2004 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


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I believe overall that UITS is extremely valuable to the university. I would be interested in learning more about the services that they offer to the university departments.

Why does this survey come with and ID and password so that you good folks can identify who said what about you.? Can you really expect a valid survey if you can identify the respondents? Thus, I elect not to participate....

Need to better advertize services provided to staff and faculty Cannot establish VPN from home using Macintosh. Cannot access PACS images from home using VPN via Intel-based PC.

This survey is way too too long.

I have only been at IUPUI for 7 months. I may not have the experience needed to evaluate all of your services. I still can't figure out some things about voice mail although I have searched the online instructions. I am disappointed that your developmental workshops are $35 each!! My last 2 institutions did not charge for these workshops. I would like to learn about dreamweaver and flash, but know it might take 2-3 sessions. That will become expensive and has kept me from enrolling in your workshops. I have not had trouble with worms or viruses and therefore, I know you must be hard at work. I think you know that you are doing a good job when no one "thinks" about their computer, they just use it.

This survey is much too long.

There is paucity of proper instructional facilities in the medical area in particular with respect to AV facilities and statistical software (in my case it took a week-long personal marathon to install SAS in the Van Nuys Med Sciences bldg PC lab. There is no overhead projector in that lab either (so we 've been carrying around our own).An issue at the Cancer Center is network speed and reliability. The Outlook server has been going down at the rate of 1-2 a month (perhaps hospital specific?). ONCOURSE is a great resource but I could not have material for my two sections (which appeared as different classes) updated automatically and had to enter everything twice. This survey was very useful in identifying services that are provided in the school and for which we had no idea (our problem not UITS's as we are remiss in searching the websites).Thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback. [IRD]

The campus modem pool is extremely unreliable and there are too many slow modems A systemwide pay for printing system needs to be implemented whereby students are issued quotas which can be used on any campus and units are reimbursed or compensated in some way for the printing done in their locations. Non-affliated users should have to pay for printing in all libraries.

This survey was entirely too long!

This survey was much too long and did not provide individual the opportunity to skip sections that were not relevant. Although we do not have support services at the department level, we do have support services at the school level, yet this was not addressed.

Giving me a 3-page printout for 2 long distance telephone calls seems to be quite a waste. I could do with just the page that lists each call. (I always get a 2nd page for this with nothing but the header on it.)

The only real problems I have with UITS are with Outlook (unreliable too much of the time) and the IU Information Environment (still in development but there is a very long way to go). We also have local server problems (very slow; down several times per week for short periods of work time).

No. Thank you for asking, however.

I have never heard of most of your services and many of them I would use had I heard of them. Generally the people in UITS with whom I have had contact have been (and are) very helpful. UITS continues to be excessively expensive. Several services are provided with little evaluation of benefits.We are now upgrading computers too frequently considering the slowdown of technical progress in software.

Larger email quotas for faculty would be most helpful. We do most of our communication and much of our work via email - employing email to hold virtual meetings, committee discussions and file sharing.

I run out of space much too quickly and, being tenure-track, I need to keep many of my files for an extended period of time. I have experienced the disappearance of archive files so I am not confident using archiving to manage my quota. Saving files to hard drive or shared drive is not a reasonable option either. I need to be able to search all of my email files, in one place, to recall particular messages, files, etc.

The survey was too long.

There is too much presumption that everyone who calls the help desk has some degree of computer literacy. Many of us are computer users but know VERY LITTLE about them and how software and hardware works- this makes us "afraid" of this technology especially when something goes wrong- the help desk staff at Univ and Dept level do not seem to be able to empathize with this fear/concern....

Enable off-line work with e-mail; Block all the daily unwanted adds;

The IU School of Dentistry (IUSD)has spectacular UITS pesonnel. They are directed by [IRD] and his group does a superb job. They have helped me immensly with my research and teaching. I do not have to use many other services from different buildings or people because he and his group can almost do it all and do it well. I think they are GREAT and deserve to be acknowledged!

More classrooms need the advanced technology available. Our phones are not adequate in terms of features. There are delays in returning phone calls because I don't have alight-up notification when a call comes in while I am on the phone. The person who activates the tech classrooms and delivers the equipment has greatly improved this year. Much more friendly and willing to help than in the past.

I receive the notice of grant balance every month via e-mail, but I am unable to see the balance because I cannot register myself into the system. I think that this registration process should be easier to PI. I tried a few times to register myself but not successful yet. This service seems very helpful, since the red-covered printout (monthly reports) is extremely hard to read.

Do not eliminate or reduce dial up service to IU computer network!

This questionnaire is way too long!!! I never heard of most of this stuff, nor am I interested in it.

