2002 IUS IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

With regards to Q18(&other Questions)-The computer in my office is painfully slow and missing numerous programs for quick, efficient use-often I go to the comp. lab [sic] to do any work I need done in a reasonable amount of time.

I wish my telephone had an instruction guide. I called Telephone Serv. & they didn't have a master copy. Improve internal communication

See responses

My phone is dreadful: the keys stick, numbers when pressed repeat.

Thank you

-We need to improve our campus web presense [sic] pronto. -Media Services - webdevelopment [sic] - needs a generous budget. -IT needs to focus on HCI and usability testing. -I would like to be informed of more IT classes, especially web design classes, like IUB. We need a usibility [sic] testing lab. I would like to see more webdeveloper [sic] software available for students - photoshop, dreamweaver, etc. Thanks!

I have experienced 3 occasions in the last week where it took 15-30 minutes for my office computer to boot up. that is not good & if that happens in class it will be even worse. Last weekend IT Bloomington dropped my ID & I was unable to access any information (files) on my office PC for the whole weekend-DEFINITYLY *NOT GOOD*

I would like to attend a course on the advanced features of Microsoft Outlook. If there were more classrooms with student computer access, I would use such classrooms for all of mu [sic] classes. Telephone -lost messager [sic] -can't tell if I have message waiting -direction is terribly inaccurate over telephone -person at General IND info has not been helful [sic], has been unprofessional call 8412000-try asking for someone who has been here less than 3yrs. See what happens.

(1) sometimes internet speed slows to a virtual standstill. Has hampered both research and classroom teaching waiting for pages to lead. (2) Attitude of IT people is *great*! Helpful, competent, responsive-especially given resource limitations.

See my notes on pages 1, 4 and 6

Long distance dialing is a pain.

Have never been able to access FIS IUS video conferencing

Great-Indy can't seem to get it together. I use HH208 computer equipped classroom. Equipment is *great*. Placement of control station in rm. is awkward. Not sure how to solve. Furniture in 280 falling apart. Help desk people very nice and *patient*! 10084u As a MAC user the campus update on email is useless. I never know what's going on because I don't have time to mess around with going through the Web. Having taught a course off campus this semester in a distance learning environment I now appriciate [sic] the possibilities of using the Internet in my classroom and hope that *all* classrooms in Hillside Hall will be conected [sic] because 208 is not a classroom I ever have access to in my teaching.

-Make the std. phone set-up include a flashing light when there are unanswered voice mail messages. -Train office staff to design more stream-lined phone-answering/voice mail options. Many defects make you listen to a long list of wordy options

You do a good job helping me with the few things I need for mu [sic] job.

We need more of the computer/projector combination in our classrooms. These must be of high quality and capable of audio/video activity.

Make the campus network server more compatible with Macintosh \ computers.

Get permanent projector system in HH101.

1) One size does not fit all - allow (buy) special computers for special needs 2) Mac support is non-existent. Don't neglect diversity -through lack of support the mac is being forced off campus. 3) New service you offer: form page capability (Faculty designs form page - you implement it for them).

-more projection equipment in classrooms? -had problems accessing network drives for webpages (now resolved) -not happy with faculty losing right to use faculty mailing list. -CGI scripting privileges for faculty webpages? Overall, though, pretty happy with IT services.

The long distance access has become to [sic] tedious. An easier and more convenient dialing system is desirable.

-> Access to IUS server from home -> Consultation services/repair for personal laptops.

Growing problem accessing email off campus.

I am very satisfied with the information technology services at IUS.

The "helpdesk" staff, especially Bob, has been exceptionally helpful to "novice" range computer users. Bring back the All IUS students and All IUS faculty on the address book on email.

Yes- thanks for all of your hard work!

I am an adjunct instructor teaching one remedial math course per semester and I have no knowledge of, nor do I use, any computers at IUS.

Regarding Question 12: The air-flow system tremendously impacts the students' ability to hear in the rear of the classroom. This was addressed with the members of plant/physical maintenance, only to be told that the system could not be interrupted.

