2003 IUS IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

We need another computer classroom (like HH113) in the School of Business. All the classrooms should be wired w/ projection units to use powerpoint, etc. so that we can move beyond the video carts.

I have had multiple problems with Instructional Files being wiped out when a backup is done. Then, when I am in class and try to bring up a file for students, I discover the file is no longer there. I find this embarrassing and it messes up the class. Needless to say, the students and I come away with a frustrated feeling towards IT when this happens.

On IUS campus a limited amount of time- *Adjunct faculty*

I have never been contacted to tell me what my e-mail address even is! Shouldn't this be a yearly process?

Keep up the good work- some of us out here are satisfied or very satisfied. You probably only hear from the unhappy ones!

*Continue* and *improve proactive* communications, especially on changes. Additionally, use various (duplicate) methods on communication changes and the rationale for the changes. Consider once a semester having an open town house meeting on plans for the next six months along with Q and A.

1. Phone sets are so outdated, and we really should activate the indicator lamp light to let us know that there are voice mail messages-- such a low-tech function but we still don't have it. I often miss important messages by days because I see no indication. 2. As someone who need [sic] Chinese language software, I'm still hoping to get a good program that allows me to write in Chinese in the format/font required. The tech. people here have helped me to their best ability and I can do the basic writing in Chinese using MSWord.

The staff have [sic] been very helpful and patient with many questions I've had. They also have provided really useful information.

Make available telephone sets that have a blinking light showing unplayed voice mail messages.

-Need more PDA support. -Phones need to have a signal indicating messages. -Wireless access needs to become more pervasive.

Handbook on IT services for Adjunct Easier access to IT offices etc for adjunct

Just an apology for not being able to comment on many questions-- I am an adjunct teacher only on campus in the evenings, and it is my [IRD] at IUS.

Suggestions: 1) Offer school discounts on computers and laptops. A laptop would be nice to have in the classroom, would reduce amount of paper used. 2) Offer discounts on cell phone services, even on beepers. 3) In the computer lab, provide a small spot light on the keyboard to use when lights are off during presentations.

-Improved help desk assistance (computing). It takes at least half a dozen calls before they take my calls seriously. And then service is provided within 24 hrs. Why can't it be done on the first call. -Assistance with personal computers (when I have problems) which I use for IU work-related purposes (95% of the time). -Access to my office computer from home computer -Access to full text journals for research purposes. -Other than making a call and receiving a call, I still do not know how to make use of the full functionality of my desk phone. When I call help desk, I am told it is on the web, which is not helpful *at all* -Info on services provided; Accountability as well. -Support staff in Media Services have [sic] been GREAT!! My teaching-related needs have been met over and above my satisfaction.


I am an adjunct in only my [IRD] semester. I have had very little opportunity to use the services. However I am impressed w/equipment in some classrooms and the computer labs I have seen in the Natural Sciences Bldg and in Crestviews. All in all I am not qualified to do an adequate evaluation. Sorry [sic]

I would like the wiring system in my office to be simplified and made more manageable. I would like IUS to acquire a note-taking program (the electronic equivalent to the old 3x5 cards)

We need to improve our web pages and the Events Calendar (as a way of communicating internally). Otherwise, IT is doing a great job.

In the courses which I teach as an adjunct I do not use the IT services to any measurable extent. Whenever I have asked for assistance at the computer Help desks or in the case of projection equipment in the classroom, the response has been prompt, efficient, and courteous.

1) It would be nice if oncourse could be programed [sic] to drop a low grade (test score).

No, at this time Thank you I have been working in IUS for a year and in the future I would like to take full advantage of oncourse services.

Students complain often about printers not working. I would appreciate more training on how to use computer classrooms to best effect. Using sound in my computer classroom has frequently been a problem.

I usually teach off campus and I am unfamiliar with many of these services.

Don't know if IUS-IT is responsible, but my wife is a Fine Arts major and she really likes the mac lab, except the printers are down often and the school's machines are on Mac OS 9 while we went to OSX a year ago.

