2002 IUK IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

I still need more training so I would appreciate more workshops.

I do not use the computer or the technology available in the classrooms. I am not the best person to evaluate the IT's staff and performance.

I am an adjunct - Faculty, teaching 1 night/week, Spring Semester. I do not use IT services in the course I teach. I have heard opinions of others which are reflected in some questions. I have taught at IUK since Spring, 1981. I have never recieved [sic] a password to use equipment.

Use TI-83 and view screens in math classes, use overheads, use little other technology.


I am an adjunct faculty member. For me having web enabled Outlook is essential. Being able to log on and get my mail from anywhere is important. Keep it up.

I have taught in *KO100* and SM116. *KO100* technology/equipment was *very* *good*. It was easy to use and switch back and forth between equipment. Now I am in *SM116*, and I am ***NOT*** pleased with the functioning or flexibility of the equipment in *SM116*! *SM116* is far *inferior* to KO100. *SM116* needs to have the

**same** **system** an in *KO100*. The technology in the new building is *disappointing*. The *CTE* is very *good*. *[IRD]* and staff are *real* *helpful*! *[IRD]* is also very *good*.

I'm an adjunct instructor who usually teaches one course per semester. I maintain contact with my students by telephone & my home computer.

I am a poor one to complete this survey-I make very little use of IUK's technology- As an adjunct instructor, my computer work is through my office and home computer. I know I need to learn more about IUK's technological resources but time is always a challenge.

My experience with IT services at IUK have been both positive and excellent. They have been courteous and responded very quickly.

Training by CTE is only offered during the day. As an adjunct in the evening, I can never attend training sessions

At the beginning of the semester there are problems with student user ID's and passwords. The keep desk is not open late enough after the first week of classes. Instruction for choosing user i.d. and password must be clear on students *after* have to return and reset. Adjuncts are not supplied printed telephone directories. We could use them. I have asked of the more room and was given one from the prior year. In the computer classrooms, harddrives [sic] are seldomOften [sic] computers shut down due to the overload. (Students are told to save to disk; but some don't.) The room needs dusting. Computer screens are sometimes downright *grimy*. Here [IRD] is wonderful. Her instruction in Oncourse is practical and easily used by instructors.

Great Job/ nice people. Have always found answers and/or help whenever have contacted any staff member.

Improve Communication

Customer service *Attitude* has improved but still needs work.--> Otherwise very strong.

The IT personel could improve our teaching & work if they are more helpful - - usually treats faculty (at least some) as a nuisance and bother. Is it possible to have at least one IT person to consult with after 5pm? We have classes up to 9:45pm but the staff are nowhere to be seen after 5 in case of hitches with equipment.

Still need to work on the idea of "Customer Service." They have improved but they still treat a request for service as an [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "movement".] Also, the "need" for all calls to go to x315 rather than [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "distant"] to AV is a major hassle why can't we know their [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "direct"] #?

IT services have improved over the last year, especially in terms of user friendliness.

1. [IRD] was always helpful and pleasant; others who worked the phone were not always pleasant.2. Follow up from Help Desk phone requests and email work requests is difficult to monitor because often there is no follow up email with incident number from the Help Desk. 3. When a work request is complete there should be a way to notify the requester what was done and when the job was complete. 4. Rarely can the person at the Help Desk answer a question - it always needs to be referred to someone else. Maybe this function of the Help but it seems that basic questions should be able to be answered from a handbook.

Classroom Technology Services: 1. Why are [IRD], [IRD], and [IRD] lumped together in one evaluation? The services that they provide - especially Audio Visual services are not the same. 2. I have been very satisfied with AV services. The only problem is if AV services are needed after 5:00 p.m. no one answers the Help Desk phone and a direct number to AV is not provided. Also because all requests must go through the Help Desk they determine if the request is urgent or even if we will be transferred to AV. 3. Chris Rivers is very good at getting back with people. 4. [IRD] was difficult to work with and had an attitude. I was surprised to see her name listed since she left the University some time ago.

Telephone Services: 1. Overall I am happy with telephone services except the problem with delivery of voice mail messages in a timely manner. Several times I have reported that messages have been delayed for almost 6 hours or overnight. To me this is not acceptable.

