.

Pretty good overall, but sometimes you can't get in to the labs because of classes. Have more places during the day!

Most consultants try not to be available. They don't care if you need help and I often have to track one down when I need assistance.

The UCS is a very well organized service but for those people who are novices on computers, it is often difficult to take full advantage b/c there is not enough consultation.

I hate e-mail users. They type loudly, laugh outloud, and generally take up computers that could be used for academic work. The consultants will not ask them to leave when others are waiting

In the SPEA comp lab, there should be more access to the VAX and wordprocessing. There is always a line for those and the 2 back rows of computers are usually empty and NEVER full

I don't use it hardly at all so I don't know anything about them.

Sometimes, I have called 6-6789, left a message, but never received a response. Also, I would like info. about what changes I can expect to see in the future. Last, I just was connected to campus on-line via Ethernet, I want to know if the amount of software and applications available to me will be expanded.

more 24 hour labs. I only know of two.

Overall, the UCS has done a wonderful job and I would like to congratulate you guys. Keep up the good ork. Thanks.

The people in 061 are extremely helpful and pleasant.

Graduate Responses

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Very impressed with consultants at Lindley Hall night shift - very helpful and friendly. Redo IBM computer lab in library - need more computers and more space between computer stations there.

It must be an extremely difficult job to do what you all do. I am not completely satisfied with everything, but hats off to you all!

I wish I knew more about what services are available. Probably some services exist that would be useful to me that I don't even know about

Why is it impossible to connect via modam every night between 7-11 pm?

Offer classes in other buildings than in Student Services building. Better training of consultants so they don't send you all over campus for services. Better cooperation between UCS and BCF. If EZ mail is to be useful, the availability of mailiing list/distribution list must be improved. MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO CONNECT ON MODEM IN THE LATE AFTERNOON AND EVENING! Increase disk space!

There should be more machines available, have to wait too long to get on especially while there are classes in Lindley. Appreciative of 24hr consulting.

I don't know if this falls under UCS jurisdiction, but the Biology Dept. Unix machine (sunflower) has no mailer utility (eg ELM) except the default unix mailer, which is practically unusable. I think this is absolutely ridiculus (sic) given the amount of use this machine receives, and my inquiries to the computer personnel in the bio dept. have been ignored. Also, on one occasion, I had a disk crash and none of the *SIX* consultants I dealt with were not only unhelpful, but completely unknowledgable about computers. I was extremely unimpressed with the consultants.

You need to buy more computers (PCs and Macs) IBMs in particular need to be upgraded. Why can't UCS support the School of Music? Need to add more music software (Finale)

A more general guide to the various systems that are avaiable would be very helpful. A sort of flow chart/blueprint of the various hierarchies in one booklet would be excellent.

The computers in BUS431, doctoral lab, are slow and quick to fail. Many times I have to use other public computing facilities because of the poor quality of the doctoral lab.

In the evening, it is difficult to dial-in to the VAX. I think the new IO is not nearly as user friendly as it should be.

Why doesn't access make available loans or payment plans for students interested in purchasing computers, instead of going through all the rigamorole of going to the Credit Union or Macintosh Just curious...

Right now the networking and dial-in services are of greatest importance to me, but I appreciate the effort UCS is making to making computing available to the computer illiterate. It does seem rather unfortunate that the DOS machines are running DOS (not that I expect them to run Unix) it seems that OS2 would provide a more mature perspective on computing for these folks. The last time I checked there was really ancient software like WP, Lotus 123, Dbase IV, by now there must be better alternatives...

when will **all** of card catalog be accessible on I.O?

Movement from Gopher to World Wide Web is necessity

I'd like to see a non-menu driven alternative for accessing certain aie functions, such as IO. Also how about a telephone "hot line" to connect various computer sites to consultants. I've been in Woodburn a few times with questions for a consultant & no means of contacting one.

You provide great service!

I received training and experience through a year of employment with the computer science department. Through that I learned what I needed to get around but have taken embarrassingly little advantage of UCS services.

There should be more support for word processors such as Nota Bene, to allow individuals with those programs to work on campus and to be able to print. LETRS is the only site I am aware of that has Nota Bene installed.

Overall, I am very satisfied!

D Getting the printer repaired at the law school after 5pm is always a hassle and it always dies!! When I use Lindley Hass (sic) its usually late at night. Most of the staff are great but a few of the them are so engrossed in their own projects that they act very rudely when you ask them for help.

