1997 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

1997 UCS User Survey - Text Comments

Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Computing Services?

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Undergraduate Responses

There needs to be a place on campus that stays open all day long with no interruptions for other classes. Another place like Lindley is needed. It's hard during the day, before 5pm to get on a computer. That's ridiculous!

Most computer consultants at IU are good. However, there are some consultants, they can not solve some basic computer problems. So, I feel that the quality of consultants is important.

I know this university has good computer services but the worst is connecting from off campus. If we all drove-in & used labs then you would have another problem... you need to fix the dial-up services!

You are very persistant [sic] about your surveys!! UCS is doing a great job

Overall, I am extremely happy w/ the computing systems here at IU. Thank you.

The PCFs are always too crowded

As a student who relies heavily on my computer, it is fabulously convenient to have IU adminstrative [sic] services & research databases available to me in my room. I can accomplish what would've taken me 3 hours in 1. However, sometimes I am forced to use a public cluster/infostation when I can't get back to my room during the day. Last time I heard, IU had 26,000 students. Each of those students pays $100 technology fee. That's 2,600,000$ in technology money- so why are the PCF's always crowded and why are the Infostations beat up? The Infostations take heavy use- it would be worthwhile to spend more on their maintenance. IU's computing services, by and large, are very good. As I've said, having a computer & Ethernet connection in my dorm room is a godsend.

I'd like to be able to have e-mail and web access next yr. in my sorority house. How do I do it?

Please add more Extended Dial in Modems. It's a service which could be very useful if it was more reliable.

More labs in the Business school w/o classes. Upgrade computers in BU101 and PV151 to Pentium

I feel that UCS has offered an adequate level of support to me and to my student colleagues. Surveys like this one illustrate UCS's commitment to customer service - if that commitment can continue and serve to guide UCS, then students will be very satisfied with, and appreciative of UCS's efforts overall.

More & more classes require the use of computers to do assignments, but during the day (8am-9pm) most labs are full with classes. The need to be [sic] more labs exclusively for student use (no classes). Also, it is not uncommon to go to a lab where 3 or more computers are broken.

At public sites, please have consultants keep track of those who are over their alloted[sic] time using email, so that those who have to write papers can use the computers. Also, the printers in the Mac labs at Ballentine [sic] sometimes have trouble printing Pagemaker documents.

You sent this to me twice, don't send it again!

The printers available in the various locations are not functioning the majority of the time. I had to go out and buy a new printer for myself because I got tired of messing with the others.

I try to browse the web, but just cannot get a hang of it!

I appreciate how IU handles their computing services I do however think that better printers (especially in residence halls) would greatly benefit all students.

The major problem about the computer system is the waiting in line for an open computer.

The major problems I feel are there are not enough computer labs and the ones available have many class times when they are off limits. Another problem I have experienced is my computer freezing up. I don't know why this happens, but I wish it wouldn't.

The Technology Fee is ridiculous. Too many classes going on in PCS. Email is great. MACS freeze all the time.

UCS has done a great job to help make IU a technology school. Keep up the good work. Give us more dial-in lines!!

It seems to me that PC's are growing in popularity more than Macs. Most businesses, in fact, use PC's. I would suggest putting PC's in the Union, for more convenience.

It is impossible to connect via the extended dial-in modem line from off-campus - it frequently takes in exess [sic] of 30 to 45 minutes to get through on this line (855-9222)! Please do something about this - many off- campus students share this problem.

*I am a graphic design major and spend most of my time in the FA137 & 215 labs. Lately the computer consultants lack the knowledge & ability of helping students reach & overcome their technical problems. I feel I have a lot more knowledge of the computer systems (graphics) than they do! I can't even ask them a simple printing or program question without figuring it out myself and then realizing they didn't help at all. I find the resent[sic] graphic lab consultants looking in the program books for the answer which wastes my time & frustrates me when they can not help. This has happened several times with myself as well as with other students. 1st level graphic students have come to me (4th level student) with program questions instead of the consultants because they (consultants) cannot efficiantly[sic] help students w/ their problems. We need more knowledgeable workers who know all graphic/web/syquest etc. systems who can actually help the students!

One problem I have had personally is that I have gone in a couple of times to UCS and the information is still wrong about my student status. I am still listed as an IU East student. This is hindering my ability to get a copper account and other services.

make all the computers in the labs the same - the MACS don't help for students in K201. There are never enough computers for use in lab. Long lines - computers freeze a lot & break down a lot.

Residence Halls-computers are too slow, not enough memory, and printers are in constant need of repair (so- I can't use the ones that my computer sends to).

I think the scheduling services are in dire need of upgrading Administrative services, in general, are outdated and could use greater attention. As a student, I am unhappy with these services.

-pine systems' accounts should have more memory -many of the computers (especially in the ED building first floor) for e-mail & Netscape often do not work

The main problem that I have with using computers in the clusters is that I often get the "Dr. Watson for Windows NT" signal, which knocks me off of netscape. That can be incredibly frustrating!

More rooms need to be set aside w/computers w/no classes in them. It's impossible to get to a computer (for example in Jordan or Fine Arts) and do your work. Both of my parents work for I.U. and if it weren't for their offices I would not be able to use the web or check my email during regular hours(not 3 am). It's ridiculous to offer all of those great services & not be able to use them!

Although I like the Shakespeare Systems, I am very, very unhappy w/ the fact VAX was taken away from us. Pine is so much more difficult to learn and VAX had more capabilities than the Shakespeare accounts!

We really need more computers. We also need more computers that are more efficient. A lot of the computers are "locked-up" or you can't print from and in Ballantine it is hard to find a consultant!

Overall, I am very pleased with IU's Computing Services. I'm a little sad that my IBM is too old to "hook up", but I still can use the Word program and down load. I think that IU needs to look ahead though! I have too many friends that are computer Junkies... really...is there research on this problem?-thanks.

I love the standing email. It frees up comp. use for classes.

I only use computers for the basics - email, WWW, and Microsoft Applications. Hope my survey is helpful.

I hate how K201 classes require use of software that is not in computers in the residence halls. All K201 students then have to go to the Library, Ballantine, Business School, etc. This causes long lines. I think that all software should be updated in the residence halls @ the same rate that the material is being taught. Especially since most K201 students are freshman & live in the Residence Halls.

The printer in Teter is never working and it is very frustrating to walk down there when it's broken down again. It's too bad students can't take care of such equipment!

I mainly use the UCS lab in Wylie Hall and have been very happy. The one problem I see is when the Business students have Core projects due that it is very difficult to find a computer to use. At the end of each semester this causes a lot of frustration because everyone has things to turn in. Extended hours to enter into the UCS clusters could help too. People with classes and a job are sometimes unable to reach campus until late night. Most of the doors lock at 10:00 and this is sometimes not late enough. For the number of students who use the computers, the university is doing a good job in my opinion.

The major problem I have with public computing services especially in my residence hall is the printers are very frequently out of service. A lot of the time no one is able to figure out what's wrong. Perhaps there should be a list of common problems (e.g. paper jam, no paper, etc.) and how to fix these nearby.

I attended two of the jump start courses to help me learn Excel and they were excellent! The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. UCS might want to advertise and promote these courses more because many students do not know about them. These courses would be especially helpful to freshman[sic] with little computer experience. (Might want to put signs up in the dorms).

U.C.S. needs to focus on new transfer students. I have been at I.U. 2 1/2 years and still have little knowledge of the U.C.S.

There should be two major improvements: 1) Windows 95 installed on more computers, 2) a detailed guide on how to use the IU locker system.

Pine is kinda hard to use Residence Halls CA need quicker response time.

Business school computer facilities need to be expanded to meet the demand

Are you happy now?

