2004 IUE IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

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Get a _printed_ telephone directory out - or put a link to the campus telephone directory on the IUE homepage. After the demise of the switchboard, I have to rely on word of mouth to get telephone numbers.

No thank you

There is a dire need for better technological support in Vivian Auditorium. It is extremely embarassing when we bring in guest speakers/presentors and the technology fails to function or functions poorly.

OH YEAHHHHH! IUE's so called, "Smart Classroom" set-ups, webpage, and work orders concern me. I can honestly say that after working at three other academic institutions that had "Smart Classrooms," the term "Smart Classrooms" at IUE is an oxymoron! IUE'S electronic classrooms have the *poorest* dysfunctional set ups that I've ever seen. I am miffed by how people could invest so many thousands of dollars in such useful equipment, yet appear to know soooo little about the way the equipment is used in the classroom. One (of many) examples: 1) WZ132. Go in there, pop in a video (as faculty do when showing a brief video demo of something), then hit stop and try to fast forward to the next point on the video that you wish students to see). The way the room is set up it is impossible to view what's playing on the screen when at the controls of the VCR. That equipment really needs to be rearranged. (BTW, much of the content we use on VHS tapes is not even available on DVD, so don't assume that's an option at this time). The ineffective set up of WZ132 has even been obvious during recent Faculty Senate meetings (although I suspect that there were some people in the audience that probably thought the presenter was 'technology challenged' (when in fact, it is the equipment arrangement that is dysfunctional). 2) ML 124: Now, there's a 'piece of work'! At the beginning of the Fall semester the typed instructions on the unit were incorrect. After several meetings with [ IRD] we managed to fill in the missing steps. It is very nice that there is a phone right next to the dysfunctional unit (though the five or six times I used it to call the IT help desk during class because the system was malfunctioning I got a recording. I wish to emphasize that these problems were more often than not quirks of the equipment. For three months last Fall, when I would show a video clip and stop it to point out something to students, the FOX network would be all snowy an

when you get new telephones, it would be helpful to have phones that have a signal light to indicate when a message is waiting to be picked up.

1. Telephone a. when calling long distance - there are a lot of #s to dial (and remember). If you make any mistakes ... b. having to use process of elimination to figure out if you should be dialing a "8", "9", or "16" is not the most effective use of time. 2. IUIS - it would be nice to be able to access student information - phone, e- mail, address - class roster, all from one screen or at most 1-2 clicks. 3. Support - when is it appropriate to call for help, or continue trouble-shooting on ones own? For example: my system locks up several times a week, sometimes several times a day - I do not know if this is something I should call the Help Desk about or if I should just live with it.

This survey is entirely too long.

There have sometimes been miscommunications from the Help Desk to the AV person (missing information). The Help Desk should continue to aim for courtesy, not informality.

Seems to improve every semester. Especially since the addition of [IRD]

I have several specific comments to include: --The smart classroom equipment in ML 124, is so difficult and tempermental that it can be a real bear to use. The idea is for technology to make things easier, NOT harder. I have taught in that room for three semesters and still dread changing from PowerPoint slides to a video to the document camera in front of students, and some functions, like changing the volume of a video, I still do not know how to do. There are four remotes, each with volume buttons. --I would like to see more full text articles in the field of psychology available to faculty and students online. At the moment I have to order nearly everything. --I would greatly appreciate an electronic online article ordering system. --IU East's web pages are out of date, ugly, and not informative. They are a disgrace. For students checking out universities, web pages are one of the easiest ways to get some idea of what a university is like. I cannot imagine the impression that prospective students and job candidates have of IU East after looking at our web pages. Here's the worst: http://www.iue.edu/library/Indexes.html . It's nearly impossible to navigate or to figure out what is useful. --I thought people who were using IMAP should have been notified much sooner that there were mail relay problems with the mail relay server, because I had about a good 2 weeks or so of intermittent trouble sending emails that I thought was due to my computer. --I cannot send mail from my PDA, which is unfortunate since I bought it with the wireless connectivity expressly for that purpose. --The wireless network signal is not always strong enough to pick up and use reliably for any great length of time. Are more antennas needed?

