2004 IUK IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

FIS and TOPS are difficult to use, and, although the screens direct one to go to OneStart, that does nothing (you still must log in separately). The login screen for FIS especially makes no sense--it asks for the SafeWord Card password, but then makes no use of it (how can it know my password?)--in fact, it screws things up if you do try to use it. Help Desk is much improved over the past year. I have grave concerns about the security of Tuvok and the webserver, and I do not know whether they are being appropriately backed up. Although it has improved. IT at IUK still makes decisions that hamper the faculty's being able to get its work done. There is not enough communication about why such decisions are made, so they appear arbitrary and capricious.

We need orientation for each of the technology classrooms--each one is slightly different. There's still too much lead time needed for installatin of new programs. I will never attempt to use new software in any of my classes -- getting it through the IT process just takes too damned long!

You might try making it clearer what is offered to the adjunct faculty.

There are many problems with this survey. You asked a lot of "double- barreled” questions. That is, some of your questions actually asked more then one thing, therefore, I might agree with one part, but disagree with another part. This caused me to answer in the “middle” which will give you inaccurate information. Second, when you asked questions concerning such things as “help desk support”, there are some individuals who work the help desk who are very helpful and some who are not helpful at all, again leading me to a middle of the road answer, which is not going to really give you the information you desire. Third, you asked “how many times” I used a computer classroom. I was not sure if you meant how many semesters or how many classes. Technology is a very important part of my overall course curriculum and my research. I use ONCOURSE constantly and am very pleased with the system. I use the high tech classrooms and would not think of teaching without them! I think [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD] (help desk) and [IRD] are awesome, and have found that they have gone above and beyond the call of duty. [IRD] (AV) is also always there to assist in any way he can. I do appreciate that the job they do is demanding, yet they are always willing to help (and to listen), be it technical problems, personal computer issues, web page issues, or classroom technology problems

As an adjunct faculty member, I use SM116 for teaching of Biology L100 when asked to teach this class. The major projection weakness in my opinion is for overhead transparencies. The illumination is very low as far as I am concerned; to the point where I simply do not use it. I use Power Point presentations which are wonderfully projected. Also, unless I missed it, there is not a light setting where in the general lighting is on but not the lights on the board. This would be a good choice for using Power Point but still be able to control general lighting up or down.

too many questions to be answered

This survey took way too long! [IRD] and [IRD] are the two people who really get things done!


Have been unable to use many of the online services (oncourse, etc.), because my home computer does not have enough disc space available.

Falcon emails do NOT adequately list the work request so that it can be identified if you have submitted multiple requests. Lack plan for replacement of computers used for service functions and not assigned to a full time employee. Telephone directory needs to be updated at least twice a year. Telephone directory needs to have a departmental arrangement as well as an alphabetical name section. Requested information is not always supplied in a timely manner. New account set ups need to run more smoothly.

Only one in my short experience at IUK. I had planned to use a business simulation as part of one business course. IT was able to install the administrator's CD to my office computer; but could not install the player's CDs to computers in one of the laboratories. A conflict of policies was involved: IT needed a site license to install; the author of the simulation and publisher would not grant. Yet, the administrators materials with the simulation very clearly indicated the INTENTION for the player programs to be installed either on individual machines belonging to students OR on a university network. Result: Students and myself have been caught in the middle of these conflicting policies, and forced to improvise. This we have done, using e-mail (with attachments) between a few students' home computers and my home computer. The resulting time wasted in trying to set up and use university facilities has seriously detracted from the value of the simulation as a teaching/learning tool. I must say that the IT staff were very helpful although hamstrung between the conflicting policies.

Because of the changes in the printing office, I have found it difficult to get papers in early enough so I can get them back in time for me to use in class. I also find the movement of the mailboxes makes it considerably more difficult to pickup my mail.

The equipment and network are acceptable. More structure concerning desktop replacement needs to be created. Better understanding of remote access by Help Desk and all IT personnel is a must.

We need to find a way to get faculty to schedule software testing earlier for classrooms and labs.

smart classrooms need 2 screens and space for view screens to be shown!

It's not unusual to receive voice mail messages a day or two AFTER they have been recorded. It would be useful to have a printed campus phone/office directory like we used to have.

I wish there was a way to get phone messages in a timely fashion. Often I check my phone for messages before going to class and upon return have a message that has a time/date earlier than my departure for class. Also, I wish there were a way to block the email messages I continually receive for penile enhancement devices and other such items! Perhaps if I were a male I might find them amusing ('tho I hardly think so!) but I'm not and I don't!

