2002 IUSB IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Change webmail.

More dial up lines more publicity reguarding [sic] help with web pages Oncourse should be more reliable [CORRECTION: IN ABOVE NOTE "reguarding" SHOULD BE "regarding"]

Need electronic calendar coordinated with email Need speaker phone in office that *works* Need indicator light on phone to indicate presence of new voice mail Need to support XP platform Webmail must be replaced. Voicemail must be made more reliable Dial-up access is 50-50 (ie, Half the time, the computer does not answer from remote dial-up locations) anytime-> needs to be improved immediately.

-many improvements over last two years in support for faculty -For students-should have some media equipped rooms-VCR instead of ordering -need some more support for stud of technology

Thank you. I would like consideration for support for Eudora.

As a new faculty member I still do not know of or have had time to find out on my own what services, programs etc are avail. O my computer (I finally found out what the "W" drive was-but can't find it!

Webmail is really annoying.

Is there anyway a person could come to an office-phone directions can be difficult when the receiver is not as familiar w/ MAC?

Keep Help Desk open after 5:00p.m. Deplore Web Mail - Group Wise was much better.

Web mail is a disaster. It is difficult to use It has only one advantage, that it can be accessed from any [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "www. connected"], but having *only* a web mail service makes the program too difficult to use, ie. no real [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "windows"] capability

IMS (Question 16).

The support people are very good but level of technology + maintenance is deteriorating. I selected a room on the basis of equipment and it was broken at beginning of semester and won't be repaired/replaced until summer. This is no help. If a room is designated with certain features it is very disturbing when they aren't there. *Thanks* We need more DVD players and rooms with good acoustics + screening possibilities.

OIT Support Staff VERY Helpful & Courteous & Accommodating ?Excellent Service!!!

Many professional environments in specific fields use Macintosh equipment, so those of us in those field use macs. [SIC] The university *needs* to support mac users!!!!

Don't hate Macs! I buy *all* my own software and install it on my hard drive; stop insisting on writing all the new databases on platforms my Mac can't run. Upgrade Macs on the same cycle as PCs - I've had 1 upgrade in 6 years, because I paid for it. Also - the server goes down *way* too often - upgrade it to handle the amount of traffic it now carries. Dial-in lines are slow and usually busy - increase dial-in capacity. We need more classrooms with built-in projection rigs ? this business of having someone bring computers and projectors in on a cart is ridiculous, and often delays the start of class.

Highest priority ought to be to install permanent projection equipment in all classrooms, including seminar rooms.

It is very difficult to get a classroom that connects a computer to the drivers I use for Power Point. - overhead projection in most classrooms is awkward a best. [SIC]

I have used the lab in DW1270 twice for BI classes this semester. I have found the keyboard on the Instructors [SIC] computer to be "Black" with filth when I have used it. The telephone service has been contacted numerous times about a voice mail problem. Message show up [SIC] as much as 3 days later. I still have not heard back from them.

I am unable to receive files from some colleagues at other universities. I have to have them send files to a colleague using a different mail system who then forwards [sic] the files to me. This is very cumbersome. This does not happen with all file transfers but is frequent enough that it is a real pain.

specific instructions on a web site that would guide me thru [SIC] process of setting up my laptop to function like my desktop - i.e., unplug net connection on desktop, then plug into laptop + be able to log in/access files.

OIT contains a group of departments, some are excellent, instructional tech is great! I check my voice mail a [sic] 5 pm & have no messages, the next morning I check & have 3 messages from the previous day all before 5 p.m. ?

-Enormous improvement in attitudes under the current interim director -The Webmail decision was made without adequate consultation (the faculty committee was asked to *ratify* the decision, which had been made without any real *user* testing outside OIT).

My only complaint is Webmail - I hate its forwarding quirks & it's address book. The cursor is also hard to manage - I have scrolling down an entire page to complete a function. I miss being able to highlight, underline etc. I wish there were folders for addresses. I miss being able to retrieve I like the new faculty Digest for mass mail.

