2003 IUSB IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

[IRD] are always incredibly helpful. You do not get promises like "your 2 M's drives will be combined in the next day or so" and weeks pass without it happening. I am grateful for the new- email and recognize the strain such processes place on systems and staff. It went well from the staff perspective- but lots of learning had to take place on our part (faculty). (There is on [sic] staff member "[IRD]" often makes you feel like an idiot- Everyone else is very non-judgemental [sic] and sincerely helpful)

More technology class rooms. More multimedia services and training.

If you place "new" technology in classrooms- leave written directions- "smart tables" should include info. on password use: how to use the "overhead" feature how to turn it on! how [sic] to use VCR

Given the size of the student body and the campus, the administration should make major efforts to retro-fit the campus. The equipment and support services should be evaluated and long-term planning should occur. Patches are not working.

1.) Phone sets *need* to have visible signals for voice mail messages. It's ridiculous to use the dial tone only. So much campus business is now conducted via e-mail that one can easily not pick up the telephone for hours at a time- and so not realize there are messages. 2.) All lecture rooms need to be equipped with video projection equipment. TV/VCRs don't work in large classes! and why not have the technology *always* there available for use instead of having to schedule it in advance. I've been prevented from making creative use of AV or computer resources because I didn't reserve equipment in advance. 3.) Let us access our O: drives from home- PLEASE! 4.) How about a continuing educ [sic] series that specifically is designed for *faculty* needs and is offered at times that work with our schedules? 5.) Our web server is really hit or miss. Some areas have good pages and are updated frequently. Other areas are missing or out of date. We need to come up with a way to have a comprehensive development strategy because when some areas are missing or out dated it makes the whole campus site look bad.

The Helpdesk staff are rarely any help- taking the question or noting the problem doesn't get answers or solutions. We might as well drop questions into a wastebasket!

Although IUSB web site often is a departmental issue- I am very disappointed in our website overall. *Old* info- non working links. -lack of information that is consistent- continuity between departments Lack of MAC support- generally extremely frustrating! "W" drive- what's that?

Projector screens are frequently absent; hard to operate; hung too high for me to pull down (5'4"); broken. A quick-reference instruction on using the projector remote could be placed in each room (I've never figured out how to use the new remote in 1235 to advance a PowerPoint presentation).

Everyone at the IUSB Helpdesk is most helpful, but it appears that they are overworked and understaffed, so that one has to wait weeks before help is available. But nevertheless, the staff, especially [IRD] are doing all they can-and more- to help out in emergencies.

I teach up to half of my classes in computer labs. *None* of these labs are adequate as classrooms in my field. It appears that pedagogical concerns were *not* taken into account when these facilities were designed. I'd be eager to see some alternate layouts and floor plans experimented with when equipment is replaced in the future. Faculty who teach with computers should be consulted in this redesign process. Research is available.

IT personnel have been consistently helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. Since switching to Outlook, I've been frustrated by the slowness at my home computer (AOL) when using e-mail. Sometimes I give up because it takes so long to navigate. Although there are similar problems sometimes with Oncourse, it's not nearly as frustrating as e-mail on Outlook.

E-docs- a real problem, all over the system. Two new email systems in the last 3 years mean we've lost documents from fall 2000. Interlibrary Loan works v. well. So does Oncourse. Love outlook Express- Vast improvement Need $ for faster computer replacements 3 years is too long! Help desk workers ([IRD]) are especially good. Longer hours and weekends for helpdesk would be very helpful.

*Hated* the transition to Outlook. The timing could not have been worse and it required a great deal of time and effort for each individual user at a time in the semester when any extensive interruption or loss of email is intolerable. Why it wasn't done at an earlier time in the semester *or* in the days between the last class and first exam I'll never understand. The times for instruction on Outlook features were also inconvenient. As a result, most faculty aren't using all the Outlook bells and whistles.

Weak link is classroom technology Not adequate! I appreciate the fact that so many of your questions begin with the words "If you use..." I haven't tried to answer those questions because I don't use the services to which they refer.

[IRD] has provided excellent support for my department's web based software initiatives.

We need new computers! With the upgrade to Office XP, Outlook, and IE 6, my Medallion system is very, very slow and it's hard to run basic programs (IE, Word, etc.) on it. And my printer only does 2 colors, not full color. (B/W is okay.)

