2002 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

Question: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


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I think our counslers need to respond quicker to messages. And spend more time one on one on a indvidual basis to care more for the questions and answers we need help deciding. Furthermore I am privilged to attend our school, and only want success in education counsler, and do not want to be delayed and costing me money when I'm ready to go to school, that I'm not happy about but understand work load.

I wished they have a computer lab in all buildings such as: Macy Cable bldg (SI) and Union bldg.

I would like programs like visual basic and C programming to be installed on all the library computers. Therefore I can work on programs at school in my free time.

I may have missed any questions regarding the computers located in the labs. I would like to inform you of their in eficiency. I have had two CPT courses that require lab work to be completed during class period. The compters in both labs take a great deal of time to boot. Attempting to run more than one application slows the computer tremendousely. These computers need to be researched and improved.

It would help if it is possible to access H drive content from an F/P server instead of only being able to mount the drive since that service is not in use by all IPS's. Also it would help to be able to install programs to our H drives, mostly this can't occurr when the install program treiste write to the registry. Some programs are required by class and can't be installed.

My field of study has not been technolgy. Therefore, I hate technology. My graduation did not depend on your technology system. You need to have more classes on how to use the particular features not your computer tech. system.

I didn't know about a lot of the services available. Maybe you should advertise better.

I attend IUPUI on a part time basis. My goal is to become a full time student within the next year. At that time I will probably have more use for the services provided through the campus which will give me a better knowledge of the services available and their functions.

Some of the people who are working on the help lines could be a little more patient and kind.

If the Nursing computer lab is part of UITS, than I would suggest more hours on Sat/Sun and a few days of later hours for the lab. It is really hard to use them when you work a lot of times when use the ethernet at home. It is slow. It could be our phone line, but I didn't know I know it isn't the computer I just had it upgraded.

My husband is an I/T enginer: He provides and takes care of any questions I have about IU Softwate or UITS Service.

Orinatation for company for new students were outstanding. And staff at all computer functions were very friendly.

Hand information on such sources to new students.

I have only been attending IUPUI for a short time. In fact I have not even finished my first semester.

Sorry, but I am probably not the best student to provide input to your survey since my usage of the university's computing information system is pretty much restricted to e-mail, Insite, Oncourse and Library services.

On course and Webmail need to be improved. They are not user friendly.

I think that overall UITS is wonderful.

I am a part time student and rarely use any of the services. I have my own computer at home and work and access internet and email from there. My completing this survey will not provide afair assessment of UITS.

It would be great if the information about all UIT Services was available and known to every student. For example I didn't even know about many services it offers.

CNC is open labs ET109 are nearly worthless for anything beyond Microsoft calculator.

I am very happy with the UITS, they have been very helpful to me when I needed help.

I would like to see more computer stations. I normally wait to even sit down at a computer this is very frustrating when I need to do something for my next class but run out of time because of waiting.

I have used the system a lot and it's very helpful. The call staff are also very helpful.

At peak times it is very difficult to find an open computer. I realize UIPUI has numerous computer labs, but with a growing student body more computers may need to be incorporated.

Make web mail more stable.

There may be a way available, but it would be nice to be able to receive attachments via Pine, again, I may just not be aware of how this can work.

In Ball Residence, the phone conversations cut into one another occasionally. Sometimes it will disconnect you and you will hear a busy/off-the-hook signal. Occasionally, I have to make 15 attempts to get service for a phone call.

Computers in the technology labs could be upgraded. These labs are used just as often as the labs in university college and should not be left out.

The library can hold twice or three times as many computers, why waste so much space?

It's very helpful.

IUPUI has alot to offer. I just don't know how to use everything classes are usually offered in the beginning of the semester when I'm short of spare time. I would like some sort of internet home study. I'm a single parent with three kids this would be more helpful for me.

I suggest keeping Insite open later because many students don't get to the computer until later and I feel that it is a big restriction.

Need to use more Macintoshes!

There was one incident when work was done on the network and my login name and password for Oncourse weren't reachvated and I couldn't log on at the beginning of the semester for my online course.

Sometimes the printing in some of the computer labs is aotrageously slow. I think there should be 1 printer in each room to help speed the process.

Some lab computers lot-in speed is very slow. Also, it is imposible to get course informations through the lab computer.

The computer service at IUPUI is great, but around noon, it is impossible to get onto computer. No problem, because it is still pretty easy to get on.

I have seen lots of improvements each semester.

The staff at the UITS help centers are very polite and helpful.

Its very hard to dind your office's. Some of the labs don't have some of the programs that are needed, and that creates inconvinvince. To go from one lab to another create time lost.

You might send out some info. on all of your services. You would not have to go indepth, but a summary of what all students have access to. There are quite a few services that I were not aware of at this time and I have attended classes for 3 years at IUPUI.

More printers in one lab. Too many people sending print jobs to the same printer and sometimes jams occur holding everybody up. Train professors to format their handouts and slides or give instructions to students on how to printout so that paper isn't wasted.

For what I use the computers for they work excellent but I know there is so much more I can do with the computers but I do not realize how powerful the systems I have access to really are. Somethins I didn't know I could do until I talked to a CS major.

