2001 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


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The long distance rate of $,09/min is too expensive! I don't use the campus long distance as a result!

I am a returning student working full-time 2nd shift and can rarely fit any steps/prosteps into my schedule because of the predominance of classes given at night.

In general I only use my laptop in my room. However, whenever I've needed to access my email, or use the computer lab (in McNutt) it's always been extremely convenient & easy. I've also been very pleased w/the help service (#5-6789). I just started using webmail instead of Pine; it's so much better!

Better long-distance rates! More info on how to use lockers from dorm room-I've never used it-have no idea how to.

Students are made to be dependent of Technology services and when you need them (peak hours of the day) the wait is ridiculous. It would be almost impossible to go to school here without owning your own computer.

I didn't know about a lot of this stuff and I'm a senior. You should advertise/promote it more.

1) Would like if insite was available 24 hrs./day. 2) Would like ability to do all registration and bursar activities via web and credit card. 3) Consider possibility of on-campus cyber cafe or tech. center open 24 hrs. very convenient for non-traditional commuting students.

Check the printers in the computer stations!!! Half of the time they don't work!!!!!

Printer, printer, printer! Always break down! Esp. at BU, PY! More computer labs! Printing (express printing) more of it. More labs w/ scanners faster connection from off-campus houses. Overall great job! UITS is improving, we see hard work.

I am having this problem of getting my locker to work on my computer and UITS can never get it to work. It is really annoying. So, I have to FTP which is not as good. Also, I keep getting a user.exe,kernel32,cpquinet error on my screen. This happens frequently, yet I have not been able to repair this. If there is someone that you know who might be able to help me that would be great. My name is Scott at [IRD]. I know this is being sent to a survey center so I am not really expecting too much. Thanks. Bye.

More scanners and specialized hardware for residential dorms.

Lockers (NEON) being jammed Links between emails & inbox folders on web-mail (not being able to click back button) Over-crowded labs! Only Mac's for scanner use? Last bunch of files after being on Temp(Scratch?) for 12 hours.

In the IUB websites the search engine is really bad. About the lab consultant you have to choose the expert student with at least have learning some programming languages. The printer is really slow and sometimes is not working especially in the BU first floor.

Pine mail should print.

The UITS should make more computers with printers available in convenient locations.

When I use the computer clusters it is hard to find someone to help me. Also, when I first tried to print documents I was not told that I had to register for a printing account and many of the assistants I talked to knew nothing about it either.

I'm having major problems accessing my locker & Steel account & other students in my class are having similar problems. I think a simple set-up is necessary where we actually know what's happening. (I hope that makes sense!).

I was frustrated last semester when, after talking to three different UITS consultants on the phone, no one could diagnose or suggest solutions for a continuous beeping noise and failure for my computer to boot. Then a friend came over and within 2 minutes realized a keyboard key had been jammed. Also I would like to register for classes on INSITE, not at Franklin.

The info stations rarely work correctly and are in dire need of help.

Lockers fail often. Insite closes too early. PINE is AWFUL-not user friendly.

Telephone registration is a necessary component to IU, however it is currently too expensive to use.

a better email system.

The #1 thing I'd like is class registration online. Registering at Franklin is a pain! Other than that, I'm satisfied with computing at IU.

You obviously have great services available for IU students. However, I think that you need to do a better job about getting those services to students. I never hear info about them.

Make higher speed connections available to off-campus student users. Webmail was a much needed improvement.

Always show phone call history, several statements excluded this. Also explain the penalty fine. Shakepeare is out of date very difficult and ancient to use inability to attach files, etc. Webmail good addition.

Take lessons from Purdue on this one- go to webmail. purdue.edu, that's how its done. Those CPU's are ancient. Most of them have PII's so slow, w/PIV out its just easier to stay in my room and print and navigate.

The printing situation at Read is generally poor. A new printer was recently installed, but thus far it doesn't seem to be doing much better than the last one. This is the area that most concerns me most about the UITS. Everything else is pretty good overall.

I am very satisfied with the services that UITS has provided for me in past 4 years. My only grip [sic] is the computers at the IUM. They are the slowest computers on the entire campus & probably the most used.

Something needs to be done about the university's email system. Telnet is prehistoric & webmail has too many flaws.

Oncourse, Insight & professors use of class web pages have been extremely helpful for me. Class information through e-mail I don't know if I could survive w/o.

Printing on campus is very frustrating. I've never heard if it is possible to access lockers off campus. If it is, it should be made more well known how to, if it is not, then this service needs to be provided.

Have the technology service come out to your dorm room to help set up the eithanet [sic] service.

It would be nice if you could directly link to a web site from Pine. Attachments are difficult.

INSITE-optimally should be open 24 hours/day! Webmail has advantages but things like the "undelete function" or a trash can should be available. The IUWARE network CD really messed my computer up - it still doesn't function as well as it did before. Any improvements would be good. Thank you for your service to me!

I like all of your services. If you could make network computers a little faster, that would be great. I love the IU homepage and telephone services. I also really like the post em service. I like what you do for the University.

I would like to be able to download operating systems as a student.

The PINE system is not user-friendly.

The e-mail system is aesthetically very unappealing. The font is outdated and you can't open downloads.

Make registration available over insite!!

I really don't like the new IUCAT. The old one was clunky, but at least I could get it to find things. The new system is worse. I live off campus and I don't have a student telephone directory and since the campus switchboard doesn't deal with off-campus phone numbers I can't always find the phone numbers I need. There should be a way for off campus students to get a directory or if there is, it needs to be advertised better. I am aware that I can look up phone numbers through the e-mail system, but I don't have a computer in my apartment so when I'm home, that's not an option.

