2006 IUK IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

In the high-tech classrooms, it would help if we could leave the projector on but get a blank screen. I have been in some classes (e.g., KO 109) where the video button leaves a blank screen, but in others it shows up blue. The actual "blank screen" button does not seem to work (at least without getting a blue screen projected on the board, unless I am missing something). I think this is important because there are times I want to switch back and forth between projector (e.g., PowerPoint) and using the chalk board. When a blue screen shines on it it leaves a glare and is distracting.

Also, People Soft is extremely annoying and difficult to use. Overall, I believe it has had a considerable negative impact on this campus. It is awkward to use and inflexible.

There should be better support and help for faculty who are seeking external research grants. I did not get enough and professional assistance that I received when I was just a graduate student in the university I graduated. I expected that as a faculty at IU who claim to value research and scholarship that a specific person be assigned particularly to help faculty explore sources of grants for their particular research. I asked a top academic administrator if there is any service or staff in the university that can help me search agencies and sources of funding, he told me I can go to Google. I tried, but was not successful. I would have expected a more helpful suggestion. When we bring external research funding the University benefits not only the faculty. Doing an extensive search for sources of research funding may not be easily done by a faculty. In some universities, like where I graduated, faculty receive a lot of help in searching for external funding, but at IUK I am extremely disappointed. I also went to an office at IUK to get help -- I thought this was the place to get help because of the title of the office --- but I got extremely mediocre service and support. Faculty at IUK who are committed to research as part of the role of their professoriate should be given more respect, support, assistance, and recognition than what they are getting now. That is why there is the danger of losing these faculty in the future, just as it has happened in the past. This is not good for IU system as a whole.

Unacceptably slow network and web access.

Ancient office phones

Unacceptably small computer monitors

Your survey question relating to the age of the user's home computer has a logic gap in the answers.

I like the technology classrooms, but they could be better designed. The equipment should be off to the side, so it does not obstruct the view of the blackboard (this is especially a problem in KO 100). I do like the new tables and chairs. They are a big improvement.

When someone phones the switchboard there should be a simpler system to get hold of a faculty member.

I really like "Making IT Happen" and I hope that it is continued.

Is it possible to have a portable ELMO until this is installed in all the classrooms? I use it a great deal when I lecture.

A institution of higher learning should provide a mixed environment for research. Technologies are critical in this world and if our research capabilities are second rate so are we. The technology facilitates the research, this is what is needed more dollars and updated technology and thinking.

Oncourse's "upgrade" has been a disaster. Email contact with students is very difficult. Confidentiality or communication may suffer as a result. The gradebook function is not user-friendly and some of the problems are very upsetting to the students.

I will greatly miss the IT team and other related groups. You have helped me to enhance my teaching experience, significantly!
¡Muchas gracias!

More smart rooms!!

Need to fix the lighting in KO 289--the system does not work.
We need a digital camera for videotaping student speeches on campus
The video people under the direction of [IRD] have been excellent--quick, efficient and very effective service.
We need to be more consistent on incorporating DVDs in the classrooms, more and more need for this technology
I do not like the new phone system and the use of coded calls with password for long distance
The classroom computers need to be wiped more frequently--stuff really builds up and takes available memory.
I hope I will soon have a computer upgrade, as I try to complete more activities, I require a better system
[IRD] and [IRD] are extremely helpful and willing to assist faculty with a variety of goals and needs.
Find it difficult to clear email space on computer--might offer more suggestions for how to organize emails and clean up space

I have one class in the spring and 2 classes in the fall that use the facilities in KO054. It seems like we always have problems with the printer in that room. The students pay for this service and should not have to hassle with a printer. Thank you!

None, except that [IRD] is an absolutely excellent resource for any classroom needs.

Always nice to have someone answer the phone after no more than 3 rings (usu. after only 1-2 rings). And they (IT) typically resolve my computer probs. "promptly!"