Voice mail notificaiton has been unreliable for the 4-5 years I've been on campus. Attempts to fix it have all failed and it remains problematic and unreliable.

This is a ridiculously long survey, and I do not care to be badgerd about filling it out as I have been. I received a letter by campus mail and 3 emails. You should keep in mind that my cooperating with your survey desires is entirely voluntary. Unfortunately, this attitude is what I have come to expect from IUTS. Overall, I am very dissatisfied with the computer support I have received on this campus, including rudeness, refusals from the help desk to answer my questions, being directly lied to, and the very slow response time on service requests. I am always told the problems stem from using a Macintosh. I am not the only Macintosh user on campus, and your support for Macs is whole inadequate.

You keep sending me inaccurate telephone bills --since last August. We keep trying to correct them--This is a constant monthly irritation.

I have found the help desk assistants to be knowledgeable and efficient. I've also appreciated their patience while working through computing or access problems with me.

Many people at the dental school have been on Macs, and the IT dept has suspended any real help for Mac users by eliminating the Mac tech. I don't have a good way to get questions answered for my equipment. Fortunately, Macs don't need a lot of support, and I rarely need any help.

I can't connect my pocket PC to the wireless service and can't get help from the help center. Please let me know what should I do about this issue. Thanks.

Would like more info on slashtmp and its capabilities than are lised on its webpage. Thanks

The Oncourse testing feature should be able to import grahics and audio directly into questions.

It is possible to receive e-mails from Japan written in Japanese, but it is impossible to send e-mails to Japan in Japanese. When I need to send e-mails written in Japanese, I go home, and use my own computer connected to msn. I hope this situation would be improved.

This survey was too long

For the question about departmental services, I was thinking of the personnel provided by the School (Liberal Arts at IUPUI), as well as the staff working within my own department.

this survey was too long

The interface with Outlook through the Web is very different from the interface when I am on the network in my office. I suggest they be more similar. I especially would like to be able to read my email via the web and reply to it and put it in folders and have all that reflected when I look at Outlook through the network.

Having 274-HELP available 7 days a week has really helped me with my online classes. It is the best thing in my mind about UITS. I love the support desk for myself and my students. [IRD]

Not nearly enough advanced technology classrooms. My experience has been that communication between different UITS units is poor, for example those who schedule classroom equipment and those who install the software on the equipment.

This survey was far too time-consuming. I have skipped several areas of response b/c I simply did not have the time. Don't tell patrons it's a short survey if it takes 30 min. to fill out.

Try to web out the span. Fix all virus problems at once, rather than sending us multiple e-mail over the course of a month, asking us to make computer changes IMMEDIATELY. When phone lines or data lines are requested, these need to be done more quickly.The people at the HELP desk are outstanding. [IRD] is also outstanding.

You need to get people from your dept to inform all the employees about your services from time to time. Most of the information I have about UITS is from other faculty members and some students who work at UITS. The actual people don't seem to come to us. This would help A LOT!

Better spam protection software required for the iupui emails

The reliability of ethernet jacks need to be improved.

Oncourse is integral to teaching, particularly my online courses. It is inexcuable for problems to be on the horizon and for the faculty to not be warned about it. Problems with the testing software occured during finals this past semester. I later found out that this problem was known, but I was not warned, and my final exam was corrupted. If I had been doing research using this data, I would have been a lot more mad than I already was. If there are going to be problems, warn the faculty, so alternate approaches can be taken. Don't bury your head in the sand!

block spam

My job is primarily research. I am highly dependent on my computer to look up articles, write, and communicate with colleagues. The frequent "down" episodes interfere with my ability to do my work. I am also not happy that I am now receiving medical "spam" at my iupui address.

I mostly interact with my department's IT people. I was not aware of all that you do.

Most of my support come from my department which works very well. UITS has a tendance to change policies without notice. This year the methods for accessing Exchange remotely were changed without notice which took a long-time for me to sort out and had a negitive impact on my ability to work from home. The help desk has trouble with hard problems. On several occasions I have gotten a response which indicates that they don't have a clue and that is where it stops.

If you made this survey shorter, you would get more accurate answers.

Keep up the great work being done, by providing the necessary funding. Thanks.

in this survey you ask overall How satisfied I am after you show me all the things I didn't know you offered... seeing what I am missing makes me more unsatisfied with your marketing efforts. Maybe thats why you send out this survey so we will see what services we are not utilizing enough as faculty, perhaps you should add on the end of the survey web links so I can find out more about the services I didn'tknow you offered

This survey is WAY to long. I didn't know it would take 1/2 hr to complete. Please don't send me another one unless you shorten it.

