2006 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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There seems to be very flaky performance at least on the medical campus with the performance of the wireless network. Also, there is a lack of cellular phone service especially within University Hospital.

Please indicate how long would the survey take when you ask to complete a survey so that the best time to take the survey can be determined. Overall, thanks for a great job!

Sorry, this was too long, I couldn't complete the whole thing. But did want to note that a piece of equipment was broken in my classroom one evening and I called for someone to come fix it or bring a replacement. The individual I spoke to said someone was on their way - but no one ever came and I couldn't show a video that was relevant for that particular class.

Is there a facility whereby we can back up data on the server from email and from our work computer. I am using an external hard drive at this time.

This survey is too long. You have many services that people don't know about.

Keep up the good work. Consider kicking off a new "marketing" campaign directed at faculty to make sure we are all aware of the multitude of outstanding services UITS provides.

Oncourse is becoming too complicated and too structured; printing function should be enhanced so that it is easily for Oncourse users to print things off the web

The computers in my lab (basic research lab in MS) are black out every 5 minutes even we are not dealing with any patients. This causes a lot of problem in our research activity. For the labs that do not hand the patient information, this policy should be changed.

Have the same PowerPoint version on all computers (this may be a hospital issue). I have run into problems at Methodist hospital with PowerPoint (older version).

We are still struggling with the PeopleSoft environment, especially regarding the Student Information System. Things are improving, but there is still a ways to go.

Personnel are very helpful. The worst part of University IT are the "services" like Oncourse, OneStart, etc. They are not intuitive, have annoying features, and have inadequate search capabilities.

I think the technical support is very very good. This survey however, in an age when everyone has a survey that is a "must" item was too long!

I would like to see UITS work on integrating the Services on OneStart so that they work seamlessly with Mozilla Firefox. I am a dedicated Firefox user and yet I find certain problems with using Firefox to access various OneStart tools. For instance, when I go to view a student's transcript, the generated report is almost unreadable in Firefox. Thank you!

You did not get into the IU School of Medicine library services on line, but if you can claim at least partial credit for that system, you should put it into this survey. The system is outstanding. Unfortunately there are faculty who feel strongly that their research is not well supported, and it would be interesting to know why they feel that way. Perhaps there are systemic augmentations that would improve the system, but I can't personally think of any valid complaints. It is simply an amazing and rich research environment, with outstanding IT service at the user end. Also, the Angel system over here is fantastic. Of course there are problems, but the system is very useful. We are doing some pretty sophisticated IT-rich pedagogy on that thing.

This survey is probably the first time I heard of many services offered by UITS.

It is very frustrating to lose connection to the servers for MS Outlook, which has been a problem in the past several months. I also have occasional problems with the VPN connection off site. Generally, IUTS should be commended for it's services, but you must provide 100% reliability.

Make purchasing more user friendly

More quota on Exchange
RSS feeds for department calendars on events.iu.edu
better solution for using WiFi network with Windows Mobile devices OTHER THAN VPN
EXTEND WiFi at IUPUI to some off-campus locations near campus like MIT is doing

The UITS is completely unwilling to help any faculty members who choose to use a Mac - this is a source of great frustration. Getting help is nearly impossible - our department usually has to pay for outside consultants to come in and help. No one has been able to get me connected to the wireless network either.

Re: Webmail - the 2 MB limit for attachments deters the sending of files with graphics to colleagues

Thank you for evaluating your service.

It is difficult to give a summary appraisal of teaching technologies. Original Oncourse needs help but is still superior to Oncourse CL. [IRD] should have been fired for setting us back so far in the development of Oncourse. He didn't listen when we told him what we wanted in CL. Now we're all waiting for them to get it right--in response to faculty needs expressed a couple of years ago! Apart from that, UITS and its staff do a commendable job.

Yes...I feel very strongly that my computer in my office should not be subject to the automatic shut-off after a few minutes. If I am not in there, it is locked. It is very frustrating to have to sign in over and over.

Please take over Oncourse!!!!!

There seems to be a frequent disconnect between the Media Reservation order form and the actual delivery of equipment.

My support for most campus related computer support comes thru the School of Medicine.

I am not aware of many of these services, the array is so vast that it is difficult to comprehend or know where to begin. I would like to investigate this further, maybe this summer. Parking Services should conduct a similar survey.

Just a note: If I not mistaken INDYCAT ceased to exist when all of the IU Libraries including University Library migrated to the Unicorn system in December 2000. I think you need to removed INDYCAT from your examples in the question where it appeared (sorry I did not jot down the number but it was in the information services section) We are very dependent upon IT for virtually everything we do so when a service is not available we experience a considerable reduction in our own service production. Keep up the good work.

Would like to see Graphics Software - Jasc Paintshop Pro or Adobe Photoshop available to academic faculty.

Still quite a few commercial email messages can't be blocked, especially at weekends

Overall, I am satisfied with the services I have used. I need to get out of my "comfort zone" and use more services. My compliments on this survey - I think it was a very user-friendly online survey.

