1997 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

1997 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

Question 28: Please provide additional comments or recommendations

Being a very busy full time grad student and working part time, I find it very inconvenient that I was disconnected from the e-mail system twice due to my password being incompatible with your system. I was shut off in late a\April and have no intention of driving downtown just so the help desk can tell me my new password. Happened the first time in early January, the help desk refused to give me my password over the phone.

IT is such a large layered hierarchical dept- it's difficult to know whom/where to call with problems....274-help really doesn't help much because the line is staffed by students who only know answers to the most basic questions. Customer service would be ignored by having IT consultants gone out to your office or computer to help you! Thanks!

The only time I would use these services is if I'm e-mailing my instructor or the classroom had some type of video equipment. I am unfamiliar with all you offer.

Overall, I believe the equipment you offer is very good and extensive but info on how to use the equipment and services (i.e. mail) must be more prevalent. I want to use e-mail and don't know where i can read about it.

I have been very pleased with IT's systems and efforts. One concern I do have is the ability to access the internet from home. This access would prove very beneficial to my education. Thank You for your time and concern with the students at IUPUI.

Limit non-student use of the computers when finals or mid-terms are going on. Notify students in advance when labs are going to be used for classes so we can make plans to attend other labs.

The computer services at IUPUI are a tremendous help to the student body. Perhaps the greatest need of the student body to date, is the need for upgrades in software. Currently, the workforce is supported by Window 95 or the newer version of 97. It is of the utmost importance, that students be able to have access to programs (computer) which reflect that of industry.

I only attend one class per semester, and I use the computers in the learning center on campus the most. I really use the systems at my place of work. Sorry I'm not better able to evaluate.

Could not evaluate many services as I am currently using very few. Within the next 3-4 most. will become connected to these services & begin to use them from my computer at home. Could provide more information later on.

While I have not had the opportunity (time) to learn more about IUPUI's Integrated Technologies systems and services, I will in the future. I am very impressed by the services and systems offered, and can only state: "Keep up the good work"!

I attended the School of Medicine @ IUPUI and subsequently spent little time using the campus computers other than Medline searches and internet browsing, so my input into this survey is strongly limited. Sorry I cannot be of more assistance.

I apologize for the lateness of survey, I had 2 weeks out of town. I have used email from to home to contact professors. Some have home pages that are excellent tools for students to access. My problems with the system is most of the system has not been shown to me. I do not know its full extent, and I believe myself in the majority of IUPUI students. There are enough computers to support student needs, the only time I had to wait was during finals (understandable). But my use for typing out papers came from personal knowledge not any guidance. Better publicizing and information cards would be a great help. Also getting to e-mail is a hassle. I used e-mail from my home with preference.

Sorry. This was not of much help.

This survey is too long

I am a faculty member at Indiana State University where I use the campus network extensively. Hence, I do not use the IUPUI technologies and cannot complete the questionnaire.

I was a medical student & our LRC is vital to us as students. The network was slow to upgrade the computers so they were slow & I started using the nursing LRC. They weren't (486 & 386 inst 0 pent) as friendly or helpful in the nursing LRC as in the medical one. We don't have a scanner & they didn't have a medical spell checker on the word processing. More clipart would be helpful. It's just now possible to check pt data via the web & that is helpful. More software pertaining to medical field & access to it from home would be helpful. The medical library OVID site on the web is fantastic. I will cont to pay for the service as a graduate. I wish they had more full text journals online. I ended up ditching my campus email for a direct interned provider because the interface was horrible. That was two years ago and it may have stopped. Information of services that are available isn't disseminated to med students very well. I knew about the soft pack CD (sign in t!!he med lib) but not that I could get other software online. I use microsoft products & have purchased programs that I could get cheaper as a student. It's frustrating. Thanks for the survey.

Consultants in BS 3000 Learning Center have been rude and unhelpful in the past. (with the exception of two) K201 Profs were notified at time of incidents.

I do not know if they are part of the operation, but the computer helpers at the main university library are extremely helpful and pleasant. I have been very satisfied with the computer system at the main university library.

