1998 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

1998 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

Question 40: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

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I want to know what field/track of computer is in more demand right now - and also new stuff to do in computer.

I sent an e-mail message to UITS help desk (?) for assistance. My question was never answered. I still am unable to access certain parts of IUPUI's WAN because I cannot access the dial in modems. I am only able to access what's available ot the general public. (Except insite...which I really like a lot.)

I was very upset to find that the 24 hour computer lab was closed. The latest lab closed at 11 pm. I think you should rethink this and adjust the hours in all of the labs.

I would like to be able to use the talk function on Pine. The e-mail only computers at the main library often do not work.

More computers!

Free e-mail is a good service for any university to offer it's students. It helps communication between students and faculty. However, setting up my own accont was difficult. When my password failed to function, I gave up. Also the system we have (Pine) seems primitive and not user friendly.

1. The printers need cleaned and maintained more routinely. They do not print very high quality. 2. Non-academic users should be limited to 10 minutes! It needs enforced! 3. Most labs need better AC. 4. The student center lab is great! (but needs better AC) 5. TOPAZ bogs down and sometimes takes 30+ seconds to respond to keystrokes. 6. Students should be made aware of all the services UITS offers - send a list with most of the services and include voice mail, phone numbers for questions for each service. Use Automatic Digest. It should hit the majority of computer users or highlight of few services each week with a short write-up. 7. My own web space? You can send rough drafts to blwright@iupui.edu. I will gladly edit :-}

Insite was very helpful for me at IUPUI

I am relatively new to the IUPUI campus. So far my classes have not required much computer usage. However, my major is civil engineering (Assoc. degree) and I am sure I will be working many hours behind a computer.

Some of the e-mails that I have received via Pine could not be read or opened due to some errors. I do not know whether this error was caused by the server or an application error, but it should be checked.

When you pay for a class and the computer tech fees it should start on the first day of class. I had to wait a week and a half before I could get in an auto CAD and by then I was far behind and dropped it.

1. I use the computer to sign up for classes. 2. I used the library to look up articles on the web. 3. I access the History Department for much needed test questions.

The addition of INSITE has given many students a sense of empowerment. We feel like we can access our status, both academically and monetarily, at the university at the click of a button.

I'm only an average computer user. I just know the basics concerning software and the internet. I wish I knew about all these great services before now since I graduate in the fall. The general concensus that I've heard around campus is that IUPUI's computing facilities and areas therof are some of the best around.

Though they connet very fast for me (31.2 K) I wish the Express dial-up service had more phone lines. Sometimes its though to find info like Quickdocs quickly. I can never remember and I end up having to search to find it. Insite is incredible. I love it.

I had problems but I never followed up. They have always been helpful at the help desk when I have called. The consultants at the nursing school are excellent.

I switched to the jewel account last fall and have not been able to receive messages since.

Get information out about services available - more current classes on different programs.

The main library does not always have the magazines that INDYCAT says that IUPUI has. A student only finds this out after they have gone to the book shelf to find the magazine that they are looking for. INDYCAT does not say that the magazine is in the bindary. The magazine is either lost or it does not exist with the other issues of the magazine that are bound together.

1. Indycat is slow complicated and the information is difficult to understand. 2. About 1/4 of the computers I sit down to use have a maintinence problem of some sort. 3. I have experienced problems with slow or bad connections on the modem.

You need to give more info. I don't know what 3/4 of this stuff is.

I don't have Win95 on my home computer and I do not have Netscape as a browser (use America Online). I was not able to access my student advising schedule via the web from home - no big deal I just used one of the computer lab computers for this.

Figure out a way to get the softpak to work with AOL.

I use AT&T Worldnet to access internet. You guys made it so I can't do POP mail at IUPUI through them. Kind of annoying.

I personally feel there are many many systems and services available at IUPUI. I, however, feel I only know a small percentage of them. I would like to see a web space or pasting that could give an explanation of each service and what it can be used for and how it works. This I feel would bring many campus services available to light, instead of going unknown to many students. (groupwise, Nash, bookbag, etc.) Many of these are great, but their nothing if no one knows of them!

Additional chairs should be available for those students working on a group project. That way chairs from other computers aren't taken leaving those computers unused. Thanks!

Make CNC labs have longer hours on weekends and spring break. Will make access easier for students who work full time.

Switching over to the jewel system has been difficult. I called the help desk for help with the switch on my home computer. It's still not working correctly.


The automated resgistering by telephone is terrible - I tried to register by phone several times and it said all the classes were closed! Then I went to register by computer and everything not open by phone was open on computer! Phone registering is poor!

Before I acquired a computer at home, I relied on being able to access a computer well into the evening/early morning in order to complete assignments. I think it's a pity that students today no longer have that option.

I work for UITS so my opinion may be biased in some areas. I did however answer in the user perspective when I responded.

I noticed that there are no longer any 24 hour computer labs. As I used the 24 hour lab in the past, I know the value of having access to the facilities 24 hours a day is very great. I would like to see the program reinstated.

Additional dial-up services for slip and PPP. On many occasions the connection is very unsatisfactory.

The softpak could be a little more user friendly. Instructions are kind of vague.