Need dial-up access at IUS! We shouldn't make students and faculty pay $20/mo *each* to private providers. We could do it *much* cheaper. -Oncourse needs revisions also.

I would like the red light on my phone to flash when I have a voice message.

Classrooms need permanent equip. in room so that we don't need to "order" equipment ahead of time. The support staff are wonderful and make sure equipment is in rooms at scheduled times but our classrooms are "outdated" -wires run across the floor, equipment blocks students' view, etc.

Some classroom media- overheads, video equipment need cleaning on the surface on a regular basis- especially in classrooms that use chalk- chalk dust is a problem- especially in crestview 212.

My IT service needs through IUS. As an adjunct faculty member who operates a home-based business, it is more convenient for me to use my business technology system for class preparation and communication with students than to use the University's system.

The long distance code is very annoying. Isn't there another way to track long dist?

Faculty |Staff | Students

I think the procedure for placing long distance calls takes to [sic] much time when trying to reach students- too involved- Couldn't the procedure be less involved? Too time consuming when very busy-

Response time from telephone services is slow. You have to make multiple request via telephone and email before you get a response this is definitely your weakest area. -I have never received any support from IUS-IT for the FIS or IUIS. I am always told to call Bloomington.

The help desk usually is not any help, either they don't send anyone to look at the problem or they point out the obvious and leave without offering any real help. I have noticed a big improvement of services by your staff. *Very nice and helpful*!!

I work night shift so I seldom use the services mentioned. Therefore, my responses are probably atypical!

My computer crashed (Mac) It took two (2) week [sic] to get it running again. But Im [sic] missing files from the windows portion of it but Im [sic] going about things a different way now (back to paper). Since windows dumped Ive [sic] kept up with my schedules on another IBM in the next office I use the Mac very little! Check email thats [sic] about it. [IRD]

The [IRD] need better training. They have no idea who handles what on campus and when I asked them if they have a certain resource, they don't. They have also given out erroneous info that had a negative impact on IUS.

Most of the IT services are very good. But, there could be major improvements in ease of use on the various IU Information services/systems; i.e., TOPS, FIS, FDRS, ETC. There is no uniformity between the various systems. It would be so much easier and more productive to have some uniformity in the way to access and process orders, payments, account information, etc. Also, FIS is difficult to search in, especially since entries in the records are not even in chronological order. A user has to scroll through so much to find what is needed.

I like the phone directory sent via email. Please encourage users to send it to the desktop as a shortcut instead of printing it.

*Intranet* for IU staff and faculty would be nice. We could put job openings on Intranet first then if no eligible candidates, put openings on Internet. Forms could be put on Intranet- such as timesheets in Excel that would add hours and total hours. Any HR Forms that need processing could be pulled off Intranet and typed on the computer. Any form could be put on Intranet that is frequently used. News reports for campuses, information for reports, the list is endless as to what can be put on Intranet. Also, voice mail service could be much improved.

Don't *understand* question # 8 Don't know much about question # 3

Office phones should have a red button that flashes when U have a message so U don't have to dial up a bunch of #'s or pick up the receiver and take a chance someone else has heard it and not erased it but also didn't tell U there were messages [IRD] of telephone services should be available to their customers during regular business hours- she seems to never be available, her own operators can't reach her when needed

IT staff are helpful and knowledgeable. It is wonderful to have computer help on staff. We seem to really attempt to use technology to its fullest. As we continue the staff is forced to become more computer savy [sic].

My experiences with the help desk have not always been good ones. Have had times when it took a long time (days) for them to even return a call. However, once they arrive in the office, they are very helpful. Very nice people and probably just very busy.

Is there a way we can dial long distance without having to dial 21 digits? Surely in this age of technology we could remedy this!

We have too many passwords to keep track of.

I have had many complaints about *rude* [IRD].

Please start to back up files on the servers daily. I do not trust keeping important files on the servers because the servers are not being back up [sic] on a timely basis.