The consultant program should be recreated and revamped. The consultants talk so loud and play stupid computer games and make more noise than other people in the lab. They should be trained and prepared to aid and not hurt.

Again, the listserv on e-mail is utterly annoying. I do not appreciate having to wade through garbage to ge my true e-mail.

Cannot evaluate some service because we either unaware of them or have not used yet.

I feel more reliable access to IUIS, and fewer busy signals when dialing in to the extended services during prime time hours would improve my opinion of the IUPUI computing services.

-Max. Net hrs & a sliding scale rate for net over time. -Mandatory customer service training for lab consultants-they are often rude! -It is idiotic to have the smallest lab as the 24 hr lab. The SL070 lab could serve this purpose, for similar cost, but with markedly better facilities for students. Bad resource allocation! -Net access services could be sold to alumni.

Provide more help at later hrs.

Recommend not using such "computer lingo" for those of us that are not very familiar with computers.

I enjoy using computers at school & am glad that there are so many areas around campus in which to work. Overall, I am quite pleased.

As an evening student, I find it hard to get to a computer with the software that I need (CAD) at night.

They would be important, if they were reliable. Dial in service to Indyvax is notoriously & historically unreliable. It take 3-20 dial ins to: 1. Not get a busy signal 2. Get an ungarbled connection. I was also told that PPP service (dial in) was unavailable. Because of that I use my private internet provider so I can use my browser & e-mail program. Pine is 10 years out of date & indyvax is not user friendly.

There needs to be more maintenance done with the computers.

I have not used any of these services. I go for class and that is it--any computer work I do at work and I'm not familiar with how to use e-mail on the Internet.

Only 2 "complaints" 1. Often dial-up access is busy or get character garbage. 2. Network WWW usage often seems very slow.

I've just completed my 1st semester 5/97, unable to utilize IT services until Fall 97.

For people like me who do not own a computer at home it is hard to understand all the different computer services that are at IUPUI and how to run/get into these services. I would like to learn more.

#8: Quick docs were of no help trying to upload & download using Kermit. I never did get it to work. #16: Learning centers tend to be too hot much of the time. #25: Need more >28.8kbps connections-certain hours are impossible to connect or are very noisy & slow.

I started at IUPUI January of 96 and I have been unable to access my e-mail account. I received a new one and it doesn't work either. The computer labs have such short hours and there is only one 24 hour lab which is usually full unless it's 3 am. There should be a directory of where all the computer labs are and what their hours are which would be very helpful

I personally did not use the computers on campus because of not knowing how. I recommend have a class that shows how to use the services available.

I primarily use my laptop & my home computer to do most of my work. It seems using the IUPUI email network is more complicated than simply using my own network. I would like to learn more about the various services that are offered by the school.

The number one problem that I have experienced at IUPUI is access to the extended-dial-in server. It seems during the evening hours it is virtually impossible to gain access to this because of the busy signals. I think the capacity of this server needs to be extended greatly. Also I had a big problem with the server trying to sign on after I got disconnected from it. It would not allow me to sign-in for about five hours after I got disconnected from it.

The services available through IT have proven to be extremely helpful to me during my academic career. I am aware of many students who find these services to be invaluable and probably would not survive without the use of the facilities and training.

It would be very helpful to have a free class to learn about online & how to use the different styles of computers.

I very infrequently used the public computers/clusters. I was a graduate student & had access to a computer in a graduate office. I used it mainly for wordprocessing, email, and doing web searches.

I do not use the system in order evaluate it's usefulness.

I enjoyed the tips classes; however, my abilities are still very simple because the classes are not goal directed. I mean I still don't know what good book bag would do for me. I know the classes are short but you should leave knowing how to do what the class was deisgned for. Example: tell people to bring their own disc to practice moving between drives and copying material to files and then bringing back up. As an older student, I didn't have computers in high school. The new computers in the Nursing building are great. The ladies in the nursing lab are very helpful.