The library is one of the most popular sites, yet the printer cannot handle the load. At least every other time I have used the IBM compatible lab @ the library the printer has malfunctioned with no consultant around to fix it

When I decided on IU, I was unaware of its computing services. I am overall delighted with the system & services w/ a few exceptions. I have not been able to figure out Lockers, or to get to newsgroups & at times even get to a computer. (the dorms DEFINITELY do not have enough computers!)

I have no additional comments. Overall I'm satisfied with the services provided by University Computing Services.

I live in a dormitory with no Ethernet capability. This taints my entire computing experience. Please, connect all of the dorms. Thank You.

Quark & Press needs to be on more computers that are more accessible during the day. Make more programs available on software server.

I thought the process for changing passwords recently, was a hassle. I appreciate your concern for our safety, but finding a legtimate [sic] password was very annoying.

The wait time for a computer is undoubtedly a problem! Since I do not have 1/2 hr to an hour to wait, I was forced to buy my own PC. The technology fee that I pay every semester is a waste of my money.

I do not really have any complaints. I think the computing services are very good on campus. One complaint I have is where are the computer aids at in the computer clusters. Sometimes when I have general questions to ask there is no one there to ask.

I am a little upset that my dorm was not wired with ethernet as was intended or perhaps I was led to believe would happen, and it still hasn't.

I don't think the UCS help-line is helpful at all. When sending messages, please try to use language everyone can understand and benefit from.

I think that you guys should build a huge building in the middle of campus and use it for computer services and public use only. The school needs more computers.

I think email is very primitive and slow.

I think it would be wise to employ more consultants who are readily available to Residence Halls.

The consultants at Lindley hall have been impatient with my computing questions on several occasions. if they were busy helping other students, I could understand, but most of the time they're just there browsing the web. Not all the consultants are like this but I've encountered quite a few problems at Lindley hall.

Have Jumpstart classes that begin later in the semester for those of us who miss them early on.

I think that some of your computer consultants should be a little more humanitarian, or in other words have a little respect for people with less knowledge on computers and the application of diff. programs within.

This past semester, as well as last year, I have had to access the First Class system. Many times, I was unable to access this system at various computing sites such as BH third floor, and the Union. I feel that this system should be more easily accessible, and also that the directions for access be made more clear and understandable.

There really should be larger computing facilities, especially in the business school. Also there should be a more stable environment when switching from Windows NT to Windows 95'.

Dialing in to use Netscape is impossible to make a connection. The number of people allowed to access at the same time must be increased.

Why aren't there computers at the journalism school we can use? We spend all of our time there, yet we don't have computers at our disposal, despite a $100 technology fee.

Why wouldn't you do this online. I wasn't going to fill it out for that reason, but I was bored. After all you do everything else with computers and shouldn't waste so much paper doing this crap.

A lot of times there is printer breakdown and if pine could have talk when you can get online at the same time as a friend.

Get ethernet in all dorms! E mail/ web from my computer is ridiculous! The people that answer 855-6789 calls aren't always helpful & more people are needed. If IU upgrades web programs, then make a CD/disk available to students that previously purchased the program for upgrade. The dorm computer labs are in terrible shape and there is never a consultant around!

Better support for Windows 95, especially through res halls/ ethernet networking.

I overall am very pleased w/ the computing services. When compared to other schools, I.U. is far superior. My only suggestion is to construct more computer labs for students.

I just want to commend you for all of your work you've done just over this year. You've been always helpful and generous to students. Thanks

I don't like the fees for schedule adjustment. Students can only go to the computer labs once and inevitably need to change a class, resulting in multiple fees for each phone call. Give us more freedom to change classes thru computer for free instead of one shot.

The library should definitely have more computers for word processing and web browsing. The lines in the evenings are hurrendous [sic]. Maybe in the liabrary [sic] have a small computer lab that opens in the evening to alleviate the crowding at the library. I also think that if more e-mail stations were available in front of the lab, that this would also take some crowding away from Liabrary [sic] CP labs. I don't know if it is possible, but the labs on the research side seem to be almost evacuated in the evenings, how about opening them up solely for word processing. Another large lab with parking near by, I feel would also be beneficial, perhaps in the fine arts building? It just seems that the only place where E & D stickers can park in the evening is the liabrary [sic], and they don't have enough computers.

The residence hall computers are terrible. It seems like we get all the second rate junk. In our center, Wright Quad there is almost always about 2 out of the 8 computers down. The printer is almost always out of order also.

I've noticed that when I try to hook up to email at a certain time, I get a busy signal and have to wait forever. I just wish it wouldn't take as long.

The past 4 years at Indiana University I have received a lot of help from UCS people at various locations. They have all been very kind and helpful in helping me finish projects for classes. Thanks for the help!

Ethernet connections should be made available to students in Briscoe, McNutt, and Foster. Halls of residents [sic] computer clusters should have programs like microsoft office proffesional [sic] in working order.

Phase out the Mac labs! Upgrade SPEA and Woodbovine[sic] labs with more Dells like SE045 & WY125 & Main library.

Less computing classes in Ballantine Hall.

In general, my experience has been very good. Thanks for the free mousepad!

I'd like to see better maintenance at the Public Computing Facilities. There have been times when up to 5 computers are out of order, and that really is a burden upon students. I'd also like to see PCF for only wordprocessing, excel, etc schoolwork so students can get work done without waiting for someone to finish with email or someone who is just web browsing.

Need more disc space on e-mail. I need to save a lot of e-mails but don't often have enough disk space to do so. Plus, get rid of the MacIIsi's. They're obselete [sic] and more of a pain than a necessity. Also, get more computers for Residence Halls. Sometimes I have to wait up to 30-45 minutes for a computer.

I don't really understand all the terminology used here - I hope this survey helps -

More dial-in lines for PPP would definitely be helpful.

We have moved as much of our computing to our home LINUX system because of the unreliability of campus systems. We are disappointed in the fact that some services (such as First Class) are not available for LINUX users. It is also very annoying to have our computer connection dropped so frequently.

If you let people get their laptops connected to the network directly, I could easily walk in, connect my laptop, and [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "snuff"] e-mail, passwords or anything I wanted.

- Make Fine Arts 24 hr scratch disk accessible campus wide - Better graphics software (photoshop) in more labs - Make use of PCF require a password to keep the high school brats from playing Doom when people are trying to work in a noise free environment. - Another CD burning equipment is needed in Fine Arts (though I appreciate the Jaz drives for being able to store lots of large photoshop files) - If a class has reserved a site - make it reserved computer by computer so OTW students can discretely enter - quietly work and leave - I promise I won't make noise. - I'd like another 24 hour staffed site in the south east area of campus - Would like to see a graphing utility that can store graphs/ pie charts/etc. as something like a ipey [sic] or gif or something [sic] other than its own file type. I've been using Cridcet graph to create displays which I intend to keep past graduation.. but I don't intend to purchase Cridcet graph for the sole reason of being able to view these tables in a couple years.

I feel that the residence halls need drastic upgrades & better CA's that care what they doing & not just using our computers for their fun, for viruses, hacking etc...(especially Forest)

NO, but be aware that I am very computer illiterate and the most I do is dabble

My main concern about the UCS computing sites is the lack of available computers during the day. I feel that 80% of the sites are being used for classes during the day but only 20% actually of these computers are effectively being used. I think that it should be harder for proffessors [sic] to get computer times for classes, that way the time will be used more efficient and more computers will be freed up during the day.

Ball St. has a better students-to-computer ratio & there is no "technology fee." This is the way it should be here as well.

What exactly does our technology fee go towards? [IRD]

keep computers updated -->BU101 & SPEA107 are out dated -->Business school needs more non-class room computing rooms

The only substantial complaint I have is the continual difficulty getting through on Netscape.

The Help menu for Copper has many disfunctional [sic] links (i.e. finger change info) Could this survey have been administered on line.

