2000 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

Question 39: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?

Note: When an individual person has been identified by name, the person's name is replaced with [IRD] - "Identifying Reference Deleted."

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Need to let students know where all the open computer labs are and their accessibility times. More open labs too.

Old & outdated computers that are exceptionally slow in business school and LY Bldg need to be removed. Some of the student tech support are as knowledgeable and not as helpful when problems occur. Courtesy is an issue as well.

When registering for classes thru [sic] phone system include a parking sticker.

It would be more convient [sic] to offer long distance services and voicemail services to students who live on campus.

Difficulty with accessing email via homepage.

It seems to me that the consultants in the library are very helpful & knowledgeable; however they are often difficult to locate. Also the computers on the South east side of the fourth floor are very difficult to use.

I would first like to say that your network setup and the response time you have in fixing computer and network problems is wonderful! I am a computer/ network technician for a local school corporation and I know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to fix these problems. I don have one question though... Is there any way you can extend the dial in time for your users on your servers? It seems that when dialing into IUPUI I can only stay online from 40-50 min. no matter if I'm w working on something or not. Besides that I love the work that you all do and the labs are always running. Thank you!

-More computer clusters available all around campus (more needed!)

Insite & Dial-in modem-excellent I can't stand Pine e-mail Support services: walk in is great, very helpful online is a bit of a run around telephone tests my patience (need layman's directory).

The rate at which I am kicked off the internet hookup at the following number could be improved, (278-5619,5620,5621).

The only problem worth reporting is my password won't get me on the computer and when I went to talk to the consultant in the basement of SL she was helping the same person for half an hour so I left-but I could have pursued the problem more; though I can still check my E-mail.

Faster modem access more comfortable chairs for handicapped students

I think everything is great

I used STC's in the past when they were learning centers and changed the following semester to STC's. I found them helpful. I used the one in the basement of the library when they moved it and I used it a few times I didn't find it as helpful.

Keep up the good work. I would like to see INSITE used more by instructors.

The specials on computer purchasing by students needs improved. The supposed deals given to students by Apple are actual in-store prices, and not discounted. More computer manufacturers need to be selected for a more diversified selection, as well.

Some of the lab techs act like they don't know what they're doing. Using the IUPUI dial-up tool from my house takes way too long and sometimes it doesn't even work. The computers in the medical LRC are too slow & some in the library are also too slow.

I'm sorry I don't fully utilize services. I am p/t & work full time. I use computer mostly @ work. I like being able to see grades on-line & used course listings for 1st time this month--that was good too.

When I call, I want to talk to a real person, not a computer!

I transferred here this year from Bloomington & found that the technology is just as good here. But there are more computer consultants in IUPUI labs & they are much more courteous & knowledgeable! I had no idea there was an on-campus switchboard. There should be stickers on campus (beige) phones with the number. I like that there are different kinds of computers in every lab. I also like the fact the[sic] the computers are in good condition & students are told if a computer is not working. There should be a couple labs opened late at night--(the only one I know that is open past 6pm is BU300(?).)

The e-mail server needs to be able to display more than text, eg. pictures on attachments. I'm sure there is someway to do it but it most [sic] be pretty complicated.

Would like to see more instructors use OnCourse. Offer mail options beyond PINE, or communicate current options better. Communicate proactively concerning services such as Listserve [sic], audio services, usenet newsgroups.

Consultants are rude! Especially @ULib. Access to Outlook via web is poor. UITS' speed at responding to needed service is poor. Most techs too busy playing blame game to give straight answers to questions.

Please put Labs in more central spaces. Make maps with hours of operation of each lab available in each lab. Offer more Linux/Unix workstations. Connect the info servers of Purdue to your tech support pages, they have an extensive online help database. Quit sending me damn surveys, also. If you do any of these, I'll be happy.

Perhaps, make pine a bit more convienant [sic] and quicker.

More work stations, more reliable equipment/programs. I would walk in on any given day, to any given computer lab and see at least 5 computers down. I could only access Oncourse 1/2 the time I tried this semester.

I quit accessing my email account at IUPUI because it is more work than it is worth. Also, you can't attach pictures or anything besides typical print. I don't like it!!! It needs reviseal [sic]!!!

I have seen the importance and wonderful use I can get out of these services. I use them more and more.

You have several offices at IUPUI who "spam" students and are clueless as to how wrong their actions actually are. UITS needs to be involved in all pre-decisions to mass email students' accounts. Given a choice, I would not have an IUPUI email address.

University Information Technology Services should consider installing more computers.

I was in English class which used the lab in Cavanaugh. We were required to do an in class memo and for the entire class period both printers were out of service. To finish the project I ended up staying a total of 3 hours. After another teacher requested I leave I requested the printer to be fixed before I would do so being that I do pay a technology fee. They were very rude and inconsiderate. (The teacher and person in charge of the consultant.) The "A" drive would not work either. Eventually the printer was fixed but I missed a class because of this whole situation! In addition I purchased the 4 Office 2000 CD's and the 3rd CD doesn't work! I also feel that having to enter your student id and then having to log on to the computer is insufficent [sic]. One last situation I must share. I was working on a computer in library when several young children (unsupervised by adults) were working on the computers as well. I happen [sic] to glance over and saw one of the children (who couldn't have been but 12) looking up porn on the computer. This was disturbing as well as upsetting. I say upsetting because I pay the technology fees for school purposes not so a child can look up naked ladies on the web! The other children were playing games and what not. This situation should not occur quite frankly!

When I have a problem, someone has always fixed it quickly. I think you guys are doing great!

My major is medical image technology so 95% of my time is spent in clinic @ the hospitals. Needless to say I don't use much of UITS. Unless I'm conducting research in the library. Overall, I have been satified [sic] with the level of ease UITS has provided. However I have been fustrated [sic] about not being able to access IUPUI servers from my home. (I do believe the problem lies mostly on my end).

Make available on-line registration with the same format that is used at the university--available for students at home.

1) Part time student: spend 10-15 minutes of new class(s) & educate students about the above services. 2) EET student: I would like access to EET software at home for homework & self-study for particular classes; such as EET-3 71.

The UITS department has done a good job of providing services to students and faculty, and I hope to be able to make better use of these services as I continue my education.

Have 1-800 dial up for access. I travel frequently and have to have another means to access oncourse for school work.