IT Services: 1. Often a work request is started and then not finished within a timely manner. 2. Also it seems that often work requests are delayed for some reason (which is not given) and no notification is sent to the requester. 3. It is difficult to provide services to students if the IT department delays work requests and decides that individual workstation requests are more critical than multiple student user stations. 4. At the request of Academic Affairs, computers were to be set up in library study rooms to allow students access to library services as well as word processing. This request was not given an incident number, after a status was requested notification was received that the request was not a high priority and since it was not an existing service it would not be given an incident number. So at this point there is no estimate to when this request will be done and no incident number to allow for follow up of the request. I assume the request was placed in a black hole somewhere. 5. An example of timeliness, NOT. In August 2001 when students were moved to ADS domain I notified the Help Desk that the email workstation in the library (which was a computer services workstation) would no longer be useful. I then followed this up several times with email notification. Since the workstation could not be used the library wanted it replaced or removed. We continued to get questions from students about access. This workstation was not removed until the first full week of January 2002. The computer workstation table was not removed at the same time and I had to request that it also be removed. 6. I understand and accept that it is a policy that individual printers are not supported by IT. It makes no sense when a department has a working printer and it can not be set up with a departmental computer. The department can not set up the printer because administrative rights are required. IT refuses to set up the printer. So basically IT is saying junk a perfectly good printer. With administrative rights the printer can easily be set up in less than 5 minutes and working. This does not seem a good use of university funds. It is understandable if a the [sic] printer does not work but when only new printer drivers need to be installed it seems a waste of funds. 7. When the library was initially wired each study carrel was to have access to the network. When rewiring was done a decision to only wire a certain area was made. At this time the library is still waiting for information on which carrels have been punched down in the closet and directions to allow students network access with their laptops. The number of requests for such use has increased with time. Either we provide the service or not. 8. Faculty, staff, and student input into IT services is no longer an option since the Technology Advisory Committee has been disbanded. Does this mean that IT will decide what services are needed? And faculty who are trying to incorporate technology into their teaching are left behind again. And the administration wonders why faculty don't [sic] incorporate the technology - there is no support system. 9. Computer staff needs to be used more efficiently. Some staff do not seem to pull there [sic] weight - or even try. I do not think that staff in this unit work together - in fact I think they throw road blocks in each others ways.

CTE Computer Equipment Room: 1. For the last several years I have requested a list of software and equipment that is in the CTE. I am glad to see that this information is finally available to faculty. 2. In the past I have not had a good experiences [sic] with asking for training to use CTE equipment. I made an appointment to learn how to use a specific piece of equipment. I purchased the recommended CD's. Yet when I went for instruction the equipment would not work for my need. I did receive notification later that a new piece of equipment had been set up and I should be able to use it to make the CD. I will try again, but it was frustrating to have planned and communicated my needs with [IRD] and not to be able to do what I needed.

Additional Services Needed: 1. The Library has had requests and in some cases demands for access to the Library Electronic Resources off campus. The majority if not all of the other IU Libraries have this access. Because of licensing agreements with vendors the users of the resources need to be authenticated that they are IUK students, faculty, or staff. This is being done on other campuses by proxy servers and required logins. The library requested this service of the former IT director, [IRD]. He said that some system wid eissues [sic] needed to be resolved and the issue would be discussed again in early 2001. It is now a year later. Now that ADS is in force we should be able to provide this service.The last time I approached the subject I was told that no one wants to mess with a proxy server. Whey when we try to make services we have on campus available to our students (who live off campus) are road blocks thrown in the way. [sic] I though [sic] we were here to serve the students and faculty.

