1998 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

1998 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

Question 40: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

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Last night I waited 21 minutes before I could get onto my e-mail account from my off-campus house. The line was busy for 21 minutes.

One of the worst places is the Fine Arts 137. That room needs a lot of help. It very discuraging [sic] to use the room. But it is one place where the software I need is offered. Graphic Programs need to be more excessable [sic] throught [sic] the camp us

You should make it easier to make subdirectories public on EZInfo. It would also be nice if Insite was open for a longer period of time.

If there is any way to improve off campus computing services, I suggest it. It is very hard to get connected.

There needs to be improvement in the computer clusters at the Residence Halls. Often, the printer has been broken- and not been fixed until 2 or 3 days later. And, students shouldn't have to wait in line for a half hour just to use one. IU (in general) should not tell incoming freshmen that are [sic] enough computers available... there aren't!! I know this because the first two months of this semester, I didn't have a computer.

1) Create additional dial-in modem services. At certain times in the evening, it is difficult to get in. 2) Create 1 or 2 more public labs that will not be used for classroom use. Spread them out on campus.

I think the Business school needs additional computers and more group labs because we use them for just about every class.

Sorry I couldn't help more. I do use computers, but just for basic stuff. Sorry

More modems for extended dialup.

get a new e-mail application get better services and support for people computing from home.

have more email spots in central locations like in the main forums of the buildings.

Put more IBM compatible computers on campus or at least give classes to those of us who have them on how to run Mac's.

You need more IBMs and less MACS in computer labs. All computer classes at IU are taught on IBM.

Some softwares (like Real Player) should be upgraded to its most recent version as soon as the latest version is released.

Everything is great, except IU Ware CD. I tried as well as many others to get it to work from any apartment. No one could, not even IU help people.

I've been generally pleased w/UITS, sometimes Pine can be really slow, but that's not UITS's fault. That's it!

UITS have [sic] done an excellent job. Everyone has been very helpful in getting me set up for a computing experience of a lifetime. The only complaint is that I have had some trouble connecting to the modem pools. Keep up the good work!

Long-distant [sic] calls (including international calls) are too expensive comparing with other people who use other than AT&T off-campus. I hear there's some sort of connection between IU and AT&T, but I can't help feeling that I am being used.

More 33.6 Modem Pool spots

I really don't like Pine for numerous reasons. One, you can't view attachments, and it only has the very basics. I use Netscape instead because it had extra benefits such as color, & see [sic] attachments. I am also not impressed with the services at t he beginning of the year b/c of the complications with installing ethernet. I asked for help numerous times, but it took over a week for help. The other thing is in the dorm rooms, I feel that both ethernet boxes should be activated instead of having one active and calling to get the second active. Computers in [sic] a necessity to IU & most people will have 2 computers in a room, therefore have them both active.

I live off campus, and in the early evening and later at night, it is really difficult to access the campus network.

I think that dividing student technology centers into 2 categories is a very good idea. The only other major issue that bothers me is when the lockers are shut down. It would also be nice to have more infostations, esp. in Ballantine.

Add more computers to buildings. The biggest problem is the student to computer ratio. Too many computers are dedicated to classes not enough for student usage (ex. BU101).

A lot of the time the computers in McNutt computer lab are down/broken & they don't get fixed for days or weeks. Then I have to wait 1-2 hrs. to get a computer. It is such a waste of time.

More 24 hour labs for off campus students

The residence halls' phones are extremely loud when they ring-- you can hardly tell if it's your phone ringing or a neighbor's phone. As always, more computers would be helpful, both on campus and in residence halls-- rarely is there not a line.

The 856-520x numbers always seem to be busy. Couldn't get Netscape through Softserve (make disks), so I had to buy the IU Ware CD ROM. Couldn't find documentation explaining why "make disks" option is unavailable. Also, couldn't find anyone who knows wh y.

Need more computer clusters in the dorms and classrooms - a building specifically for computer services should be built

add more PPP lines without removing from the standard terminal lines

I think that you should inform your students more how to use the computer systems and the support centers.

Overall I've had few problems using the computer services available. The computer labs have been of great assistance and the software is definitely above average compared to other Universities. The only problem I have is the extremely long wait it takes for a free line from off-campus.

Pine looks like a 1980's computer program. It looks like it belongs on 8 track Flash back tv shows.

-Increase disk quota on e-mail accounts -More memory on computers in labs - so a user can use PhotoShop and another program -more 24-hour facilities.

The residence hall labs are not adequate. The printer is not working 50% of the time! The only 2 macs in the lab have been broken for a long time. Residence hall labs are very important. to me as a young woman so I don't have to go across campus to type a paper. I live in Forest now.

Faster repair of machines that are down in student computing centers.

I would like to see the computer labs in the residence halls updated with the same programs found at other labs like the HPER. I am tired of not being able to access a program in Wright that I need but is only at the HPER!

UITS and the Halls of Residence Computing Services are confusing. In the Eigenman [sic] computing lab, for example, the UITS help # is posted, but when you call, they say they can't help you because it's the wrong organization. Or maybe it's the other w ay around!- I don't remember. The point is: I never knew which service I was using-seemed like a lot of beaurocracy [sic] & overlap of service.

Give more free stuff on the web like power point, etc.

IU Ware CD is a great help however I don't think should have to get a new one each semester. I have had 2 different PC's & I've had to get a new CD each time.

Whenever I have needed help at the UITS support center they have been very polite, well informed, and generally very helpful. Whenever I have needed to use a computer facility it has been relatively easy for me to find an open terminal. The only problem I have run into is trying to listen to course reserves in the music library. The small number of computers capable of playing reserves makes it difficult to find an open terminal sometimes.

The IU Homepage can be confuesig [sic]

I can't stand the drop/add system, but other than that, I have been very satisfied.

We had some problems trying to hook up ethernet in our room. There were several different people that tried to hook it up and succeeded, but it would cause other problems for our computer. To this day our computer only prints in cursive which you can pr obably figure out that it is a big problem.

There are not enough computers- we have to stand in line sometimes for an hour. The e-mail time limits are not enforced. It is discouraging to be working on a project for a few minutes and a teacher come in to say a class is beginning. A good suggestio n to help new students is to tell students or hand out pamphlets on all the services offered and what they are all about. This would be very advantageous.

I live in Collins - sometimes the printers do not work and it is very important that they do. Things have been better this semester.

Have more computer labs. Upgrade dorm computing facilities and add more computers.

The printer in the computer lab of my residence hall is always down & so are many of the computers.

You could make more dial-up numbers available for Telnet and Netscape

At the beginning of this school year we had only one working data jack in our dorm room. It took until Oct. for someone to turn on the jack. When it was actually done, it took less than an hour to do. My mom & I had called at least once a week to get t he jack turned on and nothing was done until then. Also, EZinfo is a really old program to use. Finally, I wish there was better editing options on email. If I make a mistake and want to correct it, it is a lot harder than it looks.

I think UITS needs to seriously consider the effectiveness of its increased security service. I don't see how needing a password just to log on to a computer is any better than previous methods- I think it makes the system much more cumbersome. I never h eard the reasoning behind these new security measures anyways.

I know that a lot of my friends are also very satisfied with the services here at IU. The only reason it didn't play an important role in my decision to come here is because I am an athlete and my decision was based more on that. Since being here though I am very appreciative of the services available to me.

The school makes so much money, yet many of the labs have dinosaur computers with terrible memory. Can't they be upgraded? Jeez, even the residence halls pull down around a million a month from room & board. Where the heck is all the money going?

I agree with "student-use priority" centers. There should be more.

Please do not change the mail systems over to Exchange. You will be begging for complaints.

The best way to improve is through the continual updates of hardware, software and information.

