2002 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

Question: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


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I would love it if Insite were available 24 hours a day/7days a week.

Improve Oncourse, It's too much hassle to get to. Too many steps.

Security needs to be more of an issue. Ex.-56 DIT encription in Res. Hall computers.

CFS always seemed to be working improperly Webmail was often hard to sign into for whatever reason-it always seemed to be down. The RTC consultants were rude and not at all helpful. They'd be playing games and listening to headphones-not willing to help.

Thank God for the Knowledge Base!
I use it all the time and it is incredibily helpful!

Whenever, Servicing or repair is done to any service here at In give notice to students

The Dells in the main library are excellent. THANKS!

The new Dells in the main library are excellent. Thanks!


Internet and Webmail always slow in dorms and having trouble.

Additional late night hours for Insite would be very helpful.

Please enable INSITE's availabitity 24/7.

I would like Webmail to continue to look better as an interface. I would also like a bit more space for websites or at least an easier web-based webpage uploader instead of FTPs, steel, etc. Otherwise, great technology all around!!

Webmail should offer the directory lookup services that Pine offers.

Indiana University Webmail seems to often not work on my home computer, it will just log off, automatically.

Sometimes printing in the STC labs is a pain in the behind, if you get my drift. I like the new Gateways.

More laptops available for use at Main Library and IMU Encourage students to register online, It is very convienet, saves time and walk to Franklin Hall. The switch from lockers to CFS was annoying.

Need more available at specific times-when busy-and locations.

I think that color printers should be more accessable to students. I don't really know where color printers are located on campus.

I had problems dialing onto IU w/the modem service.

My primary dissatisfaction with UITS is the printing facilities. Over the years I have encountered numerous waits, some very long,due to the paper jams or just slow printing speed. There have been many times when I would have to leave and find a center that had working printing facilities. Thanks.

Webmail is very undependable.

Please maintain focus on providing efficient solutions to very succint IT problems. INSITE is by far the best example of solving the problem right. ONCourse = too broad of a problem so any solution is mediocre at best hence few instructors use. Webmail is a good *compliment* to terminal based email, but is *too slow* to be a replacement. OneStart I've heard little about, but if its main goal is to provide customization and personal preferences to roaming users, then why waste time/effort/$ recreating a solution already at our fingertips via Windows roaming profiles? (I know this isn't a cross platform solution, but face it - the majority of users in public computing centers follow MS like zombies. I have never seen the Mac lab full in the Student Building and can always count on a seat there when the NT labs have lines.) Finally, workstations would promote more efficient work if there were some minimal divider system between them ala the Chemistry computer labs. I always feel like I'm being watched in open labs and cannot concentrate very well.

-Add more modems to the Modem Pool.
-Keep insite open longer.

The University Information Technology Service is great, and very helpful.

The only problem I can think of is that I wish we weren't charged for schedule changes-it gets really expensive being charged every time.

Have more help for students with computing problems. I could not get help with my computer unless I was willing to pay for someone to come out and look at it.

IU web needs work to be done on it. It often messes up. Long distance rate could be cheaper.

Sometimes, during part of last semester 2001-2002, some computers wouldn't allow me to log on (Road-Center Lounge). I wasn't the only one that had this problem. We could log on basically anywhere else on campus w/out trouble. (This problem has since been resolved).

Irritating when connection fails. Also, varying speeds from day to day are anoyin as well.

Work on CFS. It seems to crash Apple Computers a lot, and is rather slow.

Q31: I really enjoy many of the services UITS offers, especially the CFS system.

Modem pool is too slow. IU needs to offer wireless service all over Bloomington. CFS needs improvement to be more user friendly for non-networked access.

I do the majority of computer work at home with the exception of using INCAT and Pine systems. I have had trouble using webmail, it often "freezes" up.

Make things like IUCAT accessible in the rooms not only the library!

Though it may be costly, upgrade all mouses to the laser mouse because the ball gets too much dust around it and does not work. Put new mail in webmail at the to of the inbox. Add programs like MSNIM, @RISK, and Homesite to all computers in the library. Other than that, it is great!

Regarding Webmail, I don't know how many times I have typed an email then went to send it only to have the login screen appear and my message lost. I can't even access it by pressing back on the browser b/c it asks to be "refreshed". That's why I hate using Webmail.

More open clusters--no class reserves for walk in work. A 20 min wait for a computer is 15 mins too long.

Put IU's [UNDECIPHERABLE] to service Macromedia Programs

Webmail wasn't working correctly for a long time on my computer, but it has since been fixed. Overall, I am quite satisfied with all of this.

There should be more computers on campus. During peak times (midterms, finals etc.) there is not enough accessibility.

Having additional STC hours during winter break.

Connections for off campus internet access are still too slow. Webmail is nice, but too slow, probably because of reason stated above. I also think there needs to be more stand up email kiosks because lines in computer labs are always too long. May be more print only station would help this too.
Please limit paper use or use recycled papers for surveys! Maybe conduct them online. This is very wasteful!

Good system. However, many of the UITS student consultants are very rude. And there are many printing problems, especially in areas such as Woodburn Hall where there are too few computers for demand.