The additional modems for dial-in access were sorely needed. Unfortunately, there are still too many busy periods where you cannot get in during normal semesters. I very much appreciate the services that are offered. IUPUI is truely making strides. I still feel that not enough people are using the services because they do not know about it, even though their technology fees are paying for it.

I don't know why I can't get access and with the distance I live away from IUPUI and my course schedules while I'm there I can't get to Integrated Technology to find out why. I just keep getting access denied!

I am only taking one class a semester so my exposure has been limited. I ran into problems getting homework completed due to the lack of computers in the 24 hr lab. I work full time and have 2 children I had to get to the lab at 5:30 am on a Sun in order to find a spot. Normally, I could do this at the office. However we did not have the same version of area at the time. If you're goal is to stay one step ahead of the fashion world, then this may continue to be a problem.

Since @ May the deal in network has been better about garbled characters and being able to get on from home and not getting kicked off. I hope this is a permanent change for the good.

This recent need to change the passwords to make them harder to crack has left me with 2 passwords. I followed the instructions but the change was not made across the board. netID/Primary-----change CORD/STUTZ----serv not available CORD/NASH-----serv not available DIAL UP------------changed

All this technology is great but I think the student & teachers should utilize it more

More printed material on what is available to students on time and more interface capabilities with home computers. Printed material to show this information.

I only attended 2 classes 2 short workshops. Between work, a family & school I never had time to go and use the facilities I paid $35.00 for each semester. For me it was just $105.00 down the tubes.

Have noticed that deliver & hook-up of materials is often late and haphazard. Perhaps technicians need more training.

You need at least two 24 hour computer labs during the last few weeks of class.

I am impressed with the advancement of the IUPUI technology, however I am frustrated by the lack of it available in the actual classrooms. I had to videotape a powerpoint presentation to show in my class because there was not technology available to do it otherwise. Couldn't there be mobile units w/wiring in all rooms?

I have little knowledge of services mentioned, but they sound interesting. How can beginners become more knowledgeable & confident? Thanks.

If you are not a full-time or Indianapolis based student, no information is provided-consequently, no use is made of services-The part time student really has no information to work with.

I have really used any of the services but Pine email and the WWW. I am not really happy with the Pine System. The mail is being delayed coming in and out, then runs slow when accessing the mail.

I've had a lot of problems with Cord/Nash/Stutz being down when I need to access the system to finish a project. The midwest micro pc's seem to be poor quality.

Compared to IUB (& most other campuses), the IT system/service at IUPUI is much better & the help was available and pleasant. IUPUI IT has greatly increased my overall knowledge of network services (esp. communication programs like Netscape & WWW). Keep up the Good work!

My only gripe is that it sometimes takes me several attempts to connect from home.

The facility in the library is a great idea to give students, faculty, and staff specialized help. The ET building is 24 hours but do they have IBM technology or is it only MAC technology. It should be both.

The reason I was dissatisfied w/e-mail is because it's not very user friendly & it's hard to read. A clear screen (like a windows screen) with clicking (mouse) capability would be much easier & more convenient. It seems like the system is old & outdated!

Computer consultants in library should be easily identifiable-wear T-shirts? Many times they do not sit at the "consultant terminal" but instead sit with other terminals to blend in with other students while playing computer games. Computer services we still needs above other campuses in terms of what is available.

Need more computer labs. Some times it takes 45 minutes waiting in lines before a computer is free.

Because of the many viruses on the computers at IUPUI I can not save my work and then later work on it at home, because I do not want to bring the viruses home. I would like it if the were some way to clean out the viruses at school.

It is a problem not to have the same versions of programs at home & school. It makes working both places difficult.

I always hear people talking about how wonderful the computer technology is at IUPUI. However, there are lots of people including myself, who have no idea how to use all that is available. We also don't know who to ask about learning how to use it. It seems that an assumption is made that everyone just knows how to use everything.

I had a lot of trouble settin up for pine e-mail & was never able to receive messages from my prof in grad nursing.

I have never been able to reach the campus operator, I always get transferred to the medical center.

