2001 IUK IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

There should be a staff member (Faculty Instructional Technology assistant) who can reproduce photos into slides usable for classroom presentation, also who can help faculty put their presentations on power point.

I am not able to answer many of these questions since I do not use a computer very often. There have been workshops offered. I have made a few next school year. I hope to become more familiar with IT services and try to attend more workshops.

No communication after a problem has been reported. Requests appear to drop into a black hole. Students complain about lack of help. IT needs to LISTEN to we tell them.

I believe faculty need individual, in-office assistance with computing problems. General workshops are usually not helpful and only a waste of time. Students should be able to use software supplied with textbook purchase in IUK computer labs. IT Support should be readily available at all times when classes are in session (8:30AM-10PM), not just from 8-5. To get maximum service from IT Staff, they should work singly and not in pairs.

I think IT services have improved since the Vice Chancellor left. He refused to listen to faculty.

Classes on new technologies have too much wasted time, due to lack of access numbers, PINs, etc. Not inclined to go to more.

Faculty need service--not a bureaucracy, computer services should work for us, not the other way around.

I realize there are options I don't/ don't know how to use. As an [UNREADABLE] n/p/t program I often don't have practical access to the learning options and learning time - [UNREADABLE] As an [UNREADABLE], not a range of times that I can usually attend. In my situation, not having computer access at home is limiting. n KO 289 I find the placement of equipment [UNREADABLE] for public speaking.

Help desk hours - night classes need support 8-5 office hour don't do it. [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "kc"] 214 locked at class [UNREADABLE].GO 100- computer blocks [UNREADABLE] - needs to be [UNREADABLE] into desk.

Need to give faculty full access to their computer! IT needs to develop a service mentality rather than a police mentality!

Things seem to be running much more smoothly now that the jerk is gone. the phones work, and the server doesn't crash every week.

Some of the technical support staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous – others are *not*! hard to rate since they were all lumped together. Turnover in instructional technologies staff IUK webmaster was a problem. IT is very slow to respond even when you follow correct procedures and contact them by email. IT is not responsive to campus needs. Example: Web server/email services are taken down at peak times when students/faculty are on campus using the library or computer services. They do not seem to be willing to have staff scheduled so these things can be taken care of between 6-8am. No IT staff is ever available after 5pm or on weekends. Requests have been made for staff to be available- this seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

OnCourse needs improvement. Since the advent of computers, my publications "look good" - but they do not on OnCourse unless I use HTM. It's too time consuming to type all that in, especially after just typing the syllabus. However, I've done it twice! Also, the OnCourse email is much more cumbersome than my regular e-mail. It also need to work more quickly on my computer at school. The screens take 5-7 minutes to come up every time I move through the program.

[DDE NOTE: R DREW ARROW TO Q33D] If the mail room counts in this survey, equipment capable of actual full-color duplicating, or even single-color duplicating, without causing the mail room staff no-end of troubles would be wonderful and add a nice professional "finish" to some documents.

Equipment in High Tech classrooms has problems at inoppertune times. AV staff poorly able to assist in evenings. Need more & larger High Tech rooms. 1.) need for faculty involvement prior to making policy changes -not software. 2.) need to communicate policy changes to *everyone* in timely manner. 3.) lack of communication when work request completed –they don't tell us when they are done. 4.) personnel should have courtesy to check with individual before entering office and messing with workstation. 5.) some personnel do not have skills needed -several times the person fixing the workstation leaves additional problems when they were supposed to fix one problem. 6.) have key to Center for Teaching Excellence at lab area (so don't have to go up 2 flights to get key and then back down).

Computer and A/V equipment in Kresge Auditorium was problematic for the entire year-system needs updating?

[IRD] and [IRD] are both extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. They do an outstanding job. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the rest of the staff who seem unwilling or are not capable of helping the user. Concerning help desk- I find many to be extremely helpful, but [IRD] and [IRD] do not have a positive attitude regarding service.

Specific, hands on instruction [sic].

Someone needs to tell the IT people that they are here to serve the instructional needs of the campus, the research needs of the faculty, and help the students get their work done. They have been "computer nazis" - getting rid of [UNREADABLE] may help, but some others (Kathy!) need a change of attitude or they need to leave.