I guess I am not aware of all your services. I do have a problem with oulook and that is the extraordinary high volume of "Spam" I receive daily. Isn't there anything that can be done? Our departmental liason has told me UITS is working on it but nothing in the near future. The 30 - 50 emails of spam a day are pretty annoying. [IRD]

It's a massive organization dealing with a massive set of systems. The organization seems like the old telephone company (Ma Bell), or maybe even the Pentagon. I often worry that you lose sight of local issues by being so centralized. But UITS has done an impressive job of responding to local needs despite its size

Please improve the e-mail service. Every time I start the e-mail service in the morning my computer hangs up. It takes for ever to enter the e-mail system.

My major complaint has to do with the pagers (SBC Ameritech), which are totally inadequate. In vibrate mode they barely vibrate. In sound mode, it's difficult to hear them beeping if there is any ambient noise. When the batteries get low, the pager starts to emit periodic beeps even when it's in vibrate mode. These pagers are ridiculously bad.

more decentralization is needed. why should everything go to Bloomington before it is processed? This holds all campuses hostage to problems in Bloomington whether they are power outages or viruses. in general anytime a service is moved to a Bloomington server, the overall performance is degraded significantly. the current structure of University IT services gives everything a Bloomington centric bias. system level (university) management of IT services and decision making should be entirely separated from the operation of IT services on the Bloomington campus.

this survey is entirely too long. would it be possible to design it with branch points for people to opt our of whatever segments of the survey they cannot comment upon?

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

E-mail: Great that you are implementing filtering - please leave the "X-Spam-Flag" in the headers. Also, blocking relay to the pagers without authentication should have been avoided as not everyones servers are solely windows based. Edcert is difficult to get scheduals for if you aren't on the main part of campus (Cavinaugh-natatorium-law school-Engr Sci/tech). Media Aquisition: pricey for services provided. Pub/Doc/Dist people are friendly, courteous but a job shouldn't take three to four weeks to print something out in poster size. Distrib and Tech: Polycoms used weren't reliable and appeared to ahve thermal problems with the hardware. Stat/Math is difficult to purchase products through; installation is easy and wonderful. HPSS is GREAT and getting better. USSG needs more competent people - of 20+ incidnets with them, only one was resolved. The rest were "I don't know". They don't have the knowledge to help resolve issues LSPs are likely to face and are usually slow to respond. Keep in mind that these types of questions are very difficult or require the assistance of other UITS services. Activation/Repair of network jacks is too slow and tends to be pricey. I would think it would be more cost effective in the UITS system. Also, how does one figure out the cost of just one data jack? After trying to figure this out, I found out there isn't an easy way to do this. Pagers are cheap, but reliable when they do work. Microsoft products should have had a lot better announcement about the changes to the programs to everyone on campus - a lot of the people in this department were shocked to find the different program in place (cost/validation) and complained about it.

Better telephone equipment. The Vodavi set on my desk has virtually no control of handset volume. Even when set to lowest level it is uncomfortably loud and pretty much everyone in the room can hear the conversation. It might be a good investment to provide the Nortel phones to everyone.

It would be helpful if more STEPS classes were offered in the summer for those who are too busy to attend during the academic year. Some small schools do not have budget for tech people. UITS should be made available and provide this kind of assistance to those groups.

The dial-up service is much improved. I was surprised how quickly I was connected from home.

I appreciate the effort to provide so much. Tech staff at IUPUI are very nice & work hard.

[IRD] and his staff are really fantastic. They are very helpful. I had problems with my department website and they were very helpful. They talked in a language I could understand and were patient with me and helped me get things up and running. They are very useful in educating people like me how to use different kinds of software.

Keep up the good work!

I usually find UITS quite helpful when calling or inquiring about a problem or something we need in the labs.

Overall, I think UITS did quite a good job to make our computing life easier here in IU. Thanks!

[IRD] and her workers are EXTREMELY good at their jobs. I honestly don't know how this place would keep running without her.

You people do a great job !!

I'd like to see an easier process to use the PHP access. Thank you for doing a great job. I signed up for the junk e-mail firewall and am very pleased with it. Thank you for keeping us alerted about viruses and for keeping us safe from them.

I would like to see more high tech classrooms like SL 208.

The Telephone Directory is not updated enough. I use this as a resource and many people are not listed. Also the global email directory has many blank areas or has listed incorrect listings. I don't know who I can contact to make such changes if I have a change. Overall you do a great job! Keep up the good work!

I think the Help Desk is about as good as it can get. They are very capable and follow through until your problem is solved. The SOE technology people are EXCELLENT and responsive at all times.

I'm sorry the survey was far to long, I didn't know what half od the stuff ways, however I am happy that you offer such a wide variety of services

The verizon cell phones are junk and the service is terrible. The pager service is ok but the pagers themselves are junk.