The staff is very helpful, however, it seems that the IT dept. is understaffed. They do their best to accommodate everyone, however, with all the system and email changes, there does not seem to be enough IT personnel to handle everything. One person in particular who has been excellent is [IRD]. He demonstrates professionalism in his work.

Science methods classes are taught in a science lab. there should be at least one networked computer in the science lab. *Talking* about integrating computers in science education is not as good as *showing* it. Thanks for asking.

-[IRD] has been a huge help and had equipment delivered promptly. I have [sic] a mix up w/her staff at one point and they fixed the problem quickly. -I have utilized the non-IT services and they have helped me adjust to my new postion [sic] here at IUSB. -IT staff is on top of it. Thanks.

One thing I'd like to see is the main IUSB page www.iusb.edu kept up to date. The "news" items are frequently out of date (e.g. today is 3-9-03, but the announcement on the web page is about an event that took place 2-15-03!) Generally, OIT has improved greatly in the past couple of years. They work hard and are very responsive, generally. I also know that our facilities compare very favorably to what is available at other institutions our size- especially online at the library, technology classrooms, and dept. equipment.

Technology at IUSB is still behind the times- equipment is often outdated and the system is not always reliable.

Staff does a good job given the severe lack of [UNREADABLE: LOOKS LIKE "faculty"] for services expected of them. The "new" helpdesk system from IU should be trashed or, modified to provide rational feedback. The staff and customers find it worse than useless, it has no prioritization and only a pretense of info.

Individuals in OIT and IMS have been *very* helpful. System changes (email and operating systems have been very cumbersome). Often long delays in reaching Help Desk.

I have 3 areas of concern: 1) would like an upgraded computer in office 2) problems are not always dealt with *quickly* (although OIT staff is helpful) 3) lack of "portable" computers/projectors for classrooms Overall, information flow/Help Desk are doing well!

I.T. needs to understand that in some disciplines- The Arts, Education- Mac computers are the common systems in the professional world. That understanding ought to lead to committed, knowledgeable support for MAC users on campus, both Students and teachers. I'm tired of being treated as abberant [sic] for choosing to use the best computer for my needs- a MAC.

I find it truly offensive that I must log into WindowsXP and be authenticated by the network [sic] to use a teaching computer in the classroom. If someone has accidentally disconnected the LAN cable, I can not use the equipment. I am very worried about our IT department when I hear of upgrading LAN infrastructure when wireless would be much cheaper. The most anoying [sic] thing is that Macintosh and other non-windows users always "*ALWAYS*" come last for any upgrades/changes. Hopefully the new VCIT at IUSB will make a difference.

Good job with limited resources. Thanks!

It usually gets high marks from me- however this year it seems there is more work than people to do the work. 1. Voice mail arrives hours after it is recorded 2. We (in Riverside) have old classroom equipment and student computers 3. I purchased a test program with grant money but cannot use it because no one knows why it won't work.

When we switched program this summer a rather expensive and highly used (by me and other members of our division) software was deleted from the drives. I requested it be reinstalled for myself and other users. Although others had the program reinstalled- I did not get this service. I have re-requested it 3 times without results.

Enormously improved in past year, both in performance and attitude. Should # 30 have included the library?

In the past year, I've had 3 major issues/criticisms. 1) Constant switching of e-mail server at the wrong times (December is *NOT* a good time). 2) Delays in getting materials from faculty shared drive to student shared drive!! 3) I sent in a request for why I could not get on a newsgroup and an answer was *never* supplied. This questionnaire refers to USENET, which was *NEVER* brought in conversations with helpdesk (who are normally great). I'm certain this was a low priority to you, but it has probably OVER a year since I initiated the first of several requests!

Try to be more supportive of both PC and Macintosh Computers. It is not possible to regularly use technology in the classroom due to limits on availability of equipment. Good job on tech classrooms that have computer projection, overhead, and VCR/DVD set-up. Need to continue moving in this direction.

(1) The only thing I am really disappointed is that the office hardware is not updated as expected. My research requires a lot of simulations. My office computer is way too slow, and it is impossible to do any real research on office computer. I only use it for class meterials [sic]. I wish the office computer will be update as soon as possible. (2) I am really happy that Minitab Window version is available on Lab's now. It makes a big difference. The improvement in teaching and students' learning is significant. Thanks.