I hate voice mail and "If your hair is on fire-press 22" I've actually gotten helpful results from UITS support two out of approximately eight times. I once got a girl who was very rude to me. I'm not judging UITS too harshly on either of the above accounts because for one thing, I know that the phones probably ring non-stop. I also have called support, maybe twice, regarding matters that only a programmer would know the answer to.

My computer at home is used to write my papers and my family members enjoy the games offered. We do not have the Internet, nor want it and when I complete school, I'll probably hardly touch it. I do not enjoy the computer like some have learned to do nor do I want to.

possibly have more classes during day hrs where as right now they are mostly after 5pm (some of us work sometimes)

A toll free # to campus would be nice for those students who have to make calls to campus and then get put on hold sometimes!

I have only been a student a short time. I work at IUPUI as well. That might help explain my answers.

IUCAT is very difficult to use (command wise) & confusing. Otherwise I am pleased with what services I have been provided.

I have never even heard of Long Distance calling service.

I don't think most students know about all the services offered.

Tech. department is very helpful & up to date. My only problem is when my pine password for some reason it doesn't work. I have to go all the way to the Tech building and I can go no further until I do so. One other suggestion is: as far as the programs you can get from the bookstore are only CD's and I have to have disks to program my laptop.

Since I am unaware of some of these services, I think a little more exposure would be recommended. The support center has always been wonderful, contrary to the ability of instructors!

The main improvement would be to scrap pine. A former co-worker told me other universities use a program with icons (ie: click the pen icon to write a message.) I would like a program that attached files can be viewed within the e-mail. With pine, one must download the attachment. A program similar to what AOL uses would be nice. Pine looks cheap and attachments are a pain since they must be downloaded to a disk. Ex: someone sends me a pic, with AOL and others, the pic can be viewed within the e-mail. With pine, this is not possible.

Computers in labs (especially in ET Bldg.) are SLOW. Possibly the LAN connection slowing them down? or maybe Windows NT?

24 hour labs with 24 hour support.

I do not like the email service, so I do not use it.

I frequently use the lab in Room ES 2121, and the printer is rarely working in that room. Other than that, my experience has been very good.

New computers, more parking spots.

I cannot connect to IUPUI homepage/e-mail from my home computer. Therefore I am not very satisfied with it at all b/c I can't use it at my convenience. This is why I did not fill out the survey.

I like the remodeling of the learning center in the Business building 4th floor. Also, it's nice that one has to enter student ID before using services to prove they are a student of IUPUI. Thanks for the added security.

Telecommunications should print and distribute phone books!!! UITS needs to present more information on the types of services is has!!!

Easier ways to get info. if one forget's [sic] password, screenname, etc. More telephones - Free! :)

Students & staff are very disadvantaged by the fact that it is very difficult to open attached files on E-mails in the Pine & MS Outlook/Exchange systems.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for your services! :)

Involving the IUware, I was not informed that the "PPP" charged long distance to dial-up to campus from where I live. I was just told that it was a "free" service. I got a $400 phone bill as a result. Thank You! [IRD]

I don't use the computers very often and when I do I check e-mail and get on the internet. Everything that I have experienced through those 2 areas have been very satisfactory.

Need more information about services

I really am not familiar with the UITS building and its serices [sic] this is my 1st year I am still very new at everything that is available on campus. Im [sic] sure as I go through my degree this information will be much more appreciated. Thanks

Sometimes the autimated [sic] telephone system can give you the run around.

Get a different e-mail system!

I know that there are a few 24 hour computer labs, but I am accustomed to having the ability to go to most labs anytime I want.

Seems like there is always a problem with the system in EET building. Takes too long to do anything, computers too slow.

Maybe explaining everything more to new students/freshmen. When I first attended I had no clue to anything and I still don't know much about all the technology available to me.

You need to improve the IUware CD. Make the communications setup for off campus better. With my setup from the CD I cannot get off of the IUPUI web pages.

Pine should be updated. It is old-fashion and does not interface with other email very well. It is difficult to print from and download attachments.

I would think that library consultants should be able to answer more questions, sometimes no consultant is available. Everything else is great.

Thank you for your services!

I did not know of any of services that is [sic] mentioned. When I need help [sic] of setting up an account, I had no idea where the office was [sic] even people had told me. It was hard to find.

I cannot stand to use Pine e-mail. I have all mail forwarded to my private e-mail account. Many individual PC's in ET computer labs run annoyingly slowly (opening files or programs; running some programs, etc.)

For what I know and have heard about this service it seems to be a great service. I plan on taking advantage of its uses this semester.

The computer labs are all very well equipped. However I'd like to see a published list of all open labs. So that finding them would be easier, especially for new students.

My utilization of the services available really only scratches the surface. I need to learn more about and take advantage of the services.

You all do a fine job! However, I live out of town and would appreciate a way to utilize the free internet service from outside the area. I live in Montgomery City. Any way possible? Thanks for all your efforts!

I have found them to be very helpful and kind. Keep up the good work.

Web based class scheduling. On line appointment making for advising.

I have had several problems in the last six months with connecting to the Internet and bad connection.

I was not able to give a fair rating because I don not use these services very much at all.

I'm not very experienced with computers. I visited the Tech center only once. I called the Help center only once. I always use registration by phone.

The dial-up 27-8 19-21 20 take a long time for connection. This can take as long as 1/2 hr & longer to connect, if there is a connection. This is very frustrating.

I think that there should be a computer lab in the SL building. There are lab rooms for teaching, but there are none to just go work in. That is the computer building and almost all the other buildings have labs to work in.

On [sic] some of the services that were mentioned I have never heard of them, or was not aware that they were available. Suggestion: Please make a pamplete [sic] of all available services and send them to students.

I think the UITS should constantly be growing and it would help if the labs were open (not in classes) to ordinary students. I think it would be great if there was some 24-hour service (lab) like in large colleges.

I do not have much computer knowledge at all. I am currently taking CPT 106 and have learned to use some of the services available (ie. class projects). I do know the services exist & the information is "out there," if you need it. My biggest problem is that I am a returning student - after 7/8 years, and I have no clue on how to use the Pine system. What I can accidently [sic] stumble into has been great in helping me; but I still prefer using my AOL account. It's easier & I can access Listserv with it, as well as OnCourse & the rest. The library computers are open for research (Indycat) & I can go there. I also am a frequent visitor of ET 109. I'm not sure what kind of help I'm really able to give you for this survey.

