2006 IUN IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

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An Italian computer lab is not yet available. It is expected to be available Fall of 2006.

People are getting paid to produce either shoddy work, or no work at all.

I am embarrassed for them

[IRD], [IRD] and [IRD] (and others) are all unbelievably helpful and responsive to the needs of the campus.

I have heard quite the opposite of [IRD] who is in a very service oriented position greeting the public. Many students share their dissatisfaction with his interpersonal skills. If IUN wants to present a positive image they should NOT have someone with a poor attitude dealing with the general public like this.

Just to add that everyone at UITS is pleasant and helpful. We should feel fortunate to receive the kind of support they offer.
Many thanks to everyone.

If it was not for [IRD], I would have rated everything about IUNITS as totally unsatisfactory. That individual works his [expletive deleted] to help people and has no support.

We have some computers in teaching classrooms that faculty do not use because they are MACs, not Dell PCs. We are beginning to have scheduling conflicts in the existing computer teaching labs. This signals that it is time to add one or more teaching labs to what we currently have. Students like the wireless access on campus, but this is limited to only a few locations right now. This needs to be expanded to the entire campus. Overall, I have had very positive experiences with teaching in the computer labs and in HH318 for distance education courses.

We have laser disc players in the anatomy labs that I would love to be able to interface those with my laptop and send images to the TVs from my laptop. Need some IT hook-ups.

PLEASE service the equipment in the wired classrooms. I teach in Hawthorn 332, and its
always covered with chalk dust.

The demonstration computers in some of the labs are not positioned well. The professor's back is to the class or he/she cannot see the projected image.

The computers in the library are used regularly by the students. They depend upon them.

More modern phones with redial and caller ID would be nice. Not having to look up a huge long Long-distance code number every time you needed to make a long distance call would be nice too!

computers on carts that are delivered to the classrooms are slow in starting up. Occasionally the internet cord has not been provided when requested.
But it is wonderful to have technology in the classrooms, if students don't object to the pauses necessary to get the equipment up and running.

Raintree Hall needs classrooms that are updated for technology.

Phone system needs updating / Caller ID for faculty is important / separate outgoing messages for unanswered phones and busy phones. / To my knowledge, new faculty don't get any training on the phones that we have (speed dialing, ,etc).

The staff are very nice but do not have much experience. The administrative oversight is abysmal.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied; however, two things are not satisfactory. I need a portable microphone system in my classrooms and though made this request several time, I am yet to get it this semester. The projector in RH211 seems defective, and is not yet fixed or replaced with a good one (been so since beginning of semester and we are two months done with the semester). Thanks.

For media that is used in the classroom I was unaware that there was any training other than from colleagues. Our "elmo" machine broke in fall 05 semester. Three phone calls and one semester later it was determined to send it out for servicing. We have no replacement and no idea if and when we will get our machine back.

I appreciate the push to put technology in the classrooms, and that has improved my teaching experience considerably. However, that initial effort has not translated into maintenance. Many of the classrooms in Hawthorne have virus-ridden machines that are slow to the point of unusability. There's little consistency in what's available in terms of media (e.g., I can never tell whether a given classroom machine can play DVDs or not, and have often found myself having to make do with my own laptop for this purpose).

I am an adjunct who is teaching at IUN for the first time this semester. Consequently, I feel that I am not really qualified to give an evaluation of IT services. The services I have used have been very good but limited: Elmo, use of projector, telephone.

My evaluation was affected by the fact that last summer I plead with IT to get a computer for our LCD player. I reformatted my courses onto Power Point and encouraged my students to have their presentations prepared for Power Point. But the equipment was not able to work ... ALL SUMMER.
I will say that it was cared for by the Fall term, but that did not help my summer courses.

Library database is outdated and NOT user friendly.

Instructional Media on HH 3rd floor, very helpful as well as Raintree. HOWEVER, equipment breakdown in classrooms and absence of printed directions for use of equipment hinders pace of classroom instruction.

Super job on the whole!

Your protection measures keep users from using the technology.

My students (especially graduate students) utilize the services for in-class presentations. I have been very impressed with the delivery capability.

IUN needs more and larger computer classrooms to administer exams via Oncourse,

I've been an adjunct for several years. My complaint would be with media services. I'm often placed in one classroom with older media technology, with no instructional card that I can follow. Some students on staff have been helpful when I've needed to show a film. However, requests that I've made for an instructional card have NEVER been met. I've had 2 experiences now where I could not operate the equipment, and the class was delayed by 20 minutes. THIS WAS EMBARRASSING TO ME PERSONALLY, AND ITS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE UNIVERSITY--substandard equipment, no posted instructions, and wasted instructional time.

