2002 IUE IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

insite [sic] hour's aren't always convenient.

Hooking onto the IUE facuty[sic] email from home is not as easy as it should be. -Should 1 faculty member be able to block off a specific time slot every week for an entire semester & reserve the technology cart - leaving everyone else helpless if their

Later hours for the computer labs -password reset, or password change [unreadable] to hard to choose a new password -HOURS

Macintosh - where are they? -Good communication via email -Helpful


New phone tree that is automatic -New phone/voicemail service -What are we going to do about the network wiring in W2116 and that part of W2 Hall.

Over the past 4 years I have seen continued improvements in the computer services offered at IUE. This includes hardware, software & networking. This has been especially true since Chris Carter has been at the helm, especially in customer service. (The

the computer surplus was a good idea for students -need to replace local phones for student use (wz hallway)

"Webpage is just an embarrassment-could be so much more-more helpful, more professional, more up to date- ENOUGH W/ TLC E-MAILS!!!! *AUTIOMATIC DELETE*

A large amount of the services used within this survey- I had never heard of before. I have also found it impossible to access my @indiana.edu email account.

Acknowledgement of messages left on voicemail. Did you receive my request for service. Also, a time line for completion. When will you be able to get it done.

Add Microsoft Publisher to some computers. Have spare ink cartridges in computer labs. Maybe add more printers to labs.

Appreciate that IUE has Toll free number as I live in Connersville. Tremendoulsy [sic] appreciate the use of laptop from library and also that the computers are sold after they have to stop using them.

Appreciate the number of computers available- I always can find one open.

As a real neophyte to computers 2 yrs ago & a returning college student, the help & support was and is great. Tom Osgood is *particularily* [sic] helpful & understanding, as is Mark Bever. The lab staffs [sic] are *so* helpful & *patient*! Thanks to all!!

As I am sure there are many computer services and support systems at I.U that are top of the line services, I do most, if not all of my computer work at home. I have taken 2 computer at I.U east that absolutely helped me become more familiar with computer

At noon in Hayes Hall, I can never find anyone to help and when I do find help, they are on the phone or having "social hour" with others in the office & appear affected when interrupted.

Downloads requiring administrator a problem, inconvienient [sic], slow response, & question way administrator has to approve updates to Norton.

easier [sic] ways to log on to computers, better assistance for use of computers.

Every IU Campus [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "wherein"] I teach needs to upgrade and enhance accomodations [sic] for faculty (especially *adjunct* faculty) to use technology in the classroom. Each time has been a struggle for me - from arranging equipment to secure [sic]

Everything is so convenient, and any lab I've been to has been of great help.

Everytime [sic] I have a problem I go to the computer lab and I have to wait a long time for asst. also it's a pain if your in one building working and have to run all the way to the Lib to get help.

Everytime [sic] I used the computer labs, there was no one there to help me if I had a problem.

Give *Everyone* on campus a computer literacy test. Then set standards and *TRAIN* everyone. Most DO NOT know how to use our computers in our Department.

Great improvement in IT in last 6 months. People friendlier and act happier. Attitudes greatly improved.

Have really never heard of most of these services. Have been taking classes since Summer 2000 and just now found out I have an email account that has been gathering messages for nearly 2 yrs. Need to let student know these kinds of things.

Help Desk becoming more helpful-

Higher level of accessability [sic] and fewer hurdles to reach staff (This may improve after VCIT is hired - I realize that this is a mitigating factor).

Hope this helped somewhat-Really, I rely much more on my home computer since I am out of state I do not have access to the online library. Sorry if this wasn't much help.

I've always had gone response from IT concerning computer/printer/phone problems.

I've been more comfortable asking for what I need since Chris Carter has been in charge.

I've called or asked questions of IT numerous times and was always helped with courtesy. If they couldn't answer immediately, efforts were still made to help however possible.

I've only been here about 2 months.

I am a Purdue student and I haven't heard of most of the things listed. This was the first time I have heard anything about I.T.

