1999 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

1999 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

Question 43: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

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I think the UITS consultants were very helpful. I've left my discs [sic], I don't know how many times I've left it. UITS has always contacted me promptly! Thank you for all your help!

Corel Draw 8 would be nice. On Insite, once you've registered for a class, you can't see how many other spots are open in the class, cause it just says "registered." It would be nice if you could still see if there are spots open for friends, etc. My IUB locker always crashes & loses files.

-Microsoft Publisher should be available -Printers should be repaired as soon as possible in the labs - often they are not working

My biggest complaint is that I have severe foot problems. It is extremely painful for me to just stand and not move. Therefore, the infostations are excruciating to use and comp. labs (unless you want to use them past 11pm) are always packed w/ classes. I have no computers available to me in the buildings I am in during the day!

With the amount and quality of service provided, the $100 technology fee seems like a bargain. The only area significantly in need of improvement is the archaeil e-mail & research systems. NI, not UNIX!! Iago, coupled with a powerful e-mail system such as outlook 98 is the only way to do e-mail. Other e-mail services should use NT servers like Iago, and the university should adopt a different e-mail program.

Registration should be made available (free of charge) over the phone or off-campus computer. You shouldn't need to go to Franklin Hall. The PPP-dial up is busy very often.

In the Union there should be more than one computer lab so off campus students can have access to computers just as easily as Dorm Residents Maybe even set more labs at the least two more So people aren't waiting an hour in line to use the computer.

More bandwidth ----> Faster modem connections

There needs to be more group work computing labs in and around the business school. At least add certain hours that groups can work in the labs.

The switchboard operators are rude.

I still don't feel I've been proper taught to use IU computers.

Home page for KSBusiness needs > work. Very hard to get info on type and description of classes!

Problems w/ Printers - seems common!

The computer labs need to be maintained (printers often are not working or are out of paper)

My only comment would be that Bursar bill payments could be better if more info was given at the time of the call i.e. balance

I dial in to the modem pools from off-campus. Many times it takes over 5 minutes to open my In-box on my e-mail account. This is an inconvience[sic]. It also happens if I'm on campus at an infostation or in a lab. Maybe this is something to look into.

Dial up connections are too slow. Consultants know nothing. I have never been helped by one, and I am always treated like an idiot by them. Computers are poorly maintained. How about offering ADSL or ISDN to us off campus students.

I thought it was terrible to give out ethernet chips that were incompatible w/ windows 98! I didn't have time to fill out this survey the first time, let alone this time. I advise you to stop pestering selected residents w/ this survey if they chose not to fill it out the first time because you will get inaccurate results.

It is very hard to find a lab with a functioning printer on any given day, They have very frequent misfeeds and are not supervised often enough. Placing a user guide on how to fix misfeeds would be helpful.

I think that the computer support services at 855-6789 are extremely helpful. They can almost always answer my questions. The only problem I have had on campus is with my locker going down (Neon) making me unable to access my work.

imap for all students Mac labs are managed terribly try to get more software development tools for students. Nice job with adding infostations keep it up.

I feel that the Halls of Residence Computing staff is understaffed. The current staff members are competent and courteous but there are too few of them.

The only real problem I have faced with UITS services is the computer consultants. They really do not express any desire to help with problems and they always seem bothered whenever I ask for assistance.

put more computer stations in the Union

Great job, keep it on!!

Nothing comes to mind - I love having fiberoptics and I wish you ran them to my apt. for next year

The e-mail system seems somewhat outdated and hard to use. It is difficult to download and links do not work.

The lab techs need to be more educated and trained in the FINA labs. There should be zip drives placed in the Student building Mac labs.

My only real problems with the services offered are that I cannot print from Pine on my home computer, which is vital in some courses, and that information about the various services, like dial-in modem numbers isn't publicized very well. E-mailing those numbers to off-campus students would be a good idea. Also, I live in Martinsville, which is long-distance. A toll-free number would be nice.

Pine - hard to download files!

More attention needs to be paid towards the clusters. They became a big problem with accessing certain programs and the printer failing to work properly.

Everything that is in the systems at this point is great! At the beginning of the school year, I just had a problem with the "Iago" e-mail system. It kept shutting down for some reason. Everything else is cool, keep up the good work!

I would suggest working on the efficiency of the User Support Services. When trying to install ethernet this year, it was very difficult to get help because of "phone tag"

I know that it is being worked on but, larger modem pools would be greatly appreciated!

I want you to improve Dial in Modem services It is hard to use internet at certain time periods.

I think it's really dumb how insite closes at a certain time - it should stay open 24-7, that would be a lot easier on everybody. Also, why not have all of the stuff you have to do for dropping and adding classes (signatures, etc.) all in the same place? That makes too much sense.

The computer services at IU are much better than those at my previous university, but I think the Pine Mailer (e-mail) could be improved (it has not been reliable, ex. "lost" incoming and outgoing messages).

Some labs, like in the Geology building can not be used by the standard accont. I think it is the "Sun" Labs, If we could use these it may spread out the concentration.

The Technology Centers have been very beneficial. They have truly enhanced my learning at Indiana University. I feel well prepared to enter the business world with what I have learned using the computer facilities on campus.

I believe Pine has to be changed, a new system should replace it. I believe it is stubborn and ancient. I understand that it wouldn't be possible to replace in an instant due to the thousands of students it serve. [sic]

The classes you offer could be more widely publicized, so more people could take an advantage of them

Overall, very good services. Thanks!

There seems to be problems w/ communication between building services and UITS. All labs are supposed to be physically open unless otherwise noted, but sometimes building services (i.e. Ballentine) locks labs with no notice to UITS.

Add more 56K modems to the modem pools and more connections.

educational/tutorial software for more difficult classes which can be taken home, etc would have been nice.

I think the pine email system needs to be put out of use and a more recent email system adopted. It would make it a lot easier for students trying to send a [SIC] receive attachments as well as receive mail from other systems.

caller id in the dorms

I am currently an iago user. I think that the e-mail system here is great. Although there seemed to be a lot of problems with it this year.

Didn't know about many services offered you need to make this info better known. Connection to server from home has been a lot easier this year, but it is still "busy" a lot. Perhaps offer more dial up numbers?

The only problem that I have experienced is dialing on campus in the middle of the day. you are not able to get on-line.

A. PLEASE PLEASE GET MORE MODEMS! B. I hope to Dear God that you people do not re-install that printer-monitoring software in the fall...I have to wait until the second coming of Christ for documents to print! In summation I'd like to thank you for taking the time & effort to identify & meet the needs of the students both on & off campus! Thanks!

-add more dialing pools for off-campus students! -the iu-ware cd is great, but can promote a lot of problems internally with the computer

Halls of Residence labs need improvement, especially with regard to user support. And also, IUCAT is hard to get into unless I'm in a library.

Expand Ethernet network beyond Residence Halls

Make the pine email system more user friendly for functions like attaching files, viewing attachments, etc... UITS has done a great job. I think the computing facilities are excellent! Good job UITS!

It would be nice to have a better e-mail system - one that we could view graphics on.