IUN is suffering as relates to IT because IUN does not have a permanent director for IT related services.

I have had a terrible experience with Instructional Media this semester. Getting the cart to my classroom on time, having it ready to go - sometimes it's just wheeled into the room (I'm lucky if it's on time) let along plugged in and booted up.

Not impressed with the level of knowledge of the phone assistance from IT Svcs

classroom equipment needs to be in better working order; [IRD] needs to be given more resources to keep it all running smoothly; instructors who need & use media classrooms should be able to get them (those who don't can go to Raintree); big thanks to [IRD] for all her help with Oncourse and big thanks to [IRD] for trying his very best to provide quality service on a shoestring; was a BIG mistake to let [IRD] go...shame on the [IRD] for diminishing the quality of this institution

Having a computer, internet access, ability to switch to the document camera or a video in my classroom is wonderful! I have also found the folks in media services VERY helpful and prompt in filling any requests I have for special equipment or for a technician to be present to assist me. I appreciate that!

Telephones need to be updated with an ability to transfer calls in all offices
Long distance telephone service needs to be less convoluted
Classroom equipment need to be serviced regularly
More classrooms need to have advanced technology
Computer lab classroom size needs to be increased twofold, when giving tests on Oncourse classrooms need to seat 50-60 students

Not being on campus much has been a hindrance to getting repair made as I need to be available when assistance is and this is rarely the case. Also I have found [IRD] in the instructional media department to be consistently the MOST helpful person ever. Even if he's on his way to do something else, he will always take a minute out of his busy schedule to solve any mini-crisis I'm having with equipment. He is incredibly knowledgeable, but even more amazing is his unflagging willingness to be helpful and smile in the process. I have never found this to be so with [IRD], who goes out of his way to make me feel stupid, and who I avoid at all costs. He may be knowledgeable too, but his attitude is terrible! If you can clone [IRD] that would be wonderful, the world could use lots more people like him!

My only specific issue this semester was the breakdown of "Elmo" in our classroom, and the inability to get it repaired for weeks on end. It is now March, "Elmo" has been gone since December, with no substitute and no promise of when the unit will be fixed. We all on the faculty take turns calling routinely to "bug" the department to no avail.

A very specific training program should be available and required for all new staff.

IUN UITS needs more funding so that they can keep classroom technology maintained and add more multi-media classrooms. Although the university administration encourages use of technology it does not fund technology enough to handle the users that exist, let alone more users! Those of us who are heavy technology users have difficulties scheduling our courses in multi-media classrooms. Having projectors brought into other classrooms is worthless. The rooms are too dark for me to see anything and students naturally fall asleep.

Another issue is Oncourse. I have tried very hard to use all of Oncourse's offerings; however, many don't work or are so time consuming that it is not worth the frustration. For instance, I recently spent ~30 hours designing an online exam only to have it never run. The [IRD] said that the exam structure is correct and that it should work. She then forwarded it to the main Oncourse section. They NEVER called, e-mailed or responded to either of us to the best of my knowledge. This does nothing for me or my students. Unfortunately, this is only one example of the problems with Oncourse. Why doesn't the University provide us with choices when they know that Oncourse doesn't work correctly. Allow us to choose between Oncourse and Blackboard or WebCT.

Another problem is that we are required to have desktop computers rather than a choice between a desktop or laptop. The laptop program is a joke. For anyone who is a heavy technology user the laptops provided were completely inadequate. Tablet PC's are perfect for those who lecture using PowerPoint for numerous reasons.
One might say that I have been spoiled in my previous positions. My reply is simple. Don't expect excellence in teaching and research when support for both is far below excellent!

There are not enough computer classrooms for those who do not wish to hold class every day. Need to be able to bring a collection of laptops to different classrooms on an as needed basis.

Would like wifi for faculty areas.

Need to replace chalk boards with white board/dry erase boards in all technology classrooms. The expensive technology is getting covered in chalk dust.

Add after hour switchboard functions so that people who need to call the 1-800 number can access extensions and voicemail.

I think the equipment in TH64 is not put together well. It would be nice to have a podium with monitor. At times the equipment takes fussing with to get working and this is a problem when teaching a speech class and having students use the technology. It should be easier to use and needs a remote mouse to encourage students to move from behind the podium and away from the computer.