Please see attached document. IT has serious problems on the Kokomo campus. The concerns of staff, faculty, and students, who IT is here to support and serve, are a low priority. A few years ago a committee was formed to enhance communication between the tr o [SIC] groups, but was disbanded after two meetings by the Vice-Chancellor of Finance. No reason was given, which is an example of the problem. "Help Desk" at the Kokomo campus is an oxymoron. There is NO help from the help desk. They are slow to respond or say it is not their responsibility. They tend to be rude, abrupt or dismissive. In a department (like mine) that is technologically advanced, working with IT is a nightmare. They have little understanding of specific needs. Rather than trying to understand departmental needs, requests are ignored because it doesn't fall into the IT priority list. The department is not well organized, has a vice chancellor in charge that is incompetent with dealing with computers, and has a staff that hates each other and does not work well together. I was in a meeting where IT was directed to expand its help hours past 5pm, which they promised to do. That has been over a year ago and there is no change in hours. This causes problems for staff, faculty, and students who work or go to class beyond 5pm. When I take the effort to report a problem to the help desk I expect a timely response to my query, even if that response is a message indicating they are looking into the problem. What I am finding out is that most of the time a phone call has to be made to follow up to even get them to open the e-mail. Or, if the email has been opened and it doesn't meet some unidentified criteria it is not placed in a queue and is ignored. Purchasing necessary software, having software loaded, and printing continue to be a problem on this campus. IT needs to get out of the box and understand that departments have needs beyond Microsof [sic] Office.

The few who are helpful in these matters are overwhelmed. It appears that the IT department is so busy putting out fires caused by their rudeness, incompetence, and unrealistic criteria they have no time to do their daily ativities [sic]. I suggest that all IU IT departments have standard benchmarks such as 1) how long should it take to instal [sic] a newly purchased desktop 2) how long does a help desk have to respond to an initial query, etc. My position allows me to hear student comments concerning IT. Students are disgusted with IT's treatment of students. Students have gotten over the anger of having to pay for printing off of computers, but are unhappy as to how often the print manager doesn't work. Within the last few days an anouncement [sic] came out over email indicating that student password processing would be done only twice a week during set hours. Was the change discussed with student government or student activities, was a survey done to see if the change was feasible? The idea behind having designated hours is appropriate—but were the hours chosen for the users [SIC] benefits or the department's benefits? Other thoughts on some specific questions: IU Information Environment has never been mentioned or addressed on this campus to my knowledge. My job requires me to use IUIE but I have never been trained so I've been doing the best I can and relying on colleagues from other campuses in my position. The voice mail service is unacceptable. Within the last few months I have been receiving voice mails 24 hours after being left. I can't wait that long to hear my messages. The phones are also antiquated. We need phones that indicate by looking that we have messages. I wish there were some positive comments I could make about IT, but there just aren't any. IT has to be the absolutely worst department on campus, which is unfortunate as they impact everyone's ability to complete their jobs in a satisfactory manner. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. This is the second time I have filled out the user satisfaction survey. I have seen no results from the first survey. I hope to see results from this one.

See comments on p.7. I feel telephones in the classrooms are mandatory. There are classrooms which have no phones nearby at various times of day. Safety can be an issue. These phones do not need an outside line.

Student web sites should be supported CD-RWs needed in labs-not just Zips

IT services should be called IT dis-services. Concern for customers (students, faculty, staff) does not exist. Customer satisfaction is at the bottom of their list. Their answer to almost all requests is "no". The general tone of the department is negative and exclusionary. The department is a disgrace. There is no regard for the mission of the campus - teaching. Just having equipment and resources doesn't do much good if they can't be accessed and used when you need them. Someone, please help!!

My classes are often too large to fit well in many classrooms, esp. comp./tech classrooms (but even regular rooms). Overheads are *old* & not always maintained, and I would love to be able to use a comp. classroom occasionally, esp. to test, but size & scheduling are problems. The Scantrons [sic] are very old, broken, & no one will replace, only hear that we should test on the web. (Not a workable solutions given physical space & #s limits. The IT staff have [sic] worked very hard, in my estimation, to improve services. There can be a difficult wait time depending on need. I don't perceive it as related to the fault of the staff, however. The people in computer services are friendly, cheerful, and helpful to a point, but there seems to be a problem with providing a service that really works without additional tinkering and adjustment. They may set up a software package, but it never seems to work completely. The software works elsewhere, but not here!

[IRD] is the one person in IT at IUK who has a sense of time [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "unbency"] in meeting faculty IT needs.

Staff are [sic] very personable face to face.