I am disappointed in the direction the TLC has gone this past year-not nearly as helpful although (indecipherable) states she is willing to help-

I am the night shift custodial supervisor. I work from 10:00 PM to 06:30 AM, Sunday night-Thursday night. My computer and phone keep me linked to whats [sic] happening on the campus. Both machines are vital to my job!

I apologize for not answering the 1st survey. I teach sculpture, design and other fine art courses. What use of the computer I do at home and I do no avail myself of your services.

I believe technology is critical but too much of our IU East budget is in technology while faculty salaries remain incredibly low - IT staff make as much or more than some faculty who have terminal degrees - This is not right at a university where faculty

I believe the instructors & professors at IUE have incorporated the I.T services into their courses and encourage the students to use any/all campus I.T resources.

I do not use a computer

I don't like the idea that programs can't be installed on the computers by students. I know it's probably to keep the hard drive from filling up but some classes I've taken include CD-ROMS and I would like to be able to use them at school, but I really ca

I don't regularly use the campus computer labs. I use my home computer to access Insite [sic] and IUE web page. I believe the Oncourse should be made more user friendly. Honestly I prefer that Oncourse not be used by professors.

I don't use many of them because I am only there for 1 class.

I feel that there needs to be a late assistant in the lab at I.U.E. Danielson Center (full-time). Contact me when you decide to hire for this position.

I feel you may be understaffed. It is sometimes 2-3 days or longer before probelems [sic] are solved. This is a change from last year when probelems [sic] were promptly resolved.

I find Webmail to be a frustrating service-it just needs to be redesigned. Having a quick connection is wonderful and I never have to wait on a computer. The phones for intercampus use are pitiful-the numbers on the keypads are worn off and one of the p

I have a computer lab at home, so I do not use much of the labs at the school. However I do check out Insite [sic] a lot and IUCat accasionally [sic].

I have a laptop & it would be helpful to have a docking bay so that I could print or access the internet through the laptop in the library. Also there were certain missing departments in the business area of the IU East website, one of the being marketin [sic]

I have attended IUE for approx 6 years--part-time. Last year is the first time I was provided a user logon & password. I was in the computer lab today and used a computer. If I did not take an oncourse class, I would of been without a password & logon, &

I have been pleased with the systems I use in the classroom. The projectors "Epson" to display Powerpoint is great. I wish I could host my web page through I.U.

I haven't really used any of the services offered except for the INSITE --which I think is great.

I just recently transferred (winter semester) and have not been able to utilize all facilities. I have got to use research aides, and I am in a computer class.

I left a message re: getting my new password- I left 2 phone numbers new 8:00 called. I made sure the office would be open @ 4:00, when I came to get my password, bus office closed, note to check other offices @ Haynes found a lady-surprised she was stuck

I really don't like the long distance code system - Seems there should be an easier way.

I reside sixty-five miles away from campus. I attempted to obtain my student account for oncourse on a regularly scheduled evening (500) and IT office was closed. I took a day off of work & there was a meeting for the IT staff until 1:00 (I arrived @ 12:3

I take classes using oncourse- I spoke with a lady that did not know how to instruct me on my class. She told me wrong- My instructor expected different. You should know the requirements of each instructor.

I teach in ML102, it is a conglomeration of equipment that is not useful at all! As an adjunct, I also teach at another campus & have the use of a technology pedastal [sic] w/ computer, VHS player, doc-cam & screen controls. It enables me to give more interes [sic]

I teach speech; consequently, my classroom presentation & student preparation are basically outside the realm of IT.

I think Alvin Ferguson is very helpful and so was Andrew.

I think its a great service. I am a freshmen student so I am learning on-course-I think more teachers should look into it.

I think that more information should be given on Oncourse. None of my classes this semester were posted.

I think the IT Staff under Chris Carter's leadership are doing a great job for this campus.

I think there are a variety of services that I am grateful for- but, as always, I think they need continuous attention to keep them up to date. Was glad to see various updates to oncourse this semester!

I was actually a little embarrassed to fill out this survey because I had not heard of many of the services. As an avid computer user at work and home, I'm sure a lot of the services you offer would be very beneficial if I knew they existed.

I wish someone was more familiar with Access.