Overall, I am satisfied. However, I disagree with the UITS printing quota. Not only is it not fair for students but the software used to track printing has slowed the printing process tremendously. I am disappointed that UITS would even consider such a printing quota.

Yes, I think charging $10 each time a schedule adjustment is made is rather costly. You should have a 1 or 2 week time period after you register where it is free (esp. for summer 1 + 2)

We need more computers in the lab at Forest. It's hard to use the computer if they're all full.

improve Iago

I really had no problems with the computers down here except for the fact that it took forever to connect me to the IU system. I think a faster connection would make a lot of freshman/people living in the dorms happier

Making my locker account was a real hassle - nowhere along the way was I warned that some passwords were too long. This caused me to miss a class where I needed my locker. Overall, I am very pleased.

Have more labs like the DaVinci one in Fine Arts and more dial-in connections to avoid busy signals

I was very disappointed to find out that I was not able to print more than 20 pg. in Eigeman's computer lab. There were NO visible signs and I was forced to stop my printing. Later that day I went to check my email and they had conveniently placed a large sign stating this rule, after I had been forced to cease my printing

Great Job! More faster dial-up services would be nice. All e-mail should be IMAP compatible in the future. Infostations are a little slow. Tech. Centers are great (love 17 in. monitors). Need more scanners, CD burners, etc.! IUWare On-Line is WAY too slow for modem users, obviously. Browsing from www.indiana.edu is a bit tedious.

In my room, I usually have to wait a while to get a line connection for the modem. Insite should have longer hours.

Make a proposal to parking services about allowing parking on campus in the evening for those of use who don't have a computer at home and have no choice but to go on campus. I feel that it's dangerous to walk after dark. We should be permitted to park after dark without being ticketed.

less bugs w/ central servers is about the only thing I can come up with. Especially lockers--we use them to store important files, and it's really bad when you can't get to them...and wish you'd used a floppy/zip. Oh, and the entire UITS consultant pool is really shady...better hiring policies? I would prefer that a lab be unstaffed rather then wasting student technology fees on incompetent consultants.

The bigger capacity for getting on-line has helped a lot, but it's still near impossible to get on during the evening hours between 8pm - 12am.

I think that there should be ethernet for sorority/fraternity houses on campus.

I live in Read and 2 of our computers in the stand up clusters were down for the entire first semester. It took FOREVER for them to get fixed. We only have 4 computers so it was very inconvenient.

Res. Hall printer rarely works.

I like first class. I wish you would have made it more publicized around campus. That way more professors would have used it for their classes, and it wouldn't be scrapped at the end of this year.

Overall pretty satisfied

I think you should schedule a specific time with students w/in-room computers & a representative each semester, so if they have ?'s they can ask.

1) Lockers never work right 2) Still get occasional busy signals on 6-5200

My 1st year at IU I lived in Teter. My experience was so horrid the entire year I called and requested that I be refunded my technology bill. Literally, every time the entire year there was some major malfunction, prompting me to walk to Lindley Hall @ 5:00 am after hours of frustration. I had no choice, though, because I had no computer of my own. Needless to say, when I called requesting a refund, I was dismissed as some kind of complaining freshmen and laughed at. I've had a sour taste in my mouth ever since when it comes to IU in connection with either money or computers.

I would like to see the computer labs having assistants who have more knowledge. The printers in the computer labs are always out of paper or broken. Many times the network servers in the halls do not work or they are extremely slow.

It is nearly impossible to log on to your Internet Pool(PPP) in an off- campus setting. Therefore, I have to pay for America On-line. I should not have to pay the full $70 technology fee as a result. We simply need more lines, or better servers. Take some parking ticket money, or perhaps some other money that Indiana University "robs" from us.

1.Improve connection speed from off-campus housing 2.Improve the e-mail system (PINE), it should be user friendly and visual like MSN hotmail.

All of our classes require so much computer work, but there aren't nearly enough computers available.

more info re: basic services such as locker use, e-mail (sending attachments, etc.) creating a web-page, publishing web pages, etc.

Connecting to email needs to be quicker when dialing from outside line. (-Need to have printers working or fixed quicker) When connecting to telnet from the homepage--you get kicked off easily.

Not at this time.

Updating the pine system would be very helpful. A more user friendly, graphics based system would be better. It would be nice to send .war and .pic files, etc. I had a problem trying to send a Microsoft word file to a prospective employer.

The only thing I'm not satisfied with are the printers in the library-- so many times they are not working. Also, the dial-in networking is so hard to use, it's ALWAYS busy. Otherwise I'm very satisfied with UITS.

I recently went to drop a class and found it extremely easy to do. It went very smoothly and I was very impressed!

An improvement would be to put MAC computers back into the Union. As a journalism major it is a struggle to find a free computer with the limited amount of MAC especially because most are in use during the day for classes. For my first three years here I always knew I could go tot he Union at almost anytime to get on a computer now that option is not available. Without access to my own computer there would have been many assignments I was unable to complete.

I only use the centers in the education building. I have never had any problems.

I have recently been visiting other colleges for medical school, and IU is very far ahead of many major universities around the nation. I am so spoiled the UITS is a major reason that I want to stay here to go to medical school.

Keep up the good work and keep the good and helpful ideas coming!

I noticed that when I needed Microsoft Works I couldn't find it on campus. It could just be that I went to the wrong places, I don't know.

The reason why I rated so low was because it is slow. I haven't been happy with some of the clusters because they breakdown often (esp. e-mail). I think Dell computers and Hp printers are an amazing combination!

Send me another survey next academic school year, because I will be more technologically advanced then.

Overall, it's a good service. The only thing I would change is the Pine system. I'd update it.

Given IUs advanced technology, I would think that the process of dropping and adding a class could be done electronically instead of making students go all over and collect signatures

In training, explain the reply to all recipients option on e-mail

I feel that the email system NEEDS to be capable of opening network connections WITHOUT having to save it to a folder--I still haven't figured out to open attachments, and I'm a sophomore!

The consultants at the student building have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have found I would rather go there than Lindley. Overall, with a few printer problems, IU has a very strong info. tech. system.

Anytime you need help w/ a computer in the dorm it takes at least two weeks. More computer consultants in the dorms would be very helpful

When I check my voice mail, the operator always tells me that she did not get my passcode. This happens even when I make sure that I have typed them in slowly and correctly. Also, I do not know if you have control over this but it would be more convenient for students if the computer clusters in all of the dorms were open 24 hrs.

It is difficult to connect to the internet from off campus computers. A printer that works consistently would be much appreciated in the Jordan Hall, 2nd floor, undergraduate cluster.

Windows NT is a pain in the ______ at terminals intended for email. (Logging in takes too long.)

The cluster in Wright Quad is always broken, either the A drive doesn't work, more than 1 computer is down or we have no paper. This is a big problem if you don't have a personal computer.

I'm very happy with UITS. I really haven't had many problem [sic].

The dial-up connections are slow and very busy. The biology department research computers are outdated.

A possible improvement would be to add work rooms w/ pc's for group projects. None of the existing labs facilitate group work.