Continuing concerns about 2 staff members who are hostile and arrogant.

more professional staff [sic]

It seems wasteful of scarce resources to force faculty to replace computers when they have no need for an upgrade, especially when the upgrade does not provide software that is needed by faculty – although that software was on the *replaced* computer.

Please update IT staff in your survey - [IRD] has been here for a year and [IRD] has not! Although IT much improved since [IRD]'s departure, a focus on pleasing staff/faculty/students needs to still be worked on. Compared to other universities, the lack of control we have over our computers is *ridiculous*. HELP US!

The AV Staff is helpful and easy to work with. The computer staff is not.

Could students & faculty be informed of priority status items. I have been on the list for two separate items the entire year. I choose not to call frequently as a reminder. I assume my requests are of low priority.

I find the computer network very cumbersome - I am use to installing my own programs, etc., & feel very stymied here.

In short, staff at the IT office in Kokomo appear to be "not interested" in helping users. For example, I sent e-mail that asked a simple question regarding the function of my e-mailer, Outlook. Around a couple of days later, I received a short memo (electronic) that indicated that they (the help desk) received my e-mail. Why do they need more than two days to confirm the receipt of my email request? Then, *no action* has been yet taken for *more than a week*. Thank you, I solved the above problem by myself.

Computer services is [sic] very slow about providing service including installation of new computers and resolving problems. This hinders staff and faculty from performing their duties in a timely manner. We need more qualified personnel to perform work needed in a more expedient fashion. Two months toget [sic] any computer related work completed is far too long.


Keeping adjunct updated. [IRD] has always been helpful to me not always able to get response from help desk via e-mail.

Rlease [sic] some of the centralized control strategy. Central control is necessary however, it should be balanced with the level of end user's satisfaction & enrichments. Human factors are very very critical elements of computing environment [sic].

I use SPSS- I have version 9.0 in office, V. 10 in computer lab, and the bookstore sells V. 11. They are not all the same! A dog should not be required to use the computer equiptment in Kreesge Auditorium. CTE is good but [IRD] sometimes go *sic* BS way too fast. Inconvenient to use CTE. If your class meets after 5:00pm, and is a computer problem, you can kiss the class meeting good-bye. The executives in IT all leave before 5:00. In our high-security environment, the computer are [sic] all locked. Week after week you have to keep calling to get classromms [sic] unlocked because IT sees that the doors are locked but never unlocked. Kiss at least 10 minutes of every class meeting good-bye.

Need some leadership in IT- but do not send [IRD] back!

With most things I am satisfied. User support services is the area that I feel needs the greatest improvement. Some of the IT staff are friendly & competent. Others seem to be less than knowlegable [sic] about working on desktop computers and do not have the problem solving skills needed to resolve computing problems quickly & efficiently.

Faculty |Staff | Students

The Help Desk is a farce. The atmosphere down there is uninviting. I have had students tell me they dread going to IT because they get treated so poorly. Get people who can interact with other people. Stop getting rid of the employees with a personality. Wake up!!

It would be helpful if new employees were given an orientation on the handset use.

Some of the installers are unfriendly and sometimes hateful and abrupt./

I hate that [IRD] is gone - she was always so nice when I called Help Desk with a problem. [IRD] is hard to deal with. [IRD] in mailroom gets paid for doing *nothing*! I wish I had her job.

There seems to be no standardization re: computer & software installation. No 2 systems are alike - it depends on who installs the system for what software you will end up with! Most installs are very skeletal, and we cannot get them to come to install the portions of missing software that we need. As if they know what we need – this eventually decreases productivity because of the paucity of software. Why don't they *fully* install the systems instead of picking out portions of their choosing to give us "access" to? The "queue" system *does not work*! We never hear where we are in the list. I believe it's an abyss that has no bottom.

There are no real questions assessing the time of software installation. I have had four requests (still umcompleted [sic]) for over four months now. Also, I would like to have assessed information distribution, such as last year's results to this survey - we still have not seen them – or heard of any action being taken to correct anything - (so what is the point of doing the survey?)

IT service is very slow- there is no concern for people/problems that arise when doing important work that has a deadline. Their standard response is "I'll put your request into the 'que'." The *only* person that was nice and friendly and curteous [sic] to the general 14K population was fired.