Move the screen in KO 289 to the front, right corner of the room so that all students in the class can see it. Otherwise, all of this wonderful technology is not available to at least 1/3 of the students in this room who can't even see the screen. Some profs have complained about the screen that has been moved to the corner in KO 102(?), but these rooms are apples and oranges. The diagonal screen in KO 102 does cut off a functional part of the class room. In KO 289, however, no ever walks in the front corner.

Put recessed lights in KO 289. Same with the speakers in the ceilings. I know this relates indirectly to IT, but it's all connected.

Make more USB ports available for rooms like KO 289 and KO 211. Having only one port available slows us down during presentations when students want to use a wireless clicker for PowerPoint. (They have to first download the file to the desktop, etc., and that takes time.)

Upgrade the video cameras. Along with this, upgrade them to improve the sound quality of speakers being recorded in the front of the room.

There are too many technical restrictions on computer usage--I can't even make simple updates to routine programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

My network printer holds very little paper. Whenever I go down to it, it is out of paper, with multiple jobs waiting to print on it. I have to spend time filling it and then waiting for it to print--taking more than 5 minutes just to get a one page print out. A network printer shared by many people that holds less than 300 pieces of paper is not acceptable. People print multiple 40-50 page documents on it. Going to the printer and finding out it is out of paper and needs to print another 50-60 pages of material before your job comes out is very frustrating and a waste of time.

The phone needs to signal when it has voice mail. Otherwise, you have to keep checking it, which is a waste of time. I'd rather not have voice mail than have a phone which never signals when it has a message.

Often the tech in the classrooms does not work and rooms like OY are not conducive, even the phone there does not work. [IRD] is great to help though and is always cheerful

I would like to see more classrooms with computers for the instructor.
I strongly dislike the authorization code for telephone use.
I would like to see a computer lab in the East Building.
I would like a better quality speaker phone in my office for statewide meetings that I attend by phone.

I would like classroom computer to be updated. I have hard time running up-to-date software in three years old computers in classrooms.

Help desk response time, friendliness, helpfulness and follow-up have been much improved over previous years.

I wish original Oncourse gradebook would use the same identifying system for both students and faculty. Currently, faculty see letters for the columns and students see numbers.
I hate the automatic address book for email. For some reason, I can no longer access the IUK address book and am forced to use the global one. In addition, if I type in just a last name in the to box of the email itself, I don't get names to select from. Instead, the last name turns red, I have to enter last name and beginning of first name in the address book find system. Once I've entered the correct full name for TO, the red last name is still there and I often have to cut and paste my message into a new email--too time-consuming.
The people [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD] are wonderful!

It would be helpful to have a light on the phone when there is an unread message waiting.

I find the long distance code a bother when so many of the students I need to call are long distance. It discourages the use of the phone to contact students. Of course, we do not have ready access to their phone numbers with the new class printouts.

I would also find it helpful if the desks that were built to handle the document camera had a larger surface area so that the computer monitor, the document camera, and a book/ notes could all be placed on the top. As it is, we end up moving the computer monitor and document camera up and down and this can't be good for the equipment.

It is important for IT to be a supportive service. I often feel that IT wants to be the driving force and the academic needs of students, faculty and staff are secondary. Stop using the phrase " Bloomington requires us to do it this way" as a copout when you don't want to take the time to figure out the best solution for all concerned.

I think every room should have the new setup in KO I have a room that all the equipment is old and no computer setup is available.

The Library online catalog is IUCAT - there has not been an INDYCAT for years - each time I take this survey I relay that information but it seems that IT does not investigate responses to make sure they have accurate information.

Improved under new leadership. Better vibes when working with staff.

THE new IT director is very efficient

The classrooms that have technology are excellent, but there are not enough of them, nor are there enough larger size classrooms. I see this as a serious issue, probably bigger than a purely IT issue. The staff in all areas of IT have gone out of their way to be helpful, and this seems to have been getting better. [IRD], [IRD], and [IRD] have been particularly patient/helpful. [IRD] has done so many helpful things, as well. thank you for your work or whatever you have done to make this happen.

I think the overall quality has gone up in the last year. The only service I find strange is the HELP desk. They are some of the clueless people I have ever talked to about a problem.