-STC equipment is *slow*. -The new printing system is a major hassle. -Installation and repair of network jacks is like pulling teeth sometimes, especially if the implication is that their equipment is at fault. -The recent wireless network changes have caused widespread outage and created a TON of work for us.

Our Department is an agency of the University. We are off campus and do not have access nor the need to use many of the services described in this survey. Those that we do use have served us satisfactorily.

The IT Support Staff for the IU Cancer Center is phenomenal! They respond to Help Requests in a timely manner, are courteous, and professional (even in difficult and stressful situations). [IRD] is most deserving of a BIG pay increase! He is the best!

The IUPUI SPEA IT HelpNet Team is very efficient and always responds in an effiecient and professional manner. Their team Leader (Management) is exceptionally responsive and knowledgeable.

printing services does not process sub accounts which is a problem in my

I am REALLY glad we have the IUPUI Web Page with the calendar for classes and events etc.

Even with the outages, over all I am very thankful for the network.

IMAX office is useless - Not sure this has anything to do with UITS or not.

I suggest that you stop all the medication and prescriptions e-mails that I get. I get enough e-mails already with my work which demands alot of travel that it's hard to keep up. Also, I have problems receiving new e-mails and it backs me up. For example, I couldn't get to my e-mail for 3 weeks. Now all of my time is taken up trying to get through my e-mail. Thanks

More technology classes are always welcome.

The printed telephone directory is very hard to use. I have trouble finding what I want, especially medical or dental things. I think it may be a problem of organization. I don't know where to look. Academic and administrative numbers are not so hard to find.

more wireless access points with instructions of how to use. My PDA has wireless capabilities and I hardly use it wireless due to the VPN issues

We are off-campus in the Madame Walker Theater building and I mainly call the help desk (274-HELP) which is always very, very helpful. The people are always very friendly and willing to spend time with us on the phone.

This survey was lengthy. I wish I had known up front how long this was. I still would have completed the survey; however, I would have chosen another time to do it.

When I ask for equipment, UITS tells me they will not guarantee any equipment because we are asking for department room coverage not university room coverage. Our studetns are paying for these services. It shouldn't matter that the class is being held in a classroom designated as "ours" or the university's. Specifically, ET 317 versus ET 312.

i wish that the cdr on my computer worked

I think the campus telephone book is the most confusing, inefficient, and disjointed information tool I have ever seen. I think the medical school should be given a section all its own. During the 17 years I have been here my opinion of the telephone books has never changed and many, many people on campus agree with me. PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THEM.

Get the wireless installations completed across the campus, so that wireless truly is available across the campus in all public classrooms and student spaces. We've been hearing the project is done and many public areas of the campus have no signal strength. That's false advertising.

I wish the University would come up with a better purchasing and disbursing system and do away with the safeword cards. There are too many passwords you have to remember for the various programs.

Outlook Web Mail is not very convenient to use except on an emergency basis. - For example, you can't flag items for later and you have to know the person's exact e-mail or 9 times out of 10, the system won't pull up the address (unless it's in your contacts folder). PDDS is very expensive in comparison to other printing companies in the area. Their turn-around time for jobs (and even to return phone calls) is very unreliable.

The 274-HELP line is great, please don't ever get rid of it and switch to all on-line help. There are some problems that you need to talk to someone in person about; i.e. your problem is with your email or the internet, or you need something done for a faculty member yesterday! The staff are always helpful and knowledgable. Phone services staff and our in house computer/tech staff in liberal arts are also excellent. The TOPS system is terrible, I wish there were funding somewhere to update it.

The IU phone book is still hard to locate things in, surely there must be a more user friendly way to organize that book. All my other experiences with IT have been satisfactory.

Please try to make computer training workshops FREE or CHEAPER for faculty and staff.

Overall, I think you do a pretty amazing job, considering the number of service consumers, scope of services you offer and the ever-changing state of the technology available. One of my primary motivations for taking this survey was to offer a response to the UITS newsbit blurb about possible diminished email service: you're victims of your own efficiency and have done a fine job spoiling us.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

It would be very helpful if Insite was available 24 hours a day and if you could add online bill payment to the pay-by-phone service

The UITS does a great job maintaining modern and efficient information technology on the campus. Overall I have been very impressed. There are a lot of things offered that I wasn't aware of going through this survey.

The computer people at the law school need to work on their people skills! I realize that answering questions isn't the most exciting part of their job, but they are our only resource. They could be more friendly; the office can be intimidating! I like the free printing. I think the $500 limit is reasonable. I like the wireless internet.