The education computer lab needs some help! The on-line printer is often unavailable for use. And, the time-line for use is very limited for a new building. On addition, the PC do not need all types of disk types like the PS/2's in Lindly, Student Building.

Library system (IO) still somewhat inconsistent--can't always find things that would have been obvious in a card catalog; also automatic billing of recalled items is getting out of hand because very often the recalled book is actually in the library. Music school site is much too small and very unreliable; staff there know little or nothing, as far as I can tell. I very much enjoy the Lindley Mac labs, however, and would enjoy them more if they weren't so COLD!

The new computer room at the Optometry school is great. The students in my program really appreciate it.

I would like to know about possiblities of computing where I circled 0. I know that you try to inform but not enough.

Is it possible to replace all slow 386's with 486's?

IU students really have it good here, computer-wise, compared to other state schools! Thanks.

All your questions are not presenting in terms of evaluation of the UCS program. In early '80's, IU had quite small staff and machine, budget-wise I though (sic) they did very good job in terms of service and consulting in depth. Now, with very large staff and budget, I found that a lot of things are manage (sic) in very eligant (sic) manner. I'm not sure your survey will lead to any decision making or not. I think we spent so much money in a less effective way. Too many administrative positions!!!

Need more computers available to students. More basic clases (such as "Jumpstart") night help students who are computer- illiterate--I'm sure it will help me.

access to a linograph printer would be great-I'd be willing to pay a per page extra charge if necessary. I'm glad to have access to the GOO DPi printer in the student building; and wish QUARK EXPRESS was available at more sites.

The only weak point I encounter is printers in the public clusters. Frequently, they print poorly (shading, ommitting parts of the page) when I use them. I know they get lots of traffic, but improving printer quality would greatly increase my satisfactions with computing services.

I'd like inform you that I could not have done my dissertation reach (sic) without help of staffs in STATMATH. Thanks !!!

I often use the cluster here at Eigenmann. Last semester, there were several signs up stating that Email is not priority. These signs have been gone since the beginning of this semester. I would like to see them back. Also, perhaps some signs outlining basic computer etiquette. Earlier this semester, at the Eigenmann cluster, I was working on a paper I walked away from my terminal for a minute to check the printer, and came back to find someone planing (sic) with Email right over the top of my paper. Needless to say, I was quite upset. I called UCS and explained the problem. The person I spoke to said they would get signs up in the cluster, They were never put up. Is there a chance for a consultant to be stationed at Eigenmann so incidents like this don't happen again?

For a not very literate-computer person, excellent service!

I think almost everything is more than satisfactory except that I would think it would be better if access to Usenet newsgroups was made available on the VMS Cluster so that more people could have access to them. I realize that anyone can get a Silver account but no one goes out of their way for one if just for USENET because they're not sure what it is. So, it would also be necessary to publicize what USENET can do for you. Also, since it seems like "the world is going Unix", it might be nice to have another workbase in Unix environment as Silver gets incredibly loaded down often.

FYI - I live on campus & you paid .52 to send me this survey when it could have been sent through campus mail !

Thank you for offering the survey and for trying to improve! That's great! I think overall the Computer Services here are great. I do think that you should make sure consultants really *help* people. It's so discouraging when you are not too "computer - literate" and you need (human) help. Also, they should not assume all grad students are "whizes" at computers. I wish I knew more and had the time to learn more about how to use the systems offered. My MacIntosh computer is fairly easy but once I got it hooked up to that Ethernet, things got a lot more complicated. I know there are a lot of services I should be taking advantage of ....they need to offer a "class for "computer dummies"!

I'm generally very happy w/UCS services. It would be nice to have EMMA connected to the Internet instead of Bitnet. Also, get more info out on WWW; it's a great program & needs to be accessed more.

I need an opportunity to learn how each service works and to learn what kinds of service are available.

I live in Redbud Apts. and I wish it would be networked soon. Thank you!

I presume UCS also runs the computing facilities in the Halls of Residence. The level of maintenance in both Campus View and the Evermann Apts., is poor. I hope there is a plan to extend ethernet to Redbud Hill Apts.

Currently I'm not satisfied with UCS b/c I've been having great difficulty transferring files to Cinderella scratch space. Of course, I recently started using this and am at the bottom end of the learning curve.

Please, if this is possible, develop windows software that will interface with the university system. Not something like Procomm. something that is specifically designed for IU. Make the IU system software & feel similar to a service like America Online.

There ought to be a place for printing only. Frequently, machines are tied up with students using E-mail.