The staff at OIT are great! we simply need more resources to support over 200 faculty and staff and 7500 students. Given that we are part of one university (IU) I think that the central administration should *leave no part of IU behind.* The IT staff have my support, if such support becomes necessary or useful.

Help desk almost never answers- "leave a message" Very unresponsive to requests for repair (replacement) of equipment- esp'ly [sic] small items, like mouse, broken key- items that are easy and quick to fix but which are critical to functioning. Please do not send this to me next year

Overall, I feel that OIT is doing a good job -- not a great job though. I often have to speak with staff a couple of times to fix *simple* problems. Also, I have been trying for *one month* to have someone from OIT help me move my email files to Outlook. This delay is unacceptable.

I was not happy about the change over in E-mail systems in the middle of Fall 02. The loss of time and documents was very problematic at a critical part of the semester.

This campus presents as difficult to interact with regarding apple computers. It has been slow and non-responsive to apple users needs. It is slow to communicate and/or to acommodate [sic] apple users. There appears to be strong lack of anyone on the IT team that knows apples. Working in graphic design this is a bad situation for students and faculty.

*Give us access to electronic journals*, provide better support for linux/unix based users- Those who do not use windows.

So far the staff, especially those at the [IRD] have been very helpful and reliable in delivery of equipments [sic] and support in the classroom for all my courses.

Faculty |Staff | Students

I would like better service and more people hired. At times no one calls me back. I do not like having to respond immediately with my user name- [IRD] and [IRD] are great. Get too much SPAM E-mail. Would like to see some type of E-mail filter.

Requests for repair or moves could be handled more quickly.

Helpdesk is great for immediate fixes, but when report is made to fix problem later, the report seems to take too long to resolve... and normally needs repeated calls to get resolved. E-mail on web is extremely slow from home.

I put in requests to have my office computer looked at due to error messages on 12/11/02 and 1/9/03. Someone did not actually take a look at my computer until the 2nd week of February and that was prompted by another call from me. I think this is too long to wait. However, all the telephone help received from the Helpdesk regarding my computer is much appreciated.

I never seem to connect any faster than 32K from home, even on the new dial-up server.

Several of the professional/Technical staff are *extremly*[sic] helpful. There are some staff on the help desk who aren't very helpful or knowledgeable regarding systems. In the [IRD] building we have constant computer problems due to wiring problems with the building. IT is under staffed and over worked. Computers are not state of the art for staff who are required to use them over 40 hrs per week.

I would like more software programs made available Visio Photoshop.

I believe you are doing a fine job. It is good to know that you are always looking for ways to improve. That alone helps me to think and feel better about what I receive in services.

IT is a big area...at times telling the HelpDesk your difficulty takes longer to get a solution, than contacting the responsible person directly. There are many helpful folks who work the HelpDesk and overall (with [IRD]'s direction) IT handles most things in a timely manner.

You need to put more help desk people on phones. You always get answering machine. When you are completely down, you should not have to wait 3-4 days for service.

Help desk is not very knowledgeable at time [sic]. The amount of time it takes to get a response when there is a problem with the computer is a week or more. When you are trying to get work done, this is an unreasonable amount of time to be having problems.

[IRD] needs more professionalism. Many times you can hear them throughout the front of the admin. bldg. laughing and carrying on. Also at times when I have called the operator the phone has rung in excess of 10 times. If I were from outside IUSB, I would have given up. [IRD] is important to campus life and when they are allowed to play, it is an embarassment [sic], not only to them, but all of IU.

It would be nice if the telephones had a flashing light to tell us when there is a message. I *like* the change to Outlook!


As a staff person dealing with answering the general public's questions- I've found the campus phone directories are missing important information - S.A.C. main ph# after 5 pm (# to reach a staff person not adequate for people who want someone paged) -information (general) # after 5 pm

Some support personnel are great! Others need some refreshed courses in being "customer" friendly. [IRD] is great- so is [IRD].

The entire IT Department has always been extremely attentive to all of the [IRD] requests. We appreciate all that your department does to ensure IUSB has the technology needed now and for the future.

Thank you for the switch to Outlook from WebMail.

