2001 IUSB IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

The new Webmail service is substantially inferior to Groupwise. No way to tell if recipient opened mail, no way to forward a forwarded message (the attachment as appears), no search features. Clunky and inconvenient. Get rid of Webmail 2) OIT has improved, but the attitude at the top leave much to be desired-too much arrogance, too little user sensitivity-we need someone with a service orientation as head of OIT, not an empire builder 3) response times are often very slow-this prompts users to attempt our own fixes (at risk of incurring OIT ire)

My biggest concern is the often slow response to problems by OIT staff. I have visited campuses that have comparatively fewer support staff and also a much smaller average response time to fix problems.

We need better, more powerful computers to use the internet & large power point presentations. We need networking capabilities in every classroom in Northside [sic].

Web Mail is a huge step backwards.

Return to groupwise e-mail system

Webmail and Suvon difficulties are the major weaknesses that I have encountered.

The Help Desk has been very helpful. The problem has been with the system, almost everyday something is not working. Last week all the servers went down at 6:45 am. Nobody at help desk until 8 am. Systemstarted coming back up at 8:15. We should expect to be able to log on and use the system right away, but we can't depend on it. The most significant OIT difficulty is with the Help Desk. Most

of the time lags involved getting a solution.

The *only* negative I have experienced regarding OIT here is the push to change from a Mac to a PC, where there seemed to be an assumption that I didn't really know what I wanted or needed, when

I have been very productive with a Mac since 1987. They need to learn to accept Mac users as serious users who make this choice for good reason. This comment doesn't apply to support personnel who have been as helpful as possible *whenever* I had a question.

OIT is the most efficient and helpful unit on campus. They go the extra mile and are always courteous and polite. IRD, IRD, and IRD should be commended for their skill and the training of their staffs.

Make the Webmail compose screen and mail screens easier so we don't have to scroll around so.

Support staff [sic] are condescending, arrogant, ignorant and often wrong.

The answer to anything they don't know is "it can't be done," which usually isn't true. Also, more dial-in lines are needed; most nights during the academic year I have to stay up until 12:30 or

1:00 am in order to get in. faster, easier dial-in modem for off-campus access needed!

OIT help desk staff very good!

HelpDesk [sic] needs to repsond [sic] in a more timely manner -often they acknowledge but do not resolve the issue. Hardware repairs in teaching labs tkae [sic] much too long + disrupt teaching.

The services and programs available need wider publicity in hard copy. System changes need hard copy publicity.

The decision to switch from Groupwise to Webmail was a poor one for the university. While OIT may $40,000, [sic] the antiquated Webmail will cost the larger institution much more in overall productivity. Clearly, a decision affecting this many people's ability to do their job's effectively should have been made with the consultation of faculty and staff.

I primarily use Macintosh computers in my research. The staff at OIT have made it clear that they do not support Mac computers on this campus. This approach of running the campuse [sic] like a corporation has been unexpected. In my experience at other campuses, computer staff could easily switch between PC/Mac and were not so offput [sic] by supporting Mac users.

I have had inconsistent service in all areas of OIT-

I have learned who can help & who will dodge the work.

This survey was difficult because in many areas questions contained more than one concept that needed to be evaluated- I do not think you can make any claims to the level of satisfaction in these areas!

Generally, we are not well-served by OIT. They are short sighted about Macs (I am not a Mac user) and tend to dictate services instead of seeking other's opinions about what the campus wants and needs. One of the weakest usits on campus.

I seldom have need to call Help Desk- but almost always must wait 2-3 MONTHS before problem is dealt with.

I do not like the switch to Webmail (although I understand the reasons). I would suggest looking closely at the email offering. Also, it seems that there is little or no notification of software upgrades or new software.

I would like to have my courses on PowerPoint. I've found we need more projectors & better projectors.

The attitude of the director (IRD) seems to be that OIT is the central focus of IUSB's mission and that faculty need to respond to his directives. Rather, the mission is to teach students and OIT should support their efforts. His interest should be in getting to know faculty and our needs. (IRD) and new help desk hires are the best improvements/features of the office. Many of my colleagues and I agree that IRD should be the director Q. 13. staff does well with what they have. IMS is woefully short of functional, up-to-date equipment.

OIT is unresponsive to faculty schedules eg: why send a faculty member who has been on sabbatical all year a survey about this year's usage of campus OIT? Why assume faculty work M-Fri 9-5, and maintain campus contact all summer eg: no help given when one teaches/researches in evening..) All I need to do my work is a computer with sensible email and web access- I don't need endless and pointless "upgrades." I'd rather my colleagues in disciplines that really need frequent upgrades to do their research got them- also, that IUSB OIT *did* provide support to MAC users who chose MACs to do their work. In fact I'd trade in my next "upgrade" for a cover to keep dust out of my current machine- and more competent, more available tech support on campus outside of "normal business hours."

