2000 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

2000 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

Question 41: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

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IU needs more color printers--it takes way too long to print

I think the whole dropping process (for classes) is way too complicated. The way it is now, students have to go all over campus to drop a class. Also, the long distance codes should be able to be accessed on Insite or some other max. security place; I lost mine, but refuse to go to the office to get a new one. Therefore, I can't make any long distance calls and you're not making money.

Attempt to fix broken computers in a shorter amount of time.

Often I go to use a computer at the Teter-Lab and not a single computer available will allow me to log on.

The consultants were not very helpful & they always seemed like you were bothering them when you called for advice or even when you made an appointment. Overall the technology @ IU is very helpful & informative.

My main concerns of computing 1) technical difficulties, crashing, server slowing, etc... 2) computer clusters are impossible to get in at busy hours 3) most people don't know of all the resources available to them

As long as Pine is removed as the email system, I will be fine. Pine is not easy to use, so the web-based system will be better.

I think that more computers should be added to the cluster in the union and other high volume areas.

The computers at IUPUI are far above the computers available at IUB. They have laptops that are available to check out at the library. They also have zip drives.

Fix computers faster when they are down. Improve the Halls of Residence computers and printers. Have more help with assistance with Halls of Residence computers and printers.

Need more consultants in dorms or at best # to reach on who is close.

The people who work in the computer labs have always been kind and of help when I needed something.

It would be a nice change to be able to recieve [sic] more than just "text only" e-mail through Pine.

It took a very long time for Residence computing people to get in contact w/ me after I called them, left messages for about 1 month. Some of the clusters are run down and need new computers-also they need someone there who can fix the printers and keep them working.

Please do not limit the printing.

Bring back Napster.com ==> we all pay a technology fee + should have free reign on how we want to spend our time online.

Get ride [sic] of Pine/Telnet. For being a very "wired" school, we are using old technology!

I would like more disk space in my e-mail account. It is frustrating to not be able to save things because my disk quota is too full.

Good job

I think there should be some G3 Macs in the Res Hall labs. I'm in many graphic design classes & it would sometimes come in handy. Also, there are residents with Macs.

In the area of voice mail, I feel that the phones that belong to the campus should blink when a message is in the box rather than us having to remember to pick up the phone & listen for that stupid dial tone. I know that the blink is an option available to us. But we should not have to PAY for it!!

The computers at Collins-GREEN are pretty bad. Of the four computers at least two are broken & connections are VERY slow. In addition, four computers are NOT ENOUGH for all the Collins students that live away from the main quad at Collins-SMITH.

Please start supporting linux on a more widespread spectrum. Maybe think about starting a linux lab.

Pine systems could be easier to use and faster w/ fewer problems.

You should make the email systems able to open attachments. Also, opening more lines so it is easier to connect with the IU system.

-I wish that there were more MAC Clusters. Perhaps consider putting a MAC cluster(s) in Myers Hall b/c I know that a fair share of science students use Macs. This way, by having a MAC cluster in Myers would be conveniently located by the Science buildings e.g. Chemistry, Jordan, Swain. -Infostations are often not available for use b/c they seem to crash a lot. So, perhaps fixing this problem would be helpful. Placing more infostations in the Union (there seems to be very long lines there much the time). -Overall, I feel that UITS does a phenomenal job w/ computing. The # of and availability of UITS clusters is great! -I love that through licensing agreements we can get so much software cheaply! (i.e. IUWARE)]

Overall, the UITS services are very beneficial + useful. I wish e-mail was easier when dealing with attachments + so forth, but otherwise, it's great.

I understand that Napster was used by many lines, but I still feel it is wrong to deny it's access.

More labs open late of night. More labs for public computing stations open during the day

Unix ie Solaris & Unux needs to be implemented in some STC or UITS sites on campus there are only a few in LH, they can be valuable in a network environment.

There are so MANY computers in the Main Library. It's a sea of machines. I wish I could tell more clearly which ones are for personal use & instructional use without having to ask.

1. More zips drives for MACs especially in the library! 2. Update E-MAIL

Yes-Please make a lesson or instructional device readily available and easy to find involving Pines Attachments for e-mail as virtually no one I know understands how to connect attachments with Pine. Also, I am Very displeased that you took down Napster; I can only hope that it now stays up after the 2 week trial period. On the subject of Pine, please e-mail me: [IRD]

Business-School - can take >10 minutes to print (sometimes more) - even on a Saturday afternoon- empty 0- Operators great ****** (5/5) Network connection -slow (finicky, I know!) Res. Halls computers- Often no paper/toner - Not enough software e.g. no Programming lang.

Do not limit students to the use of the internet (i.e. Napster MP3 site) Have more Residential Hall Consultants which are paid better. Update the computers in Res. Halls. There shouldn't be limits on who can use which computers (i.e. Chemistry building Clusters).

Update the Pine email service. That thing is ancient and could probably stand to be revamped!

The printers in many of the computer centers in the dorms are down very frequently.

faster processors.

Can't find lockers very easily.

There frequently seem to be infostations out of order - especially in the union and the Music Library.

Increase the quota on the e-mail and printing quota. Especially if you write for the IDS, Arbutus, etc and use e-mail to interview.

Never am in residence halls. But if I use a computer lab, half the time 1/2 of the computers don't work anyway so that is why I don't go there.

Pine needs to be improved. We need easier access to Exchange accounts. More modems. Sime Linux Os computers.

It would be nice to be able to recieve [sic] / send email's [sic] with attachments and be able to view without saving them to other programs.

In general I'm very satisfied w/ UITS. But it's frustrating sometimes w/ the mice don't work & the wheels to scroll on them don't work. It is also frustrating to have to wait in LONG lines for a public lab during the day. There are ALWAYS lines! Also #1 concern, GET RID OF PINE! It's outdated and NOT user friendly. It's a real pain just to read an attachment on email. I realize that it was a huge fiasco a few years ago we all had to change our passwords, but it's really time to get updated on it. Generally though, UITS is great. Customer service is wonderful. Print quotas are reasonable and I'm spoiled by the quickness of the computers. Keep up the good work!

Please try to get as many computers as possible!! Sometimes it is hard to use the system because of so many students in need of computers! Thanks

the email system needs to be upgraded; it is always causing me problems.

Many of the computers in the computer lab at my residence hall are old and break down daily. Also, the mac computers should have some kind of instruction manual nearby; most users aren't used to macs and can't run them.

Maybe allow the e-mail accounts to download attachments easier.

If I don't want to do this survey then leave me alone!!!

Access to Napster at limited times. Say nights from 7pm to 6am when campus network usage is lower.

The computers to check email in the Foster-Harper lobby have been down all semester. They are missing keys on the keyboard and are very outdated. Maybe they should just be taken out. Gresham is close enough.

1.) Thanks for the free software. 2.) Each student should receive his own personal lab top for free.

The email services are very weak, and the mailboxes of the 5 earliest services get full very quickly. A better email system is needed for students and faculty. I know of many people would rather pay extra for something like AOL, than to continue using Pine.

Let students know, that in the beginning of the year, only 1 ethernet jack will be activated and give procedures for which to activate the 2nd jack. It took me till the 3rd week of school for mine to finally get activated!

It would be great if the off-campus connections could be faster, like 56K. It would also be great if we could have an easy way to access our student lockers from off-campus. Pine doesn't offer an easy way to open attachments, this needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Attachments are very important.

I use AOL to connect to IU because I can NEVER get connected through IU's phone #'s. Also, the #'s are impossible to find on IU's web page.

I have not used any of the UITS labs since my freshman year. However, I was fairly happy with my experiences with all the tech support IU offers.

Charge less for long distance phone calls, and give free call waiting, also stop telemarketors [sic] from calling Residence Halls

Willkie doesn't have a computer cluster and it really needs one.

Inform incoming students more about everything that is available.

I enjoy and appreciate UITS at I.U. However, in the Student Tech Centers there are often not enough consultants during peak user times and the printers are seldom working correctly. All-in-all, I think UITS has done a great job of providing students with quality technology.

I am a graduating senior and was unaware of the potential for my locker until this year. You should promote that more. Also this has been the first year that I have had to do on-line research. Since I live off campus I found it difficult, nay, impossible to connect to the services the school provides (i.e. JSTOR) without the PPP wizard from IU. One reason I went with an ISP besides IU is because of the low bandwidth and cap on how long one can be on. I bought the connector but had some difficulty getting on because the line was busy. I know that you have added lines but I just wanted to say that it can be very frustrating still. But over all you guys are doing a good job.

Waiting for a computer is not a problem unless there are 6 or 7 down - it seems to take you guys weeks to fix them. My only complaint would be to speed up that process.

