2003 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


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CFS- only able to copy one file at a time is inconvenient. Invaluable asset, however. 2) IU Web Mail- I use primarily in dealing with mail with attached files. Otherwise itís a pain. Slow, unstable, frustrating 3) about Q21. "Distributed Education" here is far more than UICS- one aspect of DE 4) We are getting SPAMED out of our minds- can you filter more of it out?

Need to filter junk e-mail!!!

Some of the university web sites could be better. Parking Operations, for example, is often very slow in responding. Parents of prospective students complain to me that IU web sites are not as easy or efficient as other universities. In most respects, however, we have great technical services. UITS does a great job as does ETS in the school of education

Overall I'm pleased with the service.

I have contacted UITS offices frequently over the last year and over the last 6 years. Every time, I met with a person who had a great deal of knowledge and assisted me promptly in resolving my numerous problems. UITS representatives have always been courteous, polite and very understanding of my lack of knowledge concerning my problems with computers, phones, slides, etc. I have always had the utmost praise for UITS and personnel.

I would like to see IU moving in the direction of providing equipment for internet in every class room. I know I am dreaming but I would like to see. I love to use computer and Internet in the classroom.

There must be a way to lay out the phone numbers in the Faculty phone book to make them larger and more legible, considering that there are *2 blank lines* of white space above and below each tiny number.

-SPAM becoming a major annoyance. -Ergonomics of some student computer labs seem close to abuse! -CITO providing excellent service.

-Color/(laser) printing for faculty is nearly impossible Can't use student facilities. -You need easily customizable server-side spam filtering for IU email. -Usernet groups should have better binary service (might slow down the P and P usage on campus)

My main complaint of IU computing services is the Library web site. It is extremely difficult to navigate and find information. The multitude of links and images also cause the pages to load slowly. While upgrade has a finished "look" that is very polished, its efficacy could be improved. It should be easy to obtain information from a library's web site- not tedious and frustrating.

IUCAT could use minor enhancements: 1) ability to bookmark "advanced keyword search" (now requires several clicks) 2) output of records in very sparce "author, title, call #" format, to save paper at library Voice mail at IU is totally unreliable- messages often delivered days or weeks after being sent- a travesty!

I am concerned about over-reliance on Microsoft and its notoriously porous security. Chemistry Department- working fine. IUCF- we have our own cluster and IUCF cluster- generally OK, but will need growth.

In general I have been satisfied with many technology initiatives supported by UITS. However, Kelley School of Business (KSB) has experienced some serious issues with Oncourse during the fall of 2002 and current semesters. The School's distance education programs office, Kelley Direct, depends on Oncourse to be its primary CMS and has for several years. Last fall, the Oncourse capacity problem caused some difficulties with Kelley Direct programs. In additional [sic] to capacity issues, KSB has identified a pattern of communication problems between the Oncourse team and IT support providers in Kelley Direct. I have encouraged Kelley Direct to focus on improving communication with the

Oncourse team at UITS. If communications are not improved, I am concerned that sooner or later we may experience a serious breakdown that could cause irreparable damage to KD's programs.

Our research project had *many* problems with CFS this year. [IRD] at UITS has been invaluable in helping us through these issues! Oncourse still needs some improvement, particularly in the functioning of the discussion forum and usefulness of the email (finding one particular old email is almost impossible). I am *very* disappointed that the stat-math center no longer offers design and statistical advice- this is a loss for our faculty. The dial-up modems are *still* busy too often- especially in the evening hours.

I'm a first year faculty member, so my experience is limited. You might ask a question to this effect on the survey.

UITS services have been immensely useful in teaching and I very much appreciate the support that I get. And this survey is even useful, to help me be more aware of what services are availableó

1. It is very difficult to find what I need using on-line resources unless I can identify exactly what I want (e.g., I was searching for the latest secure shell download and I had trouble locating it at first). 2. Recent "improvements" to the online library pages (IUCAT) have made it *much* more difficult to use for simple tasks and made it slower as well. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with the computing resources.

The support I received at TLTL was exceptional. [IRD] is a gem.

We are badly in need of better digitized image archives (from museums, galleries, etc.) and better support for those who teach using digital imaging (PowerPoint, etc) Also the Digital Libraries program should be merged w/ the IU libraries so that access and searching would be consistent across the board Webmail is in need of more juice-- some days it's painfully slow; it kicks users off suddenly, etc. Overall a *good system* but gets clogged. It's definitely the best of the bunch- security changes caused my IMAPS to act

up and crash my computer; no one from CITO could figure out why so I switched to Webmail which in spite of occasional problems is pretty reliable and easy to use Also-- someone should really work at SPAM-BLOCKING- I get way too much of that stuff

My most pressing concerns revolve around the reliability of E-mail service, Internet/web access, and math/stat applications on my office machine. Many of the items included for evaluation in this survey simply do not touch my daily life at IU.

I regret the abandonment of Corel and WordPerfect, for the inferior Microsoft products.

IU has a wealth of computing services. It's wonderful.

[IRD] and personell at the Chem Dept have been great. Diligent and hard working always on top of things. Perhaps my only critique is often the difficulty in getting a hold of personell. Other than that top notch! [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE A SIGNATURE]

I use a Mac and Mac support in the School of Education is not adequate-- faculty are encouraged to use windows based PCs, which I will not use-- therefore I do the majority of my computer work at home

I still get calls from people asking for the person who was in my office *5* years ago. He *NEVER* had my number. I have called several times *and have finally given up*! This is a long survey. I would be surprised if you get a significant response rate.

The people with whom I have interacted at UITS are always helpful and the services improve each year.

-UITS should provide personal privacy and security software to wipe clean sensitive files and prevent administrators, subsequent users, or joy riders (e.g. janitors) from accessing sensitive data or intellectual property -I appreciate the 3rd-year replacement of faculty computers, but I would like to wipe clean my machine *personally* first, before giving it away to another user -I was disappointed to see direct dial-in email service discontinued; web-based email is cumbersome using a 56k modem -Please buy BMDP for personal computers and make available to researchers at a reduced academic rate (it's a stats package)

Very long!

I suggest to set up a separate mail server for faculty. The reliability of email on this campus has been terrible.