Need to increase the hours on "insite.indiana" (administrative supports)

I am not a CS major, however I fairly knowledgable about computers (I am a MCP-windows N+4.0 "almost MCSE"). I no longer have access to "klingon" - the CS webserver. Thus - I have no access to cgi-bin, which severly limits my ability to continue self study. It would be nice to have a server that students could run cgtior perl on, isolated from PHP or Nash if necessary for security. With the increase in web based commerce, everyone could benefit from this, many small companies, such as mine, are or will be running webservers. and a small start up company cannot always afford a network admin so the owner does the job themselves. They must learn software. I am pre-med (Biology) , but next year when I start Med school I plan to supplement my income by web authoring and my online store. It would have been nice if I could have learned some of my skills in cgi and SSI using IUPUI's technology instead of paying big bucks to a commercial ISP who allowed CGI access.

Make it easier to hook up from home to the IUPUI servers. My computer never could hook-up using the softpak software.

I would like some training in how to use the computers on campus. Yes, I did attend the TIPS program. But I do not feel comfortable or knowledgable using the computer. More instruction in using Wordperfect different systems. Also be able to get on the system from VA Hospital. Ex., registration and doing papers on bookbag. I don't know how to use bookbag.

Telephone switchboard very disorganized/frustrates callers. I often do not receive e-mail sent to my Jewel account. Why? Would like use of printers where I could insert my own paper for resume development. If they exist, I don't know where. Some classrooms for computer science courses are too crowded. Continue student consultant program - They're an excellent resource to students.

Book bag accounts need to be taken care of in a more timely fashion. My book bag account didn't work all school year. Also, there definitely needs to be a 24 hour computer lab. That lab helped me out a whole lot.

I would like to be able to dial into all the information available, such as bookbag, etc from home in Muncie. I was not able to get information on how to do that without being charged a long distance call. Also, if I change ISP's from AOL will I have the same problem.

A wider advertizement effort needs to be made for the off-campus students. I've heard there are things available but don't know where to go to learn to have instruction in usage.

There should be more lines into the server. It would be nice if one could dial-up on an 800 service, especially for commuter students who live outside the local Indianapolis calling area.

I'd like to see newer computers in labs like the ones in the School of Business and 2nd floor of Cavanaugh Hall. It is frustrating not having the same level of performance and technology throughout the campus.

The search engine for IUPUI is pathetic, items such as 164, Math, Calculus, brought no hits. Also, searching for classes in labor intensive.

All instructions and literature should be written concisely and in a very user friendly format.

It seems confusing to me, that lately there have been a lot of changes such as this new jewel account, I wish we could stick with something. I would also like more info on this free microsoft package students are supposed to be receiving. Thanks.

1. Please have the 24-hours lab back again. 2. The Jewel account. Why can't it accept all capital letters?

Have more people-friendly workers. Allow scheduling through INSITE. I work during the day and it is impossible for me to schedule at my appointed time. I reference INSITE at least once a week and would find it helpful to schedule from there.

It is very difficult to get online in the evening's and late night more modems and lines need to be installed.

The closing of the 24 hour computer lab without lab replacement created a hardship on a large portion of the student population. It forced me to purchase a computer-an expense I have yet to recover from. I expect the challenge will be during finals when students without computers will have to hussle to find one available for use. It would be advisable to lengthen hours during the last month of school-at least until I am, for students to complete their work. In addition-better policing of game playing/chatting during peak times (like finals) would be a good thing. Finally-IUPUI strives to be a first class university. Most 1st class schools make things like 24 hr labs available to their customers-the students.

I have been a part-time student for over 10 years. IUPUI used to pride themselves on catering to non-traditional students, but not anymore. The closing of the 24hour lab has greatly effected my computer usage. I work full time & support 2 kids, I can often only use them late at night. Also there is no support on the weekends anymore. If you have a problem or need help with password or other support on Sat. or Sun. you are screwed. It seems IUPUI computing services just doesn't care about the 60+% of non-traditional students on campus.

Wordperfect is quite slow in the Engineering building, Need more computers or a lab located in or close to Coleman Hall. Nursing building male computer tech is very knowledgeable and friendly-not condescending like some of the others.

The only concern I have is when I call the help desk with a question regarding e-mail; they keep you on hold forever & don't answer my questions thoroughly.

Make e-mail more like AOL.

Easier access to student H: drives at CNC Engineering Network.

I can't get through many times when I try to establish a PPP connection; it's always busy. Sometimes it takes me thirty minutes to get on. Is there a solution to that?

Even after the addition of 5620-21 I still have difficulty connecting during peak hours. Are there interests to move to a unified 56K standard now that at least USR offers a new IU based protocol modem?

None at this time....everything is OK from what I have used.

Help me get through to your server from home faster!

IUCAT is very difficult to use when doing research, I'd much rather use the web. The commands for IUCAT are somewhat confusing, your search ends up leading you in the wrong direction if your not careful.

-More modems during peak hours -Tutorial on publishing web page

Library home page takes too long to load. Too many pictures. I would like to see a pared down version so that I can get my research done faster. Takes a very long time to get on to 278-5620. Its always busy. That's annoying when I have research to do.