I am an engineering student and during the past year have had many lab classes cancelled due to computers being down, software not loaded that was needed, and as a whole network not being available. We pay large amounts for technology fees but are unable to learn due to our fees not being used to our (the students) benefits. I also would suggest notifying current students that technolgies are being changed so that arrangements can be made to have access to those networks before getting into a class/lab environment only to find out that we do not have access to the computers. You seem to notify new students of all information but fail to notify the current students. This wastes a lot of learning time that full time employees part time students dont have available to lose.

The Oncourse is easy to use, registration via web is great except you can not get your parking pass this way. I signed up for it last semester and never got it.

Some instructions don't use Oncourse at all. For the working student, Oncourse is a great tool and should be used. Faculty should use it too.

I am glad you offer this too students. Also, happy that student can hook up to IUPUI internet, for research work.

Insight is [expletive].

The e-mail system on oncourse is ridiculus. Very confusing to everyone I hear talk about it. Needs different layout.

Cord is difficult to use, always have problems w/cord.

This is to long.

Not enough printers in labs, theres always a long wait. I found registering on the web difficult at sometimes P/C not all the info. about the classes were listed (ex: if they were held off campus, requirements, etc.)

Good work so far.

Publishing (or learning to) websites is ok important part of my present education, is there an area on the server to use for this purpose other than for CPT classes.

Hours and accessibility to STCs needs to be improved.

Web registration is wonderful. Very convenient.

I don't get to use the entire system that the UITS center provides. It is helpful for me when I use it.  Oncourse could use some more work, if the teachers are going using it so much.

Add Frontpage, ASP, and Cold Fusion Server extensions to the IUPUI (Cord)/(PHP) home page web servers.

Update Oncourse to make more stable.  I have issues wiht oncourse.

Upgrade UITS Labs in the "ET" building.  Also notebook app load very slow!  Upgrade your servers, network, and PC's in the ET building please!


Try to make more of effort to provoke student use, ie. send postcards.  Make it easier for students that don't know much about computing to find out where to go for help.

I used to attend Purdue - so compared to Purdue the technology services are much easier to use and more accessible.

Overall for my usage they do a satisfactory job.  They have always answered my questions and helped as much as possible.  Thanks.


R noted: N/A.

Look at moving the "Technology Fee" to a per hour registered basis.  As a part-time student, who demands very little UITS resources, the fee is very high and percentage basis, versus tuition costs.  Or put the fee in the budget for credit hour tuition.

Easier access to color printers would be nice as well as a few more small clusters like the ones in cavanaugh and Lecture Halls.  Thanx.

I don't understand why we have Pine and webmail that broadcast the same information.  I like the improvements made with Oncourse!  It is easier for me to check mail for multiple classes than it use to be.  Look forward to more improvements to Oncourse.

I would like to have mini-classes to learn more about the availibility of all the great technology offered!

On my experience thru your technology services has been a little, what I can say, the much that I had experience with these services new been very helpful to me and gives me information about campus, careers, etc.

This is my first semester returning to the university setting in 4yrs.  I really don't feel like I've had sufficient time to learn about resouce my computer options on campus.  I do appreciate those services offered to us and plan on learning and using them more and more the next few years while pursuing my degree.  Thank You.


UITS is doing a good job, nothing much to complain about.

I wish that there was a "block" key on the webmail service.

More computer labs in populated areas during the middle of the day (open Labs).

Copy machines.

Integrate IUCAT with a Full-Text online D-Base.

I have been relatively happy overall with the quality of service, software, and consultants I have encountered.  However, maintenence of printers and level/willingness to help when in need of assistance still remains a problem.  I have had the worst experiences in BS3000 at early mornings/late nights. I realize that it cannot be pleasant to work such a shift, but if I need help at that time,then I do not appreciate being treated as though I am an annoyance/irritance.

The gentlemen that helped set up my account at the information desk were very helpful.

I think it would impact me a lot more if I were a full-time sutdent.  I work full-time and am using a computer all day.   What I know want UITS, which is limited, it seems like a great assistance to students.

More software and computer offers for students, professors, and employees.

I think you guys do a great job!  There's a wide variety of technology available here at IUPUI.

I am an older student who needed and still needs all the help I can get.  My home computer contacted a virus and the UITS staff was incredibly helpful in resolving an issue I had no understanding of.

1.  Not all of my sylabus' were in oncourse.

2.  The consultants in computer labs helpfulness varied.

3.  As the campus grows, you've tried to keep up with the terminals per students.

4.  The email is good idea, but it seems I can't access my accout everywhere(or any where I can use a terminal). To get certain data sent me, like notes.  Thank you.

You do a great job!  Computer services is much better here than IUB.

As time goes on, I become more aware of what the services provide and how to use them.  I look forward to having the opportunity to learn more about using resources provided by the University to enhance my learning capabilities.

In the ET building we need a public copier to use and more computer rooms that have printers that take 11x7 paper.  We only have one printer that can do that in the whole building and there's often classes in there.

During peak usage (middle of the day) cannot get on a computer.  Really only available in very early mornings or evenings.

I like the fact that there are many open labs on campus.  This helps a lot.

Keep it easy to access to all students, so we all can take advantage and enjoy working with the system.

I have taken a business correspondence course that did not use Oncourse. I think that the correspondence courses should all be required to utilize concourse.  Oncourse is wonderful when utilized to it's full potential but,.. there are many unstructors that do not recognize it exist.  Especially at the Columbus Campus.  Many of the UITS services remain obscure.

