2006 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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This is a long survey! You could at least warn people about how much time it will take...

Email for Macs is inexcusably bad. Entourage is the single worst application I've ever used. I can't use my calendar effectively accessing mail through outlook Exchange, and Outlook no longer works on Macs. I'm almost always satisfied with support services when I get in touch with a human. I strongly advocate continued use of humans in the service.

Call-in and e-mail consultants are GREAT. I love them! They have saved me from many a computer nightmare. The problems with Webmail and Oncourse have been frustrating. I also consistently have trouble with in-classroom technology, or lack thereof.

You are doing great! Keep it up and thanks.

The electronic environment that I work in is very amazing and it is easy to take it for granted. Sometimes I have trouble but usually I can find a helpful person to help. Serving the chemistry library programs that I am involved in across the STC labs is a great service for students.

Training should be available to faculty at no charge.

This survey is intrusively long.

The new IU Webmail has several disadvantageous features, such as having to type "@indiana.edu" for each IU address. Several things require more screens than the old system. We should be able to access email addresses from w/in the system like we could in Pine.

There's a lot more available than I'd ever known about.

I have appreciated the services provided by UITS and the personal assistance when I have a question. I have always been treated courteously and professionally.

Computer help desk colleagues are most polite and helpful and cheerful. THANK YOU.

I would teleconferencing services to be easier to use. It seems we always waste the first 15 min in setup.

Wow, the extent of the system, as I see it laid out by this survey, is remarkable. Thank goodness it is available.

UITS strikes me as a very professional and well-run organization that has earned the respect of its users, myself included. There is one thing, however, which could change for the better, and that is a certain high-handedness in making decisions. It seems to me that far-reaching decision are announced, without much consultation or input from the campus community. (The retirement of CFS, without an adequate alternative, is one such recent example.) I think UITS ought to establish an advisory board with faculty, staff, and student representatives that is consulted about important decisions. [IRD]

Oncourse is very problematic in parts. The discussion forum requires a complete overhaul.

This comment is about the format of this survey: Maybe for the next year's survey you should have a comment box (like this one) on the bottom of each survey page, so one can put in comments about why a certain UITS service is good or bad. Thanks.

Please fix webmail! Sometimes I can't connect to webmail, even from School of Education computers. That's ridiculous! Also, I have lots of problems connecting to the web wirelessly with my Macintosh PowerBook in the School of Education.

I hope that we aren't still planning to go to the 'new' ONCOURSE format. It's not very user friendly.

I know it's a challenging job in a rapidly changing environment. You should take great pride in the quality of the work that you do. We appreciate it!

The help line staff is exceptional. They've never made me feel foolish in asking a question and only once in 8 years have I felt like a staff member was unqualified to answer a question. They are polite and professional!

Yes. You're too obsessed with security. I like to be able to click on the E-mail address I retrieve from the address book. The continuous obsessive attempts to "improve" the present technology do not always work. Adding bells and whistles without people asking for them is not always cost-effective. In every UITS office there should be a sign; SIMPLIFY. Thanks

The idea of Oncourse is wonderful. The actual day to day use of it is not.

The financial accounting for research accounts is a disaster. Only the most trained clerical staff have a vague clue of what the monthly statements mean. As a PI of several externally funded projects I *need* better access to up-to-date financial facts.

As someone fairly new to IU, I am still amazed at how many different systems there are to do the same things. A notable example is that final grades need to be submitted via Oncourse, yet midterm grades must be submitted via OneStart. It really gives the impression that there is not much of an integrated vision of technology development on this campus.

I'm uncertain whether this is the place for this concern, but I have a need for more disk(c) space. so often I receive messages letting me know that I have reached my quota. Perhaps some of us require more space than others, is there a way to change this so those of us who require more space can get it?

I value tremendously the effort that IU puts into keeping us wired. In the past year, I have especially valued the updates to the IUCAT system. There is a wealth of information on the webpage and great ways to improve access to materials for patrons. I have been far less satisfied and in fact quite disappointed with the troubleshooting help that I have received on the telephone support lines for difficulties with word-processing, information on acrobat etc. Folks have been nice but have not been knowledgeable. One final observation, I used to use pine and then started checking my email through webmail. I didn't feel prepared for the new (recently introduced) version of webmail-- and I still don't like the new version. I find searching mail far more difficult and in general have felt tired out by the university's updates to systems like webmail and Oncourse. It seems --just sharing a gut, subjective reaction -- that changes (which might be for the better) come down the pike without sufficient introduction (lead-time) and without support to navigate the changes. The result is frustration and exhaustion. The shift to electronic rosters, electronic annual reports, People Soft etc. is all probably for the better (saving paper, timeliness etc), but if you could add up the additional time that faculty spend in the year figuring out the new systems and in some cases downloading, there seems to be an unacknowledged shift in work/energy. Thanks for listening. Keep doing the things you already do so well!

I am new to IU and trying to find my way around. A few suggestions: 1. At my previous institution, I did all of my work off of a network drive which gave me access from anywhere and backed up my work every night. The ""H"" drive here was recently upgraded to give us 1 GB (?) which is on the right track. But I have about 7 or 8 GB of stuff. => increase network drive space to as much as anyone wants. 2. I really like the remote desktop connection. Facilitate this technology -- it is sometimes thwarted by roving IP addresses. => Address any other security concerns -- but DO NOT disable this tool. That would set me back dramatically. 3. I am always confused with the roles between UIT and the Business School IT group. I can never figure out who owns what. => somewhere post an easy guide to who does what. (It may already exist but I don't know about it.) 4. On that note, it was evident from the survey that I don't know half of what is available to me. => publish an easy to read and understand (important!!) summary of what resources are available. 5. IU seems to have a more closed network than other schools. When I visit other schools I can usually able to use my laptop on the wireless network without and difficulty. It was very frustrating to visit IU (before I began working at IU) and then to set up my laptop and home machines (once I began working at IU). => provide some guest access without VPN software, especially in the Union.

*IU search is absolutely useless. *Better Linux support. If you don't use Red Hat, they can't help you much. Better maintenance of USSG repositories. For instance, current Debian repository has errors. *Physics department phones are sorry. Is that a department issue? Not a huge issue, I use my own cell phone. *Better wireless coverage.

I miss using Pine as my email server.

OneStart is terrible. Not user-friendly at all.

Please do not ask me to take a survey unless you let me know ahead of time how long it will be. Also, please include in future surveys and indication about how far the taker is along and how many pages he should expect. I would not have taken this survey had I known how long it was, and am now irritated that I was asked to take it. Please do not ask me for my opinion again unless you make it very clear first how long it will take.

I wish you hadn't discontinued the Pine e-mail system. It was much better for me for home use with dial-up than the new Web-based Cyrus or the Web- based Outlook. I like Outlook Exchange for work here at IU, but both Cyrus and the Web Outlook from home are very slow, clunky, and don't do what Outlook exchange. Pine was quick, simple, and usually reliable.

Yes, next time when you make a survey, get some help from people who have experience with it. The questions overall were not bad, but some were way too long. Above all, it would be helpful to know where one is in answering questions (e.g., you have this many questions to go, question 16 out of 300). I did not have enough time to complete the survey and did not want to have to return and redo what I already had done at a time that was more convenient. I expected maybe 20-30 questions. Sorry.