To find a class online for any reason- syllabus, times, ect. [sic], is very frustrating to find.

If someone does not have ethernet access and needs to get online around 10:30, they can't. You should have at least 2 more dial up numbers. 3 more would be ideal.

All the computers are great - but I've never seen a "computer - help" person - it's hard to contact them, too when you call. Everything else is great -

INSITE should be open 24 hrs for schedule and grade checking.

Some assistants at UCS and computer rooms are not helpful. They are doing their own work on their screens many times. Their attitude must be changed. Besides, I don't feel that I use $100 worth service fee (for tech. fee) on campus. It is so crowded all the time. Besides, softs that we can download are pretty minor ones.

Extend capacity in the dial-up pool - it often takes an hour or more to dial in to IU. Also, Insite is too graphics oriented. It takes a long time to download each individual page. How about a toll-free access number for students off campus?

INSITE should provide a listing of # of students enrolled in a course & the # waitlisted. Systems are often too slow. E-mail is limited - often difficult to send attachments. Not enough computers per student. Lines are often too long. Printing often tak es too long (at Bus. school lab, for example)

Pine should be more user friendly, it is too clinical. Also I had a problem with the fact that I could not save my messages to a disk and get them out of my mailbox.

access on modems should service more traffic between 4 pm - 12 am. Access on-line can take hours.

-update the software in the Halls of Residence -install software such as photoshop or netscape -provide more computer clusters in the residence halls.

I think that pine could be updated to some sort of better software so you could attach things and print.

B school / Spea needs a larger lab or one to go to during the day. Night its [sic] fine, day there is too long of wait

During the day if you live off campus, it is very difficult to dial in and connect.

I am going away from I.U. w/ valuable computing skills I've learned here at I.U. You guys taught it all to me.

The price of long distance does not compare with regional or national carriers.

The Foster Magee computer lab needs to be improved. Every time I try to print something it didn't work right. Also, the residence hall help needs more people on staff. It took almost 2 months before someone called me back to fix my computer.

All of the improvements and new safety features added in the public labs have been great. Also, the continued implementation of better hardware has been wonderful.

INSITE should be available more often. The updated schedule of classes should be able to be found easier. Netscape is too slow.

The network has been very shaky, especially in the Maclabs. Half the computers don't work, the software is usually unavailable (unless the computer is re-started), the PPP network never stays connected. The "consultants" have no idea what they're doing, and so far, I see UITS to be very useless to me.

There are many students trying to get on to computers, so when they aren't working they should be fixed immediately. There is no point of having a computer available if it doesn't work. I have especially noticed this problem at e-mail stations.

Need more computers! I like the new log-in procedure this year

They need more available computers to students. The fees on drop/add ect. [sic] need to be reduced.

Some of the older versions of some software such as MS Word for Mac 5.1 and Netscape 3.0 you may want to retain in STC. Some of the older versions "hog" less memory and seem to provide a more stable platform. To be in to [sic] big a rush on new software versions when the old ones work!

It seemed as if Briscoe's computer lab always had broken computers - but labs in Business and Balantine [sic] were very good. I don't use lockers, so it was annoying to wait for them to be mapped at Briscoe. I never received a faculty phone book, but th e student one was good. Registration is easier than people say. INSITE was helpful, but it should be open later at night - when people sit down and figure things like that out - not early in the morning.

The only thing is the actual computers- they freeze up a lot at my dorm & are pretty slow.

Possibly more information on some of IU's UITS services should be provided to the students.

More computer labs - or have more labs that are open all day instead of having classes in most of them.

I think it's great that IU is finally really catching up with new technology. I love the drop/add by phone and all of the things insite has to offer. My complaint is this: I can rarely get a connection through 6-5200, 5201, or 5202. It makes me wonder what that technology fee is buying me- the modem pool is almost always busy.

I live in a sorority & I can not connect to Netscape w/out waiting for at least 20 minutes. This back-up is ridiculous.

Slow down my blazing modem - it is downloading to [sic] fast 2.1 K / sec. I have to come into town and download at 94K / sec then shlep [sic] it back home

Availability of computers during the day / week is terrible!

EMail needs to be updated to a Microsoft-type system. As a business major, group dealings could be much more efficient if we could send files via email. Also, the Netscape version on Ethernet needs updating so it supports frames.

Need more modems for off-campus connections for Internet

The lines are too long in the Student Technology Services (i.e. GET MORE COMPUTERS)! It is also difficult to get online when dialing from off campus (856.5200)

It is often impossible to dial in to a PPP connection. I love the fact that a lot of classwork is done over the web, but when you can't dial in, that is a major hassle.

I think there should be more periodic checks to make sure printers are working properly. Often it causes a LOT of trouble when the printers are not working. I'm really happy with the fact that there are adequate printers around but printer maintainance [sic] could be upgraded.

I connect to the campus system using the IU CD which is helpful, but the number takes WAY too long to connect. I understand the large amount of people using this system - but maybe more access numbers would help. I also get booted off for no reason somet imes.

It came in VERY handy being able to connect to the library system (IUCAT, Academic Search, etc.)

I constantly have problems w/ exceeding my disk quota in my Shakespeare account. It's just aggravating.

Overall, the whole network of computers is helpful & good, however, it is hard to dial into I.U. during the evening hours. More servers are needed

Availability is a big problem, esp. in b-school. Also, I understand it's practically impossible to keep an eye on everything in the UITS system, but half of the time the printers are down, out of toner, smearing toner, out of paper or the computer itself reports an error and will not print. My worst experience with this has been in BU101 and BU417. What is IUWare anyway? I think it's not appropriate to award/reward us with something half of us survey participants can't use.

Overall, IU offers an incredible amount of computing opportunities. The facilities are excellent and extremely well run. Thank you.

It took forever to get McNutt hooked up to Ethernet. You were 1/2 a year late. Try to stick to deadlines, otherwise you look extremely unproffesional. [sic] I also don't appreciate being harassed to fill out a survey that probably won't accomplish anyt hing.

not enough computers available -- too long of lines -- more stand-up email stations needed on campus near classrooms.

If we can access schedule of classes from out side computers - we should be able to register over the computer (free of charge) without having to go to Franklin Hall. In insite we should be able to view our prospective schedule at a glance.

Jordan Hall only has Mac's, maybe put some IBM/PC computers in the lab. Many other buildings have both types of labs.

I am happy because IU is trying its best to "get connected" but I think that our ethernet cards should be waiting on us upon arrival or close to it.

The server is pretty saturated and creating a connection to the server is pretty difficult.

Yes, please increase speed at peak times for Shakespeare systems. Much slower this year. Also, EZInfo sometimes can be DOG slow. I know you can't put all these services on a blazing IUIS or Cyclotron machine, but upgrades to speed would be nice.

My dissatisfactions are primarily due to my avoidance of Microsoft products. I realize this is the choice of the mainstream. As long as I may conveniently continue to use Linux, even through the MS agreement, life will be good. I do not want to be put i n a situation where I am forced to switch over to that abomination of an operating system. So far, so good.

None UITS has done a great job.

I am a consultant with UITS so please keep this in mind when evaluating my responses to some questions.

There is always a line to get in computer labs - very frustrating. Other computer labs are always occupied by classes UCS is doing a great job for the most part, they just need MORE computer labs available to the students who are paying for these faciliti es!!

It would be really helpful if UITS would come to off-campus housing to show us how to set up our computers for IU EMAIL, or offer us a class to learn how to do it ourselves.

Need more computer labs! The lines are ridiculous! IF it weren't for ethernet, I'd never get to check my e-mail. I love ethernet! Phone services at IU are Great! Thanks for the IUWare Coupon!