Better computers and more of them. Class descriptions on-line would be great (I know there are but it's usually not exhaustive)

Over the last 2 years I have lived in both Teter and McNutt. In both places there were frequent problems w/ printers not working, no paper, and even computers not working.

I've had the most problems (in the PCF) w/ the Lazer[sic] Printers & there is never anyone there to fix them. The dial-in-modems should be a better service & make emailing easier. I often only receive 1/2 of the message & can't use the arrow keys. PCF consultants should be trained how to be courteous - I've had very nice consultants & horrible consultants as well.

More often than not, I find myself restarting the computer after limited time on the computer, especially the internet, due to it locking up or some other system error.

Overall, UCS is doing a fine job, especially compared to a few years ago.

I think it would be helpful to designate certain labs for particular purposes, or even particular stations in a lab. As a business student it is very difficult to find a computer in the business school. It is frustrating when students our [sic] using computers for what appears to be leisure activity only or groups of students doing "group" work are loud and disruptive in lab. It would be nice if certain facilities were formed. Also it might help if software that is currently only in the B-school labs could be installed in other labs with less volume of use. Software such as "At Risk" for excel.

Your computing services have helped me several times- thanks! The only comment I have about the computer facilities is that you need more. Waiting in line to use a computer is so annoying and time consuming.

Trash the Macs. Get more IBMs.

I was very disappointed with the help from the UCS Residence Hall people. First, I recieved [sic] a PCPMIA card for my laptop to connect to the network. The instructions provided were not user friendly. I had to call the computer assistants to help me set it up. They did not know how to fix it 2 different times. [IRD] from UCS came and told me it was broken. I called for a parallel port connector. I could not connect them myself so I called the CA's again. They could not help. [IRD] came again It was fixed when he left, but when I restarted my computer it did not work any more. I was tired of calling people to fix it. It is still not set up and it's the end of the year. You need to train the CA's in the dorms and make your instructions very clear so even a person who knows nothing about computers can install the network. I am a CIS major so I am not a stranger to computers. I have negative feelings about the people of UCS in the residence halls and those involved in setting up the network in my room. I hope you can fix this next year so someone else won't have to go through this. Also, a CA called and said he would come that night, we waited all night. He never showed up. I am very disappointed.

They are very helpful.

Please stop bothering me about filling out this survey!

Coming to college is such an exciting yet scary experience. The use and knowledge of computers makes it overwhelming. I wish when I came in August that I was given more help with computers. I was very ignorant and felt I was thrown into a pool of ice. For future freshman[sic] I think it would help if all of these "help" places were more known. I know I did not find out about only a few of them untill[sic] recently. There were still ones you mentioned in this survey I haven't heard of.

Shakespeare e-mail system does not handle attachments. Need to be more Macintosh labs available-wonderful for producing graphics- not to mention DOS will eventually be obsolete.

The only thing I am disappointed in really are the dial up modems. They always tend to busy [sic] and never connect me at the fastest possible speed.

Stop hiring UCS consultants for "people skills" and start hiring consultants for their computer skills. It's an on-going joke around campus that anyone can get a job at UCS that knows where the "on" button is on a computer. Just a few months ago a friend of mine was turned down for a job at UCS b/c he "lacked people skills" yet he is brilliant w/ computers and is now the manager of [IRD] computers in [IRD].

Overall the computing services are helping many people. But many consultants don't know about all the services and programs./

ONLINE REGISTRATION- why not put registration and drop/adds to PCFs? Students, to register, need only thier [sic] student number and pin number to complete the registration process. Why not develope [sic] a software package that would allow students complete this process from any one of the many PCFs? Instead of a students 15 minutes to register, you could assign starting times in which they must complete registration within 24 hours. After the allotted you could fine the student (like phone drop/add). Also, after changing a schedule, you could have the new schedule arrive as a piece of e-mail (eliminates jobs, saves money and makes people :) )

Residence Halls printers are very unreliable, and they are often down for 24 hours or more (Teter!). This is frustrating for students who rely on this service.

I think that connecting my PPP dialer to campus takes way to [sic] long. There should be a way to eliminate the people who connect and stay connected for days, weeks, etc.

There needs to be a computer consultant in Forest Quad occasionally or just someone stop in to make sure the printers and computers are working. Most of the time the printer is down and nobody knows how to fix it.

I have a grave problem with the UCS in terms of setting up software, that is important to courses offered that use these labs specifically. My Gography[sic] course G-237 was held back 4 weeks-6 weeks on its use of the archview software needed, rather vital to learning the mapping software used in the Cartographic industries. This was very irritating. The UCS people in charge were unresponsive to our needs, we had to use the UNIX machines as opposed to the PC stations, we had to settle for less aplicable[sic] programs because they would not load the larger programs due to time, and all of this went on for 6 weeks, during which my proffessor[sic] met with your staff on several ocassions[sic]. This is Bad Computing Service!

We need more computers and computer sites!

my only real complaint is that while attempting to dial-in from my dorm room with a modem using 5 9222, the line is very often busy or "the computer doesn't answer."

Next time, when fixing the e-mail, do it while we're on vacation. It's difficult to talk to friends and professors when our accounts are down.

You're doing a good job!

Ethernet connection in the dorm are definitely a plus!

Sitting here, over spring break when most students are out of town I still have difficulty dialing in. Today I have been disconnected 5 times in under 2 hrs. The problems are with your system, not mine. Falstaff has been crashed for 3 days this week. I've heard people complain about AOL, let them try to get online with UCS on a weekday evening! Simply put, your dialin services, reliability and generally though put are PATHETIC. Pull your heads out of your asses & get someone who knows what the hell they are doing.

The printer always breaks down at Campus View. Sometimes it can be very inconvenient.

Of the programs and opportunities I've heard of, I can use about 1/4 of the programs; I would love to see more advertisement of programs, what they offer, and how to use them!

Lots of students type papers late at night. It would be helpful if public computing sites remained open longer. (ie the Education Building closes at 10pm) Text for cli1

[DDE NOTE: THE FOLLOWING COMMENTS WERE RECEIVED IN AN E-MAIL MESSAGE] You are right I do have a hectic schedule, but I will try to complete the survey. But just in case, I do have a few suggestions: In the liabrary [sic], if more computers for e-mail were placed outside, thus reducing lines, more people would use those computers rather than go in the lab and tie up those computers which people need to use for other things. I Also believe that without a doubt there need to be more computers for word processing in the library, I mean, the liabrary [sic] is probably the main concentration of students on campus yet I actually think it has less computers than any other building w/computers. Myself and many others find it frustrating to have to wait so long to get a computer in the liabrary [sic] in the evening, does ucs expect students to get info at the liabrary [sic] and then walk to another building to use computers? I think what would be more useful than adding computers to the current lab, would be to add computers at a different location maybe upstairs, to distance the labs. Another concern are the keyboards used for email in the liabrary [sic] are sticking badly, and make it difficult to type a message, they need to be repaired or replaced.] Thank you, [IRD]

[DDE NOTE: ON THE BOTTOM OF PAGE 6, R WROTE THE FOLLOWING: These are not your problems! Getting what people need when they need it is your problem.]

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Graduate Responses

Yes! I am a doctoral student. I am currently writing a dissertation. I cannot afford my own computer. I primarily work in the M-L Mac cluster. Everyday I see other PhD candidates writing their dissertations in the public clusters. It would be absolutely heavenly if UCS could find space for a graduate student/faculty computing site. No undergraduates allowed in ever! With machines that work properly-especially printers! The MAC lab in the ML is a disgrace- the machines never work- especially the printer! By the end of the semester it will be full of very loud undergraduates working on group assignments. It is very difficult to concentrate. Graduate students pay technology fees but are poorly served by I.U. P.S. I have frequently complained to UCS about the number of men who don't appear to be students but use the public clusters to look at pornography in the evenings and on the weekends!

