1999 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

Question 40: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

Note: When an individual person has been identified by name, the person's name is replaced with [IRD] - "Identifying Reference Deleted."

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I pretty much only use IUPUI's Computer services for the software. Connecting to the internet through IUPUI has been very difficult and once I am on, it is slow as cold molasses. I think as much as the technology fee is the service should be comparable to other services like AOL. Most of my computing, however, has very little to do with my being a student.

It is wonderful after you learn how to use it. Orientation classes should be mandatory required of returning students who have beginning computer skills. Maybe a 4-8 hr over view and basics class taught by students???

More consultants in the library would be helpful.

We love free stuff.

1) Faster modems 2) Awareness of internet provider service

Keep making improvements like you have. Your doing a good job!

Please make sure that the computer labs open on time! I think that the labs in Cavanaugh Hall need to open at 8:00 a.m. The services and new computers are very helpful.

More people around to help w/programs.

I would like to be able to access a CNC account from home with IUware.

I would suggest more design/desktop publishing type software to be available in IUPUI computer labs.

I have my own personal computer at home that I use most of the time. However, it is nice to have the availability of so many computers on campus if needed. The staff working in the computer labs and the technology building are extremely friendly and helpful. I also think it is great that IUPUI offers discounted software to students. I have used this privilege quite a few times.

I like computers a lot!

INSITE is a very helpful resource and I hope it is always available. One change I would like to see with this service is to make it available 24 hours a day.

Some, not all, Librarians are condescending when showing someone how to use Indycat. If the people with the knowledge required to use all these great computer benefits would focus more on teaching us "analogs" how to use them, instead of giving bare minimum answers just to get rid of us, the available technology would be appreciated and used instead of being confusing.

It seems no matter what computer lab you choose to use during the day it is hard to find an open computer. Technicians need to be patient with people who are not used to computers.

A lot of the services offered I know very little about & have no experience using-so I hope the info I gave is somewhat useful in showing that students need to be made more aware of the entire list of services offered & how students can use them to enrich their college career.

Your internet server is often very slow! Also, dialing into your modem pool sometimes takes 5-10 attempts. Lastly, the monitors in University Library are so blurry! It's hard to use them for longer than 30 minutes without getting a headache.

idea - a catalog of all available services from UITS and maybe "UITS For Dummies" to be placed around campus and/or for sale in bookstores.

Most of the services offered by UITS I have never heard of and the ones I did know about I could not operate. Maybe if there were some instructional sessions available, I could make better use of these services.

Should make a list with all computer labs on campus and hours of operation.

I would have liked to have seen more computers in the CRC with internet access. I am almost finished with my education methods classes, but this would have been very beneficial.

Macintosh workstations leave a great deal to be desired at any location on campus. Their functionality is far inferior to that of PC's. The new MAC lab 3rd floor Cavanaugh is a small step toward upgrading the educational benefit of Macintosh on campus.

Obviously most of your services I have not even heard of before, therefore, I believe you need to do a lot more advertisement of your services to the students.

I appreciate automated registration and grades over the phone. I use INSITE a lot and appreciate it greatly. I know when classrooms have been changed, my grades, and class schedules for the next semester. I am a non-traditional student and do lots of computer work at home. I appreciate that I'm able to access IUPUI files from home. Your service should be more advertised. I didn't realize I could access the library using my modem directly instead of paying for net service through a commercial provider.

I am not very familiar with IUPUI and everything that they offer because this is my 1st semester and I am still learning different things that are available.

I don't use the computer very often but I have used it to access information on several topics. I also e-mail my instructors. I am very satisfied with the student support system.

More information about different services

Overall, everything works well, especially the 24 hour facility.

Support Elm better (Jewel account). Follow CNC lead. They have better computers, better connections, and more helpful staff. Add modems or fix current modems. They mysteriously disconnect around 8pm every night. Put more modems to long connection times.

When I started going to IUPUI I didn't know much about computers. Now I have learned a lot. I published my web page yesterday and I know that I learned a lot.

I really dislike the Pine e-mail system. It seems very out-of date compared to Windows based e-mail like Eudora.

We need more computers. The school has done a good job moving forward but there is still a long way to go.

Network always seems to be going down and major glitches.

I decided to return to IUPUI last year 1998. I was unaware of the many services offered. A professor told me of "Oncourse" recently. It would be nice if new students received information about UITS. I will visit UITS support center real soon to find out how to become a user of Oncourse.

Why does Bloomington have more and better resources than IUPUI? Indpls downtown library has better resources and free parking.

I think they should use 1-800 numbers. I can't afford to pay long distance charges to utilize the services you provide, unless I'm on campus. Or, I should be able to go through my internet carrier to reduce my long distance charges.

Install better printers and computers for Indy Cat library. Get a program for Computer Labs that will block pornography sites on the Web. This is very important.

Keep up the good work! I do not know how to use book log. Some options a lot of us just do not know about.

I am a novice to use computers. Sometimes follow the instructor's instruction step by step, but can't find the information (at LY/UC computer lab nobody can help). Some computer mouse or something (I don't know, is not working well at CSCI lab). Waste a lot of time to complete the lab work.

The e-mail pine system could use a better help guide (easier to understand) with the basic commands as an example.

Maybe work on personality and friendliness among consultants.