Provide telephone support for Mac over the week end Wire more classrooms for PowerPoint Library software should allow 1) Direct access to advanced search 2) saving of personal (search) preferences (like "My eBay" Etc.)

TLTL has kept me afloat during 2 past TOPICS courses (55 stus, and 85 stus) and during my present TOPICS course (85 stus). THANKS!

1) I would like more classrooms in Woodburn Hall to be equipped with the technology equipment installed in rooms like Geology 145 and 126.

Please do something about spam on Pine. It's intolerable! I need to use Pine and the volume and offensiveness of spam is increasing.

This questionnaire cannot pin down a fundamental problem for many users on campus who are clumsy with computers and don't know enough to ask some questions, or who have questions that can only be asked of a consultant who is right there with the user, in front of the screen, a consultant who is willing to help, who asks how he could help. Some help has to be active personal help; help that the consultant himself, not the user, elicits by asking the user what he is trying to do; help that the user doesn't know he

needs. This requires one-on-one help by consultants with enough imagination to figure what the world of computers looks like from the non-hacker-minded user's standpoint, precisely the one thing even an excellent consultant is most prone to lack. I know you will say you can't provide personalized help, one-on-one. That may be true. However, don't let that make you forget, or ignore, as you may be tempted to forget or ignore, that there are many faculty on campus whom you do not help at all, and that their fundamental problem is not going to even show in this questionnaire.

I would like to know if the opinions of somebody like me, who utilize UITS so little (except for email) are worth bugging me with *endless* questionnaires endless both in number and in length!

Q30: Frequently when I am online in Netscape I get messages that say that the server has disconnected. Others I know report similar experiences. Very irritating. See my comments under #30 the frequent loss of server connections.

The person named [IRD] in Kirkwood is incredibly helpful, as is the hotline phone number.

I work directly with our school's Technical staff and find them very helpful and competent. They meet my needs for technical support.

-Support help for SPSS-PC? -Get portable phone sets for office?

Most of all, I would welcome improvement in Webmail. The system is atrocious- it often doesn't work at all, it throws me off the system or goes into loops with no escape, both on a regular basis. Today, unaccountable, the system appears to have deleted or lost access to most of the mail in my inbox- and I work to call these messages to be sure I stay under quota! Can something be done??

1) I have 2 phones- 1 at Cyclotron, 1 in Swain West. Why can't I get voice mail at Swain West?? 2) Everything I know about People Soft is *terrible*! It is having a horrible impact on every aspect of IU that it reaches. The administration who contracted with People Soft should be *fired*.

This was difficult for me to complete because it is unclear what services are provided by UITS and what is provided by my dept. (Biology). I have never heard of most of the services and use computers to access the web and as a word processor. In the classroom I use what is there, I don't know who provides the equipment.

Departmental staff knows much about computing but they help only the Chair and and [sic] influential faculty members. In one case the chair told me I should pay the administrative assistant for help in the office. I should carry myself the broken computer to the electronics and pay them. I suppose these are just interdepartmental animosities planned to hinder research of targeted persons singled out as politically incorrect.

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The only complaint I have is that when I re-record my greeting message in my voice mail it does not completely cover my last greeting if the new greeting is shorter than the previous one. That results in a nice message with the last words of the previous message tacked on the end. I find this to be very frustrating.

I am not in the position of in depth evaluation because the School of Ed has a stand alone Education Technology Services. We are spoiled to say the least. I do want to say however that I appreciate all of the alternative training opportunities offered by UITS. I also appreciate notification of new initiatives and the open invitation to participate. Our ETS staff work closely with us to explore both training system opportunities (UITS and external to the School of Ed.)

UITS consulting services on IU facility renovations and new construction-- commitments

must be made at time of project bid. UAO understands that technology is constantly

changing but this does not help in trying to maintain a project budget when more

expensive equipment/materials are request [sic] after bids and during construction. My

new Motorola "Indiana Pager Network" pager is not as user friendly as my previous pager.

You all are the best!

PeopleSoft is the most cumbersome, illogical data base and has replaced a 10 second process with a 15 minute one. Now that [IRD] is gone, can't we get rid of it?

Campus operating services needs improvement, espically [sic] directory assistance services.

No. Free software CD was great incentive for filling out survey.

CiTo is great as a PC support group.

Main systems like time keeping, E docs, HRMS, that affect major areas such as payroll should be tested more rigorously before they're implemented. All financial systems need to be tied together-- purchasing, travel, payroll, time keeping, etc. When major university dollars are going to be invested in one system (PeopleSoft) more discussions with end users would give greater insight into possible problems. Use surveys like this one and get opinions from the daily experts. Their comments/cautions may save lots of time, money, and aggravation.

I really don't have any problems with anything- I use my PC @ work, no problems encountered. I utilize my PC @ home for school purposes- I do receive alot of junk E-mail on a daily basis; which can be annoying at times; I would like to find a way to eliminate this problem.

Really appreciate the prompt attention and help-- excellent support- Thanks!

It would be nice if webmail could provide a sender *block* option for the unwanted assortment of emails that are constantly being sent. Thanks for all you do! You are much appreciated.

Often I get the feeling from UITS personnel that b/c my knowledge is so limited that I am wasting their time. People are not all that friendly, not very patient & not very willing (perhaps able) to help someone who does not know computers as well as they do.

Providing outstanding services.

The voicemail system is not very user friendly. However everything else is great! Anytime I have had trouble with my phone or computer the response has been very prompt. Keep up the great work! Also, I find the new web exchange access much better, however would like to be able to select multiple names from contacts to send email. The use of contacts is not efficient from web access.

Great work overall- makes our lives easier- especially those of us who work on the pc all the time.

I think it is great that I.U. provides all kinds of ways to learn technology. On line workshops etc. Also that we are able to purchase M.S. programs at a great price! One problem: Tried to copy Access file to my C.F.S. account and it wouldn't let me open because of a security problem. Other programs work ok when I copy them into CFS.

Obviously, I regularly use very few of your services overall. I rated pine the way I did b/c of the frequency with which I send/receive attachments; web mail works better, although I much prefer the message management functions-- endless IN box, sort functions, etc-- of Eudora. The KB is often difficult to use to answer basic questions- it assumes I know more than I do. For ex, what's a veritas account and how is it diff. from a steel account? Such Qs are hard to answer if one does not already have some fundamental

understanding of how best to pose Qs for the KB.

