2001 IUE IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

IUE IT works ok in spite of IRD. He is a competent technician but has no human skills. It is not what he does but how he does it. He is controlling and unpleasant to work with.

The IT personnel are severely lacking in interpersonal communication skills. Last year IRD of IT sent an email to the campus saying that his secretary is too busy to answer any phone calls. *All* the staff need some immediate training.

Communication w/ IT & IT Staff is a major negative issue on campus - some individuals communicate well, but overall "IT" communication from IT is negative, defensive & authoritarian.

None of these questions asked about the areas of problems that really exist here at IUEast.  The survey is a wonderful hedging of issues (IUE).  In many cases the IUE issues were mixed w/overall IU positive support such as Knowledge Base and IU mail.  The problem exists here and is not IUB/IUPUI.
This survey is not designed as a useful tool to get at what the problems might be here at IU East.
If you wanted a rating of IU/IUTS services you would get mostly positive statements from me.  Many of these questions have very little to do with anything IU East has authority, control or knowledge of...  Rolling the 2 together does your survey center's abilities a "negative" disservice. We have some very helpful people on the IU East IT Staff --straight-forward, straight dealing individuals.  We also have some individuals who make decisions, statements, etc. without true, realistic computer knowledge/experience.
*Example* -- I know that our (IUE) infrastructure has been upgraded over the last 2 years --
However, realistically it had little affect on the end-user and it was no more than should have been done over the number of years I've been here --> I see this as a bonus of being part of IU and not to be a reflection of local I.T. Shame on you for mixing the two together.  There are many "IU Easters" who would not, may not recognize the difference.

IRD is very helpful + available from TLC - Keep her (Ditto for IRD).

*Change* in *leadership* would drastically improve culture of IT-staff try- leadership caustic & unreasonable Help Desk-NOT-Availabilile [sic] limits [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE

I am part of the adjunct faculty and obviously have not connected with the IT department. I did try once to get campus e-mail but I couldn't catch anyone in. The director of the TLC was great. I understand that she has retired. TOO BAD.

If this confidential, how did you know that I hadn't filled it out?

Need better training for instructors using the VIC capabilities for teaching.

Somewhat difficult at times to get quick responses to concerns.

When using PowerPoint in the classroom:
1. Equipment is not always delivered when needed.
2. IT does not let you know if you can have the equipment.
3. Equipment is sometimes offered to 2 people at the same time.
4. 50% of the time the equipment is not working.

Web-based services should be useable by a wide variety of HTML clients (MSIE, Nestcape, Opera, Lynx, etc.) Web mail & IUE campus web pages seem customized for Internet Explorer.

Serving as an adjunct the students are always complaining about not enough computers in labs, especially between 5 and 8 pm. On Course has been very frustrating.  There should be a more user friendly way to use this.  Also getting computer help as an adjunct instructor is nonexistent. Need phones w/ flasher indicating voicemail messages. Evening and weekend students (and instructors) *deserve* the same services as those on campus 8a-5p. If you want more accurate and honest evaluations, try making survey(s) anonymous.

IT has improved services dramatically over recent years- I believe we need better communication & awareness of what is available. Attitude needs to be improved, and communication with faculty needs to be improved.  Do not respond to requests or respond very slowly.  Very tense environment- IT with staff that seems to be scared to talk or asked a question. [sic] The Help Desk personnel are good- but often they are not there (lunch) after 5 etc hrs - also technology for the classrooms is lacking and when needed on a regular basis it is impossible to keep checking and telling help desk every class (often the next level fails and info does not get translated into action after Help Desk). Needed more space for suggestions- if they are truly important to you:- 1) please train consultants better; 2) Keep information handy or directions to obtain info handy (IT information online); 3) Answer to *FAQ* on IU East Tech.

The timing of this survey was such that many faculty are on vacation- your results will likely reflect a *bias* because of non-response.

The VC IT's attitude is premptory and inipuious[sic?].  The faculty thinks he overrates himself and his PhD.  He's also abusive to our office staff when they try to explain to him that his "consultants" haven't solved a problem.  I imagine he might treat his own staff that way too.  Sometimes they seem intimidated.

Computers are so locked down you cannot teach students anything about the system, control panels, etc. 

Labs are set up so that they are difficult to teach in.  You can't easily get to all of your students without climbing over others. 

IT is not available for assistance during class times.  If you have a problem in the evening, there is no one to help. 

VIC labs should either have someone on site, or else cheat sheets to provide basic assistance.