When using the dial-in modems for internet connections, I am not satisfied with the VERY slow connections speeds (usually 26,400 or 28,800) as compared with other local services and the busy signals often encountered. I think for the amount we pay each semester the service could be better!

Overall I am very pleased with the UITS services, the only problems I really ever encounter are using Microsoft programs. They take a very long time to load, open files, and save files. It is very hindering. I think the residence hall computers are very slow, lacking essential software( (HyperStudio for example) and just don't meet my standards.

My concern is with the PINE email system. It is difficult to edit messages because you can't use the mouse; it is often now; it is difficult to attach and detach files and you are very limited on quota space which limits the size of files you send or receive.

I wish that there were more labs that accommodated group work. It's very difficult to do group work during the day because of all the classes in the Business School.

It takes to long to login to a locker. Printing is very slow in BU 101 and there always waiting lines to use the computers

In the residence halls (esp. Read), the computers definitely need upgraded. Most are too slow and many of the disk drives do not work. A better, more user-friendly, more option e-mail service should also be considered.

Make the IU server compatible w/ Frontpage 98

I think there should be more 24 hour labs opened and the information about the availability of the labs during regular hours (when there are no classes) should be available to students; so that students do not have to go to the labs, and then find out that there is a class.

More computer labs. Dial-in lines w/ 56.6k support. More everything. All this stuff is always too crowded. And please do not limit the amount of pages people can print to a set amount for a year.

Overall I am very satisfied with UITS.

the printers are down so often!

I have had serious compatibility problems between my modem & the campus server. STC consultants were never able to fix the problem. I have a laptop and offered to bring it in for the consultant to take a look at, but that was not an option (IT NEEDS TO BE!). Modem availability for remote access is still a problem. I hope that all new modems added to the pool are 56K, but access not speed is the main concern. The JH 224 printer is consistently broken. A backup printer supply needs to be added to UITS services. Pine needs a graphic component. Softserve is difficult to find. I would like to see a simple list of all UITS services. The registration system would benefit by adding a graphic component & mouse.

I was very disappointed when several times throughout the year, I had a major computer problem and I sent many e-mails and left phone messages at UITS and NO ONE EVER RESPONDED! It also bothers me that I was hounded to complete this survey. Shouldn't completing a survey be a voluntary act?

Although very expensive to do, licensing Oracle to work stations would be a nice advantage. Working with Oracle from the server is a very frustrating experience.

-color printing services are slow & antiquated -too often, printing on special paper is difficult-impossible -overall, services are excellent relative to other univs.

I think more high-end graphics labs should be available. At least put G3s in the SB Mac lab so we cou [sic] take home the images we scan. Maybe a scanner in JH mac lab. The NT lab in BH on the 1st floor shouldn't be so jammed with stations. It's a horrible place to try & get work done. Also, if you could figure out a way to slightly jolt people who talk too loudly in the labs.

The main problems I have encountered with UITS are at the clusters. The printers are usually not working and the lines are always long! I don't have too many problems with my computer at home, but with e-mail, the line is almost always busy.

I feel charging an extra monthly fee for another phone jack to be activated in a resident hall dorm room is unacceptable! Where are all of the color printers in the computer clusters, no one on campus seems to know?

More computers and better, faster connections

The system should give clearer info on how to webpages (the Netscape Composer doesn't help) The voice mail time is often wrong - can we operate the time ourselves?

The instructional literature on using IUcat and finding research in the libraries is vague and causes difficulty for me. Also, when I get help from a consultant, they tend to do the procedures for me instead of showing me how it is done.

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More labs that are always open and free of any classroom schedule conflicts

I strongly suggest that you replace PINE, with something like Microsoft Outlook Express. I also suggest that you install the windows version of SPSS to replace the very annoying version on the chrome node.

1) Campus housing should allow telephone bills be paid in/at dorm offices. 2) The Stat/Math center people are all magnificent and deserve great praise. 3) Residence Halls computing clusters are pitiful.

The computer labs should have computers for printing only. The pine e-mail system is very insufficient, especially when dealing with attachments or mail from other countries (special characters disappear or are changed, etc...)

Overall I am satisfied w/ the computing services at IU. My two main complaints, though, are lack of access to computer labs because of the high number of classes in the labs (particularly specialized labs like the computer lab in the school of music which contains specialized software) and the difficulty in connecting to a server anytime 5pm from home. Because it is impossible to get a connection I have been forced to get an account on AOL when I would prefer to use the IU Dial-up.

Grad lab at SPEA too small (need more computers) and needs a color printer!

Most of the computer labs are closed during breaks (most recent - spring break '99). This fact makes it very hard to continue research for students who remain in town during these breaks. Would it be possible to keep open at least some of the labs during breaks?

I am a PHD student who lives 2 1/2 hrs from the Bloomington campus. I do not use very many of your services. I'm not sure from this survey that I fit your categories. It has been 4 yrs since I was on campus regularly.

More explanation when establishing our accounts on how exactly to go about accessing email--the reason I say that is I couldn't figure out that "iago" is the area I need to click and also on the computers that aren't at the "station" i.e., in the library I realy [sic] had a hard time getting into my email from there. I think I just needed a test practice simulation on exactly what I will have to do to get my email.

I am no longer on campus (I am working on my dissertation and teaching full-time in Michigan) so I cannot give feedback now. However, when I was a student on campus, I was generally very happy with the computer services.

For my GA I use the UITS Mac computers to create publicity posters for my department. Unfortunately my work has been made much more complicated and difficult by recent (this year's) upgrades,

More switched Ethernet would help speed network access in the library (or Fast Ethernet).

the lockers are hell to ftp to from nations or ships or whatever shakespeare system you're on.

I only use computers for email and research for law school. I for the most part don't know much about any of this info in the packet. Sorry that I can be no help.

#11) Can we move from pine to something w/a GUI? Outlook? #25) IUCAT stinks. Enough said. #36) Softserve in the Res. Halls needs to support the same software that's on UITS machines (e.g. photoshop).

I am very unhappy about the computers in the Speech and hearing Science building. Grad students have to compete with undergraduate classes in our computer cluster and we have client reports due every day. We are not allowed to do these reports elsewhere due to confidentiality so these classes are a nuisance & inconvenience [sic] for us. I am very displeased about this!

Please replace the laser printers in the law school - 208B and 208D. They are used extensively and often jam between 3-4 pages. The print quality is often less than optimal. Please consider that it is a professional school whose students print professional documents.

keep up the good work! I would recommend making something like Lotus Notes (for e-mail) available university-wide. I used PINE at one time - it's archaic!

There have been a few times when services were down and it was inconvenient. After adding modems early in the year it was easy to get on-line - now it is very tough in peak hours.

Still need more modem pools! Must be easier and faster to dial in and use Lotus Notes. Out MBA program was vamped up significantly in the use of on-line emails, discussion forums and class schedules on-line. Also my modem times out frequently w/long emails or "reply of history" b/c the token rounting [sic] system makes my modem wait too long. This causes my system to have a "modem error" and crash. Please speed up modem speed.

