2001 IUS IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

For such a huge, responsibility, IT is doing a great job !

We need continued improvement in Mac support & expertise

Great Services. Thanks for all your help. Is there someway we can get fewer garbage E mails. I guess I am a scrouge [sic] but I don't care who wants to give away bitters.

It would be nice to have a blinking light on my telephone to tell when there's a voice-mail message.

1. We should move forward and enable CGI capabilities (web from feed back into data bases for example). 2. We should recognize that the "one size fits all" model for student and faculty computer replacement needs to be changed. Some people have different needs (that a "standard" PC runing win 2000 doesn't handle).

Just about the survey - it would've been easier to answer these questions (& more effectively) if more examples were given for each service or more detail provide[sic]. May be [sic] paragraph in the beginning or in the letter detailing each area of service?

Better e-mail to off campus locations. Certain files cannot be accessed from remote locations. Update FTP access from remote locations to allow long file names, etc.

Many classrome are pathetic (esp. in CV) but didn't know that was under your [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "purvien"]! - Switchboard operator(s) sound unnecessarily [UNREADBALE: LOOKS LIKE "gribf"] + otherwise improfessional. - Have been pleased with tailored IT program fro B+E faculty but from my very limited experience with - a substantial word of mouth – programs for a broader [UNREADBALE: LOOKS LIKE "andreme] have been less impressive

We need new phones that indicate when voice messages are waiting. We also need more, computer-equipped classrooms.

I would like my office phne [sic] to have a visual indicator when I have voice mail.

It would be good if IUS-IT would conduct workshops or seminars in MS Outlook & the IUS Web Site for new faculty & staff and also for faculty & staff who have been here a while and now need refreshes

Adjunct Faculty - No office @ IUS - Limited opportunity for IUS- IT services - computer work done elsewhere-

I have always received prompt service.As a facutly [sic] learning to incorporate media learning in the classroom, I appreciate efficient service.I still need to follow through with software on the network & student accessibility but computer services listens to questions & concerns & remains helpful.

I would like to be able to make a long distance call from my office. Currently, I cannot do so, not even for an "800" number!I am in Ogle

Help desk, and technicians are terrific, responsive, helpful.

Add area codes to the IU faculty phone book.

I would like more staff development at times other than Friday.Friday assumes no classes and one entire school on our campus has classes in the field on Firdays [sic].While I'm sure no many people attend classes, I know that those of us "near novices" would if time schedules could be accommodated [sic].

I am an off-campus adjunct. I would appreciate a "primer" so I could learn what is available and utilize the services for myself and encourage my students to do so.

Many of the problems I have with IUS-IT services are my own lack of ability.

They are disrespectful to part-time people. I am full-time but I was part-time.

Support for Macintosh users is very poor.Since I am exclusively a Mac user - home, office, and research I use IT services less frequently than PC users.That's why so many 3's & 7's on survey.

All classrooms should have network connection.Need more computers and LCDs for classroom use by instructors.Each classroom should have a room thermostat that an instructor can access to control the tempurature [sic] in the classroom as needed.The phone equipment is outdated.It does not have a blinking feature to indicate that there are messages left on the voice mail.If a person forgets to check the voice mail on a frequent basis, some time-sensitive messages may be left unheard for a while.

Is computer/printer services on-campus available to part-time faculty?Part-time faculty are [sic] on campus at night with no phones available even for local calls.

While the staff of IT is helpful and professional, our facilities are inadequate. Power Point technology is especially poor in our building as the computers frequently do not work and the projection image is so weak the lights must be out and windows covered.

Thanks for asking. Keep being proactive and keep working on improving your communications with the IUS community.

A class on voice mail to learn about user options. A class on e-mail to learn advanced options

Training seminars concerning the topics covered in this survey would be helpful to faculty.

Yes-please get *DVD's* for classroom use!

If a problem is not immediately fix, the status should be communicated, it seems to get cost. More knowlwdge [sic] of Macs support for Microsoft FrontPage extensions on Web servers would be helpful.

Would be nice to have direct dial-in access like is available at most universities so we could access the system from off-campus without having to go througha [sic] system like AOL-this would add great convenience since some ISPs are *not* very good with maintaining connections-can be a pain for research.

Some of the services available are new to me, since I am not on campus very much

Need phones with blinking light to indicate stored messages!

Having updated equipment in the classrooms would be a plus. The [UNREADABLE WORD] of all projectors needs to be improved.

Keep up the good work

As an adjunct, most of my time is spent on the road, commuting to my various jobs. I wish I had time to use the services indicated here...