More seminars/workshops would be advantageous to faculty-perhaps, as part of fall/spring convocations

I try to avoid helpdesk if I can take care of the problem myself! I think the helpdesk structure is too formal and rigid which makes endusers [sic] avoid them if possible.

All training should be *hands-on*. If training using Oncourse is to be effective, instructors should bring a copy of their syllabus on disk or a hard copy and receive training and assistance in putting it on Oncourse. Just listening to an explanation and being given a handout is not real training.

Need more technicians to do set-up of computers when getting a new computer, a new employee or moving location of computer. Takes too long to get service.

We've gone from despot leadership to clueless caretaker. Sad considering the quality folks in IT mgt at IUPUI and IUB.

Where to start?! - IT Help Desk is snippy, snarly, & surly EVERY time. They aren't open in the pm - when evening classes (which I teach). Actually need them 1/2 the time the phone system loses voice mails (or gives them to you DAYS late. Help desk's usual answer is "that's not my job" - no matter what you ask. They need an attitude adjustment but Bloomington will need to help on that aspect.

My evaluation scores reflected over the past year included the time when [IRD] was here-now that he has left I am much more satisfied with IT at IUK. We all need to remember that all departments should be student focused.

The IT services here are very rigid-only will do certain things and aren't always willing to help solve your problems. FLEXIBILITY IS MUCH NEEDED and also having control over our computers (ex. I can't change the time on my computer; I'm not allowed to have SAS installed). Oncourse good but it is down *way* too often-unreliability makes me anxious about using it.

IT should provide faculty with software services for handling research data. There should be a seperate [sic] staff designated mainly to help faculty construct audio-visual presentations for their classes. In some universities this is available. Each building at IUL should be provided with a scanner that can be useful for classroom presentations. Each classroom should be provided with power point equipment – permanently installed.

Services and attitudes improved the past few months. We still need a more user-friendly policy re: local printers. Our AACSB accreditation team was emphatic about faculty being able to use their office printers without hassle.

Audio-visual support (overheads etc.) is very good. I declined an opportunity to use an online homework scheme because I thought IT assistance was unacceptable.

The new library catalog is considerably more time-consuming to use than the old system.

Policies should be orientated to service. It takes too long for students and adjunct faculty to get access to network at the beginning of the semester.

Help desk needs to have a better response system. Also-help needs to be available after 5 pm.

I have found the IT staff to be very helpful! [IRD] and [IRD] [UNREADABLE] go above and beyond to be of help!

[IRD] was a disaster. Please note that a key term in this survey is "service." Unfortunately service had been lacking due to policies that were in place.

Is this questionnaire for secretaries? Due to our high security profile, I can only do typing, e-mail, and play music in my office. Aside from Oncourse, which is not really very useful without a large support staff, I can't use the computer when I teach. Science textbooks come with their own software. I can't use it because it will violate our high security environment. If I do, I am subject to disciplinary terminating in dismissal! What a joke!!! I do all my serious work home in environment that is user friendly but unavailable to the students. IT could drop off of the face of the earth and the only change would be my reading my e-mail at home.

Currently IT at IUK makes little attempt to serve the needs of faculty, staff and students. Preservation of the department seems to be its top priority. Leadership in the department is non-existant [sic]. There is no accountability o its users. It does what it wants to. Here were no questions about the reliability of the *servers* and how well they work. The software is not very stable from day to day. The student email server is terrible.

Please see attached comments. Comments: In regards to the three topics covered, here is a general comment. I think IUK suffers from "small-town syndrome." Obviously, the campus has been in a downsizing mode for so long, it has forgotten how to integrate new people into the organization. Even though I had new faculty orientation last fall (which was miserably conducted), I still had many questions.

For instance, I needed to know how to use the voicemail system. AFTER I ASKED, one of the secretaries made a copy of the manual. This should not be necessary. Whether it is technology or employee benefits, people should not continually have to ask for basic information. It's demeaning: after a while, a person feels tired and stupid. Second example: apparently there was not effort to figure out if any of the incoming new faculty needed instruction in Outlook. I did, but I ended up buying a $40 book on my own. That should not be necessary. Third example: One day in the fall semester, I went into my high-tech classroom and found that some of the equipment had been changed. I had to bungle my way through the class. Apparently, no one thought to contact the faculty who taught in that classroom and offer them instruction. Fourth example: Whenever I have an IT person come to my office to do something for me, they do it at supersonic speed, and then I discover after they leave that I don't know how to do it. They don't take the time to teach, which probably increases the number of nuisance calls for them. If they took more time initially, they might not have to make repeat visits so often. There is a failure to put oneself in another's place, and a total lack of common sense. The first week before classes, all new faculty should be offered the opportunity to take short classes in using the voicemail system, Outlook, the high-tech classes, and setting up their own webpage. This should be done BEFORE classes start. It is very difficult to be a new faculty member and also try to get up to speed on a variety of new technical systems, etc., at the same time.