More printers necessary in the science building computer labs, there were often long waits just for simple printing jobs because three labs had to share one printer. Double sided printing necessary for .pdf files posted by teachers through oncourse. The current system does not allow double sided printing of two-slides/page when the teacher submits the lectures in .pdf format.

THis survery was a waste of time

It seems ridiculous to me that I cannot pay my bursar charges on line. The phone system is obtrusive.

All of the systems are not linked very well (i.e. separate places for information - insite, oncourse, webmail) We should have one place to access personal information and course data. I don't like logging into several different places.

More printers and ones that are reliable!

Wireless networks don't seem to work at all!! Please improve in setting up more wireless points! Furthermore, even the use of ethernet cords to link on to the internet is too slow!! Very disappointed overall with Info Tech's service in such areas.

Keep up the good work!

I believe that the workshops offered are of great benefit to iupui students. Thanks for these efforts to enhance the learning experience and improve student's skills.

I would like to take advantage of some of the free computer classes that are offered on campus, however I live 2 hours from campus. It would be nice to have the classes offered through oncourse or somehow offered on line.

Reducing the funding to IT services is a tragedy and a poor decision (on the part of those who made the decision). If anything we need MORE money because that is the direction education is headed.

Suggestion: When I use webmail to send my e-mail, I do not know if the e-mail is sent successfully or not. So if possible, please notify the user whether the e-mail is sent out successfully or not by displaying a message. Thank you.

There needs to be a [stronger] spam filter on webmail.

OnCourse is worthless. Webmail is a step above worthless. The computers in the law school computer centers are too slow.Otherwise, internet access in law school is great. [IRD] and her crew give great support. We get timely updates about viruses, etc. IUWARE is fantastic. Printing is a little more inconvenient now that we need to use our OneCards, but it is still fast and cheap.

This Survey is too long

I returned to school a year ago after first earning a degree in 1992. Things have changed so much since then! Improvements in computer technologies and tools make so many things better: the convenience of registration, bursar payments, access to audio lectures, and general communication to/from faculty members. The young people today don't know how truly good they've got it! Thanks for all your efforts and keep up the good work!

When I have had trouble with the switch of GCG from Solar to Research SP the UITS staff was helpful but always replied to my questions in "UITS" language. I often had to write back several times to get an interpretation of what they wanted me to do. If you are going to help those of us that just use the databases be prepared to speak our language. I need precise steps- go to this web page, click this icon, log by typing the following. THat would have been more helpful.

WiFi: Great job on adding all the new sites in the past year, but when adding new sites, how about getting the new "g" standard? it would help solve the weak signals at certain locations. WiFi: And regarding location, I check the KB for info on wireless points, but please provide more detail than "Building A". It's frustrating to "hunt" for a strong signal at a site that's supposed to be WiFi enabled.Spam: Is there a service that can block spam from certain domains? a centralized list perhaps? I hate spam (then again, who doesn't). but it's only been recently that I've seen the proliferation in my account. I really don't know what UTIS can do but please help us fight spam. UTIS Lab: Student consultants are loud. I don't mind them having fun or having friends visit or quiet chatting, but often they don't know how much of a distraction they are to the patrons doing work. Knowledge Base: Excellent idea, but please don't stop. I sometimes felt the info wasn't detailed enough, ie, when I was deciding on a wireless PC card to buy (and when it didn't work when I bought it). General: More storage space on email, CFS. Printing: I like the one card system (the wanton waste before the system was unbelievable), but do the consulants have to be such pricks about it? I left my wallet at home once and there were no patrons nearby. Couldn't he have deducted the $0.03 from my account ( or have a system that does)? Overall, however, I've had a very positive experience dealing with UTIS. Also, I've been using UTIS services since undergrad and I appreciate the continuous improvements.

On Oncourse, under the In Touch Section, the forum option does not allow you to quickly open and read messages. One can view them all at one time, but still gets notification that they are unopened and/or unread. This is SOO annoying! Can you find a way to open an entire string of messages at once? Also allow more flexibility for test design and grade computing for professors who teach entire classes online. This is a growing area and we need to be concerned about expanding the flexibilty and scalability of these applications.

I rely heavily upon my iupui e-mail account. When I had not received several e-mails that I'd expected earlier this year, I inquired and was told that there were e-mail problems: some e-mails were not getting through to users. I understand that there will be server glitches, however, at the very least, I would have expected this to be made known to users. Instead, I had to inquire and to this date, don't know which e-mails I never received. Advance notice of the problem could have helped me to prevent this issue.