I don't know. I'm passive, so I really don't care. I'll just sit here and not say anything. (smiley face)

I dislike Oncourse because my user name and password are not secure. Furthermore, it is slow and aggrevating to use. It needs to be used in all classes or none at all. I think that is confusing to have to go to different locations (oncourse, web pages, post'em, tec.) to get class information.

If I move off campus at some point in time it would be great to have better access to IU's network.

There shouldn't be a $6 charge for using web schedule adjustment! We pay enough already including a "technology" fee even when we don't use campus computers, stations or even live in the dorms.

You have made using computers, very easy for me. Thank You.

I wish there were more computers on campus. Overall, very good service.!

This isn't really related, but the CFS system doesn't work half the time & Disconnects frequently. I really like it's convience of accessing through the internet, but it just disconnects alot.

I am very worried with the setbacks made in the budget. I think that technological service and the technology of IU are some of the most important aspects for me now and when I graduate.

Improve CFS account realiability.

I have used Briscoe and McNutt printers randomly throughout the year, if my printer breaks or I don't want to print on my computer. I am an off campus student and most everytime that I have gone to print at Briscoe or McNutt in the evening, the printers have not worked or paper was out. No one was there to help.

CFS needs work-you took our lockers & gave us a slow, malfunctioning dinosaur.

Voicemail is good but I don't like how it calls back if do not exit the system. You preps are doing a wonderful job, makes my work a lot easier. Thanks

Good work managing such a massive network. Thank you for helping the university function in this respect. For general computer use, students usually dislike Macintosh, I believe. Also Webmail still has quite a few glitches that make it unattractive.

When recruiting students highlight the fact that IU has plentiful Tl lines host their internet capabilities "SELL" your services especially on the east coast where speed and technology are a **mega** attraction.

The printer servers are down very often

I had no idea how great UITS was before coming to IU. They should advertise to the incoming students. I love 855-IUIU.

Frequently, the connections are messed up and everyone gets kicked of. It gets really frusterating also, in comparing download, tomes for songs)example). IV is slow compared to Purdue, Depauw, Ball State, etc.

On CFS, I'd like to upload a directory(folder) with a bunch of files on it rather than individually! Sometimes I spend much time uploading many files.

Especially after the Barsar security breach, the One Start portal system doesn't sound very secure-it makes me nervous. Also, Webmail can be slow and cumbersome( whenever web browsers are slow). I think PINE should be retained as an option.

I would like a larger software library to buy from.

More labs in business school.

It would be great if webmail and the internet could run faster when bring stuff up

There's always too many people trying to use Balentine clusters. You charge way too much for schedule adjustments, i.e. dropping wait lists, dropping a second 8-weeks course. You charge full price for that which completely infuriates me, etc.

There is always room for improvement on most things!

I feel that the CFS accounts are not always reliable and by using ADS security, it is difficult to use netscape.

The stress placed on Groupwork here at IU requires an increase in the number of Group workstations.

It's good! Keep up the good work!

I have never been able to print anything on the computers in any of the housing labs. I don't think that I should have to pay for this paper!

There needs to be more color printers in the computer labs.

Nope. Thanks

Many answers regarding "cannot evaluate" due to my home computer use.

Look thru out booklet

It seems that it's easy to freeze up a computer when accessing my CFS account. This never happened with my locker.

There should be someone @UITS that demands a certain $ amount from the university each year to make improvements constantly. We pay way too much to this school for services to be what they are.

Pine and IU Webmail need to be upgraded very badly!! They are outdated. My IU Webmail never works!

I think that there should be a better system set up for student lockers. A way (easy way) for students who live off-campus to access information that they save while working on campus.

There always seemed to be a problem with the printers I used in Ballantine Hall. It was an inconvienence.

DSL connection speed from home for IU community would be great -modem pool is too slow and too crowded, always getting bumped off.

I think you're just fine. IU is big campus and you're doing everthing to cover all of it and off-campus too. GREAT JOB.

In question #22, it mentioned personal web page, but I don't know anything about this. I didn't know you could have you're own web page, how do I go about this? Plus, how do you connect to UITS from off campus or can you?

The telephone help people are terrific. Polite, knowledgeable, and eager to help. I wish there were more STC's with scanners and color printers.

Oncourse: Good idea but poor interface. Most students find the navigation cumbersome and confusing. The interface is a huge deturrant for most students.
VoiceMail: Works but can be confusing. Students don't know voicemail box #'s,how to transfer voicemail messages, etc. Needs a cleaner instruction set. Also annoying (since used daily) b/c when you hang up and try to call someone,the voicemail is still going. Sometimes the recording calls you back which is annoying.
Printers: Mostly good only problem is can't cancel print job b/c it automatically spools-if you accidentally send something huge (huge enough to crash printer), you can't do anything about it. BTW why no printers in the b-school library?
WebMail: Still have login problems,if browser acts up, lose everything. Not very dependable but a good start!"

The CFS system needs work. It lacks dependability. Some days it opens, some it won't. Other than that keep up the good work.

The ability to drop/add via phone and web registrationare the best things you ever did. IU's website is disorganized, frustrating to use and the search engine is practically useless. Campus computers are slow, and there's always a line to use them.