Some Individuals need a major attitude adjustment!  If a user can't use a service for any reason the service is NOT useful no matter how well- designed it is.  IT exists to SERVE the teaching function.

IT does a great job!

TLC workshops held at different hours (other than early afternoon).  Vary them more.

- Effectiveness of the personnel limited (I know more than staff)
- Using outlook express (Pushed by it) but prefer Eudora Don't see advantage of Outlook Express.
- If technology is designed in classroom need more "Hands-on" workshops directed at specific [UNREADBALE: LOOKS LIKE "targets"] (e.g.: Web Page Design)

I do almost all of my computing at home or at my primary job. I am an adjunct instructor.

More computer projectors and Mac friendly services

* Tied up in inefficient procedures
*Unfriendly office staff (IRD)
*Long turn around time, sometimes no response at all
*Change password policy so that all passwords are activated simultaneously for all computers.

There is no use in teaching in a computer lab when 50% of the students cannot access the computers b/c their passwords are not set consistently.

Integrity of vc seems to be an issue.  Availlability [sic] of assistance during *entire* time class are offered is a necessity (including meal times!)

Help Desk needs to be staffed at all times, including lunch.  Need more Power Point projectors & heavy shades in rooms with windows.

If IUE is going to use ONCOURSE for Distance Ed (or even as an adjunct to conventional classes) Then more computers, staff, and better distribution of services & equipment are necessary.  Otherwise IUE should get out of the D.E. market.

-Communications to campus need to be improved.  We don't get informed of IT policy changes; for example, Web site policy.
-Atmosphere not conducive to working with campus.
-Need to be proactive, not reactive to technology needs
-Staff too busy to be bothered most of the time.

The VC for IT has alienated most of the campus through attitude toward faculty.  He goes back on his word & is too defensive; will not listen to campus requests.

IT asserts *too* much control.  Web pages from departments should be controlled *exclusively* within that department. Too many times, things are changed on departmental web sites w/out consultation w/ the dept.
Do not utilize for my classes

Since I am adjunct and live 2 hrs from campus I don't make use of what is offered.  If I could connect to the school other than by phone it would help me. Most of the phone calls I make are long distance.
I can't connect through the switchboard other than by the 800 no.

I teach at the IUE Danielson Center - when I need help it takes some time for IT to show up as they are 35 miles away - we need an in house IT person.

There is no trust in IT at IUE. The VC does not have a reputation for honesty. Service is *poor*. Leadership is lacking. The best thing that could happen to IT would be VC/Leadership change.

The new vice chancellor has done a great job.

I have always received good response on all requests made to the Help Desk.  I feel this is a tribute to the leadership skills of IRD.

I prefer dealing with the students who work for IT at IUE. They tend to be more courteous than IT staff.

Loss of computer audio

I would love to be able to get into my e-mail from home or work.

VC of Technology has no respect for faculty, is dishonest, lies to faculty & becomes very defensive easily.  He has alienated himself- by his attitude toward faculty & his dishonesty.

Faculty |Staff | Students

We aren't allowed to dial & report, has to go through admin. We aren't allowed to dial & report, has to go through admin.

The campus switchboard number seems to roll around campus willy nilly [sic] if the line is busy. We get a lot of random information calls.

If the Help Desk was reliable, did follow-up, communicated progress, responded even to say when they would be available, *just respond*, you would make your customers happy.  If the Help Desk had customer service training you would make most people happy.  That is the most frequent complaint I hear, no follow thru. There seem to be a lot of qualified people working in IT. Most seem just too busy to respond to any "non-crisis" issues. My sense is that there is a lot of putting out fires, and not much time for project support, particularly with phones and web stuff.

We currently do not have a computer specialist. The last was here 6 mos.

Increase availability of Unix, Linux, and MacOS systems, as to add more diversity and experience for all information technology students, faculty, and staff. The world is more than Windows.

I think student computer labs are over-done at IU East.  We have TOO MANY computers & students dont' use them, because the # of students who have home computers is rising every semester.  I think we've over-spent on computer hardware, money that should be spent on personal service.

I work with Area 9. IRD does a great job!  He is usually the one who takes care of the technology issues/problems in our department.  He always has a great attitude and is very efficient.

The TLC is fabulous!  IRD has wonderful knowledge and interpersonal skills.  IRD is very positive.  The rest suffer badly from "techie persona."!

Faster response from IT when problem is reported.  There needs to be someone in the office at all times.  When a voicemail or email is left no one responds.  Staff is not friendly.

The switchboard is the weak link. I depend on the calendar. However it is very undependable. For research I use University of Nebraska or Perdue [sic] a lot more than IU.