Overall, the services are excellent, but there are three serious flaws: Oncourse is awful. Poor interface and poor functionality. The OneStart interface is poor as well. There is a severe lack of technology classrooms with computers and projection equipment for them.

We keep having problems with our black and white printer. It breaks down at least once a week.

The only issues are the occasional service outages, and the fact the search engine for University web pages is next to useless: I don't know what algorithm it uses, but it NEVER comes up with what I am looking for. (Googling the same terms with " Indiana University" usually gets me there faster).

Comments on webmail: I rely on webmail when off campus, but webmail is slow and very clunky (I am using the beta webmail). Spam filters for mail forwarded to an IU account from another account are much needed.

I wish when we ordered a laptop and LCD to a classroom, it could be delivered and set up. It often has to be delivered to an office--which might be a long walk from the classroom, and it cuts into class time to set it up.

I always have to get help to navigate through Oncourse or one start. I miss the old paper grades. I also think we have lost ground by going to web based system for paying AIs

student employees should be hired more selectively--some are very well--informed and helpful, but many others don't seem to know enough to help

Generally, UITS has been unwilling to work with courses to provide things specific to teaching. For example, a testing domain in the UITS computer lab that would disable certain things like FTP and other undesirable programs during a testing environment. Or the ability to put the testing files directly on that testing build. Other universities have had these for a long time and anytime I have asked about it, the answer has been absolutely no.

Sometimes when I need to learn a new software, I need to ask someone who really knows it a few questions. Why can't we talk to an instructor? I was learning to create forms with Adobe Acrobat and no one could help me: phone, consulting cluster, UITS and e-mail service. I didn't have time to take the class. I didn't know that there were online tutorials, but perhaps that may help. TLTC has been excellent. I used the new Oncourse, but especially didn't like that it couldn't calculate grades. I need more space online. When I pull up Oncourse to teach, that's where I save my personal files, and the students see all - I'd like it more private. Did CFS go away completely? I never did save my files off it because I didn't have time and I'd like to have that chance. Sometimes I have a problem at home. If I need help, the phone consultants are excellent. Sometimes I need to hand the phone to a family member to continue working on the problem and I really appreciate the courtesy that they work with them. I want to get a mobile WiFi - can UITS sell them and teach us about them? It just seemed too complicated to get the Wireless set up with Insight Cable service. I'd like to have more space capacity on Mypage. I think navigation is still too busy on OneStart. My eyes are getting older and it’s just hard to see some of the fonts. My laptop broke - I need a place that I can borrow laptops for research, can't the university provide this for us while we are deciding whether to repair or replace? I'm very glad you did this survey and I had a chance to share this information with you.

one step protection against everything.

A lot of my satisfaction with computing at IU comes from the excellent support we have in the Biology department. Often [IRD] points me to the correct way to interface with UITS. Oncourse needs a lot of work.

Despite all its problems, email remains very important in every area I deal with (teaching, research, departmental duties, faculty council business,...). I don't use the research computers, but mostly I hear complaints from the people who do use them. This used to be an area of strength on campus; one I could cite to recruit new faculty here. It seems to me that at some point in the recent past, a decision was made by UITS to stop trying to provide full support for research computing.

The UITS services that I use I am generally VERY satisfied with. Thank you for working so hard to make it happen. Was surprised me in this survey was to learn about so many services I don't use, and many I've never even heard of. Perhaps if there were a more accessible way to read about all the services, for new arrival and non-experts. . .

I think overall that computer support at IUB is excellent. I can easily dial in from home and computing is widely available on campus.

Need larger capacity on email storage.

Generally, things that stand out are cases in which we need specific help with particular projects, and the ISS and UNIX people have been exceptionally helpful over the years. Where we have had problems is in account management and getting general help with account. The most recent incident is with respect to getting access to a veritas account, where the contact person had no clue what was going on. Hardware setups are exceptionally seamless in giving service, even in an old cranky building.

It would be nice if there were more laptops available, especially for people in buildings with wireless connections to IUCAT/Unicorn.

My main complaint is the unreliable functioning of Webmail. The equipment in the "high tech" classrooms is not always as reliable as it should be.

I needed sudden assistance for GIS use (my knowledge is quite low on this topic), and I found a great support from the DMS.

I feel that if help is needed, you better be an expert in computers, otherwise you will be treated like an idiot. It seems that now it is impossible to transfer data from my computer at home to my office computer through the CFS account. I was also told (in a not very polite way) that I cannot install software like Microsoft Money in my office. And so on.

Email has become extremely frustrating. I have a modem at home and find OneStart impossibly slow. I can no longer copy or paste into webmail at home. From the discontinuance of PINE to this week, I couldn't see sent-mail messages in Webmail in my office. Now I can't click on safe addresses in email from my office without having the link blocked for security reasons. Email consumes far more time than it did a year ago because Webmail is slow.

Your survey is too long. You may get a very low response rate...

Keep updating and improving the system.

Info I received recently via email consulting about how to make the move to the new Outlook exchange server was very poorly formulated and cost me major headache, including missing important appointment. I can provide more info [IRD]

SIS is still shaky and PeopleSoft from my perspective still produces errors. Oncourse CL did not deliver for me. I was very frustrated this summer when I tried to adopt it for my classes and eventually decided to use Original Oncourse. Unfortunately by rating UITS fairly poorly you will decide that you need more money to do better. But this is not about money, this is about smarts.

The content of the STEPS classes I've taken, while generally excellent, could use more attention to accessibility (disability) issues. Just promoting good "universal design" rather than thinking of this as a minority concern.

It would be helpful to know in advance approximately how long this survey takes to complete. I almost stopped half-way or so not know how much "more" I have to complete before all said and done. At minimum, indicate how many percentage of survey was completed as I navigate through each page. Hope this helps.

I would like to have results of BEST Testing available through electronic submission that we can pick up without physically having to go to Franklin. A consistent system of grade reporting without a new version each semester.

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I really like the classes you offer. I have learned a lot that has helped me both at work and as a student.

I could not have gotten through the first few months of being at IUB without all the wonderful tech support I found whenever I needed help with any of the systems I had to use.

Not a day passes where I don't lament the loss of Pine, my favorite email access system. Especially for those (masses) of us who are on the go, the speed with which we were able to read emails on Pine is sorely missed. My biggest issue with Webmail is just that - it is on the web, thus we must endure page load times. Also, Listserv is often an 'average' at best list provider. One can wait hours for one's email, or one's email gets sequestered due to a random problem concerning headers/etc. Inconvenient.

The people services are fantastic. Everyone is extremely helpful and informative.

I am very happy about all of the wireless capability. Our department is very quick to help us with any problems that might happen. SIS is sometimes frustrating!