The new Oncourse is not very user friendly. I much preferred the original.

I do not have a message waiting indicator for my voice mail. I must lift the receiver and listen for possible voice mail. I would like to have a phone that would indicate there is a voice message.

I am an adjunct faculty member and I only teach one evening class. Sometimes I would have liked to have a person to help me out with some of the equipment in the room that I was not familiar with. I did, however, figure out much of it or a student was there who knew how to run it. Overall, I am pleased- I am just not at IUK enough to experience most of what you asked about.

[IRD] has been extremely gracious and helpful in navigating the Oncourse options and applications. I cannot say enough good about her efforts and my appreciation for them.

I have not been able to access OneStart all year because my password I have used for the past 2 years does not work and they told me I need to come out and reset my password and I work days 8-5 for hospice seeing patients so it is difficult. I cannot access my pay stubs now that they have been put on line. This is the problem I see with OneStart. Before that I didn't have any problems, but I am adjunct faculty so I do not use a lot of these IT services since I teach at a hospital and I am not at the university but once or twice a year.

Please upgrade all classrooms with new technology. I've been in classrooms requiring the mobile technology cart, and that unit is minimally functional at best.

Thank you for having a wireless network on campus.

Would like to see more classrooms equipped with computers, projection equipment, online access, etc.

As an adjunct professor, I was never given instruction on Oncourse or any other computerized system. I did call the business office admin and she was going to have the IT person call me to provide instructions but that never happened. I have been self-sufficient during my class but do feel instruction of any adjunct should be offered automatically.

I think it's difficult to accurately answer the questions on this form. I think the IT staff members at IUK are well-intentioned, likeable individuals who do not have the training or resources to improve IT conditions at IUK. I use only computer lab classrooms for my classes. I experience chronic problems with the printing system and with securing paper for the printer. The print system is a kluge and no one knows how to correct its inherent problems. Paper use at IUK is exasperated by the IUK policy that students print most of their course materials from Oncourse files as opposed to the instructor photocopying such at the beginning of the semester. IT staff have difficulty keeping up with the demand for paper. Students spend their first week on campus clogging the computer labs in order to take care of their printing needs.

I think IT's decision to install Vision software in lab classrooms was insightful and appreciate its value. However, the Vision software does not perform as it should and no one knows how to (or has the time to) diagnose and correct the problem.

There is no procedure to report problems on individual machines. Machines or machine positions are not numbered. Thus, I rarely teach in a room where every machine in the room is in good working order. I ask that my enrollment cap come under the number of machines in a classroom but sometimes I am overruled and faced with the embarrassment of not having enough machines for every student enrolled in my class.

OneStart is an excellent way for faculty and students to access resources and to vitally feel a part of this institution. However, the OneStart banner uses too much screen space. Students who access email or Oncourse through OneStart are at a disadvantage because of the visual distraction caused by the OneStart banner.

The system IU uses to deliver electronic benefits to our students is antiquated and impractical. Students begin the first week of classes expecting to be able to print, use email, and access Oncourse. If a student is not on the email list, they can not access email. If not on the print list, they cannot print, etc. Plus, any time during the semester, one or more of a student’s electronic benefits may disappear. The IT staff treats these problems as usual and customary. Students are just expected to make a trip to the HelpDesk to have the problems corrected. Most of our students do not have the spare time for such plus many of these problems occur during an actual class period when a trip to the HelpDesk is not practical and no one is available in IT after 5:00 to deliver paper to paperless printers or to help students recover lost electronic benefits. Many of our faculty members have never been told why a student’s electronic benefits vanish during a lab class period.

Students who transfer to IUK from other IU campuses have more problems than most. Some do not have access to Oncourse or computing in general for the first week or so. I had one student who had to wait more than 3 weeks to obtain any electronic benefits. IT’s response was: “Tell your instructor it’s not your fault and to make other arrangements for you.” Please tell me how a student can use a computer in a computer based class or access Oncourse in an Oncourse based class without access to their electronic benefits? This problem should never occur. I have asked the IT staff to notify me when a student has problems which prevent them from accessing their electronic benefits and thus, cannot fully participate in the class. Sometime IT staff engages in an email conversation with me about such, but they refuse to automatically notify me of such problems.

