2005 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

This survey was way too long. I quit having a focus many frames ago. You should be able to cut it down to 1/3 or direct it more specifically to the people that use the different services. Regards [IRD].

Some of the choices are too limiting. Those that offer only not satisfied, or very satisfied, or cannot evaluate.

Most of the support of which I am aware comes through the School of Medicine IT support group.

I have only two (unrelated) problems with the system: 1. Wireless access in much of CA (including my office and classrooms) is usually unavailable. According to a technician, it's the weak signal, rather than problems with my notebook. I have no problems on the road at hotels, etc., but I usually can't access wireless in my own office building! 2. The anti-spam service is useless to me: 51% probability of spam means that my e-mail is sent to "Siberia" and tedious to retrieve. It's easier to use no filter and manually delete the 50%+ that are spam. Why? I can't even add regular senders to a "safe" list. Even free Yahoo and Hotmail are far better. I don't see how anyone could find it useful in its present form. What's the problem?

I have felt frustrated because there is some software that I use for my research (LISREL) that is not available at IUPUI. I signed up for the research sp group to use it, but it is driven by DOS-like or mainframe commands. I have not taught myself those commands and only know the windows version of the software. Therefore, I find myself driving to Bloomington to use the software. I wish IUPUI had at least one computer that has LISREL on it.

Not really.

IUCAT is not user friendly. Not your brightest jewel. Software deals should probably improve with more input from users. Overall, good service.

Could voicemails be kept longer?

The university has a lot a great GIS resources, but it's not well known. The information about software availability, training, etc, is disjointed, with no easily- navigated central site. The online technical instructions are very poor.

There are many users of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop on campus. Try to get a site license with Adobe. Try to invest more money on classroom video equipment, such as newer digital projectors, more laptop computers, etc. Connection from home to campus server is sometimes slow.

I would use the training available if it was offered at a time and place that fit my schedule.

OneStart is a horrible environment. Students, advisors and faculty find it very difficult to navigate. It has been the sole cause of productivity loss in many cases. What I used to be able to do in Insite in just a few seconds now takes between two and fifteen minutes. We need an easier to use system. The usability of OneStart and the PeopleSoft back-end is horrendous.

The people at the Center for Teaching and Learning are great: helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

PACS system and laboratory data system seem to have too many episodes with system fails.

This survey was way too long and with very complicated language.

The survey is flawed with either not satisfied or very satisfied--no in between.

Please make the phone book more user friendly. It is almost impossible to find a department, Put the alpha letters at the top or along the side of the page so that you know what part of the phone book you are in. Take out the medical and hospital sections and put them in a separate section. Need more and better communication about UITS and what they do and the services they offer. You are ha hidden gem that we don't know much about UNTIL there is a problem. Offer the classes more frequently. If you miss on at the beginning of a semester, you have to wait until the next semester to get the training. New employees don't just start at semester time, and waiting 3-4 months isn't always possible.

There needs to be a service in place to translate films into closed caption for the hearing impaired. Neither IU-Bloomington nor IUPUI offer these services, although the technology is probably out there. Departments do not have enough money to simply go out and purchase closed captioned versions of films essential to their classroom teaching.

The transition to using Onestart is a disaster. We are often told that we should be going through Onestart, but the system is confusing and often acts weird. Major educational campaigns are needed, and don't ask us to come to a 3 hour presentation. Post simple directions. I totally disapprove of the classified ad feature on the Onestart front page. It is unprofessional.

They need to train or have consultant with Oncourse expertise at the IUPUI campus.

Make this survey shorter next time.

Oncourse has many glitches that make it difficult for students to access outside of the university.

I'm university medical faculty at the university hospital, now owned by Clarian. We have been systematically deprived of IU computer services, internet access, and email restrictions in the past 1 to 2 years. The University and UITS need to remember its faculty in this location. The Microsoft / Outlook system ....miserable!!!!!

We here in Dentistry have a tremendous IT support group.

I have noticed that I frequently cannot log in to Oncourse which I assume is due to user volume. Also students complain about losing their connection to Oncourse from home which is a significant problem when Oncourse tests and surveys are being utilized. I would like to see improvements in these areas. It is apparent that I am not aware of many of the services available through UITS and would be interested in knowing how to access more information about some of these services.

Should be more localized.

The e-mail server is a problem in sending large data files. This problem also exists when I compress the file and try to send it. In fact, I have had to use an outside sever to send University related material.

