2004 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


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I don't know if the store at the IMU is affilitated with you or not, however, I have had less than positive experiences with the persons who work there. If you are affilitiated with this store, I would encourage you to consider hiring individuals who are truly interested in helping people purchase computer related technology that will meet their needs. I have found employees to be less than helpful in answering questions and directing me accordingly to products that will help my role as faculty. thank you for requesting input into your service. Overall, I believe you offer a effective and efficient service.

This survey is way too long.

Let us know if we have a voice mail option.

More assistance on the use of PDAs on the wireless network would be nice.

1. Generally, I do not support the strategy of centralizing support personnel. Although it may be economical in some respects it creates an us-versus-them mentality.

2. IU continues to botch the potential of engineering on campus. It is a travesty that staff engineers have so little lattitude to engage with each other to vanguard incorporation of new technologies in innovative applications.

I'm sorry I couldn't help you much with your research survey - Never use your technology except for emails.. Maybe next time. [IRD]

(1) Spam filtering is a great addition to the e-mail services. (2) There's a SERIOUS lack of classrooms with computer projection capabilities. (3) More dial-ins would be helpful (4) Oncourse should have a capability to preview forum postings before posting, to see their formatting. (5) Questions I send to the e-mail consultants are answered slowly or not at all. Overall, the facilities are excellent. Thanks for the great job.

The individual that I call about problems with my computers have been EXCEllent in working with me. I am not highly versed on computers and with one exception I have worked through all problems/questions with them. They have all been curteous and professional.

I have been less satisfied with some problems with Oncourse. There are "gremlins" in the system, and things unexplained happen.....There may be perfect logical explanations from a technical point, but from a user who has a hundered students using the system, these "glitches" are embarassing and frustrating.

I thought the phone system was supposed to be fixed, but it is not. My message light will not go off until I delete all messages. It also sometimes takes hours to light up after someone leaves a message, causing me to miss phone calls and, in one case, the chance to see a returning student as my message light didn't light up until three hours after he left the message! I have heard of other faculty members whose lights never went off, thus they were unaware of messages left for them.

Every office phone should have voice mail.

disappointed with lack of Macintosh STC labs (although they predominate in the walk-up/standing terminal areas) and talk of discontinuing Mac support in the College and University.

Vocie Mail should be made available at no charge to all faculty members. I was told I would have to pay for it myself but surely it would be to the advantage of the department for students and others to be able to leave me a message rather than receiving no response at all when I am in class or not in the office for other reasons.

Some of my less-positive responses really relate to my OWN computer problems. My department (English) does not have any dedicated computer support, and I am currently feeling stuck and backward in some of my computer uses -- and I am not really sure how much help I can expect to get from UITS. Although I've received prompt and effective support in the past, I generally get the feeling the people are extrmeely busy and I don't feel I can, for example, get someone to spend a while with me just working through some of my own personal incompetences.... So really this is my own fault, or perhaps English's fault for not having some computer consultants for our use.

You all do a great job--and manage to improve services each year--THANK YOU

Upgrading Student Technology Center classroom projection, acoustics, lighitng, equipment, and printing would be important to our program. We are greatful for the current level of support in this area; but as we all become more technology dependant, we find even greater need for advancements in the classroom facilitites.

Thanks you again, you are appreciated.

I designed handin web pages for the submission of course work and I use them in all classes that I teach. The source code is freely ailable, a sample is at [IRD] Could be interesting to offer something similar via Oncourse.

I liked it better when our department had a consultant assigned, so that the same person handled questions--it provided valuable continuity; that is the consultan knew what had been done on my machine and could keep things the same, didn't have to start all over. Also, I don't have the foreign alphabet fonts that I need, or at least, not the most convenient versions. Access to outlook and IUCAT is still slow by modem (though we have a decent one).

my main problems in the past were probably related to the out-of-date computer i have/had at home. however, i imagine that even with my new up-to-date computer one problem might not altogether be solved: the new webmail system is rather slow - too complicated? also, i have a hard time with some particular oncourse features - but that may be due to the fact i taught myself there. thanks!

I was unable to evaluate in several categories because I teach an Internet course from my home and use our local phone company for telephone service. In terms of the IU tech support I have used, I'm very pleased. Service has been prompt, advice has been easy to understand, and every consultant I've spoken with has been pleasant and non-intimidating. Thanks for all your hard work.

It takes too long to get repairs done.

should have more effective spam blockers

I recommend that wireless technology be expanded. It would allow students to do computer-based work in many more locations and take a load off of clusters.

Please convert the SRSC Auditorium classroom into a SMART classroom. I teach two classes there and have to carry power point. It's an incredible classroom area, it just needs to be WIRED! Thank you!

Still the best IT envoronment for teaching and research in the country. Support services across the spectrum of IT services is excellent. Thanks to all for intelligent and hard work and substantive accomplishments

Phonemail needs to be universal, better search engines for IUCAT, pleaseplease a better seach engine for MLA bibliography database, more database subscriptions in the humanities, easier access to and familiarity with campus technology workshops, easier technology interfaces in tech classrooms (like DVD players that respond more readily to cueing, better volume control), more interdisciplinary courses in online research in the humanities: our grad students know less about the online archive than our undergrads!.

You need a better spam filter. I have signed up for PureMessage and it is less than 50% efficient. It even misses obvious spam, like ads for viagra.

I am a heavy linux user and would love to have support for the machines I have in my lab.

I have had some problems with junk emails. Other than this problem, computer/networking related services are great in this campus. I thank everyone concerned.