Modem connections, which provide 98% of my access to UITS, have improved over the last year, but are still inconsistent in the speed of access. My Lucent Technologies 56K flex modem never seems to get the same connection speed twice in a row, varying from 42,000 all the way down to 28,800. Also, I tried softserve once (around 4/3/98, to get some of the new MS products); it did not install as documented, even though I followed the instructions to the letter, so I decided to simply buy the CD's (In evaluating my last comment, please do not jump to the conclusion that it was a user error. I am a 15-yr veteran of information technology support, currently serving as one of two Software Specialists supporting Indiana State Police's IBM mainframe OS and 264-node SNA network). Overall, UITS computing services have been helpful in my educations endeavors. I would like to encourage you to support active server pages on PHP. Thanks.

Although I do not know the names of everysite I have used, I was really impressed with all the subjects and site I could find at my fingertips.

More printer to computer ratio More knowledgeable support help longer hours. I work full time and many times need a computer at odd hours at night or at 4:00 am before I go to work.

Q# 4 should say "Do you use computers at IUPUI?" The only service I've used is the WWW site to find reading assignments, which were not there.

When I came to IUPUI last August I knew very little about computers & nothing about the WWW-the Tech people have been wonderful-I have learned so much this year. I'm goint to miss the labs so much-I plan to take gradute courses so I can use them next year.

I don't like being locked-out of the computer because of a password that was too easy. Especially just before a final! Also, I don't like getting busy signals from here when I'm trying to do research for a class. Since I work at a Corp. MIS Headquarters, I do understand the budgetary & personnel restrictions. MUCH improved over the last 18 months! Keep working on it!

The printers in BS3000 need to be upgraded. (So they are faster and will print SOS programs). They need to re-open a 24 hour computer lab. I utilized the 24 hour lab extensively throughout my attendance at IUPUI.

I would like more information on the UITS system and what it offers, such as dialing in from home. Please send me any information available.

The university has many services that are very unfamiliar to me. When I look at the screen of computer in school I don't understand what they use for ? The school should send me a manual to explain the services that are available to students-poor communication!

More stable network services Network software often has time-out errors


The limit of 4 hours needs to be removed. How can you install off of soft serv if the modem hangs up on you?

I think compared to email at home on Netscape, Pine is cumbersome. As far as software goes, it would be nice if you had Netscape gold which has a web page editor on it. Also many of the staff have been pompous and rude.

The computers are very helpful learning instruments but one complaint I have is about the consultants they are not very friendly and when you ask for help it seems as though you are bugging them or wasting their time. Also, all computers should be fixed it is often I cannot find an open work station because 3-4 computers are out of service but you guys are getting better, keep up the good work.

Please have TDD access for the HELP Desk Support Center so we do not have to depend on Relay Indiana-This would greatly help with direct connect rather than a 3rd party line. Also-someone who can interpret fluently in sign language at the center.

Should be told more about services. I just now found out that I could be dialing on through IUPUI to the internet. These options should be better advertised. Overall, good works & high praises for UITS.

Have trouble not net access-line often busy email access ok but I was confused by process of switching to Jewel.

The Dental school needs to have more computer/larger computer lab including people to help with problems.

Outlook is too time consuming. When on insite e-mail address cannot be accessed through netscape-very frustrating to contact financial aid etc.

It has been over two years since I have used any of the university technology. Therefore, I don't feel I could fairly evaluate the services.

I would love to use these technologies more often, but dialing in is long distance for me. If I could have dialed in without a long distance call, I would have used more services and learned more. I am a computer-tech major.

I do not understand why I received this survey but filled it out as well as I could.

I got the IUPUI softpack & I thougt it was very hard to load the disk, to get it to work. I had to have numerous people help me & then I still could never get into the IUPUI e-mail or web browser on any #. I was dissapointed.

Services available for longer hours during summer semesters.

More avenues should be available.

More info on everything!

Put a time limit per month on 278-5620, because I know many people have their machines connected 24/7 throught the use of dialers, & Ping utilities. This is a waste of resources!

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I am a returning student from 4 years ago. I've only been on campus a couple of weeks. My interactions with UITS services and consultants have been pleasant and helpful.

I have found difficulty with the computers at the law school being compatible.

My experience has been fine, but I'd like more information about each service printed in the computer lab if possible.

I am only on campus two nights a week. I haven't had a course need for these services as of yet. I also haven't heard of or had any exposure to the majority of services provided.

I've used some of the individual dept. web pages (physics, Math) and they're very good.

I ended up not using my internet e-mail at IUPUI because it was so cumbersome. Insite is great.

More information about what is available for students who dial in from home and/or how to use some of the services offered.

Security became such an issue that I cannot remember my own password.

I'm a student. Did not use or know your system well. Only attended IUPUI 3 semesters - 2 with classes and 1 morning internship ? SR.

It would be very helpful if more full text articles were available on computer.

I need information on how to access the library search engines and databases from home.

In reference to question #30, I planned to attend IUPUI without any knowledge of the great computer services available. I like the quality of the computers and their easy access. The computers in the library have been a plus.

