2003 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


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I usually do not find the information I want in Knowledge Base- either wrong software versions or not exactly the same problem. The in-person phone help is usually better for my purposes- only *occasionally* does the person not follow through or forget to give an incident #. Most of the time, phone assistance has been good.

I know of very few instructors/lecturers who are satisfied with the gradebook PROGRAMS (i.e. A2Zware, GRAPE Machine) that can be refferred to for ideas. Making the gradebook in Oncourse better will lead to an increase in the use of Oncourse campus wide.

All the people I work with from UITS are knowledgeable and helpful- and respectful of my ignorance.

I wish IU ware will increase number of softwares available for web download for Mac as well as for PC.

Tried to get database conversion- cost was *OUTRAGEOUS!* If the University is going to offer these services, they should at least be at an affordable cost.

In general, my low satisfaction marks relate to problems accessing your remote Internet service from Fishers. Granted our PC needs more RAM, but why does it take 20-45 min to dial into the Internet service [IRD]? We are appreciative for the availability of this service and would like to log on much quicker.

Oncourse "gliches" have created many grading errors, generally my Faith in *one* has been strong.-

Employees at the Help desk who answer the Help phone line are some of the most patient, helpful, and gentle professionals on this campus. I don't know how they do it, but their performance under pressure is excellent. Give them a raise!

I would like to see more "Advanced Technology Classrooms". I can't get my classes scheduled in the few current Technology equipped rooms. I see the computer / network connection / Elmo as necessary teaching equipment.

Oncourse is very good. Econlit, a library database search engine and abstract service provided by CSA (an outside vendor), is poor. Silver platter's Econlit is much better.

Very difficult area to keep up - to - date - You do a good job at it!

Although I was critical of a few administrative computing support components, I believe IU's environment is top-rate. That being said the decision to go with PeopleSoft was a BIG MISTAKE. The resources being consumed are not justifiable. The model used to develop the FIS was far superior (contracting w/ vendor for custom system)

I appreciate hard work, and, This survey was *much* too detailed.

WE NEED MORE PERMANENT EQUIPMENT IN SMALLER CLASSROOMS!!! Temporary equipment on carts is a pain-in-the-neck, unreliable, and often blocks the view of students - so that they can't see the screen. Invest more $$ in installing projectors etc in classrooms.

Full accessibility for all students at anytime remains a problem. Assistive technology for disabled students is not available at all computer labs or in every computer on campus.

The ppd projector is always set too low so that I have to put a book or two under it.

People at help desk always helpful and I really appreciate their services [IRD]

Can you provide more softwares which may be downloaded from the website directly?

Off campus dial up access is too slow.

Pages are terrible. I believe there are provided by [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE, "Clarian"]

I have had the worst service trying to contact someone in UITS to come look @ our problematic computers. There is no clarity on who to call for info. If you leave a message, no one calls back, & when I have spoken to someone, they tell me that I have to get it looked @ off campus, which is crazy. We have no one within the dept. to do the job, either.

Need improvement on dial-in. Frequent drop-off. Hard to dial-in most of the time.

Do not like beepers!

1. Why can't faculty have Administrator privileges in WNT 2000? It's very difficult to function effectively without installing software! 2. Why does lease for Sigma Plot cost so much? Why have to pay anew for each and every computer? Exactly what are we paying for that isn't chargeable against NIH Indirect Costs?

Would like announcements about computer classes for faculty (i.e. microsoft word, powerpoint, microsoft outlook, etc.) made public by e-mail.

Currently it is difficult to use dial up services except at off-hours. I can't attach or I get detached. This is getting worse.

I'd appreciate the addition of faster dial-up services.

-Start supporting Netscape- Monopolies are BAD!

IU campus phone services should be advertised. Standard voice mail and modern phones should be standard rather than options. Long distance dialing is too complicated and time wasting. Current phone service is archaic!

Dedicated classrooms are a pleasure, but most of my teaching time is relegated to classrooms without any equipment. I'd like course scheduling to consider who actually uses the technology- I have colleagues who teach in a dedicated classroom without ever turning on the equipment, while I'm down the hall with a volkswagen-sized computer setup blocking half the class's view of the screen. This just frustrates students.

When I have called the help-line, they have been *very* helpful and patient!

I want to express particular graditude to [IRD], who has always been very helpful. I am new at IUPUI, and he has provided guidance and help with all my computer questions and problems.

1) Negotiate with Microsoft to have and academic price of Microsoft SQL Server system. 2) Lower the rates of personal SAS licence.

Dial up connection from home can be *very slow*. It has taken up to 25 minutes on occasion to connect with -20 and -21 lines. Speed up connection. *Do not* drop IUPUI as an IPS!

Is there any way you can find people who are technologically challenged to teach other technologically challenged learners? I'm always so frustrated trying to learn from tech wizards.

Oncourse gets better each semester. Last fall there were significant slow-downs, but the problem was aggressively attacked. Things improved markedly within three weeks. Thanks!

Produce a small Lamenated card listing help available to faculty & staff tele #'s etc.

This was very eye-opening for me. There were a number of services I was completely unaware they existed. I know I could look them up but it seems like there could be a better way of advertising their availability.

A briefer more focused survey- would get my vote.

Telephone service and equipment is extremely poor. So is the support being offered

Outlook Web Access really is a most appalling service (at least when accessed via a Macintosh). It is dreadfully slow, frequently will not allow logins and, worst of all, is completely incapable of opening attachments.

The amount of space allocated to a faculty member on Netscape (for email) should be increased!! This did not used to be a problem but is now a great inconvenience.

Better service in 2003.