Overall, the services is *sic* okay--- I find the primary problem is with some staff ---attitudes. I must admit it is improving--- slowly.

Better response time to questions.

This past year I have several times requested different types of services from help desk- these were done via e-mail; but often times I had to call the help desk to follow up after 1-2 weeks of no response regarding my request. In the past 2 months I have noted that the service has improved.

[IRD] is the greatest in helping with any kind of problem! [IRD] and [IRD] & [IRD] are always eager to help with a problem, too. Our voice mail on phone system does not work well.

Many times un-helpful, rigid, slow (extremely) in technical help. No longer recieve comformation [sic] of requests for service. Service is very poor. Unfriendly, difficult [sic]. Rarely contact them anymore. Call Bloomington help desk- much more satisfaction. Very caring helpful people there. 10K [sic], slow in updating out of warrenty [sic] computers. Install of new computers poor and partially done. ? skill and dedication of some IUK IT employees. too slow when repairs are needed - you can sit in a 'que' for days.- Not always easy to do your job when things are not working.

Satisfaction of "user support services" is dependent on particular staff members providing the support. Still room for improvement on "people skills" with some staff members.

Response time for computer help requests is still very slow. Sometimes not willing to even come over and look at the problem unless it's mentioned several times. Phone system area Codes are not updated quickly enough. Even after putting in a request, several weeks later still not able to use that area code.

People who man the help desk are very often rude and unsensitive [sic] to the computing needs of faculty and staff on campus.

An increase of just one or two knowledgeable people would improve turn around time. It seems unfair to increase responsibilities at the cost of effectiveness. We are STUDENT orientated.

Personnel should be given the opportunity to attend Public Relations, customer services courses. Perhaps be given the opportunity to spend time with counterparts at other campuses; especially the Help Desk.

I find the help desk very difficult to work with. Also, printing e-mail addresses in the campus phone directory would be very helpful.

IT has improved - yet the area still has some very unfriendly employees. I wish they would realize that *we* are their customers. I am sure that they do not want to be treated rudely by businesses they solicit.

Some of the IT staff need training on Customer Service. How to be friendly, serving customers w/ respect etc. Help Desk needs to be available before 7:00am & after 5:00pm.

[IRD] has always been so nice [UNREADABLE] helpful of all my questions!

They are moving the switchboard to the Kelley center from Main Bln I think is not a good idea beuse[sic] their are more classes in the main Blng and they keep taking out most of the payphones and they need more house phones in all Bludings[sic] for students to used[sic]. Thank you

Make Email more user friendly

Maybe if they had more staff the current wouldn't be so short with the caller. This makes them seem rude and uncaring.

I think it is Dum [SIC]

Faculty | Staff | Students

Classroom environment is a major contributing factor – to include instructors - to my dis-satisfaction. Improper "aura" of (and conduct) of professors and teachers, especially male, is reason for my withdrawl[sic]!!

I think it sucks that we have to pay for copies, they already charge enough for school!

I'm in the Purdue Program at IUK so I don't use the IU IT services, only Purdue's.

On Oncourse, a short cut button between courses would be appreciated. I have a lot of problems with downloading wizard to email professors with homework from homebase [sic] also. I don't think the page price is fair. Some students require more than 20 pgs. per day for their required classes. Some of us only print occaisonally [sic]. Other students do not use it at all. Isn't there any easier way to be consistent and fair to all students? we *all* pay for the technology fee. If I have a paper due and it is more than 20 pg. at time of printing, I should not have to pay extra or return to the lab the next day to finish printing.

I am very satisfied with the services IUK provides. It is a very comfortable learning environment.

When there are not classes using the labs, then they should be available for students. It's difficult to do assignments if the lab isn't open for student use.

No problems noted... excellent services


Are tutors available for software programs like Access?

Purdue lab's are not convenant [sic] for evening students

This survey contains too many questions. Besides, most of the questions are redundant. However, I will enjoy the coupon.

I would like to know more about this service. I would like to know anything and everything.

There needs to be extra data jacks for the ones with lap top computers.

Overall, IT Services are very good.

I love the oncourse site. I think that every teacher should use it for their class. It is very helpful.