I am only bothered by how difficult it is to drop a class before the deadline. For those of us who drop a class before the deadline it should be made a little more simple.

UITS is taking over halls computing - that should have been mentioned. Telecommunications needs to keep better records.

I think IU spends WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on public computer labs... most people use public labs to type endless unnecessary emails and browse the web for decidedly non-academic materials…what did everyone do before email?!

-Get an easier way to get attachments - FTP is too long of a process (mimick [sic] Hotmail's). -More modems (the line is always busy between 10pm & 11pm). -More computer labs (there are too many lines) -More scanners, color printers (don't pause them), etc. -UITS consultants in the Business School should be knowledgeable on the applications we use/need help on -We should be able to register online @ a designated time from anywhere on campus or any computer hooked up to the Internet (i.e. like University of Illinois' system) -More classes offered w/access to computers

[DDE NOTE: R HAS ARROW INDICATING THAT THE RESPONSE THAT FOLLOWS PERTAINS TO Q31C] -Allow course drops/adds via Insite, that way you don't have to physically take 1 form to 3 buildings for signatures or processing. -Install an X-Windows program on STC computers to allow access to the Unix-based programs [DDE NOTE: R HAS ARROW INDICATING THAT THE RESPONSE THAT FOLLOWS PERTAINS TO Q31B] Convert from a shared network to packet-switched for security reasons. [DDE NOTE: R HAS ASTERISK INDICATING THAT THE RESPONSE THAT PERTAINS TO Q31A] I think UITS should take over all Res. Comp. services. It would make all computing support more centralized and info. would be easier to find. Res. Comp. is SLOW in fixing hardware failures and general network problems. Being a heavy computer user, I chose to live in the halls for the Ethernet access, but when the network is down and isn't fixed for days, I get upset.

I don't think that we should have a printing limit. We pay enough money. At least make it a little higher.

More computer stations and rooms are needed -- especially in the business school.

I think the service is great overall. The only problems I experienced were computer crashes and printer failures a little too often. Maybe you just need to "get the bugs out" or something.

Need for large storage devices (portable) for Windows based systems. Zip drives or CD-RWs would greatly benefit. It would be easier to use high-speed networks and Zips rather than to network to locker and use the ftp and modem to transfer to home computer. This system works great at IUPUI and Purdue.

Why does it come up at "busy" all the time on the dial-in network

I live in Teter, and the lab is awful! Many nights I have been unable to complete assignments due to the fact that the IUB domain wasn't available, the printer hasn't worked, and connection is terminated randomly. Also, the lab assistant is never home.

Services such as Registration & Drop/Add have ridiculous user fees. If I pay the technology free, it should include ALL services. Pine email cuts off frequently = highly annoying.

My main suggestions(s) involves telnet -- I would like to see a more update way to retrieve my email -- i.e. open attachments, etc.

It would be well worth the money spent on college for computers to be made available in the dorm rooms as well.

Why is there nothing about the printing service? Printing allotments, color printing, down time (which I have noticed a lot of this semester). Overall I think this is an incredible department and facilities you have!

No, I'm just basically very pleasantly surprised with the quality of UITS.

The printers should be colored and napster.com should be allowed

I still think that there should be more computers made available, especially in the library. Also, there seems to be a lot of printing problems that get frustrating. Other than that, I think the quality is quite high.

When printing/computer errors occur, the printing quota should be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. (1 week etc.) NOT, a semester later!

Yes, I'm an UITS/STC Consultant and looking from the inside out there is one major problem which I encounter quite often. There are no group labs for Mac Users. Also, if the Business School is going to require group work they should be responsible for monetary reimbursement because almost all group work comes from the Business School.

More express email stations at Union and Ballentine Computer lab in R/TV center

Have a DSL available to off campus students up to a 10-15 mile radius. On campus students enjoy a T2 connection while off campus students suffer and are educationally impaired by enduring a 19.2K modem connection. We need a faster line to the IU network out here!

My problem dialing locally (to Bloomfield) never was addressed. I was never contacted to see if it could be fixed, so my father had to make long distance calls (from Chicago) to get info that I could have gotten locally. It created a problem that was hard to work with, and as far as I know, I still can't call to Bloomfield. (Hence the NOT satisfied w/local calling)

The telephone service is often rude and unfriendly. Is it being looked into registering? Make schedule adjustment changes online? I think that would be an improvement. Also, the printing quota should be carried over each semester!

Telephone long-distance prices are still higher than competition. Hall of Residence computers have limited software used by academic depts (i.e. Business School). Without these applications, the computer labs are relatively worthless.

The Pine program for email needs to act as if it were online. Maybe then I could figure thing [sic] out easier. No access to certain files what-so-ever. Don't tell me I don't know what I am saying because I do. It is shitty!

I have tried a few times to call the Telecommunications help line to get a message off of my voice mail, and I get a machine that tells me to try calling during it's business hours, and it is during the office's business hours. I was very frustrated.

Please upgrade the Pine system. It is positively archaic, and many people would appreciate a new system with which one may actually use a mouse. Everything else is pretty good, I think. Thanks.

IUCAT is not user friendly. It is very frustrating trying to navigate IUCAT.

It frustrates me when a teacher tells us to use a specific type of software that is only found in computer clusters. I usually do my work on my own P. C., but when I have to go use a computer in a cluster, it is 99% of time full and I have to wait. Need more computers! Still too many messing with just email and web promotions. Registering, adding, and dropping classes at home would save both the University and students time and money. Overall, very good, but still much more to do.

Questions 14 - 16 don't apply because the only lab I use is BH308 which isn't on your list. I use it a total of 2.5 hrs/week and am very satisfied. Pine is nice to have, but a pain because it's so slow. I use AOL b/c of this. It's also easier to connect to.

The computers are way too slow in the residence halls. Spaming [sic] phone calls are not blocked.

UITS should also run the Halls of Residence computer labs.

Get rid of Pine more programable [sic] scrolling [sic] mice keep up the 1st rate work Thanks!

Make more access to students off campus connecting to campus--the line is busy quite often

The computing stations in the residence halls are poor in their function. The locker connections don't work properly and the printers always have something wrong with them. As for the STC, there are not enough NT stations that are open. The NT stations seem more popular than the Macs, yet there seem to be an abundance of MAC stations.

no, thank you.

There need to be more group labs available

Halls of Residence hardware/support/consultants need to be improved. Printing quota--not sure if its good Please, please choose quality hardware when buying computers, I know for a fact being Com Sci better equipment is available and at a better price.

Ethernet ports should be activated before the student moves into the room. Mine was not. You shouldn't block Napster. It is our choice to do what we want on the computer.

Pine should be updated to look like hotmail. It is so much better if a student could use the mouse and save information without using the keypad. Thanks!

I feel that the technology here in Bloomington is remarkable! We are a very technologically advanced campus. Except please upgrade residence halls (Briscoe lounge) very out of date.

I hope to learn more about the technology services at I.U. I live an hour away from I.U. and drive in to school about 2 days a week. So I do not use these services yet, except for my E-mail, and sometimes registration over the phone.

In the music library, many of the consultants (esp. on 3rd floor) don't know Finale or anything about music which seems inappropriate due to the large percent of students using this program in the music library.

The shakespeare systems could be changed to be a bit more user friendly.

Have consultants who are more available and knowledgeable

The Residence Halls Consultants are far & few between. They know plenty, but it is difficult to get them to come around.

Seems like off-campus dial-up is always busy.

I am pretty annoyed w/ the autogenerated "Modem Fair Usage Policies" messages. I am a registered LSP & sometimes when doing University work, I need 2 simultaneous connections. I e-mailed this complaint to several addresses & never got a response.

The e-mail system for Kate has been having problems that need to be worked out, but I got past it & I am sure it is fine. I don't like how we can't get to Purdue's home page. I really like the phone system.

I have a lot of problems with printers at Halls of Residence (they usually don't work properly).

Update on hardware in campus Res labs. Increased number of available computers for off-campus students while on campus. Source of access to campus server from off campus housing.

There needs to be an improvement made to the either [sic] net. I've had to change passwords three times.

Increase number of high speed connections available in the modem pool. It takes too long to log in to NT stations and to infostations. E-mail disk quotas are too low!

I think the Telecommunication rates can be less expensive internationally. Overall, the computer experiences are great.

PINE does not allow for photos, hyperlinks, or easily viewable attachments with email.

1st semester I tried to go to several places to find a WORKING color printer - I was always told "ours is broken" or "ours doesn't work yet." I finally just whent [sic] to Lindley. Also, Pine E-Mail is lame to use (not to mention hard to figure out!) Looking forward to new format for that. Overall, IU's Info tech is amazing - far better than any schools my friends go to.