I'm very dependent on my computer working- cannot get work done when internet connection goes down or computer goes down.

I am with IU School of Medicine and don't use UITS except for list sem mailing list. Our dept. of Medicine IT people are understaffed and probably priority is given to chair and chiefs or other higher up docs and the rest of us have to [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "sustain"] ourselves. Example: My printer is not working and I put a request 2 days ago, 0 response yet. Recommend to increase staff for Dept. of Medicine IT. Thanks

Over-all- I am very impressed w/ the Technology-- its availability and reliability. The Netg I looked on the web seemed counter-intuitive to make it function. I figured it out, but only after several tries. I realize it has 100's of offerings, but I had to look through them all to pick the ones I was interested in. (I think there was also a glitch b/c of a password.)

Some UITS managers appear arrogant

make FIS accessible on Macs

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I am not that involved with computers here at the University, what little I do I always have great suppoprt and service when needed.

Actually, I admit I'm not an expert, but my complaint would be the rudeness of the IT team that gives support of the staff of IU Cancer Pavillion [IRD]. The team excluding one individual. Let me just name the two very rude individuals [IRD]. They are very self absrobed [sic] individuals, who are hot shots and know it all with patience of a two year who is hungry and wet.

Waiting to publish the Faculty/Staff phone book until after the pager migration could have been more efficient.

Very dissatisfied with the level of service provided by security accounts. Problems with losing user agreement forms multiple times last year. (I sponsor several accounts and facilitate user ID setup for many staff members)

The new HRMS system is awful!

I would like to see the IDX training & test to be more of a learning process. I would like to see what the results of the tests are so that you know what you need to study & work on. Some of the IDX instructors need to work on their personality traits.

I would like to get a better connection from home. The fastest I can connect to IUPUI is 28.8.

Overall experience is very positive. Expense is always a concern.

1)Outlook user list on campus not accurate. 2)Need to communicate better. 3)Not service-oriented

Please try to come to a working solution with Wishard. We are all in this for the same reason. PATIENT CARE!!!

We tend to take for granted how advanced and well-performing our online environment is here at the University *until* we experience other organizations systems.

Great job!

[DE NOTE: R WROTE SOMETHING AND THEN CROSSED IT OUT ABOVE THEIR COMMENTS.] The above was a complaint about our pagers but I now know that our pager service is not a UITS service. I really like the way the University licenses software for use by students, faculty, and staff.

Thanks for your help!

Telephone directories hard to read because print is too small.

My job relies heavily on UITS and HELPNET. Without the excellent work these two departments do, my job would not run nearly as smoothly as it does. Thank you.

More instructional classes for widely used software programs.

I think on [sic] of the area can be improved is LSP services. At the current level I do not think they are any benifit [sic] to the campus but I do believe that LSP services can play a very important roll [sic] in security and services on this campus. We need someone with more idea and service orianted [sic].

The only time we see a computer tech, is when we have a problem. We appreciate their support but why don't we ever have upgrades or preventative maintenance? Act instead of react?

The people that activate datajacks or repair should send an email when the request has been completed.

I work in a small department, on a project which has its own server. Other than using Outlook Web Access and occasionally reading a course description- found through the main IUPUI page- I have little contact with UITS services. I do miss the font-adjustment and multiple-file-deletion capabilities I formerly had with Outlook, which my current Outlook Web Access apparently doesn't have. And from working through the Web Developer's Certificate by taking ProSteps classes, I can say that I wish those classes could be made less hurried and compressed, and more oriented toward imparting thorough knowledge and applicable skills, rather than simply offering cursory introductions to various programs or packages. I would have liked 16 or 20 hours in 4 or 5 4-hour blocks with Photoshop, for instance, instead of the 4-hour "lightning round" class I had, which served more as an introductory briefing than as a class teaching me to use the software.

Dial-in modem services have become more difficult to access this year.

My office relies primarily on SPEA help. Because we are located off-campus, response times seem particularly slow. The staff who are sent to help us are usually students and the problems are sometimes beyond their capabilities. We are often frustrated because we cannot get anyone to answer our calls or emails for help. Communication is often a problem with UITS and SPEA help. Our new students and employees sometimes wait 3 weeks before they have network access and email. When the accounts are set up, no one tells us what the initial usernames and passwords are and we have trouble getting someone to tell us when the accounts are ready.

Voicemail features are worthless We have multiple people using the same phone. If one person listens to the messages, there is not an indication that the messages are there. We have to use paper notes. Why have voice mail? We get better features from our answering machines at home.

Knowlege [sic] base takes to long to find an answer.

The need to communicate with campus and to keep campus priorities.

The LSP assigned to our office is *not* routinely available or responsive - is always rushed, doesn't complete set-ups or repairs without reminders, doesn't check to be sure needs are met. (AO)

We need outdoor wireless service like the one done down in Georgia Tech. Like a cloud of wireless coverage.

Access to dialup connection is needed for faculty, staff, and students outside of local area.

Outlook web access needs more features. Working from home you lose alot of the Outlook capabilities.

Communication between UITS and LSP's needs to improve. A 24 hr. turnaround time is to [sic] long when the campus is being attacked by a virus.

No changes needed at this time. Thank you for this survey.

Computers seem to run great - thanks!

In completing this survey, I found several terms/services with which I'm not familiar -- it could be that I use some of them without knowing what they are. I think a "UITS Survey for Dummies" would be more at my level!! I very much appreciate the availability of software for purchase at discount to staff.

Our dept has an *excellent* IS staff member. I never have to concern myself with these issues. He is on top of all issues, informs, and handles.