Great job overall, we're fortunate in the level of tech. that we're exposed to, however: . STC machines are slow . dial-in is arduos [sic] & connection speed is slow . It would be great to be able to register for classes online.

Sorry about some of my vague answers; I live next to 2 computer geniuses who repair or fix something if my computer acts up, so I use them instead of IU help. So that's why this may seem inconsistent.

Webmail is a great addition to the UITS options. Shakespeare was very outdated and made it difficult to view and send attachments. I only use webmail now to check my email. Insite is a great service, but it would be better if some services were available 24 hours a day. There have been times I really needed to access my transcript or schedule and it was closed.

I was very happy to see webmail, still is not the best email system, but much better than Shakespeare. Thanks!

-some printers are very slow. -long lines @ certain labs (by the time you get a computer, you don't have time to use it) -PINE can be very slow and delayed sometimes. For example, I can type a sentence, but when I look up at the screen, whatever I typed hasn't shown up yet.

Very convenient, easy to use, keep up the good work.

Color printers & scanners are needed throughout campus. Later hours, more hours open in SPEA lab.

On occasion when attempting to access my locker in the computer lab in the library, I have had difficulties. An error message appears and I can not access my account. It bothers me. Other than that everything else seems to be just fine. Good job guys.

The webmail is far superior to the Pine system. The Pine system is too old and cannot receive attachments. We need a system that is equally advanced as AOL, for example.

INSITE is great. However, the Bursar account is almost impossible to make sense of. I have used servers at cs.indiana.edu [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "burrown"] to publish web sites/ install servers (RE question 21A). I was very happy/satisfied with that experience. High praise is in order for allowing/having diverse computer system (NT, MacOSX, SUN). Thanks [IRD]

There are always long lines to use the computers in the Union and at Ballentine.

List phone payment # on bill. It's very inconvenient not to list it.

I was unaware of IU's It environment so it did not a affect my decision to come here. I have had trouble using long distance. And I lost my number and can no longer use long distance because of that. IT here is great, and it helps out very much.

I like webmail much better than the Shakespeare computers, because it seems more up-to-date. However, in Shakespeare, you can receive new mail during your session, if you can make that feature available in Webmail, that would be very helpful. (It is just annoying to have to sign out each time you think you might be getting new mail.) Thanks for the survey!! I appreciated giving my input.

I struggle with KB sometimes because it is just too basic. I wish there were more in depth answers to my questions. Overall the service from UITS is tremendous!

Allow the 8-hour PPP connect to be more available (less disconnects).

1.The modem dial-in numbers are way overloaded. 2.The mac student tech ctrs have old, slow computers and old software. Where are the G4s? 3.The people staffing the 855-6789 number are polite, but often do not know how to deal with problems; they need more training. 4.The Pine system is junk. Time to upgrade. 5.The Library system is nowhere near fully-functioning, and many, many books in the library (both new and old) are not in the computer; or seem not to be, sometimes you can find them is you think tricky...

-better dial in service, lines are often busy -AOL instant messenger service on on-campus computers

Should be able to register for classes online.

There is not enough locker space to hold some projects. For example, my locker is sometimes useless for GIS. Also, the lockers are not dependable because they are down a lot of the time. Webmail is a great thing but it could still use some fine tuning. For example, it would be nice to have new mail notification. The printing is too large on public computers. If I knew how to make it print the correct size instead of letting it zoom in I could save some pages of my printing allotment. There are too many classes being held during non-class hours. We frequently have to check a few labs before we find an available computers.

It can be improved if you keep your equipment up to date!

Student labs are more useful when students have decent access to public labs during daytime hours! I have conflicts at night which makes me unable to use the labs at 8pm!

I would just like to know if there is any way, when I have my computer connected to the internet via IUB services, that it could be as fast as residents' personal computers in the dorms?

I wish there were longer hours, more color printers, and an increased amount of computers in the labs. I also would like to have a locker since I do not have one, because I did not know I had one last year and now it is deactivated.

Don't tell me to put my drink in my bag or table, if it has a cap/lid on it!! Please. Great job with webmail!

For me to use telephone to drop the course they charge me the same as if I went in and talked to a person but they don't have to give me any customer service and I save them money

1 Printing in RTCs is problematic... especially on weekends 2 24-hour STC labs would be nice... if there are some, let me know

Off-campus, my computer seems to disconnect a lot.

I would like insite to be available for longer hours. I do not like that my permanent home address is printed in the student directory.

The apple computers drive me crazy, they are too slow and not user friendly.

-Increase inbox quota (space in MB) -Prevent FTP blockage to lockers/increase [UNREADABLE] logins -Fix locker quotas (not enforced/inadequate) -Allow php/cgi-script on IU pages --> discussion forum software currently available is terrible

The knowledge base has gotten more difficult to find and hasn't been maintained and updated with the same care that it was originally designed.

Pine is extremely outdated. It desperately needs replaced.

Remove home addresses from the phone listing book. It provides info that people do not need!

Residence Hall Networks (Willkie) have gotten slower after the up-grade. Too much traffic clogs it up! Make them faster!

It is very hard for me to have access to the campus computer because of living off campus. The parking situation for off-campus students is something I'd be very interested in completing a survey on.

Except earlier this year an email was sent out saying that modem speed had been improved, when in fact my roommate and I found that it took longer to search the web. That was a little annoying. Other than that, keep up the good work!

I. U. Webmail needs to improve a little because the spell check doesn't work or the attachments don't work that well and once you've typed an outgoing message you can't come back to it because the page needs to be refreshed often.

I feel there should be more computers available to use in the IU Memorial Union.

The mac computers (stand up email stations) in the Business school and downstairs Library rarely work. They once set broken for over 2 months. Not enough computers in the B-School.

More unrestricted, general us computer labs on campus.