When I purchased IUWare I was not told that I also had to get a number to speed up PPP session. As of today, I still do it manually. I found out about that number through another student. Dial in modems are slow to connect/too many users? I'd like someone to help me set up my PPP session with IUWare CD that I purchased. Is there a way that instruction could be provided with the CD?

For myself I would like to see more Macintosh computers that are working. Frequently the Mac's are broken and seem to take a long time to repair.

The hours for Insite are not conducive for working people usage, or for very much usage on weekends, which is when I would use it the most.

Need more new computers. They are always full. The old ones are too slow.

The only problem I see with using the IU software is when your online, it has a tendency to disconnect service, in the mid-stream of doing my on-line studies.

Can never access Indycat, only Insite - which I do like. IUPUI e-mail systems are hard to use.

Very inconsistent - library needs to be updated.

Be more friendly to novices.

Connecting to server outside of campus is often difficult. Also, I am frequently disconnected after 40 minutes of use. This interferes with quick internet research and sanity.

Purchase more printers.

Put e-mail in an http format so telnet isn't necessary.

Question 12 & 13 - I don't like the Pine system. I have had about 20 attachments I have never been able to open. Every attachment I've ever been sent on pine, I've never seen! #26 - I attend because I am 32, married with kids, and it is convenient, close to home.

Didn't understand many of the questions in this questionnaire - did the best I could. Fees too expensive for someone like me who uses these services so rarely.

Excellent idea to survey student's opinions of services offered.

There needs to be more computer labs with computers similar to those in the lab on 2nd floor of LY bldg.

Improve on the publicity of your support services. There are some listed in the survey that I could have used but didn't even know existed.

The gentleman running the BS3001 STC is exceptional. In 5 years I've never been so satisfied with the service! [IRD] is an influential role model.

I am interested in better utilizing UITS. Prior to the survey, I was not aware of the various services offered. Is there a brochure or guide which outlines these services?

My use of these services are minimal so this is based on little experience.

I was a transfer student to IUPUI this spring and I thought it was difficult to find out where computer labs were and what their hours were. It would be helpful to send out a list of this info to every student.

The UITS far surpasses the services I had at a previous university, which does help in the journey of obtaining my degree. The dial-up process is also very easy and user-friendly.

I would have liked to know how to get the relevant information off of library programs like IUCAT, etc. I could get through it, but not easily.

Need just a little quicker turnaround in fixing computers in SL070. Often, there are numerous machines with "out of order" tags on them.

Haven't used enough services to evaluate them.

It would be a great help if computers were fixed within a shorter time period.

The computers in the library seem to have a lot of problems, like not being hooked up to printers or disconnecting me when I try to get my e-mail. I don't know if UITS oversees "OnCourse", but if so, then I must say it sucks! It is down half the time, and I've had a lot of problems accessing my schedule through it. Very frustrating.

There seems to be several computer options you offer which could make my learning experience more convenient and better, but I have either never heard of them or only heard "grapevine" tidbits. You should find a way to GET THE WORD OUT!

Need more 24 hr. computing services. IUB has many sites. Also need more 24hr. study areas - IUPUI doesn't offer these. Sometimes when I need to study I need to get away and go to school, but I can't when it's late.

There used to be a computer cluster in the Union Building. It was a great place for students and faculty to go to. Now the ELS department took over the area. It would be nice to put computers back at the union building again.

I am grateful of the helpful info sent over the emails about the "melissa" virus. It helped me not to get it. Thanks.

UITS is doing a wonderful job. Please keep up the good work!!! No improvements necessary.

Most computers are being used for e-mail and chat. It is difficult to find one to do school work on.

It seemed to me that Steps & Prosteps classes were only available at the beginning of semesters. It would be helpful to offer them in the middle of the semester when students are utilizing particular software tools.

Increase modem pools(again). Eliminate "Carry Circuit Busy" signals for all University in-coming calls. Update all labs to be Win 95 compatible. Increase availability of Insite (close from midnight to 5:00 a.m?). Move ability to obtain student ID's to a 24 hour lab. Promote availability of 24 lab.

I don't like how the jewel nodes are set up-text functions-I prefer a simple-mouse operated system. Not text based-when attachments are sent-I cannot access them easily with jewel.

E-mail should be easier to find out about on campus. Also, changes and updates should be made more public.

I would like to see more telephone directories made available or sent to homes.

For the most part I have had great experience with your services. Unfortunately I have not had opportunities to use all those you offer. Staff at "clusters" are (generally) pleasant and knowledgeable.

Sorry, I wasn't more helpful.

I am ATG major and the 24 hour doesn't provide any software that I need. We need a lab for Tech major.

For some of us returning students a lot of this technology is new and have no idea about them.

Provide more labs in the SL building. There are not enough labs open for students.

I very rarely can find my e-mail after it's sent to me and I think Eudora should be on the IU software that we get at the beginning of the year.

I would like to see longer hours on the help desk-after 8PM you get people who are busy doing other things (or so it seems) and they aren't much help. Also, there seems to be some hesitation in giving our phone #'s to the 56K dial in lines. After the one time they were in the SAG, UITS personnel seem reluctant to give out info. New computers in CA (second floor) area welcomed addition-as the computers in the 24 hour lab. Speaking about the 24 hour lab, I really don't feel safe or comfortable using the men's restroom. Why can't there be a key for the women's room on the second floor? (Plus a few snack machines or something-maybe areas to offset costs?)