Hayes 115 needs a teacher station desperately!!

[IRD] and [IRD] in TLC are assets to the faculty. Give them a raise.

bulbs in the overheads need to be checked frequently. They are either burned out or they blow during your lecture.

My only complaint would be lack of human technical support to Tutorial Serivces computer labs in Springwood Hall, and with the Mac lab. My 1st year writing students (most of whom are beginners with computer use) use the reading and writing labs and depend on them. Many times computers in those labs have glitches, like not being able to print to the printer, that are easily fixable by someone with access, but it seems to take days before someone actually comes in and helps. Also, it would be nice if the techs assigned to all campus computer labs were actually IN the computer lab itself and alert about assisting students, not in the office outside the lab. Overall, IUE computing services are excellent, and I think continued support and updating of computing services at IUE is a vital resource for faculty and students. I especially appreciate the library web site and the research resources presented through that web site.

I've called about activating my Safeword card at least twice and no one has ever gotten back in touch with me.

Faculty and staff on the campus need to be educated/led to: 1. Minimize mass email 2. Minimize the use of binary attachments to email, such as Microsoft Word. 3. Use a digital signature when such attachments cannot be avoided. Opening such attachments is time-consuming, dangerous (because of viruses and worms), and sometimes impossible (e.g., for non-Microsoft product users).

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Greater availability of IT services at off-campus sites and for extended learning.

Why was the Teaching & Learning Center included in this survey when it is not an area under IT control?

The IT department uses a logging system for requests, however, there is not ANY closure process for these requests. There should AT LEAST be an automated response from the system to the requestor when that request is "closed" by the IT personnel - this would indicate that the request has been completed. We often don't even have ANY idea if it has been done or where we are in the process of our request. It is not always feasible for the requestor to continue to "test" to see if the "fix" has been performed. There should be some sort of priority levels assigned to these requests and then an estimated timeframe response assigned to each and communicated to the requestor. As it stands now, the ONLY communication requestors receive is the email confirmation that the request has been entered in the system. NO indication of priorities, timeframes, or even the COMPLETION are ever communicated to the requestor. As I have used and designed these type of tracking systems before, this is a CRITICAL flaw in the design and implementation of the system. I would imagine that the FALCON (sp?) system has the capability but it is simply not implemented. I recommend that the department at IUE incorporate the philosophy of TRUE customer service and not just shoot an email automatically that indicates our "requests" are received. It seems to be just a superficial effort at the department meeting a "customer service" requirement. I believe that if the system was completely implemented, the perception of the level of service provided would increase dramatically.

I would like to see problems addressed in a more timely manner. I would like more knowledgeable help desk technicians. The department has a reputation for being unreliable, unable to assist and lacking in leadership.

Everyone at IT helpdesk are friendly, but there could be more follow-up to give some idea when someone is going to work on a problem, or find out if a problem has been solved. I have received confirmation notifications of my request but a response has been a couple of weeks later.

We need an operator during business hours, not at 5 pm when we are all going home and we need to play music or give information to our customers when we put them on hold. The hang up on us because they think we have hung up on them when we put them on hold and they go into deep silence. Overall, I think we have one of the finest IT departments ever. They are educated, kind and ready to serve. I know it is not their fault we do not have an operator but perhaps if they would push the issue too we could stop using the automated system from hell. Thanks, [IRD]


My office is at the [IRD]

Information Technology at IUE is a joke. Leadership is poor and communication is non-existent. Decisions seem to be made on a whim; departments are not ever consulted to discuss ramifications of these decisions. This is an instituiton of higher learning, yet I don't think some are aware of this fact.

Improve return time on service requests.

The Help Desk is very courteous, however, most of the time, they are just an answering service - not offering any technical support. The web page is not user friendly. Trying to find the website for Oncourse was futile.