I have been trying to get Microsoft Outlook on my computer since I started. I have limited time in my office because of clinical time, at the hospital. It is difficult to schedule someone to come to my office. Is there a step by step method to initiate the Microsoft Outlook on my computer?

- new web site design
- easier navigation for web site
- not all calendars/departments have updated/current information
- hard to upload to personal web spaces for students
- more "open labs" for students in classrooms with certain program needs

Way to go!

A serious study and plan needs to be undertaken to evaluate the configuration and state of teaching equipment in the classrooms. Many improvements can be made in the configuration of the computers, projectors etc. and unless looked at carefully a systemic breakdown of equipment could take place within the next year or two.

We need more computers with updated software in the graphic arts areas (PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc.). Labs need to be opened more for students to get their work completed. Need to have a system whereas in open labs certain computers are reserved for certain usage. Example: An open lab of 24 computers only has 6 of them equipped for graphic design programs. Either equip additional computers with proper software or restrict students from using them for trivial reasons.

Next time make a better (read: shorter) survey.

I wish I could have taken more advantage of the many services offered by IT at IUN over the past year. The current demands of my job in the performing arts department do not allow time for this. I hope to become more IT savvy in the near future. thank you

It is especially tiresome to comment on the poor quality of Instructional media support at IUN. I use slide projectors for every class and depend on them for a successful lecture. I am fortunate to have a copy stand to project images as back up, but the quality of the image on the screen is poor. Our entire campus, I am told by IMS staff has only 2 projectors available on campus. On top of that, when a bulb goes out, IMS typically has no replacement bulbs to put in the projectors. This is so unprofessional and students complain that their tuition money is not being put to good use. No one in IMS is maintaining the projectors-they don't focus well and complaints to IMS are useless because nothing gets fixed. That department is not only strapped for staff but training and really needs help.

The IT challenge at IUN has always been to communicate, to document, and to train. Training has taken a step forward with the many sessions offered by [IRD]. Communicating was helped by the [IRD] work with Technobuzz. It is missed.

Documentation is still a problem -- finding out what can be done with campus information technology and how to get it done continues to be a crying need. References to the "IU KB" work well for some things but not other things.

The lack of communication and documentation is, I understand, in part a function of not being able to respond to the demand that would be created by having more engaged and knowledgeable IT users. But we should strive to have a more informed group of users than we have now.

The IT staff generally works hard and has a good attitude about what they are doing. If we really want to be excellent (as suggested in the Vision), however, we will need the right kind of leadership and substantial support (moral and financial) for the function. We need to kick up our effort a couple of notches if we are serious about being competent in IT (much less, excellent).

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Can think of none at this time.

I am very new to the campus, thus, I can only provide very minimal responses. I do wish there was someone that I could go to, to find out more about how to access the reports and things that I need for my job. I guess identifying the person or persons that can assist me has been extremely difficult. All people that I have encountered in my daily strivings, however, have been very nice.

Keep up the good job.

IT has always been extremely helpful and timely. You all continue to do an outstanding job. Thank you.

Unfortunately, our department does not receive any support services from the IUNIT department in regards to tech support. Telecommunications services are excellent. When tech support is need we contact Bloomington or IUPUI help.

There have been a handful of times over the last year that I have requested equipment (for classes) such as TV/monitor and VCR where the equipment was either not delivered or arrived late. Each time, I received a message (before the date) advising me that if there were any reason the request could not be honored, I would be contacted. I was not contacted on any of these occasions.

It is obvious that IUN needs more staff on every side of UITS. There seems to be a lack of Leadership. Technology is the absolute backbone of the smallest and largest of universities. Questioning investments and filing positions should not even be entertained. Managers, vice chancellors need to be replaced. Hardware side needs more staff.

[IRD], [IRD], and [IRD] are wonderful people. Very professional, proactive, and easy to talk to. They need a raise.

I appreciate their kindness and patience with the nontechies. All of the people I have dealt with have been extremely pleasant.


Yes Please fix the internet speed and connections on campus the past month they have been very slow and had to be rebooted in the middle of a working project for more than 2 or 3 people, many times at the same time.

As a student, I feel we are not provided enough or the proper technology for the technical fees that are charged.

I think they are professional and great to work with.

IT at IUN is available and prompt with response.

The staff is very helpful and friendly and all try to take care of your problems/questions in a timely fashion.