I think that the UTS [sic] at the Residential Halls need to be improved. My roommate and I had problems with a member who was support for Forest. He was very rude, saying that we were dumb because we had ethernet plugged in incorrectly. They were very hard to reach. It took about 2 1/2 weeks before they called us back.

More dial-in modem connections to IU network (fr/ off-campus) Easier access and functionality for personal web pages Much more computer labs for "student use" only (not instruction/classes)

I live in Collins-Greene and our computers are always crashing or down especially the Macintosh. The Macs do not have the newest versions of programs like excel but the Windows do. I am a mac user and you should put norton utilities on then so students can try to fix the Macs instead of having to wait for UCS to fix it.

To make the library on-line services more user friendly.

The computer consultants are always very helpful and nice about explaining things to me.

More infostations would be nice. "Acrobat Reader" should be more available through UITS facilities.

As a resident in McNutt, there is a need for more computers. Barely any of the Macontosh's [sic] ever are in service. The IBM's are a lot better and should be multiplied. There needs to be more email service computers at the IMU and residence hall lobb ies.

Considering many students have a computer in the Halls, I don't understand why UITS & Rescomp don't collaborate to provide services. I've found the people at rescomp to be somewhat incompetent & unable to help me with my problem, which concerns connectin g with NT4.0 to the Halls network. I've asked UITS for help, but have been told it's not their "jurisdiction." UITS should provide a How-To guide for connecting computers with NT4.0 to the Halls network.

Lately I have run into MAJOR mouse problem [sic] on the computers in the Ed bldg. It is extremely irritating to be in a hurry and trying to do simple things and encounter a mouse that gets continuously stuck - other than that, everything else has been p retty good.

There need to be more Computer Assistants because they cannot handle ever [sic] one problems. The Student computing labs are to [sic] busy.

I really have no idea what a lot of these services are and what they provide. The information that did [sic] receive was vague considering that I have never before used computers the way that they are used here @ IU. I would love to be able to learn mo re and be able to use more of your services.

hard to get consultant help in the dorms - need something more reliable why can't schedule of classes/etc be available 24hrs/day? Pine needs more memory, we need a higher disk quota

Impressive UTIS [sic] services although I do not have as much use for them personally compared to others. Every other university that I have visited does not compare to I.U. UTIS [sic].

The only recommendation I can make is to add more stand-up email stations! It seems that most labs are congested with people checking email! These added stations could reduce congestion in the labs and allow people to get in and out of them quicker!

Some of the stations are so close together that computing becomes awkward and, at times, extremely uncomfortable. Also, I have seldom had a good experience w/ a lab consultant. Poor experiences are usually due to bad attitudes, lack of knowledge or gener al indifference.

I had a great deal of trouble hooking up my Ethernet at the beginning of the year, along w/ many others. If at all possible, I feel there should be additional employees (temps) to work out this problem.

For off-campus users, some live out of Monroe county and to dial-up requires a long-distance phone call. I would suggest that more numbers be made available because I know a lot of commuters from the Bedford area.

I believe doing specific things within email are difficult such as viewing attachments- I tried calling for info but we never got it figured out & I still don't know how to do it. It just seems like our email system is not very user-friendly (& it seems like an old setup but I don't really know anything about that).

I just wish I could get online at my house!

Make Adobe products available to students.

the printers at Briscoe don't work very often!

Force the individual schools to fund their own labs for at least 60% of their computer-type classes. No classes in any UITS lab after 5 pm. Start looking into options for allowing dial-up service to access the NT and NETWARE networks on campus, not just UNIX.

I like the 24 hr computing centers. I hate the fact that the only way to change your schedule after registering is via phone.

Registration is very stressful not to mention Drop & Add. I think it would be beneficial to register through an advisor. There needs to be more computer stations that do not have classes meeting in them. It's a terrible hassle to switch computer labs wh en working on a paper!

There ought to be more, newer and faster computers in the business school. I often find myself waiting in long lines in the labs or simply not being able to use a computer because there is class.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

Yesterday I bought the IUware CD & today I got the coupon from you for a free copy. Kind of disliking that. I should be able to get a refund.

need larger modem pool

All information concerning UITS should be published in one handbook, well indexed with a complete "contents" page and both quick-reference sections and longer, more technical information. Furthermore, such a handbook ought to include an extensive glossar y of terms and acronyms. Also, there should be computer labs that automatically log-out users after 15 minutes and prevent them from logging back in, so that users who only need to check a message quickly can do so without waiting four days in line.

would prefer elm and tin on shakespeare

Consultants need to monitor proper use of lab facilities. It's imperative that we keep a diverse platform environment. Keep the Macintosh labs & need to expand their services. More printing facilities needed-more than just the Student Building & Lindle y.

get keyboards that work at the stand-up email stations dialing in from off-campus can still take a very long time would be nice to have MacLink Plus standard on Ballantine Hall machines

#1 All registration procedures should be able to be completed using the WWW and Insite. #2 Access to personal library information- overdue, renewals, etc. should be available using insite or something similar. #3 Do not allow this University to become a single operating system environment (ie Microsoft/intel). Apple is still competitive. Just because everybody else jumps off a bridge, should we?

Though the situation has improved, the phone lines into campus for modems is [sic] still VERY busy. In fact, I've noticed an increase in problems connecting to campus during day time hours, not just the hot 6-12 midnight traffic jam.

Expand dial-in modem services- it still takes too long to get on the network. Also, why no evaluation of telephone registration? I love the convenience, but I think the cost is too high. And finally, I'd like to register via the web- any plans for that ?

Overall, I'm very impressed with the variety of services available at IU. The range of software available to students is also very broad.

The Graduate Computing center @ SPEA could really use more computers. They are always full and just a couple more would improve rotation a great deal. There is high demand.

Two problems make most of responses 3 instead of 5: 1. I cannot print e-mail at home & no one seems to be able to explain why 2. I cannot dial into the Extended Services to access the internet from home - there's some problem in the set-up that no one has been able to explain or fix.

Faster equipment Ability to connect zip drives. (or internal to systems)

The undergrad computer labs can't be used when classes are held in them- That leaves only the SPEA grad lab Mon-Fri during the day There are not enough computers available! I've had to wait more than an hour before being able to log on to a computer sever al times this year.

More computers available for use. Faster computers. Residence Halls Computer Assistants- not around that often & have no idea who they are. Could they wear special shirts to tell us who they are? Printers often jam up, but no one there to fix them. Ho w can fix [sic] that problem? Faster response to problems?

My most frequent interaction with UITS' services is with Dial-in modem services. The availabilty of these services are my only complaint. Services offered are great, but lines are busy during large parts of the day. I am aware of, and impressed by, UIT S' continuing efforts to add lines, reduce congestion, etc. This area, however continues to need attention.

IU has top-notch technology!

Additional modem lines are needed. Often impossible to get online at night. E-mail system is fine but antiquated. Generally very happy w/ your service.

Registration for classes is very cumbersome. The system at Iowa State University is free and is much more user friendly.

The primary problem in using the computers on campus is the unreliable schedule certain rooms are subject to. A person can not plan to work for more than an hour on an NT workstation because no NTW room's schedule is known in advance, and no NTW-room is class-free for a day.

The Mac's in the Fine Arts building keyboards stick and the monitors "shake." It would be nice if there was more publicity around classes offered/services offered.

I really enjoy using WORDPERFECT, and recently, there have been so many problems with this application. I hope this is remedied soon. Overall, the UITS is an excellent technological source and reserve.

Dial up networking needs to have more line [sic] available. There has always been a line to the different computers labs also. The biggest problem has been gaining access to the services. Once you get to them, they are very good.

Not enough modems!

