2001 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


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In the future surveys, I would like to be excluded from this. Thanks.

I am tired of troubles signing/logging onto network. I am frequently disconnected. I have tried software (IUWARE) downloaded from the internet and bought the same on disc, with no difference in quality. I do, however, appreciate the reduced costs for software to students.

There needs to be more attention given to Herron School of Art. We need and use the new computers of today and IUPUI had them before we did. Herron is overlooked more often than any other school w/in IUPUI.

I think you should give out more information to students on your services. Unfortunately, I am only aware of a few services you provide. Possibly a newsletter to "new" students on your services would be a plus on your behalf I am a Jr. and I have used little of your services. I have a home computer I use much of the time. Thanks!

Some library computer consultants seem more interested in talking on their cell phones than helping people with problems they have

Inform students of available programs more and alert them of the services and technology through more public means.

I have experienced problems with disconnects when dialing into the UITS modem pool. I'm not sure where the problem is that is causing this, but if anything can be done on the schools side it would be nice. Greater inigration [sic] is alway [sic] helpful. If there were a single web site dedicated to everything a student could need to do at IUPUI, it would make the whole system much easier. i.e. students would have the functions of OnCourse, Insite, and the ability to fill out electronic forms to accomplish any administrative task from a single web site. The electronic forms should recognize a student by their login and automatically fill in the mondane [sic] information for them i.e. name, address, phone #

Instructors tend to use or (not use) systems that they are familiar with. For Example, Oncourse - many instructors don't like or know how to use the system. It makes it difficult for students who are off campus to check Announcements, notes, etc. about the class.

I am a student at IU-Bloomington. I take courses at IUPUI over the summer. I am very impressed w/ IUPUI's computing facilities - they are as good as anything I have encountered in Bloomington. I wish, however, that there were more computing facilities. The only one I know of that I can easily access are the facilities in the library...and those facilities are usually crowded. Alternatives to the library's computing facilities should be advertised more - it would help those of us who are not permanent students of IUPUI. Thanks.

You have an awesome service that wager rivals [sic] any university in the country. I would think there would be a better way to get the word out about all the great services and benefits you offer students. People don't often read your general emails, but an upbeat article in the Sagamore would help, if you haven't done that. As said earlier, some teachers don't take advantage of Oncourse. I think they need more training. Is it possible for a teacher to change the toolbar headings in Oncourse? They won't use it because they don't like the headings. They should also be trained to give a schpeil [sic] about the free services and cheap software you offer. Oh yes, Cavanaugh Hall needs more IBM's. [IRD]

I have only taken one computer class in the last year, And am limited on my knowledge of your improved services. I'll try them out this year. I do have a comment about the instructors teaching the computer courses, they may be knowledgeable about the content of their course, but they can be poor teachers, bad communicators and unprepared. It is like IUPUI is struggling to fill those positions and making poor decisions or not monitoring instructor performance.

I found the workers @ the UITS info desk very helpful, efficient, & pleasant!

I hope that UITS and IUPUI adopt another form of email. One that makes it easier to send and receive attachments.

I would like to see the Pine system discontinued and all IUPUI mail be sent to the new Webmail. Pine is too clunky and hard to use. Also is very slow if accessing from home.

I'm not too using the computer often.

I am absolutely thrilled with Webmail! Keep up the good work!

I find most consultants in the computer lab are friendly; on most occassions [sic], however, I find that I , as a moderately skilled end-user can solve my own problems/answer my questions more easily than they can. So many services, like computer printing by IUPUI, are not adequately publicized. Student's don't know about many of the resources available to them. I would like to see STEPS/PROSTEPS include classes on Visual Basic.

Some of the computer services are presently very good. But I & some other students believe they need improvements. For example: UITS Online Guides & resources are extensive, but it's not easy to find what your [sic] looking for. I have on many occasions tried to help other students change their passwords, establish accounts, forward IUPUI email to home email...etc and and I sometimes find the web interface confusing. Make it more user friendly. I am sure that these things will be much better in the future.

1. Connections are way too slow!!! 2. Putting up your resume and portfolio is the most important function of your website. There is not enough room for all the pictures and programming that a good portfolio takes! 3. People "manning" the computer labs don't know anything about the software or programming. Pay more and get better people! 4. I lost the envelope and this form does not say where to mail it - what's that about.

1) Telephone switchboard stinks! (274-5555) Needs more operators! Operators need better training (ie. locating numbers of faculty). 2) Can UITS Publish a list of hours/locations of all student computer rooms? 3) Can UITS Publish a list of where there are hardware facilities (ie scanners, CD-RW drives, etc..) for students to use and hours of operation.

If people don't mail this back they either don't care or don't have time. Take a hint.

I am a transfer student from another IU campus. I attended IU Northwest 8 years ago and they did not offer anything related to computers then. Coming to IUPUI, I was not given any info on technology services. I have found insite on my own. I think that all students should get information on all the concepts mentioned in this study when they reenroll.