#13 Staff is wonderful-equipment is terrible

I would like faster response when I have computer problems in the classroom and in my office. I would also like feedback on what services have been done on my computers so I know what changes or repairs have been done.

I have noticed improvement in email/network reliability; also improves efficiency/response from IUS-CS helpdesk.

Technology support from ILIE (institute for learning & teaching excellence) is very helpful & important.

Make when equipment is ordered for classroom use it actually appears in classroom FIS is overly complicated and difficult to maneuver

1) I teach is a computer-equipped classroom (HH113) but I have taught this class in a regular classroom-the "portable" computer/display carts did not function properly most of the time. 2) I maintain a website for my class. When I FTP files to the site, I have to change file names because only "short" file names are supported.

Thanks for keeping us current

Need *much* more computer training opportunities with separate classes for faculty who do not have much expertise. Teachers of such classes need some training in training-clear objectives and a performance assessment. Don't get carried away with all the "tucks"-stick to the basics. 2. Services from help desk have improved tremendously in the last year. Thanks so much!

Thanks for assisting MAC users and not being rude about our choice & usage of this type of computor[sic].Everyone has always been courteous & helpful & prompt to help when I have needed assistance.I hope it continues.

Inform adjunct faculty what is available and how to use services both personally and in the classroom. an in-service program is needed.

Campus should be available by telephone *toll-free* from anywhere in the state

Access to accounting is impossible! all service personnel helpful and polite. Book orders for textbooks imposiible [sic]!

Faculty |Staff | Students

It does not appear to be organized in how they keep track of disks etc. before, during, and after they install on the network They lose these things frequently.

Cannot evaluate, thanks

I would appreceate[sic] more training courses in how to use my computer more efficiently [sic].Much of the training I have attended assumes a greater baseline knowledge than I possess.

several times hard to reach telephone services coordinator. does not return phone calls promptly more training available for Legacy and other IU-specific systems more training needs to be available and more Mac support

Additional reduced-cost means for purchasing up-to-date software, such as Quark Xpress, needs to be conveyed or provided.

Do away with voice mail, I have heard several complaints from our customers. They want a person to answer the phone.

I think IUS-IT does and excellent job w/ maintaining service, providing assistance and keeping the IUS community informed of changes, problems, services and upgrades. I think having a couple of kiosks in the student lounges would be neat Voice mail is only a pain because people who work here at IUS abuse it by not answering their phones. The people who train us on computers and programs are great! The help desk is great.

I think the "IUS Telephone quick Reference" could be updated more frequently. Unfortunately, I've had 2-3 occasions where I've been promised a return phone call or a "visit" from the "help-desk" and no one called or followed through.

Focus is ponderous, but I gave it a 5 because UIT makes it very reliable, still can't wait for a new SQL user friendly windows interface. Also, we badly need a replacement for the IUCARE DARS program-Darwin or other windows based degree audit system

Keep up the good work!

don't do these surveys so often

So much of this language is foreign to me- There is not enough help to train staff- The help we have cannot speak English well enough that we can understand, so we just go without help.

A dial up line to support remote connections to use during presentations and such on an ad hoc basis would be very helpful.

I would like to be more informed about all of the service IT offers. the only problem I have encountered is the length of time it takes to have someone respond to a problem or need for software installation.

I would like to speak to a live person and not a machine when a problem occurs.

I'm sure the services are good-just not able to evaluate them at this time-new employee.

I don't like voice mail trees for the offices and would rather get a busy signal than a voice mail message. It seems that some people no longer answer their phones, they just let the voice mail system take their calls. Voice mail has become a problem for students trying to reach division secretaries. Voice mail is not an answering machine to avoid students!

I see changes being made for the positive. I think there should be more contact w/ Bloomington where major projects are concerned.

Quicker phone service response Enhance web-weaving traing [sic] Continue to offer training programs on software for employees Cover help desk with backup-limit voice mail on help desk

Unfortunately asking for printer's to be hooked up and checked out, not done in 7 months. Inquiries left on e-mail are not followed through to completion.

The help desk staff and technician are friendly, knowlwdgable [sic], and helpful. the availability of technology, considering our campus's funding, is remarkable. IUS-IT is to be commended.

No voice mail during open hours for university administrative and division offices except when absolutely essential. Many of our customers have jobs where they cannot wait for return phone calls.

The IU CARE on INSITE has many inaccuracies. It needs to be updated.