It would be nice to have limited access to certain programs without having to enter a password. I also would like to see faster loading time when logging in on PCs. Maybe a customized desktop for everyone when they load up.

Better email! Webmail is too, slow!

The only thing that annoys me about the Pine system the amount of quota they have. I don't know if there is anything you can do about that.

As far as long distance services go, I think it would be possible & more "student-friendly" to find a cheaper long distance rate.

My number one concern is the lack of regular disk drivers with macintosh's on campus. The computing services in the main library also need to be greatly helped, with the iMacs in desperate need of frequent check-ups due to frequent crashing and disk drive malfunctions, the printers in need of improved speed and many of the email stations are also in need of repair.

Thank you for providing such helpful services!

Change anything - cuz it sucks.

It would be nice if the residential computer printers worked consistently.

You need a UITS center in the Geology building!!!

The ethernet has problems and runs slow frequently. In addition, the RTCs are not maintained.

Webmail was a big improvement for sending/receiving attachments. It is much easier to view attachments.

The ability to access lockers off the web would be beneficial.

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I've always found the system easy to use and full of resources-this from a non-technology type. I'm off-off campus now so web access to email, IUCAT, course schedules etc. is especially nice.

-Registration should be web based and free. -My department has its own computing service making many UITS services unnecessary.

There should not be charges to access grades, they should be posted on insite, and also schedule adjustment via insite.

the speed of the computer is a little bit slow.

[IRD] is very unprofessional and rough with all the student and staff.

Don't allow the Fine Arts lab to be so heavily scheduled. Most days it is completely unavailable.

I have been very pleased with UITS. All of my past experiences with IT in business settings have been strained at best. UITS seems to be very conserned w/[sic] the user and tries to anticipate requests and problems. Software availability is a good example; UITS has selected best-of-breed software in virtually every category and made it easily available for use. The Knowledge bas is superb-I can always find what I need. [DDE NOTE: R REPLIED WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN RESPONSE TO THE REMINDER EMAIL] I am a Ph.D. student at SPEA returning to school after a hiatus of 17 years. When I went to my Master's program at Duke in Health Administration, we had six IBM XT's with dual 5 1/4" floppy drives, no hard drives, and amber monochrome monitors in our computer lab (for approximately) 45 students); I fell in love anyway. Computers are the tools that make knowledge workers productive. I am glad to see things have changed in the academic world. I am very pleased with the services provided by UITS. I have worked for numerous organizations in the last 17 years and none of the IS departments can match the availability, service, and resources that UITS has shown to me in the six months I have been here. I just would like to thank the UITS staff.

DSL access would be desirable

Online Courses registration and Administration procedures are too hard to follow user-friendly.

Overall, you guys do a very good job! I do not have any complains. Clearly, you all offer more services than I ever needed to use, but its nice to know that they are there.

The only problem that I have encountered is e-mail express computer terminals in the main library being down for long periods of time.

I don't know why there is no computer in East University Apts., I have to go West University Apts. in order to use computer pretty often, It's really inconvenient, I think.

Need some guidance to use IUB's computer facilities, particularly to a new graduate student!

My main problem is with the support for PPP. I have had a long-standing problem with my laptop dialing in, and the support people have been either ill-informed or not helpful

I realize there is little you can do to increase the connection speed for the dial-in modem pool (45K not greatest . . .) But increasing the number of modems in the pool would be excellent. Also, gear your support towards a wider audience, some of us use Macs and Netscape/Mozilla instead of Microsoft's stable of software. BTW [sic] Thanks for the IUWARE CD!

-Pine email is bad for attaching documents from a distance. -Student locker is inaccessible from a distance.

Infostations (like the ones in SRSC, IMU, etc.) are very slow in providing access to the mail accounts. Access to the mail accounts through browsers (Explorer, Netscape) is slow in comparison to the mail systems (lotus notes) and also doesn't offer full functionality.

Zip Drives in S.T.C. PC labs please.

Printers in computing centers seem to be down a lot, and often don't offer quality printing (of course, they get a lot of use so this is somewhat understandable). There's got to be a way to make students more conscientious about paper usage. We waste too much paper at IU.

The only thing I like about PINE is the "who is" function. Other than that, I don't find it user-friendly at all. Who use it at Info stations?? I am overall very pleased with the other UITS services here. The one suggestion I have if to find an easier way for use to access our email accounts when we're away from campus. I have yet to be able to do so- I get frustrated w/ trying to open an easier way for us to check email when we're away on break or otherwise. But I've found various services (inc. INSITE; Oncourse, etc) very helpful and UITS support staff very responsive, courteous and patient!

The graduate computer, available for AI's never seems to be working glitch free. And I recently reported a maintenance prob. on a computer in the eating area of the main library and I checked several days later and it hadn't been fixed. I'm dissatisfied w/ the recent repairs that lead to the security breach. And I think the IUCAT needs to be improved, for example when you click on exact, the text that was already typed in the rectangle should not have to be entered again. But overall, I'm happy with the services offered here and the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff. I always use the lab in the student building and I was very pleased when the staff there took the initiative to request disk drives, making it more convenient for me to use the lab. Thank you for asking!

IU needs better and additional dial-up access lines/cable modem availability for students off campus (a lot more students than on campus)

Need more statistical and research-oriented software on Unix machines accessible to off-campus students and researchers. Easier access to temporary data storage systems. Access to full-text of PhD (doctoral dissertations) at Umi.com (digital dissertations). Easier access to electronic journals for off-campus students and researchers. Expand email space allocation quotas.

SLIS computing in SLIS library and Shepherd have too many macs. They are very rarely used and need to be swapped for pcs.

