1995 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

14. Is there anything you would like to add about University Computing Services?

Undergraduate Reponses

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I feel residence hall computers should be kept up technologically like many hall computers on campus (i.e. Lindley, Business, Ballantine).

I heard you are trying to get rid of VAX and have everyone on PINE. I am worried the server will be overloaded & there will be slower response time--Since spring break PINE has become slower--why?

Nothing at this time . . .

Recommend to the university to lessen Foreign language requirements and require basic computer instruction to replace it.--Force students to learn how to use and navigate through the systems.

Forest Quad needs more than 6 computers! Availability of computers has been rather difficult.

You provide a lot of good services Just need more/new/faster hardware [SYMBOL OF A "SMILEY FACE"]

I don't know if you already have it, but I've been looking for a guide for Maple (specially (sic) how to graph & plot functions, etc) and I haven't seen any. I asked for help to one of the consultants at Lindley and he told me that they weren't responsible for knowing such programs.

Provide more information on how to E-mail people at other schools.


I love email/internet but it is, often times, down, & I don't receive any mail when I know I should get some mail.

--disk quotas need to be raised --the talk command should be available on ezmail --informative classes in residence halls

It is very hard to find an open computer once you do it takes a long time to log on. Plus it is very hard to find addresses at other places of employment (not universities) and this is a very slow system which doesn't work a lot.

I was very discouraged by the phasing -in of the World Wide Web and the Amdahl systems. While I'm sure these are much more progressive than the old systems, they have been difficult to adjust to for novices like myself. I don't even know how to find the World Wide Web, much less use it. Once the online schedule of classes got taken off the AIE, I had no idea how to find it until friend told me about IUIS. I think if a service gets moved, there should be very explicit instructions about how to find it again. Also, I wish World Wide Web was a simple heading under "Communications" if its supposed to be the miracle system, it would be nice to be able to find it. I also wish ezmail had a bitnet function and Vax phone possibities. I heard these may be phased out, and that would be a blow to those who use them a lot.

Put ethernet in Teter!!!

I used to use the reginfo command on know what to do now.

I have been extremely dissatisfied w/ call in (855-4212) It never seems to work as smoothly as it should - I got spoiled by ethernet in the dorms!

Just recently (in the past month) PINE has become so slow. Can we improve this?

have more computing sites because the lines are bad much of the time.

Get more 486's - 386's too slow!

I would like more help on putting PPP software on my own computer. People keep discouraging me about putting it on my laptop, and I should think that they would want me to be able to use it.

Your publications are hard to read. Use simpler language.


(1) waiting in line 2 wasting time is a problem.
(2) Trying to get to a computer there finally when you do, it is so slow you might as well not be there.
(3) No documentation or reference materials on software
(4) A-core students should have their own lab if they are required to spend so much time for long periods of time.

I don't understand why you said you updated ezmail and how it is slower than ever.

I have sent e-mail messages that have taken 5 days to reach their destination! This is ridiculous!

no, thanks anyway

They ask for too much money (bursar bill) for way too little of satisfaction. Majority of the staff doesn't even know how to do things on computers. Rip off!

often difficult to gain access to PINE. Public sites usually full. But the service has been extremely important in the last year.

I would like to receive the results of this survey. Thank you.

I feel that there needs to be more computers in the residence halls, especially Macintosh computers. In addition, I am very frustrated with the majority of computer clusters on campus because they do not have enough memory to withold the programs that I've needed access to. For example you cannot access Resume Expert or Econolelectrik Toolkit. Also the UCS consultants need to be more informed about Resume Expert. I would like to complement the consultants at Lindley Hall, they have always been a big help, but there needs to be more of them dispersed throughout campus!

The systems are overall user friendly but they could even be a little more accessible to the computer weary (like my spouse)


More computer clusters w/ newer comps.

More computers on campus [Especially faster/modern ones] Also Email Networks should be used more computers.

UCS does not have consultants that know how to use the equipment. This applies especially to the scanner, video disk & CD rom machines.

Everything takes very long to get into and out of. Most of time is spent waiting for computer rather than working individually.

Data jacks are needed at Teter!!

IU softserve has been very helpful<--less time I have to spend in labs if I don't own the software

I called my CA to fix my ethernet, he came directly over, tried to fix it but couldn't, and said he'd get back to me, he never did.