In regards to the IT topic: I have been struck by two things. One is the incredible niceness of the IT people. The other is the incredible bureaucratic mess in which they find themselves. The system of paperwork necessary just to give them a piece of software is incredible. It looks like a system that would be appropriate for a big campus like Bloomington, but is completely inappropriate for our campus. The scale is wrong. I get the impression that the IT mindset is a "moat mentality." That is, they wish the users would all evaporate and leave them alone with their beloved computers. They see the users as ignorant nuisances, not as their "customers." I made an effort to be innovative in my classroom by using a new piece of software and ended up caught in a political battle between the head of IT and an administrator. It was extremely unpleasant. I'm going to make one more effort this fall, and then if I still get hassled, I will give up. Life is too short. My fantasy: that I will win the lottery, and with my winnings I will be able to buy my very own server computer, which I will locate in my own home. I will go somewhere and get the classes I need when I need them. I will design webpages for each of my classes and put them and the new software I've been trying to use on my server, and I will hire my own technicians. Then I will be able to work almost entirely from home, and come to campus only to teach. The latest wrinkle- digital copiers- is just going to make things worse. We already have to go to a central office to get printouts from our laser printer. Whathappens when the digital copier breaks?

We need to be informed of viruses in a timely manner. The atmosphere and working environment has improved with new leadership for computer services.

Many questions difficult to answer because a specific problem may affect entire perception and realization that this is not the fault of certain staff. We need more computer classrooms and regular classrooms all need updated equipment. Procedures for getting software for courses on computers is worst problem, coupled with the frustrating way requests are put in a que [sic] and then last to follow up.

Hire people who are user-friendly, and who actually know something about IT.

I make very little use of IT services as I am an adjunct faculty staff. I would like to use Power Point presentations more but training for use of most IT services has been offered when I am at work in my regular job or when I am teaching at IUK.

Hardware and software are pretty good. The main area that needs improvement is the attitude of IT support staff-especially at the help desk. The focus should not be on what you cannot do, but on alternative ways of accomplishing your objective. (be more positive)

No- the IT people have always responded patiently and clearly to my requests even when I [UNREADABLE] precise as to my problem or needs.

Faculty |Staff | Students

Technical people in Main Lab have been helpful to me when using computers there (as a student). As a part-time IUK employee I have sometimes had a difficult time reaching the appropriate person to help me solve a problem in my department.

PC Desktop replacements slow. Replacements not timely. Various faculty/staff offices with old telephones (10 yrs. +) no equity in replacement of phones.

Usually I receive prompt, efficient, courteous service.

I particularly appreciate the training provided by [IRD].

Most (3) of the staff is very pleasant, but the others need training in customer service. There also needs to be some mechanism in place to handle emergency concerns with the computers, than alway[sic] getting placed in a "q". If you[sic] in the middle of something, being placed in a "q" does not assist your immediate need. Knowledgeable people need to be placed at the IUK Help Desk and it need to be open after 5:00pm and before 8:00am.

I find the NT network unsatisfactory. It will not allow me to run programs that are most efficient for my department. As a Department Director, I feel that I should have some administrative rights to myworkstation that would allow me to use the programs that best suit my needs.

Quit [sic] trying to pry into every nook and cranny just stop most people consider the computer folks "nazis"

Part of the dissatisfaction is due to the now former Director of that division and the staff operating under that instruction. Hopefully they realize they need to repair some major campus communications breakdowns in order to restore faith and satisfaction with the IT dept.

There are certain members of the IT staff who are not helpful or friendly. Thankfully one of them has left our campus. Unfortunately there are still a couple left.

Staff is to rigid. Seemed to be more focused on policy and procedure than they are on facilitating success.

