2003 IUN IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty |Staff | Students

I wish we could control the volume (both ON/OFF and amplitude) of videotapes, DVDs used in the classroom. 2. The steps for going to a web page from a class room computer are not as straight-forward as they ought to be.

We need better phones- cordless speaker phones for better teleconferencing

There are *important* software packages that are available to be installed on my personal computer (*license provides* for this). However, UITS wants me to drop off my personal computer and when they get a chance install. They illustrate 48 hr turnaround. Why can't they make an appointment to come to my office and install it on my laptop? I would understand that an emergency could happen and that we would need to reschedule. My laptop is too important to be without for 48 hours!!!

Expand the [IRD] services to include the availability of accessing voicemail or other extensions after hours when switchboard is closed.

1. I am constantly running out of email storage space & need to continually request more. I use my email folders for storage & wish I had more space. 2. I would like to have my system at home connect to my system at work, not only for email but word documents as well.

I would like to see more classrooms become advanced multimedia classrooms-particularly the dedicated classrooms in allied health which are very over crowded, in part, due to use of technology and the space it occupies.

The [IRD] of which I am a member, needs its own fully-equipped, up-to-date lab of its own. This lab should have its own budget and replacement schedule.

No support for I.T. and computing as "content area" independent of "routine" campus support.

Please talk to the [IRD] people about simple *courtesy*. I would like to see a paper copy of faculty and staff that is listed by Divisions and departments, listing secretaries of the those [sic] departments. I advise students a lot and many times I need to contact various departments. This would save me time having to look it up on the computer.

Mixed evaluation here. Some outstanding areas and other extremely deficient. IT staff-> excellent. Instructional media-not very professional-slovenly appearance, slow response-poor customer service. A couple people there very good, but overall-low. IT staff is short handed-extremely. Telephone staff-[IRD] outstanding.

The new IUN web page is more difficult to use for finding specific information than was the old one.

Classroom resources are extremely limited. The movement of equipment in and out of classrooms increased disruption of class time and wear on the equipment. Equipment permanently installed in classrooms would increase the use of technology in teaching! There are times I would use a web site or software I just discovered, however the appropriate equipment was not ordered prior to the need which was unknown. Scheduled equipment is not always used, but I want it there, just in case.

Telephones are old & filthy [IRD] is outstanding! [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "Massan 134"] needs updating.

-As supervision is shifted around at IUN it is difficult to keep track of who to report information/problems to- there is often a lack of feedback once problems are reported as well -I have been quite pleased w/ computer support/services -[IRD] is not quite as consistent a performer in my experience- some equipment seems to be aging and thus problematic, other pieces may not be scheduled appropriately- I do however appreciate all the efforts of the staff to rectify problem situations

1. Media classrooms should support BOTH a *PC* and *Mac* environment. I shouldn't have to order *Mac* equipment in these rooms. This just makes sense... 2. Wireless networking needs to be developed on this campus- with *proper security* - for faculty/student use. We need to move forward in this area.

More resources need to be budgeted for. The Media Instructional Services need a way to staff special needs to make sure equipment works throughout the program and to videotape- More high definition video taping equipment needed. This department is under financed and under staffed. More media equipped classrooms. The most exciting instructional tool I have ever experienced!!! MORE!

At IUN services are fragmented one dept does media, one does computer hardware, another dept knows applications It is crazy trying to find "the one" who can help!

Many VHS and TVs are in need of repair. Poor sound quality, especially.

We need more technology equipped classrooms.

Email could be improved. Web publishing for students could be improved. Exchange server for collaborative purposes will be *good*! *Wireless technology* for in class might reduce the need for *labs*! -more students are having Notebooks.

1. Can you improve the mail system so it doesn't overload so quickly and send messages back?

These are the words of a very satisfied customer. I have, however, the same complaint I had last year: i.e. I would like to see some changes in our e-mail service. [IRD]

Instructional media services getting better, but still have a way to go

*[IRD] is horrible! @ IUN* They never help- just wait *for the problem to go away!*

Events scheduler is not user friendly. Also needs to be able to be modified by user and currently can't be done.