No, but I do wonder how much paper you wasted by sending these out more than once to the same people.

There are a lot of things available over the computer, but many students are not aware of this, or how to go about using the programs.

More access during holidays! Phones for all!

I have been very pleased with the contact I have had with UCS. I do think you could do a better job in being available/selling yourself to the new student novice computer user. I think I stated that slightly wrong. I think that the admissions, individual departments, colleges, and yourselves meet to cooperate in getting the message across of the importance of learning the systems available and how to use them. Take the message to the people. Right on! (lame attempt at humor)

dorms need more computers

Keep up the good work! I would like results to this

Graduate Responses

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We need more Mage to Optical drives!! They are the future. Also more tabloid size printers in the 600-1200 Dpi range (ie Select Press)

I was very impressed and pleased (with) I.U. Computing Services.

Some of the employees in the ACCESS microcenter are rude and condescending.

Give your computer cluster staff a serious customer sensetivity (sic) & service!!!! Their current attitudes reel!

UCS systems "freeze" often. Also difficult to save from hard drive to disk. Printer reliability fair.

Anything you might think necessary. You are all doing a great job. Keep it up! Thank you for all your help.

more OS/2 support; balance between Windows and OS/2 on workstations, in consulting, etc.

The people at IMU 084 and ACCESS are very helpful, please pass on my complements. What you can do to improve is make your instructional guides easier to understand for those of us who are not "hackers." I often feel intimidated & lost by I guess it's called documentation. the info you provide, especially over the computer.

Thank you!

The staff is excellent, it seems. Quick, professional, friendly help. Thanks!

It's time to get more microcomputers, at least 486-DX's

Time limitations on EZ-mail or e-mail express machines because many people (undergrads) monopolize the machines. Better trained consultants in the clusters (I've encountered a few with attitude problems - they act like helping a student is a big chore). Better maintenance of printers also needed. And a graduate/faculty Mac/IBM cluster in the library would be heavenly

I hate the software used in registration. I had a run in with IUIS today - I couldn't find my GPA, and then I couldn't figure out how to exit without rebooting.

I have called UCS a whole bunch of times and everyone was so helpful!!! Thanks

You should allow graduating students to maintain their accounts and act as an internet provider to them at a competetive (with other internet providers) rate.

The UCS is more organized, public, and useful than at my previous school. - Impressive


As far as the dorm computers, specifically in Eigenmann, are concerned, there are incredibly slow and like to 'eat' meaning destroy [UNREADABLE TEXT: LOOKS LIKE: distriutice] is not funny. ? It would be nice if Word 6.0. would be provided to the dorms as a 2nd word processing option since WP is a pain.

[DDE NOTE: R TYPED THE FOLLOWING ON AN ATTACHED SLIP OF PAPER:] I understand the people working for UCS are doing a good job in terms of technical support. However, I sometimes find that consultants are not very nice to users who need help and ask questions (often basic ones.) I also understand that once people became experts, some questions are too ridiculous to answer for them. I suppose that this kind of contact spoil users' appreciation to UCS and consultants.

--Appreciate recent addition of PPP lines, but system still freezes occasionally--or knocks out my connection. In general-- we have been very pleased w/ assistance received from UCS Thank you!

It would be nice if some UNIX shell manuals were installed on silver etc. (There are some csh etc. manuals there now, but they are in TROFF format, so you can't read them, on an alphanumeric terminal! The Machintosh Nodes around campus have been very valuable, (when they are open & don't have classes!)

I only rely on UCS to the extent that the CS dept. relies on UCS. I do not access UCS services directly.

Although I use VMS, many other MBA students use EZmail, which caused them innumerable problems in fall semester. When such problems are occuring school-wide, let everybody know about it, what UCS is doing and how to combat the problems.


Overall, really impressed w/ services & outstandingly helpful & knowledgeable personnel. I've used many services, and haven't one ser ious complaint. They are wonderful. Computers and the services here are one of my favorite things about IU. Very nice staff at all sites.

I've found UCS to be very helpful in all my computing needs.

I think the I.U. U.C.S. are fantastic - participating in comparison w/ other schools I have been at. I'm impressed w/ First Class much nicer than VAX notes. I have worked a lot w/TLTL & they are very helpful. The amount of assistance & tools to use on this campus is very impressive. I only wish it were easier to dial in from other campus during the evening when there are so many users.