I do not like IUK's new web site. It is very hard to find things on it.

advise [sic] returning students (Adults) about how much time is required for M006 before they are scheduled in the class. Work load is too much!

Myself & other students have had terrible past experiences with "usernames" & "ID passwords". My experience was very inefficient and unsatisfactory."




I would like to see more courses using oncourse because I find it very helpful.

I really appreciate the IT services that are offered at IUK! Keep up the great work!

The services would be better if IUK had faster computers and a better network. This is why I stay using the PUK computers and network services.


For the Purdue Tech side, in the computer rooms All the software for the Graphic Design Major needs to be in all the labs, Or have the lab open much more. For some students that is the only place they can use some of the software. This is especially a problem when students have jobs. It is very hard to make it to the lab when it is hardly open. And with 3 labs it is ridiculous [sic] to only have the CGT software on the one lab that is hardly ever open. And a software upgrade for CGT would also be greatly appreciated. Most of the software is very outdated, and some new software that is needed.

Good Services

I really hate how every time I want to print, I have to add the printer. And when I ask about it, they are crappy.

Yes, I think you could have saved a lot of money by conducting the survey on cheaper paper and smaller envelopes.

Information ABOUT COMPUTER SEVICES TO PART-TIME STUDENTS IS I HAVE NEVER BEEN ADVISED ON MANY OF THESE OPTIONS AND I taking class from IUK for about 10 years now. I pay a technology fee and I'm not sure why. The only time I have ever used the IU computers was when I was taking classes. A professor explained about getting grades through Insite or I wouldn't have known about that. While housing I also think a link continue: While browsing, I also think a link should be included for questions to be answered. I wanted to get information from IUSB and 5 days later my email still has not been answered. I thought that was the point in technology was to eliminate the helpfulness of the human being. I'm believing that more and more.

have been a IUK student for only 6 wks. & haven't had a chance to utilize many of these opportunities. I am a part time student, and don't spend a lot of time on campus. Maybe that is why I don't know much about what services are offered. Is there one source that tells about the different IT service.

I'd like better computer (WP and Internet and printing) services available in the Education Dept. Curriculum Lab. I'd like more WP services in the basement computer room.

It seems that there is a lot to offer, but I usually do my computer work at home. I use Insite [sic] and Inspire quite often. I'm not informed on all that IT at IUK has to offer.

Overall, the IT services are very helpful - current, up-to-date, & user friendly. The IT staff I have encountered have all been knowledgable [sic] & friendly.

I would like to see extended computing hours and web based computers available in the library.

Too many passwords - change all the time - hassle - don't use

I don't know why I was chosen to fill out this survey. As you can see I don't understand why I was chosen to fill out this survey. As you can tell, I've had no experience with the IT services.

Make e-mail easier. Need more open lab times especially weekends.

Would like to see more advertisements about *all* the options available at IUK.

not at this time [sic]

recently reinrolled [sic] in classes. Difficult answering many questions, because I just recently started using them.

This is my first semester back since 1998. I have not taken any computer classes since then. So it hard for to evaluate this [sic]. I will be taking computers Fall 2002.

I use the computer lab and need lots of help. The assistants are extremely helpful and refreshingly courteous.

I would like to see a more friendly way to use the printer system all over the campus. I would also like to learn more about using laptops in the computer stations in the library with the use of a local telephone number or cable hook-up.

I don't understand why we students have to pay 8.5 cents a copy for everything we need to copy. Maybe we could receive a card at registration with a certain amount of money to use for copies. When that runs out we pay the 8.5 cents per copy. Our technology fees could be used for this.

800 # for the many out of town students. Automated switchboard. More info. about services (IT) offered to IUK students [sic].

Yeah! I like the OnCourse Program. It allows you to keep track of classes, grades, and assignments. But not all the teachers use it. I think they should.

I really appreciate the computer lab. Those computers are much faster and have many programs that my PC does not have. Thanks!

I use computers in every course, but I am not what you would call on the leading edge. Please continue with the use of OnCourse.

Attempted to access full research articles and had much better results with the IU Bloomington sites. Also, had to wait to get password for access and could have used it when classes began. I attempted to access it online, following provided instructions and was unable to do so. I appreciate the software available at the bookstore.