I use the 24hour computer labs very often. The assistants there are very nice and helpful. I can say the same for the library. I like having so many computers available around campus. It's very convenient I use Oncourse extensively and enjoy that service. I took computer classes last summer for Pine (don't use much) and the University Oncourse system. They were very helpful to me. Thank you.

I understand that IUPUI has probably invested a good deal of time & money to develop the technology- unfortunately the whole system is entirely too complex and confusing. To the average student it is all too much to comprehend. I am sure that there are a lot of things I could take advantage of but either I am not familiar with them or they are too confusing to use.

I find indycat useless. I have tried several times to find articals [sic] and publications, have never been able to find what I am looking for, even with the help of library assistants!! You need to change the libraries system of catologing [sic], because I use Marion County Lib. B/C IUPUI is useless to me and many others I know.

When trying to access the SAS program, which is used for STAT majors, it was hard to access it from the smaller computer labs.

It would be very helpful if I could call out, while on campus attending class, and call into 714 Senate to access my voice mail. I run the Help Desk for IURA CNS and am only able to access 714 Senate bldg from one campus phone which is in the basement of Emerson Hall. The house phone on the 1st floor doesn't allow me to access 714 Senate Bldg which is the new Research building.

I used to connect directly through 4-5619,5620 and 5621 until I got a virus this way. I now warn everyone to avoid it if possible.

I love IUPUI, and all ifs technology services. They are all wonderful. I would say keep doing what you guys been doing and continue doing your research on how to improve for the future.

Extended weekend hours would be useful especially in the Herron labs, which are the only ones with graphics programs.

Getting help in the library is poor. There is only about 1 on each floor, if you can even find them. The consultant on the 2nd floor of CA (a girl) computer lab is very helpful & very nice. Thank you

You need a better email service. For instance, take hotmail or yahoo. The login is easy, the buttons are in a good order. It's very easy to do what you need to do. I know IUPUI can set up something better than what you have now.

Would like more 24hr or late night computer availability

Further improve online flexibility!

I am a marketing major and many times I have received emails that have attachments from the school of business. It is very difficult to view them using the Pine Services This is an area that needs improvement if possible.

Continue to update computer hardware to improve speed of operation.

I believe there are good services out there, but I don't believe information on how to obtain info or details are readily available to all students. I am an adult night/weekend part time student. I have been having some problems with getting assistance from UITS with oncourse.

I tried to drop a class with the automated system, and the class didn't drop. I didn't realize this until mid/end of January. I dropped the class before classes began to get a full refund and I only received 50%.

Maybe get a new e-mail service that is not text oriented. I think more people would use there iupui e-mail accounts if they were more like Hotmail or other web based e-mail carriers.

I'm sorry that I cannot be so helpful in your survey. Computers tend to get on my nerves!

Little more courtesy from support people! Thanks [IRD]

Oncourse is amazing! More professors should take advantage. My once-a-week english 301 class was in contact with each other and Dr. Harrington 7 days a week with the program. We took our quizzes and kept track of grading too! What an awesome opportunity! Push This With Staff!!

I am new to the school. I think the services available to students are phenomenal! Oncourse and Insite are two of the very best tools I can imagine. Keep up the great work!

We need more computers, more space for engineering & technology school- We need more installed softwares for engineering & technology student. More softwares are just installed with name, but nothing works as program!

As the campus grows it seems harder and harder to find a free computer. This is mostly an issue at the library.

Dear Sirs: You have randomly picked the wrong person to answer this survey. I am almost completely computer illiterate. Any help I have needed, my husband has kindly spoken to your Help services for me, as I don't even know what to ask. The only thing that is helpful to me is to have a live, knowledgeable person on the phone who can talk to my level of computer knowledge. I would love to take your classes, but I don't have the time. Good luck with your survey. Warm regards,

The longer I attend IUPUI, the happier I have been with the UITS! The campus computers are always helpful, day and night. Thank you for making my experience at IUPUI wonderful!!!

Email - I receive messages that are not compatible with UITS. It would be nice to view pictures and messages I receive from outside services. Why are there no computers in the Mary Cable Building? It would be nice if there were.

I do not know about some of the services listed. My son set up my computer so I was not able to help evaluate some of the services. I have used the lab at the education building once and was unable to log on. The nursing building lab has been the most helpful to me. I think the woman's name is Kathleen, she was very helpful.

For Beginners Please offer the basic computing classes more often; like Excel, Word and other. No [sic] only once a semester and like saturday and sunday in the evening. Some of us work and take classes at evenings. Our schedule do not always pair with yours. And paying for this extra classes is getting really expensive.

I would like to suggest the availability of a couple color printers at different locations on campus. I understand color printing is more expensive, however if the use of them was monitored and limited I think it would elliminate [sic] unnecessary printing. By limiting I mean restrict use to such things as reports and projects.

The past 3 yrs I have only used the computer lab in the nursing building, however my husband is in the graduate program and uses the more advanced lab. He is very pleased with the instruction & software available.

