2005 IUS IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Need more individualized training for faculty - that does not include staff. They use their computers so much more and I need more basic stuff. I know I am not using all the resources of my computer.

My responses are probably not very useful because I am a Macintosh user and as such do not have the same amount of support as a PC user. Fortunately since I am a Mac user I don't need as much support as many of the PC users especially with worms, viruses and such. The one complaint I have is the difficulty I have in navigating and using Onestart. As a matter of fact I cannot use it at all currently, although I have tried. I am not computer illiterate. I use Oncourse constantly and used to use Insite on a regular basis. What is it with Onestart? It seems to be very difficult to use and many of my students complain about this as well.

Media support in KV is wonderful--very friendly and helpful. I've never had a problem with the copy machines nor the printer or computers. Thanks and keep up the good work.

It is still very hard to communicate across the whole campus regarding events and the like -- both to faculty/staff and students. It would be nice if further improvements could be made in this area.

Since I am a part-time instructor it is difficult to answer a lot of your questions. Would suggest separate questions for part-time instructors.

I wish we could access campus e-mail at home using an outside program (Outlook Express) rather than WebMail.

Improve the knowledge base of those assigned to help students in the computer labs. I have assigned several reports that involve graphs and charts, and have often heard from the students that the folks in the computer labs are not able to help them set up charts and graphs in programs such as Microsoft Excel.

[IRD] at IUS's Helpdesk is a gem. Give him a raise. [IRD] is good, too.

Put specific instructions in your searchable database about how to do spinweb. It's very simple, but I forgot from one year to the next and had trouble telling my class how to do it. Fortunately, I finally remembered because *nowhere* could I find where it said to just type www.ius.edu/spinweb in the address bar. Also, this is a very long survey. Users would appreciate knowing how many pages long it is and how close they are to the finish. Just a simple 3/30, 4/30 would put an end in sight. I'm an adjunct, but the system still thinks I'm a student and since I'm not registered to take a class, I now am negative in my copy count. Who do I contact to correct this? [IRD]

There have been many great changes in classroom services in a short time and more to come. Very pleased with our progress.

I find that I am unable to send attachments when I access IUS e-mail from my home computer.

Not Macintosh friendly - the Oncourse program is difficult to deal with.

Thank you for the help.

Number of allotted printed copies is too low.

In my experience, I have always found the IT staff (in every department) to be extremely helpful and courteous. They deserve special commendation.

We are very fortunate to have such wonderful technology and support on this campus. The only people who complain are those who have no other basis for comparison!

PLEASE train all personnel to be more polite, less condescending, and to speak in English. In addition, most faculty members are fairly smart and are capable of understanding the workings of a computer IF it is explained in a reasonable way. The job of IT personnel should be to do so.

The online calendar is not very up-to-date.

I had trouble getting my syllabus lined up correctly on Oncourse, and after some tries, gave up and ran out of time to pursue it. I thought it was the Macintosh/IUS-IT interface that caused it. I will try to work this out next semester.

I am an adjunct faculty teaching in Crestview 105. I have been very pleased with the quality of the technology in the classroom. It has been a great asset to me in teaching this course.

I hate computers and all current technology. All of it completely detracts from true learning and critical thinking. It is a convenient crutch for administrators who know little about how to educate today's students and even less about what constitutes actual learning. In other words, dump the computers, dump the technology, require courses in foreign languages, double the size of the library and hire (and retain) professors with real degrees from real institutions who know how to teach. As it stands now, IUS should be flushed down ye olde drain - it ain't nothing more than a glorified two-year trade school.

When accessing email from off-campus it is a difficulty that not all the "tools" are available.

The printed instructions and e-mailed instructions regarding establishing voice mail have been difficult to follow. The system doesn't recognize when I put in the response that was indicated I should use. Perhaps more personnel are needed. A request for assistance about my office computer took several weeks to be dealt with.

Every question that I have had for IT service has been answered and dealt with courteously. I am very pleased with the service

I am relatively new to IUS, but so far everything has been great.

In general, I would like to see more permanent equipment in classrooms that house many media-based classes (e.g. Knobview 111 where so many music courses are taught). Also, I would like to see improvements made to more basic equipment like phones, stereos, overhead projectors...

My overall impression is that IUS is making great strides in the field of IT. But as an adjunct faculty member with limited IT skill who makes very limited use of the system, I am not in a position to evaluate the system from a critical perspective.

Thank you, I get spoiled having such quick service on campus, plus someone to correct my technology mistakes. Couldn't ask for nicer people to help you.