I greatly appreciate the advice and assistance I received from [IRD] and [IRD] in November-December concerning the purchase of a new Dell computer and their follow-up changing Mac diskettes to IBM. They were very friendly and helpful, explaining things very simply so I would understand. I welcome the opportunity to praise their capabilities.

So often when I call 855-6789 for help, they say that they cannot help me because my department has its own staff, but departmental staff don't work at night and on weekends...but I do.

support personnel for instructional technology are excellent and highly responsive. My complaint is about equipment, not staff

Get SPAM filters out there as soon as possible.

Overall, for such a complex and demanding system of services, you guys do very well.

Spam filtering More Mac Software at IUware online (like: iStorm) Linux Software at IUware online Make one Linux distrinution available, incl. support. After the fall of RedHat, I'm very satisfied so far with Suse. The CFS is too slow.

IUCAT: used to be excellent, now slow and difficult to use. I'm usually frustrated and grumpy when I call the consultation service (5-6789). I appreciate how patient and helpful your people are, even so. Great job. Occasionally I'm given poor advice, but it's very occasional, and it's usually when I'm asking something very obscure.

The IU Cat system is not terribly user friendly. It is better than before but not great

The young people who provide computer support coming out of the CITO office in the College are extremely helpful.

Offer SAS at the price of SPSS

Support provided by staff has been excellent. The only issue I have is that there is no perfect way to conduct business via email with scholars in Japan. I can read Japanese emails with Eudora, but cannnot with Webmail from off campus. Also, I cannot open or print some Email attachment that are sent from PC (not mac), whether the document is in English or Japanese. As you can see, the problem is not the quality of the service provided by staff members. Rather, it is a technical issue that you could improve, I'd suggest. Sincerely, [IRD]

Overall, a great job. I always mention this to faculty we are recruiting.

Out of all the questions you asked, the glaring anomaly is how terrible IUCAT is. It is such a slow and cumbersome online catalog, as to be virtually un-usable.

Iince I use my department's compting facility, exclusively., I would have saved a lot of time and not answered so many questions with :Cannot evaluate". On the hand, by reading the questions, I learned a bit about what is available. But, there were too many questions.

It is unfair and stupid that we have to pay $3.00 monthly for the voice message system, which I keep specially for the benefit of my students.

On a long distance telephone call, I wish we do not have to reenter the long distance account code.

Yes, this survey is much too long.

I do not have voice mail on my office phone, though I really wish I did. If I do have voice mail and no one has ever told me, then somewhere along the line communications have broken down.

I am very disappointed that the School of Education plans to phase out WordPerfect. Many of us here still use it and much prefer it over Word.

For some time, there has really been too much spam and pornography getting through to my IU account.

The recent problem is e-mail has been traumatic for everyone, and I am sure IU staff are just as frustrated as the users. I hope the problems have been solved. It was difficult rating e-mail when I sense that the problem has not been fully solved yet. The people at 855-6789 are great! I think that IU missed an important opportunity to help its e-mail users. For a while, each of us thought that we were the only one having an e-mail problem and so much of our e-mail went into the e-mail black hole. I didn't realize there was a system-wide problem until I talked with some IT people. Once IU knew there was a system-wide problem, it should have immediately e-mailed all users alerting them to this situation, even if the solution was not apparent. Then users such as me would not have wondered why there were no incoming messages and why people to whom I had sent messages never returned them. The eventual notification went out too late, in my opinion (in the monthly newsletter). On the other hand, I do believe that the staff probably hand their hands full at that time.I do have lots of concerns about Oncourse and lots of improvements are needed here to make it easier for faculty to use. Long ago, I e-mailed comments to them and never heard back.

Webmail is still TOO slow Statmath people are always very helpful Transition to ADS was rough on mac people campus wireless needs to be much more extensive and much more reliable Make a web-based interface for anyone with an IU password to generate a one-day temporary wireless password for visiting faculty. Limit the number any one IU person can generate in a give time period to avoid abuse.

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Appreciate the College CITO personnel that support Theatre and Drama. These people are knowledgeable, courtesy and prompt. Bravo!

Please pass the word on to them. Thank you.

Staff I have worked with were knowledgeable and pleasant. Sometimes the keys on my phone stick, but it doesn't happen very often and I have not reported it. I like the ability of the phone provided to slow down messages, etc. Thanks

Logins to the FIS is slow. Working at home through the IUVPN, you get booted out of the FIS several times a day. It is frustrating to be working on a spreadsheet and then go to FIS for information to find you have been booted out. At times, we are not given sufficient amount of time to make upgrades to our computers we use for work at home.

Some kind of warning about how long this survey would take. I thought I was just responding to my recent call to UITS, and had no idea about the scope of this survey. I thought it would never end, and almost gave up. I'm a bit hestitant to even hit the continue button below.

I actually learned about some services by completing the survey (hot spots, cell phone support, etc.)

