2002 IUN IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

The help desk used to be more customer friendly - now I feel as though I'm bothering them.

An update on [IRD]'s old 4-sided directory, which simply included offics [sic], [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "phons [sic]" or "plans"], & e-mails There should be more support for Mac users. Are e-mail shouldn't go down so much

Need to know how to transfer phones if need to - from any phone - very inconvenient [sic] for students -. [sic] especially from cell phones or long distance no directories available.

more [sic] open labs and computer classrooms

severely [sic] understaffed

Some universities- such as Valjrariase [sic] University or the University of Chicago- offer their faculty, staff , and students the ability to dial in directly for Internet access and e-mail service without having to go through an ISP- I wish IUN could provide such a service-

Webmail is a slow retrieval and deletion process. Very awkward to use! The HELP desk has also overlooked several calls (not making a ticket). However, some *individuals* are doing a great job:[IRD]

I would like to interlibrary loan through the we [SIC] site. This is not yet available.

IUN Web mail needs improving-I can't delete folders and deleting saved messages is very time consuming as they must be done (checked) individually

If equipment is available and a professor needs it, it should be made available even if it was not requested 24 hours in advance.

Yes, we need someone at IUN who is more familiar w/ computer technology ie someone to offer more than "re-boot" need an "ONCOURSE" expert, more computer labs for student to accomadate [sic] on-line testing, ect.

The IT staff is Great & Patient! Thank you-

IUN webmail *SLOW* I have sometimes had difficulty getting equipment [once me advance order was forgotten].

On the IUN campus, [IRD] for information technology, is doing a very fine job. He is always a readily available & very collegial. Focus on customer service at help desk-I've been call "hostile" by your staff. Let off-campus faculty access *all* Bloomington databases

The help desk staff has been very helpful to me in making sure software [i.e. Office XP, Netscape etc] was compatible with my new home XP computer

Should have an orientation for instructors.

Would like to have phones with "redial" and "hold" Features in offices. The home web page needs to be easier to navigate. To access course schedules you have to go through a lot of pages and know what to look under. Not user friendly.

I generally teach at the [IRD] off-campus facility. The staff there is excellent + the ITS equipment is always available and ready when I arrive. Great job!

Students that set up overhead projectors, VCRs, etc. need to check out equipment before instructor uses it

Note: I am a part time instructor, but would love having a booklet detailing services available. Too many departments - Registrar, Bookstore ETC. Have no option to reach a 'live' operator. Many zero out functions take you back into a loop w/o ability to leave message.

You need more computing labs allowing students to complete data communications lab.

Since I'm only an adjunct member of the staff - I don't think my responses are totally reliable.

Internet connection (IT line) seems to be slower than usual lately. Are there any opportunities through UITS for training with application specific (ie GIS) software packages on regional campuses?

Computing classes taught by [IRD] are excellent and hand-outs developed at I.U. Bloomington are also excellent. Instructional media staff great. Equipment is not so great. I teach music and speakers in Merram 115 are bad for videos with music O.K. for speaking, but terrible for musical sounds. Whenever I order VCR I make sure I have alternate plan! Sometimes equipment does not work.

I am parttime [sic]- there is no long distance service in the adjunct office- which makes it very difficult to contact students at times – the computers and printers are antiquated - I do my work at home.

I think that Power Point would be an excellent improvement for classroom lectures. I have a very difficult time changing my voicemail message, even following written instruction, I thought it was changed, but I have been told by callers , it is not.


*Important* official communication/notices/news etc. should *also* be communicated/trasmitted [sic] by pointed material

Instructional media is highly understaffed which often results in late and/or no arrivals of equipment to classrooms [this is what we are told]

We do not have th [sic] Apple support we need at IUN


Publicize what's available. make things easier! I e creating a web page. Getting e-mail from IU web mail at home. Instructions available apparently are written in greek! [sic] Would like to be able to dial into operator 1-888-yourIUN & then punch into exteutions [sic] - otherwise its a long distance Direct Dial call. Would like updated phone.

More access for students, not less After 2 years, I'm still not on phone list

1)Internet Web>Response time, access time in office is slow- this includes email. 2)Need to fund an instructional technology position at IUN as part of new center for Excellence.3)Life cycle funding is not replacing office machines quickly enough in Teaching and Learning. 4) Additional work stations are needed in Library 230 Lab.

Again, I probably utilized services more as a student and not an instructor. I'm only on campus one night per week and during that time I'm teaching so I really do not use services as much.

As a part-time professor I don't take full advantage of the computer service.

[IRD] is great but H451 is terrible and no matter how much I report nothing changes. H451 should be redone immediately!