UITS seems to have done a very good job overall. Spam is still a problem - is there a way to change one's e-mail address to something different and inform co-workers, friends, etc. of the changed address in an automated way? Could some kind of encryption key be used in the forwarded messages to keep the new address secret from others or to enable the authorization process for those who wish to correspond using the new e-mail address? (In other words, to start fresh and maybe do that on a yearly or monthly basis, to keep things more difficult for the spammers? Address books would have to be continually revised somehow in an automatic way) 2. The "Global" address book for Outlook users is in some places years out of date. Can that be fixed? 3. I have never edited my account on STEEL because of the somewhat inconvenient need to use special software to upload and set rights on files. I wonder if there would be a way to make this easier or to create online tutorials for how to do it? It may be that there are plenty of articles on it, but I have not looked into it much yet, due to not having the time to actually write and refine a personal web page. 4. I think that data will continue to "fatten" due to the growing demand for 3 dimensional information from many fields and in many areas of computing use - students, faculty and staff. This could occur in communications, in work place and in wireless computing and will put pressure on the graphics and computing capabilities of the hardware. Many sources will provide this type of data because it's getting easier to produce and it's popularity will grow quickly as it is much easier to understand than 2d and provides more information about objects, and environments. It will require greater bandwidth. Some real- time and immersive types of media may see use in admin and teaching/research areas as well.

The only complaint that I have is about the support available in the student computing centers, particularly the info commons in the library. Every time I have asked a question, I have gotten an inaccurate response or help. I have to figure out my problem on my own.

The search pages are horrible and very difficult to find information, particularly information about your specific campus.

Please keep the telephone operators. They are very helpful and service oriented. Thank you.

IUTS appears to be an extremely top heavy - heavy handed organization

Reliability of the server is paramount, as is access to email. The amount of down time I've experienced this year is a poor reflection on UITS.

I'm very disappointed that the old IU Register is no longer being maintained. It was a very quick and easy way to look up faculty appointments and find out a faculty member’s rank (prof., assoc. prof, etc.), department, and any special designations such as distinguished professor, titled professor, etc. Finding this same info in IUIE is harder and not as easy to interpret and use the info it produces.

I don't understand why it can takes hours, even overnight before I get a voice mail. When I leave at 5:00 I check my voice mail and there is nothing. Then the next morning I have a voice mail from someone who called me at 3:00p.m. the previous day. Sometimes that caller was the Dean and it was important. Why such a long delay?

Keep up the great work.

I have a lot of issues with OneStart. I think it should be made more efficient.

Webmail needs to have an improved address book, more like yahoo. Also when making attachments, we should have the option to make multiple attachments at the same time.

Having the UITS help line 24 hours a day is very helpful.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

Dial-up service through IU is lame. IU ought to be offering broad band for far greater discounts to faculty and staff. I'd love to use broad band to access the network from home, but the service is too expensive. Ultimately, IU would benefit from this because staff who can't afford broad band (due to how underpaid most of us are) would be more likely to work some from home if it were a more feasible possibility. The Monitor has advertised the Cingular discounts offered to staff, but, as far as I can tell, not the Verizon discount. I am disgusted by the poor reception I get through Cingular, and so are most IU staff I've talked with. IU ought not even be working with Cingular since the company clearly can't provide consistently reliable reception across the Bloomington area. Verizon is far better in this area, and I would have signed up through them had I known of the IU discount. I had a very bad experience through UITS recently. It was clear that whoever was reading my emails was not paying attention to the info and problem descriptions I was providing. Answers to my problem did not take into account symptoms I described and ignored solutions I'd already tried. I wasted huge amounts of time reiterating things I'd already explained. When, two or so weeks later, a solution was found, it was implemented but no one bothered getting back to me. I just sort of discovered it'd been fixed. Glad to have it taken care of, but communication was unprofessional throughout the entire process. (Evidentially it was some problem that had cropped up due to security updates in Outlook Exchange.) Overall, I'd say IU IT has excellent goals, but implementation and support is spotty. I'm also one of thousands of IU-ers who've had their social security number stolen from IU servers. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A UNIVERSITY THAT CLAIMS TO BE NUMBER ONE IN IT TO HAVE SUCH A POOR SECURITY RECORD. I'd have to insert many expletives to indicate how angry this poor record makes

I know you can not keep an eye on all the computers in you STC but some of them run a lot slower then others. Making it hard to get your work done.

I think UITS does a very good job of informing its users and the public in all areas.

Sometimes it is hard to find what you want when you search for something within the IU Search system. I believe there is a Tugboat TeX users support group at I.U. but a search for it turned up nothing. I liked the old Payroll system (off line) and I preferred Pine mail, but Webmail works OK.

This survey is too long.

Yes, I am taking a night French class. I was trying to use the language labs in Ballantine Hall for homework assignments that are now mostly done "on-line." I can only use these facilities in the evenings because I work during the day. Although I found staff in the office on first floor to be very friendly, they did not seem to know much about how to work Quia, how to record and submit files, etc. They repeatedly said the experts in this area leave at 5:00 and that they are there to answer general questions, have general UITS training, load paper into printers, etc. They have training as general UTIS cluster folks, but very little in the language programs housed in Ballantine's language labs. I was stunned at this. I got more help from other language students I recognized from class. I would hope that at least one P.M. expert in the language programs could be stationed in that facility for those of us who are taking night classes. Thank you!

Of all functional areas of UITS, Communication Services needs the most attention. Their methods are old fashioned and their consultants make doing business harder than it seems is necessary. Overall, UITS is doing an outstanding job with an extremely broad and complex assignment.

I think the proper answer regarding Digital Media Services is that I've never heard of them. They don't appear to be in the IU phone book. I believe that one of the faculty members for whom I provide support could have used them, had we known they existed. With regards to the arrangements we have with Dell, etc, I've found that I can get deals just as good or better outside of that system. I like that we have those agreements, but I haven't found them to be particularly useful to me personally. The software agreements, on the other hand, are great, though I wish that the ones that are only for students could be extended to staff.

[IRD] thinks this is not a bad survey. Sometimes Webmail takes FOREVER to load.

I think you should give us an idea of how many questions and how long it will take to complete this survey. I think, more and more, we are all learning to adapt to the many changes that technology is bringing. Most are good. Of course, most folks working directly and indirectly with PeopleSoft systems continue to be frustrated on all sorts of levels. This system was a big step backward in our opinion.

The voicemail recording that instructs you how to check your voicemail tends to be slow when you're trying to check your messages in a hurry. Otherwise, very satisfied.

Very satisfied. Good group to work with and go for help.

UITS is doing the best job it can with the current PeopleSoft software in place. It's too bad this software is so clunky. Our techs could've come up with something much better and more efficient.

I usually get very fast responses from Bryan Hall and they are always quick to answer our questions.

I have tried more than once to get the anti-SPAM feature activated for my e-mail, but when I call the Help line, the person cannot figure out why it isn't possible to activate. Also, for several years our office tried to identify a data management system with the help of UITS and others. Unfortunately, UITS was not able to provide the assistance we needed, and the person with whom we were working did not follow through when hitting a road block. We now have purchased and signed a contract with an outside vender, and UITS has been very helpful in working with us on a host server, etc. In general, I find the UITS staff to be very helpful and nice to work with -- especially [IRD]. These folks are always extremely responsive when we need to call on them. Thanks for giving me a chance to respond to the survey.

I feel that UITS has made great strides to satisfy students, faculty, and staff needs and have succeeded. I, personally, have been very satisfied.

They are very helpful, when I am in need of computing assistance. Thanks!

It seems like the server has gone down several times this year.

More wifi availability. Assembly Hall, the University School Gym and other places.