I wish it was easier for off-campus students to access the Internet. (The dial-in service has not been very helpful to me).

I would like to thank-you for providing such user-friendly services and for caring enough to conduct this survey.

Allow Napster.com (at least during certain hours)

It seems like printers are always jammed or extremely slow where ever I am on campus. They print w/ good quality, but takes forever. The consultants usually don't know how to fix them. They just write a note saying "Printer is broke."

It seems whenever the printers are broken (which has happened more often than it should) it takes forever for someone to help. Also, when someone sends us attachments to our email from other than Pine, no one knows how to open those. That's the one thing I don't like about Pine.

I would like to see off campus students getting student directories.

E-mail system is outdated and not user friendly. It is difficult to connet [sic] thru the modem pool. I never see UITS consultants. The printers are out of paper a lot in the computer clusters.

I feel once they got back to me they were a great help with my problems but it took FAR too long to respond. Also, it is nearly impossible to use the computers in Wright Quad because the computers hardly work, and the printer is almost always out of paper.

E-mail systems could be improved by allowing students to format their messages. On my home computer, correcting mistakes is a major hassle; for instance, the system will not let me insert anything (on campus computers I don't have this problem.) I also wouldn't mind being sent updated versions of the campus telephone directory. I have not received this since I lived on campus.

We need more computers & more knowledgeable staff, more printer's.

Need to work on all residence halls make them all equal with lots of computers w/ software and hardware, more than 1 printer and more than 4 computers- it does not help w/ than many.

there should be more computer labs for all day use, that is where classes do not meet.

Not really. I am pleased with the networks that I use, and I am sure that I would be pleased with the other ones if I used them. It is comforting to know that all the help that I need is right under my nose. Thank You!

Make this survey shorter.

Pine is not very good for many email applications. I have a hotmail account just to deal with attachments. The modem pool is very good. I only get a busy signal in the late evening and then I can usually get on in less than 5 tries.

More computer labs for group work! (Business School)

1.) On Mac (JH 224) - improve reloading, when updating webpage and not to clean cache everytime [sic]. 2.) Plus more memory added during the application program versus having to restart the computer for more memory. 3.) Reduce the cost of color printing. 4.) Digital scanning - when scanning a photograph - have the scanner portray the picture exactly. Mirror dpi or resolution. 5.) Install some CAD applications like [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "U4"] or a - contact [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "AMO"] department for details on CAD applications.

I know that you have many helpful services but I never have any idea what they are and how to access them. Then, if I finally find something to use like IUCAT I have no idea how to properly work it. A yearly brochure or booklet featuring your services and how to use them or places that could tell me how to use them would be very helpful. The Pine system is useless.

I really question the whole napster issue. I understand that it was taking up 50% of the network, but isn't it our network to use as we see fit? How about allowing napster at certain hours?

During the day it's hard to find a computer lab to use because of classes held in the labs, there needs to be more open labs during the days.

There were lots of things that I wanted to extend on. This survey is not very good - you should consult John O. Summers in the Marketing Dept. of the Kelley School to help make out a new one- he's a great professor & part of his class is making out surveys.


I am extremely impressed with insite. I find it extremely helpful. I do not however like the pine email system. @ my east college i [sic] used groupwise & found it to be easier to use.

I know you guys are currently working on this issue, but my only suggestion is more modems for off campus dialing to network.

I think the services are getting better, & have been getting better in my 3 years.

More lines needed (in evenings) for dial-in service.

Bring back Napster

More modem lines. Need to have nice, polite consultants. Treat off-campus needs for computer help same as on campus.

Too many labs are occupied by instructional use which creates inconvenience among the students needing to use them. e.g. Fine Arts labs are taken up by classes until 6 or 9pm. Something should be done to where only one lab is occupied throughout the day.

My biggest problem w/ UITS is that it takes a very long time to get connected from my off campus apartment. Also, when I finally get on, I am kicked off the internet almost immediately EVERY TIME! My email works great, though.

The Pine email system makes it impossible to get pictures & other important attachments. Many times these things are very important. I would like to see this change. I also think more info on STEPS would be helpful.

I feel that some of the residence hall computer clusters need to be updated. Many of the other computer labs on campus are great, but I often feel the dorms get left with the bad hardware, which can't support the software needed.

Need more computers available in library - in computer labs there are always long lines. Another suggestion - make computer labs available & specifically for group work - there don't seem to be enough - & many classes - ie business classes - require group computer work.

The infostations are always broken!! The one in the union & business school almost always have at least 1 computer broken, and they stay broken for days.

Make Insite available 24-7.

I would suggest that INSITE be available any time. It is very helpful.

Long lines and too little printers. Most large computer labs only have 1 printer so often times printing gets backed up. Also, there are always too many people just doing e-mail when I'm in line to work on an important assignment. E-mail time in labs should be strictly limited.

The only improvement that I suggest would be for the consultants that are in the dorms 2 B more knowledgeable about the system and also their communication skills with other people.

The printing limit - I think it is a good idea- but why can't unused pages carry over to the next semester?

We need a better e-mail system, so you can use attachments more efficiently.

Better printing services--in Business school printers are always broken--more printers (?)

Should be more designed around the users' needs, not ject tech proficient users or UITS staff.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

Get rid of Pine! I cannot tell you how annoying it is.

The main frustration I have with the current webserver is the inability to open most attachments. I have found the 856-6789 service incredibly helpful. The consultants are always very patient and helpful. For me, that is the test service offered. Thanks.

I haven't had many problems in the past year, but when I have needed assistance, [IRD] & his staff at the business school have been fantastic! You're lucky to have him on board.

INSITE should be available 24 hours-there is no good reason that it is not. Dialing-in is now a lot better than it used to be but it is still busy too often.

Wish to see elimination of all paper & foot work required to drop a class. There could be some consistency between computers. Some will not display websites, play cd's, etc. where the computer next to it will.

The whole campus should be able to use Lotus Notes, or something other than the very archaic PINE system. Who decides who is privileged enough forfor off campus hook-ups. Thanks for the survey.

The computers in the lab at speech & hearing tend to suddenly "freeze up" on me, and at least one computer is always broken.

Print quota is too small for graduate students!

The computers in clusters are often underpowered and can take a frustratingly long time to login, load software, etc.

IU seems to be very advanced in the electronic- communications department. On a personal note-there have been a few times that the Iago computer is not available for some reason.

It is sometimes extremely difficult to get access to the web when dialing in from home because of the busy signal. Servers usually break down, though they are quickly repaired. Couple of times a mail sent to my name ended up in somebody's else's mail account.

The Shakespeare e-mail system needs to be more compatible with outside e-mail systems. I've had to open a Hotmail account just to open attachments. It also drives me crazy not to be able to use a mouse on the system. It makes editing slower.

It is too difficult to open attachments on the PINE system. In addition, I can never get the print option to work & have to cut and paste PINE emails to word for printing.

-more availability of step classes-hard to get in even if you charged & preregistered. -I worry about cold germs from the keyboards. Is there a way to put a keyboard protector on that can be cleaned between users or at least regularly. -using IUCAT on telnet is cumbersome. -registering at IUPUI is so much easier.

It would be a good idea to ensure better pointing used at the PC lab at the union, the pointer there is breaking down a lot.

In my department, due to confidentiality requirements, grad. students had to complete all clinical documents within the building, in the UITS lab. However, the lab was frequently reserved for other classes (from other departments) for 2-3 hrs. at a time. Also, PINE is very slow (especially when telnetting) & archaic. The difficulty in opening attachments using PINE is ridiculous and seriously impeded student communication. In my department, due to confidentiality requirements, grad. students had to complete all clinical documents within the building, in the UITS lab. However the lab was frequently reserved for other classes (from other departments) for 2-3 hrs. at a time. Also, PINE is very slow (especially when telnetting) & archaic. The difficulty in opening attachments using PINE is ridiculous and seriously impeded student communication.

I was billed for a printing charge when the printer was down. The charge appeared on my bursar bill 3 months later! Because, I use the UITS cluster infrequently I could spot the wrong charge. There needs to be a better way (more fool-proof) to charge students for special printing.

We need more equality for Mac users. It's great that IU supports Macs to the extent it does, but there are still disparities. As a Mac user, I haven't been able to access my Locker from home while my PC friends taunt me that they can. Also, the IU ware CD offers less software for Mac users. All in all though, I know full well that UITS provides an unparalleled service to the community!

I have been surprisingly pleased with how professional & knowledgeable & helpful the UITS services have been. Your efforts do not go unappreciated.