Being able to connect to Lecture via IMDS has been fabulous for me! Also your tech on line service was great and very helpful! Thanks!

The e-mail is not easily/user [sic] friendly from an outside /or home computer.

My interaction w/ various systems - other than e-mail - is strictly class driven [sic] therefore, my knowledge is very limited as to technology issues.

I love Oncourse; great idea and use of the web.

The students should be awarded more time in the writing center, 45 minutes to an [sic] 1 hour. Thank you!

Perhaps offering an on-line service that does not monopolize the PC's modem, but worked in conjunction with other services such as AOL or CSI would be more helpful to households with one computer already signed up with AOL or CSI.

The financial aid FAVORS and switchboard needs to be greatly improved!

I would be interested in knowing more about "Personal web home pages" offered. Have you thought about running some things off of AOL (keyword: iupui). Like e-mail checking/reading, syllabus checking, classes offered (for people looking to go to IUPUI), directions & #'s to call (for quick information), on-line applications, web home page easy access & loading, people to e-mail & ask FAQ's (& other stuff) link @ the bottom to go to the www site for other info. just an idea

Connecting to the web is very difficult at times. I'm constanting[sic] being disconnected, which makes things more difficult, because it might take an half hour to reconnect. When I'm trying to do research between 2-6 am, I cannot connect at all most of the time. I'm very frustrated with the internet service.

I am very pleased overall with all of the UITS services. Additionally, I have been pleased with the pleasant & knowledgeable help desk consultants who have been a great help whenever I had questions. Keep up the good work!

The modem line [sic] are strained, and connection [sic] are not well defeloped [sic].

I have been a student here for 2 semesters and I don't know much about technology available, as you can see. We need to be given this information when we sign up for classes [sic]. maybe give out a book that lists all the technology available and how to get it. Make it contain even the most simple stuff like e-mail to stuff like how you can access email at home because I don't even know how to do that.

More info/services located at the Columbus campus.

I have not had the opportunity to use the facilities as yet. However, I am looking forward to doing so and consequently giving you input at a later date.

I go to the computer lab in BUSS on 3rd floor often sometimes very helpful other times no clue in Power Point for SPEA courses printing handouts. I avoid the lab in the old library--no help. The law school is a nice lab if you know exactly what to do--no assistant. I had a [sic] econ class & the professor send [sic] 8 notes & slides over e-mail [sic] took a long time to download--slower modem @ home. Should not be able to do this--the professors should use Power Point only.

The Jewel email system is sometimes frustrating to work in. It's difficult to type letters and edit them.

This survey has caused me to decide on investigating the services offered.

Improve drop/add system. It works very poorly through telnet.

The dial up line are [sic] easier to connect to with the additional lines added. Would like insite to be available more. Pine is a pain with attachments.

Basically, the only thing I think could use an upgrade, is the e-mail. The Pine system, or Telnet, is a little archaic.

*try to make it easier to find things on all home pages-like e-mail.

Need windows 98 for my K201 assignments.

Computer labs-more of them in other buildings would be helpful.

I think that insite needs to be accessible. They need to extend their hours as well as be accessible even when their are busy times.

On the UITS program for enrollment I would like to be able to pull up classes available at Glendale Mall instead of searching through classes.

Computers are very slow. A large portion of class time is spent waiting for computers to process commands. Many monitors are faded, making CAD work difficult. Services & learning environment are very good, but Hardware needs to be kept up to date.

Pine E-mail is too limited.

I have constantly changed my "log-in" but no matter what every computer on campus refuses it. Please correct this problem. I cannot work to my highest potential with such hurdles.

The availability of technology is wonderful. I thought the e-mail service wasn't user friendly but now I'm used to the program.

The universal passwords is great, but it'd also be nice if all of our accounts, i.e. jewel node, cord, bookbag, mounted to a common network drive so that keeping track of files via telnet sessions would not be such a pain. Then, I could have a single larger network swap drive.

More applicated [sic] software: Arcview 3.1, Softdesk, COGO; Also, longer hours at CNC labs & more CNC labs - we could us a 24H CNC lab. More knoledgable [sic] lab consultants or better help programs or more manuals available.

Disk coding. I had a file on disk that for some reason became incoded [sic]. No one has a real clue as to what happened. And it was really inconvient [sic].

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I am a new grad student and NEVER received any info. or advising about the technology available. I have no idea how to set up my email or how to get email at home. You NEED a new student orientation letter (for grad or special students). What I've figured out on my own I've been happy with.

I need a simple way to get course schedules which INSITE does fairly well except the user interface is awkward. I never have found course descriptions let alone degree requirements. The telephone registration was awkward and I had to call someone to get help but at least there was someone to talk to. More than ever it is necessary to have a person to talk to when you need help, not a menu or a computer. Once I got help then the automated system works fine.

If non-Pine email is available to students through IUPUI, it isn't well known.

The Online class sign-up software is very hard to use. It would be nice to use insite instead.

I really don't know a whole lot about UITS besides what I know from dental school. I am mostly at the dental school and cannot comment on outside sources or facilities.

The 3 on-line classes that I have taken through the school of nursing have had several glitches. This was 2 yrs ago and I hope it has improved since then. Some of it was technology, but some of it was the course instructors fault for not being well-versed in computers & for not being organized.

I received 3 of these surveys in the mail. I am dissatisfied with the IUPUI e-mail system because I have asked technology support people to assist me in having my IUPUI e-mail directed to my e-mail address at work and no one has ever been able to help me. After three requests I gave up and I have never accessed e-mail at school.

I'm very satisfied with the service that I use; I get the feeling that there is much more which I simply don't have time for. Thank you for the great job you are doing.

The facilities are sparse on the law school campus. Maybe with the new building it will be better but for now it is frustrating to wait in line and use older machines (law library comp.room).

I am a cohort grad student in the IPS/IU Education Dept's administrative license program. All of our classes since Fall 1998 have met at Tech High School, so we've not used or paid for the technology services available on IUPUI campus. This Spring semester, our School Finance course meets on IUPUI campus and our professor requires use of OnCourse. That is why I have only slight knowledge of IUPUI's technology and services.

I basically use the computers in the library. My only complaint is that like parking spaces on campus, computers are usually available, but it takes a while to find one.

Phone lines are often busy, have to wait too long on hold. Need 1-800 #'s for people who work out of town. Need late hours daily for people who work during the day.