First: on the UITS helpline (5-6789), you need to indicate in the announcing phone message the hours of help for those who receive restricted support! It should be, "Press 2 for help with Macintosh computers between the hours of 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM [or whatever it actually is]." Your afterhour generalists reasonably are not much help to me, AND I appreciate their honesty and forthrightness in saying so up-front. Second: the weakest service I see from UITS is the voice-mail system. We have become accustomed to semi-intelligent systems run by our machines. The voice-mail system is totally clunky, the weakest service I receive from UITS.It should be faster, easier to identify what you seek to do, easier to change, and easier to control. Third: I think the time for STCs devoted to any single platform is past. I would recommend at least a couple of Sun machines and five or six Macs in every STC. And in the traditionally MAC locations at least five or six Wintel ones. The only exception I can imagine might be the FINA labs where the machines appear to have been chosen with the software availabilities as the guide. Fourth: The Knowledge Base could use some work to make it even better. The last time I searched in the base, I came acropper. Much of the information is old (and, despite that, may have usefulness), but entries ought to have their dates and the system(s) appropriate to their content listed routinely at the top of the article. If I am looking for information on data security and methods and I don't find out until I have worked through the equivalent of two pages of information that what I have learned only pertains to System 8.6, I am a very unhappy UITS consumer. The date DOES help, but it is much faster to have the platform, system, application, AND date all at the top of the entry. Fifth: (and I realize this may not be your responsibility) the campus phone books DESPERATELY need to have some UNknoweldgeable person help those very aware authors in fig

I think firewalls need to be an option for departments that run their own servers. We need to be able to maintain security using a hardware solution as it reduces cost and support. It would even work if the UITS implemented and supported the firewall for us, but needs to happen sooner rather than later.


Wish dial-up modem were much faster from home! I often wait 15 minutes to be able to activate my mail!

From an RC-level administrator standpoint, directly responsible for the effective use of FIS/FDRS, HRMS (Onestart), IUIE, and TOPS usage for all of the College of Arts and Sciences, I find the increasing reliance on web-based institutional system performance very inefficient. Response time is consistently decreasing, departmental personnel are frustrated and ill-infomed regarding where to turn for assistance, yet completely reliant on dedicated, ongoing access and use of these systems. As someone who works on average 60-70 hours a week, including significant need to dedicate "off" hours at home to accessing these systems, restraints caused by continual system down-time for updates, fixes, and other related maintenance as well as ongoing connectivity problems extremely prohibitive. As someone who participates in numerous forums utilizing various teleconferening capabilities, I note repeated waste of time at the beginning of these forums making sure everyone is "connected" due to technical problems. As someone who coordinates large training sessions for IU personnel, repeated lack of connectivity using wireless technology options is embarrassing and ineffective. I both embrace and continually fight use of technology at IU, given our total reliance on networked, decentralized, sophisticated use of baseline functionality mandated by executive strategic system implementation decisions. If it worked more often, more quickly, and more consistently, it would be absolutely great. Right now, it doesn't. Even something as basic as e-mail, my most fundamental communication tool, is become less effective due to new directions (the new Outlook web access tool is TERRIBLY slow, and narrower in functionality) yet the item I am forced to use from home to manage the volume of email traffic I address daily. Limitations on related server space to store e-mails is too small to facilitate home access to what I need. The entire roll-out of HRMS e-do

thank goodness for [IRD]. He gets the job done.

Far too many network interruptions to perform normal activity. Causes system difficulties, loss of information, and most importantly, loss of time, which must be paid even if an individual is just waiting for reconnection. This problem is strange because it affects network connections between the center of campus and Tenth & the Bypass, the supposed home of UITS. Overall network structure seems far too inadequate for what UITS claims to be good at and takes pride in.

I should have marked "novice" way back there. I use my e-mail and the phone and that's about it. Sometimes I read the Monitor. The listing of the contents at the beginning is helpful, so I know what I want to bypass. I think it would be helpful if the information was broken down into students versus staff, so that I didn't have to wade through the student information to see what I want. I suppose some of it would be interesting to both students and staff.

When a new printer or computer is installed in an office the person setting the new equipment up should make sure that the machine is working properly before they leave the site.

I would like to see more classes offered for LSP's at all various skill levels.

I find the KB difficult to use; I would prefer that Web Mail INbox was scrollable (that is, that it would scroll through all messages rather than using separate pages). Since we are a Mac-using office, we do not need repair or support very often.

make more effort in filtering out that @##$%^ spam mail

I still find WordPerfect more intuitive than MSWord. I know, you can't do anything about that. Just wanted to express my feeling about it.

This might seem VERY minor...but I have a pager, and when the battery runs low I need to actually GO to UITS and "ask" for a battery. Since it is AAA I have to go there about once every two weeks. I feel that UITS could "trust" me enough to give me 5 batteries.....so that I don't have to walk in there with my "hat in my hand" asking for a battery. I mean, come on! Just give me about 5 batteries and let me use them If I get fired or quit early, what has UITS really lost? 855-4848 people are really great...I am really pleased with that service...ALWAYS kind and helpful. Overall, I am very satisfied and thankful for the UITS support staff, especially [IRD] at UITS who helped me with my cell phone (and in the process saved the University $50.00 a MONTH while giving me the amount of minutes and features that I use every day. [IRD] has truly been an extremely helpful and Professional UITS aide! [IRD] [IRD] (work for [IRD])

Network reliability appears to be deteriorating. This interferes with office work and meeting video telecommunications. The weaknesses in the system need to be identified and corrected. This also does not bode well for SIS implementation for registration occcuring in March 2004. Also, IU needs to get the spam mail and virus infections under control. They are too disruptive. I know you are working on this, and you do seem to be making some progress in this regard.

I appreciate the frequent updates and the comprehensive nature of training opportunities and the rapid identification and notification of technology problems. Thanks.

Modem pool seems to drop connections frequently.

It would be nice to have a dept that provided services comparable to TLTC for everyone--not just faculty teaching classes.

[IRD] and [IRD] are super great!