As an adjunct I've had a hard time figuring out everything from how to get a log on to how to use the wonderful equipment in my classroom. When I asked how to learn about it, I was told that the students would tell me. They don't know. An orientation program for adjucts [sic] & new faculty would be useful. Also, students tell me that printers & other equipment is frequently out of service. Is it possible to have public folders to post assignments & other messages to the class?

Excellent service and support from the ILTE staff. The staff is the most knowledgable [sic] & helpful part of the information technology system at IUS.

As an adjunct instructor I am not able to evaluate a lot of this because I haven't used many of the tech. services.

This is my first semester on campus. I only teach 1 night class. Thus I don't feel I can answer any of these questions very well.

have [sic] not used the "Off-Capmus [sic]Access to Information Resources" as yet; if I can get access to journals in which I am interested I will be pleased (and surprised). The recent flap about the campus email distribution list bothers me. It seems as if the administration wants to depress free speech. They need to read the U.S. Constitution.

More information and training options for Adjunct Staff.


I would like to be able to make an "800" phone call (*not* long distance from my office (IRD).

1-Classroom technology services-these people are the *best*-*so* help-ful! 2-Sometimes helpdesk repairs take too long. 3-Dial-up access for e-mail & netscape from home would help a lot 4-ability to request Interlibrary Loan materials via email would be great 5-Something visual(blinking lights?) to indicate unplayed [sic] voicemail would be good.

The services offered by Audio-Visual are efficient, friendly, helpful and reliable. I depend on them. The IT helpdesk is great too. I can count on them for competent, friendly help, especially "Bob." Jeff G. in A.V. is really on-the-ball, as the rest of the staff. Some of the Student Computer consultants at stations around campus are competent, others aren't-i.e., dont [sic] know microsoft office products very well. One consultant last winter did not know how to archive email in M.S. Outlook. Most of my complaints stem from Microsoft products and how baroque some of them are to use. MS Word has gotten more difficult to use since I started to use it in 1995.

-Get someone who knows something about Macintosh computers. -Get rid of the long distance authorization code-if the phone company knows who I've called, why doesn't 'I.T.?-I would be more likely to require students to use web based learning tools if I could be sure they would have access (i.e., the server would be up and running) when an assign- ment [sic] was due.-IUS helpdesk is mostly useless-when they do call you back which is rare) they usually can't fix the problem for days and often forget to show up at appointments. I had one person miss four appointments and it took 9 *months* to get a Steel account set up so I could use mainframe stats packages. You may have more luck by making responses anonymous rather than confidential.

Help desk can be slow to respond. [IRD] LOOKS LIKE 'Mul'] is excellent. My answers would have been *much* lower before he took over IT.

Phones should be replaced to indicate messages waiting. If request to helpdesk cannot be resolved/addressed within 48 hours, some sort of status report should be issued to person making request. We need more computer equipped classrooms. Faculty are expected to embrace and incorporate the use of technology in their courses, yet it is very difficult to schedule a room with PCs for the students to use.

Switchboard operators could be more professional(perhaps improved voer [sic] past year? but room for improvement) 10250u I really appreciate the prompt service offered by the Help Desk and the reliability of the LAN services including e-mail. I continue to need better training. More powerpoint projection units would also be helpful in the classrooms.

The long-distance codes are cumbersome - when sending a fax, one must punch approx. 25 numbers :(

I had a very difficult time getting more storage space on the server. The IUS-IT people ([IRD]) was rude and would not return my calls. It took over one month to get the problem resolved

Hardware and software is fine. The interactions with the people are problematic. Their inability to articulate what is going on, why things are happening, their slow response time or failure to respond and nonchalant attitude can be infuriating.

1. telephone system is too old--need indication of calls coming in + messages left. 2. classroom equipment--more is needed. Ideally each room should have a complete set (TV, VCR, computer, etc) so that professors can use them when appropriate. 3. For the survey, I'm not sure it helps. Most of the questions asked are not clear to me as to what they [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "know"] refer to.

VC Mand [sic]out of line - way out of line - when he unilaterally cut faculty off from ALL faculty; ; All Staff and All student lists. Then he lied about the reason.

I thing (sic) generally IUS has a decent system. I have not availed myself of the opportunity to explore all the options. I would like to be able to access and *order* videos and films for classroom use from home.