I love the idea of registration and drop/add via computer, but the interface you've chosen looks and operates like a late-80's program. As much as I've enjoyed learning at IUPUI, the one factor that may cause me to transfer is IUPUI's incredibly frustrating registration process. I hope other people write similar comments, because it really needs to be addressed.

I would like it if the pine system would be upgraded. It is too hard to access and use often. It is very confusing and difficult to operate. I wish it was more like oncourse and IBM compatible instead of "DOS" method. I found it very hard to create a personal web page. Thanks for questionare [sic] I hope these comments are helpful.

You are doing a really awesome job with the technology at IUPUI, but I think Pine is extremely slow & generic. All communication to students should be done through Oncourse. Just a suggestion. Thanks!

I think you people are doing excellent job

IUPUI email seems a little out of date. At first, I was really confused every time I tried to use it. It's not something that most people can easily figure out; they have to be shown how it works. Oncourse is excellent! I use in frequently in at least 2/3 of my classes.

I'm sorry folks-I'm not a very, good survey candidate. This is my first semester in attendance after an extended absence. I am not up to date with the IT capabilities or even locations. Please find a student who has attended recently for a more accurate evaluation.

Online registration/touchtone registration and billing are unclear with course requirement descriptions and unavailable courses causing loss of waitlisted classes.

I am a middle aged student who has very little knowledge about computers. For the most part, UITS assistants are courteous but, they speak to me in computer language that I know nothing about. Before I ask a question, I cue the assistant that I am very computer illiterate yet, computer jargon continues to be delivered. At times, assistants seem to get frustrated with me and that heaps more coals to my already overwhelmed state. I work full-time, go to school part-time, and I don't have time to take a computer course. I can't access my email account off campus and the addresses I have been given don't work. When I have called for help, I get an automated voice system that doesn't help. I would be so grateful if UITS would be more user friendly for the computerlly [sic] challenged!!

Some of the older slower computers need to go. Productivity greatly decreased.

Should be able to access all accounts 24 hrs., I, for one anyway, burn the midnight oil most of the time.

On oncourse, it should mark things in the schedule tab that you have printed that item so you know.

The Purdue E & T School needs a better computer room on the third floor. The internet connection, computer speed and time to send info to the printer is very slow. Make your events calendars printer friendly and customizeable, [sic] so students can print all the info for the remaining years of their IUPUI stay. Make advising more customizeable [sic]. Classes in the wrong category and major labels are incorrect. There seems to be no process to get such things fixed.

Are there "mini" sessions, classes available to registered students to learn even the primary basics of what this survey asks me to evaluate? If so, after some "learning", are additional "mini" sessions available to enhance and provide more knowledge for getting beyond "computer illiteracy"? Would the "teachers" be patient enough to answer my obviously ignorant questions as we went along during the sessions?

1. Supply more than one printer in large computer labs. 2. Provide a way for Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo account users to have IUPUI mail forwarded to the hotmail; etc account instead of IUPUI account.

-The UITS site is not very user friendly for the average user. It is difficult to navigate frustrating the average student & causing us to go elsewhere for assistance if at all. -Much of the software seems to be a (beta?) test version are these ever offered in their ideal state? -Our classes are delayed 10-15 min every time due due to poor prep on the part of the IT staff. They rarely seem to know what they are doing (evening hours). The problem with having tech capabilities prior to class happens for day and evening classes. Why? It's not as if the class times change. Why not have the equipment ready for the class before it begins? The times are published & playing w/ computer eqip during class time is an ineffective use of time for a university w/ high tech honors.

I didn't know what a lot of the things were, but I tried to answer what I knew.

* Larger screens for Pine accounts * IUPUI home site more interactive

I think there should be an updated email service, PINE is outdated, it seems.

The computers in the ET labs really need to be upgraded. They are pretty slow and hamper completing labs and assignments in a timely fashion. Since I have to do a majority of my work in these labs, I would suggest possibly doing upgrades in these facilities. I hear a lot of complaints from fellow classmates about the same problem.

Keep up all the good work. You have been extremely helpful to me, and I'm sure many others. Thank you

It's great, helpful and convenient!

Some of the responses don't truly reflect the feeling. To sum it all up: 1) Your computers use wings networking. 2) Your bookbag is on an apple system and has bugs. 3) Your mail system relies on IMAP too much and makes [UNREADABLE] very hard. 4) Personal pages are very limited in function. 5) Softwares are not all available for download. 6) A student can't reply to their iupui mail when connected to outside ISP (no relaying) 7) I have a 2.5x foster connection in my [UNREADABLE] modem than your "network" connection on campus. Bandwith is not enough. 8) cost is not justifies with paralleled service/quality.

I wish the technology department could be more easily accessible to the night students. If they have problems or need help. If there is already something in place great but maybe then it should be advertised a little more.