I have only scratch [sic] the surface of the services available here - as displayed by my filling out of 3/4 of the survey as 7 and 8. I am truly UITS more active [sic] in [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "disseminating"] & informing the students of their services and resources.

It would be helpful if we could transfer files with long file names into our student lockers without having to rename.

The biggest problem we (I) have is w/ printers! We never have one that works!!

In the computer labs (at Union/main lib) they should always have two express print stations. Lab assistants should enforce their proper use. Several times I have had to wait for 40 min for computer [sic] when I had a print job that would only take 5 min to do.

Why can't I access IUCAT from home? Why is PINE such a poor system?

Thanks for your effort to improve your program.

Move Shakespeare (telnet email) to a more quickly accessable [sic] position in Windows NT start button. It's about 4 levels deep!

It has been very difficult as a part time grad student who only takes evening or weekend classes to get an account. I tried at the school of ed library computers & via the phone & got nowhere.

More email stations would be nice. The people on the phone at UITS are great - very nice and helpful.

The pine system is grossly out of date and web-based e-mail would be more than warranted; computers are excessively slow.

As a music student, large quotas for php would be nice, since we would be able to put mp3s of our playing on the web for resume purposes.

STCS: - clean mice more often so I don't have to (cursor movement erratic) - make it easier to use mouse with left hand (don't tie down cords) - tables are 3-5" too high and some chairs do not adjust height - unergonomic! - make it easier to customize browser and MS office settings, so not necessary every login - disable MS Office clipboard - is shouldn't interrupt editing! Office assistant too. - clean floors, desks, monitors more often, especially in winter UITS is well above average!

Have a tollfree # for distance students to use modem service. It would help alleviate campus/library proxy issues. Otherwise UITS is great! (although I like the UCS home better)

Excellent service to meet most needs. Longer hours for INSIGHT would be helpful.

Dial up connectivity still needs to improve.

Need to update Pine systems Need more dial-in modems

1) Pine is the most stuck-up email client out there - please do something about it - better, dump it! 2) Why don't you allow CGI scripts on PHP - it is so frustrating - how do you expect us to make advanced pages without that? And why don't you allow search engine bots - I think that is an out dated view of web security. How do you expect the world to find out about a good website we make? Please do something.

1) IUCAT not user-friendly, some time difficult to fine books. 2) Locker is not easily accessed from non-UITS computers. 3) Not all UITS computers can view Chinese characters, none of them provide Chinese characters word processing. 4) Computers in Hall of Residence too slow, not enough, and often occupied by kids playing computer games!

If I did not have access to other computers in labs and offices, I would be very frustrated with access to computers in HPER - heavy teaching use, I know. On a positive note, I appreciate the tightening down on all the business school students who come/came over to do LOUD group work in HPER.

Chance pine to a more user friendly and technologically advanced email system. Post schedule outside student clusters as to classtime [sic] and availability Modem Pool - hard to enter in evenings, frequently disconnected

Only deal with Business School UITS - happy with the increased ports available in SPEA. Very disappointed with the quality of the IBM laptops furnished to 1st year MBA students.

1) E-mail system to be upgraded. 2) Can Insite be available at extended hours?

I only wish to have the same quality (versions) of software (Netscape, Word Perfect) available at Halls of Residence.

I recently completed my PhD at IU and took a position as as asst prof at another school. I realize know [sic] what a tremendous advantage IU's UITS gives its graduates and undergraduates - keep up the great work.

Being at Indiana University, I would have to say that UITS has impressed me most about the availability for students to get discounted CD's on Microsoft applications and others, and the diversity of programs on University computers. An improvement I would like to see, would be an upgrade from Pine e-mail to Eudora or a better package for Shakespeare e-mail systems.

I've spent time @ other campuses & used their computer services. I have never seen a computer/support system that even approaches IU in terms of quality, technical abilities of staff, comprehensiveness of services, and overall utility for research. WELL DONE!!!

The computer cluster in the grad office in the Physics department frequently has one or more computers on the fritz. It is also an extremely involved process to print anything out, and the printer is psycho. But the UITS cluster in Swain is great.

1. The iMac external disk drives in the Main Library, for instance, are a poor product. 2. The IUB homepage pictures are attractive but too slow. 3. How about Macintosh software on softserve being made available to a remote (dial-in) computer? Thanks for the additional modems!

Consultants, after 5pm are not knowledgeable about computers at all! Day time consultants are very helpful! Computers at language lab do not have all the apropr. plug ins to have access to TV and radio's [sic] from different countries!

Well you say there is a plan to change the "email protocols", I have a point on that which I try to make clear on a separate sheet. It'll be the best if I can contact one of your representatives. There are some points about your service in general, which I would like to mention. Let me add that I have used network facilities in several different countries and what I write is based on comparing the services here with those I have experienced. In some aspects the service here is quite good, and better than most of the services I had used in the past, but there are exceptions. The general maintenance and availability of facilities is quite good, and I hereby thank you for your efforts leading us to this point. [sic] We don't see many computers/printers/ ...out of order and once they are problematic they are fixed pretty quickly. Those who work as consultant [sic] are friendly and willing to help though sometimes we lack having "experts". There are a few points I consider as "problem" [sic] concerning technology center. [sic] First: The directories we get on the net are very uneasy and not all user friendly. More specifically, we have our emails on one (mainly) Shakespeare server. First if we want to use a visual interface for email (say Netscape) it means we have to set our preferences every single time we login!! Now either there is not a way to fix this or there is and your consultants don't know about it. I have talked To [sic] almost everyone [sic] of them about this. Some didn't know to set Netscape for reading emails and no one knew of a way allowing one to save this as a preference so that on the next login it's possible to read emails in Netscape without setting everything again. Well Pine is not an easy mailer to work with, it lacks a lot of Features [sic] that any good mailer has. But this is the beginning of the problem. You save some of your emails in a folder and for whatever reason you Want [sic] to keep a copy of them, where are they? [sic] If you don't want to save them On [sic] by one and then FTP, etc, etc. [sic] You have to make new folders [sic] move everything there and before that you cannot copy and move the whole folder, a feature I have used in so many different systems I have worked with. Indeed this is the first time in my life I see such a restriction. (Considering I was using net work [sic] facilities even before internet was introduced!). The same problem arises when working on scientific matters [sic] you receive a TeX file [sic] you have to save it to ftp [sic] it bring it to your locker [sic] read it and make your changes, do all these in reverse order and send it back. Yet you still to spend time deleting the extra files you had to make. So in principle [sic] what I believe to be a problem is that our directories Are [sic] not directly accessible for us and this costs us a lot of time; maybe doing a file transfer like what I just mentioned is not that time consuming by itself but when you have to do it a hundred times in a week then lots of time is wasted. Though it might only be a problem for those (like me) who use email extensively. [sic] I'm doing a PH.D in Math, and I really need to use a flexible and fast interface, but unfortunately pine is nothing close to a good interface. No multiple windows, primitive edit features, not even a possibility to click on a link :) !!! Suppose you receive an email containing an article with formulas [sic] let's say written in scientific workplace [sic], what could be done by a few mouse clicks, is an effort under current circumstances, in order to read it [sic] apply your changes and send it back [sic] you have to waste quite some time. After all [sic] I don't see the reasons for having the so called "lockers", and that we can't have the directory in which we keep our files the same as the directory in which our emails are kept. I noticed in your form that there are some changes on agenda [sic], I hope this includes the global structure of IU network, so that the using [sic] services become handier. There a [sic] few more points. There is no possibility to lock workstations on Mac systems. The main Math software (Mathematica) is not available on PC's, and it's Super [sic] slow on Mac's [sic].

I get annoyed by the slow speed of the computers.

I went to a photoshop workshop once and found it very help [sic]. Right now it is hard to get informed of what where and when this kind of educational program is going on.

Never had any substantial problems or complaints.

I would appreciate consultants that ENJOY working w/ residents! Eric Carballo was very good & efficient (at West Univ.), but the other reps seem very tired & NOT EAGER to help out- especially to help out a "beginner", as myself. Your consultants should be able & ready to offer some "personal" help occasionally. And they should try to be FRIENDLY even if it is a bore, sometimes.

I don't like that the Psychology computer cluster's hours are not posted somewhere. I've often gone there on weekends/ evenings & found it closed or the building locked. Also, the printer there is frequently broken or prints funky. Also, many macs are frozen/ not working in there every day.

New computers in the Law School, please. More than one printer there too. Pine sucks, but not as much as the on-line catalog. Please update.

I was very impressed with the quality STEP classes. It was very helpful academic work.

I'm sure - I know - the services are excellent. I just never need or use them.

Taking half of the computers in the MBA lab was an insane idea --> only 12 PC's for 600 students!! Need more computers, bigger labs. Computers are essential to everything we do in the business school.