Telephone service is a major issue and the lack of support given to staff and faculty. For example- does IT realize that for the last seven years when calling from outside the university to attempt to retrieve voice mails if one mistake is made during the process of entering numbers or passwords- the system *will not* allow you to re-enter the number. This requires that you hang-up and call all over again. If you are out of town or on a cell phone- this is frustrating! I was told 2 years ago that IT was aware of this problem- why has it not been fixed?

I haven't been able to use Outlook on my computer that has Windows 2000 (*Japanese* Version) since Nov. 6 ' 02. I access my e-mail account through web, but it limits my activities. I called IT-Help desk and a few people came to check it, but nobody came back with the solution. I really need "full access" to my account.

Would like to see some of the offices *not* use the voice mail as often as they do. If you need a question answered it can be very annoying if you get a machine and not a person.

Have had some problems w/getting help when requested. On one occasion, I had to call back after 3 days of waiting for someone to come. Usually pleased w/ assistance once someone comes over, but we often have extended wait times.

Add printers in the Mezzanines in Knobview, Hillside Hall and Library Lobby areas. Many times students work in these areas. They need to go to the lab to print which is *very* inconvenient for the students. Is there printed information on How to access *internet on campus by laptop? Public LAN connection* obtaining e-mail from home is *very* poor. It is difficult to get in, and especially to send mail. There also needs to be a way to get out of the e-mail from off campus to feel secure- an exit button. How secure is this e-mail to check from an off campus site? Where are the color printers on campus? Telephone Campus info line needs assistance in making sure snow dates are done by 5:30 AM, give date and exact info for students, faculty, staff.

Please, let specific offices have access to messaging to all faculty and staff. Often it's vital to be able to communicate across campus. Current restrictions are ridiculous, especially when the need is valid!

Please stop sending me surveys

Keep up the good work!

It would be very helpful/appreciated to have Better communication from the Helpdesk or IT, whenever there's a campus wide problem. If it will be a matter of seconds or a "very few minutes", then I don't think it's necessary for any communication. I think some sort of "broadcast" voicemail message would be good if the problem will take very long to repair.

CS Techs should *call* before coming to work on employee computers. Coming prior to 12:00 noon or 5:00 pm does not work well to solve problems. Make LB 154 video-telecom room.

A campus-wide review of employee's needs for student information should be undertaken prior to full PeopleSoft implementation. I am shocked and slightly offended with the inaccessibility of IUIE. In my position, I should not have to beg for access to this information!

The email system is not as good since the switch. Helpdesk is always helpful, as everyone is in Computer Ser. Phone services are not always available and do not follow through with requests.

We have a person who uses a Mac computer, and frequently has trouble getting repairs or help because of lack of staff available to work on Macs.

It is very hard to reach a person in telephone services by phone. They are never there. Only course of action is email.

[IRD] needs some serious *help*!

Phone services need improvement in availability of staff, returned phone calls, service and customer service orientation. [IRD] unfriendly, abrupt and even rude on occasion.

Customer Service is non-existent. People are hard to find, do not respond to inquiries, and don't follow up once they finally start working on your problem. E-mails are frequently not responded to, and phone calls to the Help Desk never answered. If the department attended less meetings and conferences and worked regular business hours, there might be time to get something done.

I am off-campus and can't evaluate most services. My single most complaint with IUS-IT Services is the often long wait for assistance or having to call several times to get that assistance. Sometimes you wait days or even weeks for in office assistance.

There have been several problems lately that have not been rectified. Many of them were caused by IT staff.

I was glad to get to work for them for 25 months [IRD] Do not get response from [IRD] in a timely manner.

We need more service tech people on the Help Desk. It would help if we had more full-time techs to respond to individual problems/crises. We also need more web tech people. I have waited more than a year to get a PR web site online. The IT staff is too strapped to respond to such large needs.

Whenever you call the Help Desk, they answer, you tell them the problem, but they never get back to you with an answer.