Include phone calls to the Chicago suburbs (eg, 708, 312, 773, etc.) exchanges, in other words, have a way in which these numbers can be reached as local calls and not be charged as long-distance.

The classes conducted by [IRD] are a tremendous asset to staff and would like to see more take these courses.

The IUN Event calendar is an excellent tool and easy to add events, however, it is not accurate regarding the times of an event (the times are the times the room is being reserved NOT the time of the event) causing participant confusion. Also, there are many events that are not on the event scheduler, again not fully utilizing an IUN asset.

Lastly, I am extremely pleased with [IRD] and her staff. They deal with situations in a clear, professional and timely manner.

Systems are online most of the time (except EPIC).

When I have called into the HELP DESK, my
issues are resolved relatively quickly.

Techs that are sent to my area are knowledgeable, and get the job done correctly.
Great Job!

Keep up the good work!

I need assistance with the new email. did I miss some instruction on this?

Whenever I've called IT for help, whether on the Northwest or Bloomington campus, the personnel has always been very professional, courteous and accommodating. I am truly thankful for their service and the manner in which they assist.




The last question lump several departments together. Instructional Media is still not cutting it, you make a reservation and then if the equipment is not at an event, classroom or function, no one is available to answer the phone. The department has improved but it's still not where it could be. Also, the campus switchboard person needs to be trained every operator does not listen to want the person wants. If I call and ask for a certain professor that works here full time how hard is it to look up the Professor name and transfer the caller to that individual. This is added work when a call is transferred to the department then I have to transfer the call the professor. I don't exactly know how the system works but it could really be improved. I don't have a problem with the operator, I just have a problem with the system.

More friendly staff at Help Desk and more knowledgeable and available web services staff.

Pleased with the level of knowledge, willingness to help and friendliness of staff members [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], [IRD], and [IRD].

Whenever I have a problem with my computer, the IT HELP DESK employees are right there to help me out. They usually are able to help out over the phone. But if not, I don't have to be without my computer for longer than 1/2 hour or so. To me, that's great service.

Fairly often, while using IUN Webmail, I receive emails from others on campus several days after the email was sent. As an example, today ( 2-23-06), I received an email that had been sent on 2-20-06. This email involved something that was happening on 2-22-06 which, obviously, I missed because I did not get the email in time. I would like to see this problem resolved if at all possible.

Seeing how much this area is responsible for, and how fast technology changes, it is amazing to me that we get the service we do with the limited staff we have.

Instructional Media - reservations done via the website are not always reliable. Many times I've had to call to confirm a reservation for equipment even though a reservation was placed via the scheduling system.

Webmail - should have an address book similar to that available from Outlook. If an individual is working in Webmail, it is difficult to send to the IUN-Announce-L address. Also, is there a way to have something other than plain text available to Webmail users?

FIS/EPIC - it would be helpful to have a manual for new users, other than when there is an upgrade. As a new employee, I found it difficult to understand how to do check requests and run account reports in FIS as I had nothing substantial to reference. Not until there was an upgrade and everyone went through a massive training did I really understand how to complete different tasks.

Thank you.

Even when advance reservations are made for technology set up for presentations there has always been a problem, i.e. equipment failure, equipment not there on time, employees forget about the reservations, etc.

Teleconferences have improved but often have had difficulty with the connection to IUB and IUPUI, sometimes I had to use mute due to feed back.

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The survey is slightly outdated. It asked me to evaluate insight, and registration via the phone, both of which no longer exist. There were also no questions about usage or support for Oncourse, OneStart, and the exchange mail server.

The email icon that used to let you know that you had an email, would be a good thing to add back to the Oncourse mail.

They need a larger computer room. I have gone in there more than once and did not have a computer room.

I understand that changes and upgrades require money. So I am patient, keep up the good work and keep adapting to the changing technology world

It would benefit working students, if the hours were longer on the weekends. Or early in the morning.

The computer lab could use bigger printers because they are constantly getting jammed when people print out excessive material

We need the computer labs to open earlier in the morning (before 8 am). We could also use more computers than what we have.

I am not pleased with one feature of the new Oncourse--too many windows are open and layered at the same time and signing out is difficult--especially if classes are located in old and new Oncourse. Also, all classes in the top bar do not fit in one window. The side bar class list was easier to navigate. Biggest complaint--not enough instructors take advantage of Oncourse for quizzes, grade postings and assignment instructions. The University should encourage instructors to take advantage of this excellent tool. As far as list-serve, I have yet to receive any emails from SPEA, the school of my major and from which my degree will be awarded. Do they not have bulletins regarding important dates, internships, etc.??? Also, how can I receive instruction on using library online research?