Learning @ what's available is very difficult. I'm not a full-time student & have received no formal instruction @UITS. Whatever you can do to make the scope or types [sic] services would be helpful.

I live in Indianapolis, so I often work at home with my computer. I don't use the IUB modem pools because of long-distance charges. I was happy to find that I could get an account at IUPUI until I discovered that using that account would restrict my access to IU computers only; this makes the account worthless. I therefore use an external ISP. An agreement with IUPUI that would allow me access to networks would be very welcome.

I always have probs w/Pine, but you reminded me of my frustration in your cover letter.

PINE & use of attachments.

1. Redbud Apartments are the only residence hall without Ethernet Connection; as far as I know, a lot of residents here [SIC] has asked many times for it; we were promised there is a plan but never heard any further steps. 2. Shakespeare Email system has really flaky and unstable! There were several times I was not able to read my email. I decided to move my email to my departmental accounts. (Disk quota is also too limited for students like me) If the email system is moved onto Web, hope that will at least stabilize it more. 3. More Modem [sic], Please! (if we can get a 1-800 number, that will be perfect).

1. It would be nice to have a 1-800 modem number for students who are not on campus doing research. 2. It would be nice to be able to send large picture files through pine-email.

Possibly get rid of PINE & move to Eudora or Pegesis [sic]. The library search engines are very difficult to use. Possibly make them more intuitive & user friendly. More prosteps/steps dosses on weekends.

Eigenmann Hall's computer consultants are not very knowledgeable. I had to call UITS Support Center to get answers. The CA in Eigenmann messed up my printer which UITS fixed. Eigenmann also runs out of paper often. SPSS (stats program) is only 8.0 & version 10 is used in my class.

I think UITS is doing a great job. I just wish that when I do leave IU I'll be able to either extend my usage of UITS to a commericial [sic] bases or find a company that has been as wonderful as UITS.

I do most of my research off campus (on the east coast) and I find the services offered by UITS to be invaluable. I wouldn't be able to complete my dissertation without the ability to use UITS resources from a long distance.

Glad to know modems are being upgraded Would like to have greater availability of 24-hr labs, labs open during breaks

Instead of switching between several old printers, I suggest you use some of the $18,000 I paid to IU this academic year to purchase some NEW printers for Rooms BU100 & BU102. Also the IBM Laptops MBA students were forced to purchase SUCK!

Include HoosierNet in Q 5.c.

Computer labs aren't available for student use during daytime hours due to classes held in these labs (e.s.p. Swain East labs). Unix/Steel machines okay, but perhaps a PC network box w/modern printer for physics grad students.

I haven't had much experience with UITS yet because this is my first semester.

telecommunications - long distance rates (especially International) are very high, the PIN number should be usable from any campus telephone. residence computing - network connectivity is great. Printers & support service are very poor.

Please do something about the registration interface! It is very unusable. Also, why must we be slave to Pine when anywhere on campus? Contact Professor [IRD] to find a SLIS student interested in HCI to do a usability evaluation on it!!

Law school computer lab really needs printer in each lab. One for all computers is problematic. Back up!

Generally, I think UITS is really good. You guys have been helpful to me many times. The Law School labs are terrible, however. This might be a Law School problem, though.

It would be nice if more computers had sound cards or the capability to see and hear downloads. Also pine is difficult system to use when receiving attachments.

1.) The registration (Drop/Add) computer screens could be easier to read and understand. 2.) In high traffic periods I have to wait to log-in to the dial-up network. Could more portals be installed? 3.) The services available on Steel are not made clear on the Pine site.

Sometimes the STC consultants are quite knowledgeable, and sometimes they don't seem to know much more than me (which is NOT a lot!).

I am a grad student who lives in New Castle, IN. I was on campus for 2 weeks but didn't have time to worry about computers or checking my e-mail.

I have been fairly satisfied with most services offered, and I am happy about the amount of access and convenience that is available. It would be nice to see PINE mail updated and made more user-friendly (such as use of attachments) in the near future.

I do not use most of what you offer, so my responses may be biased. I wish there were one common system - I'm in the MBA School w/Lotus Notes and can't seem to access computers on campus.

The personnel and resources of the CAVE lab (AVL?) have been invaluable in my research. The people there are extremely knowledgeable & helpful and actually seem to give a darn about doing a good job. (Not something I sense from all UITS people I deal with.) I hope UITS is willing to do what it takes to retain good people like that!\

As a MAC user I feel pretty neglected - although UITS-help staff are usually knowledgable [sic] I find. The labs unhelpful. Please don't ignore us MAC devotees. I've had trouble with my locker changing levels - from Neon to Xenon - from L20 to Class 1 etc. and have not received notices about these changes - I only discovered the change, which was very frustrating.

Add more functionality to the IU web servers. Something as simple as allowing "Error Redirect" pages would go a long way to provide a more error tolerant user environment.

I am a graduate student at IU and I think the printing quota for grad. students should be increased.

MBA computer lab is too small/stuffy! New building should have minimum of 90 w/s on 15% of class size facilities MBA - it [sic] service is not that great/need better staff!

I am a distance education - I live in NJ. It is kind of hard answering this survey. I am really happy about the dist. ed. program at IU!

I can't wait for a web-based library catalog! Pine seems outdated - would love more options!

Need more support for Linux/UNIX based OSs.

My only suggestion is to make more modems available during evening hours . The phone numbers are often busy from roughly 8:00-11:00pm. Generally though, UITS does a great job!

You guys are doing fine - I've only been here 5 months- how much staff can I use?

1. Ax a dissertating student, I am very unhappy with my print quota. It will take me 2 years to finish my diss., and the 1-year "extra-pages" diss. limit is very frustrating. I try to be scrupulous about not printing unnecessarily, but my quota doesn't accommodate my 50-page chp. drafts, which sometimes have to be printed out in their entirety. 2. The BH computer consultant staff has been extraordinarily helpful to me on occasion (which I much appreciate). The main library consultants, by contrast, have sometimes been pretty unhelpful (downright rude), which can be a little frustrating.

Better printing facilities in Fine Arts i.e. Top of the line Epson prints (850's) or newer & better.

The IUB lockers, especially Neon, are taking a long time to access lately. Perhaps you should consider adding another locker. Also, while pine does provide many features, I find it difficult to read long messages because of the font & layout. I'm also frustrated that its so difficult to set up default mailboxes. I subscribe to several listservs for my classes & I dread checking my mail. A system that could easily allow me to set up folders for these to automatically be filed in would be so helpful.

Business School Computer Labs are too small. This year it was much easier to dial into IU from outside, I didn't get near as many busy signals!

The Fine Arts labs are constantly reserved for classes during week day hours. This makes it very difficult to work in those labs for students who live off campus. Class use should be limited with reasonable open use times.

The IUWare is a great service provided by the university. Living off-campus and being a graduate student, I do not often use the campus facilities and thus am not equipped to evaluate them.

-increase speed from home -add more lines -the problems with connectivity at BUS/SPEA library in the beginning of the year were INTOLERABLE! It took almost 4 weeks to resolve the problem - the UITS people who were ridiculously slow to respond to this issue should be fired - and in a normal company, not a state university they would have been. they did not setup new 1st year MBA laptops & user names correctly.

When I have stopped by to talk w/ a Representative, I've always had to wait in line. A suggestion would be to hire more people to deal with the work load. Other than that, you've been great.

I am a part-time faculty member @ the Business School. In the labs I teach in the response time on repairs of computers is completely unacceptable. I had one computer in the fall that NEVER worked all semester!!!

I'm a grad student at SPEA & the computers for us are awful. They're old & not reliable in terms of how well they work. As to IU dial-up, I often have a difficult time connecting (busy signal) ..

Some sort of high-speed access for off-campus dwellers would be nice even if in partnership between UITS and Ameritech or Insite.

I think the info. tech. services at IU are extraordinary. I feel very fortunate to have access to these resources which greatly aid my course of study. While the print quota has not been a problem, since I am working towards a double master's degree I do worry about exceeding my quota. A minor point, though.

At times modem access can be very sluggish.

1. I already sent a survey in several weeks ago. I do not know why you did not receive it. 2. Pine email services can be extremely slow at times. There is a long delay between when I press the keyboard button and what appears on the screen. 3. The computer lab in Swain East is constantly occupied by classes when I need to use it.

I'm taking a grad. class off campus. I occasionally email professor. Other than that, do not use system.

UITS needs to staff the department w/ dedicated, professionally trained people, instead of the volumnous [sic] undergrads w/o much expertise and lack of follow through, especially at the Kelley School of Business, IU Bloomington. great effort and courteousness w/ directions.