The new Dell machines have a serious design flaw. The flash drive port is hidden under a lift up door on the front of the system unit. Students and Instructors must spend time on the floor in order to learn how to find the flash drive port. Some students are tearing off the doors. It would be helpful if all the doors were removed and instructions about this were taped to the front of the system units.

The design of room SM201 is impractical. There should be an aisle down the middle, and there’s a raised portion at the front of the room that students and faculty often trip over.

Written communication between IT and other IUK employees is nearly nonexistent despite the Falcon system. Policies, procedures, and problems are not communicated to employees in any fashion. The procedure now is: If someone asks, IT will answer.

IUK needs to provide a booklet for students which describes and provides “how to’s" for all students. This booklet needs to be written by someone with quality computing teaching experience and someone who has experience observing students trying to use their benefits in the classroom. This booklet needs to be more than a series of captured screen images with captions and should be updated yearly. Procedures such as how to avoid the OneStart banner, use email in a profess

There needs to be a check box for don't use.

Oncourse is very poor.

I don't use many service available because I have
all my data stored on my computer, however I do use anything new is I think I can save time. The automated phone system leaves much to be desired.

Regarding the OneStart mail service: I attended IUPUI during my last year of school (2000-2001). I live in Kokomo and work as adjunct faculty at IUK, but my mail service through OneStart has my address listed as iupui.edu and I receive information regarding IUPUI instead of IUK. I don't know how to change it. Thanks, [IRD]

I hate teaching in the computer labs in the main building downstairs. They put the computer screen between students and me. 179 is much better. Also, the lights in 182 are not working properly. However, the Elmo unit is working much better this year.
I also do not seem to be able to forward my email to the computer I most often use. I have gone through the steps a zillion times. I get the first email to myself and then no more. Frustrating to have to go through the Exchange system when I used to have all email from IUK forwarded to my own computer easily.
It is also difficult to get technological help at night when I teach (I'm an adjunct). So far, my students have been able to bail me out, but I won't always have that "tech-savvy" person to help me.
I don't know if this is your area, but it is very difficult to get copies made at IUK. Turn around time USED TO BE 24 hours for adjuncts. Now, since the Xerox is in the basement of the building, if I turn something in at the beginning of class ( 5:30 p.m.) on Monday, I do not get it until Wednesday. That's not too good. I wind up Xeroxing a lot myself. It would be less expensive (and less trouble for me) to have a more efficient delivery system.

Adjunct Faculty members are dropped when not teaching. They are not always picked up again when starting a new semester.

Better published and/or more available after hours IT assistance. My few experiences with IT concerning issues have generally been very positive and were very appreciated. I am just a bit nervous that someone will not be there if I have severe issues during an Exam or class experience where the computers have to be available both to the students and myself. K054 could have used a bit more forethought in design. I realize that there was very little space to work with, but it is rather inconvenient and sometimes disruptive when a student has an individual question and I have to go past two students to get to him/her. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

I would like to see computers added to Hunt Hall Room 129 and 131. The availability of a laptop to use in those rooms would be nice if no one else wants to use the services. I have to take my students across to 132 to use the computer and then return back to 131 to finish class.

Adjunct faculty have constantly been reduced to lower class citizens, one action after another. The newest situation is that adjunct faculty do not have long distance availability, yet are expected to contact students when they leave messages. Our salaries are already lower than surrounding institutions and then they expect us to pay for long distance calls to talk with students.

Faculty |Staff | Students

I do not like the new purchase ordering system. It is too difficult. Seems like each new system is harder.

None......am relatively satisfied....

I have no phone in my work place so it is hard to answer some of the questions concerning phone service. The long distance numbers are not a big help to me. Trying to remember access numbers to make calls. Reading campus E-mail is all I do once every day or two.

The new phone bills are very difficult to print up and read. Also, there are several mistakes.


