2005 IUSB IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

I would much rather use something like Blackboard or WebCT than Oncourse.

Can the faculty office telephones be programmed to indicate visually a waiting voice mail message? Unless a faculty member picks up the handset, there is no visual means to knowing whether or not a message is waiting.

I know the "ELMOs" are expensive, but they are great in the classroom. The overheads seem like "dinosaurs" once you are used to the new equipment and often get in the way!

OneStart SUCKS...but, hey, you knew that, right? I have completely stopped submitting midterm grades simply because it is too time consuming, confusing, and clunky to do it on OneStart. Bad for both students and faculty. Instructions for connecting to WiFi (VPN connection) at IUSB using a Mac in IT knowledge base are inaccurate, only way to find this out is to go to some pained looking 'dude' at the help desk who will say...'it's not working because the instructions are wrong' then tell you what you REALLY have to do. Way to promote WiFi IUSB. Otherwise, good job, even for Mac users like me. Came to IUSB because of IT (might quit because of OneStart, but, heck, that's a problem for HR).

I think the staff is not friendly at all. They assume we understand how to use the equipment and they seem to get mad if we call them. If we have an emergency in the classroom (i.e. DVD player not working and needs to be used for the class) they never show up, take forever to show up or you can't just find them. I need video projection for my classes and had to cancel classes in the past for tech problems.

Sometimes requests for help with office computer problems and lab computer problems fall through the cracks. Sometimes the help is very prompt - but can't predict. Memory storage for emails is a constant problem. Switching email systems every 2-3 years is also a problem. The installation of technology desks in the classroom has been wonderful!

I hate the web based outlook system you access from the internet for e-mail. It seems like it could be improved. I would also like to access more from home and off site. IMS is excellent and the help desk staff in this past year have been excellent. I have been impressed with the improvement of the classroom technology! I wish I had time to learn more about all of our computing resources to be able to further improve my skills. Thank you--I could not do my job without IT!

Provide information on who to contact in the event equipment does not work in the classroom. I have seen a marked improvement in the IT division since last year.

I teach 60 registered electronic media majors on TWO computers totally unsupported by IT, not even a hook-up to the internet so that I can do the little trouble shooting and updates that I can handle, let alone OS updates. Over the past 11 years, every request I've made for assistance has been ignored or turned down except one....our aging G3 was hooked up to the internet some years ago...and it's a stand-alone machine. This situation is ridiculous and destructive.

Although improving, support for Macintosh users still is pretty minimal, and the IU Knowledge-base documents frequently don't work or solve the problem. The ongoing program to equip classrooms with IT still bypasses students who happen to choose majors that use (because they need to) dedicated classrooms--these students pay technology and computer lab fees, too. Perhaps by the time I retire I'll be able to use PowerPoint in a School of the Arts classroom!

When I came to IUSB, we were using the Prime. Computer service was not part of my decision to teach here.

The Help Desk is great. Whoever answers the phone is knowledgeable and willing to take the time to explain a process or problem. Good job!

I am SO impressed with the helpdesk. It has been invaluable to me and I am never made to feel like I'm technology challenged - which I am! Thank you for all the hard work.

I wish the computer screens on the tech desks did not sit on the desk as it blocks my view of the students and their view of me (maybe not such a bad thing from their point of view, but a big detriment from my perspective). I spend an awful lot of time leaning this way and that to see around the monitor. Overall, I love the new tech desks (although nicer chairs would be a big plus!) and I use it extensively in my classroom. Thanks!

I am well aware that as a Mac user I'm in the minority, and therefore understand that services must first and foremost work with the majority of the computers on campus (i.e. Windows XP). However, I have been frustrated by some choices that are made and how they impact Mac users. For example, logging in to Oncourse with Safari generates a warning message every time (suggesting I upgrade my browser) and neither it, OneStart, or Outlook Web Access work particularly well with Safari. Perhaps there is a problem with the Safari browser, but from what I understand it is "standards compliant"; even though Macs represent a small minority of users, why aren't these services using standardized technology? These are, literally, the only sites I need to use that don't work well with Safari. When I first received an iMac for my office 1.5 years ago I was very frustrated with how it was configured. To be frank, it was a total mess, and configured as if software had been randomly installed with little consideration for how the operating system was designed to work. I have seen the same situation in the student lab computers and the office computers of my Mac-using colleagues. For the iMac in my office, I reformatted the hard drive, reinstalled the OS (OS X), configured the included Mail program, and have had a wonderful experience ever since. I suspect that during the last year IT has become more comfortable with OS X so this may no longer be an issue. In fact, since the reinstall of system software my office computing experience has been the best I've ever had. Overall I am very happy that IT provides Macs to faculty and students; given the small user base of Mac users this demonstrates a dedication to user satisfaction that far outweighs the "glitches" I have observed regarding configuration of OS X computers in offices and computer labs. Thank you very much!