Faculty |Staff | Students

I got married over a year ago and made all of the requests to change my name but my old name still appears when I send an e-mail. I have talked to several people about this and it still hasn't been changed. I'm not sure what else I need to do to get my name changed. It is very annoying. That really is my only complaint about the services offered. My name is right everywhere but there and people get confused what my name is. I would like to know how to correct this or who I need to speak to. I'm not sure if it is something that needs to be done here on at another campus. It just seems like it shouldn't take this long to change a name.

IT needs to work on its response time, especially where students are concerned. For instance, color printing was very late coming on schedule, & IT lost a lot of credibility with the students after that fiasco. Also, IT took a printer from the SGA Judicial office (#12 in Student O) last year, thinking it was theirs, when in fact it had been purchased by SGA. After contacting IT, they were unable to find the printer, so they replaced it with a different model, but failed to supply the A to B USB cord for the printer. IT was contacted by [IRD] about the problem & has yet to respond. In addition, a large number of students work for the university & use Outlook email, but have few places to access it. Outlook should be installed on more computers so those who have Outlook accounts will have a chance to use them, as few people in their right mind like Webmail--sure, it's better than nothing, but nothing's a close second. Also, I'm not sure some of the changes made in the distribution of the technology fee (salaries, for instance) are truly in the interest of the students.

Thank you for every thing! You have helped us a lot!

Keep up the good work.

Email filtering service is a wonderful addition!

Very helpful and professional personnel. Most equipment always way above standard. Except telephone replacement. I would like to see telephone equipment updated more often if possible. Many thanks to those who make my job more efficient.

My department has regular callers routed to this department even though the call is for another department or faculty member of another department. We get all of the "hard" questions. Perhaps better training and even a personal tour of the campus and departments would give the staff a better idea of where to direct callers. A guideline of the right questions to ask to narrow down their search would be helpful.

One of your IUS operators is not a very pleasant person to talk too. She comes across as if she is not happy with her job and would rather be doing something else than answering the phone.

The IT help desk needs to be more knowledgeable about Onestart and how to navigate it to better help the students. Also, the Bursar's Office is running on Microsoft 2000 software; which works okay, but most of the other computers on campus have been updated to Windows XP. Why not update the computers that help keep this campus running? And, as far as I know our computers have never been "cleaned out" to check for viruses, lack of memory space (?) or anything else that could be detrimental to our system. My computer in particular, freezes up at least twice or three times per week, even when I am only running one or two programs at once. But I am always told just to wait a minute or to restart my computer by the help desk. When I have a line of students waiting at my window that is extremely inconvenient. I know that they are busy at the IT help desk, but it seems that if they need more help then they should hire more people.

My only negative comment would be a telephone operator. At times, one lady in particular, [IRD] is rude. I think it is a shame that a person like that is one of the first contacts that is made by the community. She acts like she hates her job and is the most unpleasant individual that I have dealt with at IU Southeast in all of my 25 years.

You need more techs and less management. And keep the Tech fee going to student functions and not extraneous BD. Not that you will listen to this comment anyway.

The help desk nearly always answers. If not, they return calls promptly. They are ALWAYS friendly and helpful, kind and competent. That was one of the first things I noticed when I came here to work in 1999. When they come to the office, they are able to make things work! Great job.

I would like the computer classes that HR schedules offered more often. When I enroll should something come up where I can't attend it's usually another semester before another that class is repeated.

Survey is too long.

Although I am the biggest techno-phobe in the three-county Falls-City area, every person on this campus who helps me with related problems has been EXTREMELY helpful and OVERWHELMINGLY patient with me! And even though each of my questions is more confusing than the last, no one ever laughs at me to my face! They are VERY well-mannered helpers!

It takes too long for voice mail messages to "come through" - You have to 2100* very slowly to send a call to voice mail or you have to do it all over again - VERY annoying.

Excellent support. Great staff.

Please keep up the great work for IUS!

Need networked color laser printing access, up to 11x17, in each building. Should be able to make a print or a low number of prints without having to go through P&D. Everyone can make their own short-run signs now, bulletin boards, etc. and only need 1 or 2 copies. Not practical to try to do this through P&D.

The new Savin copiers are high quality. However, no training was provided to the users. So, the users are probably not utilizing all of the features of the copier. Also, the computer training offered through HR has typically been at the beginner level. I have attended several of these classes and have not learned additional features of the software since they start from the ground-up. I would like to see more courses offered at the intermediate and advanced levels, including features such as transferring data from one software to another application and database.

I have noticed over the past year great improvements in IT services, particularly phone services. I would also like to thank IT and all the help desk staff for their assistance to the students during registration periods. They have done a great job!