Please tell the people that want to change to Oncourse CL that the power- users of the old Oncourse do not like the changes. IUPUI students are just starting to feel comfortable in the Oncourse environment. Please don't allow it to be retired. I use Oncourse 10 to 12 hours a day to facilitate my distance learning classes and I will not convert to Oncourse CL because of the e-mail feature and the overall look and feel. Beginning students do not need the multitude of places to click in Oncourse CL. I receive more than 100 e-mails a day as it is. I can just imagine how my 120 students' assignments will get into that mix. Keeping their assignments separate, in their individual classes, is the only way to keep everything straight and grade straight into the grade book. Please allow those of us who depend on Oncourse, to keep it. It just can't be THAT broken that it needs to be fixed with an entirely new product. At the LEAST, please give us the option of sending and receiving and grading e-mail within the environment. If you retire it and force us into Oncourse CL, I will resort to paper and pencil or switch to a competitor software such as Web CT or Blackboard.

Things are good and getting better, overall. This is one of the benefits of being at IUPUI.

(1) From my vantage (in CA), it seems to me that computing resources worked a lot better before the migration to OneStart. Computer connections are slower, ports are often unavailable, Oncourse is down more often, or working only partially. I find myself wondering if the servers are able to handle the increased load of OneStart. (2) Not having on-site tech support for the classrooms in IT is a problem at the beginning of the semester. (3) Thanks for asking our opinions about technology at IUPUI.

File size limit is too small to send research data files via email. Limit exceeds one Tiff format picture. Difficult to send attachments from home via exchange. Difficult to access message files via exchange. IU web search is very poor. It took me 90 minutes to find the address to access my last faculty annual summary report, and then I found it by checking old messages through my outlook inbox, not from the search engine. The new electronic journal access site at Ruth Lilly Medical library is worse than the previous system for finding and accessing the journal. Why is the IU School of Medicine listed as a subentry under Dept. of Medicine in the IU phone book? Listings are not logical, and usually my name and/or phone number is wrong. If people call the operator to find me, I'm told later that they were told I don't exist, even after 7 years at the same location. Last, and most important, having a departmental person (in our case a photographer) deal with hardware installation, software installation, security upgrades, etc. is really a mistake. Either that, or you can try to talk to a person at the UIT helpdesk which is also a waste of time. You should not have let all your experienced installers go several years back. It has hurt the university. Campus media services is a very necessary service to this campus and its research and teaching missions. I appreciate the assistance that [IRD], [IRD], and the other personnel there provide. Please don't get rid of it also in the name of saving a few dollars. The university really won't save anything, it will just push the burden off onto the faculty to produce research posters, teaching slides, publication figures, by themselves or (if they have the funds) off campus.

The IU web pages are very hard to navigate from one to another. There appear to be some areas that are isolated from each other, and only diligent searching will let you find where you need to go.

Your survey is much too long!

My biggest complaint is the amount of spam that gets into my email. It seems to be increasing. I know that UITS is making efforts to reduce spam, but please try to do more.

Some of the staff at IUSD are very arrogant and not helpful. Some are super.

The survey was too long.

I find the directions for connecting to IU wireless confusing. We still do not have wireless access points for the Department of Chemistry (LD third floor) Oncourse needs integration with mail so faster communication between participants is possible. Your staff is courteous, conscientious and knowledgeable thanks

I do worry sometimes that technology is seen as an end unto itself, rather than as a support service for university education.

Love the technology classrooms keep up the good work more anti-spam filters needed - lots of porn getting through.

For the most part, I have been very satisfied with the services from UITS. The help line seems to work very well. We tend to have sporadic calls for telephone services (connect, change of location, etc.) The services here have varied from very quickly to very slow. We are still waiting currently for some modifications for a request made in December.

I know the IT that is out there but I do not have (or take) the time to learn to use it. I try to attend classes when I am free and they are available. For example I have reference manager but have not learned how to use it even although I know it would make my life easier. Thanks

Numerous problems with Oncourse going down. New system needs improvement with email, grade access that is coming in spring. Each classroom should have all technology available for faculty.

You have done a great job to make our research life easy. Thank you!


Attachment size for email needs to be increased to 15-20mb. VPN login from remote sites is not consistent. Macintosh support is poor. Increase attachment size, improving the VPN connections and actually considering that many people here use Mac's would be a great step forward.