Overall, the physical environment and systems seem to be fine. The main problem resides with the personnel, their attitudes and helpfulness. I also question the need for a vice chancellor-level position in IT. To improve services, we need effective managers, not more bureaucrats. THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SURVEY.

Certain IT workers are very helpful--Kelly at the Help Desk, and everyone at IMS.

Oncourse is too rigid about setting grade levels and adding new grades during the semester; IT does a very poor job of supporting Macintosh users: it is nearly impossible to reach the O, W, and other drives from a Mac; some documents in .doc form on Outlook are easily accessible from PC's and yet cannot be obtained from a Mac; after several years of mentioning the problem, I still cannot print Mathematica documents from my Mac to the third-floor laser printers without strange symbol substitutions taking place; OneStart on a Mac screen has buried windows that are accessible only with patience. Your questionnaire was entirely too long.

Would love to have be able to create my own web page...but need YOUR help!! Thanks! You're always there to help me out when I need it:-)

We have had difficulty establishing a student listserve specifically for the School of Education. I often hear students say they would like the Greenlawn Lab staffed for more daytime hours. We sometimes have difficulty with leaks, etc... in the Greenlawn Lab. I suspect that this is a facilities issue, but it does seem that it has the potential to damage the technology in the lab. Help Desk folks are great! I've been here ten years and overall the IT department and services have improved tremendously! Thanks for your hard work!

Recognize Macs and provide equal and adequate service to Mac users. Become a Mac friendly service. Help the library get its act together. Very user-"unfriendly" services.

I've seen a decline in problems during the last year, but communications about problems when they exist and feedback when a problem is reported as well as the time it takes to correct them still leaves much to be desired. If I need an answer and/or a workaround - the best and sometimes the only way to get it, is to go to the helpdesk office. The personal service there is excellent - but it should not be necessary to meet personally to find out what is being done about a problem. The continued lack of support outside the "normal" working day is still a concern. We still have a large number of class sessions after 5:00 pm and for my Saturday morning sections - I know I will just have to leave a message on the answering machine. Overall - I want to pass on that the OIT staff is a dedicated and hard-working group, who often go the extra mile to get things working and support the teaching effort. They do help!

Outsourcing the web services, and email services to IUB is a waste of our campus funds. We have the skilled staff to perform these activities in house and save a considerable amount of money. Our IT team can set up a web server and exchange server right here in South Bend and save approx. $50,000 a year. Furthermore, I would like to suggest that the central IT administration spend a greater portion of the infrastructure tax that our campus pays, back in South Bend. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. IT at IU works very hard and should be commended. Nice job. [IRD]

Several issues that need to be addressed: 1. Keeping email and web pages in Bloomington costs a lot of money and gives us nothing but trouble. 2. The amount of storage for email is not sufficient for those of us in administrative positions that need to retain email. The auto archive is not dependable and frequently files are lost. 3. The voice mail system can be many hours behind on delivering messages. It is not consistent but is still a big problem. 4. The anti spam filter helps but I still get a tremendous about of phishing. 5. You are a good group and at IUSB try very hard to keep us happy.

Need more routes to get attention to special requests by faculty. I have had requests languish for months, sometimes on services that were needed immediately and I had to go out of the university system to get them.

IT does not provide technology services for our specialized classrooms because they are not general use classrooms. This is wrong and illogical. Advanced students using these classrooms often are only taking classes which meet in such rooms and still must pay a technology fee. Based on the reasoning which prevents such support why not eliminate the classrooms since they are not available to all the students. This policy really disadvantages the arts.

The major exception to my general satisfaction with IT services occurred last summer, when several requests for help with my printer were put in the queue at the Help Desk, and not acted upon for several weeks. Fortunately, I was out of the office during the first weeks of delay. Unfortunately, the work waiting for me upon my return required use of a printer, which had not yet been repaired.

Other softwares such as GIS should be available to "all" faculty for download on the internet or access through the internet.

I have concerns about how software is supported - especially class room specific. I have had the experience of going to IT with specific requirements of software and either being told it is compatible- and then it does not work or - Business software requires certain formats that are not compatible with our software. This is very frustrating.

We are missing a lot of Training classes that was offered in Bloomington announced on IT Monitor Newsletter. We are also lack of support in some in-depth web services (database server support, etc.) because Bloomington's IT Webmaster is so hard to get hold of. The computer Lab consultants' helping skill is very limited. Their intensive training should be enhanced.

Help available through the email system was absolutely terrible. I wrote long messages, but the answers were typically short and did not address my concerns. Help staff did a much better job when then actually came to my office to assist me. Also I had lots of trouble with my email after I was first hired - and had to call repeatedly [IRD] to get assistance. Also at the beginning of the semester [IRD] I could not get anyone to help me in my classroom to use the equipment that was available there. This equipment is very expensive - it seems like it makes sense to invest the money for helpdesk assistance for professors.