Much happier with increased UITS modem pool- used to belong to Hoosier Net because of the # of times I couldn't reach IU

The only problems I've had over the past year were with access to and availability of memory on my locker.

The Tulip Tree computer consultant's help has been by far my greatest source of contentment/satisfaction with the university's tech. environment, providing timely and excellent help with network connection problems, software problems, dialup problems when I was trying to figure out how to access the system from home, etc., etc. Take away his help and my overall satisfaction with computing services would be 2.

I find it disgusting the amount of money & effort IU puts into technology services and/or technical "aesthetics"--more of this money should go to library materials o [sic] services and faculty advancement & support. Printing costs for graduate students at IU computer facilities is simply criminal. Grad. students should have private labs free of undergraduate racket. (Remember, undergraduates pretty much use technology equipment to play games.) Faculty, staff, & graduates/professionals should have unique access to technology equipment & modem lines.

Overall, I think UITS is doing an excellent job. My undergraduate students are often not very computer literate. Does UITS offer computer training (general) for new IU students? Many need basic skills like using a spreadsheet etc.

For all the services that I listed as "never heard of before," make a greater effort to publicize these opportunities cause [sic] many of them sound like they would be extremely useful to my IU technology experience.

IUCAT needs to be improved (to accept spelling errors and all journal abbreviations - actually "journal titles" should be separate from "book titles") Telnet (Pine) is very poor. If all stations had Eudora, that would help.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

I've been very happy with UITS - I would like to single out [IRD] and [IRD] as two of the most helpful professionals on campus!

See comments by above questions.

I don't see a real need to add any more STC's. What needs to happen is UITS needs to build their own building or modify space in [UNREADABLE: LOOOKS LIKE "Rub6"] to provide more specific tech needs. Scanners, CD burners, and other technologies not available to all students. Most students are coming into the university w/ their own computers. We aren't going to need so many on campus in the long run. Update network connections & support - not new or more machines.

Keep up the good work!

More basic computer classes. I am a beginner.

My position in a small office that doesn't deal with the student side of the university limits the use of most services. The few I do use have been fine.

Since I have only been back on campus since Jan. 2000 I could not fully evaluate your services. I do feel this is a good idea. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

Cellular Phone rates should be comparable to outside agencies. Why does it take so long to install phone jacks?

Telecom Services: We've been unhappy w. voice mail. The lights on our phone are so dim it's difficult to see if we have messages AND messages don't show immediately--sometimes not until the next day--so clients sometimes wonder why we didn't call them back sooner.

There seems to be a growing number of people in departments that need support in developing database applications. Addressing this need (which is time-intensive) is a great challenge facing UITS, but doing it successfully will truly "bring the power of computing" to many of the users out there.

I found it difficult evaluating STC Labs, since I am so closely tied to this area of work.

Weekend problems on campus are not easily handled . Lindley hall consulting becomes overwhelmed and people are not sure where to turn.

2 hr. modem connections inadequate-desire 4 hr.

I look forward to the new email implementation plans mentioned in the cover letter.

This was not completed by "[IRD]," he doesn't use UITS that much. He asked me (a co-worker) to complete this, I'm "stone C," both faculty & staff. I bring this up because of your tracking control # on the back. I use LI503 & PU151(SPEA) to teach in as a Bus lecturer, and the eqpt in LI503 is poor, which (SIC)I why I marked you down. Overall UITS is pretty amazing to do what they do with their limited resources & high demand from everyone at IU.

More people w/Access expertise, please. More people w/Outlook expertise, please.

We need to do away with Pine. It is very outdated.

Seems like the technology available at IU far exceeds my knowledge of & ability to use all that is offered...yet I feel my degree of expertise is perfectly adequate for what I need to do in my job. The support personnel here in the School of Education are generally top-notch when questions/ problems arise-they are prompt, friendly, helpful, patient, and almost always can solve my problems. Plus, the training classes offered are enabling my secretary to acquire wonderful new skills, enabling us to do more complex and creative things which reflect well on my program. Thank you.

I think UITS is a very effective organization with a genuine concernersonnel! (departmental or STC)

All in all, I haven't had any problems with UITS support. The UITS personnel that I have dealt with have always been exceptional in their friendliness & eagerness to help.

The UITS provides lots of great services, but things change. So often that I waste a lot of time figuring out the changes and sometimes they are more inconvenient than helpful.

I have felt under-supported in dealing with issues of e-mail abuse (spamming, etc.). I feel I'm being told, "There's nothing we can do, so just cope."

Note assumptions in survey design marked earlier.

Only that I knew so little about what you were talking about that I think I'll take the carriage back to the cabin.

Keep up the good work!

Not everyone lives in Bloomington.

Keep up the great work!

I believe that my satisfaction is based more upon our departmental support that UITS. They are the gatekeepers to the system - without them I think we would be very frustrated.

I believe UITS provides excellent information technology to the IUB community.

Speed of network could be faster for access to instructional live video. Front Page extensions for PHP and Veritas would be nice. I get a lot of "making to many connections" on the Usenet groups. I had no idea we had pager service or teleconferencing. These are all minor. I can't imagine a better computing environment in ANY industry. Keep up the good work!

Overall you folks do a good job. I have learned a ton over the years from PROSTEPS classes - enough to go from a total novice to fairly knowledgeable. Please continue to communicate extensively with your userbase - Monitor, usc.*newsgroups, "What's going On" web page - as I see it, one difference between UITS & a commercial ISP is that user education should be a primary part of your mission - so the more of this the better!

a. I would like to suggest that staff be given a printing quota. Our computers support person Our computer support person can't test public printers because he can't print. I work in the library and have had problems helping patrons w/ database searches because I can't print results. b. I'm surprised you didn't include questions about user satisfaction with the printing quota in general. c. We have problems with faculty members from nearby campuses (IUPUI & Columbus) not being able to sign on to our work stations. Faculty doing research need to be given broader access. d. I am looking forward to the new e-mail web based email system. e. Overall computing and support for it at IU is fantastic. Thanks!

I would like to see a different contract for Cellular Phones, I have had in the past problems receiving accessories and Support from Cellular One, staff have not been satisfied with service, and the phones available for lease. They contain a lot of static and often cut out when traveling. This is really the only complaint our Department Staff has reported to me. Thanks!

Web browsing on veritas is sometimes too slow. Web statistics could be better: -Allow user configuration (ie, what egi's count as pagekits) -Referrer logs -Or, just give us regular access to our raw log files.

I work in Athletics. We have our own Computer Services. They are the best. Very helpful. Knowledgeable and work well under a lot of pressure.

This is the secretary. I was asked to fill out this survey for my superior. My superior rarely touches a computer. I print out her e-mails etc. Computers are NOT "visual disability" friendly. Improvements could be made in this area. Since I use a computer it may be more useful to ask my opinions. Our office depends on several systems and their integration. IUIS, FIS< TOPS, BARS, Halls_Admin., TP Holmes.

I can't wait until you change the Pine e-mail system. Thanks for the free CD.

Need simple web interface for e-mail; something like Hotmail. Thanks for all the new modems!

Voice mail on phone set up is VERY confusing!!

Availability of services after hours for home use sometimes have to wait until next day and then I am not at home computer to really explain and understand problem!

Please don't change your name anymore...I've been thru 3 or 4. Everyone we work with is exceptional, [IRD], [IRD], LAN lab guys & NOC folks to name but a few.

You folks do a good job.

The online purchasing system (TOPS) seems to me there could be a better way, the search process is to[SIC] Looking up items in the catalog gets confusing with number's [SIC]. Overall, I give it a (5) scale. Thank's [SIC] [IRD]

Though outside the realm of responsibility of UITS, I know there are departments and faculty who have very limited computer support/expertise available to them, whether due to budgetary constraints or other unknown issues. Perhaps UITS could contribute in some significant way to solving that problem. Also, it would seem, though I may be incorrect, that getting everyone on campus using the same e-mail program would be helpful.

Always more modems and instructions for programs via the web.

Athletics (Dept.) is in need of more computing support personnel.

Would like to see more classes offered on programing [sic], designing & maintaining databases, and software installation.

1) Telecommunications (dorm phone) should let payment be made on-site. As it is, payment procedures suck. 2) UITS- IUPUI people are too slow in implementing software updates & licensing.

Very pleased with personal service I received from employees working at front desk, IUM-084. When I had to go there recently Very, very friendly! It put me in a really good mood! Thank you!