I feel that it takes way to long to provide a new employee with a log in name and password this system needs to be looked and rethought. I understand security is important but this is rediculous 2 weeks to get an e-mail account for a new employee. Put yourself in the employees shoes.

We need a filter for all of the spam that is received each day

Just in the past week or so (today is 19 Feb 2004) there has often been a delay of several hours or even a day or so for some email to appear on my Shakespeare mail account. This happens even when I email from another IU-BLM mail account.

I appreciate the always-good attitudes of those who answer 5-6789! Even when I ask "stupid" questions, they work through each one with me. We don't always find a solution, but they are great. Thank you! I also would like to know more about all that is offered - how do I find this out?

Too much survey!

There is absolutely no support for the kind of non-multitasking systems which we need for our high speed process control systems for experiments.

Your survey is too long.

None at this time.

The STEPs workshops- perhaps shorter in length, or at least in instructional material/content and more time to apply what is being taught. If one misses a keystroke, or hits the wrong key, they get assistance to help get them back on track, but, they also miss what was explained and from that point on may be behind or confused. Then it is a matter of going through the motions. Would begood to get an opportunity to apply what was taught, right after the lesson, in its entirety. Learn about tables, create a table together, then do another. If one already has the concept, or even if not, they can leave if they choose. Others can stay and reinforce what was presented. With regard to the printed telephone directory, while it is fairly clear, there could be more consistency in the headings. It appears the goal is to put the name of the school and then "School of". "School of Library and Information" does not fit this. Same with titles that have "IU", "Indiana University", "Indiana" or "University", which in themselves could use some continuity. Examples of the differing uses follows: "Budget Office, University", "Conferences, Indiana University", "Health Center, IU". At least they all have the university part after the comma, where as the following examples do not: "University Registrar and Director of Admissions" (this one trips me up all the time, I just don't learn) rather than "Registrar and Director of Admissions, University" or "University Office of Student Systems Services" as opposed to "Student Systems Services, University Office of " (and this one is unique in its use of "University Office of") or "University Human Resources" (another that I can't seem to learn and always look up incorrectly) which would be "Human Resources, University". Other examples include "University Telecommunications" instead of "Telecommunications, University", "University Graduate School" and not "Graduate School, University", and "IU Travel Center", "IU Police Department",

My biggest complaint is with all of the technology we have here at IU it amazes me that you cannot control the spam. I am impressed however with the quarantine and I am sigined up for it and it is working nicely. I find it very frustrating to my job to come in daily to have to delete 50 plus emails of spam before I can start my day.I would like to see an implementation of blocking them from our servers.

I'm new to Indiana University, and this campus is much more "wired" than other Big 10 campuses where I've been. Keep up the good work!

We must develop an easy and efficient way for guests to our campuses to be able to check their email and access the web. The situation is currently embarrassing. Guests to our campuses are surrounded by what is becoming common-place technology which they cannot access.

Upgrade the backbone to support 1000 Mbs connections Make all office connections 100 Mbs

I don't think I was consciously aware that UITS encompassed all those departments. Telecomm/phone service is particularly good. Customer service on the phone has ALWAYS been excellent. Same for the kids at the 5-6789 computer helpline. Kudos to the team leaders who insist upon high standards of client/customer relations.

I know that UITS is working on the spam that comes in but I still get about 30 to 35 e-mails a day regarding the size of the male's privates. It would be greatly appreciated if some day, these could be eliminated. Thanks for listening.

When I am home and trying to get on-line dial up it is impossible. I've tried to dial up at 2:30-3:00 in the morning and the line is always busy. I don't understand why the service is available, but you can not ever get on. When I am home sick it would be nice if I could check my e-mail on the exchange in order to attend to emergency messages my boss would like for me to send out for him. The dial up service is terrible!!

There are obviously many services available that I am not aware of that might be useful. I can't say why I don't know about these services - whether the information has not been provided, or whether I've simply not noticed it, I can't say for sure.

Thank you for adding 24-hour support help.

Some of knowledge base could be set up more step-by-step. Also, if I call 5-6789 and get a tech that is not familiar with my computer (pc/mac) or the program I am trying to use can I not be transferred to someone that is more familiar? Overall the service is great and everyone is always pleasant and tries to be helpful.Thanks.

The VPN is a major problem. When will it be fixed. For more than a month there has been significant packet loss for VPN users causing a variety of problems. Most other services are satisfactory /good but the VPN issue is a significant negative.

I find the phone book confusing when offices are listed under "the Vice-President of . . ." instead of under the word, such as research, administration, student development, etc. But I assume this is a system choice. I know UITS is working hard on controlling spam and viruses. Keep up the good work.

IUCF suppies nearly all of our own computer services with very little campus interaction. As such I am probably not a useful individual to survey about those services.

We do heavily rely on AutoDesk software (specifically Inventor) procurded thru STAT/Math.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students
I would like to see more CD burners on computers as i prefer this method of data storage and transfer from computer to computer.

I live outside of Indiana now, so I do not use many of the services you offer. I have used on-line registration successfully, and I maintain my IU e-mail account. It gets a lot of spam. Any suggestions?

I tried to install one CD-Rom, but I couldn't do it. I heard of a reason why I cannot install some programs in a computer at IU. However, if someone don't have a PC in his or her residece, he or she need to use a computer at IU. I hope students can install some CD-ROMs in a certain place such as a computer lab in Balentine's hall.

I am a proud IU student and one of the main reasons is that IU-UCS is great.