I use BS 2000--I cannot get competent help or simple equipment requests--I was left in a disaster on Feb. 11 with a room for of 100 students and a very important guest speaker all because UITS did not bring the equipment to the room that was requested and then when they did, it didn't work and we had to get another one. Special request to UITS have always been a nightmare.

Please make rooms user friendly for use of power point presentation. Students sitting toward the back of the room can't see the screen in any room in the school of nursing except 103.

This survey is ridiculously long.

No, except keep up the great work!!

The problem is not the technology in our teaching spaces, it is the classrooms themselves, and this is not really appropriately UITS' problem; however, poorly lit classrooms, odd shaped spaces, and otherwise unpleasant rooms do not really allow the technology to have its greatest potential impact. If nobody can see the projection because of lighting or seating, it does not really matter how much money we put into the machines. The roll-in setups continue to be a problem because jacks in classrooms sometimes do not work, students walk over lines and disconnect setups, and other instructors resisting technology turn off the machines and the technology-friendly faculty amongst us often cannot log back on or get the machine running again without assistance. UITS needs to find ways to grasp a piece of the budget dedicated to classroom environments or at least make it clear that technology needs to be clearly part of all room planning.

I receive spam in my IUPUI email account daily. The amount of spam increased significantly about 6 months ago and is a daily nuisance.

When information about systems repairs or updates are sent out, sometimes the format is complex and confusing for us computer novices who have no idea what you are talking about. We, therefore, might not be adequately taking care of problems with our PCs. If I don't understand, I tend to ignore and hope for the best. I have always had very expert and patient help when I have called about a computer glitch. Very much appreciated.

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I think better communication with the UITS Help desk would be great! It seems the people who man the phones have conflicting answers to the same.

Alumni should have access to their email accounts post graduation.

This survey was too long.

Voice mail interface is extremely cumbersome and difficult to use. Voice mail notification is outdated for office use.

I have been getting spam e-mail and didn't know there was a system to help me get rid of these things. Why isn't this service made known to e-mail users?

If anything I hope you get more state monies to upgrade consistently throughout the university campus to keep up with today's technology and make work easier.

I work at Clarian and utilize their IT department most of the time. I cannot give much information about the IU IT services. The few times I have used their services, they have always been courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and timely. [IRD]

Some of us are suffering from Information Overload! Too many emails, too many newsletters, too many lengthy instructions from EVERYONE.

I miss the NetG online training.

During a recent episode of PC trouble, it seems my voicemail to UITS regarding this problem went in to a 'black hole'. Once I logged on to another terminal and filed the e-mail request for services, my problem was fixed almost immediately.

In my experience, the I/T consultants/techs at the Community Learning Network ([IRD] and [IRD]) are extremely responsive, helpful, and professional.

You offer great services and support. The conference call changes are not good. The faculty cannot use them properly.

I am very concerned that Digital Media Services is charging me prices approaching the cost on the outside world. The university needs to substantially subsidize these services if the university wishes them to continue.

Support for our departmental technology needs is sketchy at best at times. Needs to be more consistent and reliable. Consider outsourcing this service.

People Services are very good. Accessing IUPUI via IU Ware from home is hit and miss; with many time delays. Most of the time it is a frustrating experience.

I appreciate the help you give very much.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the services that UITS provides. But the Webmail user interface is horrible. It's not that I can't use it, but simply that I hate using it because it's such an unpleasant experience. Also, dialing in to the modem pool is very hit and miss. Once I get a connection, it's stable and stays connected at full speed 99.9% of the time. But actually making the initial connection can very often take 4 or 5 attempts in a row, with varying reasons given each time ("no response from host," then "authentication failed," and then something else). It seems just as likely to refuse the connection on the first try as it is to accept the connection.

I think a great teaching institution like IUPUI should have a more effective machinery for training staff and faculty in computer and all related programs. The training sessions that we have for staff, faculty and students, is in my opinion, very insufficient. People are just given some theoretical knowledge in the class; there is not enough time during the sessions to get your doubts cleared; the instructor doesn't help you at all in solving computer issues confronted in a day to day work environment. For example, I did not receive any help with any problems that I had with access at my workplace after I completed my access training classes.

I wish there were more security updates and trainings for LSP's.

On the long distance service, the voice that states "Please Enter your Passcode" is WAY TOO loud. Also, getting to voicemail messages takes too long. I know the shortcuts, but we know how to use voicemail, we don't need the voice to walk us through each step. Those are my two chief complaints.

