2007 UITS IUPUI User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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The online library access is just wonderful!! I know it is very expensive, but the more the journals and the greater the number of years available the better.


Help on phone is great! Supportive, patient, caring.


Further explanation of the new voice mail system would be useful. It was kind of sprung on us and I still do not have use of it. I do not really understand what the change was about and why it occurred.


Macintosh computer systems are not adequately supported at the University.


Storage capacity of the IUPUI email system is very limited for faculty. The university should be able to support larger storage capacities.


I have continued to use Oncourse Original because the functionalities were not present in CL. Original should not be shut down until CL has at least all the functionality of Original. And I do understand that Original is based on an older system that had to be replaced.


No comments.


I am very disappointed that UITS no longer makes portable document cameras available for classrooms that do not have them. This was not announced (that I am aware); I only became aware of it when I tried to order one last fall. The recommendation to use an overhead projector is rediculous; UITS is having us take a step backwards. I use document cams to zoom in on specific items in text books and other publications, as well as to zoom in and project physical items. This cannot be done with an overhead projector. This decision needs to be reversed.


I am particularly unhappy with the support for inclass technology use. If something goes wrong, one must call the help line and then wait, sometimes for extended periods, first to report the problem and then for the attendant to call someone else and then for that person to show up. This is an extraordinary poor way to support instructors. I also don't think that help line staff should automatically call professors by their first names. Overall, the services that we receive from UITS do not take into consideration our actual needs and desires; often changes are implemented without consulting faculty and/or staff at all. Our units are "taxed" a lot of money for UITS services, while they are neither efficient nor helpful. If this were a true competitive economy, we would not be using UITS but would be seeking a better and more responsive service.


ONcourse CL has been problematic. Old Oncourse is a much better product.


Make Oncourse CL more consistant from screen to screen. Specifically, when a student makes a picture in his/her profile available, some place the student must say Public View other place say site view. It seems that "site view" could always make things visible to the class membership.


faculty need codes for all the computer classrooms in the nursing building. we do a lot with mtgs in multiple rooms, one time only rooms etc and my code does not work except in my regularly scheduled classes. thanks for all you do.


my school (ET) has what I think are there own not UITS classrooms and research computer support, so when answering your questions I sometimes wastn't sure if I was on UITS or CNC computers/service. But I will say over the last year I have valued UITS services more than CNC, perhaps because I use Oncourse CL and the knowledge base so much. We have nice new computer labs now but I thought they not part of UITS.

Need more training and input into Oncourse and continual changes


the dumping of email into our junk mail folders without allowing for any additional storage space is infuriating


It would be most helpful if Oncourse could be more user-friendly and that faculty could have input into development of Oncourse.


Survey is far, far too long. Too many engineer-type terms, abbreviations etc.


It would be nice to have a larger webmail box, say 500MB instead of 100MB.


In this time of cheap memory, email account memory size should grow. Emails with attachments can't be organized and saved without running out of memory. The form to fill out the request for the Crestron units asks way tooooo many questions. A name and class section number should be adequate.


I have a Apple computer in my campus office and receive absolutely no support. This is a chronic source of frustration. In addition, I do not have any Clarian/Cerner access from this computer which means I cannot perform any patient care related activities in my office. Finally, electronic based retrieval of medical library resources has become pathetic - I am not able to access numerous journals that I used to be able to access. This inability compromises patient care, teaching, and research endeavors.


I am employed through the school of social work at IUPUI but teach full time in Bloomington so therefore I could not evaluate many of the services.


Folks have been very helpful when I ahve called in. Only real complaint is that VPN seems to be unstable. sometimes works sometimes does not.


I think that when there is a new academic year that the library ought to have some sort of introductory services lecture for the faculty available (I presume that his is done for the students) so that once or twice a year that the new faculty are informed of how to use the library and a 1 hour lecture is offered perhaps in a auditorium so that new people can figure out how to acess this great library of ours.