I never use PC at school, only at home and work.

Why aren't more funds funneled to Herron's computer labs? They do have a good array of graphics software, but the hardware (monitors and keyboards) could use an upgrade.

There are particular consultants that make my time and the labs a nightmare and overall, a horrible experience. They are rude, discourteous, and only available to answer questions when they are done playing computer games or actually awake.

Is there a listing of available services and Student Technology Centers for students? Where may I obtain a copy of this information?

Dial in modem services are way too slow. If I try to work from home with a 56K modem, the fastest I can get is 26000. It takes way too long to save and open on the U: drive and internet access is too slow to use some web sites.

Computers not always available during the day. Ability to check email from another off campus computer.

I did not know about some of the things offered. Need a phone number so people can call UITS Modem Pool without it being Long Distance.

The pine and jewel system are very confusing to me. I have trouble getting online using IUPUI library resources from my home computer.

My experience has been positive and a key component in student performance, to the point of notability in my overall university experience when evaluating grad schools, I used IUPUI technology as a base-line.

Need more lines for dial-in modem. For some reason, I am always being kicked of system a few minutes after I log on.

I have found that email using pine is a difficult and tedious system compared to groupwise. Why do we have it? Also, the freshmen and many others are extremely unimpressed with the computer facilities in Cavanaugh Hall. The other side of campus is weighted down with good technology, why can't it be extended to Cavanaugh?

I am not happy with INDYCAT, especially the one installed in the library. It is impossible to find anything. Dial in is not good. I would like to dial in from home to connect school computers but it is not a good service so I use commercial services.

Need to reevaluate your phone system - you should have automated system for registering Drop/Add/Withdraw etc.. More help from Staff - I can never get through!! When I do I end having to call multiple numbers.

I am an older, non-traditional student who was not bond with modem. I have been encouraged by many faculty and fellow students to learn different aspects of computer use. I especially appreciate the patient people in the computer room 1st floor Cavanaugh across from drop/add. I always know I can go there for accurate help.

Please remove me from your survey list - I will not answer another one. Thank you.

Please open computer centers at 9am instead of 9:30am. Thanks!

Provide campus phones in all buildings for student use. Advertise telephone services.

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I have an older computer at home and this creates a problem with UITS computing series. Also most programs offered through IUPUI are not compatible to the slower computers.

I think the Services are very comprehensive and helpful. Unfortunately I am so inexperienced that I have little understanding of what's available and how it can be of assistance to me. I do use the IUPUI network to get on the Internet and find the server is down very often and this is frustrating.

Some computers are slower than others, I would like to see the slower/older computers upgraded. Thank you for the free software.

I am a graduate non degree student and this is only my first semester taking a course at IUPUI. I have not had to use any campus telecommunications or computer services.

It would be great if more info about services technology classes etc were more publicized. It seems like the info I get is only by word of mouth. Also, I use pine and do not know how to open or send attachments. And I'm sure there are other features of the e-mail that would be important to know about. An instruction sheet with such info would be helpful. Also I've heard outlook b/c other grad students in my office use it. But, what is it? It seems like you can do more w/that than pine. Is it an option for e-mail for students? It would also be nice to disseminate that sort of info, also. The e-mail stations in LY building that are just in a hallway of the 3rd floor are great. I see people use them all the time. Also I like the idea of "renting" laptops to be used in study areas. This service should be publicized more. Again I heard about this by word of mouth. The telephone support helps me a lot. A Great Service.

License agreement on IUWare CD says it can only be used when a student. Since I am a student off and on this creates a problem for me. I think this restriction should be eliminated.

As a law student, I needed much more training on the IU computer system. My experience with Pine, IUCAT, etc. is limited and a more extensive training would have been helpful. The web page for the law school is extremely helpful and informative. Finally there seems to be little to no help in labs during evening hours for night division students.

I found IUWare extremely difficult to load and make a connection. It was almost not worth all the effort I made just to find instructions on how to use it. Even then I had trouble due to complexity and vagueness of instructions. I sent for help via e-mail to support but never received a reply.

I get incredibly angry when I cannot find a University phone for my use. It does state that they are campus use only, and I can see how the usage of these phones could easily get out of hand for the undergrads. But as a grad student, I pay good money to attend your university and don't know why I can't obtain a calling code to make campus and off campus phone call at my convenience on the phones that have the blocking feature for people without a calling code.

Edit telnet instructions - they were complicated to follow.

Should let people know of all the services available perhaps through a newsletter or something like that.

I attend grad school at IUPUI, attended undergrad at IUB and work at IUB. I'm surprised to find the email systems totally separate and that IUPUI admin would not use my IUB e-mail, requiring me to set up the IUPUI acct and forward it to the IUB acct. Now that it's done, it's ok but was a hassle for a commuter to night classes. I love INSITe.

We need 2x as many computers in the law school and 4x as many plugs and jacks for laptops.

I wish I had been more informed with regard to all the services provided.

More computers, better computers.

Dental school computer lab needs more than one printer. 20 computers for 1 printer. You know this isn't working. Please resolve. Thank You

I have found daytime access to e-mail slow if not impossible at times.

The only complaint I have is the frequent busy signal on 5620 & 5621 (less so)

Redesign/review of www.iupui.edu

More knowledge in telephone consultation on setting up IUWare from home. Still unable to get mine to work.