I would like to point out that my answers are probably abnormal due to the fact that I work third shift. I do not utilize the IT services in the same manner as other people might. One problem I have with IT, I have been told cannot be solved. For example, the police department transfers our office phone to a cell phone at night. Unfortunately, if someone uses a "house phone" on campus, it only gives them a fast busy sound and does not come through to the cell; this is for information only as they have already tried to fix the problem.

Often, when I report a difficulty to the help desk there is no response. Other staff have told me that they receive prompt assistance. It seems a bit hit and miss. More consistency in service would be helpful.

I thought the survey would never end. Hope this helps.

I think the staff are extremely helpful especially the media services office. Their personnel are always friendly and right on the spot if any problems occur. Also, I was given immediate service and replacement of my phone this year. I appreciated the speedy installation and improved phone service. The help desk is usually friendly when I need them and I appreciate it very much. Don't use the copy center much so can't elaborate on them. I have heard complaints about our switchboard operator being rude but I have no personal experience to relay. Overall, I think the IT staff at IUS is extremely dedicated, helpful and knowledgeable and I rely on their expertise.

The techs from IT and the help desk personnel are always helpful and very good at not making me feel like a complete idiot when I speak with them. They try to put computing into layman's terms so that I can understand and that's very helpful.

I have always been impressed with the positive attitude of the computer techs. They do a wonderful job!

It would be very helpful to have a campus wide message sent from IT in the event there are any type of system problems i.e. problems with server etc. whether you think it's going to be a short time or turns out to be even longer. If FIS isn't working it would be nice to know as well. It seems this way the Helpdesk wouldn't be bombarded with phone calls for inquiries. Once the system (or whatever the problem) is working again then distribute another campus wide email.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Great work, it seems that IUS has a very competitive technology service. Thank you for teaching us to be better students and know the importance of today's technology.

Though I will certainly not be the only one to bring it to the attention of to whom it may concern, the current print quota is absurd. Though it has been pointed out that it is not delineated on an arbitrary basis, it has continually been my experience that it is done in a manner much of such, and thus is entirely unjustified from my perspective. I suspect again, that I am not alone in holding to this notion.

LF111 has a lot of problem PCs. Half of them do not work.

P&D is terrific!

There needs to be more info under 'help' links. When I tried to register it said I had a hold on my record and it must be removed, I had no clue what that meant and it took a lot of looking around to find out.

Put a WAP in the Student Organization Center (where all the student organization offices are) at IUS. Sometimes we don't get very good connection there, and lot of people use their laptops there. OneStart and the IUS web site (I find) are a navigational nightmare--I work in the internet industry and design web pages, so there's a problem if I have trouble. And the search is very ineffective on the IUS site--I hardly ever manage to find what I'm looking for with it, even things that I know I have found before.

Onestart is not very user friendly. I think Insite did a much better job.

The population at IUS seems to be rising. The only complaint I have is that the labs are sometimes full. Due to my busy schedule, it is necessary for me to be able to use a computer when I need to.

Keep the computers CLEAN!!! They are usually very dusty!!!

Send out a brochure with specific details regarding the services you offer each year. It is easy to forget a service from one semester to the next if the course taken did not use it.

I believe that "IT" does a great job at IUS. I never have any trouble finding an open computer, and I never have to wait long to print. I also believe that there are a lot of great programs that are very useful and available to me as a student. I also don't know how I functioned in classes without Oncourse, it is great!

The only area for improvement I can see is in one print. Every time I print it tells me that my print quota has been updated, but it never has been.

No, not at this time.

IUS needs more computer labs with student helpers, or needs to have them there more often.

Each semester the students are given an allotted amount of pages in which they can print on. My question is whether we lose those pages after each semester. I haven't been able to find this information anywhere. Thanks.

This survey is much longer than I expected. To complete something of this length, I'd suggest that you ask if we'd prefer to complete a mailed copy...even if it's a scan (bubble) variety. I can't take the time to complete it online. Sorry.

[IRD] has been a great instructor and very willing to make arrangements to assist students that have trouble in class.

The beginning of the year was frustrating. I had Sat. morning classes and the network was down; however, the IT department has made vast improvements in this area. I realize this may have been due to the entire IU network, but when you pay a technology fee it had better work!

I don't know if you have anything to do with this request, but our number of paper has been reduced to nearly nothing. I am already over my amount of paper and ALL I do is print off school work from teachers. This is an important issue many students are facing here at IUS. Thank you.