Print concise flyers with lab hours and start-up classes for students who haven't yet accessed the computer system the first couple weeks of the semester.

When I was considering joining IUSB, I was told that we would have access to Bloomington's resources. It has become evident over time though that IUSB is still treated as a poor sister. Even the software available to the faculty through the bookstore is the older version. In many cases, my requests for research software and help and with email problems have been ignored.

I have been very pleased with the technology at IUSB.

I am concerned that IT seems to be pulling back services. I suspect this is an attempt to decrease costs but this seems to be occurring with limited faculty input. While I love the new tech desks I am concerned that the support personnel for video etc. is being lowered. While I do not use this resource myself, I am concerned that others may be left out. I am also concerned about the lack of support for other services like the Scantron machine. Change is inevitable but it is important in a university environment that faculty be involved in the decision making process.

One huge irritant is the small amount of storage allowed through Outlook. Another is that I cannot access my O drive or M drive from the tech desks in the classroom.

Complaints: The online people search info is very inaccurate. The School of the Arts (my school) desperately needs an updated web page. Oncourse server crashes frequently and is very slow. On the plus side, the new Dell computers are wonderful, the technology in the classrooms is top notch, and this year problems with NS106's connections, video projection, etc. have been minimal.

Thanks for asking our opinions.

[IRD] you are doing a great job. Things have improved a lot since you took the lead. Keep it up.

I wish there had been more information and/or training opportunities available for those of us who began at the beginning of the January semester.

I would like faster ethernet connections from my office and in my classroom, to facilitate moving large files over the network. I would also ask that if a help desk person does not know the answer to a given problem, that they say so and direct the user to someone who can help them. Time is wasted when the help desk tech looks over the obvious and cannot provide a solution. Follow-up on help desk issues is poor. Requests for help often languish for far too long. It would be nice to know when an issue has been resolved, so I can take advantage of the solution. I can't use a service if I don't know it's working. Better knowledge of wireless computing and Macintoshes would be appreciated.

I was deeply concerned by the decision to disband IMS and move it from Northside to Weikamp. As a Film Studies professor, I rely upon the support services that IMS, in its former incarnation, did a great job of providing. I hope the university will continue to support film technologies, including the projection of 16 mm film, on campus.

Overall the technology here is excellent. There is always room for improvement, due to the ever changing technology. The only thing I can say about my on campus experience is my office phone. The volume button is broken and cannot be turned down. Off campus, my Webmail is difficult to access. It is very slow, which may be my home PC. Everything else (Oncourse, OneStart) work beautifully from home.

Oncourse is a kluge and OneStart is worse; the only thing worse than the two put together is the fact that the new web pages only run in the world's worst web browser, Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The complete lack of support for Macs and the refusal to make anything that is allegedly available "campus-wide" available in Mac-compatible format is a source of endless frustration. Most of what I manage to get accomplished I do in spite of the best efforts of IT to thwart me. I've stopped ever asking IT staff for anything, because the response I nearly always get is "That can't be done" when the honest answer would be "I don't know how to do that", and it's all too frequently followed by a condescending statement that basically says "You're just a woman - you're too stupid to understand how a computer works".

The failure of the 9-911 system in the classrooms, while it didn't lead to a fatality in my emergency situation was completely unacceptable. If OIT can't get the 9-911 system to work correctly, how can I trust OIT to do anything else correctly?

Suggestion to assign a higher priority than 5 to faculty requests. Respond to faculty requests in a timely manner (requests remained ignored for 5 months). Inform people on the status of their requests, otherwise IT is nothing but a black hole. Exhibit a willingness to appreciate that faculty members work with deadlines and need support to meet them.

1) Too many pop-ups, junk e-mails and slow internet speed during the recent month;

2) rigidity of the gradebook tool in Oncourse (need to interface with Excel);

3) Not enough storage space for instructors in Oncourse

4) Can we have a public drive that only students taking that course can access instead of the whole university?

5) Can we have a phone set that will indicate that I have messages to play?

6) All but one of requests have been answered; sometimes the response or the follow-up are not consistent

7) Can biology faculty have the access to IU Bloomington library and journal resources please?????

The IT staff is outstanding, outdated classrooms, screens, equipment is very frustrating. However, the IT staff is there in a second to help with inconsistencies. The telephone system seems alien to other systems on campus. Who manages the information given to the city phone book, our department information has been incorrect for 7 years and no one knows how to make the correction.

It still takes a long time to hear from the Help Desk. However, I am a Mac user. Mac's are not supported here but I am pleased that there is some more attention to training IT people in Mac usage.