Instructional Media Services -Lack of equipment available for instructor use (powerpoint) -Lack of willingness of IMS to provide equipment for university sponsored- nonacademic functions. Help desk- -Length of time between requests and services can be very long.

Thank you for switching to Outlook! It has made my work life more productive and rich. Please look at (O)IT supporting the SAC and its computer support equipment.

Need more staff!

Additional staff needed to service installations and problems and set-ups.

The people at the Helpdesk at IUSB are consistently friendly, helpful, and prompt.

The help desk is just that-helpful- *IF* [IRD] is on it. If [IRD]'s there, we try to avoid it. [IRD] is *worthless*.

I have been looking for some basic computer classes that I could take- short term: Basic computer skills- a 3-4 class evening schedule: something that would give me enough skills to send and receive e-mails through University communication system: and use word processor- and surf for teaching ideas and curriculum resources- I know that you have such things but I can't always find them. I currently use help from the students and assistants in the child care center to give me basic info.


I would like to commend [IRD] for all her hard work and dedication while serving as [IRD]. It is a joy, pleasure, and privilege to work with [IRD].

OIT should not charge for services, ie, moving computers and changing phone lines. Offices of [IRD] have not been upgrade [sic] (computers) for quite a while. My PC is over 5 yrs old. With PeopleSoft conversion new PC's in [IRD] would improve our data entry time.

A lot of times it takes too long to get somebody to come to your office to help fix a problem. However, the IT staff (especially [IRD] and [IRD]) are very helpful and courteous! It's always a pleasure to work with those two!

Make communication your number one priority.

Upgrade servers and equipment in Elkhart. Provide faster service to the Elkhart Campus.1) My phone needs to be "updated". I'd like a newer model that would show (in addition to hearing beeps) a flashing light when I have voice mail. 2) There needs to be a toll-free # to dial-into. (I live in North Liberty, and it's long-distance to distance if I'd dial-in from home to do work. So, I pay for an ISP on my own!) 3) I think South Bend's IT has done a great job, considering their limited resources (staffing and financial)! 4) Bloomington Helpdesk staff should get more familiar with steps "extension" campuses need to take to use Bloomington server based programs! 5) People skills trainings Blmgtn [sic].

More training on Information services for staff who use them- i.e.- FIS, FDRS, insight, TOPS 1) Would like to have a light on phone to indicate voice messages waiting 2) Sometimes voice mail messages are left by callers but we don't get the "stutter tone" for many hours 3) Network on campus gets *very* slow and crash [sic] a lot. 4) Nearly impossible to log-on at home during evenings and weekends. 5) All IT staff on this campus are very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable- they just don't have time!

Improve dial up network and make it faster and less break down. Thank you.

Overall very satisfied. Can hardly wait for new hardware.

T1 connections- the more the merrier.

The [IRD] in the Help Desk Office are great! They are helpful, courteous, and very knowledgeable about our system. Don't Know what we would do without them. Great job!

I feel Outlook may not be able to keep up with the volume of mail generated on campus. Sometimes it seems to lag, and it does lock up/freeze. Probably not as often as prior systems though. Many times the Web browser returns an error code when I'm not doing anything unusual, then it closes itself. I don't find the IUCAT to be very user friendly so it didn't get high marks. I think IUCARE is underdeveloped. It should be more current and appealing for our students. It puts me in mind of dos programs Overall I believe IT does an excellent job, the employees are always helpful and willing to listen when a lay person describes trouble.

Services often slow. Peoplesoft [sic] boots me out too often (but it is not IUSB problem). E-mail (outlook) is sometimes slow and locks up. This is a great nuisance when I have to shut down and re enter all passwords.

A larger capacity voice mail box. I have *many* students, supervisors and classroom teachers who call and my voice mail box is perpetually "full".

The young people you have working the help desk never seem to want to help. One once told me to restart and if that didn't work, try something else. They're very rude.

Training in the proper administration of FIS, FOCUS, TOPS has not occurred for me. Although I do not use these systems more than 20% of my time, time has been wasted (my time and others') learning about the systems through trial and error. It is extremely important to me to have training in FIS and TOPS as I am an [IRD] and need to understand the use of such services so proper procedures can be implemented. The Windows 98se system I currently have does not appear to be compatible with the MS Outlook system as I experience several system "crashes" per week which have caused loss of data as well as having to start over when doing projects in FIS and HRMS.