Make the next questionnaire shorter.

I was told when I called in that I could not access email from out of town. Very disappointing to now learn that I can. So I'm disappointed that consultant doesn't know that. I also very pleased with the computer center in the Nursing building (I love the cubicles) Also SPEA has a good computer center. Both are kept clean & computers are fast. The computer room ES 2116 is often dirty, the computers are slow, often broken & people come in & talk to their friends, very disturbing.

The main problem I had in this past year was compatibility of the computers. The Apples don't go with the IBM's and the programs, such as Windows were not advanced in places such as Cavanaugh

I was very happy to find out that I could get E-mail and use the internet from home. But I used E-mail last semester from home and the Cord System seemed to "go down" a lot. It seemed like every other week there was a problem with cord. This is the only real complaint I have.

Quit using pine/cord-it's clunky-I switched to my e-mail service & the web Publicize the specifics of your services.

The knowledge I have gained about services directly from I.T. have been limited. I feel there is a wide variety of information available but sessions or 1 hour classes should be made available. Through the School of Science I was notified of classes available to demonstrate how to access (WWW) IUPUI's home page and access my progress on my degree requirements. I took advantage of the session and would like to learn about CORD and UNIX. I have seen these services posted, but I would like to be sent information on the services and contacts I can make if I have questions.

Perhaps some kind of general mailing to incoming students listing the various services and resources available through Integrated Technologies. That way, the students would be more aware of what can be utilized to complement their studies.

Soft pack needs to be designed and packaged differently. Detailed printed instructions should be included in package. This software was a waste of the money I spent on it and I have more than average computer ability.

I feel that all programs required for courses (ie visual basic) should be made available on learning center computer.

Cemor the nasty steea! Maintain the PC's, printers! Automatic virus detection

This year I had to use computers in Maps room of Geology dept due to the type of software needed (Autorp, Surfer, Excell). The only times I used the Learning Center, there was something wrong with the word perfect program and my work was destroyed. As for the other services offered, I don't have much time to learn about them. I took a writing course this past spring and purchased a work process to complete the course.

I really appreciated the IMDS program. I took a Shakespeare class and used IMPS & listserv several times.

-Move the Wintel boxes to a real operating system (NT4D) -Fix the UUDGCODE problem with E-mail -Set printers up reliably -Enhance WWW access & capabilities ( I should be able to register, get grades via WWW)

I really only use the library computers and my modem at home. Being I have my own computer at home with a number of various software to help me with my studies, I rarely if ever need to use the campus computers.

I don't use the system except for E-mail, the web and Microsoft word -but I am very happy with these items.

I was infuriated that I had to pay Kinko's to use the color printer for a class assignment because the Education lab said only those taking a classes in that room. I spent $100 on this assignment-which is not right. If there is a color printer on campus and if I have a legitimate use for it then I feel my technology fee should have been used for that. Also at University Library your consultants actually turn off their CB radios so no one can contact them. You should have a place designated for a line to the consultants desk since the consultant covers such a large area. And maybe a sign on that desk stating that the consultant is currently helping someone. The library computers are the slowest on campus. I avoid them always. And Microsoft works is incompatible with the Microsoft Works used in the other labs. (2 different versions) I couldn't finish/edit my document one time because of that. The rest of your questionnaire really did not interest me. Your doing okay without adding more concentrate on customer relations.

Because I have hardly used the IUPUI computers, I'm not the best person to have taken this survey. My lowly word processor has met my computer needs. I did once register by computer & found it somewhat confusing, but there were plenty of people available to help.

In the Spring (97) CPT 140 class, we never received our log on accounts and passwords.

But is now required by the medical school (#27)

I love the IMDS system, it really helped with my C100 class. (Boschmann) I would like to learn how to use the email system.

I was impressed with the services & availability of the services. I didn't have time to explore the services as much as I wanted to. I had trouble getting through w/PPP & still have not resolved this problem.

Busy signals when trying to connect to PPO connection are my biggest complaints. However, I do appreciate the services & this connection is vital to my studies. I love support w/extened hrs, has been great!