I think there should be a few areas set aside for e-mail and have communications software removed from all other machines--it's frustrating to wait 30-45 minutes to print a paper while Suzy reads her e-mail or "talks" with someone across campus. ALSO- sure wish there was an easier way to dial in; the lines always busy after 4:30 or so--

Yes, the Finger Utility is not at all helpful on the internet to other universities. It needs to be improved. Otherwise you guys have a nice well-supported system at IU.

you guys do a great job and the staff at the UCS support center is terrific-it has made running stats very convenient. Thanks!

When I go to different computer clusters, I notice that the temperature of the rooms vary quite a bit. I freeze in some (Lindley Hall) and am comfortable in others. I don't think there's much you can do about it, but I figured I'd let you know about it.

From doing this survey, I realize just how much I am missing! Perhaps a brief e-mail message defining the different services (and how to receive them) would be helpful! It'd certainly help me! Otherwise, I'm very impressed!

See my comment on room temperatures...other than that I am VERY satisfied with IU's computer systems.

There are not enough computers in SPEA. The main theory seems to be that the business students spend an inordinate amount of time on the SPEA computers (those bastards).

I always have to wait a long time to use the computer because undergrads are wasting time on E-mail. The consultants should be strict and kick out anyone not doing actual work on the computers when others are waiting. Also, the printers are too slow and break down too often.

I think the campus should have other(s) 24 hour cluster (computing facilities) and even more clusters, since they are always full.

Two largest concerns are lack of color printing facilities (and cost) and lack of dial-in availability during seemingly slow hours.

Better call in service from home using modems results in busy signals too often.

I'm satisfied and impressed with support personnel in Lindley Hall. They have helped me enormously in my work.

Most of the staff are pretty helpful

For my current needs UCS is more than adequate. I feel that I don't have enough time to really look into and use all the services available

You guys are *great*, always *very* helpful

You try very hard. Nice to always have machines available 24hrs. a day.

Good job, advertise more.

I bought my Mac through Acess after months of questions. They were patient and endlessly helpful.

Generally, you're doing a great job. But we need more clusters more machines, and a greater distribution of those clusters. Also, printing needs to be monitored.

The World Wide Web is cool--I can use it without any problems- very user friendly publicize it more and people will use it!

I do not use the computer system much, but I am glad to know that there is so much available to me.

All staff with whom I've had contact have been friendly and helpful, almost always answering my questions and problems. Thanks!

Not every sites need to be set as "public" It should depend on the machines and the software. (eg. use Quadra 950 to type a paper???)

I'm satisfied. The ability to do library searches from my home is fantastic!

Assistance has always been great when I have called or stopped in--it is just hard to do anything on my own with only the pamphlets to aid me. It seems there could be a more comprehensive booklet with line-by-line instructions. I recently tried to find the news server on which to advertise items for sale. It took me 3 days to figure it out. Do you have published lists of all the newsgroups?? I *still* haven't gotten thru the whole list on the computer to even decide what to subscribe to or what *not* to.

It would be nice if the rest of IU ran as well as UCS

Wordperfect sucks. Get wordstar for windows. Since you're so fired up about windows.

It is better than about 10 years ago under BACS!

note: To my knowledge my department (history) does not offer any computing services to graduate students. If this is not the cas (sic) then both UCS and the department have failed to communicated (sic) the availability of this service.


No - I'm fairly happy with things the way they are. UCS consultants are generally quite helpful.

I want to process English and Chinese at the same time if possible. Now I have to ask friends to help me when I work on a papaer conerning both English and Chinese.

For the most part I am very happy w/ the services available at UCS, more so w/ respect to the public sites than the residence hall sites. Keep up the great work!

Overall, you guys are doing a great job.

UCS does a fantastic job. And overall, I am very pleased with the level of service. Thanks.

frustrating, plain waste of our $$

concern only how to use the word perfect. What is important is to understand most of the nultitude functions of the computer and it is only long-sustained well-designed courses for International students can solve the problems. Thanks alot for your eagerness to help.

Many UCS consultants tend to treat non-computer whizzes rather condescendingly. Just because I'm not a fluent UNIX user and don't write my own software doesn't mean I'm stupid--it just means I'll understand things better if the consultant helping me uses regular English instead of jargon.

Keep up the good work


Overall, I am impressed and pleased with UCS and the services available.

not really. My needs have been modest this year and everything I've used so far has worked well.