I hope the situation on campus with Macs does not deteriorate further (there used to be one in Mem. Union!) I have trouble dialing in to 856-5200 from off campus frequently. Can't this be addressed to adjust the load on the lines? The phone consultants have been superb and I couldn't do without them. Thank you very, very much for expertise and patience.

The labs & services have improved a lot over the past year. UITS is a fantastic service to us all. I have only a few suggestions. I hope to see more macromedia products in our labs, "flash" in DaVinci or fine arts and the music building would be a definite plus. DaVinci really needs a new scanner. Thank you and keep up the good work.

More Macintosh computers!!! More ZIP-drives. Better/faster/NT4 or Power Macs at Graduate Labs. (pol. sci), better printer support in Residence Labs (when printer isn't working) and labs over all (printer jam!!!), improve IUCAT - it's the stupidest browser program I've ever used

I have only used computers in the Law School. David Lankforth is very helpful & knowledgeable. My IUB locker is very unreliable--to the point I seldom use it. The first time I save to it after logging in can freezes [sic] my computer for 2-4 minutes. I also frequently receive error messages that my connection has been lost.

1. I hope UITS can increase the lines of modem pool. 2. Redbud apartment can not use ethernet connection. Hope it can work someday. 3. Library online catalog (IUCAT)'s software is too bad. Should be able to change to some better software.

More modems available for dial-in service

My two biggest concerns are: 1 Dial in access - if I try to dial in between 5 pm and 11 pm, I almost always get a busy signal. More modems are needed to handle the increased demand at these hours. 2. Pine: Frankly, I hate it. Its a terribly limited and outmoded system, and you can't use a mouse with it. There must be a dozen or more things I don't like about PINE and the sooner we switch to another e-mail program (my vote is for Eudora) the better.

Need to install specifically EMACS 20.4, when released, and all (foreign language and print fonts etc.) on the UNIX boxes (SHIPS, DAVINCI, NATIONS) and look at the NT boxes for upgrade to EMACS 20.?+. Also, need LINUX on NT or MAC boxes so that when all UNIX labs are closed and locked an X window access is available, so those labs are not wasted!!!

Halls of Residence computer cluster at Campus View needs more computers. The printer very often doesn't work properly!

Try to convince the Optometry computer lab to get rid of those weak - I-macs and get some more powerful IBM's. Also, the updated research servers for Medline, etc, are wonderful! It's much easier finding articles and magazines now.

IUCAT - would be helpful to be able to "mark" refs and then print them out later (as opposed to one @ a time). Better publicity/ marketing of research service and network services - I've never heard of 'em!

It takes too long too often to dial in from off campus. Last fall was a disaster and severely impaired my work.

Overall I've been impressed w/ the technology here at IU. However tY. Stuck with AT&T super high rates you can't subscribe to any other service.

The printer in Everman Apartment Lab has been out of order for a long time!

I would like to see more modems in the modem pool. I would also like to see an agreement with Adobe if possible. The Corel and Microsoft agreements are great!

Just one suggestion: it's exceedingly cumbersome to view attached files from pine. If there is any way to simplify this process, it would be quite helpful.

Referring to Question 34, I say this (Strongly Disagree) because I didn't know better when I came here. I was unaware of the importance back then.

There needs to be more and greater access to the information of the systems in terms of software support for personal computers: I've never heard most of this

All campus housing needs ethernet (or newer) direct access to network. This was one factor influencing our decision to live on-campus. Only later did we find out that we are one of the locations lacking such a connection. Overall the attention to technology needs has been impressive.

Business School networks go down a lot, PPP connections usually busy, computers in MBA lab not kept up well.

Newly use BU202--laptop hook-ups and Business school Library hook-ups. Add more modems to the modem pools.

The possibility of more computer clusters throughout campus, or additional computers within the clusters. Overall, I was satisfied with the computer services offered to me through IU.

Please send introductory information to students letting us know what services are available & how to get them, especially regarding e-mail & internet use. Thank You

I am not resident at IU Bloomington but am graduate student writing my dissertation. There is no way for me to get software for my home computer without (apparently) getting on a plane and flying to Bloomington. My research has suffered as a result - couldn't UITS (or whoever) mail a copy of the software CD (say for Word Perfect, etc.) to me?

Can be difficult to dial into network from off campus during daytime hrs/evening hrs.

I wish I could still buy IU freeware on floppy disks (I don't have a CD Rom drive).

there is a serious problem in the computer cluster at Tulip Tree. Machines used to be monopolized by kids to play video-games. Students cannot use the service even though, according to my experience, this is a fundamental educational resource.

Get rid of Pine. Get online enrollment. Don't let Bill Gates dictate software procurement policies. Try to get more favorable licensing agreement w/ Lexis-Nexis.

I understand it's difficult to keep up w/ demand for the modem pool, but the past several months have become increasingly frustrating as I've had more trouble connecting and staying connected.

The IUWare CD's sold by the bookstore that I bought and which my friends have bought often cannot be installed correctly on our computers. Installation stalls constantly mid-way and is never completed. If IU is burning CD's to sell (what I heard), they should do it correctly and not sell faulty merchandise! Do they test the software before it is sold? I am a consultant and know how a normal installation process goes. Also, when will the modem lines be upgraded to 56K? Stand-up email stations often are out of order and remain that way for days on end.

I hate being charged by using telephone registration service. Insight is an excellently designed product. Halls of Residence computing should be improved in terms of increasing accommodations and maintaining the efficiency of printer connection

The support service personnel at University West Apts are excellent. They respond quickly and efficiently to all our concerns. The experiences I have had on the phone service at 5-6789 have been dismal. Twice the staff have been downright rude implying that I was not too bright. They are not patient with people who don't know all the computer lingo.

Please make server fast to use network easily. including Halls of Residence.

I need 'Korean Fonts' for MS Explorer. There are a few computers that have Korean fonts, but it's not enough. Especially I need fonts when I use English-Korean dictionary 'on web' ... and that happens when I use word-processing program (because I write papers), but computers with international fonts at IU don't have word-processor at the same time ...

I use Macs a lot. The locker is causing problems while saving. It crashes often. Please, make Macs more stable and useable.

Please retain a variety of software options, esp. word-processing. I was pleased you renewed the Word Perfect contract. Don't become a Microsoft-controlled system!

The log in time ---> INEFFICIENT! Time is money!

I'm disappointed in what I understand to be IU's exclusive agreement with Microsoft. It's very limiting.

The network was seemingly overloaded during the 97-98 academic year; I have noticed marked improvement during this year (98-99). But often there are not enough license to go around for Adobe After Effects.

Every contact I have had with UITS has been extremely positive.

PPP much better this year w/ additional capacity

Elm and Pine are inadequate for graduate needs.

UITS provides great user support overall; however the occasion I've had problems has been using ucshelp@indiana.gov. I had a problem w/software on my home computer and went through several exchanges w/the technician but never was able to solve my problem. The process was rather slow as well. On the whole though UITS provides great services and resources and is a real advantage for students, faculty, and staff.