Thanks-- fast & friendly service :)

Network outages sometimes a problem for classes etc.

Would love to see the elimination of safe word cards and the consolidation of passwords - we have too many different passwords to remember.

It would be nice if they considered Area 9 Agency part of IU. It seems like they never have time since we aren't located on campus.

IT does a great job for me with there[sic] staff and services.  My cell phone problems are about the phone and Verizon, not IT.  I feel that the IU East IT dept. is a great asst[sic] to the university.

My involvement has been minimal other than my computer quit working in [UNREADABLE] 00-at least 2 work orders were sent by Area 9's computer specialist-as indicated, I must continually use the computer for the program for all our cases; no one came for about 3 mos, which was a great inconvenience for me but no one seemed to be very concerned.

Perhaps someone needs to come to Area 9 and see how involved all our case managers are, day to day and totally reliant on the functions of system to complete our job? I am, really unclear how we fit into the university as a whole in relationship to this technology but it does not appear that we receive very prompt service and our daily business is very dependent on this technology. Perhaps we are supposed to take one of these as an ageny [sis] and not utilize you? I would appreciate is someone could explain the relationship to me. Thanks.

Quicker response time from IT's staff would be appreciated.

The IT department at IUE has improved tremendously this past year!

VC needs to improve his interpersonal skills.  Departmental web pages are terrible & it is difficult to have changes made to them.  Depts. should have ability to work on their own webpages instead of having to go through 1 person in IT.

Service has improved for the off-campus sites, but it still takes too long to get problems addressed because of the logistics involved in getting people to the sites. Also, students have no help available, especially in the evening.

Provides excellent service at IU East; has very capable vice chancellor whose work and talent has greatly improved.  IT on campus; entire staff is customer service oriented.

Need to have IT support available for evening class periods in case the technology has problems.

Suggestion: Change everyone to same email and implement usage of MS Outlook.  With auto response you can reply to each email, set reminder to call each customer and so many other uses to make life easier, but mostly to increase customer satisfaction with your service.

They are doing better, but they need to remember their services, including help desk are needed at times other than 8-Noon & 1-5 M-F. There's evenings and weekend needs.

Would be nice to have quicker assistance when we viruses [sic]

It would be great to have someone available that has extensive training in various software such as pagemake[sic], photoshop, etc. As of right now have had no occasion to use any on these services.

I would like for more resources to be available for updated the website. We need more than a half-time person handling this very important tool.

IT at IU East seems to be working hard to make improvements in the department and on campus. Good work!

As a staff member of Area 9, I do not have reason to use IT services. I am no longer a student, my son is.  I can't understand why your Connersville Bldg. that houses Area 9 office [sic] hasn't been on-line until recently.  It would have helped our purposes if our 2 Area 9 offices could have been inter-connected.  Instead we had to use the antiquated system of export/import weekly between the 2 offices.

Slow, IRD is the only one who is helpful.  No computer helps for at night if instructors have trouble or if students need pass words.  Some staff treat [sic] you like you are stupid.

We need more training on software and on university systems. (FOCUS, IUIS).  Also sometimes there are resources in existence that do not get promoted/communicated.

They are extremely rude.  We get snapped at for calling them/you must go through the "Help" Desk only - for everything.  IRD, our phone guy, has not been trained, does not do things in a timely manner &
EVERY phone problem, he hast to call GTE/Verizon phone people (at $100 a visit) to do his work.  Doesn't help to talk with any of them.  They get defensive & ANGRY.  IRD staff can do "NO WRONG."  *

Glad you  doing this survey -- we need some changes - starting with a V.C. that knows something about computers.

Under student support to the labs.  There should be "lab techs" available during Fall & Spring semester.  Students have been known to wait for over an hour for tech support to arrive.  Phone lines are constantly busy during that time & not convenient to the student.
1. This survey did not adress IT at IUE as I use them.[sic]
2. Many IT staff are [sic] condescending & make me feel like an idiot because I don't just "know" how to do things on my computer, or because I need help.[sic] I'm not an IT trained person.

If IRD knew how to check into such things as the web, telephone services & not just take his staff's word that things are getting done, he would realize that web pages are incomplete & telephone situations are not being handled in a timely manner.  Our website is a disgrace to the university & especially our campus.

IUE IT dept. is great - there has not been a time I have called for assistance that IT hasn't responded ASAP - Great group of individuals –

IRD sees to it the ball keeps rolling!!