Add school semester calander [sic] to Insite

For the technology fee I pay I should get more than 20 copies to print for free. It's a rip off.

Need support for XP

Could there ever be computers in the Kelley Center or library for internet and e-mail (external) use?

The IUCARE advising system needs *REVISED*; the information there is not always correct!


I'm a transfer student to IUK. So I didn't go through any orientation. I'm not sure where to go to find out about a lot of services. Most of the services I find out about through other students.

I was not able to log into Cinahl [sic] it Ruth Lilly Library from my home as I had in the past. Since IUK is a university geared for commuting students, I see this as a *real* problem.

More web based access to Library Searches.

Printing needs to be free.

I would like to have more evening classes available because of working in the daytime.


I would have liked to have utilized OnCourse more in my classes. I only had two professors who utilized the service during my years at IUK.

[DE NOTE: R WROTE "None at this time"]

Oncourse is a practical tool/concept but the technology/layout/user friendliness are a little behind right now.

More info on products + services would be helpful.

Overall, I think students working in computer labs should be more knowledgeable with the programs offered + we need more access besides just the main labs in the basement of the main building (study rooms, more classrooms, etc.)

I am a part time student - I have not used technology at IUK becuase [sic] these were available to me at home – Time on campus 3 hrs per wk.

I don't think its right that we have to pay to print pages (limit) in the computer labs. I'm sure there are people that take advantage of the free printing - but I think there ought to be some way to keep track of how many pages each student uses.

I don't agree w/ the printingpolicy in the computer lab. I can make 20 copies 5 days in a row, but I can't make 30 copies 1 day a week -- it is an inconvience[sic] to students. Besides that -- I don't see the logic. I think there should be available computers in all of the building[sic] (not just KO). And I don't think we should have to pay to print things off the computer.

As I indicated, there are several services that I did not know existed - If these services are available to me as a student, I would like to hear about them.

I'm sure I would have more of an input RE: computer system if I utilized the services more than I was able. I live out of town I am pleased with the service provided. [sic]

last time I used the computer lab, there were several printer problems and nobody could print anything for @ least 1/2 hour. it was very agitating. The staff was very helpful and nice though.

I am not well aquanted [sic] with many of these services.

The network connection sometimes drastically degrades in performance. The major criticism I have is the inadequate hours of operation on campus. Neither the computer lab nor the library provide adequate availability, especially on the weekends. Considering that IUK is a commuter campus, I believe hours of operations should be more flexible.

I 'm only a part-time student this year and I have not been able to see the new updates. I marked most of the questions "cannot evaluate" because I did not review or experience these services this year. Because of the "paper issue" in the student computer labs last year, I have recently bought a new computer for my use in my residence, so most of my computer research and projects are done at home. I found this to be less stressful! I do use www.iuk.edu other information on IUK's website, often. This service is very helpful because if you have any questions you can just use your computer at home to solve your questions... rather than going to school (especially if your part-time and your not on campus much). I hope answering this survey helps a little, but since I'm only a part-time student I was limites on answering some questions!

No! I think IT services has done a wonderful job. Keep up the great work!

I would be interested in wireless networking (802.11) on campus. Since it is not included in Mac Office, I would also appreciate the inclusion of the Outlook Macintosh client on the IUWare CD.

There seems to be too frequent problems with commecting [sic] to the printer, and only 1 printer in the computer lab in not sufficient.


The rooms should be unlocked so we can use them Need a better printing set-up in Comp.Lab [sic]

I think that we should be allowed to use e-mail servers other than IU's in any of the labs. I don't like the IU e-mail being forced on us. Also, a computer lab in the KC would be nice.

The printer situation in the computer labs is the exact reason I do NOT use the labs. The Dot-Matrix is so loud & constant it is impossible to think. I also refuse to pay for paper that my tech fees already paid for.

No, but the computer lab tech is really helpful. If everything was on Oncourse, it would be even better. Only 1 of 4 classes have staff on there.


Computers in labs and classrooms should be kept up to date, as much as possible. DSC Networking and Internet, do little good attached to 486's or Pentium 90-100's w 33600 modems.