Employees handling telephone consulting are excellent.

I am not fond of the onestart portal. Now that HRMS has been implemented it is clunky- Does not alway [sic] work and is hard to troubleshoot.

I usually deal with comm serv. Reps, and they are great. Those girls go way beyond their job duty.

Question 27- I really feel that having mostly 2 hour lines is useless. Just when you are into a project at home you get cut OFF and sometimes very lucky if you can get *back in*. Hence *DSL*

-You provide excellent support -continue to have "people" support available -continue to publicize your resources broadly Thanks!

This survey should have been sent electronically!

It's critical to IU that we remain at the forefront of electronic communication.-Dept. services are much better than residential (off-campus) and STC labs. -Cannot always find what I'm looking for and assist students with IT online. -Our STC printer is always down or slow. STC seems slow to respond to our dept. computing support personnel. -Safework cards do the job, but they are awkward and I've seen people keep their passcode w/ their card! -INSITE has lots of great tools but needs to accommodate

more users. -It gets overloaded during advising periods. -IUCARE provides great info, but I wish the flow/format of info could be improved. As a tool, it's invaluable! -Printed telephone directories always arrive very late in the semester and is sometimes confusing...maybe b/c depts keep changing names. -Our dept. computer support personnel are very friendly, and try to help, but usually say "Try re-booting" or "I'll have to check with someone else and get back to you."

Microsoft Office Advanced Features help line. with remote desktop assistance. can be fee based

1. Find some way to fight spam and pop-ups. 2. institute training for support people (5-6789)- they are becoming less helpful each year. 3. Answer your phones. I have to call and email several times to get responses. The secretary will have someone answer the phone only after the client is angry. 4. Could you please have people stop changing the name of their office? It is impossible to find offices in the telephone directory. 5. Secure shell transfer client works better now, but why is it so slow in changing

directories on my C drive? 6. The knowledge base is very useful but too big now. Can you improve indexing and/or a search function? 7. Can we have more slide scanners? How about more scanners with a working top feeder and Omnipage Pro? The consultants at the Business school didn't *know* what a top feeder was (which explains why theirs was broken!) 8. Why is the library website so hard to navigate? I've used it for many years and can't find much there anymore. (see issue #6 above).

Services from IUPUI - Printing Services - Often late - Receive only part of job

I strongly feel that the TOPS purchasing (online) system needs to be updated. It is not user friendly. It would be great if it could be more similar to the FIS system.

I would like to see more Prosteps class @ wruble rather than the Union. The parking is so much better.

UITS is great! My father is a systems programmer at UCLA, in their administrative department, and even he is impressed with the range of services offered to the IU community. Keep it up!

More student work-stations email-sites all over campus. We increasingly rely on email as a way to officially communicate with students, and there should not be such long lines for students to get access.

UITS should be involved with department I.T. staff hiring. Administrators (that know very little about it.) interview and hire the I.T. staff in departments. There is no way to know if the candidate has the needed skills. UITS should provide assistance and administer a "competency" test. The result will give hiring departments more information concerning candidate strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the changes should be thought out better before being implemented. For example, what was the purpose of changing the descriptions of Fiscal Manager, Supervisor, etc.? TOPS- IUSS and FSS should be on the same system- not 2 or 3. IUSE is highly confusing. So far I have found one start less useful than simply organizing my "Favorites" on the internet.

Thank you for providing access to DSL services through Smithville Telephone Co. at a discounted rate. Its much better than the modem pool!

I'm impressed w/ the number of services UITS provides, and in general, the majority of my contacts have been satisfactory. Rarely have I been disappointed w/UITS. I would rate the overall quality of services as outstanding, based on what I know.

I have been very satisfied with the services I have used. Keep up the good work! I hope funding increases. Thank you

Telecommunications Division- The campus switchboard transfers too many calls to recreational sports that belong to Athletics, golf or outdoor pool! It was very nice however one day when the switchboard operator called us to get answers to a frequently asked question- hours of operation- on a particular holiday. Would like to see improvements on the switchboard and hands-free unit that are available to us.

You do a good job for as many users and as complicated are the systems. Telephone consultants at [IRD] are the best and therefore they "color" my overall satisfaction (high) w/UITS.

Overall very good. Would love to see tabs in phone directories to make more campus-friendly.

[IRD] is an exceptional employee. He is serious about his work and very personable.

Keep up the good work!

We've had to give up three positions in the last two years and you continue to find the

money to distribute a survey like this. What a waste.

Keep offering a variety of services and help to individuals with only basic knowledge.

Keep up the great work! As a former employee of the PC support phone lines, I give everyone the credit they deserve. Technology is fast-paced and ever-changing. UITS does one heck of a job keeping on top of things. [IRD]

Keep up the great work. You make us proud of IU!

10 cent or 25 cent color printing would be fair price.

MS Outlook is the most clumsy, unfriendly e-mail utility I've ever used. I guess it's ok for little notes and such, but attaching documents, handling image files, address & distribution list management - These are stupidly difficult.

It would make sense to place this survey online instead of this printed version. I'm curious why it was printed.

Telephone switches take too long to reset. Misdialing requires ten second or longer hang up, before can get dial tone to redial. Voice mail service takes too long to reset as well. Checking messages doesn't allow viewer to "go back" very easily. Often, user must hang up, wait for system to reset and then check messages again. Often when doing this, the system requires a mailbox to be entered- even from the "home" hand set. (-Real hassle.)

I finally found the question that pertains the most to me. I am in the athletic dept but work away from Assembly Hall - Please do not say anything specific to them about this, but I feel they are either too busy or maybe they just don't get around to following up repair requests but sometimes that happens. As you can see I am not aware fo many services of UITS. Sometimes I feel it takes too many phone calls to get anything out of the Athletic computer specialists, they are nice people but appear to be swamped. How do people get aware of all of these services?

Data gets crossed on IUCARE- will keep last person's registration when pulling up a new person- even if I have shut off the computer. I can go back out (not far) and it will be ok then- but I liked the old IUB home page. I could find information more quickly.