Faculty |Staff | Students

I have received excellent service from the video conferencing group for once a month meetings with IUF. General instruction on storing and accessing departmental data from the different drives, and cleaning up email and best use of filing in email would be helpful for administrative staff and directors. It's very annoying when you cannot send email because you are over the storage limit.

Nothing additional to say.

Have requested help on more than one occasion for the same problem from IT, each time was supposedly documented, but was never addressed.

The IT folks are great to work with. The help desk was such a good idea that you now need to add more staff to follow up on all the calls. The Elkhart campus should be set up with the same technology in classrooms and laboratories as the South Bend campus. It is unfair to force faculty and students to adjust to different classroom technology. Software provided in computer laboratories on South Bend campus should also be available at the Elkhart campus. Look at the Elkhart dial-up lines to figure out whether there is a problem with users being disconnected when connecting from home computers.

I have been quite impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the staff of IU South Bend's IT Department, particularly [IRD]. These men display courtesy, accountability, and interest to resolve my problems in a timely manner. They are approachable and helpful and seem to have a spirit of cooperation in an environment that must be difficult and challenging.

Need to be a little more organized. I get notification of a help request I have called in and has since been taken care of by IT, months after it has been taken care of. Thanks,

Email requests to help desk are sometimes not responded to for weeks. repeated requests are necessary.

The heading on this page is improvements and suggestions. I don't have any of those, but I do want to say that the people working with the Web requests do a really good job of getting requests done quickly and done right. Way to go! Thank you.

Directories are difficult to find on-line. Sometimes they are not kept up to date. Once you hear from Help Desk service seems better. In general, the response is not timely enough. Most of us do all of our work via computer and when there are problems, work stops or slows. So it is critical that response time is fast.

IT needs to provide user training and offer better support of administrative applications.

I realize that IT does not function in a vacuum, especially when it comes to creating accounts and permissions, etc., however, in this age of technology it is very challenging when new faculty/staff are without computing services for a month to six weeks at the beginning of their employment! The other area that I feel would be helpful is in managing student data and reports. The information is available yet faculty/staff have to have a high level of computer expertise to generate meaningful reports in user friendly or presentation friendly formats. Obviously not everyone who uses the technology on campus is an expert in all software areas so it would be helpful if the IT staff could generate reports, mailing labels, and other data.

I was proud to attend the Collegiant Management Institute and one of the reading assignments was about Indiana University and FIS "A Brave New World". It feels good working for a University on the cutting edge of technology.

When we need a technician to come over and fix something in the office it tends to take a long time.

I would actually like to see a lot more things automated as students and faculty would be more likely to sit down and do it.

the availability of real professionals is a huge plus

I think we have a good group of people working in IT. They are very personable and very helpful when asked a question. If one person does not know the answer, they will find out and let you know what is correct. I know that IT has been understaffed at times, and the only complaint that I have is that when a work order is put in - it may take three weeks until someone comes around to fix the problem.

I know that Wiekamp and Northside have the Help Desk and I know staff is stretched but maybe eventually it would be nice to have a help desk in every building??? I think you do a great job considering the amount of staff. Thanks.

It would be EXTREMELY helpful to me, to have a larger limit voice mail box as I deal with so MANY student teachers, classroom teachers and supervisors on a continual basis, ditto the quota on my Outlook space.

When I have computer problems, often the service is very slow. Unfortunately, whenever your computer is dead, you want immediate action. Would there be any way to just have someone who comes over to check out the problem to estimate what the problem is, and how long it would take to fix it. That way, if it's something major, we could look into "borrowing" a computer; if not major, at least give us a "real time" estimate of when the person will be over.

I think given the limited resources they have, that IT does a good job. It might be helpful (and maybe you do and I didn't notice) that when you reply with a "service number" indicating that our request is on "the list" if you could also include a time estimate - will respond in 1 day, 1 week, etc.

The Elkhart Campus needs to have the same technology as the South Bend campus. It isn't fair to the faculty not to have the same access to the equipment (Tech. Desks) and software available at the main campus.

Variety of software applications and reliability of systems are excellent. This allows the end user to use the technology to do their job.

From the IUSB website and from the IT website, it is not easy to figure out how to find a directory of phone numbers, etc. It isn't impossible, it's just not obvious or easy. It should be easy.

Faster reply on work orders to helpdesk.

While navigating the websites there are times when the page won't let me get down to the submit button. It is like the pages aren't centered correctly on the screen. Probably a minor issue. The SIS OneStart system seems very very slow at times. There is also some confusion about what campus is responsible for what computer system. There needs to be some clarification about what Bloomington is responsible for, and what South Bend IT is responsible for.