A help desk staffer didn't know what USB port was(I asked if I could have one to use with my palm pilot)

Now that our former IT Vice Chancellor is gone things are getting better. People are willing to find solutions to problems and not just say "No, can't do it" or go into some two page long monologue that doesn't help solve anything. People are working together to move forward and progress. We have an excellent Instructional tech trainer who was ignored, had info withheld from her, was lied to and had to be moved out from under IT supervision (as was one former IST person) who can now function as she should and whose services are used by many faculty and staff.

I really cannot comment because I really don't have a phone and the computer in office is always being switched or downgraded. Honestly, I feel to much time and money is wasted on computers.

I feel they should acknowledge our request for technical support and give us an approximate date and time they will try and fix the problem.

1.) I think FIS is very complicated, especially if you only use it sporadically. It would be good to have one person do FIS for an entire area - it would be easier on everyone involved, more efficient and with less mistake being made. 2.) Also, if the campus webmaster thinks something should be changed on your web page, they should contact you and let you know... not just change it without your knowledge of why it was changed. 3.) I like being able to access my emails voice mail from home if I am sick and can't make it in.

IT has had some serious personnel problems. Attitudes are better now since [IRD] is gone. However, there are a couple of people in the [sic] with negative attitudes.

Some employees are knowledgeable and personable while others are very difficult to get results out of for your concerns, and negative in attitude.

Service response time is very slow. IUK needs more IT techs to successful service this campus [sic]. Policy on removing printers when a person leaves is totally ridiculous. They should not be taken unless they do not work. The departments pay for those and should be able to keep them.

Administrative rights need to be given back to all employees. I can't even change the time on my computer which has been wrong for months. I feel Comp.

Services dictates to much on what we can do on our own systems.

A faster response to computer problems would be helpful. The "Que" system is not always convenient when you have a deadline for completing a project.

Don't get back to you about issues you call about. Always say your in the "Que". When they come over to do any work they are in a hurry 9 out of 10 times don't complete ans never see them again![sic] Computers are too old also.

The helpdesk is "help" less- it needs *help*! Service with a smile-courtesy- would be nice. There needs to be an ACTIVE webmaster to bring our webpage current b/c it is extremely outdated and inconsistent.

Computer services staff have a very hateful attitude. Computer services will send the most unknowledgeable people to service your computer. She is worthless, rude and cannot fix anything. Why do they insist on taking our printers. How efficient is it to walk to the opposite end of the building to pick up printing? How can one use letterhead or envelopes. How secure will exams be when printed down the hall and students have access to the printers?

With the purchase of better systems "DELL" I have experienced a lot less problems with the system versus using "Gateway." However, I do understand you don't control what is purchased!

I think the IT staff needs to become more user-friendly/user-responsive.

Since switching to Purdue and using IU systems, particularly IUTS, it's been a real nightmare. Locally, staff has been very good. My access was yanked through Bloomington and it had to be set up again. It took several weeks for Bloomington to get access turned on and it was very frustrating to be in the middle of a transaction and suddenly have no access.

[IRD] and several of his staff were awful at customer service.

I'm glad he's gone and look for improvement.

Need to consult users before making software changes, printer changes - all depts [sic] have different needs + usages and what is efficient +cost effective in science might be disaster in media.

I believe the current IT staff are competent and wish to be helpful, however the previous administrator over the department was very restrictive and micro-managed the department, therefore tying their hands to assist the end user. My hope is that new administration will recognize the interdependent nature of work they do with that of the academic units, and better serve the needs of the end user and ultimately the student which is the culmination of all our efforts!

Having administrative rights would be nice

Need personnel in IT who are helpful with a "can do" attitude. Should look at job requirements of employees + related tech needs. Should customize within reason, nothing than provide a cookie cutter appearance Have felt in the past that IT actually sabotized [sic] own ability to work.

Extremely controlling of software!

The majority of them need to learn that they are hired to 'give' a *service* - it's what's expected! They don't sit on a thorn.

Technical support staff bends over backwards to help. However, for the time [IRD] and [IRD] have been employeed[sic], I find them of very little help or assistance. Their solution to everything is to turn the system off & sign back on again.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Glad to hear of an update for the e-mail systems I am very unsure of the printing budget and capabilities of the university and would love to be formally informed of these subjects either by mail or by other means. THANKS.

Expand registration from home PC service. More class info on web, such as course descriptions, syllabus, weather cancellations. Improve on-line advising info.

Make sure all zip drives work in all machines on campus.