Allow Outlook to accept attachments This drives me NUTS. There are layed security in place so out look does not need it too.

*Computer printing by IUPUI* There should be a way to print at IUB. I often run large print jobs based on focus Queries and I often waste a lot of paper when the program does not run properly. Unfortunately - since many of these run overnight - the error or programming problem is not apparent until the next day or two when products are delivered. Troubleshooting/debugging by mail is a wastefull process. Problems with large numbers of IUCARE reports are particularly troublesome. These are often urgently needed (This year grads were final on Dec 26th - and we needed reports in time to tell dismissed students

not to return to campus - a tight schedule.)

For offices on campus lately 1/20ish - 2/8ish, it seems that the network has been very, very slow. It's made writing efficiently very frustrating.

I work in the North Campus and there is no wireless network up here. Please oh please WAN us!

There are major problems with the address book function in Outlook and with the departmental lists. Consultants have been unable to solve the problems and departmental list problems have been attributed to HRM. UITS needs to get these problems solved.

Some way of making certain the B2B system stays up and running correctly at all times.

I'm in an off-campus location, and every time I have an issue with my computer, I have to unhook everything, load my computer into my car and drive to campus, then pick it back up. I'm an IU staff member working in an IU rented off-campus facility. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect computer service to my WORKPLACE. This supposedly isn't allowed because of insurance issues. I'd really *LOVE* to see this changed.

1 Our department (IUCF) is understaffed in computing support. How can we get more help without it costing an arm and a leg? 2 I occasionally have a need to send large files to colleagues on other campuses and to receive large files (>5mb). An easy way to do this would be appreciated. 3 I would like to see the IUCF computing environment be more accessible to the UITS environment.

I don't feel I can fairly evaluate UITS services, as I don't use (or have never heard of) the majority of them. I will say that I often use my Hotmail account for a great deal of my e-mail needs because, although I prefer my Pine account, I frequently experience delays in message delivery of several hours or even days when using Shakespeare. I communicated with IT support about this and received no help. This happens too often and has caused communication problems between colleagues and myself. I don't like

Outlook because it is too cumbersome to access from home, so Hotmail it is!

I have found that too often the Help Desk staff refer username problems (students and staff) to the Office of the Registrar before fully researching or explaining why to the student or staff. When they contact our office they don't always seem to understand why they were referred. As a result, we do a complete research to determine the problem and the majority end up needing to be referred back to UITS to establish their computer accounts under the other username they didn't realize they had since they have

two different ID numbers at IU.

I can't evaluate the wireless access points because I haven't used them- but I love this concept and hope for more soon.

The implementation of HRMS and Timekeeping has been a horrible experience for hourly employees. It is a shame that they must go to UITS at IMU two or three times to get an ID established and that still may not work. There should be some way that payroll processors can contact UITS directly by phone to assist employee's with log on problems. Why didn't you do a "superpasswordreset" from the beginning instead of messing around with resynching passwords.

Longer times on dial-up [IRD]- doesn't need to "guess" as to where to send the call.

1) You can never find a *person* to talk to about ITS. For instance, in the phone book, there are no names listed with all the different offices. The face of UITS is *so* impersonal- a voice mail box, an email to ? nobody? For example, I just filled out a survey for another dept. (Kinsey) and there was a contact name (besides John Kennedy and the CSR) on the survey and letters. *Who* are the people of UITS? Where are they? 2) Also- voicemail service on my office phone is complicated- way too many steps! 3) Electronics repair is too expensive

Over all good job- I have never spoke to a more plesant [sic] person then [IRD]- in Telcom,

you need more like her. Very helpful and willing to go the extra mile for you. Give her a

big pat on the back.

No, thank you.

Put this survey into a webpage Format.

Doesn't UITS include the VICNOSS office at RTV100? If so, I work with them *alot* with videoconferencing. That staff is fantastic to work with!!!!!!! I can't say enough good about their work, services, attitudes, etc. [IRD]

The "phone bill" drives me nuts. but I have to separate [sic] it and hand it out for verification The people that work installation/repair and Commrec are *great*!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students
I am taking a graduate level distance learning class. I am so pleased.

the occasional periods when webmail doesn't work are irritating, as is the extreme slowness of the computers in the English department graduate student lounge (the James work room) on the 4th floor of BH. The new library website makes life harder-- the site is very user-unfriendly compared to the old one.

Departmental offices/labs *NEED VOICEMAIL!*

I would like to learn more about the wireless access location at IU.

I would like to see more advanced computing classes through STEPS.

On several occations I have gone to the Union room 82 for computer assistance and have received a negative attitude and arrogance for my ignorance. I did not decide to go to this school for it's computer knowledge and information technology, but for it's graduate program. My computer knowledge is minimal and I don't appreciate the attitude from so called "helpful" people. If I knew how much of an importance computers, e-mail and research, etc., were going to have to play in my experience of being "connected" rather than educated, I would have factured it in my decision on coming here and may have decided on another education institution. There also seems not to be enough available computers of usage. E-mail [DE NOTE:UNREADABLE. LOOKS LIKE "stop"] computers don't count.

One of my responsibilities has been to implement oncourse across a 16-section course w/Al's as the primary instructors. This has been a huge chore as there are still a lot of bugs. I initiated the implementation because I thought oncourse would be a good communication tool. It is in practice more of a pain to use - compared to traditional methods. Specific problems include : assigning authorship, gradebook creation & management, discussion forum connectivity w/o combing rosters, and the lack of a unified mail server (i.e. No Shakespere - oncourse connectivty so we now have two inboxes)

1. PHD students need more printing quota. 1000 pages are not enough. 2. Apple computers in Campus view lab usually can't print, but PCs are ok. 3. Researching for books in other languages (ex: Chinese, Japanese...) are not convience in the main library. Can you install some systems which librarians on 8th floor use to search for other database, or have somthing , like a link, to use this kind of non-western database.