Your people are great-both patient and knowledgeable

Since I use my computer at home, I am not a drain on the resources of the public computing sites. It seems only fair that there should be printing-only computers where I could go to use the laser printer Instead, I pay the same technology fee and get less use of the public centers and I have to compete* with people writing papers when I only want to print. *ie. I have to wait in line longer than I use the computer sometimes. Also, I am concerned with the people I see using email services for what seem quite frivolous purposes. (Love letters to a boyfriend on campus, etc) When I have trouble getting connected to that I can use IO I can't help wondering if those frivolous users are blocking me out of the system and preventing my using it for educational purposes.

Telephone consultants usually very helpful; sometimes they make assumptions about my computer knowledge. One time when I was asked to come in to "fix" a problem, no one knew whom I had talked with less than an hour before; also I had not been told ALL of the things that I would need to bring in (just some of them) and it ended up being very inefficient use of several hours. I had to start all over with the problem another day. Staff were very willing to help, just inefficient.

I'd like to see periodical postings of Meta-FAQ's about the UCS systems on a newgroup, such as UCS.system. Such FAQ's are often the easiest way to quickly find needed information.

I appreciate the easy access to email via express mail. It definately cuts down on waiting lists in the lab. As mentioned earlier, there needs to be some way to manage the amount of users that abuse their priviledges. UCS has been very quick to reprimand those computer abusers when incidents are reported. Can there be mo more of a campaign against using the network for harrassment?

See #30 above.

I'm glad it it here! I got my first degree typing papers on a Royal Manual!

I'm satisfied with the support that tells me how to do things I already know I want to do--but I'd like to see a bit more info on services and possibilities I don't already know about.

The consultants tend to be snoty & superior - they act as if *they* (personally) own the machines and like you are a moron for asking questions -not enough public computing facilities.

I am a law student & mostly use the law school computers The consultant, [IRD], is helpful there. I used them mostly for wordperfect.

My home E-mail software may be old, but I don't like it because you can't type messages as you would in a regular word processing program. Somehow, I always get extra lines I can't erase. You can't delete mistakes the way you do in wordperfect. Also - everytime I go to Linley Hall during the day, They are having classes. There should be a public computer lab toward the 3rd street end of campus that never has classes during the day. Improvement to law school cluster great!

Kids should not be allowed in Campus View computing room and this rule should be strictly enforced. They are tearing up the computers. We were so fed up w/them that we were forced to not use the Campus View computer room

I'd like more info on classes offered by UCS.

Had network junk given to me so I could hook up here - Never could get it percolating - nor could the Tulip Tree consultant - But I didn't follow it up much & he did come over - so he did his job ok. Network crap too hard to work with - But I'm an older fart anyway & didn't want to put in the time to work through it all. Can't even access the MAC Programs in Geology - can't log in !! Need a good, *concise* directory of services & phone numbers!

I am amased (sic) how many services there are that I have never heard of. Is the burden of responsibility on me to search them out, or on *you* to invite me to them?

Put Biology Library CD-ROM abstracts on-line.

Please help solve my problem in question #30.

S/W: Oracle

Generally, I've been really impressed with how good the service aspect of UCS has been. It's suprising (sic) in such a big bureaucratic institution to get such good service. (would be nice, although, if the 5-6789# was staffed over more of the weekend......)

Please add another printer (or two) in the MBA lab. There is too much going to one printer. There's a definite need to increase printing capabilities.

I would like you to inform nice user manuals for Wp, Dos, Win 3.1 and so on published nationwide and describe them on UCS Times news magazine

Faculty Responses

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I'm new to campus and new to computers. I love E-mail and the fact that I can get IO in my office. I'm sure I'm not making full use of the system yet. In terms of my needs--I'm not sure the University could really provide the kind of tutoring I still feel I need.

It's difficult to form an opinion. I'm an [IRD] prof. who mainly does e-mail, wordprocessing, and Library (IO) searches--little more.

Please add a *REQUEST NOTIFICATION* command to IUCAT for books that are on order but not yet available. The *REQ. NOT.* would allow patrons to be notified when the book becomes available. Thanks.

Your guides are written in gibberish. I still can't get my e-mail editing function to work & the [IRD] Dept. computer person cannot figure out your guides--electronic or otherwise

I know there are many resources available of which I am still ignorant - a big, coherent guide to these resources and how to access them would be helpful. In general, I have found most UCS publications and on-line help files to be extraordinarily un-user-friendly. They seem to be written by people who speak computerese rather than English. When I want to learn how to do something new, I have to get a colleague to show me. UCS needs better, *clearer* instructional materials that don't assume we (AIE users) are already computer literate!