I have found the IT staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable. They always respond to any question or problem in a very timely manner.

Please keep in mind there has been a telephone switch upgrade, voice-mail system upgrade and the initiation of long distance authorization codes during the last year.

To many IT alerts.

Keep up the good work!!!

General Open Sessions might be useful to provide all of the employees information about changes that are occurring rather then an email describing the change. The open meeting could be optional.

I believe IT does a great job, for the turn over this department has experienced over the past few years. It would be nice if we could pay these people more money, so we could keep them here at IUK.

It seems like we're training ground for the IT people to move on to something better. I'm not saying they come to IUK to move on to something else, but if the opportunity comes up, they can't turn down a promotion. My only problem with IT is, I'd like to see the IUK family do more to keep our IT people.

Thank you for all you do.

Every time I have dealt with IT staff they have been "Johnny On The Spot" and very very helpful. I can depend on them to either answer my question/s or help me and they do it without any problems. We have a great staff here at IU Kokomo.

They do a great job, are very helpful, and I appreciate their hard work!!!

Thank you for the printed directory, very helpful. At some point we should revisit the policy that prohibits non-networked printers in individual offices.

Thank you for staying on top of all the emerging IT problems, but all the IT Alerts tend to clutter my E-Mail Inbox.

Is there a way limit the number of IT Alerts?

Thank you very much.


During Holidays and school closings. I feel we need an automated message to general callers. Relaying the closing. And next available time and date to contact the party needed.

The student workers are very helpful. Especially [IRD]. :-)

We should revisit the use of printers in individual offices.

I really love working with the IT people in the CtLab they are always willing the help no matter how busy, they always have taken time out of there busy schedule to assist me. I really do appreciate that. Thanks to everyone but [IRD] and [IRD] you both are great.

no only because you put no stock in the answers to problems areas you will do as you see fit and take little to no consideration as to what is said

It would be great if we didn't receive so many IT alerts.

Staff members are always helpful.

The telephone system and hardware are archaic. My voice messages drops in anywhere from one hour to twelve hours after the message has been given. I know this from the system date and time announced when opening the message. I check first and last thing of the day along with frequent checks throughout the day to make-up for the telephone systems delinquency.

Thank you for the services we use. The team of IT employees are always available and friendly in giving service.

I have been with the University over five years and I feel that the services offered by IT have improved each year. Keep up the momentum!

The only concern I have is that it takes a very long time for my E-mail to come up once I have signed onto the system.

Faculty | Staff | Students

The idea of putting kiosks in the main building by the front doors was a great idea.

I don't like that the current webmail system (webmail.iuk.edu) opens a new window to compose a message. I would much prefer to do this in the same window/tab I am currently in.
I primarily use Firefox at IUK and would appreciate if the Firefox version was kept up to date (latest official stable release). I realize older builds of Firefox were only available as monolithic stand-alone installers, but newer builds are supposed to be made available in a Windows Installer compatible format, so hopefully this will make it easier to roll out incremental upgrades.
While I personally have no need for it - I noticed a fellow student who had purchased a combination headphone/microphone headset for use with language classes was having trouble completing an assignment in Hunt Hall in the 1st floor lab, as the headset was designed with the expectation of a headphone and microphone jack being located with inches of each other, yet the newer machines in that particular lab have a headphone jack on the front, and microphone on the back. The back appears to only offer audio output via a line out, which was too low of a level and incompatible with this user's headset. Perhaps those who purchase a headset should also be advised to purchase an extension cord?
Personally, I appreciate the front mounted headphone jack. I find it much more convenient.

The wireless service needs to have a stronger signal or improved service through out the campus. In some buildings and or in some rooms service is not available or very slow.
Thank you

The usage of the color printer, and the cost of $.50. I only use this service for school projects and seam at the end of the semester to run out of money on the print balance.

I avoid using any IUK technology centers because I think that the layout and usage is confusing and hard. Plus when I have asked for help previously, it did not assist me in accomplishing my goals.

I am a student here at IUK and I also work here as security. I have utilized these services both as a student and as an employee, and I have found them to be very helpful every time I have called.