I use e-mail, word processing, + IU + Big 10 library catalogs. That's almost all.

Something must be done to improve the equipment in the Foreign language lab Computers are not functing[sic] - TVs are broken! Deplorable lack of assistance to fix a very important element in language teaching.

The Web mail system is no Efficient

When an OIT employee accesses our computers w/o us present they need to leave a note on the desk or computer that they were on our computer and for what reason.

Webmail has been very cumbersome to use. I really preferred [sic] groupwise.

Generally people are helpful and courteous; some equipment esp. in classrooms is outdated. When will the library get wired?

Fix 237-4809 dialup. Clean overhead projectors once in awhile not always consistent or timely follow-up on computer requests (eg. I've asked several times for the full Adobe Acrobat on my machine to create PDF files - no follow-up) Also concerned that we're no longer on automatice [sic] hardware upgrade cycle. I'd like a CD-RW drive on my machine.

I'm very pleased overall with Help Desk service and with individual OIT staff members.

Instructional Media is woefully underfunded [sic]. More money should be sunk into updating and expanding classroom IT & less should go towards updating student computer labs.

Very helpful and pleasent [sic].

All the staff of OIT are great.

I don't like webmail. I don't like the fact that we no longer support wordperfect. I resent Microsoft making Netscape Navigator more diff.

I'd like to be able to access my network drive ("o") while working from home. Am using commercial internet provider because dial-in lines are too slow. Better support for mobile computing/experimenting-checkout laptops for example. I'd like to use more web-based technologies in my teaching but need support to develop the necessary resourses [sic] (web-pages, CD Rom presentations).

1. Insufficient computer-projections: intructors [sic] are currently allowed to reserve this equipment for the entire semester. I've been completely shut out for occasional use in some time slots 2. Broken printer (most of the semester) NS 340 lab


With your budget facilities contraints [sic], you're doinf [sic] well! I appreciated having a new iMac this year. Now, if we could only get classrooms wired and have more units for use- Keep up the good work! The help from the "Help Desk" has improved tremendously.

Faster more reliable modem/servers for Elkhart service at home.

Need more equipment for in-class computer use.

They are very professional & prompt in responding to any question or problems.

Speed up connections - multiple labs mean multiple logon & use - give us more lines

-We need better more user friendly IT. Oncourse is clunky and not instructor/student friendly -We need Web page design & construction assistance - without it our IUSB Web environment looks like amateur hour $ change webmail.

We cannot add sudfolders (sic) to an existing folder. Also address took for a class takes the entire screen.

Language lab technology, equipment and staffing is abysmal. Students continue to complain about equipment not functioning, discourtesy.

Too bad - language lab has great potential.

In most cases, OIT has responded to problems in the labs in which I teach in a timely manner. Unfortunately the labs do not provide a stable and consistent environment in which to teach & are not set up effectively to be teaching labs. Apparently OIT is under-manned to provide labs that work for all classes - all the time.

The response time to resolve equipment/software problems is unacceptably long. I have visited campuses with less support personel [sic] but shorter average response times.

Faculty |Staff | Students

Need more and better hardware service for departments from OIT. Sometimes weeks or months go by after initial request. In order to serve students better we need excellent functioning equipment, not delays and putoffs [sic] by service personnel.

The help desk does a good job of follow-up & getting to problems right away. They are pulled in many directions but do a good job of prioritizing. the switchboard does not do a good job of listening to requests of callers, giving accurate info, or routing calls to appropriate depts.

dissatisfied [sic] with Web-Mail - which is clunky, hard to open attachments, etc. Group Wise a more popular choice dial-up System is too slow! Changed to DSL

replace WebMail system Improve voicemail system [sic]

Changing to Web Mail has absolutely changed my opinion of OIT. With Group Wise service & productivity was high. With Web Mail I am reminded every day of how inadequate it is and how much productivity I lose daily.

