2005 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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I have been pleased with quick responding when I send questions to it help. Oncourse has been a huge plus-and very easy to use!

I have been very happy with all the services provided; never had a problem with networking, web, email, wireless, etc. Most of the time I browse the knowledge base and found answers easily. Only one time did I have to call support services, I didn't have to wait long to talk to someone and the staff was very helpful in solving my problem. The only thing that I didn't like was that I couldn't choose my own username when I first created an account. I have accounts in many other systems and had not seen this before. I wanted to keep the same username as I had in my other accounts, but I didn't have an option.

Thank You UITS! I feel very fortunate to be employed at IUB and have access to all of the wonderful services and supports you provide.

I wanted to say that the service and help I got in my office in [IRD] when I first had my computer and there were several problems, was excellent, and is the single largest factor in my relative satisfaction with technology services here. I was very disappointed, on the other hand, in the assistance available at the office in the Union, where I felt like my concerns were not of interest to the people working there, and when I did receive assistance, it was not very "user friendly" nor did it solve my technological difficulties in the end.

Everyone is doing a good job and the overall service is great, but TLTC is the jewel in the crown for me. [IRD]

I think that technology at IU is very good indeed. But some of the new systems based on Peoplesoft are quite inefficient. The registration system seems inferior to what was previously available. Certainly it is much more time- consuming to use student information systems.

More labs need to be available for class scheduling throughout the semester.

I think that new faculty need a technology orientation of some sort. Maybe not at the beginning but near the end of the first year or later in the first year to find out resources across campus and not just in a particular building. I use a MAC and UITS has been very helpful when my department could not answer questions, I called UITS. UITS were life savers. When I work on research projects, it would be nice to know the resources that I have across campus and not just in my building.

It seems that that with "people-soft" involved in so much of campus computers, I have found webmail and IUIE to run more slowly quite often this year.

Could you make this survey a little more concise?

how can I use the anti=spam services for my email. I access my Shakespeare account from home....is there any difference between office and home. I still get spam. [IRD]

We are in desperate need of more high-tech classrooms, particularly in the mid and small size. In our department we have trouble getting enough rooms scheduled where faculty can teach from their laptop computers.

Overall, I am very happy with the level of service and support for my computer, both research and in the class room. My only complaint is that OnCourse and OneStep seem counterintuitive and hard to do new things, but telephone support is good when this happens.

Webmail isn't reliable - often down.

rely less on windows and internet explorer when building new services

I don't like having to login to the library. There should be an option to directly bookmark and begin with the advanced search page. I'd like to be able to access my groups and address book when using Outlook web access at home. I'd like to be able to search my messages while using Outlook web access.

I find it interesting that you ask SO MANY questions yet none of them deal with PeopleSoft. This system is worthless and should be included in your survey. Your survey was too long and quickly became something I was wishing for an opportunity to provide feedback. PeopleSoft should be eliminated and the way it works with OneStart for students registering classes is awful. These things really do need to be addressed. Start by getting rid of PeopleSoft. When I was a student in the mid 90's it was much easier to register for class than it is now. Thanks for this opportunity.

1. My classroom (JH124) could be better. Often the microphone works poorly or not at all. The screen for projection is different from the screen for the overhead projectors, which is a pain. This year, I could not get any audio when showing something from the web, so I had to hold a microphone next to the small computer speaker! Oncourse is very useful, but having its email separate from IU email makes this feature not useful. Why not set it up so we can use Oncourse to send email (at the regular @indiana.edu addresses) to our students?

The Questionnaire is too long. The choices are too restrictive: very positive or not at all.

The Financial Data Retrieval System has been completely impossible for me to figure out with the information available online, and the queue for telephone assistance is far too long. Therefore I must rely on our very busy office staff to check my research account balances.

I've had constant problems with OnCourse -- particularly the feature that allows students to download files. I've contacted UITS support six or seven times but continue to have problems.

There are still some off campus locations, like Wylie House Museum, that have to use modem dial up service for everyday office computer use. Find a way to provide us with better and faster connectivity!

* Improve the IU website search engine! It is awful! * Improve the IUCAT interface and searching reliability! (Check out Ohio State's library site for ideas.) * Create more computer lab classroom space. It is nearly impossible to schedule a computer lab for a one-time class visit. * Continue work on the e-mail servers. * Make it easier to upload and update. * Develop foreign language support for Oncourse (for languages that don't use Western European alphabets/encodings. * Create more quick-use student computer terminals in high-traffic buildings like Ballantine.

Two things come to mind. This is only regarding the STEPS workshops. With technology increasing in leaps and bounds, understanding how networking works with different OSs is important (such as troubleshooting networking between Windows, Macs and others) as well as security. Security is actually a really big thing as I see it. With such an open environment, the need for security becomes greater and greater.

Shorten this survey. Sigh.

I wish that Outlook and Oncourse would continue at high speed all the time. Problem with sluggishness especially at beginning and end of semesters.

Overall, a great job. Thanks for your prompt attention to technology problems in the classrooms. Students need a greater access to software, especially statistical and mathematical packages, and training for their use.

I look forward to the day when there are plenty of classrooms set up for data projection.

Create a button that allows me to do all the "cannot evaluate" at the same time. I hardly use anything that is not connected to my department or my interset (instightbb).

My wireless connection is always low and never at a good speed. Can this be fixed? It would be good to have people checking overheads in classrooms to make sure they are working. Thanks

sometimes consultants, STC or UITS, don't refer questions and I have to contact multiple times, even if there is a tight time frame (example, replacement of broken CD player in STC classroom at teacher's station)

The reason I am not satisfied with wireless is that I moved my lab from one building to another. My lab had a wireless network - and we did a lot of wireless data transfer etc. In the new building we were told that we could not have a wireless network because that building was not slated for wireless. That was/is pretty annoying.

VPN - dreadful. Access is unreliable. General network problems at Eigenmann - dreadful. Often can't get wireless even in libraries on campus! I have had technology problems on an almost daily basis in one of the so- called technology rooms - including major hardware failure.

I think I have been "randomly selected" EVERY YEAR for this survey. It is confusing, VERY time-consuming and irritating, and if I ever decide I'm not going to fill it out, the reminder emails NEVER stop.

IUCAT continues to be mysteriously inconsistent as a research tool. My compliments to the staff at 5-6789, who have solved numerous problems for me.

I wasn't aware of the presence of many of the facilities that were on the survey. Perhaps some link of the main IUB that helps a person get a comprehensive view of what all is available to them to use (make it only internally accessible though). Overall, I think UITS does a great job! Thanks

I am working outside of the US and therefore have little exposure to IU Information Technology services.

This survey was way too long.

Don't eliminate Pine!!! It's so much more efficient for reviewing and deleting emails. Main limitation is with attachments, but otherwise it is so much easier to use than Webmail or Outlook/Exchange, which are CUMBERSOME and time-consuming. I will be logged on for considerably longer periods of time dealing with email if Pine goes.