All classrooms should have new equipment. It is very difficult in classrooms w/o audio-visual equipment. Some classrooms do not even have Internet access. Small things add up- lights out, no chalk, erasers missing poor overhead *screens*- example--HH341 has a screen that is too short for equipment

We are improving technological facilities at a cost of decreased student access to facilities

Delivery of A/V equipment to classrooms runs at 50% failures (no shows, equipment does not work) A/V class rooms are terribly designed- and [IRD] is useless, too much contrast. And the excuses I am given are pathetic: "we did deliver the equipment" "our computers are obsolete" "we can't fix that."

Most frustrating experiences: Using any keyword approach to finding information on IUN's webpages- I seem to get so many "Hits" that are not relevant.

The equipment, technology, and staff have improved.

1) Even though IU(N) is supposedly part of IU's Internet II project, it seems that connectivity response time on the Internet is often slow 2) Email on IUB servers (for IUN users) is slow and mail often shows up days late into our Inbox.

Access to library from off-site is in need of work

I hope there are places to continue to "enhance" classrooms- that is a great help to the teaching-learning environment.

New phones! (old ones are an embarrassment) I'm pleased with the IT staff, especially [IRD] who is extremely compent [sic].

We need more smart classrooms at IUN!

I still am unable to access Bloomington databases from my home in IL-I've been told since I came here in 1998 that this problem would be fixed "soon"-any ideas re. the timeline?


Faculty |Staff | Students

ability [sic] to call home; spouses’ workplace

I received a "new" phone because my old black phone didn't have a hold button. Now, my phone "0" doesn't work half the time. I continue to hear static on this phone- even though I reported once that I heard [IRD] on his line the same time was fixed for a time, but continue to have problems.

I work strictly with IUIS. The only time I use the internet is for Room Scheduling. I really *dis-like* the New System. My job has trippled with the New System. Sometimes a computer is not the way to go. Besides Room Scheduling I have to load grades, deliver Rosters And Put them together, Register students, Do drop adds, Send Schedules, Room changes, Class Cancellations, Transcripts, etc. I feel I do not have the time it takes for this new system.

Event scheduler is a nightmare for my program! What used to take me a nice friendly phone call now takes days & frustration! Hundreds of email confirmations to check. This is crazy making for those of us who have a lot of classes to schedule. It is also horrible for the person who has to do all those emails plus put it in her hard copy book too!

With People Soft coming next year; There are several offices that need faster connections 'at the desktop': Admissions-already on People Soft Bursar Financial Aid Registrar Human Resources-already on People Soft

Toll Free #/access to call from IUN campus phones to Chicagoland area.

If events scheduler fall under this - This is the *worst* idea - so cumbersome and time consuming.


There has been a tremendous improvement in these services over the last 5 yrs. on our campus. Keep up the good work!

The new IU Webmail has no way of making lists, other than coding them myself. It would be helpful to have this service provided.

Calendar system is too confusing. There are *too many* calendars to choose from.

Not at all satisfied with campus switchboard. I do not feel like the switchboard operator is given all the data - to place the call to the right office. For example, a call comes to the campus switchboard and the person ask [sic] for Dr. X - Dr. X has a direct line, but they transfer the call to the secretary. The person is upset to be talking to the secretary, rather than talking to that person or the voice mail. It is a major problem. The switchboard needs to be given all the information. *Also, if an organization is housed on campus, the operator should have those numbers. We have different agencies on campus that have space on campus - the operator needs those numbers. Thank you.

Using the event scheduler & ordering AV equipment doesn't guarantee your equipment will be there. I like using the scheduler, but I don't like having to make a follow[sic]up call 15 minutes before a meeting asking where's my equipment.[sic] Then I'm told next time I order using the event scheduler, I should call and double check that the order has been received.

Poor performance and attitude of help desk personnel completely outweighs and [sic] benefits that may exist with UITS. I suggest help desk personnel take *mandatory* customer service training.

Go to other universities and bench mark their services. eg. Purdue Cal's -campus email system

This evaluation is to [sic] long ! Why don't [sic] have intership [sic] for students seeking a degree in IT.?

Better interpersonal/communication skills at Help-Desk.