Current university policies do not provide adequate funding for dedicated classrooms. Our equipment is frequently old, badly kept up, or completely absent. School of the Arts students pay extra lab fees for courses that depend on good computer systems, yet IU not a single dollar of those lab fees are used to provide our students with the equipment they so desperately need. The only solution available is to make our school's dedicated spaces available to the entire university. This is an unworkable solution, since these classrooms and labs are in constant use, and frequently contain additional materials and equipment which must be kept secure, or equipment, sets, and tools which are dangerous if the user is not properly trained. Why should the School of the Arts students be denied the same high tech learning environment readily available to most disciplines on this campus?

Quicker turn-around for printer issues (less than 24 hours)

Getting new employees activated in all their systems is excruciatingly slow. Particularly if the employee is not that tech-savvy and makes a mistake while they are trying to set up their own accounts. We have an employee in our department that is still using the web version of Outlook. This means she cannot look at our calendars when she sets up appointments, etc. She has been here since November 2004. While IT has vastly improved their reputation for timely service, things like this do not help it any.

It would be nice if we could get a better connection from home through IU. The Dial-up is so slow I had to purchase a modem and cable internet so I could work from home using the PeopleSoft environment.

Personally, I think IT service personnel are great. Updates and upgrades are communicated very, very, well.

My only complaint with IT is the slowness by which technicians come when I have called with a problem. It's often not until the next day that someone comes. This is not the best situation as having bad equipment can stall work for several hours.

South Bend IT is very responsive to the technology needs of the campus and goes to great lengths to anticipate problems and provide solutions in its area of service.

This survey is invalid in determining an objective response from faculty, staff and students. The questions require clarification, or are designed to elicit a positive response. I don't feel this survey is helpful in that it does not allow for comments after each question, or section to clarify responses. The questions are very broad in scope and need to be more clearly defined. Am I completing the survey from the perspective of my position at the university, or am I completing it as a student, or am I completing it as a home user? My answers will be different for each. I have one email address for all student and business applications and a second email for home use. I don't feel that my home use should be included in this survey as IT is most likely soliciting the different email packages students, faculty and staff use for official university email.... E-mailing the helpdesk is an exercise in futility. Generally an "incident number" is assigned and one waits indefinitely for a human response. By the time IT staff follow up, the problem has usually resolved or a "fix" has been shared by someone outside of IT that had the same problem and developed their own solution. From a student perspective, the lab in UC007 is extremely difficult to work in, the ventilation system is so loud, it precludes any type of class interaction. No classes should be scheduled in that room. It could function as a student lab, where it's not important to hear other's speaking. SPSS is not working properly and the helpdesk, while friendly, was not able to assist with problem resolution. There is a different version available in the lab that what is available to the professor in his office. This makes his class preparation challenging, since the software in the lab doesn't do what the software in his office does. Basically, I have seen a decline in the support and services other than telecom on our campus. As a home user with broadband, it would be wonderful to h

The telephone voicemail messages can be delayed for several hour before it is received. (UGH!)

Quicker response time regarding system failures.

For the amount of technology fees each semester I should be given a lap top computer and have the software I need for classes loaded onto it. This would also save on lab fees and open up these spaces for classrooms. Is the IT fair really necessary?

The only dissatisfactions I have with IT services are the SIS/PeopleSoft environments. The systems (over which South Bend IT has no control and had no say) seem inefficient and more labor intensive. I don't believe that IUIS and/or IUIE were broken, so therefore they didn't need fixing. Further, it has been a waste to the tune of in excess of $52 million dollars system wide.

IT has been very helpful and has always responded quickly to my concerns/problems.

Hardware service for shared printers often takes longer than we would like. It is difficult to have a printer shut down for several hours to several days. Feedback about the status of printer repairs would be appreciated.

I am very dissatisfied with the falcon system. I get a number that my request has been put in a queue. It is then at least a minimum of one to two weeks before I have a live person appear at my door. This is also annoying because no one contacts you first to make sure you will be in your office. I do not see why they cannot call first to make sure you will be there or make an appointment. I am very busy and can't wait around for someone to come over and fix my problem. There has been a lot of reorganization of the help desk adding more personnel, but service has gotten slower and worse. Plus, when they do come, they either don't know how to fix it or say it is fixed and isn't. Once in a while they get it right. When I call with a problem, the standard question I get is "Did you reboot your computer?" I always do this before I call because they ask this. I am very dissatisfied with the service from the helpdesk and IT. Over the last year it has gotten worse.

I think the addition of [IRD] was an excellent idea. I have dealt with her in the past while she was under IMS. She was very very helpful and so was most of the IMS crew. I hope that under this new management, the IT response time will improve and the customer service will be friendly and helpful.

I am an employee and was taken off the net, so therefore I have to use someone else's computer to check my e-mail. I don't appreciate that, and it is an inconvenience to bother someone else all the time. The only thing I can do on my computer is my time sheet.