I appreciated the service of taping class lectures in microbiology. This was the only class I needed to take at IUPUI. I prefer talking with someone rather than voice mail or any computer dealings.

For the most part, I have felt the IT's services have been very helpful & the staff has helped me with some problems I have encountered. Keep up the good work.

I got my undergraduate degree at IU Bloomington. I attended one semester at IUPUI to take 3 additional courses to prepare for CPA exam. Therefore, I did not use the computer facilities at all since I have a computer at home and work. I must say I had no idea some of these services are available.

I'm new to IUPUI and haven't had the opportunity to use any of these services. I plan to use them more as I become more familiar with campus.

The technology fee is too high! Many students who have computers @ home & do not use them on campus. It is not fair for someone to pay $75.00 to use computers when they do not use them! Plus, when your in the lab, you are limited on copies you can make. If I am paying $150 a year to computers I may use only once, I want to know I can go in & print copies & or transparencies w/out feeling like I'm cheating a system. I've already paid for. This is a problem many students talk about. Many of us feel that we are billed to high for the computers @ school that we do not use!

Mike Scott has been very supportive throughout my entire grad school experience. I would like to be able to access e-mail at IUPUI dept, Radiation Oncology, From my home. Still working on this. Thanks!

I don't use the school's systems very often because we have a computer at home, and internet access already so I don't feel that my answers to your questions are worth much, sorry.

The instructional helpers in the library are rare. I've booked for one on both floors and at various times of the day. I've worked in those computer centers for up to 2 hrs and have never seen an assistant. It would very helpful to have someone circulating more frequently.

Some computer in the campus area was great, but some of them also made me inpatient because to disconnect with another web take a long time. I want to recommend that give more space computer room that it was 24 hours. Since I knew that IUPUI only one room at ET. int he future. Add more computer room for student who really need and it available 24 hours.

I was a part time student from Columbus therefore I did not use services very much. Also being part time I did not know about all of the service provided.

I once had a problem w/my bookbag (erased document) at law school lab. I went over to consultant in Tech bldg & he was very helpful. He saved my life on my paper!

As a full-time employee during the day and part-time student at night. These services I am not really aware of them. Apparently, part-time students do ont get all available information. May I say, I have not been informed of what is available for me at night to use. But my deepest concern is that I am charged for technology fee that I do not use. Unless sitting in the class while being taught is the charge. Well, suppose, the equipment is their to be used so pay. Well, thanks for the equipment, but where is it? Who should I talk to for assistance? I'm only a student at night offices are closed. Maybe things will get better for us part-timers.

I recently took a "c" programming class. I found that there was a version of C to use for programming on the IBM & UNIX platforms, but not one for the Macintosh. I ended up purchasing "metroworks C" for my home system, but will probably not use it much now that I am not in the class. It would have been beneficial to me to have been able to program in C on the Macintosh Platform. Where is "revate appletalk" project is this true?

IT's services are excellent. Several of the available services I was not aware were in existence. Perhaps either mailing a small brochure to students briefly listing available services and how/where to receive additional information regarding each service would not only benefit students, but IT as well since students would use more of the services & be better able to evaluate IT's performance.

I'm not a real good candidate for this survey because I rarely used the computers on campus, and I've no idea how much of this stuff works.

Can be very difficult to access server during peak times

The people in the help office was very helpful when I was trying to get on to the system

I am a computer novice and did not know about most of the information in this survey. I wish I could access more of the library facilities from home instead of having to go on campus.

I am at the Lafayette Center for Medical Education. I have no need for IUPUI computer services and no way to evaluate them. Sorry.

I'm at the Bloomington Center for Med Ed. We have wonderful computers-never a line. Computer Lab in every building on campus. Powerful 180 MHz, Pertung. I hope IUPUI can compete with what I'm used to at the Bloomington Center. Basically all I use from IUPUI is the homepage to get to OUID & AMA.