IT staff is wonderful and helpful and always courteous!

I feel that the E-mail through OneStart is difficult to understand how to use, i.e. what each of the buttons do. Therefore, I have my mail forwarded so I can utilize it.

I am not alone in saying that the new version of Oncourse is harder to use and the old version is much better and easier to use. It also seems to have more information available to the user than the new one.

I do not like the new OncourseCL email option. Because I have all of my IU email forwarded to my home address I am not able to email my professors or class members on the new Oncourse where with the old it is not a problem. I have contacted support and they haven't informed me on any other way of communicating on the new Oncourse.

Thanks for everything!!!

Would IUK or any Indiana University campuses ever using linux instead of windows or at least offer more to the students besides Red Hat?

I have attended Ivy Tech in the past and still go to there virtual library time to time. It seems to have the same information as iucat. However, I find that IUK's online library is very hard to use.

Also could there be away for the students and faculty to only log into OneStart or Oncourse once instead of to every program? (log in once and you can access all at one click of a button.)

Everything so far has been up to par. I appreciate the support that is offered and it has helped me a lot here at IUK.

It should be more fully utilized in the classrooms.

The new Oncourse (if that is something that you deal with) is not as easy to use as the old one.

Oncourse site needs to be mandatory for all instructors to use. I find it very helpful but usually only about 1/3 to 1/2 of the instructors use it. Many of them don't even check their email from it. It makes it hard to support a growing technology world, when the instructors don't even support it. In their defense though, it needs some major work.

make the survey change questions faster

An open WIFI network would be great. My palm doesn't have VPN abilities and I would like to use it on campus.

Oncourse e-mail is terrible.

I really like the way the outdated classrooms are being transformed into "high-tech" multimedia classrooms. This has made the learning experience more fun and has definitely improved presentations.

The librarians have NOT been helpful when I asked for help with a computer research question.

I have not been impressed with the OneStart e-mail or Oncourse. Neither of them fit in the screen (even when you open a new window)and you have to constantly scroll around which is incredibly annoying. On the new Oncourse the class tabs running across the top have filled the entire window with my old classes and I can't figure out how to get rid of them. It is very frustrating because I have to click on the "more" dropdown menu and I can't even scroll over to it, all I'm able to see is "mo". Once I've clicked on the "mo", I can only see the first number of the classes listed. I just have to guess and hope it is the right one. The e-mail is better than the new Oncourse but I really liked being able to e-mail the people in my classes and the instructors like I could on the old Oncourse. The new e-mail used to have all of the IU e-mail addresses easily accessible through the address book within the e-mail. The last time I tried to find someone's e-mail address it took me forever to go out and search the entire OneStart site. 15 minutes later I finally found [IRD] e-mail address - I was not happy!

I'm impressed with the additional computers available in the library. Oncourse has been a valuable tool in receiving updated information posted by professors who use Oncourse.

I have difficulty obtaining direct access to Ovid database (CINHAL) due to my Norton antivirus software. The library technicians were very helpful; however, I still need to go through separate channels (website) to open up Ovid.

Also, I cannot access IUK email unless I go through OneStart. I find this frustrating when I am obtaining class information through Oncourse because I must leave this website and open up the OneStart. I found it much easier to access my email through the original Oncourse.

school computers are usually quite slow.
don't like the new limit on amount of pages allowed to print.

I would like to see the classroom email capability returned to Oncourse.

None at this time

I've never had any major issues with IT and certainly no issues that were the result of neglect by the IT staff. The staff has always been very helpful and seemed eager to resolve any issues I've had. I think that it is important that IU Kokomo does everything in its power to stay on the cutting edge of IT because as our young people become more and more reliant upon computer and computing technology, the state of IT will become a deciding factor in deciding which college to attend.

IUCAT- off campus login made easier.
IUMail- once signed in, should be able to get to email without login

More access to open computers with printers. Library is always full and classrooms with PCs are either busy with classes or not available. A listing of places where PCs are available would be helpful.