Make and distribute paper copies of the course schedule each semester. The information on the courses available is very hard to search and navigate online. I even had trouble finding my own courses using either Onestart or IU Search facility! There is so much stuff on Onestart that I don't use and don't think would ever need. At the same time, I had a lot of trouble finding the services that I really need (for example, clicking on icons where the schedule of IU courses could naturally be located, I could not find anything). It would be helpful to think how to make Onestart more structured and less confusing. Making the starting website cluttered with a large number of links is definitely not a good thing.

Make DSL available through IU with reasonable prices

Oncourse stinks. SSF served my research needs much, much better and served my teaching needs a little better. I am thoroughly unimpressed with Oncourse-CL and would greatly appreciate being able to use SSF again. I have just started exploring using MS Access instead of Oncourse-CL for my extensive research needs. I think it is abominable to not provide faculty with a choice and force them to use Oncourse, especially given how bad it sucks.

Ability to have library including audiovisual materials and resources delivered directly to office.

The consultants at 855-6789 are great! The people in the Oncourse office (Lawson, Julovich) are also great and are always helpful. Oncourse needs some improvements and I look forward to the new version. On-line rosters are great! I do miss the printed class schedule and catalog of classes, but I am fine with the on-line version. It just takes a while longer to find what I want to fine. I hate OneStart. I haven't figured it out and try to avoid it. My strongest complaint right now is how difficult it is to get course enrollment info during the registration period. It's nuts that I have to subtract 2 numbers to see how many students are enrolled in each of my classes. Very cumbersome! Thanks to whoever figured out how to get the detailed grading info on-line (where you can get %A, %B, ... for any class/prof). That info is very useful. I am sure whoever is working on this will improve the formatting for easier printing, but at least the raw data are available. Onions to whatever/whoever made it necessary to drop this info from the internal grade transcripts!!! Students need this info!!!

Searching the IU homepage for information was better before the "new" homepage a year or so ago, whatever changed about the search engine...now you often go 3-4 pages deep before you realize you are in the wrong place. One start is bad from every perspective...times you out during registration for no reason, hard to navigate, not intuitive to navigate either. Please update the hours for computer labs. Make spam filter for webmail more like Mac mail where you can mark things to be filtered in the future. Overall though, computer support and service very nice here, staff helpful and knowledgeable

this survey is too long.

UITS is a catastrophe. Worst academic computing environment I've encountered anywhere and the least responsive. Reliability, speed and services are a disgrace.

The library website is difficult to find information on and request books from. I don't like having to log in in a separate window (which erases screen) when I've found a book that I would like to request from IUCAT. I also haven't been able to reserve a book that is ordered but not yet come in. I do love the e- journals. I really like the design of the website at Monroe Co. library and suggest that you switch to something similar. I've had a lot of trouble requesting and understanding help from e-mail or knowledge base. Sometimes the language just isn't clear, or a more general intro is needed. Last year, I was trying to set up a listserv for my class where the addresses would be hidden and I couldn't figure it out. I had to get help from the computer person in our dept. I've had a difficult time getting a working PowerPoint projector that works for my teaching, and a lot of the classrooms in Jordan Hall have bad lighting. I do like it that the TV/VCR combination is always available and easy to use. I would like to be able to get a course roster with e-mail addresses of students from OnCourse. I had to go to a departmental secretary to do it from her Excel list. Entering grades online was easy this year. I really like using e-reserves for my classes, but sometimes people scanning literature in messed up and didn't check (like scanning in every other page). I really appreciate reserves being put on line so quickly, and students seem to like accessing this way. I haven't yet been able to use the Spam remover on Pine, and didn't find info on Knowledge base, and the instructions on UITS monthly newsletter didn't work. I still just delete by hand because it has taken too much time to figure out. I use Mac and would like more programs for it to download. I especially would like to be able to get SAS cheaply.

1) I would take more advantage of classroom technology if it were reliable: I had 4 lectures disrupted last fall by equipment or network failures: this is unacceptable. There should be an "early-warning" system in place so that lecturers have some advance notice if the equipment or network in their classroom is not operating properly. 2) Webmail and IUCAT are badly designed: slow and clunky. These are both key information gateways, and should be much more streamlined than they are at present. 3) Utilizing IT resources is only worthwhile when they are more efficient than the system they are designed to replace. Example: I concluded it was not worth the effort to have my large collection of slides digitized, because the staff kept saving them on disk upside-down and backwards (although the correct orientation is indicated on all the slides).

Make sure that alarms and backups are in place so that a room overheating does not make an entire email server go down again. Make student rosters easily downloadable into an Excel spreadsheet. Make it easier for two instructors to access the same course on Oncourse

Better phones-always going in and out of service. Internet constantly down.

We need a voice mail system that is a lot more intuitive and easier to use, especially for temporary out of the office messages.

I am disappointed that kinks in wireless service for PDAs has not been ironed out yet.

IU Knowledge Base is great. The search function on the IU web pages always seems strangely unhelpful, sometimes downright bizarre. I wish voice mail were available for all faculty office phones.

More contracts with software companies to provide low cost software to the university community. Especially for Mac OS.

The main reasons for my less than rave reviews are that very very often in the last few months I've been unable to get into web mail (from my campus office) - - sometimes several times a day there's a connection failure. Very frustrating and counterproductive. No one I reached by phone offered any useful advice. Additionally I had all kinds of problems with Oncourse and it took quite some time to find the right person to help resolve my difficulties.

HPER Computer technology services staff have been outstanding

We need folks who understand the Mac.

I would be very happy if there were not the following very worrisome problem: if somebody sends me a "forbidden" file (such as a zip file) then it simply is zapped. Neither the sender nor I know of this. This gets me into trouble time after time. I wish t

The entire OneStart, SIS, peopleSoft world is just very unfortunate--terribly slow and rigid. I am very pleased now to be able to submit grades on-line: we've waited a long time for that. My only other concern is the reliability and slowness of the network in Sycamore Hall, where I work. Other than these problems. I am grateful to be at a university with such a great technology program. Good job!

Although I would like to use the UNIX services more in my research (running SAS), I have not found good guidance as to how to go about doing so. I would like to be able to use X-windows to interface with the UNIX system.

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thanks for working so hard to make IU the best IT campus.

I have found that the help desk (both phone and IT help) have tried hard to understand my questions and to direct me.

We use a Kate account for listserv announcements to thousands of alumni. Would like fancier, more sophisticated and interactive way of communicating with alumni. Also would like to someday soon be able to create/extend the life of user accounts to remain in contact with alumni for life without having to maintain ever-changing email accounts.