There nust [sic] be a way to send student-wide emails to all students on campus.  This would greatly improve communication w/ students.

We do need to update our phones

The Help desk is great if you don't know who to contact, but their[sic] are a number of times it would be quicker & easier if we could contact the person in charge directly.

Area 9 is off campus, so we do not get the coverage or help that is needed.

Provide a help desk person who can provide support over the phone for simple cases.  Improve voice mail so the calls don't lag 3-4 hours. Ex - One can check voicemail every 15 min. & not have a message, but several hours later they have a message received several hours earlier.

The difference in service from now to a few years ago is amazing.  Keep up the good work.

The help desk people are amazingly fast and friendly.

I work in the area 9 agency office and I only use the Insight program

I need for assessments. I don't have much knowledge about IT services.

Response time to off-campus sites could be improved.

The IU East Web pages are awful. Several are incomplete. Our webpage maker our campus technologically incomplete [sic]. The IT director has a serious problem with his temper when something is wrong then a quick turn around is expected.  Instead I get passed around from IT no help what so ever[sic].

I am located off campus and I do not directly work with IT services.

I think the person at the help desk should be able to answer minor questions and not have to write a ticket for it for someone to get back to us later. Maybe some indepth training for that person [sic]. But I've never experienced any "attitudes" and have always been treated with courtesy.

Have someone available between 12-1 & after hours for evening classes - 5:30 to 8:15.  Also - need to replace some printer with new color printers.

I've worked in 4 different college settings and each and every IT dept is overworked and understaffed. Maybe web services could be moved to the TLC.

No problems

Just want to comment on how much we love the new webmail and how much we enjoy the services available online via the library at IUE and links to references etc.  It's great.

I have 20+ years customer service experience if you want to do some brain storming, I might be able to give you ideas you can use.

No Question/Problem -- Just keep up your good work.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Although I cannot evaluate the e-mail system (i.e. Pine, Webmail, Eudora (I have not had personal experience w/ the system), I have seen others stuggle [sic] to obtain access (and I have heard the complaints) which is why I use Hotmail.

I am very pleased that IU East has received actual table (full size) computers.

I am very disappointed w/ the help within labs and their lack of knowledge. Why can't the switchboard be accessible more hours-ie automated system or evening operator?

I took an instructional computer course COLI 100 on entering IUE, it was extremely helpful in learning to access all IUE has to offer, I would suggest that this course be "pushed" more to incoming "non-traditional" freshmen.  Thank you!

For the technology fee that I pay, I feel there should be more printers, scanners (didn't know IUE had), faxes. We need *more* color printers on campus, and every computer lab *needs* a printer.

Maybe more information posted on Insite [sic], more information circulated about IT services. Some services I have never heard of. I have been attending IUE for the past 5 years.

Since the system upgrade, services online such as MSN Messenger can no longer be accessed. Also, I find the summer hours for the computer labs a problem. While I have a computer at home, I find it easier to work at school. However, over all...IT is wonderful!!!

There are often no assistants available and it's a running joke that something will go wrong if you use the lab.

It's great that anytime I need to use a computer on campus I can go right in and start using one.

The IT services people have tried to be helpful, but the information doesn't travel well between people.
Things don't get done or are done twice.

Never heard of services, prof's never told us about using them, e-mail systems are generic and useless, since server is usually down. I do all my computer work at home.

Have Saturday hours for access issues from home computer, i.e., password issues for people who work during your open hours.  I could never get in & you have to come in, in person, to solve password access issues.

There are very few times I have used the services at IUEast, so most of this survey does not apply to me. Of the times I have, I have no complaints.

At least one lab should be free at ALL times.  Meaning there should be NO classesever [sic] scheduled in a particular lab.

I only took 1 class at IU East and I never had to use any computers on campus.

Continue efforts to stay current with latest tech. Encourage profits to use oncourse with classes.

Answer to Question 24 is a 4 because I didn't know anything about IT at IUE until after attending classes.

Oncourse is not helpful. The professors are using it more, but I spent last year just trying to access it.

If you were evaluating IUE New Castle, I would have evaluated each of the questions I answered with #1 Not at all satisfied.

It is very frustating [sic] to come to campus expecting to type a report for class and finding there is a class in the computer lab.

1) IRD has been great! clear, available, patient 2) It is costly to deliver several mailings (I have 3) for this survey during the summer when many faculty and students are away. There are money problems and then money is wasted on poor timing.

Oncourse is nice, but hard to send in assignments with attachments.

Satellite classes are great because you get the in class attention but you don't have to drive to Richmond.