I appreciate the efforts being made to expand and improve the distribution of the extended dial in services. The addition of the 30 minute dial in. I understand the efforts to improve security, but I would like to see rlogin and gfinger restored on the Shakespeare system. :) Add. 4/11 Two words: Security Problem. For more explanation read iu.gripe...

Better printers in halls of residence-esp. Campus View

I can never accesose are MUCH better through the Web - They need all the graphic enhancement and user friendliness they can get!

Your task is huge! Good luck y'all! P.S. I wish I knew that you offered so many services. There is a lot I don't hear about.

- Need newer email program - Need more rooms in SPEA or less classes scheduled in PV151 - I think there should be a rule that people using computers for work (ie a paper, spreadsheet) should not have to wait in line for computers that people are just talking on email on. I went to another Big Ten school that the attendant would "kick off" emailers when people were waiting.

I rarely use IU computing services - the majority of my computing happens at work. I don't know how much help my survey is, but I filled it out anyway!

I usually work in a departmental computer cluster that only our departments grad students have access to but I think its partly administered by UCS and its pretty good. Modem and E-mail use seem very time sensitive around noon & midnight they drag a lot is there any way to allocate computing resource differently at different times of the day to reflect usage demographics?

The consultants working at most sites seem to know little beyond the basics and my experience has been that they are unwilling to call for help, etc. Also, It would be nice if some of the clusters were reserved just for student use and not for classes. Finding an open cluster in the middle of the day can be a problem!

More clusters (PU151 especially) dedicated solely to walk in use, not reserved for classes all day.

Regarding question 12, the computing consultants are helpful when available. Unfortunately they are only in a few locations, a few hours a day, and unfortunately students (especially graduate students) need these computing services 24 hours a day. I do not necessarily mean at 3 in the morning on a Saturday someone should be available at my beck and call, but when a printer is down in a computer lab (such as Eigenmann) for several hours on a weekday, this is a big inconvenience. Speaking from experience, Eigenmann needs more computers and someone on staff at least from 9am to 9pm during the week. There should be labs on campus that do not have classes (at all) ,have 24 hour staff, and are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. If it is to be considered a convenience, it should be one especially since we are paying for it. Thanks!

I am very happy with UCS computing Services. The major complaint I have is overscheduling of labs for classes. It's nearly impossible to get access to a computer between 8am & 5pm. Worst lab for overuse is SPEA/ Business facility in PU151.

Overall very satisfied -> ERIC and other library services are difficult to use off campus - screens difficult to read -

Even though there is a substantial charge for technology services, there is not a corresponding substantial information base being sent to students with clear instructions regarding connections to the services available. The problem is not your resources, it is your communication of resources available.

Security issues need to be recognized, acknowledged and addressed better. With the increasingly frequent security infractions reported and the growing number of unauthorised [sic] access and use of university and university-sponsored accounts, it's no longer possible to ignore them or to simply attribute them to use negligance [sic].

I believe UCS should offer X-Window server software in public facilities. A typical terminal emulation provided by programs such as telnet is not sufficient if one needs to view Tektronics graphs in remote computers.

As I mentioned, I am sick of having to run all over campus to find a cluster than isn't full with a class. UCS needs to assemble one or two more clusters in which there is no scheduling of classes.

Downtime of student locker (Neon) is the only real problem I have seen this past year.

Overall, I have been very satisfied w/comp. services this past year. There are certain areas of campus that just don't have enough computers though. i.e. bus/spea.

Get new s/w --> MS - Project On [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "Selfserve"] --> [UNREADABLE]/

Coming in as a graduate student, I received no information on UCServices (Fall '89). If this problem has not been remedied, perhaps its time someone looked into getting info to grad students-- either through the graduate student organaization [sic] (GSO) or through pamphlets distributed to all incoming grads.

* I would use standard dial-in modems very often to check e-mail from, but every time I do they get seized up and hang there. I am told by friends that this happens b/c the std modems share w/ the extended modems, but I don't know if this is true. It could also be my phone line. If it's not, then this is a significant problem for the standard modem system. * UCS needs a much more regular program of computer maintainance [sic] - especially adjusting the focus on monitors in the clusters and replacing worn out mouses. * On-line student advising doesn't work for Phd. [sic] students * I visited West Virg. Univ. last semester and had to see their computers, and I returned w/ a much higher appreciation for the computer resources we have here at IU.

1. Activate all on-campus network connection right away.- The poor suffer more. 2. Should each student buy his/her own computer on-campus? Can we buy just a monitor and a keyboard? IU can maintain a big hardware ( I am a novice what do I call this system?) Then all the students would prefer to live on-campus, and save money. 3. Please do not replace software too often. It takes too much time and money for students and IU.

has a large group of students of Humanities and liberal arts, they need simple software such as wordprocessor. I use Microsoft word only for more than 6 years at IU, in addition to e-mail and web. I think IU UCS can pay more attention to the major group of students. Thanks.

The public computing facilities are hardly ever open (they are usually blocked off with classes). Further when they are open they are jammed with people "surfing the web." This prevents people who actually need to use the computer for work from having access to a computer. There should be public computing facilities around campus strictly for Microsoft office applications (with no web access).

Overall, generally satisfied. I would like to have help access on weekends (i.e., talk to UCS advisor) - on line systems are insufficient to give reassurence [sic] as I follow the help steps. Also, more facilities in Computing Labs for special needs such as printing resumes, scanning, etc.

Yes. When I came here as a grad student from a small univ., it was about a year before I began to find out what was available to me in this area (most people in my program were computer literate already). But since I have begun to take advantage of Jump Start Classes (I have attended about 10), I have always found them helpful and enjoyable. I have also been helped greatly by consultants at Lindley (where I do my computing). I just wish I would've known about these services sooner, as well as others I have just read about. I also wish I could compute at anytime, even tho [sic] all in all, I think the availability is great. Please take this comment for what its [sic] worth because I do realize that there is lots of information out there.

As a graduate student, husband and father I am limited in hours per day spent at school. If I desire to dial in from home, I need to do so early in the morning or late at night for most of the time the line is busy.

I see no reason why a student who is working quietly on a PCF computer should be asked to leave when a class is beginning if that class does not need all the computers. There are so few labs on campus that aren't almost constantly reserved that this is inexcusable! Let the student decide, instead, if the class is in fact a distraction.

a. Public computer labs have gotten much too crowded! b. You need public sites where NO classes are taught c. Consultants could use better training on more software like SPSS d. At some sites people are printing nude women, etc (pornography?) in the public clusters, besides this being offensive, they are very high resolution graphics and take a very long time to print which ties up the printer for everyone --you should think about a policy concerning this

Oftentimes the consultants at UCS (by phone) are unable to help me with my MacIntosh [sic]

Keep working hard.

There needs to be more stations set aside for printing only and checking email. When all that you need to do is print an hour wait for a computer is a long time. Good job!

I am generally quite happy with UCS services. However, I do find that UCS support for students of Arabic and Hebrew is lacking. Perhaps UCS could survey students of these and other non-Western languages to better serve their needs. Thank you.

Linux O.S. is more suitable to the academic environment than any other O.S. For this reason I think the number of users of this OS is going to increase significantly in the near future. IU lacks support and resources for people wo [sic] might want to use Linux. This situation should be improved in my point of view.

I took most of the Jumpstart classes and enjoyed and benefited from them. Some of the Public Facilities fill up too often - it would be nice to more "printout" only terminals like the ones at Lindley. This way people who need to print things out wouldn't have to wait forever. I would like to see more information on or access to scanners. I also would like to see better maintenance on the e-mail stations, as I have seen them down for weeks at a time without being corrected.