A survey should be simple and stupid. This is complicated looking with too much explanation; plus its a book - one sheet is more attractive to the person doing the survey. Ask the public opinion lab to help next time.

The Dial-in modem takes a while sometimes.

get rid of the email I.U.P.U.I. uses it is old and outdated.

A lot of STC centers need to keep their hardware up-to-date.

I am only on campus @ IUPUI for one semester and have almost no use for these services, so I feel that I was a poor candidate to be chosen (however randomly) for this survey.

INSITE is very helpful, but it would be better if it were available 24/7.

On Pine, there should be a way for you to send attachments since so many professors allow you to email assignments I know you can do it through Oncourse but there are still lots of students (and professors) who don't use Oncourse.

Keep up the good work!

Insite hours could be increased, grades could be posted sooner or quicker, and there could be more computers in the computer labs.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

I am a student and an adjunct instructor at the IUPUI campus. UITS has been an important part of my learning and teaching experiences. Staff that I have consulted with over the years have always been professional and highly responsive. Thanks!

After my first semester of graduate school, I found out about PROSTEPS. I was disappointed that I had not heard anything about this service beforehand.

I like the services offered at the library- I haven't had a chance to delve into any other of these impressive technology offerings yet but it is nice to know they are available!

I would like to be able to print my emails instead of copying to blank page (in several sections) and printing via word doc. I can do it with my Outlook at work but not my Jewel acct at home. Also would like to access all messages on one account.

The most frustrating aspect of the email system at IU/IUPUI is that it does not accept attachments. Being from Cincinnati, I've often needed to send attachments, to my professors through my Yahoo! account, but if the prof. has an IU/IUPUI email address they cannot view attachments. It's extremely inconvenient. Scrape PINE!

-Need more computers and peripheral such as scanner, digital camera, and so on. -More internet classes.

I've never had too many problems with the UITS however, lately when I've dialed in through PPP I get kicked off a lot & it's kind of aggravating. I don't know what causes it but I thought I'd make you aware of it. Thanks!

Your web page is confusing and frustrating.

I had some trouble, as an IUPUI student, registering on ONCOURSE at IUB-don't know if this has been cleared up yet.

Please make online registration available on insite instead of Telnet. Telnet is awful and takes way too long.

I don't take classes at IUPUI often enough to be a valid contributor to this survey.

It would be nice if you made students aware of all these things. Maybe provide an 8 1/2 x 11 page with all the important information on it, laminated so it is water proof etc... Also include all the important telephone numbers, email address general format (s) etc. The Web registration process must be terrible, because when I called the school to find out about it, they said don't even try-nobody can figure it out- use phone.

The computer/system support person for our laboratory is NOT helpful. Usually faculty and staff come to me w/ their Mac problems and networking questions.

Ever since last summer's Jewel migration, I am regularly unable to log on with my home PC although my laptop is fine. I know others with the same problem. Repeated phone calls have resulted in no improvement. The network is frequently unstable from home. Also, as an instructor, email through Oncourse is stupid. We should be able to forward the mail to our Jewel accounts as Oncourse (or the Internet) frequently crashes.

I prefer POP mail savers over IMAP. It is easier to download messages using Netscape mail to your hard drive w/ POP.

In general, I think UITS does a great job. One thing I don't care for is the post-semester schedule for lab hours. It bothers me that they shut down the computer labs so soon after a semester and on holidays. Several students whose coursework depend on those labs need for them to remain open. This particulary true for grad students. Thanks for the survey!

I never knew you had a Telecommunications Div. My roommate also did not know. Thank you for sending me a survey - I am/have been impressed w/ the service I rec'd when calling!

Couple of things. (older male student 49 and not a computer jock) Spring 2001 has been my first experience at IUPUI. Only on campus for 1 hour class that lasted about 6 weeks. Off campus for balance 3 hrs. Campus Took a week or two to catch on, but got help from assistants at Library for doing assignments Oncourse. A big plus was finding the Prostep Prog. Have taken a couple of short classes there. One big issue was finding out about the concentrated offerings Late missed them. Should have more regularly offered short courses. Instructors very helpful. [IRD] Would attend more but work schedule limits options. Would like to know more about Online course work. Increase avail. of support classes. Comment from others, ie relatives, friends praise your efforts! I registered late - so missed out (had to play catchup). About welcome week - should last longer. Returning student some what overwhelmed at first.

Excellent work. Appreciate your hard work and helpful nature.

No one in the Bursar's office could tell me where to go to get a password so that I could get into the OnCourse system. I walked around for 45 minutes trying to find your offices - I tried on line - but couldn't get anywhere without a password - so I gave up & just had to call my profs. for info. on classwork.

17c/e - not important enough factors to negatively affect my overall satisfaction as marked in #18 On course Email - when sending email using oncourse, the add attachments screen doesn't give an obvious link back to the message you are attaching a file to. The "compose" link on this page leads me to believe I'm composing a new message.