Any time I circled "7", it probably should've been "8" "Never heard of service"

The HRIS system is limited in the history it can keep and the field limits. This causes extra time in pulling files and following a paper trail to information needed. This also causes extra work for FMS handling processes by hand-drawn checks because the system cannon handle the situation. (Example TDA amount above $9999.) However, the information available has been reliable. I think the security is good. In general it seems that better advertising / awareness of services available would be warranted. The ERNS screens would be more helpful with a Soundex system. Sometimes entry is inconsistent in the system which limited ability to use the system for mass calculations or for queries.

I am very sorry that UITS is phasing out the modem access via 855-4211. There still is legitimate need for this access. I hope 855-4211 will continue to be usable.

Get more modems in all number pools, maybe some kind of higher speed networ [SIC] to students or employis [SIC] who do not live on campus (ie cable, DSL, ISDN etc). Increase on campus networking too [sic] 100 Mbit (if not already done)

Increase the bandwidth of the entire network. Blocking sites, like Napster.com, is bordering on an infringement of our constitutional rights. I think it is a bad idea for the university to block particular IP numbers. It opens the door for all kinds of shady and corruptive behavior by administrators and businesses that might form partnerships with IU.

I understand your need to control traffic flow on the system; however, I wonder whether you might not find another solution other than blocking MP3 site [sic]. I do not, have never, and would probably never access MP3 site [sic], but is not [sic] the purpose of a university to foster the free flow of information? If you block one site [sic] how do I know that you are not censoring others? Please respond in IDS/etc. Thanks. Although, we have recently been able to access system [sic] through modems, previously that means had been sketchy--somewhat hit or miss. Any further need to expand modem availability? Any alternatives to modems in our future?

When the university changed the phone numbers that home computer modems dial into, it really messed up my home computer. Now I can normally get to my e-mail and Netscape without difficulty, but getting access to my office server so I can work at home is often impossible, which causes serious problems. No one seems to have a solution.

I connect to IUB at home through an outside ISP. It works, but is pretty slow at times, especially when using Microsoft Exchange. Some other option than a long distance call would be nice. Could there be a password enable toll-free dial in service? Just a thought. The free software was a nice touch.

It is difficult to keep up with charges in University supported programs for people whose primary tool is not the computer. I often feel burdened learning new programs that are not necessary to do my primary job.

Your UITS Education program is exceptional. I never before had access to resources such as they have for staff at IU.

Keep up the good work!!

The only comments I would like to make are that, in my last three years here with UITS, it has been a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. They are always ready to help you and it's nice to known that people still take time for others to help them succeed! Thank you

When dialing in to the IU modem pool from home, it's a miracle if I actually get through. It's usually so busy that I can't dial in.

I would like to see personal training sessions in our building available. Most of us can not go to the classes. But really need some training. Thank you for being concerned.

As a result of my computer in my office losing its network connection every 30 minutes or so, I asked our department's staff member to help us. Apparently I made a mistake by asking this individual for help (phone call in the afternoon) because she stated that she usually doesn't leave the office in the afternoon as it is hot (this was summertime). For a few more weeks I reset my computing 6-8 times a day to make sure that I was able to check my e-mail for work related tasks (at that point I got about 10-15 emails a day in this area; now I get more). Upon a second inquiry to my network connection troubles, she suggested that I try a new ethernet cord and campus mailed it to me. She also made a correction to my access (from her office) and now it restores my network connection 2-3 times a day so I don't have to do it manually. Problem solved; for now. Also, having to work with students daily, they often complain the e-mail stations on campus are rarely functional (half of them are typically out-of-order).

FIS changes should not be "put on hold" for any amount of time. We have to keep improving the system.

Most aspects of UITS with which I have experience have been very satisfactory--to the extent that I am complacent with services non-IU friends can't obtain (access to software, internet, email, etc. for free). However I do find the Knowledge Base difficult to use. I can search for information which I know to exist (having accessed it previously) and receive a lengthy list of related materials, but not the specific information I need, despite using precise key words in the search request. Part of the problem is that there seem to be multiple pages with similar titles, headings or subjects, and so sorting through them can be difficult. Otherwise--I use UITS services virtually (no pun intended) everyday from on-campus & off-campus, and have become dependent on the quick access & reliable connections. The new dial-in system is a big help, particularly at busy times. Keep up the good work thank you!

Thank you for the offer of the free CD

Get an easy to use and reliable system!! Shakespeare and Pine were outdated when we switched over to them.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

My greatest concerns about UITS is the past has been with the interactive video classrooms since I teach some classes via distance ed. This semester is much better. I am also concerned about the reliability of the IU modem pool. Sometimes I can't connect; sometimes the connection is broken.

In general, I'm very satisfied with technology support at IU (Web, library catalog, email, etc). However, support for MAC users in The School of Ed is not at all good. Consultants do not know what they are doing and do not respond promptly. I have had much better success getting help by phoning 5-6789. But sometimes trouble shooting requires a local consultant, but when that happens I almost never get my problems solved without a big hassle.

About the campus phone book - - - there are many offices or depts. that are known with a popular name, but they are not listed as such in the phone book. For example, the "LAMC" or Latin American Music Center.

Please add more lines to call in from remote users.

You are redoing email - it can't happen too soon. Give faculty more free printing in UITS facilities - later at night, it is sometimes the service of last resort. When will portable PCs become an option for ones' faculty computer? These big boxes are unnecessary for most of us, and I certainly can't carry mine to Japan!

IUCAT is a total mess for general research. Unless one already knows the work sought (and not always then) it's useless. I can give some specific examples if requested. Dialup services are fragile, requiring frequent reconnects during a session because of terminations of connections by the server.

1. Equipment in my classroom is often malfunctioning or difficult to use and teach effectively. 2. My computer support for my Mac in the school of Ed is very poor - disorganized tardy, one problem after another.

It is important that Departmental support staff in a sense be "teachers" as well. They need the patience and understand that not everyone is totally computer literate. We all want to learn & improve and use this tool for our research and teaching - we just can't favor the more computer "blessed!" thanks

The quality of follow through on the UCS help desk (telephone) has fallen. In several recent calls the person either gave up, said he didn't know, or failed to get an answer. It used to be much better.

Once again, I am very pleased with both the services and the staff.

1) speed up the voicemail or the 5-6789 line--I get so impatient 2) Cable modem support? Something, anything to speed up home access? 3) I wish I had more help for research computer 4) I can't use PC projectors to show my class web pages on my laptop because I need to set up a "training session" first. Why not just have the tech run the classroom session? I don't have time for training sessions!!!!!

1. more low-tech classrooms--built in projectors only most things in our adv. classroom never get used. 2. The quality of help on x56789 has decline noticeably in the last two years. I rarely get a useful answer to my questions any more. 3. high performance [UNREADABLE] is great.

IUCAT is cumbersome and unforgiving of typos. Why can't telnet system be replaced by a web system like the CIC catalog? Faculty members should get two copies of printed telephone directory--one for home.

I tried Oncourse last fall and found it limited for my area of teaching.

The MS exchange system is very problematic, especially when called from home. I often have a message that I cannot access Outlook. I have to go in via the WWW in which there is another version of Outlook.

We need more help in our dept. One person cannot maintain all of our machines.

Very happy about increase in modems would like to see more advanced tech classrooms need more help w instructional computing want fast ISP at home (cable modem or DSL!)

More lines to modem pool during peak use. Priority lines to modem pool for faculty using home computers.

The modem dial-up #s are becoming more likely around peak use times to be busy! More 3s needed! Thanks.

very pleased overall!

I am very concerned about the fact that, despite incessant reorganization, that UITS seems to be keeping up less & less well w/ the needs of its users. Both the speed of computing and the helpfulness of support are definitely going down. Oftentimes I think computing at IU is more into the newness of technology than providing support to users. I hope you take a very serious look at service.

The IU computers haven't been letting my commercial line (which I only have because I could never get on using my modem from home) access my email. Our local helper-tech doesn't do MACS, so I am constantly frustrated with technical problems which, it seems, no one considers their problem to solve. I moved here from UC Berkeley, and it's been like moving from civilization to outhouses, as far as computing goes.

Biology maintains a mackintosh based environment with excellent support. I rely on them far more than university support services.

Why doesn't UITS publish a list of personnel--who's in charge of what! It's almost impossible to find out who to call when there's a crisis. Sending emails into the UITS void is not very satisfying.

Outlook on Internet for MAC is terribly limited. In general MAC support is a little bit less than Intel--BUT it has gotten better-- Thanks

We need to schedule classes in the Fine Arts computer labs that you supposedly control. But Fine Arts takes most of the time and we're forced to go elsewhere. Please adopt some reasonable shared use policies for the Fine Arts labs. Thanks.

Need a better way or control source of informing people of what services are available, how to utilize them, etc.--a web page that lists all computer services with links for example. Do not use jargon that only a computer scientist can understand.