Help desk response is excellent. However, management/supervisors are never available when there's a problem. Supervisor spends more time off campus/unavailable (personal) than he spends at work

I would like to see a quicker turn around time as far as getting someone to look at computer equipment If you're having a problem. Some one should come up the same day called instead of having to make repeat telephone calls.

Great dept. of people in the OIT-South Bend office. Always cooperative, responsive. Very devoted. I continue to have a "language" barrier with electronic systems. More on-line tutorials might help me - and others new to available systems. Keep them simple. Divide in categories like "How Do I ..." in Icons like How Do I change my phone message to ? How Do I purchase supplies or manipulate IU Care in steps 1,2,3,4,5 etc. It's all out there, I know, just not centralized with broad overviews to specifics to using the programs. Thanks for Asking. Thanks for the gift! Also - IUSB Cont EDUC classes are outstanding! Thanks. 2/26/02


Would love to create homepage - Are there easier instructions these days? :) OIT Help Desk is wonderful, very helpful


Web mail is not very efficient. We no longer have email's [SIC] for everyone on a pop up basis. Old system remembered who you emailed + the address just popped up. Faster more reliable dial up access. I work from home quite often in both IU IS + Web based mediums [SIC] + the connection is only 28,800!!

-would like to see OIT newsletter again - -Would like to see change in email system -Am not aware of long distance phone options - no problems with current long distance service.

Make communication your top priority! Send more massmails [sic] w/information. have [sic] support staff report to people w/problems on a regular basis.

-IUSB needs room/event scheduling software - Additional Computer Video Projectors need to be available and existing equipment needs to be updated.

We need to have a better calendar, a preferred vedor [sic] for PDA's, all tied to our e-mail system.

We need a much better calender [sic] system including the ability to set up appointment across areas.

I find the office and its [sic] staff to be quick to assist, knowledgeable and *always* very willing to help.

Liked the Groupwise E-mail better with calender [sic] function. WebMail is a TERRIBLE email service. I much preferred Groupwise [sic] At least get something that has a scheduling function.

Very good customer service. Thanks for the software!

Webmail is not working well. You have to keep re-booting to get "mail notification"-sometimes it freezes up and you have to start all over creating the email.

oit [sic] is doing excellent job! a++++

Switch calendar and email to Outlook.

More timely response to help desk calls. Acceptable solutions and/or explanations.

I still do not like Webmail. Group Wise was so much better.

Need better training for help desk personnel.

1) I miss formatting options in email-now that we use webmail. 2) The HelpDesk [sic] has been friendly and helpful this year. 3) The HelpDesk [sic] ahs been good about getting someone to the Library computer lab asap [sic] when notified a consultant has failed [sic] to show. Thanks.

Speed up time between calling helpdesk [sic] and actually getting someone fix [sic] the problem.Helpdesk [sic] sometimes loses workorders [sic] -better organization and follow up would help.

Problems w/computers/software need to be handled in a more timely manner. We definitely need a different e-mail system. Webmail is the worst e-mail system I have ever used. We also need a calendar program. We have been asking for one for the past year and we still haven't seen it yet.

More training with University Information Services -- especially for new employees.

-going back to *GroupWire* for email!

OIT services staff is very personable and always helpful. The only problem I see is that sometimes it will take 3-4 weeks for a request or technical support to take place. Sometimes the down time of a certain program can hinder job performance when deadlines need to be met. Overall, the feedback is prompt, but I have one problem that has not been addressed... it is a long-term difficulty that I guess there is no answer to (???)

There needs to larger quota [sic] on voice mail. My box is "completely full" every day!

Speed up process of access to FIS for new users. Receive monthly invoice fro telecommunications sooner.

OIT staff are helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, good people to work with.


I feel the switch board should be more knowledgeable regarding campus events. They never seem to know what's going on! Also, connecting from home is very slow.

At times we have problems w/deskjet printer ect [sic] ...It does take OIT some time to actually get over to our office, sometimes 2 weeks. We do have a laserjet [sic] to use so it is not too critical. It seems I have to continuously call and I will get better results.