Surely- It is normal procedure in administering questionnaires to specify a completion *date* for survey-

and to *do* so *clearly*, rather than sending a later note wondering why the subject hasn't responded?

Oncourse: needs a gradebook [sic] that can calculate grades without going/importing a spreadsheet. Too easy to make a mistake.

new email system is unsatisfactory- must be changed! OIT staff excellent- esp [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "IRD"] and her staff.

Webmail is a disaster as a replacement for Groupwise. (OK for off-campus linkage to email but not great.)

No calendar, no automatic addresses, Font hard to read, etc. Inadequate documentation available for most IUSB software [sic].

I appreciate the up-to-date computers supplied to faculty offices.

Response from OIT staff to problems called in to help desk sometimes takes too long.

Help in setting up home P.C.'s so files on the the O & H drives are available.

In the fall 2000 semester every professor was told that their computer system would be updated. To this date my [sic] still has not been. If you choose to work in a Mac system, you are not supported by OIT. In the professional Fine Art world (graphic design, photography, paint), Macintosh systems are used.

I would like to have more opportunities to utilize OIT knowledge - example, I need CD-Rs burned, I would like OIT to help with that since I don't have the software on my computer. Or when I need videos copied

again, since I don't have the equipment, I would like to have OIT assistance.

OIT services are generally satisfactory, but the glaring problems are the "Help Desk" and timely response to computer problems, and Webmail, which is very inconvienent [sic].

The hardware and software supplied by OIT is up-to-date. The availability of Microsoft software is a major plus. The major problem with OIT is that they do not communicate with the users well enough and have fewer than needed competent personnel. Most of the OIT higher ups are helpful, competent people but they are overtaxed, hence by necessity uncommunicative and lacking in breadth of expertise. often they seem more interested in making things easy for themselves rather than serving the IUSB community. A user should never hear the words "We don't support X," but that is all too common at IUSB. There needs to be greater accountability by the staff to follow up on problems with programs-don't just ignore it and hope it goes away!

There are several things you were asking about that I couldn't even figure out what you were referring to.-New Webmail is *awful*!!

Webmail has been a pain.

IRD & IRD in the Help desk @ IUSB are wonderful - the rest are helpful but make you feel stupid or like you are interrupting them.

Clarify when there will be system changes on weekends and nights. I do a lot of work then and it is extremely frustrating to come in just to find I can't get on e mail or some other service because "work" is being done on it. If a Faculty is uncomfortable in trying to "reprogram" based on some OIT changes then an OIT rep should come to his/her office to help rather than going through the process over the phone. If an OIT rep is going to be in faculty offices, they *should always* leave a card of who was in working on the computer & the reason why. The new webmail extremely inadequate [sic].

I believe that we should have GroupWise E mail system.

I have come to expect a 50/50 change of getting WebMail via the modem pool after 2:00 pm each day, which is sometimes quite an inconvience [sic].

Offer additional support for Web Mail.

I believe the staff are resposive [sic] and understanding- I appreciate their efforts to help- especially IRD.

For WebMail, answer ALL questions. I can't use foreign accents, transfer my address book, addresses don't "pop up" from address book, cumbersome to print a message.

Documentation for software programs i.e. Microsoft Word for Macintosh but also email and internet use

Would like to see a relatively simple program for peer editing in W131. Too many discussions made from a "technology" standpoint and too few from a "use" or "user" need basis.

Web Browser for E-Mail is the most unfriendly system I have ever worked on. - a very bad choice. -

- Faster Dial- up networking. (i.e. 56k) - More modems in the pool.

I already returned the survey, but since that time I have had to use WebMail & *OIT connection from home* more often. This system is very slow, frequently busy, & rather inconvenient. The system

in the office is excellent.

So far so good.

Need more staff so epair [sic] or other on-site problems can be handled expediently.

1. Proxy server 2. connection set up between work station & department copier ( i.e. Advance Imaging Solutions Copier) Dial-in modem pool should be upgraded for faster connections. Please put projectors in Wiekamp classrooms so film use in class can be optimal (TV screens are inadequate for classes of 50!)

Keep up the good work.

Faculty |Staff | Students

Activation and access process is slow (to Windows NT, FIS, etc., etc).

Better FDRS training for new FIS/FDRS users. (This is not responsibility of OIT, please pass along to correct dept.).

