1996 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

1996 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

16. Is there anything you would like to add about University Computing Services?

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Undergraduate Responses

I am unable to change my password no matter where I try (from home or on campus)

The "talk" program was an integral part of my usage of the computer. Something similar should be reinstated.

You really need more dial-in modems. I have tried to dial in over one hundred times in one sitting before getting through.

If I didn't have my own computer, I would have had to wait until 3 AM to type my papers.

Often I notice that the MAC computers by the language labs in Ballantine are very slow or don't seem to work right. Also I have a hard time surfing the Web. I never seem to be able to find what I'm looking for

I have a problem w/ the computers in our dorm always broken or the printer doesn't work.

What is the problem with the UNIX account: copper? Also, in my W200 class we have had trouble with these accounts. Contacting the UCS is possible, but your response has been slow. When thing go wrong with our computers in public facilities your consultant staff sometimes are not pleased to help. An acceptional [sic] area is the Student Building, those consult. are great

I don't really use computers very often so my input really isn't going to get yoanywhere.

More ethernet connections in the Residence Halls & better access to WWW would be nice.

There should be an 8 week class on learning how to create a personal web page, including instructions on how to ftp.

The directions given to us telling us how to switch from VAX to Pine were confusing. Thanks to a computer helper I was able to switch accounts.

I have lived in a Residence Hall (Foster) for the past 2 years. Over this time I have seen a consultant there probably only 4 or 5 times. Also, the computer lab seems to be down a lot, with many computers not working. It would be of great help if there was a consult [sic] there at a certain time each week.

The instructors at the computer facilities, on IU campus, almost never know how to answer my question about such things as Access or Excel. These instructors are no help to me, so why are they getting paid to sit & talk to their friends or write on e-mail, etc. When they know nothing about my question some don't even try to help, they just say they don't know how, & go on with whatever they were doing. More help on how to use e-mail.

Ether-net data jacks for all dorms

For the very limited resources I actually used I found the UCS to be user friendly, which is important for a novice such as myself. Also, the consultants were always willing to provide help when needed.

Over all UCS is excellent, however many clusters are filled with people resulting in too few computers.

Could also use more IBM workstations throughout campus- lines are very long, especially in Ballantine Hall.

I really appreciate the easy access students have to computers- email, web, etc.

I am overall satisfyed [sic] w/ UCS but see #15, #2. I usually (the majority) dial in from home, and I hate it when it takes more than 5 minutes to get in.

The classes that you offer are important educational tools in operating & learning more about the various network services. However, if students aren't aware of these classes offered, how c we best utilize your services? UCS needs to post more info on these classes, maybe at the many computing sites. Not rely on the web, if yocan't use it, how do yoexpect us to be informed?

Are you in charge of the printers? I get sick of having to hike all across campus to get one paper printed out. Eg. no paper, backup, whatever...

Good job UCS!

The only concern is the fact that there just don't seem to be enough computers for all the students who need them.

Chuck the consultant in the student bldg. was very helpful. He really did a great job. I am unsatisfied with the service is(sic) provided. Computers & their parts, ex. the union printer, reoccurring problems never seem to be fixed, computer labs are too crowded & way too hot!!

For the amount of money we pay in technology fees, there is no reason we should have to wait more than 10 minutes for a computer

Point & click e-mail

All I use computers for are papers & e-mail. I have no problems with how things are run. Jordan Hall needs more computers. There is always a long line there. Help @ Lindley has been great

The computers themselves satisfy my needs but waiting in line for a computer & then waiting in line while the computer "thinks" is a huge amount of time I don't like wasting that way.

Many of the UCS Services offered I have never heard of or have heard of,(sic) but have very limited knowledge of-would recommend more information about service with an explanation about the who, what, where, when, how to use, etc. so people would be more receptive to use more of your services-overall, your doing a great job in an ever changing technical world!

Don't see the difference between Pine Email vs. VMS. All the same thing. Nothing to tell yoall options available.

Up until this year, I never really took full advantage of the computer services offered here. I was always intimidated of not knowing if I would be able to do everything correctly. This year I feel like I live at the computer labs and also, I feel that I know enough or even too much about the programs I need to use. If it wasn't for all the computers here on campus I don't know what I'd do I love that we have so many places to choose from. When I'm not at a computer lab, I feel like I should be.