When the e-mail system switched over we received instructions on how to switch to Jewel. My password would not work and I was told I had to go to the tech of C to have it reset. I work full time and go to law school at night. I don't have time to run around campus. I was told I had to go in person. There should have been an easier way! Consequently, I never switched my e-mail account. It seems like the whole switch could have been done automatically or something. Please contact me regarding how to set up a new e-mail account on Jewel system and the password. Please mail information. Thanks.

Too few network modems for 30,000 students plus faculty and staff. Thus, almost impossible to connect to World or Local from home computer.

The main service I utilize is the dial in modem to check e-mail through the pine system. and check it at school in the learning resource center in medical science building...often have computer down ("not working") and it is often difficult to establish a modem connection from home. (disconnected frequently).

E-mail on Jewel is a big problem - need a new system such as Microsoft Exchange. Web services are very slow - I know resources are limited but this really needs improvement.

- Campus switchboard misdirects calls to departments/clinics with similar sounding names. - Indycat subject search is terrible for scientific topics - more information about UITS should be provided in more general campus publications like the schedule of classes.

My only exposure to computer services at IUPUI has been in BS1000 for a class. Other than that, all computer work done for school is done at work or home. Overall, I was pleased with BS1000.

As a medical student, my responses are based on the limited contact I've had with the LRC in Med. Sci bldg. I don't regard the personnel I've been in contact with at all knowledgable to the extent I would expect. My mother is director of support services at a major university, and I worked in the department. I know what to expect. At the very least, the personnel should be able to locate via consultation the necessary information. I was especially dissatisfied with responses I received regarding at home internet use and with the antiquated state of e-mail systems.

I am a first year grad student - p/t. I have never heard of most of these services and would have no idea how to use them. I have looked up the course catalog on the internet but found it slow and cumbersome.

With regard to the software used at IUPUI - it is good because it is most up-to-date. The latest agreement with Microsoft (i.e. Microsoft Office 97 for IUPUI staff, faculty and students) is very good byt obtaining a disc (softpac) has been difficult. My only big complaint is that it is impossible to get an off site connection to IUPUI world via modem most nights. Also, since I am at the dental school, the computer "experts" there are difficult to reach, so support is limited. But your ideas for improvement are needed and hopefully will be worth while.

I was able to print off Pine e-mail but can't with Topaz (at home). I was instructed how to cut/past to word, but this in inconvenient. Is there any way to fix this?

1. Enhance modern dial-up accessibility 2. Make technical support more easy to retrieve in web site 3. install an IUPUI search engine on IUPU web site

I still get busy signals on 278-5619 when dialing in from home - it's new easier to get through to america online!

Set up registration for classes that can be accessed from the outside easily over the internet and provide information how to do it.

Access needs to be easier for students outside the Indianapolis area. In order to access many of the on-line data bases we must incur long distance charges. An "800" number would solve this problem. Notice of pending or completed charges is insufficient.

Question about Netscape

My biggest concern for students is security. For example, to get an e-mail account students must type their ss# and it appears on the screen. Among other issues, I hope we take all precautions to protect student information.

Need to provide check on the hardware. Some of them doesn't work (i.e. mouse, monitor, etc.) . Also needs faster CPU on some computers.

I don't use athe available resources as much as I could, but I find them extremely useful, helpful and easy to use when I do use them. Keep up the good work!

The IUPUI home page needs a link to insight. I tried to link and there was none available.

On this survey, question 20 was not clear to me. My evaluation on this question is for INDYCAT, which you later note as a web-based catalog, no an online catalog. If you meant IUCAT, then my answers are 4,4,3. If this is not correct either, my answers are 7,7,7.

New student just getting familiar with any of IUPUI

I am very pleased with all of the services provided via internet, especially the services provided by the Bursar and Library, UITS is a strong selling point of IUPUI and a very useful service for the students.

Where is the visual studio promised to us by our president and Microsoft/Bill Gates?

A shorter survey.

I did not attend IUPUI for my undergrad studies and have found little general orientation for graduate students. As I can take 9 credits before being formally admitted to the graduate program - those 9 credits have been accomplished in a state of electronic limbo. All I have accomplished has been on my own with my home computer - modem and medline. Even though I've attended IUPUI for a whole year, I feel like I've been in an information vacuum. It would be nice to have participation in a general orientation.

I am very satisfied. In addition, I want to say one word Go ahead!! Go head!! For better!!

I have recently begun to utilize the internet, but I support the various services mentioned here; I am just not familiar with them.

The only things I use UITS for are library research and minimal word processing.

Larger modem pools, please. Expand TIPS. Pay your STC consultants a higher wage. Use old PC's as "on-loan basis" dial-up from home machines - offer to students at small charge or N/C. Many local businesses are looking to get rid of 486/3.1 machines.

Beyond e-mail, computers in the Med library, and the computer lab in the Med Science building, I've never used any of the services described in this survey.

I wasn't sure how to go about setting up my computer for e-mail here at IUPUI. I'm a grad student and it seems that the availability of information about computing is low.

I don't know that service in computer in dental school IUPUI is under your responsibility or not. However, the service is quite bad. System always has problems.