My only complaint for improvement is with the printers avaiable on campus. Quite often I've encountered problems in this area and there has been no one there to assist in its proper-functioning.

It would help if the helpers in the computer labs knew how to help other than saying "try restarting".

Keep up the good work!!!

The e-mail services (Webmail and Pine) need to be either improved or changed - find a different service.

CFS never works from the dorm room and this is an inconvience!

This is the best UITS on any campus according to friends, relatives and personal experience.

Though I respect your persistance, please stop sending me this survey!

Webmail has had a lot of problems this year. Freezing up and not being able to log on. Overall the technlogy services here at IU are very helpful.

There should be more open labs in each school such as HPER.

Please add support for UNIX on Reg Web.

The technology service wasn't an important factor for me when deciding to attend IU. But, now that I am here, I am very satisfied! IU has wonderful technolgy and it set IU above other colleges. I like having these services available to me. I also like the technolgy here because if I need something like a phone number I can get that very easily. Thank you

There are benefits to the Shakespeare email and webmail. If you could somehow combine the two, they would be perfect.

Transfered at semester

Express Email stations needs to be fixed. Not only are they slow, but half the time they do not even work. Something needs to be done to fix this in all residence halls.

Try to make IUcat more user friendly!

I had to prop an intro computer course this semester because I set up and could not access my CS account (even though I went to UITS support frequently) so I suggest a better way to handle this (it appears that the CS server I'm on was not working everytime I came in for help.) Also I suggest more info come with the IU ware CD. I could not figure out all that I needed to download, had a few problems afterwards (ex. my CS account is still not accessible from my home computer), and lost windows 98 after I downloaded the IU ware things I wanted.

* More email terminals in the Business School.
* More group labs in the Business School.
* In my classes, computers often crash resulting in me losing a lesson.
* If possible, can the keyboards be cleaned?

Thanks for all you do!

The printers seem unreliable. Earlier this year, it seemed like the printer in Read dorm was not working a lot of the times I would go in there.

Webmail is frequently down which is a big problem.

The reason I didn't fill out this survey the first time I got it is because I didn't feel I had any opinion to offer. I had never even heard of most of the services listed. UITS needs to get the word out on their services maybe an e-mail? Speaking of e-mail, why are we still using a unix-based e-mail system? What a pain! I always use webmail, although I saw Eudora mentioned in this survey. I didn't know POP mail was even an option! Where do I sign up? Webmail is so slow, even on campus, or on a T1. UITS offers a lot of services that I'd like to find out more about, including: IUware CD, software downloads, UITS News, Publishing on IU web servers, personal web home pages, IU events calender, usenet, dial-in, etc. Oh yeah, and Eudora/Popmail! I didn't know about any of these things until this survey.

-The computer labs get to crowded.
-Pine is horrible.

-Insight should be available 24 hours.
-Make Linux as available as the microsoft software.

Good points: Knowledge Base, Webmale [sic], IUCARE, IUCAT, Insite

Off campus dial up service waiting time on average is 15 min. That way to long. Oh sometime during finals just no way!

Internet speed is so late.

The Pine e-mail system definitely seems out-dated to me and can be very slow and bogged down at times.

Faster Internet and less problems causing slow net.

My data jack was broken all year and I was connected to a hub because my ethernet card was the wrong one. They never told me how to fix it or contact Dell about the problem.

Is there anyway caller ID can be made available through the university for the residents?

You need more computer labs. Some of your mice are in really poor shape.

Speed up and improve Shakespeare.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

I live in Campus View. I think the speed that connects Internet in here is slower than I use computer in my school. Could you make it fast, please? Thank you. Overall, I'm satisfied for your service. Thank you. And please continue to improve it.

I'd like to keep my IU email account active after I graduate. That should be a free service to alumni.

I'm very impressed with UITS. I feel they are always on top of issues and operate very effeciently. Truly remarkable when compared to computing services offered at other comparable universities.

I think requirements of software taken from grad students, will be more helpful.

It would be nice to see PDA support in the future alone w/expanded wireless services. Overall I am very satisfied!

The MAC lab in the main library needs help. Also the printer in that lab rarely works.
IUCAT could still use some improvements.

I've been wondering why non-SSH logins are still possible on Shakespeare while they've been phased out on Steel. This is the one place the U of Washington (where I now work) seems to be ahead of IU. Otherwise, I really miss the level of service and support UITS provides. Keep up the good work!

Please maintain the e-mail express computers-the keyboards are dirty and greasy. The daily schedules for computer labs are difficult to read.

No Comments

I find services available to in absentia students limited. How about making IU Ware available to people like me? Either with an access code or a mail-in reqest service.

Sorry I am not a good candidate for your survey.

I cannot evaluate - I only use the law school computer lab -but I am very pleased with it.

I am a full time staff person with my own computer at home. While I make extensive use of the web access & IUware that my graduate studies and status allows me, I feel, that I am being charged for my services (in my graduate course fees) that I do not need and do not use. Overall, however, I think computing at IU is very advanced and well coordinated.