Resources needed to modify PeopleSoft systems until they can provide the level of service previously available in student advising systems and information environment. Modifications needed so that the "extra" time needed to navigate in Peoplesoft is diminished and so that the physical toll of multiple clicking is reduced.

LOVE PINE! Can't it continue? WEBMAIL is very clunky

Delays in accessing data from Outlook Mailbox-6 are frequent and annoying.

People Soft is the biggest mistake ever made by 'the powers that be' at Indiana University. The People in Charge of the Ivory Tower certainly did a great disservice to their university community with this series of computer programs. Evidence of the foo

I feel very fortunate to work at IUB where IT is so important and so well maintained!

We need non-timesharing systems to do our science.

I consider IU's technology services a valuable fringe benefit and it's great to work in a place that's so state-of-the-art. Keep up the good work.

When using the wireless network with my laptop here on campus I find that my connection gets dropped frequently.

Consultants respond quickly and effectively when I email a question.

I was recently involved with an online conference where a mute button was needed on the telephone but did not have one.

This survey is much too long!!!!

FDRS works well and I have always been able to obtain the information needed. IUIE is not user-friendly, slow, difficult to use, and I simply do not like it. Until January 2005 I was able to use my laptop and cell phone to dial into the IU modem pool to access FIS and HRMS while out of town. Since January 2005 I can access everything except FIS. I am timed out before the connection is made and absolutely no one my technical support person has contacted has been able to explain why this has happened or offer a suggested solution.

I like the services that retain the human mediated aspect. Many of us ask multilayered questions or execute tasks requiring complex thought processes. At times it is much more efficient to be able to ask another human a question than work through an aut

no comments, everything is working fine!

The amount of SPAM I'm getting is creeping back up, even with the filter. When UITS first installed the anti-span device, it cut the number of transmissions received by more than 75%, but I'm now getting a few more each month. Maybe it's time to revamp. Thanks for your fine service in all areas.

Make webmail more user friendly - more like Outlook. I get frustrated because I can't figure out how to do simple functions, like add a new folder. Or, if I do figure it out, it takes me a very long time of trying various things when Outlook makes it very clear.

For whatever reason (and my fiscal officer has explained this to me) my small department has no computer service provider. I have some problems that can not be solved over the phone. I have resorted to the kindness of people from other departments to "volunteer" their time. It is very inconvenient. I do not know who has made the decision to keep our small center out of the loop, whether it is within UITS or not.

In general there has been a marked decrease in network reliability. The IUIE is a major problem - decision support is moving backwards under this UITS model. Lack of timely refreshes is causing office to suffer major productivity losses. Blaming functi

I have had various levels of success with UITS personnel (some going out of their way to help me, some seeming irritated and just referring me to the Knowledge Base) but overall I have had more positive than negative experiences with them. Things are up and working most of the time and that is really all we can ask. Sometimes things just break and we have to be patient!!

Peoplesoft applications are slowing everything down. IUIS performed the same functions at higher reliability, data integrity. All we got out of Peoplesoft was a migration from a main frame to a web interface/client server network. Truly this system is at its most fragile state ever. Was the architecture ready to support such a dependence on intranet VRS mainframe?

Overall, I think that UITS provides great services to the students and staff at Indiana University. As an employee of the Libraries, I am excited to see all of the new services being provided for students and staff such as the printing of large banners, the Information Commons open 24 hours a day, and I'm glad that the university is making student concerns about technology availability a top priority at the Libraries.

UITS provides Data Management Support (DMS; dms@indiana.edu) services (consulting and instructional support for databases, spreadsheets, remote sensing, and geographic information systems) to users. How satisfied are you with the quality of this service? A better way to market these services -- I hadn't heard of them

Shorten the time it takes to get passwords for new employees. I've always found consultants to be very helpful. I haven't needed the service lately, but in past years it was invaluable. Offer more Mac classes.

As an IU staff member, I find the services UITS provides to be extremely helpful to both my job and personal technical uses. However, if I can point to one thing that is extremely troublesome it would be the number of outages we experience. I know most of the outages are short in duration, but none the less I cannot remember ever working in the corporate world and having even one system outage. Outages of some sort seem to happen weekly and seem to be an acceptable way of doing business. One outage in particular occurred early in February where we were down for a few hours in the morning. As I recall this was due to network maintenance that went wrong. I guess my question would be, why are we doing such maintenance so close to normal business hours (7:00 am)?

FIS received a low mark simply because there is one feature to which no one can explain why I do not have access. Purchasing/Accounts Payable received a low mark because it is an OLD SYSTEM (TOPS) that often messes up and is not compatible with FIS so I have to reenter information into EPIC and FIS after entering the same information in TOPS.

The support staff for each school, i.e.: SPEA, should be receptive to each office's needs. If an office require something to be done to better their office, and do most of the grunt work to get there, only requiring a computer support staff to activate it, the support staff should do it without a problem. As a professional staff member at IU, I would not create anything that would cause problems for the school or IU as a whole. But the computer support staff does not seem to trust my office's capabilities, and that is what is frustrating to work with.

SIS PeopleSoft are downers

There are several things on this survey that I did not know existed. Maybe you should make the services better known like the Media services.

Why can't we dump the expensive phone network and switch to voice over IP and a gateway to the phone network?

administrative systems are still clunky, but are on right path toward a more job function / user centered focus. Overall, UITS staff have been very friendly and helpful-- like they really care about the users. A very impressive organization you can be proud of...

Great Job, Keep up the excellent work!!

Provide a seminar which explains all the programs that you just went thru. Particularly for professional staff, this type of seminar should be a requirement. I am sure it could be an entire day.

I've been using the IU computing environment since 1992, when I was a freshman. Now, as a staff member, I am very pleased with how UITS has kept apace with IT developments, and has improved services over the years. Thank you for all of your hard work!

There seems to have been recurring problems with the server (including Outlook, OneStart, internet) in the past 2 months. My job is focused primarily in OneStart (SIS) and when it's down, I'm unable to complete projects in a timely manner. Within the

I do not like that PINE is discontinuing, because my job is severely time constrained and PINE is much faster to use (i.e., send, save to folders, search, delete) than other available e-mail clients at IU. Also, IU should support PINE by upgrading to cur

Keep up the good work.

I work FT for the university as well as being a student. At work I have an ergo keyboard, when I use the computer labs in Lindley hall to do student work, I can never find ergo keyboards. Perhaps the ability to change out the keyboards, if one can do so, should be advertised more.

There's been a lot of down time this year. We're so dependent that it completely shuts us down. Resolutions have been quick, but I hope you can reduce the frequency. Thanks for everything!

Overall, the consulting is great, the facilities are great. Please continue to try and make PeopleSoft something that we can actually use instead of work around.

UITS needs to provide more early (with a few hours) information on email problems. Due to the complexity of email, problems are sometime difficult to diagnose so sharing this information is very helpful. The blocking of incoming email before January 13, 2005 comes to mind.