I think that the University Information Services can do a better job of responding to people who are having trouble with e-mailing assignments or completing online exams for classes. Also, more considerate professors are needed at this school who understand computing issues and do not take points off on grades.

This survey was way to long.

When you are a new student you should be given a tour and or hand out telling you of the services that are available to you.

It's important to encourage all professors to make use of the UITS services if at all possible. Sometimes, professors office hours are not enough to bridge the gap in communication between students and professors.

Thank you.

I think there needs to be some more wireless hotspots.

Make past courses on the New Oncourse available from the drop down menu only and put current courses across the top bar and first in the drop menu! Also, add FrontPage extensions to the IUB server for publishing. Make a junk mail program available on the webmail server so that people can escape from twenty+ pages of emails.

I am very satisfied with the equipment and resources available to me, however when I started in the spring of 2005 my campus email never worked and I had to forward to my personal email. I went to get help to get the problem resolved including a help line, Bloomington and people at IUN campus and no one was able to help me or resolve my problem. To this day I have to use my personal email because no one knew how to fix it or who to direct me to. But as a side note I have been to Purdue and IUN and I love this school!!!! I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else I am very happy with continuing my education here. Thank you!

Cross train support staff better.

Most of the consultants in Savannah Center, especially the older man who works in the mornings, are very friendly and helpful. The people who work in Marram Hall are not as friendly or nearly as helpful.

Update each classroom - some have all the gadgets, some have nothing

There needs to be more payphones and clocks! (but I don’t know if that’s your dept)

Internet should be faster, it is kind of slow compared to Comcast

Much of the material that I need to access from Oncourse can only be done on campus. When I try to access it from home it always says that it is a restricted site. I would be helpful to be able to access everything everywhere.

RH counter-help did not know how to use a jump drive. The current computers are not jump drive friendly, I've had to replace two because the way you have to angle it to plug it into the computer wears on head and eventually makes the connector tip loose.

The staff in Raintree are very unhelpful and often rude when I go to seek information or ask questions. I can't use the wireless access in some classrooms where I have class and need assess. Oncourse and INsite are slow oftentimes and many times they have been down when I needed to use them.

The computer lab in Marram is inconsistently run. There are days when there are a lot of people (students) in there being loud, talking on the phone, etc, and on other days it is very quiet, peaceful. I have noticed it depends on who is working in a given day. It would seem to me that all the labs should be run the same way, in a manner that is conducive to learning.

Oncourse is still disorganized and the webmail is a little messed up. You should have an option of having certain spam e-mails automatically deleted or sent to a junk folder.

The technology services have been very helpful in my studies so far. However there is room for improvement, especially the new Oncourse.

wifi access at iun campus. MS SQL server services run on mypage webserver for learning & development purposes.

Many times I'm asked to present in class but computers have not been available to do computerized presentations. Especially in laboratories if a computer is brought in it's too far away from the screen that the students I'm presenting to can't see my presentations properly. Also, I often have to wait for a computer in Marram Hall. At times I need to print in color, this should be more readily available. Onsite shouldn't shut down at night. It should be available 24/7 or at least 22/7. Several times a semester I'm unable to access OneStart due to the time constraints. All teachers should post grades and assignments through Oncourse. Currently only half of my teachers are doing this. It helps students become more aware of their grades and assignments. I do not have a cell phone and when I need to call the babysitter I haven't been able to readily find a pay phone. At least not in the buildings I'm in; Raintree and Hawthorne. Have at least one payphone in each building for students who do not have cell phones or when cell phone batteries are dead. Post signs in the computer labs to maintain disruptive talking. At times when I'm taking online tests for classes or typing research papers, it's difficult to concentrate when students are sitting all together at one computer talking loudly. Have a few more printers in the labs. Have phones in all the classrooms ( or at least some tech phones in the halls) so we can call the labs if we are having tech problems instead of having to leave class to find someone to help. Sell flashdrives in the bookstore to only students at a discounted rate. Have small meetings rooms available for students who are working on projects together with one computer in it. These rooms need to be available every day. Thank you very much for considering some of my suggestions.

I wish you would not change from original Oncourse

the printers is the only problem, sometime they can be slow, and jams