Strongly encourage more technology around campus.  More computers should be available throughout campus for research or a quick need for internet.  Also, there should be a discount for those at home/apt. who want high speed internet.  Great job with the new software-for research use that can scan all the databases in the library through one program. 

I like everything, but the email.  Not as updated as web browser email.


Very nice Facilities.

Everything may not work as fast as I would like sometimes, but on the whole things work pretty well.  Keep up the good work.

I think very highly about the availibility of paying the bursor accounts by phone.  I found it very useful this past semester.  It is very easy and efficient.

An excellent system is in place.  Few Professors I've had seem to fully utilize benefits.  Continued student and faculty access to such resources, overtime, can only find benefits.  UITS still seems ahead of the curve.

As a part time student I  really don't have  much knowledge about the system at school that I can use.  I only spend about 3 hours on campus every week.

More access to computer labs 24 hours a day.

Insite should be made available more hours of the day.  If you work during the day and take evening classes, it is hard to find a time to get on.  It should also be offered more during the weekend.

Most students do not know about the majority of the technology services offered.

The only thing I think needs updating is the pine email.  It is way behind on technology.  It would be nice to be able to use the mouse and also edit outgoing mail easier.

Techology centers are great; just seems difficult at many times to find an open computer.

They should buy a special disk corrector for when they can't reformat a preexisting formatted disk.  They say that it happens several times a day to students.  This causes them to lose all their work that was on disk.  A disk corrector is need when Norton Anti-virus cant't fix a disk, both on Mac and Dell.

Server way too slow for home computer access.  Otherwise, its all new to me.  I started in January 02 but graduated from Bloomington in 1992 (IU) the computer assistance in the labs could be more friendly and approachable.  They always seen too busy.

During peak times it is extremely hard to find a computer.  More computers need to be added.  Other than that everything else is very satisfactory.

Sometimes the computers are so slowy and cannot work faster.  In general the service you give is perfectly good.  Thank You!

Do away with the Jewel E-mail system and update to a system like everyone uses at home and everywhere else.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

When I have used UITS support, the service & people have been excellent! They have always been able to solve my problem. The only negative thing I would say about IUPUI computing environment would be the extremely slow download times and the repeated disconnects when accessing the system from home.

I wish there were a "catalog" of all these sites, addresses for them, and instructions on how to use them.

I have had problems accessing electronic reserve items. It would be helpful if access were easier.

Need more labs (computer labs)

I vehemently dislike the fact that I have to comprimise my home computer to lower my virus and firewall protection so IUPUI (Isight) can place cookies on my computer. Please address this issue!


The computer in the Law School seem to have a very slow Network connection most of the time. The laptop connections are o.k. though

Need more computers in the Library

I did change my address on Insite in Jan. 2002. Why this document was sent to the old address again? That's why I am late to fll out this survey.

Very helpful and frindly staff.

Exteded hours to part time students

More info available bout different services tat I didnt know about

Do an online survey or evaluate all year long

24 Lab- is difficult to get access to for the disabled- Parking "sucks". Also, like the fact they hve a scanner except they will not llow you to pring on "colored" paper and they don't hve a color printer available for art students trying to create images for their papers.

Re:survey 1)too many questions and 2)novice computer users will be intimidated by questions 5c,7,network-based questions

Is the Student Technolog Center the same a Lab? Confusing.

Pleas train consultants on basic printer management!

Please look into redesigning your automated telephone service the menus are lone and make wat could be very quick call into a much longer process. This is especially true for the bill payment option. The instruction text takes so long that it really shuld be seperated into a separate help menu. This would help novice users while helping expert users pass it up.

I'm an On-course student only and haven't had much time to explore available services. On-course service is satisfactory. Microphones and cameras would be an improvement for better participation from home.

More systems need to be added. Laptop access jacks needed in classrooms. WEBMAIL!!! needs to be improved. Check webmail.villanova.edu, it's excellent. CR-RW's need to be provided more. Dial up connections need to be improved. Thanks!!!

There are times when network services are extremely slow, I have heard that this because maintenanceis performed in the middle of the afternoon, I would suggest that, if this is true, that ths aintenance be performed when there are no students in class!

I thourghly enjoyed by Oncourse class!

In webmail one should be able to delete messages as you read them, but shall have them reside in your Inbox (marked as deleted) until you are ready to log out. (i.e. just like M level (Pearl))

My required oncourse homework that was emailed via oncourse, lost its formatting--no graphs. REceived an F & teacher refused to view hard copy or allow faxed copies. She stated she recieved homework fine. LinEs were gone--only #'s and names appeared. Had to repeat class.

I am a part-time student & do not use much of these resouces, so I was unable to comment on a lot of these services.

The e-mail service throuh "Pearl" seems difficult to use and hard to receive on my home computer. Other than that, I think the technology is great.

Please make instructions simple and keep technology user friendly.

More room in the computer labs. More helpful students, better enforcement of no cell phones & limited talking in appropriate areas.

Make IUPUI accounts functional! I want to be able [sic] FTP in/out and host web pages from the same account. Is there anything that lets me do this? If not why? [IRD]

Insite needs later/longer hours available.