The computer services are more benificial [sic] to those who do not have home access. The more a student uses the services the better it would be to that student.

I am a Purdue student so the IU side IT department seems to be teaching classes way behind us.

At the computer labs, there are too many students for not enough computers.

The computer rooms are not always open when I need to use them. This is frustrating when I have projects to complete!

I am a Purdue statewide technology student and I did not use any of the computer services in the IU computer lab.


I have never used the computer labs at IUK but am glad they are there in case I need to.

Not all of my teachers use oncourse it would be very helpful if they did.

I don't really use any of this. Sorry I couldn't be of much help.


I don't think I'm registered to use the computer labs at IUK. If I am not could you please send me something telling me how to do that. Thank-you

N/A - I feel like I haven't had sufficient time as of yet to fully explore the services on campus to adequately provide valid and thorough information for your survey.


I don't use their services very often. I attend mostly off campus courses.


I know these services are available, but I have not used them because the need has not arised [sic].I have used the IUK library computers once. I use computer facilities elsewhere if needed.

I have not had much opportunity to use the computer systens at IU-K

You might want to remove my name from this survey list as I rarely, if ever, use any of the said services.

Wish computer labs (and library) were open over holidays and longer hours on weekends. For example, Spring Break is great time to catch up/work ahead, but can't do it when the resource centers close down. Would also like to see computer labs open until 10pm. Don't like the limited hours of Insite.

I don't believe 20 pages a month for copies is enough to complete 1 assignment or research paper. Perhaps you could look at the number of pages each student is allotted each month. I have only used the computer labs onces [sic] since I been [sic] a student as IUK- there was no that couls[sic] help me, the hours were inconvenient. So I purchased a PC for home which was lots better.



Update computers in nursing lounge. Make computers readily available in the Kelley Center. Labs in basement aren't convenient all the time.

It would be nice to be able to access IM or MSN messenger in the lab. (long breaks in the day...easier and more efficient than phone)

I was not a fair evaluation for this [sic]. I have never used nor heard of these services.

I really don't use the computers at the school often since I have one at home. I do sometimes access IUK from home.

The computer labs are loud. The people who work in the labs aren't knowledgable [sic] about the programs on the computers.

There needs to be a computer orientation day, just for students, before classes begin.

The only thing I don't like really deals with the Information Systems Major - we're "locked" out of most everything that deals with settings - how can we "learn"?

The services I use the most At home Cinal [sic] which I am so grateful for. Wonderful invention adn [sic] I am also grateful for at home Registration for classes. I sometimes wonder into the computer lab at the school and they are helpful too.

I am not familiar w/these services therefor [sic] I was unable to truly evaluate them.

Printing is an important issue on campus. I would like to see an increase of quality free printing for the students before they are charged. It is also important to add free printing for hte [sic] IUK Library's CARS room for research.

Students are poor. It cost to [sic] much to print from the computers. Surely tuition covers paper cost.


IUK need to demand use of oncourse by Instructors and Staff members. Oncourse is an excellent TOOL for staff members and students but is under utilized by most instructors.

I was never able to establish a consistent correction w/"on-course". I did initially but could not after my 1st class using on-course. The advice from IT staff did not help.


I have webtv and a printer. it would be very helpful if I could access the on course info via my webtv [sic]. There were several work sheets and study guides that were unavailable thru the webtv [sic] system. My uncle lets me use the CD I recieved [sic], on his computer. It is very helpful and I appreciate it very much. It is not very convenient to have to go to his house to do my computer work. I have been unable to purchase a computer of my own. I am a struggling widowed mother of a 17yr. old. Things have been real hard on both of us since my husband died 6-20-00. I would like info on a used computer for my home if I could get a price that is affordable for me. Sincere thanks. [IRD]

First year school, have not had the chance to utilize the IT at IUK, so I can't really give and accurate evaluation of the system.


Since I am only taking two beginning computer classes at IUK, I cannot truly do justice to this survey. I have been very satisfied with the computer labs and instruction.

I've been out for a semester, and went to use the coputer [sic] lab to find out that a username and password were now required. I had no idea, kinda [sic] disappointed.