As a Speech Pathology grad student we need to write reports in our for confidentiality reasons to protect our clients. Most times there are limited computers/broken computers day and night. The dept. NEEDS more and dependent [sic] computers.

Because I'm living an [sic] on-campus apartment, I'd like to get some residential support more easily.

a. IU is not on the cutting edge as a major research University should be b. Pine is a disgrace

Comments throughout Why can't I use the Macintosh software server that are [sic] available in the PCF labs in my own lab at school? This software is useless to me b/c I can never access a public computer during the day. If I actually do get access to a computer, I can't read the software manuals because they are attached to the tables! (Biology Jordan Hall PCF lab) You can't open the books far enough to read words at the inner margins and you can't look at the book and the computer simultaneously. This is enough to make me scream! In Jordan Hall, manuals could be kept in bio library, where they could be checked out for short periods. Also a copy could be kept in the PCF lab in a drawer where they could be checked out by giving your ID card to the consultant. Or you could simply attach the manuals to the table via a LONG cord, so I can fully open the boo and bring it to my computer.

- Better off-campus connecting - Email better system - More email stations - More computers - Registration through web there shouldn't be any need to go to Franklin hall.

The #1 biggest problem I have is demonstrating software that I own to my classes. You should make it possible to temporarily install software for demonstration purposes. Why can't I find out on-line more about future plans (ie X2 technology)? There should be on-line access, not just by talking to a consultant.

1. I tend to avoid using the research machines because of the overhead involved in using the queing [sic] system. I recall the VMS queing [sic] system being much more straightforward. 2. IUCAT is awful. I understood that we were working w/ Ameritech or something to make a better catalog. Is that still happening. [sic] If not, I would suggest that you look at the University of California's Meluyl system as a model of an integrated system that is really useful for research. 3. I find that about 60-70% of the time I call 5-6789, they don't really know what's going on. That's fine with me, but I'd like to then get a quicker response from someone who does know what's going on - even if they don't have time to fix the problem. Just getting an evaluation of the problem and an estimated time w it might be resolved soon after raising my concern would do a lot to help me plan my future course of action. Thanks!

You need more up to date software and more computers. Often, it is very hard to get a computer at PCF during the afternoon or morning due to computer classes. I live off-campus and do not like driving in at night. There should more PCF facilities for general computer usage.

a. On-line information re: the WWW is in need of revision! It is extremely confusing and some of the material is outdated. All instructional info (on-line or on paper) should be geared with 0 knowledge base. b. The modem situation is pathetic. If I can get through (often it's busy) I'm cut off within minutes - usually when I'm typing an e-mail message (which I promptly lose!)

I paid $4 for PPP-but it had no documentation for "idiots" like me- so I couldn't install it- The people at UCS do not deal with people who are not technically savvy! They talk above your head!!

It's important to me to have DOS available at all PCFs (for wp 5.1, etc.) including the ability to print from DOS.

I am very satisfied with UCS and the I.U. computing systems. As computer usage grows, we (as students) are running into many growing pains: long lines for computers, waiting for printers, hours of busy signals, etc. I'd like to see more strategic forecasting & anticipation of these needs. Also, I understand that pine is inexpensive, but it is extremely difficult to use when sending files, retrieving files and setting up simple signature lines. Raise our fees and provide us with a user- friendly e-mail system!

Need more express only computers for printing!

I have a suggestion -- To me it's very difficult to go into a PCF and try to figure out who's waiting, what computer is free, etc. At my MA institution (Notre Dame) the consultant held student IDs in a folder w/ a "window" for each computer (they were assigned a #). Student ID's also formed the waiting list for computers. To me this was a lot easier than standing around the door of a cluster hoping somebody who gets up is really leaving! There has to be a more organized way to find a computer to use, when the PCF's are filled with people.

1) Keep up the good work. 2) Do more to ensure that computing sites are used by students for study/research/etc. - not by visitors to play games

Some consultants are rude and impatient. The payment system for color prints is a big pain in the butt. The color printer in Fine Arts takes way too long. It takes way way [sic] too long to access e-mail from home!

The computer labs are nice, but access is difficult. Two many labs are scheduled for use by specific classes only. Need more student access to computers!!!!!!

Why did you pick me to do this annoying long survey? I am doing it because I am a researcher and I feel an obligation to help others, but please don't ask again.

UCS computer cluster needs more room between computers so that students can spread books and materials without distracting somebody next to you. Too dense -. Also in library UCS cluster, the chairs are back-to-back. You cannot pass through without saying 'excuse me'

Consultation and service for single parents/students with computers at home at a reasonable cost.

1) Since I'm not a new student, I don't know what information new students receive, but since they're more likely to be novices to the IU computing environment more emphasis should be placed INITIALLY on hard copy info so that novices can be initiated into on-line help (which they won't use if computer shy). 2) Some of my past disatisfaction [sic] with PCF consultants (unable to reach sometimes) has become irrelevant, now that a day time consultant will address PCF problems (printers out of ink or paper). 3) Family housing could use separate small site for children who sometimes are a problem not being with adults as they should be. Perhaps games could be removed from family housing computers (though of course they can be reached via WWW) to discourage children competing with essential adult student use.

I teach tats Discussion in BH computer labs and often strange things happen I've been told this is because those computers are used so much. Thus, if there were more available, perhaps this would not occurs [sic] so frequently. (e.g. file won't open, lose the file due to a "catastrophic error," etc.)]

1. it's not your fault, but the library needs to get the rest of its books on-line - also, more access to spealized [sic] library services (indexes, etc) on-line 2. the jumpstart classes were GREAT! Perhaps a variety of special classes on the WWW - Java, etc... would probably be popular. 3. Get rid of Apples - they're going out of business soon anyway 4. Pine is OK, but other universities have 'more sophisticated' systems --- not that this means 'better'...

Make more dedicated email stations available. They really take the load of off [sic] the library and Union workstations. Especially if they could be made available in Ballantine or the Business School. I would also like to see IUB lockers available from dial-up. I.O. needs to be able to limit searches already performed, i.e. search by author name and keyword.

I was unaware of the UCS Education programs until this semester and when I did sign up for two I was waitlisted on one. You should probably advertise these more, find out which ones are most popular, and offer more sections of them, if possible.

Windows 95 & Internet Mail would be great additions to software. Improve ability to use computers in classrooms for presentations.

Overall I am really impressed with the facilities on this campus. I do wish the dorms had more computers. Access is a particular problem in the evening.

I left the Bloomington campus in 1990 with a rudimentary knowledge of e-mail. I am way behind in the dust with regard to the WWW, telnet, FTP, etc. I know if I were on-campus, I would be current. It has been very hard to learn the technology by reading on-line and not knowing even what additional equipment I needed. When I've contacted UCS for help, I've always received prompt, curteous [sic] responses- but they haven't always solved my situation. I believe that's because I'm at a distance.

Introduction in print.

I attend classes at IUPUI. In discussions with IUB SLIS students I find inconsistencies in what is available (resources) from home. I would like to see this standardized throughout all campuses/networks. I realize this is not a simple request!

It's time to start seriously upgrading the networks to handle future loads. That means a lot more modems for dial-in. (It should never have taken this long to expand to modem pool.) Also, the IOBT and coaxial ethernets are in need of either cat.5 wiring upgrades.

Thank you for providing all the services that you do!

I've enjoyed learning about e-mail, internet and word processing here at I.U. Your educational programs, services available, and lab assistants have been invaluable. Thank you!

Printing facilities & UCS personnel support in Eigenmann Hall must be improved.