All in all, continued superb support for faculty from UCS--keep up the excellent work.

Are polls like this really useful? needless expense? I hate push button X if you want Y answering machines.

More dial-in slots for modem use from home!

Connections to VAX via modem are very difficult to make. The system down not appear capable of handling traffic. Try connecting to Gopher in Portal. Select "about our main menu" result: "Main menu does not exist" As usual, poor explanations or no explanations.

IUCARE and Online schedule are a good idea but they are not very user friendly

Great support of my instructional responsibilities

yes=please consolidate the many publications you distribute. THere are too many separate ones to keep up with! Please expand the number of t GOPHER, access to institutional data etc. but never find time to educate myself-so I'm still a rather limited user.

Technical fair (November?) was very helpful. I have a positive reaction, in general, to UCS's help. Some staff members are terrific.

need support for LAN in medical sciences.

In general, I would give UCS an A-.

I sincerely hope these new SafeWord cars are a total deterrent for any security problems because tehy are a total PAIN to have to use.

service, as the name implies

I am an intelligent, normal, nonexpert user. Your documentation for even the simplest things, like retrieving files from the net, is TERRIBLE. The faculty handbook is useless. Write me a plain language manual so I can use the system. P.S. I am a MacUser, pictures and soundbites are the limit of my patience.

Generally outstanding. A unit that works well and effectively. One concern: UCS application consultants can overwhelm a project and client's design goals get subordinated to those of UCS culture.

Thanks for keeping the computers up and reliable! That's very important. Same goes for networks.

Basically I use E-mail and WP-so I am very satisfied-if I have time I plan to use more of the wonder & extensive UCS makes available I think taht UCS is doing a great job--Keep it up!!!

awkward use of internet from VMS very annoying

re#16 I use primarily specialized software or packages I've written. DOn't use a lot of cnned programs from UCS.

disk space is at a premium on central systems. We need to be able t to consolidate and access all of our available disks from all machines. NFS mounting or our workstation disks would be great.

6a + 10-network reliability is very important (for email and interne access) 10.-exteneded dial-in service is great (when it works-its been much better lately) 11.-UCS implicitly supports WWW for its w own use-what about everyone else? Everything I've done with WWW has been on my own. Is Mosaic going to be supported? By the way, I don't know who at UCS to ask this. 12-I don't have a clear idea of what UCS is responsible for and what the department is responsibl for. 13-I use it less now.

software could be better-model after BLITZmail

your support and services are excellent. But often, after I have learned how to use one of your services, I forget how to do it if it is something I only need occasionally and then I'm too pressed for time to learn over again. That's my fault not yours. But it is reality!

I'm least satisfied with VAXNOTES--electronic classroom environment. I'd like to have a more sophisticated system for class use.

This is NOT a 10-minute survey - it's tedious was it *all* neccessary?

I answered what I could. I'm too busy at this time of the year

UCS has not addressed philosophical issue of mass service vs. solution of complex problems

Get westlaw.

-Overall, I'm happy with UCS

Question 22 was your most important. The University should take the lead toward "virtual classrooms". The desktop technology is already available and affordable (AV macs, Power PC, etc.).

I'm impressed with the service provided with the continuous effort to make improvements

You always try to be helpful

Very thorough survey

I hope UCS to set up a server that support East Asian languages, The best platform seems to be Macintosh at this moment. I would be happy if there are a lab dedicated to these purposes.

I need help from someone who will listen to my needs - they are not great - and can respond in a practical, intelligible way. I find myself in over my head with computer specialists so continue to use equip I bought in 1987 with a floppy disks. I need an upgrade but am totally intimidated by prior experience with computer people

No. You guys are doing a great job!!

Comparatively speaking, services are excellent. Students and faculty at IU are generally well served. We have come a long way in a short time

be sure you keep the good people you have, the ones w/ real knowledge and experience and who work w/ faculty untill the job gets done

I was SO HAPPY to see q25

I've seen considerable improvement over the past five years. Keep up the good progress.

Generally, I've been pleased with the continued improvements in service. Keep it up! [IRD]

Keep up the good work!

Quit surveying use - Too many of these surveys from UCS.

Color printing is ridiculously expensive. I realize some of the problems, but $2 per page is incredible when monochrome printing is free.

I think it is great!

I have only had positive experiences with UCS.