-email consulting can be frustrating b/c scripted answers are often received that do not answer the question at hand in depth -computer techs on phone are very knowledgeable and usually extremely friendly -frustrating to have to wait so long for a computer in labs in Ballantine, especially when clusters of 30 computers are often closed for classes of 10 or less- is there a way to partition clusters and keep 1/2 the lab open? or to makes [sic] classroom clusters smaller so that more computers are available to the public? -restricted hours on INSITE are frustrating -IUCAT and MLA electronic resource at times difficult to navigate

The major problems with computing: 1) Access to off-campus. It's ludicrous trying to dial-in, as I *never* get on. Had to go to cable modem. 2) Pine is ok, but it should be compatible with Outlook Express of ease of using attachments. Webmail is clumsy and constantly times out.

1) I would be glad if UITS consultants could answer to Linux related questions, such as internet connections w/ Linux machine, etc. 2) I usually print 4 pages in one sheet [DE NOTE: R DREW A PICTURE AND WROTE "like this"] to save the tree, but I don't know why the print account still counts those sheets as 4 not 1.

Faster printers would be an improvement (especially in library)

I really didn't appreciate losing access to Usernet newgroups for most of the Fall semester. At least, it seemed like all of Fall semester. Other than this, I have no major gripes.

Oncourse crashes too often - very frustrating

Please allow unlimited printing for grad students. We receive ungodly amounts of reading on e-reserve and it kills the eyes to read it all on-screen. Undergrads don't read as much - half of what they print is fantasy baseball league stats, etc. Thx!

Online Advising (student) isn't set up for doctoral students. What is One Start? I haven't been able to figure out CFS - to download files - I think it's just me. IUCAT - keeps getting harder & harder to use (more cumbersome) Also - the accessing IU fac. e-mails from home is difficult.

I am very upset that you are replacing existing data jacks in some areas with wireless. If you want to *add* wireless, That's fine, but leave the jacks so us poor saps who can't afford the adapters can still connect.

*Overall good job!* *I would like to see more support for palm devices* *I would like to see PDF writing software or IUWARE* Last time I tried it, the printer config [sic] utility didn't work for me her in University West It only found a printer in Read. I would like to see software like Norton system works firewall on IUWARE

The web-mail always sucks.

1 Webmail is slow, crashes/kicks me out a lot, and has many errors when saving files. 2 There are fees to drop/add courses online, this is rediculous. Viewing grades is not a readily apparent activity. 3 Organized journals online that the library has better.

The campus badly needs computers and more labs. The labs are useless (to me) if classes are scheduled in them all day, IUCAT is slow, counter-intuitive and clunky.A simplification of on-line inter-library loan would be appreciated.

Any time I have contacted UITS, I have had my problem solved immediately. Very friendly

and patient with users.

Webmail is sometimes buggy. It logs you off automatically if you take too long to compose an e-mail. Sometimes it logs you off automatically when you try to take any action at all.

- it would be nice if it were easier to determine which STC labs are equipped with what software (I have had some difficulty finding an appropriate lab to do software - specific projects...) has any concideration been given to the idea of installing the same programs on all campus computers?

In general, I am satisfied with the services and they have been very helpful. Thank you for your nice job.

faster connections from home to UITS modem pool. My apartment complex is around *many* others and the connection is slow, 58.8- perhaps this is as fast as possible. Is there any way to connect through the university rather than a private provider?

1 *All* staff have been *extremely* courteous and helpful. Attitude is *so* important, especially at 3:00 AM ! *Thank you*. 2 hpss was/is not easy to access off campus. Unfortunately consultants could not provide a solution that worked the first, second, or third times up to 8 weeks prior to me leaving for a conference to present data. The band-aid was to enlarge the cfs file. Unfortunately it's always a struggle to cope with juggling 2-3 hrs on a technology problem with research, work, and other obligations. I still

have not solved hpss access problem. 3 All in all it's a priviledge to have so much technology resource(s) here at IU. *Thank you*.

My only time at IUB is one Mon. evening class. I commute from Indy. Extend the hours for INSITE would help.

I really wish that I had a larger law school print quota. All of my classes are there, and I am rarely any where [sic] where I can utilize my graduate print quota. In fact, I would love to just add 1000 pages to my law school quota and have a 0 for my grad quota.

Should have more experienced STC consultants. In most cases, the junior guyz [sic] revert to the senior staff.

*UITS telephone consultants*: *outstanding* in their knowledge, courtesy, and patience. Much appreciated! IU Webmail: very *poor*. Unreliable due to frequent crashes, garbled email messages during spellchecks when emails are long, etc. Address book is handled well, but overall, very unreliable.

Telephone directory - in the section for IU departments is would be helpful if an e-mail address or website address for each department was available In IU Webmail - sometimes it freezes up and even when you click "Inbox" or "Read Next Mail" the page just refreshes to the same e-mail

The consultants, by phone or in the lab, have been *very* helpful, patient, and nice.

Install more network plug-ins in the TIBA - Building, especially in the lounge.

The Stat Math Center is a fabulous resource for the University. The staff is courteous, knowledgeale, and helpful.

There shouldn't be classes in computer labs.

The law school computer guy is great!

-I often have a lot of problems w/my e-mail - logging on, downloading attachments, reading my mail - The IUCAT Layout was changed recently. It is hard, now to navigate - I like the walk-up computers, but alass there are too few of them (or else to many


*ONCOURSE* As an instructor, I should be able to view photo IDd of my students on oncourse. This does not seem to be the case despite the fact that I have Authoring Privs for the course, *LAB AVAILIBALITY* More thought need to be put into having UITS STC labs available at any given hour within a reasonable distance to every building on campus. There have been times when I was in a Swain, found the lab in SE booked, walked to Lindley, found *every* lab there booked, walked to the student building and found every lab *there* booked with the exception of a small one that was full. Worst of all

1/2 of the rooms that were booked only had ~5 people using machines. *TECHNOLOGY FEE* - The standard is terrific but the new technology fee is quite an increase. I feel as if the students off campus are footing the bill for the wired dorms, wireless networking, etc.

The most frustrating experience with the technology services have occured with Webmail, especially having written a long important email, which webmail subsequently doesn't send due to one of it's many malfunctions and yet also doesn't save in any way. Many have told me simply to use Pine and forget webmail, because it has so many flaws, yet I still use it. Pine's interface, I suppose simply isn't as pleasing, I guess.

Overall, I am satisfied with your services. Thanks.

carry over printing allotments for grad. students, at least from fall--spring.

