2007 IUK IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

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This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

More evening hours would be useful - we teach in a program that is 50% or more at night. KO 281 had to wait for YEARS for the updated computer (just replaced). There are similar problems with some machines not on the 3 year replacement list. Why not able to use personal printers? Makes no sense financially (esp. as they are not a legal liability).

OnCourse needs WORK!


As an administrator, I print many confidential documents. As the networked printer and our School printer (in the secreatary area) are in the open, I try to race to the printer before the hardcopies come out of the printer. Some time, I don't get there in time and thus confidentiality is breached. It is a nuissance. Perhaps, your IT group can take a look at repealing the policy that appears to be compromising our job functions.


I find the IUK website very difficult to navigate. I have always (you may doubt the veracity of this "always," but it's true.)had to ask for assistance in finding what I need on the website. In addition, I avoid Onestart and use IUK.edu instead because I find it easier to use.


I am very pleased with the IT services here at IUK.




Connect to new high speed line! Get Bloomington to pay for it.


I would love to know how to access my files on the Data server while I'm at home.


the connection time in the classroom is so slow. especially when i want to show something from oncourse during class.


Our group is excellent. Given that I can't expect that I will never have a problem with electronic equipment in the office or the classroom, the staff is always extremely responsive to dealing with any problems that I have had.


[IRD] is incredibly helpful with the AV help. [IRD] rocks! The computer classrooms (such as KO110) really need to be updated, though - power point won't load, the mouse is extremely sticky, and the computer in there is difficult to use because someone keeps moving the document camera onto the podium. I hate that classroom!


Please find a way to block wireless access to at least some classrooms. Students will use their lap tops to surf, etc. rather than attend to class. I don't want play police officer and have to monitor this. The only alternative has been to not allow laptop use in the classroom during class.


I feel that I can not really evaluate the effectiveness of IT in my courses since I am not comfortable using computers and related equipment. I think that if I was it would be beneficial in my C209 course. Whenever I need assistance from the IT staff, they have been very helpful.


I had really problems with wireless in the classroom - no connection, but didn't contact help desk.


I would request that all the techonology classroom computers have more frequent updates on media players/flash. I cannot count the number of times that a student has used a video in powerpoint that was supported on the pc's in the library, or just one made with a recent verison of falsh, but would not work on the systems in the classrooms.


I prefer the Original Oncourse to Oncourse CL. Students inform me they do too. The support team at IU Kokomo is outstanding. They are kind, efficient, knowledgeable, and able to solve most all problems. I am very pleased and very privileged to work with such individuals.


Requests for help from all sources has always been readily available on a "walk in" basis. Thanks.

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Wireless on campus is not very consistent. Sometimes it works in some places, but mostly I don't have much success.


It would be nice to have more help and support with creating new web applications that require more than basic skills. I would like my web page to interface/interact with a database, but I do not have the knowledge to create this kind of application. Also I would like to create some new web pages that require programming. This help is not available on our campus.


I appreciate the quick response time and general helpfulness.


The IT staff (my observations) have been very helpful...and knowledgeable...when they have had to deal with me.... Good staff....


The only concern I have had is with trying to get my own web site up and running and making changes to it. We have experienced a lot of problems, and I am still not satisfied with its appearance.


If we are saying that the entire campus is equipped for wireless connections, then the ENTIRE campus needs to be equipped for wireless connections. I would also appreciate if IT would support laptops.


It would be nice if computer assistance is available the same hours that the library is open.


none at this time.


I know that in the near future more areas will have the wireless connections made available.


IT service staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt. Sometimes our computer connections are very slow, causing some lost time in waiting for information to appear on our desktops.


I have received excellent service from IT. Staff is always friendly and eager to help. I never have to wait long for anything. IT does an awesome job. Keep up the good work!


Thank you.


No thank you.


Eveyone within IT has been very helpful and reliable with any IT question or concern.




When IT people are unavailable because of meetings, etc, it is difficult to get help.

Forwarding to BL does not work.


Thank you...


Working with [IRD] and [IRD] are most helpful in the lab If students had access to the IUK web site away from campus, I think this would be most helpful for students to communicate with staff. Everyone can not aford the internet at the price it is per month.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Some how allow us access to find out how many pages we have left for printing. Instead of having to have an IT person tell us. Need more wireless access points in the main building.


I wish you would make access to wireless internet available for PDAs. It would really help me out a lot since I go to work full time and go to school full time. I need to be able to stay in touch.


It is sometimes difficult to receive wireless service upstairs in the library.


Wifi in the library is poor, other than that your services are acceptable.