1. On the few occasions I've needed assistance from the help desk, I've found them to be abrupt and of very little help. 2. Oncourse is cumbersome. Also, one of my professors has been having trouble with Oncourse all semester - we're halfway through the semester and UITS still hasn't fixed the problem. 3. I'm also familiar with BSU's system and like theirs much better.

I am a student at I.U. Bloomington. I just have one class at IUPUI. May not want to use this data.

Redesign INSITE. It's not user friendly at all. The information is difficult to find and sometimes inaccurate. Smaller universities in the Indy area have much better, user friendly sites.

IUCAT- confusing to use-however, only used 3x but all three x couldn't find info. even with help of ref. desk. Maybe it was just me? Otherwise, everything is great!

Pine email is ridiculous. I can't even open attachments. UPDATE!!

Very poor orientation to UITS services for graduate students I am almost done with my graduate studies and was unaware of many of these services - unfortunate.

school based areas such as the school of nursing have somewhat limited hours. Increasing the hours would be very helpful.

Have a website about how to use FTP so students can print out documents.

Because of the ease of home computing and the availability of research materials from home, the UITS has not been needed for my courses. Therefore, I am not able to "grade" the services since I have not needed to use them.

I am not sure why one has to use a password for emol. I am not sure what abuse potential exists. Also, I have had access to emol blocked due to library error. I like to print stuff at the library rather than home b/c it prints on both sides and saves paper (trees). Also, Insite is not very friendly. The library staff is very helpful. This is appreciated.

About 40% of the time when I dial in, after my connection is made and I try to pull IE S.O. the browser will just sit there. I then go into my task mgr and see that it is not responding. If I close the IE process and restart IE, everything works fine. Why is this?

Let the masters students use the same email system as faculty and staff.

Please! Why is the school's e-mail system (Jade) not a windows-based system? Our email is so archaic! It is the same technology that my high school used 7 years ago!

The university should be more attentive to who is using their computer services and what they are doing on the system. Once when I was at the library using the computer there was an entire family there printing out racist material. I brought it to the attention of the library consultant, but they only asked them to reframe from the activity. As a student I feel they should have proved they were students and even escorted out of the facility.

1. Course registration system, terribly hard to use. 2. No free telephone for on-campus calls. 3. Unix machines are bad, no one for help. 4. Search engine not working well, eg. search for a course by a course number like EE547, never go to professor's web site.

I just started taking graduate classes in January, so I cannot really evaluate your use of technology.

I do not like the Pine system for reg. [UNREADABLE] It is outdated and needs to be upgraded for use onto a heavier info site. Also, in BSI000 paper seems to be hard to get and the stapler never seems to have staples. The ho punch is a joke. Thank you.

The email service used seems to be very outdated. At a previous university, the email was very similar to the highly used aol, hotmail, etc. I had never seen an email system where you couldn't use a mouse and was only in black and white. I believe it was hard to use and get attachments. It was much easier to just use a hotmail account rather than using the Jade system.

It would be good to have a webpage which clearly lists which services UITs offers. Tuol is hard to find.

Seems you have a lot of information and technology students can utilize in their studies. I, however, was never informed of existence. Better advertising maybe??

I use IUWARE to dial in from my home computer. It has taken increasingly longer and longer to get into the system over the past year, sometimes up to 20 minutes, (the phone numbers are correct) even during off-peak hours. I have pretty much stopped even trying. I would like to see this problem alleviated. Also, the law school Lexis and Westlaw printers continuously are problematic. I find it very inconvenient that someone outside the law school must be paged to change toner in these printers. Any student lab attendant assigned to the law school should have the requisite authority to handle these simple maintenance issues. What are we paying them for anyway?

I did not realize how many services there are. I just work from home or use the library for research. The email program is confusing to me. At least the 2 times I used it- so I don't use it.

E-mail needs to be upgraded. I am on Jade and you cannot read attachments.

I'm an off campus student in my first semester so I've not been exposed to a majority of these services.

More classes or more awareness of evening/weekend computer classes.

More dial-in modems. They're always busy or kick you off too soon. Pine sucks, join the 21st Century. Not enough workstations.

Continue to improve email user interface.

My biggest complaint would be with the email system. I use pearl and it seems so outdated and awkward to use compared to Outlook Express.

I had never heard of the majority of services available. Maybe more publicity would cultivate greater usage and appreciation.

As a student who travels 3+ hours to attend class, I rely on being able to access most databases from home to do my work. This has been a major reason for my satisfaction with IUPUI. Being able to forward all IUPUI mail to my home account has also been useful.

Link on Insight from Regist Class to Prof php. webpage see syllabus etc available. More than one year of classes available so can plan tentatively.

People who are more knowledgeable about computers. I had a problem establishing a connection from my house. The help I received was inadequate and didn't help.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

I think Uits is making changes in techlogies [sic] but the information about that doesn't get the LSPs as much as it should. I think we need more active advisors for LSPs so we don't do everything on our own. I hardly depend on Uits consulting because there is none.