1) Computing staff are over-worked. Not enough resources to offer faculty solid support. I've actually come out of pocket to hire "private consultants" to work through problems. 2) Windows NT is a joke--its level of incompatibility is really a problem. My Outlook program is always struggling with it--sometimes the whole system freezes up. NT is also very slow. Drives me nuts. 3) I was put on the exchange system and can't access email on campus computers w/o going through Netscape which takes at least 5 minutes to get into. Don't mean to sound like a complainer, but since you asked....

Move Lotus Notes from NT servers to more reliable Suns, RS6000's, or AS/400's. De-emphasize the NT dogma. Do not attempt to use NT for Enterprise - type aps.

Deal with Microsoft is highly commendable.

1) Oncourse software is cumbersome - I am disappointed that I cannot import my syllabus in Word directly into the Oncourse environment - it's not terribly convenient! 2) IT environment at SPEA very user-unfriendly. 3) SPEA IT support personnel are grossly underpaid. This needs to be fixed before we lose our good people.

Our new computers are overkill in a time of Budgetary Constraint.

I am new to the university as a faculty member and have been very pleased with the computing environment for faculty & students.

Our dept. is Mac-based & there are no good web authoring tools in Mac labs - Dream-weaver for example. Since Front Pg 200 [sic] is not yet available for Macs, this is a real problem since we do a web project in undergrad classes for about 300 students a year & Netscape Composer is unsatisfactory.

It's clear that there is much of the UIT Services with which I am not familiar. That is (probably) unfortunate.

Please consider Lotus Notes as a campus e-mail platform.

As the circled items above might suggest, I'm not a sophisticated user of computers (I use computer [sic] to write, for e-mail, to e-mail from home (on 4211), & occasionally browse on the web). My lack of full enthusiasm for UITS services stems from: 1) Our Department Computer Advisor - while nice, is slow - she tries hard but is inefficient. Perhaps she is overworked, or spread too thin. 2) I still use Wordstar (!) as my Word Processing Program & resent the fact that our new Compaq machines preclude the possibility of using Wordstar (I have to have 2 computers side by side on my office table - one for e-mail & the web, another for my word processing). 3) The delays in our Pine e-mail system are at times infuriating, system freezes up too often. I have had very good help in setting up a Majordomo list this year - but even that took a while since student helpers didn't know at first if they could provide me the specific configuration I wanted (it turns out that they could, but they themselves didn't know it - hence we jumped from majordomo to list-serv & back to majordomo again). I do have to say that the least informed person I have dealt with this year, as to what exactly was going on with my machine (esp. with the change over from 5-4211 to 6-5200) & the pine delay, was one [IRD] (but this might have been because he works on the high level of theory rather than on the low level of problem-solving). I should admit also that I may have misanswered some of these questions, since I am not always [sic] who in your categories above is responsible for what.

I do not use the computer for very technical purposes, but I have had excellent support for my limited use. Thank you.

Based on the number of services & facilities mentioned in this survey that I am not familiar with, I need to do a better job of becoming familiar of such resources & perhaps UITS could do a better job of publicizing them. My main request would be to increase the support for research computing - especially archival data collection & analysis (especially financial and accounting data.) Thank you.

Don't like the overly restrictive security constraints (annoying password rules, no access to SMTP server from outside IU domain. I use external fast cable modem service at home, and some IU operations are irritating (can't ftp to veritas.ucs.indiana.edu, for example). I like the mass software licensing arrangements very much. I don't think this survey is too useful, though. I intensely dislike the fact that I, as faculty, cannot arrange to use some pay-resources in the student clusters on special occasions (color printers, [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "plotter"], printer in Fine Arts). I abhor the COAS imposition of Windows NT for long-term Mac users!!! Would happily serve on UITS committees.

My biggest problem has been sporadic problems using modem [sic] from home. Problems with e-mail - ranging from the modem pool being busy to crashing out (being disconnected) from a session. And I can't access IUCAT (library) from home which is a big drag-- and since I'm junior faculty I never seem to have a big enough block of time to work on the little problems.

I am very busy, and could benefit from much of your service, I'm sure, but I have no time to learn about your services! So I didn't fill out the form (cannot evaluate), but now that you ask again, I'll tell you I can't evaluate. I know that your service is critical to many, and I support your efforts, but really not by taking advantage of them.

Very capable people in general, but more expertise with software like word & excel would be helpful- Your survey is too long.

I would prefer faster connections to IU from home. Please devote resources to broad based links to home computers. The current time til disconnect is much better than in past, but there is need for continuous access.

The Robo-Podium in the ATC is a disgrace-virtually unusable. It is my strong suspicion that it was installed as punishment for previous complaints about the earlier podium-PLEASE PLEASE get someone to redesign with actual input from those who use these classrooms. Excellent Web support overall- Thank You!

Thanks! Keep your good work!

The high level of network lockdown by UITS makes teaching in that environment difficult if not impossible with anything except the worst standard applications. The system for adding non-standard is extremely inflexible and difficult. I know that network administrators applaud this. But the instructional mission of the University is not well served by it. I strongly urge (as I have before through formal channels) that the campus consolidate the Halls computing into UITS. Budget and management territorially are winning over the interests of our students, who need the convenience and safety of being able to work on assignments from Halls clusters identical to UITS clusters. Overall, I feel that UITS does a remarkable job of support for faculty and students, and I'm lucky to teach in this place partly because of UITS. Thanks.

We need a better e-mail system that makes it easy to send and read attachments.

I think the people in Tech Services are helpful when you can reach them. My main concerns are: 1. Lotus Notes in KSOB is down a LOT o the weekends. (server users) 2. I think TV's should be built in or delivered to the classroom as Power Point Carts are. [IRD], [IRD], and their staff are very helpful.

Firewall between web server & database solves a security problem, but a less draconian solution would be nice.

Many of my answers are inappropriate and ambiguous because my staff, grad students, & postdocs do many of the things queried in this report (rather than me).

56789 is excellent. Computing support personnel in my department consist of an associate professor and a senior research staff member. This is not appropriate. We need lower-level people to carry out the mundane stuff.

As I noted on page 4, retrofitting rooms to allow projection has not been successful in many cases. The biggest problem is lighting, but the shape of the rooms and the [sic] and the bulkiness of equipment trays, location of outlets, etc. makes it very difficult to use the equipment. Last semester, I tried to bring a laptop into a class in Woodburn 004. Students could not see what was on the screen unless I darkened the room. I found that rather than helping me to engage students, the technology distanced me from them, and I gave up.

Almost everything I do in the technology area is through services provided by the Kelley School. UITS has very little to do with that other than overall infrastructure type of issues.

I'm using Oncourse this semester and it is very limited.

Getting software mounted on classroom computers is a royal pain. The rooms are rarely available during normal semester days. It was tough to find a time compatible with the staff member & myself. Yet on my own computers I can mount things in 1 minute... Too much trouble! It discourages use of the computers during lecture. IUCAT has the dumbest user interface! Must have been written in the 60's. Should send some info reminding us about #22 services. Except for IUCAT, I use the others so rarely I can never remember how to access them... The modem situation has definitely improved this year! IUware works well...

Upgrade all modems to V90.

Free CD's should not cost $5.

UITS spends too much money (on stuff like this on fancy paper) compared to what the teaching & research faculty has available. Too much overhead when faculty underpaid, undersupplied & classrooms Are not state of the art for teaching.

I am on leave and work in my home in Phoenix. The main (probably only) contact with IU is e-mail (iupui.edu).

Oncourse support is terrific. Outreach and consultation by TTL is also terrific.

Very happy with the services of UITS.

Need more classrooms w/ presentation technology. I wish I could take advantage of the available computer-based teaching aids, but I never teach in an equipped room!

You have asked me to waste my time to complete this form being fully aware that I will assume no benefit from having done so.

1. trying to dial-in to the modem pools is a very difficult undertaking 2. my office computer has a direct network connection that is often reliable but just as often- very slow! Particularly w/ Pine & the web.

The staff of TLTL - especially [IRD] & [IRD] - were extremely helpful to me in getting up an instructional website for my lecture course. Decisions about software/hardware used by faculty should be based in part on faculty choice. Free Consulting & Help for general problems is not very good - who has $40/ hour to hire a consultant?

Is there a way to have a "call monitoring" feature for voicemail, as there is on an answering machine? Thank you for the fine service at 5-6789!!!

Effective speed at which data-transfer takes place could be improved (high cost - - I understand)

You do a good job! I read we are leaders in the country in computer technology for faculty & students! Congratulations!!! & Thanks!!!

pus since Jan. 2000 I could not