It would be very useful for graduate students at Economics Department to have Scienctific Workplace installed in Wylie Hall computer lab.

3 things ---> 1) Please don't drop Pine. Webmail is slow, prone to problems & very awkward - I really dislike it. 2) The CFS Storage system is great, but it would be even better if it were larger. I have to store a lot of documents. It's been nice to be able to access it from home, too. 3) The printing allotment simply is too small. Most of my documents I print for article pages on a double-sided sheet & I still do not have enough pages in my allotment to cover this. Thanks.

It would be very helpful if the newsgroups would actually stay up. We are less likely to use class newgroups at all when they have a tendency to die on us.

Student tech svcs @ MBA school is horrible! They never diagnose my machine correctly, & they take a long time reaching the wrong diagnosis. Wireless access @ MBA & Law is *GREAT*!

Some computers can't provide Chinese characters windows. It's inconvenient for our international students to access back to our own countries' websites.

Webmail sometimes doesn't open and doesn't send mail. Other than that I am pretty satisfied with public computers in every building.

I've been having problems with IU Webmail lately, where it's slow to log in, and then I get booted out. I know it's not my computer, because I'm not the only one with this problem - other than that, everything is fine.

I do not know if this is a UITS related issue, but it is frustrating that I am required to use a PC as my computer at the Kelly School of Business (on staff) if I am to receive computing support. I use Apple computers at home - G4, IMAC, & Titanium Powerbook - for everything... [DE NOTE: UNREADABLE. LOOKS LIKE "nary's".] from E-mail to Video/DVD editing. Given that Apple support is offered in other departments throughout the university the same should be offered at Kelly!

-It would be great if you can extend the hours that INSITE is available. Extending it to 12:00 midnight everyday of the week would be more consistent and helpful for students. -Improvement of quantity and quality (maintenance) of printers on campus is a must.

I would like to have more dataports in the School of Education Library. I have a wireless card but it's only used within the education lib in the School of Ed. I wish I could use my wireless in a larger area including the other places in the School of Ed (second floor

balcony, outside, etc.)

IU computing services is not perfect, but moving in that direction. I've been very pleased with the services and the people. Please provide more support for professors to use online and technology to enhance teaching. If they can't use it, students can't. Need to provide more infrastructure support for laptops and classroom technology (ie. laptopprojectors for professors, power jacks, ) More webpage support for career services (esp. at the Law School) the potential to help students is enormous!

Because of the weather conditions, some systems like UNIX should be in the sciences

buildind [sic] Further than in the student building. However, the services and the number of computers is ok.

Please make Geometer's Sketchpad and Mathtype associated file for uploading documents to the Site Scape forum. This would help increase the math user friendly aspect of Site Scape. Thanks

Please limit the installation of new Macintosh or Apple computers. These computers tend to be a nuisance in a predominately windows friendly world. Those are always the last computers to fill up in dusters.

RTS has inconvenient support hours - UITS is very helpful!

-Navigation of iub.edu website is harder than previous format.

I work with very large data sets (technical imaging & tume series electrophysiology data). My biggest complaint about the support environment for computer based research at IU is that I *didn't* *know**it**existed* until after I left the IUB campus to conduct my dissertation research in Indianapolis. My advisor, too, was new to the university - so he didn't know there were dedicated research systems available for computation [DE NOTE: UNREADABLE. LOOKS LIKE "untennre"] data analysis. At this point, it's a bit to late to switch, especially from an off-campus site. (I'm almost done w/research.) I would also say that I'm grateful that I *can* access my IU accounts & most IU services (except the online phone book!) from Indianapolis. However, I cannot access some library services (electronic - fall text in some dbases [sic].) I also don't know if there is an established support for grads working off-campus who need to access IU computing services, but if there isn't - there should be! And if there is - it needs to be better advertised/promoted - because I don't know about it.

I don't see any reason for upgrading th [sic] systems to fancier, more beautiful systems, every semester and spending so much money on it. another thing is that not all th [sic] application [sic] that we can use on machines in Labs are available on IUWare. to be used at home. That would make life easier if possible.

Webmail is constantly problematic-- I lose emails that I am composing, do not get email sent to me by other users, and it frequently crashes when I try to add attachments. The modem pool is incredibly slow. Add another phone number maybe?

The online registration system is extortion. The 3-day window that you can register in without paying is *not* acceptable. Things change, advisors/programs change their requirements and with this system you have to *pay* to adjust your schedule. I am also paying tuition and *technology* fees. This is the *worst* thing about IU computing. Having been at the University of Michigan where one can adjust one's schedule at will, this seems like you are trying to *make money* off students, not help them.

Next time you do a survey you should weed out people like me. My student teaching is being done administratively through IU-Bloomington but I have never set foot in Bloomington!

The new and improved IUCAT system is significantly slower than the old text-based system. I realize on-line funcionality entails some trade-offs, but I think streamlining (i.e. improving the response speed) IUCAT searches ought to be a priority.

The I.U. exchange account greatly improved over the summer months (the web based one to use instead of outlook) But when I am NOT on campus or have access to cable connection, it is still better to use Yahoo or something because it sometimes is unreliable or slow and one looses [sic] messages.

-Modem pools are very busy. They disconnect you after 2h. I couldn't log on the [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "8 k"] modem pool. Never! The iucat is very unfriendly! It is slow too! Very slow on many computers C++ is not working (Visual Studio) (in BH 110 for example) On linux systems, Like Nations, CDE is a junk, very unfriendly instal [sic] KDE. Sun computers are slow. If the printer gives an error, you still change my account with number of pages I sent to print. Not fair!

Keep-up the good work. Thank you!

It would be helpful to offer an overview on the different databases (Bloomberg...etc) available at IU.

The 24 hour helpline [IRD] is wonderful. I really appreciate the fact that they've gone to 24 hour service. In addition, they always have an informative answer even though I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about computers. They're *very* good, even at 2 am.I already filled out this form and sent you. [sic] Anyway, here I am sending again. UIT services are fine.