PPP doesn't recognize my modem (generic) & I was told to go find an init string or send the modem back! I was told that it only supports 3 or 4 init strings. what's up?

It is very important that UCS make available in the share systems updated software, e.g., cricket graphics, Adobe, Photoshop, etc. Also the time spent in command-response of the system is unbelievable great. When using word processing for example I typed ten words 3 is OK, I never appear on screen. I have to type again. Other simple commands, as open file I've already noticed 1 minute between the command and its effective realization.

We have had excellent service from UCS! Thank you!

I confess that a lot of this is mumbo jumbo to me - that's probably MOST important to me: make everything more user friendly!

For several hours every night it is virtually impossible to access the e-mail, etc. from my modem (constant busy signal) - is it possible to increase the number of lines available so more people can access the system at the same time?

My experiences with student assistants have consistently been unsatisfactory. They are much more rude and obnoxious than any actual help. The access center is far more useful despite the inconvenience of hours for late-night assistance.

I've been nothing but happy with UCS. Thanks.

Provide more news about www and the different kinds of addresses open to the public. More news about the computer development at present.

RE: Letrs in Main library - When I have visited, I have not been able to locate essential documentation. WWW - may be a tremendous esource but it's not immed. evident how it serves the humanities scholar.

> Text editing ability for EZmail documents+ > toll-free, call-in access for students living outside "local" calling area!!!! Not everybody lives in Monroe county.

Staff Responses

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A "Q" option on 5-6789 to speak to a real person More information about Fox Pro!! We need a campus-wide mail service, preferably windows-based

Address file in e-zmail are out -dated - I can't find people listed, who I know have addresses.

Accessiblity, willingness to help and competency has radically increased over the last 8-10 years and gets better every year. Thank you; keep it up.

Access to WWW & Internet

As a brand-new modem user I have primarily used email and have not yet explored the other available options--because I don't know how to access such things as WWW, gopher, PPP, and the like. I am just learning the terminology but not the technology--hence I have checked a lot of "don't know" and "never heard of it" or "rarely / never used". There are things I definitely will use as I learn how. And I don't want to bother the office support staff about things that I will use personally or at home rather than in connection with work. Have patience; I will learn.

ezmail is not easy! The latest is ezmail is putting "N"'s repeatedly by messages I've already read. And it is doing it 2 to 4 times! EMMA mail was easier to use, more powerful; the learning curve & down time has been at a great cost to the university. And now everyone has a different software & its much more difficult to communicate to a wide audience. The mechanics of looking up ID's that are unfamiliar is very time consuming & I could go on & on & on & on....

UCS has forgotten its service mission. It gives help begrudgingly or for a fee. The knowledge Base is excellent, but cannot substitute for quick personal help. Too much of my time is wasted hunting down answers that committed computer experts should be able to provide in short order.

Easier ways to subscribe to publications on-line. It took me 3 trys to subscribe. I have always felt that there should be access to all of the activities on campus ie poetry readings at the English dept. Public (but small) events sponsered by clubs. IMU movies. Currently most of this can only be found on Kioskes on campus. Since my place of work is near the by pass I miss all of these events. Is there any way to put this information on the computer where everyone can find it?

e-mail has become a critical communication service - nothing saves more time for clericals. I wish that everyone at IU could use the same system - its really a problem when someone has e-zmail & someone else has vax.

I think UCS does a good job with regards to any personal work related needs. I don't need much; basically someone to be there to answer my questions and provide any training I need. UCS has been very successful in helping me. I wish I could speak as highly for the people in my own department.

I think the support staff at UCS do a great job, but I also think they need more workers to help; they are always busy.

I really don't know how to use the system very well I basically use e-mail.

I've tried to get help about DTP though e-mail to [IRD] and have NEVER been responded to!


very innovative & supportive! Keep up the good work

Overall, I'm pleased with the performance, and hope to learn more about the WEB and its usefulness. My primary concern is continued access to student database information, which is essential to my advising.

Thank You

Two Surveys. One geared towards computing professionals working for departments and one like this document for any future information gathering. I found this survey's questions not really applicable to me.

Impressive systems, but at times the complexity is overwhelming. Wouldn't it be great if using computers actually simplified your life!