I am an adjunct faculty and don't utilize many of the services. I'm not sure if my answers should be heavily considered. P.S. This was the only survey I received.

Faculty |Staff | Students

It would be helpful if there were shared drives made available. Shared drives make it much easier for several people who must use the same files.



Staff in IUNITS is always professional and usually most helpful. I do think you need additional "MAC" support. Overall very satisfied considering their workload for all of IUN campus.

The services at IUN are very reliable. If I have a question, it is usually answered quickly and correctly. Same for telephone services.

It would be nice to know all these people on a first name basis as we're always getting new I.T. people on campus.

More written explanations concerning FIS. If these could be accessed with a "help" section during transactions it would be very useful. Also I feel many people have unrealistic expectations regarding help from UITS. I retired in January 2002 so this would no longer apply to me.


Get rid of SUVON

Help desk personnel are not very friendly or helpful-with the exception of Mark Uncapher. Mark is outstanding. Also [IRD] is very helpful.

Instructional media's attuide (sic) has improved-they have become more user friendly. My Help desk staff is always outstanding. Help desk staff along with the phone staff is wonderful, knowledeable (sic) and friendly.

The HELP desk never returns my phone calls.

We need a MACTECH.

UITS Staff at IUN are very knowledgeable and friendly. Whenever I need assistance they are quick to respond.

We still need "toll free" calling from the IUN campus & the Chicago area (including downtown & suburbs)!!

*IUN* Modem Pool is SLOW!! - 19 - 21K

Webmail - need to sign back in too frequently if not used.

Events calendar too [sic] cumbersome; emergancy [sic] telephones= outdoors many yellow lights not working - phones hard to locate in dark; teleconference service often late in setting up units – conference already begin when IUN connected - If begins at 10:00 equipment should be on and working by 10:00. Thank you [IRD] Excellent Job!

Orientation to these services would have been/be very helpful, even now I clearly am underutilizing available services that I am unaware of!

It is often more pleasant to go to the denist [sic] than contact the IT dept. for assistance.

more assistance for disabled students & employees.

Cannot evaluate or comment

It would be a great idea to get a phone list update, people move or quit and we need an updated phone list maybe every 6 months or a year. :)

You ask no question regarding instruction media, then you lump it in with question 21. Without any other data, for instructional media, the evaluation is flawed.


We desperately need a more cooperative Webmaster. Our (IUN) website is an embarassment [sic]!! (Particularly the on-line directory under the "people" section. There are names and office numbers of individuals who have left the university well over two years ago. New employees are not>added to this list)

All other campuses offer an on-line application for graduate students except IUN- we have had no leadership in this area and very little leadership/support with People soft. These technologies need better support on the IUN campus.

Faculty | Staff | Students

I think the services you provide are very helpful to busy students, especially late computer lab hours and the drop/add automated phone system. Good job.

More technology consultants on duty in the busier labs.

How do you find out about these things.

Aside from registration with the telephone system and a very poor open lab experiment with computers hall.

I haven't used this system.

No comments

Most of this I never heard of, when my daughter wanted to sign up, we used the computer in lounge and none of them worked, however I don't and never heard of us being able to use. *sic*


I do not care for the new Macintosh computer labs, the facilities are difficult to operate and they only have ZIP drives, not everyone has a ZIP drive at home. Also, they freeze easily and do not eject the ZIP disks sometimes.

Replacing the Apple computers in the computer labs because almost no one uses them.

There needs to be more available computers during the end of the semester because the labs are full and you sometimes are not able to get your work done.

I have been out of school fo [sic] over 20yrs and alot [sic] of the technology isnew and coming to I.U.N. as a freshman, I didn't even know much about UNITS. It would be beneficial to give incoming students information to everything that is available in this area.

Train the lab monitors to answer questions about Microsoft used in labs.

There are *many* services offered that I was unaware of until filling out this survey. It would be helpful to make this information + services more publicized.

You need to have a more intelligent staff at Student Technology Centers. More importantly, though, you need to improve your computer classes. They are so useless that even Indiana University will not accept transfers of them.

more teachers should use oncourse

I enjoy the speed fo the computers in the computing centers. It makes it easier to do reaserch [sic] when the IUN computers are up to date.



I don't have email at home- only through I.U.N.- I use the computers to check my mail and print out powerpoints for specific class through oncourse. I have *not* had many problems at all. =) There are always computers open.

The IUN email is to (sic) difficult to set-up and deletes once the semester is done. It is very inconvenient. There are no scanners in the labs. The lab attendents (sic) are extremely pleasant & very helpful.