With the growing number of students attending IUPUI, there needs to a plan in place to keep up with the number of computer & computer sites necessary to accomodate the student population. Most computer labs are full at various times throughout the day, and this would suggest a need for additional sites.

it is ridiculous how long it takes to print power point or pdf documents in the library (sometimes 20 min or more!!!!!!!), last year this problem didn't exist. I have only noticed this since you have started making people sign in and print with their one cards. THIS LONG DELAY IN PRINTING NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!!!! this is my only complaint.

I found posting a website to be very difficult. I have done this several times at other universities with no problem. I consider myself very computer literate, but gave up when it came to this system.

I came here from Purdue. At Purdue, we had every resource under the sun. Here, it is difficult to get any usable software on these old machines. Compared to my previous experiences, this is definitely bottom of the barrel as far as Computing Services goes. Your software licenses are even more expensive than average, and you don't offer the same robust variety as others do.

Printing costs are too high for the medical school facilities and often the equipment isn't functioning properly.

The folks that help with computer problems in the dental school are doing a great job.

The computer systems that I have used at and through IUPUI have helped me tremendously.

The e-mail system was a little hard to get used to, especially because it locks up when you use the back button.

The 2003 IUware CD has some bad links on the antivirus installation section.

Would like access to more journal articles or rather, would like to see more available online through library. Many valuable ones have S*F*X next to them at Ebsco Host, rather than PDF, making them more difficult to acquire for students who live a good distance away and work full time.

perhaps more computer clusters for graduate students with later hours of service


much of the medical school is wireless, but it would be nice if the whole school was wireless. there are a few places i would like to connect, but cannot. also, in the medical library, there are many places that you cannot connect or the connection is weak. the medical library needs more computers. there are many times when you cannot get on one. the LRC in the basement of the medical school needs new computers. it takes minutes just logging on to some of the computers because they are so slow.

Costly Software (like MatLAB) should be made accesible form resisdence/office.

More Computers required for New Media Labs

I apologize for my lack of familiarity with the University Technology Services. For the most part, any technology services I've used here at IUPUI have been very good. I would like to report that in my three years here I only went to a campus computer lab once, and was treated so poorly by the consultant that I never returned. I also ended up dropping the class that required use of the campus computer systems due to this same issue and the fact that the professor was equally of no help.

Sometimes I have felt that the persons who have been managing the computer labs were put out when I had a question or a problem. My assumption was that they WERE COMPUTER LITERATE, even if I was not and they were here to serve. So, all in all, as a person who came to the IU campus still feeling like I was being dragged from a cave, I have to admit that I have learned to use the technology and am glad to have had the op to do so.

I think that IUPUI offers an excellent computer technology service to students. I have enjoyed my undergraduate learning with the aid of computer technology. When I first arrived as a student (and at the age of 31), I was basically computer illiterate. Upon on receiving my Bachelor's degree I have learned a great deal about academics through text books. However, technology played a vital role in enhancing my ability to understand and learn. I could not imagine being a student without the services that IUPUI offers through its information technology services.

send out fliers indicating services available and mehtod of use to students generally.

I never heard of few excellent servies offered by UITS. All those services should be included in the email letters.

One reason why I don't use the computer eservices at IUPUI anymore is because of the recent changes made that make you use your Onecard, as a grad student who is not frequently on campus do to work and other time constraints, I do not always carry my card and therefore cannot use teh computers to print, so therefore I have stopped using them. I feel that I pay enough in fees and if I want to print a few pages then that should be allowed.

I would like to see more wireless web hook-ups in University Hospital. For instance, in the pathology department (3rd floor) are 2 residents' rooms where several resident physicians and PAs have offices. We have to share 2 computers in one room that houses 11 of us and 2 computers in the other room that houses 15 or so. Wireless access would allow us to be much more productive by being able to work on our own laptops rather than waiting for a computer to become available.

Scientific software like MATLAB, Pro Engineer tc should be easily accesible for all departments to use. I was running around trying to get Pro-Engineer installed in my lab (Physics) ...I gave up on that. Also Physics graduate students either have NO computers or are stuck with ancient dinosours. I've given up trying to get us new computers.

The account payment by check online is not updated often enough. I had an additional class added at the end of the drop/add period and the charges were not added to the payment section so I couldn't pay online. The charges were listed in the bursar section at that time. I tried for a few weeks to pay online, but the account balance was incorrect.

This survey was too long

Can junk email be eliminated from my iupui webmail address?

I dont event know what this stuff is. I am not sure why this was sent to me. I go to the dental school and for the past 3 weeks i have had the same problem and I have been to the tech people twice and they still havent fixed the problem.

I would like to learn more about your wireless internet options.

I have experienced online learning from another school--NYU. IU has some similarities but in NYU, you are able to edit your posted work. Sometimes, you forget to post your referrence list or overlooked some errors in your grammar, you can edit right away without you posting your work again. It just is easier that way instead of posting again. Just my thoughts.