The networks are very slow. The computers lag and the network setup is poor. Too many proxy servers are being run. Increase the bandwith [sic] in the medical school and increase computer speed two [sic].

Oncourse and Insite are very helpful. The Listservs are very valuable. Commuters need more access to electronic material for home. We should be able to use our password to access these things.

Expand to include local dial up modem in Columbus, IN. Improve (or inform students of) access to student e-mail.

I appreciate the ability to connect to the web from my home. The help staff has been extremely helpful and patient in all of my dealings with them.

Since I do not use UITS too much I cannot make too many comments. However, I am very satisfied with what I have used. One suggestion - could you improve IUCAT - to a windows based application?

More computers, faster computers, CDRW drives!

Get new and updated servers, computers, communications software and hardware.

It would be more beneficial to make students aware of all that is available to them. Rather than sending me one large email full of info, you could send a series of short emails letting students know that other options exist.

Extended support hours on weekends.

Computers in University Library often not able to print a pull up ERROL. I like computer course registration, drop/add, etc.

Get rid of pine!

More helpful staff persons available, esp. in using special / new progs. I knew so little - An instructor from my dept helped the most, I would've never figured out even email - no idea where to go

Pine is very difficult to use. Outlook seems to be much easier. A lot of students use free email (such as yahoo) to avoid pine.

As a whole, IUPUI has been a more fluid institution to work with than Purdue, W Laf. The red tape is not nearly so difficult at admissions. I love the help I received! The library system is fabulous and again the technology and availability of information is wonderful. I do not know everything about what is available, because I commute 1 1/2 hrs each day, but from what I have observed so far IUPUI is very impressive. I have more than 1 BA from Purdue and I am a licensed teacher returning to get another endorsement. I am a mature student. I am very impressed with the technology available in the lecture halls and in the ability my professors have in utilizing the technology. Sincerely [IRD] All your offices have had people who are friendly and very helpful.

I appreciate the learning opportunity in L401 to use Linux and Pine - buy would rather an easier way. Also would really appreciate fall access from off-campus (w/out long distance rates). Oncourse could use better print capabilities and formatting. Thank you for evaluating!

You closed computer cluster on 2nd floor, Cavanaugh for instruction classes during vital hours! 10-3! Bad! I could not use it the last year, change those class hours! Also, never could learn how to open or attach file attachments to e-mail - too complicated! With Outlook Express 5 at home, I just click on the paper click and they open.

Could the help desk people (those actually in the labs) be a little friendlier? I realize they don't know everything/all computers, but sometimes they get/have major attitude. Thanks.

In general, they are very good, but please continue with any efforts you make to keep materials in plain English - I know that's hard when you're so close to the subject matter

open more hours

The pine E-mail system is antiquated/outdated. It is very difficult, if not near impossible to receive & send attachments. The dial-up remote access has substantially improved over the years. This is very helpful service for registering & research, especially for students who cannot afford to spend time on campus & must do a lot of work from home or work.

Have had trouble w/the campus operator referring calls to my office that are mis-directed. Have made several complaints w/no result. Operators must make sure they get information on where calls are to be directed. Please listen to callers requests! Computer service in the IUPUI Campus is excellent! Thank you for a wonderful computing experience!

Need parking available to stop by ET025 - meter spots fill quickly at times - Services in Nsq building are very helpful - would like to be able to pick up CDs there. Service formarly [sic] known as Help Desk helpful, friendly, don't feel like can't ask "stupid questions." Email on garnet seems outdated. Thanks y'all!!

I never heard of most of this stuff.

There is no category for infrastructure services, such as installing jacks and maintaining hubs. This service is really bad. I have had other New Media staff try to get help for hub problems and gotten absolutely no response or help. Also, these techs have a bad problem with scheduling, and will often show up with no notice or at times outside what was agreed upon.

The Pine E-mail system is the most non-user friendly program. Did not like it as an undergrad in Bloomington and see no improvements as a graduate student at IUPUI. I have the IUPUI Pine account forwarded to a hotmail account, which is specough messages.

Very good survey tactics!

I must tell you I am a novice at most of this techno stuff. As a result, I have yet to experience your many services/features. I cannot say enough about your crew at 274-HEIP. They are patient and make sure I understand before moving on. Thank you for your reminders to get this in to you for feedback. I'm sorry for the delay.

Please please please spend some money on new mice in SL247. They are as difficult to navigate as a rudderless boat. If this is your area, of course.

None at this time--

There is NO attention paid to ergonomics and long term use of the facilities is a literal pain in the neck/back/and, well you know

Why can't we log into a modem pool in Bloomington?

I haven't heard of or used many of these services. You need to get the word out better.

I think it would be more helpful to know how to access information such as email, on-line research, library, advising, & IUWare. I don't even know what IUWare is!

I'm not sure if UITS is who controls the computers in the library, but if so, they need to be fixed/repaired in a timely manner. It is very difficult to find a computer in the library that is fully functioning.

1. The Insite System is great. I use it often for checking grades, FinAide, etc. 2. The On-line class information is also great (Class Discript., Offering, Class Schedules) 3. I use the Class Materials info to prepare for assignments. I encourage all professors to put info on weekly/daily class assignments. 4. MOST IMPORTANT. I am very disappointed with the PINE email system. It seems very outdated. 5. The automated response is poor. I never get my call returned & the email is almost as bad (at the Fin. Aide Office). 6. The Lexis/Weslaw is GREAT. I use it daily.

I found browsing IUPUI web servers to be difficult in the past. I just went to the [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "hope"] page now and it looks better organized and easier to work with. Much improved!

More hours on insite

Solid computer support service, love the deal Microsoft.

- Get rid of pine - need a package that handles attachments as well as Eudora. It's archaic - Publicize the services that may aid research to grad students. Make sure someone @ UITS is knowledgeable Re: SAS & SPSS.

Sorry, I'm not much help. Second year student in MS in Ad. ED. Live in Terre Haute so I'm not well aware of what's available on campus. You have made Oncourse very friendly for a 50-year old returning student with no computer experience. Good job.

No continue to improve as you have allready [sic].

I found the computer services offered here to be very user friendly. Computer assistance has been excellent. Thank you for making my studies so much easier!

IU Bloomington has faster/newer machines more software why can't we? Pine e-mail sucks and is not student friendly, you'd think we could afford a better e-mail service for students and attachments!!