I love the technology available at IUS. I went to Jefferson Community College for several years and dealt with painful computer experience. IUS is awesome!

I have never encountered such an abysmal computing network anywhere before. Accessibility and navigability of most of the important services students rely on (such as registration and financial aid information) are about as bad as it can get. We can't even retrieve our unofficial transcripts yet. If real-time updates are part of what you want to offer on many of these services, then you need to be staffed 24/7. You are there to service OUR needs, not vice versa. On a final note, Onestart was, is, and always will be a bad idea. It is not even remotely user friendly, which creates nothing but headaches for the novice user. Insite was the much better service. It should never have been retired. I suggest it be revived post haste.

I do not like Onestart. It is very confusing. I have not talked to one person who likes Onestart. It seems to me that you would rather fix something that is fine than to not fix something that needs to be fixed.

When I tried to make photocopies in the computer lab (Crestview), the IT person behind the desk said that he didn't have the key/code, so I couldn't make the copies I needed. That was extremely inconvenient, since I don't always have money on me to go to the library to make copies. Also, I paid thousands of dollars to attend IUS, so being able to make copies should have been available.

IU Southeast Campus: Uniprint sucks, but I see the need for it, oh and it needs to have the sheets allotted accurately at/before semester. Makes IU look greedy, btw. Why don't you guys audit the campus and find out how many PC's are broken once in awhile too? I'd recommend that someone suck it up and clean up keyboards around campus: they are naaaaasty. Also, how come I've never seen a campus internal phone mentioned in this survey. That should tell us something. Oh, and spam: why all of the sudden in 2005 do we get tons of it and the firewall not block it? Confusing and tedious to waste time cleaning inboxes from the junk. Also, none of the lab tech's actually do anything and you're paying 2 at a time. Why don't you have the lab techies offer a service to consult students for pre-arranged and scheduled blocked periods of time and they can learn a service/program/package/system within IT through this consultation and they will hear about it from their professors, IT emails, and marketing.....all along providing yet another student service and also adding to the knowledge and learning process at IUS. Consider less verbiage on your Making IT happen yard signs: they are busy! You lost me at free....I didn't know what was free b/c the text was so small and I was in a hurry to get to class. I did see an improper word for the English language also that was some word meant to explain free items galore or the such. The new library needs more PC's and also needs 1 PC in the group study rooms: we need them in there to work on our projects (word, powerpoint, etc.). Also, put more PC's at the end of Crestview in the area where you have two on a table on the second floor east end of building. Why can't that table across from those two PC's be extended and have another 3 PC's also? Get rid of the Coke machine and make some PC's along the wall to the elevators, it'd be niiiice. Thanks!

No matter how expensive paper is today, printers should never be defaulted to print on both sides of a page. It has cost me more, and I have wasted more paper because of forgetting to adjust the default properties to print single sided.

The people "helping" in the Knob View computer lab need extensive training in people skills as well as using the equipment. No two workers use the new copiers the same way and some of them do not know how to get them to copy at all! [IRD]

The computer labs are never open when I need them. They close early weekend nights and open late on Saturdays and Sundays. The only good time they are open is around finals week. I know that the lab in the administrative building is always available, but that lab does not have all equipment (such as scanners). That lab also is not a very friendly learning/working environment. I wish the labs in CV or the library would be open more often.


Excellent services keep it up.

I think they are great. My only complaint is to regulate the loud talkers on cell phones in the computer labs and one of the computer lab staff gets very loud and obnoxious. [IRD] She disrupts many people trying to work on their studies.

Nothing follows.

I believe there is so much to offer, yet I don't know anything about these services are where to get help. Why is the IT department and services such a secret????

I use the computer labs in Hillside Hall quite often, and there is never anyone there that is able to help with printers/computers. I also think it is horrible that they only allow us a certain amount of paper. As an elementary education student, unfortunately, I have to print off a lot of different items. I ran out of paper quickly last semester!

Computer labs are too noisy. They should be similar in atmosphere to that of a library. Often times students are cutting up, talking on their cell phones, or doing something not pertaining to scholastic studies. Either way its annoying and distracting it would be nice if administrators would cut down on the noise in these areas.

It would be nice if the new IUS library made the network connections (located in the library on study tables) available for laptop users. At the present time, it is not available.

I love the fact that virtually wherever I am at IUS, I have the ability to check my email and create a dialogue with any of my professors through OnCourse. Keep up the good work.

I like the computers at school they give what I need to know fast. I don't have to wait forever for the information to come up.

Switch to Mac--problems magically go away!