Extend weekend and summer Lab hours. Install UDE reader so that CD-RW disks can be read by all machines on campus.

Although it was unfair to limit a student to a certain number of pages that can be printed per day when it has something to do with a class that they're paid [UNREADABLE WORD] to take. Especially when it is part of a final or something!!!

All access was superb. very fast and reliable

have never had any problems with anything with using IT Services.

Some of the staff in the computer lab are too busy talking with friends to help anyone.

I have access to the internet and email on my home computer. The only time I use the campus services is when I am forced to. I do not understand why some faculty insist on my[sic] having a campus email account when I have [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "HOME"] email.

Maintaining a campus account is a pain in my opinion.

Problems, such as a computer that is not in use and is made unavailable to students, could be fixed faster. There are at least three computers unavailable at any one time in the library alone.

Please make email services (all including AOL, YAHOO, etc,) retrievable on all computers. Rules ask for students not to check email accounts.

Sometimes, the students working in the lab arent [sic] as knowledgable [sic] as we would like them to be and they arent [sic] always able to help.

Most areas are doing well. 1 only thing I would like to see change is the attitudes and helpfulness of the computer lab employees. When you cannot work a computer very well and you're a new student, I think it would really help.

The only other issue I believe need to be addressed is the shutdown of the internet services often. It's very crucial to me because I rely so much on the computer.

IUIS is not user friendly or up-to-date in its technology.

Endure change, stay on track.

It's really inconvenience to use your IT service - rather use my pc at home or work - your hrs are very limited.

I think other base e-mails should be allowed an all computers. Microsoft office should be on library computers Need more computer rooms.

I think it is totally absurd that a page printing limit is placed on students. For example...20 pages a day. When I research many times I need more than that allotted limit.

update! update! update!

The computer lab has a limit on the number of copies/pages that can be printed in a day. As a graduate student I often had papers and projects that exceed the 20 page limit. This was frustrating not to be able to print an entire paper.

Overall it is good. Insite and OnCourse are *very* helpful. I also took a class through IUPUI. IUK's system is better,

Oncourse should be used in more classes. Instructors need to learn how to use it.

It is a real inconvenience that the internet lab in the library does not also have word processing software. Most research is for the purpose of writing a a paper.

IUCAT system should be more "user friendly." -Windor driven system instead of DOS

I don't think the printing limit in the computer lab is practical, especially during finals. I don't use the lab very often but when I do I usually have 2 or 3 research papers to print. I can't print 30 copies once a week, but I am able to print 20 a day (100 a week). How much sense does that make.

The consultants are rude, snobby, and often make you feel as through you are asking for their first born when you ask a question!

They do not have enough staff! Student labs are way behind in technology and we can not do hands on learning in the upper level classes-Most is theory. For one of my classes the software did not work in the lab or classroom so we had to find or use a computer elsewhere.

I'm overall satisfied especially since I'm an information systems major.

Oncourse needs major improvement! For an entire semester some of my classmates & I could not log onto our course. It was more of a pain than helpful tool. I'm sure many of your services are good but I have my own computer & therefore do not need many of the services IUK provides.

Need more computers that actually work

The computer lab 048 could use a better air-conditioning system. The faculty should be allowed to purchase computer updates the same as students. Computer classrooms, such as for multimedia, should have quality computers since they are used everyday by hundreds of students.

Many of these services are unfamiliar to me and I've been attending IUK for 3 years. I just had my first experience with oncourse & liked it. I've been using insite quite a bit & love it. I would like to use Inspire, but have had a *terrible* time trying to get a digital certificate down-loaded. I've given up!!

A limit of 20 copies per day is not appropriate for many classes.

Workers could be more friendly. For example, the people in the mailroom are wonderful and nice, however those in the computer lab and some assistants were rude, although the problems were always the computers - not me.

I wish someone would fix the computer on the second floor of the Kelley Center. There should be two more computer[sic] in that location. Also, the computer close to the switchboard needs to be fixed. I wish that the computer lab hours were a little longer. One extra hr. would help especially during the summer sessions. Maybe stay open until 6pm on Fridays.

My instructor in my A337 class has a (voluntary) tax program she encourages the students to get involved. I found this program to be important for the community and student. It could have been greatly improved if the IRS taxwise software could have been available on a couple of terminals during the hours students accepted "clients" tax information. It would be nice to see IT more involved with the business school.