I've only used OnCourse and registration services

I have only utilized the computer resources @ IUPUI twice. It is not that they are poor, I just have alternative resources at my job.

Every time I had a question or a concern this year and in past years I was provided the assistance I requested, I believe, to the best of the ability of the staff.

When I had difficulty and could not set my initial password for the sYstem so I could use Oncourse, I was required to drive to IUPUI (1 hr. commute) to tech services. that was not real convenient.

1.) The plexi sigs on top of the moniters are very bothersome when taking a clasS in one of the computer labs. 2.) I wish there had been an orientation offered. I had been out of school for over 10 years. All information was overwhelming. It took me some time to understand what services offered by what website.

There should be access to IUCAT from an off-campus computer that connects to internet via a commercial internet service provider such as AOL, MSN, IUnet

I've not look for these at this time-but possibly online tutorial-How t save to your Bookbag-orwhee it is located. How to tips or shorcuts for various programs.

1) Upgrade computer terminals

2) Install MACs in mdical library

3) More free softwares esp. reaseach softwres

4) More printers. Color printers

5) Good Job! Well Done! You're the best!

Sorry, I was not here last year, and I just begin this year, in January. But I think there are alot of services very interestind!

Overall, I think IUPUI is very advanced technologically.

Need faster/better web connections when dialing in off campus.

I have used other services since enrolling 2yrs ago & UITS has had a very positive impact on my career & graduate education. Very high quality experience.

No-Thank you!

I am sorry that I have not heard of many of the technology services it appears that were provided by the university-I would have made better use of the technology if I had known it exsited.

While I apprieciate that the printers are abused constantly during the day, there is some room for improvement i their maintenence.

Otherwise, I ame greatly satisfied with the facilities and the staff!!

Easier access to complete text of scholarly journals online (library).

More labs 24hr. also.

I am new to IUPUI. So, obviously I don't know, never heard of many services!

If you send survey next year, probably, I can evaluate services better. ( I will be more familiar)!

Since I am ona Listserv, I get too many items that are of no importance. For example, I do not log News or information from IUB.

Also, changing (forwarding) my IUPUI email to Outlook Express was not an easy process. I had to make a long-distance phone call which lasted about 5-10 minutes. This process should be more user friendly. (The computer technichian was very helpful. Thank You for the free software.

I cannot open internet links through Webmail. It would be convenient to be able to do so.

Please don't contact me again I am grauating. Thank You.

Printer in BSA000 is off-line for more than a month.

The only problem I have is with the UITS Express modem pool. It randomly disconnects service while i am online. Other than that I have had no poblems with any other services.

I often get "booted off" my dial-up connection. Also, I very frequently have problems with Webmail pilot. It will not send a message or will not allow me to view messages at times. Also, at times it will not alow me to return to my Inbox after viewing a message. Work on this system would be very appreciated! Thank you!

I sent an email to the help servie & never received a response.

Host students become familiar with services available on campus when their profs. introduce them to specific services. It would be nice if more teachers incorporated computers and campus computin services into their classes.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my comments!

OnCourse navigation is not as convenient as I'd like. Some pages are trouble to return to; I find myself having to hit the back button several times just to logout.The first time this survey was sent, no envelope was enclosed to return it. Oterwise you would have had my prompt cooperation.

This has been educational.  I hope you don't mind my copying this so that I'll have a guide to the services I have not yet used. Thank you for all your fine work!

Many (most) of the services surveyed here-I've never heard of/knew existed. I there a way to let more people know whats out there.

1.) I wish the telephones would permit 800#s so I could make calling card calls

2.) The wireless network @ law school need better access.

3.) I wih there was more software available through the IU ware service.

4.) Call-in UITS support is Great! Very helpful & polite.

I entered the law school and its is excellant!

To register for calsses via my home computer would be helpful.

I am a GND student enrolled only in spanish classes and have no need for UITS services on a regular basis.

I've never been informed of all of the services offered through IUPUI--A catalog as this w/explanations of what each area is would be helpful-(in basic terminology)-Thank You.

As a returning student w/3 childrn @ home I prefer to do anythin I am able to do @ home. Registration and OnCourse have been great. The only other service I have utilized is Real Play lectures. I had to miss a week of class and being able to pull up those lectues was invaluable. It is also extremely helpful to go back to after you attend a lecture and need clarificatin.

The only thing to improve on Real Play would be to have a video feed with it.

Although, I have not had extensive experience with the technology available. I do feel if I were to need it that it is avalable.


The email system is definatey the weakest aspect of UITS. Pine is very outdated & it is frustrating that maximum capacity fills up so fast. I have used Eudora in the past & like it much better.

More printers in computer lab.

Have Mandatory Prosteps courses when going through orientation as student/staff member.

Please have the phone consultants--inform you, when you call about  problem, of the things you need to bring for them to be able to do anything. I had to make 3 trips to the building on New York Steet & University because the guys kept telling me more stuff I needed to bring to change ownership of a web account.

Oncourse and web services are very slow at certain times of the day. They should be accessable during peak time without any problem.

As I [UNREADABLE:LOOKS LIKE "used"] college, I realize how important technology is. My exposure to technology here has greatly improved my skills w/computers in order to adapt in the "real world." Thank You.

Improve the way Insite works. I've been having difficulty working with it.