It is hard evaluating services provided since my office is not on campus.

Difficult to get corrections taken an [sic] error is discovered on invoices. Difficult to get authorization codes deleted when individual terminates.

The personnel on the "help desk" are extremely helpful & patient. They also are very knowledgeable.

We do not have an ISP for department so it makes it difficult when we have computer problems.

Provide more information to staff on how to use this service. It is briefly mentioned in the New employee Orientation. But not enough info of where to go and what to do. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Is there something available to document time spent working for our department so we may be paid for projects?

Would like to see UITs off. additional training sessions, the other MS products like Frontpage, 2000.

I always have a positive experience when calling for assistance from the telecom switchboard. The operators are curteous and polite.

More details on invoice of monthly to 6 wk cellular invoice ie. what svcs are on your phone svc. Replace Eclipse as quickly as possible the search function off of iupui.edu would be more precise w/ search results Overall satisfied! thanks!

Oncourse is a wonderful tool. Congratulations . the IU reputation for computing support is well deserved. Excellent work. CTE is also a great help.

I have called & the person that I spoke to treated me like an idiot. I do not know a great deal about computers but he was very impatient with me.

get new phone equipment - my phone was already old technology when it was installed years ago.

Our support people are the most difficult people to get a hold of however once you can get them its OK. Thanks [IRD]

It would be nice if employees knew more about UITs services such as NetG classes, IUWare, etc.

25a) I am the first one in our office every morning. If someone wants to call me to say they are sick or going to be late, and if they don't have my number, they call through the switchboard. Everyone (3 people) who have called the operator have been told "there's no one here by that name." Well, I'm in the campus telephone directory, and in the global address book on outlook! what list is being used by the operators? I do exist and work here - for 3 years now!

Will be getting new computer and will take advantage of your services.

The pine system isn't very user friendly. I get a lot of complaints about it from students - they prefer to use hotmail or yahoo because of the ease of those systems & they also support attachments. You should really push the webmail I hated pine when I had to use it too! some STC consultants are more concerned with their personal work than with helping students. The campus switchboard sucks. I get so many calls transferred me by the operator that are supposed to go to IU hospital or a totally different department. I even called the operator once when I was too ill to look up my boss' number & was told that she wasn't even employed by IUPUI! I asked for another co-worker & was told there was no listing for her, which is untrue. Work on the switchboard!

Need quicker repair and installation work done. When you rely on computers for most of your work, you cannot be without that service for as long as it takes for final work to be done. Thank you for the free software CD.

Longer hours to access FDRS

need more computer classes but at no charge for staff

On the IUPUI homepage, there should be a direct link to a listing of classes for the current & future semesters. To reach the central campus switchboard, there is usually quite a long wait on the telephone.

More 24 hour labs would be nice. Also, attempt to place ALL (or at least as much as possible) dept. used software on all machines. If a student needs to use a specific software package for a class, attempt to make it available at least in one or two locations.

Overall, computing support from UITS is excellent - our departmental support is high quality but difficult to obtain due to chronic staffing problems. Keep up the good work!

I have only been an employee for IUPUI for 7 months. I can't really evaluate UITS at this time because I don't know what they are all about.

[IRD] at helpdesk is very polite, friendly, professional, and helpful. (on [IRD]) [IRD] is extremely helpful. Goes out of his way to meet our needs.

When calling campus information - give telephone number when requested, do not automatic connect caller to requested number - because you will never become independent of the operator.

I have been very pleased with all services provided with UITS

Please quit changing the names of things in UITS it makes it difficult to find phone numbers and contacts. The services are good and essential to out dept. - BUT UITS seems to be only unit with deep financial pockets - we're on shoe- string budgets and your division seems to be where a large chunk of our budget goes and UITS seems to be working with an unlimited budget - lots of hiring, remodeling, travel and training for UITS employee. It's a real sore spot with many in our unit.

The campus phone book listings are confusing. It is difficult to find things, given the way it is organized. I don't know a great deal about many of the services listed in this survey, so I'm not sure that my comments will be very helpful. The individuals working with the computers at our school are very helpful.

Paging system needs to be improved, better equipment and more reliable.

Search capabilities in TOPS & the FIS need to be expanded.

I'm pleased to work at IUPUI

the URL php.iupui.edu doesn't really distance IU from personal page content, it might better be personal.iupui.edu I've never understood why students can't use the same account for email, webpages, and newsgroups, like they do at other institutions. The IU events calendar is awful - unstable and hard to maintain. It should be replaced, and ideally integrated w/ a student portal. Which reminds me, why do we have 3 portals: MyIU, Oncourse & Insite ?

Need word & word perfect classes that get more IU to editing of letters & documents (ie., redline, strikeout, compare, etc.)

Sometimes Telecommunications is slow to respond to requests. Lead Counselor Training Sessions would be helpful. UITS and University administration need to address the technology support needs of smaller schools who may lack funding and personnel to maintain an adequate level of technology expertise. Some staff are so overwhelmed in their jobs by work overload that they cannot avail themselves of the support staff learning opportunities.