1. Oncourse still needs some major work. The old Oncourse is bulky and the new one has a really hard to use file manager (if one at all?) at it can confusing as to which Oncourse is being used by instructors. Most do not use the new one and are not planning on switching over any time soon. Some instructors don't even touch it, which is very frustrating at times (can't check grades or have a copy of the syllabus). But that's not the IT's fault.
2. I've had a great experience with all of the PC's on campus. It's nice having the ability to unrestricted web access and also a choice between browsers (seeing how IE many times fails to load certain pages).

It would make my experience better if more instructors used Oncourse.

The IT services here are very good for this size of campus, as with any campus, there may be room for improvement, but overall the services are very good.

I think the service on the campus is overall pretty good. However, I use Wireless internet in ALL my classes, and unfortunately, there are SEVERAL spots around campus in the Main building and Hunt Hall, that I cannot receive service.

For as small a campus as it is, IUK's facilities are probably underrated. The library is a comfortable place to study, and for the most part, the classroom and campus facilities are conducive to learning.

I hate that the services are unavailable between 5-6AM. I realize that there needs to be a time designated for upgrades, but that happens to be a time that I have available to access the site before I leave in the morning for my job. It's been somewhat inconvenient.

I do not like the new e-mail system. I like having a scroll bar instead of scrolling with my mouse. My classmates feel the same way - we don't like the new system. Thanks.

I greatly enjoy the computers and the computer technology that are available on campus. I am also very satisfied with the research aspect of the campus and the tools that are available to help.

Every question I have had with the computer has been answered quickly and completely.

The newer version of Oncourse is definitely not as user friendly as the older version.

The teaching system in Kresge Auditorium where I spend most of my time has been down a lot of the year. This is frustrating to both the teacher and students.

I think it would be helpful for transfer students to receive a letter or informational brochure on what's available and how to use it.

I in the past week have been very disappointed with the new email system. It makes it very hard to view the mail, because it won't let me scroll down to see it. I have heard of other complaints. Also I think that the old Oncourse was easier and faster to use and offered more to the students and teachers, for example you could take quizzes and test via Oncourse, the new one won't let you.

I am in a learning community and the computer that we use in there has been giving us a lot of problems. We had to pay for what we call clickers and we have not been able to use them because of the computer in that room. I am very displeased by this. I spent money on both the clicker and activation of it and we are unable to use it.

You need to fix Oncourse. The new version is very irritating. OneStart email is difficult to use sometimes. I have had trouble with the inbox function, it does not expand to show you the contents.

It would help a lot if some of the features were available after 10:30 pm (essentially 24 hours) on OneStart since most of my computer time is at night after my child goes to sleep.

Yes the help desk in library for IT needs to help the students more then they do When we have computers questions concerning home work for computer classes we need answers not the run around.

Make wireless internet available on the entire campus.

Reduce the cost for photo copying.

Possibly place cleaning wipes beside the computers, so that when greasy people use them, the next person using the computer doesn't have to get grease of their hands. Not to sound all germophobic.

I often have problems opening "Word" documents on campus. I'm not quite sure why, but in these instances I have to print the material off at home and I am not able to utilize the printing allowance on campus as often as I could. I have no problem opening these same documents at home??

I was very satisfied with IU computer tech until just a few weeks ago when it became impossible to read my email due to lack of scrolling capability within the message or through the messages. Sometimes I can open the email and read it but otherwise, I am clueless as to the content of my mailbox or my email. Thanks.

none at this time

I spend the majority of my time in the Main Building. I feel that there are some classrooms on the first floor that are well below average on the account technology and comfortablity. I also spend an immense amount of my time in the library. The library is exceptional, and I love the study rooms. Great service!!

My comment is regarding the "Quarantined spam mail" in my webmail. It is not very accurate at catching the spam messages. In fact the only "spam" it catches is from my family :) Additionally, I get probably about 5 spam messages a day that aren't caught.

The email system is not user friendly! Most of the time the email is unreadable because the arrow is missing for forward motion through the body of letter or information. This makes most of my email unreadable! I use another system because of this. Overall the technology is excellent, as well as the tech support. The classrooms need to be updated and climate controlled for the best possible learning environment. Thanks!