UITS is doing excellent work! I fully enjoy all the facilities provided. Congratulations on running a great show.

Availability of the printers is one of the problem [sic] that I've been facing for the last 2 years. Often I can IT print from my room because the printer has been set to work off-line. Further, sometimes the printer doesn't work properly. Besides that , everything else is OK. You're doing a great job.

Home page in Education building should be the Education Home Page not IUB Why send a coupon for a CD that most students bought at the beginning of the school year? Why wasn't the expiration date extended so we could get the new version for the next school year? I used the web help service. I never received an answer to my question. I did receive 3 answers from questions asked by other students.

I think the Pine (e-mail program) is very limited, old... Can't I use another program, something closer to Windows?

Continue to add to your help materials. I often don't find what I'm looking for.

Very difficult to get through on my modem from home.

In general, the computing services have been outstanding. We get a lot for our technology fee and I especially appreciate the fact that the support staff is both knowledgeable and courteous! One minor issue- It takes a long time to dial in at night (fro m home). If there was any way to speed that up that would be great.

Good job. Open more labs.

1. Can we register by touchtone phone as many other schools do? It's a waste of time to go to Franklin Hall, sta Why do we have two separate long distance services? I prefer "easy access" because it's cheaper and flat fee, 13 cents per minute anytime, anywhere. I thi nk long distance call [sic] offered by UITS is more expensive. And telecommunication assistant [sic] left a message on my voice mail after I moved to Evermann, saying I can use long-distance call [sic] now. But how do I do? I don't know how. Thank you.

- Services need for graduate students doing research away from the IU campus. For example, larger disk space for e-mail or ways to assist your research especially for analysis. For example I use video and audio for my work in places that don't have ma jor colleges and universities.

More modems

knowledge base documents many need to be updated more frequently. Modem port dial up can be quite busy at various times -- frustrating for those residing off-campus. More attention in student computing labs needs to be given to ergonomics -- posture, pos ition, keyboards screen filters - a healthier computer environment! A bit more room in the library labs seems appropriate.

I would like UITS to maintain support and purchases of MacIntosh Computers for public computing facilities. Standardizing on one platform is not useful for the diverse uses in an institution the size of IU.

Please increase the capacity of the PPP lines for off campus access. Otherwise I think the services here are outstanding.

I appreciate the establishment of "student-use priority" centers. Would greatly appreciate support for departmental computer areas or facilities specifically for graduate students.

I use the standard dial-in modem numbers 856-5200/ 1/2, I have a great deal of difficulty getting into the system in the evening. Sometimes, I have difficulty (many busy attempts) after noon on some days.

Please change telnet to something more convinient, [sic] like Groupwise or similar. And I don't quite understand why "Help" for most software is not installed. Other than that - thank you very much for the good job!!

i'm moving off-campus and am worried about access -- I hear sometimes you can't get into the network.

More computer facilities only for graduate students- particularly high volume printing facilities like Lindley Hall basement.

Lower the technology fee and seek out more private endorsements!

1) Improve facilities for SPEA Graduate Computer labs- very poor (printer is always down) Business school labs are always running perfectly. 2) Less classes at computer room in basement of SPEA- always full. 3) More dial in modems for PPP.

We need more computers. I have to wait more than ten minutes to use a computer in the Music Library.

I think Insite is GREAT! Tons of information, very convenient. Accessing through modem from home computer is worse than AOL! Is there any way to get additional lines during those peak times? It is incredibly frustrating to sit and redial constantly!

Get more PPP phone lines! It is impossible to dial in to the GSOB1 network from 6 pm - 2 am!

I have never been in an environment where it is so difficult to access PPP. I get disconnected at least once per session from my home dial-up. I sign-on 2-3 times a day so this is irritating at best. I also get a busy signal when I dial a lot.

Can't get into the univ. network at night from off-campus. Lockers need more space for graduate students. DON'T like the fact that have to pay $17 to register by phone! Total rip-off.

The Macs in the SLIS Library are extremely slow. I've waited several minutes for a program to launch. I haven't used these computers recently, because I found them frustrating to use. I hope the situation has changed.

"Monitor" is very good. Shakespeare is good. "Pine" editor is terrible. I would prefer registration by computer only instead of having to go to Franklin Hall. "IO" is excellent. Web and email access stations are plentiful.

International calls are very, very, very expensive. Pine is to [sic] slow. Fee is to [sic] high for the service given by UITS.

More modem lines need to be installed. Like the problems AOL had, I frequently get a busy signal when trying to connect to PPP. It's very frustrating, especially considering that I'm paying for the service through technology fees. Also, before the new Microsoft deal, I was disappointed that certain programs were taken off the computers (Word 5.1 on Macs) which were compatible with what I had at home, but the replacement (6.0) wasn't available on shareware, leaving me with incompatible software between home & school.

The telephone directory (printed) has numerous errors that I have noticed. INSITE could also be available for a longer time & could be easier to access, currently it is time consuming & difficult.

Extended modem pool is so bad I bought service with Kiva.

The amount of PPP dialin lines is a DISGRACE

More availability of the dial-in modem services. I usually cannot dial-in and I live in University housing (Graduate apartments).

I think UCS should consider maintaining at least 1 computer cluster for Legacy operating systems. My research center spent a number of years developing a DOS based database for research in a number of developing countries where Windows and Pine (WIN 95 & NT) isn't available yet. We have a training course every year and I think it is becoming harder to teach it given the current UCS strategies. In short, I think we shouldn't let the constant environment of upgrading to the latest system force developmen t efforts in the past become obsolete too quickly when they are fine for the task they are being used for. We are being forced to consider re-writing our 100,000 lines of database code to a windows database just because everything is going windows based and we can't easily teach it (DOS-based) in the clusters.

I appreciated very much the quality of hardware, software, information services, and human technical assistance during my doctoral program. It seems very much like leading edge - given my modest level of knowledge

By my responses you'll see I'm not familiarized at all with UITS services. All I use is the extended dial-in modem (which is ALWAYS busy) & the MBA Lab, which apparently is not in your domain. MBA students are isolated from the rest of the university co mputing system (at least that's how I feel) Not that I care, but I would like to understand the whole organizational structure, which is very confusing. never know who to go to for what). I don't think this survey helped you much. Sorry.

I really have only 2 major complaints 1) There aren't enough modems. You can never access the system from off-campus except early morning. 2) I compute in Ballantine and there are always classes in the labs. There should be at least one lab that is neve r scheduled for classes.

The PPP modem pool is very often busy - this is extremely frustrating! With 36,000 students - it would be great if you could add to the modem pool!

I wish consultants were more knowledgeable on computer things. Each time I call or go to the UNION ALL they do is go to the UCS K Base. We all can do that. When I go there is because I have already checked the K. base and I need more help.

everyone I've ever asked for help has been very friendly & resourceful - however its [sic] March & my ethernet connection has yet to work this year.

Please!! More modems - they are almost always busy!! - This is the single most frustrating computer issue.

- PV151 needs to be used less for classes - More computers available in SPEA

I had to install a new phone line and pay for a private ISP (Kiva) because the dial-in are so busy after 5:00 pm or so.

Please make it more well-known that students can publish on a server that is not blocked by search engines. No one outside our domain can even get to professors' work. This is a hindrance to learning. Let these professors know their work is blocked by Ro bot exclusion protocol. Other than that, you have done a great job. Thanks.

Purchase and Install a printer that actualy [sic] works in the 4th floor SPEA Grad computer complex. -OR- come fix the one that is currently there.

The computer stations in Ballantine are organized in a way that makes getting to a terminal, the printer, and the exit very difficult. This is also a problem in the library station.