The I.U. computer system would be a lot user friendler [sic] if I didn't need all of these to do my job -user name -user id -password - I have 4, and 1 changes every 3 months -safeword card number

Clarian telephone directories with IU & Meth telephone #'s would be beneficial! IUTS separate directory would be nice too! I'm supposed to have access to HIV test results. This was to be set-up by [IRD]. I still after 1 yr of using care web have not been able to access this data needed for daily operations of the ofc, even after the divisional Chief sent a letter to the to her indicating approval.

Keep up the good work. The individuals and teams I've encountered are very knowledgable & responsive.

I enjoy the prosteps classes but haven't been able to make it to any this semester because the one's that I'm interested in have only been offered once/semester and at times that aren't convenient for me. Usally this class is the first in a series so that missing that one prevents me from attending anymore. IU-WARE CD-ROM - I got the XP pro CD form the bookstore in order to up grade from XP home edition - and now everytime I turn on my laptop I get an error message that some file cannot be found. It's kind of annoying.

MSA 3 phones are defective - Continual dial tones - Sticking # short in phone line.

suggest you follow up with people who call in for help.

There needs to be sofware that has the majority of other physicians' addresses, phone numbers & fax numbers. We use the IMAX office for this, but it wastes **so** much time, especially when you could be pulling up this info twice as fast.

Augment the communication between departments surveyed and the campus public. Most Staff, Student, and Facility [sic] may be aware of many of services offered at IU but most, including myself are not always up-to-date with daily/weekly/monthly and sometimes major changes that occur on campus with these system resources. 1) Additional or newly created services 2) System requirements 3) Version and upgrades 4) Major personnel leadership changes 5) Location moves 6) Departmental responsibility modifications 7) System development and enhancements Repetitive distribution of available services and updates via list serve or the IU web might solve this until the results expected are achieved. Indiana University IT is doing a remarkable job providing the resources to meet our overall goal, education. Thanks!

Not a good time to have me fill out a survey. Our companies/organizations computer had to be re-formatted and we lost aprox 2000 files. It let us down!

The voicemail system is not user-friendly and the telephone system needs to be better integrated with all IUPUI units/departments. The long distance service is too complicated - staff should not be relegated to telephone cards. The University should provide more wireless opportunities for users throughout campus. Provide more opportunities for training. Publicize all of the UITS programs that are available to University faculty & staff.

Sorry, unable to answer questions. I'm a file clerk - who files paper. No computer or phone. Have a great day :)

This is a very difficult and confusing survey for those of us who are not IT personnel. I don't know the difference between UITS people and services and my department's people and services, so I can't answer questions in a helpful way.

Voice Services: My responses are varied because I find the service is also variable. Phone equipment is not standardize [sic], but it is whatever a dept. can afford. The directory is difficult to cross reference, as it is trying to serve two campuses (IUPUI and Bloomington).

IUPUI webmail is worst complaint. It crashes. Times out inadvertently. When trying to re-connect it causes streaming forcing me to quit the application then re-connect. Would rather use Pine, but can't send or receive attachments. No perfect system.

There was only incident [sic] that I can negatively report about regarding UITS. I requested equipment services for an event in the University College building via the on-line form and to my dismay that equipment never showed up for the event. I called and was routed to Bloomington where all calls go after 5:00 pm. I was very disappointed. The Bloomington person told me that this was not the first time that this had happened regarding equipment.

I have these students who have yet to gain access to Oncourse for my class this term. The password initiantion process must be streamlined for students working full-time and are unable to meet UITS personnel during the workday.

[IRD] is videotaping is great!!

Whenever I ahve dealt with UITS It's always a pleasurable experience. The employees have a very fun & positive attitude which a lot of people on the campus need to be.

Always room for improvement!

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My wife and I are both full-time students. She uses Angel and jade.iupui.edu at the Medical School. I use OnCourse and pearl.iupui.edu and chem.iupui.edu. We have no money so the $5/year dial up service has been a real blessing for us. Please do not discontinue it. I have a masters from the Chemistry department where I used the Chemistry department Unix System for the first half of my research. Without it. I would not have the degree that I have. In Law School, I have found the public network data jacks to be quite helpful and much faster than the computer labs. Last thing, when I was preparing to defend for my Masters, I had a massive powerpoint presentation. This program swamped the iMacs and the G-4s were incompatable to the projector. I cannot remember his name but a manager of the Information Technology Services walked around campus with me until a G-4/projector setup was found that met my specifications. He stayed with me one very nervous day of my life until my needs were met. I want to thank him once again and in essence thank all of Information Technology Services.

As an evening, part time graduate student, I didn't use the on campus labs and services often. However, when I did use them I found them to be very accessible and helpful. I really appreciated the services of ONCOURSE and INSITE and the course information listed through those sites.

Silly to give free coupons for software that you already had students purchase. The free gift is useless. Do like the free printing/copying now available to medical students.

1. When my email space is full, the only way I will find out is if an individual who tried to email me lets me know my box is full. A WARNING and a NOTIFICATION when the box is almost full and full would be *much* appreciated. 2. Why does it cost $20 for me to change my system alias (email handle)? My name is common and my email alias is obscure: [IRD] I don't think it costs IUPUI anything beyond employee time to change my name to something more convenient. Why the charge? 3. Webmail is slow, so I use Pine. It also gets stuck on a particular screen sometimes-frustrating. But Pine is great. 4. Minor complaint: the computers in the LRC of Med Sci boot *very slowly*. Hope this is helpful! [IRD]

Bring back free printing

Since the switch this year to Windows 2000 XP it has been very difficult to be patient with an increasingly fail prone systems. Inlow Hall, to my knowledge, seems tasked to do simple things like run an office application especially hotmail on explorer. I have lost my patience on multiple and accounts left the computer lab for a more reliable system. As well the overall boot up time with the XP operating system has been substantially increased and this thoroughly annoys me to the extent that I now avoid the computer labs like the plague. It would be greatly appreciated if these problems could be corrected in the computer lab for my third and final year of attendance. I am aware that my peers share my frustrations.