Printers, especially the 900 series, jam horribly and some of theprograms we use sporadically lock-up the computers. The help desk personnel are very helpful and get answers promptly if they do not know them at that time.

we really need help w/ our web page-it needs to change to keep up w/ the latest information and reflect the current materials used by admissions!

Answer help desk voice mail faster. Sometimes they never have returned my call.

None-A lot of these questions, I'm too new to really evaluate.

The smart card and student administrative info is pretty tedious. It would be helpful if there were a listing with codes to get out the info on class rosters etc.

Service definitely has improved during the last couple of years. If we have a question, they are "Johnny on the spot."

Telephone services needs to be more responsive. Telephone operators need to be better trained.

Please do not send me any more surveys. Thanks. need to have more classes for staff to learn how to operate computers better.

All IUS-IT personnel with whom I have had contact have been *uniformly* pleasant and helpful. This is especially important to someone like me who is not particularly skilled or comfortable with computer technology.

FIS-through Bloomington-RE: Persons remaining in Database for years-makes it very, very difficult to do disbursement vouchers.

Help desk needs improvement. Better trained technicians with better supervision and leadership.

Additional application specific training is critical IT needs to develop a stronger process to seek input from users IT structure and staff responsibilities need to be more articulated and disseminated need competent repair techs (help desk personnel; help desk is extremely poorly managed; telephone repairs/questions are performed by lottery picks, in other words, whenever someone feels like doing it; [IRD] and [IRD] are great! [IRD] and [IRD] are very slow and unresponsive; [IRD] is very reliable when you are fortunate enough to have him.

If department extension numbers i.e. 2208 could display the department name "Academic Affairs," it would be very helpful to new support personnel.

Our computers are great. However or phones are a bit dated and have static in the lines.

e-mail-full of junk! make way to not get everything that is out there. To get only personal e-mail replacement cycle for computers is great. but same must be applied to projectors that are connected to those computers. Otherwise, projector can't handle resolutions needed for presentations.

To[sic] much voice mail used in offices.

-Have availability of forwarding office phones to cell phones. -A response from helpdesk indicating timeframe of a service call. -Availability to do PAF's in FIS or like systme [sic]. -One password for all connections or some other sort of identification besides needing 4 or 5 different passwords. -Extend "dump" time to a semester in outlook.

I don't have any problems w/ the computer. My biggest problem isw/ telephone services. You can never reach anyone becasue [sic] they never seem to be in. A simple request usually takes weeks.

Much improvement needed in "Help Desk" area. Calls not returned or *long*, *long* delays in getting help. Telephone services are not very informed about events, new services, new professors, location of new departments – [IRD] is never available when one needs her.

No-I think you covered all areas very well

In Microsoft Outlook under tasks-I cannot print this task list-my co-worker [IRD] can, and I used to be able to. [IRD] came over and wasn't able to "fix" this, stated Rick would need to look at it but no one called or came over. I called the help-desk several days later to remind them and no one has respoded [sic] so far.

A more explicit survey should be done to assess customer (student) views on voice mail and the inability to make direct contact with univ [sic]. Offices

I would like a "fall" installation of Access 2000 so I can use all features. Thank you!

Not a good idea. I didn't want to be able or treated differently because of my opinion.

At the time I do not need to meet with an IT staff member. I will call when I do need help. Thanks!

Faculty | Staff | Students

INSITE should be available more hours. Also, limit number of campus wide e-mails sent or crate "Block sender" function to decrease junk mail sent by faculty/staff (ie [IRD] Love)

I have found the computer labs to be helpful.I also utilize computers to gain access to InSite & check courses which will be offered, etc.

Sign-on names are far too complicated and problematic.

I hope you've gained what you wanted to know, I answered "cannot evaluate" on many of them. Registration on the web is extremely helpfull[sic] for students who love in a long distance from campus, and do not want to waste time & gas to spend10 min registering for a class.

The computer services offered at IUS have been very helpful to me as a college student. I love the high speed of the internet access on campus. The color printer is also helpful in the education computer lab. Keep up the great work!

It would be better if the whole system went to DSL. I like that all the computers available to students uses Win 2000.

The computer labs need to be open earlier and later seven days a week!

Need more scanners

Regarding the telephone system - I *do not* like calling a division office & reaching a voice mail system where I cannot speak to someone & get informationI [sic] need -It is very frustating [sic]when no one physically can speak & help. I'm an IUS graduate student & need to call the division office frequently regarding class changes - there are *many* For the most part I didn't have any problems. I didn't have any classes on IUS campus this past semester so I didn't use the computers at all.

Need assistants working in every lab- not just some.