Better VPN connectivity

Peoplesoft is a travesty of an implementation of a key data system. It has consumed vast resources with no end in sight, and no honest accounting of the real total dollar cost in positions and lost productivity and added staffing costs. The end user navigation is a click and point nightmare of wasted keystrokes. Search functions are almost useless. Data entry time requirements have increased by an order of magnitude or more, requiring hiring part time help, who increase data entry errors. All outputs must be audited DAILY, manually and programmatically. There are inadequate business rules and enforcement of same on data entry across the board. The IUIE is a disaster. Refreshes of data cost this university from one to four hours every morning while staff sit waiting for data groups to refresh for reporting. Last week key data groups were not available until one day until 11:00 and the next day noon. The IUIE is useless for serious data extraction, SQL programming via DSS is required. This is as it should be, but performance is awful, because so many of the views are so heavily layered and poorly optimized with inadequate indexes, because there is not enough time to build them, that the simplest of queries requiring the simplest of joins can literally run for HOURS to get just a small subset of data. The backend infrastructure is so inadequate that users are instructed never to do wild card searches, because if 10 or so users did, it literally can (and has) brought the system crashing to its knees. The authentication services are a model of unreliability. It seems not a day goes by but there are periods of inability to login and authenticate to multiple services. "System administrators quickly restored service" has become the punch line to a million black humor jokes university wide. Throughout the past year UITS programmers were clearly putting code that had not been adequately tested and vetted into production under pressure by management. The result has been massive e

Communication and coordination between UITS and DSL service providers is still murky. Student IU email addresses should be recorded in SIS. Units responsible for email addresses and ID photos are too controlling.

Since many of do work at home and have personal computers at home that we use for work. It would be nice if we could even (fee based) assistance for UITS about how to set that up better. Additionally department consultants would be nice for departments that are not big enough for a real IT person. We wanted to pay a consultant to come in an look at how we use Outlook in our office to see if it really makes sense, but UITS does not offer that service. There is so much IT stuff out there now, it would be nice of have a service that helps departments understand how best to use everything and how to determine what it really needs.

Good job. Keep it up. Thanks for considering my input.

PeopleSoft needs to be junked and replaced--continual problems, meltdowns, too many changes in IUB services and procedures mandated by the software.


I am a Mac user and somewhat off campus. The Mac technical support is not very good at IU. Many times the e-mails I get from IU, I cannot link to the sites because I am on a Mac. We recently switched to OS 10 and had several font problems. We have an in-house IT person, but when he is out or unable to answer our questions, there is really no one available at IU to come over to our site and troubleshoot with us. We are divided in our dept between PCs and Macs. I can call and have someone try and walk me through it, but that is not always easy to do. Because time is very important, spending it trying to trouble shoot or talk to someone over the phone is not very convenient. I wish IU had better Mac support and more people available to do on-site help or trouble shooting. Especially when Macs upgrade to new systems.

This survey was too long.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Thank you for your support. The IU Wireless is very helpful to me. [IRD]

Internet connection has been unstable and I had some trouble to use computer. I couldn't find out right place to use computer at school, because a lot of computer classes scheduled in there. I need some programs for research but I am not allowed to get it free because it is just provided to professor or steps only.

One of the consultants at the Library helpdesk told me I should get my parents to buy me a new computer... I didn't find this impressive or helpful, especially as a self-funded graduate student. The things I utilize and appreciate most about UITS are the printing ability and the availability of workstations around campus.

Support staff at the School of Optometry are outstanding! They are always there to help and find solutions to any problem.

You guys are great!!!!

one start totally sucks. I went to undergrad here and the on-line registration that just started the year I graduated was much more user friendly. Now I am in graduate school two years later and it is a mess. A complete step backwards. I am honestly surprised that UITS would do something like that based on their past record of helping students. Seriously - it's awful.

IUB has far and away the best technology I have seen on any campus, being from Massachusetts that means a lot. Keep up the good work!

IT here is the best I've ever had to work or learn with, please keep it up!!! Thanks!

I wish webmail didn't go down like it has. I'm on Ariel and losing it for a couple days was horrible. I like CFS a lot- it is great. UITS helpline is really awesome; especially that it is 24 hours- that helps A LOT

About thirty percent of the time when I am trying to use IUCAT I experience long delays and even timeouts. This has happened to me in various campus settings (Main Library, Student Building) at different times. This happens way too frequently. IUCAT is an extremely important resource--I am not sure why there are these consistent delays. This is a real problem and has been a problem for a long time for anybody who is doing research. This just seems to get worse and worse and worse.

1. I not sure this is the right forum, but I would like to see the print allotment increased, at least for graduate students. 2. Again, while I am not sure this is not the proper forum to offer this thought, I wish the Bursar would accept online credit card payments. 3. Lastly, I just want to say that Oncourse is an exceedingly useful tool for instructors. I began using it a few semesters ago and each semester I find myself incorporating it more and more in my teaching.

We need more space for webmail, more like 100 mb instead of 20 mb.

The printer in the law school always jams because IT has it set to automatically print dual-sided. If you had it set regular it may use more paper, but it would save a lot of headaches.

Keep Pine for email. Improve "log-in dead time" for webmail. Increase quota for email. Provide REALLY reliable network connection.

I would like to see a Webmail option of spam-protection and maybe a site where you can go and report spam-mail so it can be blocked from the current and future indiana.edu accounts.

1. One Start requires too many clicks from the main page. 2. One Start is still not complete. 3. People Soft is unreliable, inefficient and it makes you do more work than necessary. 4. The people that I interacted with at UITS account desk in the basement of the Union were unfriendly and unable to answer my questions. It was as if they were on mind-altering drugs or something. 5. My biggest gripe with UITS is that they overcomplicate things and add too many steps for processes. Reduce clicks and reduce interactions!

I understand that IU has rated very highly in terms of technological innovations for universities. I can see why, because there are a great deal of support elements available to students. At the same time, I am very dissatisfied with the usability of technology. As a distance education student, Oncourse is my primary connect to my instructors and peers. Oncourse continues to be an absolutely terrible interface. Vital communications functions, such as chat and message board, are absolutely pitiful in comparison to other products that serve the same function in common use. I could write several pages on the problems Oncourse causes in my learning efforts. There is no excuse for the tools in Oncourse being as difficult to use as they are. There has been one occasion when I had to call the UITS help desk over the past year, and it wasn't a very pleasant experience. My keyboard was behaving strangely with Word, and I spend 40 minutes on the phone with a consultant before we had to completely remove and reinstall Word, which did finally fix the problem.

I'm in Memphis now on internship, and I really miss the accessibility to such a wired campus. The rest of the world (at least the people in Memphis) are WAY behind IU's level of technology and support. The support center is excellent, and I used it often while on campus.

