2001 IUN IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Help desk "IUNITS" support center staff need to be more friendly/ professional on initial phone calls and questions.

We need students email access- too many students do not use IU email so we cannot send general messages to them.

Mark [IRD] at the Help Desk have bee [IRD] and [IRD] at the Help Desk have been very helpful when I have 20020r had computer questions. [IRD] has always been excellent in solving telecommunications issue. [IRD] was very helpful to me in setting up my webpage for Library Web News and in using Netscape Composer. She is always willing to help.

It is improving!

More classrooms & internet capabilities are desparetely [sic] needed.

1. IUN Webmail needs to be more robust - offer more options. 2. More "education" software applications need to be installed on university lab computers.

Include department phone number in local telephone directory.

We need better designed computer classrooms.

Would be better if VC responded to voice mail / email in a timely fashion.

[IRD] has been awesome. He is so knowledgeable & responds to requests in a timely manner. [IRD] also has done an excellent job with the server.

There is *no* orientation of services for new faculty. Staff are rude, sometimes they treat faculty with disdain.

This form is too long.

We must do something about the classroom aesthetics, appearence [sic], etc.

[IRD] was excellent. She needs to be replaced. I need that technology for my classes. An individual knowledgeable & helpful.

Have to dial way too many numbers to call people. (long distance.) Much of our area is long distance. No memory on phone or connection to computer dialing. The IT staff seem overloaded, but several very talented people – [IRD], [IRD], & [IRD].

For my research and teaching I use a great deal of CADD software and photo enitoncenant [sic]. I would love to have an on cmapus [sic] large format printer (size D or larger) to assist in outputing [sic] student & faculty work. Currently I use a service bureau. Mac-Compatible, Please!

As I am becoming more proficient I'm learning more about services available and how I can use them. Students still complain about access problems, esp. from home. Am pleased that you're doing regular evaluations of services.

My "newness" as a faculty person has contributed to some of the vague responses.

More support i needed for departments that want to go beyond basics.

I wish I could access my vesitas [sic] account and update my web pages directly. Since [IRD] broadened access, I have to set up an IUN account & transfer data twice. This reduces my ability to work effectively from my home office.

Will WebMail be replaced anytime soon? need computer lab & computers in library cafe area [sic]. webmail has a few annoying features such as quick time out & inability to create multiple address books. Think the system for reporting problems w/ library catalog needs more training or information for computer services employees. Hate the long distance authorization code but understand why it is needed.

Not so many waits on phone calls to campus operator. More frequent updates needed to campus web information, often out-dated.

More personnel and equipment needed.

Need to bring classroom in to the technology era.

Better Email system.

The current VC of Technology does a lot of self-congratulating, based on new computers purchased and labs. Although he is active on Vision task groups regarding technology, he has not taken on the roll[sic] of being an advocate for faculty needs. Many faculty are happy to have a word processor, email, and internet access in their office, and will rate IUNITS very high. There are the some faculty that use no technology in teaching. This campus is one of the most backward and out of date I have seen.

More capacity for interactive multimedia software in open student labs. (separate server?)

Would appreciate the help desk would call back if I leave a message. If someone answers or I go to the help desk office I get good help. Seldom do I get a return call if I leave a message.

We need new projection units throughout the campus- most do not work or work poorly. The portable units do not provide a large enough screen for student viewing.

More available training.

Long distance modem access from Porter County is a problem. * Help Desk response often takes several days. * Web mail time out of 20 minutes is too short. * IUN Campus needs a teaching and learing [sic] technology center.

Switch board-Need numeric directory including voicemail access for after hours. 2. Webmail-Logs off too quickly and need to be able to register mail for non-IU mail, and needs to be able to default my impap server to my own. 4. Need a technology center for faculty & staff to assist in instructional teaching support and use of technology to aid in the classrooms. 4. Better system needed to ensure faculty + staff are aware + know how to use all the services. There were many itmes [sic] listed in which I never heard of the service. LINE 9 ABOVE, "itmes" SHOULD READ "items"]

Get rid of need for monitoring long distance, esp. on fax

Provision should be made for the *long-term* forwarding of iunhawl [sic] to the new iun domain. Here's hoping the recent recoqnition [sic] of macintoshes + of avoiding platform wars endenes [sic]. The much-bruited aboit web-mail is cumbersome compared with Eudora lite mailbox granted the "international" convenience.

Unable to help students access oncourse from off campus.

A. Administration needs to consult with users before doing major lab renovations - hardware & software. Don Steward *cannot* decide what instructors need in the classrooms that are labs & force them to use what may not be appropriate. Faculti [sic] org. computer committee & technology council are not to be ignored!! B. Most people in IUNITS are helpful & willing to assist all users, but could use more training, more IUB support. They are also grossly for what they asked to do.