Overall, definitely an 'A! Only room for improvement: NetG is way too restrictive. I'm the TA for a class, trying to learn access w/it and they can't even get NetG, let alone Access, from the tutorials. Bigger, better, faster modems! I'm always at 33600! IUCARE sucks. Get ideas from SLIS's L542 class! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

As a student in the Chemistry department, the computers we use are in our research group (so I rarely touch the general computer labs). Also, much of our computing help/repairs and borrowing of equipment, comes from our in-house computer group. As a result, my contact with UITS is limited. Please improve IUCAT. Minor changes like searching only the Bloomington campus (not a specific library), more information in the results page (and less blank space)...would make it a lot easier to navigate.

more help at UITS centers and longer hours of operation

Please improve IUCAT or Webcat. They are both difficult to use. (Webcat is better, but still not very satisfying.) Thanks!

Overall, I'm pleased with the service I've received. The decision to require all MBA's to have a laptop was an excellent one; however, with the increasing number of students owning laptops, the number of laptop-compatible work areas in the business building overall & the MBA Lab in particular must increase! In addition it seems that one or more printers always seem to have a long queue due to a technical problem.

In many classrooms, especially BH118 the instructor's computer is VERY slow. Many times I have to wait more than a minute to log on and mount my locker. Locker access for non NT/WM machines is not very good. Because hosted by MS machine many case problems with file names (and FTP). Support for non microsoft users in clusters is very poor. Machines should be dual boot (max/nt). should not require going to Franklin 101 or calling on the phone. As a grad student ONLY using UITS machines for teaching and PPD I feel I should not be charged the same tech fee undergrads are charged.

I'm sorry you randomly selected someone who is quite new to the computer age. Regardless, I have been satisfied with the few services I have used thus far.

The main problem that I have with UITS and STCS is that the keyboards and monitors are filthy! Sometimes I am able to find a consultant who has a screen cleaner but that is rare. The keyboards and the mouse are always dirty. Regarding the mouse: the trackball is coming back. Until then, a mouse with a scroll feature is really needed.

I am overall satisfied with IT help and services. The only thing that I cannot understand is why there is not one web based "state of the art" email service. PINE is ridiculous for a university that is one of the "most-wired" campuses in the nation. The system is over ten years old. I had it my first semester of my undergraduate when they decided it was inadequate and switched to a university system wide email server. I think it would make things much easier.

Computers in STCs are too slow!

Make INSITE 24 hr service.

If you have anything to do w/ all the Macs on campus, please replace them with P.C.'s!!! Macs Suck

My evaluations reflect in part the fact that I live with a computer expert and have not had to take personal responsibility for my computing needs and problems. However, one area which I find particularly frustrating is the poor quality of the printers/printing in Campus View Apts. residence computer lab.

Slide scanning facilities are problematic in Fine Arts Building.

Webcat is a terrible nuisance to use! Please, Please reinstate the telnet system. Webcat is too slow and there are many bugs-too many to list.

Students should be made more aware of programs available to them. I didn't learn about Oncourse until second semester. I still don't think that I know about most computing programs made available.

Your commitment to continual improvement is what makes UITS so good. Keep it up.

The PINE system should be eliminated in favor of one that allows for easier attachment manipulation and access from out of town.

Need more computers/printers in law library. Pine system is Ancient!

Overall, I am very satisfied with the services provided by UITS. If I were to suggest anything, I would suggest making the lockers easier to use, such as allowing passwords longer than 8 characters.

I hate webmail and hate new IUCAT format. My computer is old and slow and it's very difficult for me to use these at home.

I no longer live in Bloomington, as I am all but dissertation status. As I recall in the past, however, IUB's computer leadership was always quite strong. My experiences were positive.

IU Electronics provides excellent customer and repair service.

More scanner [sic] in every building.

Just to say thank you. I could have "lived" without your support, but having it is making all much better and easier. IUCAT is amazing!!! Maybe we miss some scanners at the music library...

Please do something about the IUB lockers. They are too unstable and I have had students locked out of them when assignments are due and UITS support has been unable to help them figure out what's wrong. I've had a student tell me that a UITS lab monitor told them that they couldn't log into the class server in our department from the lab!

I could use an orientation to the various services mentioned - didn't know many of them existed.

Why have expensive machines around campus for email if they are always broken? Slow-booting machines are a pain. Printouts in BH118 are often smeared, like bad copies.

I could see improvements in the navigation in the forum sites and oncourse chats. I am a distance student and the classroom chats can be challenging.

Moving off campus after four years in campus view (two as Housing Assistants) has given me an appreciation of our Ethernet connection. However, the difficulty in forwarding email has forced me to virtually abandon Netscape/Pine. The lack of service/ support by phone (including a "that's impossible" tone from the consultant) paralleled our frustration w/ [sic] Campus View CA's lack of availability to residents.

I live in another city - I study at home. What computer technology I've used has been great, I just don't spend a lot of time on campus. I've done a lot of class communication with professors and students on my home computer which has saved me a great deal of time. ** IU needs to look at more distance class sites around the state.

A class schedule so that some time is available in the A.M. for comp. usage. Keep [DDE NOTE: R DREW AN ARROW POINTING UP TO MEAN THE WORD "up"] home usage services. IUWARE available on web and easy access to server.

Regarding Question 30, I had no idea that ITE was so wonderful hear [sic]. It has been very helpful to me.

Good job UITS! Because of what you do, IU is one of top hard-wired Universities in the world!

My students don't know how to access lockers, said UITS help was lacking. Busy signals much better.

Overall, the services provided by UITS are very good. However, I do not know many kinds of services indicated in this survey. I suggest UITS helps new international students familiar [sic] with IU's information environment when they begin their studying lives at IU. (maybe UITS already has such a program but I do not know it.)

Bad email system!