Faculty | Staff | Students

I cannot believe that there is talk of charging students for paper used in labs. Although, I am graduating and this will not affect me.

no thank you

1) Installation of Printer(s) by career services computers to facilitate hard copy output. 2) Educating students about which Labs are opened 24 hr a day.

More printers in computer labs so I don't have to wait so long to print a 2 page paper when everyone else is printing 80 pages of research.

Get rid of the couple of *Always LOUD* IT helpdesk employees, and stop blocking certain parts allowing certain Internet based programs from working. Other than that you are doing a good job.

I would like to see IUS expand into offering classes on-line. It would save students time traveling, sitting in classes, etc. And in some instances enable students to increase their credit hours per semester.

I don't use the computers at IUS because I have one at home and use two at work everyday. If I did not have these I would probably use to [sic] school computers on a more frequent basis. Also it might help to educate students on some of the services offered such as the videoconferenceing [sic], networking services and some of the user and support services that are listed.

I registered for a programming class this semester and was *not* automatically given a screen name and password. Should be linked to registration. Library- basically the same thing, when I went to library 2 wks. ago they had to "put me in the system." If I have a student I.D. I should already be "in the system." Those are *minor* complaints but I wanted to express them.

Needs to do some catching up *with IUB*

The Registration on Web has made the process of registration, drop/add ten times more convenient. -I wish Insite was available longer hours during the weekend. -Sometimes oncourse appears slow.

I am currently attending classes at IU Southeast (New Albany) campus. Just beginning to get acclimated with my e-mail account and various services offered by the IUS-IT Support Services. Will be more and more involved as time goes on, especially due to the fact I am pursuing an AS in Computer Science. Sincerely, [IRD]

Hello, Most of my classes at IUS have been off-campus, and whenever I go to insite to registar [sic] for a different semester or a different class I can never find anything specifically on off campus classes. I do realize that the off campus classes are printed on the IUS semester schedule booklets and I do pick my classes from this section. Is it possible to call up the off campus classes by selecting a designated area.

I believe that the availability to access Ebscohost off-campus should be easier. I have tried several times to access it at home and it kept telling me my user name and password were incorrect. This program should be accessible at home.

The lady who answers the phone at [IRD] is rude. That is why I scored low on that.

The students working the labs are helpful *and* friendly. They are there until midnight, and will help you over phone and email even after midnight if needed. One has helped me over the course of days. Very smart troubleshooters.

There should be more available computers and printers in every building before the 8:00 am classes start, in case someone needs to use the computers/printers before their first class.

This is my first semester back and I have not had sufficient use of these systems in order to answer most of your questions.

You people do a fantastic job; your work does a lot to make IUS *very* appealing as a first class institution.-- Thanks!

It was a long bumpy road trying to find the school that suited me the best. I am very pleased so far with the CSCI faculty.

Love the Dells! Enjoy the High speed access. Thanks. [IRD] I find the noise level from personal conversations in the computer lab very frustrating. The assistants often chatter about personal matters to each other, and computer users do as well. If I am writing papers on computer I simply cannot think, and have had to leave on occasion. I think the computer labs should be places of quiet.

The IT service at IU is very outstanding. I have never in my life seen a computer system as IU has. I hope that the students of this university know that there is not a better IT system in the state.

You might consider a special number to call for getting phone numbers of places (i.e. library, bookstore, etc.) I live 1 1/2 hours away and I just can't wizz [sic] by school to get the information I need. There has been times [sic] that I have needed such numbers and had to dig through endless piles of student orientation material just to find the number or try to search it on the website.

The only problem that I had, is when going into certain websites it will "kick" me out of Explorer.

A telephone directory for faculty and adjunct professors with other numbers they choose to provide for student use might be helpful along with email addresses. This is true mostly for adjunct.

Computer services accessible on/off campus are terrific. IT advising was *not* helpful. Have decided to focus on another program instead of IT. I think it would be useful to have a few more MAC's. Especially for Fine Arts students, when the MAC Lab is being used for a class.