Spring class taught in CV rather than HH113 as usual. Used portable PC without LAN connection. No problems, just a different IT experience.

I am an adjunct lecturer and small business owner-historical consultant - who teaches in a very traditional fashion ? lecture using chalk and board. I make very minimal use of computers and other forms of IT, and that which I do use is from my business, because it is more convenient than university IT facilities. I do not have an individual office, telephone, or computer at the University and do not use the facilities loosely available to adjuncts. I use my business e-mail account to communicate with my students. It is available 24/7 since my business is in my home. I marked mostly "7" simply because I don't use IUS IT services and am therefore not qualified to evaluate them.

I usually teach a 7:30 p.m. class and it is very convenient to have equiptment [sic] like TV/VCR and overhead projector permanent [sic] in the classroom. I think this is great

I am sorry that I know so little of these service [sic].

I'm an adjunct lecturer & spend no time on campus except for the time in the classroom ?

My classes use computers often (the writing center lab, for example) and I am satisfied with that lab. I would like to see more computer classrooms available.

Faculty |Staff | Students

Helpdesk Personnel are NOT knowledgeable on FIS, TOPS, FDRS, or IUIS...

When we have a problem with our computers, the IT services are very slow to respond, if they respond at all. They are also very vague as to when they will get to you.

when we have a problem with our computers in the office it seems like they take forever to fix a problem or they never show up to fix it.

Better communication from Helpdesk on 1) scheduling service, 2) sending orders system web, etc. 3) customization options. [DE NOTE: THE WORD "web" ABOVE WAS UNREADABLE IN R'S RESPONSE. LOOKED LIKE "web".]

[IRD] is very helpful.

We need more than one telephone service person! Maybe more than one Help desk operator. The line is often busy and it is difficult to get a return call if you leave a message.


Please do something with the Campus Operator. She is rude and since she is our first contact person, could be detrimental to prospective students. Couldn't she be reassigned? Many times over this past year she has either referred calls to us that had nothing to do with our office- don't try to fix her- CHANGE HER!!

Data back-up system needs to be top priority.

backed [sic] up. This needs to be addressed. This survey needs to be redesigned by working with an enduser [sic]. This survey is too long and too technical we may know a service but not how it is technically defined and therefore cirlce [sic] a 7. Ask fewer questions & explain a little more. All systems on the campus are not being

Ever since the computers were changed from Novell to Microsoft, there has been many more computer problems and surfing the internet has been much slower! Which is a problem for our department because we use the net for a lot of research.

IT service are very good, however telephones appear outdated.

Telephone service (ie:operator) is not familiar with what departments to send inquiries, causing callers to be upset by the time they reach the right dept. Also, you can't get Margie to answer her phone. Most communications via email she responds to, but she is not readily available.

Get rid of that extra number when you call long distance.

Everyone I talk with in IT Services is pleasant, helpful and informative -it does seem the surveys come rather more frequently than once a year- I was not "randomly selected" because everyone I work with got one, and we are not assured of confidentiality since the survey has a tracking number. Other than that, and the long distance code numbers- which are a total pain, you seem to be doing as well as could be expected.

The Helpdesk is a misnomer. Rarely can you get help if they are even answering the phone. Their customer service attitude is non existent and they almost never call back/get back or follow up with you when you call . In addition they come across as lazy and uncaring. Unfortunately the same is true and more so for Telephone Services. [IRD] cannot be located and will not return phone calls. If you ever reach her, she will agree to do something and never follow through on time and usually not at all. This has been true for years and sadly has not been addressed though there have been repeated complaints.

Dissatified [sic] at this time with staff computer classes. None held recently. Needs to be offered. Telephone service slow to respond to phone calls!

When I have problems with FIS, TOPS, IUCAT or FDRS I don't call IUS IT. WAN connectivity needs improvement, too much downtime. IT needs to offer better and more regular training for IUS Faculty, Staff and Students. Helpdesk customer service is non-existant [sic]. Follow-up to reported problems would be helpful. Improve the overall knowledge of hourly employees. Student computing help is deplorable in the labs. Staff needs training and the need to provide more complete and better services. Media service is much improved. Pager line is down or busy quite a bit. Telephone Services - Operators are not adequately made aware of events, locations, knowledge of who is in which dept. Voice mail - calls not returned in a timely fashon (sic)

More reports from administrative staff and other committee should be made available. I thought the comments in the chancellor search was great! To (sic) bad not that many people participated. E-Mail *should* become a very useful and effective communication tool between supervisors and subordinates especially in a dialog with 3rd shift employees.