Main complaints are that IUCAT needs to be updated and is old fashioned and more dial up lines should be available for off-campus connections.

The graduate computer lab in SPEA almost always has at least one computer down. In addition it will not allow us to alter the printer to print double sided copies which is a huge waste.

Insite needs longer hours.

I get frustrated in the computer labs sometimes because no one is available to help me. For that reason, I give up and leave. Also, I would use my locker, but I haven't figured out how to access it. As an AI, it would be nice to have a place to, without having to worry whether one of the many students taking the course will pick up the exam, forcing me to start all over.

Overall I was pretty much satisfied with the UITS and its consultants. Carry on with your good work. The advice I have is 1) make available MORE products from Microsoft 2)form more alliances with other companies like real networks (seseaming audio) so that more products are available at cheaper price 3)advertise more about other UITS facilities (for example, I am aware of other UITS facilities after filling out this survey). Thanks to you also and I apologize for delay in responding back. It was a wonderful experience being part of IU and UITS. Best wishes for future...

- I like the availability of the fast modem connection (slow baud, but fast text connection) of 5-4211 for quick e-mail checking... - INSITE is great - I find it hard to believe that it is not possible to conduct on-line class registration, and also find it hard to believe there needs to be a $17 charge to register by

The assistants don't know much. There should be UNIX systems available in halls of residence.

Stay on the cutting edge - good job. More basic info on e-mail would be nice especially for grad students who have been out of school for a few years.

Optometry computer clusters needs both MAC and IBM compatible. Also feel there should be a faster way to connect to your email using outside computer.

IUCAT is frequently not correct. There is also no way to do a search within a set of results, which would be very helpful, to be able to limit parameters, etc. Why do professors not have phone mail???

1: The library online catalog (IUCAT) needs to be improved. It is very hard to do a complex search and find what you're really looking for. 2: The Pine e-mail system is not bad buy too archaic: editing is not easy and reading the attachment files is a nightmare!

I think more information should be available to graduate students about availability research services and facilities, where I can get consultations on how they can be accessed, what kind of information I can get there, and what kind of research activities can be performed by [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "cesny"] them.

Please integrate all computer systems so I can access everything through a single account with a single password.

I use Microsoft Windows 6.0 for word processing & strongly dislike having to use current (or at least more recent) version on public clusters. All the spell/grammar corrections and other bells and whistles are very distracting. I'm there to work, not be entertained. I would like the option to use the version I know and not be forced to "upgrade". I also worry that by the time I finish my dissertion [sic] my home version will be obsolete on campus. My research opportunities have been limited by difficulty getting onto major databases like RUN and OCCC Almost imposi. to get on these when I need to chairs in library public clusters always broken, uncomfy. noise policies in clusters need to be enforced (people go there to do group projects Printers in UITS clusters too often break down. Also: You should have more space for writing answers in throughout this survey. Can't say all that I want just at end.

The availability of more memory space on lockers would be appreciated.

From item 19--Many times I would type a document on, say, Corel Word Perfect at Lindley Hall. Then I'd go to the optometry computer center and the document would be "lost" somehow and I couldn't get it back, even at Lindley. Sometimes it would be the other way around or involve a different cluster somewhere. This happened regularly enough so that I began to never switch clusters once I began a project. Why? Well, I.U. installs new programs, can't they put the same version on all terminals at roughly the same time. Actually, call Doug Freeman at Optometry Library and he can explain the problem better. He's helped me and many others many times. Thanks.

replace Pine w/ an up to date system than [sic] can handle attachments, etc!!!!

I was very displeased about not having long distance phone company options when I lived in campus housing! We were locked into AT&T.

Why are newer computers being put into service w/out floppy disk readers; this requires obtaining a "loose" floppy disk reader; I think floppy disks are still used enough to require all computers to have a built in reader.

increased dial-in modem services

It would be helpful to have more modems for us to connect faster from off-campus. It has improved but could be improved more. IUCAT and e-mail should be web, not text, based. Thank you.

It would be nice if all of the info re: what we as students can do--was put together in one book and sent to everyone. It shouldn't be a mystery to find out where to scan or to set up personal webpage etc. etc. etc. Just better communication. Please.

The modem pools should be upgraded to 56k. Also, there should be a quick dial-up number for those who POP their e-mail. That would help. Also, students who have home PC's should be encouraged to use a POP mailer so it decreases the amount of modem use.

Thanks for the great service. A few points: -consultants know nothing about working MIDI and Music Applications -My locker was converted from MACOS to DOS during reassignment. I was not happy. -Registration should be free and online. U of MN registers by e-mail. -Better MAC support is desperately

Please install faster modem pools.

In regard to MBA computer lab DO NOT CUT THE NUMBER OF DESKTOPS IN HALF (in order to install more network connections)

Do all you can to get more modems into the modem pool. Dialing up from home, esp. at night is an exercise in futility --far too many busy signals...

I was happy to have more dial-in modems opened up; more would be even better! At high-wage times they are still difficult to dial into Web-based email (that is, Eudora, etc. compatible) would be a definite plus-as it is, it is impossible to receive foreign-language email over IU Telnet, which makes certain kinds of research more complicated.

I have never had anyone have the experience to help with the computer problems I have experience [sic] except on one occasion when info was retrieved from a corrupted disk.

IUCAT should be improved in functionality and made easier to manage & maybe replaced by a better system

I think a combination phone book with both students and departmental listings would be great. right now these are separate books. more education needed regarding people knowing how to report problems: if people knew how much their input or questions help--ther [sic] there might be more communication between automation and users.

Without the heavy print station in Lindley, I would've had serious obstacles to my grad work. I'm a grad students in screenwriting/playwriting and each time I print anything up it's about 120 pages. As I am constantly working, that's a lot of paper. I know that's gonna change, but I am grateful for the unlimited printing.

I am in the MBA program, where most of the tech service is provided by the business school tech services. The printers are always broken, overloaded with huge reports (printing slowly), and messy trash everywhere. We are taught things during the first week only-during a time where we are overloaded with info. There is no continual info or teaching throughout the

IUCAT and Pine should be updated to a GUI environment

UITS does an excellent job except for accessibility for dial up networking from off-campus. I suggest having a dedicated # for graduate students to use as it is very frustrating to work at home in the evenings and not be able to get online. Although this has improved somewhat this semester, it still is busy quite often. Keep up the good work.

MACs are the only computer I can figure out - the others are not very user friendly, in my opinion.

I'm an MBA and we use Lotus notes for pretty much everything--- & notes is supported here, therefore I don't have much contact w/ UITS.

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but is there some way to download software from home (from softserve). Also, registration is a mess - you should be able to register and add/drop from a touch tone phone. The University of Texas has a great system (Austin). Trying to register here is a ridiculous pain in the ass and a waste of time. Add/drop is even worse.