The paper runs out in the school of business printers all the time - very frustrating. There is no after-hours phone answering/directory from the switchboard - very frustrating. Searching the online class offerings is way too complex unless you know EXACTLY what you are looking for. I think that you should have had more of these comment boxes in the other sections of the survey because now I can't remember all the comments I had when I answered some of the earlier questions.

You should do routine checks and maintenance of the PCs on campus. There were 2 computers in the lounge area of Knobview that didn't work for more than 2 weeks. Things like this shouldn't go without notice.

- Scanner in each computer lab.

- Once weekly open door/impromptu "ask any question" BS session with the tech gurus from IT.

- Encourage home computing and increase general tech knowledge of students, faculty, and staff by getting better deals from PC and software vendors. "If you lower the price, they will buy." kevin costner sucks.

- For petes sake, the IUS homepage is looking pretty old. Just doesn't look all that user friendly, or eye catching. Too much red. Needs more white space, it worked for google.

- In general, IT mission statement should be to turn everyone on campus into a nerd or geek ie: Bill gates, not Star Wars.

- Love the WIFI.

In my opinion, Onestart is in need of some serious help. I cannot do anything with Onestart from my home computer. I used to be able to register from home on Insite, as well as advising, unofficial transcripts, and grades. Apparently, dial-up is to slow for Onestart. Now I have to go on campus to register for classes. I am VERY dissatisfied with Onestart.

I just want to let you know that the services are very accessible and that the staff supporting the labs are friendly and helpful. I especially like the fact that I can access my student account with ease. You have made navigation of the system simple for even the most novice person. I thank [IRD] for all of his assistance in my initial exposure to the IUS computer department.

I find that faculty, students, and staff do not utilize the IT department as often as they could because they are virtually hidden on the bottom floor in Crestview Hall. If they were more visible, their resources may be used more often.

IT services does a great job, but they need to make Oncourse more compatible with AOL. Also, since changing class registration from Insight to Onestart the process has become a longer, more difficult process that should be the easiest part of the system. Not very user friendly.

More computers and printers that are not either broken or out of paper.

I think the student computer lab employees should be required to stay quiet while working in a computer lab. It is very disruptive to people working (studying, reading, researching, etc.) to have constant conversation, joking, laughing, etc. coming from the student lab workers. They should respect the students using the lab as a quiet place to work & concentrate on what they are doing without any distractions. Labs should be "study hall" like.

I have begun using the computers at IUS much more since taking C106, and a desktop publishing class. I am an adult student and have a limited time to be on campus. I access e-mail and Oncourse from both work and home.

Not long ago, a classmate and I went to the computer lab in the third floor of Knobview hall. I needed to make about thirty pages worth of copies and my classmate told me that there was a way to put a code into the copier that would allow me to make copies without spending money, where the credit would come out of my copy allotment, which sounded great. The kid (and I mean kid in every sense of the word) that was in charge of the computer lab was rude, being more concerned with the video game he was playing on the computer than helping me out. He told me that I would have to come back some other day when someone was there that could show me. I remarked that I didn't know that this service was available to me (the copier) and he laughed and said, "well..umm..the times they are a changin" and laughed at me some more. I started to get extremely irate, but instead, I was very courteous and thanked him for his "help". I'm lucky to have a very nice computer at my home that has a printer/copier so I was able to go home and do what I needed to do, but what happens when he is dealing with a student that doesn't have a computer of their own? He was the only person in Knobview this day (Friday evening) that was an IUS employee. What a nice reflection on IUS. It's little details like this that could cause people to go elsewhere for their education. One more thing I would like to mention is the retirement of Insite. Yes, all of us knew it was coming, but what has happened is that you can't print an IUcare advising form off of Insite right now because it is retired, and when you try to access that at Onestart, it says "coming soon". So over spring break I haven't been able to register for classes because I don't have an advising sheet. Granted, I'm a senior and have a good idea of what I need, but it would be nice to know exactly what I need. Overall I am very happy with the it services, but I did wonder recently what junior high that kid was brought in from that worked at the lab.

I appreciate certain people who try to help me in any way possible because that is what I do. But for the most part the IT service staff/faculty has not been as helpful as I expected. Though there are a few exceptions.

I can't use Oncourse at home anymore. I can read my e-mail, but can't open any attachments to get my assignments from home. There are a lot of other students with this problem????

I was really impressed with the technology on campus when I first came to IUS. I am still impressed 4 yrs. later. I've also had friends who go to JCC visit IUS and they have been jealous of our computer services.

Each time I have had a problem connecting from home I have gotten a very quick helpful response from the IT department. I think you guys do a great job!