I am only taking one class and do not use UITS services. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

It would be helpful in the future to ask why someone is not satisfied. Reasons vary, and some can't be remedied. Also, this is noan anonymous survey if you knew I had not sent it in yet. Please fix IUCAT by next year, focusing on organization. Also, the Big Ten Catalog has not worked since January.

I think that the cost of telephone registration is ridiculous. Phone registration was free at my undergraduate institution. I often experience problems logging onto Mac email stations. Computer labs managed by my dept. (English) also often have problems.

Computer lab in Evermann, where I live could be much better. The printer doesn't work very often, especially during the weekend, and I've had to walk to the library to get the work done. Phone- the need for entering a pin number every time you dial long distance is extremely annoying.

IMPORTANT: Music students often need to work w/ music programming & the keyboards all nighter - it will be very appreciated if you could have 3-5 stations for music student use in your 24 hour computer lab., and only music student with the need & identification that can use them. Perhaps you can create one 24 hour lab for all department's specific programming for emergency uses. Perhaps we can use sign-up reservation in advance. Thank you!

The new IUCAT is a disaster. It is actually worse than the old system. It is slower and less precise in its searches. Your migration to it, as well, was terrible. Also, get rid of student consultants. They're nice, but know nothing. Not having them would be no loss and would save money. Otherwise, I'm happy w/ IT @ IU.

Compensate graduate students for the Bursar Breach!

Pleased to see the new web registration system & webmail & sirsy. Keep up the good work.

Modem pool too small, so in addition to paying a technology fee, I have to pay for monthly DSL service. Pine needs to disappear forever! So does Oncourse! Wonderful 1 on 1 assistance from Webmaster- I set up a course web site on the IU server with her assistance...

KB needs to be updated to represent evolving technology.

[UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "Quicken"] Php.indiana.edu Better email

I am very impressed by the number of computers accessible on campus. The east coast schools pale in comparison. I am also pleased by the numbers of software available through IU as well as the IU Bookstore. Keep up the good work!

INSITE and related technology (course descriptions, registration, bursar acct, etc) have been excellent- above my expectations. Pine is solid but way out-dated, and tedious to use. Oncourse is a great idea, but too clumsy a program, too hard to customize! It's also slow- linking to other web pages via oncourse slows download time appreciably; it's faster to go these directly.

Systems in the MAC lab (LH030) should be replaced or at least fixed.

Change all Macs to PCs

I come to campus 1 day per week from Indianapolis and don't use any of these services mentioned in this survey.

I take courses through distant learning via satellite and have not use IUB's system yet for research. Additionally, I am still attempting to get an e-mail address through the system.

I have been very impressed with the consideration, helpfulness and efficiency of the student workers and staff at the Education building's help desk!

SPEA does not have enough computers for its graduate students. There is almost always a line waiting to get a computer in the graduate computer lab.

I work full-time for housing and only take one class per semester. I mostly use my computers (work and home) for e-mail and word-processing. Thanx

Why do we still have PINE email? This was the same system I started [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "at"] in undergrad in 1993. I have never heard of computer technology that cannot be improved in 8 years. Ability to view attachments and pictures would be great. I can't get onto Webmail for some reason. More info needed on it.

Registration on the web needs to available to everyone. I had to pay $20 to register by phone last semester, which is ridiculous for an university of IU's size. There is also not enough student computer labs available. They are always full.

The size of the lockers should be proportional to graduate concentrations. 20 MS is not enough if you are enrolled in multiple computer classes. GIS requirements mixed with database storage swiftly exceeds the locker capacity.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty Staff

We have several support personnel people employed by our department. Loren is one of them who does a great job for everyone. He has helped me out tremendously and is always available when someone needs some help.

I have had problems with STEPS and PROSTEPS classes not addressing my particular needs, which I understand the difficulty of doing (ie, ACCESS and specific form requirements). I look forward to D time when I have time to try Net G! Please keep the modem pool; students need a reliable way to reach campus from home.

I'm too busy to look at a lot of things at work. I know several times I tried to access from home and found sites IP filtering. One recommendation would be to find out why 5-0800 sometimes goes to the operator. This happens frequently to me.

Is this survey online?? It should be.

The technology support team in the School of Education is wonderful! I needed to get my home computer repaired -went to IU Electronics A++

-Get rid of old mainframe IUIS/use Tops for ordering/Purchase orders. Move it to the web! No more 53,57 screens, no more tabbing thru old terminal emulation screens. -I'm a part time lecturer in KSOB. The technology centers are overtaxed and projectors inadequate in ML503 where I taught my labs.

Response to problems in the py120 cluster very slow.

Keep up the good work!

I love the hands on classes!

I have trouble sending my email, the server does not respond. UITS tells me the server is over loaded. We Need More Servers Then!!!

Netg online classes are a terrific idea. As soon as I get an opportunity I'm going to take one of the classes. The only improvement I can suggest is in the area of techs communicating with staff. Last semester (fall 00) computers had to be removed and replaced in the small student computing lab in our library, the techs didn't let me know they were taking the machines, nor did they tell me when I might be able to expect them back. Thus I couldn't serve students well. This is not the first time a similar lack of communication occurred. (My office is immediately beside the computer lab)

Outlook's Web Interface could be faster and easier to use. I made a majordomo list and had trouble. Someone should have warned me about people on the list being able to send to the list. The myin project sounds great. I look forward to that day it's all running. Also to the installation of People Soft. The FIS system is very cranky, sometimes you have to start over to make it work. Modem pool could be bigger or more importantly faster. Extra big pat on the back to the Voice Services People. Work in that area has gone smoothly. IU electronics computer repair is too expensive.

Computer Service at RPS Tech. is awful. Employees are rude, and not responsive.