I don't like the way that people get their email address, because the system selected it randomly, so sometimes it is confusing for a '1'(one) and a 'l'. And if we want to change it, there's a $25 fee for any reason of changing. I got a friend who has this kind of situation, and he's been missing a lot of important emails just because the 1 and l problem, but he has to pay $25 for this. I don't think this is fair.

As an AI teaching technology (w200), I am disappointed by the processing of large numbers of students at the beginning of the semester. This is when students sign up for new services (CFS, STeel)...and the system never seems to be able to accomodate the large numbers of students using these servces at once. Because this is part of the academic mission, we should make these sytems more robust and not hide behind the excuse that the systems are slow because so many sign up for things at one time. THIS IS WHAT WE DO EVERY SEMESTER! Let's prepare for it rather than frustrate newcomers.

Increase the number of group workstations in the main library.

I will not comment on UITS but the survey you provided. Most of the times I responded to the questions, I felt the need to say "why". It could have been useful to include a text box next to, at least, some of the survey items.

I think that IU should offer a discounted DSL or Cable connection off campus.

Very much unsatisfied with the IU-Microsoft multimillion dollar deal for a site-wide license for Microsoft software. I find it repulsive that IU would hand over so much money to a monopoly. The money would be better spent elsewhere. Instead of a site-wide license, I would rather see IU negotiate for a significant discount; there's no need to have MS software for "free", they would gladly give significant academic discounts. Convert one of the STC labs to a Linux lab, show that to one of their representatives and see what sort of discount they'll give to you.

there arent enough computers, especially during the end of the semesters. its terrible to walk around the computing center at the main library for a half hour fishing for someone to leave. its ridiculous only a few computers at the main library have cd burners. i couldnt use one to burn data files when i needed to. it is absurd to charge a dollar for a two cent color print.

more attention is needed for foreign languages program and fonts

In most respects I think UITS has done a great job in providing computing/networking services for the IU community. My only gripe is printing PDF files in the STCs/Information Commons at the IU Main library. Sometimes it seems the printers take a long time to process the file and it takes 10-20 seconds for them to print one page. Other times the printers will spit out the PDF documents like it does for ordinary Word or HTML documents. The consultants have been pretty unhelpful in solving this problem--some will tell you to turn off the printer and then turn it back on, while others will say you should NOT restart the printer and that there's nothing one can do about this problem. It would be nice if printing PDF documents would be as seamless and easy as printing Word documents all the time. Thank you.

As an MBA at the Kelley School of Business, I use our wireless access in the school, which usually works well. I also use the library online resources quite abit, and of course use Insite for registration and to look up other information. Other than that, I have not heard of most of the services in this survey, so I unfortunately cannot provide much useful feedback.

I strongly dislike a policy that there is printing quota. We pay enough money, and 1000 papers for graduate students is too limited!

I was told I did not need the IU software if I already had a internet provider. But sometimes I wonder when I am having trouble acessing some things- i.e. I cannot access the instructors notes on onccourse. They are listed under the schedule tab but I can not open them.

It would be better if we have more PC in our UITS Lab rather than Sun system.

Webmail is a disappointment- very cumbersome I have had tech support people make things up to me on the phone. some are great- others suck. No good to replace all tech people at once at semester beginning- no one knows anything because of this and it's impossible to get help. Overall, I think IU provides exceptional resources to students and could easily remain a leader in this nationally. Why didn't you ask about databases on-line? I really appreciate access to various databases. The new IUCAT is a pain.

Increase Mac support!!!

I am an off-campus doctoral student and have not been on-campus for a couple of years. I have learned to live without IU email. At one time my email account was taken away and it took several people in the SOE to get it back for me. Then later I forgot my password, the UITS help web pages were no help. Icalled UITS and was told I would have to come to the campus to get a password. This was no help. I live an hour and a half away. I still do not have email. Of course I still pay my tuition for dissertation credit each semester! Perhaps you might try becoming more user friendly for the IU customers not on-campus. [IRD]

usually the level of telephone help is excellent, although in one case the person I spoke to ended up causes me more problems than I had to begin with and took up a great deal of my time. So sometimes it takes too mcuh time to try and resolve a problem, even when the problem is clearly understood.

The wireless network at the Law School keeps dropping the connection. It's really frustrating when using online research database systems (like LEXIS).

IU needs to uprade its physical infrastructure to accomodate laptops and other IT technologies in the classrooms- more plugs, datajacks, modern audiovisual systems for professors to use in class, desk space for laptops and books. The IT structure is great, but the physical use of it on a daily basis is still impeded by an outmoded physical plant.

The only thing I don't like about the dial-up modem service is that often times I can't get through, or it disconnects when I am trying to post my lectures on Oncourse

I get very frustrated at having to input my id and password all the time to access basic information like IUCAT. If you can do all of this once (i.e. log in at a computer and have your password follow you through all your application usages) then it would be much better. IUCAT is also a problem in and of itself. I work for the library and still have trouble finding the things I need. I don't think the keyword search functions as it should, I hate that there is no way to search by ISBN and that results frequently vary in my searching. Some times I'll do a search and one hit will come up. A day later, I'll do the EXACT same search, and get a whole different set of results. Also, please set all the defaults for searching within libraries to either ALL or ALL BLOOMINGTON (because I frequently find myself having to switch it all the time from the "Law library" search?). thanks!

Please add more wireless capabilities on campus. Also, increase base station transmitter power to eliminate dead spots on wireless network.