I find it troublesome not to consult w/ prof staff re: the implementation of a new e-mail system. You never asked about our needs for such a system might let better serve our function w/ this university. I'm disgusted to now use an e-mail format I find *inconvenient* to use and ineffective in assisting day-to-day functions.

Very disappointed in time lag between initial work order sent and when a hardware specialist comes to exchange, repair, etc. equipment in office-sometimes a month goes by, several requests e-mailed and only when OIT Director is "IRD," do we see some action. Frequently feel if you are on the low end of pecking order on campus (not a big DIN), yu're put on the "back-burner!"

Yes, I know that technology improvements are always occurring, however it seems that the e-mail system has been numerousand [sic] often changing. I hope the new system will be more consistent.

I wish that we would keep groupwise [sic] - especially the calendar.

Enhance student e-mail capabilities to increase their use. Provide auto-phone message and mass message services. OIT at IUSB does a fine job and is always responsive to my IT needs.

Utilize Microsoft Outlook to enable staff to have compatibility with handheld organizers. Provide PageMaker to departments outside of External Affairs. Replace Webmail with more sophisticated, flexible

system Bring back Groupwise. Web Mail is terrible. Cannot open attachments when you don't know what kind of file they are. You lose your mail that you have compose address books are terrible too. You try to look someone up and it says they don't exist. Instead of moving forward it seems we're moving backwards. Where is all the money going?

Keep working on communication skills.

Very unhappy with Webmail-Groupwise was a far more sophisticated tool \ and I miss it already

Our office depends heavily on the e-mail and calendar function of Groupwise. The changes that are occurring are impeading [sic] the function of our office. Why was no one consulted *before* the change was made? with Webmail it takes almost 3 to 4 times longer to use than Groupwise. I especially miss the ability to schedule appointments for a large group.

Help Desk is good but sometimes waiting on service goes on forever it seems.

The loss of Groupwise has greatly reduced our divisions productivity.

Everyone used the calendar function and could easily schedule meetings. What took someone three minutes to confirm now can drag on to several days. I believe the IUSB/OIT staff tries hard to please their customers, but the lack of funding has greatly impacted their ability to provide needed services. I strongly support an increase in the OIT budget!

OIT does a wonderful job for us-however, our new Web-mail system is absolutely terrible. There is not one positive thing that I can say about it.

Everyone is so patient and kind at IUSB-OIT wish we had more people to answer inquiries.

Need better e-mail system.

The help desk could be more informative and helpful. The new Webmail does not give me the flexibility that I like. There's no calendar you don't know when you have mail. It goes off after so long.

Satisfaction varies-depending on which employee you talk to-some give outstanding help-others don't. Some poor decisions are made at the top. I would like some say in hardware upgrades-don't take my printer without my permission, etc.

Web mail is lousy. I don't like the interface and I don't trust it to be sending and receiving all my mail. Also, we need a share-able calendar system yesterday!

Webmail offers no improvement over Groupwise. Webmail is a poor e-mail system. You will have a major problem w/webmail. It is like we stepped back in time, versus move forward. What does that say about us as a university?!

Repairs are sometimes very slow. My computer left one day in a bag and did not come back for 2 days. I could not work. I was also not informed of what was happening. In regards to my dept. OIT had said they would supply a laser printer (new), but when it arrived they gave me a very *old large slow* noisy printer, which was much worse than the one they were replacing. Eventually it was replaced w/ a new one. IRD has been very helpful in the past. Thanks!

Going from Groupwise to Webmail severely hinders productivity. Typically technology changes are up-grades NOT going backwards like this. So many [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "features"] have been lost- everything is more steps with worse outcome. It hurts [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "morale"] and work output.

A few of the OIT personnel are accessible, friendly and helpful, but act as though end users are an annoyance.

OIT at IUSB needs to become more user friendly with regard to computer service. Telecommunications area is great.

I have only rarely tried to dial in to IUSB from home, and have been unable to get through via Internet. Many students also tell me they have difficulty accessing the OIT modem pool. The lowest eval [sic] is for telephone service consulting because IRD is so busy, we wait a long time to speak w/ him. We're always in a line.

Multi-tool email calendar system (Groupwise) is a great loss. Remote access to network drives cumbersome, difficult to setup, and often unavailable. Three hour limit for dial-in access too short for faculty/staff use. OIT not sensitive to needs/desires of its customers, as a *service* unit should be.

As a new faculty member a year ago, I was told to go back to my department to get a secretary to call a worker in OIT to prove that I did indeed teach here. When I told her to check my data out in the computer she did find my name and knew I had been hired, but still insisted she needed more proof. I detected "hidden racism," especially when I asked around the university to see why one needed "double proof."