No; generally speaking, I am satisfied with UITS services.

I use Project Muse through your library connections and wish that it was easier to initially connect to. Once an individual computer is prepared to connect to this service, it's very easy, but the initial connection is more difficult than seems necessary.

It would be nice if students had a place to deploy web and database applications, especially for research purposes.

Peoplesoft seems to be very problematic. It needs to be revamped.

Wireless access for ALL graduate carrels in the East Tower/Main Library,

1) Could make Onestart load faster by removing background gifs 2) Could remove confusing links with same or similar names in Onestart 3) Could rectify the credit-debit issues in bursar services at Onestart 4) Could increase the printing quota on UITS machines for graduate students

"I have two major complaints: 1.) For a long time, webmail access has been inconsistent and has not performed to expectation. At some times of the day, it is difficult or not possible to log on, and even if one does get logged on, it may be impossible to read or send messages, or it takes a very long time to get a response from the servers. 2.) Wireless access in the law school library continues to be problem for me in terms of connecting and maintaining a solid connection. As a result, I decided some time ago to forego using wireless altogether while at school.

You need to have a 24-hr accessible information system. The system has changed from Insite to Onestart, but the flaw remains. There has to be some kind of real-time backup of files so that ALL services are available, always. There should never be "downtime" where students are unable to access important information. I came from Ohio State two years ago, and it appears that your system is still behind OSU. If I wanted to pay my bursar bill at two in the morning on a Sunday, I could- no problem. Increase convenience! Other than that, I've had no problems with the services here.

I am a doctoral candidate in the School of Music and have not actually been in residence in Bloomington since August 2002. Thus my "cannot evaluate" responses generally reflect the fact that I no longer live in Bloomington. I have taught at two universities since that time, however, and by comparison the UITS at IUB is superb. Thanks!

There should not be any talking on phones in the computer terminals.

Where are the 24-hour computer labs?

I always appreciate the helpful attitudes and knowledge of the ITS phone consultants.

When there are problems, *content* is usually the issue for me, not tech services. I always have had good, quick, helpful responses from help desk support. I think UITS does a pretty fine job overall. A few troubles or 'complaints' 1. My Pine address book is not accessible in webmail. 2. CFS can only upload 1 file at a time and the limit wasn't very big last time I tried using it. 3. Oncourse storage for large files (PowerPoint for lectures, for example) is not always reliable, it can be difficult to upload.

I am an international student who arrived here with zero talent on how to use computers. I have gained enormous skills and knowledge from the STEP classes, to the point that research papers that took me months to write due to ignorance on how to use technology like 'endnote', MS Word and so on; I now take very few days to write these papers. My anxiety and stress level about schooling in America has gone almost to Zero level. I can now spend more time with my children and husband because I do not spend hours and hours in the library for months working on papers or assignments. This confession may not make sense to those students who grew up interacting with computers. But if your first encounter with computers is here at IU and in graduate school; being able to interact with computers is a great break through for me. My suggestion is that you guys need to upload a software to help those without typing skills to learn. I learnt typing two summers ago before beginning my doctoral program and it is so amazing how it has enhanced my speed of typing the papers. I am pretty sure that foreign students will be happy to learn how to type coz most of them do not have typing skills. Let me know if you want more information about my experience with computers. I also have to say that the guys working in the STEP program are very nice and willing to help those who are not getting what is being taught.

I did not know about the availability of Outlook for us to use till this semester which is my last semester. Looks like more communication is needed. I did not know of some of the services provided.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with technology services and systems at IU, however I much prefer the Insite system to OneStart. The original system was easy to use and had the services that I found useful.

Please send us more information that UITS offered in campus.

The webmail system goes down more than I would like. Also, in the classroom, I have really poor connectivity with my laptop to a wireless connection.

When using Outlook Web Access, wish there was a way to spell check, and easier access to email addresses of those you have sent emails to in the past. When using the real outlook it's great and very user friendly. However, when using exchange its much less user friendly. The students that work in the labs are great and very helpful. A great job for them, and a great way to make everything run smoothly in the labs. Feel like once you log into the Central Authenticating Service, you should not have to log in again, if you want to go from OnCourse to OneStart. Maybe you have to for more security, but always having to type in password. Run a deal for I-Core students when printing their cases, as they need them to be in color and several copies. This would allow them to stay on campus, and would also generate some cash for UITS.

better printer paper?

The VPN drops my connection a lot. Is there some way to fix this? Another concern is the inconsistency regarding what tech services does and does not do to assist students with computing issues...

There should be more options for foreign fonts in computers at libraries.

As an instructor, Oncourse could be more user friendly. For instance, sortable columns when looking at student activity level and usage. I think some focus needs to be placed on improving the usability of Oncourse.

When you type a title or other descriptor into IUCAT and then specifically search for matches under that descriptor it NEVER is the first thing listed. The search gives you something weird that isn't even related. Also the new Library website is annoying in general. I use a lot of on-line search engines and I can't bookmark these b/c they don't have their own "start" page but go directly into a password-page, so every time I got through them I have to click through 3 or 4 pages to get what I want. You should do some more consulting with grad students who use these research tools in order to streamline things more.

Why are you taking away Pine? What savings are gained? For some people, Pine is better than any other email server because its simple and text-based, none of that fancy graphics that waste time. Why can't we have a choice?

The Computer Music lab requires more space, hardware and software.VGR. A recording cabin. There is not sufficient computer music software at the Music library to continue working there (Peak or Sound Forge, Absynth ...) The Jacks for headphones in a number of PCs are broken or in bad shape, they have noises, sometimes is difficult to hear well variations, there are broken links or works that were replaced. The IUCAT should have better tools to search within a selected subject: VGR. Bach> keyboard music>Well tempered clavier instead of thousands of entries were articles, CDs, DVDs, scores etc come at the same time. Normally I search for score and sound recording.

1. I love IT training. 2. OneStart is not reader-friendly at all. Insite was much better. The design of portal is very confusing, and I cannot back and forth sometime in OneStart. 3. Email frozen about a week (last semester) made me so hectic.

The OneStart system is clunky and misdirects or misleads information to students...it needs usability studies of human interaction to improve its usefulness, as well as a thorough needs assessment of its purpose. Far to often, other locations of the campus departments have to be accessed to resolve the accuracy of what is on OneStart...particularly concerning how the schedule of classes is made available.

I think that IUCAT is a very poor system. It is cumbersome to use, and it does not search well. I have tried to find books I know exist, but IUCAT has been unable to come up with the title and call number. Eventually, I have had to search the shelves myself to find the books. If this is the case with books I know exist, how many books does IUCAT leave out when I do a keyword or subject search on IUCAT? Other than IUCAT, I have been quite happy with the technology services at IU.

Webmail is often very slow. I hope UITS can improve upon the present system.