The library is not open long enough on the weekend. The library is the only place to access computers at IUK on the weekend. I like the faster speed on campus, but hours are too limited on the study-intensive weekends. An extra scanner on campus would be helpful. A way for students to self-monitor their printing quota would be nice. As it is, an email is required to the IUK helpdesk.


I would like to be able to connect into the wireless network from my car/parking areas.


The technology here on campus is great.




It took awhile to connect to the internet for my professors in our classrooms.


I would like to see the entire campus wireless.


I just purchased my own notebook, but have not taken it to class. Being somewhat tech. challenged, I have never had to serch for a wireless connection, other than what I use at home, which is from router on my desktop. I want to start using my laptop for note taking in lectures, b/c I cannot write fast enough to keep up (I can type fast). I've hesitated b/c I haven't had time to look into how to change my wireless network setting from home to IUK


I have had difficulties accessing power points & assignments on the Origional Oncouse. I contacted the help desk via the web. I was told to delete cookies. It actually worked for about a week. And I still keep my cookies cleared out. So for the past year (at least) I have been limited to accessing some of my courses exclusively at school. I still receive the "forbidden access" on Old Oncourse. I think the New Oncourse is GREAT!, no problems at all accessing studies.

There are only a few things that I dislike about Oncourse. I don't like that everytime you click on almost anything, it opens a new page. It should be that a new page is not opened unless you select to do so. Another issue is differences between the "grades" page on the new Oncourse. The old one was much more thorough and informative. The ability to send email and personal messages on the new Oncourse has been greatly improved and is now on a par with the old one. Thanks for listening and thanks for always giving friendly service. [IRD]


Need more computers and printers. I can never find a computer when I need one. Also, printers are needed if more computers are installed. There are many places with computers, but there are also classes in those rooms when I need them. If I can get on a computer, then I have problems printing, so I just give up.


I really like spending time in the library. I feel that there are plenty of computers around as well as staff to assist when necessary....thank you.


computers are slow


Every computer at IUK is way to slow! I understand this is a large network, but I attended Purdue prior to attending IUK and the service was much faster. The new oncourse and the old oncourse are user friendly, but a few things the students and myself like about each that are not avaialable on the other are: In the original oncourse you can see "grade stats" showing you how your grade is in comparison with the rest of the class. In the new oncourse: I can arrange the resources section (where most teachers put powerpoint notes) in ascending dates, so I can always see the newest one's first with the date it was uploaded/updated. Hope this helps! :)


not at this time


The new oncourse is okay, but the gradebook in the old one was better.


The printer in the science building is always messed up and no one can seem to fix that problem and well I have called the "help" desk they are no help at all and never send anyone over they just say turn it off and wait 5 seconds and turn in back on (that does not help)


Trying to figure out the IUK calendar is very hard from the website. It needs to be more accessable.


I am a distance education student. The only thing I do online is register and check my email every once in a while which always works great. My classes are held at an off-campus site and our hosting college is not very supportive of our using their tech. I've never had an instance that I needed IT.


I did not join IUK for the tecnical capacity. However, when I started in 2001 compared to now there have been many changes, updates and new support people. I really enjoy the services that are available.


I wish there were more computer kiosks available instead of having to go to computer classrooms. The two computers on 1st floor of the main building are so slow.


Yes, I am an older student, and I thank those who had an input in keeping the "original oncourse" available to those of us who do not want to learn newer and newer tech. computer stuff. I do not use the computer for pleasure, so when I need to find something or get something, I want it fast and familiar. I have used the iuk web for reg. for class, paying my bill and checking messages from instructors. Again thank you all for the work you do to try and make us all computer savy.


This was the first on line course that I have taken. I feel that overall it has been a learning experience and with that being said I look forward attending more classes.


I believe IT does a pretty good job. Sometimes it does take a while for them to get to you but I aslo know they have a lot of computers on campus to take care. We just usually sit and try to be patient.


I would like to be able to have a better wireless connection at more locations on campus. For example, unless it has changed recently, I was unable to log-in in study rooms in Hunt Hall. That would be very beneficial. Otherwise, I think the technology services at IUK are excellent!


I was scheduled to do a powerpoint presetation for a class. To make my powerpoint, I used Microsoft Office 2007, which I downloaded from the IU Ware site. However, when I went to give my presentation, I was unable to open my file because the new version of power point was not installed on the computer. This was very frustrating to me because I had spent a long time on the presenation, and was unable to give it. I think if the newest version of Microsoft Office is available for students to download, it should be on the computers around the school as well.


My main problem is that I was able to download Microsoft Office 2007 off the iuware website and that is what I used to put together a project. When I went to class to show it I was unable to because it was not on the classroom computer. So here I was with software I got from an iu based service and could not use it during my iu class.