No Comments

-The CFS service is often very slow and some times stops responding
-Printers are not very reliable. Often I send a print order and nothing comes out. I always wonder if I get charged for this lost prints [sic].....

-When calling UITS for tech support, the people are always very friendly and helpful.
-Although Regweb is computer based, it's not really like using the web, you can't point and click to choose, choose things from drop down menus- It's all text based and not terribly user friendly.
-STC computers (some UITS, some not) in my department lab are not the greatest- Very slow, not all applications work, sometimes won't print- Can be frustrating.

-Faster access to Internet needed desperately.-Need Word Perfect.Need programs that do not proprietory (why cater to Microsoft's depotism?)

Too often cannot access webmail.

-More computers are needed.-More qualified technical assistants are needed in computer labs (eg. in the Main library). Sometimes, I see some assistants who can't figure out easy tasks.

I want more software, especially, the math software to be available on IUware for downloading.

-CFS hasn't been very reliable lately-Now that I've been at IU, I realize how fortunate we are compared w/colleagues at other schools.-I need more storage space for research data!

I only use IU email 3 or 4 times a week from my home in Terre Haute. I'm a doctoral candidate, & I'm currently taking a hiatus from my document, so I really cannot evaluate much...at least at this time. I'm only staying registered for document so I can finish later.

There needs to be some preventive maint. performed daily on comp. such as cleaning mouse. Nothing upsets me more than a mouse that doesn't work because of dust.

Don't subscribe to so many expensive database services - -buy books. Don't use so many acronyms in the web pages. Give us a unix prompt with our "Arie", etc, accounts. I think you guys do a great job with system support and administration. Everything always works. But the interfaces are way too flambouyant. An IT service is a handy, efficient, tool. It doesn't need to be flashy.

Hope to see better option of off-campus high-speed Internet connection.

Am very impressed with UITS. I feel they are always on top of issues and operate very efficiently. Truly remarkable when compared to computing offered at other comparable universities.

I do not live in Indiana and only used IU computers for a few hours last year. The Stat/Math center has been very helpful with my research. I didn't truely appreciate the IT system at IU until I went to another university. I wish my current school had as many support services as IU does."


More zip drives

The current printing quota account for graduate students is too small. The Webmail is less easy to use then the Web Browser in terms of layout. It's very annoying sometimes.

I hope there can be more computers in teh Main Library with word software installed; check-out record from the library can accessibe to individuals.

The most frequently used services-IUCAT, Webmail-need major improvements. I often use dgital library resources (DLP)-music, image, etc. But this survey has no questions about them Is the DLP a separate entity? I hope the DLP projects continue to grow, they are very helpful!

If I could have one wish granted, it would be for an additional 24-hour computer lab cluster. I recognize that most students may have their own computers at home, but this type of facility has heavy traffic and is often a challenge to find a space computer during the busy weeks of the semester.

Improve the connection on the printers!!

The Announcement section of the Oncourse does not seem to be working with me, as announcements I send don't get to the class students. So I resort to using e-mail.

Soon after I came to IU, I attended a class "WordPerfect: For New Users Only",(Windows), which was paced a bit too fast for me. However, the instructors were helpful and patient (qualities I haven't always encountered when I phone for help) and I have often used the manual handed out in class:"Wordperfect:For New Users Only" v3.0 (8/20/97).

I often use the on-campus Mac labs for the graphics applications: pagemaker and photoshop. I frequently have trouble saving and retrieving these project to/from my cfs account. CFS seems to make them unopenable. Also printing of files with large images has been a problem. The staff is friendly but often can't help. Several times I have visited several different labs to complete a project. Webmail has little problems. It leaves random characters at the end of emails. It frequently stalls out too.

Need additional networked printers in the Business/Spea library and MBA lab. These printers also need to be stocked more often with paper and toner cartridges.

More modems for dial-in. It is unacceptable if I get booted every 5 minutes during heavy use periods!!! Overall, this is the reason why I am not satisfied at all with your service. W/ a reliable service, I probably would have rated #32 with a 4 or even a 5.

Departments need 24 HR (or late hour) computers that don't always have classes in them.

Although overall computer hardware and software quality are very good, the number of computers are not enough especially at Education Library.

The print allocation for graduate students should be higher.

In response to IU Electronics, they did more harm than good when I took my laptop to them. If UITS offered computer hardware support (even for a fee) I would have used it in a heartbeat. I realize as soon as I graduate, I may never be a part of an organization as "wired" as IU. UITS does an outstanding job!

Thanks for keeping IU Tech up to date.

Steps and Prosteps are fantastic! So are software CD's fro $5 or $10. Often use printers in Mail UGL for double sided printing often, good service. IU libraries IUCAT database page is a mess, not well laid out, thus leading to having to look for a service or database. Overall very pleased with technology at IUB.

(Thanks for the free software coupon). The UITS consultants are always so courteous and helpful and I really appreciate it! Thanks! My only complaint is that SPSS and my CFS account freezes up every now and then so I'm nervous when I use them.

It would be nice to have an informational packet for incoming grad students about how to set up and access email, the IUWare CD, how to set up a printing account, etc. I learned all of this vicariously as I went along.