It seems to me that services on campus are far behind the curve of what is available in other parts of the country. Most services are so por that I find other ways of meeting needs


I dislike the voice mail converted to exchange. I cannot access it at home because I only have iupui dial up modem.


My biggest complaint over the last 1 1/2 years is not receiving my computer equipment at the beginning of class; forcing me to leave class to problem solve, then either rescheduling topics, extending class or cutting material out. Very frustrating.


I am IU faculty housed in the new Clarian lab building. I miss the IU wireless that I had access to when I was in the Med. Sci building. For some reason Clarian will not let IU faculty have access to IU wireless in their building. This does have a negative impact on teaching and research.


UITS has been one of the most wasteful elements at IU, providing services faculty and staff don't need, renewing computers before they are outmoded, and paying outrageous salaries to too many staff. Myles Brand is responsible for this waste.

This was difficult to answer because in the past we were informed that Oncourse was NOT part of the UITS, but now it seems that it is. I am very satisfied with all parts of the technology services BUT the new Oncourse. I love the new telephone messaging system that alerts you via email. I am now able to answer phone messages promptly. However, the new Oncourse is dreadful. Clearly, the designers never thought to have a group of students or faculty members try things before it was dumped on us. After reading about the new components on oncourse,(primarily the ability to add comments as well as a grade--evidence that those who designed this do not teach--imagine giving a student a grade but no feedback on what he/she did wrong)--I tried it again this semester. Unfortunately, I just learned that when students send completed work from oncourse and I receive notice of this on my email account (a good thing), this does not mean that the work is available on the oncourse site. Since, the only redeaming value of Oncourse is that it keeps a record of what students and faculty have sent and received (without cluttering your personal mailbox),why on earth would the designers of oncourse have a way that students can send things from oncourse, and you have to go on to oncourse to reply, yet there is no record of what was sent? I am not able to figure out if this occurs when sent as a private message or email messages since both appear on my account when I have tried this. Unfortunately, it is now to late to switch. However, I have learned my lesson. Last semester I did everything via email and it worked like a charm. From now on, I will only use oncourse for turning in final grades. [IRD]




I'm very new here, but satisfied so far.


It would be helpful in my former role as student and current role as faculty to have additional information about the IT capabilities and resources at IUPUI.


OnCourse CL is still clunky and SDIS though a pwerful tool does not (easily) meet its potential. As a faculty member I often feel like the UITS folks do not care for my input (for example it took a major revolt to get the attention of the CL designers to fix things like e-mail, grade books etc. and there are still problems with the system) Informational technology should be designed to enhance learning not impeed it. Likewise, though I recognize this is a PeopleSoft issue navigating SIS remains a major hurdle for most faculty who simply can not wrap their heads around plan stacks, programs and careers, or semester/term dates taht only make sense to a savant. Finally, I am very disappointed taht more studetn computer clusters are not available; It seems that nearly every building I enter at IUB has such operations, yet our students are now limited to BS and IT. If I were a studetn I would pitch a fit about how my (ample) tech fees are being used.


Oncourse CL is a sink of money with very little beneficial return. How much more is going to be put into software that has yet to reach the levels of the software it was designed to replace after years and so much money being spent. The SIS system is horrible and another example that someone is making choices with the university's technology that has no idea what the everyday user is dealing with.


Servers such as Champion and Veritas could be a bit more user-friendly. For example, having to put '#!/usr/local/bin/php' at the beginning of PHP scripts is inconvenient and also makes some scripting packages non-functional due to the way multiple scripts interact with each other.


The major problem on a daily basis is the numerous passwords and usernames that we have to utilize. It would be much easier if we could use the same password and username for all systems. It would also be a HUGE improvement if we could reuse some of our past usernames/passwords.