My only criticism is that the dial up connections can be difficult to access. I was just happy w/ webmail, oncourse, INSITE, etc. They were user-friendly and fast...my two big issues

Overall I find the university computing environment supportive of my education. I have had consistent difficulty w- access to data network and wireless services in the university library via my Dell laptop. Hard wired connections are complicated by broken jacks. I have never successfully connected to the wireless UIN.

The biggest problem I have is trying to dial in from home. Often it takes 3 or 4 times to log in. Also, webmail runs very slow sometimes.

A part of Graduate program orientation should include advising students whats [sic] available to them in the Technology world at IUPUI.

Dial in modem service rarely connects on the first try regardless of the time of day. My average tries would be approximately 3-4 times before I am able to connect to my modem. Wireless connection within the university is somewhat unpredictable. Have same problems as the dial in modem service.

I am most opposed to not being able to use the student, faculty, etc. directory off-campus. I actually bypass the security by using pine. When I am off campus I need a directory resource. Also, webmail takes so much time to load. Why? Also, when opening application, the installing of the application takes too long and most often errors wasting my time.

1) The computers in the basement of Medical Sciences Building (LRC) are outdated and very, very slow. That lab *needs* to be updated.

Webmail often has gliches and a slow connection

There should be room for comments on the answer sheet after each group of questions. I am *extremely* dissatisfied with IUPUI's computing environment and here are my 3 reasons. #1- computer lab in MedSci- it takes forever for computers to boot up. It is a waste of my time. The computers are old and mouse pads are disgusting. #2- [IRD]- he is mean and obnoxious. He refuses to help anyone and is always making sarcastic comments about the medical students- At one point- on the 2nd day of school, my password wouldn't work. I asked for help and he tried the pw. When he couldn't get it to work, he *yelled* "You're Screwed!" and walked away. That was incredibly rude and offensive. #3. Nobody asked the students if they wanted to go from audio tape recording to CD and MP3. It's ridiculous. The people who used the tapes were the people who transcribe the lectures and [IRD] is a total creep to them. He said the tapes were expensive but that's only because he was making 10 copies of each lecture. Recording the lectures on computer files is just another typically [sic] example of using technology because it's available without concern for usefulness or practicality.

Could you add a self-emptying "trash" folder to Webmail? Sometimes I delete a message then realize a few minutes later that I needed that message, but it is gone. Could all links in an email be made to "Open in a new window" automatically when you left click on them? Currently it is a hassel [sic] to get back into your email after you follow a link. Also, could "Composing" emails be done in a separate window so you can browse your in-box *while* composing? That way you can pull info from other emails to help you compose. On-line, centrally-searchable biographies of *all* faculty members would be nice. Please add more PDA software to your heavily discounted list.

I'm over at the Med. School, so I'm not sure if some of these questions actually apply to me, but I hope this is helpful anyway!

Overall, the student technology consultants are very courteous and helpful, especially those in the 3rd floor business building.

I would like some "training" to be offered on how to find information on certain topics in a quicker way. It takes me several hours to get information from the Computers in the Library.

There are a lot of services that I've never heard of. -The Email system is a little cumbersome. -Oncourse is very nice. -There is not enough information about how to publish student web pages.

Improve Dial in capabilities.

I cannot evaluate most of this survey because I am not using the services listed-- at least I think I'm not I was confused about the naming of various technologies- a computer to me is a computer.

The number of computer labs like BS3000 should be increased. The servers where students can publish their web-pages are not enough advanced. They don't support server-side applications like C6I or PHP. The webmail service can be improved, and POP3 or IMAP support would be fine. The number of available scanners should be increased. I think that there must be more computers that can also be booted with alternative operating systems such as Linux. In general, I am satisfied with UITS.

I use the OnCourse and wish the instructors would utilize it to the fullest. The system is good but you have got to get the faculty (Ph.D's) to buy in.

I have found it inconvenient that oncourse is not working at 5 a.m. Sometimes that's my only opportunity to get needed information.

As stated previously, the 24x7 labs are great. Especially when they have course-required software already loaded. [IRD]

I am probably a poor example for the survey. I am a new evening student taking one class. I've been out of school for *many* years. Learning oncourse was a major accomplishment, but the HELP line was great!

Math lab hours need improvement Students who work full time are not able to have access unless given a key or someone is already in lab. Lab needs to be open on Saturday since programs used on these computers are not available in other 24 hr. labs. (or install programs on all computers) -Excessive printing problems at certain labs. Users need a maximum page allocation instead of prints multiple pages and multiple copies.

Insite needs to be accessible later in the evenings and on Sundays.

I had a difficult time corresponding on-line w/ UITS which frustrated me. However, generally speaking, I am very pleased w/ UITS. The facilities are wonderful. The printers are fast and usually full of paper. The service of student reps is good. I am pleased, overall, w/ UITS. Thank you.

I appreciate the technology IUPUI has. I've found it useful and a help w/ time management. Please fund and advertise public computer labs with free print outs.

I'm a grad student completing my dissertation (all courses completed) and do all of my work from home. I have very little need, opportunity or even knowledge of current UITS services.