Decrease the computer lab fees because most students have access to computers at home.

Great Group of individuals. Always offering *assistance when users have questions* or *problems*. Aggressive approach every time we change systems on e-mail, *direct information to the user*.

The lighting in the computer lab, DW 1st Floor, near help desk is not useful for student instruction. It is not possible to see overheads with the current set-up so the classroom students can see. The lighting needs to be changed. Students have to have lights on to write and then can't see screen because of glare The helpdesk SB employees, esp. [IRD] *are* very helpful. Very involved in providing quality service to all.

I see the IT staff get asked questions about the computers whereever they may be and the staff members are always willing to give help. Some of the computers, especially those used by secretaries, get used a lot. They seem to be moving slow, crashing, and have software problems. I think this is because they are not replaced as often as they used to and that more software programs are being used, and so I think that the ones used by clerical/secretaries should be replaced or upgraded, more often.

Costs born by unit for OIT/Telecomm services are extreme. $250- to move a computer! Outragous.[sic] Hundreds per month for telephone and data service! Extreme. On top of costs (which university should bear, not unit s&e) OIT staff not timely w/problem requests. Equipment replacement not timely. Modem pool should *not* time out at 3 hrs for staff/faculty *working* from home.

In some cases, they need to be a little more faster [sic] in responding to computer problems, especially when you use the computer 95% of time.

The T-1 line is apparently not sufficient to handle all the technology demands at the Elkhart Center. Adding a second line or enhancing existing service would be of benefit.

[IRD] needs to be looked at. Numerous times they can be heard playing around. very unprofessional group of people, especially since they are sitting in the lobby of the [IRD] building.

Need additional help

This campus "Does Not" utilize it's networking and mainframe capibilities [sic]. Report Writers are off limits which cause duplication of report creation throughout this campus. ie copeir [sic], copy center, enrollment, grads, Names and addresses etc. Actually this campus is "Not" a True networking campus. We should have more access to databases. etc!

Would this survey be more effective if offered on-line?

Faculty | Staff | Students

The program is available for anyone to use, but the awareness of what is available for students to use is not very great. Perhaps informative workshops or presentations may assist students who are non-conventional (not full-time) such as night students. The program is always willing to help as much as the student body is willing to ask.

I'm not sure if this is pertinent to the research, but my main disappointment is with IUSB web pages. First, because it is hard to find where the information resides, and second, many times the sites are not up to date. Overall, I've been happy and satisfied w/ computing services at IUSB over the past several years.

1) The students computing labs consultants sometimes are not friendly enought [sic]. We as user and don't when they can help or not. [sic] Many of them need a good customer service course 2) I have a laptop and I've tried to connect to the network in one of the small rooms in the 4th and 5th (library) but it doesn't work, I think that it will help to reduce congestion in the computer labs if people with laptop [sic] can use them anywhere in the campus. 3) For international students the messages is [sic] a tool who make [sic] us close to our families, please why don't you reconsider a way to can use [sic] it in some or at least one computer room.

Computers in some labs are old and very slow, these could be updated. Often times the software used for a class is not up to date or available in the bookstore.


[IRD] never courteous.

Some lab ass are rude, most can't help w/a problem that is the most problem [sic]

I am satisfied with the computing environment offered by (IT) and I hope that it will continue to offer its best service to IUSB.

I am *very* satisfied with the Library's Technological Research tools; I have been very impressed by the Library staff in their helpfulness and knowledge when teaching me how to use this technology. I am *very* opposed to class "labs", which I call computer games that excuse teachers from preparing educational lessons. One example is [IRD].

There should be a great emphases [sic] on Powepoint [sic] presentations, and there [sic] uses in the Buisness [sic] world. Also Oncourse announcements tend to be confusing along with Oncourse asignments [sic].

I appreciate the offer for free software, but it seems that either I have the software or don't need the software that you are offering. I think maybe a $15-$20 gift certificate to the bookstore would be more useful to some students.

Overall, I am impressed w/ the facilities/services that are provided here. Even though I am partially paying for all that I have access too [sic] there are many times that I am extremely grateful that I have these resources @ my fingertips.

The switch from pine to webmail threw me off. Please don't switch again. I don't like change.