I am a law student and my experience is primarily with those computers. Unfortunately, I have had to use the computers at the main library and I found that the software (micro works) at the time (Summer 1997) was not as upgraded causing me not to be able to work on my paper - very frustrating. As a law student I rely heavily on on-line research software. I am very frustrated by the lack of attention to these services (West law) Lexis - maybe this is beyond your scope.

We have fought for a year to get some help in our lab with getting the network to our computers. Additionally, we cannot use the printer. These services were to be set up over a year ago! Beth O'Leary Home 742 Blake st. Apt B 955-9814 Lab SL151 278-1681

My biggest complaint is the dial-in service from off campus during peak time. Need to increase services to accommodate the number of people who use this service. Help desk consultants have improved greatly over the past year.

better training for consultants

Access MDS (tape delay courses) thru internet would be a factor on which course I can take.

Too many UITS staff have forgotten that they are a service organization representative. They exist to facilitate the teaching, research and service missions of the University, not the other way around.

From what I've experienced some areas are very good and some very poor (as noted in survey). As to my modem connection to IUPUI, I bought the softpak in September unable to connect to IUPUI or receive adequate assistance from your help line. I paid $40 (in January) for someone to tell me my modem was on comport 3, not 1. I now can call into IUPUI only to receive the response that my connection is invalid. Again your help line has been no help with this problem either and I have given up.

Heard that I can get a Microsoft package - with Power Point, is this on a softpak? And can it be obtained and where. There is so much available it is hard to access and use it all.

I would like a computer lab with word processing and desktop publishing capabilities at IU Med Center Library.

classes done with computer sites (IHETS) waste a great deal of time. They are distracting and counterproductive. CHAT room (Web based) class sessions are horrible! Absolute wate of everyone's time!

I would like to learn some Word Processing on my own - Excel (etc).

I am always amazed at the number of computers in the LRCs that a "out of order". Viruses have been a problem this year.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

It would be extremely helpful if access to TOPS were available later each day, and if all systems were available on Sunday--especially during the academic year.

Campus web page is awful looking. Work on cosmetics of pages and make more user friendly. Quit wasting money buying unix boxes for email only to buy NT boxes for Exchange. One of the other, not both. Space committee needs to be resolved. Why move everyone around in ET 012, spend money on new furniture and time, then move into a new building where we will have to do it all over again. This is ignorant.

Campus users need more information about how to access UITS services in the administration area - maybe a central web page with all aspects including systems, security, access, usage, contact for support would help.

more dialup modems

I was very pleased with the effort and followup by Telecommunications staff in trying to resolve my difficulty accessing IUPUI voicemail from home (turned out to be a local phone service equipment problem).

have LSP procedures and instructions online. More is on indiana.edu computers, but not accessible by IUPUI LSP's (need IUB account). Provide Ed Cert classes on IUPUI campus, modem pool is always busy, user complains of not being able to get a connection.

I am a ndren?

I was very impressed with the course on how to use Medline offered at Medical Library. Most of questions do not apply to me, but because I was sent a reminder to turn this thing in, I decided to do it and claim my softpak anyway.

Faster UITS world modem pool access

I am a LSP and have received nothing but top notch suport from UITS, whether it is requesting a data jack activation or receiving updates on network (router outages). The university is very fortunate to have the expertise of UITS available to them. Keep up the good work!

Although I work for the Dept. of Medicine, my office is at the VA and we have our own network administrator who interacts with UITS. I called the Help Desk recently and the person who answered was extremely courteous and helpful (don't know her name!). However, I was trying to get TIPS setup on my PC and I could not find anyone who was willing to help me do this -- I gave up! Finally, INSITE is great!

Try to make the UITS web pages less confusing. Very difficult to find the information quickly, if at all. Let students know about bookbag and how to use it. And why to use it.

1. Telecommunications - too many forms & codes - Need to simplify requests, forms; Offer more training to Leand Counselors. 2. Computer Programs & Software - Offer classes again on IUPUI Campus - Training seems to be not available for overworked staff! Training should be knowledgeable on their jobs, and at least trained in employer's specific programs. 3. Become more user freiendly as a support service - in every way. 4. Most UITS staff are courteous and helpful. Finding the right person to talke to is not easy, however.

I have been employed less than one year at IUPUI. However, I have been pleased with your service. I had a small problem with my telephone which was taken care of promptly! Thank you!

Would like to know how nurses can become more informed and knowledge about classes that would benefit them in their practice.

You should think about how to limit the length of future customer service surveys.

It is extremely difficult to hook up to UITS server from home. This is why I use outside provider.

As you can see from my answers, I have never heard of many of your services. Perhaps you might need some P.R. - or at least tell nonstaff personnel - I am research faculty - how your facility can help them in ver simple non-computer terms.

The IUPUI Homepage needs to be re-designed. It is embarrassing compared to peer institution pages, especially the entrance page.

I have only been here two months, so I do not know much about UITS services.

1. TOPS needs a new interface, more user friendly like FIS. 2. The Help Desk is university at its bureaucratic worst, put into the on-line knowledge base. 3. I am yet to have a repair call made when it was promised. Those guys are loose cannons...show-up whenever,...leave without telling you what they did. Someone needs to get that program under control. 4. Listserv needs real humans to talk with. Holly and Phil need to be accessible for questions.