Pine should be updated to 1990's technology or replaced. Persons at the helpdesk are very good, professional. While there are fewer busy signals when I try to dial up IUPUI there are still some during peak times, that really is annoying.

Computer clusters do not have enough desk space around each computer. Try writing a paper when there is no place to put resource material. Library computers should be part of UITS.

Overall the services provided are great. However, Oncourse is a piece of junk and should be scrapped.

Online research services (Harrison's etc) at the School of Medicine are excellent. Keep up the good work.

Since IUPUI is a campus more oriented for non-regular-time study (such as afternoon, evening classes) a lot of students including me are living off campus, so the availability of www dial up service is very important at least from my point of view. Please provide more dial up modems as possible for off campus access. Thank You.

Indycat ought to be brought up to par w/Insite. We need more off campus library info and action.

It would be nice if I could access INDYCat/IUCAT from my Macintosh. That would help my research a lot.

Make some academic software as Matlab, SA3, picture software, available to students.

Keep increasing resource availability online. This has helped me tremendously. I especially like the IN-Site related services.

I think our law school lab should be open more, especially near exams. Fewer teaching sessions before exams would show a little respect. Also on WordPerfect, only one computer will automatically save the document, I think is why all the disk drives are worn.

I wish it were easier to log in from my home easier. We switched to a different provider because yours is busy often. I appreciate the free courses to learn more computers.

Not enough computers

Need more private work areas for strictly word processing

I have found the consultants in the technology center to be very helpful and friendly -a real pleasure. I find the dial in support to be totally inadequate. It usually takes several tries to get connected, minimum of 2. The line drops every few minutes and I have to redial. Very Disruptive.

I use the computer facilities heavily for research. It is very aggravating to have the line drop while you are making modifications to a program or testing. Wastes a lot of time. I have decided to try another network supplier instead. I do however appreciate that you have to support a very large customer base and are doing so far for free or at least for our technical fee which is relatively cheap. I would rather that you INCREASE the fee and provide better or more reliable service. Thank you for the opportunity.

I really find Pine to be an inadequate e-mail service, but better than nothing. I really like exchange from Microsoft and would prefer to use that instead.

I was not aware most of these services existed and were available for students. Is there a way you could send out mailers or something to inform students of the availability and accessibility of these services?

This survey mentioned several services that I had never heard of but might be helpful. For example public laptop network connections, "Bookbag" storage, research data backup on central computers. Should I know about this? Perhaps UITS should put together short seminars and deliver these in every dept. over the course of the year. That way those of us immersed in our research would be kept up to date on the comprehensive features of our network computing environment and other services UITS offers. I believe our computer and telecommunications environment is under-utilized due to ignorance of those in a position to take advantage of such services.

Most of the services are not well marketed or made easily accessible via the www. Put more stuff on the web accessible via IP (ID and password) and the system would work better.

Keep up the good work. Free programming classes would be helpful.

Did not use campus computers. I was very displeased with FAST system provided through IUPUI.

IUWare is almost completely worthless especially compared to softpak. Best thing about UITS is support center.

Make it easy for students living in Bloomington and near other campuses to use their closest IU Campus system. It has been 2 big a hassle getting IUB e-mail and was costing way too much to dial in to Indy from home. I commute.

Have consultants at IUPUI familiar with UNIX board stats programs.

Increase probability of computer program.

Increase availability of computer literary programs.

I use the law library computer lab. The Mac's need more memory. They can't run Microsoft word and print from word at the same time. Also the printers are very unreliable.

I know several students that are unaware of the capabilities and functions of UITS. Many do not realize that they can network from home, etc. More advertisements and mini training sessions for freshman (first year grad students) would be beneficial -- I had to learn about the services by myself.

I'd like to see the UITS online guides and paper publications easier to follow. I'm always frustrated because they don't start "on the ground floor." They are always assumptions that I miss. They should be written for someone who knows nothing about computers! The least common denominator.

Med library computers moved from central space. Why Medlib computers don't have WP capabilities? Why printing problems at medlib less knowledgeable, helpful staff than in univ lib or STC? Need more publicity about access to 24 hour computing lab.

I struggle with dial in modem. I get cut off all the time. (Yes I am aware of the time limits.) It is slow and it doesn't let me in very often. Everything IUPUI campus in regards to UITS is great.

I have been a part time student for 2 years and I've never been told of these services to my knowledge.

Have more Microsoft programs available at discount, statistical mathematical Corel draw, photoshop, Microsoft money.

As an evening law student, I use my laptop and services from work. Mostly AOL and Lotus Notes. I would like to have the ability to hook up my laptop and email from school delivered to me there.

I have enjoyed and used parts of the UITS services. They have been very helpful and supportive to my work.

Computers need more RAM. When downloading into the computers often lock up. I am very pleased with the access provided to dial up modems. I seldom get a busy signal.

It might be helpful to direct students to specific web pages that list and explain the various technology services available each semester.

Keep advancing technology.

Computer Lab in BS1000 is out of printer paper 90% of the time I use the lab. That may be a SPEA and not UITS problem.

At law school computer reps could be more friendly and helpful.

During evening hours modem pool is large enough to handle other than off campus users.

The computers in the main library need the floppy drives checked. On more than one occasion the computers have damaged my disk. Also the Macintosh computers need virus scanning software that can detect IBM compatible viruses. Also I don't think the computers in the main library do an effective job at virus protection. Also the 4 hour connecter to the server will not let me connect at 56K. The highest is 52K.