I am obviously unaware of all the services available to me. How does a 'one evening class/wk' student discover these things?

I don't use it much at all

E-mail is a waste of time and technology. I have yet to receive any message of any importance or use to me. INSITE needs to be available 24/7.

I feel the email accounts are too confusing & the picking of passwords are impossible.

I think the pine e-mail system is very to [sic] deal with in terms of attachments to e-mails. As a result, I loaded Eudora, but I have problems sending mail from Eudora. I think the pine attachments should be improved.

I am a commuter student and would like to be able to access databases & use other dial-in modem services with a local telephone or toll free number. I live 90 miles from Indianapolis & am only on campus on the days I have class.

Improve email system--greater use by professors for Oncourse

None at this time.

How do you find out about UITS services available to students? I've never received info on UITS.

more off campus sites

When students are drop/add need to tell them to confirm the call (maybe more than once). Teach facility[sic] how to use Oncourse. Insite & IUCARE are great! Need to motivate students to use insite to their advantage!

Grad. student chemistry I use few of these services.

I only use the advanced dial-up service. It's troublesome to punch in numbers each time it comes up. I would like to see a dial-in without menus.

Fine by my assessment. I've never really had any problems.

More channels on IMDS. More computers in library

Good job!

Email system needs to be improved!

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I have found UITS techs to be very helpful in many different scenarios on campus & at home. Techs were patient; and in every single situation for me, the techs solved the problem at hand. Let me take this time to say thanks.

Pro-Steps personnel (telephone & classroom) are dedicated, courteous, intelligent, eager to teach. Help-desk personnel are remarkably patient and intelligent and helpful. Contact with all UITS personnel and staff is rewarding and forward-moving. Thank you for being there.

one comment telephone consulting: the times I have used this consulting, the representatives were very helpful & courteous

None of these questions apply to me or any part of my job--we are off campus based & do not use IUPUI services for our iMIS program

We have just hired a computer support person. UITS took too long and didn't follow thru [sic].

Keep striving to improve - the desire to improve services is what makes current services excellent.

Whoever is responsible for setting up email accounts, network access, etc should be able to provide this service either before a new hire comes on-board or within a day or two after they are hired it takes almost 3 weeks for anyone to get access to such services. My Focus account has been messed up since the day I started working on it. The support staff is not able to fix the problem and they won't try give me a new account. It's very frustrating since this problem has been going on for a year. Since it is a long way before PeopleSoft will be implemented more classes should be offered on topics like Focus. I appreciate your survey a lot. It does point to the fact that UITS is very customer-focused. Thank you for everything you are doing because keeping pace w/technology is challenging.

I have only been here for 2 1/2 months, so it makes it hard to answer some of the questions. I have been very satisfied with your services since I've been here. I'm still learning so much. Thank you.

The UITS system is terrible-by that I mean by being so old it is hard to use when the training is not there. The commands are like working in DOS. With all the new technologies out there I don't know why it is not upgraded to be more efficient and effective and user friendly.

I do not use FIS real often so when I do I often cannot access it with my safeword card. After consulting with the tech. at 5-6789, I am informed a change was made in the local software & someone forgets to update my computer. This is annoying & time consuming.

The Service of accessing your email off campus could be a lot better. 4-5000 Should direct calls accurately instead of just guessing and forwarding to any Section or Dept.

I am surprised I'm included in this survey. Even though I have been employed at ORHI for a number of years - I have no desk computer, e-mail address nor voice-mail. I have been promised a computer - but will not receive one until others are upgraded within the facility. Until then - my messages come through my Mail Box, desktop recorder or "co-worker's word of mouth." Therefore, I feel as if my responses should actually NOT be considered. [IRD]

More communication about programs/services offered. Less hostile support personal [sic].

I received poor service getting a new phone installed. Voice Mail was messed up. Cable TV service was incompetent, technician disconnected service to our building because he thought no one was using it, then took 6 days to reconnect.

Question #3 - My computer has not been hooked up since I have been here, so I have little knowledge of these services.

You should make more software available to staff so they can perform their jobs better.

Dial in service has occasional linedrops, irregular authentication with PPP script, and occasional waits for packet flows that seem to be a local bandwidth issue, as opposed to Internet bandwidth (World Wide Wait) Not much info at IUPUI for new LINUX users. Assignment of initial USER NAME/USER ID seems to be inflexible and slow to make changes. The Web materials (IU Webmaster, KB, QuickDocs) are somewhat confusing to the user given the mix of IUB/IUPUI processes and tools -- probably unavoidable. IU Knowledge Base system is loaded with info as is QuickDocs. Kudos to ONCOURSE!

It is hard to answer the questions when your computer is a glorified mailbox. I am unable to access the internet or even basic word and excel files from my "computer" regularly without it locking up... I have the "proud" honor of having the oldest Mac in the DS. I have to search out other computers and my supervisor brings in his laptop from home to store all of my data safely. I have stored some on my computer that is now inaccessible...rather large inconvience [sic] when you try to collect & organize research data.

More on site training should be offered at low cost.

Would like all faculty & staff listed in phone book.

Overall, IT services @ IUPUI seem to work pretty well-the times I've needed help-I feel I received good service. The UIS (BARS,FAMS,etc.) is not user-friendly however(and let's face it-outdated). Thanks folks! Looking forward to taking prostep classes!

Please work toward including CTST in discussions involving changes to campus technologies, before changes take place. The hardware repair group has done an excellent job for our department. It is a disappointment to see this group being let go, without discussing alternative service models with campus departments. This is a key service that our department relies on daily. To date, we have heard nothing about discussions to provide the service some other way. This is disturbing to see UITS letting these people go without a plan or any alternative options for departments.

I am a recent hire-I am probably not a great choice to be making criticisms... Many services you? about have not been utilized or heard of by me.

Recent installations of telephone and data service have been unacceptable and response to correct mistakes has been poor as well. Materials, effort all are unacceptable.

Can you tell I use it all seldom? However, one comment about the telephone directories: At the top of each page, identify the alphabetical section in that page. For ex., current pg 3389 have Patient Financial Services on the top left & Pediatric Behavior on the top right. That will greatly ease the search.

Thank You.

Don't eliminate the maintenance and repair division (formerly TSS).

I would like more Prosteps classes.

Could purchasing office equipment be made LESS cumbersome and easier for the purchaser to identify, on-line, price and item (along with photos)?