I don't have a good grasp of using IUIS classes display. Would like a quick guide of relevant commands.

more and equal support for faculty's access to computing services

I think it is absurd that there are 2 electronic mail systems on cam campus (EMMA & E-mail) and that it is more difficult to communicate between them then it is to communicate within either of them. Time we had one user-friendly system.

I use Eudora at the [IRD] school computer person for problems. When my lower back was broken, I was extremely satisfied with the quick, prompt, and courteous repair!

I feel the support has been lacking for my RS/6000 IBM WE continue to have the server from hell in our LAN. The direction of shrinking support and particularly the fact that the STF and NCE programs don't support personnel continues to be a problem

I like to know information about printing file/graphs and available graphic package in UCS

V. Active organization, dedicated to improvement.

There has been a dramatic improvement in vax service quality over the last 2 years. The network infrastructure is superb.

I am not by any means a novice computer user. But even relatively expert users have trouble with the level of the information that comes from UCS at times. *Become more user friendly!!*

I need BASIC intro course to computing!!! But I suspect you have already, I just dont know about it because I don't read your publications.

overall, it's a quite satisfying system.

Please! Please! Pre-test your materials and services on people who are not as skilled as you are. Much of what you do is clear "only if you already know it"

I think we need someone who can help with Japanese language software

We need an 800 number for faculty who need to access services while working out of town!

Staff Responses

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Our Lan at [IRD] is constantly down -- any help for us? [IRD] is the person who has been trying to fix it. His # is [IRD]

I would like to be able to lock my terminal in CICS & have it there when I need to check info for a prospective student or parent. Do not like having to "sign in" to CICS a number of times a day.

Our building is being wired this week. I'm the last staff member to receive updated equipment - hopefully within a couple of weeks. Will then have need for more services. [IRD]

Some of the most helpful people on campus are on the UCS staff.

I work at [IRD] which puts me 45min from Bloomington. Therefore, I'm out of touch w/what is available. I'm quite interested in learning more about many of the services listed. I just got hooked up to email.




Please teach someone at the help desk to use FOCUS! Whenever I call with a problem, no one know what I'm talking about.

I use the computer to send or receive E-mail messages occassionally & to forward mail for residents who have left. I do not feel knowledgeable enough to answer this survey.

I didn't see TOSS & Electronic Payroll listed. I use & find very helpful.

The services of UCS consultants is very uneven - realizing that the turnover is high (as the % of employees w/student status is as well) one often feels that it could be useful to have an appointed UCS consultant come on-site to do an assessment of departmental computing needs - there are so many resources available - but staff does not always have to (sic) time to try them out - let alone become proficient. The computing resources at IU are impressive, the accessibility of these resources is greatly appreciated - but the need to know what is there and learn how to use it is overwhelming.


Suggest semi-annual written update on what's new from UCS. (Written so as to reach the less sophisticated user, too). Good job - Thanks

In, especially IUIS, should alter attitude to one of "serving" rather than dictating. UCS is here to service academic and administrative needs, not to tell us which needs will be served and how.

After reading the survey, I don't think I know very much about the services.

We have a strong tech. support staff, but I would like to see more information geared at the non-techies announcing changer/upgrades of UCS services, and more similar information on how to use the mainframe systems.

Some of the questions were hard to answer because we have computer support in our building.

Biggest problem - network speed fluctuates UP & DOWN, causing LOTS of problems with my Silicon Graphics LAN in [IRD]. Faster turn-around time for creating new UNIX accounts would also help me & my students.

Get rid of VMS.

I would like to see more classes available - I have.

VMS (Vax) e-mail use to be slow.

I have had many experiences over the last several months when consultants "dropped out of sight" - did not answer 3-4 E-mail Transmissions or return calls. Consultants have been helpful when I have been able to reach them, but that has been difficult My dept. is trying to set up a Gopher/WWW Connection to provide online resources for students. So consulting access is crucial to us right now. *Please* improve access/response! We have found the current ongoing situation extremely frustrating.

1. Eudora is a great mail handler - UCS should be commended for pushing it (and supporting it). 2. [IRD] has been extremely helpful whenever I've e-mailed him with random questions. 3. As far as I can tell, the IU system seems to be miles ahead of what's available at other universities. Still, I have the feeling that the level of support is such that it is up to the individual (and whatever colleagues he or she talks to) to figure out what services are available and how to use them.

It'd be great if you would add alt.tu.melrose.place to the usenet groups!

For what little I use, I am very satisfied.