This survey has taken longer than I expected (and had scheduled time), so my comment has to be brief: in my view there is a serious problem with communication in regard to UITS. It extends to why technology decisions are made; who makes them; and how they are implemented. UITS is a SERVICE part of the university but it seems that that rationale and focus often gets lost. From my perspective, administrators and faculty are expected to adjust to procedures, policies, rules, etc. set by UITS rather than UITS serving the needs (which should be legitimate and reasonable, of course)of the university community on all campuses


I know my report must look very skewed, but I am neither a student nor a prof -- I'm a practicing physician and teacher of pediatric anesthesia, work in Riley, so work with a hybrid Clarian/University system. We have the feeling of being "out in the cold", no contact with anyone in UTIS. Webmail and medical information searches comprise most of my web activity. Resident eval online in our department works very well, too. Also, I'm an "older" guy (60) so maybe not as computer savvy as some colleagues, though they have the same problems as I do -- can't access our own financial/payroll/retirement account data, for instance.


A direct separate line different from 4-help is greatly needed. Faculty do not have time to wait on hold and listen to music if they have an urgent need in the classroom. Also, going through the user ID routine, etc just to get a zone person paged seems a little silly. Lecture room computers need to be updated. More verstility needs to be provided for lighting. In some room lighting directly interferes with the projector - ie. they should be on independent lighting from the rooms.


Need better LAN connection than 10mbps.

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My main job is to transcribe. Many of these services have not been utilized by me.


THe new voice mail system is very difficult to use -- too many steps and options. I like listening to messages on my PC instead of diallign in,but the process toc hange my message is way too cumbersome to use frequently.



Upgrade FIS Wireless doesn't always work around campus, many deadzones

OnCourse-hard to evaluate as it a constant work in progress and needs additional usability features and improved stability; listserv-even though ranked low, all software packages that provide these services have similar problems and the services from that group are great; Walkin and chat consulting-mixed bag depending on who you happen to talk with and think this is more a function of experience as when dealing with the same persons at later dates they have improved significantly; the KB has great info and works well but the data within it doesn't seem to be getting updated or there are references to pages from UITS staff that people who are outside of UITS down't have access - maybe having a tickler back to the person/role who wrote it every year at the latest to update it would help and some sort of classification system so that UITS staff doesn't refer these pages to individuals outside of UITS; Software aquisition from Dell for the Microsoft contract needs great improvement-difficult dealing with them and their punchout and order placement/tracking seems to fall out during the process; Education and LSP need to offer classes more often and regularly; AVIDD- Analysis needs to be performed on who will be impacted (specifically researchers) prior to retirement and what effects it would have on those people especially when they have grants that are in the middle of being completed--providing them no way to complete their work puts them in a really bad situation even if this were unintentional; The purchasing process still needs improvements specifically with reconcilling purchases on blanket POs and after sale work-EPIC has been a great improvement but still think this can be improved more to prevent loss to the University; IU Search-the search works but it provides a lot of irrelavant pages when searching-you are better to search on Google's direct page over IU Search; Wireless-coverage is spotty and depends on the floor and location on a floor-signal strength varies foot by foot and there are several holes in many buildings; Unified Messaging has improved the problems with the previous voicemail and has been a great improvement.


Add a general IUPUI home page link to each department's home page, including Webmail,Oncourse, Exchange, and One Start. Higher professionalism is definitely needed within some of the computing centers!


I work here for the Univesity in IT and I must say that the overall support is great. The Unix Systems Support Group are by far, the most helpful customer support team I've ever dealt with. Kudos!


Please improve the phone equipment we are provided with to include phones with caller Id. Please attempt to take less time to satisfy equipment issues.


Overall, services are meet the demand.