If you can spend the time and effort to send an email bashing and threatening a student for missing a technology class--making them wish they'd never signed up--then surely you can send an email giving a 72 hour pre-class notice, with option to cancel!?

My experience with technology has been very positive. The strongest element in my opinion is the wide variety of software offered by IU Ware and at academic discounts. The telephone consulting service is essential, but sometimes the level of expertise among consultants varies greatly. I can ask the same question at two different times of day and get completely different levels of knowledge. Webmail is a pain to use over a dial-up connection because it has to reload every time you delete a page of messages. Then it has to reload AGAIN after you purge them. Also, the screen goes back to the first unread message instead of to the last message you were on, so you have to scroll down and down in order to get to where you left off. In PINE, the message simply receives a "D", and you are asked only at the end to confirm deletions. You don't have to reload the page after every single deletion. Plus, you can scroll down message by message instead of page by page without having to reload every single time. This is so much more convenient!!

I have found the OneStart system *very* disappointing and very difficult to use. IUCAT can have surprisingly slow response times.

Keep up the great work!

Please revamp the IU library catalog. It's the worst at any university that I've used in this country. Onestart is annoying and graphics heavy. I dislike the new system and find it cumbersome.

Although, the degree of my satisfaction is to the higher side, I strongly believe the survey was very tedious. The questionnaire was unnecessarily lengthy. I would appreciate if the questionnaire is precise so that we can save some time. Thanks,

It's fantastic to have such advanced and diverse technology services available!

Generally, I am satisfied with all IU's services except some services that I am not familiar with them.

Students pay upwards of $300/year for services provided by UITS. Often times, I find myself questioning whether that large amount of money is a fair fee when it is weighed against the numerous problems students encounter with the systems over the course of the semester (times the network is down, email servers down, etc). I would have given a better evaluation primarily if this was not the case. Also, each time I've contacted UITS or IT Accounts about things, it often takes too long for an adequate response (often more than 2-3 days). Once again, if students are expected to pay such a large amount of money, we should also be allowed to expect superior service. The fee we pay is rather large when compared to other universities, therefore, the service we receive should also be better than average. Finally, I have called the UITS support line (855-6789), and never once was I greeted in a cordial way. The people who work on the other end of that number are often rude, impolite, unhelpful and pompous. They often convey the attitude "you should already know the answer to that", or "if I know it, so should you". That leaves the client (students, staff, faculty) with the feeling of worthlessness after calling. Please improve your customer service and the attitude of those who answer the phones. Thanks for your time in reading my responses.

1) Help Knowledge base, combined with consultants can solve most of basic how-to questions that I have. I have had several difficult troubles in the past, some in the past year. With those, even consultants have limited amount of knowledge. When I ask questions, make suggestions, or report problems, the response is reasonably quick and the level of service is good. Though some troubles are incomprehensible and/or unsolvable, I have confidence in UITS' expertise and professionalism.

2) Service software/systems I have found IUCAT, Webmail, Oncourse, OneStart having some rooms for improvements. I occasionally made suggestions or reported troubles. I don't know how much of this is about UITS, but the current division of functions among OneStart, InSite, Oncourse, and Post'em are quite confusing and messy. I hope almost all the basic tasks could be performed without reading a manual, without spending long time, relying mostly on general computer literacy, logical guesses, and trial& errors. IU Ware, Knowledge Base, and some other services/systems are quite useful. Library database search is getting more convenient, and that helps really a lot.

3) Attending IU When I first came here to attend my master's program, I had no idea what to expect from an American University's computing environment. When I decided to stay for the PhD program, computing environment was a positive factor.

No, thank you.

The Library research technology is horrible. Why can I search for journal articles that are not available to me?! I understand that there is an inner-library loan system, but it should be indicated more visibly on the initial search. I hate searching journals and being taken to 3 different locations before I can actually know whether or not the article is available!

Very good.

The computers in the music library are unbelievably slow and need some serious work. Or maybe they should be replaced. I have found the people that assist me at UITS to be the kindest, most helpful people ever. They never make me feel stupid for asking questions and are very patient. I appreciate that more than they know.

I just started pursuing my Masters degree at IU in the fall. I work full time and am rarely on campus. I do not use many of the computer services on campus provided by IU because they are incontinent. My roommate is a Computer Science major and he helps me with most of my computer problems. I recently purchased cable internet services, but before then was using IU dial-up services. The dial-up service worked most of the time but was very slow and would kick me off when the phone rang. I understood this because the system is very crowded by users. I think using Onestart for registering for classes is very confusing. I do like it however for making electronic payments on my Bursar account.

Keep up the good work :)

You guys do a great job... keep it up!

Compared to my undergraduate institution the email service here is

I have had severe problems with e-mail delivery in the past two years. Messages sent from IU accounts frequently do not reach me in my Insight account. Also, I am disappointed with the implementation of SIS and Onestart. Many services, most notably the ability to print unofficial transcripts, were shut down on the old INSITE system and never brought back online in SIS.

Whatever you do to improve the system, let's hope the changes aren't as drastic as in the past year. Use the platform you have now and improve on it rather than continually change to new ones. Also, it would be nice to see how our tech. money is being used. Disclosure of our public tuition funds in your department is necessary. Work on the attitudes of the UITS staff. Often, many are surly or arrogant, rather than understanding and helpful. This isn't a contest. We know you guys are the experts. We just want help. And in cases where the assistants aren't any more knowledgeable than the customers, it seems training within UITS would be a good thing to bring the overall level and uniformity of expertise up. Also, periodically check those 1,500 jacks for functionality, many don't work, reducing that impressive 1,500 number to something far less. Also, make the lines clearer upfront about what you can and can't help us with (i.e. software vs. hardware problems). And don't make it seem like you are giving us such a great deal with these comp. manufacturer "deals" when we can often find cheaper packages online!

Is there a way to change the name on the global address book, that isn't the official name in the Bursar. I want my official name to be on my transcript, but I go by my middle name, and I want that name to show up every time I send and e-mail, not my first name.

I found the computer consultants in labs like Lindley Hall or the School of Music were often not very helpful and knowledgeable. They should be better trained.

I have used the computer services a lot. I find the 5-6789 help number especially important. I use it a lot and have almost always gotten good help. (The only problem being that I am MAC user primarily and there is often no help for MACs on the weekend. The telephone services aren't so good. I don't use it for long distance because there is much flexibility on calling plans (unless that has changed). As a BUSINESS system, you couldn't choose outside the system for long-distance plans. I get frustrated with the monopolistic stuff, even though I know if gets us great savings. I don't feel comfortable with Microsoft and Dell having monopolies (I know they aren't seen as such) on campus. Also, I was frustrated when you stopped supporting Corel Suites (although since they apparently stopped creating new stuff for MAC, in the end it didn't matter. But OVERALL, I have always had good experience with the COMPUTING side of UITS (slightly less so with the telephone side). Everyone has always been polite and helpful and the systems are phenomenal.