Telephones: We have two offices. No intercom on phone. Very inconvenient. Phones are outdated. IUE Help Desk/Dept.: Takes too long to get a technician to do work. They never respond to let you know how long it will be. Sometime the wait is 3 weeks +.

I feel that everyone should have their own individual printer on their desk. There is too much confidential material printed that could be seen by others in a workroom. Desk top printers are not that expensive and if each department would want to purchase their own, IT could do hookups and maintenance. It would also be a time saver for busy people. I have always had great service from IT. Thank you.

Only work part-time and sometimes the IT classes are not offered at times that are convenient for a part-time status employee.

[IRD] is the best IT Help Desk person I have dealt with in my 4 years here at IUEast. If he does not have an answer for you he will find you one, he is very reliable, very nice and an overall great employee. [IRD], [IRD], and [IRD] are the only other IT staff that I have had any dealings with this past year. Very helpful and friendly!

Thank-you for the new computer I get to use...it is great!!!!

Overall, IT serves the university community well. The only improvement I could suggest is more timeliness in getting back to the person or department when problems are reported. I'm sure that, like everyone else, you need more staff, but it seems to take longer now than it did in previous years. It is nice to get the Falcon message when you report a problem, but it seems that the loop is not closed. It would be great if the person reporting the problem could get an e-mail, or if the tech could leave a little "calling card" on your computer to let you know the problem has been worked on. Often, someone comes to work on my office computer while I am in class, and I don't always know they've been there. It might improve customer satisfaction. Thanks for all your good work.

The IU East IT department needs to spend more time focusing on how they can better serve students and employees at IU East. [IRD] seems to be preoccupied with trying to tell every other department how they should do their jobs, while at the same time cutting back on services that IT use to provide! She has a penchant for meddling in areas in which she has no qualifications!

They have difficulty serving the off campus sites in an efficient and timely manner. They also do not communicate policies and procedure to the user so they can make their plans accordingly.

Students will need help with Onestart. We are hearing how much students like Insight vs. Onestart.

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It would be nice to see color printers in at least a few computer labs!

There is never enough paper. When you need someone there is never anyone around. There is not enough information telling students what it is that IT can and will be able to do for them. Like most things at IUE the student has to stumble upon it other wise they have no ideal what is around for them.

I don't know if this is what you want, but I am going to let you know that I feel our instruction on how to work with the computers, through classes on the various areas one uses computers in the work area is strongly lacking in serious instruction. I believe we need to receive instruction for more than a seven week period and that we are required to use knowledge many are not prepared to use for class work. When IT comes to a class to inform students how to use various features, they are expected to have some computer knowledge. We are a commuter campus and not all students have that knowledge or the advantage of computer access before they begin to take classes.



IUCAT is not easily excessible and very confusing!

The wireless network in Whitewater Hall Lobby is really, really bad. Having more access points in quiet areas such as the lower Hayes Hall Patio, Middlefork Hall Patio, More in the Library, Whitewater Hall Lobby and Patio would be very nice. Making maps available on the IT website that give the locations and estimated signal strengths of the routers would be very helpful (walking around looking for a signal is very troublesome). If the technology and resources are available perhaps IT could set up a system to allow students to save their work to a folder on every computer which would then forward the files to a central server (Save work in My Documents and have that send the files to our Oncourse Storage – rather than having to upload each file, then download the files again later, have the Folder act as a direct link to this Storage space).

Redundancy. I know as a fact that IU has the opportunity to run a dynamic routing protocol on it's backbone network, but I don't know why they haven't. There's been many instances were the DS3 went down, and it tooks hours to bring up a back up link. If a back up link is available, it should only take mere seconds for it to come up. The transition to the backup link should be unnoticeable to the end user.

I've noticed a lot more noise in the labs lately, people talking and playing music without headphones. It makes it difficult to concentrate when doing research and writing papers. It's quite common to have 2 or 3 people talking loudly on cell phones in the labs. Computer consultants, while for the most part are courteous and approachable, sometimes have loud music as well. Especially in Hayes in the evenings.