Computing centers, particularly at the Main Library, are excellent. Oncourse is great as well. I have been very satisfied with the electronic research tools suchas IUCAT and the number of online journals the library subscribes to. Keep up the good work.

I am a rather exceptional case, because I am a graduate student who does not live in Bloomington, and I have not lived there for nearly two years. I use the web remotely to access all of my IU information.have been impressed with support by e-mail; appreciate the relatively quick responses

The Printers in the Graduate side of the main library are terrible. They malfunction regularly, especially when printing double sided. Its kind of ridiculous that all 3 are malfunctioning at the same time.


1) About the campus voice message---for the apartment with 2-3 bedroom, I'd prefer that each student could have his/her own voice message box instead of one apartment shares one voice message. You know, for privacy! 2) About the printing quota--I'm a doctoral student. The 1000 pages quota for one semester is seldom enough for me. Is it possible to raise the printing quota? I did my master program at univ of North Carolina. They don't even have a quota. You can print however many you need there at UNC. 3) There're a lof of internet/computer service that IU provides but I never heard about that. Should IU do more in "advertising" these services?4) Finally, I have difficulty in finding the main website which could give me all the information about IU network/computer/internet service. There're a couple of them. Website for printing, website for accounts, website for IUTS, etc. I'm sort of comfused which website I should visit everytime when I need to consult some information (say, I need to find information about how and where to make my personal webpage). Can you guys list all these IT related website on the IU homepage and also give clear defination of the function they serve? Thanks.

USSG is awesome, it so nice having local mirrors of linux distributions.

This was WAY too long for a voluntary survey.

I have used pine email for over 5 years, and only recently has it become susceptible to SPAM, in the form of diet ads and so forth. Please get rid of that crap!

1. I can not access Wireless from my office in Ballantine Hall even though thereis one on the 8th floor. 2. Stand-up stations for quick e-mail are all Macs - it would be nice to have PC around campus to have a choice. 3. Majordomo lists should have more memory; it's hard to send attachments to the list with such small capacitiy.

Very impressed. the Biological technical support staff is great.

(1) printing speed is too slow and sometimes it takes forever to print the document out. At least the computer should let me know how long I will need towait or the computer can't print at this point . Something indicating how the system is going on instead of letting me waiting there without knowing whetheror not my document has been printed or not (2) not enough computers in the main library (3) not enough support from people in the library when I encounter some problems accessing to the document stating that IU library owning this document on-line

shorter survey.

you should manage CFS better - i Have been trying to get an account authorized for more than a year but with out any results. Other wise a great support overall.

The department of which I am a part has its own computing services available, and they have been extremely valuable and helpful in my research and learning at IU.

this campus is amazing to me - largely because of how connected and up to date all the computer stuff is. i did my undergrad here just a few years back. and now i'm doing my masters and i can't believe all the changes. i LOVE my cfc account and i can't get over how we now register for classes. thanks

I got Outlook connection problems when I installed Microsoft Office 2003, and I could not get a support from the IT service. They did not support it. I am hoping that next major release will be supported by the system.

The help desk at the main library wasn't able to help me the one time I asked for help. However, at least they were friendly and tried. The help desk for the MBA Program is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are not helpful, nor friendly. I was told when I bought the laptop required by the MBA Program that I would have assistance. They have not helped once in the two years I've been here. If it wasn't for [IRD], I still wouldn't have my computer working properly. He was more helpful than any of the people who are paid to help. It has been my biggest disappointment and frustration with the program. In addition, I no longer seem to be able to dial in to get my email from home anymore. Unless I try to dial in at odd hours, I just keep getting messages saying that either the line is busy or there was no answer. There have been nights when I needed to send work to a teammate, and I spent over two hours just trying to get online. This is ridiculous. The research part of the system is great. Also, I like the events calendar and being able to check the sports and music schedules online, as well as being able to register online. Those systems all seem to work well.

The OneStart Quikpay service is poorly managed. I've been wrongly fined three times when trying to make payments. In addition, the fine policy is written incorrectly. The OneStart message says that we'll be charged $20 if the transaction can't go through, but Quikpay has actually changed the policy to $20or 5% of the amount being tranferred, whichever is greater. This is hugely misleading. There should be more guidance on how to use the service, and corrections of the published information.

Just that I know I'm completely spoiled, and I'll have a hard time once I graduate!

My biggest problem is inconsistent connections from my desk in the biology department. The connection often goes in and out. I would also like to see wireless access campus wide or at least throughout the majority of buildings such as biology.

I am still using wires to access internet on-campus. I don't understand why the university has removed many of the wired-internet access points.

it is my opinion that the technological offerings at IU are important, well-planned, and an intrigul part of my education. If not for the availability and strong services UITS offers IU would not be as strong of an institution. Every year since 1998, improvements have been made on a regular basis, in a timely manner, and in the faith that the improvements would enhance the educational experience. Keep up the good work, and let me keep my email account for life, please. I know it will be the best I ever use.

Resources are very good, Quality wise, I have few complaints BUT My satisfaction would be much higher if UITS/IU had informed students, as well as staff, that their email account is state property and potenially accessible by the state. This point has never been clarified - only pointed out to us by professsors or reported in Indiana Daily Student.

wireless signal is very weak in most areas of Cook Music Library and cuts out often

Let the user know how many screens are left in the survey

OneStart has too much going on and takes awhile to load. I like it but don't use it much because it just takes too long. Can it be pared down a little?