Overall, computing services have been excellent. I use what I need. The network has saved much time on papers. The quality of instruction and training has been excellent. Your on-site staff has been consistently knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

1. Spell check your letters i.e. judgment as judgement - Paragraph 1 2. The goals for next year seem appropriate Also "stressing" the systems in place before the start of the academic year should be a priority. The technology failures that accompany each new academic year are staggering. 3. Cleanliness should be maintained in the STC labs. Dusting is not a dirty word. 4. Your telecomunication Service is begging for a consumer advocacy lawsuit.

International long distant [sic] calling rate is much higher - comparing to others, such as, Sprint or MCI with their special offer. I wish I could get special rate for the International long distance call.

I did not choose IU because of UITS, but it has been outstanding to use and learn.

Comments re: survey. I don't understand the postage waste & the confrontational nature of the mailing & letter to individuals who did not complete the survey they received. It (follow up) feels extremely invasive. I filled this out to avoid more hassl e-- kind of like 3rd class junk mail/telemarketing tactics.

Modem pools cannot handle traffic. Usually busy. Pine is terrible. Can't easily attach/retrieve files. Forces me to use Netscape, which means I have to wait for an open line, wasting time.

It is nearly impossible for me to dial in and access the internet during normal hours because it is constantly busy. The infostation computers in the Education building frequently are not functioning correctly, and there are too few. I wish that INSITE could be available 24 hours/day. By the time I manage to connect to the internet I can't access INSITE anymore. After almost 5 years at IU, I still find the IO system difficult to use and user-unfriendly. Thank you for the coupon, that was very conside rate.

In my evaluations, availability has often been the key reason for a low score, whether it be consultants (who are difficult to find or identify, line always busy, etc.), labs (too crowded), modem connections (always busy), etc. Also, modem connections ar e slow (i.e., 56K technology is available and S/B used). Pine e-mail is extremely user-un-friendly and not well-integrated with other applications.

I have found the UITS to be excellent. I am, however, concerned that graduate students (such as myself) might be adversely affected by the planned policy of charging for printer use. I believe graduate student needs mean they should recieve [sic] a larg er quota of free pages of printing.

I have had a hard time finding where the Macintosh labs are, when they are open, and when they are used for classes. I was also unaware of lots of your services - and I am usually a well-informed student: I read the IDS, the Monitor, pick up newsletters , read bulletin board postings, etc. I am often frustrated by IO because I can't find books I know are there (and the searching is limited.) When I lived on campus, my voice mail malfunctioned so often, I asked that it be shut off.

The Pine for e-mail sometimes is very slow. Long distance calls on-campus are too expensive. There's little information to publish a home page, it is extremely difficult to do.

The music department requires additional resources in order to provide access to the special computing resources available (variations project, course software, etc.)

Well... I'm not sure if I can ask you about this... My one problem is that I'm always having trouble with using computer lab ex. at the main library or other buildings for IBM for my paper. Always crowded Is there any way to increase the number of comput ers?

Groups to aid in the visulation [sic] of scientific data ought to be formed. Many resources are out there like the CAVE, but how one uses them is not obvious.

There are not enough computers available for the graduate students in my program (Speech & Hearing sciences).

Schools should not be allowed to close public labs in their buildings for their own classes. How fair is that to students who must pay the technology fee?

I have taken a jumpstart course and am planning to take another. When I attempted to get the manual in advance, however, I was told that it would cost $10.00. I pointed out that it was free the day of the class and that there is no charge for the class. No dive. This seems a bit ridiculous.

Overall, I think you do a very good job. However, I would like to see you get more modems to facilitate network computing from off-campus housing.

The Technology Support Center needs to be open longer hours. A little bit more e-mail machines.

There is a rumor, which seems to have at least some truth behind it, that Unix-based email systems will be replaced by Microsoft exchange. This would be unacceptable. Poll faculty, students, and departmental computer support staff about this and I guara ntee you'll get overwhelming rejection of the idea.

- most students are still too crowded - need more public color printers, and it should be less expensive - there is still too much traffic on the extended dial-in services and it takes too long to connect

I am concerned about the level of support UITS will provide for the library system as it pursues the digital library program. Having worked at the Music Library since last August has made my concern for technical support from UITS very high as the digita l library program evolves. Otherwise, I have been very happy with IU's computing services over the past 6 1/2 years & believe we have one of the best in the country.

The main library stations often have printer problems at times of heaviest use, and in times of less use, problems with toner or paper cannot be fixed because of lack of staff. Please put more resources (people, maintenance) at main library, as this is w here grad. students need computers. Thank you.

www connections are really slow & make them less useful for research. Besides this I have been pretty satisfied. If there are res hall services that can come look at personal computer hardware problems, I would be interested.

I wish that web search engines could search I.U. Many consultants in the public lab are unhelpful, less than knowledgeable, and are too busy playing computer games. I wish that Pine supported MIME formats.

I have always liked UCS (UITS) very much. I do, however, have very strong concerns about the Microsoft agreement & how it was sprung without warning on students. Not renewing the Corel agreement is unacceptable

I have one question with C in ships. I don't know how to set up the ships so that I can use math functions, such as, sin(x), cos(x). I will appreciate your any help. My email: [IRD].

The dial-in modem pool desperately needs upgrading- it's almost impossible to get at PPP connection between 6 pm and 1:00 am. Registration ought to be entirely done by phone, with a flat rate for each semester.

Insite is a very useful service. The changes made over the last few months have been good. I plan to send in some specific comments in the future (I want to do it from work w/ the screen in front of me).

Need more computers. Must provide for group work on computers

As my survey should indicate, what I feel we desperately need is an online catalogue system that matches the (overall) very excellent computing facilites and support at IU. The present system is primitive, moody, and clearly very old. Replacing this sys tem with the best that current technology allows for should be a university-wide priority.

Undergrad labs are way under the capacity needed to serve all the uses. BU101 is especially bad. It also gets really hot in the labs.

I've been using a 14.4 fax/modem, but will be upgrading soon. Up to this point I have had considerable trouble connecting and maintaining the connection, varying of course with the time of day. I know this will be remedied w/ the upgrade, but I still fe el that improvements could be made in this area (i.e. another dial-in line, or faster transmission from campus)

Although the recent additions to the modem pool are an improvement, every grad. student I know still wastes 20 minutes every night trying to get a PPP connection. People like to work at home at night. Get more modems.

A 1-800 dial in modem service for students outside of Bloomington

Change the email program to a Windows program. Expand the memory of the FTP for graduate students.

The facilities are great but not available enough. See below. -Get more extended modem pool lines or put a time limit for some, if not all, lines. -Leave more labs open for public (student & instructor) use in Ballantine, especially in midmorning to early afternoon!

Getting access to the email is extremely difficult sometimes impossible from the house of Residence, especially from BBHN Bicknell where I live. I understand the line is usually busy at certain time [sic] of the day but is it possible to make life or thi ngs easier for students residing in the House of Residence to get access to email all the time during the day? Otherwise possessing a personal computer won't much [sic] if one has to go the IU Computer Lab Centers during the night to check email or to ac cess information on the Web for important academic work.

Since I work full time for IUB, many of these questions are not relevant to me. Overall suggestion: get the basics down first; e-mail and a few other services should be the emphasis. This survey is way too long. You bias your responses toward the negati ve by the repitition [sic] of questions and the time required to answer.

It is extremely difficult to get a modem line into the IU servers in the evenings and sometimes on the week-ends. As I begin to do more work from off-campus, this is a huge frustration & inconvenience.

Set up more lab for IBM PC (NT) instead of Machitosh [sic] Try to let users know what UITS has instead let users to find it by browsing the homepage.