The call in service for Financial Aid, BUSAR, Etc.. is awfull. Those systems are not very user friendly. It's busy or does not give info you need or you can never connect to a person.

*I know it's not your area but fix the parking. That's the big problem.

Many of the internet jacks of the law school do not work, (library, Room 300. Also, could you make this survey my longer? May 1040 long form was too short!!

*In the medical library. It would be nice to have an 'Angel'link directly on the vital page so we don't have to type it in the URL.

*The LRC in Medical Science needs more computers!--the ones there are great, but there's too many students.

*The help staff (computer) in the MedSchool library are very helpful. Thank You.

Sometimes Insite is not available for access (maximum) limit reached pertaining to number of users). Try making it available by increasing the maximum number of users and also make it available during nights and weekends.

Need to update email system (Jade)

Very happy if being able to use home computer to log into IUPUI library system-Pubmed.

PLS connection

Get phones equipped to make local, off-campus phone calls.

I apologize for not getting this survey returned earlier as I recently moved to Charlotte to change jobs. However, overall Oncourse has been critical to my MBA education and a great tool! Due to the fact that I have been a part time MBA student/ full time employee I have not utilzed many of the UITS systems other than Oncourse. Thanks, [IRD]

Student technology centers, short of statistical softwares IU Search: not accurate enough

IUCAT: can not search by article title

Oncourse, and not upload a folder.

*275-5555 Personnel should be kept up-to-date on all curren On-campus closings, etc.

*Internet & On-Campus computers run slower than expected (at least in medical school labs)

*High leve of paper wast sould be addressed-limit # of pages students may print.

Send information about these services to students. Especially mature students. Send info on how to learn about the programs and how to enroll in classes. I never knew about this service--And if I did I stil do not know how to access them. I do not have computer experience.

1.) The CD-ROM software needs documnetation

2.) Online tutorials fr UITS systems (also for STEPS & PROSTEPS) distance students cannot use classroom instructions conveniently. NETg is too slow to use at home! Too slow in the library too!

3.) A list of databases by vendor name would help sometimes!

Pay more attention to printer upkeep.

I have not used much of the services that you have to offer, I have had a problem getting my passord to work on your system.

Training programs. I hope you can provide more flexible program for students.

I feel "search" in IUPUI is different. I could not find what I wanted whan I entered a keyword for searching something, sometimes the system even provided information onside IUPUI or IU.

I've never been informed of all of the services offered through IUPUI - a catalog such as this w/ explanations of what each area is would be helpful - (in basic terminology)

*Thank you*

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

One time I had to wait about seven or more working days for some accounts to be created.  This is not good.  I work with hospital Faculty & staff.  Thanks!


FIS/TOPS> delete outdated (non)employees

> publish better guidelines (with codes) 

to clarify TOPS versus FIS processing.

Do a flier or webpage informing faculty, staff and others of all the services available maybe include in orientation package through HR when a person become [sic] an employee of IU  they are aware of the services and not find out about various services through a survey.

We are a *very* small department with no support personnel except myself who is the Administrator with limited computer knowledge.  Always a problem when we need computer help.  Don't have an LSP + can't afford one. 

When our office requested a safeword card for a new employee, we waited at least 3 weeks to receive it.  In the meantime, the new employee could not be trained or start her work.  I think this *really* needs to change. 

As you can see by my answers, I don't have alot [sic] of issues or concerns regarding UITS.  What services I do use work great and are much appreciated.

Remember that the are still [sic] IU-owned offices in Clarian-owned buildings.  Sometimes we are overlooked. 

Overall, satisfaction is acceptable. 

an 1800 number for dial in modem service for staff members who live outside the local calling area.

Your network sucks!

While I've had numerous computer classes as staff - I haven't been able to receive a certification in Microsoft - which I'm sure I'm qualified for.  Please more staff incentive.

I think everything is running fine.  Whenever I've had problems they have always been corrected in a timely manner.

The School of E+T has their own CWC dept - we might be happier under UITS-

Good job.  Especially student consulting. 

I have only been employed for 90 days in [IRD].  Do not use the computer much more than 4 hrs/wk, but it is not very reliable (takes you to Debug Screen frequently).  Also, I have to log in with another techs password because I don't have access to certain areas, part of my job.

UITS to be more available to department when the personal technical department person is not available.

1) Hire individuals to schedule appointments and meet with IUPUI staff!  Faculty to assist with the upkeep/maintenance of computers/software/hardware.

2) Have these hired individuals assigned to a building so more personal contact can be made to assist with computers. (Assistance over the phone will not help bigger problems, and having an LSP is not always the right solution to the problem).  This is the response I always get when my printer, that is shared, stops working.  This is not an acceptable response. 

Keep IUPUI website up-to-date & interactive

New data jack installations are very sloppy.  Jacks should be recessed or installed in substantial wire mold.  Most use stick-on wiremold + jacks.  Not good for the "long haul".

Hard to find offices in campus phone directory.

 [IRD] is awesome!

I can't fairly evaluate anything for IT I don't use anything outside of the one program for Dental Insurance.  I don't mail anyone outside of clinics for work related necessity, I don't play any kind of games-don't know or care how to access any of it.  I don't have time for classes nor truthfully have any interest. Sorry I'm not helpful for the survey. I find most of the automatic "mail" and blanket e-mail annoying.

Dental School has excellent support!