When I asked the secretary to call and tell her I was a new employee, she said,"I have never had to do this before, if you are already in computer thats [sic] proof enough that we have hired you." I eventually did get an e-mail address after the secretary called for me.

Local campus directory and phone numbers need to be updated more frequently.

Dial-up network isn't as great as I hope it to be. (Too busy Too Slow, most of the time Can't get through!

Why is IUSB going to Webmail. Why this system as compared to other systems? Groupwise is highly used throughout the admissions.

Webmail is NOT user friendly!!

Overall they do a great job. Would appreciate an OIT newsletter as in the past- always had helpful information- and useful information for those of us who don't know what questions to ask.

Would like to be able to Access OIT Services from home by internet rather than by modem pool- ie- Access to Network Directories

It's too bad we're losing GroupWise. Webmail does the job but I'm not real happy with it- still adjusting.

(My Corel Word Perfect has not always been the most reliable- but this is not the kind of comment you're

asking for here.)

Get rid of webmail it is absolutely horrible! Big mistake IUSB! I find the Webmail e-mail program to be difficult to work with & unreliable. I now use the phone more for communication purposes. I have problems opening, sending, & receiving attachments. Overall Webmail is a terrible communication vehicle. I am booted out of Webmail when I try to check for new mail, open attachments & compose messages. I know I am not the only one that experiences these difficulties Many people (staff & faculty) feel the same way I do about Webmail. Web Mail is the *worst!*

In an age of rising technology, we seem to have taken a step backwards with webmail. The loss of mail, received and outgoing is staggering, the hassel [sic] of typing full addresses and not being able to check if people have checked their mail is disappointing. This email system is not user friendly!

OIT at IUSB needs to provide more assistance in focus programming & needs to be better connected to the SIS project in both the functional & technical areas of support. Webmail & the "do it yourself" conversion was not the type of product or service I expect from IU.

We have recently switched from Groupwise to Webmail for our email. Though Groupwise had its problems, webmail was much worse. Many of us have switched to Outlook to avoid using Webmail. Now we are facing a new unknown calendar program. We have not been told which program we will use nor have we been given the option to view it before it is implemented. We are hoping that we will switch to Outlook permanently for email and calendar, since we already know that it will suit our needs. It would be appreciated if administration had some say in the programs that are implemented.

Today is staff appreciation day and activities are available: I would have participated in the activities if "classes" to explain these services had been available.

The new "webmail" is terrible Go back to Groupwise!!

OIT should provide toll-free 800 #'s for those (me) outside of the dial-in areas (modems)

Switchboard needs training! Also, should have option to dial an extension without having to deal w/operator during business hours and also be able to get back to switchboard without having to hang up & call again (if didn't get to correct place the first time).

OIT staff work hard and are knowledgeable. Computers in labs are too slow starting up. I liked Groupwise better than Webmail.

I'm sure you've heard this before, but the Webmail leaves a lot to be desired. The websites are good. The phone book needs to be redesigned-Groupwise was preferable to WebMail for my work purposes, especially the Groupwise address book.

I am unable to fairly evaluate many of the services since I have only been back full-time since January. We were not on-line when I left in 1980. The staff has always been extremely helpful & friendly with any problems & questions, at IUSB & the Bloomington campus.

Note: The help desk including IRD on this campus are truly fantastic it's the rest of OIT that we have problems with. Information technology at any university should represent to the business community "ideal" networking. This campus does not accomplish the model to the community. The system should be user friendly and the networking should be used to share information on campus for forms, reports, student information all in one system. There are no share directories that bring in information from IUIS for reports such as student counts, addresses, etc.

There is unnecessary duplication in inputting and preparation for reporting. Such as student graduation

information, address changes, addressing etc. Campus copy center reports, enrollment, etc. The book orders should be online to the book store and not from the professor to the secretary to the book store.

Departments should not have to request labels for students also address to do letters, this should all be in a easy to use report ryder [sic] that can download to word perfect or microsoft word. Graduation dates should also be the same. A report should be generated from admissions for each department through a report ryder [sic] and sent to each department to make and [sic] necessary corrections, and sent back to that person via email. "Paperless environment". I have never seen a campus so behind in technology, this one has definitely hit the dinosaur age. Any software presented should be evaluated by the users and once loaded in to the system should be easy for the user to go to one software system to another with out problems. This has not occurred. The webmail is the most frustrating system to both faculty and staff. It is OIT's responsibility to insure a user friendly system, and ease in obtaining information. This university has not accomplished this.

Get rid of webmail- free is not always good. Why bother having email if your going to use this program- might be good for students; not staff and faculty

I am very unhappy with the new web mail. Also, I use the calendar daily and an acceptable substitute for Groupwise has not been presented.