Is there a mechanism in which faculty can inform STC consulting staff of assignment requirements and guidelines? It not, can on be instituted? Sometimes, when dialing a modem on campus, my password is not accepted. Then, later-like the next day; it works fine again. Why?

I work with the medical students and the LRC centers here on campus frequently. I am saddened by their staff/support personnel changes lately. Specifically, Rob Shaw and Kyle. Rob was always helpful and worked with on dept or major digitation project, to make the students learning process more effective, beneficial. He will be missed! Especially his knowledge and computer expertise.

We have a support person for our school. Therefore, it is unusual for us to contact the help desk. However, when we do, I find it useful information. You guys are doing a great job in keeping the university up to date and informed.

Really have appreciated (while they lasted) the free one-o-one the computing services offered for training. I was very sorry to see it go.

In the re-organization, please empower the service staff to make decision asap. Second, please integrate all IU (IUPUI) systems asap

Great Survey! Good start for service!

* Mail systems are not standardized which can cause many problems. * Student guide much better, but quick docs need upgrading & revisions.

-Faster server modems might be nice -More " " " " " Over the past year I've contacted the HELP desk several times concerning INTERNET/MAC Problems and have been very grateful for the help I've received ( especially 'Chad').

Don Smith is excellent. He is very competent and wonderful to work with. I wish all people providing computer support and help were even close in their level of supportiveness & helpfulness.

Modem connect from home-PPP-is impossible after 5pm. Need more modems or line dedicated to staff use-working from home. Keep connectivity for home retrieval/sending e-mail.

Keep up the good work!

The reason for the low rating on directories is that it is very difficult to look things up in it. (Individuals or sections of departments such as gas sterilization in UH, a section of material services). Perhaps an alphabetic listing would be better, with the Dept noted at each listing, rather than listing by Dept. that only works if you know what dept to look for and it's surprising how many times you don't know what dept to look under. Also-many times the # you want isn't listed at all (Such as gas sterilization at UH...)

Not certain who is responsible for given areas. Phone book does not list names-only departments. Organizational structure/flow chart would help with who reports to who.... Offer a newsletter for "sharing" information......

1. Classes for staff 2. Information updates for us dummies 3. Someone needs to be responsible to bring the people up to the level of the technology.

I have always received excellent service from UITS-I typically call in for the help desk but have also worked with Dan Craig on a project. Pam Sheppard has also been a tremendous help and resource for the Metro Mail.

Expand human resources-such as on-line employment applications.

I feel that the campus does not ensure appropriate action and compensation for current staff employees in respect of current and past dedication. More concerns are effecient involving 'red tape' and training for staff. End result is a somewhat dissatisfied environment. Thank You

It would be great to have one E-mail system for all IUPUI campus. Nice job with the microsoft deal. (Would have been better to distribute CD's to all for no charge & have enough available for distribution).

Change the time for collecting/printing telephone directory

Safeword card Administration needs improvement. UITS often fails to notify LSP that card being reassigned is approved. FMS fails to notify user that FIS clearance is granted.

I have been very impressed and appreciatve of the quick, accurate, and helpful help I have gotten from the web-based help desk. More modem lines would be helpful.

There needs to be more training opportunities on the IUPUI campus for staff and LSP providers. There needs to be more of a joint funding model for UITS across both campuses. It is hard to swallow that services are are offered free in Bloomington and depts are charged here just because we are cost-recovery. There needs to be a much larger staff on this campus for computer support; what few good staff you have here can't do it all and you can't support a campus this size with a minimal staff or from 50 miles away. I feel that you also need to recognize the staff you have on this campus. Despite the small numbers they have done a terrific job supporting a campus of this size and diversity.

Level of customer service & skill in the labs is terribly low and causes problems for everyone. There is confusion about where to finde documentation because of multiple locations-quickdocs/KB. It should all be in the KB. Have had slow responses to phone/internet activations & continued problems w/2 colleagues voice mail boxes.

My building has been without a computer support person locally for most of the last year (search is pending). Also, changes in the network environment (moving to Jewel accounts, for example) has been very time-consuming for end-users. My answers to this survey have been influenced by the instability of service caused by these circumstances during the past year.

I applaud your efforts to eliminate duplication of effort!

I think, compared with my many contacts with other institutions throughout the country, we have a great environment. I have been particularly pleased with the complement of Listserv support, on the web and by phones.

Improve Macintosh support for users and services for LSP.

More general information about service available to the user.

I was told that the Dental School will not be effected by year 2000 problems-I find this hard to believe since national, international and local publications are all writing about this and the federal government has a taks force just for this topic; why is the dental school immune?

It would be useful if-return messages could be made in the phone system, i.e. pressing "A" (for example) and answering a message immediately. Is ther any process working toward this possibility?

-For several years our office was swamped w/callers wanting information totally unrelated to our work. Callers identified the referral to be the campus operator. We complained it improved dramatically. We still received calls however because campus operators seemed to have little helpful info. -Last year I was listed in the phone book w/my Vice Chancellor's title & office in AO-very embarrassing. Our office didn't send that info. was it a joke? Not funny! Called head of phone book listings. Never heard back. I'm sure it won't occur again.