There are too many steps involved in getting help with E store or Cyber Cash. A question has to go through 3 or 4 people to get an answer, and back up the chain for the answer to be delivered to the person who asked it. This takes forever and requires me to breathe down people's necks when it isn't even their fault, in order to get anything accomplished.

I do a lot of work at home and would love to get a faster connection. Any ideas?

The billing for conference calls need to be more detailed (actual date, time, name of person arranging the call, and billed to the correct account number)

The Purchasing system is still not very easy to work with and following up on things takes longer. I often have trouble getting a line into IU from home- could be our phone exchange? Larger email accounts for staff would be nice.

I had outstanding help from UITS with security issues on my STEEL account ([IRD] helped me) and very prompt help from [IRD] on a Kb query.

UCSI UITS- One of the worse departments to work in on the Bloomington campus!

1. email support- terrible! facile, unhelpful [UNREADABLE]. 2. 56789 supt- Sometimes the consultants are condescending, a culture which in my experience, is infection in UITS, Listen to users, we are not all understandable by the maxim "users lie". The Supt Center often lacks flexibility and that is frustrating for users who know what they're doing,(and paralyzing for those who don't). Also, [UNREADABLE] need to strengthen the interplay [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "BL"] various groups, i.e., Supt ctr, lockers admin, STU printing etc. 3. Email- The IU webmail is good, but lacks features of Pine and Shakes. It's a good development, please keep improving it.

Cortelco phones are cheap and cut in and out. And this is my fourth phone.

Need more Macintoshes on campus. Consultants in labs are arrogant and uninformed. Hardware in labs is often malfunctioning, especially printers. Infostations are often malfunctioning. Webmail interface is clunky- best example of good interface is excite mail. Exchange/outlook mail is too virus/worm prone! Need to communicate to students, faculty, staff better through mailings, posters, etc.

I receive the Monitor. I have tried several time to 'unsubscribe' I follow the directions in the monitor, but it does not work.

Every time I call to speak with a UITS help desk employee they always live up to their name. I've never felt patronized due to my lack of technical know-how. They have great customer service skills! Keep up the Good Work.

Printing at student clusters has room for improvement. Most everything else is going very well. Thank You.

We have a printer (HP LJ 5si) and IU 00 8650 in our area. It very frequently jams and is a headache to work with in general. It should be overhauled or replaced- it gets heavy use, located in P101 Kelley School of Business. Thank you for your continuing efforts to make technology work for us!

I am very concerned about the 'computing monoculture' you're creating with Microsoft products and technologies. I'm also troubled at our purchase of products without ensuring adequate support from the vendor. With MS products in particular, this is a real problem.

IU Information Environment is terribly old fashioned and clunky. I suppose that will all change with People Soft, and I say "good riddance". You put IU email on the web. Can you do the same with lockers? I am thinking of something like www.xdrive.com. That would be extremely helpful. Overall, though, you guys are doing a great job. Thanks!

As a UITS/UIS employee I am concerned about the lack of progress with both the ITR and Student Peoplesoft projects.

Form home, my dialup connection consistently drops within the 1st 5 minutes... almost every session. After that it is fine. The 6-5200 number never use to do that.

The FIS system desperately needs an overhaul, evidently the person who designed the software never had to enter financial data into the system, when entering forecasting info you should be able to enter acct.#, sub-acct. & amount much more easily. This software was not designed for productivity or speed. ProSteps classes are not nearly in-depth enough for some subjects, such a[sic] HTML. Nor are more in-depth class [sic] offered at I.U. This has made find it necessary to enroll in classes at Ivy Tech in order to really enhance my computer skills. I hate using the campus phone book, it seems totally unorganized to me.

Have been unable to log onto 8-hr. modem pool for months * get disconnected frequently from 2-hr. connection.

There are many things that I feel I could not evaluate- I know I might be using them in some capacity.

-Departmental support is praiseworthy. STC's-machines in those centers I use are painfully slow (Pentium II's)-not very robust (use imacs for CSCL class-locks up frequently) -Lack of zipdrives, I use Zip disk for carrying data, only one of STC's I use has Zip drives. -Student lockers-have difficulty accessing my locker from work (thus use ZIP disks)-have heard they're not very reliable, so I avoid using mine when possible.

Re: 24-Speed of connection much improved-Thank you! Re: 29 UDIV computer support people are great! Re: 20g Bursar info, student advising, etc., all work well & are useful. Insite course listings section is BAD. 1) I use this constantly in my job & not nearly enough connections. During high demand times, cannot access at all. 2) There need to be links to course descriptions for all courses listed. 3) Site needs to be made interactive: students & others need to be able to search by characteristics: Day/time course if offered, COAS distribution, seats open (or not) as well as by department. 4) Updating of seats available is excellent, except for regular drop/add (paper FSAP delays recording).

Comments #24: The lower rating on network speed comes from working in a building not directly connected to the IU backbone and is owned by the IU foundation.

I receive Monitor by email and try to keep up with computer services realizing I probably will not use most. I do use INSITE/IUIS system a lot. I prefer IUIS for speed and suplicity [sic], but INSITE has more on about courses/instructors. I wish that 8 week classes could be linked to course enrollments- but at least they're there.

Our department hosts a wide variety of guests visiting campus for a variety of reasons. Many of these guests need to access their e-mail or have other computing needs. If they do not have an IU password, their ability to attend to various obligations is substantially hampered. Access for general public computing needs while on campus is an area of great need.

Need more support for video conference rooms (Poplars). Need classes on scanners and scanning software.

Keep up the great work! Go IU!

Asked for new safeword card over a week ago. 2nd time it's broke down and had to be replaced. Even though I asked for a rush I still don't have my new card.

I would like to see development and support of desktop videoconferencing.