Get the word out more. Please send me info. if you have it. (NU 457). I didn't even know about most of this stuff, some I've heard about & am now resolved after this to go online & also to call to find out more. Prosteps catalog for summer - Be sure to present hierarchy of classes w/ web design. I was new & didn't know & took courses too hard for me. What is with the software? UB - Wouldn't download. Exchanged a couple times. Found out only by calling Cavanaugh, but 1st someone in class told me, (medical bookstore) [sic] didn't know there are some computers that won't do it, so have to get burned copies at Cavanaugh. Even they didn't work. Now I'm having trouble with Net G-IT disc. Online about Net G - said [sic] can order other volumes of Net G through bookstore [sic]. Medical bookstore knew nothing about it - referred me to "Joe" in Cavanaugh. ProStep courses are very well planned & instructional. This survey is overwhelming to me. Too much I don't know about or haven't had time to take initiative to dig up info. I'm taking notes! but [sic] I'll bet most don't. Tremendous resource! Gawd!!!

My only comment is - I have only been working on campus since Nov 99 so I'm still learning about alot [sic] of the things mentioned in this survey. My biggest compliment is to the people who answer the phone when I have a problem making a reservation for equipment in our dept. They have been very helpful and explained everything that I didn't understand. Thanks guys!

I can not evaluate most of these because I am in telecommunication service [sic], campus switch board.

Keep [sic]

Please improve your billing for equipment services. [IRD] is apparently overworked and short handed as she doesn't have time to return calls or follow through on requests for information.

Quality of installation of voice/data wiring & conduit for surface mounted locations on IUPUI campus is very poor. Installation specifications and procedures need to be upgraded and improved by UITS. Specific problem locations are physical plant building and union annex building on IUPUI campus.

Let staff know about services that you provide. Provide more advanced training - Need more specialized training on email distribution lists - Outlook -

I really liked using PINE. It was effective and efficient and simple enough for the average person to figure out. Outlook runs slower on my Pentium 90, and seems to have a lot of feature [sic] I don't need or care about.

I would recommend using Microsoft Outlook instead of Pine for e-mail services. I would also recommend a toll free number for easier access to IUPUI services for people living in outlying areas.

I would like to see cleaner com's installations. Instead of a double sided tap, jacks hanging of [sic] the walls, punching holes below ceilings instead of above ceilings lines. The list for installation could go on and on. I hear you have a new installation mng. Hopefully, he will have a little more pride in the installation process. Please work on it. Thanks.

I think the service Dept. does a wonderful job. Thank you.

Thanks for all the services you provide.

Re: Campus Telephone Directory-Departmental section not "user friendly"-Difficult to locate needed departments-must have "exact" department name to locate-needs better cross-reference.

Voicemail--need to be able to erase message w/o listening to the message. Want to speed up the process!

Why does it take several hours for voice mail to show up?

We recently met with a UITS rep & were surprised to learn of the new technology available. We had no idea we had been struggling unnecessarily. UITS needs to do a better job of publicizing its technology & services

In the last few months it seems harder to get connected by using the modem pools from home. Installations & moves of telephone take too long.

We are a unique dept associated with IUPUI. We have many of these sources provided by our own unit.

UITS doesn't support my department. We have our own staff to handle that. We're not really a part of IUPUI. IU is our fiscal entity. As a student though, I've used a few services though.

A publication detailing all of the computer and telephone programs and services available would be very helpful.

UITS is responding well--"service" is the continuing standard--UITS needs to lead aggressively & provide models for change in the archaic systems to be found in schools and financial & administrative systems-- IE--HR, CFS, UAO etc. Flex your muscles and lead others who resist change!! Thanx

You are doing a good job overall. Thanks for all of your efforts.

We need to continue to work on the reliability of the campus network. Including power backup for network equipment.

Thanks for asking for my input!

I have been very impressed at my consistent ability to dial in to your servers from my residence.

You offer many services I've never heard of. What is the easiest way to learn about all of the options?

The request for units to verify phone directory info is unrealistic with the time given and changes made are frequently not indicated.

I have found dialing into the model pool at IUPUI to access the World Wide Web to be something of a chore versus using my private internet service provider. It seems complicated to connect though eventually I do get connected.

If you have a question on departmental phone charges - there should be a direct #; not a dozen choices on the prompt que. Now statements are much better; however, questions still come up so we need a direct #. Thanks!

Good effective service - add caller ID memory for numbers style phone to phone options. Currently phone displays the callers phone number only until phone is answered. Would like to be able to review old numbers that have called.

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I am not very informed about many of these services. I am wondering about what is a good way to inform faculty about all the available resources. I copied this survey just so I would have a list of available resources.

UITS learning center at Herron needs new equipment. (Computers, scanners, a data projector for teaching) The chairs need to be replaced - they are falling apart, from so much use.

I hate to call. No one ever answers the phone. I always hate to leave a message and rarely does anyone call me back. The unwritten message is: "We do not want to talk to you. We will frustrate you and you will leave use alone." Every time I request something that requires something from your office, I finally get someone & they can never help me directly. There is always a long delay. I waited over a month to get approval for access to log on in Bloomington. It has taken me 2 weeks (and 10 phone calls) to get my email address corrected in the phone book. The last person who called me received my frustration. I don't know if you are understaffed to just want to avoid talking with faculty directly but that is my image of you. I threw away the first survey because I was sure you would not ever read the results. You send me another plus 2 messages. Sorry, my image of you is so negative but it is.

improve modem dialing!!

My biggest irritant is trying to use the e-mail off campus. It runs very slow & I keep getting disconnected.

Overall services have been outstanding - the only consistent problem I've had has been electronic access of my class rosters Thank you for all your good work!

I hate the policy of not supporting so-called "private classrooms" these are our teaching labs with faculty and students => IUTS primary customers. We all resent the large UITS taxes, at least provide real services! The rest of the questionaire [sic] is too long and full of BS.

Better access to Instructional Technology Resource Staff present (new) system too cumbersome and not improvement over pervious one. It has become impossible to make last minute (same day) orders.