I wish there were more classrooms available like Main 179. The computer classrooms in the basement are dark, either too cold or too hot, and arranged in such a manner that moving among the students is nigh impossible. I also wish there were more classrooms with document and computer display ("smart" classrooms). I wish the document cameras focused better in the classrooms we have.

Keep up the good work, it is so important to faculty.


These results should be shared with the campus...perhaps contrasted with other campus ratings. Otherwise, the view is that they are ignored.

I have had direct contact with [IRD], [IRD] and [IRD]. I found each of them to be competent, efficient, and pleasant to work with on any IT problems I have had. I realize that there are many parts to the whole campus wide IT system here but I am only concerned with my part. I do appreciate that when I put in a work order it is acted upon in a timely manner. I like the information I receive about upcoming classes and the newsletter put out by [IRD].

IT has improved its service environment this past year. My negative marks on a few items have to do with the fact that I often am teaching in a dilapadated non- technology classroom. More classrooms need to be renovated and made into IT classrooms. The carts (though the service is fine) are too tall, bulky and awkward to encourage classroom techology use. The CTE is nice but it is so far away I almost never use it. What about a smaller version of the CTE for those of us in the east building? At least a scanner and one or two computers with all the software on it would increase usability.

Make your survey shorter.

Security on student computers is too tight and keeps students from doing and learning more.

Faculty |Staff | Students

The majority of the staff needs more IT training to accommodate the campus in a timely manner.

I have seen a real improvement in services from this dept. since [IRD] became director. Student workers are very easy to work with and there is an overall sense of satisfaction with the dept. from previous years.

My only problem is I have a PolyCom, ViaVideo, in my office that will not work on my system. They had to bring another computer to my office and hook it up to that. I am the ONLY Bursar in the whole IU system with this problem. I have been told by my campus Audio/Visual, who work under IT, that it is because I have Windows XP. However, other Bursars throughout the IU system also have XP and are not having a problem.

Yes the welcome center needs to transfer outside phone calls appropriately. They might need to ask a few more questions of the caller.


Regarding telephone services...we NEED a "printed" telephone directory w/campus information. We're told to use e-mail to find a telephone number but this doesn't work when you don't know who to look for e.g. I need to know the secretary for the Honors program. How do I find this on e-mail? Doesn't work! We seem to print many other useless items on this campus, why not print something useful like the directory? As far as the IT department--they're great! Just feel they should be the ones helping us with this OneStart program! We'd probably be better informed/trained.

It is limited as to what I have used, having only been employed at IUK for 4 months. In general, the services seem prompt, available when needed, reliable, and ready to assist. The CTE trainings are readily available with a knowledgeable staff, although there is some frustration in learning a program on Windows 2000XP, then not having that system to use in my office, but rather an older less capable system which does not operate in the same manner. Each of the IT staff members with whom I've had contact are pleasant, helpful, well-trained and prompt.

No....relatively satisfied.....

1.Voicemail lag time is frustrating. Often I do not get a message for hours after it was left, even though I check regularly. 2. The computer services staff is very helpful. [IRD] knows the system inside and out and is always there to help with any problem. She is a GREAT resource person on your staff.

It would be most favorable to be able to print address labels at the network printer in our office, but we are unable to do this at present time; the labels come off and get jammed in these copier/printers. Fortunately we have access to a small desk top laser jet printer to our office to print the many labels that we are required to print for our office; however it is our understanding that when this laser jet printer stops working; it will not be repaired or replaced. How will our office staff be able to print address labels in our office effectively then?

Improved service, but still need to insure policies and procedures don't negatively impact smart use.

I am very please with IT. They have always been very reliable for me.

There should be a hard copy of the telephone directory distributed to everyone each year. It is not that costly and is very important to staff and faculty, especially new employees. I have heard many complain about this issue. We do not understand why it is no longer being produced. And in the meantime, we do not know how to contact new employees not listed in the very old directories we have and we do not want to look online because it is easier to look in our hard-copy directories.

The online telephone directory is not helpful. If I am looking for someone in a specific department, I must already know their name in order to find them. That is not always the case. And, it is never updated. I much prefer the printed directory, it’s much easier to access than having to go to the web.

The online telephone directory needs to be updated every semester. I see dead people on it!   The Welcome Center needs better training. The employees don't know a lot of the campus' goings on. [IRD], [IRD] and [IRD] are wonderful to work with.