There is no training or qualified people in FIS or FDRS on campus Individual computing needs are not well address - all users do not have the same needs. Campus switchboard should have an afterhour [sic] option, where you can enter a local 4-digit number to connect with employee

Fix insite advising program

Put full IUN bullian online, Put [sic] schedule of classes online with full search capability "All 2.30 TR science credits" etc.

1. Webmail logs off *too* quickly. This is a real problem when you are in the process of writing emails etc. 2. Need to dafault imap [sic], so that I dont [sic] have to enter all day. 3. Need a technology center for only faculty and staff. 4. Need a technology center for research activities. 5. Services in survey should be explained & made aware of numerous services I never heard of.

No - it's been completely dependable. Would be nice to be able to access e-mail in the road without going through another service provider.

get [IRD] more help!

Please get dial up for the MLA bibliography at the IUN library.

I'm told we have the equipment but nobody who knows how to install it.

It is ridiculous how much "garbage" email is sent. Outlook is much better system than the IUN system but you cannot access the names. IMAP 3 is slow in sending. I have only been at the University about 6 months. The people are very nice.

Faculty |Staff | Students

Instructional Media was mentioned in #21 but nowhere else. I cringe every time I need to make a request to instuctional media. The staff is often difficult to work with and rude, and at times unreliable. Staff in your other areas on the contrary are polite, problem-solvers ready to help you.

overall doing a good job

Considering the old, outdated equipment, they do a very good job. The Help desk is now at last, helpful.

I would like our night time janitors and crew leader to get permission to use some of our computer labs for the purpose of writing notes, reports and supply lists to the supervision by quitting time.

Videoconference format could be improved. The personnel in Instructional Media is very unprofessional. Faster follow-up to help requests.

The majority of services I do not use and most do not apply.

Emergnecy [sic] phones are farely [sic] well kept up but need improvements an [sic] repairs especially during winter months.

I believe there are a lot of people on this NW campus taking advantage of voice mail by letting it go there instead of picking up the phone, sometimes you have to call 4 or 5 different numbers in an office before you actually talk to a real person.

Calls could be answered more efficiently at switchboard if the operator could tell if there was additional calls coming in.

Would be nice to have a faster dial-in modem.

There needs to be training on campus for use of FIS, phone systems IUIS-especially for new employees.

At IUN there is a great need for improvement with the services from the "top-on-down." I will say that the telephone or communications service have always be [SIC] excellent.

staff [sic] should be trained on the use of the telephones. (different features) classes on video are needed video hookup to computers

Better service from help desk, more updated computers The classes instructed by [IRD] were a BIG help. I wasn't able to attend all I wanted to, so I hope they're offered again. Also, I've had trouble with no space available on my C drive, but [IRD] is going to help me with that problem.

There needs to be better communication with the campus on what is happening and policies.

Help desk personnel need better attitudes!

Mr. [IRD] is the most helpfull [SIC] and Understanding [sic] person.

Poor administration in IT and unfriendly. Poor customer service w/ help desk. Response is slow or wrong information given.

I think the Webmail should be able to delete messages quicker. The checking off of the boxes are a real hassle and time consuming.

I think more mail really hurt our campus. All the students complain. More training on how to used computers to make my job easier. Not everyone is a computer guru.

We need help and follow through on how to do our jobs with computers.

Should campus switchboard be in Admissions Office? It seems to me that it should be placed out of way. Temptation is to make switchboard operator do admissions work.

The attitudes of employees has improved dramatically since I first came to the University (in 1991). Customer service has improved so much that I no longer feel I'm asking a "dumb" question! [DDE NOTE: THE FOLLOWING IS ATTACHED SHEET] Attached to this memo are my responses to the survey I received from you. Thank you for allowing to express my comments about the services that you and IUN offer. I did have some questions that I hope you can answer. As you can see, it didn't seem possible for me to include all these in the space provided. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I apologize for what I consider to be "ignorant" questions, but I am interestedin [sic] learning more about these...

1. What is the IU Information Environment? Is this part of IUIS? I have an IUIS id already; would I be able to access this module? 2. What is FOCUS, the Information Center? Also, can I access this? 3. What are all the possible options available in IUIS? Is it possible to see a screen printout of such options? 4. What are Safeword [sic] cards? 5. Any brochures on IUIS applications and how to use them would be appreciated. 6. On page 6, Campus Office Voice Mail Services, it lists what appears to be an Indianapolis number. Are we connecting to Indy when using, for example, SUVON? 7. I would appreciate hearing more about what exactly the Campus Office Long Distance Service is. I assume this refers to calls made outside the SUVON area.