I wish UITS would get over the blind devotion to microsoft products-just because they're microsoft doesn't mean they're the best available. In particular MS Word is not a user friendly program-atleast if one is doing sophisticated word processing. A terrible waste of time.

The switchboard operators need to take more time to determine where a call should be routed instead of just dumping it anywhere they please.

Good Job Guys! Thanks for the free software CD

Better communication: What assistance is available. How to access help.

I would like to see telecommunications employees take more responsibility for securing equipment rooms, cleaning up after service (trash) in equip. rooms, shut off lights, etc...

Since I was sort of negative about the switchboard, let me explain.  I'm frustrated that we get inappropriate calls connected to our office, but admit that I am unaware of the volume they handle or the good calls they connect through.

My overall satisfaction is pretty high with regards to the services provided through UITS.  They seem intent on imporving old and providing new services.  I say keep up the good work.

Our technical expert is quite good.  This is why most of the people in my dept. never need to contact UITS directly.

I realize there is a lot of availability for computers and services. However in my daily work requirements only a very few are utilized.

Since i never knew about some of the websites available that could be used why not provide a list either in the phone book or to be pass out.  Over at Wishard response time is slower on the computer and campus wide e-mail is never receive (such as security warnings, updates, etc.)

Get better Macintosh support.

Focus should be removed completely and a more user friendly windows-based program should be used.

When I had difficulty accessing my office VM from home, Telecommunications staff checked with my local (out of town & long distance) provider to resolve the problem.

The process of producing safeword cards and granting authorization to SIS, IUIS, IUIE, etc. MUST BE IMPROVED. It is damned annoying to hire a data entry person and still not have a safeword card in that person's hands halfway through her fourth week of employment. That is completely unacceptable. 1) The whole safeword card security process is annoying in itself and strikes me as bordering and paranoia.

I find it strange that there is no listserve for everyone on campus or at least all faculty and staff members.  I think such a listserve; if properly regulated, would provide a great communication hub and contribute greatly to the campus.

I telecomute from home 20 hrs/wk.  Dial-in modem connection is essential.  I'd appreciate if the dial-in time limit were increased from 4 to 8 hours to accomodate the telecommuters.

Train your telephone operators.  They transfer MANY calls to University College (8-4850) or (4-2237) that should be handled by them.  We transfer a lot of calls back to send elsewhere or get them to the right place ourselves.

Your ES CST page has not been working for several weeks.

Respondability of outlook continues to be a problem.

When you place a call for help on voice mail it would be nice to get a verbal response (especially if you tell them you can not access your email or computer is not working.  Also when they cannot keep an appointment call.

Technology remains one of IUPUI's strongest points, even w/ the new top down management that begun to erode our inovation & function.

When we are down due to computer problems it is a serious problem, since at least 38 of 40 hours, I spend on the computer. 

Multiple days down is not acceptable.

[IRD] is our support person for SPEAhelp and we are very happy with her.  my concerns are 2-fold

-off campus hookup is nearly impossible by current instructions

-down time is disastrous to our department's productivity

All computer support done locally at IUSD by IT Dept.

There should be more assistance given to schools or depts. lacking technical staff in the way of funding (or UITS personnel).

I would like to request media equip. online, even when its less then 24 hours to the time the equip. is needed. The staff @ 4-Help are great-respectful, courteous and patient. Thank You

None at this x-nothing effects me AS OF NOW! Atlantis

Telecommunication needs to offer more up-to-date hardware-headset use very cumbersome.

We have had several unhappy approaches w/the telephone repair men. They always come in groups, unprepared, and angry.

Need some allowance for additional email memory.

 [IRD], technology coordinator at the Law School is absolutely fantastic. Her assistant, [IRD] is also excellent. Together [IRD] do a great job of keeping up with the demand for service at an extremely busy facility.

Not all problems with UITS systems are user education problems/issues.

overall govt services

staff should not assume customers level of knowledge- ask level of understanding.

The response time and [sic] friendleyness (?) of the people when you need an actual person to help has greatly improved. Trying to get to help desk still sucks.

Undergraduate Students | Graduate Students | Staff | Faculty

Outlook is getting problematic-always confusing to use, now getting unreliable.  Too many mysterious "operation failed" error messages. esp from home.  Too susceptible to viruses.

1) Better ability to auto-forward campus emails (mult. email accounts) to a single departmental e-mail address.

2) Dial-up modem service needs upgrading (rarely can access at >28K from mult. diff. phone lines) (i.e. not a single external phone line problem)

Keep up the good work!

Computer (windows with display) for use in classroom in school of Nursing-carts are too big-obstructs students' vision.  This is especially problematic when there is insufficient room to move.

Executives need 1-800 access While Travelling [sic]

Telephone Directory-How do you ensure that telephone numbers are correct before printing?

comprehensive traing[sic] iu putting together multi-media (music,images,text,animation,streaming video,etc) presentations for use with the computer in the classroom.

Access to dial-in modem service (278-5620, 21) is often difficult to obtain, even off peak hours, and to maintain once the connection has been established. continued strengthening of that system is needed.

Oncourse is great! I am a novice at using it but am learning more

-impressed with its capabilities

-Tech Camp well-done and very helpful!

extremely poor communication to staff when there are network or outlook problems faculty needs support in e publishing

Keep up the good work!