With the way helplines are set up now, I don't know for sure if I am getting the person who can best answer my question. Also, there was one person who if he didn't know, did not try to find out or could not refer me to someone else - seemed QUITE disinterested.

Im (sic) my job I get to use the computer only as it applies to my job. I would like to receive info as to where I might enhance my compter skills to further my career w/I.U.

Can Univerity Computing Services become more involved with Department LANS??

As a staff member of the [IRD] building, I'm *very* displeased with our building support & LAN operation. I question the qualifications of those in charge of maintaining the [IRD] LAN! However my experience with ACCESS and the UCS Support Center has been **absolutely terrific**!

There seems to be so much going on with UCS. I would definitely like to learn more about the services offered. Time and lack of awareness of classes offered are an issue.

Do not like the new SafeWord card. Too time - consuming and expensive to use. Numbers are hard to push. Do not feel it is very secure.

We cannot use gopher because we are not "connected" here in [IRD]. From what I've read about it, I feel it might be helpful in advising students about career choices/alternatives.

Often, students, staff, & faculty, have *never* accessed their accounts - e-mail, etc. I believe more emphasis should be placed on the importance of electronic means to communicate, e.g. e-mail. Gopher, bitnet, so that more people will be involved in computerese. And, ultimately, everyone, will enjoy & appreciate the benefits of computing.

For five years we have had a need for some help with a MacIntosh relational data base (D Base Mac) and have found no resource person on campus. I have only been encouraged to use an IBM program. I really like the Mac.

Is there some VERY accessiblem online equivalent to the Faculty Guide to Computing at IUB? The wealth of options seems to change daily, and I get tired of trying to track down how you (e.g.) get offnet Gopher from Unix. An online, pseudo hypertext based information system would help. I did find out about the database users support group from this questionnaire, which is helpful. Thanks!

My intense computer needs (PC, Workstations, Vaxes) are mainly covered and supported. Since my son is studying CS, I know that IU has excellent hardware resources for student and staff and a many (sic) resources which I do not need personally.

I depend a great deal on our Computer Specialist, [IRD] in many areas related to this subject matter. I admit to being very "limited" in my knowledge of many sources.

I use the IUIS everyday for my work. Some days it runs fairly fast, but others it's painfully slow. I run queunes against tables using FOCUS. It is difficult to get a IBM pc during the 8-5 day at many UCS cluster sites also. In general, te UCS support staff have been helpful.

The Netware Support Group (NUG) has been a model for product develpoment, problem resolution, crisis management, user education and Information sharing; will this be the model of the new UCS? It should be.

I use TOPS constantly and it is very slow (underlined) at times.

I work 5-1:00am on the evening shift, as I guess I miss out on alot of information that might be available.

I've been very impressed with the help I've received from UCS with UMS/UNIX problems I've had-I can't stand EMMA-too hard to use

I would like to see more in depth classes for staff who are not familiar with different programs (WP, Windows, Lotus, etc) The Jump-start classes are o.k, but I would like a longer, more detailed class.

Keep up the Pubs-they're great. Keep duplicating them online, and someday in the future move away from paper pubs but not yet. EMMA is terrible, get rid of it! My emma can't send a message to two people at two diff. schools at the same time. Emma to internet is the pits (underlined)! Vax is great -I can do a nything on the vax. The UCS trainers are really good-w/ little money, high demand for a variety of classes, they do an awesome job every semester. The 5-6789# leaves you on hold too darn long. Keep the Listservs on IUBUM!!

Lan Support (5-5868) does fantasitc work!! Great help when I am having problems with the local Net.

I've had very good experiences w/UCS. I realize you're overworked.

Overall, the UCS staff are extremely helpful. [IRD] & [IRD] in maintenance are great. [IRD, IRD, IRD, & IRD] are tremendous people - they really know their "stuff". [IRD & IRD] in Education are perfect too!

For the most part, I am pleased with my interactions with UCS.

I have been very satisfied with UCS. I don't use computers for much besides word processing so have relatively few contacts with UCS.

I think you are doing an excellent job. I can always get a "fix" for my problems. Your staff is extremely cooperative. Often by the time I call I am near the "hyperventilation" point & your staff can talk to me in terms I can understand to correct the problem.

Sometimes the Help Desk is anything BUT a help. One person, in particular, on the UNIX line is condescending. They seem to think everyone knows what they are talking about when giving instructions rather than assume a person has no knowledge. It is much more likely that a person would have *no* knowledge or else s/he wouldn't be calling for help ---

In general I think they are doing a very good job! The help-line, 5-6789, has been most helpful!