Very satisfied with UITS. Good job.

Can students get a free copy of anti-virus software from the university information technology services department?

Sometime, it is difficult to dial up into the web at home. usually needs 2+ dialing.

1. There is a frequent problem I faced when using Webmail e-mail account. I am knocked out automatically from the service in the middle of reading or sending email. Sometimes, the webmail page just freeze and I have to close and re-open the internet explorer window. This is really frustrating as it happens in the middle of reading and sending emails. Besides, there is no "trash box" in the webmail account. Hence, if I mistakenly delete my email, I can never recover it back. 2. The off campus modem dial-in service is not at satisfactory level. It is very hard to dial in. In fact, sometimes, I can't dial in to the network at all for days.

Discontinuing WordPerfect support has been very detrimental to some work at the law school.

There were many services I was not aware of. More info @ such services should be made available.

The dial-in modem service is not dependable and is always difficult to execute.

Graduate students should be able to check out materials, such as laptops w/ specific programs (imovie) and digital cameras for several days (5).

Overall, I am satisfied w/ the Information Technology Services at IUPUI. I can see room for improvement in the communication to and training of student [sic] on what services are available and how to incorporate their use into students' lives. (i.e. existing services use [sic] by students such as personal and work related systems)

I would like to recognize a consultant in the Education (ES) computer lab named [IRD]. He found a disk of mine that I had accidentally left in the computer, which had no identifying information on the exterior. He opened a file on the disk to find my name and emailed me to let me know that he had it. He actually hunted me down to give me the disk since he recalled that I was the student using the computer last and gave me my disk. I think that was exceptional service and that he went above and beyond the call of duty.

I'm surprised that a survey about University Technology Services is not given on-line. Does that say something about the level of sophistication of your services? Overall I'm satisfied with them, but they seem to be antiquated, especially the email systems.

Shoud [sic] provide more information about UITS especially, for International students. UITS information should be presented or announced in a varaity [sic] of media for example. Posters, web page (at the Frist [sic] page of IUPUI web, fly sheet.e

The lab on the second floor of Inlow Hall (outside library) is consistently slower- up to 5 min. just to log in. This makes it frustrating and burdensome to print items efficiently or check email without setting aside more time than should be needed with a normal log in (30-50 sec's)

The [IRD] for IU should not be also be the [IRD]. It does not work.

Webmail for IUPUI need to be improved. For instance, IUPUI webmail does not allow you to use the BACK button on your browser. I'm sure w/ all of the resources available on campus, the Webmail staff should be able to improve this service.

Please change Oncourse to reflect when messages and postings have already been read.

Webmail occasionally "freezes" for periods of time. Occasionally I cannot dial up from home. Overall, I'm satisfied w/ UITS.

I think IUPUI offers so many good service [sic], but It should be known by more students.

Over the past four years Oncourse has gotten much more user friendly. Of course, I've also gotten more computer literate. I've always appreciated having online access to the Ruth Lily library and the online journals. However this semester I've encountered the JAKE system and haven't been able to access any articles in that manner. The SPX system is great. I like being able to register for classes via the Web as well. I appreciate your hard work and your interest in my opinions.

It would be nice if insite available [sic] more hours.

Better communication regarding services available to students.

I hope someone understands this survey because 3/4 of the questions are over my head when it comes to this subject matter.

I tried to drop a class using online registration. And called a computer guy to help me. And it turns out it did not work so I am in the process of appealing the charges.

A lot of students live outside of the 317 area code, so the IUWARE dial-up is not economical to use (i.e. they have to pay for it like a long distance call) It would be helpful to have a toll-free number that these students could use to avoid local toll and/or long distance charges.

I really only use the computer lab at the Dental School. There is always a line waiting for one of the few computers available for over 400 people. Also their [sic] is a consultant station but never a consultant available when help is needed! In fact, I have *never* seen a consultant in the Dental School lab!

One improvement that is desperately needed is a print quota system. I know at the Dental School they complain about our using the printer in the computer lab. Why? I don't know but a quota would fix it.

The only things I use are Oncourse and INSITE. I've never used a computer lab at IUPUI. I download all of my classwork from my computer at work. Personally, I don't like being charged a technology fee when I don't use your computers, email or printers. I use oncourse because it is required for my class and INSITE for transcripts. I do like web registration.

Public network data jacks seem to vary greatly in connection speeds and are often too slow.

I think UITS is awesome. Help desk especially. There are always very knowledgeable people without the usual computer tech "know it all" attitude!! Keep up the good work!!

wish that you put out more information to general public about your computer technology for the public who have disabilities and the wonderful labs and support you have available to them- and letting teachers and schools know about your facilities.

I use primarily Mac computers in the library. It seems that a large proportion of floppy disks crash or have difficulty being read in those computers. Can be quite annoying at times.

There is *no life* without INSITE. I only used it about a million times (so far). Oncourse is pretty good. Profs need to use it more! [IRD] people are patient, and wonderfully helpful. I-STREAM issue (inability to use it real time) from home was recently addressed and fixed very quickly by someone in Bloomington- (I can't remember his name but I can just see the emails- I'm thinking [IRD]...something) very helpful plus they responded to my emails within MINUTES. Keep up the good work! Thank you! [IRD]

It is very difficult to dial on to 278-5620- sometimes it takes me 1/2 hour before I can get connected.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students
I have been a student @ IUPUI for 5 years now and really, have no idea what a lot of this is. Maybe more info passed out would help and more people around *willing* to help.