Personal schedule of classes is somewhat difficult to use. It seems the Macs have far fewer problems and are easier to use then (sic) the IBM's.

Although I understand the massive load handled by the central servers, anything that can be done to improve speed and response time (specifically Unix machines, and extended dial-in services) would be highly welcomed.

There are still many improvements needed. There have been many problems with sending e-mail off campus. Also, even though there have been improvements in the number of computing facilities, there are still long lines and not enough computers! Thank yofor your efforts.

Yes, first off I think that this is a very lengthy questionnaire. There's too much in depth information that I have never even used or heard of. Secondly, #13 & #14 I have a problem with. Being a senior and graduating May 4th I felt like I was left behind when yomade the switch. You made people switch from AIE to Shakespeare and it was very confusing. I switched a couple of we ago and now neither of my emails work. I think the system is screwed up.

Creating and enforcing more printing stations in labs would be extremely helpful. Many people type assignments at home but do not own printers. You provide cellular modems, why not ISDN service in conjunction with Communication Services.

I am not at all happy w/ the switch in systems. I am very unhappy that yowill be taking away silver accounts. I have been here since 1992 & have had to keep changing just when I get used to a system & the way it works. I like the silver accts.... I need more than just email. If there are accounts that act the same as silver, yoshould let the students know what those accts [sic] are. I have friends from far away & being able to talk or relay chat is important to me.

I feel like I am running in circles trying to find a computer room that is open or not to [sic] busy.

I have had very good experiences when asking for assistance from UCS supporters either in person or by phone.

I'm glad you are here. As a returning (adult) student I am not computer literate. I would like to take more Jump Start classes and learn more about what the computer can do for me.

Restricted computers such as those in BU101 and PV151 can often be frustrating since they are available for use, but do not have communications or word processing. I don't think that many computers need to be reserved.

good service-low price THANKS

I know there are a lot of computers on this campus, but there is need for even more, especially in the popular places like the library and the business building.

Very dissapointed [sic] in UCS for the way they handle K201!!

More computers for easy use around dorms.

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Graduate Responses

I just came to IU this academic year and I have been impressed and pleased with the customer service orientation of the UCS staff. They have been courteous and helpful in all my dealings with them. My congratulations on a well organized and efficient service organization in a rapidly changing technical environment.

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

The fees for using drop & add are unfair. It'd be nice to have less primitive email software available for home computing- ie Eudora Otherwise, I'm impressed at how well yomanage such a monstrous faculty/student body.

Keep up the good work

Give grad students a separate line for modem dial in to alleviate time wasted with busy signals, windows 95, Lexis/ Nexis retrieval via modem for grad students

Admissions would be infinitely more efficient if students just filled out a piece of paper and people trained on how to input the schedule just did that (sic). ACE-we should be given the option of changing our schedules in person so we don't have to pay the fee.

18 IBM compatible & 8 HP units for 600+ MBA students is inadequate. Need more stations set aside if possible.

Overall, I have been especially satisfied with the UCS support center. The consultants were always extremely patient with my computer illiteracy and took the time to help me solve my computer problem. The only problem they haven't yet help (sic) me solve is giving me access to my IUB locker from out-of-state.

I can't really judge the changes in IU's system since I arrived this year, but I prefer pine mail. I find the wait at clusters to be frustrating-if more & more functions are being place on the computer (coursework, schedules, etc) it seems essential to increase access to computers, either in person or by dialing-in (something I find impossible to do at "normal" hours)

Thank you.

I have taken to doing most of my computing from home. Too difficult to find a cluster open to public for sustained period

of time (sic) & so many changes in systems over the past 2 years. Change and upgrade is good, but its also a bother to keep having to adjust to new things. In past, have found the clusters very noisy, but that has gotten better over time, & I appreciate that. too many conversations going on while I was trying to write.

I think its(sic) ridiculous that computer classes are using computer classrooms during primetime school hours. Especially when buildings like the HPER and the Education Building, etc only have one computer room. Classes should be in one building and its very frustrating to not be able to use a computer during the day especially when someone like me has the majority of their classes in one computer room buildings.

Definitely need more computers in MBA lounge, especially considering greater number students admitted.

Registration too expensive by phone-Otherwise, great.