No additional comments. Except, I don't hardly use them enough to give feedback (just because of the nature of my job). Help desk has usually pretty quick to respond to our questions.

Whoever decided we can't send messages made a poor decision. It is imperative that we send messages to all faculty and staff and we no longer have this capability. I tried to get the V.C.s Secretary to do this for us (as I was instructed) and she said she was too busy!

Update telephones on desktops; more classes for staff; repeat often Most of the time receive prompt assistance, but sometimes do not get assistance at all. Have had to call back on more than one occasion to get help. (computer/phone).

Better help desk!

Would appreciate e-mail notices to users when problems are being experienced- might also cut down calls to I.T.!

More staff to assist Mac users!

Students go to the computer labs to study. The consultants at Times (many Times) talk on the telephone to friends, have friends visit them, and play loud distracting music. It is distracting when a student is trying to concentrate and write a paper.

*Please turn the ringer off on the groundfloor [sic] payphone in Crestview Hall

*The Helpdesk techs (including Bob) are great! *I am satisfied with IT services- please stop sending me surveys [IRD]

I am really not competent enough to advise you, but keep striving for excellence in a fast changing envrironment [sic].

I wish there wer an easier way to make long-distance calls. Punching in all of those numbers isn't impossible, but it is time-consuming, especially for those of us who make very few long-distance calls. It takes me a minute or two to remember the process and my id number. I understand the system is in place for billing/security purposes; I only wish the security was more behind-the-scences [sic]. All 11175u none

Everytime [sic] I call the helpdesk they say "Humm... that's strange- I don't know what to tell you" So I have to hunt down [IRD] or[IRD] to help me.

Do not like the new feature of giving a code when making long distance calls to students- too time consuming when you need to make several long distance calls to students-

Too many offices use voice mail, this is not good when you really need someone to talk to. Also, the long distance is not conveint- too many numbers to punch in.

I think you have too much money in your budget if you can afford to send these out so often. And I resent having to take the time to respond this often.

46% of our students are not-traditional. When they have to contact IUS from work many times on breaks or lunch, getting voicemail is totally useless. Its also very insensitive to working students situations. Optout [sic] operators should be available, perhaps representing several campus offices but with knowledge of those areas.

I wish that voice mail would be taken off during normal hous [sic] (unless on occasion). Also its a total pain having to remember a code to make long distance calls.

I don't like have to remember a code number to dial long distance. I am always forgetting it. Need more classes for employees on how to use Access,Excel, etc.

Servicing our computers and printing problems could be much better.

E-mail is a huge problem. Cannot get informationto [sic] appropriate people. Ban should be lifted. Too much good information is needed to get through.

I think all of our computer people are great! Just one suggestion. I think you should add a response category of "clueless" regarding understanding the questions of this survey.

There have been several interruptions of service over the past several months & *extensive* data problems w/ IUIS & Peoplesoft [sic].

People and offices use the voice mail service as an answering service. Student *sic* become upset and this is not very Customer/ Student friendly!

I work the overnight shift so I do not use many of the services equipment mentioned. What little I do use is satisfactory. Need more inservice [sic] classes for staff and faculty on usage of computers services that IUS-IT provides.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Please take the IUS Calendar of Events off the start up page on browsers no way to access oncourse from the EVENTS page. 2)Could make house phones capable of dialing outside campus, but disable long distance calls and 1-900 #'s.

My main frustration is with the IUS electronic mail. When, and if, I check my account, I am always bombarded with tons of e-mail from senders unknown to me. I literally have over a hundred each time I log on . . . Therefore, I do not log-on, rather I give my professors my AOL e-mail to contact me. I attended IU Bton for 2 years and never received e-mails from unknown senders, let alone mass mailings. How does this happen. I have never given my IUS e-mailto anyone. In fact I'm not certain I even know my own . . . [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD] ?? Hope this info helps! I'd be happy to participate again. [IRD]

Never use it.