Webmail goes down quite often. Hopefully that will change with Exchange. [IRD] really needs to get their act together. I have not been to one meeting or event where the equipment has been set-up on time, or where the correct equipment is delivered.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Having only 2 open labs that students have access to is a bit poor, considering there are *so* many labs on campus. There's nothing like using one of the labs and having the lab asst. laughing and joking around so loud that you're able to hear them across the room. I'd rather work from home!

Room 103 in Marram is very good, and the tech. people are helpful. problem: I am not able to e-mail a journal article from the library catalog on-line. Also, I can't print a certain type of document (the one besides html) in Room 103 (Marram).

I think it would be helpful to maybe have a teacher workshop on how to use the equipment in the classrooms. In many of my classes, the teachers were unsure about how to use the equipment in the classrooms. Some examples of this equipment is the projectors in the classrooms.


I don't really use STCs because I work on campus and have constant access to a computer. My major complaint would be w/ instructional media. We pay large technology fees for new classroom equipment and updated computers, etc. Which I agree w/. But I don't believe that I've been to a class yet where my professor didn't spend 15 min. trying to figure out how to run the equipment. If I can find the money to pay for it, they should find the time to learn how to use it. (The paper instruction sheets were gone after the first week they were installed)

The only time I tried to use insite to change my schedule around it wouldn't let me. You should be able to check status of class during the last two weeks before classes. It just says open or close. Have it to were [sic] it would show how many spots open or if you got on a wait-list what number you would be. But no you have to go to the School to check it.

I love insite and RegWeb!!

I was not happy when the University decided to discontinue using the floppy disk drive for the Macs. At that time I owned a Macintosh laptop. I would do most of my work at home and save it on a disk, to later print at the lab. Once the floppy disk drives were removed and replaced with zip drives it made it very difficult for me. In the end I had to purchase a PC to make my home computer compatible with the one's [sic] in the lab. Also I do not like the way the printing system is setup at the labs. When the lab gets very busy finding the document you printed becomes a nightmare. At the University of Chicago, print jobs are sent to a central computer located next to the printer. Then when you are ready to pick up your document you go to the central computer and choose which documents you want. This also helps to conserve paper. Instead of many print jobs coming out at once and getting mixed up.

I tried to drop/add a course on-line, couldn't find 'how-to', had to do it via. paperwork I run [sic] all over campus collecting various signatures. Tried to contact a department with a question via. e-mail -never received a response -telephoned twice to follow-up -took days to receive a reply. Felt like I was inconvenienced / brushed-off / given the run around.

Printers in the labs are often too slow when they get back up. Need better printers. Need more information about services offered. Need more information and direction of use for oncourse.

Keep up the good work!

One thing I noticed in terms of accessibility is that, while I was attending IUB I found a lot of the services mentioned here were easier to find and use there. Computer labs are hard to find and often appear closed. (ie: Closed Doors) The UITS appears to be Shady, or withdrawn. Often it is hard to find *Good* help.

I feel that some of those people who work at the tech centers could be a little more friendly. Otherwise it is great


Although I've never had a problem with the computers in the foreign language lab, only because I have a computer at home, I consistently hear of problems/complaints from other students about those computers not working.

1. A lot of time [sic] when I have tried to use IUN tech. I [sic] system wasn't working correctly. 2. The computer lab needs a program so that when you use the scanner for a paper, you can correct mistake [sic] on that paper.

Student Tech. Center needs consistancy [sic] on it's software and equipment! I would recommend that you reconsider your $178.00 technology fee for students like myself. I have not nor will ever use your technology to the extent of $178.00. It was definately [sic] excessive for me! I'm on campus for 1 Saturday class for 6 weeks only! I don't know where I could use a computer!

I had no idea there were so many services available. I'm unsure why I was not aware. Are the different services advertised much? I think now that I have been made aware from this survey I would like to find out more about the services.

Mac OS X is overdue. Student account should include web space directory for uploading files, workspace available over internet to work from home.

Please offer more courses. These courses are very appealing to the mature students. Student [sic] holding jobs with families find oncourse classes attractive.