I feel my biggest complaint is the extreme over-crowding of public facilities. Also, to access ezmail through dialing in on modem is also often impossible, at least during certain hours. Overall, however, I think very highly of UCS.

I wish there had been something to help ultrix users migrate to other "flavors" of unix. I'd like to see more software for Macs on Software. Selection is pretty poor compared w/whatís on the PC side.

The printer in Read Hall is frequently jammed. There is no consultant over there.

Please make Latex, IMSL, Matlab and NCAR graphics available on UNIX research machines.

I'm just learning about computers...I would have liked to understand "bit-netting" (or something like that) that my friends had. I started off with EZmail, so I never used it, I thought

it would be interesting to learn.

Although I approve the change from AIE to WWW, something that I don't know how to get at is extremely hard to find. Pine is not a very friendly and self explanatory system.

The consultants at Lindley could use some guidance from Miss Manners.

Documentation is the key!! The one time I used the UCS consulting was when I was learning how to access the standard & extended services line w/ windows 95. The step by step documentation given to me was wonderfull (sic)-please make this a norm for all commonly asked questions or setups.

Computers are increasingly mediating humankind's relationship to the natural world and to itself. Although computers seem to provide the answers to all our questions and all our needs, there is a great danger in relying so heavily on computer information and computer technology. What is increasingly apparent is that the computer industry is becoming so sophisticated that the majority of people are unable to keep up with all the changes and all the so called "improvements." Thus what happens is that the majority of people are blindly and helplessly dragged into the current of computer technology. We are being "forced" (contrary to what most think) into an increasingly artificial world. This is scary. There needs to be more dialog about the negative implications of computer technology.

Would be nice to have consultants present at night in Jordan Hall computing room.

The long lines at computer sites to access Turbo C++ affects me b/c I'm the AI for the course. Students have a lot of trouble accessing this software when they need it. On whole I've been very satisfied w/ my interactions w/ UCS.

I think you guys do a good job, but the hardware is too old many times-invest in technology instead of more classes. Computers arenít that difficult to use that there has to be a class for every little thing.-Opportunity cost is high, cut on personnel and buy some more machines. instead of more classes

We need more express printing stations in the student sites- as well as a more uniform policy about academic vs. non-academic use in public sites.

much more satisfied with UCS than with Halls of Residence's computing support. Residence Hall labs are poorly maintained, hardware problems, poor access to support or info.

It would be extremely helpful to have lab assistants available in BH. There never seems to be anyone there, in the lab, who can help.

would like to be able to use the most recent version of netscape

More dial in Modems " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "

Pine e-mail is extremely unstable when accessing from off-campus I frequently have to completely cancel messages I'm in the process of writing because of system burps. I also have trouble editing any messages in-process from off-campus.

Since I don't know much about computers, I have approached UCS staff for help having difficulty even stating my problem. They have been quick to understand what I'm trying to say & usually offer help at a level I can comprehend. So, thanks.

There has been an increased occurrence of dial-in modems disconnection during a session for no appearant (sic) reason.

This has become very annoying.

More access to computer facilities, that is, there always seems to be classes going in the computer centers when most students need the computers.

Using computer to find articles in periodicals is very complicated.(sic) The program for library should be simplified to make it easier to find reference.

As I indicated above, I think that increasing the number of modem and phone lines should be a high priority. This is the one improvement that would most increase my satisfaction with UCS, with which I am highly satisfied, overall.

Overall, the education of consultants needs to be improved. Also there must be a way to get more computers so waits are not so long.

Access consultants can't/don't provide adequate services for users of BASIC. Class room use at Lindley Hall conflicts with pref work for extended text printing. No graduate student produces a paper with fewer than 20 pages. Hence, all printing facilities at cluster are technically useless. Windows is a "dog;" MS Word for Windows 6.0, likewise. Web transfer rates & home-based modem linked equipment are too slow to make the net useful.

Walk in consultants polite & friendly, but they need to learn to talk to people who are not conversant in computer vernacular. Don't charge for disk recovery. Especially since my disks never crash at home; they only crash when I use your sometimes contaminated equipment.

I live outside of Indiana, & use IU's computer system only for e-mail & the card catalog. I don't really understand how to get into all the info that used to be on the AIE, other than using the WWW. I need a lot of basic information about the

system, but can't come to campus to get it, & I feel a little uncomfortable bothering UCS with very simple questions.