Although I use a computer on a daily basis, I found this survey hard to follow at times and didn't understand where the questions were leading. I found the survey overall inconvenient and am frustrated that I felt forced into taking this survey. This is the second or third time this packet has been sent to me, and I didn't appreciate your persistence in my completion of a random survey.

Most of these services don't apply to me being a Herron Student the software and computer applications differ for me from other IUPUI students. I would like to see IUPUI integrate technologies they have that would aid Herron in their move forward into the world of digital art ie video applications. IUPUI has many camcorders and lighting systems that are not made available to Herron students. This is unfair and we pay to have all that IUPUI has to offer at our disposal!

Insite should be available 24 hours a day. The [IRD] are not very friendly and could work on their people skills. I was not aware of laptop jacks, this should be common information. Although IUCare is nice, it does not update on a regular basis, and I have had to adjust my major 2 different times because IUCare and insite have it listed wrong. This is a huge hassle and is very frustrating!

Offering students a high speed internet service, may be a good idea. You folks are going great.

The online classes and registration are great.

The CSCI computers don't have Photoshop. There are times when I need photoshop during some labs for CSCI classes. Also, some of the New Media computers in the mary cable building act "sluggish" for lack of a better word.

Electronic stockers still access my computer

I use to go to I.U. Bloomington. They had alot more computer stations for the students. Overall, you guys are doing very good. Thank you

I have one class @ IUPUI, therefore I don't use any of the technology services. I do not feel comfortable answering this survey based on my lack of use. I also find it frustrating that I have to pay a technology fee. I suggest putting a minimum/maximum # of hours registered before charging a fee.

I would like to be able to at least access the 'course availability' pages after hours, even if I cannot register. I have more time at late night than daytime, and it would help me to prepare for registration. Even leaving it available till 1 am would be helpful. Thank you.

The best computers I have used since my enrollment are the new Mac's in the computer lab in the Herron Fesler building.

There needs to be optical mice in the labs. espically [sic] in the computer graphics labs. It is very hard to work with them.

Generally, I am *very* satisfied with UITS! Please keep working hard! I truly thank you guys for your tremendous job! [IRD]

Faster speed

Computers are great but I prefer human to human interaction. Keep up the good work, I'm a little old-fashioned and I think that my generation is slowly but surely catching on to the new wave of technology. Just remember history repeats itself; with every new invention comes a new disaster; so keep your focus on the pros and cons and don't let the cons outweigh the pros!

You need more computers. I sometimes need to use a computer and I have to walk all over until I sometimes will find one.

I should not have to pay for services I do not use

Most of these services I wish I was aware of being an IUPUI student. I think there should be more help as rapidly as technology keeps changing. I love the computers at the Library. Its very helpful. We need more computers in the Library. It seems to be the only lab you can have access to all the time. I love being able print things [sic] Sorry this is so late Spring break was the only time I had time to fill out survey


I'm an employee at the IUPUI Bookstore and I would like to suggest that you find a better way to distribute the software such as IUWare, Windows XP, ME, 200, 98SE, etc People are taking advantage of having the priviledge of purchasing that software for $5 a disk. They also have no idea what they are purchasing. There is no return policy, so the customers expect that I know all about the different disks available. I HAVE NO IDEA! Some how people need to be better informed and there needs to be a better way to keep track of who bought what so the opportunity isn't being abused.

Webmail- when spending considerable time typing an email, the server automatically logs a user off. As a result, all the typed information is gone. Availability of computers- shortage of PC's relative to students Library Home page- Very helpful resources Insite-Availability: I would prefer 24 hour access

The log in and log off process in the labs, namely in Cavanaugh and the SL building, are extremely slow.

In recent weeks I have experienced significant problems accessing IUPUI via dial-up modem. Frequently it has taken 5 or more attempts. Last week, I could not access after about 10 attempts, using all 3 pool numbers. When I called the help desk, I received a recording that instructed me to try at another time because all personnel were busy! This is a frustrating experience.

Let students know about new services.

Oncourse is rarely used by my teachers. -The extremely expensive moniter that displays UTIS's logo and hours should be put to better use. If I saw someone do that in my organization I would cut their budget. -If charging begins for printing, it best be automatically billed to our bursar accounts and -all printers best default to doublesided. -Why can't I pay my tuition online? -Why can't I order my books online, pay for them online, and pick them up in one big stack, eliminating the giant hassle of trying to get into the book store? This is not the address on the provided envelope? -How do I "map" this "bookbag" to my home pc? -Other Purdue campuses offer high speed internet services off campus at discounted rates, does IUPUI? -The interface for Regweb looks like something I made in my 100 level programming course. One could really benefit from something better.

Good Job!

Need to make more classes available via the web. Specifically Business classes @ the 300 and 400 level. Selection is incredibly poor for web based classes @ USBI.

Replacement of older computers for newer computers. -Cheaper Adobe and Micromedia software.

Why was this done on paper? There are some computer centers I cannot get access from in Science and Technology Buildings. If my technology fees support this why can't I use them? Ream and reams of paper are wasted daily Perhaps we could recyle [sic] this by setting up one printer somewhere for people to print flyers for charity projects, meeting announcement etc. on the back side of the discarded items There should be more education on printer use, especially when printing from Power Point, Adobe and ERROL.

It would be nice to see more computers come to IUPUI. I would use them more often if I could find a computer available. *thanks*

1) Improve the student chat session on oncourse 2) Improve department web sites to contact professors, temp professors and Dept. Chairs.

I often have difficulty connecting to the internet at home via the modem pool. I usually have to try 3-4 times to become connected.