Need an up to date telephone directory that is inclusive of ext. #, person, position, as well as department and location. Would prefer a hard copy, but any medium that affords all the above info would be helpful. This is a hugh communication problem, people are trying to communicate with others on this campus and are relying on old telephone directory info.

I have been employed for six months and still have not had my email fixed so that I receive email from the entire campus. I always end up having someone in the office tell me what is going on or when deadlines are that I never received information on.

Sometimes there are immediate needs in our office that are not addressed in a timely manner making our jobs difficult.

The voice mail messages do not come into my voice mail box in a timely manner. If it is left at 2pm on a day it is received the next day or maybe not at all. This is not acceptable. I don't know if it is because of the clock or just what is the problem.

Printing services could be friendlier. He is not courteous to people if things aren't done exactly like he wants them. We need to print or have online a telephone directory like we have had in the past. If you do not know the persons last name or just need to send a call to a department you can't get the number. We need someone who can make changes to the web page more often. Things stay on the front page long after they are over. Links that are incorrect can not get changed in a timely manner or we have lots of obstacles in getting it done.


Some staff and services are more helpful than others I have seen a change in services since last year and they have been better. The staff is a friendlier than it was last year. Overall improvements have been good

There are hourly workers here on campus who use computers to perform their jobs, but because they are not appointed staff they are not on the list for upgrades of software or computers. I think that is unfair. We are still expected to perform a job, but with out the proper equipment it is very difficult.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Get rid of Onestart or speed it up!

It is ridiculous that a student is only allowed to print 20 pages per day unless they have to turn those pages in to an instructor. I understand there are students that waste paper; however, for a student that never prints - it is stressful that if you need a research aritcle that may be 30 pages - you have to put up with the help desk.

Oncourse has too many levels. Menu options need to be simpler to make access quicker. The tab system is cumbersome.

I no longer deal with the IT staff at IUK--instead I email or call the IT staff at Bloomington . The Bloomington staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable--to my disappointment I did not find those qualities with the IT staff here at IUK.

It's hard to find an open computer in both "free printer labs." Most of the time I can find one, but during busy hours, some people just go in there to do their homework, not on the computer. Otherwise, I’m very pleased with the amount of technology used at IUK. Even Purdue wasn't this advanced! :)

I am thankful for the fast computers and helpful staff at IUK. Keep up the good work.

Need more payphones available. Not everyone has a cell phone. Could not locate one in Hunt Hall, one by childcare broken.

I do not understand why there is a charge for printing in the classroom-but free in the computer lab. It is not an effective use of class time to have to walk two buildings away to print your assignments.

There have been a few occasions when my computer has locked up. A lot of times, I feel that the communication is slow. When conducting research and selecting a PDF file, I must wait forever as the computer switches from "preparing to install" and a blank screen. Many times, I have given up in frustration and hit the escape button.

Some information/services, I was not aware of and I am minoring in IS. Maybe make inforation more available.

No one at help desk when tried to visit

The IT at IUK is one of state of the arts and should continue to move forward as technology moves forward.

More available computers. Also, a wider selection of dates to take the class to show you how to use the system.

1. Instructors should have greater control over the kind of software that can be loaded onto the machines in the classrooms. On more than one occasion, I've been in classes that have suffered because the IT department would not allow the software to be loaded. 2. Why does the IUK campus prevent students from buying IUWare Software for weeks at the beginning and ending of classes? I was left in a position on the last week of classes where I needed to buy Software, but was refused because I had missed the cutoff by one day. IUK is the only IU campus, that I know of, which requires this time period where software cannot be purchases.



make insite or onestart easier to use for first timers on regweb

Most of my computing needs are in the Kelley as I'm a Purdue Statewide Technology student. Most of these questions appeared to be directed toward IU students and faculty. The newer, faster computers are a definite plus for the Purdue classes and labs.

Teach the professors how to use the digital overhead projectors. I have a professor who hasn't figured out how to turn it all on by himself yet - after 3 semesters!

Pork Chop Sandwiches!

The computer services at IUK are a good tool for education. However, the computer help desk employees are not much "help". The employees tend to be rude, especially if one has little prior experience with computers. For example, I purchased a card to enable printing of more than 20 copies. I asked the employee for assistance. At first, he ignored me. Then, he printed off some instructions and handed them to me. He did not “assist" me. I have learned not to ask for help from the employees in the computer labs from now on.