The most available problem is entwined with language. Chem I have no clue what something means because the words chosen to represent that function are not succinct. Have a philosophy, classics, or history professor make sense out of for example, IUIS. I guarantee Liberal Arts is what the system needs.

-24 hr computer cluster needs to have more new computers. The old ones aren't as beneficial or useful. -Another location w/24 hr access.

Have been very satisfied but when help is needed for MAC only one person have I been referred to Chad and if he's out. I have to wait. Maybe get another person that can help w/Macintosh as well.

The people who staff the Help desk have been very nice & helpful (with one exception of a male who told me I couldn't log in because I had my password wrong-I may not be a computer genius but I can type!) Most of them have been very patient & informative.

I don't really use the computer services offered on campus so it is not fair for me to evaluate them.

Need more & better educated consultants to show students how to use the available facilities. Many don't seem to know the answers to questions asked. Also computers keep breaking down at the most inopportune times, poor maintenance. However, in the affirmative, the computers in the library are very nice to use being located close to source books ( when they are working), and the Macintosh computers are so much easier to use than the IBM's

The availability of specific programs at other sites that have 24 hour access would allow more flexibility to study. i.e. NCLEX Review

1. In classroom labs make isles for mobil wheelchair at front of classroom to insure vision of the blackboard. I had problems with vision from the rear of the classroom. 2. It took me three semesters getting hooked up on-line at IUPUI from home. Better coordination with school and crossroads is needed to reduce this time frame. This can be very discouraging to beginning students! 3. With beginning 1st year students use terms that can be understood, don't talk over the persons head. I recommend CSCI 100 for the beginner. I took CPT 106 as my first computer course. The instructor allowed the class to be taken over by some export computer students that took the class for an easy grade! The majority was lost and didn't do well! Stick to basic computer concepts and terminology then build in faster classes. Many students reject computer technology for this reason.

I do not rely heavily on computers for my studies. I confine my use to word processing, e-mail, and occasionally the internet. My use of computers did become more frequent and competent as a result of your program, though I still don't use them very often. I did not consider computers a factor in my decision to attend IUPUI. Still, with the exception of unwanted e-mail messages, I was very impressed with the computing resources IUPUI makes available.

Although I am a student at IUPUI, I am at the satellite Medical Center at Muncie for 2 years. I do not use the systems.

I have had difficulty getting connected on numerous occassions (i.e. busy signal-all modems tied up). There have been several times I have been bumped off. This type of problem is only real frustration with IUPUI IT. Thank You

I think this is a well-due survey. We need to place more emphasis on the dial-in services and remote aid services due to the nature of this commuter campus. It is really frustrating to hear a busy signal when trying to dial-in the worldwide phone number. For the technology fee that we pay, we shouldn't pay for the limited access dial-ins that ny public person (ie students from IU) can access. Overall, IT is going in the right direction.

It will be better if one can access to rowe engineering software like matlab & etc. Through the public computing facilities in library or from one's computers at home.

As I rarely, if ever need your campus computer system. I do not feel I can fairly evaluate your services. I tried to note above instances in which I have some experience. As a student in the School of Medicine, I did not have time or occasion to utilize your service much; however, it certainly appears as though you are making strides to improve your visibility & offerings on campus. Best of luck to you in the years ahead!

I'm sure these services would be more beneficial if I would just use them!

For those who come to IUPUI with no computer skills it is an intimidating atmosphere. More one-on-one help classes should be available.

I've never used any of the systems at IUPUI.

Often times when trying to access "Network Hosts-Cord", the "drive" is not able to access. Let's do somethin Apps also, such as MIE & Powerpoint), don't forget Macintosh owners & users. We're still around.

(All comments refer to law school) The MACs at the law school are in terrible shape due to neglect. Also, print jobs should go to first available printer instead of dedicated printer so a small job doesn't get queued behind a big job when there are open printers. (This has improved some, but still has a long way to go) Printers in the library computer room need cleaned more often.

In the student activity center I have found that there is never a computer free and if there is either the computer won't work or the printer won't work or sometimes the mouse won't work, need to keep maintenanced.