When registering a question or having problems and I use the Help Desk, most of the time I never hear back from them, until I get a email notification several months later. Unless I continue to call about a problem, it is not resolved. This summer when setting up a software system at my work, I did receive excellent help from [IRD]. He continued to work on our problems and concerns until the project was completed.

It has improved within the last six months.

---Good Job-------

The telecom service is great. IT issues are another matter. I put in a request for a new mouse last week and still have not received it. My computer constantly locks up since the installation of SP2 and this issue is not limited to me. Many others are experiencing the same issue and while I have not reported this to IT, there should have been a mass fix put in place or at least a message to users that this may occur. As widespread as the problem is in my area, you would think that this would have been addressed during the testing phase for SP2 installation. However, the service personnel, when they do show up, are very considerate and helpful and this review is not meant to be a negative reflection on them at all.

Staff provides excellent customer service. Wish we could update phone system.

My experiences with IT are positive if I don't need to talk to a person. However, if a problem requires personnel involvement - I might as well give up. I won't get a "follow-up" to my HELP DESK issue for 2 - 3 months unless I get my dean involved. That's pitiful! In addition, when I call the HELP DESK - they don't even wait to hear my "hello" but immediately ask for my user name. What may be expedient for them smacks of rudeness to me - and an unwillingness to see my issue as anything more than a file in their inbox. Wait for me to explain the problem - then I'll give you my password. I supervise an area containing 7 computers - assigned to 16 people. In addition, MY department is closest to a computer lab. I get the questions when the computer consultants take a break. Occasionally I don't HAVE a "user name" issue as much as a "missing consultant" issue. Address this issue of phone etiquette - and my experience may improve 40%. Believe me - you don't have anywhere to go than up!

Everything about information technology is wonderful. I only wish that somebody could be easily available for any problem situations

Faster response when asking for help through the helpdesk.

Faculty | Staff | Students

OneStart runs way too slow for people on dial-up and it is not easy to navigate. Insite was nicer. Also, all professors should be required to use Oncourse for classes...it makes life much easier. I had one experience with a gentleman who I believe was an IT employee. A professor in one of my classes unplugged the media desk in the classroom (she did not know any different) and this employee walked in on in the middle of our class to ask what was wrong with the computer. When my professor replied that nothing was wrong with it, he asked why it wasn't on. She replied that she had unplugged it for us to watch a movie to which he replied, looking at her over his glasses, "THERE ARE OTHER OUTLETS!" I am sure that she did not know that unplugging the computer would cause a problem, however I was thoroughly disgusted at the way this IT employee treated the professor. It made me sick. I just thought you might like to know that. Other than that, however I have not had many issues with IT. Although in DW it is very hard to find a computer at certain times. I am glad I have a computer at home and do not have to depend on the school for one on a daily basis. Overall grade...B-

The new OneStart system is a nightmare to use. Where Insite was intuitive and helpful, OneStart is obtuse and difficult. If not for the removal of Insite and the introduction of OneStart, I would have greatly raised my review of IT services. But OneStart has made certain I will never use it for advising, register of classes, or similar features until it receives a massive overhaul. This is a huge detriment to someone who prefers to utilize online services for such actions. All other IT services have been excellent.

we need labs open 24 hours or at least till 2AM. The lights are not enough , it is like of dark The important one is AC ( air condition ) when the weather change from cold to hot , it is impossible to work in the labs. because it is too hot.

Need to add a couple more phone lines... it is hard to get online between 9:30 and 10:15 p.m. lot of times either the line is busy, or the host computer does not pick up.

I think we need more computer labs. The labs are full all the time.

The computer labs are often too full of students to use. It would be nice if there were some computers that you were only allowed to be logged into for 10 minutes or less. Some students monopolize stations between classes solely for entertainment when other students with more serious business that would take just minutes are forced to wait. Some sort of short login section in each lab would help with this - maybe just 2 or 3 machines. Much of the software runs incredibly slow on the Windows machines (Acrobat Reader, etc). I can hardly stand using a Mac but often do because your Windows machines have so much crap running on them that they crawl. PDF functionality is very important for me so that I can print articles from the electronic reserve. Get more robust hardware for your windows machines or run fewer services. The library IT functionality is great, that is definitely the most useful IT service that IUSB provides. I love being able to do 80%+ of my research from home.

The hours in which one can access OneStart is ridiculous. What exactly is the problem with running that program 24hrs.? Oncourse, on the other hand, is extremely helpful. I also was in the computer labs on a number of occasions and the equipment looks worn. The mouse's in most labs are gummed-up in such a way that the cursor stops mid-swing. I'm also sure that there is not a student at IUSB that hasn't had a computer freeze-up or cut off. I do like the IT guys however. VERY helpful and kind. Never a problem with them. JUST THOSE DELL's.

the computers and IT are good

It would be helpful to keep the lab open in Greenlawn for longer periods of time. It doesn't make sense to have a lab in that building and not have it open when there isn't a class in there.