IUK needs a toll free number for students in my area who can't afford to make long distance phone calls. Also, they need to have all software available on all computers in lab 048 (NET FOCUS, VISIO, HOCKWAVE)

I am very displeased with the new restrictions on the amount of printing you can do per day (20 pgs./day, I think.) I understand it's for conservation purposes but it is extremely burdensome when your research and/or schoolwork demands more pages.

Don't restrict students to Outlook. Most don't use it anyway, you might as well let them use what they are used to.

I am too old to be part of the computer generation. When forced to use this equipment, I found the IUK staff very tolerant of a novice and very helpful. This was especially true of library staff.

Computer Labs should be open on Saturdays. Oncourse should be accessable [sic] 24 hour/day.

We need computers placed in more locations throughout campus, I feel my rights are being infringed upon when I print papers from the computer lab. I used the lab a couple weeks ago, I went to get my papers from

the printer, which were not up yet, I asked the lab person where my papers were, she said, "OH, I have not approved them yet." I glanced at her computer screen and there was my work displayed on her screen.

*HOW DARE YOU.* Also, 20 page rule really, "*SUCKS*". The whole computer experience at IUK is an infringement to every paying-student on this campus.

Purdue students on the Lafayette campus have accounts to which they can store information - IUK does not offer this service & I believe it would be helpful.

1. More computers! More telephones! 2. Longer Computer Lab hours!

There are many students who do not live in Kokomo. This being the case, every time you call IUK it is long distance. They should have a toll free number.

I felt like the e-mail was difficult to get used to. It wasn't real easy to obtain an e-mail address. I never had an e-mail address the last 1 1/2 years.

I am a part time graduate student in education. At no time have I been advised by IUK what IT services were available to me. I suggest this kind of situation be corrected. I cannot be the only student in this situation. Anything I know of has been by other student word of mouth or by doing library research.

Did not know much about ANY of these services! Where are we suppose to be learning what is available?

As an adult student I havn't[sic] needed to use on campus equipment but

I have used Insite several times and found it very helpful.

The computer lab has a 20 page per day printing limit. I had a 70 page paper due one semester when I did not have a computer at home, and found this limit a major obstacle. I work 45+ hours a week, and need to plan my research on my schedule, not someone else's limit.

The only reason why I don't use the computer services as much as I do at home, is because of the limited use of printing. The limit is very low so it is very hard to print lecture notes, reports, etc. When I write a nursing paper, sometime it is 12-20+ pages. I really wish there was not such a LOW limit on printing because I would love to do my school work at school. But it's almost impossible when after 10 pages you are over the limited printing. I understand that there is a need to control over-printing - but what is our money for technology fees really going to? Computers? Maintenance? I'm sure there is more to the picture

than we as students see, but it would be great to actually be able to print out a report.

I transferred in to IUK and wasn't informed at all about the computers, and/or the technology services offered. Maybe some type of 1 day seminar or info. packet given would have been helpful.

not that I know of.[sic] so far all is well.[sic]

I feel the computer lab was not open enough to accommodate full time workers who did *not* have a home computer. It was hard to get everything done on the short weekend schedule. Also, I didn't appreciate the daily limit on pages you could produce. I often had to run out on my lunch hours to print things for class because of the quota. Give me a limit per semester, but not a daily one!

Make sure that whoever is at the help desk is able to help students. Sometimes someone is in there that doesn't know how to help while the person who is supposed to be there isn't.

Students should be allowed unlimited copies.

Better trained consultants would be a plus as well as headphones that can be checked out so users can listen to audio projects.

The email system at IUK is horrible - hard to access - way too difficult

I wish IUK could become a multi-platform computing environment. It would also be nice if 802.11 wireless ethernet [sic] could be made available on campus for people that bring a laptop from home.

I think it needs to be more well advertised. While I've heard of some of these services, it would be good to have more info. If I did not have my own computer at work and at home, I would make more use of campus facilities. (I am a non-traditional student)

People who are not very knowledgeable about computers should be given more attention and not be made to feel stupid.

IUK has decided to limit the number of pages you are able to print off in certain computer labs per day. If you are doing a group paper and it is longer than 20 pages you could not print off the entire paper even if you were willing to pay for the extra paper.

They seem geared to undergraduate studies and are slow, conjested[sic] labs. Most equipment I sponsor through fees are not accessible to be.