It is very difficult to find information in the phonebook. Format is confusing. Cross-referencing should be more extensive. Fax #'s should be included. Inconsistency from one dept. listing to another. Very frustrating.

Closer relationships between departmental LSP's and UITS support personnel is needed! Especially to facilitate good communications between staff, faculty, and students.

Teleconferences: It would be of help if those in charge of turning off one meeting and turning on another meeting on time for the convenience of starting meetings on time in a busy school with many meetings. Thank you.

I have only been in contact once, that was because of a phone problem. Next time send it to someone who uses the services more.

Too many times not able to get on dial-in modem service

I cover the department phone line at times and the calls I receive through the campus switchboard convince me that whoever is there knows nothing about the University. I would welcome an on-line directory that can be updated more often than once per year. My email address on the tools menu of the exchange/outlook has been incorrect for two years. I do not know who to contact.

UITS needs to remember they are the service organization and not the academic research organization.

Need printed material listing services offered and who to contact, other that phone directory.

We need more computer support for ADFI! Also, this survey was extremely lengthy.

Keep up the good work.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty


Outlook email is poor - It is often slow, difficult to configure, often gives obscure error messages, is very susceptible to computer viruses.

-The organization has grown too big. -The research, teaching, service support groups are not clearly distinguished. -Because of the size the system has become too rigid.

Auburn should be replaced with a single server running the same software packages. The classroom IMACs are next to useless-->50% of the time at least 1 of the peripherals (zip drive, floppy, keyboard, mouse etc) doesn't work. We need more computing equipment built in to classrooms instead of these portable systems (which often block the view of the screen in small classrooms).

From a faculty perspective UITS is seen as a very top heavy organization with a view that they know what is best for us. I see them as a service provider; they see themselves as the font of all wisdom. Take research computing as an example: it doesn't exist, period. They invest in massive systems which make it appear as though there is really a research computing enterprise. It just doesn't exist. Most of my research is computer based, but UITS is not responsible for it, contribute to it, nor in anyway helpful. It is all just PR on their part (and expensive at that!!) We lose, they win.

Please reconfigure the in-classroom equipment [UNREADABLE] They are too obtusive, interfering with faculty-student interaction. Thanks for your support! My work as a scholar on and off campus, teacher in multiple environments, and contribute to improved campus and community life would be really impossible without you!

Telephone book is not very user-friendly, based on 17 years of looking up numbers. By and large I am very satisfied with computer services.

It's very hard to distinguish between services offered by UITS and those by local providers (e.g. School Technology Support). This makes the ratings difficult to interpret as specifically about UITS

Have survey completed over the Internet next year. I will complete it faster. Have some other incentives. I have most of the software given as incentives.

Dental school does not have computer projectors as standard fixed equipment in lecture halls. It needs to be set up each time. The techs are fine.

Home access to Outlook is different than office - Would like consistency

I would like to learn how to do more, but time is a problem. I've attempted to sign up for sessions already full. So, more sessions and/or departmental sessions.

Classroom technology services needs to step up customer service. Within last 6 months: equip brought to wrong room x equip not working -delayed my class x unwilling to address issue of moving a fold-up projection screen for a class. I inadvertently left a CD in the drive after a busy class. Staff (UITS) was unwilling to check the drives in School of Nursing UITS portable computers. When that computer was brought to my class a month later- my CD was still there! That CD had valuable class information. It wouldn't have taken 10 minutes to check those drives. This situation was inexcusable.

In general, we are pleased with UITs. A faster response for hardware/software support would be nice, however.

I think that UITS should remember that the last word in their title is "Services". They seem to be intent on pursuing a "research" agenda of their own (e.g. pervasive computing, etc) instead of focusing on the support of research units on the campuses.

I would love to see laptops or lower PC's for projection of powerpoint and online teaching in the classroom in the Nursing building. The large PC's get in the way of viewing of students. Also larger screen TV's for student viewing in the classroom and the overheads that can use plain paper - great saving in cost of overheads.

I realize that computers themselves are not at all perfect yet. I get most frustrated by: 1. slowness of modem connection at home (I'm looking forward to cable modem or direct link service) 2. slowness of oncourse class mail 3. difficulty opening attachments on pine - new webmail should help once I learn to use it well and put in address book info. UITs staff always seem helpful & courteous, & this campus provides excellent technology equipment & services.

Computers in 323 and 425 in Cavanaugh need to be upgraded. They're the oldest in the building, and very slow. Support staff at 274-HELP are very persistent in addressing problems. Great follow up.

The computer consultants at the "help" number are the best. They're always patient and follow-up on inquiries, which I really appreciate.