I work directly with students. When UITS pulled their helpdesk from the main portion of campus, I was incredibly surprised. I send students there who have other issues keeping them from coming to campus (work, family, been out of school for some time) - to now have to send them on a jaunt across campus (and in the opposite directions of registrar, bursar, financial aid) is very poor customer service. Not to mention, the number and signage in the IT building is questionable.

As both an employee and student I find the down time of CAS to perform my daily work frustrating. For student information on Oncourse both my e-mail accounts indicate "Disabled" when I contacted consulting they informed my instructors did it. Yet when I discuss with instructors they have no idea. Often times I am missing a communication piece from Oncourse. Even though it says disabled sometimes I can get in others not or not all the information is there.

Everyone is doing a good job.

Considering all of the departments and the needs that UITS has to cover, I believe they do an outstanding job. I know there have been UITS services that have been dropped, or cut back over the years; as technology becomes more demanding and the demands of the departments increase, I imagine it will be a challenge for UITS to keep up. Maintaining the services that UITS offers is going to be vital in keeping IU as a whole, as well as the individual departments, on the leading edge of Technology.

1. Teleconference services needs to consider ways to have "safety nets" or fallback actions with conference calls. Have had problems with last few conference calls when either my caller could not get passcode to work, and need another way if a problem, we can get set up again ASAP. Especially since people are from out of state, and time is valuable. 2. Phone book should be re-evaluated on how information is laid out. Can be confusing when trying to find info on IU Hospital depts. and with School of Med departments. Same with Riley listings. Also look at phone categories and how subcategories designed. Since we now live in a Google world, may want to rethink keywords for categories.

We need more laptop connections in clinic at Riley MSA3.

I like the STEP Classes being offered on Saturday.

The questions I left blank are things I don't use. I couldn't decide if I was supposed to click 'can't evaluate' or if that was just for a 'don't know' rather than a 'don't use or haven't used in last year'. Sorry I was inconsistent. Sometimes we respondents make things harder than they really are!

Overall, good, cooperative effort to assist. I'm glad for your group's responsive attitude. Thank you.

Keep up the good work!

Staff in the different areas I deal with on a regular basis (server, data, voice) go out of there way to provide excellent service.

The single most important change we need is encrypted email. The lack of encrypted email causes inefficiency in my work.

I am a heavy user of OneStart and SIS. Right now I miss very much the maneuverability, ease and quickness of the IUIS screens when looking student information. It seems as though access of information has improved in SIS but it is still taking longer to find out a variety of information. Another thing I miss is how easy it was to look up a student by name in IUIS; in SIS it is more difficult. I also can no longer see the date when a student registered for a class. This is information I occasionally want. Hopefully functionality will improve as time goes on.

Why doesn't the directory put e-mail addresses in the dept. listings? They are only in the individual listings. And the person I looked for today was in the dept. listing ([IRD], Public Opinion Lab. at IUPUI) but NOT in the personal listing.

Wonderful job on the programming of this survey. As was I was almost finished with the survey, I accidentally left this site (kind of silly of me) and was not pleased. This morning when I entered to re-do, it had SAVED ALL MY ANSWERS!!!! Brilliance on your part!

Regarding campus operators. After receiving numerous phone calls over the years (including the past year) that were misdirected, enough to be of concern, I suggest training the campus operators on how to ask probing questions to ensure the caller is routed to the appropriate place the first time. Many departments at IUPUI share common words within the department name (e.g.: political science, school of science, library and information science). Operators need to be better able to handle incoming calls, as this may be the first contact the caller has with our campus. First impressions.

Not at this time.

Why does Oncourse give students so much trouble. I get booted off if I am not on campus. The whole point of taking a computer class is to be able to get online at home to do homework.

The IUPUI web page could use links for "staff" and for the address book.

They do a great job and are very easy to access for help.

I would like to get emails about upcoming computer classes or if there is a catalog with this information so you know what is offered, where, how long, cost etc. Thank you

Library computer clusters get very noisy (socializing) at times including consultants.

Overall I'm very comfortable will all the work I do with technology on the IUPUI campus

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I am computer illiterate. Thanks for making it easy for me!

Make the student storage limit on email accounts larger. 20MBs just doesn't cut it with Hotmail and Yahoo offering 200MB.

Everything is great except for Onestart and Insite. These services are not user friendly, difficult to navigate, and EXTREMELY SLOW. I think you guys do a great job. I use Oncourse extensively and the webmail servers. I am extremely satisfied with your support staff and the computers on campus. You guys are doing a great job.