Increase the Macintosh support, especially for networking.

Telephone charge pages do not always mean where charges will be paid from, especially if charges should be hitting a rollover account.

Please refrain from changing the name of your dept/area every six months.

Overall I am pleased with the services. The only exception is the dial up from home. The lines are usually busy and connecting takes too long.

Being a LSP of a small office, I do not have all the answers to problems that come up. There were 2 occasions that I called the help desk and was told that they did not know why the problem was happening and to contact your office's LSP. One of the problems involved FTP software problem and the Bloomington Help Desk were more willing to help me than Indpls. LSP's need support too.

There were no questions on this survey about any of the video networks. IMDS-Campus Television Network (CTN) a 2-way interactive video network. IUPUI is one of only a few universitites in the county that has full interactive video/audio to any classroom on campus. Does any one care.

I am really impressed with how well you designed this survey to deal with all sorts of issues that are important to you and almost totally avoided the issues that are important to me. Or at least in a way in which I could recognize them. you are clearly technology focused and not customer focused.

Need assistance with school website-

Many UIT staff cannot communicate in plain English. Many UIT documents are unclear. UIT services cust have more than we can purchase outside IU UIT is big, unhelpful, unresponsive bureaucracy.

Part of the problem is the computers (outdated) available at my work unit-it is hard/impossible to use much of what UITS has available.

It would be very handy if you published the brochure with all telephone numbers and web addresses of services listed in the survey. Thank you.

More training sessions or FIS on IUPUI campus-turn over of key personnel in small depts or section. Training of new personnel by dept difficult.

-Printed phone books are hard to read if you're over 40 or 50. -We are glad to have Martha Rapp to troubleshoot problems-frees us to concentrate on our assigned work. -Metro mail is a nice feature-an on-line campus calendar, accessed from the IUPUI home page, would be a nifty thing.

I think our efforts are too scattered. We have dept support at CFS & are basically, on our own program. The university effort is pulled in too many directions. 1-special interest groups. I think if we pooled those efforts it would have more meaning & functionality. I feel that software training is important. We don't have enough here & what is offered "on line" here is terrible from a curriculum stand point. Maybe ongoing basic classes?

-Extend TIS support for Macintosh users -Make TOPS more flexible and logical.

Better system (format) for updating the IU telephone directory each year. Revisions/updates should be available via the web-get rid of the paper

Everytime I have talked to the help desk via phone, I have been dissatisfied. I don't get my question answered and am not forwarded to a person who can answer it!

Why isn't this evaluation online?? You waste a lot of paper for a technology unit.

Phone book-alpha listing-print could be larger-easier to read.

-IUPUI NOC is reliable & professional, with expanded services we could purchase more back up support. -More on -line training for end users including FMS, HRS & Microsoft products.

We're giving new technology with little or no training.

The help desk personnel are very courteous and helpful

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

I'm a former MHI/Clarion employee whose job has been restructured so that I'm now an IU employee. Except for the software CD ROM, I'm having trouble learning how to access useful computer services from home; ? web home page development; literature access.

Insight/IU Care is not suited for all academic units. Please grant departments the authority to opt out of IU Care if they so choose.

As a Macintosh user I am often frustrated by the lack of support/information that is made to users of the platform. I have had "consultants" in the labs just "throw up their hands" and walk away. When I have asked questions that they don't know/don't wnt to know the answer to. They frequently say "if you were a PC user "I could help you". Additionally the staff at the Center for Teaching and Learning, while "nice" often are very ill-informed on the MAC technology in their Center.

UITS help desk is friendly, willing to try, works hard at being helpful but can almost never help!

Our departmental support person is not always available when needed. The HELP line has been great and I have to often use them because of support person is not here.

Microsoft exchange is too cumbersome and slow. Need to upgrade to 56K modems for home dial-in.

The personnel are knowledgable, friendly, and give easily followed instuctions. Center for Teaching & Learning - excellent research, friendly, willing to teach, knowledge.

1. Email conversion to jewel and now to exchange is ill conceived and eccessively burdensome to departments. 2. I use web resources for regular class work, including publishing a complex web site for class materials. Students use this thing like crazy and access is very good. 3. Center for Teaching & Learning is outstanding.

I feel each department should have a technician to assist with UITS needs. This is important. Alternating, perhaps two departments can share "1" techician.

The library needs to get online current contents. Medline does not give recent enough articles (references are 3 months old before they get to Medline.

People who answer the 274-HELP are extremely helpful. Always get back to you if they can't answer a question immediately.

Hire a public relations director to communicate with your clients. Involve facutly, non-UITS staff & students more in major decisions - share proposals with campus before implementation.

In order to do basic word processing and e-mail, one should not be forced into a Windows environment.

Service is generally pathtic for what the outrageous assessment is!!

Simplify the service and stop going out-of-service!

I have difficulty entering the IUPUI modem pool system from home.

We need improved remote communications for instructional support. Simple & reliable is better than state of the art.

Send a brochure/catalog describing services to faculty to make us aware of what's available.