I would like to see the current e-mail system roll over to an outlook enabled system for students. Outlook is not only a much better system, but affords the opportunity to plan and organize.

Thanks, but I don't ever use the technologies at I.U.S.B. My classes don't really require use of them, plus, I own my own computer- Thanks for inquiring though!

Happy with the change of e-mail service. Overall, I think the IT environment is satisfactory, but there is always room for improvement (cleanliness, of computer lab tables and chairs, for instance.) I've always had positive interactions with lab consultants (very helpful, and I don't feel as if I'm talked down to). There have been a few instances when I've called IUSB and the [IRD] was snippy (male once, female twice) They could be more courteous. I felt like I was interrupting them. I wish that more professors would take advantage of the Oncourse system (posting sylabus [sic], grades, changes and updates). Could do more advertising of information classes (learning XP).

It would nice [sic] to Access to IUSB computing system outside of South Bend/Elkhart

Monitor all the "junk mail" that floods IUSB email addresses. *This is the main reason I cannot use my email account. It becomes difficult to find important emails that are covered with 100+ weekly junk mails.

New computers in the Purdue building. They are falling apart. IUSB e-mail is horrible! And, I think all computer access should be cable modem *unless* it increases our tuition! Also, insite should be available 24/7.

I've used POP3 accounts alot and am very familiar with them. My IUSB account is a SMTP. Lab people have offered little to no support for this mail type, and I am not familiar with it. I would prefer the mail be switched to POP3.

IUSB does a great job connecting students with information through technology. IUSB is a terrific school!

I do not like the email system.

I wish more professors use the oncourse.

I love the dial in service, however the labs in school are often full or you are not sure if there is a class in there. The consultants are never any help and are often to [sic] "busy" to help.

My email won't switch from old IUSB mail to new webmail this problem annoys me, but not too much because I only use it when a teacher requires it.

No Comments

*Research* at IUSB is very INDIANAish [sic] -- useless?embarrassing, no wonder IUSB cannot keep or *attract* any quality *grad students*! I am pleased overall w/everything except the weekend hours at the computer labs. I go to school full time and work 30 hours a week, trying to adapt my schedule around the labs is super difficult and frusterating [sic]. I have talked w/ many students who share my feelings... in act I talked today about starting a petition for longer hours and received this survey in the mail. I guess we'll start here.

I get so much SPAM I don't even bother to use my webmail account. Can't anything be done to filter it?

As a biology major I do a lot of research and I have found that IUSB does not have as much access to information (journals) as IUB. It would be helpful to broaden the accessibility of such information.

The new mail service could work better! It's better than the old system, but still isn't the best way to send, recieve [sic], or communicate!

When I first started attending IUSB, I *hated* being forced to use the technology. In the past 5 years or so it's become much more user friendly and I've used it with increasing regularity and decreasing frustration. The greatest leap for me has been On-course which I *love*.

Keep up the good work- even when I can't find a spot in the labs. The only IT services I use at IUSB are Webmail, computer lab software/hardware, OnCourse, Internet Explorer, and occasionally InSite. I find these services to be very beneficial and helpful, but I'm not sure as to what all the other services listed in this survey are. *Webmail doesn't send messages all the time- goes back to log in mode when I select the send button. I'm confused as to why it does this and am wondering what can be done to take care of this problem. Thank you!

Since there's always room for improvement, I'd say keep improving while keeping up the good work.

I don't feel that there is enough information and help in these new technologies. It would be nice to know where we can go for help.

Make the labs (computer labs) available throughout the night, if not all, then some.

I am very satisfied overall, despite occasional technical problems. The consultants and OIT staff have been courteous and helpful. I hope you will not reinstate the printer quotas. Those of us who do not have computers at home can have a hard time staying within them, especially when professors require printing out materials for each class.

Although I entered my Master journey at IUSB 1997, I use IUSB services seldom; Most often IUSB Library technology I have all technology needed otherwise at home and this school where I teach. I strongly disagree w/ the technology fee for students unless the [sic] use them. This is money tossed for me.

I think they should keep the library or lab in the basement of Northside [sic] open all night not until just midnight. There [sic] always packed and it sucks getting kicked out at 12:00, my computer at home crashed and I have to do my homework late at night so I have to go to a friend's house and use her's [sic].