29a -good, but too busy, have to wait

Keep up the good work. Let's be number #1 as for being wired!

Web Mail is a real improvement. A general class on file conversions (i.e. P.S. to PDF, JPEG to Tiff) would be a welcome addition to prostep.

Very happy with UITS; not happy with KSOB Tech. services department.

Maybe all computer support personnel should be trained again and updated with the new technology and information that UITS has. It might help out the departments in the long run. And the virus information needs to be constantly updated. There are so many viruses out there and people don't realize that they are out there. Have a better lock on those viruses. Alert everyone when they come out. And if there is a problem with one, don't make people feel like they are being singled out. Sending them an email with just their name on it makes them feel that they are being singled out and don't even realize that they have done something wrong.

Slow dial-up connection sometimes not able to connect. Often busy.

The campus office telephone consultants are excellent. They are always very helpful and knowledgeable. I always get a speedy response. One of the useful dept. within UITS. The telephone directory is very confusing for UITS. Hard to find a # to call for a telephone repair. The UITS computer help desk is not helpful at all. The people working there have less experience with computers than I do. Do you actually teach them to say "I don't know"? The finance office is even more difficult to deal with than the help desk. I'm pretty sure they've been trained on how to pass the buck. Call them and see how many times you can get transferred to someone else that doesn't know what's going on.

I use RPS Technology and I have many troubles with the Printers attached to my computers. At times when server was not working I was not informed. Also Detail instruction on new changes in systems is also not often on a personal visitor detailed written instructions. The instruction comment also applies to FIS also.

Regarding question 11g, there is a dearth of mid-level classes: We have pro-steps for beginners, and Microsoft certification for advanced support providers, but nothing in-between except netg. Would it be worthwhile to consider some hands on classes to supplement the more popular netg topics? Regarding q11a, there are times when the phone consultants need access to more expertise than simply looking for something in the knowledge base. At least my experience has been that occasionally they can't find the right person to put the question to.

q26b: It would be great if the phone directory listing, especially the email listings of faculty and staff, would be in bold form.

The equipment tends to work, but the support does not.

I think purchasing on TOPS through the web is very easy, but purchasing through TOPS (not on the web), is confusing and outdated.

The voice mail menus are somewhat long and confusing… especially the steps needed to forward a voice mail to another user. Other than that, I'm very happy with your services!

Your [sic] great!

1 The biggest problem facing departmental computing is the ever shorter life cycle forcing hardware and software upgrades more frequently than life cycles of systems designed to do business can match. 2 UITS and IU are going to have to lose some of the bloom of 'academic freedom' in an increasingly dangerous internet to secure our resources. 3 UITS services grow progressively distant and removed from everyday tech support 4 The People Soft project is a looming disaster, or potentially so; with no one at the top seeing the problems.

I called the help line once and the person was extremely helpful and friendly. I felt he would take all the time necessary to help me and assure my understanding.

Re:26b: I just sent an email to the wrong address because it was so hard to read. Look at someone whose ID starts with LH(e.g. Leonard Hinds, Lois Hathaway.) Between the font style and size it's very difficult to see. Better than years past when all the type was fuzzy.

6. Microsoft Office runs slowly and doesn't transfer messages from other systems - sometimes I open a msg. and it is boxes and dots.

I think pager, voice mail instructions are often written too complicated. Many professionals that are more than able to figure it out simply do not want to take the time. Recommend short-cut instructions to be provided, then if they want to know more then they have their choice to look into options.

Campus switchboard needs more guidance in finding out customer needs before transferring calls. Lots of calls are transferred in error and could easily be assessed initially. People (customers) get a run around feeling. Not good PR.

It would be very helpful if I could print documents from the "new" FIS-TP on the EPSON EPL-5700i in my office instead of on the public printer down the hall.

We have a computer person in our dept, so I don't need to contact anyone outside our dept for services. Therefore, I'm not much help with your questions. Thanks.

Toll Free dial-in to network from long distance. Access to Travel System detail through the FIS.

We didn't even get a book for dummies to learn about our computer's functions & capabilities - told to play around with it - use informal hit & miss technique. Frustrating

You do an excellent job, and I speak as a student and staff member.

Most of the software packages I have to use are NOT supported at all or are very minimally supported: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop & Acrobat Quark Xpress Esri ArcView SSPS Delta Graph Otherwise, these folks are very friendly and try to help. Level of knowledge seems to vary quite a bit.

We really appreciate [IRD] and [IRD]. They help us tremendously! But, for many years, people could ask for the French Dept. and get the # for the French Dept. The [sic] could ask for computer services and get computing services, now, if they ask for anything that has a language in the title or computer in the title, they get transferred to the language and computer labs. I've tried for years to get this fixed with no luck.

Please don't send me any future surveys.

The inflexible telephone system is a detriment to our department. We need lines that can be modem and phone. We need cordless phones. It is a risk management issue with our current phone cords stretched in the pharmacy! We are ambulatory while on the phone!

I have always found those working on the phones to be extremely well-trained, very mannerly & helpful. Thank you.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty Faculty

Better/easier access to Unix research systems from windows. I would like to use the programs available on Steel and run code on these system, but I'm stuck w/ a windows environment in my department. An x-windows type environment would help. Really need better/more classrooms w/ technology available. I have trouble finding equipment/rooms to use the technology in the classroom.

What is all this stuff? Never heard of most of it. Without the departmental computer supplied-which is terrific!-I would have no idea how to find any of this stuff or resolve any problems.

I'm still a caveman. I don't use many of the UITS services, But the ones I use are sufficient.

Individuals should be notified when their email memory allotment is filled.

Keep up the very good work! and keep improving. Thanks!

Keep up the good work!

I'd like to see a more flexible system for installing specialized software for short-term use at student tech. labs. How about a UITS directory that tell's [sic] the names , phone nos. of people responsible for particular functions?