The IT department has always been very helpful for me. I get frustrated occasionally when there are no available computers at crunch time----- midterm/finals. I also do not like the search on the IUK website---I can rarely find what I am looking for when I do a search. I do not usually use IUK e-mail---I really like oncourse. I have had trouble this past year accessing it, especially at peak times. I had a few times when I spent a lot of time typing in a response on oncourse and then it went down and all was lost. Overall, I have been very happy with all of the IT services and I realize that this is a work in progress. Thanks for asking my opinion.

Many of the services mentioned I have never heard of. I think that more information should be given out on each area.

Would like to see improvement in enrolling classes. The prompt during the enrollment is not very clear and always had to get a helper to clarify what the prompt or question is for proper entry.

The computer classroom ([IRD]’s) needs to have its equipment updated to meet the needs of the students learning how to use the equipment with what equipment (scanners, computers, cameras etc.)is available now.

When ever I had a problem, the IT staff have always fixed the problem immediately. They are approachable and friendly. IUK has a good staff. The IT services are great! I use the services a lot because I am a student. I have never had a problem. The services are always up and running.

The hours for the computer office are inconvenient. The individual maning the desk ( 5-7) was not able to help me, I needed help retrieving my password, he suggested I check with the day help. As a night student it is impossible for me to get on campus during the day. When I signed up for my account the lady helping me was very accomodating. I am an older student and unsure of myself on computers so the system may be topnotch but if it isn’t backed up by a good staff it is useless. I find all the titles, acronyms and links given to the different support systems available on the web confusing, Oncourse, Insite..... Could be intimating to part time students not given to frequent use of your services.



No additional comments.

I Love the oncourse program.

E-mail could be more direct to send information to those students not in the classes I am taking.

Most of my computer use through IUK and IUPUI is done through access at home. Support for this is poor at best. The lady at the help desk DOES NOT what she is doing. Furthermore, I don't like wasting my time waiting for her to figure it out! Also when taking a test through Oncourse at the campus, I had a mouse go flakey (as the do!). It was a timed test; and according to the instructor, we couldn't get back in. When I starting to get help, the lab assistant did not know anything about Oncourse, actually I don't think she had even heard of it. She went to get an instructor who told me just to move. A risky move on my behalf. Fortunately for me, I was able to get back in to the test and start over. However, the assistant and the instructor both didn't want to give their names or get involved when I indicated I would need someone to verify to my instructor at IUPUI that there was a machine error hence the reason I accessed the test two different times. From then on, I didn't heed the instructor's suggestion of taking the tests on- campus. I have better reliability on our home computers and internet access.

I would like to have the ability to access the g and h drive for the resources I need with the convenience of being at home.

I think it is personally hard to understand how to use the IUK email.

Have a better way to inform new incoming students about these services.


In January 2004, I received assistance from the help desk. I was impressed with the professionalism and the assistance that I received.

I transferred here from IUPUI and overall the only thing IUPUI does better is the home page of the website. They have an actual link to places such as insight and oncourse in plain sight and I still use that webpage for that reason. All other services are fine and meet my needs.

I love my computer lab for English; I have no complaints about it. One of the few (somewhat) negative points I can think of is the iuk email address. The only reason I ever use it is if one of my teachers sends something to me through that address. I have no other reason to use it. Personally, I would prefer to be given an option at the beginning of the year: whether to have teachers use my iuk address as their primary communication with me, or a different address (of my specification).

OneStart is extremely slow in responding at home on my network at work.

If the telephone system one uses to call IUK falls under IT services, then IT services needs to address upgrading the system. One should be able to telephone and be transferred to a particular School or person easily. Also, I have had trouble logging on to EBSCO Host and finally had to resolve the problem by contacting some representative at EBSCO Host as the Library or number at IUK "wasn't available". I still cannot log on through the normal library website. I have to type in some squirrely website to access it. The Helplines at the computer labs and library need to work together. If there is a computer-related problem with a library resource either or both should be able to resolve the problem - and QUICKLY! It seemed that whenever I called I had to either go in person to the computer services office, or to the libary, or the office was closed, or someone that maybe could help me wasn't in at the time - a myriad of excuses. I found it frustrating. To this day, there are times I cannot log on INSITE or ONCOURSE on the first try - and this is after I presented myself twice in the computer services office to enter a new password, etc. I cannot say that the charges for the technology fees are fair. I am only taking 9 hours yet I am paying the full pop for technology fees when 3 of those hours are an internship and I do not even use the internet for that course except to occasionally drop my instructor an e-mail. Further, another 3 hour credit course I am taking has nothing on Oncourse - not even a syllabus. Finally, the other 3-hour credit course was not supposed to be on Oncourse but at the last minute the instructor decided to make it an internet course. If it wasn't for this course, I would hardly even use Oncourse. Also, ALL the person(s) that are in the computer lab need to be helpful. There are a few that act like it is a major inconvenience if asked a question.