As a CSCI grad student, I am appalled by the interfaces of IUCAT and the registration system. Why must we come to a special otherwise-unused room for on-line registration? Why must we overwrite text with spaces to get rid of it? Why does the IUCAT command line merrily wrap around when we type too much? Why isn't the registration system consistent as to when it is necessary to hit return? What's up with this charge for adding/dropping a class? Who came up with "k" for log off?

Make it easier to get connected from off-campus. It is always busy for on-line services. E-mail has gotten a lot better.

I want to let you know that every time I have asked for help in Evermann or at the IU office, the people who have helped me were great - very knowlegeable [sic], friendly and explained things very well. In my opinion they are doing a good job. Also there is no phone in the Evermann computer room - which would be nice.

Phone registration should be free.

Need for graduate student only clusters!

I still don't understand why some of the halls of residence can access UCS through ethernet cards while other can't. Why can't you provide this service to all halls of residence

Not familiar enough w/ to comment

UCS has been very bureaucratic in adapting/uploading specific requested software on to the network. In my research work, UCS has not been a help at all [In fact, UCS contribution to it has been a BIG zero.]

My only complaint is about computer consultants. Some are very good, but I have had to deal with many who were unable to help me. I had some friends solve problems that consultants said were impossible to solve. I found that consultants were often reluctant to help if they didn't know right away what to do. Many consultants, when they don't know the answer to a problem, just say "I don't know" or "it's impossible to fix that problem." Some seem more interested in doing there own work on the computer than in helping users. Consultants' incompetence was the only real frustration in my computing experience at I.U.

I would like to emphasize that users should have the ability to use the same software available in the PCF in their computer at home.

Doing a pretty good job. Only thing - people should be able to use computers while a class is going on if there are empty ones.

More computers are needed at the Public Computing Facilities. Waiting in line wastes time. This is particularly troublesome during week-day hours when many of the PCFs are used as classrooms.

Thanks for doing this survey. I'm generally very impressed with the resources here.

More ethernet connections are needed in the halls of residence. I use a modem that is not fast enough to support X-Windows connections or to use software on services

The primary problem with UCS services is the lack of staff at "non-staff" sites. Malfunctioning printers and computers limit resources; failure to notify students of cluster reservations creates big problems; and too many people play on the Web. Too many UCS jumpstart (etc.) classes are offered during peak times ( [sic] afternoon - last half of the semester. Contact me for more suggestions

Dial in service is the biggest problem => why doesn't the university go w/ an ISP instead of trying to be one?

More modems so that during busy periods you ca [sic] call in. More Mac labs. Faster Web downloads.

1 I am generally well satisfied w/ UCS and have encountered only three problems: 1) lack of familiarity of consultants with Maple V 2) Computer shut downs during peak times, like the week before exams last semester 3) numerous damaged/broken terminals that go unrepaired for some time

Your dial up lines are ALWAYS busy. :(


a. More computers and more hrs @ crunch times - midterm and end of semester b. Computers w/o WWW or email in ea. lab, particularly @ these times, so people can complete assignments c. More readable charts of room availability for public sites d. A complete, alphabetized index on the KB e. Consulting station printers should be reserved for those seeking print-only services f. Instructional sessions should not shut out other users - I don't think this should be instructor's choice @ all sites. perhaps blocks of computers could be reserved and the rest left available

More regular checks of computers and PRINTERS in the residence hall labs. There is almost always something broken or jammed in them.


It would be really nice to have access to a list of library books that are checked out to me.

For a university this size, the public computing facilities are PATHETIC, particularly in the B-School. I lived in Indy this year so I needed to do a lot more of my work during the day, but I can't tell you how much time was wasted either waiting in the MBA lab or b/c the other labs there usually had closed class sessions. I WILL not miss this! Also, hire some real computer people for computing services in the B-School instead of all the MBA grad student GAs who are obviously a waste of time & money because of their lack of expertise & commitment.

Dial-in is often busy for long durations [sic] of time. Improve quality control.

Overall, it seems like you have your act together. Making dialing in easier is my biggest complaint.

More times than not, UCS consultants are not helpful (either personally or on phone) and discourteous. Sometimes I have more knowledge (which is very little about computers) than he/she does.

I haven't answered this survey until now because it is completely biased - you don't send a cover letter that includes all the wonderful aspects of something you hope to have the respondent evaluate - But I'm sure you're aware of that.

- better equipment, serviced more regularly.

-Training of consultants -Having consultants in residence hall help users solve not limited to ethernet related problems. -24 hour on-line administrative service -Increase the size limit of student locker! (I need 50 Mmax!)

My biggest complaint is the need to upgrade and standardize the software available in different labs across campus. I can't work at home as an AI that lives and campus and is networked because the software I teach is available only in the Education building.

Is there any way to prevent people using Netscape in Mac labs from printing? This really hogs the printers. Also the mouse and keyboard are often dirty or broken- can this be taken care of? The folks in Ballentine [sic] 121 are really helpful. Re #25: I came in '91 before I even thought about such things as networks and computing services.

Yes. The capability for registration to be available on-line exists. I would like to see the UCS advocate for this service. Until it does, I would not consider the computer services at IU to be current with other Big 10 Universities. (see pg. 5)


You need to provide more public computers that are available to check your E-Mail, otherwise: keep up the good work!!

Too often, computing clusters are unavailable because they are being used by a class a) with only a handful of students; or b) in which no group instruction is taking place or c) in which most of the students in the class aren't working on material for that class. That is not efficient use of the clusters. This needs to be addressed. Classroom use should not be treated as sacred. Instead, instructors and their students should be asked to demonstrate that they are indeed using the cluster in a way that would be harmed by opening the cluster to others. I wish you'd keep the DOS-based word-processors, like WP5.1. The new windows versions are not useful enough to me, to justify re-learning software. [DDE NOTE: R WROTE FOLLOWING ON RETURN ENVELOPE: "I had another idea: I wish I could use my Locker from home, via modem, so that I could store backup files from my home computer in my locker."]

I don't know if UCS has anything to do with the SPEA Graduate Computing Lab, but it really stinks!! It seems that something is always broke or something is not working.

Note: I do most of my computing in the MBA lab. It seems that sometimes the network strains under the # of standard programs and special programs.

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Staff Responses

1) Suggestion: Often I need to work from home & have access to confidential student records (IUIS). Is there another way to do this besides a dedicated line at $60 a month? Possibly a security check & departmental approval. 2) Extended dial-in modems are always busy! Please increase

UCS still fails to comprehend the extended expense to the university incurred when it pushes technologies like SQL server as departmental solution. It still fails to understand need to put technology in place that can be supported and used long enough to recoup costs. Department cannot afford constant upgrades and changes of basic services every few months! And, finally get a grip and secure systems. More emphasis on security.

My only serious complaint is about Groupwise. I love the good parts of it, but difficulty of access from home or other campuses is a royal pain. Also it has some glitches (like unintended bc's to myself, frequent inability to access messages from other Groupwise users w/o closing & re-opening GW, frequent locking up when attempting large movements of files or deletions of files, etc.) GW is balky & I look forward to a replacement. I also want an easy-to-use e-mail directory for all IU employees.

Your system seems overwhelmed - very hard to get on-line especially from home in the evenings/weekends but also many times from work in the daytime. Sometimes I wonder why I even bought a computer for home use when I can't get on-line. My partner decided to sign up for AOL & pay $20.00/month just to get access. They aren't great, but at least we have a better chance of getting on-line than through IU. I/we have a 33.6 modem- what else can we do. We are waiting for you to upgrade. [IRD]

Would like to see upgrade of hardware at I.U.Police Dept, to include more terminals and better support of I.D.A.C.S. and NCIC functions (better printers).

I believe UCS service to admin. is wholly inadequate. Staff is poorly trained, wastes everyone's time guessing at solutions and costs IU thousands in lost time and effort. Very poor training of users in basic systems. Needs more focus on the customer.