More Dell computers...less Gateway would be better! More IT support for after 5:00 p. since IUN offers several classes @ night!

Please provide *fax machines* on campus because once we finish paperwork, resume's [sic], etc, we have to go somewhere else to fax them.

There should be more available Labs open at later evening hours.

Thank-you for providing tools for our success.

Instead of showing ID's, allow students to enter the computer labs by supplying their SS#. [IRD]

I spend most of my computer time at home. This is the First semester I've used oncourse. With oncourse available class time is not really necessary. Prefer oncourse!

The language lab at IUN should have PC's, not Macs so that sudents [sic] can use the hard disk drive to work on papers etc... Also I think IUN has good computer facilites [sic] and this should be shown to prospective students (question 25)

I know you are having everyone eventually login with the email, good idea. But this means that we are not allowed to use AOL instant messanger [sic]. It will piss a lot of people off. I am a graduate student that does not live near the IUN Campus. Unfortunately my use of the IUNITS is at most minimal. For me, the fee charged for students to use the IUNITS is extremely to [sic] high. Hopefully in the future, IUNITS can adjust the students fees for the use of IUNITS; either by part-time or full-time status or general use of equipment on an hourly basis. This may all ready [sic] be in place: however unknown to me. Finally, it would be nice to see information on how to operate INSITE, Oncourse, etc. Many fellow students have said the reason they do not use these sites is because they don't know how or what they are actually used for. Again, this information may be handy; however unknown by myself. Sincerely, [IRD]


I really enjoy being able to register on-line and adjust my courses, also love the access to insite [sic]!


I would like to see more internet self-study courses in the future. I am currently enrolled in M007 through the internet and really benefit from the class.

Some IT employees who work in the labs are computer Nazi's.[sic] Not only are they rude but lack the knowledge needed in aiding students with questions.

I think Student Technology Assistants need to be attentive to what goes on in the lab. Doing so includes walking around maybe every 30 minutes. Encouraging students about following the rules in order to work in the lab, such as no headphones, or cell phones. It would also help if they wear name tags so we can address them appropriately. Instructional Media is a great facility but it needs to have a better appearance to viewers. I believe the students working in these facilities need to pick up and throw away. The janitors can only do so much.

I think Oncourse and Insite should be offered 24 hrs 7 days a week. Some people want to check thing [sic] over the weekends and during the evening.


1.) Should be easy to get email account for IUNW. 2.) Too hard to get space for personal web pages. 3.) Need better access to PCs. 4.) Need more and expanded IT programs and classes. 5.) The best technology in the world means nothing if it is not accessible! 6.) IT is getting better but still needs improvement.


Most of the computers that are in the STC centers operate at an extremely slow speed.

Please fix or replace the computers in the labs.

*Please* put another printer in the Savannah Comp. Lab!!! The one in there cannot handle 30 print jobs at once, it slows it down. I've been late to class because of it.

There are a lot of services offered that I have never heard of, except in this survey. I think awareness to the different services need [sic] to be made public to the students. Or maybe it is something to do with the different schools. i.e. Nursing

INSITE should be available 24/7. Also, more professors should use oncourse as it provides much information very easily.

I am very pleased, appreciative of the services that Indiana University Northwest offers.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the University Information System. That's were [sic] I go to handle my personal affairs.

Marram STC is the *only* wheelchair accessible lab on campus to my knowledge. The cords for the keyboard and mouse are too short to reach the table on my wheelchair. I need the equipment close to me so that I can reach. I'm taking CSCI A106 on [IRD] [IRD] in [IRD] in Raintree 211. To my knowledge, there isn't a raised desk in there for persons who use a wheelchair. Persons with disabilities want to take computer classes, too. The only campus phone in Raintree is by the West door and too high for persons using a wheelchair. The most accessible phone is in Hawthorne by the South doors. It's inconvenient to switch to the new Webmail. One must enter each person into the address book. We should have been able to copy the address book from the old Webmail to the new. We can't even print all of the address lok [sic] if it's more than one page. One must copy by-hand the other addresses to enter into the new address book.

Terminology may be confusing. I might be using services and not know what they're called.

Update Web pages for campus stuff.