Overall, UITS doesn't help my research and teaching efforts.  More than anything else, it provides obstacles, frustrations and difficulties, though relatively minor ones.  The benefits to the University of the substantial resources devoted to UITS are small for the primary missions of the University, teaching and research.  Perhaps there are other benefits. 

-DIAL UP--TOO SLOW (from Home)

-VOICE MAIL-should be monosophisticated.  Should permit message skip without listening.

-CAMPUS LONG DISTANCE-Inefficient, cumbersome.

-Telephone COST ALLOCATION--why not purchase telephones for offices.  Rather than rent them for Exherbultant [sic] fees?

Our Dept (Pediatrics) has 15 persons who manage our system - they troubleshoot all of our problems.  I have little/not involvement other than through library searches & email.

With student & faculty able to purchase WID 2000 & XP so cheaply, it is a shame & embarrasment that we still have WIN 98 on most computers.  I have had technical problems every single week in the Nursing building.

Primarily located @ Methodist Hospital therefore exposure to info tech limited @ IUPUI. 

New Phones!!  Cordless would be great

Arrived 12/17/01.  Not a lot of experience yet.  Exchange server reliablity has not been great.  General antipathy to Mac OS and Mac platforms is not acceptable - w/x-Based OSX has great future

You obviously offer many services that people don't know too much about.  I would like to see you advertize special deals for faculty home computer prices.

Classrooms in Cavanaugh Hall need to be redesigned to accomodate the latest technological needs.  It's a real hassle to have to reserve equipment every time you need to use it in the classroom.

I have always found the organization of information at the iupui.edu website confusing and arbitrary.  Additionally, I do not have good luck w/ the search service.  Poor organization especially applies to UITS web access.  Consider that fact that, for example, IUware online takes 7 clicks from iupui.edu, with many pitfally along the way.

1)Make the survey online (Save time,paper,money)

2)Offer IU on spot service by IU, not by ourside contractors

3)Place more experienced consults on the phone service

Sorry-All I use the system for is email.  Don't know names of components nor systems.

Being in the school of Engineering & Technology, it's difficult to access [sic] the performance of UITS as we're directly served by of [sic] own computer Network Center (CNC). Had this been their evaluation, they would have failed miserably!However, I did have an opportunity to utilize UITS services on one occasion this semester as they've recently began offering service in a lecture room in our building (ET202). I couldn't be happier with the service & attention I received. Equipment - excellent software installation - seamless, staff assistance - superb! 5 stars!

Someone is needed to provide at computer assistance in private offices during the implementation of new technology.  Things that work in class or in a support center don't always work at personal computers.  Help is needed in determining causes.

A brochure that describes services available or if a brochure exists, provide information on how & where this material can be obtained.

Don't change passwords so frequently.

New Dell Computers w/DVD Capability for all classrooms

Thank you for the CD certificate.  Need more publication of Netg classes!

I would appreciate having a large enough storage to handle all the attachments I recieve. THe knowledge level for techs, are not high-more training for them. support services.

Often if computer failure no ability to E-mail service request and difficulty reading a real person to assist in fixing the problem. There is a need for a prompt functioning "Hot line".

-It would be great if Oncourse were shut down earlier (e.g., 2-3 AM) - 5-6 is an important "working time"!

-Migration to CFS server fraught w/ inconveniences.

-Poor classroom support (late/forgotten equipment)-unless I bring a cell phone I have no way to call for help!

-LSP's overworked-hard to access

-Little support for folks w/ cable modems at home-how do we access library/etc. w/o PPP?

What I really need is access to someone who can advise me about connecting to email & university resources from home.  This involves info on external services that would be best to use for compatibility/speed/etc.  What "consulting" office does this since this is, in some ways, peripheral to the university.

I would like to see more info on TLIT-!!

Using Eudora finding it very difficult to delete messages on the campus server.  Whatever changes have been made on the server have not been communicated to the end [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "users"].

Good job- Keep it up.

I am relatively new to IUPUI started 7/16/01.  Don't know much about much of what you do - sorry.

I wish I knew more and knew of concrete ways to use me to help me grow in skill and computer knowledge.

one on one, IN-office of faculty, on course training.

I use the web *ALL* the time for teaching & research - all my courses are web based **BUT** - oncourse [sic] is not intuitive, and training classes are inconvenient.


 [IRD] was *very* helpful in getting me started on oncourse.  However, oncourse itself proved too cumbersome for teaching Resident Physicians (they are *not* students per se & some had alot [sic] of trouble w/ Access)so I changed to "Angel". 

need more stuff to assist with Oncourse programming

I would like to see on Oncourse a "new posting" feature similar to the symbol for "new mail." It would save time on my end by having that symbol. Also, it would be nice to be able to do uploads to multiple sections at once, instead of one at a time. I am a former WebCT user & thought WebCT was horrible. But after using Oncourse, I'd rather use WebCT b/c there are more things to do that are easier than Oncourse. If I wasn't required to use it, I'd do everything else there, either on my own home page or at a publisher's website. Also, why isn't there a separate access line for faculty to Insite? How am I supposed to advise students in the beginning of a semester when i can't get on the darn thing? It is so frustrating when you want to help a student & you can't b/c the system is jammed w/ folks dealing w/ their own registration issues. No transcript access, nothing.