Crucial issue-University (e.g. center for teaching & learning) has introduced us to new software for teaching but it is somewhat uncertain whether I will be able to use it in class (after spending weeks working with it) Due to site licensing fees, hardware availability etc-there are some weak links here

I rely on the school-based computer & AV support staff. I have virtually no contact with campus (IUPUI)-based services.

It is simply nutty that we can't do e-mail, web publishing, and usenet from a single unix account. I am extremely frustrated with this and the lack of link checking software. I feel we are in the stone age here at IUPUI.

I use the computer as a typerwriter-my sources are classified in Washington & other areas & not accessible. Sorry I could not assess your survey in greater detail.

The procedures for using VCR & monitor are terrible. I finally bring my own & use dept monitor-that's awful the computing facility in LD lecture hall (LD 010) is terrible compared to that in other bldgs network personnel & services great!

I have often had a very hard time finding departments 2 people in the medical school in the phone book.

More/faster modems Better dissemination of new policies or services

Things seem to be moving in the right direction with the change to UITS. Bloomington-based services, e.g. stat consulting, decision support, are still not as accessible at IUPUI as they need to be.

shorter survey-focused

My one complaint about email accounts and account creation is that we cannot pick the login name of our choice. Please institute a more flexible approach to this. Also the dialup services (PPP) can be improved. Too many busy lines.

My encounters with IT people last year were uniformly negative; this year has been much better.

I would like to know whom to contact about the block you have on ISDN lines GTE provided internet systems. I am unable to get into my email account from home because I use this instead of a modem (aduerkse@iupui.edu)

TPS classes for fac & students very good.

Get some walk-in statistical consulting on IUPUI campus!

Full lecturers & part-time faculty do not receive computer support or info. Lecturers are years behind in receiving new computer technology help and guidance. I would like to know what is available to me as a lecturer. Perhaps because our department has received no help - or very minimal help representative to who has now left my evaluation is negative. A new rep. who will be available to snare info and guidance will help our department tremendously.

Very satisfied & happy with the personnel in charge of the technology in the Lecture Hall. Also very happy with the services provided by Ms. Joy Kramer.

I do not use IUPUI e-mail or call-up services because I find the non-windows based software hard to understand and learn. UITS should suppor and distribute windows software for e-mail and for using the services for a home computer via modem. If there is windows software for these supported I would like to know about it and UITS should do a better job of informing faculty of their options. David Hoegberg, English Dept., 274-9823 dhoegberg@aol.com

I primarily utilize school-based computer network-Purdue School of Engineering & Technology.

The brochure announcing workshops and opportunities at the Center w/Teaching and Learning have been innovative and very helpful. I hope the Center continues to make such information available to faculty.

Although there have been improvements in recent weeks access to email & www b y modem can be very slow and frustrating.

I think UITS has come a long way and is trying very hard to accomplish all of its goals

I submitted a problem via the website (IT) regarding the lab restriction on email sites. although I have found out subsequently (about 6 months later) that the max. file size was bumped to 5 megs. I was not in any way made aware of this through IT. Better communication (informing me of the change) would have been nice. Prior to my experimenting and discovering the file size allowed had been increased, I had developed the impression that any request ( and I know others brought the issue up as well) had been simply ignored.

Overall, the UITS has been doing well in the area of which I am aware. Frankly, I don't have time to learn how to use what all is available (or even to learn what is available). I just teach myself what becomes absolutely necessary & rely heavily on the HELP desk for day-to-day survival. When I can't be assisted on my MAC by the MLRC or the help desk, I just shut down or track down Ali Jafari.

The one area that needs "shoring up" is the IHETS/VIC infrastructure - the wall wiring and support. Keep up the good work.

Must be a monumental task to keep on top of the changes.

Many of the services you offer I don't know about. I don't have a feel for how you are organized and what your overall mission is. This survey helped me realize some things.

After the reorganization/consolidation dust clears, I would like to have a guide/overview of all UITS services including 1. what it can do for me 2. How to get started/use with the development of good computer-based examinations, I would like to see the development of reservable, secure, quiet computer testing rooms on campus. 3. "Who" to contact for more help/in case of problems.

Last year we were required to change our passwords. Since I changed mine, I have not been able to gain access to Bookbag. I am hoping to get help with this at the help desk.

Very hard to know "who to call" when not a typical help line issue. Conversion to JEWEL (on-line account) appeared to be unneccessarily complex and cryptic for typical student. Turnover in support personnel at IUPUI appears to be climbing.

We need a video conference room in the medical library to accommodate medical school needs. Also need UITS help in labtop datajack installation in the medical library which serves 25% of IUPUI personnel.

Since my school runs its own computing center which ties in to UITS here & there , its hard for me to directly evaluate UITS. I used to use "IT" computers for classroom demo's but they will no longer allow me to load (temporarily) software not available thru "IT". So now this whole "service" is useless to me. We've bought our own equipment to bypass it. But, nevertheless, the campus tax goes up, up & up!

Need more modem-receiving lines for dialup in from home

We need better information and instruction on using UNIX, VAX, personal web pages, and SAS. It is the information distribution that I have the greatest problems with.

We do have a full time technology expert in the dept. But we do not get any help.

The delivery & installation of classroom technology is terrible-very unreliable. Equipment is often delivered late, doesn't work, or both.