The IU dial-up modem pools are awful. Myself and others I've talked to are frequently disconnected after only a few minutes for no apparent reason (that is, if a successful connection is made in the first place, which is infrequent) online in SIS.

Why does one-start look so unmanageable, and why are there time restrictions about when I can look at my grades. Why can't IU get any good deals on hardware, I am looking at buying a new computer and IU is the most expensive place around.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Certain labs on campus require more computers, i.e. Library, Journalism Multimedia Lab

Keep up the good work. :0)

Registering for classes is awful. It is very hard to navigate back and forth when searching for classes and takes too long to load. When using Onestart to register the window closes then you lose the spot you were at while searching.

I think OneStart is not user-friendly and very confusing. It makes scheduling for classes a headache, and dropping/adding classes is even worse. Just looking at my schedule is annoying. Everything about OneStart is a hassle and I liked RegWeb much better. I wish we could go back to using that because I had no problems using it, and scheduling was very easy and fast.

I really feel that the registration portion of the Onestart program needs work. Scheduling was much easier on the old system. The final exam scheduling is really difficult to understand.

I think the UITS needs to focus on enforcing the rules for the computer labs. By not allowing cell phone usage and group work in non-group work labs would increase the UITS environment. The worst part about the labs is when you go to write a paper and there is a group working very loudly next to you. Consultants should enforce no group work in labs.

If there was a way do distinguish one person's print job with someone else printing the same stuff could simplify things but I see how it would waste paper if you chose a cover page for each computer printing like some other schools, thanks.

The one major thing I can comment on is Onestart. I hate it. I thought Insite was good enough. Very basic. I hate registering using Onestart. It's slow. It lists your classes with big gaps, so it's hard to read and see what you should change. I've heard it's also very buggy. I am glad to by the lucky one that has not experienced a problem with it. Hearing it cost millions of dollars for IU to have disappoints me. I guess it's nice having many things in one place, like the events calendar, bursar, etc. I doubt many people use it as much as expected. If students voted on whether to increase tuition for Onestart, or have multiple web pages to access the same information, I think we would not mind going to multiple WebPages to seek out information versus having to pay for Onestart. I have no idea what other options IU had other than Onestart, but I bet there must have been a much better alternative solution. I thought leaving the old technology was good enough. I also hate webmail, it's slow. I know I can use outlook, right now I forward my emails to a g-mail account, but I still like accessing it through the main program, webmail so my emails come from my indiana.edu email. CFS is also very slow. I don't remember things being this slow last year actually. CFS takes so long that it freezes up the computer. I usually just find this problem in University computers. Many times it locks up the computer. Also the internet is down a lot. Also, since the printers are connected to the network, can it send out a signal when toner is very low? Many times, the toner is low, and I print and waste my allotment. This is all, thanks.

Voicemail is hard to set up in my dorm room.

The registration on Onestart is no where near as easy to use as Insite...you need to make it easier to navigate available classes by department. Phone support was great for PCs as well.

I love the computer lab in the basement of SY. It's awesome!

There were glitches with Onestart last semester when I tried to register for classes...couldn't do it from home and had to come onto campus to register...a little bit of a hassle. Other than that all my experiences with UITS within the past year have been very positive ones. Keep up the awesome service!

When will wireless access be available all over campus?

I appreciate being able to have so many computers at my disposal. Not only in my own room, but also around campus.

OnCourse has too many tabs, makes it hard to find things. My voicemail in my apt. has not worked all semester even though I have set it up twice. Other than that I have no complaints

For the amount of money we pay to go here, we should never be without email or access to university sponsored websites. As a senior, I have had my email crash twice and it major inconvenience because I was actively pursuing jobs and was unable to communicate with those companies. Also it is unacceptable to have the whole system crash during finals week. I was unable to access websites that I needed to study for my finals and my grades suffered because of the crash. With the technology fees we pay on top of our tuition I feel that it is unacceptable for the systems to crash and it needs to be fixed.

When I have had problems, it has been solved quickly. I appreciate that...

My webmail has not worked all year, I called in, and they did not help me. OneStart and OnCourse works, but not webmail. Why is this.

We waste so much paper, it's so pathetic. Students need to be aware of duplex printing or all of the computers need to be set to the duplex default. Maybe a print station could be installed and kids would have to pay to print everything.

There need to be more 24hour labs available.... there is nothing more annoying than working in a lab, then being told you have to leave.

I think more than anything I get frustrated when the system goes down. I also think that the webmail doesn't hold enough information.

Please, put a list of software installed on the computers for each computer lab.

Onestart is a complete mess. Insite/Regweb was definitely out of date but at least it was somewhat user-friendly! The new Onestart registration process is frustrating and slow...and the drop/add process is difficult. I was charged for dropping/adding a class when it was supposed to automatically update my schedule. The bursar office waived the fee but it was an unnecessary hassle. Much work needs to be done to at least catch the new system up to the efficiency of Regweb.

-Wireless internet connectivity via my Airport on an Apple Powerbook G4 is great at times and others leaves some things to be desired (more ports are needed in the music and fine arts libraries) -Wireless internet is really, really desired in the dorms! -In the info commons in the main library, the cost of printing 9x4' documents is great for students, but when trying to print documents actually this size, the printer crashes - it would be great to get some help from HP (or someone) about this -Apple G5 computers are needed in the main library to process graphics, not just in the music library and fine arts building

-Searching from the IUB homepage is a little sketchy -Setting up a personal website is difficult, even for someone reasonably computer savvy! -Bigger scanners are needed in the main library - I mean, we need the biggest scanners money can buy -Internet connection via Ethernet cable in the dorms is extremely fast and reliable -Using webmail via the Apple Mail program is unreliable (sends, but doesn't receive) Thanks! Feel free to contact me about anything in the survey or these comments if you'd like. [IRD]

it's difficult to find anything on the IUB website search engine, expired pages and duplicate pages are mostly what come up

The UITS webpage is not helpful at all as being the home page that all the lab computers open up to. I always just type in iub.com and then use the common links area to get where I need to go. I think you should put links to things as clearly as they are on the IUB homepage.

One thing that I find annoying with OneStart is that it doesn't tell you whether the finals for classes conflict when you are scheduling. Having scheduled on Insight and had that luxury, not having that luxury now is very annoying during the rather stressful process.

we need more computers

I have been off campus for the past year (internship and then study abroad) thus I could not answer all the questions about stuff from the past year thus I am sorry if my answers were a bit wacky I'm just sick of getting these emails form you guys.

Never be content on what you have, strive for tomorrow.