Bev Church is a saint!!

Helpdesk is fabulous!

The major step backwards from using a great e-mail, calender [sic], scheduling system to less-than-acceptable email, no calender [sic], and STILL no official campus scheduling system is extremely frustrating and makes it very difficult for offices to function efficiently. Let's get it right!

Wish that when new features are changed/added (for instance "webmail") more effort is made to make sure the service works properly before implementing it and not just parts of it work correctly. (For instance the calendar part!)

Some offices are heavy users of the calendar!! Webmail is embarassingly [sic] primitive compared to

Groupwise. It is like stepping back ten years. Really miss the calendar functions. Now, we are definitely getting what we're paying for = nothing! Also, would like phone to have a light to indicate messages waiting

Most technicians are very knowledgeable about computers and fix the problem the first time they try, however, it seems as though the help desk is always short with you on the phone and don't seem to help much. The current email system, Webmail, is unreliable, unpredictable, and lacks tools that we need to operate on a daily basis. The office of Admissions relies on groupwise for our daily events on a calendar. Also, twice I have emailed my professor and the professor cannot open the attachment. Anytime anyone has emailed me an attachment, I can't open it. I don't understand why we are replacing a perfectly good email system with a system that has so many flaws in the program. Also, when you have webmail open, you can't look at anything else on the Web.

Webmail! It doesn't have all the features that groupwise had. There is no calendar available. Our

office depend a lot on the e-calendar. I set up appt. for different people which means I have access to their e-calendar. webmail is easy but not good- I prefer groupwise.

Changing from Groupwise to Webmail will be looked back upon as a HUGE mistake! A step backwards in


Telephone directory information and e-mail addresses are not updated often enough- new people are not

included and ex-employees are still there!

Yes, Grant access to all branches of the IU campuses, to the data and services that are currently exclusive to the Bloomington Campus.

Generally a good group of people. Although, on occasions they are cheery [sic] pickers.

Considering the magnitude of your office responsibilities, I am satisfied with the services you provide. replace web mail- it is not user friendly! It is not a step forward in technology. More help with the HPC2500M color printer in our area. Please continue to answer computer problems with good humor...it is appreciated.

We desperately need an on-line calendar since Groupwise is out! Our office cannot function w/out one! Overall, I'm satisfied w/ OIT. However, this is my first year @ IUSB and I received *NO* training on my computer or how to access information I need.

Training for new employees would be most helpful-

I've learned by trial and error.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Fall, 2001 I took an undergraduate stats class that used a DOS software program Minitab- it was *horrible*. Spring semester I took a graduate stats class, the computers gave the whole class problems. During my final (done completely on the computer) my computer crashed!

Elkhart Lab access was a problem early on - but the situation did improve - Thanks.

Yes, For the past 3 years the foreign language has been having difficulty keeping computers up and running properly. Why aren't these computers a part of all the other campus computers daily maintance?[sic]

It's very difficult learning a new language, let alone trying to keep your computer from crashing. If someone could look into this problem, I believe it would help students wanting to learn another language a bit easier and less stressful! thanks.

I am satisfied with computer labs on campus. I would like to see cell phones banned from computer rooms and all classes. They are a distraction. I would like to see the computer labs be treated like a library and enforce this rule to be quite[sic].

If a group needs to work in the lab they need to be quite[sic].

As a graduate student, I was given no info re. these [sic] services - I have only accessed what has been made available during specific classes.

I think that the services I did figure out were available were ok at best. And the one time I needed help in a library lab, no one was at the desk. I think your labs should be *ADVERTISED* to the students, so you don't just start school and have to figure out where a computer is on your own, and give some kind of how to use the e-mail-not to[sic] *user friendly*, kinda like the only lab I found by myself. Thanks!

Librarians, OIT people & teachers should not assume everyone is a computer expert & talk & teach like

everyone understands.

Too many computers down at a time, printers too!

Stop making so many changes in the system. Before it was changed it was easier to find what I was looking for. Whichever NINCOMPOOP thought the way it is now is easier needs to be fired. As it really sucks compared to before. Pine is hopelessless[sic] a pain in the pine.

I never use my IUSB email. It is too confusing. Simplify that and I like the software IUSB uses better than ND.

dial [sic] up connection is too slow (33.6 kpbs max), should be at least 56 kbps. We need more ethernet [sic] jacks on campus, so student can hook up laptop to the network.