Need better cross-reference. (ie, if you only have the phone # should be able to find out who it belongs to within [sic] calling the phone #, also a listing of what acct # each phone # charged [sic] against).

Change e-mail system-from webmail

OIT personnel are always very helpful, under- standing, and efficient.


Telephones [sic] -it would be nice if they were capable of flashing when there is a message-rather than listening for the dial tone. it would be nice if departmental technology people had more control!

I think that more courses need to be offered for training on various computer software, expanding from Microsoft products.

Remove 3 hr time limit from x4809 for work-from-home projects. OR, create staff/admin only line w/out time limit.

I worked w/one member of your team in B + E before she rec'd her degree + started working in your Dept. She was nasty to me there, + is nasty to me when (thank God it's seldom) I deal w/her now. Please instruct your employees they must be cordial to *EVERYONE* whether they like it or not or they will suffer the consequences. Thank You.

I am pleased with level of professional courtesy and personalized service extended to everyone

I would give higher marks but not satisfied w/webmail & no calendar use.

Since I am not a full time employee or student, my experience with OIT is extremely limited.

We have had an ongoing problem with the equipment in the student computing lab at Riverside Hall. This includes the laser printer. Our ability to use laser printer has not been dependable. Sometimes it works sometimes it does *not.*

-There should be a toll-free modem line. BevChurch [sic] is doing a wonderful job!

I've always been satisfied with the speedy response to any problems I've had. Also appreciate OIT's willingness to take the time and help us through problems were having and talking on our level. Thank you!

When OIT install or move computers around, they might want to try and hide the computer cables. Because the cables do not look pretty at a workstation.

I am basically computer illiterate. I have used a word processor (very frequently). I have used e-mail (a few times). *Many* years ago I took a class for el.ed. tchrs [sic] using computers. One of my goals is to eventually find the time to take a course to give myself and understanding of how to use computers. Voice mail often has a delay (sometimes several hours) I think OIT personnel have a *very* difficult *job*! Having a telephone with a light that let's me know I have a voice mail message would make a HUGE improvement in my job functioning. Picking up the handset to listen for a "beep - beep - beep" is unacceptable!

Although utilizing the current Webmail service at IUSB may be cost-effective, the service is obysmal [sic], just a notch above paper/pen correspondence. So many of the "extras" which were lost in the switch helped with the overall user friendliness and daily functions of communicating within/outside the IU system. (At ND, Eudora system had a broad range of funtionality! [sic])

Dump webmail - unstable, can't trust it. Voicemail messages sometimes don't come through for many hours - why the delay? A blinking light on phone when there are vmail [sic] messages would be helpful. Dont' [sic] understand the costs of telephone switching charges- Help Desk is very helpful-don't know what I'd do without them :) Again: When customer service personnell [sic] (those of us who srve live-&-in-person customers) call OIT for help-we need OIT to respond as soon that same day [sic] (within the hour), as possible. We cannot limp through until our number comes up.

I have requested that my printer needs fixed. (OIT) They ahve [sic] been to my office a few times, but never resolved the problem. When calling for service make person on call (in office) more helpful [sic] friendly easy to communicate with.

Keep labs open 24/7 during & before finals week! Switchboard needs to be trained better. Too much socializing goes on & we can hear them in our office

Elkhart needs either an additional T-1 or a T-3 to handle both distance Technology and a computer course. The lab connections are problematic can your office advise?

Faculty | Staff | Students

Thanks for your help in aiding my registration; obtaining general (needed) information.

I am accostumed [sic] to the service with my company that I seldom use any other.

I especially appriciate [sic] the addition of Web Mail. This makes it easier to access my mail from compus [sic] more frequently, instead of only when I am in a lab for class.


1st semester freshmen and I did not know that all this existed. More should be included in orientation to let us know whats *sic* available.

I have practically no knowledge of the services offered by OIT. This survey has indicated potential services that I can utilize.

-Speed up connections.-Get some courteous, friendly lab staff. (not so cocky) -Upgrade to some newer computers.-Get rid of Pine e-amil [sic] (from the Stone Age)!