Get rid of NT networking & replace with cheaper, safer, better Linux networking. Add Linux software to IUWare disk & download (perhaps WordPerfect, Applixware, etc.). Provide various Linux distributions on CD for nominal charge. Provide flexibility in choosing network ID.

Please add HoosierNet to question 9(c).

Get PPP connections dedicated to MBA's. W/ Lotus Notes on FT for all students next year, this will be concern

It would be nice to be able to dial into Windows NT network from off-campus and connect to lockers, other pc's etc. I was told that PPP is the only thing to be done from home and that doesn't help w/ the NT machines. It is very annoying to have all the a pplications split between computers on campus. I should need only one account to receive mail, compute, and run Mathmatica... not 3.

Overall, the services are excellent; I'd just like to see more of the same- e.g. more Jump Start classes (I've had to miss these when they were full) and an upgrade to the Mac labs- especially the one in the library where Netscape has been having problems .

Foreign students sometimes say they wish there were computers with a wordprocessing program in their language. It would be nice for students of foreign languages as well as for a workstation or two to be available for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic at a STC somewhere on campus.

Great job on the whole. Getting answers by phone is sometimes rough.

Although your second survey request was effective in getting my attention, I strongly suggest that UITS be more tactful and understanding. As an IU graduate, I was appalled at the insulting tone used in your survey letter request. I have many more press ing issues to take care of in my life.

- It would be helpful to have a map locating STC's and other clusters around campus - The DORPs (formerly Halls of Res.) computers are often slow or broken, and the printers are usually out of paper or broken.

In general, I've been very impressed with the way IUTS/UCS has provided computer technology and support. As always, though, there are a few ways the technology and support could be improved: 1) IUB lockers are wonderful! I don't know how I lived w/o them, which presents a problem when they are down. It would be helpful if there was more advanced warning in the form of personal e-mails, before lockers are taken off-line. In mid-December there was less than 12 hrs notice via e-mail. 2) The extended modem pool (5-9222) could use more modems. 3) The Mass in the computing centers tend not to have enough RAM. Most only have 16MB and often I need 20-24 MB to move data between various applications. 4) E-mail is a general area of weakness. There are still man y bugs in Pine (eg. it won't print messages unless loaded into a word program and converting files is confusing). Eudora can handle these problems, but running Eudora from a server like a locker is often slow and Lockers are occasionally down (eg. last D ec-Jan) 5) Most UCS support people are very helpful, particularly those on 5-6789. Consultants in the clusters are less consistent - some are excellent and some know little more than I do. Perhaps there could be more training for consultants in clusters .

On question 25, the reason for the "not at all satisfied" is that it is near impossible to have access to the modem pool monday through thursday from 12:00 p.m to 1:00 a.m.

Splitting STCs into instructional and student use rooms will be helpful. More Infostations would reduce crowding. Work on the locker system disrupted use-but worse in the long run, it changed all file dates. Try to avoid that in the future. Constant up grading, especially of hardware, seems less important (at least for ordinary student use) than increasing the number of computers available. I know IU has a reputation to keep up, but priority should be given to access, not flashy equipment.

I've not been here long enough or used enough of your services to make any informed judgements You should use students who have been here at least 1 year. I feel I've been wasting my time and yours completing this survey.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

Great idea for the webmasters to have monthly time to interact with web page designers. Please continue this. Webmasters have been great, especially Pete!

IU is moving very well into electronic information however the pace is not consistent for each unit or Department on Campus. We still have to phone in and cost efficient ways to access FIS-TOPS etc are not available to these units.

I mainly use "outlook" e-mail. I use "Netscape", and I use autocadd. I have had some repair/upgrade service done on my personal mac, and have been very pleased with the service by "Mike" (don't remember his last name). Thanks for the Freeware!

I think the UITS staff are hard-working and fabulous. They do a great job. Extra special thanks to Karen Miller for her kind help, and a big "BRAVO" to the technology services staff at the Kelley School of Business. Our voice-mail system absolutely sti nks! Please try to UPDATE the user menu & address book more often. People who have been here over a year are not listed.

The PPP connection hangs up frequently, and also connects badly a lot of the time. There are a very small # of copies of Adobe streamline in the Mac labs Software running in the labs over the network is s-l-o-w! (e.g. 3 minutes to start up Photoshop) Othe rwise, UITS rules! You have spoiled me-I will hate to leave.

What's an IUWare CD useful for?

E-Mail services that we have work well. Lets [sic] not muck it up with Exchange

Generally I find the services excellent. I use many student labs and have always received excellent help.

I do use computers but not the ones here on campus. I use the Ivy tech State College computer lab. Please don't include me in the next survey. Thanks

We rely on computing support personnel here at the unit level to address many (most) of the issues indicated in this survey. They do a fine job. Subsequently, I was unable to make evaluative judgements about some items because I do not personally get in volved in these issues

We need a better email system, more user friendly that we can view attachments easily.

Better or some graphics capibility [sic] on EZinfo

Telephone Services: when making a request via email, a seemingly automatic email is generated as a response. It would be much more helpful to get a specific response with expected completion time

Campus switchboard directs calls to the wrong dept. I'm not sure if there's a lot that can be done about that. The operator can't be expected to know something about every dept., special program on campus.

Extended dial-in service is usually overloaded and difficult to connect to. My professors put sylabi [sic] and assignments on class web sites and I have significant difficulty getting on. Also, printing a single e-mail message at home over dial-in seems to be impossible from pine.

Improve modem access Enhance IU web environment

I hate the IU faculty-staff phone book. It's hard to use, but I don't know what to suggest to make it better.

1) Modem pool availability stinks 2) Shakespeare system needs expansion 3) UITS obsession with Microsoft is disturbing

Expanded UITS extended modem pool. At times, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to dial in and connect.

Find a better way to enter IU Admin other than SAFECARD. It's an inconvenience to use plus you have to find the place that redoes them.

I am a full-time staff member at one of the IU libraries. On my own time, I use the public computing labs. In general, I've found the consultants helpful and the equipment well-maintained. Thanks for asking for this input from staff. A few problems: 1 There should be more than one 24 computing lab 2 At least one public lab should have a PC to transfer files from a 5 1/4 disc to a 3 1/2 disc; Lindley used to have this option. 3 The quiet policy should be enforced in the public labs. 4 Discussion of plans for public labs should more frequently mention staff users. As a staff user, I feel overlooked when various discussions refer almost exclusively to "student needs & student use."

While I appreciate the reliability of the e-mail system here, the slowness of the Shakespeare system has become frustrating - and sometimes maddening.

When connecting to the Internet you constantly get busy signal - need more phone lines

Bursar screens for amounts due / paid are very confusing. Questions are referred to a person within the office, which is very helpful.

Leave me alone

Whenever I call the switchboard, It takes them almost 10 rings to answer the phone. Sometimes I think nobody is working.

Do something about the problem of connecting on to system / server when students are in school. I can't log on until after 11:00 pm. That is not very handy.

Most of the time when trying to connect from home lines are busy. Add more lines?

Jumpstart classes should be free to staff.

Expand e-mail global to include all campuses.

Help desk people are extremely nice, as well as very helpful!! As a part-time student, (as well as full time staff), I am always impressed with the quality of the resources located in the student labs. It's great - everything's always in good working c ondition. Good idea to divide STC's into learning centers or student-use centers. Large classes (such as BUS K201, CSCI classes) demand too much time.

Need more modem connections, need hi speed connections for modems 56k and faster.

In the near future my job may involve using a computer in the day to day activities of my job but at the present it does not.

I am contiually [sic] impressed with the quality and breadth of UITS services. Keep up the great work.

The Pine Mail went down after it was "upgraded" - it was ok till then.

Dial-in service has greatly improved- software is easier to install- thank you!