I do not agree with the fact that students are forced to pay for the computer services from the activities fund, even if they don't use computers on campus. A better solution would be to charge on a per use basis, only charging those who use the computers. If someone has their own computer, but occasionally used the University Computers for surfing, they would pay only for that. It would probably alleviate a lot of congestion in the lab as well.

Search via website does not work well. Difficult to access student e-mail accounts or library subscriptions/services on-line-students should be sent a mailing on how to use connect to these services, or instructions should be on the web.

Great Job!

[IRD] is great, too! great instructor.

Advertise the services more often so that all students and potential students will be aware of them all.

Computers are very fast.

I am not familiar with many of the services available, but hope to become more so in the future with the IT I have used, I have been very satisfied.

The financial aid information is never posted in a timely manner and why do students have to wait for a week after classes get started to receive loan checks. Books are expensive, if I had money to buy books, I wouldn't need the money to pay for classes, would I? 12172rI really appreciate how courteous and efficient the staff is of Crestview microlab (IUS).

Make more computers available for student use, especially during peak times in the semester.

I do not use my IUS email account at all because it is filled with unsolicited emails and slow due to the web access.Web registration should be easier to locate on INSITE.I think there ought to be a web-based way to search all of IU libraries.

I will continue to *not* use IUS email until school-wide mass mailouts [sic] are eliminated or strictly regulated.

The IT staff at IUS has always been very kind and very helpful.

They need to incorporate more computers in more classes. It would help my learning experience at IUS.

more advertisements or lists of services offered or more frequent use of paper advertisements to highlight services offered by IT.

I really didn't use computers much all last term.

It would help if the computer labs at Indiana University Southeast had longer hours.They're only open late around finals.

I don't know much about the IUS-IT services. I am a graphic design major and only use the GYs provided in the Mac lab.

Working for computer services, I know more of what is in the IUS system.I feel many people don't.Perhaps if some kind of literature was available explaining these services, more people could be aware of them.I also feel ongoing training on various aspects of the systems would benefit the IT staff, especially if someone such as myself who really wants more knowledge could get it.

At certain times the knobview [sic] lab is full.

Make the IUS personal webpage ftp setup more *non-8.3 format* friendly. It can be a major annoyance from home to rename dozens or even hundreds of files to 8.3 format. While not easily set up, a school-run ISP would be great (Purdue had/ has one); maybe Microsoft would be willing to give IU students a lower price, similar to their software agreement.

could not answer with a rateing[sic] becasue I never new[sic] of the service. some services are hard to use/understand-online library catalog, IUCAT.

There are a few good comp. lab. assit [sic]. available in the building. I haveto admit that I'm not expert in using computers thus I do ask questions when I'm stuck w/ computers. Sometimes I feel stupid when I ask a question to a lab assist. because of their response, but overall some lab assists. are very kind and patient. Have a suggestion box available for computer user in order to increase quality of services. (IUS probably has one, but not sure)

Make repairs of downed networks/servers/software quicker. Fix the computers to where ALL of them let you login. I had difficulty logging into several computers, but seconds later another computer in another part of the building logged me in

Getting software from the bookstore is not very organized. I was not allowed to return it even though it *had not* been opened. The worker in the bookstore was not polite or helpful.

I'm really not all that familiar with it I have only been on campus 1 semester.

Professors and instructors at IUS are readily available and very helpful. Computer labs are located across the hall from instructors offices.

searching [sic] tool to find people at IUS and their e-mail/phone number.

I think that the IUS-IT service and all it has to offer should be made more know to all students. I haven't really heard a lot about many aspects of IUS technology.

Computer labs need better printers. Maintenance people should be available to fix computer and printer problems.

Even though I never have a problem with the computers I use in the labs or at my campus work-study job, there frequently are problems with the Internet and connecting to it in the sorority offices. Is that something that can be fixed?

Great technology and lots of computers! I wish there was a way to filter unwanted e-mails from my Outlook Express mailbox. I think the school sends too many e-mails, too. I would ask the people who work in the labs to help me, but the majority of them act like my questions are a major inconvenience. I've only been helped by one young woman who was nice to me and she worked in the knobview [sic] lab. Last thing, the online library catalog is impossible and everyone I talk to about it has problems with it too.

I was only at computer lab 2 times.The first time to get my E-mail address.The second was to get help for research paper.The young man (student lab consultent) [sic] was making out w/ his girlfriend and did not want to help me at all.(There was only 1 other student in the lab).I never went back.I think *highly* of IUS and their computer services, just not much of the person at the lab at that time.