UITS needs to improve relations with Local Service Providers (LSP). There is a symbiotic relation between the LSPs and UITS that seems to be unmaintained. - Make better efforts to include LSP in future plans - Make allowances for LSPs that have no budget to make the changes "required" by UITS (specifically ITSO and ITPO). These required changes come up fast, are time consuming and expensive (such as requiring UITS- sponsored network security scanning when we already do this locally -- The results of the [IRD] security pronouncements are known locally as "The Fiasco") On the plus side, the UITS network staff are outstanding.

Until the past 5 weeks, I worked for about 2 years in an environment supported by CITO. I don't know if CITO is a part of UITS, but the CITO technicians, I can say, were wonderful, professional, knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and went over and above. The one thing we could not do was ask immediate questions, but during this survey I learned that UITS provides help with database questions, etc. Thanks, I hope this was helpful.

Upgrading desktop PCs every three years has some obvious advantages, but every time it happens, I lose something that I value. Some times are better than others, and I don't know what is involved in making the transition each time, but I wish it were possible to do the upgrades more smoothly in terms of what I can do afterward compared with what I could do before. Each time, it feels like two steps forward and one step back.

I set up so that my e-mails to [IRD]@indiana.edu be forwarded to [IRD]@cs.indiana.edu and it has been working for years until the Outlook Web Access came into play -- those emails to [IRD]@indiana sent from Outlook Web Access got stuck at Outlook Web Access and were never forwarded to my CS account. I just found this out about 2 months ago and was astonished to find out that there were emails dated Nov 2003 sitting there waiting for me. No wonder some friends complained that they sent me emails and never got my reply. Anyway you can fix this? Thanks. –[IRD]

My perception is that the area where I and others need support is with the IUIE.

Thanks for asking!

I know we're married to exchange but I think we should use one e-mail system. I think it should be the Cyrus system. It would simplify our e-mail environment, in the long run, and we can use alternatives for exchange features, like the calendar, by using the ical standard and using sunbird, ical, and may others. I know that we say that we are making turning on automatic updates mandatory due to "legal" reasons with Microsoft because of their recent court case loss but I still fell like this lets Microsoft partially dictate policy to us no matter what way we look at it. They are making us turn on the updates because of their business practices. In part anyway. There are good open source alternatives out there and it is time to start cutting the Microsoft cord if we are not sure that Microsoft won't steal code that may get us into trouble in the future as users of their products. Not to mention that office for Mac is always a touch more horrible than office for windows and entourage shouldn't even be a supported application with the problems that it generates when compared to other apple e-mail clients. Still it's the only one that really works with all of the exchange server features so we're married to it. Overall a campus code repository for open source projects would be great. In general I think moving to open source is the way for any educational or governmental institution to go for a lot of reasons that I probably can't fit here. I'll just say that the open source idea fits better with the mission of the University and that a lot of the products we pay for are not any better than their open source equivalents. I realize that switching would be a huge educational problem as well but we could do it gradually.

I sent an email to the knowledge base team inquiring about a partnership with our department, but never received a response.


As a Call Center customer on an almost daily basis, that department does an AMAZING job. In a time when customer service is difficult to find, [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], all of them, provide the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE that I have found on this campus. They are organized, obviously follow procedures because I know exactly what to expect every time I contact them, they're thorough, and deliver unbelievably quick responses to requests. There are many departments that could learn a lot about customer service, efficiency, accuracy and promptness from them. And please pass this along - they deserve the acknowledgement.

I dial in from home using the modem pool. I have no other choice since DSL is not offered in our area. The modem pool is LOUSY!!!! We often are disconnected every 2-3 minutes, especially on the weekends in the morning. We have given up calling it in because our complaining has not helped at all in the past. As a matter of fact, we are often told that it is our computer's fault that we are disconnecting so often. We make the changes suggested and it makes absolutely no difference in the connection time. I know that you really want the modem pool to go away but, just like not everyone has a computer in their house, not everyone can link up via an ethernet card.

The search function on IUB homepage is the worst search engine I have ever used. I use Google's .edu search and it works much better. We should switch! Thanks.

This was a waste of time...

... some times response to come to our offices when we need something done on site has been some what slow... But I know you guys are very busy maybe an email or phone call w/ approximate time would be helpful, instead of waiting till you can come, without contact

I find many times that the network is slow. This severely affects my productivity, as I'm sure it affects almost everyone on campus. It would be great to know the network is a bit more reliable than it is currently. Thank you.

Nothing at this time.

My hats off to anyone who can make the HRMS programmers. We have taken a square peg and tried to shove it into a round hole and this program just is not effective in this environment. Have mercy on us all and let these programmers build a system from the ground up that works...you have an awesome start with FIS.

You might want to look at the alphabetizing within the IU Phone book...

Please make sure people know how much time this survey would take prior to taking it.

I am a staff member who works primarily with students. I am very pleased with my access to Outlook and web-based Outlook (a genius invention), and also my access to the WWW and MS Office applications at work. UITS and our departmental IT staff are usually very helpful whenever I speak with them. Other than periodic outages in the services I use like WWW, email, and SIS (outages which UITS may have no control over), I am overall quite satisfied with IU's IT environment - except for two areas. SIS and IUIS have been a nightmare for the entire IU family. Training on both systems is frequently offered, but the sessions themselves are confusing and inadequate. After two years, I've come to the conclusion that neither system will ever support the essential functions necessary for serving students or staff. I have seen the efficiency of most academic offices decline DRAMATICALLY due to SIS, and now students and staff are much less confident in basic university functions like the registration system, grade submission, and academic records since SIS was implemented. The IUIE is confusing and cumbersome to use, and oftentimes the results are wrong. Our office staff attended IUIE student records training, but it was not helpful. Even after the training, I had difficulty figuring out how to make many of the basic search requests I needed. Once I figured out how to do the searches, I found out through experience that many limiting parameters in the Student Records section don't work, so I've had to rely more on Excel than IUIS to do the sorting for me. In addition, the IUIE seems to become overwhelmed every time someone even sneezes. (One time it was overwhelmed by the requests offered by a training class I was in, and that was just 15 people at a time.) Between the IUIE's unreliability, low capacity, and confusing interface, I'm surprised that our office can even obtain lists of students. Our office has had difficulty finding people to help us

I believe greater time/resources should be placed on keeping the development environment on the Veritas web server up to date. Since the end of the Webtech group in UITS it seems like Veritas is the poor stepchild. It is great that they have MySQL, but the version of MySQL and PHP are well behind. Some tools, such as PHPMyAdmin, either do not allow for user upgrade or are so complicated to upgrade (due to PHP running as a CGI) that a dedicated individual needs to rewrite the installer each time a new version comes out. The university and most, if not all units, put a lot of emphasis on their web presence. I believe a greater emphasis needs to be made in supporting this service infrastructure. I believe there is also room for greater training in this area. Since Veritas is the only centralized, no-fee, web delivery platform, it is the hosting choice of most units. The IT Training group should offer courses in PHP/MySQL development to take full advantage of these services.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Phasing out CFS is the primary thing I did not like UITS doing.

OneStart is a bunk program and decrepit platform. It barely works half the time, It is down for more than 8 hours everyday for updates, and it doesn't even work with Mozilla Firefox, which is a supported and a recommended browser by the university technology services. I think that it needs some serious rethinking! Another idea would be to add the ability to webmail that you can add not individual email addresses but entire domains to your block list. This would help a lot for the spam that does make it through. It could also help for unwanted emails from other third-party emailers. Overall UITS does a good job with most facets of computing at IU, but OneStart is definitely a chink in their armor.