I do not care for the automated phone line 56789. I feel hours for this help should be extended after 5:00 for staff (& students also) Need for help doesn't stop at 5:00 p.m. It is hard to get password help when you have to take off during lunch to do i t.

Continue to keep up with the new modern techniques etc. and keep the university departments updated. Everything so far has been satisfactory.

The only problem I have is getting access to email at home. The phone line is always busy. I would like information on other phone lines that may be available. Thank you for the IUWare coupon, I will use it.

Was this form available on-line? I remember filling this form out once & thought I had done so on-line. If not, guess it was lost in the mail.

The reason I gave the ratings of 1 on #26 is because I have a lot of trouble getting onto the IU system at home.

Computer repairs take too long!

Overall, I'm very pleased with UITS Services The only complaint is the dial-in modems service. The lines are always busy!

Computing: Student classes are sometimes taught by people whom can not speak very much English - Instructors are hard to understand and some have little patience - Some of the instructors are arrogant and rude - Telephone: There needs to be improvement in the long distance charges to students and departments.

I think the selling of used computers could be done a lot better. Students should be notified better about the availability of used computers from the computer clusters. Since the students pay for the computers in the clusters, UITS should make it easi er for the students to purchase the used computers.

I know you get this request a lot, but it would be nice to have more lines available in the modem pool. Many times, it is virtually impossible to get a connection. Also, it would be nice to have a windows mail system to update/replace Pine.

I'm new to IU and unfamiliar with most of the services of UITS.

1. Printed phone directories - Names and phone #'s are easy to read BUT, condensed font for addresses and email are almost unreadable 26. Still difficult to connect to IU via modem.

I don't know if this is pertinant [sic], but I can never get connected to Netscape M-F evening hours & I just wonder if there will be an increase made in lines available.

Need more lines to dial in on & faster connect ions! what have you guys done to remedy these problems since the last lousy survey??!! These problems have NOT changed one IOTA! How many YEARS will in take to improve these??!

The students should not be forced to foot the bill for improvements and advancements the University should be covering. The student technology fee is not at all acceptable. It is next to impossible to find a computer lab without a class in it when a stu dent needs to access one.

The strength of UITS is its people. I've never had a bad interaction with a UITS employee when I've asked for help. My only frustration is not being able to talk to a person when I call. Lose the automated phone system!

UITS should send personel [sic] to shadow departments. The organization is out of step with campus issues.

I think it would be a good idea to review the thought of an ISDN modem pool for dial-in user. Conduct a survey to see who/how many would use this service. Also - Pine is very frustrating compared to Exchange and other mail providers. Can everyone have E xchange?

I think there are a lot of great services available at IU! But sometimes that can be a problem -- I feel that I may not get the best possible use from the systems available -- and I don't know what I'm missing! And when I have problems, it's ndled through our laboratory's computer division personnel.

Access and stability are the two main goals. Increase interface for laptops, and more modem connectivity to home environments. IUITS needs to push out to the community for ISDN connectivity and 10mb/sec connectivity to @ station.

I would like to dial in (through telnet) and access the LAN and what it offers (photoshop, microsoft, specific class software)

More modems for dialin

Overall, they do a great job! Pine e-mail system would be a lot nicer if it were more user-friendly.

1 More PPP modems needed. 2.More bandwidth on Internet connection to IU.

One Universal sign on would be an improvement.

Ramsey Fohid is an invaluable asset. UITS administrators should consider themselves lucky to have this man on their team.

My daughter lives in Moenkhaus, and the telephone connection into her room is terrible-- it is raspy and breaks up constantly. [IRD] You don't need to bother her now-- end of semester and final exams looming. You might check it out after dorm is vacated . [IRD] School of Law No need to contact. I will look into taking some classes during the summer.

I think IU has a very excellent information/computer system and have outstanding staff. One are [sic] that we are extremely dissatisfied is with the dial-in modem service which more often than not fails to connect.

I actually am located at an off-campus location and have been for the past 4 years - unfortunately I can't access most IU / UITS services - I can only base my answers on experiences when I have been on campus - Since I was not present when the switch was made from VMS to PINE - I still am in the dark when I need to access that acct - on a daily basis it is set forward to the off-campus email service I use daily.

1. Using my modem from home for either net browsing or PC banking with IUCU is very flaky! I almost never have trouble with my ISP IQuest.net. I can't seem to get any help with this. 2. Does UITS have classes from which you can get MCSE Certification?

We refer students to the various computer clusters on campus. It is not unusual for students to mention to us they are frustrated with the long lines. This is normally during peak times.

More lines

GUI email (exchange, etc.) is fine, but I need to be able to use character based mail when on the road. I find the performance of PPP unacceptably SLOW! When modem speeds increase a bit more, & phone lines can support the high speeds, then I'll switch to GUI. PS - Get bigger return envelopes!

TOPS is not a user-friendly system. It needs to be improved.

Because so many students live in non-campus housing, the ability to get into the modem pool between 5pm & 2am is almost impossible. I do realize it is not possible to provide a modem for everyone. Overall good services! Keep it up!

Switchboard operators not very well informed Online schedule of classes too complicated to use, Too many codes sy,xx,grad,xx IU electronics too expensive.

I've received 4 days of computer training at the center at IMU because our department wanted us to be aware/have some insight and I could become accustomed to using the technology but there haven't been actual need for me to become adept. The center had accommodating instructors.

More modems on all five lines

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

Your survey assumes a level of sophistication and utilization of computer services that is beyond my level.

The direct support for STARRS and statmath has been very helpful. The PPP modem lines are always busy.

Get more modem access #'s to dial in from off campus! Teaching a course on the web is hard!!!

1. It is effectively impossible to connect to the I.U. modem pool except during a few time windows (e.g., early morning). Capacity must be increased. 2. To get an electronic class roster and make it a MajorDomo e-mail list is VERY cumbersome. It should b e simple.

More, simple information about services please.

Remote connection to e-mail via phone lines locks up on occasion - does not appear to be due to my software. Also internet is impossible to access in evening over phone lines. Need more modems.

Telecommunications services need more works [sic]. Breakdowns, etc. caused many problems.

Those w/o an ethernet connection are highly disadv. by current policies of support, software distr, etc.

1. Get a better locker system, with lockers on various platforms (esp. Mac!). The idea of lockers is outstanding. 2. Restore off-campus access to accounts and extend news server access to IUPUI domain (IUB news server is better than the one at IUPUI).

TLTL and Electronics have greatly enhanced my teaching at IU. Electronics has kept my classroom up-to-date and functional and TLTL has donated an enormous amount of time and resources to multimedia projects for my courses-they are wonderful! The biggest problem I have is the constant busy signal when trying to dial up via a modem from home (especially in the evenings). The modem pool needs to be expanded! Also, I am anxiously awaiting faster modem capabilities (56K).

have some problems, but service has been great

I did not fill out this questionnaire earlier because I do not use or have knowledge of most of these services - so I doubt if this is helpful. The problem I have is that it is difficult to keep up. The information available is primarily via computers - and if you are not comfortable with their use - you are stuck! If there is a guide to UITS services - in detail - I have not seen it. If I need help _ I ask one of our faculty ie posting grades on web sites etc. An example is: recording grades and gett ing graphics etc back to help in grading. I had a program that worked OK - not great. Then I got a computer upgrade and was told this old program doesn't work anymore - use Excel! I have to go to the computer cluster and with one of my very knowledgeab le (computer-wise) record the grades. We also posted them on the web for students. To figure "how" took half a day! Next time we did it, it took 10 min to figure out how to get rid of 8 decimal points. It's overwhelming.