I think the IUNITS has improved services over the last year, but the IU search still turns up very little useful information for me.

I'm not sure if this falls under your umbrella, but there is a computer lab tech who complains when people print "too much". The problem comes in when class requirements interfere. In my creative writing class we had to print our short stories and share them with the class (a copy each) for each class. It was too much even though it was required. Same thing happened in poetry. Therefore, either [IRD] needs to be told not to bug us or the teachers need to limit their requirements to match the school rules.

Keep friendly workers Stay patient Stay student friendly

I think that the new computers in the Savannah Center are really nice.

I think we could have better ITS since we pay *so* much for our courses there should be more to get students to use these services, b/c some may not know all these services are provided or how to use them to their advantage!

Concerning computer workshops. There should be more concentration when it comes to a particular class; in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint. We definitely need more classes for each subject for us older and slower students. Thank you.

I don't use the services offered at IUN

The person that is over the [IRD] could use an adjustment on their attitude. [IRD]

There should be more software on the Mac computers in the labs for the Graphic users. There are only a few Mac computers that have the software on them for the Graphic Design class in the labs.

The staff in the student labs are rude to people when they ask for help. Which they absolutely shouldn't be because it is their job to help the students with computer related issues.


It would really be great if the IMACs in the Student Lab would have the track ball cleaned so the mouse will work properly.

Technology fees should be reduced or eliminated for those people who do not use such services.

Difficult time using the Macs! Most home computers and the computers in the schools are PCs using Windows programs. More PCs should be available- especially for computer classes!!!

More Software programs need to be available for specific classes. Lab help has improved greatly over the last year. If someone doesn't know the answer, they try to find it for you. Everyone's been extremely courteous. Computer repair needs to be improved.

Understandably, PCs take a beating due to the number of students using/abusing them, but too many have problems that never seem to go away.

Need more IUware software & MS products offered through the university. MS project, [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "vizio"], etc etc. They are necessary for class & some I had to spend 400 dollars for, which is far too expensive for a college student. In addition some of the employees operating the computer centers have been extremely difficult to work with & one in Marram Hall in particular an older man was completely rude to me last summer & would not let me print a paper when I was in dire need. I had my Bloomington ID & was told I could access the computer with it in the summer as should be my right but this individual made me leave & was highly unprofessional in his attitude & demeanor. He was a terrible representative for IUN.

-[IRD] need to be more curtious [sic] and less abrupt with callers. -[IRD] need to actually pick up (I've been left with a ringing phone to my ear for more than three minutes before).

The computer lab in Marram Hall Rm 134 is unacceptable. Several of the computers are unable to be used.

One time, one of the computers gave my disk a virus. So I think they should scanned for viruses more often because if I wouldn't of had updated virus protection on my computer, the virus could of crashed it.

I am only a part-time student for one semester, so I haven't had much opportunity or reason to use many of the computer services, but my limited experience has been good. The technology services are above average for an extension/commuter campus. However, given the fact that I have a home computer and technology necessary for completing research and other academic assignments, there is no reason for utilizing the services of the technology department at IUN. As well, it seems that every time I do happen to need to use one of the computer labs on campus, I end up with either some sort of disk problem after using the computer or have to deal with the power trip attitude of a lab assistant. Not worth it!

Sometimes the computers run slow when browsing internet.

I use the computer labs the most. They are usually crowded. The printers are not adequate. They are usually back logged. There is definitely a need for more printers.

Just curious why it takes so long for messages to get sent to IUN webmail inbox, it seems like it takes at least a day to receive a message.

I do *NOT* use any of the information technology systems. I do *NOT* attend regular classes on the main campus. Therefore do *NOT* use any of these services.

I feel we pay way to [sic] much for all these Technology Services that half the students don't use.

This survey was too long. You lost me after question 13. -Sorry it took you two tries to get me to fill this out. Actually, it took me three tries (one of them included a trip to IUN on a Saturday...in a snow storm...driving for 45 minutes) to simply get signed up for "OnCourse" and that was only accomplished because *one single* good-hearted individual offered to stay after her work hours to help me during the week. Can you feel my frustration?!! (Thank you [IRD]!!)