The woman who works @ the Nursing Building cluster was very helpful & professional to work with she deserves a raise for her unending efforts toward the students. Sincerely, Perry L Minar P.S. She has dark hair, wears glasses, and a waddling gait.

Should give out more information on computers in general. Unfortunately I know very little and therefore am most likely no help for this questionnaire.

I am only beginning to become computer literate.

Not familiar w/any of the previous information.

Having a computer at home allows me to only come to campus for my classes. The only time I use the computers on campus is when: 1. the class requires us to use the computers on campus 2. if there are study guides for the class on the computer on 3. if my computer at home would not be working which has not happened yet.

Need to advertise to students what Integrated Technologies can do for them since the students are paying for it. Besides my e-mail account that I only use when I am on campus (only part-time student), I very rarely use any computer or library services at IUPUI. Mery S. Turly

I am a student at the Evansville campus of the IU School of Medicine. We do not have access to any of the services mentioned. In fact, the only services we have available to us are e-mail and word processing. There are no dial-in services, and the computers at the Evansville Center all have 386 processors, except for the recent addition of a 486. It is my understanding that all of the incoming first year medical students will be required to have computers. At the Evansville center, at least, this would be a complete waste of the students money because there are no dial-in services. Available and no software available for the student's use.

I feel that the computer clusters were very important to my education at IUPUI. I feel that possibly during finals the computers labs need to stay open longer hours.

The people in the computer rooms need to be more knowledgeable and helpful as well as the help desk.

I don't have a computer in my home but I don't like using IUPUI's computers because they are to confusing (like many questions on this survey) so I go to Brownsburg & use my boyfriends sisters computer & work w/windows. This way I get work done & don't waste time trying to figure out how to work the computer.

As I said before, we just recently installed a modem & are currently learning how to use our E-mail, etc. We have not had success in hooking up to the WWW-the IUPUI number is often busy. Some of the frustration is our inexperience & lack of ability, but I often hear people say the IUPUI # is busy-no access to the NET. We'll keep trying. Sorry I can't better evaluate the system-I am a "new" student-& 40! I hope to use the Integrated Technologies Services more efficiently & effectively in the next 2 years.

The only way I know how to learn more about computers is to sign up for classes. This doesn't help me to graduate though. I have to budget my money and time, with work and school I don't have the extra time to go to a workshop that I will probably forget after a week any way. I wish that there was a six week class that was inexpensive that could teach us about all the services the school offers without grading us on it. It would just be a class to enhance our knowledge and to let us benefit from the technology fees we have no choice but to pay every semester!

In general-I think there needs to be more info publicized to students about what is available. Some of these things I wouldn't know if I hadn't had some technology courses-other info. I've discovered since I work for the University and am on campus Mon-Fri. My computer @ work is connected to the network-it's very helpful.

Haven't worked with these systems so cannot evaluate.

IT would be more important to me if I understood it more. Although, I am really dissatisfied with my E-mail. Last semester, Spring 97, my e-mail was turned off twice. I am a busy person and don't have the time to stand in line just to reconnect it. Also, I lost my saved files. If I would have expected it, I would have done something. I was told by one consultant, "not to worry about it" I won't loose them. But I did!

We need more modem lines for PPP Dial up. I spend up to 1 hour trying to dial in because it's busy. 30 minutes on 278-5619. The fix the broken modems, there are times that I connect at 28.8 but the modem crashes. majority of the time I connect at 26.400 kbs.

Medical students have very little time or the need to use these systems. They will primarily be useful in writing & researching for my X-802 paper.

Overall the staff and services could be more personable and people-oriented. IU comparing services offers a good example of this. This fault rests on the shoulders of management who favor a technological style. Again, I would like to see more cordiality and am sure I'm not speaking only for myself.

I need to connect to CORD from off-campus, but I have been unable to do so.

I believe there should be more computer clusters. For example you should look into putting a cluster in Coleman Hall or Ball Hall.

So far, I have no need for the computer services. However, I am sure that in the not to distant future I will be using IT's services.