Need to have more support for macs. The typical response when asking for mac help is that we do not support it.

Would like to have versamail support from outlook exchange so could synch email with my palm pda (uses versamail). This survey much too long. Overall, good work and thanks

I would like to have some Smart Board training. I love the new high tech classroom tools.


more space on the server for e-mail

Sometimes the student employees at the UITS help phone number are NOT very knowledgeable re certain software or platforms; Eudora communications software (used by MANY research faculty here at the IUSOM) is one such software most of the UITS student help have NO clue on.....

We have an excellent in-house group of IT personnel in Dentistry.

Too long of a survey.

The outstanding people in the department of radiology IT division shield me from most of the campus-wide technology issues and answer any tech questions I may have. I don't have time to learn about new technology that could improve my connectivity and teaching capabilities - I barely have enough time to answer email.

Good lord, this survey indicates the problem. You have defined everything using acronyms you are comfortable with rather than seeing what people need and addressing their concerns. To find this out you want people to wade through a very long survey, most of which doesn't address them. You need to design all places where clients interface with your systems from the viewpoint of the client. I don't know how many times I have tried to find info relating to UITS and have had to spend an hour just searching to find if you have the service.

The new Oncourse needs to be made much more useful and user friendly.

I'd like to elaborate on some of my responses:
Regarding jag news - it used to be very nice. Since it has been changed so that it is no longer sent in digest message format (RFC 1153), it is not nearly as convenient.
Regarding Oncourse, OneStart, Angel - my teaching involves IUPUI students, med school students and Purdue students. There are too many differing, complex systems and to make my work available to everyone, I've found it much easier to just put my own work on our departmental web server.
Regarding CFS - I found this to be very handy and wish it had not been discontinued. Perhaps RFS will be a suitable replacement, but I'm disappointed that CFS has been retired before RFS is ready.
Regarding "Browsing on IUPUI Web servers (www.iupui.edu)" - the information in search system badly out of date. Usually it is much more effective to use Google instead. Having the out-of-date search information available can give the impression that something is not available, when in fact, it is just not indexed.
Regarding "IU Search (www.indiana.edu/resources/search.html)" - I had not heard of this, so I took a look, only to get a "Error 404 - Page not found" message.
Regarding campus voice mail - voice mail notification has never worked reliably and I'm told it never will. The solution presented to me was "switch to email notifications of voice mail." I find that rather silly and undesirable. A reliable voice mail system would be a wonderful improvement.
Thanks for all your services - overall I am quite satisfied!

[IRD] (as we call him at Emerson hall) has been a wonderful & efficient liaison to us at the Dept. of Neurosurgery.

OneStart is too complicated. Users should be able to select their user id in some sense from at least multiple of them. Dropped or withdrawn students are to be excluded from course evaluation, or they should evaluate separately. In attaching files in emails, files such as .zip .tar .tgz should be allowed to be attached. www.indiana.edu/resources/search.html is not found. Too much info too little time to know or learn. I appreciate all your supports.

I came to you from Texas A&M University (a large school in all sense). However, I am impressed by the computer automation that we have here on our campus. Although I did not rate everything very high in the survey, I still want to say keep up the good work…

On occasion I and other instructors have had trouble in LE. Now that no one is officially stationed in the building, sometimes help does not come when it is needed.

The desire to change working systems--Oncourse and Webmail, in particular--causes unnecessary effort, and worse, it hinders those parts of a faculty member's work that should require the least time--the use of information technology resources. Please remember that the time it takes for UITS to dream up and design a new system gets multiplied in the many hours that faculty have to devote to learning the new system and transferring their previous work onto it. Oncourse, especially, should be left in fairly constant state so that the time it requires will not detract from the teaching it is meant to serve.

I thought this survey was a little long.
You should have major categories that we would check 'yes' or 'no' and then the more detailed questions could be asked for the sections marked 'yes'. Obviously, there are a lot of services that you provide that I was unaware of. Could you please email me a web address that lists all of these services. I use the UITS help line frequently and am very satisfied with that service.
Take care.

Please reorganize and reformat the classified section of the print directory. Finding a particular department, etc. is difficult. The information for each unit is also uneven.

every once and a while the system has problems and one's work get lost or interrupted.

One start page is too cluttered. Especially when all I want is to get to my payroll information. Too many clicks to get what I need.

EXCEPT FOR DEALING WITH ATTACHMENTS, Pine was a much more user-friendly e-mail system than Webmail.

UITS has been extremely accommodating when it comes to fulfilling my last minute requests for computer carts! Thank you!

I cannot address some of the questions because we are off campus (temporarily, until the new pathology building is complete) and so don't use all of the services that would be available on campus. Whenever I have had a question or problem, UITS has been very cooperative and helpful.

Personnel is super helpful. Machines aren't. OneStart is a nightmare!