1. The passphrase requirement of 15 characters seems like overkill. 2. Once logged into OneStart it would be great NOT to have to log in again to go into email. 3. While searching for the 2007 IUK fall class schedule last evening, I found it to be annoying. The search revealed nearly 100 hits and none of them was the 2007 fall class schedule.


I appreciate the opportunity to learn in an environment that offers computer access to its students. The larger screens are nice and the ability to use an easily accessible USB port is a bonus. I have dial-up at home and it takes forever to download any information. Highspeed is not an option at home. Staff provided a heads up and advised me to buy a USB prior to the installation of the newer computers. Staff has always been very professional and attentive when needing help. My only critique is with the new Oncourse. I don't find it as user-friendly as the original one, but that could be due to my personal preference. Thank you.


The majority of professors have been very helpful in regard to using the computers and OnCourse. Patience and understanding is a must for all when working with new technology.

I have been very impressed with the wireless system on campus. It saves so much time. The overall improvements are phenomenal. UITS has been keeping the computers upgraded and maintaining high speed and quick access which are very useful and again provides a huge time savings while doing assignments. I feel IU Kokomo is doing everything possible to provide its students with a mondern technology environment that meets the needs of our community. One thing I have found are glitches with the printers in the library on Saturday and Sunday and no one at the help desk to answer questions for lap top assistance. Other than that I have been very satisfied with the services provided by UITS. Keep up the excellent work! Computers are the lifeblood of your students,their assignments and the future.

I have heard that [IRD] will be teaching a Digital Art class in the fall, and I really hope that IT can provide appropriate technology for this class. I would strongly support the use of Apple computers for this task; having used one at home for years, I feel Apple produces computers that are uniquely suited for multimedia and "digital lifestyle" tasks, such as manipulation of sounds, pictures, and images. When I have used the Dell computers on campus for such tasks, they sometimes have delays in processing large images or audio/video files. Also, while I understand Wi-Fi expansion is an ongoing process at IU Kokomo, I would be interested in additional wireless coverage on the second floor of the Kelley Center , in the non-Purdue area. I intend to purchase a laptop soon, and additional wireless coverage would greatly increase its utility.




[IRD] is a hardass.


Would like to have access to Photoshop Pro.


The only thing that is difficult about the office software is that it's not compatible with what I have at home. Also I could never figure out why wireless has not yet worked well on my HP labtop. Other than that they do an awesome job making sure that there are enough computers for all students and that there is a time to use them and be assisted online and offline


We need to work on making it more reliable.


1. Oncourse forums suck, period. Yes both oncourses. I know this isn't Kokomo 's fault, but I though i'd let you know. Go to any reputable webform, most likely one run by PHPbb or another popular php based webform. Check those out.... That's how a class forum should be. 2. The IU Kokomo website is EXTREMELY hard to navigate. The basic academic calendar (with key dates like spring break, etc.) is in an entirely different place than the edited event calendar. I'd happily do usability testing for you to provide end user feedback. My email is [IRD]. 2.1 The website could just use some simple navigation help. And like the other day I was trying to figure out how to access the wireless internet. The IT link just gave me contact information for the help desk. It took me 20 minutes to figure out that I had to go to the IU knowledgebase thing. Wouldn't it just be simple to post the instructions on the IUK website? 3. Wireless internet is super on campus! Keep expanding it when time and money allow. I'm sure you guys have mulled over this a ton, but a print server that could be wirelessly accessed from notebooks would be phenomenal. I do all my work on my laptop and it always takes a buttload of time to print something. I have to transfer it to my flash drive, find an open pc with a printer somewhere, wait for the pc to do it's long network boot, and then wait for word to "install", and then open the document and print it. So yeah, wireless printing would be amazing. Welp, that's all i can think of for now. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


We need more wireless internet access available around the Student Activities Office area.


Install more computers in the main building for student access.


Overall, I'm very satisfied with the IT services at IU Kokomo; however, as I've indicated in my survey reponses, I'm unhappy with the wireless network connections in most of the buildings. There are only a few places around campus where you can get a truely "good" connection, worthly of browsing.


There is [IRD] who is the most unhelpful person i have ever met,i am sure alot of people will echo the same message. On this occasion i will not mention [IRD] name


would like to know how to access wireless on campus.


last semister in room ko179 some of the computers wouldnt read our external drives, it may have been operator error but the problem existed on more than one computer.at times it created problems for both students and instructor. this semister im using MML, without it i gaurantee some of the students wouldnt be keeping up as well,it is priceless for those of us who have been out of school for a long time. dont ever quit this!


make Microsoft office 2007 download available after the schools computers have switched to it.