If you all publish the phone directory (that was an item on here) I think it is extremely unfair that you publish home phone numbers and addresses without first notifying students or asking their permission. I had a student that was sending threatening emails to me last year and then I found out that despite deleting personal information of mine from the web directory, my information was still avauilable via a printed directory that no one had ever notified me of/asked my permission to print. I was extremely upset about this.

Please put internet Explorer in the root of the Start Menu on the standard configurations so that we don't have to go either the desktop, or three levels deep in the menu. Also, I was disappointed by the expense of color printing.

The only problem I have ever had was accessing e-reserves for a class.

Besides that, the computing system has been very good!

The support services and personnel in the education building are excellent!

I would like to see the law school be able to access their IU printing pages (not the law school's) at the law school. It is quite inconvenient to have to leave the law school (where all classes are) to find a computer lab on campus not in use to be able to access the printing allottment available to us (which I assume ourtuition pays for). Additionally, the IU dial up connection for the Internet off campus is extremely slow and cumbersome. I realize that the service is provided at no charge, but it almost isn't worth the price.

The Sociology department could use some money to buy some faster pc for the graduate lab in the SISR!

I only use the optometry computer lab - any questions i have are answered by [IRD]. He does an outstanding job.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Remote Call Procedure often quits unexpectedly, causing my home computer to restart. Insite should be available for more hours each week.

The only thing I would add is a clarifacation on the question that asks where you live. I would include sorority or fraternity to the list.

Overall I am satisflied with UITS!

In some computer cluster locations (especially at Woodburn) there are extremely long lines to use the computer. Maybe adding acouple of computers in that would solve the problem. Otherwise, I am pretty satisfied with the technology/computers that I've been using for the past 4 years. Webmail is an essential part of my daily life. Thanks and good job!!!

Don't like the new webmail, there are too many icons (many of which I find useless), and they are too small.

Increase storage space of CFS accounts

I would like to see more computers (PCs) in the Fine Arts Library, and more mac and PC labs in the Fine Arts building. More computers in the dorm and Ballantine computer labs would also be helpful. It would be great if the Infostations in the dorms could print to the printers in the computer labs. Ethernet cords should be available at dorm Center Desks. RegWeb should have a separate frame for classes dropped so the list of currently scheduled classes is cleaned up a little bit. It would also be nice to have a Week-at-a-Glance while we are scheduling.There are scanners in some computer labs on campus?!?!? I wish I had known...

I think Knowledge Base has a lot of useful information on how to get instructions on various technology services at IU (i.e. setting up a Steel account). However, I think the instructions should be clearer and simpler and take you to a website that is directly associated with what you want to accomplish: the links that are provided next to the instructions are not at all helpful, because they don't guide you directly to where you want to go. For example, I tried to set up a personal webpage on my Steel account a few months ago. I used Knowledge Base to find instructions on how to set up my webpage for a class project. I thought the instructions were alright, but when I clicked on a highlighted link that I thought would take me to the actual webpage setup site, it didn't. Instead, I was basically trying to work my way through endless amounts of information that had nothing to do with what I wanted to do. My whole class had the same problem. So, I think I could some this all up in 2 words: simplicity, quickness. Besides that, I think UITS is doing an excellent job! The staff are very helpful, and the new flat screen Dell computers are awesome! The T3 (?) line used for web access and downloads is very impressive and has been a real time saver for me (also internet music/vidoes are screaming fast!). Keep up the good work!

The progress that has been made in IT since I started attending IU has been phenomenal.

too many questions on this survey

I appreciate receiving the free software CD voucher. I would not have participated in this survey if i had not received something like that.

Security concerns are probably the most pressing, but I don't have to tell you all that. Keep the Webmail service running and you keep most students' happy.

I feel as though the IT here is conducted with a very high level of proficiency and professionalism. I look forward to an increasing WI-FI network, and more 24 hour computer labs.

quicker webmail downloads

Up the printing quota

Larger print quota if your in a class that requires heavy individual printing (PSY P330 requires well over 200 pages from e-reserve including essential class notes); get rid of the macs in the stc labs and add more pcs.

Great work overall! I extremely appreciate the phone UITS help! May want to work on easier navigation through UITS sites. Also, I would love to take the knowledge training programs but don't know how to find out about them, if they cost, and all of that.

Pretty good, I am pleased.

A few weeks ago, I left a floppy disk at the computer lab in Woodburn Hall. Someone from UITS sent an email saying they had found the disk. Thank you for having a system in place to return lost items and thank you for having an honest and professional staff.

Make a Spam Filter for IU webmail.. Otherwise it is very good service..

I don't like that I was sent repeated emails to fill out this survey and how i was told that "you are aware of my busy schedule" and then it took forever to fill this thing out. Way too pushy.

IU students have an amazing advantage due to the large amount of technological resources available on this campus.

I wish posting websites on mypage was easier

I've had two different professors teaching computer information at SPEA and both were extremely helpful! [IRD] and [IRD] are definitely overdue for a raise!