It is terrible to not be able to speak to a person when I call UITS. Computers are good for a lot of things. Customer Service is NOT one of them. Just because UITS employees can navigate the knowledge base (and perhaps they enjoy it) others either can't (or don't). Answer your phones.

more awareness about facilities more training, more maintenace [sic]

I am a MBA student, so most of my use is supported on Lotus Notes through the school of business. I do dial in from home and wish the IU network had more modems. It is hard to dial in the evenings. The Lotus Notes network is not always stable but the staff try to fix problems ASAP.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

Computer repair takes more than one month. That is pitiful.

It would be great to have the ability to dial-in for 8 hours - more connections, especially for those who occasionally work from home.

I use the online knowledge base frequently. Only one time did I not find the answer, so a technician contacted me and resolved the issue through email.

As a customer, I find billing procedures inadequate. After the fact, without itemization, our accounts are billed directly. There is little accountability possible with this setup.

Yes. Why not do this survey online - would seem most appropriate.

The electronic payroll program is horrible! It truly needs revamped. There also need to be more 56k modem access lines added. Sometimes its impossible to get a free line. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

I work in the Education building, thus many of these services are provided by our ETS people, not UITS

Need more dial-in modem lines

Dial in modem services for internet connection local number, for staff living out of town, services 1-800 etc, connection to internet for staff not living in Bloomington, local number in that town that they lice in. to connect on, services.

Halls of Residence --especially/ at least Apartment Housing -- has terrible equipment that needs to be replaced -- shouldn't UITS take this over from Halls of Residence? It would work much better as part of UITS!

Less paternal approach and more non-judgmental attention to problems and requests from less than sophisticated users

Keep us at the top of the market

#16 Our computer guy uses your support quite frequently and seems to be very satisfied The increased number of modems is very appreciated. Getting even more modems would be more appreciative.

My major complaint deals with the difficulty of trying to connect from home -- at times it is almost impossible to connect. I would also like to see a warning popup maybe 2 minutes before the connection is schedules to be lost -- I try to keep track of time, but it would be nice to have a reminder that the 2 hours is almost up.

I am surprised that the UITS Dept. has many old and outdated computers that the staff must use in their day to day performance of their jobs. It is sad that the computer Dept. of the entire university is not able to keep up with the pace of new technology

Still a few problems, but progress has been impressive.

Lalana has been great helping me on computing questions. She is truly an asset to your staff.

It may be beyond the University's capability, but it would be wonderful for those of us on staff & faculty who live at long distance from Bloomington but work here daily, to have modem access to the university without having to dial in through a regional campus. I do a lot of work at home on the weekends & must bring it in on disks.

Phone: individual sets by ATC are much more versatile than the IND. Bell sets - better speed dialing, more memory, easy transfer of calls, etc. and less expensive IUCAT: Access is most cumbersome, why is a telnet routine required? If it must be, why can't all IU computers be exempted or given some quick connect capability?

Safeword cards - are necessary I know for security, but are a "real" pain to use. HRIS (payroll) should be more user friendly when it is accessible on the web - Please make it soon!

When was the financial systems reporting environment taken over by UITS? (was under the impression that this service is still provided by FMS, as evidenced by the URL of the server: www.fms.indiana.edu

I have had excellent service and understanding from an employee in the support center at IMU. Erik Butcher has helped me to solve some recent hardware problems and facilitate decisions for future purchases.

It would be nice to be able to dial in between 5pm and 11pm here to IU. Also V.90 support would be nice. Lastly, shutting down ALL my accounts w/o any explanation with the steel "difficulty" last year was not cool. At least when I logged in there could have been a better explanation, like that there was a security breech, and for my own privacy sake, all my accounts were disabled. Also, how UITS handled it when I asked what happened with a generic statement" was insulting. I know that for security reasons details couldn't be disclosed. However, UITS shouldn't have been so defensive.

Dial in modem is often busy in evening - I would like to see that improved.

I find it frustrating that I've had to switch to AOL because I can no longer access IU computing systems from home.

1. Comdial phones are cheap & unreliable 2. Not enough support/infor on hardware purchases 3. IU computing master plan should be shared with depts so we can make appropriate decisions on software/hardware

I called the help line once. I waited for 20 minutes and then hung up. Lousy service.

Very impressed w/ the speed in which my e-mail questions are answered by UITS staff. Also happy w/ the online manuals.

In my department there is way too much political posturing. Things don't get accomplished very efficiently Very little teamwork among the computer support staff & the computer person we have in our production/distribution unit.

The software available initially was very good. Now the semester CD Roms don't have much on them!!

I don't feel I could give a fair evaluation of your computing facilities since I really am not involved with them. I would like to know more but the opportunity isn't here at this time.

Although I am very satisfied with 856-52xx dial service, I think additional modems need to be added to modem pool. It often takes many redials to get connections during peak hours (5-10 pm).

These people are very nice, but they really need to search for the problem instead of having you buy unnecessary items for your computer.

My department is just now in the process of installing a computer in my office.

Connecting to e-mail from home often just brings up gibberish. Helpline people have it tough I realize, but we do too - constant changes - infrequent use of unfamiliar 'systems' Please be patient with callers. Thanks.

I hope this questionnaire helps with your survey. I really didn't appreciate my letter and second copy of the survey being sent to me when the reason I didn't complete it the first time was because over half of it doesn't apply to me!

(Re:0800) When telecommunications places an announcement on their campus-wide voice mail service - I would like to be able to delete it after 1 hearing vs. having to hear it every time I access it during the day it is present. (5-6789) Should place selection in the order of services most frequently used (pc support - should be #1)

I would like to be able to use my safeword card only once and access all systems that I am authorized for instead of using it for every system.

As you can see from this evaluation, I have very limited experience using the services available on-line. I use computers in my office mainly for database manipulation, email services, and sometimes the online library services.

Our computer is least 7 or so years old. Will there be a problem with the new century that is coming upon us. Also what about any news groups or listserver address that we have any problems when the year 2000 begins.

Add lines for dial-up or make certain lines specifically for faculty and staff. It is impossible to dial in from September through April. This is a problem when someone is ill and trying to work from home.

1) Difficulties w/ dialing up at night when students on campus needs to be addressed 2) Difficulty w/calling 5-6789 and not being able to direct dial anyone

Dialing in from home in the evening is sometimes almost impossible! I'm taking a web-class this semester and sometimes I have dialed (auto dial) for 20-25 min before getting through. Occasionally it has been longer and I have given up!

I am very concerned about Y2K and whether IU will be able to handle the crisis. Will I even have a job next year?

FIS is not good enough--too many problems!

Campus Bus Service I think dial in modem speeds need to be increased. I only connect at the very best at 31211 but I have a 56k modem at home I would like to see computer technology come to departments detached from central campus. I currently use a stand alone computer in my office that is 10 yrs old.

1)When calling 5-6789 for support, sometimes have problems getting an answer to questions, i.e. finding the appropriate person to talk to. 2) Many times I have problems connecting via the modem pool from home. Line is often busy for long periods of time. Would like to have more phone lines available! Thank you!