I really don't know much at all about OIT. The only thing I have ever worked with is accessing an OIT account.

Online-insite does not show my transcript or related details of classes I have taken & completed this may be a result from my being a "Purdue Statewide" student -Don't like this feature *same goes for "grades by phone" [sic]

I would like to know exactly where OIT is located, I have had help on information from computers at IUSB but I have no idea with OIT[sic]


Oncourse has been great BUT in a class of mine we were suppose to take a test and OIT was supposed to put it on the system because it was a computer class, well it wasn't there. It took 30 min. before it was put on. The prof. has also had trouble logging on. [DDE: in line one "suppose" SHOULD READ "supposed"]

IUSB offers a great computer service environment for students. Actually they are always busy!! The lab techs are great help and do a wonderful job of helping you.

You guys do a great job in every area, the only problem is that the computer labs are often full. I would love to see more of them.

The service is well maintained & the improvements are going well. I feel OIT is doing great.

Not really, but when I asked the student aid for help getting my password, he was not friendly and didn'tseem like he wanted to be there.

Add more lines to the dial up modem pools.

=) [sic]

The speed of the dial-up services and the computers speed in the labs are excessively slow. The hardware for those need to be updated, along with the email program. But the rest of the services are *great* and so is the speed of the internet in labs.

The last several months I have not been able to maintain a connection to the Elkhart facility for longer than about 5-10 minutes. I finally switched to Net Zero and the last 3 days have logged over 18 hours of time on the WWW never once getting bumped off.

I don't use much of it, however, I am exceedingly glad such things are available to me as a student. I would like to be able to access more of the services & info from home Wish there was more info about services & info that can be accessed through the internet for students working on their home computers

Very impressed overall. Oncourse is a great idea but seems overly cumbersome to use. I subscribe to AOL and find their e-mail much easier to use.

-OIT should clean junk icon from screen and should personalize the user screen like IU Bloomington. -Internet connection through IUSB is "extremely" slow. -OIT should check all computers every day. Not time to time.

Since we have to pay a tech fee- Every class should offer as part of it an awareness of all these service & a brief overview of how to use/access them!

I am only a part time student. This is only my 1st class since undergrad graduation in '97.

The main Lab at IUSB is typically very crowded, while it seems other labs are not used. Opening other Labs during peak times would be useful, or creating awareness of other Labs is this is already done.

I think its ridiculous that we are *required* to pay a technology fee for services that most don't even use. The labs hours are terrible, the computer problems are outrageous and the programs are outdated. What is the fee going to anyways? The labs are crap!

Being able to register over the phone, search for course listings on the computer, and use the internet at the Schurz Library are all resources that I have put to good use over the past 18 months. Thank you :)!

It is somewhat inconvenient to have a user name etc. to access the computer network at I.U.S.B.

Elkhart dial up service is often busy or it bumps me off the Internet while I am using it.

I feel ackward [sic] filling this out- I can't be much help. when the lights come on my computer I'm happy. I'm sure there are improvements you would like to see but as *sic* present date you have met my needs perfectly. -[IRD]


*Please*, let non-traditional students know the services that are available!

I am only in my second semester so my interaction with OIT has been limited. Several years ago I participated in continuing education programs and was very satisfied.

The mouse for the Mac Computers are difficult to use. 32286u I really like Oncourse and Insite, only problem is that very few Professors use them. The only thing that I really don't like about the computer labs is the high amount of students in "chat" rooms and on instant messengers. Wish something could be done about that.

I like the new logitech mouses [sic] in the Library Lab Should be some UNIX workstations for student use

Yes, I build compters for myself and my friends. The hardwar that [sic] in DW is only 233 mHz and is *extremely slow*. My home PC is so much better I *dread* using [sic] on campus computers.

Some of the computers are very slow.

Chat and games in labs OUT OF CONtROll!! Not supervised *Print queues often clogged with inapropiate (sic) print jobs staff great.