-Make UITS helpline available during longer weekend hours.-Axe the Pine System - it's nasty.

I was not aware of the IT resources as a prospective student- but because these services are top-notch, I would suggest more aggressive advertising to prospective students. I am very pleased with the well-run, high quality student computer labs, *especially* the friendly, knowledgeable student consultants.

Could you make the IU Libraries have a useful website?!

As a graduate student in chemistry, our group uses our own computers. In this regard the use/ease of networking is very important. The switch to ADS was a major annoyance. One thing I still dislike about ADS's set-up is when connecting to another computer (we have many in our lab) through ADS it lists every computer in the system - unlike IUB (just Bloomington).

Music Library consultants tend toward ignorance in the use of hardware, but I'm sure that they are not at fault. Mac printing has had serious problems.

Please continue to support Pine! I fear that the introduction of Webmail spells the end of that wonderful program. Pine does everything it should w/out the frills one doesn't need. (Using FTP for attachments is not that hard.)

I have yet to take advantage of the free mini-classes offered, but plan on doing so very soon. As an older, returning student, these classes will be very helpful. Thanks!

Sometimes the printers in Residential computer labs are out of order or shut down. It will be a problem. In IT training workshop the topics of classes should be changed every year so students can learn different skills. Moreover, during winter and summer break. UITS should also open classes for students who stay at IU and wish to learn more when they have more time during the break.

"I am a Bloomington based student but live and work in Indpls. I use my work (Ivy Tech) and home systems. I only use insite to register for my single credit disortation class.

Overall is OK. Thank you.

1. Always support current technology upgrade ie, XP!
2. Web base this survey, use$ for better purpose.

Please put more e-mail stations in the school of music- "Music Annex Building"

Need dial up numbers from Indianapolis.

Please add in more wireless lan portals.

CFS is great!

I love all the new Macs in the school of Education, but not one of the Mac computers have floppy disc accessibility. I live off campus and this is very important to me. I have to go up to the main library to print anything off.

More knowledgable computer lab assistants. Connection on ADS Server seem slower than IUB was.

I think the homepage of IUB can be improved to look better. I strongly disagree to put pictures propagaling " Falun Dafa" a proven evil religion on the homepage of IUB, this is an action without discretion to me.

IUCATS frustrating-needs updating.

I've been given erronous information by the consultants at 855-6789. As for Telecommunications, I've received another students bill one month.

My main experience with computer support has been my interactions with [IRD] out at IUCF. [IRD] is worth twice his weight in gold. [IRD] is incredibly knowledgable and extremely helpful. I just thought you should know.

See page 3 for comment on IUWare. The call in modem lines connections are very unreliable. Also most of my tech support came thru MBA Tech Services. Also I can't stand oncourse, especially the slowness of file downloads and the separate email system.

Let's go totally WIRELESS!

PLEASE have someone make the knowledge base more organized! I've had to go through 5 layers of links to get simple information.
Please put a Mac OS CFS login on iuware download.
I HATE the web-based IUCAT.

Connection to e-mail, web, and CFS has been erratic too often during mornings and weekends. Please let us know *in advance* when these services will be unavailable. *Please*, let students who live in residence halls, especially married student housing, decide which long distance services to use. The current rates here international calls are too expensive

Working as a cataloger and reference intern at the Music Library, the only main problem I have with technology services is IUCAT - both public + staff mode. Music materials are not supported well by SIRSI/UNICORN, and the staff mode is very difficult to physically look at for long periods of time (black on gray).

Computer consultants: They should have a more specific knowledge for the place where they are working. For ex: if you are a computer consultant working in the 3rd floor lab of the music library, then you should be able to help students with problems related to music software, and so forth.

Please get all professors to use oncourse. Some professors do use it and some don't. Everyone has their own different website and its confusing.

Research technologies (IUCAT, etc.) are great! WebMail is sometimes slow or not functioning properly. Overall I'm very appreciative of the technology services available.

-LD rates are 80% higher then they should be.
-Oncourse sucks [UNREADABLE] $$; get it together. Drop the font size down to 10 pt. (screw 12 pt. "usability" standard). Improve collaboration features. Stop asking me 4mm times when opening docs.
-[UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "ONESTURET'S"] base technology is flawed. Scrap it and start over!!

Departmental computing services are great. Modem telephone connections should have no restrictions on time limit and it should have a toll-free number for students researching outside of Bloomington to access IU resources.

Overall, I am very pleased with your service. Regarding IUCAT...the system is not very user-friendly, but I have over time, learned to use it reasonably well.

I think that graduate student (CTS) printing allotments should be able to roll over from one year to the next or we should be refunded for what we don't use.

Speed on-campus @ Ed building ought to be better. Additionally, the system is really slow during peak hours. Any ideas? Thank you as well!

I don't like that you use APPLE comps everywhere. 90% of people don't know how to use its interface.

Stop harassing me with these silly surveys.

Very good service!

As a person returning to school after a long absence-I felt initial info. about available services, accounts, how to get on from home, CD program availability could be better. Had no idea what to do, how or where-really struggled
1st semester.