I really didn't have any knowledge about computers or the Web before coming here. I have learned a great deal from the computer clusters in the library and other places. I know that from friends trying to dial in to check e-mail that that needs some work. But besides that I think you are doing a great job of offering the students top quality equipment & service. Thanks

This survey was too long-I felt like throwing it away during middle.

None at this time

I take one evening class-and spend no time on campus-working all day leaves little time to use these services.

There needs to be improved connectivity to the Web from home PC's. Last semester while studying my geometry my teacher placed many assignments on the web. There were at least five times of unsuccessful connection that halted my getting to these assignments. I would, obviously for practical purposes, rather stay at home while connecting to the web and completing these assignments than drive to campus every time to complete them.

More integrated computer classes for students

I am a part time student attending evening classes. I have not had a chance to get to know very many of these services.

I really don't use IT services as I have a home PC. However, my Masters Programs are sent from Purdue via video-tape to a learning center. IT would enhance student access while reducing cost to put the tapes into an electronic file which could be accessed on-line.

I use my computers at work and home. I have only rarely used IT services and then only to pick up e-mail from instructors. I have now stopped even that.

Computer connection to web sites & internet at ET015 is very slow atmosphere there is hot & stuffy, printers are outdated. Calls in to help desk were answered by someone who did not offer extra info I needed to use services if I hadn't asked lots of questions I never would have found out about services.

Recommend that you instill in students the urge to use offline email clients such as Eudora & Netscape to ease the load on cord. Increase Dial-in reliability, people get dropped all the time. Also, recommend adding Win 95 or NT to the labs that still currently use the ancient Windows 3.1!!! This is a cause of most home-school software incompatibility.

It would have been great to be able to register using my computer at home. I like registering on computer rather than calling in. You can see the registration booklet on screen in case you lost yours. It would be nice to have a different location to obtain email addresses other than the Tech building. Great job!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Some of your consultants need more training in the multi-media applications. The consultants are extremely nice and courteous, but they lack expertise in the multi-media area.

Computers crash too often, it would be nice if the hardware were in better shape.

I have taken the basic intro class to computers however, I still have a lot of questions and problems using the computers. I would like to see classes ( once a month) to tell people what is available & how to use it. Also I think more computers are needed in the library in the research/reference area on the main floor.

I was at IUPUI 2 years before I even knew these services were available for free at part of my tuition. I took one TIPS class on E-mail which was somewhat helpful. E-mail & class registration are the only things I know how to do. Would like to take more TIPS classes, but haven't had time.

I think your support staff is very unhelpful. I tried to get my computer hooked up through Ball Residence and was told 3 ways by 3 different people in which none of them worked. My computer is capable of doing a lot and being able to hook up to the schools but I don't know how so I need help and you didn't give it.

Part time student with very limited computer skills.

I'm at one of the centers for Medical education & I usually use the services available at that university rather than to log into IUPUI services. I don't think I'm the best person to survey b/c most of your questions I can't even evaluate.

As you can tell, I don't use the facilities there. The only thing I ever used a lab for was Auto CAD, but that was 2 years ago. It was to slow at times back then. The other lab was the "music & computers" lab which was more than adequate.

Continue being able to purchase programs and computers at a reasonable price.

There are too many mix ups with cord accounts and pin codes.

Good job overall. Several of the services are not familiar-make students more aware of these services through signage, handouts, etc.

My (limited) experiences with audio tape duplication department were not good. On all occasions, the attendant did not even acknowledge my presence at the counter! I was not impressed with her attitude. Overall, however I am pleased with the IUPUI IT services. Thank you-and keep up the good work.

Students who have been away from school for awhile & part time students. Don't have a real sense of connectedness because many are on campus evenings/weekends only. IT's the perfect conduit to reach these students with programs assigned to address their needs.

I'm not sure this was meant for IPFW students

I really don't even know anything about all these different services & equipment available to me. What is it? How can I use it? Why would I use it? All of this assumes I am aware of and am comfortable with all this technology, yet I do not even know about. Help!