Do something about PINE. Need a better information/e-mail environment. Most people don't bother trying to use it. More classes need to use OnCourse. I thought it was very useful. Not enough majors are on


Lack of available services information. Never had the opportunity for someone to explain available resources to me. Didn't even know if I have an e-mail address or not! Feel left out & out of the loop unfortunate [sic].

great job [sic]

I telnet in to OIT through Elkhart. I'm very unsatisfied with this setup. It's nice that I don't have to pay long distance to South Bend, but I am still being continuously disconnected through Elkhart (approx. every 5 minutes), and the recieving[sic] modems are very slow compared to my modem at home (56k). I have less problems connecting through South Bend.

I've often felt "left behind" in some of my classes. I would receive an assignment using technology (for example web research, library online research) and not know how to do it. I'd have to ask a classmate for help. (How) Why does that happen? How do I keep up with all the changes?

The only time I have ever used the computer service is this past semester when I did my exit project. I'm not very computer literate, so I found it frustrating at times.

I haven't had very many good experiences with lab consultants.

I usually have to wait a long time for them to help me since they work on their own work, leave the lab, and talk to their friends/girlfriends or boyfriends. That's kind of frustrating.

Other than that, IUSB has a very good OIT.

I have tried to use the dialp [sic] up modem with no luck. I have been given instructions that I have written down and have tried using the website to no avail. Detailed and easy to follow instructions on such services should be provided to all students. Many of the items in this survey are totally unknown to me. More information is needed!

Many times OIT computer labs are full. Maybe we might have more labs?

Lab workers are rude, don't speak English half of the time and treat you like you are an idiot. I NEVER use the lab because it is a pain to get in or get any HELP! Also I never even get into my IUSB email because I don't know how. They don't tell you anything at IUSB about services.

Make it possible to print from Internet Explorer, without messing up printer.

Computer lab needs to be more accessable [sic] in Greenlawn.

Would like it if dial-in and internet service was upgraded to at least 56k.

Need more classed[sic] in Elkhart.

I'm not certain this is relevant, but I.U.S.B. has a shortage of general-use Windows-based machines. During times of peak attendance, from 9 a.m.- 3 p.m., it is impossible to use a machine in Northside halls student labs. Perhaps additional student labs are in order...

OIT has been very helpful for me in the last year at IUSB.

Dial in access is too slow. Lab workstations always have stuff that students install (Yahoo Chat, Napster) that launches at start up and slows down otherwise powerful machines. Pine email is horrendously outdated. However, the lab's internet connection is blazingly fast!

Sorry I cannot be of much help! I do my research at home!

I am a specail [sic] needs student-I am bed bound and need my computer service to continue my education Most important to me! continuing[sic] my education is such a strong force in my quality of life!

Students who are not full-time & not on campus many hours per week may not be informed of OIT services. As a past full-time undergrad & current part-time MBA student, there were many items on this survey I had never heard about. Are OIT services being promoted and explained?

What do you offer? WHat can it do for me? How can I use your services to my advantage as a student, employer, employee, local citizen of the community?

Train the consultants better. Make it easier to dial in; more networks maybe.

Hopefully this helps, I don't use the systems often, I usually do my work @ home.

The computers are too slow.

We need more computer labs. Certain times of the day they are full.

(Northside) The CD burners are great!

My work with IUSB came about through a PHM project which gave IUSB credit. I was not aware of the many services provided by OIT. This survey is my first exposure.

There is so much I have never even heard of -are there any information sessions held regarding how to obtain and use the vast number of resources available?

Computer technology can be intimidating to some. I have never heard of most of your services. Maybe you can get the word out a little better.

I live off campus and spend little time using services.

I'm not at IUSB very much so I don't know of a lot of the services offered. I have used the computer lab a few times.

* I called at about 7:00 one night and they said I would have to call back during day hours, because they couldn't help. * I don't like the pine menu for IUSB mail * I would like to be able to get the graphics screen

from computer lab on my home computer

I think that it would be helpful to have the computer lab hours @ Greenlawn more conducive for the class schedules/breaks. Also the libray [sic] assistants in the resource area are awesome!

There could be one more computer lab in Northside because sometimes they are full.

PINE e-mail is terrible.

Couldn't complete in a meaningful fashion. My son, a high school student, never used any of these services, took US History at Mishawka High for IUSB credit- 1 course. I (mother) answered based on

my experience (limited) as a grad student at IUSB in the fall of 2000.

Make some sort of file transfering program in the student OIT accounts, such as cute FTP.

-Get rid of that hummingbird Pine program! -Northside computer lab people suck! The people are dumb! How much do they make? Hello?

Being in a wheelchair (power) cannot find desks high enough to get under. Cannot use mouse (quadriplegic) needs alternative method for mouse user activities. At this point my classes have required little use of these services.

Please hire knowledgeable, courteous students to work in the student labs.