The biggest problem in the computer labs is the lag in log in time. Sometimes it takes several minutes for my personal settings to be loaded in. Also, there seems to be an inconsistency in software provided in different labs. For example, some have Microsoft Visio, while others do not. My disatisfaction [sic] in the IT training and workshops stems from one subject. To date, I have yet to see any training offered on the Mac OS. I would be very interested in taking a workshop on the Mac OS. I believe the webmail system should be updated. It seems very antiquated given the other e-mail systems in use today. For example, I could not generate a return receipt for an e-mail sent today. The system also has a tendency to lock up and not allow any buttons to work. This happens on many systems running it. Regarding the library, while the 4th floor network jacks are good, they should be added to the third floor as well. Finally, the IUCAT system is extremely antiquated and should be redesigned. I have heard this is in the process, so this suggestion may not be needed.

Although I use my personal computer at home on a daily basis, I access IUPUI services infrequently. I'm satisfied with IUPUI services I've used this year. Thank you [IRD]

Various software should be added in most labs not just particular ones such as VB-net and other programs only located in the Business lab.

Need to keep us updated on when IE for Pocket PC (IPAE's) has been fixed. Currently IE will not work *wirelessly*, but when you connect to your own activesync at home, you can use Netfront 3.0. UC Techs have tried but no results. So, for now no access to wirelessly.

I think IUPUI needs more wireless services for more laptop users at other buildings and library.

The modem pool has been hard to get connected to and stay connected. I and many other modem users have experienced having to re-dial five or six times before modem pool connects. It is not busy, it just hangs after the handshaking protocol. The support center knows of this problem but has no answer to resolve the problem. This problem just started happening last summer session. It would be nice if it could be resolved. It would also be helpful if the modem pool would support V.92! I have a V.92 modem but can only use V.90 because of the limitation of the pool. It would be nice if a spam stopper could be used with IUPUI e-mail. Webmail seems unstable at times. It takes forever to log in and then sometimes it stops responding after you do get logged in! Pine works better! It would be nice if more microsoft and non-ms titles would be available at a cheaper price!

The only problem that I every [sic] have is while searching for something thru the *IU search*. The website never brings up information on what I am looking for. It ends up taking me longer to find what I am looking for. Otherwise, I am very appreciate [sic] of the UITS. I love it that I can get online at home thru *PPL dial-up* and I can print out the needed materials for my classes. The computers labs [sic] have been great help to me!

I have returned to campus after an 11 year absence. I have not fully utilized many of the services offered.

I don't know if this applies here, but I think that the CSCI computers should have photoshop. It's helpful in classes like web design (N241). The existing graphic editor, GIMP, is pretty pathetic.

Enforce your no cell phone policy in the labs. -Allow students to have closed lid drinks in ALL labs much like the library does. -Hire computer consultants that have working knowledge of the software products in your labs.

INSITE should be available more hours per day. Hardware should be checked more often to make sure it's working properly. I've often tried to use computers without working space bars. The computers have a tendency to lock up very often. If I have to print something off of ERROL at IUPUI it takes an extremely long time. Sometimes, printing a 15 page article can take an half an hour! Oncourse has alerts when you have new mail, but it would be nice to have an alert about newly posted announcements.

IUPUI is fortunate to have such a wealth of resources available to both staff and students. Good job of intergrating [sic] technology in the classroom.

as a part-time (older) student, I really appreciate INSITE, ONCOURSE, and BURSAR systems. I still remember the old days on north Delaware Street. Thanks!

Distributing information about where all of the computer labs on campus are and their hours. Coming from Herron where I hardly ever had to use computers, to the main campus, the majority of my homework is on computers. Not having access to a computer at home makes it necessary to stay on campus. Also, listing which computer labs have class sessions in which labs and when would be good to know. Student discounts for students looking to buy a computer for their home? I have no money left over after tuition, rent, and caring for a child on my own to buy such a seemingly necessary item for my home in this day and age. It is extremely frustrating to find extra time to use a campus computer lab w/ my busy schedule.

Survey is confusing. I have no idea what half of the things you asked about. I love the computer labs, oncourse, and the help (occasionally) in the labs. Webmail stinks. Every time you pull up an attachment, it freezes your mail and you can't go back to read the next. You have to log out and then in again and not pull up anymore attachments. I may have used some of the other services but didn't recognize the "official" names. I am no wiz [sic] in the computer area!

Thank you.

You are awesome!!!!!

The first time using Oncourse was hard but now I can handle it.

I am very satisfied with UITS.

Classroom facilities need better chairs! Current seating is comparable to grade school seating.

I would like to see where you can log on to any computer in any building. I'm a TCEM major and was not able to log on to a computer in the ET building.

Inform students that all these services are available.

Thank-you for all of the technical support offered!

I go to IUSD and we only have 15 computers in our computer lab and there are over 600 students in the Dental School. It is really hard to get computer time with this many students. Luckily I own my own laptop, but for those that are not as fortunate as me, I would like to put a request into get a bigger computer lab with more computers in it, or at least have more computers throughout the School. The IUSD teachers use computers on a daily basis to communicate with their students and to use for assignments, so we are not just working on teeth, the computer is becoming a *huge* part of dentistry with the new technology, so I think it is time that IU becomes aware of this.

The IU Dental School needs more computers and help!!

It would be nice if the labs had the programs available to match student needs/schedules. I'm currently in ENGR197 and M261. I can not work on Maple projects before or after the engr class because it is not available in that room. I have to go, most often, to another building. Classrooms with computers against the walls (ie Engr 196) does not make it easy to follow the class. Too often I was busy turning around trying to follow what the instructor was teaching

Survey process was badgering! Survey was way too long! Need an icon to check your web mail from oncourse.