Increased availability of training for faculty is needed regarding specific equipment available.

I keep being unable to connect through wireless. I have had 2 laptops / and 3 different NICs in the past 2 years and I can never get beyond registering my computer/NIC, after which I simply am not being connected. But I have no time to run to support and have my computer rebooted (which of course I did try.) Something is less robust than it should be.

this survey is much too long--I will not do it again if it is not diminished
The medical school pays large fees for phones, etc but we get none of the services of the rest of the University in terms of AV equipment in class rooms, etc, etc, etc

Your survey is too long

I'm very impressed with the students that work in UITS--they're knowledgeable and very helpful.

I have been especially impressed by the dedication of the HELP service personnel in trying to sleuth out desktop problems. Thanks.

IUPUI search function seems to use a poor algorithm for generating results - Google does better! For example, typing in the name of a department should generate the department's home page as the first match, and rarely does. Oncourse access should support Safari on Macs in addition to Firefox. IUware CDs for some software seem to be rarely updated, and installation of a license (e.g., SPSS) often involves installing an antiquated version of the software followed by patch installation.

Shorter survey.

I have difficulty accessing Outlook from my laptop when I use wireless. I am constantly disconnected. The web access is limited in what it shows me in my mail. The calendar portion of Outlook is limited in how it presents information. The largest irritation, however, is being constantly disconnected from Outlook when I do not use the web access.

I wish there were more UITS sponsored computer labs for students in buildings west of IT and Business SPEA. The lack of such facilities in the new Campus (student) Center is regrettable.

Oncourse is horrible and has so many problems with the old one. Instructors should not be timed out. The new one is a disaster.

I would like to see HIPAA compliant e-mail

I have been receiving more spam since the latest installation!

Faculty |Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

The PDA policy needs to be clarified and the information SHARED ASAP.

Voice mail (my out-of-office message) sounds very scratchy from my phone. Is there any way to improve that? Even though I don't use many of the functions UITS offers, most of the time their staff has been very helpful when I have contacted them.

Overall, UITS services are very good.

Occasionally the campus directory is a bit confusing to use when trying to find a particular department, i.e. school of medicine departments. Maybe a few more cross-references would be helpful. I realize dependability in this area is subject to information provided from each department. Perhaps a detailed questionnaire provided by UITS to each department each year might help the person responsible for providing such information. However, I have noticed some improvement in the directory from previous years.

Keep up the good work.

Spring Mill is another thing. The patients don't have internet access. SDM and other campus directories are tooooooo slow.

I have experienced good customer service from all areas of UITS support - thank you all-

too slow to meet our demands for prospects and applicants costing IUPUI opportunities to recruit students. why has it taken a year to replace self service to review status of applications? why does it take two weeks or more to get a new employee access to system and safeword card? why can't UITS negotiate with a DSL carrier to provide discounts to IUPUI staff and students.

I feel that IUIS is an unreliable system, as I am unable to access the system frequently.

There needs to be better marketing of what is available and why it might be useful to me. This marketing should be in PLAIN language, not computerese. I know OneStart exists. I have used it, but there has been no marketing to let me know what great features it might have. I don't have time to explore by clicking on every link. We need to know how you can be of service to us if we want to telecommute. Could you do a workshop on that to tell us what speed of modem we need at home, what has to be done at the IUPUI end, etc.? Accessing e-mail from home is very slow. Is that a problem from my end or yours? Location information in outlook and phone book is often very out of date.

The only reason I gave a negative score on cell phone usage is because, from my office, I cannot use my cell phone because the call always gets dropped. I'm a Cingular customer and I don't who's fault it is, but it's irritating nonetheless. The building I work in is the AO (Administration) building. Thanks for all you do!!

Interactions this year with LSP Services and general KB submissions have been pretty bad and have deteriorated since last year. For both services I have submitted multiple requests without getting a response. Perhaps general mailboxes need to be routed to an individual? Support Center Service this year seems to have improved. Interactions with UITS networking have improved. There are lots of good things happening.

Ratings on WWW searching and browsing have more to do with the navigation system in the page design. It takes too many clicks to get to basic university resources like the library services from the home page. Low rating on reliability of office data connection is related to outages between IUPUI and IUB where I am unable to synchronize files with a Bton school server at least once a week.

The currently wireless access in my work area in Cavanaugh Hall and from location that I typically work from Waterway are too weak to allow me to work without a physical connection to the network.

The search feature on the IUPUI main website is lacking [re: not as superior as other university website search engines]. It should be better. Try putting in any academic faculty member's name. You will not be directed to the department of which the faculty member works in, nor will you even be given a weblink for any type of biographical/departmental information. It's just very frustrating. Try the same thing on any major university across this country. Most often, you will be linked to both the Department's webpage, as well as the individual faculty member's webpage.

I worry that information on my office computer is not secure and that personnel other than Departmental appointed administrators people have access to some information that maybe they should not be allowed to have.