I made a call from home concerning a computer question and the lab attendant was very friendly and helpful.

I am more knowledgable [sic] and better able to solve network problems than those who work in the computer lab, and I have never created or monitored a network.If the pay was worthwhile I'd give IUS some compitency [sic] in the lab.I love IUS and am greatful [sic] they offer such great services.

Maybe more locker room.

I would like to see *all* full time professors encouraged to post their sylabi [sic] on their personal web pages!

Often, the lab attendants are rude and treat you like a child when you ask questions.There are some that are very helpful and knowledgeable.

I use the labs often and find they are fine, but the IUS Events Calendar should have dates of finals, classes begin etc.All you have are extracurriculars [sic] posted

The computer staff is great, and very hardworkin @IUS.The computer labs are not large enough to support our growing population.The new software has slowed the system, and has confused many students.Not having 24hr. computer labs at an institute such as IUS is ridiculous. IUS desperately needs MORE FUNDING to upgrade and change to better students education and to be able to give students a true IU education.

IUS library needs more computers.IUS library has to have a better catalog system.It frustrates many students to give up on researching in the IUS library.

There are too many forward e-mails in my inbox at I.U.S. day to day.

Let people know about things, like their own personal web pages.Just little things, like that.

I think the telephone services could be better & more informative.

I don't like it when Microsoft Outlook deletes my old e-mail messages. Archiving them to a zip disk is too much trouble.Maybe it would be better to delete messages in the inboxes of people who never check their accounts.I want to be able to access my old messages whenever I log on.

I think that your service has been a wonderful tool for me in my graduate studies.Much of it I may never use but what I do use has been very useful.Keep up the good work!

There were times over the last semester that the IUS website was unavailable.More of the labs need Quark X-Press and Adobe Photoshop also.

As an MBA student, I was disappointed with the closingtimes of computer labs.Especially access on Saturday & Sunday.

The consultants have been very friendly and helpful during the past 4 years.

no, everything's great.

Let students know about services that are out there for students.

Make the computer labs stay open 24 hours. Bloomington's campus does that...I find that to be helpful.

- adding 1 more scanner to main labs would be good. - the registration on the web is a VERY desirable program, but I have never been able to get it to work.

I have several occasions tried to access my e-mail from the IUS server from my computer at home, and have failed to retrieve that information EVERY TIME. I have e-mail questions to relevant departments and have never been contacted to resolve my problems.

I wish I understood the computer options better. I feel really blind after noticing how many "never heard of service" or "cannot evaluate" slots I marked.

It would really be beneficial to me if I could access Microsoft Word without having to log into the system. I have had repeated trouble trying to login to the system and no one has been able to help me. Therefore I have not benefited at all from the technology provided because I cannot access anything. I would be grateful if general applications could be accessed without log-in information,

I found the student lab assistants to be, at times, very rude and unhelpful.

good job overall

More computer classes available for night students.

The e-mail system isn't great, but I can understand because it wasn't set up for as many peopleas [sic] IUS has. Maybe IUS needs to upgrade.

When I went to buy CDs in bookstore I was told I could not buy until classes started. This was an inconvenience because when class starts, time is very limited to set up softwarescanning of viruses before they hit my inbox would be helpful. Linux work stations on campus would enhance my learning experience-very lacking at IUS currently.

The computer assistants have always been helpful especially [IRD], [IRD], [IRD] and [IRD]. they are extremely knowledgeable and courteous. [IRD] would sometimes go to fast but he was nice. [IRD] didn't seem to really want to help and at times was snippy.

How can I set up my outlook express to check my IUS email?

Not having an option on voice mail system where you can push a button to speak to someone in person - *very* frustating!

Admission. Officers at IUS were not very helpful solving an issue regarding the permanent alien status. The referred to me as a visiting student for nearly a year. thus creating many problems regarding an application for federal aid.

Where are the $5 Software CD's @ the bookstore? Can I access library services, journals, periodicals' etc from home? Tried it before with no luck. Is there any way to log into the IUS software to create a faster internet service from my home computer? e-mail access. I haven't been able to check my IUS e-mail the whole year. I think the passwords that I have been trying are correct.

I just need to know how to be able to access that. Thans! [sic]

I would like to access my mail in my IUS mailbox from my home, but I have not been able to do so thus far. Resolution to this issue would save me a lot of time and inconvenience.

Is there a way to get Windows 2000 put on my computer? Is there a disk that I can buy at the bookstore? Linux work stations on campus-any plans to do this? would be beneficial to CSCI majors