I have been very appreciative of the services provided by UITS. However, I have two comments: 1) I cannot, for the life of me, really get access to the IU network using my Apple PowerBook and VPN. I don't know what it is, I tried the user knowledgebase and went through all of the correct steps, but I still have trouble accessing the network; and 2) while I understand the UITS provides a lot of services, the technology fee is quite high compared to my experiences with other universities...

Printing PDF docs in the School of Ed Library is extremely slow.

I would like to see the CFS system working again. That seemed more efficient and quicker than the Oncourse file system.

IUCAT is quite behind by not having non-English language search capability. Please fund an initiative for Chinese-enabled searching of the catalogs. Otherwise, I think very highly of IU's infotech services. Thanks very much!

I just started this spring semester. my survey might not helpful for some of the informations, but I did participated of whatever I have used so far in UITS.

The consultants at the UITS Helpline have been *extremely* helpful when I have encountered computing problems. I really appreciate their patience and expertise. The only real complaint I have is that Webmail can be very frustrating when it is running slowly or when it freezes up.

I miss Pine and CFS; I wish someone could figure out printer networking for my computer; and I don't understand why I haven't yet been able to transfer my CFS files to Oncourse. But generally, things go pretty smoothly.

I have usually enjoyed my computing experience. I find dialup services to be slow, but I'm not sure how much of that is UITS's job.

The questions can be easier to be answered in single page.

I appreciate this kind of survey to improve your service. I don't know why there are two oncourses: new and old one, and the userability of Oncourse is terrible.

Keep up the excellent work! As a grad student, I appreciate technology now more than ever.

I am not on campus--as in, I live in another state--so I am unable to evaluate many of these aspects.

Wireless doesn't work with Apple? Problematic. The high-end labs, which are necessary for running high-end programs such as Imagine and Stata are frequently unavailable, or are dispersed around the campus too far away. SPEA computing facilities are unsatisfactory. Why not run a key-service for some programs, so that we could use them on our computers, when logged in? Need the ability to use 1 computer for more than 24 hours straight... for research purposes, to run a model... these computers log out on their own, or, you can't get a hold of them for a continuous period of time.

The Optometry school needs new computers, my undergrad university had much better technology than IU

You should use the original/old Oncourse. The new Oncourse does not list the classes by their name but only by their course number. This makes it hard for students to determine their classes. Also, a lot of professors do not like the new Oncourse.

I'm pretty fluent with an Apple computer. If I have a problem, it's a real problem. There's a girl at ITS that fixes my problem EVERY time. There are "weak signal" spots in the music library for my laptop. It would be great if the offices could be wireless too.

I have been at IU for a LONG time and I have seen the services change. Overall, UITS (and before STC) have been WONDERFUL. But as it has tried to do more over the last few years, I feel that the quality of service has slipped somewhat. Not drastically. My specific quibbles: --IUCAT is not very user-friendly. Often I look up a title and it shows up as not there because I have to know the subtitle in order to find it. A librarian told me to use the browse function to help that, but I still often have to go through WorldCAT to find things that IUCAT cannot in our own library. --When I was trying to reconfigure my email after switching from Exchange, a consultant was helping me set up Entourage at home. We ran into difficulties and Entourage is now sending all new mail to the JUNK file. We worked on it for an hour, then the consultant said his shift was over and he would have to leave me, but I could call back later. I understand his wanting to go home, but I felt left in the lurch. But I must say, that is the first time I have anything but impeccable service from a telephone consultant --AS things get more complicated, the consultants in the clusters are less capable. When the switch from CGS to ONCOURSE storage went on last fall, several consultants I dealt with were of little help about migrating files and other Oncourse CL features. Again, I know that this is a factor of the exponential increase in knowledge needed and training available. Overall, I am a very satisfied user, but I see many services being strained as we do more a)I mean, why did we ditch CFS, which was my savior, for Oncourse CL, which is a sulky behemoth that no one I know wants to use. b)Why is ONESTART so complicated that it took me semesters to figure out how to do the few very simple things that I do with it (pay my bills and register are the only things I use it for). c)Why do things have to become so complicated that no one, even the consultants know how to use them

One thing I'd like to see in IUCAT is the ability to search just a few libraries at a time (such as the Kinsey and Wells alone). Now the options are only to search one library or all, which often results in too few results or too many.

I really like the wireless access. The only problem is sometimes I can't find an outlet and my battery dies.

Thank you for your work!!!!

The service I have received has been pretty good. From my perspective, you are doing a good job.

there are situations when students wait for 15 minutes for a system to use. Many people are not aware of the IT free training sessions. I wish I would know all which are offered.

Oncourse can be so slow.

OneStart is a glaring omission among exemplary UITS services. Please target the registration component first and account balance interface second. Also, the knowledgebase should move towards flash help files. And wireless signal in the IMU gallery cafe/study area is particularly difficult (Apple PowerBook user).

The IU VPN servers and wireless networks are poorly maintained and uptimes are terrible. As someone who came from 10 years of building and installing networks for worldwide customers, I know that it can be done better. I am extremely disappointed in the poor level of service given the amount of money the University spends on UITS.

As a graduate student, most of the graduate students write dissertation. Usually we use Scientific-Word program. if we can access to the program in the library or computer lab, it would be very helpful especially to someone who doesn't have the their own computer and the program. Thank you

The survey is not detail enough. I am satisfied with the wireless service but not every where. For example, wireless in Education building is not reliable. The new file system on Oncourse is also inconvenient, slow and unreliable. There are many inconsistency in updating software between computer lab. More importantly, many software are not updated promptly enough which leave students and IU system vulnerable.

The new Oncourse needs to offer instructors the option of creating student groups. Without this function, virtual discussions and chat-rooms do not work nearly as effectively. Thanks!

As a Visiting Lecturer here at IU I teach a class using Oncourse and haven't been happy with the experience. My class has three different sections that meet together and Oncourse forces me to maintain three different websites, even though the class is the same. Moreover, since I have a Mac in my office, I have been unable to simply drag and drop files into the resources folder in Oncourse. Updating the course website in Oncourse requires me to save the files to a server or some removable media, and then log in to a PC so that I may transfer the files to Oncourse. I used WebCT in another institution were I taught and it was a lot simpler to use and more versatile than Oncourse. Since I am also a Ph.D. candidate here at IU I'm able to evaluate the IT resources here from the point of view of both student and faculty. My main observation is that faculty members are at a disadvantage in relation to students because the software resources available to the former are more limited.

Oncourse is very frustrating--both the new one and the old one! Other than that, I'm pretty happy.

I honestly don't care to participate in surveys, after receiving what seemed like 25 emails requesting that I fill out this survey, I did so to make them stop.

Very clear and helpful

I think UITS does a good job. As long as UITS stays ahead of the curve by keeping up with the latest technologies, it will continue to be another reason to attend I.U.

I didn't think OneStart was really user-friendly. The new Oncourse is good, but - - unlike CFS -- it takes a very long time to upload my files, so I hardly ever use it since I don't have classes anymore. Everything else is very good. Thank you very much!!

I am still upset that I am forced to use Webmail or Outlook instead of Pine. Pine was antiquated, but it was much easier to navigate, much less likely to time out, less time consuming, and it was easier to use the address book (e.g. by typing in the nickname). Please bring it back!