I believe many quality services are offered. However, I also believe they need to be advertised better. I was unaware of many of the services listed here or how to access them.

Does UITS offer basic courses in Excel, Power Point, Internet? If yes, I'd be interested in more information. Thanks.

I think the licensing agreement with Microsoft was a bad idea. They don't care about our education. They are just looking to make money off us.

You are essential to IUPUI.

I'm just a graduate student working for an endorsement on my teaching license -2 classes plus practicum. I have registered over the phone and that was great. I have done some work in the library and used IndyCat and that was a big help with research and locating information. Otherwise, I don't know much about UITS services, etc. Sorry.

More dial-up modems are needed and newer or updated computers in the SPEA grad computer room.

As a graduate student, I was not aware of many of the services. Perhaps there is a way to better get the word out on all services.

I am a Saturday part-time student. I do not have time while on campus to use these facilities. I would suggest either providing information sessions on Saturday or not charge Saturday students a technology fee, since I know of none of my classmates who use the computer lab.

Servers occasionally went down interrupting work.

Overall, I think IUPUI does a great job with IT. The software agreement is the best. It allows many people to work at home.

Need laptop modem access and plugins at the law school.

The consultants at the Student Technology Center at the Law School are exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. They do a terrific job and are enormously appreciated.

I really don't like our school's e-mail program. I'm a law student who may communicate with professors a lot through e-mails, but whenever we want to print some attachments, it causes a problem. I hate a DOS system!

I've been involved with IUPUI for nearly six years with emphasis on technology and computers. I have seen great improvements over the years, especially with information services.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

I always am appreciative of the staff who serve thru the "help" line (4-help). No matter the size or importance of problem, staff members seem willing to help me solve my problem.

Wish staff would not make me feel like I'm intruding on their schedule by asking them for help.

Please improve the speed and use of the dial-in modem services. PLEAS; other unexplained messages that often come up on computer screen.

FIS/FMS change too often with little real improvement.


Get rid of safeword card so we don't have to have the cards attached to our hips to get access. Get an on-line access software. Make FIS updates easier to install & have installation consistent from month to month. Documentation with IU ware and educated distributors on IU ware to help user decided which CD they need.

Make prosteps free to staff.

My comments probably aren't much help since I don't use many of the services you provide but those I do use are important to me. I wish I could take advantage of the many computing ed training classes you have available. I was very impressed with the Exchange/Outlook class I attended for the switchover.

You provide many services that research staff has been unaware of - send each lab a brochure listing & explaining each services.

Computer faxing would be nice.

I would like to have my faxes routed to me through the computer. I currently have to go to another floor to receive my faxes.

Some dissatisfaction about services relate to my frustration over computer knowledge. At times, answers to questions aren't simple enough for my knowledge.


Support of LSP Program Education

Very hard to call specific people because only general numbers in phone book. Almost always get voice mail. If talking to secretary/help types, seldom get usable information.

More training, integration for MAC users, & sub groups on campus.

It was to evaluate the service since I have been here less than 2 months.

We try to avoid UITS help desk since answers can vary widely of the services available, it would be nice to have more coordinated (1 stop list) of everything provided along w/links.

We put men & women on the moon in 24 hours, unfortunately when we need some services for UITS, it takes two or three weeks particularly for out of campus units or depts like us.

Request for telephone services (inst electrical, moves, voice mail assignments) are taking too long to process by account reps. It is apparent there is not enough staff in this area. Two-three weeks is not acceptable when asking for a phone to be moved, installed etc. Those employees that are currently performing these tasks are to be commended. They are dedicated hard workers. But more like them are needed.

I am the manager (pretty brand new manager) of a listserv on campus. It would be wonderful to have some on-campus support available through the 274-help# as opposed to always e-mailing L-soft for help.

The student e-mail-jewel accounts are very difficult for attachments.

UITS-is doing a very good job-our university is pushing technology integration!

I am a new employee with little knowledge of computers. I indicated to our support person my lack of skills but he offered no help. I have had to learn by trial and error and by asking my 18 y/o son at home.

[IRD] & the other help desk staff have been very quick and kind and professional. They are appreciated.

Dial-in needs more lines.

Repair services need better follow-up.

Better communication of Y2K problem to staff and students, not just upper administration of each school.

I'm a new employee. No one has offered me formal classes. All I've been able to figure out is how to send e-mail (sort of) and check lab results in RAMRS. I'm a nurse practitioner and sure could use some training.

Stat/Math departmental support lab and the LAN lab are model organizations.

[IRD] in our department is excellent. [IRD] is excellent. One suggestion: I try to figure out problems as best I can, but I need information on services or people to call to help me out. I waste too much time figuring stuff out.

Allow access to Center for Technology and Learning to be available to other than just faculty and PA-16 and above.

Publish a mini-guide for help line telephone prompts; develop a better Safecard system; publish brochure with information about services offered.

Quit treating customers like idiots. When I call, I need help, not attitude. Computer access is a necessity in my job, not a luxury. Network problems due to "noise" on the network are not acceptable. Technology upgrades need to be made across the board, not just for trendy departments.

Although there seems to be a willingness to help, UITS is so large and complex, it is hard to know where to go to get help.