Personally, I liked it better when I could call 274-HELP and was assisted anytime. However, now, we have administrators and technicians for our Department, which means that we have to wait on them for assistance. Without speaking against them because they are good at what they do, I prefer immediate assistance.

UITS has always been helpful to me.

Everyone does such a great job and you all work so hard. Thank you for your commitment to all of our tech needs.

We are not pleased with the customer service levels of those associated with the UITS services provided to us here in our building. We have encountered equipment problems over the past year with UITS mobile equipment delivered to our building and attempts to resolve such issues have been dismissed and minimized by [IRD]. He is not professional in his manner nor is he pleasant to work with. We have, however, worked with several pleasant and competent individuals within the UITS departments. Thank you.

The help desk should ask more questions when employees contact them regarding problems setting up an IU account. Most often employees are told to contact HR. A little more probing would prevent unnecessary calls to HR.

This survey is entirely too long and not related much to my recent email to UITS. As for the service, UITS did not resolve my problem or suggest what the actual problem might be...rather they sent me off to find other people with the same listserv problems as one of my users. NOT GOOD!

When a question or repair request is sent in to TELECOM, a message is generated indicating that the problem will be looked into. However, there is no reference information given to be used in case the matter would require follow-up (which has happened). I think it would be helpful to generate a case/incident identifier & return that information to the individual submitting the complaint.

The switchboard operators don't seem to try very hard to connect people to the appropriate areas. I feel that they may need some further training so that they are more familiar with the different areas on campus. I think that they should all make a list of questions/calls that they receive that they don't know the answer to such as, what number should they put people through to if the person wants to participate in experiments. This is just one example. After a list is completed of frequently requested phone numbers, the answers could be sought and a list could be made and distributed to the group.

Don’t know

golly good show, mates... ever so wonderful service you provide... keep up the good work... over all, champion... tally hoooooo....

The UITS Exchange e-mail attachment filters (Antigen) are too restrictive. Especially disconcerting for the IUPUI research community is the policy which states "attachments that are encrypted or password protected, or that have protected content, will also be blocked". That policy eliminates the most convenient method for securely sharing research data with collaborators. This no doubt has resulted in many employees either a) Sending those same attachments using their personal accounts on commercial e-mail systems, or b)Sending unprotected confidential data out via the IU system. Obviously, neither of those are good solutions. We have been waiting for a secure e-mail solution for a long time. Remember, the HIPAA security regulations took effect in April 2005.

First, this survey appears to be more complete than previous years filling out this survey. I hope to see improvements where interactions with all the departments including ITSO, ITPO, NOC, etc. Second, let me say that this survey doesn't give a whole picture. Phone support can be and is being improved. After meeting with [IRD] and working with LSP services, this service is improving. I expect this next year will be significantly better. E-mail support team interactions have been mostly negative. Yes, the service is mostly up, but there are services that get changed and no one seems to know the answer. On top of this, getting through to them is very difficult - you have to do this through LSP services in order to get them moving. Once moving, they make assumptions (and about half the time, causes them to assume a problem is overcome when it is - there is a lack of testing solutions or over simplifying the issue). On my part, I can only state they seem understaffed from my perspective and that would explain the problems encountered by them. Deals and pricing isn't much of one -- usually pricing a similar system on their 'commercial' side without a University affiliation gives a cheaper price than the "deals" given (specifically for Dell only). Apple's have been across the board consistent and as good as or better than what they put in their deals. Media distribution has a problem - we encode in the RealMedia streaming content but their data browser is NOT available free of use via IUware or them. For home/private PC use, it is. Here at IU, it isn't. Shouldn't someone come up with a solution to this by either getting a University site license or providing some information along these lines how one gets a client (at $6 they are cheap, but if you are dealing with around 1000, it isn't). High performance computing has been an real big issue this year. Yes, the people are great and know their job (especially [IRD]) but the performance of these resources is

The survey is too lengthy and majority of the questions did not apply to me

Overall, I think you guys do a great job. However, there have been some customer service issues. For me, I think the phones have been the most frustrating. The customer service is lacking and the response time sometimes has been rough.

I've found UITS services, facilities, etc. to be well above average, from phone to installation of data lines or workshops. My area receives significant support and assistance from the University College IT Team and MultiMedia Development Services, and they do an excellent job. Thanks for your hard work.

They are helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. The service is very easy to use. The on-line tools are good, but more training materials would really be great. There is nothing for Share Point Server and that would be a huge help - I'm managing on my own, however.

I work for IU in a Clarian facility. It has been a nightmare whenever I have problems with Clarian functions. Clarian won't help because it's an IU computer and IU won't help because it is a Clarian program. I've had to go to administration to get a simple problem resolved (It took the tech less than 5 minutes once he finally got here).

I think having a feature on our staff phones which flashes when there's voice mail would be a great addition. Other than that, everything's great!

I would appreciate an in-service training on those services available to me that I may not be aware of.