Webmail is too slow. I use the Mac Mail Client so that I do not have to use the web interface (most of the time). Knowledge Base instructions for setting up Mac Mail (with webmail) would be very helpful. With all of the emphasis on backing up--it's not very easy to do. I setup an HPSS account and have backed up my computer, but the process was very confusing for a Unix new-bee. Knowledge base instructions could be more detailed. What about automatic computer backup's? There should be a fairly easy way for students and staff to setup their computer(s) to automatically backup certain files/ folders daily/ weekly to a file storage server. WebDav file transfer is way too slow to be very useful--to be used on a daily basis. I haven't researched this thoroughly, but I could use a short class on how to setup a webpage on mypage.indiana.edu. Is something like this available?

I hate it that CFS is going away - or has it already been taken away? I have files there, I can't seem to download them, and I have no other place to store them because IU does not provide a place.

I am a graduate student in the Medical Sciences Program. On behalf of the entire graduate Med Sci population (and probably Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry grad students, too) I would like to request that IUware include Adobe Acrobat (the real software, not Reader.) Acrobat is absolutely vital to writing fellowship/grant applications and submitting manuscripts for publication in most journals. Almost all fellowship applications are formatted in Acrobat and if not, every application and manuscript I have submitted has needed to be converted to a PDF before submission. My department has a copy of Acrobat that can be used for departmental computers, but not personal computers. That means I have to buy it if I want to use it on my laptop. Acrobat is far too expensive to purchase on a grad student's salary, yet it is vital to our research careers! I recently updated my computer to Windows XP Professional and would gladly pay a fee for a disk with Acrobat as I did for XP Pro. I'm sure others would concur. Thank you very much for your time and I hope you consider my plea. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. [IRD]

the new webmail now requires you to type "@indiana.edu" after all usernames - this is annoying! In general, webmail is often slow and unresponsive. I find the search function on the IU pretty useless. The search results hardly ever match what I was looking for. Sorry to complain so much…overall I'm very impressed!

It seems that UITS is dominated in the main lib. We need more computers and staff in the other lib at this campus…for example, there are less than 10 computers in life science lib. And I can't download PDF files that I found in journals there. In terms of research papers, I can't get a full document in many cases..

I am very happy with Mac consultants overall. But when they are not available, especially later in the day and during the summer, I end up talking to PC people who have no idea about what they are doing. Please have more Mac consultants available throughout the year. I am very unhappy that I can not print large color photographs at Fine arts labs anymore. The subjects matters are nor always suitable for a public setting such as the main library. also, library is nor clean enough, the dust falls on the prints and carrying large prints to desk (to dry them) sometime is detrimental to the art work. In short, it makes no sense what so ever to NOT have a plotter at Fine arts. Also, why do you have PC people working at Fine Arts Mac lab? They lack knowledge and skill.

Spam guard needs improving, maybe including an "IU mail only unless white listed" exclusion would help. Every interaction I have had with the staff has been positive and helpful, thank you. Some machines are "slow" and this lowers satisfaction levels.

Bring back CFS accounts! Being able to store my documents on a server I can access anywhere has been a lifesaver on a number of occasions! Some of your computers don't even recognize my flash disk...how am I supposed to save data and take it with me when I'm working on an IU computer. If the answer is Oncourse...I don't know how to use that particular service on Oncourse, and I believe the new Oncourse doesn't even allow it. I could email it to myself, but that takes up space in my email account and can't always be relied upon...especially if webmail's down.

The people at UITS have been so great about answering my questions and helping me out when I call.

IUCAT needs to be easier to use and should include access to more research articles. I don't want to see the citation; I want to view the full article. Webmail is all junk mail.

an addendum: my response to the consulting services offered were concerning the help offered at the music library and is not indicative of the general performance of computer consultants

I thought CFS was going away. I like CFS, so I'm dissatisfied with it not being an option in the near future (or present?).

I hate the OneStart system! And I wish we still had the CFS system. The new Oncourse system is ridiculous and the Webmail system is just fine the way it is...stop changing things! You made system that were easily accessible and easy to maneuver almost impossible! Put my tuition money to good use and quit wasting it on "upgrades" that are functional!

I have attended two other universities, and IU has the best computing network I have been exposed to.

-For this survey you should have defined all of the services you ask to evaluate...i.e. "evaluate instructional and student computing services" You should tell survey takers what that is. -The phone service in on campus housing is terrible. Half of the calls residents receive automatically hang up when you answer the call. -Everyone (students, staff, and faculty) are upset that CFS is being taken away and not a similar program is replacing it. We need a system that allows for transferring whole folders (w/ files inside). -I wrote an email to UITS about a small problem with the new Webmail system (I'm still having the problem), and I never received a response. -Even though, these are all critiques, for the most part UITS does a great job.

I hate it that I can only access my OneStart information at certain times of the day- extremely inconvenient for a busy grad student

This survey was too long !!

This survey is way to long to get all the information you hope for. I think it would be nice if email had a folder for deleted items.

Sometimes, the speed of internet in law school library is low.

I used to work for RITS and enjoyed that as well. I did have one negative comment that came after the upgrade of the Exchange servers. My Outlook would not work so when I contacted the support center the only way we could get it to work was through the VPN even though I live on campus. The consultant said that should be good enough and would not help me anymore. I ended up working on it by myself and was able to fix it, but I felt like this was why the consultant is paid. That has really been the only frustrating situation I have had with UITS except for OneStart.

Webmail, Oncourse, OneStart are all too slow.

it would be nice to have wireless access outside the buildings as well

I really miss being able to use Pine on Unix. OneStart and Oncourse CL need a lot more work to become truly usable.

When I am on campus, I usually am in Ballantine Hall. It is EXTREMELY hard to find a computer lab available at certain times (between 10a.m. to 3p.m.) In this building there are about 7 labs, 6 of which are almost always used for class. There is only one lab that is always available for public use. Given this, it is usually very hard to find a computer available. I think it would be very helpful if there were another lab available just for students' use and not almost exclusively for class. Also, I think that the CFS system was a very convenient way to store my files. It seems to me that the Oncourse workspace is sometimes very impractical and not as easy to access as CFS was. Moreover, the OneStart webpage seems very difficult to navigate and sometimes it is not possible to access certain sites (e.g. bursar account, schedule of classes, etc.) Other things in this webpage are convenient, though, such as the classifieds, the personal profile, the calendar or the IU events. Finally, although I successfully print my documents most of the times, sometimes the computer acknowledges that I have printed some pages but they are never actually printed. Then, when I check my printing quota, those print outs have been accounted for. I'm guessing this happens because there is a problem with the printer, but it has raised my concern since it has happened in different labs, with different printers. Thanks!

As a Mac user, I would welcome better VPN/wireless access in the business school. It's taken FOREVER to get my Mac to connect to the network - and I had to fool with my settings to make it work. IPSEC will NOT work; only works with PPTP connection. It would be nice if someone would alert the masses to this problem. I spent DAYS figuring it out.

Wireless connectivity is spotty especially connecting to the VPN server.

Several services, notably OneStart (and its subsidiaries: Bursar bills online, registering for classes, etc), were rated fairly low simply because they have cluttered interfaces, group information in counterintuitive ways, and require multiple redundant steps to access certain information. This is my biggest complaint. The functionality of these resources in and of itself is exemplary.