Exchange server is difficult to connect to from an ISP. Timing seems to be the problem. Can something be done to speed up the Exchange server? I realize that there isn't enough modems and I think it would be impossible to endlessly buy more and more modems, which is why I prefer an ISP, but I prefer to use Outlook from home and not the web browser for Exchange server. Perhaps detailed instructions could be provided. Thanks.

I would like to see classes for staff expanded and offered on Saturday sometimes. We are so dependent on UITS and it would be great to get more training and be less dependent.

I find the TOPS system unnecessarily complicated. I've worked at five universities and this system is the most user-unfriendly system I've ever encountered. The Safeword card is also difficult to use since many letters and numbers look identical on the card screen.

The training sessions I've been to have been good. Last semester, I taught a Psychology course with computer exams. There was a major problem with the computer and many exam scores were lost. Fortunately, I had downloaded a hard copy before the biggest crash, but other instructors were not so lucky. This created major problems for course grading.

Would like to see more help available for Mac users. The TOPS system is okay, but could be better and easier to use. I like the software programs that I can buy. It's a very good deal. Wish that more were available, especially for the Mac's.

Support staff at Integrated Technologies have been extremely knowledgeable, quick, efficient, and helpful!

More support is needed for students using "OnCourse". Phone support and knowledge base on the web is not enough. Since I began using OnCourse, I have been surprised by the number of students who lack basic computer skills. This is more frequently a problem in older students. I have students who come to class not knowing the difference between Pine and Netscape, between OnCourse and WWW. They need basic skills training. Where can they go? They need more than phone support.

Please work with ADFI to allow UITS to service all ADFI departments.

UITS employees are showing distinct signs of stress and low morale at IUPUI, caused by too many reorganizations and inadequate information/feedback during the many reorganizations. Watching from outside the department, I see the low morale affecting computing services to the entire IUPUI campus. It appears it would be much more effective to have reorganizations only under extreme circumstances (once in 5 years time). People can't work effectively under constant threat of losing their livelihood/income/career. You lose all good employees over time, as they have talent to go someplace else where their work is rewarded without threats of reorganizations. If all the talented people in the organization leave, you're left with a weak, unstable organization of little expertise.

IUWare - give some sort of better sense of what you are getting when you pick up the cd - what are all the options.

When you dial-in on a modem why are there so many steps? You have to put in your user name and password twice, etc.

www.iupui.edu can be difficult to navigate and could use a "fresh" look.

The Bloomington staff support for distribution of corel and ether software is excellent. [IRD], [IRD]at univ info tech svcs goes above and beyond to help with voice mail lines and problems.

Keep up the good work!

Need to re-arrange support to administrative units.

We should really try to move away from DOS for our email services.

It is very difficult to adjust work schedule to attend info sessions/workshops. These workshops should be "built in" to the work week (i.e. mandatory to attend once or twice a month so plan on it.)

The voice mail system requires too many access numbers.

Access to TOPS for infrequent users is a problem with the expiration of passwords so often.

Difficulties logon with 278-5620

Because of UITS, I am more computer competent than I otherwise would be. Thank you for your help.

Due to UITS' inability to provide efficient, prompt, knowledgeable networking support, our office has chosen to get this support through other campus units instead. This arrangement has been much more satisfactory than direct reliance on UITS; however, it is also less stable than strong centralized support would be in the smaller unit we contract with could in future have difficulty providing consistent service.

Mistakes in telephone directory.

Good teleconferencing.

Very good voice mail.

Have not used modem access to IUPUI computing systems yet, but would like to. Also, have not used instructional or student computing services.

Exchange server needs some improvements.

Very good local area network support.

There seems to be on-going problems with Outlook-locks up, crashes, slow.

Unable to get information needed from Data Direct for CTG information. Need to have RC code (or school) added. Have requested this several times.

We are all in the IUPUI, therefore, UITS should not charge as much for services. Also, we should be able to fax documents directly from our workstations (computers).

Have had problems with Groupwise to Outlook changeover. Have unresolved problem with Explorer and Graphics.

ISON capability for UITS staff; increased cubicle sizes or offices, including better working conditions in the ET building.

The Help desk is nice, but the skill level varies significantly. Tough questions are hard to get help from.

I have rated the operator low. I work at the School of Nursing and any call that comes in about nursing is transferred to us. We have had calls for nurses at Riley, University, etc. We are the School of Nursing, not the nursing center.

Make it easier to contact a person who can come to your office without waiting a week or so.

Dial-in modem service is very unreliable -- it throws you off without telling you at both 5620 and 5621; INDYVAX/IUCAT is a dinosaur and should be extinct; same for PINE; the network has gone down a lot lately, especially in the evening; IU Ware should still have modem connection software for ad/slow computers because that is all there is almost, where I work.

I would like notification of additions/ deletions to compus2-- I often find out too late what I needed was there for I had known where to look.

For computer hardware repairs, more contact if there are long delays in responding. Also, a mechanism for stating if the situation is an emergency. The technicians are very good and helpful.

There is so much computer information. How do you know what is what if you have limited computer experience? It is very complicated - services and figuring out who to call for each software systems. How do you find out more?

Yes, re: Exchange/Outlook - Which database does the properties info read from? Some items are more problematic to change than others.

Very disappointed with service we receive from speanet. Network down often and little to nothing communicated to users on why and when it will be improved. Support personnel seem poorly trained beyond advisory to reboot or reload software.