Needed: Reliable up-to-date email directory (systems-wide)

(1) UCS knowledge base is more confusing to use on the Web than it was on the AIE. (2) When our circulation terminals (IUIS?) crash after 5:00pm (which they frequently do) it is very frustrating to deal with the after-hours people who are sometimes: impatient; use a lot of jargon; don't know enough about the computer to help and say, "call back tomorrow when UCS is open" --> which is UNACCEPTABLE!

I'm a new employee - I don't know what is available or how to access - I suggest a workshop at Orientation.

It seems I get referred to multiple offices (like when trying to print via LANSHARE) months of time is spent and then I'm told "Sorry, can't help you." It's been a total waste of time.

Improve 3 way communication links between UCS and Library Automation Office and Library employees.

Nothing at this time

I feel the support staff is INCREDIBLE! I rarely run into anyone working for you that is not extremely helpful. I feel like they do a great job.

Info. I didn't know some of this was here & classes.

With the ever increasing popularity of the "info super highway" and the subsequent increase of the # of users (namely PPP connections), it has become very difficult to gain access to a connection during the hours of 6:00pm to 1:00am. I hear you recently doubled the # of modems to 60 (?) ... Try doubling that #! Also - it is sometimes difficult to impossible to get through using the 4211 number. Another suggestion - when you double the modems for the 8043#, do with 28.8kb units!

We were told by our computer guy [IRD] that UCS no longer had enough room to maintain our participation in campus wide Email through EMMA. We now have a cumbersome mail program good enough only to really be of use within our department. Does anyone have a good answer for us as to why this had to occur? It seems were being phased out. Why? Is something not being told to us?

The staff that you have @5-6789 is very knowledgable. If they do not have the answer (which is rare) they find it and respond quickly. They deserve a pat on the back. I appreciate all the support available. I would strongly recommend that the University continue and increase the financial support of your services. Thanks for being there!

The LAN lab has been great help to our dept. All persons at 5-6789; LAN lab have always been very helpful. Because we are located off campus & have a very slow router, we don't use as many services as we could. But, everyone has always been very prompt, informative, & helpful. Thanks

[IRD] great to deal with.

(1) more and better hardware providing dial in access: (2) don't take away the CALENDAR function in EMMA

Faculty Responses

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There should be instructional workshops for new or unfamiliar faculty.

Good job!

By & large, the service support in the [UNREADABLE TEXT: LOOKS LIKE: 50 music] has been great. I get help when I need it. I am looking forward to migrating to WWW when I get an updated machine later this spring.

I use IUCF VAX & home PC+ + mostly, so I'm not very familiar with most of what UCS has to offer.


Simply that they've always been quite helpful in times of need.

I'd be very interested in more assistance in pc based computing efforts; especially information about modem-based linkage with IU system.

Far and away the major use I have it (sic) e-mail & the Web. Connections from home at night are often impossible and response time during the day (espe e-mail) is often [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "sdeuite"] non-existent. Very frustrating

We had more problems w e-mail last fall than in past 10 years. I hope new system will be better next fall.

I don't begin to take full advantage of what's there because I don't have time to explore beyond immediate needs.

Please do not do away with electronic classrooms! I use them to great effect

Please: an easie (sic) guide/help for e-mail. How do you address or send something to someone off campus?

Forced everyone off the VAX without providing adequate support or documentation for UNIX machines.

UCS should get a site license for ARA and then subsidize faculty purchases of modems. That way faculty could dial into their office computers from home and access the internet, without having to go through the UCS modems, which are always busy in the evenings.

Seems to be a first-rate organization.

More support for Departmental workstations via part time help. This might include hardware and software support as well as help with mundane tasks such as backups.

I don't like constantly having to change password for IUISADMIN. If I can't remember it & get kicked out--then I have to call to get back in. I don't like that!

Keep publications (hard copy or electronic) short & to the point; have someone edit them.

The UNIX Workstation support group is grossly understaffed. UCS expertise is strongest at the microcomputer and large central server levels. UNIX support for modern workstations is NOT adequate.

Thanks --

User support will continue to be critical, including timely and appropriate documentation and some improvement in UCSHELP/ SUPPORT CTR. Help has been curteous but often not as complete as it should be. Otherwise I think our computing environment here is good.

(1) Speedier acquisition and distribution of instructional software in public access clusters (2) Continued central support for unusual projects.

You should make clear how long the delay is in delivering e-mail. This year I have learned that I can not (sic) rely on quick delivery.


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