It is hard to believe there was only one question about Oncourse in this whole Information Technology survey? As a distance student, that Oncourse is my primary interaction with the University. In fact, I use both the old and new systems this semester. Again, I was very surprised to see only one "general" question about Oncourse vs. a series addressing the specifics?

The new email format is really hideous compared to the old one. Moving buttons around on people is just plain mean.

I dislike the new billing system. I was never sent an email regarding my bill, but then charged a late fee. I know of many other students who had the same thing happen. Very wrong!

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

When I got my computer I paid for extra phone support, but after calling UITS once and getting such good help I never call Dell, always UITS. You guys have saved my computer and my sanity several times!

I think it would be very helpful if OneStart had longer hours. Oftentimes there is information I would like to obtain and cannot get because it is closed. I, along with others, do not understand the time restrictions that are placed on this program. Another program that is very confusing is the new Oncourse- it is not very user friendly especially when most teachers still do not continue to uses it, which makes it a hassle to have to learn new programs which aren't being used by those who also don't know how to use it.

I can never get my wireless connection to work on my laptop. Voicemail was stupid. Never a computer available in computer labs. More labs in the IMU would be great.

OneStart is terrible. CFS should not have been taken away. Oncourse needs to be one system, not new and old. Webmail is great. Wireless connections are the best in the country.

Facebook and myspace, etc should be firewalled on campus computers, it is so soo soo annoying waiting in line to print off school work when people are sitting there on these sites

I love 855-IUIU. They are really doing a good job. I think students need more constant info of on IU warehouse sales and auctions. Their website is not really adequate and the e-mails don't really come that often

Insight and the original Oncourse were much easier to use than OneStart and the new Oncourse.

I am very pleased with your service as a whole, but Oncourse and OneStart either need major adjustments or a new system is needed. I know teachers do not like the multiple class section numbers produced and such, while I find it hard to navigate, use, etc. The maintenance window is ridiculous, it closes every night pretty early. This is not helpful at all. The layout is far too bulky, and I feel that a much better system could be found or created.

Hard to establish a connection for VPN. IP recycling when connected thru wireless LAN is annoying, especially when you are art student and have some big files for project, uploading/downloading speed thru FTP is capped and often disconnected. There are many spots where wireless coverage is very weak or over-crowded. A few of the main desk helper does not know how to work with PDA. Please do something about the computer's keyboard, it's gross.

Some computers are very slow to start, for examples in BU 101. I think that their speed should be upgraded. Overall, I am quite satisfied with UITS.

The university home pages are very difficult to use: any search for information just leads to press release and news pages without actual links to the calendar pages or organizations involved (e.g. a search for school of music brings up articles on the school of music not the actual music school sight!) Although it makes some sense to have all class schedules online, I would appreciate it if hard copies of the schedule of classes were available (upon request? or at certain locations) each semester. That would make it easier to browse for classes.

1) PeopleSoft has no idea how to write enterprise software. 2) PPTP is way better than L2TP for the VPN. 3) Student organization web-based site uploading absolutely sucks. 4) There needs to be an easier and more obvious way to use WebDAV for personal file storage for Oncourse CL, so that it works in much the same way CFS did. 5) Software on STC and RTC desktops doesn't get updated quickly enough. Completely blocking incoming traffic to residential subnets is a completely draconian and unnecessary practice. 6) Killing off dorm land-line long distance was a terrible idea (HELLO, I can't get mobile reception in a cinder-block building). 7) Make all classes use Oncourse CL instead of Oncourse. I'm tired of switching between the two constantly. 8) The e-reserves need to be better integrated into Oncourse. 9) Need more Macs in the STCs and RTCs. 10) Getting rid of UW pine was a stupid idea. Thanks for listening.

Improve webmail or find another email client. Bring back CFS or make Oncourse CL more direct (more prominent on Oncourse page).

I like the old version of Oncourse better than the new one. The new one is too complex, simple is the best way to go.

I don't like how the new Oncourse seems. I like being able to see who all is in the class as a student. I liked the original Oncourse I had a few years ago. IUCAT is decent but could use a little more browsing ability in my opinion. My on campus apartment voicemail was still set to the person from last year, as was a friend’s. This was a major annoyance. 5-6789 seemed helpful with something they couldn't really help with (specific adware stuff). I would really like to make my own website using STEEL but it seems very complicated to use since I was only given a short demo tutorial during another class in the Education Building. I had a hard time uploading photos and keeping them there. Is there a simpler, more visual way to edit mypages? Thanks for everything else though!

OneStart is horrible!

Yes, I feel that their needs to be more computers because most of the time when I go to the main library, and the computer labs in Ballantine, I am waiting for about 10 min. or more for a computer. Other than that, I feel that everything is alright so far.

The positive thing I have to say is that IT service members are helpful and friendly. My computer needed to be reprogrammed and the UITS support center at the Wells library was very helpful and quick to service my computer. They also assisted with explaining how to upload a webpage onto Steel for a class assignment (which if they had not done so we would have never figured out, even after searching for help on-line we could find nothing). However, Oncourse needs an overhaul! It is not at all user friendly and very difficult to navigate around. I had to take an online course via Oncourse and I ended up almost failing because I had missed important information sent out by the professor that I had no idea how to access! I am also irritated concerning email problems. I was very upset when the email system was shut down for a couple of days over winter break without any warning. I stayed in town and was working on a theatre production [IRD] and main source of contact for 25 actors all via email. Our rehearsal time was interrupted due to not being able to access my email account to contact everyone in the company; had I been warned I could have transferred email address into my Yahoo account for that duration of time. I also have problems with OneStart. I have had so much trouble accessing information using OneStart. Last night I had to contact financial aid via telephone because I could not get my account information to pull up. Also, at the beginning of Fall Semester this past year, I was almost charged a large Health Center fee because on my account it did not registrar that I had full time credits; the Registrars office had to assist in the process, claiming that it was a 'computer error'. For new ideas; I think there should be a way to access printing paper other than just standard stock. If I am going to be charged for paper, there should be an option for resume paper, colored paper, etc. instead of having to go to Kinko'

Self service on OneStart should be available 24/7

I do not like the new Oncourse interface...I feel the original version was much more user-friendly. OneStart is average at best; previous versions were more user-friendly. I am happy with how quickly the campus is becoming wireless-friendly.

I don't like how IU has switched to posting information on OneStart that was previously sent through mail. such as bursar and hold issues

Oncourse is great (but it will be nice to see the new version mature). Being able to use OneStart to register, check balances, etc. is great, though it's hours of availability are annoying (about half the time I check it's unavailable - usually the times when it's important). There have been times when I've visited 3 labs and all the printers had various issues. The registration system needs integrated (searching for classes is easy on the registrar's homepage, but registration is through OneStart). For the most part, though, things have been very helpful.

I would like for the webmail services to include HTML instead of text based systems and for the log in time to be easier (sometimes I am unable to log in for an extended amount of time).

Pleaseeee go back to the original Oncourse

I think there should be more computers in Residential Areas. I find that I cannot get on a computer often. I also think there should be color printers in the Residential Areas. I wish that wireless Internet was more available and easier to use. The customer service that I have received my calling the help line (computer services) has been fairly good. They are very polite and point me in the right direction, although they tend to use technical lingo that I cannot understand. Also, I think the place you go to fix your computers or get assistance with setting up anti-virus programs etc. should be free or less expensive.