For the average student being able to navigate Oncourse and Onestart are big priorities. As the programs are right now, they take too long and too many screens to flip through to get where you want to go.

This only pertains to UITS if you have anything to do with tuition payments in Onestart. I have yet to get the bursar's tuition payment area to work properly and not make me worry about my account getting all screwed up.

it would be nice to have home VPN access that is mac compatible so I can access databases like UpToDate (from the med library webpage) from my house.

I'm not certain whether the new financial aid system falls under the umbrella of UITS, but if it does, I'd like to make a comment about financial aid. I am a second year medical student, and this year, under the new financial aid system, we were not able to get federal loans for the month of May, a month in which we are not in session, but are studying for our board exams. Our third year then begins in mid-June. In the past, I understand that students were able to get financial aid for this month under the old system. As a consequence of the new system, many of my colleagues have had to apply for alternative loans (at a far worse interest rate) for the summer months. From what I understand, the new system is not designed to allow students to receive federal money during periods in which they are not registered. Such a limitation places a substantial burden on the students who depend on loan money to pay for rent and living expenses.

It seems like the webmail randomly stops working about once a month or once every few months. It says "login incorrect" to multiple people even thought the information entered is correct.

Webmail breaks down a lot. This is a real pain b/c I rely on this service to set up interviews with employers.

The wireless access in the law school is significantly worse than it was last year. I don't know if it is because more student use wireless, but I don't believe the system can handle all of the users. It's easier to use a data jack -- which is not very high tech.

Better web support for pda's would be nice. I filled out this survey with a pda and for the most part it worked well. Trying to use onestart email does not work. A secure pop3 and smtp server would be nice to use with email client applications.

Listserve should be tailored to users. It is a waste of time to send messages on retirement counseling to people who are not IUPUI employees. Oncourse discussion forum navigation is absolutely horrid. You should be able to navigate directly to new messages or, at the very least, the unread messages should stand out much more than the tiny unopened envelope. The entire message title in the left frame should be a different color or bold font or something more noticeable. And when you click on a message and the left frame reloads, is always scrolls back to the top of the frame. This is a royal pain in the ass. You have to click on a message, and then scroll the left frame down, click on another message and then scroll the left frame down, repeat, repeat, repeat…… Oncourse mail should also have an option to forward to another mail account, similar to the Webmail system. An immediate notification would also be more helpful than the midnight notification. Now that there is a common login(CAS), why does a user have to log in to each individual system (Onestart, Oncourse, etc.)? If possible, a user should only have to login once.

NO but next time I am NOT completing this! Maybe if it weren't so idiotically long more people WOULD complete it!

Overall, I'm very satisfied.

Students should be required to complete a tutorial before completing the OneStart Registration Process. Many students complain about the program. However, most complications are a result of the student's own ignorance.

Much of my experience at IUPUI has been long distance. Anytime I have contacted UITS they have been helpful.

Paying bills at the Bursar office with the automated phone line was very convenient, more so than the online payments.

Allowing the forwarding of webmail is very helpful to me. I do not go to the webmail interface to check my mail. Use of the libraries via the online interface is somewhat time consuming to go back and forth between the different databases. Also, to switch between the medical library and other databases requires a lot of backtracking via the browser. Perhaps a main library page with quick links to the most commonly used data bases would be helpful.

1) Improvement of staff's competency and knowledge in technology; 2) Respond to student's request in a timely fashion.

Overall I think the services are exceptional. The Onstart web page has serious functional problems and the financial aid process is not closed looped so you can get left hanging and unable to determine what to do without going to the office.

Technology services are well maintained and kept up to date. This leads to a very conducive learning environment. Could probably do a better job of marketing the services--although I am a user of technology I was unaware of a lot of the services mentioned in this survey.

I think that some of the web pages are a little hard to navigate, especially the new One Start home page. It takes a while to get at what you need.

The login process is extraordinarily slow. It should take seconds not minutes between when I enter my login and password and when I'm actually able to use the computer. I'd take a look at PUCC's setup if I were you. PUCC being Purdue's system.

I am not able to send outgoing email from my non-IUPUI account when connected to the Wireless network - whether VPN is enabled or not.

My only problem has been with a software called MATLAB. I had a required project to do on that software. I went to 3 labs at IUPUI and had 3 consultants help me but none were able to. I succeeded because another student had found an online source. My problem was that the project was required and the university could not give me the help I needed. I have been helped at all other times. The consultants have always been as helpful as they could be, and very patient

This survey was about 20 questions too long.