There needs to [sic] internet connection (dial-up) for students outside of South Bend phone area.

I am taking one class here and there -do all my computer work at home.

Brochures or pamphlets that detail OIT services may be beneficial to the students-there were a number of questions to which I responded 8) never heard of service. Prominent placement near computer lab entrances would likely result in a much higher level of student awareness.

It has been helpful to have a student computer service.

It is abserd [sic] that we use Pine. Students have to check if teachers changed something or other but they (Pine) is far behind in technology. You can't get picture's [sic] scanned & all other services (.aol, etc.) fonts get changed when computing into pine for ex.

To Whom it may concern: I have received the OIT Survey and have completed it, but I have more to say on the matter regarding the computer use and technology fees. In Bloomington I know there are labs that have a ration of so many students per computer. I also know South Bend tries to use this method but it can not be done, for the part time students use computers as much as the full time students. Just because the labs are available some students that have computers at home use the labs less frequently than the students who do not. During finals it is chaotic in NS Hall in the basement, it is hot because of body temp. heat, let alone the heat that the computers give off and there is no ventilation. You walk into the hallway to breath because it is 20 degrees cooler out there.

I am a full time traditional student with extra theatre responsibilities, so I am also using the computer lab later when available at times after 10:30pm. At the moment, however, I am taking summer courses. First Summer Session Math MO14 pre-rec was 4 credits, which attaches a $50 technology fee, whereas the math class I need the M110 Math class is only 3 credits and is a $25 technology fee. A difference in math classes came up to a difference of $200. This is outrageous considering you don't even use the computers for a math class. Next Semester I am taking 19 credit hours, I can't wait to see how much my technology fee will be.

South Bend being a commuting campus, the statistics are not the same as Bloomington. There should be an option instead of paying technology fees, to be able to purchase a new computer through the school and pay them in installments, like the technology fee. The school of course gets breaks on wholesale computers, so why don't they help their students out instead of making them pay these fees that are not beneficial to their students. If there was a way IUSB would or could get discounts and sell computers or rent them to students at a reasonable amount instead of all of these technology fees. Say a student paid IUSB $300-$400 for a computer purchased by IUSB, that is then sold to the student, it would be better than these technology fees that aren't used by percentage of students which attend.

I do not have a computer, but with all of the money I've spent on these useless technology fees I could have paid installments to the school. I would have more use for a computer for which

I pay for; instead I have to drag myself to school to sit in an uncomfortably hot room and get half of what I could get done if I was at home. Paying for school and being a full time student unfortunately does not allow me to own a computer. IUSB could also cut costs if they didn't need to pay lab assistants that don't know what they are doing anyway. I would like to check my e-mail before I go to bed and after I get up. In the middle of winter I would like to type papers at a time that is convenient to me, not the time the labs are open. I wish I had the opportunity to have this but unfortunatley [sic] I do not. I would have invested in one my freshman year through the school, if I had been granted the opportunity, and by now it would be paid for. Thank you for requesting my opinion and considering my idea's, [sic] [IRD] 06-20-01

I suggest that there be an 800 number available for dial-in modem services for those of us that live outside the South Bend/Elkhart area due to long distance calling costs

Need more art programes [sic] on computer Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. Can only do work in class and if there is a class, there is no where else on campus to go to do work. Also when dialing in from home, the line is always busy, and get cut off when able to log on.

Some air conditioning during hot months, or rather; climate control in labs is a must. IT is far too hot in the rooms, especially when full of people using the facilities.

Question 15 where it talkes [sic] about Registration: I can navigate throw [sic] it but I have some difficulty

keeping focused on classes, hors [sic], locations and such. This survey can not be of help to you for the fact I have not used any computer services at IUSB uet [sic]. It would be nice if students could access library electronic journal subscriptions off campus (ie at home) via an access code.

not at this time [sic]

The email is horrible!

There should be at least one lab open *very* late or, preferably 24 hours. Chairs in that lab in Greenlawn are very uncomfortable. Labs are not kept cool enough. The one in the library is especially bad. The campus e-mail is far too complex. I switched promptly to yahoo.

The start-up "class" I attended was absolutley [sic] worthless. It was set up merely as a "fool around, & if you have any questions I'll try to answer them." It should be more structured. I didn't know enough to be *able* to ask questions, although I had prior computer experience.

Keep up the good work!

I'm obviously not up to date with OIT, so I have no suggestions It is frequently uncomfortable in many of the labs because it is too hot! It is so awful I have had to leave several times. This pertains especially to the NS lab and the library. It's also a hassle that you can't print Internet Explorer.

It is just a survey, don't keep sending mail every week. Elkhart IUSB Center needs to have employees who are more computer literate.