I haven't used much of these services, but when I transfer to CIS next year I will probably use them more. Registration by telephone doesn't give you a price of classes & cost.

It would be nice if some of the lab techs. were more curtious [sic]!



I'm really just getting started with the services provided.

So far it has been good.

I do not agree with the fact that I have to pay a $40 technology fee and then the computer labs are being opened to the public.

I just need someone with a little patience to help me sometimes.Learning this was a slow process. But I appreciate the service and effort of the students. Keep up the good works IU.


basically use telephone for registration drop/add & class payment. I Love it - Thank You.

I have just recently attended IUN & have not had a chance to use many of the facilities that is why on many of the choices I either chose "Cannot Evaluate" or "Never heard of Service".

More labs/maximum capacity. Library Information/ computers are totally useless + out-of-date & not user-friendly

I feel that many of the services you have to offer go unnoticed by many students. I think you should find a way to better communicate what services you have to offer and how students have access to them.

There are several computers in the labs on campus that have defective hard disk drives (a: 3 1/2 inch floppy drives). This makes it rather difficult to save work and uses a lot of my time e-mailing my work to my account so as to work on it at home. If someone could check the a: drives on the computers and fix those that need it, it would be much appreciated.

I think that with all the labs @ IUN, that only 2 are open to all students. Also, I feel that some labs should not be closed because of a Miss USA contest. We as *students* should have our needs and wants met *first*!

It would be nicer if the lab tech in the computer lab *sic* were more helpful, when it comes to questions about the computer.

There should be computers to check e-mail on in/near the DDE NOTE: FULL R NOTE SHOULD READ: "There should be computers to check e-mail on in/near the cafateria [sic] (There once was- I believe they are gone) it's convenient- Labs are very neat and orderly!"]

I work full time, carry a pretty full load in school and my plate is full running a house and keeping up with my kids. I keep getting letters about not completing this survey which is randomly selected and confidential. I'm very busy *sic* must it be done nearing the end of the semester, tax time and scheduale *sic* select for next semester. Why is my name attached to this survey? I use the library and computer lab. English computers required. That's it. I do my work at home. I do however appriciate [sic] your computer labs and insite *sic*. Thank You! P.S. Could we have specials on computers other than ("Dell"'s prison market)[DDE NOTE: R DREW ARROW POINTING TO "I".] I am against keeping people in prison tied to a marketable product. Victoria Secrets and Dell computers.--- The coupon was expired by the time I made time to take care of this.

The system at time *sic* is difficult to navigate through.

There are not enough open computer areas, also, it should be mandatory that incoming students participate in a class to familiarize themselves with the computer environment. There should be more done to incorporate IUNITS (Nursing is doing a good job!)

Please allow labs for use by IT Students. Other departments have lab time but we don't. We're like the shoemaker's kids.

You need to put a price list of books on the bookstore web page. So we can come to buy our book being prepared for how much they are

Get rid of those stupid MAC computers! Put better software on the IUWARE CD's

Although I don't have the opportunity to use the open computer labs as often as I did in the past, it seems that access procedures changequite often ( eg: sign-in, place ID card atop the computer, now I need a password). Let's try to produce a long turm [sic] standard operating procedure so students are not at a loss each time they visit. Personally, I try to avoid the labs now due to the ever-changingrules to access. I don't wish to appear negative; I simply feel thisis an area that demands improvement.

Computing classes (and info) needs to be marketed better. ie. More advertising.

Never heard of UITS, possibly could offer more info about these services around campus

I found the website (IUN) difficult to navigate.

Need more available access to library INSITE and research materials. Need more knowledge concerning specific programs.

Need more available access to library Insite and research materials.

Need more knowledge concerning specific program.

I feel that there needs to be more computer labs accessible to the students.

IUN is still inadequately equipped to provide assistance needed for the disabled student. It has improved over this past year but only after numerous faculty member's input besides my own to try and provide a better academic environment.

love to see the computer labs open on Sunday's. The new gym is open on Sunday - what is the message being sent to students?

The online advising, oncourse and Insite is *very* helpful and I have used these services many times and I am very satisfied with these!

-More open lab times -Make registering by phone longer instead of waiting in *long* line after work to register for classes.