UCS classes could be more in depth. They only scratch the surface and don't give the user enough information when actually using the program.

The system we use in the School of Ed has frequent breakdowns--too many for my taste, since I use my computer constntly [sic] in my work. Is the School of Ed's system out-of-date or do the people maintaining it just not know what they are doing? I am not an expert, but it seems to have way too many glitches!

Unfortunately I don't use many of the services you asked about.

I know we get upset because IUIS is down, but wanted to say thanks for all your help.

We have been very dissatisfied with support from LAN support services. We were told that they would get back with us concerning training and they didn't. Also, registration for one class through EdCerts was lost and we were not able to attend.

I would like to see a spellchecker on pine accounts similar to ones on WP6.0 on the like. Due to illness and family problems I have not had a chance to thank you people for your help. I have added a phone line in my house and have upgraded my computer. I will be more helpful on the next servey[sic]. Thanks, [IRD] [IRD]

Would like to have chat room ability on EZInfo WWW page.

I took the UCS know your PC Inside and Out. It was a waste of time and money. The description in the book was nothing like the boring class. I want more classes that more quick and don't treat you like your stupid.

I have always found everyone to be extremely helpful and personable- no matter how juvenile the question.

I would be willing to pay a small fee for more extended dial-in modit made me more aware of all you have to offer.

I would like better classes are[sic] particular applications like Pagemaker and Photoshop. Or, even better, be able to have an appointment with a UCS person for a tutorial to ask specific questions. I've taken your classes, but they generally don't cover what I'm interested in.. and there's no time to get into that after the class. Overall though, you do a great job at keeping the computers environment usable. Thanks!

The classes should be about the most current, up to date software programs. Should support Microsoft Exchange.

You need people around to help where help is needed. Add full-time trained staff to 1) provide assistance at points of service, 2) programming at dept. level to build application for use by IU staff and 3) train end-users.

Many of the written mat'ls I've used have not been accurate. The consultants have not been particularly helpful over the phone. I do appreciate this opportunity to tell you how I feel. Being sensitive to the need of users is very important.

How was it that someone was able to obtain the SSN# of faculty and staff just by doing a web search on the keyword SSN? Obviously stronger security is necessary for such sensitive data, particularly if its[sic] available on such a commonly used tool.

Keep up the good work!!

I REALLY DISLIKE the SAFEWORD card, and see it's existence only as a nuisance in the form of great frustration when trying to go from system to system quickly. It is NO security, as everyone has one, and one can use anyone's card.

My building is not wired so I need to use a modem to get on-line. In time I anticipate offering distance education/multiple links via my classroom. How many phones lines will I need to meet this goal and still have a line free to the public. [IRD]

More time given to the third shift. You shut us down at 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 am. giving us only a couple of hours to do the things we need to on the business end. by 3:00am. we're busy doing our busy work hardly any time to use the computer, until around 5 or 6 a.m.

From what I have experienced in your classes and telephone assistance, you provide fine service. I just wish I had the time to learn more from you and to take advantage of the resources. Keep up the good work.

please offer Pagemaker Training. We use it and would like to have classes here rather than off campus.

The only complaint at this time is the ability to have email displayed properly from extended dial-in modems. When I dial in from home--pine & messages are scrolled across the screen making it difficult to choose a particular message to view. All messages & menus is [sic] listed in 3 lines only & you have to click the screen to see what is on the right. UCS help desk has not been able to help me on this fix. I would like to see this on the knowledge base as well as how do I put a keyboard lock out on my computer at home from undesired users.--not going through windows but from DOS.

Sometimes there is a LONG wait to get an answer to a message sent to UCS help. By phone, the [sic] are most helpful.

It appears that there are problems in reports for STARNET (administrative) which should be addressed.

Addendum to questions 9 & 21: UCS needs to be more informative to the end users about changes being made and the reasons for these changes, e.g. last weekend's changes to correct security breaches was done without any notification. The changes caused unforeseen[sic] problems for customers, yet UCS would not accept responsibility for the problems or do anything to correct the problems until mid day on Tuesday. This kind of stonewalling and buck passing is all too typical when it comes to getting Customer support from UCS. The Support Center (5-6789) can be particularly rude and unresponsive at times.

Much of the non-mainstream (i.e. OS/2) app [sic] support is not available or incorrect (as obtained from the UCS KB). I submitted correct information and login scripts over a year ago and they have not been added to the database, so the few users that use OS/2 canot [sic] connect to IU without further help and resources.

A small pet peeve - I hate the way the name search page is designed - once we enter the name, we shouldn't have to scroll down to hit "submit". (I said it was small) A larger issue is the slow response time we get on CICS during registration periods - esp. during summer fresh. reg. when we are under deadlines to process work before fiscal year deadlines.

My biggest complaint w/ UCS's service is just the length of time it takes to get a person on the phone or to get Data Mngt. Services to respond to your emails - Hire more people to answer phones and queries to DMS.

I live in Lawrence Co and it is long distance for me to call into the IU computers. Is there any way I do this without paying long distance fees. This would help me at work! Let me know if I can E-mail: [IRD]

Open more modem capabilities for people off campus so that I can get on the Internet. This is my major complaint.

Please keep the MAC OS systems, workstations, software. Offer more software and make educational software prices more available.

I don't know much about University Computing and don't care to learn much more because the language you use doesn't make sense i.e.. #21 the word "migration." I wish you would have less "verbage" when I turn on my computer - This password business is too difficult and privacy with E-mail is little concern to me since my secretary must have access to my email. Why do we need Netscape? Why can't money be more available for departments to have computers on our desks that can take the roads you are making available. Why can't I print email from my computer? I will not be pleased, nor feel comfortable with computers until you make them as simple and reliable as my black rotary phone at home. Thank you. [IRD]

Keep up the good work! Remind UCS phone people not everyone is a computer guru and have patience with us less fortunate.

-Tops is terrible software- yuck! 5-9222 is busy 24 hours a day. The Database support group run by [IRD] is terrific, and they have helped us a lot. Education Program is one of UCS' best features, good quality on a shoestring budget.

Make dial up modems available to faculty & staff that are not being clogged by student social email activity! To correspond with our classes we must be able to sign in from home.

Calling in for help is a disaster- I know they must be busy, but most times the representative is rude. We call because we need help, not a hard time! Customers need better response time to Computer Assistance when computers break down. Access to color printers. Thanks.

Yes, We have been changing equipment so fast that we are loosing[sic] [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "signal"] of the real future needs to support the computing environment, a test not only to UCS, but also loss of connectivity to the Departments for each major change. With the realization that we have to keep up with changes, there is still the need for quality future equipment through testing, and a thought to the time/service we are going to get from the equipment. If you make changes at the spar[sic] of the moment, you will continually make changes at the spar of the moment, and everyone well have a loss.

Overall, the services are great but I am increasingly frustrated at not being able to dial-in from home. I can do some of my best work from home but getting connected is a nightmare.

More computer space for additional computers so the students don't have to wait so long to get to a computer especially at Read Center.

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Faculty Responses

* It would greatly facilitate my research and teaching if the buildings where my studio/office and classes were connected to the campus LAN. It is difficult if not impossible to transfer files, and at busy times, to acess[sic] E-mail through a modem. Buildings are The Fine Arts Annexes at the Old Film Distribution Center - 12th & Forest Old Central Stores Bldg. 11th & Walnut Grove]

I feel very unaware of what is available. I am in my second year on the faculty-a printed description of what is available with phone #'s, etc. would be very helpful. My most important concern is that I am not well supported by the school of Education computer people for my Macintosh, they know little about it, and my second concern is that I do not feel I have support for my statistical work. I have SPSS on my computer but no manuals, no information to help me use it. The online SPSS help pages are almost useless. Manuals for SPSS for Windows are available in the Education library but I need them for my office.