Over the last year or two, I have noticed marked improvement in the delivery and pick up of instructional media equipment. I used to have to ask for an earlier delivery time (by about 20-30 minutes) just so that I could get the equipment on time for the class. This is no longer the case. Hurrah!

1.) IUN Homepage needs modernized; why webmaster greetings? Should be Chancellor 2.) Dial-in modem service very slow moving 3.) Emergency phone identification lights don't work- haven't worked for long time -How can you locate in the dark? 4.) Need more frequently update printed phone directories 5.) Mark and Steve=Thanks for a job well done 6.) Focus turn around time *terrible*

Better availability of resources for instructional media. - Training opportunities on administrative systmes [sic] for new faculty & staff. - A "Helpful"; solution-oriented "Help Desk".

When calling from off campus often you must wait for a line to get through. Operators on switch- board need to be more enthusiastic and professional more services for the disabled, TDD services phone (pay phone) for the deaf

Because of the uniqueness of my office/job telephone capabilities should be improved. Specifically caller-ID.

Printed telephone directory done by [IRD] is wonderful! It just needs to be updated either bi-monthly or quarterly 2. It must be possible to find a service or enter into a contract that includes the Chicago land area (312, 773, 708, 847, etc,) as local calling!!! 3. IUN

webmail [sic] is horrid and cumbersome. Pegasus mail rocks!

Help desk rarely answers, typically get voicemail - Web campus calendar is completely useless, next to no info, only link is for e-mail contact, never get a relpy [sic] - printed phone directory out-of-date (somewhat understandable), web phone directory out-of-date (never should be) - webmail is bad ( not as bad as [IRD] though, the previous e-mail client), I pull down into outlook but most people don't know how & cannot get help to do it ( I've set up 6 or 7 myself just to help people). Most IT Administration + some personnel are unprovisonal [sic] the department in a whole are disfunctional [sic].

staff use of computer labs on night shift [sic].

Is the campus switchboard part of the IT dept?

Faculty | Staff | Students

The student consultants need to be more informed in how to work the software. There were many times where my questions went unanswered.

Overall the system is good. But IU should update your library system for find books w/ other schools. I only use e-mail (webmail), INSITE and library catalog online.

Open more computer labs

Advertise your services more- try radio/TV & local Newspapers, including the Phoenix. You could also write a tech review/advice column for the Phoenix.

I tried to set up an email account and was never able to. I used online help and still did not recieve [SIC] any.

Need the computer labs open and assesible[sic] to students at all time. If it's possible the you increase the wages of the students that work in the labs you will get better students that would be willing to work.

I need more printers or more reliable printers in the IUN computer labs.

Replace the outdated computer labs when we are paying $100 a credit hour.

I think the students technology center consultants can be more knowledgable[sic] & helpfull[sic] to student with no knowledge of computers.

Provide more maintenance on computers that are shut down in the labs.

Let us know about what is available.

I usually only take 1 class per semester and don't use the IUN labs. I am not really aware of what is available.

should [sic] not pay if we don't use it!

Keep up good work. I love registering by phone. I have not set foot on campus to register for at 3 yrs.

I really cannot answer these questions in the 6 years I have been at IUN I bet I have only used any of the computer labs a handful of times

We need labs open during both summer sessions. I'm in SS1 the lab in Savannah [UNREADABLE] open until 6-18.

Lab computers tend to have problems with the zip drives. Also I don't believe there are enough public labs- I've had to postpone research because I was unable to find a computer.

It's nice to have but not too important for myself personally. I've gone through three "finals" weeks since going back to school at IUN and there are always several computers which are "down." This is the most important time to have access. Take more care in getting these computers back up and working in a more timely [sic] basis. Many Mac computers go unused replace with IBM. Staff at computer labs knowledgeable, helpful and courteous [sic]. Have labs open on Sunday.

I know it's necessary to sign in and out at computer labs but the lab attendants are really pushy and rude about enforcing it. Try to be less pushy and rude about this. It's not an enjoyable experience when a lab monitor yells at you out loud in front of everyone reminding you to sign in or out. It's happened to me and I've seen it happen many times to others.

Had a little trouble with oncourse

Did not like having to go to Raintree 204 to change password- but they were knowledgeable and courteous-

I haven't had a whole lot of time to use the services. What I have used has been helpful and easy to use. however [sic] I have not been able to use student email.

All Computer Labs open on weekends.

2 hours session on how to use information that you have that most students don't use or just some information about other options you all offer.

Maybe they should have less MACs in the Savannah Center computer lab, because they tend to freeze a lot of times.

insite has been very helpful for me when making my schedule and pulling my transcript. In addition, registering by phone makes class registration a much easier chore!