Thank you for caring about our concerns no matter how minimal.

I don't feel like I do a lot of technical work related to UCS, but I feel like assistance is readily available when I do need it,

Would like to be able to access CD-Rom products like Wilson indexes by remote access thru AIE

Institute TQM concepts. There are some very good people working at UCS while others have been there **WAY** too long. Review your customer focus in everyday routine, instead of politics & ego.

I think UCS is constantly improving their customer support services, and should continue.

Make it more user friendly-and have more computers in public areas-k eep technology fee to a minimum-or on a sliding scale (if I had money to burn, I'd get my own (underlined) computer.)

People I've dealt w/ at UCS are generally very patient, kind, and helpful.

I love the stuff you are making available to me. My life is richer for it. Keep up the good work!

I am the type of person who learns what I need for my job and that's it, so I am unfamiliar with many services. You have done an excellent job, however, of creating an image in my mind that UCS *could* take care of any computing needs or questions I might have. My office has a great systems guy who answers all of my questions so I haven't needed you.

In the short period of time I have worked at I.U., I have seen a lot of progress coming from UCS. I appreciate all the training and support I have received. My job has become much more interesting and enjoyable due to the constant advances in computer technology available to me. I use many of the services which are not required for my job, yet are interesting to me personally, and assist in helping me become more computer literate. THANKS UCS !!

More offices beside IMU would be helpful and more accessable.

UCS responsiveness to it's user base appears to be making significant positive progress.

Tell you staff to tell each other "you are a great orginization, providing a valuable service." [IRD]

I think UCS does a great job - most of my compliments go back to insufficient support provided by the University (hardware $). I've always gotten prompt and courteous help from UCS staff.

You have a big job & big responsibilities. You do your job well and conscientiously. You have our gratitude.

It would be nice to get information when classes are offered I have a feeling our infor goes to the main office so those of us out in the trenches don't always know what's going on.

Every time I turn around, someone is telling me about some new service or system, or whatever - I feel like I'm listening to someone who is speaking a foreign language, and then things change so quickly. I would like to know *generally* what services are there and how could I access them? What do they do? What does it cost? It's all too confusing, and I don't really know what questions to ask.

I recently installed PCTCP on my home PC to have access to FTP and Telnet service. Installation of this software is not for the faint hearted to say the least! The support person I dealt with over the phone was very helpful and knowledgable and in no time had me up and running. (mosiac too!) If there is any one thing I would like to see the UCS support (tech) staff concentrate on in the near future, it would be creating a PCTCP package that worked entirely through windows instead of the "exit windows, load drivers, connect, back to windows, etc...." that now exists. Thanks

The classes given are too expensive for clerical staff to afford. I'm hoping that classes to improve computer skills will be offered free of charge to us. IU would certainly benefit!

Please send more help via written documents and instructions

Keep hardware support ( [IRD] Group) Where it is and where it *belongs!*

Your publications are great.

Most helpful to me: real people to help me by phone or in person at the Support Center. These are terrific resources!

I am new to the University and have never used a "MAC" before - Having problems getting to EMMA - the UCS support staff that I have been dealing with ( [IRD] & [IRD] ) have been very helpful *AND* very patient with this computer novice. I appreciate their time and effort.

A general note abt (sic) this survey: I've answered it from my own point of view as a cptr (sic) user. Others in any dept make more sophisticated use of cptg (sic) but I assume you wanted my own views. not at this time

UCS has very talented and energetic staff members. We are fortunate to have so many people who are committed to helping the University community use technology and networks

Kudos to network operations

keep up the good work

Everytime I have had to call UCS for a quick answer to a problem (sometimes had to hold for a few minutes) I have been given good answers, meeting my needs everytime. Thank you to each of them!! (especially for the friendliness that accompanies the knowledgeable information)

Our office does not use UCS very much

The people are very helpful. They're always welling (sic) to find an answer.

Keep pluggin' along. And, keep trying to keep us end-users growing with you and the computer era!

Shorten this survey


All in all, I think UCS is a wonderful resource here at IU

I would very much like to the the [IRD] building [IRD] hooked up to VAX. With [IRD] next door, it should not be that difficult.

I use E-mail, OCLC data base and IO catalog. I have had very little training for computers. I do not have the time to self train from brochures, etc. and play with computers. I would like to know more about the simple basics of computers. I know I'm punching keys, but what is the real name and terms for what I am doing-what do I do when the key I hit does not do what I thought it should.