Overall, UITS provides excellent support for research, teaching and student use when compared to other universities - Is there a UITS office that can assist w/ HP-UNIX upgrades on our HP/9000-735 server? originally, IU had the service and upgrade contrac t w/hp [~1992]. We could use some help. [IRD].

I have made notes above.

Increase the number of modems in the extended modem pool. Increase the speed to at least 56k, preferably to ISDN. Increase publicity of support systems. Allow user desktops in the STC, automatic locker login and greater locker space

Some (many) of my initial experiences with such services have been rather frustrating for me overall. Thus, I have been discouraged from exploring further opportunities along the same lines. This is why my somewhat less-than- enthusiastic reception to a ll this, and to my many "cannot evaluate" responses. I have decided to be as independent of the university as I can with respect to my computer needs (as much as this is feasible).

Phone help & knowledge base for computers are exceptionally good!

Accelerate upgrade to 100 MB from 10BT at Student Building & other facilities

You need better info for newer faculty at orientation.

Overall service is excellent. The one irritant is accessibility from home. I use 855-4211 whenever I can't get 855-9222, but I'd prefer to use the latter.

There is a serious lack of customer orientation in STC. Management is reactive in nature and often takes an adversarial position w/faculty. This represents a serious impediment to the delivery of technology courses on the Bloomington campus

Some central information source for unusual answers. Eg I need to look at the Unicode standard manual (Addrean-Wesley cz $75.00) for foreign display and W Ping. I am sure someone knows about this but I expect to get information only by calling old frien ds and getting suggestions! Also the phone book listings are USELESS!

Dial in from home computer very long - takes 60 minutes of re-dialing on weekday evenings

Biggest problem is difficulty connecting via modem

I learned about additional services available by doing this survey. I wonder if there's not a better way of dispersing info about available services. Improved modem access from home would be extremely helpful. 3. Recent services from Unix users Grp (shan kar) have been extremely useful.

Major concern is lack of ports to call in from home! Other than that, UITS does an excellent job!

I am unhappy with Microsoft Exchange as an email program. I generally don't like Windows NT either... too slow.

All faculty should have voice mail- But many depts can't afford it. Why?

It's always very difficult to connect to IU network from my Bloomington residence. IU should provide more telephone lines for faculty to access to Pine, etc.

We need more modems for dial-in. It is nearly impossible to get on line from home except early morning. We need need [sic] more multi-media equipment in classrooms.

I do not use the computer in a sophisticated way, but I have had my questions answered. Thank you!

I am extremely frustrated by the evident rise in demand and expectation that courses have web pages. I don't have the time or desire to learn how, and I find the support for this to be non- existent. I went to one workshop at TLTL and it was of no use at all. I knew less at the end than I did at the beginning. There should be support staff to do this for professors.

More advanced technology classrooms.

-modem pool is an ongoing problem need more NT labs (student clusters) -need more uniform computing env. On chrome, cobalt, zinc, etc.

-TLTL is great and should be expanded. -Ensure that student building 220 remains a reservable classroom! -make more ATA 's available for teaching. They key issue remains hardware/software upgrades for faculty workstations.

My address at [IRD] is [IRD].

Add more access to the modem pool. More computer clusters!

There must be a better way to connect from home to IU than through the very limited numbers for dial in modem service (ppp). It's bush league, so is Pine mail. This is a serious draw back for me.

Less and less is being supported in the student technology centers- some drives have been removed- zips! -syquest 44's- still needed -CD burners and slide scanners. Ask senior consultants and TLTL personnel for advice on STC's. Thank you.

The physical facilities in Student Technology Centers are ergonomically very weak. Monitors are too high and/or seating is too low; overhead light is too intense and produces glare.

Need more high speed connections from home. Also 800# support for faculty who travel and call in from long distance places

more modem access at higher speeds; more advanced technology classrooms

I use a lot of video in my classes & would like to digitize, store, and manipulate them. We need to improve access to these technologies.

I used mainly the scanning services in Lindley Hall, occasionally access (if that is what you have in mind) They were wizards very efficient till ca. 1995. The new student [UNREADABLE] are apparently no professionals and mess everything up. They are con sistantly [sic] reluctant to help.

Increase # modem connections Improve Instruct NT Discontinue lockers or make them more functional Increase # of computers / computer clusters URGE IU Administration to require all new students 2000 and beyond to have their own computer!! Other public univ ersities are moving in this direction & we must also to maintain our progressive status wit [sic] computing.

- modem access off-campus is terrible.

Stability of NT and Novell LAN have been problematic. My new DELL NT crashes (locks up) 3-4 times per week. Runs out of memory too quickly when multiple applications are open (32MB are used up by NT & 1 or 2 apps. A lot slower than my P5-133 at home (W in 3.1) even though DELL has Pentium Pro 200 - NT is the dog, and sometimes the LAN holds it up. Free IUWare CD is a nice touch!

1. Administrative computing - exp. registrar's office - needs to be brought into the 20th century. It's an embarrassment! 2. UITS has done a super job making computers available to IU faculty & students. Keep up the good work! 3. Dialin services need to be expanded (again) to avoid long waits for service.

Overall a good job by UITS. Only noticeable difficulty with services is a marked slow-down of Pine e-mail over the 97-98 academic year

It would be great if there were a separate modem line for faculty. It is annoying to not be able to work from home unless I dial in very early to avoid student traffic

There is not enough information provided to faculty on a regular basis about new developments and UITS. Efforts are made for students but not faculty. We need more help to learn about new services etc.

faster repairs of computers and other technology at advanced technology sites ie FA137, FA215 more (better) telephone computer help for Mac Users

Our department (English) needs more computer help on an individual basis in Ballantine than we currently get. We share 1 person w/ History.

Your return envelope is too small. Why use the USPS for replies instead of campus mail? Looks like a waste of funds.

extremely difficult getting access from home modem, particularly using the numbers on IUWare-CD.

More phone-in modems!!

Over time the departments have had to pick up more & more computer support & the costs that go with it & we get less direct support from UITS. The costs (to the units) seem to increase but the units get less service.

I would be much more satisfied with e-mail and computer- networking in general if the modem pool was larger. I have to get up at 5 A.M. to get a connection in the morning and odds are 1/50 that I can get one in the evening. I do not believe I should hav e to set my modem to automatic dial 60 times, just so I can possibly access the Campus Network! The number of modem connections seems to be so limited as to almost be useless. Regarding IUWare-CD: You provide a wordprocessing program for Macs named WordP erfect3.5E (E for Enhanced). Do you realize that this version has no translators!? I can't open documents that have been created with this version in WordPerfect 3.5 for Mac, in WordPerfect for Windows, in any version of Microsoft Word. This has cause d much wasted time and energy on my part. Please provide software that is more universally accessible!

convert all Telcom applications to WWW!

I have almost no exposure to UITS because the excellent support personnel here at the law school take care of my needs. I am very pleased with the personnel here and feel no need for other support.

Better access to advanced technology classrooms (ie more equipment in classrooms). MUCH Better class newsgroup access! I try to use a newsgroup, and the biggest complaint is the difficulty students have accessing the newsgroup - some public sites still d o not have permission to talk to the news server! Public sites in the main library do not have newsgroup access, while across the street in SPEA, they do. Very frustrating for students, and it makes me reluctant to expand the use of technology in the c lassroom.

more extended modems please - - maybe with x2

1. Solve the problem of inaccessibility after 5 pm a. Get a 2nd line for UITS dept b. Get a second line for home computers 2. Offer more short classes about computer, Web, etc - in summer.

-I teach in OP105 - configuration of room is awkward. software unreliable -I also administer a campus service unit. In this role I am concerned with rapidly rising costs of LAN and computer upgrades, software, repair and support.

off campus modem connecting to IU are impossible most of the time