I wish that you would leave the labs open until campus closes @ 11:00 p.m. I work during the day & it's hard to use to [sic] computer lab room when you have class right after work.

I wish they (IT) wouldn't change things and then fine[sic] out that a department was effected by the change (AKA server name) Then that department is down a day or so until IT can change that departments computers.

I work at Area 9 Agency. We seem to be treated as the unwanted step-child of IU EAst. I've never heard of most of the IT services that are available nor would I know how to use them. I know how to use the Insite [sic] program and get into my E-mail. I took

I work at Area 9 with Insite [sic] and Outlook Express. We transmit to the State. When the e-mail isn't working it shuts our work down. The last 4 days are an example.

I would like to see more qualified people at the help desks.

I would use the technology more if I could access it from home but I can't. I do not have an office or computer at IUE. I have access to one but do not use it as I do my work at home.

Improved response time to questions, problems, installation and repair would be appreciated.

Inscrease [sic] the size of files accepted through e-mail attachments. Currently I believe the limit is 5 megabytes. As computing needs have progressed, many files are larger than that limit.

Is MSN messenger going to be downloaded to computers? *anytime I need help, some smiling face is always handy to help me! Thanks guys!! :)

It's good

IT @ IUE is not efficient. Requests for help remain unacknowledged for weeks, or are lost entirely. Employees do not respond to email. Example: Two weeks ago, I emailed the on-campus unix account rep. She did not reply as of today. Webpage-design is

IT has some techs who work really hard and have been very helpful. The change in leadership improved IT's image on campus.

It is doing a wonderful job keeping up with the technology

It is pointless to have web development software that cannot be used on your system. The system does not support the Front Page Extensions that are on the computers.

IT is very helpful in all aspects (that I'm aware of). I can get things done faster in schools computer Iab (instead of at home).

It took almost the whole 1st semester for oncourse to work for students. Even now that it does work very few teachers use it to post grades or syllabi.

It was really frustrating to have computer access denied because the campus system was changed & not all computers were updated yet. Did anyone (besides IT) know this change was being made? Also, is it necessary to upgrade to the newest software when th

It would be nice to see Connersville get a DSL.

It would be useful if there could be a proachoe [sic] approach to inform/train adjunct faculty (and possibly all faculty [sic]. Equipment to support teaching in classroom is fair. There is no training or quick reference for using equipment. Adequate software.

It would be very helpful to the off-campus sites if I.T. could be here on a more timely basis to deal with technology problems. An I.T. employee whose main responsibility is to service & maintain technology at off-campus sites would be very helpful.

IU wear is very confusing! I downloaded it & cannot access the programs.

IUE needs more color printers. The only one that I'm aware of is in Hayes.

Last semester I had to go to Richmond to get my name and password set up to use computers in New Castle. This year it will not work and I cannot log onto a computer at class. This should be made automatically available to students.

Later hours on Sundays (9pm) I would like to see oncourse used with classes. More required communication G application of IT learning methods.

Longer open lab hours for use of computers

More [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE SYLABYS] contact on the comp. More discription [sic] of classes.

Most of the IT staff does whatever it takes to provide excellent customer service and support. Considering they have been short-staffed this year, they've done a phenomenal job. New PCs have been installed in 9 student labs, and 150 new faculty & staff

Most of these services, I did not know even existed. When I took my first class last fall, I had a dreadful experience trying to get information the instructor had put on "Oncourse". I was passed around from one office to another-*five* "tech assists"-li

My main priority/request would be a way to allow searching databases for journal articles from home ([UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "wimpirs"], etc.) Not sure if this is an IT or a library issue ...




Need for longer hours, including weekends.

Need software for specific classes to be available in *all* labs on campus.

need to provide services in timely manner (has improved Spring semester over fall). AV equipment etc. not always available/working in every classroom.


No, still getting used to the network



None of them have been very helpful. Don't seem to have much computer knowledge. Answer to everything is to Shut down + start it up! Never works. Phone guy hires in most of his work to be done! Doesn't make sense!