A) Would like direct e-mail communications by listserve to be notified what MS software is now available, i.e, updates and prostep class updates. Otherwise, you have to have the right timing to check.

B) As it relates to #35 above, would like to see more communications encouraged about computers and services from Dept. Computer Support personnel so we're not in the dark when they are out.

I think we need to work on the consulting part from UITS. This campus has strong need of a good group that will bring the need for LSPS here at IUPUI. For the past two years I feel that UITS has lost touch with ISP's. More consulting is needed.

I'm not sure why I rec'd this survey. I don't use computers for much--- only looking up labs and email.

Please Please Please get your billing statements straightened out! It's very frustrating to have errors on there that were corrected prior to the switch, only to have them show up again (ie, cancelled pagers somehow are being charged for). This is the weakest point in the system right now. Pager charges don't show pager ID or pager ph#, so we can't track which pagers are being charged; some modems are being charged to the wrong accounts, etc.

The technician support is very inconsistent. Some of the techs are excellent - [IRD] and others are no good at all. Therefore every time you request support, there is significant risk you will not receive good support.

I believe UITS does a good job of offering support to the departments within its boundaries. However, I am concerned about the perpetual changing of the UITS structure. Very good skilled, helpful people have been lost due to this instability in UITS. I believe that the university has wasted a lot of money and skills in this fickle manner of management.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

Faster, more reliable network

My main complaint is probably not within UITS' control, but I will mention it anyway. IUPUI does a terrible job at upgrading software and maintaining systems. If you don't get it when you are hired you are out of luck.

Our office is located off-campus. Very difficult to get UITS to come to our office for assistance.

There are challenges receiving technical assistance and consultation and training for faculty in our school.

Better interaction as to who is responsible for addressing particular problems/questions; internal lingo and work-flow and assignments cannot easily be understood by non UITS people.

Would like access to SAS stats package at IUPUI.

This survey is too long.

Cost of phones/month is outrageous.

Classroom support in LD by workers and the troubleshooting consultants is excellent.

Can't find help desk number in phone book.

Lots of helpful info and forms on internet. Hard to navigate. On-Course is a great piece of work.

Model for supporting instructional development doesn't work. It requires the instructor to learn too much about technology. All of the fine stuff available has been of little use to me.

Instructors should not be required to be technology technicians. On the other hand, the cost to pay UITS to do it is prohibitive. As a result, not much evidence of technology in the typical classroom, beyond PowerPoint.

As the university has moved to the WWW, it has become successively more depersonalized. Now, at times, it is impossible to find a person to deal with one's specific problem, or find out what resources are available. Worse, decisions that impact the content of courses are made without even consulting the faculty (or providing alternatives). Services are being withdrawn to a central location where it is not feasible for the faculty/students to develop courses/make use of them.

Replace INDYCAT ASAP with something modern! Improve remote access to UITS and local network serves--ie. Why can't I access my files at school from home? Provide fast and competitive hardware service for equipment that IU recommends--Compaq, HP etc.

This survey is too long. Please do not send me another.

It is better to install permanently the computer-connected projector in the computer labs such as in SL2 (I forget the room number). Once I booked the room to demonstrate the program but I found 10 min. before class that there were many computers for students to use but no computer to project image on screen. Nevertheless, the UITS personnel was very helpful to install the machine in a few minutes. Thank you!

Note: I teach an evening computer class using campus cluster. During Fall 1997 there were 3 sessions (of total of 10 programmed) for computer lab with network interruptions. After that experience I put "technology in the classroom" on the back burner. It was very disruptive and hard to use room with no network.

The method of listing faculty in only one department when they have appt's in 2 or more depts/schools must be addressed.

Please contact me regarding the availability of software and classrooms for teaching at IUPUI.

Better publicize software deals (I purchased Corel and Norton). I didn't know these were available. Upgrade to 56K modems for dial-in. Overall --excellent job!

Software and OS patches on the IUWare CD Rom. You should note exceptions or situations where they should not use. I downloaded some windows 95 patches last fall only to find out that my version already had these patches. As a result, I had to reformat and reload my hard drive.

The vast majority of support/services/etc. described in this survey are news to me. Perhaps providing new faculty (like myself) with a booklet about such services would be of benefit. That said the primary thing I want to do is hook up from home and I can't because of inadequate support from you. So... I think you guys do a poor job.

Would help to have ABI Inform and Lexus-Nexus accessible to give in-office computers. Needs a better index or table of contents on IUPUI web server. Cannot find things. It would really help to have an easy to find location on the IUPUI webpages that would give brief descriptions of all of these services and whom to contact for more information. [IRD] is absolutely great. Your staff that handles the video is very good. Always try hard. Sometimes the audio-visual equipment breaks down.

Need to add more lines so students and faculty can connect.

Since I really am not savvy, the bigger obstacle/problem is knowing what UITS does and offers.

I see improvements - UITS has narrowed its services and had the chance to focus on fewer services. One big issue for the campus that is starting to hit is the question of maintaining servers. If we want students to have 24hr access and numerous schools are using servers, it seems like that a centralized "service for baby-sitting" them is more efficient. Charges would be reasonable but not factoring a share of every administ. cost of UITS.

Make more help available to novice users - with the person to use the knowledgebase for everything, a novice user can get awfully confused. Make it easier for first year students to get help!