Give better training to the consultants. I do not think there should be a fee for registering on phone. Improve the computers in the residence halls.

The computer lab in main library is too small. There should be more computers available in the main lib.

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Staff Responses

Yodo an excellent job & I only wish I had more time to learn more.

The speed of the information center during the day is abysmal. I know that the "future" of computing does not include the IC necessarily but right now that's our main source for the data I need to do my job and it's ridiculous that so much time is wasted/spent waiting for jobs to execute or the executing.

Why can their [sic] be more open computing space for people not class room in computing also why can [sic] yoput computing in one building and leave it open 24 hours a day a hold [sic] building with a cop at the building too like 500 computing [sic] in one place that weight [sic] yocan fix the computing too or close a place down to fix the computing [sic] and alway [sic] keep the building up an [sic] running to people OK.

I hesitate using shared computers & networks because I'm fearful of viruses. Is UCS as vigilant as it can be in guarding against, & providing "vaccines" for us to combat, viruses? Also, I'd like to see a little more Mac support. (Though there may already be more that I'm not aware of. I have trouble keeping up with much of the information on & through computing.)

I am most frustrated about my computer freezing up or going down while I am working on a document or writing e-mail. Sometimes I lose text, or in the case of e-mail messages, lose them altogether. Is there a way to prevent or mitigate this a bit?

I would like to know if it is possible for staff to pull down info such as: to be able to get a listing of just our department's class schedules to use as a guide for the department. All the info that is available to the Registrar's office could sure be used by individual departments. Allow us access to all those databases!!

Generally, UCS does allocate its resources and personnel fairly to serve the mission of Indiana University

Too frequently our staff has complained that the classes move too quickly and do not provide them with enough training.

The computing support staff that answer the help desk at UCS seem to be less knowledgeable and less informed the past 2 semesters (Fall 95 and Spring 96). And responses to email sent to UCS help is slower or non-existent.

a shorter time to receive off campus time "it takes forever to receive info if your [sic] off campus user!"

The training opportunities you provide are invaluable. I wish I had more time available to utilize them.

Overall I am satisfied with UCS. They have always been helpful whenever I have called to ask questions. I have no problem dialing up e-mail from home but can rarely get on the Web from home. This is my main concern.

I don't think there's anything I need that you don't already offer- Good Job!

Though I use computers a lot, I tend to only learn the software tools I absolutely must know to get my job done. I would be better off if I had someone knowledgeable in these tools that I

could use as a resource to help me with my problems. eg. Today, I am trying to imbed an E.P.S. file into a W.P.6.1 document with a lot of trouble. The PS file was created on Microsoft Project and EPS version on Ghostview. I had to edit out some comments from the EPS file to get it to work with WP6.1: a 4 hour process!! (to figure it out).

Classes should be available via computer- that way they can be accessed anytime by Faculty, Staff, or students.

This survey was too long! (I am not kidding)

Many times when we request installation/removal of jacks; or cables, etc. we find it necessary to contact your Business office to request that we receive a bill or break down of charges which appear on our Statement of Accounts. I wish we could receive I.D. billings through FIS to document these charges.

I only know multimate. My comp is an IBM Model 502 and I can't take a class without someone to replace me at work. More classes of short duration, 1 or 2 hrs, would help.

I am often held back by the slowness of my computer and moderately frequent GPFS and freeze-ups. I suspect this is a departmental problem, not a UCS problem. i.e. dept should spend more $. If this questionnaire weren't confidential I would never dare to say this, but I have very little confidence in our computer support person: very nice person, but very, very "scattershot" and nonmethodical in approach to problems. I have had many many problems with my machine/software in 3 years, and so few of them are ever explained or resolved to my satisfaction. So often I hear "it's a network thing" - with no solution. I emphasize again that confidentiality is CRUCIAL or I would never admit this to you, as the person is a very decent person & I don't want to get him/her in trouble.

I work in [IRD]. The student data lab is frequently having problems with computers and particularly printing and running out of paper. Student often come to us in a pannick (sic) - Most of the time we can't help them - [IRD]

As a member of the Campus Life Division who is involved in counseling/judicial aspects of student life, I am not allowed to access grades, student status, etc. I should have access to this in my office but I do not. Also, I don't feel I have support if my computer breaks. I don't know who to call on if my dept. of UCS. I also have experiences great assistance on the phone an people who are not sure what to do.