Those helping in the computer labs should be better acquainted with the functions of all programs on the computer as well as its network capabilities.

Overall, the OIT is extremely important and useful. I do believe that there should be more labs available for students!

The PINE system is not very user friendly.

I have never had so much trouble logging on as *sic* this semester. Also, Pine does not or cannot send my messages, say to ccvsoftware.com and other dotcoms this semester. Even in class I have to go *sic* 3 computers before I can log on sometimes.

No thank you.

Need to replace Pine with another email service. Also I rarely use any email service because there is no specific training on how to teach me to. However, my studies have not been affected.

I had some rude girls try to help me in the Student Labs in Wiecamp.

They help- guys at Northside are great.

more computer stations in library [sic]

pleased [sic] w/ technology @ IUSB

I don't sign on to IU from home - I tried once & couldn't get it to work & your help dest [sic] wasn't any help.

I *love* dialing in from home - but a lot of people aren't aware of this service. I think there should be more labs in the Elkhart center.

It is sometimes frustrating to have to access Webmail and Oncourse mail separately. Is there a way that these services can be forwarded, on a daily basis, to a hotmail account? Is it possible to have the student lab consultants delete the excess junk programs from each computer?

When I am dialing onto the internet from home sometimes it is hard to get online.

Keep up w/ the Good work!!

I enjoy the use of the over the phone registration and insite!

Language/communication/understanding, are sometimes a difficult obstacle in resolving some technology gliches. [sic]

Has Helped me Tremendously in work; But there is so much more to Help with. Library System is confusing.

I've been @ IUSB for over four years and have never been informed on any of these services.

Overall I had a positive experience @ IUSB w/the computer labs etc. 2 areas needing improvements; 1 E-mail-pine is terrible! 2 Lab consultants need more training or expertise "print somewhere else" is a typical response!

Students with knowledge of Mac's should work in NS Basement during peak hours.

-Oncourse is great. It should be required for *all* professors to use grade books on oncourse. IUSB admin. building needs a computer lab.

E-mail needs to be changed

Make a lab available for use in the administration building. I use the labs frequently, occasionally machines are very slow or 3-5 are down in the lab. However, I have always been able to find a machine. I use insite for Financial Aid Tracking and course selection, + registration, I love it.

(*Overall* More, Better, Faster.) You know, Just the impossible. I of course realize that OIT is constrained by capital but I would like to see newer/better harware [sic], updated operating system on the network, and better trianed [sic] staff. Just a suggestion but I would like to see certain labs dedicaded [sic] to internet/e-mail users, and other labs for people doing research and homework. (A internet [sic] cafe in the student activities center)

I could use more intruction. Paper copies of simplified step-by-step instruction is helpful.

[IRD] is an awesome person and highly professional. She really makes IUSB technology what it is. I appreciate her a great deal.

I really don't use the computers @ school that much because I have my own @ home. But from what I do use of them, I feel that they are easy to understand and helpful.

Keep up the good work!

Too much Extraneous e-mail [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "arrow pointing down"]. motivation to utilize.


An instruction booklet on how to connect to school using a unix based computer (linux).

Make sure the computers for Blind students work and the consultants know how to use them!

I think Insite should be accessible 24 hrs. a day

The low marks on item #12 are due to the out-dated *sic* machines in the Purdue labs. I understand that these are probably Purdue's responsability [sic], however it's worth noting their poor quality. "IUSB" labs are very good.

The connection to the internet from school is great for surfing the web for information. The internet service available through IUSB from home however is quite slow. IUCAT system is difficult to get good results from for IUSB library. This might just be that the library doesn't have the books I need but that is why I rated the service poorly.

The service I use are *sic* great and most helpful.

More information to be available about the services you provide would be helpful.

I feel the consultants in the lab need some training in order to help us better. When I've had a problem finding a program that my instructor told us to go to, the consultant told me they didn't know & didn't offer to help me find it. Another time I had a consultant that helped me a lot in locating a program & different ways to print it.

Add Latin classes to IUSB.