The folks at 274-HELP are very helpful!

It seems we need more support personnel in the S.L.A. Is that yours or somebody else's?

Excellent response by NOC when experiencing computer problems in the library. Poor response by UITS when we needed an address, etc. for a new website.

Service is cumbersome; telephone response is often unhelpful. 24hour notice for equipment in my own building is often inconvenient.

Improve the quality of help at the HELPDESK.

We get cut-off at times when we use the dial-up modem at home. It probably cannot be helped, but it is not pleasant.

Long waits to dial in on your line from home. You need evening people who can answer questions about OnCourse - never mind - you need people at all shifts who can answer questions about Oncourse. My students have not been able to get the support they need.

Employs too many people undertaking obscure tasks in their cubicles. A big drain on the University budget, probably the most inefficient operation in the University considering the number of people. Does not generate any income lines on exorbitant taxes levied on each department. Somebody needs to make a benefit/cost analysis of this most extravagant operation in University history.

4-HELP is a poor system, more concerned with tracking than helping.

My only problems are that using e-mail from home and internet from home, the link is tenuous, it often clicks off. Or I can't get on easily/quickly from home. At office, it's fast and more steady. Also, BS2005, a room I chose because of large screens etc., is useless to use my videotapes in. My tapes flicker and go blank. There is no cassette tape player in there. Basic ordinary equipment - a $100 VCR and a tape player, would be more useful than what is in that room. Equipment should be used that is versatile, or it goes to waste.

Dial-in modem services is rarely available between 7pm-11pm. The line is almost always busy.

278-5621 kicks you out in one hour without warning.

Phone and voice-mail design

Ergonomics - assistive technology

Web page design

Insite course schedules

I have specific suggestions for improving all of these.

Computer support services at school/departmental levels are poor, both for hardware & software support (dentistry).

Have you guys ever heard of software manuals? How about providing them for users?

Network is "down" more than it's "up".

Library applications are difficult to use compared to other institutions. Librarians are either untrained or disinterested in providing support.

Very satisfied with computer support overall.

Should be able to scroll.

Dial in mode 278-5620 frequently very busy and difficult for access in the evening. Do you need more lines?

Concerning voicemail - I don't know whether this is a UITS issue or school issue, but if someone leaves a voicemail, the only way to know is if I pick up the phone and listen to the beep. At home I have a blinking light that tells me when I have a message! I can't get timely messages if I don't know I have a message. As often as I leave my office, I am not going to pick up the phone 30 times a day to see if a message is waiting. I'm more comfortable with WebCt for my courses now - but understand there is an effort to change over to Oncourse. What efforts are you making to contact us WebCT users and encourage or provide assistance to convert our materials to Oncourse?

I believe that UITS has done a great job even if I have not availed myself of all the services but I know IU has really provided for us. Thanks

Need faster response on providing A-V equipment. Need faster connection to dial in modem service.

OnCourse too cumbersome for a novice computer person and would like to have easier computer access to the med library. AV equip would be workable.

Connection from the Helpdesk to the Internet is incredibly slow.

This is my second semester. I have not had the opportunity to utilize many of the services offered by UITS.

Twice last year when faced with a simple AV problem in BS or nursing, it was difficult to find a phone to call 4-help. In nursing I used a payphone and in BS the career center. I think something should be done to make this easier especially after 5 pm.

The phone book is very hard to read, especially in department sections. Finding an office in a clinical department is difficult. I.E., infectious disease department listed separately under the school of medicine or under the department of medicine.

Unilateral designs made by UITS without consultation with those who use services have resulted in potentially catastrophic waste of investments. Particular cluster development at IUPUI.

I have been very satisfied with network services. In the past 2-3 wks (2/21-3/5), there have been more than a number of access problems. Is this a Clarian issue?

I ran not walked into my 9 oncourse sections the same day I learned they were available. Enable me to bypass Pine which reeks. Finally, wysiwyg capabilities for my students with me learning HTML or going through someone who does.

Better training starting with outlook. Evening training is hard to make time during the day.

Overall UITS has been serving IUPUI magnificently well, way ahead of many other compatible universities.

I felt under Dean John Barlow, former SLA Dean, support was poor. Barlow never evaluated it. Now things are slowly improving. Dial up services from home are problematic, frustrating. Computers are serviced well in library. UITS or library responsibility.

I'm connected through the CNC of the engineering and technology school so I seldom use UITS computers. Hence my answers may be skewed.

The help desk people are excellent. They have an excellent attitude of helpfulness. The center for teaching and learning staff are superior in their willingness to help me learn and resolve questions and problems. The only problem worth noting is my listserv.

As a Macintosh user, I am continually frustrated by the obstacles that are put in my way. Many of these are the fault of the law schools own support personnel, whose knowledge of the universities system and software do not seem well set up for cross platform operability.

More consistent software in labs between UITS and CNC. Graphical e-mail for students. Better user involvement in course.

Access to IUPUI system to teach web based courses is a major problem for both students and faculty.

I would appreciate having Front Page Extensions available form our departmental web site. It would greatly increase its functionality.

Need better access from distance sites to outlook very slow.

Voice mail adds more circuits - we have delays in messages being delivered up to 24hrs - 3hrs delay commonly. Modems for remote access still too many busy signals. It is ridiculous that IUB a residential campus has over twice as many dial up ports as IUPUI.