1) I set up a CFS account through the online account-management system, but I have *not* been able to access this account -- and receive a message that my account is "corrupt". I sent an email to the help service address given at the bottom of this error message page (ithelp@indiana.edu, I believe), *but* I have yet to hear back from them. I then went to the IMU UITS help desk-- and they were very helpful. They *also* sent an email to ithelp, but this issue still has not been resolved...I still cannot access my CFS account. 2) ETS, Education Technology Services, maintains software on one of its servers for common

access (the P/: drive); however, I have had a lot of difficulty accessing some key applications (at least "key" for my research...e.g., AMOS 4.0 structural equation modeling software) 3) I find the new library web-site *less* user-friendly than it was before these changes. 4) Thanks for the free SPSS 11.5!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students
There are some computer labs on campus, such as the one in Briscoe, that could really use some newer hardware. Also having *at least one* Apple/Macintosh in RTC locations

Lately there have been many problems w/ Webmail (sending and receiving messages). Since e-mail is one of the main ways I contact recruiters/look for jobs, it has made my search difficult.

The onestart page is awesome! The 'webmaster' page needs to be easier to use. And needs more information on utilizing steel's php and db features.

The PPP dialer is *very* bad about timing you out. Also the new format of the IUCAT is terrible- it is less easy to understand than the older version.

I like the numerous computer labrooms set up around campus for students, However it would be nice to have more available in Ballantine Hall. Most are used by classrooms and the one always open to everyone always has a line.

Is there a way to reduce spam in email would be helpful! There are also times when webmail moves rather slowly, but it's probably just too many users.

I've been getting a lot of spam e-mail lately. There has to be a way to block all that.

Only thing I disslike [sic] is IU Webmail. It can be improved.

It was a hassle having to bring my computer to ashton, and then had to pick it up after it got its hard drive cleared for a reason I am unaware of.

The IT traing [sic] on the internet (online) never worked for me. I think that there is seriously something wrong with it. I would really like to use the service because of classes it is hard for me to attend the STEPS workshops for students.

Oncourse is horrible. Half the time it's down, the other half it has issues. It's just not a good service.

Since Webmail, is one of the most used application [sic] by users, A definite improvement *is* necessary. Ability to attach files must be made simpler. Ability to recieve [sic] a variety of formated [sic] emails would be nice. But also, one must be able to log on. Logging on is *always* a problem

More computers need to be added in prime locations such as the business school computing labs. More group work stations need to be put in the business school. Printers need to be able to handle large volumes of print jobs without jamming. Students need a larger print quota.

Webmail is quite unreliable.

The two areas I feel could be improved are oncourse and email. I absolutely LOVE the oncourse system, but only about 20% of my professors have used it. I think most instructors should use this great service. Also, I have had problems w/ the email service. Last semester near finals week, I had several problems which included inability to access webmail, delay in mail transmission and reception, and actual loss of mail. This must be fixed.

It seems there are frequently problems with Webmail and I cannot access my mail. Also when using the OSX on the macintosh computers, I had problems printing. If this could be solved, I wish that all of the computers in the Jordan Hall STC could have this OS.

The support staff are very knowledgable and helpful.

Finding a place to print information for school purposes is difficult- public computer rooms are usually always full, with a long line and if you don't have time to wait, it's hard to access materials. Specifically the Fine Arts building doesn't have available labs- usually filled w/classes. There isn't any place to print work or word processing or other types of documents- The library needs printers w/their computers, one that's not just for finding resources.

I don't think the onestart is opporating [sic] properly. I tired [sic] to login in it from the bursar page and it wont [sic] accept my password and the UITS guy could not even get it to work so he told me to go to the union and get a new password. But my password works everywhere else like Postem, so I think its [sic] the onestarts problem. Thanks

IUCAT needs to be less confusing. I tried to look up a book and got way confused about how to go about it. I also think that PPP Wizard is good only if it works. I can't get it to work on my computer. I love having the CFS account. I believe that there should be more consultants available during the day time. I have gone to computer labs several times and have seen no one there to help me when I needed it. There needs to be a different mouse and keyboard for the express e-mail computers, and the ones BH 115, the MAC lab. So many times have I needed to copy and paste something and I can't. I can't even right [sic] in french. (no special characters)

Why does the dial in service cuts [sic] you off every 2 hour? Hope the number for the print quota goes up. more courses require you to print online articles.Make wireless internet access more available across the entire campus.Make Insite available 24 hours a day.

-IU webmail is prone to errors. -Personal homepages at indiana.edu should be better advertised and be alloted more hardrive [sic] space. -IUB.edu search is not very helpful. -New libraries website is complicated.

At the library and RTC's, there needs to *more work space* for each individual. Right now, very few computers have enough room near them to put papers and research materials down. More computers need to have music capabilities- I want to listen to CD's or internet radio while I work. Webmail should have a "save draft" function for unfinished email.

Put STC's in every dorm because it is very incovinient [sic] to go to another dorm if one wants to print and use a computer. Especially FOSTER MARTIN. And it should be open 24 hrs a day. And , also keep up the good work!!!

UITS is great. Most other college campuses don't have half of the services we have!

Searches on iub.edu are not helpful at all. I am more likely to find something about IU by searching google? I try to avoid using indiana.edu and iub.edu at all costs!

IUTS support people helped alot more than my DSL provider in setting up a network. Accessing email and other IUB sites is always slower than accessing other websites on and off campus. Can the slow speed be fixed? Also put adobe photoshop and illustrator on all STC computers, not just macs.

Please put more computers at the student technology center, instead of having students wait in a long line.

The new IUB website is terrible. It is very unattractive and is not user friendly. There should be more focus on current students.

Webmail crashes a lot. It should be easier to upload files onto CFS from home computer.

More computer labs in BH with *no classes* in session, ever.

WebMail can get very slow or crash, presumably due to overloading of the system.

I have not explored the services (UITS), but strongly wish to soon. I'm sorry I couldn't help out more w/ your survey, but I am no computer buff.

There are not enough places to connect my laptop on campus. And there is no way to find out where they are. That is my biggest problem. They should be everywhere even outside for nice days. [IRD]

I know its hard to keep web-mail running smoothly but it's very frustrating when it's slow or down.

Perhaps (though it may already exist) a color printing quota? or some mechanism for digital pictures printing? IU ethernet off campus.

Need more computers in Woodburn Hall. Webmail is horrible, though I understand there isn't much you can do about it.

CFS has caused a lot of problems for me and several other people that I know. That is one of the only problems that I have encountered.