The keyboards, monitors, etc could use some cleaning. The lab consultants are very helpful, and if they don't know the answer to your problem they try to help find an answer.

I would like better hardware maintenance.


The IT fee each semester is extravagant considering that I don't use computers on campus very often. Another concern is the limit on printing, if IT is going to charge more then we should *not* have a limit on paper.

I know that there have been numerous changes to format, software etc and this has occasionally or more often created periods of inaccessibility for needed materials. The staff at the OIT desk have usually been able to help or make recommendations that *work*, and that's greatly appreciated. It can be difficult to navigate through these changes, and being sent on a wild goose chase or worse seems unprofessional at university level. These people have been helpful. Library EBSC of lost/search catalog site: more difficult to use. Oncourse does not always notify of mail, and it would be nice to have all courses accessible in one e-mail site rather than having to go through each.

I do not like Outlook. I have so many problems will [sic] it. I can't get my mail to delete and troubles with sending e-mail and it saying it was sent from another account.

-Having a laptop, it would be easier if it was possible to connect it to the IU network while on campus. - The OIT consultants have been extremely helpful and nice to me this semester.

Please leave some information as to a point of contact when students purchase software CDs @ bookstore and need tech support to aid in installation or troubleshooting.

Not a good survey respondent -only a part-time student who rarely uses services - have computer access @ home and work.

There seem to be many additional features that I haven't used because of my part-time student status.

The support staff doesn't seem to have enough knowledge to help with specific problems such as the dial-up network change. We have two computers at home, one of which is a MAC OS. We have been unable to find anyone on the staff that can help us. The directions provided are missing something. We have been unsuccessful at making the dial-up change. This is a major inconvenience.

I am very happy with the services, but wish there were more terminals in the library


I am very satisfied with the computing environment since I never had any problem with it.

Not about IT, but Spanish 2 and other classes should be offered in Elkhart, IN!! Spanish I is, but not Spanish 2. Please expand the amount of classes offered off campus. I am not interested in driving all the way to South Bend. Working parents don't have the extra time to drive 30-45 minutes each way!

Make the users more user friendly. Get out in the open about all services you supply If haven't heard of a lot the ones mentioned. Such as telephone services and different Internet things.

There should be more usage encouraged towards MAC's since many schools use them. (For Education Majors of course.)

The computer lab that I used during a W200 class, I believe in greenlawn [sic] could use some improvement. I only have taken one computer class, I couldn't imagine being a computer major and using that lab for learning and instructional purposes. It seems to [sic] hard to be in a central location to see the instructor.

1) Should be able to log on to our M drive (user drive) from the Mac's in DW 1225. 2) Better posted hrs of classroom labs (can't tell when it's open lab or a class)

I'm sorry it took me so long, I have been extremely busy and stressed. Sorry!

Re: IT consultants-The [IRD] consultants are friendlier, more patient and welcoming when answering my questions. The [IRD] consultants border on being rude and gruff. Re: Technology provided at IUSB- I was very pleasantly surprised to see the hardware and software available in the labs during orientation and during the semesters. I did not know of their existence prior to applying to IUSB. These tools have really enhanced my learning. My only complaint relates to availability. I need to keep working when the lab consultant announces that the lab will close at 10 P.M.



I don't use the computer to [sic] much Because I *know* I *can* break one!


I really like oncourse, if professors use it. It can be really helpful. I also like the Insite link within oncourse, Because I really like insite and all the personel [sic] information it has. It makes it much easier when doing scheduling and just checking how many credit hours you have or need. Both of these are very helpful. I would hate to be a student without them.

I feel we have a great IT department. My one comment would be that the Lab consultants should be a bit more personable.

1) be Able to do hands-on activities because it's hard to Learn The information without it.

The computer lab in Elkhart is only half functional. When you have a full class working on the same program, it either worked extremely slow or not at all.

I would like to request that all computers in Labs be able to connect to the Biopac [sic]. Lab for studying purposes.

Not enough computers. Need computing area in Admin. Helpers not helpful. could not fix printing problems

The labs are kept clean with up to date hardware and software. I enjoy using the labs and the staff is always helpful. The only problem I have ever had is not being able to find an empty computer. I like using the labs computers more than my own because they are quicker on the internet and have up to date software.