Why is it that IT staff install software and yet do not check to make sure students have the proper permissions to run the software? Because of this my database class was put behind do to the fact that we could not run the SQL Plus software. On top of that there was NO IT staff in the building to help with the problem. We also had to move to a different classroom because a project was not working. Why do you charge me and require me to save my work on a disk and go to another computer to print a document in many of the computers labs? in K080 we have new computers, but yet we do not have optical mice. Why is this? Even more, why can't the mice be kept clean so they work properly and do not interfere with my ability to do work and take tests in the class? On a positive note, I like the wireless access the is available and hope that it will be offerend in more areas soon!

I no additional comments

I really appreciate the helpfulness of the IUK staff.

Actually, no. I have not yet explored all the services offered by IT at IUK, but I am really satisfied with oncourse; grades posting, links to helpful sites, presentation slides, announcements.... This was a great job. Thanks.

Get a wider range of equipment that students may get at discount, instead of just dells, get compaq's as well for students to purchase, and increase the wireless network to take up the entire campus so that we do not all have to crowd in the cafeteria or main lobby of the college.

Please get insite up and running smoothly if we are to depend on it for educational demands. Thank You.

The computer lab workers are very rude. When you try to ask a question they shrug you off. If something doesn't print they just tell you someone else took it and don't bother to help. That really upsets me.

The computer lab could possibly benefit from having a few more computers-- for example, during the day, usually Monday through Thursday, the lab is full up, with more and more people filing in to use the lab services. Of course there is another lab available down the hall, but that one generally is reserved for classes. also, the color printer seems to be messed up. I do appreciate the 20 free pages-from-printer a day, since we must pay the technology and student activity fees which many of us rarely use. being able to print up 20 pages of information a day makes me feel like i am at least getting a little something out of the money being forked over.

First of all, I must say that I welcome change, especially when it involves computer technology BUT, I believe there are some serious issues with OneStart. Most importantly, for all of us trying to access the system from home (which obviously is the majority of us), it is DREADFULLY slow!!! ... even when logging in as a modem user. I get on OnCourse most every day to check for class announcements, etc. and have absolutely no problems. When I access OneStart, it takes a good couple of minutes to even load just the first page. Next, I had problems logging in to OneStart. I call support and was told that [IRD] was the only one that could help me and he was not at his desk so I'd have to call back. Later, I called him and he was not sure what the problem was. I tried to log on on campus, as [IRD] suggested, and still could not get on the OneStart. I then went to [IRD]'s office three times (during his office hours) and finally had a lady track him down for me. When I again told him my problem, he passed me to another lady who eventually resolved my problem - after being on the phone w/Bloomington for about 7-10 minutes. My only problem ... do not check the box next to "log in with SafeWord" when logging in. After all that, why couldn't the FIRST person I called have been knowledgeable enough on the new system to have suggested I try that first before making a second long-distance phone call to a second person, with no resolution??? Not to mention the amount of frustration!!

There are several e-mail places to check your individual e-mail. My question is which e-mail location will IUK be sending information to students regarding registration and receiving a copy of your classes that you signed up for?

My experiences with some of the computers in a multimedia class were frustrating. There is a lack of equipment when teaching 20-30 students in one class. Not all the equipment had the same programs on them, although they were the same computers. Many of the lab computers were missing WORD and a lab assistant had to be contacted to find the icon or program. Not having to add the printer was a bonus, as well as a time saver. Kudos to [IRD] and [IRD], as well as all the staff for their patience and helpfulness. OneStart was a new experience for students this year in regards to registration. Perhaps I am computer illiterate, but I found it very confusing and frustrating when trying to register for fall classes. I followed the yellow sheet with the directions, but managed to keep going back to the start page. The 10 minute time limit added more frustration when trying to navigate a new system. Honor students were not allowed to register early, as in the past. I am just venting my personal experience and I am sure that OneStart will be a good system once the students become accustomed to it as they did with INSITE and ONCOURSE. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the survey. I hope my answers will assist in improving our IUK technology.