1 The expansion of the dial-up modem services this year was a HUGE improvement - thanks! 2 Let's retrieve/scrap desktop telephones for faculty/staff and begin replacing with digital cellular phones - would eliminate need for separate pagers for many faculty, need to switch phone numbers when faculty change offices, and (should) cut repair costs. 3 Classrooms in Cavanaugh Hall are pathetically, embarrassingly shabby, under-resourced, and out-of-date. Some specific examples: electrical outlets that are cracked, loose, or otherwise inadequate or unsafe, no phone jacks, and absolutely worthless layout (e.g., what moron decided that every pulldown screen and any pulldown maps should be positioned directly in front of the blackboard, so you cannot display a map or a transparency and also write on the blackboard?!?). Speaking of transparencies, the overhead projectors are weak, hopelessly scratched and faded, and cannot be focused crisply any more. Next year, IUPUI will be both home of "Internet II" and the site of a lot of classrooms that haven't been significantly upgraded since 1972 - talk about a "digital divide"! Most of the suburban area high schools that the majority of our students come from have better classrooms than we do, and then we wonder why they don't take IUPUI very seriously! And Cavanaugh isn't the only pitiful place in this regard, as anyone who's used the regular classrooms in Nursing, Engineering, Education/Social Work, or Mary Cable can attest. We've invested a lot of money, effort, and rhetoric in encouraging faculty to incorporate the latest technology into their teaching, but most of the faculty teach in classrooms that send another message - don't bother!

Provide laptop computers for faculty. If the High Schools do this (which many do) you would think the university would also.

Good job on Y2K communication & preparation. Microsoft alliance is to be applauded! It enabled us to offer Office 2000 tool training very early, and to require the usage of a standard toolset with minimal economic hardship to students. Low point is inappropriate use of LISTSERVS -- such as an OnCourse LISTSERV w Q & A posted by faculty. This should be a pull approach , with Q & A summarized on a regular basis via the Web site, rather than cluttering mailboxes on an ad hoc basis. (Recently subsided, so may be remedied?) Another weakness in the Fall ('99) was a lack of sessions on Oncourse in terms of day/time offerings. I also noticed that for Spring ('00) pre- registration was required (encouraged) which is a good approach -- (Few faculty want to take the effort to "show up" without knowing if a seat is available!)80061u

The IT "system" is not at all clear to me as a user. Members of my department are clearly hostage to the "computer guys" (dental school). I find it very disconcerting that the IT people feel they have the authority to modify hardware/software on a faculty member's computer without notifying the faculty member. There does not appear to be any organized plan for instruction in new services. "Upgrades" are done in a fragmented fashion (I can't communicate with research & teaching collaborators because of incompatible software); I am told I "don't need" software that some colleagues have (an IT provider's opinion); IT often takes weeks for service requests to be addressed (I'm still waiting for [IRD] from 2/9/00 to be done). It may be that the campus has good IT services, but the dental school just can't support our own faculty. Classrooms at the dental school are ineffective for teaching because of inability to control lighting, more students than non-broken chairs, etc. This may sound like the rantings of a very dissatisfied faculty member, but repeated failure to address concerns & complaints have created great frustration among most of my colleagues, to a point where some are considering leaving the university.

* Dial up service from home (busy and/or hang-up when on line) *Get more research support services on the IUPUI Campus - shouldn't have to rely on the services of the Bloomington campus.

Toll free voice mail dial-up.

Have you considered sending a couple of folks out to knock on doors and see how they can help. Ten minutes with a good consultant could do wonders for those who will not ask for help, or put up with problems because it is too much hassle to try to get help.

Drastic improvement of dial-in modem service is needed. The number of users is always increasing; so that access from home fails three times out of four. To be successful the equipment should become that of a mini AOL. Very important for the future. The service should remain free for users, however - especially the hard working faculty.

Too much jargon.

Faster response. Lower hourly rates for hardware/software tech assistance.

CA 313 needs voice mail for associate faculty! Joy Kramer in SLA is fantastic!

Most of my interactions with computer staff are with the Dental School computer staff and therefore it is difficult to dissect these answers.

Several items above I didn't know existed, eg. authorization for drop & add (for faculty?), on-line purchasing (for faculty?) Student consultants are typically disasters, as reported by my students & thru personal experience. This is a very weak link in the system. It is usually impossible to call in from off campus 6-12pm. A reason why many students don't use their IUPUI ids but use AOL or hotmail. Frustrating for me. CA classrooms terrible for technology.

Telecommunications: Campus switchboard - they only know what is already in the directory, which we can look up for ourselves. They should have numbers for: a) New faculty & staff who were not here in time to make the directory listings. b) Known omissions from the directory.

1) The IUPUI web page is a disaster to navigate (why have to scroll down to see the whole graphic & get to all the links?) and the search engine is horrible. If you search for "university college" with it, you get pages containing the drafts of the original SDC funding proposal, not the UC homepage. That's just one example- the search engine is next-to-useless. 2) Sharing info about decision making is similarly dreadful. The recent decision to have all faculty move their course web materials to cord from champion is a case in point. The decision was announced late in the year, w/ little advance discussion with the faculty about the alleged problems this move would solve. This is not displaying an understanding of the academic culture (ditto with the decision to switch to jewel during a semester - too rushed, & not enough explanation of why to do this) 3) The KB search engine is weird - could an index be created? You're making lots of progress w/ user friendliness but in the KB it can sometimes take a few tries to find the right info, even w/ a pretty specific question (like how do students get an email account?) Perhaps an index & search capacity would be possible.

I hope you will toward to make computers more friendly rather computer control my working hours.

Improve Voice Mail

I have two main issues. 1) Reliability & on-time delivery of the [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "mips"] carts. 2) I attempted to call "help" using the phone on the MIPS cart (about 4:15 PM on a Mon or Wed afternoon. No one ever answered. After hearing it rollover once or twice, it dumped me into the voice mail system "Welcome to the IUPUI voice mail system, etc."; not even someone's voice mail box.

Yes. Too much money is skimmed off our budget for UITS, especially given the amount & quality of services provided. The individual fees then charged for specific items are particularly galling. Meanwhile, the standard, non-high-tech equipment that we actually use is in disrepair and costs too much! Most of the assistance I get comes from non-UITS personnel, and we were better served before UITS took over.

My major problem is individual help by support personnel on my own office computer -- I just need someone to sit down personally with me and 1) Make sure I have up-to-date working software. 2) Show me how to: 1) Send e-mail attachments 2) Use Eudora features other than simple e-mail replies 3) Access student records & info on class rosters 4) Access & correspond with others on IU-FIS matters 5) Download net software I need more of this "hands on" and less of: "Fill in the request on some web page" or "Search the web for help consultants" or "download that software from the web site indicated."