Overall I am satisfied except the telephone services. Voice mail service is okay. Charging for transferring telephone number in the apartment housing is too much also cannot understand why you have to charge for extending ringing times before transferring it to voice mail system. She said it is 15 dollars. It should be changeable option at voice mail system.

Everything was great!! Thanks a lot!!

New printers would be helpful in some computing sites (Speech + Hearing Building). The printers malfunction often.

There should be more uniformity across graduate school systems-it has been a real pain to get my laptop to work at both the law and business schools, which is necessary for me in the joint degree program.

-During the move from Lockers to CFS this fall, CFS access was problematic for too long
-IUCAT, while generally helpful, could be improved by increasing its responsiveness-changing search fields (Keywords, exact, etc.) would be easier if it did not require retyping search terms.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Faculty Staff

I dread IU-time keeping that staff personnel will have to begin using. Our hourly worker has had problems accessing to input data.

The size of my Outlook account is very frustrating. At times, I receive many logos etc & I get locked up very quickly.

Remove quotas on inboxes on systems used by staff/faculty
Provide campus-wide backup options
Get even more out w/ DSL/LAN lab
Communicate system outages even more promptly-especially network glitches.
make time-serving more robust-add reasonablilty checking and/or redundancy
Never *ever* allow power outages in WCC machine room

CITO has been wonderful in responding to our dept. needs

The technology on this campus continues to amaze me! I use the computer constantly but am not a real "computer person" (don't know how to set up a path, for instance) and when I need help, your people are always very helpful.

Overall I have been very satisfied. I have had an ongoing problem with dialin from home that seems to be a problem on the IU end, not my end & no one has offered a solution to it.

Offer more advanced training in the STEPS/PROSTEPS courses. They are informative, but not helpful unless you go into more depth (ex. photoshop classes, excel, word)

First of all let me say that the good people at 5-6789 are FABULOUS!! Give them all raises. I rarely have to wait. They are always patient & helpful. They almost ALWAYS help me out with any problems I have. Sometimes they try to push me off to the knowledge base which I find utterly incomprehensible. Don't bother. Your computer courses really need help. Not much understanding evolves in them. In other words, your instructors are very [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "bright"] & obviously know what they are doing but could use some courses in methodology. Majordomo lists are okay but I prefer creating my non lists in outlook. majordomo gets too complicated. Wish I could use- or figure out how to use- Exchange/Outlook from home. Web based outlook just does not work as well. General department support is provided by CITO. In general, they do a decent job, respond quickly to my requests. I wish there was better web master support. University info services-wow! What a hodge podge of types of info, ways to access info, people to contact to figure out how to use & access info & security measures to limit my access. I am beginning to get used to it all but is there some way to simplify this at all? In general IUCARES and web based support services are easiest for me to use & understand.
VOICE SERVICES- I think this is by far the most unprofessional service around at IU. They could take some customer service lessons from the folks at 5-6789. They are usually not helpful & seem more concerned with "who gets billed" than making sure I get good service. They make a lot of mistakes that results [sic] in our voice comm getting directed wrong. The commreq request email address is the wrst [sic].

I think you should have an additional section of questions on:
1) Developer support academic & administrative 2) PeopleSoft Support.

Available on-line assistance using a chat format. Have the consultants helping the people via IM.

Bagels? See question #25

Find a way to block SPAM sent thru the servers to a large number of recipients - Nothing is more humiliating to open email on my work computer that says "Brittany Spears [EDITED]" or "Teenage [EDITED]" when a member of NASA, DCAA or DCMA is present in the room. And *don't* tell me it can't be done - with that attitude - we'd all still be living in animal hide or caves. There's *always* a way to accomplish any goal set forth. (I'll be willing to bet that President Brand doesn't have to put up with this!)

I greatly appreciate receiving notifications of the services you provide via email. Although I do not use many of the services, it is nevertheless nice to see what is available in the event that these services would be useful. Thank you.

The cost to install new data jacks is too expensive. Can these costs be subsidized? The standard speed of direct network connections is not fast enough for the size of data files today. The standard speed provided by UITS should be increased to fast ethernet!

I will be purchasing a computer next month and will be using more of these facilities then. I feel that the technologies at IU are most important...IU is known for its advancement in this area. It's very important to keep growing in this area.

Changing Voice mail greetings are very confusing.

UITS has a huge budget with LOTS of money for support and services. But it seems that all that money is spent on toys or gimmicks (the Portal, for example) by the vast majority of IU faculty and staff. What we want and need is COMPETENT local support providers or some way to get advice or support quickly and easily. We would also like more input into decisions about what software is supported by UITS. Right now, it seems that decisions about software support and software availability at the STCs are imposed on us (the people who actually *USE* the software) rather than being made with our input.

Larger print in telephone directory

The IT help services for Apply Yourself and new PeopleSoft a large concern of mine. Will people be trained to help with PeopleSoft? No higher help or tech support was available with Apply Yourself.

RPS Tech IS NOT helpful IN ANY WAY. Staff are extremely Rude. Poor administration. In general, worst computer support I have ever seen.