Need to make a way to get out of Oncourse mail besides going back to the login page- it is annoying and time consuming.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Maybe the students who are at uits may want to know a little about the word excel software that is provided to us students. Basic knowledge would help.

It would be nice to be able to access insite from oncourse or vice versa. Entering different passwords, etc. gets time consuming when switching back and forth.

Perhaps provide new machines to the Engineering, Science, and Math facilities before the Library. I often find that the library has new computers with people using word and the internet. At the same time people in the ET building are using Pentium II to run ProE and Autocad.

Do not charge for printing. It's not fair that the students should have to pay to print off course materials because the professor only posts to Oncourse. I pay my tuition and technology fees, those should be enough.

Technology assistance and technology in general on the iupui campus is great

I would like to be able to log onto the VPN and Wi-Fi with my PDA which has Pocket PC 2003. I do not believe that is compatible yet.

Overall, When I have used the UITS services it has been helpful and user friendly. Thanks

I personally think that use printer by swipting the student ID is useless, not effeciency at all, it's slow, takes time, and wastes resources. The purpose of using new technology is to help people finish their job quicker, not makeing things complicate.

It would be beneficial if all instructors used Oncourse.

Oncourse is horrible.

UITS needs to work on how to be able to offer hi-speed internet access to students for their home computers because dial-up is too slow!!

This past year I had a serious problem with my home computer and I called uits. They walked me through the problem and I was up and running in no time. I am now a new owner of a laptop and they have helped me more than the company from whom I made that purchase. Thanks for being there 24 hours a day!! I need a service such as you provide. Trouble doesn't only come when there is someone available sitting in a library or somewhere else on campus. Thanks again!!

too many questions on the survey, i would guestimate that nearly everyone that takes this survey wishes they hadn't, so try and find a way to consolidate the questions, we as students have to take enough tests as it is. The last thing college students need is to take a survey that requires so much time and effort to answere the questions accurately. Please take my suggestions to heart. Sincerely, [IRD]

It would be better if you could email other people (faculty and students) through oncourse instead of just the people in your class. We get emails from other faculty but we can not reply to them.

Overall, technologies provided by IUPUI are outstanding in comparison to those available at most other universities. I am generally highly satisfied with the actual machines and software. However I have been at times highly disappointed with the service provided at the computer labs (consultants do not always appear to have the knowledge needed to assist persons with computer problems) and when attempting to resolve computer problems over the phone with UITS (again, some employees seem to lack the proper background, and I have been put on hold for extended periods of time on a few occasions). Aside from the service deficiencies, I am very happy with UITS and would give it high marks in all other aspects.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the services of UITS. If possible, it'd be nice to have more wireless signals on campus, for example in Mary Cable. I have yet to have a problem that UITS couldn't help me solve. Keep up the good work.

Please don't charge for printer paper. It's just not fair.

This survey is way too long!!!!!!!

WEBMAIL needs a in coming and out going addresses for outlook. Its slow. The delete and then purge deleted is dumb.

Overall when it comes to providing students with the tools to obtain knowledge IUPUI does an outstanding job. My only issue with the technology used at IUPUI is with OnCourse. I do not like the FACT that most of my classes rely so heavily on OnCourse to turn in assignments. I have had many issues with OnCourse and the Quant Systems programs. I think that it is terrible when a studentfs grade is negatively affected because of a computer error. For ex. doing a quiz online at home through OnCourse and then it not getting recording in the grade book even though you took it. This has happened to me two times this semester for the same course! I enjoy the availability of the technology and the freedom it allows students and faculty but I also think pen and paper need to remain a vital part of the learning process.

I only strongly dissagreed with the printing because of all the red tape in the way to print pages. It's too difficult for me to use so I don't anymore.

1)The labs that are in the Engineering and Technology buildings on the IUPUI campus need to be upgraded. 2)They also need to change the permissions to all the use of the right click on the mouse button and just disable the options they don't want accessed. 3)Speed up the login process. Currently it is unacceptable compared to the technology and lab fees we pay as students.

I don't like the shut down on insite between 5-6.

Some of the software I use in my classes is only offered in ET 306, it is very annoying that it is not a server registration so you could use it in other labs when there are seats open. 306 is always full with classes and it makes it hard to get your work done. Also there is a need to upgrade more computers in the ET building. Also there could be improvements on how patches are put onto the computers that I use. Sometime buggy software is still on them when there is a patch out there. I personally have had to install the software for my class in a whole lab with my professor so we could have class because CNC would not put it on there. There is just something wrong with that. I pay good money to go here, I should not be installing software in computer labs, so I can get something out of my class!