Every university I've ever been associated with positions the screen in front of the chalkboard such that it's impossible to use both simultaneously. WHY?!?

If you publish that labs will upgrade application software versions- DO IT!

The major gap is my knowledge about available services. I don't even *think* of UITS when I solve a new [UITS} problem in my lab. I should be forced to spend 2 hours with someone or with a group- hearing about your investment.

Our e-mail access is pathetic and our network is unavailable far too often.

The portable LCD projector units are too tall & wide. Students cannot see over them in a classroom where student seating is not elevated. Redesign these units. Put computer at a lower level and use a small LCD display.

Computer tech support is *extremely* slow in the Cancer Center (and I imagine other areas on campus). Please hire more computer support personnel to increase the efficiency and reliability of the tech. support.

I use a computer on limited and departmental - specific function.

Network performance!! UITS ID Billing!!!

I've been very satisfied with the computing environment at IUPUI. I waited a couple of weeks to have a simple phone line (voice)activated, however.

Telecommunication Division services are very slow, poor, and ridiculously expensive, need to be outsourced, university personnel just goof off and 1 hr thing takes 5 hrs.

services are overpriced

At Ball State, Faculty and staff who access Outlook via the web are able to access their Contacts file.   When I am only able to access my Outlook account via the web (www.exchange.iupui.edu), my contacts are not readable.   More importantly, I lose access to my aliases so that I am unable to send a message to anyone for whom I have not memorized their actual e-mail address.   If there is a way to make our network capabilities, work could be accomplished more efficiently, both at work and away from work.

Wish list:

7x 24 - help line for DL students

toll-Free # For off-campus students

Ability to do distributed education needs vast improvement.

"System Administrator" messages blocking e-mail are becoming more frequent, are a huge hassle, and one gets no information beyond "You are over your mailbox size limit."

Need to solve This problem!

1) Put spell and grammer check on ONCOURSE.

2) Make sure you develop a program where students cannot print off test.

Increase the disk qouta for email accounts (at least for faculty).  Your email service would be more useful then.

More classrooms need better Technology permanently and appropriately installed - rolling in big loud computer that get set up at the last minute get a little [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "frusinning"]

Dial up stinks.

The survey itself served as wonderful instruction about the wealth of UITS services.  I had only minimal knowledge about the wide range of supports that fall under UITS.  Well done!

I wasnt a *visual* alert when I have voice mail.

In response to your UTIS [sic] survey, I'd like to make the following comments, since your questionnaire did not seem to address the issues that someone like me faces when it comes to computer usage.

I am an assistant professor of anesthesiology, and I practice solely at [IRD].  I have been on the faculty since 1978, so I've had a while to watch things come and go.

Most of us in the department of anesthesia have grown up in the Macintosh environment, and still find the Mac's very useful due to their ease of use and especially their support of graphic arts.

Recently I had a couple of problems.  One was that a 100+ page manual that I keep updated for our residents would no longer print after I switched from OS 9 to OS 10.  The second was that for some reason the network suddenly quit supporting my Eudora, which I've used for 10+ years.

After several help desk calls (case 340.1377) I was told that a real live person would come over to my office and give me a hand.  Only thing is, they never showed up.  To make a VERY long story short, I finally hired an outside consultant, [IRD], at a cost of $340, to come in and sort out my problems, which he did (it took 3.5 hours)with the help of [IRD], someone else who consults for IUPUI.  Turns out I had to buy a LAN TunnelBuilder.  This whole process took 2 months, during which time my email turned into a nightmare.  The printing problem was related to a driver problem, a unique but not uncommon problem with new system X users.

At any rate, people like me are not very savvy in the mechanics of computers, and occasionally we need someone to help us overcome some glitch we've encountered in the normal programs, things like PowerPoint or Word or Photoshop, or problems with email.

If need be, I am WILLING TO PAY a reasonable fee for someone to come here, to my office, when I need help.  $25+ dollars an hour would be very acceptable, and much less expensive than an outside consultant.  After all, we have to buy all our own computer equipment, so a few bucks to keep it running is worth it.

The folks at the IU help desk were at least very courteous.  They did not "talk down" to an old guy who obviously is not highly computer literate.  And they did call me back days later, with the LAN soultion, though after I'd already figured it out independently.  They promised someone would come over (a real live person!) to help with my printing problem, but no one ever showed.

This letter is meant as a constructive criticism, since your user survey did not seem aimed at those of us who have no knowledge of things like CBT's or Reallecture streaming or UWSG or HPSS stand for [sic].  However, we do need efficient computer service every day for such mundane tasks as email, z-paging, lecture and publication preparation, slide shows, access to the latest journal articles, etc.  Sometimes I think that the University assumes that those of us over 50 should be able to learn new computer modalities by osmosis, from our residents and younger colleagues, who grew up with a Palm in their hand.  But such is NOT the case.  I'm not too proud to say that I need MORE help, not less, than my younger colleagues.

PS: UTIS [sic] absolutely MUST establish a better working relationship with Clarian.  Many of us are confined to the Clarian facilities, even though we are teachers in the IUSOM.  When I was having problems, the IU help desk initially told me my problem was on the Clarian side.  When I called the Clarian help desk, they were positively nasty, especially when they heard that I own a (shudder) Macintosh.