I do not like the way the campus e-mail system is set up now, it takes a lot longer to retrieve your e-mail now then when you had it the other way.

I cannot answer the enclosed questions satisfactory in regards to myself because as a non-traditional student I am not computer "savy" [sic]. I think IUS has a great computer service. Keep up the good work!

Printers are often messed up or out of paper.

I was very upset to learn that because I was not a graphics major that the Mac labs were off limits to me and every other student not taking a design class. This information was told to me and others after trying to get access to the Mac lab. A teacher told me no, and if I recall if it weren't for us students those computers wouldn't exists [sic]. I pay technology fees along with everyone else, I'm an advertising major, and just because I don't take a design class, it doesn't mean I don't need the Mac computer access for another class. I am very upset!

Additional computer labs would be great. They always seem to be full.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the IT services @ IUS. My only comment is related to the library. I do not know if this falls under your category- but the library should be open longer (past 6:00) on Sundays. As I mentioned, I have been very satisfied with IT services *@ IUS. Keep up great work!*

I don't like the E mail system at all- it is much more complicated than it needs to be.

Would like lab techs to be in the labs at all times. Near the end of each semester network space tends to get full making it hard to access saved information. For employees an increase in network space may eliminate the problem. Thanks!

The CD burners in the new computers are really nice. Thanks for asking me my opinion.

I have never had trouble accessing from school or home. This is a very positive thing. Anytime I save on a disk from home and go to the lab at IUS, the computer reads it incorrectly. It gets the text right, but the font, tabs, setup of the page, and color is all wrong. This is my only complaint.

If classes are being held for advanced computer knowledge, or perhaps an introduction to Linux please make these more available to be seen by CSCI students and others that may be interested by posting bulletins in the computer labs.

They don't need to spend money every year buying new computers w/ flat screen monitors and having students go to classes in outdated classrooms.

While doing research for my Masters I ran into several problems. Research is impossible unless you are a *registered* student. The MLS dept. requires that you have an *excepted* [sic] proposal before registering for graduate hours. You can't do your research for your proposal because you are not allowed to register. I am an Alumnus so it seems to me that access should be granted to IUS systems based on that alone. I should be able to register using my SS# or something. I have since finished my proposal and registered but it is a double-edged sword that should be corrected.

Good Services.

I feel the I.T. fee is *way* to [sic] high! The lab techs monitor how much we print, etc. If I'm paying for it, I feel that decission [sic] is up to me. computer labs are also very hot. There needs to be more air flow!

Computer labs need extended hours and earlier opening times.

IUS homepage links could be more user friendly.

I really like the idea of the "J-drive", however it would be nice to be able to open something from it and be able to resave on the J-drive so we could access changes to our work from school or home, without having to email it to ourself [sic] or something. I also think Oncourse is an excellent program. It would be helpful if it was mandatory for teacher's [sic] to post grades on it though.

The technology services seem great, only I do not use it very much.

I would like to see IU Bookstore carry more educational CD Rom programs. Ex, Hyperstudio Oregon Trail, picworks for a reasonable student price.

I think it is insane that you kept sending this to me until I sent it back!! access to Yahoo/MSN Messenger!!

None. But I do want to comment that the campus police gave me the wrong information about a class cancellation and that their manners on the phone were inappropriate.

I don't use computers @ IUS so I have no real opinions on the subject It seems a waste to send this survey to a student who has only been enrolled at IUS for 3 months. I work full-time, so I only go to campus for class. Maybe change criteria so students surveyed have been enrolled 1 year or more and/or take a minimum number of classes so they would be on-campus more to utilize I.T. services.

I would like to see more computer labs around campus- that are not occupied with students attending instructional classes. Also- there should be more than one (1) computer to access the color printer.

Hillside Hall computer lab frequently runs out of paper and it takes forever to bring more.

The HelpDesk/Support Technicians often go above and beyond to support students/faculty daily. Since some services have gone under IU umbrella, it seems we have had more downtime, but that is out of the hands of IUS.

Good except the new email system is terrible.