I tried a couple different times to get my name off the listservs by following the directions given to me, but was unable to do so.

There should be wireless connections at the hospital, like in the cafeteria since a lot of dental students and others go there.

I like the policy with printing - we waste too much paper!

The password selection process is a bit too sensitive. Please try to modify this process for the convenience of the students. Thank you!

If I could add a quick note about Pureware: it's truly a wonderful addition to your arsenal of protective services but I've noticed an increase in the number of messages getting through in just the last 3-4 months, including two phishing attempts. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Overall, arrangement is very good.

I am a getting my degree through the internet. I wish that there were more services available for the students who never come to campus.

I love OnCourse. One thing that would make it more helpful is if it were easier to switch from one class to another instead of backing up to the start. Perhaps this feature exists, and I just don't know how to use it.

Thank you for your excellent services!

This survey is a little too long.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Registration through OneStart is terrible. Very hard to navigate. Extremely difficult if you do not know which school the class falls under. I do not like it at all. I love the new 24 hour computer lab. It is very nice! Webmail could be better. Why do you have to purge deleted mail before you can delete it? Seems like a wasted step. There needs to be more advertised about your services (i.e. software available, internet connections, etc.).

It would be great to have OneStart completely working. The feature I would use now that's not working is my transcript. There is no way to get it on INSITE or from OneStart, and I really miss having that available. I do appreciate most of what I am able to do on OneStart. I also find Oncourse to be a very useful tool (when my instructors use it). I am currently taking an online class and it has proven to be easier than I had anticipated due to Oncourse.

During the last three years at IUPUI I have had numerous occasions to seek help from the technology dept. I have found everyone there to be knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. Not once did I experience a condescending attitude aimed at my obvious lack of computer skills. As I approach graduation, I'm a little worried just who I will call when I run into problems! Thank you!

Good place to come and learn, I love that it's open 24 hours a day! That's just great

There needs to be more computers available in the lobbies of the Cavanaugh Hall Bldg and I'm sure others. I cannot seem to access one when needed and some labs have classes so they are not available either. Printers should be on all floors as well.

On the survey I wasn't sure what a PDA was but I am sure I don't use it. My sister goes to Alabama State University and they have nothing for technology support which makes me really appreciate UITS.

It seems like you asked the same question about a dozen times. I think you need clearer questions and more informative headings for this survey.

I have had no problems at all with the UITS services until a few weeks ago. Being a CIT major, I'm on the CIT listserve and I receive frequent emails about internships and IT positions opening up around campus. A few weeks ago I received this email: Part-time position open at UITS. It's essentially writing and analysis, mostly doing functional requirements, but there are opportunities for some other things. We need a minority for this position, which would include females. We need somebody fairly fast. The contact is [IRD] here at UITS ([IRD], [IRD]) I was totally shocked to see that it was only looking for minorities. I'm assuming that in the future there will be positions open for white males only? I had planned on inquiring about this email to someone authority, but I've just been too busy with my classes to bother. I'm still rather surprised by the blatant discrimination of the email.

The wireless network is a joke. In areas where it should be reliable its not. The library should be one place where the wireless connection is constant for people using laptops in the quiet study area. On most of the forth floor and spots on the third floor, it is a struggle to not lose connection and have to reconnect to the IU WIRELESS network. Not to mention the VPN always drops the connection speed most of the time.

Could really use more computers around campus for quick access to Oncourse, Onestart, etc.

This survey is too long for the busy IUPUI students, shorten it up next time or survey specific aspects of the UITS department at different times throughout the semester, shoot for a 2 minute survey! Thanks!

I found OneStart difficult to navigate around. Since many programs are now being transferred to online it is important to find these programs. However, on more than one occasion I have had to call and ask where it was and how to get to that location online. As far as researching is concerned, I found IUPUI to be a leader in academic resources. (I have attended another Indiana University.) On a final thought, the transition from personal face-to-face service and communication is declining to online availability. When consultants are called upon they shift you from one person to another until finally you get the right person or stumble upon the service a person wanted. More training in the consultant and student sector is needed in my opinion and I have not heard of any forums or seminars for One Start. One start is not user friendly.

Need to lose some of the graphics in Onestart, it takes forever to load over a phone line

Would like to see Opera web browser in labs across campus, or at least see FireFox installed in 100%.