*voicemail - give us a way to bypass your annoying and tedious informational messages *email - would like to see some leadership from UITS on clients - being told "you can use whatever client you want" avoids responsibility. Please announce a phaseout date for Pine! if ever euthanasia were justified... *Financial reporting - I use financial reports all the time, but frankly, I do not recognize this name. Why does UITS persist in such awful naming conventions? *InSite - InSite is one of the best services UITS has ever developed. I use it regularly in lieu of the archaic CICS transactions. How about including a) wildcard support for course numbers, and b) section number search? *AltaVista Forum - wish more people knew about it. Terrific utility *Availability of information - For many of us, reliance on technology and UITS services is not a 9-5, M-F activity. If UITS is going to present information about availability of services, it needs to provide it consistently, including what's going on nights and weekends. *Removable storage - Why aren't you asking any questions about Zip of Super Floppy drives? What is UITS direction in this area? I should be able to move files easily between/among home, work, office machine, locker, but all you support - and not well - is the pathetic ftp utility for locker access - How about some leadership here? [DDE NOTE: R DREW ARROW FROM FOLLOWING COMMENT TO THE LIST OF UITS-OWNED STUDENT TECHNOLOGY CENTERS POINTING TO LIBRARY] 502? [R DREW ARROW FROM THE FOLLOWING COMMENT TO THE LIST OF UITS OWNED STUDENT TECHNOLOGY CENTERS POINTING TO WYLIE HALL] 125 Music 373?

The young people who answer the calls are very courteous and polite!

Currently RPS is placing older PC's in our maintance [sic] Depts to receive work orders. Are they YZK compatable [sic]. Also on all phone lines indicate if suvon capatable [sic] or not.

Thanks for free IU Ware CD.

Would like to see more prostep classes at UITS instead of IMU, parking is difficult here. Also, more time is needed in class to be able to let what you are doing through instruction to be processed rather than blindly following procedure. More phone lines to dial in on the modem are needed.

I've only been a member of the staff since December. But having come from another university, I've been quite surprised at the cluttered feel of UITS. There are too many facility names and cute little acronyms to be truly effective. The directory doesn't help much either. While I'm happy about on-line payroll, I feel it could be much simpler to process. I've also had to contact support several times when there problem s with my new accounts being set up properly. It seems that I'd get so far with one person on the phone only to be told that I'd have to talk to another area. It was very frustrating. In my opinion, there should be one support center for everything. Every person in that one center should be able to help a caller with any of the systems. Also, your instructors for software classes talk to the classes as if the classes were full of 3rd grade kids--going too slow--until they get to the end of class and have to speed through the more advanced stuff.

-improve IUWare CDRom -perhaps disseminate info about services/problems (e.g. 1/2 K) MORE (via campus paper, pamphlets distributed to students/ fac/staff yearly, etc). The problem w/ disseminating such info on the IU site is that no one knows it's there without being told.

please, please please find a way to increase the 856-5200 modem pool! I have to get on to get in touch with work and at night it is nearly impossible!

Overall, I think we are doing a pretty good job. You need to make more modems available (still getting a busy signal). Also, I need to access Outlook via the web & this is not very reliable.

I have had several projects this year that depended on my using applications that our computing support staff was not familiar with. Our support staff has always able [sic] to help me after the Departmental Support Lab staff at the IMU taught them the particulars of the applications. I feel very fortunate to have the DSL support staff to turn to when my local support provider is unable to help. They are a great team and I appreciate them helping me get my job done!

Keep up the excellent work!

In part #30 - losing licensing agreements can be very time consuming and inefficient for depts - unlike computer Techs - individuals do not relish the idea of changing records and files to new software - This is the greatest disservice UITS enforces upon our employees and one that is more encumbering for users that what techs are capable of understanding. no T necessarily remain necessarily remain convinced that tech staff dies not have the best interest of users in mind when forcing depts to make changes - computer Techs assume "in error" that everyone loves the thrill and [unreadable: looks like "chose"] of new Technology when in fact users just want to continue getting work done without a loss of efficiency

Home use for internet connection.

9.c.1 - Modem pool availability is poor. 14 - Telephone consulting (5-6789) needs problem/solution database to help consultants (esp. library related problems). 30 - Less microsoft, more Linux!

The new telephone equipment installed this year is not as good as the old desk sets. Can I have my old phone back? UITS system development support is needed for maintaining legacy systems while people soft SIS development is going on (5 year period, at least).

More dialup connections!

You are definitely moving in the right direction. Please continue efforts toward TOPS update and an electronic payroll system without excessive delays. Also please continue efforts toward agreements with software and hardware suppliers Nice Work!

Would like to be able to access e-mail, internet, and files from home without going through a network provider, but have given up ever getting a direct connection.

I was just curious about why there is no way to make (personal) long distance calls from our office in the library. My husband works in Bedford and it is very much a pain and also quite expensive that I have to make a calling card call to call him. It seems that with today's technology there ought to be a better, cheaper way (he does not have email).

Need more modems in pool

The people that you hire to staff your help desks are top notch. Not only are they knowledgeable - they are willing to hunt for an answer when need be.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

I've been impressed with the corrections to the modem pool problems--quick, effective response. My concerns generally lie in the area of the interfaces--roster distribution, IUCAT, etc.--are not user-friendly. The content is great, but the interfaces are poor. Overall, the level of tech. at IU is impressive!

I find the process of requesting telecom services confusing & overly technical-UITS does so much I can't keep up with it & the "jargon" is not easy for us mere mortals to understand-However, I appreciate that you're there and you're very good at what you do, and very helpful.

More advae support & students are very frustrated. As we move into distributed education, network accounts must be available to students in a ready manner.

Most used feature BEST-Postem

We need more information about the services and resouces [sic] available thru UITS at the departmental level. I do not ever recall a visit or lecture by anyone from UITS or its earlier services in the entire time I've been at IU which is over 28 years. People should come to see their clients at the departmental level.

1.Modems: added modems helped for a while, but demand has overtaken supply. I suggest devising fee plan for either excess connect time or for priority service. 2.Software licensing: I was very concerned that the Microsoft agreement would present other similar contracts. With the addition of Corel, I was somewhat relieved. I hope more competitors to Microsoft will be signed up.

I am about to retire and while I have been conquered by the facility of word processing, e-mail, on-line library catalogues, etc., I have never used the technology for teaching. I am a recent user of the web and will surely use it more in the future, but at the moment, I am hardly your best respondent. Access to 856-5200 #s is very poor.

21/24 Research online-lack of functionality (e.g. commands in general, print) on office computers (i.e. non-library computer stations) with MLA, HAPI, etc.

Technology at IU and my department is all pretty mysterious--it seems to be there when you want it but outreach is minimal. I have learned more from computer magazines than our departmental gurus or UITS. Colleagues are some help. Departmental personnel are too busy with research to help with mundane computer problems.

Faster Dial up options (cable, ASOL, ISON) whatever, I'll pay extra! Even adding the technology so I could bond 2 modems would help veritas/EZ info to move out of UNIX and be able to use Front Page directly.