This is kinda a entire IU problem, not just Kokomo. The new Oncourse is really bad in a few areas. While some of the changes are ok once you get used to them, the email for Oncourse is completely unacceptable. I think you should model the old Oncourse email and also have the class roster available again.
Also I would like to be able to print from my personal laptop at school if I want to, not have to wait on someone in the library to be done using a machine so I can print.
One more sort of classroom problem is the junky chairs they have in most of the main building, can you get someone to update that technology left over from the 60's other that that I like the IT department.

There are never enough work stations available! I bring my laptop with me but cannot connect in the classroom for projects. I have difficulty getting a connection even in the library. I think most of the people in my program agree that the amount of available work stations is poor, the system seems to have problems anytime we have a project and are trying to look information up in a time limited situation and the set up of workstations is not very conducive to a small group environment as many of our projects are. Also, it's a major pain that I cannot save things to my sign-on name and they follow me from workstation to workstation. And also it's a pain that we cannot use our disc (from class) on the workstation computers to take our weekly tests. I think some students found a work around but it's very frustrating when we have 2 or more hours between class and we really cannot get some of the routine work done while we wait.

MBA room KO281 always has something wrong with it. The lighting is absolutely awful. Us students know that we have to turn off one strip of lights. The computer to overhead tends to act up often.
Hate professor, counselor voicemail. They all say that they cannot tell when a new message has arrived. Caused many confusions and delays over the years.

Need to fix the third row middle light in KO276 (across from learning center). The light has sounded like a cricket for over 3 years!


This survey was ridiculous for grad students that only take a one class a semester. Please don't waste my time again.

In the future, you should make the survey with an even number of choices (from agree to disagree)so those taking the survey are forced to choose a side as opposed to picking the middle.

For the last 4 days I have been unable to access webmail from the IUK website. To get to webmail, I have to enter through OneStart which provides a severely reduced page. Additionally, after I enter my userid and password to get into OneStart, I then have to enter it again to enter email. The whole process is too cumbersome and inconvenient. Overall the entire system is not as user-friendly as it was in the past.

The reason I do not use many IT services at IU Kokomo is because I have just as good research possibilities at my workplace. I already have two email addresses (work and home), and I am not interested in using a third email address.

Make the new Oncourse as good as the old Oncourse

I wish IU made the Internet available to me at home like my Undergrad Institution did.

I think that the one thing that I can think of that would be helpful is making ht email capacity at such a level where larger files can be sent. In some of my graduate work I have files over the maximum limit that sometimes needs to be sent. I either have to break them into smaller units or come to the campus, which sometimes is not convenient.

Hard to find and understand what the activity fees, technology fees on IU web site.

The IU web is not available after 10PM. This is way too early to make the web unavailable. The most unsatisfactory part of IT services.

Everyone is doing a great job as far as I am concerned. Please keep up the good work! Thank you. [IRD]

The IT staff in IUK(Library help desk) are the most rude and unhelpful set of so called IT experts I have met.

I work in an organization my self and we have our own IT staff and if they were half as bad as the present bunch in IUK (Library help desk)they would be kicked out.

They are called support staff for a reason, I hope they change their attitudes

The only problem I have had lately is remotely accessing the library to do resource.

One of the biggest problems with in classroom technology is the inability of some of the professor to use the system. Often class is delayed by some professors inability to work or correct the system.

The lights in room 281 buzz. It is horrible. Please fix them it is bank 3 of lights when they are on I can not begin to concentrate on class.

I appreciate all of the technological advances we now have on the collegiate level and I know it is next to impossible to keep everything as up to date as possible. I think IUK does an outstanding job, being a satellite of IU Bloomington. The only complaint that I have is the new Oncourse. Why isn't there the ability to leave messages for classmates as there was on the original system? We used this feature probably more than any of the others and we have discussed amongst ourselves the hope that this feature will be added to the new Oncourse.

Staff is very helpful and friendly. Thanks.