Survey too Long

Upgrade Pine- or replace it with more user-friendly software. Set the length of passwords at 8 characters! New users often create passwords with more than 8 characters (since you allow up to 14) - and then have problems logging on to some systems that allow only 8 characters. This has happened in Consortium labs-only location. Say a big thank you to 274-HELP consultants- they are always courteous, helpful, get back in timely manner if do not know answer right away.

The Microsoft Exchange/Outlook is awful. Should be exactly like the Internet - mail only version - Better web based email system

Data Jack & Initial hookup - activation takes for ever to get done

Survey too long

Overall, nice job

I am not very computer knowledgeable, I use my computer for email, power point slides and microsoft word for my syllabus and clinical guide teaching manual. The computer service at the dental school has been very helpful to me.

ERROL is very useful for classes.

Sorry for all the "Cannot Evaluate" check marks. My research takes me to classified materials in various archives so my computer is mainly used as a typewriter or to browse public areas of my specialization. Any problems I have [IRD] are there to help - a great team. Thank you for your assistance.

I am very unhappy the Macs are being phased out. Mac graphics capabilities are far superior to PC's. I am not happy with the idea that I may get little or no computer support because I use a Mac. I really wish our telephones had a light to indicate when there are messages. (now I rely on my psychic powers!)

Thank you for all you do!

I would like to be able to access my emails from home but I have not found the support to tell me how to do this. It is frustrating. Maybe the UITS can put out a newsletter every quarter with planned programs and contact points.

Wouldn't it be nice if faculty could access SUVON from home without disturbing the campus operator?

Please try to include MS Project with the MS Software bundle- I would like to incorporate Project into the curriculum of some of my classes.

Dump MS Exchange/Outlook This is the worst email software I've ever used. Group wise was much better. The address book in Outlook is totally impossible. I waste many hours trying to find addresses I use frequently and recalling messages sent to wrong addresses. Dump the Gatesville monopoly Provide users a choice!

My dial-in to campus service is very unreliable. It often dial in on hypermail and receive a menu that does not include jade & pearl (instead it offers ruby it al, now all defunct). Am I doing something wrong? Center for Teaching & Learning's Cindy Hollingsworth helped build a web page and learn a browser editor, and it profoundly changed my teaching, research, & service alike; her help was a real example of technological instruction done right. In general, though, I'm slow to figure out what's available to me on campus.

*Long distance dialing is very cumbersome. If an error is made in dialing authorization code, one has to start all over. *Phone set has no visual indication of voice mail. (Until one lifts handset, no indication at all) *No advocacy of ergonomics in technology use. No support of voice recognition software or other assistive technologies to avoid injuries. *School of engineering computer network center and technology is poorly staffed and overloaded. Support for teaching and research software and student access to software is very poor.

The new IUCAT is a huge improvement over the old IUCAT. Any chance of an 800 number to check voice mail when out of town?

Get yourselves better known

Our staff do most of the nuts and bolts work [UNREADABLE LOOKS LIKE "at"] UITS. They could provide better data.

The portable LCD projector stands are much too high for use in many classrooms. When used they block the view of students. Very poor design.

[IRD] at IU School of Nursing has been extremely helpful, friendly, & professional regarding the numerous computer/printer problems that I have experienced this year! [IRD], Cntr for Learning & Teaching has been very helpful & friendly when teaching computer classes-ie. On course Thank you, [IRD]

Phone jack installation etc is prohibitively expensive, done by incompetent people who take 4 hours to install a new phone line and charge by the hour. One new phone service costs about $500 to get installed, absolutely mind boggling considering that the infrastructure is already in place, they do not pull any wires or anything.

When calling the help line sometimes your placed on hold. This becomes frustrating when you have a classroom full of 88 students and your equipment doesn't work. Perhaps the "help techs" can be dispatched like the police or carry pagers?

Wish for faster turn-around time on course evaluation using "cafeteria forms."

While I appreciate the need for technology in teaching - and use technology in my teaching, I dislike the way my teaching is increasingly being evaluated based on how much technology I use and how I use it. (Just had to get that off my chest) The Mary Cable Building must get better equipment. Upgrade the old TV's and VCR's that can't read closed-captioning.

In the phone directory, please include email addresses along w/ phone #'s for people under the department/unit section of the directory. Now I love to look two places to get position title and email address.

Telephone installation service was very slow.

Cannot evaluate many of these services - I am a clinical instructor 4 days a week and do not use many of these services.

Please adopt a better system than Pine for students; give them a mail system that makes them want to forget about yahoo.com. Please establish a system of accountability for departmental technical support staff. They can (and often do) operate as if we in the department have nothing valid to say about policies regarding use, maintenance level, degree of adolescence availability, and effectiveness of technology in classroom and offices.

There are many great services available. My schedule is such that I don't have a great deal of time to explore the use of the various technologies and resources. Many programs are given during teaching hours so I cannot attend to enhance current skills.

Oncourse was unable to handle the large data set generated by the course I was involved in (Human Biology N212). This needs to change before faculty drop out. I have heard a few reports about faculty being unable to establish a password that works on oncourse.