The e-mail (pine) system often runs so slowly it is a pain to use. It is often still difficult to dial into the Webserver via modem because of heavy use. The reduction in Mac sites (student computer labs) is a disappointing trend towards the mediocre. I use both Macs & PCs, and Macs are still simply superior. There need to be designated specialists in widely- used software/platform combinations. When one calls UITS Support center on the phone with a problem, say, with Word for Mac, but the person taking the call, uses mainly WP, this consultant will not be able to help much, or at all. I have OFTEN (usually) had such problems. We need to be able to specify a specialist, and/or ask for one by name. P.S. This form needs more space for comments!!

Outlook accounts very slow to organize skilled technicians for repair work understaffed- Need expertise with MAC as well as IBM!

Overall, UITS docs an excellent job. The major weakness @ IU is the lack of a computer requirement for all students. Many universities now have such a requirement & those that don't will suffer. All new students should be required to have a computer w/modem or ethernet connection- no exceptions. Other needs: faster email servers (IUSC hamlet), www.indiana.edu should, at a minimum be fully compatible w/ms front page. ms agreement seems questionable.

The only area of computing services that I use that really needs improvement is the networking that allows me to connect from home.

You might start by not deleting me from the system; I have now been eliminated from the system three times. Frankly, I've just given up on UITS and just rely on the IUCF support, where they have competent people. Or just re-instate me on the system and promise not to delete me again. [IRD]

Department can't afford voice mail. What sense does it make to pay a faculty member $75K and not give them a full set of phone services?

I am on Microsoft Exchange and find it incredibly frustrating that most of my colleagues are not. This means that sending attachments and web sites is impossible b/c most are not even literate enough to retrieve them. That is very annoying.

A lot of us have computers in both offices and homes; but POPmail only works from one location. Pine is not an alternative to e.g. Eudora, as suggested by the Knowlegde [sic] Base. When is IU going to enter the modern world and provide POP servers that can be addressed from multiple locations, as is possible at other universities and businesses? For such well-wired campuses, IU falls down badly here - and the KB is no help!

1. quite a few stand-up, infostations are broken at SRSC, please fix them. 2. There is much waste of papers at public clusters. Should limit the no. of copies and/or allow back to back printing 3. Sometimes servers are down for a very long time. Maybe there needs to be a back-up system?

I have been discouraged by the frequent breakdown of the computer station in M015 (Sweeney Hall) and by the slow response to problems by the computing staff for the school of Music (I believe they must be very understaffed!)

More departmental level support and sessions on making technology available for classroom instruction

1. more dial-in modems for off-campus use 2. have phone help hours till 9:00 PM 3. some phone help not helpful- better training maybe 4. half of my time is wasted with one thing or another that fails (password, modems busy, system seems to collapse -tonight- who knows why>??)

Melody is great

1. Logging on from my home via phone lines is more or less impossible- you need more phone lines! 2. Our Dept has half-time computer support for 40 faculty plus 40 staff- this is way too little.

Set more modems for off-campus access. Provide a way for me to access my office machine from home.

TLTL is fabulous (I know it's a collaboration with ISS) On the long term, we need more high-tech classrooms

Overall, I am very satisfied, especially with the resources and staff at TLTL. They are very professional, knowledge & helpful. Suggestion: All Dept. Computer consultants should be certified by UITS. The person hired in Afro-Studies needs to be replaced.

1) Need better departmental support 2) Need larger modem pools. 3) Suggest all IU Faculty are issued with all software at the beginning of the academic year.

I made a few comments on the previous pages.

Support personnel for depts should be hired by UITS not by depts. We are at a serious disadvantage (my own opinion) because our person does not have any expertise in MACS, despite attendance at training sessions sponsored by UITS.

1) I know additional ports have been added, but dialing in from home is again becoming problematic - sometimes requires 20 min. to connect initially- 2) Would like a system that did not require Safeword card.

The growing use of PC's over Mac/Unix is creating support nightmares. Would like to see this trend stop. Would like to see site licensing for Mac OS and Adobe products. Exchange is HORRID! This is on Macs AND PC's. I hope the Melissa Virus taught you this. IMAP under Unix is working so well on IAGO I hope you export this service. Would like too see Linux offered as an option in STC's

Improved software Equipment that works well in adv. tech. classrooms Printer education material that goes through all steps and is written more clearly step by step we have a satisfactory system that could be improved, but it shouldn't involve huge expenditures unless funded by the state or grants.

I marked a lot of "7's" and "8's." This may indicate that more communication with faculty is needed. Thanks for asking.

Classrooms: the technology is [UNREADABLE]. It doesn't fit with actual teaching. I can see why things looked good on paper, but the [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "glorial"] slowness of, e.g., the screens in classrooms, or the blinds in RH100 is annoying. Web: IU should do more (something?) to get web page construction software to us. I'm using an old Netscape (I'm a Mac). I thought something would be on IUWare --it's awful that it's not covered.

Re the list of UITS--owned Sics: missing Simon 373

remote access by modem improved greatly last summer and fall, now is deteriorating.

Modem connections are hard to get, and when I do get connected, I frequently get bumped off. This "bumping" does not occur during off-peak hours, and it is not because I have "overstayed my log-on"

sunday access to class rosters faster modems more complete support for web (front page) bells & whistles

When people call or email UCS help-its because they don't want to deal w/ UCS on-line- the world's worst place to go for help. You shouldn't send them back a web address

more modems

dial-in modem service-slow, hard to get a connection most of the day all other services are very good!

would like to be able to access Psych Lit as well as ERIC from my office; wish it was easier to access student rosters & class lists and info on course enrollments-overly difficult system;

I miss all the competitive programs for Resource Allocation like DCPP

Increase speed in the library subnet increase # of modem in the modem pool (make 56k available) keep supporting mal more electronic classrooms all in all, UITS is doing a good job!

Need more MAC software and support

IUCATS interface is not the best. STOP, EXIT, K all used at different levels to quit. backspace doesn't kill, you have to use the spacebar to kill trailing letters.

I have been waiting since 11/11/98 for a reply to my technical support request. I was asked for patience, due to 1st come 1st serve basis.

Modem access from home is still a problem. Sometimes it takes way too long to get access to univ. system. Is there more that can be done to facilitate this for faculty, especially in the daytime and evening? I really never rely on getting through unless it's before 10 am or after 11 pm.

replace the pine e-mail system. use e-mail system that allows convenient operations from a computer based at home - attaching documents, downloading attachments.

Telephone directories - I'd like a Bloomington directory e-mail - slowness (Pine) is sometimes maddening Telephone consulting: uneven - sometimes no help, sometimes excellent Dail [sic] in modems - impossible to get a line in the evenings Software: why can't I get Twinbridge for Windows NT????

Tried to find the statistical Consulting Service and was unable to track it down in the university directory - very frustrating.

Equip other school of Music classrooms with teaching technology (a la Sweeney Hall). It is impossible to schedule additional SOM classes in technology - appropriate classrooms.

As I have lived for nearly thirty years in Europe (Germany) and traveled extensively around the world performing in operas, I have never studied computer systems, rather, things of the "heart and the soul." But maybe now I should begin the work to learn more about these complex systems of the mechanical world.