I do not like the fact that you are putting a printing allotment on us at IU East. I think it is wrong. We pay a technology fee for a reason. I believe that we should be able to print what is needed for the classes, and not be forced to pay extra. I can tell you now, that I already know I will have to pay extra for printing next semester. I understand the fact that costs have gone up, but still, it is wrong to make us pay more for printing things that are required for class when we have already paid one technology fee. I think you need to give this a second thought.

The only problem with Webmail is that I often get a lot of mail that is not even for me. But besides that the system is great.

I don't like OneStart - especially the logo - it looks like OxeStart. Also, when you log into Oncourse from Onestart, oncourse is what I guess you would call a sub window and you cannot see the whole oncourse page at once. It should be a separate window. I do like that you only have to logon to CAS once. I also like the classified availability.

Oncourse is running much smother this year. Also problems are corrected quickly.

I use the computers here at IUE all the time. They have been a huge help to me in my academic experience.

The only real problem I have had, is with the Computer Labs in use for classrooms. I have went to a lab before and there would be a class, that wasn’t posted, mostly in Springwood. And I never go to the one in Middlefork, because it always looks as if there is a class, and it is dark. I mainly use the computers in the Library, since they seem to be more accesisable.

I access Oncourse and the Library off campus from my home computer, and have had trouble with access into, and retreivibility of their library servers, while at the campus library, I am able to access and retreive.

Overall satisfied with the Information Technology services. I look forward to using OneStart since I am a frequent user of Insite, Oncourse, and other web- based programs on the IUE page.

Get rid of onestart program! It is confusing and irratating. The prior home page was much easier to use.

Better communications between IT and the IU East community. It would be helpful to know when changes are being made, before they are introduced into the population. Prior knowledge and training would be most helpful.

The printers need to be quicker and there needs to be more than one in a computer lab, especially if you have 30 students in there typing papers or doing research you spend half of your time waiting for your papers to be printed. some of the computers are real slow in down loading infromation and when you are in a hurry that can be frustrating.

I noticed that I can not access my AOL email account from the computer lab at whitewater, but I can from the library. Also, in the library, when using oncourse, I can not download and print my lecture notes the instructor posts

Since the advent of [IRD] the IT services have fallen. We have a non used Mac lab that further reduces the availability of computers to students. The computer consultants have little to no experience and are seldom helpful. The web site has numerous broken links that are never repaired. The former Web master did nothing and was released and there does not appear to be anyone doing anything with the web site anymore, it is static. When [IRD] was in charge strong attempts were made to improve the IT department. Presently we appear to simply replace computers with new ones with out any corresponding upgrade in service. The skill level of most IT employees is extremely low, often exceeded by students. There needs to be some different type of oversight by someone who knows what they are doing or will hire people with the needed qualifications.

I work during the day and sometimes I am not able to access a computer during the Insite operation hours. I want to use registration on the web and I have not been able to "yet." I was just curious is to why Insite cannot be accessed during all hours. Maybe this is not IT's doing but maybe I could recieve an explanation. Thank You

The technology services at IU east needs alot of help.


I believe the Information Technology department at IU East was doing much better when [IRD] was the [IRD]. Since the arrival of [IRD], the IT department has gone downhill. There has been a Macintosh lab put in which is hardly used. There has been a web designer hired who did next to nothing for the IUE website. I believe funds that could've went to more productive things have been misused by the current Vice Chancellor. I would also like to see people in the IT department who are actually knowledgeable about computers and networks.

I'm getting some spam in my email. It's not as bad, but some is still getting thru, including some smutty ones. Often the printer is Whitewater is down. You really need two printers in that lab. Often the system is slow and there is no way to know what's going on. I don't like the new printing policy.

Some of the faculty teaching IT courses are absolutely ridiculous. They do not know what they are talking about and have no business teaching, one faculty in particular.

there is people in the IT office who made fun a student who stuttered after he left the office it really made me mad.