Most University College tech support staff members are unresponsive and inconsiderate.

I feel UITS could be a little more helpful when one of our department labs equipment does not work and we ask UITS for a projector, etc. Otherwise service is pretty good.

I know you have a large volume of people calling for help but it is frustrating when I have only a limited amount of time to wait and I keep getting a busy signal.

Overall, I think UITS does a great job. In one instance, however, I wasn't exactly served well. Three and a half years ago, I got married and my last name changed. I called UITS to get a different user name for my e-mail. I selected the user name that I wanted and was told that UITS was in a busy period and the new user name would go into effect when things slowed down. Apparently, things have not slowed down in the past three and a half years, because my new user name has never gone into effect. :) Other than that, I think you do a great job. [IRD]

Would like to see class on basic technology for the novice. Such as connecting, loading hardware, troubleshooting, backup etc.

I find that campus operators are not very skilled. I have the general line for the School of Informatics which seems to be used by the operators as 'Information' for the campus as well as the source of information for the entire IT building.

UITS is a very professional organization with utmost courtesy.

The only time I needed IUTS was to increase the size of my mailbox and I was told they were having "computer problems" and couldn't do that in the foreseeable future.

Most staff complain about the telephone directory. It takes too much time to navigate the directory. When you go to something that makes sense it refers you to another site. If the directory organizer knows we will go to that site why not list the information there instead of making us search and search for info.

LSP services lack leadership, vision and responsiveness to departments' needs. Your messaging team support is less than adequate.

Exchange seems to have been acting up over the past month.

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

It would be nice if UITS could make better relations with outside venders so that students can buy computers at an affordable price. A 15% discount (e.g. Dell) just doesn't help much when buying new computers that average above $1,000. Thanks for listening.

I would suggest increasing the mailbox quota of the e-mail accounts if possible.

UITS does a great job!

[IRD] is extremely helpful and is always willing to drop what he is doing to assist even the smallest matters. I do have some difficultly using Outlook w/ Webmail and Norton Antivirus

Webmail has been too slow as of late, and it is down for maintenance too frequently. An alternative software mail program to substitute webmail would be very helpful (i.e. similar to Outlook)

Overall, UITS services have been great! The only thing that I would improve upon is wireless access for those students who prefer to use their own laptop on campus regardless of were the student is on campus. Also, getting the laptop set up to use the VPN was not an easy task or easy to find the steps to due so. Very frustrating experience actually. However, I greatly appreciate all the other services that have been offered and feel fortunate to have access to such a great electronic data source.

I wish I had time to take advantage of more of what is offered, particularly the software training courses, but I don't.

The printing or lack of printing allotment has made my experience very difficult especially since I pay technology fees to the university. I think that every student should get a certain amount of pages they should be able to print every semester.

This survey is too long- should be broken into sections and have box at top of N/A for sections where the student is not involved.

I wouldn't have been able to get my degrees without UITS! Anything I can do as a student to help prevent funding cuts, I'll do.

I don't really care for the webmail interface. I think that it is slow and cumbersome. I think that there are better alternatives out there. Because of this I forward all of my mail to my gmail account. I don't like that OneStart is only available for certain times of the day. I don't understand why. I know that it may need to do a nightly processing or backup session, but it can't take that long. There have been many times when I tried to utilize it and it was not available. Otherwise I think you are doing some good work.

I have been interested in various software workshops over the past year but they are never at a good time for me. Maybe more weekend classes would be useful.

Only complaint would be the wireless connections -- in the law school it doesn't work in some rooms. Everything else is good, thank you.

Survey took too long.

The new version of Oncourse is much more complicated and not user friendly. All of my classmates complain that they like the old version better. I don't know what can be done about this, but it seems that the "progress" is not satisfactory to the average student.

If students are going to be charged for printing, then the services must be made more reliable (and refunds easier when mistakes occur). Some of my comments relate to the law school in particular, which offers much weaker support than UTIS.

Keep the computers clean

this survey is really too long. I almost left half-way through

The new version of Oncourse does not seem to offer many benefits over the previous version. In fact, it seems less capable.

Overall, the university information technology services are of immense importance to the students. However, I found certain problems with these services. First, there is no reliability of the functioning of Oncourse. Sometimes, it stops working and this creates a lot of harassment. Secondly, I have a problem with my mail box and I have been continuously mailing to UTIS center regarding this problem for a couple of days. Unfortunately, the problem still exists. Thirdly, I do not have access to the certain programs that are offered in adaptive centers. I, personally, think that every students should have access to every program available in the university through the every computer of the university.

I have found the IT support department to be one of the most efficient and user friendly departments on the entire campus! I am very satisfied with the availability of computer stations, IUCAT and so on. I see no need to get a laptop. Keep up the good work!

Please allow for emails to be sent when grades are updated in OneStart! This service exists now when MyBursar account is updated.