IUK IT Dept. is very helpful for my schooling.

I did not know about most of the IT services available at IUK. There has not been effective communication of available services, especially to part-time students.

Computer labs should be open longer.

Computer lab closes too early

Better trained student consultants. They have been rude to many people.

I used Indycat [sic] and such at IUPUI. I live closer to this facility than Kokomo. I do find these services very helpful to have as resources for my coursework. I did use email at IUPUI during my first year.

Oncourse has been a wonderful tool for a few of my classes; however, only a few of my professors utilize this resource. I would like to see this tool utilized in ALL my classes.

Our computer lab is too dark. Sometimes it's too noisy. Lab techs are knowledgeable and PATIENT. Oncourse gives no warning when it's "timed out" and I have lost assignments when connected from home. That affects grades. I still like IUK!

I've enjoyed my four years at IUK.

I am not on campus on a daily basis or as a full time student. I try to do as much from home as possible.

Many of the services asked about in this survey I have never heard of, let alone used!

The only thing I would suggest, is maybe adding another comp. Lab.

I feel too much stress has been placed on incorporating computers into the classroom. Granted, business or computer majors benefit greatly from it, but I can't say the same applies to pushing for Humanitiescourses where excessive computer use is required. I, for one, remember material discussed in lecture two years ago more clearly than what was covered in Oncourse last semester. For me, the current IT services are fine enough as they are.

IUK needs more computer classrooms as well as more rooms where it is acceptable to use external e-mail servers.-The printing allottment[sic] at IUK is unacceptable. A 20 page/day limit on printing is just not

possible at some times.

There have been times when the lab consultants do not have the answers to computer questions and the help desk is not available because it is after 5:00 pm. The help desk should have the same hours as the computer lab.

Sometimes when you go into the computer room, there are a lot of computers out of order or cannot pull up the software you need for that PC-creates a problem when rooms busy.

The computer lab hours need to be EXTENDED!

I have registered for classes over the internet and sent assignments to instructor over the internet from my home computer.

As a student who has transferred into IUK from another University, I had no idea you offered these services.

1. Printing limits need eliminated. 2. Students need to be able to forward IUK e-mail to other accounts. 3. Times for Insite services should be evaluated & 4. Computer labs/classrooms should be used by students before allowing staff training & outside users to use the facilities.

Should be able to use outside email in computer labs.

this info was not shared with all students - most who was affeced[sic] was after the fact - No clear directions, no easy access, like pulling teeth to get info then due to glitches would not work or acknowledge my password. I had to keep going back for new passwords and authorization then the system was down when I needed access.

Make sure the computer's in the class room operate the software correctly, had trouble with access on several computers during W100 class time, took much of the class time away from students.

Web space for student websites. A mail server with more options (e.g. changing font, color, adding and being able to read attachments more easily)

More access. I like that it is easier to get into the computer areas now.

As a working MBA student I did most of my research from my home computer and did not take advantage of the IUK tech services much. I drive from Logansport to IUK for classes and not much else.

The curriculum lab for the education dept. has been the most helpful at school.

You need to have a better availability to "NT Server" for people taking D335! Last semester was the worst I've seen as far as e-mail constantly being down!!

Rumor at IUK is that they are going to start charging for anything copied from the computers. That is crazy; Profs are the ones that want us to copy their notes via Internet so I do not think that is needed. We pay all these fees, printing fees would be stupid. There also needs to be more e-mail stations throughout IUK.

I really had little need to use the computer services @ IUK. However, when I would register for classes & admittedly I am a computer novice, the staff acted like it was a real chore to assist me or answer my questions!

CD Burners should be available on *some* computers

Better advertising for the services IUK students haven’t heard of before.

It's not very convenient to only be able to print 20 pages a day in the computer lab. I've been given projects that require more than 20 pages. (i.e. Excel, papers, etc.)

Please keep a "PERSON" at the switchboard! Voicemail or computer switchboards are NOT helpful and are extremely frustrating. No person wants to talk to a machine.

The staff are [sic] all very knowledgeable & helpful whenever I need help.

They are NEVER unable to get me out of a jam & NEVER make me feel stupid for not knowing what I'm doing.

Better instruction-Why is there a three day delay in obtaining a password?

Keep all computer labs open or have all software available in main lab. Hire friendly staff.