I only attended IUSB for a summer course in 1998 and then this past spring I receied [sic] CE credits for a class I took at the school where I teach. I'm not sure why I'm on the mailing list because I'm really not able to evluate [sic] services provided.

You need to have more publications for incoming freshmen As a freshman, I had no clue of most of these services. When using the dialing-in modem the lines are constantly busy What can you do to fix this problem? Thank you.

More professors should use oncourse because it's a great tool. but many don't. I don't know if this is because they don't have the training or knowledge to use it or what. It seems dumb for professors to ignore such a wonderful communication outlet.

Friendlier lab techs

I took a class through my high school. None of this applies to me. I was never at the IUSB campus.

The hours of the labs could be expanded. This would be a big help because a lot of IUSB student have special scheduling needs.

The consultants in the computer lab are not able to solve some of our computing problems. Maybe they need more training.

I believe there should be more hands-on helpers in the computer labs. I would rather do my research at school but sometimes ther [sic] aren't any terminals available and I have to go home. Research w/ 4 kids whining is much harder to accomplish.

Need more labs available for computer science students in same building as computer science teachers. Sometimes I have to walk across campus to work on programming assignments and back to get help from teachers.

Switch boards send me to the wrong office frequently; consultants are well-trained- Pine needs to be faster/more advanced. (it is hard to cut/copy any information)

Many students do not use the services offered due to inconvenience or having technology at home; yet, all students are charged an exorbitant technology fee of $25 for one three- credit class; it's ridiculous!! I speak for many people!

I was very disappointed w/ IUSB's technology especially the computer lab capabilities and library services. I am quite shocked that this is a result of a two year investment.

I am a computer graphic designing student. IUSB has one lab only that has the programs that I use. It would be helpful if IUSB could add some Macintosh computers equipped with graphic designing programs in the library and other computer labs.

Good job overall! This is not an easy task for you guys but you do a good job!

If Wickamp [sic] is not part of OIT, then OIT needs more computer labs. If it is part of OIT, then everything is fine.

I resent having to pay tech fees when I do not use the technology labs at IUSB.

Even if I had known about the services you offer, I would not have used anything except INDYCAT/IUCAT. I am a part-time commuting student with a full- time job. I prefer to use my own computer and local- access internet provider.

I wish we could register classes from our "home" computer, not just by phone.

I haven't used OIT often, so it's hard for me to say one way or another.

I am honestly day [sic] in 4 years I don't recall having any major problems while using information technology at IUSB. One suggestion faster login time would be nice. I understand why we need to loging, but sometimes logging in takes longer then what you need to use the computer for.

Quit sending this strpid surbey [sic]!

More lines to help students get online. Always got a busy signal at home to get online. Plus had problems w/ my computer to hook up to OIT and no one could help.

As computer science students, I am not satisfied with the linux lab and the computer science students do not have their own PC labs. Sometime the computer labs are so full that I cannot find one which is available.

It was frustrating when I'd go to labs & all were constantly full- people checking personal e-mail. Computer labs should be for doing research and writing papers.

I took continuing ed classes and found the connection to my profession and class very helpful. I'm not sure that I understood all of your questions properly, but I did use & really like being adle [sic] to contact my profession.

IRD is fully aware of the problems with OIT, but takes no action to rectify them. For example: the computer, or lack thereof, in the SGA office have been malfunctioning for 2 years! I, among others, used these computers daily. Despite repeated requests for repairs, they remained in their broken state. Maybe some day they will be up to par with computers elsewhere on campus. What may be needed is new leadership for OIT.

Elkhart lab consultants seem to act as if you bothered them when asking a question. They usually say they are not sure about the problem and request I call South Bend. South Bends [sic] line is always busy. A gal named IRD in Elkhart has always been helpful. Whe [sic] is the exception to the rest of the staff!

There were many features I had never heard of, something should be done about that. I think some of them could have been helpful this semester.

appreciate [sic] the OIT services

I just started at IUSB-I can offer No suggestions at this time.

Sorry the first survey was lost. I am not currently involved w/ research, so I am not able to asses[sic] OIT fairly. However, any course in Continuing Ed has been excellent.

Not sure if I can open attachments and help directions are not very cleare [sic]

The dial up service is hard to get a open line on, also the hook speed is low.

It is difficult finding research on the library through the systems and knowing where to get the information W200 computers for educators sucks! Does not take in consideration the skill levels of individuals and is a waste of time for those who do have computer skills.

It takes a long time to log on. It would be nic eif the time to log on could be reduced.

The Insite needs to be continually updated to reflect current status of students' grades and courses taken.