I would like to see ArcGIS software available on more computers, campus- wide, rather than just on the 4th floor of Cavanaugh Hall. Using my IUPUI dial-up account, Onestart takes a long time to load. A text- based option is not enough--especially as this has to load first, anyway, in order to be able to choose anything else. I know a number of people who have decided that the IUPUI dial-up accounts are too slow, and have instead opted for broadband. I'm guessing that IUPUI could offer its students broadband ISP accounts at a slight premium, or even as part of what it already charges for the technology fees.... I'd like to see unlimited printing available at the IUPUI library.

IUPUI provides many services, all are helpful. There are problems when first creating an IUPUI account through the internet, and Onestart is not very user friendly.

The library needs wireless access points in every corner 274-help should offer advice on creating websites and other problems also, most of the representatives were friendly, but a couple of them seemed put out to help me and acted like they didn't want to be there. If they don't like it, then they should get different job, because our fees pay for their wages/salary.

SO far so good. IUPUI has of the best technological networks coupled with good and helpful personnel(employees

Thanks for all the help and the software

Keep up the good work!!!!!

Everything is average not the best user friendly set up. I purchased the spring 2005 IUware CD at the bookstore. When I installed it on my new computer it froze all activity on my computer. I logged on to the support chat online from my mom's house. The person I chatted with was not at all helpful. It was about 20 min until 5pm and I guess he/she just wanted to leave for the day. I ended up fixing the problem myself. I guess the support end of the department is not very helpful. It is just like calling the support line for anything else, no help. I have met so many people that are students who don't know what they are doing when it comes to computers and it would be nice for them to get help from somewhere.

Overall I am very pleased with IT at IUPUI. The problem that sticks out for me is the transfer from Insight to OneStart. This caused many problems for me because of the financial aid that I was to receive.

This took too long.

UITS is doing a fantastic job. I would however, strongly encourage you to improve on the Registration and payment process as neither are very user friendly or attractive. One Start, in my opinion is not helpful and is cumbersome to use. Insite, while not perfect, was a much better portal to obtaining records, advising, bursar and class schedules. I often have difficulty using the IUCAT as well, it's not very intuitive and navigation is difficult at best. Overall, it's been great!

Get rid of the Macs.

If we can get more mega byte for webmail, it would be better to communicate by email.

Get a license for Microsoft Visio.

The computers are slow.

Computer log on at library is very slow. Got discouraged trying to make my laptop wireless on campus b/c there were too many steps and unclear what exactly I needed to do.

Forum postings really should be easier to read/use.

I like the services provided at the IUPUI home page, Oncourse, and Onestart. I think they were all good ideas and keep up the good work.

I have not experienced any personal problems with computer connections/communications. Thank you!

Some of the online services and IUPUI main website navigation could be made to be more user friendly.

Don't change Oncourse! Leave the availability at least in the new Oncourse to send an email to the students within your class and your instructor, this is probably the most used option in Oncourse right now and would be sad to see it go. Gives us (students) a chance to follow up with other students if we miss class and need to spread information fastly.

There are always computers down and the staff really sucks at helping people. They would rather chase people out that are having a soda while they work on assignments.

Not at this time. Thank you anyway.

As for incoming freshmen, maybe you can supply brochures for all the various services that are offered. I haven't heard about a lot of the examples given in the survey.

I have had many problems with this system, and didn't get much help when needed. It took longer than it should of to help me out.

The e-mail attachment restrictions in Webmail are to limiting. I have missed important e-mails because of these restrictions and often must resort to using personal e-mail accounts to send IU Work-related files to other coworkers. It would be helpful if at least the e-mail could be received, even if the attachment was stripped from it.

The computers are slow. They don't load up/sign in quickly. There should be more Macs incorporated for the students who appreciate quality computing.

On the question where I chose strongly disagree, it is not because the service is not valuable to me, it is a very good service, but my reasons for attending IUPUI really didn't have anything to do with the tech services, although I am glad that they are available.

Wireless access from the e lots!. Sometimes I like to sit in my car and do some work before I go into class

Yes, Expand Email storage capabilities. Our Webmail accounts are still using only a 10 Mb limit. My hotmail account gives me 100Mb to store and 5 Mb to attach. We are still in the Stone Age!!!! Upgrade Please [IRD]

The internet is extremely slow and it takes forever to access certain web pages.