More up to date IT courses.

obviously, from my answers, I know little about the services offered. I would like to learn more about the resources you provide to students-

Overall, I think the program(s) are good. I haven't used them a hole*sic* lot yet. I'm sure I will use them more in the future. Thanks!

No. The only IUS class I've taken so far was at my high school.

I will be going to IUS this fall. As of now, I've never even been to the campus.

I wish the labs, especially Life Science, were open later on Sat. I use the lab frequently on weekends, but they close too early on Sat's.

I think that several of the computers get maximum usage, but most do not-i.e. the ones in the nursing lab, beside the nursing office, and I'm sure there are others. This just [UPWARD ARROW INSERTED HERE]'s the technology fee and is wasteful. Is there a way to log hours of use? [DE NOTE: IN LINE 3 OF THIS NOTE, WHERE THE "UPWARD ARROW" WAS INSERTED, THE R IS REFERRING TO THE WORD "increase".]

Phone services at IUS are below my standards. It took *weeks* to get a phone in my office and another week to get the line activated. Phone service Administrators are not courteous or helpful, and create long waits for individual service.

Not all professors use Oncourse. I find it *VERY* useful and believe it would be beneficia [sic] for both students and professors to use Oncourse for all classes.

I think more information needs to be provided regarding student email and access if Ky resident or work in Ky.

I think it would be helpful to be able to access your IUS locker from your home computer.

You guys are doing a fine job! keep it up!

There are not enough computers on campus.

Some websites are only available if you are Indiana connecting to them. Just remember there are students who live in Kentucky (that live in counties besides Jefferson, Bullitt, or Oldham) that use these services.

We need more computers- many times I cannot find a computer at the hot" time of day.

It would be nice if user id & password could be given/chosen when registering instead of having to go to a computer lab. I have very limited time to do this.

Provide students with information about all of the services avaible [sic] at IUS.

I think they should have headphones or speakers on the computers so you can hear things you download.

It would be nice to have more Macs around and people who have knowledge of them working in the labs. I am pleased that the library may now be accessed from home! Go IU! I would like to see insite offered more hours(24 [DE NOTE: R DREW SMILEY FACE])

Need more computer labs. It seems since I started it is harder to get a computer in the lab. The services offered are excellent other than that.

To educate the students on the services provided by the college.

Pay phone charge for local calls is too high(50 cents?) Server maintenance has caused delay in log on, ranging from 5 to 25 minutes, during busy periods.


I think the IT services at IUS are excellent but I have not had much experience with anything comparable to the IT services.

Lab consultants just play around on their computers, its hard to get their assistance.


I have not attended IUS this past year, but I do access INSITE from time to time and I am very satisfied. No, not to my knowledge. Even though I am not familiar with some aspects of the IUS-IT services I would have to say that I am pretty satisfied overall.

Everything I have seen and worked with seems fine. The only suggestion I can think of is to set up some printers for the computers outside of the Bursar Office in the library building so students can have direct access with them, as we do in the school library.

Whassup [sic]!


Need more visual information about what is offered.

The technology is good for non-computer experts to learn, but limits how much a computer expert can learn.

-More color printers or hooked up to more terminals. -More/better lab tech hours. -Maintenance of supplies in lab, re: paper, stapler, etc.

I am really impressed by the IUS website and on-line registration services.

I would like to be able to access information about my specific major, like the classes I need to take. Create a program that allows the bursar's office to print a receipt that has a detailed breakdown of credit hours, fees, etc.

I don't get on email that much, but when I do It's filled with junk email. I wish there was a way to not recieve [sic] all the notices to things that do not concern me. Or not be on the mailing list.

No, it's alright.

The computer labs are always clean and quiet. The lab tach [sic] are always helpful and friendly. Sometimes the internet speed is slow, probably from so many users. Overall I'm satisfied with the services.

1) Takes too long to get logged on (PIN too long and ID) 2.) CU computer lab un-Godly hot. I will not use 3.)Need more printers, where there are none 4.) Not enough desk space at many terminal work stations 5.) Should provide a tool to prop your books up or paper to type.