Not at this time

Oncourse--it seems that sometimes I clicked many times to complete task courses. (This could be due to how the instructor has it set up.) Also, the time out on the oncourse sessions were sometimes annoying. (I understand this is due to security though.)

Oncourse is a superior offering at IUE. I have the ultimate respect for the setup and accesability [sic] it offers.

Oncourse is slow to get on - need to speed it up

Oncourse was a bit of a struggle for me because evidently it didn't work as expected and I lost a quiz grade due to a technical problem. My instructor chose to do nothing about it either.

One of the reasons i do not use the computers on campus is because you are always changing our passwords and making it difficult for students to use the computers.

Overall Great Job! Very pleased with IT Services/Office Consultants. *Top Grade*!

Overall, I feel that IUE has many great services to offer. I have been very pleased.

Please get our email system up! It's been down for almost 2 weeks- Our office/work cannot be done properly--

Please update our phone system and include messages or music when we place people on hold. As it is now, people think we hang-up on them.

Priorities need to be set. Response time is too long in most cases. Telephone problems are not dealt with in a timely manner. People will go for 2 or more weeks waiting to get their phone fixed with no dial tone or phone service.

Regarding E-Mail: From time to time it becomes very slow and sporadic (March 2002) - Not an IUE problem, I suspect. Losing Steve Reynolds = Best thing that has happened in "IT" in a few years. You need to include a question about the "Help Desk". It

Relatively new awd [sic] still learning & becoming familiar with all IU aspects

Response (time) to problems needs to be evaluated, ALL departments considered.

Run classes so that house wife and older people can understand, sometimes the computer will tell you to go to seek but people that don't know about going to seek get discouraged.

Scheduling of conference room could be done in Outlook. This would allow staff to see what's available for use much easier.

Service off campus sites better then currently!!

Software updates on my computer (e.g. Norton Antivirus) has to be done by administrator; similar problem with server change on files, long wait (Days-Weeks) to get these problems fixed.

Some of these areas are hard to evaluate. I think IT needs more staff, and they need to be more visible - leading us rather than responsing to crises.

Some people on our campus send too many email messages "to everyone" on campus. Someone - perhaps IT- needs to educate them in the need to allow recipients to opt in or out of these lists. LISTSERVE & Majordomo provide the means to do this, but they are

staff seem to be friendlier & more helpful. Chris Carter is doing a nice job Alvin & Pam are great. Always come through for faculty requests - Alvin & Pam & Chris should be applauded for their fine work.

Student Support Services doesn't have anyone to show you how some of the equipment works. (eg. scaner) Switchboard lady (person) is not always so friendly; cuts you off before you are done talking.

Students pay high technology fees and deserve more for their money. For example, computer labs need more than one printer each, and we need higher quality printers. The library also needs more and better photocopiers

Switchboard is the "Weakest Link."

TA's for computer courses should be VERY familiar w/ software. Notice should be posted in all computer labs stating explicitly that computers are to be used for educational purposes only, and students will be fined for downloading and/or printing pornogr [sic]

Thank you

The 'help' desk *has* improved Lately. Before, Labeled 'helpless' desk was no more than a 'message taken' service; No instruction or problem solving offered.

The addition of new computer labs have helped, but some labs have limited programming-SPSSII-. Technology and this includes programming, needs to be readily available in all labs.

the change in leadership @VC level should improve morale & attitude (returning IT to a role which supports the academic mission of univ.)

The computer helps centers need to have at least one person at each center, not just one computer helper for the entire campus. It likes playing a game trying to find someone to help you. It you are in Hayes there is usually not anyone there to help out.

The computer labs have been kept at an uncomfortable temperature this winter/spring. It is way to hot.

The computer rooms are always too Hot!!!

The connection speed is great!

The individual manning the "Help Desk" should be able to help-not just take messages. Overall, I am "very pleased" with the services & positive attitude of the IU East IT dept. Keep up the good work!

The information technology services were very helpful with my questions about oncourse.

The IUE webpages are a mess. Very difficult to find important things, like Academic Affairs, degree programme [sic], academic division and departments homepages, INSITE, etc. Seems like way too much effort went into developing IT pages to the detriment of oth [sic]

The low score for 'Campus Switchboard" is due to the habitual rudeness of the full-time switchboard person at IU East.