The library is my biggest complaint with the UITS. Besides one time, which may have not been his fault, I have been very pleased with the UITS student help. I am usually in the IT lab and I like that lab the best. I have no complaints. However, I try to avoid using the library at all costs. The computers are much slower and seem to be polluted most of the time. I do not understand the IUCAT and other Journal/ONLINE book searches. I also do not understand how to look for books in stock at the University Library online. In conclusion, I am very pleased with the UITS and find the technology department to be very advanced.

I especially would like to acknowledge [IRD] @ UITS for his help with my IUPUI e-mail on 2/24/05. Thanks, [IRD]!

Oncourse needs to work without being dropped while in use to upload files, while sending Oncourse e-mails, while using class forums, trying to go from one class listing to another, etc…

My current usage of the University Information Tech. Services has increased in the last few years at IUPUI (part time student). The system is very user friendly. The transition from the old Insite to One Start was a little rough but all seems to work well now. My one problem seems to be with my Daughters usage at IU in Bloomington and her laptop. She received a new laptop from Dell for graduation from highschool in 2004. She uses her laptop primarily in her dorm. She has encountered a number of viruses to the point of the hard drive needing to be replaced. She informs me she has gone through all the daily/periodic updates suggested at IU-Bloomington but has still received these viruses. The firewalls or spam stoppers don't seem to be working very well.

If you have something new about technology, you should show and teach all the students to know how it works or how is it. I think I'm really crazy about technology but I don't know too much about it. I mean I don't all everything. And thanks for make everything possible for the student.

More computers in CA

I think the network services can improve a little bit. This would include making it easier to connect via the data jacks at the apartment.

The consultants for phone questions are friendly and helpful.

I am a commuter and would like to see if IUPUI could get dial up for outside communities. (I.e. dial up for 765 phone numbers) Also, when I did live within the dial-up area, my computer was compromised and I found the "help" staff at the support desk very unhelpful.

Not once have I had any troubles accessing, navigating, or printing materials, I can always trust any lab to get work done when on campus, instead of coming back to the apt. Thanks

My Airport Express card in my iBook can pick up the wireless access points, but it has NEVER been able to load even so much as a single web page from the wireless networks, even from places where other students have been able to. I have no problem picking up the wireless network of my neighbor two houses away in my home environment, so I think it is an issue of noise or interference in the LD building -- where I take most of my classes.

I have reported a problem downloading information from home on Oncourse and to date have not had a follow up as to the status of the problem.

I am currently part of three different list serves through the School of Education. I have yet to receive an e-mail from the list-serve that applies to me. This isn't as frustrating as the fact that I must open, read, and delete each of these e-mails every two days in order to keep my mailbox from going over quota. Considering my e-mail account through IUPUI is my only account, it would be helpful if there was more available space. Thank you

Library online response time is poor, I know other students I have had classes with in the TCEM department have had challenges with this as well.

I would like to see the various email systems streamlined into one and one that is user friendly. Oncourse mail should obviously be re-evaluated. It lacks efficiency and there are many email systems which are far superior.

I have not had any problems with Oncourse until this year. I have had two major problems that ultimately are going to effect my grade. Do away with one-start it is a horrible way to register for classes.

I only recently start back at IUPUI after being gone for 3 years. I have not had a chance to use much of the UITS services yet. Sorry I don't have more of an opinion.

One thing I don't understand is the lack of computer labs available to engineering students in the SL or LD buildings. We have the majority of our classes in these buildings but have no computer lab in the building anymore.

I think IUPUI's UITS is a leap toward perfection. There are some small tweaks that can be made, but I am sure they are already working on them! The UITS was a major reason for me attending IUPUI! Thank you all for so much hard work. Now if they could only take over the bursar's office and financial aid it could make IUPUI golden. [IRD]

My two main issues with the computer labs are 1) that the big main one in the SL building is now a very small one that is hard to get into, and 2) that almost all of the labs do not open until 8am. My classes start at 8am, why not open some of them at 7am, so we can utilize them before class.

Many activities with like registration with Onestart and using discussion forums on Oncourse require far too many page loads.

The Survey was too long!

The technology and software available at IUPUI is phenomenal. I really enjoy going to campus to use all of the tools available. As for the Bursar and Financial aid.... they still need a lot of work.

The people who man the technical call-in support center are among the most competent, polite IT support people I've encountered. They are patient, communicate well and are genuinely helpful.

Integrate Onestart, webmail and Oncourse to ease navigation between the three services.