Because I am part-time student, I have access to computers at work and home. I do not use the school's facilities. They do seem to offer a good environment for those without outside access. However, there were some services that I learned of only through this questionaire [sic] that I might have taken advantage of

The bookstore does not keep their site up to date. For example, I am trying to get the list of any books I need for summer and they still have the spring list! I attended a class where we used telecommunications (I was in Schererville and the teacher was in Gary)- it worked out really well.

I think we need more computers because there were times students had to wait for computers.

I think everything is perfect. I really like the insite page, it has helped me out in a number of ways. Thanks for making that possible.

Somewhat disappointed w/ the hours of computer labs during week of Spring Break. If I recall, they were 9-6. During spring break, many students work full-time and these hours aren't very condusive [sic]. I believe they should have been extended to normal hours.

The [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "Maram"] lab had excellent hours of operation.

put [sic] more info on the calendar (spring break, special events, etc)

ITS offers many great services; however, many students still do not know about them. Maybe make brochures, listing everything that is available and keep them in the cafeteria, waiting areas (savannah, hawthorne), & labs. Definately [SIC] need color printers in all Labs, at least one.

We need more computer lab room. We are too close to the person next to us.

I appreciated computer svcs offering class instruction on the different programs (excell [sic], acess[sic], MS Word, etc.)

I wish I could register for classes online. The touchtone works well, but I like the ease of online - it's faster and if I make a mistake I can "go back." On the touchtone I have to hang up and start over. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this survey.

Insite's cool

I'm sorry I could not finish this survey, but I use only my home P.C..

Need people on hand to answer phones more regularly.

I was shocked to see a lot of services I never knew were offered!

I learned alot when I took Intro to Computing (A106) with Mrs. [IRD].

No, I am very satisfied :)

Longer hours during the weekend for open lab time

Extended weekend hours especially on Sat & Sun

As a beginner and a first time user of a computer, I was truly satisfied and fascinated by its function. The accessibility to the lab and the computers was an important factor for completing my courses this semester. The computer lab techs have been very helpful in assisting me with any problems that I have had.

I could never get a campus email account because I couldn't figure out how to sign up.

I'm sorry I only used the computer at IUN twice I do not own a computer. that was why I did not send this 1st survey in.

Students have different learning styles. A university should teach and accept the students' differences. Labs are for students usage and some restrictions might be limiting our students growths. (e.g. L.D. students learn from audio, hands-on & etc. - Stop limiting your students development) We do pay for lab services.

I am disappointed at the hours that the labs are open. They are not open on weekends. That is when I do the majority of my work.

Advertise these services better. I've never seen or heard about ½ this stuff.

Make students aware of ALL of the services offered.

The computer labs are not open on sundays [sic] and it is difficult to complete assigment [sic] if you don't have a computer at home. At one time, the lab was open on sunday but there must not have been enough usage.

I took a class this semester for the first time in 6 years. -As a graduate student of the seventies and eighties, I haven't had to utilize the current technology services. However, I sure that I will in the future.

I'm fairly satisfied w/ most of the services, But I feel there's always room for improvement. Student teaching in the PC lab is great, but they could use more help. They are always extremely busy and there's not enough help to go around in a timely fashion (manner) (Drop and add particularly-phone systems need updating. Roof leaks on computer equipment in Raintree. The tarps are not the solution.

Of all the things you asked about, the cleanliness of the open labs and the teaching labs was never covered. The open labs are usually very clean, except for the floors which are rarely swept. The teaching labs are a disgrace. The monitors are usually so covered with prints, you can hardly work. There is also too much food and drink in the labs with people sneaking these in and getting the tables dirty. One last item concerns the machines themselves. The floppy drives in ALL the labs at IUN should be cleaned occasionally. I have lost many things because of the floppy drives. I have asked, and they are never cleaned.

I think it would be good to have a course taught for the Microsoft Office Users Specialist. More detailed use of Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.

The monitors (student-staff) in the computer labs need to be better trained in the use of the equiptment[sic]. Also, "Mathematica" needs to be installed in more of the computer labs. Finding a machine that doesn't crash when you use this program is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I do not use IUN's technology outside of class.

There needs to be laptop stations around campus, in the library and the classrooms. Also, please look into the use of a wireless LAN or WAN.

It helped me out a lot!!

Yes, the switchboard operators are very polite. On the other hand, the computer labs need helpful programming assistants.

To my knowledge they are ok- I have little time between work and school to use the service, the little time I have spent on this service was satisfactory.

I am very happy to use the technology services given here at IUN, because the services are so great. The technology services, every penny I pay for. Technology fees and more [sic].

Better advertising of services.

There needs to be more open computer labs with Windows based systems.

More evening classes in computer technology especially at Portage IUN

The STCs (labs) should be open for longer periods of time to accomodate [sic]