I think it is really great that we have the most updated technologies on campus, they really help out with school.

Nope. Oncourse and Webmail are entirely slow for page access times.

I answered cannot evaluate because I was unsure if many of the questions applied to me and my experience here at IUSB. However the people which I have met/come across were all very helpful and kind, and I really appreciate their level of concern to help get problems resolved. =)

I recently used a mouse, in a computer lab and it wasn't an optical mouse...it still had the rubber ball. I was having difficulty navigating with the mouse, so I took it upon myself to clean it. It was terrible, the inside of the mouse was loaded with dust balls. I would just like to see all the mouses or (mice) in all the computer labs get replaced with the new optical mouses or (mice).

They seem good, I don't know much about IT stuff though

It's a hassle to register for classes. As [IRD] I felt the need to understand the process as to give good advice. But to look through the class booklet and type in all the corresponding material in the OneStart class registration applet was a hassle. Maybe some tweaking is in order?

I found that having access to the computers and research programs was an extremely helpful thing. My education has definitely been influenced by the resources provided by the IT services offered at IUSB.

The computer labs are a real asset to the campus and have greatly enhanced my experience at IUSB. The IUSB website is sometimes difficult to navigate. I have had trouble finding answers to basic queries such as parking information and instructor information.

The technologies use at IUSB are very helpful in the students education. Having the computer labs open until late at night has been of a great help for those students who do not have computer at home (like me). Overall, I think the technology in this campus is very good and the lab consultants very helpful as well.


My only complaint is that the computer labs in Wiekemp are always full.

I love the dialup service it has been an invaluable aid to my academic work. However, the library resources can be very complicated. Is there any way you guys can simply the research process.

I would like to know what programs that a professor is using to pass information on Oncourse. Many times I cannot download/print it on my computer at home. This does cause some problems when you get an E-mail and cannot open the information sent before class the next morning.

Oncourse should have a button that takes you back to the page with the class listings. Wireless is excellent - long overdue. Thanks for the hard work.

I appreciate you taking my opinion into consideration, and I am also glad to see that suggestions are taken for improvements. In response to the facilities on campus, I am very impressed with the accommodations that have been made within the past 2 years for the growing number of students. Some suggestions that I have for the future, would be to address the activity in DW labs. they are full most of the time. I don't know if you can do anything to improve the situation but it is more of an observation I have made. I would suggest opening up some of the labs that are for class rooms during the busy hours. More importantly post the times that the secondary labs are in class so students don't walk in on classes. It would be very helpful to have those labs open during those busy times otherwise I wouldn't have suggested it. In addition to their activity, I have found that the performance of those computers are very slow. I don't believe that it is the hardware, but the connection seems to lag, especially the internet. another suggestion I have is about Oncourse. It is a very helpful tool, in fact I enjoy using it. The problem it seems though is that teachers do not want to use it. If teachers would utilize this software it would be helpful to students and faculty. As a side note I did find it rather irritating that transcripts have still not been posted online. Only due to the fact that they were proposed to be running in late January. I would not have been irritated if it wasn't promised to be working in late January.

Starting computers on campus can be difficult for people with physical disabilities. I have trouble pressing control, alt, delete simultaneously to log in. The computer lab in Northside should be more centrally located. Greenlawn needs a small lab that is always accessible and doesn't charge for printing.

Small computer labs (suited to 2-6 people) would be helpful to those working on group projects. It is inconvenient (and inconsiderate!) for student groups to work in the large student computer labs. BIG PROBLEM!!!!

I feel that a lot of the computer lab consultants, especially in Northside, are very unpleasant, and lack people skills. They seem like they do not want to be disrupted in whatever they are working on at the time. I am very satisfied about the new technologies available to use in the classrooms.

More money needs to be spent on the Computer Science Department Labs at IUSB. IUSB has many computer labs all filled with new computer and nice flat-panel displays, however for some reason the CS Computer Labs used by undergraduate students are filled with very old machines and CRT monitors. The room full of CRT monitors makes it very hot also in comparison to the other labs which has newer equipment. It seems to me that of all the departments that should be given money for good computers, the computer science department would be on the top of that list, but for some reason we have been ignored and left in the past.

There need to be computer clusters set aside for people who have work to do. The desk space is much to small at the computer stations. They are too crowded and noisy to be able to get any serious work done. There should be more online tutorials available for software. There should be a wider variety of software choices available to students.

Computer labs are always full. More computers of computer labs on campus would be very helpful.

It would be very helpful to have one lab always open 24 hours a day.

With OneStart, the website is very slow loading and it's really hard to navigate on a dial up connection.