[IRD] in the Dept. Biology UCS office is really good... the right attitude. [IRD] in the same office ...I avoid... bad attitude. (Treats me like I'm an idiot, or as though I had a Ph.D in Computer Science.)

Extended dial-in modems dedicate[sic] to Faculty use. This is esp. important for those of us who use web for instructional purposes(tests, posting grades, etc.)

Two Suggestions 1) Get out of the modem business & have students & faculty use commercial providers. 2) De-centralize more service functions to individual schools and units.

Too often, during e-mail composing, the text suddenly turns to garbage and further composition becomes impossible. I wish such mishaps could be eliminated from the system.

a. IU needs to either get in or get out of the modem dial-up business. Getting a PPP connection is at times impossible. b. Cut a deal with Microsoft to provide their software at very low cost. I know this may not be possible.

Your survey is written for geeks, not standard users. You ask questions that typical academics don't understand. I work in SPEA; our computer staff are not particularly competent; outside support service would be helpful.

Here are various complaints - but you do a good job overall 1. busy signals or being put on hold [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "wit"] telephone consulting 2. More online Unix help 3. SoftServe is not reliable 4. I like general purpose Unix system - leave copper alone 5. Software for Online class roster and IUCAT is clunky 6. Get more modem lines!

Questions asked through the general dial-in number are slow to be answered, but questions posed to specific people (such as at STARRS or statmath) are answered promply[sic] and well.

Standardized set of software everywhere on campus - including fonts! Better maintenance of the computers and the sites.

My main problems are Pine screens which are often incorrect. I often have to struggle with incorrect screens or to get a correct screen when connecting from home.

Stop listening to students who whine about no computers to do homework from 10am to 6pm. Update quality of hardware and software instead. Many labs are near empty early and late each day. Any business would consider that poor utilization of existing facilities.

I am a new faculty member, so have limited experience with UCS. My one most prominent experience has been with TRYING to get support service - I've found the support staff unresponsive and unhelpful -- this is an informed judgment as I have accessed many, many forms of support. So far, my experience here is the worst.

The extended modems have- at least temporarily- solved a serious problem. It is essential to me to be able to work @ home & to access the net without long delays.

I frequently use federal private use data files and this poses some problems in this computing environment: 1) The files are large and thus cannot effectively be used on desktop., 2) they would be best used on a mainframe but privacy issues are such that I cannot insure security on univ. mainframes. This is a problem I'd like resolved.

IUCAT is very cumbersome, esp. navigation. Roster Distribution is reliable but cumbersome. PINE e-mail is cumbersome...feels like DOS.

UCS seems to do a good job for my needs. I need more time to learn more about the systems available.

My main problem is access at certain times by modem from home. The situation has much improved in recent weeks, but the lines are still all busy often enough that I still subscribe to a commercial on-line service.

[IRD] has been very helpful and supportive. I expect to make more use of UCS services now I have a pc with enough juice to be useful to me.

28 above: Fewer classes scheduled in UCS labs.

School of Ed support staff is excellent. [IRD]

Pine-based email is very sluggish at times. Too many users per Shakespeare machine? PRD Dialup is nearly impossible at times. I've been driven to the private sector, which works well. Nothing like a price >0 to allocate the resource.

The employees are very friendly and eager to help.

Printers that are capable of handling thicker than normal paper stock should be allowed to be used in that manner!! This is a real problem in FA 215 lab.

Overall, I feel lucky to be connected to such complex and generous technological infrastructure. I wish there were a way to keep better informed about all the wonderful services and resources available to faculty, students, and staff! Onward!

Need more sys. admin. help!

More trouble-shooting help on phone for MacIntosh hardware and software problems

The availability of my SS# on the Internet has caused much disruption - my VISA account was invaded, my SS# compromised. This may not be your fault, but I've been a victim of major fraud through IU's carelessness.

More modem access although I suspect that no matter what you do it will never be enough.

1. department support people have too many demands on their time we need more of them 2. dial in access from home - "difficult to obtain" after 8 *a.m

Try to avoid changing things so often. It takes time and effort to switch to new programs, which is wasted when the old programs are doing what is needed. This may seem like progress, but it isn't.

the few times that I have e-mail UCS support desk and/or the UCS ombudsman with comments or suggestions, I have received no response.

Overall, I'm quite happy with UCS support and with the support I get in the School of Education. The only major concern I have is the inability to dial in to a PPP site in the evening.

#27 and #30- Improved access to UCS from other off-camps phone numbers. #28 Move WWW terminals equipped w/printers- both public & in dorms. My students often complain they cannot print out class [UNREADABLE- LOOKS LIKE "schedules"] on WWW. An 800# that can be used when away from Bloomington to reach UCS.

Altho [sic] I have a home computer and a modem I can almost never dial into it because it is so busy. I would like more personal guidance and instruction geared to my research and teaching needs.

Telephone support people are very courteous and often very helpful but are sometimes inexperienced and don't know their subject. Very few seem to be well trained in how to communicate effectively with questionners [sic]. For online help, please put responses at the top of message so that the client doesn't have to search through to the bottom for the answer. A minor thing, but a way to show some class. Pine is a good system and you seem to use a different mail program. This is a terrible survey, by the way. It doesn't effectively invite real criticism and expects too much information.

Each faculty should have a single indentifyable [sic] person, willing and able to come make an office or house-call, to implement the faculty's computer (research and teaching) plan.

I'm intrigued by the lack of open ended questions so that I'm not apply [sic] to say the following as most important improvements. Your lists above don't cover them. Support for qual analysis ability to communicate new requests like the previous more successfully This whole questionnaire suggests that UCS knows what's best, rather than soliciting our input.

I was very nervous to have my name address and social security # posted on the web. Please make sure this does not happen again.

Many sites adjacent to campus are not connected to the campus network and must therefore use dial-in modem to access information Need to do more to include "all" the IU community --- unequal distribution of resources

My unfavorable impression of UCS consultants refers only to those observed on several occasions in the Lindley Hall consultant's office, where arrogance rather than helpfulness seems to prevail. They need better training and supervision.

I find connecting via modem from home next to impossible. 2 hrs to connect is way too much. I'm very concerned with all of these new apts (read E side of town) designed for students that will be "wired for computers." I can only imagine connecting getting even worse in the evenings and weekends. It floors me that even Sat afternoons are hard for connecting.

My biggest concern is with the staff at the Center for Stat and Math. They [sic] few instances that I've visited them, they didn't know how to get the stats packages (SPSS, SAS) to do what I needed them to do. A second concern is access to IU computers at home. Provide support (free of charge or with a minimal free) for faculty and students who want to have the home computer similarly equiped [sic] to the IU computers.

The high tech classrooms almost all assume that teaching large classes only involves lecturing. In fact the same faculty that use them are also the ones most apt to use other techniques that are made very difficult by fixed seating.

Specific people should be familiar with specific software that is distributed. For example I obtained some "trumpet" modem software and had trouble finding anyone who could answer questions about I The UCS Help people are OK, but not good enough to be knowledgeable about everything. Compile a list of experts!

Do not [UNREADABLE] and these generic questions arrives- a full prof.

I think UCS does a good job; my single greatest frustration is attempting to gain access to the modem cluster from my home

I am not literate in the descriptions of services & technologies used in this questionaire[sic]. My basic need is for improved e-mail service on my home computer. Ophelia is busy or similar all the time, and I wouldn't know how to fix this or how to find information to do so using the computer.

Using a PC (office & home) poses a serious problem of keeping abreast of developments. It would be useful for the UCS to make recommendations & to try to standardize which spreadsheets, word processors, data bases, statistical programs, etc. are supported. Ditto, Hardware failures & repairs are a serious problem for home computers.

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