Please put a printer in Hillside Hall Rm 009. Please update @risk in computers on campus. Orientation seminar for new students explaining all services available This may be being done but as a part-time grad student, I didn't have the benefits of this info.

It would be nice to know that you could use the computer lab as a guest. I never knew what password to use nor how to get one. It made it very difficult to use the services especially trying to find the time as a part time graduate student to search out information on gaining a password.

The computers are wonderful. The student computer staff has been wonderful. I have learned to set up a website, do e-mail, and research for my teaching! We have computers at school - we do e-mails to staff and parents. We also have the system power grade continued) so our report cards are done on the computer! It makes teaching alot (sic) easier! I.U.S. has helped me to gain my confidence in computer technology. Thank you for your assistance. [IRD].

I am in my first semester here for grad. school. Besides registering on the computer and visiting the school website, I haven't used the technology here yet.

I think the registration--drop/add procedure is very confusing. If the assistants are not around, many people cannot register. I thought I dropped a class this semester only to receive a bill a few weeks later.

The service in the labs was great!! But it was even better the 4 ? years I was a consultant there!! :)

Liked my beginning computer course

You need to make students more aware of what you have to offer.

There are numerous ways to access the computers. You can always find one to use. Everyone in the labs are always ver helpful when you have questions

I am not very aware of what IUS offers students in terms of information technology services


More computers/ Labs are loud more privacy. Otherwise as I have gone through five years at IUS the improvements have been great!

1.)More classes offered on Oncourse. 2.) Ability for Oncourse mail and IUS mail to be together in one data area. 3.)easier ability to see all that is offered- such as building of personal web page. 4.) Web Reg. can sometimes be tempermental when you want to request a closed class. It should allow for wait list! 5.)How can I learn more about the vodeo conferanceing [sic]? I had no idea IUS had it! 6.)Email is sometimes difficult to put together on Oncourse. Can it be expanded? 7.)Microsoft Exchange is different to move through the mail. I like notes much better! Can lotus notes be accessed via the web?

Maybe there can be a bulletin board in each of the labs to notify potential users of new technology in IT. e.g. public laptop lan [sic] connections and P.L. lan wireless connections.

I really am glad all the computers are kept up to date with the ever changing software and hardware.

This was my first year at IUS and as a freshman it was a wonderful experience! All the services I used were great, a lot of them I didn't take advantage of.

There needs to be more computers or computer labs. At certain times in the day they are all full. (esp. in CV) There need to be color printers available in all the computer labs.


My eval. is based on 1 Saturday class. Hardly ever use computer.

I wish more programs like SPSS/PHSTAT were on all computers in all labs rather than just HH lab. Also, I would like to be able to access my user files off-campus at home or office. I forget that I save things at 105 & then can't get thear (sic) w/out going out to IUS.

Many of these services I have never heard of or taken advantage, reasons not to blame on IUS. I only take one class per semester & have very little time to take advantage of your services offered due to family & work obligations.

More communication from IT dept. needed on what services are available.

Student, computer lab workers need to be more helpful and more knowledgeable and not printing so much for themselves (homework) and should be helping other students.

I've hardly heard of these services. Please note information campus improvements more available.

Computer labs need to have longer hours.

I don't ever use the services because I've never received a username or password.

I haven't been to the language lab in a year or so, but last time I tried, every machine was broken & was that way for over a year. Overall, great job. Keep up the good work!

I wish to be taken off this list. Please send me no more surveys.

More computers. Maybe put a lab in every building if not already there.

If ever I have any questions about procedures for papers, using software/hardware, or websites -the staff here at IUS are excellent in our microlabs [sic]. The computers are also readily available.!!


Purchased a PC because it was often difficult to find a computer not in use when needed.

Put some 100MB zip drives on some units. 250 drives are a pain with 100 disks.

More labs with open access for students- because if a computer class has specific software *ONLY* available in the classroom and *NO WHERE* else on campus, it is very hard to complete assignments for that class.

Since IUS is a commuter campus, it would be helpful to have the Library Article search online

I don't know where to go to get any information about using a computer. I wanted to use one before a night class and could not get on it because I needed a password or be able to sign in. Could that info come with registration?