I do not like the printing process in the labs. I feel that having to scan your ID card is ridiculous. There are times that I need to print someting, and don't have my ID card. I also feel that the paper that is printed before every print job, detailing the account balance, etc. is an absolute waste of paper. Most of the time, I would say, that that paper get thrown away. I feel that it would be better if there was a website or something that a student could look up their balance. With everyone on campus printing, there is way too much paper wasted on this ridiculous way of doing things. I wonder how much money is wasted on this. I know that most of it gets recycled, but it is still a waste of the students' money. I would think that the University would be more money and environmentally conscious. I would like to see this process changed.

Good Job! keep it up guys!!

I haven't asked and I can't find anything on webmail that filters junk mail. I would really like to have the junk mail filtered.

You are doing a great job. I would like to get the local phones back.

Color Printers would be useful for courses that involve publishing term paper, reports, etc. Student organzations and faculty would also benefit to enhance interdepartmental correspondance (i.e. flyers, job postings, photogrphs).

Could you please replace the ancient computers in ET 208 and 216. The files that some of us are dealing with are quit large. Often times, when using the facilities, I have to open 2 or 3 different software packages. These outdated computers cannot handle this amount of data causing the RAM to glitch up. So, the end result is shutting down the computer and losing any unsaved files. This happen to me three times alone last week on three different computers. It is getting to the point that after every thing we do on these computers, capturing a screen or typing a sentence, has to continuously be saved because of being afraid of losing any more documents. If this is your department, you are failing. The support for these labs is terrible. The hardware is even worse. The downstairs lab in the ET building also needs to have Multisim added to the software list. I hope that some attention could be brought to the terrible status of the harware in the labs on the second floor of the ET bulding. The curricula in my major is difrficult enough without having to worry whether the computer will glitch or not.

The oncourse services would be more effective if all professors used them.

IUCare needs to be more accurate. This is what most people use to gauge their progress towards graduation, yet for the most part it is not correct. I know that it is supposed to be used as a guide, however, it can guide some people in the wrong direction.

i live on campus~which may have affected answers

Wider range on the wireless network??

great job

anyway INSITE could be open 24/7. sometimes I cant get to a computer til late at night when program is not available. Thanks

Some of these things i have not used just because its hard to get around on campus and find open areas. Plus when you have your own computing things at home you tend not to spend much time on them at school. But for the time i have spent on them at school everything was good.

Make specific softwares, such as engineering tools like microsoft visual studio.net available in ALL computer labs (library), or allow the download of iuware software onto computers in the library and business lab without administrative passwords.

UITS is excellent. I actually prefer to use on campus services rather than my home pc.

your techs need to know what they are talking about-all of them. I have had to reformat my hardrive b/c of them and their mistakes. Also, repeatedly asking me to take my time to do this survey pissed me off; as if you guys hadn't already taken enough of my time.

I would just like to request a stronger insite like system that would allow access more times during the day, and on Sunday.

DSL or Cable Internet Connections should be provided to students for free just like the current Dial-Up services we have. IUPUI.EDU should be more user friendly. More info on benefits and usefullness of facilities offered by UITS should be advertised or published on campus in order for every student to make use of what they pay for and for the university to make use of what facilities they spend for the students!

Have better lighting in the labs, some of us can not see as will as others. Also have more printers in these rooms.

there need to be more labs like the one in the bus. School p.s. today i went to the lab in mary cable and no one was there to let us in during open lab no sign was posted either

I think that IUPUI needs more computers, because having to wait in line to use a computer, just like having to drive around for 45 minuites to look for a parking spot, is not satisfactory.

Need better printer support over the wireless access network, particularly for OS X.

More instruction about server has what environment. Ex-Oracle database, accessibility to ColdFusion, who to get in touch with Training in Autocad, ASP, PHP, and JSP

In the computer rooms that are available for students, I would like to see more computers up and working. Also, is we can make sure that the computer rooms are staffed at all times in Cavenaugh Hall just in case someone needs assistance. I would also like for there to be more information given out on the location of computer rooms on the campus. For instance, I was unaware that there was a computer room with MacIntosh computers in Cavenaugh which was great to find out because the computer room on the second floor in Cavenaugh is very busy at times. Thanks!

I have yet to to see the IStream work for my psychology class. Others have reported problems but none of them have been addressed.

My biggest gripe is that I can not go directly from Insight to another area. I have to exit and then reenter the college site. I also do not think that after getting into the system I have to enter my password each time I go from one area to another. It would be nice that oncourse is available faster all the time. At times I can't get into it. I would like to see Insight hours extended.

There should be laptops available to checkout for a week or at least 3-5 days...even at IUE there is this service available.