More computer labs to come equipped with head phones...other than that the labs and IT services are wonderful.

One very helpful tool that I could not have lived without this past year is Oncourse.

I find the library/research technology very difficult and TIME COMSUMING to navigate. The computers in the "Research" area of the IUSB library do not have EXCEL. As a result, if one is lucky enough to find a journal article that applies to ones research the charts and graphs cannot be viewed. I have to email the article to myself and move to another campus computer lab to view the charts or graphs.

update your usb ports, i can not use my personal drive that i plug into your usb ports. it overloads it. also windows media player sucks, it skips and makes awful noises on almost every computer in the south bend campus

IT is a lot better than they are given credit for but there are still some things that need some much needed attention. Overall not bad, much better here than in other places I am sure.

I found Insite much easier to use than OneStart. It was more user friendly and could work on all computers. My computer will not allow me to use OneStart so I have to go out of my way to get any information or register for classes. Other than that, I am very satisfied with the IT department at IUSB.

it could be better

Include a comprehensive browsable (by school, degree, times, etc.) schedule of classes accessible from the IUSB homepage every semester.

I find the multiple sign-ins for the library services very confusing. The library could also provide a drop-down menu so that a user could return to the library home page from either the catalog or the database pages. Also the OneStart page is not user friendly.

The few services I don't use are great, but I haven't heard of half these services, and there are some that I don't need, so I don't use. The biggest problem to me is the misuse of computer labs for small classes that prevents the rest of us from having availability to that lab. I have seen classes of 5 or less students tying up a lab meant for 25 or more students, and the teachers don't want us there because we might disturb their students.

Information on the OneStart webpage is often down, as it was earlier today. Ease of navigation could also be better on the OneStart pages.

I think that there should be more open computer labs available to students. If there were more labs that did not have classes assigned to them I think this would help. It seems like when I really need to use a lab they are always full.

OneStart program is so complicated that I can not use that program easily.

I find many of the computers in the computer labs slow. They also won't load files from Oncourse half the time. Sometime I will wait 15 min. of some files to load that my teacher asked us to load. IUCAT and other data bases were very unhelpful in past projects.

My main complaint is the frequency with which the system was down or extremely sluggish. It also is inconvenient for Oncourse to only be on for a certain number of hours per day.

The only problem I really have is with the IUSB dialup. I have difficultly connecting all the time. I will be able to connect here and there but find it frustrating that it sometimes means waiting 15 minutes to try again or sometimes up to an hour or more before it will connect.

i wish i had the ability to block certain emails in webmail.

While I appreciate the wireless access on campus, I feel that the choice of PPTP for the VPN was poor, or at the very least it has not been implemented correctly. Connecting using Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows all have the same issue, that is that the connection is "dropped" after a certain period of time or when bandwidth usage gets above a certain level. This is irritating for general usage of the network and makes downloading software (including that from IUware very difficult). It is also frustrating that while the connection to the internet is dropped, the connection to the VPN is kept active, making it difficult to tell when and where problems are arising.

email - I have mine forwarded to my primary email account (one of the great services offered by IT). It would be nice if signs were posted in the computer labs prohibiting cell phone use.

While I have no complaints about the existing computer labs or IT services, I believe that there needs to be at least one computer station with internet hook-up and at least one Mac with Adobe PhotoShop Suite with a printer, made available to students in the Fine Arts Building. It is very inconvenient and time consuming to go to one of the other buildings to access these programs when a student needs to use them for a Fine Arts class.

There needs to be a time limit instituted in the DW computer labs when students are waiting on a computer. You can never find a computer when you need it!

The student digests that are sent via Webmail should be optional. They sometimes are annoying to those students who do not read them and personally, I would rather not receive them.

Indiana University at South Bend needs more open computer labs made available to the students. There are currently only 3 labs that are open for students on a regular bases. Two labs in DW and in the basement at NS. The other labs are for classes only. There is normally a 15 minute wait or longer to get onto a computer on campus during the week before and during finals. This is unexceptable when I am paying approx. $250.00 a semester to use these labs, and I can't get into them. I have to rely on my personal portable laptop that I had to purchase to work on papers while I am on campus. The enrollment at IUSB has increased over the years, therefore the access to more computer labs should as well.

Since I do not have my own computer, the computer labs on campus are incredibly important to me. So, I am saddened at the news that their funding is getting cut. Overall, I am very pleased with the services provided at this campus. My biggest complaint would be the difficulty accessing lab computers during the day. The labs are quite full then.

Keep up the good work!

I think that there needs to be a very large push to get professors to use Oncourse much more than they currently do. I also think that the webpage and links could be organized and linked better. It is sort of difficult to find everything at times.

It would be nice to have more labs similar to the one in the library, where classes don't meet.