I am a Junior, but when I was a freshman 2 years ago I lived in Teter. The UITS representative named [IRD], was *very* helpful whenever I needed assistance I could call him anytime and he would come fix/help me whenever I needed it. Thank you for hiring a good employee. The only thing I've noticed that needs improvement is the lack of quickness to log on to webmail and shakespeare systems. Also, every time I use RegWeb (the system is always down and so the representatives from Franklin tell you to just go back and try to register later) Well, if I have to go to class and I wasn't able to register I have the potential to not get into that class because of the system.

It is very hard to get to use a computer in the various buildings (Woodburn, Psych, etc) without a lengthy wait in line at most times. This is frustrating

Great service and something many students at other universities don't have. One thing though: Make sure IP addresses, DSL, and voice mail are ready to work at least 1 week prior to Freshman Move-In Day. It was tough to move in 3 days early for marching band and not have access to resources till Wednesday. Overall, great job though!

-Webmail could really use some improvements. It is down alot. -RegWeb could be updated and would be better if open 24/7 -Insite would be better if it were open 24 hrs a day, 7 days/week -Resident Halls connections get slow when there is heavy traffic -Oncoure is shut down too often

Consultants (RTC) are generally rude and react negatively when asked for assistance. In particular, those in the Kelley School of Business (first floor). To be fair, I did receive exceptional service from a [IRD] at the UITS Support Center (IMU M084).

Webmail doesn't work on my computer, so I have to use Shakespeare, which is difficult and hard to use. (It won't let you copy and paste and it's hard to view attachments) Also, leave music file-sharing *alone*! I can see limiting the number of downloads a day to conserve bandwith space, but taking the capability away *completely*? Ridiculous. It's not UITS place to play police-man. Let us have our music *AND* freedom on our computers.

I think there should be more computers available in the hper with microsoft and more stand up computers in some buildings. Sometimes you just need to check your email and waiting in line for more than 5-10 min. gets old, but overall I'm grateful for all of the computers available.

In Webmail, there needs to be a trash so that if something is deleted it can be retrieved back. Also making it more reliable and accessible

More available computer labs, where you can go to print w/o inturuption [sic] w/ classes.

I'm not sure how good my comments are because I don't live in campus housing, and I just transferred from Ball State. Good luck with your survey! I hope I could be helpful.

Please be aware of the high demand of computers especially for group work. Too often there are not enough available computers despite the high technology fees paid by students.

Make webmail faster, and be able to connect to it quicker It is very slow.

-Need more e-mail and printing stations. -Make students aware of the services offered.

As an employee of a school district's technology program for 6 years, I am very impressed with how well the system as a whole works, with very few problems. Thanks

*More 24 hour labs*

Keep pages updated and useful: -Regweb-- was down for 2 wks -Better connections Inform people of the services provided: -Flyers to buildings/sorority's/etc

Good Job!

I like that the Music Library has a number of MIDI stations to accomodate musical studies as well as studies of subjects like math and history.

oncourse is slow to load pages webmail sometimes locks up or errors pine is GREAT-

Fast and easy envelopes you don't have to lick are better

I do not like the way IU Webmail is set up at all. You are forgetting simple things like Trash cans and such.

-It would be nice if insite were available 24 hrs at the start of each semester. -I like using telnet better than webmail, but I can't open attachments in it or emails from people that use hotmail. (That may be pilot error though.) -I am president of a student group and we are only allotted 400 printouts a semester. I believe we should get more than that since we have 75 members.

UITS should make high-speed internet readily available to fr campus students. I've no idea into the logistics of that, but they should all the same.

The I.T. services here have been very helpful, it has definitely made a big difference from having hardly any resources and services last year (at home) to having someone/something at my service whenever I need help.

The email options available at IU are terrible! You can only send very small attachments on webmail, and pine is even worse. Webmail is extremely slow, and it freezes up all the time both on campus and at home. Also, webmail logs you off too fast! Countless times I have been writing a long and/or important email, and when I send it, the logon screen appears and my email is irretreivable [sic]. This is a huge university with many resources, can we not get a decent email system?

The only thing that I think would greatly improve UITS services is a revised version of the Pine account/server. I use SSH now and thats a great improvement but maybe add some features to it. Webmail *lacks* the flexibility and ease of use that telnet/Pine/SSH has.-Webmail goes down (especially during important times such as midterms/finals/weather related)

Make survey online. Putting 2 copies in my mailbox doesn't help you get your survey any faster.

My main frustration has been w/ webmail. While I like it better than Pine, it isn't very reliable. Too often, it'll be down at the moment I need it most.

the service is slow sometimes, and unreliable. Several messages that I've attempted to send/receive were never sent/received. Also, I can't use CFS. Also, a lot of my software doesn't cooperate with IU's system.

No not really. You have a good service.

Webmail erased a submission I sent for a class when I hit the send button and the attendant at the library could not even understand what I was saying when I tried to explain the problem. She barely spoke English. I'm not sure if she could have retrieved the email- but we'll never know. --P.S.- there aren't enough computers for people- long lines. the printers always break down at bad times I use the main library, Ballantine, Swain, Ed. Bldg, IMU labs daily as off-campus student. Countless minor problems over the years.

There needs to be more computer clusters on campus. How did you know that I didn't turn in this survey earlier, if this is supposed to be anonymous???

Fix all your servers. Webmail and Oncourse continuously crash, probably from over-use. Add some memory and processors, 'downed' servers don't help anyone, just cause frustration.

Because I live off campus, just about the only thing I can say is that your modem is really slow. If you could make it faster, that would be great.

I don't like the new library website- it was easier to find the links you where [sic] looking for on the old one.

I appreciate that I am easily able to gain access to a computer lab whenever I need to if I am having problems with my home computer. IU is definitely a "wired" campus.

Webmail was slow and didn't always work.

Get the kinks out of WEBMAIL. We depend on it for meetings, assignments...etc And to recieve [sic] mail dated a week late or not to recieve [sic] it at all is horrible!

All UITS services sound the same when you're generally unfamiliar. This was difficult for me to complete because I'm very unfamiliar w/ UITS services.

Webmail system is sometimes very slow. But overall, it's very useful.