Several students need the availability IUE provides for computers and it is greatly appreciated.
There were no IU employees around to help with technical problems during our medical coding classes. (IRD) Also, we had to cancel class when problems couldn't be fixed. I would *not* recommend a teleconference class to anyone.

I feel that there should be dial-up internet connection for current students enrolled at the IUE campus.

Everything I needed was always available.

The opportunity to access IT through home was very helpful & very crucial in my learing experience.
scaners[sic] need to be more advailable[sic] at the IU campus

The one time I needed a password, the girl working (IRD) was in a bigger hurry to leave the office then to help me.  Sent me on to someone else.

Keeping computer labs open later

I can't really help you. I don't use these services.

I have only used the computers at IUE when my computer was down.  In the past, I had problems finding computers free to work on independently.

This survey is written for faculty and staff not students!

I appreciate the availability of IT at I.U. I would like to see a colored printer added to the George Blakey Research Center at the library. Good Job!

I have found information on specific IUE web pages go unfilled (i.e. boys/girls basketball rosters, schedules, etc.)

I used Oncourse for one of my classes each semester.

It is very slow and half the time there was always a problem e-mailing teachers or students or just trying to send in assignments.

I use IUE's computers mainly for research between my job & class when I don't have time to come home first.

All I have ever used has been a class over the internet - So we used Online, all this other stuff I don't know about.

9 times out of 10 could use lab that had the software I need due to a class in the lab, lab closed, etc.  Not fair that students are charged technology fee & don't use schools computers!

You need some people that know what they are talking about and doing.

Not very helpful.

The VIC sys. at IUE has been the worset[sic] learning experience I have ever encountered.  It needs vast improvements.

At IUE in Connersville-there could be more than 1 printer in the lab!!

I feel the PINE emial system is not easy to use.

IU East needs to improve accessibility and provide longer hours for computer usage during the Spring and Fall semesters.

I have noticed a difference in the size of the Insite [sic] pages. They appear to be much larger-I don't care for this new size format it is difficult to read and hard to preview info for printing.

IT should be more service oriented to staff and students and less ego driven.

As a transfer student many of the services available have not been explained to me. I was unaware that IUE had the number of services indicated. Some of the services I have heard about, but have no idea how to utilize them.

I do not use IUE computers. That is why I haven't this survey! Please do not request that I fill it out again!

Oncourse was not very user-friendly during my computer science class.

I did not have much to do with the computers at IUE.  I took 2 classes of computer assisted Inst. (CAI) and was very dissatisfied with all of it!  1 class it never worked & the other only about 1/2 the time!

IT takes care of what I need to get accomplished.

I rarely used school facilities - I tried to use the computer (internet) from time to time. I had difficulty getting into some of the sites I had trouble. Some of the staff made me feel like I was bothering them. After that, I decided not to use IUE library anymore.

Access to more equipment; digital camera, scanners, software to edit viseo [sic], etc. I'd like to learn how to make webpages.

I rarely use the computers-only when absolutely necessary. The only things I have to say are that there should be 24 hour access to computer labs for students and your computers are better than mine.

Don't know enough information about the program or what is offered at the school.

Make people and INFO available to night students.  Plan evening welcome back events- night students usually work during the DAY!!!!

I didn't use technology much in the last year.

email system Maybe make Insite available twenty-four hors a day [sic]

I would like to see more classes offered on data base, etc.

I was unaware od some of the services available to me. I am sure  as I progree [sic], I will use these services more.

When first starting out at IUE-make a pt to make sure students are aware-even transfers.

The more classes that are available on line & the more info I can access at home the better!

Should be put on TV that have one on one training for computer training so people will be aware of it in newspaper and on TV

I don't know a whole lot about all the services. I just know that I use them for research and written papers.
I am satisfied for those reasons.

Im [sic] not aware of many services you offer more flexible hours in computer lab.
I would appreciate more IT staff in the computer labs.  I haven't been able to find help easily.

I would like to see oncourse used for every course, at least at an informational level. The courses that use oncourse are much easier for those who work FT and attend FT question 1) my printer was broke. I saved 7 page paper to disc and came to computer lab to print it out. This was about 6:30. You had to have a password and be reg. as a user before you could even log on.

There was no one around to help me do this and I took a lower grade on paper because [sic] he counted it late. If you're a student, why cant't [sic] you just use the lab. Isn't that what it's for?

Easily accessable [sic]- Expertise is needed to use new and/or minority application (flash, director, SAS). IUPUI would provide a good model. Have attended tech camp which I believe is a good way to go.