Not really, I'm overall satisfied. They are efficient enough for student use, and strictly student use only. Maybe a cool thing would be CD-burners maybe even DVD-R drivers. Re: email - Last fall, to let my prof. know how much I learned in class, I sent him a letter by U.S. Mail. Old-fashioned, I guess. Now, when I registered for spring, the registrar's office directed me to some computer somewhere so that I could get a duplicate (I'd misplaced the original) printout of my class schedule. The gentleman at the counter was decidedly unhelpful. Borderline snippy. And I am pretty easy-going. Perhaps IT could have a sheetlet [sic] printed with a brief how-to Re: commonly sought computer tasks to be done at the computerplace somewhere. Thanks. And thanks for the CD offer. Will redeem.

The message boards & chats on course only seem to work about 50% of the time when I took an online class. Also, the individuals working in the computer labs need to know more on software.

Tele Net Courses need Evaluation to determine improvement and re-establish guidlines [sic] so more courses maybe offered in support of bachelor/Master degrees.

I am not a full time student. Really have very little information regarding your services.

I like the more casual atmosphere at the computer labs. However, from the amount of student help requested in software problems (Functional), perhaps training the lab monitors more extensively would ad value to the overall IT Services experience.

Friendlier help in computer labs.

The Mairon [sic] Hall Computer Center needs more adequate lighting.


Compatability [sic]! Not all students are finacially [sic] able to upgrade their systems windows XP isn't compatable [sic] with '98 & that causes serious problem.




I am glad to see you are adding more computers in the Marram building, but it seems as though when labs were in more buildings all over campus, the student body had better access - more convenient. Although I do not use the IUN technology service that often, when I have it has been a great service to students.

The Student Technology Center consultants need to appear like they enjoy their jobs. The STCC need to be courteous.

I use ONCOURSE on a daily basis and your tutorials could be clearer or explanations could be more precise.

While these services are available, many people do not know about them.

You should open computer labs longer and earlier. Oncourse should be accessed quicker; too much process

More open computer labs. Many times all the computers are taken.

Need to make computers more wheelchair accessible in library for looking up a reference/book at IUN.

When I am at home & need to do research ie. journal articles the university requires a password. It needs to be less complicated.

Change the speed of your servers when students try to dial-up the system with remote modems. Sometimes it isso slow that it will take 4-5 minutes to download one site.

IUN computer lab needs to be open on Sunday.


I'm confident the IT sources are adequate despite my not having used them to their fullest extent. Seeking input like this is ENCOURAGING for system improvement. Best wishes.

Open labs on Sunday afternoons

The library doesn't allow you to get much info from off-campus. B/c I work full-time & have a family, it is difficult for me to do my work @ school. Some programs, like INSITE, are confusing to me.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I'm a part time grad student that teaches during the day. I only come on campus for my classes. I do all research online at home.

I have not been very aware of the services offered by IT.

Services are only readily available to full-time (day-time) students. I resent having to pay technology fees for equiptment [sic] I don't have access to.

No, I am satisfied

The only complaint that I have is that I cannot seem to get registered for email through IUN

I am not much help in the computer aspect, but I do feel strongly about the telephone registration. It didn't work and it caused me a large amount of trouble and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I answered "cannot evaluate" to most answers because I really don't use the computer services. Thanks

Not at this time.

Please do not send me any more surveys! They are a waste of my time!

I don't even know where the computer labs are located. I just started *sic* spring sem [sic].

I'm not yet addept at accessing sources ot the use of my computers or quick access. I have not a lot to evaluate *sic* make all tech. center's computers available to graphic arts program *sic* (macintosh)

Yes, they need to have another printer in the computer lab that's in Savannah Center. It's really hard trying to print your assignmentswith ten other students and only one printer...

Insite [sic] - wish it was 24 hours instead of using it in certain hours.



I believe I am very satified [sic] with the computer labs that is open for students. When I need to work on a computer to do my homework, the computer labs can always come in handy for me.

On www.iun.edu i'm [sic] not too sure if it's available, but have students grades posted at end of semester and register on-line.

For what I use it for UITS works fine. I am not a tech. guy - so it works good for me.

The student technology centers need new computers, the current computers they have don't work very well at all. The modem speed is to[sic] slow and it doesn't bring up certain sites

I cannot honestly evaluate most of these programs. I've only to [sic] one computer class since attending IUN. Nevertheless, that instructor was excellent.


The telephone regestering [sic] system is becoming somewhat complicated and it seems to drag on. Overall, I'm very satified [sic] with IUN Technology Services.


I have not used this service enough to offer any suggestion.

I thought these things were supposed to be anonymous

Library hours should be longer through the year.

The "insite" registration and schedule listing is good, except it doesn't show the dates that the class is supposed to begin & end. Where is this information listed on "insite"?

-Yes- telling me I can only make copy *sic* of 3 pages is ludicrous! -I sincerely don't appriciate that. I don't use the center that much.