I am a user of AUBURN (SAS)

I wonder if this survey tells much more than basic satisfaction with services. Where can we direct simple questions that don't necessarily require personal assistance from a consultant or technician?

I was never aware of your services in most of these areas. Please send information about your services to all faculty of dental school.

Things are better-- I'd like to see us offer telephone directories for IUPUI on sale at bookstore plus on-line.

There are lot [sic] of problems dealing with WEB-BASED systems in the department. I suggest to have a help desk operating to solve departmental problems. When a departmental personnel [sic] is not functioning properly. Thanks.

Better technical support. Promptness in installing new systems and in repairing problems.

I use the web in all my classes & it is also vital to my research. Yet the computer carts that need to be hauled into my classrooms are WAY too big, bulky, & if you make the mistake of ordering a Mac, you get a really crummy overhead-projector style LC projector- might as well go back to b&w overheads. More classrooms need to be rewired as technology classrooms. IUPUI needs to put their $ where their mouth is if they are serious about being competitive & having state of the art technology classrooms. Overall - I love the support & staff at UITS - just not enough classrooms. Staff is VERY courteous & has a CAN-DO attitude that I really really apreciate [sic]. One glitch is that I cannot seem to get beyond the gobbelly gook [sic] regarding electronic rosters. No one seems to be able to help me there - I don't have the correct faculty (acronym) number. HELP! PS Oncourse needs to be WAY better. I don't use it for any of my courses. [IRD] Biology

New OnCourse consultant very helpful OnCourse has "Bugs!" 1) Center for teaching & learning is great. One of the outstanding accomplishments of IUPUI. 2) Network on campus and network dial up is very robust - much better than comparable services at other places!!

As a user at IUSD I'm thinking my interaction with UITS has been less than it will be in the near future (?). Thanks for the free CD. The Microsoft agreement is wonderful.

Work with medical library to integrate them into fully electronic information systems. Pick either OnCourse or Medcat; ditch the other. Create 800 # for call-in connections for Telnet (not PPP) connection for email countrywide. Make a newspaper type home page for WWW site of IUPUI with -calendar of events (talks, etc) -news articles -UITS alerts -library search site, etc Goal: make it something faculty want as their browser home page.

Get rid of Bill Gates! Make a real effort to offer other software options than Gatesville. IU is a whore when it comes to their relationship with Microsoft. We have been bought - cheap!

I have been pleased with the overall services and personal approach by UITS.

The system for reserving instructional equipment is a good, streamlined system, so long as equipment is ordered within 24 hours of the date it is needed. While it is generally possible to meet this 24-hour time frame for reserving instructional equipment, it is not always feasible. UITS does have a system for handling last minute requests, however, the person at the UITS Support Center generally cannot provide information regarding the availability of the equipment that is needed. It would be helpful to have access to the in-house UITS person, so that a definitive answer could be given as to whether the last minute request can be filled.

I'm embarrassed to say I cannot yet tell what the Center for Teaching & Learning actually does, so I've not used its resources.

This survey is way too long. Who can possibly answer all the sub- info w/ any accuracy. I gave up. [IRD]

Auburn - UNIX system has a paucity of software & low memory allocations

I believe that each faculty should be provided with user friendly pamphlets/booklets with their computers - ie. "Windows '95 for Dummies". The manuals that came with my computer & printer are not readable! Also, the center for Teaching & Learning classes need to start at the beginning & be more user friendly. Don't cater to go at the speed of the most computer literate person in the room. Thank you!

Yes, this is typical problem with UITS - You ask if one is satisfied, but get no input as to what specifically one is satisfied with (or not) - There is no way you can use the info gained from this survey to improve services - because you can only GUESS WHY the customer is satisfied or dissatisfied!

Please continue to expand the dial-in modem pool; overall - excellent job

1) Phone book listings - very difficult to figure out where to find help - exp. ordering of equipment for class - VCR, slide projector, etc. 2) Center for teaching & learning- Good help accessing programs, & learning how to use them. Absolutely NO help in getting the funding to USE them in class - i.e. site licenses.

Overall I am satisfied. I would like more info on planned improvements. It would be nice if there were a better working relationship between E & T's CNC & UITS. As engineering faculty I have found the lack of collegiality and territorial attitudes to be most frustrating. UITS: Keep up the good work. I wish our own CNC would be as professional & affective [sic].

Cannot evaluate many items as they are managed by support in our School rather than UITS

Would appreciate having basic MANUALS for using e.g. Outlook; Word Processing etc.

I wish my department had the money & resources to create this kind of a survey! How much does this survey cost?

1) Provide more reliable delivery of classroom instructional equipment (see p. 5, #18) 2) Provide more support for platforms other than PC environment (this is done to some extent but as a MAC user am really feeling "squeezed" by the current PC emphasis; e.g. # of computers, type of software available). 3) On a more positive note: The phone support contact I've had has really been great - helpful and professional! 4) My experience with the Oncourse and web rosters was that they were (1) put "out there" and announced with some fanfare but that they were (2) not taken far enough at release time to be really useful (i.e. too many bugs and limitations). Thus, they were more of a turn-off than anything else. Finally, I appreciate your focus on quality & improvement. I've tried to give some constructive feedback, but I feel free to contact me for details as you see fit. [IRD]

For what I've needed IT is a most accessible & productive service. With continued evaluation & revision I'm sure it will serve all members well. Thanks.

Pine is a miserable e-mail system, especially if you want to print an e-mail. When I use Outlook for e-mail reading at home, I cannot delete messages & the folders open in a way that often only part of a page is readable.

We spend all day every day in the operating room environment. As far as using computers, we are on our own. Buy our own equipment, software, etc. Have never seen anyone here to help in any way. (Pediatric Anesthesia group. 18 physicians located in Riley 2001)

Intracampus (med school) electronic submission of reports (eg. Faculty Annual Activity, etc.) to Dean's office have been problematic.

add a column for not applicable - I used cannot evaluate as an equivalent item, but I'm not sure it is exactly the same.

Instruction of use of classroom equipment needed. Inservice notice of opportunities to learn.

We need better control of temperature & lighting in classrooms. Also, many student desks have a writing surface that is too small.

I think UITS does an incredible job, all things considered. I am concerned greatly, however, with the interpersonal skills of those in contact w/ instructors & students. Their communication skills & attitudes are not always reflective of an attitude of "service."