The new computers are great. Were the old ones auctioned off and available for students bid?

The only IUE computer anything I knew about was www.iue.indiana.edu. You should make all this stuff [sic] at the orientation.

The passwords for computer and oncourse use need to stop changing and be easier to find.

The search at Indiana site is awful. What your really looking for never comes up.

The student computer lab consultants are very helpful and polite.

The Teaching and Learning Center staff needs to be better trained in working with people. They were so busy working on their computer tasks that they could barely stop a moment to answer any of my questions. I did not feel as if I was being helped. I felt

There are a lot of students who haven't gotten access to services listed in this survey because we've been here longer than the orientation explaining those services.

There are no color printers in Middle Fork Halls computer lab. There used to be one but it was removed this semester. I can't print graphs or anything with color on it.

There are things we've asked for in Connersville that have never been done. Staff is great-timing is slow.

There is a need of scanners and then having computers with zip drive. The library printers need improvement. Their printing capabilities are very weak.

There is a need to improve teaching access at New Castle (better computers & more of them) and a need to make more use of items such as "SMARTBOARDS" overall

There seem to be an inordinate amount of technical difficulties in the student labs this semester. The IT help desk seems to be chaotic and uninformed and issues are often either ignored or resolved much after the fact. More than once, an IT person has

Things are *much* improved since fall. One area that is still a problem is getting *clean* transparency on our overhead projectors in a timely fashion. Supposedly "clean" film is often still very dirty. Oftentimes it is not possible to use the overhead

This is my first semester I have not done a lot.

This survey probably would have gotten better scores if I could actually get online at school. I have never received any kind of info to get online, after I contacted someone to set me up with a username and password.

Todd Duke is a wonderful IT Staff member!!

unaware of services [sic]

Updates and changes to the web pages needs [sic] to have a different system in place. Our current situation leaves us with many pages that are not current or updated.

Voice mail phone messages are sometimes delayed 3-4 hours why? causes [sic] mis-communication [sic] would still like to have software when survey is completed

We desparately [sic] need Outlook net-worked for the Academic Advising Center!

We have problems; voice mail - I may or may not get messages - sometimes I get them 2-3 days after message is sent - things are much better; a new IT vice chancellor - need to ["UP" ARROW SIGN DRAWN] mac availability on campus

We have too much invested in computer labs that largely sit empty at IUE! Have we done any user studies-what percentage of usage do IUE labs have. How does this compare to other campuses of IU? We have the latest, greatest computers for students to use

We need a color printer!

We need more services for those who have imacs [sic] at home.

We need to have staff at the help desk who can actually help. Several times we have been told they can not help and we will have to call back and speak with someone else. This is very frustrating to office staff and students.

When a password was first needed to have access to a computer we were sent (by mail) the info needed. That was good. Recently when our passwords would not work because of the changes, I was not notified. That is not a good surprise when you're attempting

When I had questions [sic] the IT staff was very willing to help.

When i have a question about a computer or how to do something the computer aides never seem to know anything or care.

When software is installed, a tutorial on how to use it would be very much appreciated.

When there is a class in session in the computer labs -------- please put a door-knob hanger or paper *ON THE DOOR*, to help other students!

While I realize we must update regularly, the frequency & confusion resulting from changes in log-in procedures is detrimental to students - scares the more timid away.

While IT will address issue in a timelt [sic] matter, there is little follow through. What follow-throughs here is, is not consistent. this is the most frustrating part about It.

Why does IUE *waste* money buying new computers when the *printers* in the labs are *junk?* I never use your computers unless I am forced, my life doesn't revolve around computers unlike certain obsessed professors seem to be!

Work out all problems with passwords and oncourse.

Would like Front Page Extensions added to server for desktop publishing class. A better email program would be nice. I.T. staff does a good job in assisting.

You've got to get a proxy sender so students and faculty can us library databases for research from off-campus sites. Please stop changing student password procedures so often.

You need to make students more aware of the services that are available to them.