-The computers in the OIT Labs are slow. -There are too many computers crammed in one lab -Additional computer labs would be helpful with extended time periods. (More than one lab opened until midnight would be beneficial.)

Online registration is great!

It is almost impossible to find an available computer to use during certain times of the day, like 11:30.

Computer technology keeps improving - keep up the good work!

It would be nice to see lounges and sitting areas fitted with network jacks for those with laptops.

Better AC in computer labs


My only complaint is how slow the computers are and how difficult it is to open my student email account. My account is always busy for the first five minutes I try to access it. I am thankful for how well the OIT members do know the computers!

there are not enough computers. 80% of the time I gointo[sic] any computer lab I can't use one. The students there to help, most of them are rude and act like i'm a waste of there[sic] time. most of the proffesors [sic] don't use oncourse so that's a waste. most of the website for searches and info are confusing.

It should be easier to access student e-mail through library computers. Students should be *at least*shown how to send, delete, & read their student e-mail, I still don't know how to send & delete w/ my student e-mail.

IUSB overall has a good OIT program. A lot of the computers are really slow, If they could be Fixed, de fragmented more often or just get better computers.

Yes, this course is very important in learning process, but I have never see [sic] or heard of Computer since I starting [sic] my schooling in my Country or as an International student, so I need a particular attention to be able to figure computers as sample to me.

1. student lab assistants arrive up to 30 min late to open the labs - Very annoying! 2. Start-up (on cluster machines) is very cumbersome & slow - why does all software have to be loaded each time? Our MBA finance course requires DOS program to print to local printers. Very few machines are set up to do this in Weikamp labs. Why?

I am an off campus student... I am a Kdg [sic] teacher working toward renewing my license. I have never even been on the IUSB campus. I feel that my imput [sic] will not be benificial [sic] to your study. I have never heard or used the OIT system.

i occasionally take classes through IUSB for my professional life. I do not use most of these services on any kind of regular basis, but have had no problems when I do use them.

I've only taken 2 classes at IUSB and neither required a high level of tech usage.

I took an on-location workshop on socratic [sic] seminars that involved no campus-computer facilities.

Expl. I do not use OIT services on any regular basis. I know they exist and am assured they provide exponential benefit when utilized...

some computer i could not used because there were so many programs installed on systems with not so many resources. remove some programs that few people use. make [sic] it simpler. would be nice to have 24 hr lab.

It annoys me when students add things to the tool bar eg. yahoo and other things that have nothing to do w/school. I think that students who want to download this stuff should be kicked off so that students doing homework get priority.

The computers in the DW building labs need to be updated. The system is very slow when the labs are full.



I have never used any computer facilites [sic] at IUSB.

Since I use my home computer for the majority of my school work, I found this difficult to complete. do not believe that my lack of knowledge is due to lack of followup [sic] from OIT services. 32913u -create a designated computer lab that would allow students to work even after the lab assistant is gone (as long as students entered the lab by a certain time) Northside hall has an overnight guard that could "patrol" the lab after hours 2 years ago I had trouble w/oncourse. Support services spent 4 hours over 2 days trying to sort out the problem. Then I only had one prof require the use on oncourse. For Oncourse to be beneficial, many more classes need to use it. However, many of my classes would *not* benefit from its use.

Students using computers in labs should not be permitted to download and/or use "chat" software (messangers [sic]). It is annoying and slows down other users

Bloomington is a lot better wired than SB, which makes their computer system faster. The only complaint I have about IUSB is the slowness of logging on.


I think INSITE should be made available at all hours.

I wish I could have been more helpful with your survey. I did not use the campus computer this year, but in the past the staff was very helpful and the systems were easy for someone like myself (limited knowledge)


More computer labs are needed, especially in Northside.

DOS based Pine Mail is *worthless*! Insite needs to have sort/search for classes in course offerings (i.e. search for all 0930-0945 TR classes). Educate facility [sic] to make *mandatory* use of oncourse for their classes, in 50 credit hours only *two* professors used this resource