Put campus map back in phone directory/book

I would like to say the support staff in athletics is top rate, [IRD], [IRD] + all the other individuals that help the athletic staff on a day to day basis are super! I've never had something they have not been able to attend to promptly & most efficiently.

I rarely use them except for E-mail therefore can't really evaluate them.

Tops in the web needs a lot of work -> on example would be detailing in for more product information. This info is often not available.

Personal Assistance For When I'm Working at Home!

I've been benefited from IUTS STEPS/PRSTEPS courses. I hope you'll continue these courses in the wider range of topics. Thank You!

Especially appreciate the phone computer assistance for home questions! Voice mail system very poor, either not availavle or message delays.

the "different" majorwas dropped as an option on IU CARE (not web based)-would like to reactivate
I have seen new graduate applications on-line-it does not seem to fit needs of department


I.U. Electronics=Takes too long for repairs. Needs more manpower.

Define more clearly UITS role in the library systems - LIT vs UITS who do what and who is responsible for what - get this info to Admin + Librarians- Seems some are clueless when systems go down-

Allow non-LSP staff more access to LSP certification and training. It is a shame to have all of the resources and no way for me to use them.

The IU event calendar is so crowded. There hasn't been a way I've found to print off easily. I was trying to find the religious holidays and had difficulty. There may have been a way but it wasn't easily found.

I cannot believe that a university of IU's calibre does not provide voicemail *automatically* to all of its campus offices. It's an *embarrassment*!

Keep up the good work

I would like to check out the services that I was unaware of, and utilize all that is offered. Thank you.
I really did not understand alot [Sic] of this. We use Tech Services here at the Kelley School. They are real [Sic] good and prompt.

Would like to be more informed of available services.

Option of calling ESST and getting advice by phone instead of relying only on email contact

Seems like a very expensive survey at a time when funding is being cut back & jobs being "riffed"

Most people I know do not like PINE specifically because attaching documents is a very tedious process and some of us still don't understand how to do it. It would be great if this was more user friendly.

I am completely satisfied with the services provided by UITS.

Campus teleconference service was unreliable, but we haven't tried it for the past year or so. Generally speaking, UITS does a great job with administrative computing and training. If it can pull off the HRMS, I'll be happy!

1) I have had way too much storage space taken from me in the past year. 2) The RPS computing support staff lack timeliness, approachability, and sometimes expertise.
Knowledge Base & 5-6789 are *GREAT*!

The phone system (equipment) is by far outdated - but this is **equipment** - NOT UITS personnel. The UITS people are great!

I am very impressed with UITS!! Thank you for sending this survey to me, It gives me a chance to show UITS how much I appreciate their services!!

Some of these items I may not recognize, even if I use them. Computer jargon goes over my head. I just don't pay attention to the terminology.

You are all doing a great service in a volatile and stressful academic world. Thank you so much.

You do a great job - thanks!

Our departmental (IU Athletics) support people are very helpful, professional and patient. They do a great job!

My use is restricted to the MMS at physical plant. The system is a resonably and unnecesarily difficult plus it is poorly administered in my opinion.

I am spoiled by the IU computing enough that I will not use the internet at home. It's great here.

Time for connecting via dial-in modem varies from a couple of minutes to an *hour*. Possibility of more lines to speed up service?

Overall I am satisfied w/ UITS as a whole. I must say though that I am very concerned about the future of UITS due to the huge budget cuts within the state & University. UITS has made such great progress over the last 5 years regarding cutting edge technology and providing competitive salaries which is key to the continuing success of the Dept. I hope things don't regress now because of the budget.

In a time when we are having budget trouble here at IU, mailings like this are a waste of money!
Make cordless phones available for office use.

Pine seems to get slower & slower, cell phone rates are too high (went w/ a personal cell phone acct.) IUPUI Printing too expensive. And we're in severe need of a new, MODERN, Student Information System. Currently using 1500 and UITS support is very good but the application is terribly outdated to the point that it costs us a lot of our budget to operate in terms of personnel - Print jobs. It's very labor intensive. Thanks for setting up UPNS. It helps.

My husband does not like all the reconnects while using the 856 modem pool from home.

I'm mostly self-sufficient in terms of computing & comms - network is the only thing I need from UITS + super computing & massive data storage.

Overall, I am quite pleased with UITS-provided services. The Universty's IT environment is quite rich and diverse; I appreciate such services and feel quite fortunate to have access to such services. One suggestion...allow departments to bring up their own Windows 2000 Domain, if the department demonstrates proficiency in managing such an environment, either through classes (EdCert) or through managing their own pre-existing NT Domain.

You provide great service and support!

Home modem connection - slow, slow, slower

Work with I.U. Police Department more closely on cases involving the need to access accounts and identifying users. Also, incorporate police department security evaluations regarding physical security of UITS facilities in all new construction or renovation.

Upgrade SW jacks to 100baset

Get some people we can talk to! Your personal service rates a 0.

I'm very happy, thank you for your great service.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

Computing services and support continues to be one

Please fix column width on web mail display to reduce disarray in text presentation, sentences partially wrapped.
Unclear if we can upload subdirectories vs one file at a time in the CFS facility.

Organize the printed telephone directory and make it possible to use!