My contribution may not be much of assistance-I only briefly use some of the things available. I work more specifically on my own computer program installed specifically for my job.

The hard ware techs. (the repair men in Public site do excellent job) (sic)

Though UCS is ONE organization it is sometimes hard to get to the person(s) that can help, because it seems that UCS staff aren't aware of other groups and what thier (sic) responsibilities are for the organization.

Good job. The acquisition of lap tops for [IRD] has helped me tremendously. I can use my time w/ students much more efficiently now.

I've never understood all these names, systems, etc. I just use what I need for my job - Hamlet & IUIS.

Some full-time, tenure-track IUB faculty are still not listed in the on-line Register on the Web. We no longer have access to paper copy of this info, so the on-line Register should be maintained carefully. Thank you.

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Faculty Responses

TLTL has been especially important in "bridging the gap" between technology and faculty.

Extended dial-in modem services continue to be very difficult to connect to in the evenings. Please add more lines. How about a number for faculty use only!?

This fall (Sept.96) I began as an assistant prof at IU. I did not receive the information necessary to be aware of the different computing support services university wide. In addition, my support from my dept (Education) computing services was poor. For example, a statistical package (SPPS for Mac) was not installed on my computer until Jan. even though I asked for this when I was hired. I am using a shareware version of Eudora which is not very slick, they are not able to get Groupwise to run without crashing on my Mac here.

Pine editor is very poor. How can you have worse editor software than we had on PC's in 1980? Library on-line catalog is very slow and very stupidly set up. Lan Workplace PPP is mediocre and won't run on lots of machines. Why not get something better? While UCS help line people are generally courteous, they have trouble with difficult questions. It might help if there were experts who could back them up... Softserve is a great idea. Some literature on using it would help beginners.

On the whole, I'm satisfied with the technical support of facilities provided to students and faculty. I wish, however, that our staff had access to more powerful platforms on which to run the news software.

Many faculty, like myself, have machines that are too slow to easily access the WWW through Netscape-I have to use lynx because I can never get into Netscape. For example I went to a colleague's office to use the computer to set my BEST eval on

line. The same is true for many of the library services that used to be on AIE but are now on the web. This has become very inconvenient and slow. It's faster by phone. UCS is moving fast than our current hardware can keep up with. You're moving to some things/services beyond what our machines can do-Granted the dept/school has to update our hardware but in the meantime...

Having groupwise available on a limited number of workstations is a pain!

Need FAR greater clarity in printed directions-received on-line or in hard copy.

UCS seems to be doing a good job. I personally would have preferred that we retained the old VMS mail and AIE. I know how to use it and it did everything I needed. Now I have to get used to a new system that does not do anything more for me. But I guess we have to change with technology! [IRD]

I'm concerned about the disappearance of networked shared computing systems. (Orchard & Ultrixes) Shakespeare/Cobalt/ Chrome are fine, but we also need a few more networked machines & varieties. (Solaris, for example)

I use a modem and have been unable to access WWW from windows 95. Others have tried to help me with no success. I can no longer afford the time. I miss all the great resources on AIE. Also, working from 2 campuses I need Telnet which Shakespeare doesn't support. With Pine I must now log in 2x to do what I did easily from Rose. There are NO advantages, only disadvantages from this migration. Everything is slower, less flexible.

The Apple Talk network seems confusing, not well-documented and difficult to use. In Spring of 1995 I used it for recording grades on Excel for a large course (M118) and it was not reliable

Thanks a lot for being there and helping as much as yodo!

Worst thing UCS has done- giving Apple sales to Bookstore- they are clueless there!

The fact that I've never heard of most of the services UCS offers says something about communication. There needs to be more information about these services. Also, the process for acquiring important software & having it installed in a manner that is accessible to faculty & students is a continuing headache-especially if you're trying to teach a stats course that needs certain software.

The assumption of consultants is that images are the province of Apple. There is little support for images on IBMs. Consultants often do not know there are other formats than those on the MAC. My students run into a lot of bias trying to scan pictures for the IBM. Sometimes the comments reported to me reveal the basic ignorance of scanning images for Windows Applications. There is no central imaging tool as part of the UC supported Windows Applications.

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