Excellent people & intentions.

Regarding the Tech Services in the Bus. School The staff-Professionals are excellent. The part time student help are not with it, do not know there [sic] job, and are often not courteous. The Lotus Notes system is very poor.

My main need is for faster connection to IU Web services when off campus. 56K modem link now seems too slow!

Is there some overall directory of services available? It seems I had to go through 20 people to find and access the 40" printer paper in fine arts. Another 20 had to be consulted before I found one who could tell me how to pay for it...

I'd like to use Proxima in class, but it's very cumbersome. We need to improve this. IUCAT is not an easy to search database. It should display more easily which books are checked out, due dates, and the Reserve items (for my classes) are sometimes inaccurate or confusing. Phone in my office doesn't have voice mail. This should be standard for every faculty member and staff. PINE is outdated; should be replaced with graphical interface for checking email from home. Difficult to use attachments, send/receive files.

School of Education support staff is superb!

Future support for DSL?

To date, I have been a very passive user of UITS services, and a not very intensive user, at that.

Oncourse is a wonderful course management tool and I rely on it extensively! Thanks!

Please refer to the comments inside. A/V equipment in most S of E classrooms in poor shape & has the fairly new & ridiculous password system (with password right there for all to see). Has made using the equipment far more complicated & un-user friendly. It is also far more sensitive & often needs to be turned off and restarted. Very happy with web-based services and general computing, also happy with the computer support staff at Sch. of Ed. that I deal with.

I would like to complement [sic] the research SP system administrators for their prompt and helpful troubleshooting. Rats@indiana.edu is a wonderful way to keep my research flowing along! I still believe more dial in-modem connections, especially in the 8-hr pool would be helpful to research a data transfer purpose. And, though I appreciate the web based version of IUCAT for its access benefits, it is Most annoying to have to log in to a computer, wait for it to boot, before you can search the database.

My main limit at this point is the speed of my dial in connection. I live out of town and would like more options for high speed (eq DSL) services.

Software on STC should be available on Faculty-office computers.

The people at 56789 are wonderful!

Classroom technology services- frequent updates without checking to make sure all programs have come back on line is a constant problem. Every time there's an update, I lose 2 programs (Chime, Protein Explorer) that are essential for my classroom teaching. Please, please make sure the builds establish all programs in use. The start of the semester is [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "lull"] because I never know if the program I was using will be available.

For those of us teaching foreign languages there are 2 areas in need of improvement: ease and availability of accents over email: the new IUCAT does not support accents when records are printed. This should be remedied.

Please do something about outlook explorer. I'm suddenly having a hard time opening attachments. When I set up an address book listing & then try to send a message, half of the addresses don't receive it. For me going from Eudora to Outlook has been horrible-and has created a helluva [sic] lot of extra work.

I would like to see more small classrooms equipped with computer projection systems. Small advanced classes should have access to the same kinds of technology as the larger lecture classes. In fact, it may be more valuable to the advanced students.

Denial of access to source of home pages from my home connection due to local decision in my dept. (Admin. fear security breach) seriously limits my ability to do web design work from home. Can you re-assure that paranoid?

I think that it is time for IU to develop high speed ethernet service for off-campus use. I believe that something has been introduced with Smithville Telephone, but this does not cover most of Bloomington.

1. I was very disappointed when UITS cut back drastically on Mac services. It is very difficult to get anything other than routine help with Mac-related problems. 2. There is insufficient expertise to assist in word processing, and insufficient online research tools for those who deal in non-Roman scripts. 3. The library change over to the web-based catalog has been handled very poorly. 4. I still want to be able to "get in" to the campus system from my home computer on Sunday mornings.

Mail server is down very frequently. Campus network is extremely slow.

Three cheers for [IRD]. He is tremendously helpful.

TLTL is really a first class operation.

Biology Dept. offers virtually no support for Non- Mac users!

I really dislike the new Web-based IUCAT. The modem dial-in (856-5200) usually disconnects while I do e-mail. It's useless to try email from home for me.

NT is incompatible w/everything. I have more glitches! I'm glad IU is trying to standardize computers for easier repair, but I frankly find the repair services to be hard to access (inconvenient) and personnel often to be really grumpy.

Strong traditional infrastructure but time to branch out and establish specialized clusters as we move from general computing to advanced computing. FAZ15 is a specialized, over-saturated cluster being maintained as a general cluster. Establishing more (perhaps smaller) discipline specific clusters, as new facilities come on line, will solve many overload problems and enable the integration of II into teaching and practice in a more persuasive manner.

IUTS seems very uninterested in faculty input compared to past years. I am very unsatisfied with choices made in research computing acquisitions and do not feel my needs are met any longer. I hardly do any computing on campus (UITS systems) any more.

Slow access speeds during afternoon and evening are problematic. Problems w/music lab software set-ups (ie. missing fonts, non-working installations in specific machines) make teaching in lab difficult.

(Iss "High Tech" classroom, Woodburn 120 and 101, are extremely problematic; I would prefer a "low-tech" room)

I really hate filling out this survey because it seems so irrelevant to what I do- except email and Internet access- and those are available other ways. I only use the 3 computers I own, my own scanner, and mostly my own laser printer. I do use one IU printer sometimes, and, of course, email - since we have to.

Pine is a good safe email system, however it is very difficult to view pictures(.jpg & .gif files) from Pine. That is the only complaint I have about Pine.

I use blackboard.com for my classes instead of Oncourse. It is very user-friendly for instructors and students.

I am happy with the support. Of course, there is never enough time for the Dept. Computer people to service the needs-Thank You.

#7-Just switched to Outlook/Exchange

ive in another city - I study at home. What computer