I have the data jack problem before.. The first UITS consultant could figure out the data jack problem, but she didn't know I could share the modem with my roomate...So, i just kept waiting.and surfed online elsewhere.....It was very troublesome ....and I needed to study and get online in computer lab till 3a.m. I think it is very important to have a prompt repair as it is very important for students. Because they need to use computer to download lecture notes, or

Keep up the good work. I am a sophomore this year and have already seen an improvement with services here at IU within one year.

the addition of more linux systems to clusters would be really nice. not necessarily an entire cluster of linux machines, but a few within the windows labs. the truly great thing about linux is that you could use older hardware (say some of the old P3 800's with 256 of SDRAM) and it would run as if it were new hardware. ive used older hardware (like 400 cele's w/ 128) with linux and had them preform great! software for linux platforms far supercedes that of windows in many cases, and many support windows formats (.doc for instance). one of my greatest dislikes of the UITS clusters deals with letting windows have multiple (usually between 6 and 12) processes running in the background. this is needless, espically since most of the systems on campus are P4's with 256 of SDRAM. having extra processes on a system with that little memory bandwidth makes them so slow, that i tend to just avoid the clusters all together and just run over to lindley to use the burrow machines. obviously having programs like norton in the background is important, im not saying get ride of that. but having that much of system resources eaten up by software that is hardly used could be misintrepreted as the need for new hardware, when all they need is a little tune up.

Yeah, IU search is by far the worst search engine I have ever seen in my life. Boolean searching on IU search is actually painful. It's gotten to the point that whenever I want to search for anything on an IU server that I go to Google and use their university searching tools to get to an IU site. Please, please, get rid of Intokmi and switch to Google. Or, just rid of Intokmi. Even that would be a 50% improvement. At least then you'd wouldn't be spending money on technology that doesn't work, and just let Google do the work for you.

Employ STC consultants that understand computers. It seems like every question I have is handed off elsewhere by a consultant. You need more color printing locations. Webmail is archaic and there needs to be a spam buster on our accounts. I get at least 10 junkmails a day.

There should be much more places to have wireless services around the campus.

One of the last few questions asked whether or not UITS was the major reason I chose to come to IU. I had to disagree because I never had heard of any of these resources until I became a student here. Overall, I am very satisfied withthe services UITS provide. Whenever the Internet in my room acts up, I know I can always go downstairs to a lab and try. i am happy that computers are almost everywhere you look because we need them to saty in touch with our teachers,check classes,etc. This is such a big campus. I have a friend that goes to IUPUI and he told me how their webmail sucks and how nobody checks it. It's our way of communicationg down here. If funds get cut, I guess we will have to suffer. UITS ought to get more funding because this is a progeram that is instrumental to our learning environment. Hey, tuiton is going to raise anyway, might as well know that the extra money is going to a good cause.

CFS could be more reliable. More assistance in setting up powerpoint projectors when students are giving presentations.

make insite 24 hours if possible.

The IU Events Calendar is confusing and ineffecient. There has to be a better option out there than the one that is currently provided. The SiteScape Forum is also a woefully inadequate application that hurts more than it helps. Again, there has to be something better out there that we could use. Overall, though, I am pretty happy with the current systems we have in place.

Overall I believe that we have a wide variety of services offered to help us out and only with further advances in technology do we really need to change things or update our system. It has been very helpful and usefull throughout my attendence at IU. There seem to be several people willing to help with problems which is convenient for students using campus facilities.

Making Insite available 24-hours would be very helpful.

keep up the good work

-There should be more wireless access points on and off-campus. Everwhere should be wireless. More importantly, the access points should function better. Invariably, I am not able to connect. When I do connect, I am often kicked off. This can be really frustrating sometimes. -I have always been concerned about printing quotas. I haven't been able to rollover my quota from year to year either. Plus, the technology fee is too much to be restricted with such few pages. -Overall, UITS does a great job!

It bothers me that replies to email do not show up with new mail in webmail. They show up next to the old message and they get overlooked. I don't think there is a way to fix this in the preferences. I wish there was a way to control that and have all new mail come to the top of the list, unless I just don't know how to do this.

For the most part, the technology and communication serivices at IU have been great and even better than what I have back at home. However, I had an incident where my connection was cut off because my computer got a virus. I followed all of the instructions in the e-mail to delete it. I then e-mailed ITS back, but never got a response. For weeks I e-mailed and reported I had fixed the problem. Not only was I still without internet, but I never got a response either, which somewhat aggravated me. It was not until I called the support center that someone finally came to my room to fix it. However, this is only one unfortunate incident, and I overall have not had any other problems.

While it is frustrating when webmail or oncourse doesn't work, i understand the system is large and that the down time is extremely small in omparison to the time that the services work flawlessly.

Sometimes people use the multimedia computers at the Main Library 24-hr computer lab when they don't actually NEED to use the special software. ***Searching on www.iub.edu is awful. I rarely find what I'm looking for. Sometimes google/yahoo may even be more helpful when I'm looking for something on IUB's site.

Many of the older computers in the Mac labs need to be replaced or repaired. They have trouble logging on and are very slow.

The software programs available on campus computers (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) are excellent. I would feel better if the networks were more secure. I thought they were until the Emergency Alert site was hacked by just an average student. I don't want my student ID number, password, or financial information hacked.

I have only just returned to IU after a two-year hiatus and the changes in IT have been astounding.

I don't like the Purge Deleted Option in Webmail. Also Insight logs me out every 5 minutes even if i'm still reading a website and moving the mouse. I think you need to extend the time allowed in insight before you kick us out of it to reenter our information

Needs = more reliable printers. A true 'onestar' one-platform system, to replace all the mix of different sites for student needs. BETTER EMAIL -- system is horrid, everyone should have access to MS Outlook ONLINE like employees of IU do!!!!!! (dont even bother trying to create your own system). Otherwise, I'm really impressed with the number of new computers each year and the increasing number or wireless spots. Oh, please provide a support number for your lab UITS workers.. they have no idea what they are doing half the time. Otherwise, good network & great services offered.