I read in a question that there is spam protection in the e-mail service. I have been receiving countless amounts of spam recently and would like to suggest that this feature be advertised. Or a big button on the webmail inbox would also work.

I wanted to connect my computer to the wireless network. I followed the instructions exactly as they were posted on-line for connecting my computer to the wireless network and I still wasn't allowed to connect. While working on a computer project, I went to visit my computer teacher. She tried to set up the wireless connection as well, following the instructions as posted on-line, and she couldn't do it either. I was with three other people at the time and two of them with similar computers were not able to set up a wireless connection and still aren't able to do it.

Microsoft OneNote should be offered for free in IUware. It is a great note taking program which lots of students could use. It would be nice if the computers in the first floor of the Graduate side of the library were the same as the information commons computers.

there was a two-day period in the late fall when a group of certain websites were blocked from view; friends of mine on other campuses could visit these sites freely. == access has since been restored, but it upset me quite a bit at the time.

I hope that there will be more computers available on the campus. Main Library is always crowded, Ballantine has only 2~3 computer rooms and the worst is the Woodburn, which only has less than 20 computers.

I love the wireless opportunities!

When the UITS people went to fix my computer, they did an excellent job, but failed to figure out that the worm was in the hard drive and I had to buy a new hard drive two weeks after I paid UITS to fix it.

I feel lucky to have access to such technology and service

For what I need to do the technology services have been more than fine.

I have just recently gotten Linux on my computer. Getting connected was very difficult. The support I received was very poor. One consultant belittled me for having Linux. I was referred to an outside office at one point, but this outside office could not determine a problem on my end. I feel that more Unix education needs to be available to both users on campus and the support staff.

The survey was too long.

I use the apple computers at the main library on a regular basis. I primarily use the Adobe Creative Suite, and scanners. Sometimes, I will come across a problem that I am unaware of how to solve. I have never had a UITS person stationed at the library actually know the answer to my question. In fact, oftentimes, the person will start to mess around with my work and on more than one occasion, I have had to completely restart something because the person messed up my work so badly without begin able to solve my problem or fix the ones they created. This gets to be very frustrating, especially when I specifically say to the person, you either know the answer or you don't. I don’t' have the time to sit around and let the person mess with my work while they try to figure something out. I really feel that all consultants should be trained on the software that is available on the computers they are stationed near. Or at the very least, one person should always be on staff with the others who has been thoroughly trained on all the software. I think it would save some time, as well as make me feel that my enormous technology fee is worth the money. I also am a little disappointed with the conversion to Oncourse resources vs. CFS. When I "log-in" via the start menu, I am unable to open my documents. I always have to log-in to Oncourse, save everything to the desktop, then re-save it onto Oncourse again. It was so much easier with CFS because when I would save my work, it would automatically be saved and updated within my CFS account.

I do not like the new webmail system. I cannot receive large files necessary for one of my classes, and everyone else in the class can. I never had problems with the old system. I do not like the arrow keys in the upper right corner.

1) Wireless access is great, except that I have lots of problems on my PowerBook with it. I don't have these problems anywhere else, but when I join IU wireless the DNS lookup is messed up and I usually have to shut off my wireless card several times before I can successfully join the wireless access. 2) What's the deal with the super-long login times on the PCs? It takes such a long time to log in on those things, it's not even worth stopping by to check email. 3) Why does IUCAT have to be so slow and session-oriented? I want to search my way, which is to do many distributed searches in many different sessions at the same time. 4) Why do we have such low limits for our email accounts, and why are we forced to use IMAP? 5) CFS was a really, really good thing. Why did you guys get rid of it? 6) Oncourse and OneStart are so finicky and terrible to navigate and use, especially on OS X with any browser. Not only that, they are terribly slow. Also, Oncourse file system doesn't work with OS X's built in webdav support, and I haven't tried it on a pc.

I think that it's a really good service. I received excellent service whenever I went there.

I find the university websites to be of poor quality. It's not very user friendly, the pages are poorly designed, and they're sometimes really difficult to navigate. If I were to focus on improvement, I'd look at making the sites less cluttered and more organized and easier to use for the less technologically apt.

registering is a pain, and the new Oncourse is not impressive at all. I got along with insite and the old Oncourse very well.

Should add more computers around campus. Ashton-Johnston computer lab needs to be make over. Computer systems need to be cleaned. Many of them in the library and labs are very dusty.

Should have more staff, who can help out with those people who taking the computer science, working in the main library

I just think the IT training programs is a great idea, but I don't know what's the requirement and the fees for this program.

Oncourse is not very good, and classes are now using 2 versions of it. There has to be something better out there

UITS has one of the most power computing infrastructures, yet it uses a VPN service which is highly unreliable for Mac users. Wireless connectivity is nonexistent in the dorms and public spaces and spotty in many classrooms. In order to connect to the network in the dorms, students must install software that makes them give up any privacy rights. Many students feel as though they are giving up control of their computers by installing the mandatory IU connectivity software. This was one reason I chose to move out of the dorms.

855-4848 is my favorite resource on campus

My email all year has not been working properly and now it has been switched over to some new format and I have lost emails and have not been able to send or receive many emails. The Oncourse system also is not very good. It is unreliable. The OneStart system is not helpful at all when registering for classes. The insite system was much easier and less time consuming than OneStart. Integrating elements of insite into OneStart would be helpful. OneStart should also be open later. It is ridiculous that it is not.

First, I am disappointed at the apparent need to over-complicate what had been previously simple and efficient websites. Mainly, Oncourse and Insite, into OncourseCL and OneStart, respectively. To go from fantastic to simply dreadful is really depressing, compared to otherwise outstanding services. Secondly, the decision to remove the CFS system is also very disappointing, as it was just so very convenient. This OncourseCL file system is not as easy as clicking on the CFS Login shortcut anywhere on campus, and being able to get done what I need to. Although now I have switched over to a flash-drive due to necessity, the CFS system is still more convenient in the end, because I can't lose it or have it go wonky on me. I hope that sufficient feedback of a similar sort is received, and that it is simply admitted that perhaps we all got carried away with nerdy ambitions of uber-cool techno-gimmicks, and simply stick with what works best. I've been there, I've made those mistakes, so really it's nothing personal. I just really liked Insite and CFS. Thank you.

Extend help hours for UITS by telephone. Hours too short for such a "technology based" university campus.

knowledgebase is difficult to navigate. usually phone consultants are helpful and knowledgeable. overall, good experience

UITS/RITS consultants really need more training in terms of HOW to use computers, as well as TALKING to PEOPLE. Additionally, better tech support from UITS would be a nice change. Personally, I have found the consultants in the labs to be completely ineffective for half of the problems that arise there. There are also numerous problems with the new OnCourse system, which I hear DAILY complaints about, from not only professors, but students and faculty as well. I think that if these problems were addressed and fixed, students, staff, and faculty would look much more favorably upon RITS and UITS.

The new Oncourse has nice data storage, but it was a pain to figure out how to use initially. And I still use the original Oncourse for everything else. OneStart is just plain horrible. Webmail is annoying, cumbersome, and takes too long. Also everyone I know misses Pine.