The printing situation is horrible. Students should be able to print for free. That would make me happy and satisfied

As a medical student--who spent the first two years at a center site--few of these things really apply to me. I will say that I have never been able to set up a VPN for my home computer or my palm for on campus wireless. I contacted the knowledge people, but it took a long time for them to get back to me, their instructions were confusing, and I never could get the thing to work.

I have found the wireless internet connection in the law school to be unreliable and unpredictable. However, I have been very satisfied with the assistance offered by the people in the technology center at the law school. They are very helpful!

Does UITS support Oncourse? The new versions is very complicated and cumbersome. If UITS does not support this technology, can a contact be included in your next webmail so students can voice concern?

A couple thoughts. Your wireless is solid and fast once you're connected. However, I have run into problems connecting to "IUWireless" instead of "IU Wireless" or the other way around. Why have two networks with nearly identical names? I lost 20 minutes trying to bring up a PowerPoint one day. ugh. Fortunately, the class was patient. I had a lot of problems getting my account right when I first started classes, but your folks helped get me straightened out and were polite in the process Also, original Oncourse keeps giving me asp files to open using Firefox 1.5 for the Mac.

This survey was unbearably long! Wanted to just cancel out of it, but didn't.

We should not migrate to Oncourse CL until it has all the capabilities of "original" Oncourse. If Oncourse CL doesn't have the functionality of "original" (i.e. ability to turn tests on/off at certain times), then the purpose of using it for distance education is COMPLETELY LOST.

I have not been able to make a wireless connection at the law school for the past two years even though I have sought help from the technology gurus at the law school at least twice. The IU-Knowledge Base was no help in solving this dilemma. Webmail has poor functionality--e.g. we cannot recall a message sent in error, we cannot get read receipts, attachments take too long, the address book is clumsy--but the storage space is great.

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting set up on the wireless. I've pretty much given up since I'm about to graduate.

OneStart is a difficult portal, especially the bursars office portion. I am disappointed such a poor service is the only way for us to handle our bills!

This survey took entirely too long.

It would be nice to be able to publish personal web pages directly from Macromedia Dream weaver. I still get about 5-10 spam emails per day, even with filtering. I know you may not be able to do anything about it, if spammers are too good at it.

I've taken a course in survey methodology and know how difficult it is to produce a good survey. You're survey is too long, please consider revising it. As a non-techy, a lot of it appeared redundant. Are perhaps some of the questions addressing distinctions without a difference for most non-techy people?

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

I believe that IUPUI doesn't really understand what type of students you have that attend your school. IUPUI is a commuters People that can't afford to buy a computer let alone buy books pay tuition because mommy and daddy don't pay for school. Students are being pushed through at IUPUI and there is no kind of counseling. Yes someone sits down with them and makes them decide what they have to be and study for the next 4 years in a matter of minutes. all you guys want is the most money you can extract from each and every student! -Angry student-

I prefer the old version of Oncourse.

get the bugs out of Oncourse cl before switchover and incorporate clasmail into it. also send out on a semester basis the computer deals newsletter with the password to buy computers from dell and apple with the student discount. send webmail with upcoming information about upcoming technology workshops for those who choose to be on the list. the list could be webmailed semesterly

The Operators have repeatedly sent phone calls to my phone that either belong to someone else in the school where I work, or they don't belong to the school at all. We have called them MANY times about this, and it continues. It is annoying for us, and it can't give a good image of the campus to outsiders.

The new Oncourse is complicated. The worst part is that you cannot email like you could on the old. In fact two of my present classes are being taught on o-oncourse because of this. I can never reach a live person through the phone lines. Everything is automated and the information line is almost useless. A lot of the teachers are not available in the printed directory for anyone to find. The email feature on OneStart does not have a help button that makes any since, definitely not enough categories. I couldn't figure out how to scan email for viruses or if the feature was available. Spam is getting through! Finally, the best part of UITS is the customer service. The people are always friendly and try to be as helpful as possible.

you need to work more on the Oncourse. We hate the new Oncourse... too faulty and complicated.

I had trouble accessing my steel account:
1) The phone number listed on the support page was out of service.
2) The online chat would not function properly.
3) The page did not tell me that it would take up to 24 hours for my account to be created.

I think that the new Oncourse system is horrific. It is in no way user friendly for the students that attend IUPUI.

No comments at this time.

I wish I would have known how UITS would be able to support my learning before I enrolled; could be a marketing tool. I enrolled because IUPUI are one of the few universities to honor credits from 1971!!! I feel honored to have only 18 credits to go before graduating.

There simply aren't enough computers on campus. I heard that the new Student Center, across from CA, will not have a computer lab. I think that that is absolutely ridiculous. Even though I use my computer at home with DSL, studying and researching at school is just more convenient. The learning environment is better. It's also inconvenient that we have to swipe our one Card and pay for each copy. Can't it simply be added to tuition? That would actually benefit the University more than the students.