During this past year, I was charged a $20 collection fee for an overdue phone bill. However, for whatever reason, I never received a single bill in the mail. I was forced to pay $20 for not paying a charge that I didn't know I even had. Also, delays in Oncourse and Webmail have adversely affected the course of several of my classes. Fortunately the professors had the same problems and were understanding. Onestart remains extremely difficult to use. In particular, it is frustrating not being able to browse the schedule of classes, without exiting the window in which you actually register.

The guy that helped me fix my virus problem made me buy the newest IU ware CD, which I found out from another guy at the help line I didn't need.

One Start is probably the most frustrating aspect of UITS technology that is currently in use. It is not only confusing, but not helpful, and makes registering for classes very frustrating and annoying.

The network like to crash in the middle of the night or it crashes in the morning. I know it is hard to fix sometimes but it does hinder some of my school work. Also I was here during the winter break and for a full day I could not access the internet. So I would say just try to find some way to upgrade the network. I know it is hard and sometimes you can not control it so I am not being a bitch about it. :) Oh I would also recommend posting in e-mail where the mass printing ports are on campus I did not know until this year. So maybe some more general info on the UITS emails would be good. The ones sent to students in the apartments are not very detailed.

The problem with working in an environment that relies so heavily on technology is that when the technology fails, it is very difficult to function without it. For example, I think that problems like the Arial email server problem at the end of last semester are totally unacceptable for a campus that relies so heavily on email. I've also experienced problems with Onestart not being available during times that heavy usage is understandable, like the first day of classes each semester. But like email, I think that access to class schedules, especially during those times, is essential. My only other specific complaint is that CFS is unreliable. But in general, my main complaint is that basic and essential technology services seem to be the ones that fail the most. I think that for a school so heavily rooted in technology, these services should be the strongest. I love that all of the Macs on campus have all of the software that I would ever need on them. I also really appreciate the software licensing deals, specifically with adobe.

I think UITS needs to become more student friendly. They need to interact with students a bit more.

The addition of more "express stations" in all computer labs and in the library would help tremendously.

The new Onestart system promised a lot of new things and qualities that it did not measure up to. I feel it is a huge disappointment going from Insite to that.

If a student gets financial aid bursar shouldn't send them a bill because it makes them think they have to pay that amount of money, when in reality it is.

Honestly, I never read the IUTS newsletter.

Academic Advising of University Division is really poor. However, the advisors in Kelley School of Business are very good.

I can live with everything except for the email servers going down, which has happened 3 or 4 times in the past year. Also, OneStart is the most annoying program that I've ever used. Registering for classes is infinitely harder and takes twice as long, if not longer than it did with InSite. The problem needs to be fixed, or OneStart should be dumped because I feel that the university took a step back by converting to OneStart.

I really hate Onestart. I find it confusing, unreliable, and just too much work. Registering gives me a headache. And, since my email account was one of the ones (Arial) that was hurt at the beginning of the year, I have not have full capabilities (my outgoing messages do not save, and haven't saved since the date that it so called "crashed").

I like what your doing, keep it up!

The outages of e-mail systems has been a problem for me and others. Also, I was significantly more satisfied with Insite than I have been with OneStart. I feel that Insite satisfied all my needs and was an extremely useful tool. OneStart has been clunky to use, does not have some of the tools I like, and does not seem to have been an improvement over the old system.

The keyboards in many of the computer labs and main library have really sticky keys. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and it hurts to type on them for any length of time because of the large amount of pressure required to hit a key.

When imposing a survey, it's nice to keep it short.

I think that the switch from insight to one start was completely not needed. If at all possible, I think that it would be a good idea to publish the classes and send them in the bulletin once again.

Onestart is absolutely horrible. Webmail is constantly down. I don't understand why IU feels it necessary to condense everything into a central website. And registering on Onestart is nearly impossible. Regweb was much easier to operate. It's an understatement to say I hate Onestart. Furthermore, I would love for IU to implement the iPod for students like several other universities have done. And to prevent illegal downloading, promote legal downloading through an agreement with an mp3 online company such as Napster. Allowing all IU students to download legally. I understand that these would cause yet another fee to the many we unnecessarily pay. But unlike the bail us out athletic fee, you'll find students would be thrilled to pay for these.

I really dislike Onestart, especially since I still have to go to Insite to get certain documents. Registration takes about three times as long through Onestart than before. Onestart is okay with the classified and various information, but registration should be left the way it was before in 2003 and previous years.

I find the new registration system to be confusing and not very user friendly. I still do not fully understand how to use all it's features. I have also heard a large number of other students make similar comments as well.

I would like to be able to better store emails or have a more convenient way of forwarding them to another account. I don't like to delete things that I think may be important later, but in doing so I run out of room.

I enjoy UITS and all they do for me. Thanks!!!

- Bring back Insite. OneStart is a large waste of my money and time. Insite ran on a server with one 64 bit RISC chip and only had a few hours of downtime in the 4 years I have been here. How Insite is considered an inferior system is beyond me. - Any talk about a Linux STC lab? We have Mac and Windows, but how about a Suse or Redhat lab? I think students would embrace the idea of using a new OS and it certainly wouldn't be a security liability on UITS's part.

- Overall, I am happy. Just think about some of the suggestions I have made.

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Change the homepage on the internet explorer back to www.iub.edu. It is very annoying to have to type www.iub.edu every time I sit down at a university computer. You could easily make a link to UITS homepage from the IUB homepage. I think everyone types in www.iub.edu when they sit down at the computer, because that page is a jump page for every other service offered by IU.

There needs to be more computers on campus. I can never use one when I need to because there are so many people waiting in line to use them. It is nice that they are campus for students to use, but sometimes I need to print a one page paper and I have to wait for a half hour to get to a computer because kids are checking email and instant messages friends. The computers on campus should be used for school only. But more computers would be a plus.

iOverall, I've always been very happy with the computing service here at IU, but.... The new PeopleSoft implementation of IU's electronic student services leaves a bit to be desired. The new registration system is far and away less user-friendly than Regweb. The new ""Degree Progress Report"" isn't as easy to read as Insite was and in general the OneStart page is a bit unwieldy to navigate.

Because I have a child, I have not been able to attend evening classes due to their length (3 hrs.). Computer classes during the day conflict with class attendance. I really need to update my skills but have been unable to attend any classes in the past year. This service is what I need the most and have been unable to take advantage of the classes.

Please make it easier to register for classes. And also- the software that you make available is great, but don't make it so you have to buy a new one every semester. (BTW, all you have to do is reset the clock on your computer to install it again... doesn't fix that...)

Generally quite impressive. Network is relatively reliable, and fast despite heavy traffic. Spam is remarkably rare, even without spam-blocking software. Class registration program is dreadful exception - too complicated, too hard to correct mistakes, makes changing schedule vastly harder than it has to be. Please place RegHelp phone number in registration window, at the very least. Computer clusters are well maintained and quite stable for public computers. UITS staff is knowledgeable and quick to respond.

Please get rid of OneStart!