I use oncourse for all of my classes. It is great! I have also taken an internet based geology course, as well as, speech and stats. Oncourse is a great educational tool. Keep up the good work.

I've been getting a lot of junk mail. I wish there was a way I could filter that out or block it on webmail.

I am learning more about UITS and I think its great. Last year I hardly touch [sic] a computer, so I didn't have much input to include answers for on this survey. I very satisfied [sic]. Thanks

Longer lab hours @ the school of nursing or the applications should be available @ BS 3000 on the IUPUI campus.

Overall I am pleased w/ the info. tech. I do enjoy being able to get on the internet between classes. Some of the services mentioned in this survey I have never heard of. Maybe there would be a way to increase the knowledge of these *great* things available.

There were alot of services offered at IUPI that I had never heard of and I have been attending IUPUI for 10 years. There is a lack of communication about the services offered to the students attending part-time.

The only complaint I would have, is the hours of operation of INSITE. While I understand those hours are set so that people are available for questioning all hours of operation; it is very inconvenient for students. If possible, I would suggest after 10:30 PM the site be open with the advance notification that no help would be available.

Counselors need to be trained and instructed to pass on to continuing education students the computer services offered. I.E. I am returning after 6 years off and was never told about Oncourse, Insite or Webmail until I was already attending class. If I were not as computer literate as I am I would've had a hard time figuring out how to use these systems. What are our counselors good for?

There should be an online instruction as well as off line instruction available for new/old student.[sic] For example: When I try to chang [sic] my modem dail [sic] number with UITS it hanged [sic] my computer for a while but I still could not access with UITS dail [sic] number.

No major complaints. Support services very prompt in answering questions. Sometimes dial-up is *SLOW* connecting-cycles through the 2 numbers several times. I am booted off the internet connection- mid surf- at least once a week. A bit frustrating- I don't really know why that happens.

There are always very helpful people at the desk.

If there were a better and more user friendly e-mail available I would definately [sic] use it. The current email, uses Jewel?, not sure what it is called seems very basic and not appealing. The email platform needs some eye candy added to its functionality.

I wish that I'd known about these services before. I am a returning photo student (2 yr. leave). We use computers for photoshop, etc., but I don't and really didn't use it for network access or anything else. It's good to know all that there is. Maybe an informational pamphlet with reg. confirmation? Just a thought. I do use INSITE and have found it to be extremely helpful. Hope I helped a little!

I very much appreciated the use of Oncourse in some of my classes. Thank you!

I really didn't know that IUPUI had so much out there, I guess that I will have to take a closer look. Keep up the good work!

Keep printing free for students

Most of the time I receive good resolutions to the problems I encounter during my PC usage for studies- However I was really surprised when I once asked to give my password to a consultant over the phone when I called in for help- because he couldn't seem to resolve the issue otherwise- furthermore- he did suggest that I change it after he used it to try resolve the problem

I particularly like file manager on Oncourse. I wish more professors used Oncourse.

Please keep the keyboards clean.

Get the check in and sign out card machine in Math center to work for more than 1 hour at a time. Try to get more full text versions of journals on IUCAT (Specifically on Psych.Info)

You are doing a great job and it feels good to know that I have someone to call if I have a computer problem.

Need to updated [sic] computers labs in IUPUI.

I only wish for more time to take advantage of some computer operating classes.

Dial in modem services are not very good. It takes numerous tries to connect and then you constantly get booted off. Instructors are telling students that steel is on the IUWARE disk. It may only be $5, but to be told that we have to purchase it again when our other disk hasn't expired is frustrating.

Your dial-up service is getting to be a hassle, although when I do connect, the speeds are great.

Downtime of computer equipment at Herron is too long. Herron lost internet connections for 2 weeks recently. Repair time for hardware also excessive at times.

UITS is great! Really! Whenever I have a problem it *always* gets fixed! *Thanks*

The people in the MLRC lab are helpful especially [IRD] and [IRD], they should get a raise

Information of student associations on Main web page, so new comers can get help from those associations fast.

I wish there was a way to either buy computers at a discount or borrow computers/laptops.

Non-traditional students continue as a significant portion of the body at IUPUI. It happens many non-traditional students are older than the internet or even the ubiquitous computer. It would behoove UITS to counsel consultants not to be quick, curt, judgemental or otherwise impatient with those of us lacking congenital familiarity with the new information medium. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, [IRD]

Why I put less than fully satisfied with bill payment and registration: This semester (Spring 03), my original registration was "washed out" because I didn't get my payment in on time. That was o.k., but when I went to re-register, telephone registration didn't offer the opportunity to select parking pass. Thinking I may have just made a mistake on the first phone call, I called back and went through registration a couple of times, and wasn't able to get parking either time. This resulted in my visiting Parking Services to get a pass, *very* time consuming! UITS services are, for the most part, very user friendly. The help desk people are especially helpful!!

Any possibility of having a 24 hour computer lab?

Good job, keep up the good work!

Overall, I believe you are all doing a great job.

Oncourse, Intouch, Need option at this point to show only unread messages

I like printing in the library b/c they are dbl. sided. (do not waste paper) I would like to see (1) more UITS support center that is probably located somewhere between the (2) existing centers.

Sometimes I feel that not many student consultants at the computer labs doesn't know much [sic] (not knowledgeable) about new softwares on the computer. Also, phone some consultants [sic] are rude and hang up on students or even to teachers. I saw this and heard from my friends, too. I think more training on knowledgebase also on customer service skill! for them.

Please make better FTP Protocol Software decisions, so it is a faster download from home computers.