I would like to see more options for personalizing services that UITS offers (one course, OneStart, and webmail). Certain places I still have problems getting online. Overall everything is great.

The new Oncourse is a piece of [expletive deleted], go back to the original one, perhaps they should rename it off course because half the time it cannot be accessed, and is incredibly confusing to use. In addition the old Oncourse had so many problems, i.e. logging on timing out etc. Webmail was the biggest joke in the world, IUCAT sucked, pretty much this university needs to make some drastic changes, IU is red hot?!?!?! [expletive deleted] no, IU ice ice cold and needs to redo its entire system.

Webmail functions fine, but it could a more intuitive functionality. I detest the new Oncourse system and refuse to use it (thankfully all of my profs have done so as well). While see the need for the UITS newsletter and JagNews, I'm annoyed to see it so much in my webmail inbox.

I absolutely hate the new Oncourse. I will only use the old one.

Looking forward to seeing internet access speeds increase in the next year. Oncourse needs to be scrapped and taken as a bad decision. It is bulky, buggy and the UI is horrible.

I love the online software (Office, Norton anti-virus) you can download using Oncourse, more program availability would be awesome.

the new Oncourse is difficult to navigate, I greatly prefer old Oncourse.

I think the current weakest link is Oncourse. It is terrible. I am currently enrolled in an online class that requires the use of the original Oncourse chat, and it is terrible. I would also like to see better equipment in some of the ET classrooms. Some are nearly useless.

Computer keypads in the library could be updated so you can actually type normal. Sometimes it can be very hard to get a certain letter to work.

OneStart needs to have more hours of availability. It is sometimes inconvenient for students to access when the only time they have to get online is at night, say after children are put to bed...

I have heard of the UNIX and Linux system group, but have never got any information or brochure as to how to use them, and what kind of training opportunity they conduct. It would be nice to have a way of let student know. Also I didn't know the dial in pool of modem, is it high speed, or just 56k?

The new Oncourse sucks. No one seems to know how to use it. The instructors don't even know how to use it. I haven't been able to find any one that can tell me how to send and open mail. I have had mail for about 4 weeks now that I can't open. The only cool thing about the new Oncourse is the chat feature. For those of us how can't make it to a study session can use the chat as an alternative to the study groups.

Oncourse is not user friendly at all. Over half of the teachers don't know how to use the new version, so it is no help to the students. The teachers need to be trained on how to use it so it can actually be helpful.

IHETS labs should not be used for lab work. The lab rooms are very small and crowded.

I have never seen a campus that is so focused on technology, or so computer linked (accessible) before. I am impressed

I was really impressed with the services because most colleges don't have the facilities that IUPUI has. It is my great pleasure to have been a part of this survey. I hope that IUPUI continues to elevate above other colleges in the technology area.

OneStart has made it much more difficult to navigate than insite did. There seems to be more "bugs" and misinformation than there was before. Many things are not properly communicated to the students. As a teacher myself and an adult non-traditional student, I am severely disappointed in the computer environment at IUPUI. My third graders often have more knowledge than some of the consultants in the computer labs, the great majority of whom seem to be more interested in surfing the net or chatting with their friends on their cell phones than being available to help. Having taken many Oncourse classes, even my professors have complained about not being able to use all the features we were told would be such a great improvement. Oncourse is a joke. I can only hope the students in the IT programs are getting better instruction than whoever is responsible for keeping Oncourse working properly could provide. I emailed for assistance from UITS several times and never received a reply. Perhaps they were on the phone chatting with a friend or their server wasn't working. Who knows...

The new Oncourse is horrible!! Everything else is wonderful ... I love the wireless internet

Need to check the IUware online more often. I tried to download the antivirus software like 12 times and it wouldn't work....finally someone fixed it...and I know it wasn't just my laptop because it wouldn't download on my home computer either. I have it now and the problem is solved, but it should be checked to make sure it is still working.

I personally do not like how half of my professors use the new Oncourse and the other use the old version. I really like the old Oncourse. I don’t know why we have to change it.

There should be a few more wireless access points around campus. In many areas signal is really low.

I think it is totally unfair that students must pay additional money on top of their technology fee just to print in the school of nursing. It is a huge inconvenience and unfair. Where is that money going for our technology fee for printing. If you are going to make us pay extra please explain to us why the technology fee is not being applied to printing fees.

The online lectures I listen to using REALONE Player Video are only clear for the first 3-5 minutes and then they cut out. I am currently using them in B380 and it may be a problem with my home computer being too old.

Oncourse was better prior to the switch. Love the 24-hour computer lab.

I still have many issues accessing OneStart, especially at home. I also don't like they have specific hours for most of the services on there. The new Oncourse they will be implementing is also very confusing and hard to use, as compared to the old one. It also lost many of the features I liked on the old Oncourse.

The access to more printers would be more beneficial.

The UITS instructors in classrooms are very professional and patient. They do cover a lot of information in a short period of time. We need more Mac computers on campus, in UITS classrooms, and at New Media, just as they have at Bloomington.