Overpriced, overfunded, bureaucratic.

IUTS is one of the best features of IUB. It's also one of the features that keeps me at IUB, instead of looking at moving to other universities. You do a *great* job!

Obviously I don't avail myself of many of these services. of those I do, I am very satisfied.

Oncourse is sucking resources from serious efforts that might otherwise be made to address online education.

I got my mail kicked off Steel. My quota on Kate is too small for all my pine folders. Some of us just like pine, and no computer on campus has as many resources as steel does. Webmail is too slow! Increase quotas on Kate (not the IMAP quota).

I teach K201. We desparately need a STC testing environment. Can you develop a logon id that would block the use of the internet, mail, CFS, and instant messaging.

The search engine for IU sites is virtually worthless.

Don't drop POP ques to email without increasing assigned IMAP space. I need 100 mb or more of disk space for emails.

I bring one of my own computers to my office bec. the provied ones are to big and unwieldy. Also my own scanner. I have my own telephone instrument, too.

As someone who spends a great deal of time on my teaching and administrative responsibilities, I have NO desire to be a computer expert, too. So it only frustrates me when 1) I don't find out about changes that concern me (e.g. new web address for Post'Em) or 2) I am informed about action I should take, but the info comes in computerese, complete with multiple links to other info needed, etc. (e.g. changing my web acct password*). Just tell me what I need to *do*, and keep it simple.* something I gave up on because of the layers needed to accomplish the task

Phones w/ built in message machines
2 copies of all telephne directories
Better interface for Microsoft Exchange when off campus-I can't use my address book or personal distribution lists--a *total* drag.

I rely primarily on help from KSB technology staff-they are very helpful and competent.

Please do something about the online library catalog. Whatever its deficiencies, the old system was far superior!!

Bring more services to the school level.

We have had and continue to have lots of trouble with teaching in STCs. We need better technology in smaller (<50 person) classrooms CFS has been *very* problematic From the point of view of Administrative Computing IU is light-years *behind*. Peoplesoft will only make that *worse*. Every Big Ten university who has bought into Peoplesoft has had tons of problems with it. Administrative computings is *the* UITS problem on campus. Your cellular service is expensive *and* inefficient.

1) I established computer cluster in our own group, this is a reason that I did not use high performance computer cluster. However, if information and ease of usage is implemented, we will use it in the future.
2) Maintain help web pages for some useful software packages.

As always, I would like to see students helped to use foreign language accounts in e-mail. The Knowledge Base is sometimes hard to use if you don't know how to formulate your question in the right way. More flexibility is needed there.

I've found it **very** difficult to set up a list-serv for one of my courses. The web pages with instructions on how to do so are very unhelpful, and I've given up.

reduce rollouts on Research SP.

Have a seperate tech support phone line for faculty [UNREADABLE TEXT] (technology) questions/problems.

I love the advanced support infrastructure and reliability (esp knowledgebase!) Big problems this year with transition to CFS (disastrous for my grad stats students) Still need: 1) Hi speed access from home, 2) email like *PINE* but with capabilities for [UNREADABLE TEXT].

Greatest need for improvement is classroom technology

Late afternoon dial-in is very slow.

A fully functional on-start should be a priority.

Higher speed access from UITS modem pools are my biggest wish. Other than that - I greatly appreciate the service.

I teach on both Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses. Overall I would rate Indy IUTS a little higher, based on response times, continual improvements to software like Oncourse, etc.

Keep Pine as an option after the full deployment of Webmail.

Teleconferencing connections are a must.

More on-line components: Faculty summary reports; surveys; campus voting and so forth.

Telephone book could be laid out differently to allow for larger type, especially for phone numbers - and not require additional pages - if you do it right.

1. Improved phonebook format listing all faculty, graduate students and administrators by department. 2. Speed of connection.

My computer is old and in need of replacement. Services are fine, but I'm using my laptop instead of my office computer.

We really need better high tech classrooms in Fine Arts. I'm using Power Point presentation in 010 and have to roll in a Cap top & projector and hook everything up each time, which isn't that hard but it would be great to have more built in equipment. Also it would be nice to have our own tech support person.

Provide voice mail service

The gradual less of telnet-based access to services, and its replacement with web-based services makes routine busiess harder. I don't like it! Shakespeare is too slow though.

Overall, you provide good service-which is difficult to do considering the range and diversity of your service! My main interest is in controlled, serve course deliveryand testing environments. I wish that area would become a reality soon!

Need better web support to look up names, titles, address, of all staff and administration positions on campus. Physical plant, COAS, are weak in this regard-The web based address book could be *much* more helpful than it is.

Shorten this survey - probably irrelevant to most.

Need more dial-in modems.

Please emphasize research computing [UNREADABLE TEXT] consistency in network services [UNREADABLE TEXT].

Too many questions!

Instructional Tech Support staff have been unfriendly & unhelpful when I've tried to secure LCD setups for classes.

Reliability of Exchange could be improved-Pennsylvania is down regularly

Sorry-just don't know much about these things-I am not involved enough with my dept-I guess-to even know about them-

In the School Education we MAC users are outsiders. It often is difficult to get help with MACs