I would like to see the wireless access points more widely distributed throughout campus. Especially in the SL & LD building. I'm very pleased to see that the printing is still free in the IT building. If there were a charge I’m sure it would make many people upset. I also would like to see the computers in the IT start up faster. It seems to me that I have to wait 2-3 minutes before I can actually use the computer. Thanks though for all the improvements that have been made.

Why are there two wireless-IU networks in certain places on campus? Overall, I am happy. There are some problems in both Oncourse and Oncourse CL and some annoyances in OneStart but it mainly depends on how it is used. I like to open links in different tabs. Oncourse CL is slowly improving to the same level of functionality of Oncourse (original) so I'll wait and see how I like it later on.

This survey was way too long and a lot of the terms were over my head

I don't use UITS often, and don't know much about it, but I am reasonably satisfied with everything but the on start billing stuff. It makes billing confusing, and because it exists, the Financial Aide people do not help. They just tell you to look at everything online.

Far too often the techs seem more concerned with playing games or their personal whatever when you seek their assistance and most when asked do not know anything about computers then how do they acquire the position as a computer tech if you know nothing about computers. The computer lab in the IT building is too loud and people consistently and constantly use their cell phones as if there is no policy against there use.

Not at the moment.

Something needs to be done about the vulgar e-mail that are slipping past and appearing on the e-mails. I don't appreciate even having to click to remove e-mails from sex sources.

I feel that there should be more computer centers at IUPUI. There are peak times in which the computers are in use on Campus. So if possible, more computers should be installed and ready for student use on IUPUI.

The new Oncourse is not better than the original Oncourse. I can't e-mail certain people now and it is VERY inconvenient. There are many things with the new Oncourse that is either confusing or not even existing anymore. My MAJOR suggestion is to keep the Old Oncourse and do not use the new Oncourse.

I think that the 24 hour computer lab should have been expanded when the IT building was being built. I still think that it should be remodeled and enlarged. Throughout the week, between 9:30 AM and 2 PM, the computer labs are packed, especially the 24 hour lab and the BS3000 lab. I think that the 24 hour lab should be expanded to fit 15 more PCs and 5 more MACs. Also an additional black and white printer should be added. This would cut down on the congestion and frustration of using a computer during those times and especially during midterms and finals. Please take this into consideration, I have spoken to many of my classmates who feel the same way.

When I purchased a new laptop, I needed to get connected to the internet on campus. I called 274-help, and the consultant walked me through step by step. They were polite and extremely helpful. My computer skills are "emerging" and they made me feel confident and capable. It is a great service to students like me.

UITS continues to improve with each year. Along with many other students (and faculty, from what I understand), the new Oncourse CL is much more difficult to navigate. My only suggestion would be to tweak the original Oncourse with the updates UITS deems necessary. Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

Great Job, Please talk to [IRD] about student rates.

all the sights are too busy... they need to be simplified. And please stop making it so hard for people to reestablish themselves when they come back after a two year break! What a hassle.

Is there a way to charge student's technology fees based on their use of technology resources? Rather than charging everyone a huge fee?

You guys could make OneStart easier to navigate, but other than that ya'll are doing a good job. Keep it up!

The testing labs have many issues with the online testing

Hardly ever had problems with campus pc's, I don't like the new Oncourse, but I don't have any classes that use it extensively.

The Oncourse Sakai project should completely disappear, it has additional useless functions, and compared with the old Oncourse was not an improvement but a step back. Aside from that I am pretty happy with the IUTS, the wireless connectivity is great, and I just hope that they keep on adding more wireless points to allow more access.

Wireless security protocol (VPN) is extremely difficult to use considering low signal strengths. Enforcement of cell phone policy in labs is severely lacking.

Most of my time is spent in the ET building. My only real complaint is about the low signal strength for wireless internet. I have yet to find a place that I have accessed the internet wirelessly in the ET building have any strength above very low or low.

Average. Perhaps should do benchmarking with institutions such as ball state and Purdue Lafayette. behind in several areas such as pod casting, other utilizations of xml and rss, enhanced e-mail systems, wiki, blogging, instant messaging, mobile communications, videoconferencing, online meetings, biometrics, widespread use of laptops in classrooms, etc., etc., etc. THE IUCAT SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE OVERHAULED. I HAVE NOT ANY ADEQUATE GUIDANCE ON HOW TO ACCESS THIS SYSTEM REMOTELY. I WAS TOLD IT WAS 'PROBABLY' AN ISSUE WITH MY ISP BUT HAVE NOT RECEIVED RESOLUTION ON THIS ISSUE.

I do not like getting the e-mails from UITS, I never find the information helpful. I feel that if I have a question I will call. Also, I would like to opt out of taking this survey in the future as I do not use IUPUI services very often. I do appreciate the support that is offered to other students but I don't usually need help with the limited amount that I use. Thanks, [IRD]