Too many systems. Unable to remember passwords maybe you need internal password softward, I know our faculty get extremly frustrated with all the passwords for so many systems for the Dean's office, external groups, IT, Clarian, etc. Haven't switched to passphrase because it was reported to me that not all of the systems have switched to the passphrase and once you switch, they are unaware of how to change the other passwords, plus pass phrase is just another password to remember.... After my divorce, it was extremly hard to get my name and information switched over to my maiden name. I still have files with my old user name. Plus no one told me that all email going to my old address would not transfer to the new address after 30 days or so and people could not find me. I think there should be a longer grace period for the change over. Most of the people who did not know were not folks I work with on a regular basis. Service is effecient and friendly and I get quick reply's but the systems have gotten SO complicated and there are SO many websites and red tape with SO many passwords, I think people become easily discouraged.


Other than the overall Oncourse CL movement, I think UITS is doing a great job dealing with numerous and complicated services. The course management system transfer to a new environment decision setback UITS in terms of faculty views and trust. However I think that in time, that will be repaired and hopefully it will be business as usual again.

I wish you could "log" problems, and then check the status of your help request, rather than waiting in limbo for a response.


The federal government is converting to Grants.gov for electronic submission of proposals. I work in an area that submits millions of dollars worth of proposals to the federal government each year but there are no systems currently in place at IU to support development of the Grants.gov budgets. The ERA budget module is unsatisfactory on many levels and we've been told that all work on ERA has been halted anyway so that the developers can focus on Kuali. Unfortunately, the Kuali research modules will not be available for at least a year and a half.


I deal with UITS infrequently, but my experiences when I do have always been positive. I like the new UMS voice mail system. It has some flaws for offices with a main line (not an individual's phone) as far as options. It is important that consider new options like "XXXX Department IS CLOSED" so that we don't have to change the message every day (or at least when its a holiday). No real complaints....great service.




The Telecom services are great and the people work hard over there. It does seem that sometimes they're overwhelmed; it's been an understanding in the 10 years I've been here that unless it is an emergency, departments should plan for a 2 week lead time on telecom requests. On the personnel side, our phone rep has been wonderful to work with over the years, as have the other telecom staff that I've worked with.


The telephone service is less than can be desired and the customer support is even worse.


Our departmental technical support people are wonderful and I utilize them first and if need be, they will contact IUTS on my behalf. Because of the nature of my job, I rarely use the IUTS services here at IUPUI.


I have always gotten quick response from the IT staff when I request help and they have always fixed the prolem. Thank you


Oncourse CL has a LONG way to go to be the same as the Original Oncourse. It is so slow to bring up information when a link is clicked. I do like the feature though, that allows one to export a file to Excel with ease.


keep up the good work.


Until I attempted to "Save & Exit" and received an error message, overall IT services was getting a fairly high ranking from me. Fortunately, when I returned I had not lost any of my data as a result of the error!


Within my first week of staring my new job, I knew the name of our departmental IT support person. Anytime I've had to access the helpline, operators, etc., I've been very impressed with the efficiency and knowledge of those assisting me.


I have noticed an improvement within the last 6-8 months in IT services. My calls are returned and the customer service is more helpfull and friendly. It's hard to get through sometimes, but that is understandable considering the size of the campus.


No. I feel that the technology services are proficiently provided.

I did not have alot to say. If I have problems I call [IRD] and I think he is one of our Department hires. He helps out with any of my computer questions. Even though I am an IU employee, I believe I am on Clarian's network. [IRD] is wonderful and pretty much any of us who work with her thinks she is fantastic!


I am in administrative support. I am a keyboarder. I find it fustrating, time-consuming, ridiculous that you are unable to change and save the settings you prefer of the computer on your desk. To be forced to constantly re-do your tool-bar settings every day or be forced to use your mouse for repeated searching of drop-down boxes in order to format, edit to complete word, excel assignments - uck! It makes me furious. I'm not the only one. I have had conversations with other admin & faculty that are as fustrated as I am over not being able to utilize all of the GREAT FEATURES that computers have given us because IT has some stupid policy. It took two visits and going through 3 TIMES with [IRD] (IT was on my computer at the other end at the sametime I was on at my end) over the phone just to get my word tool bar set up with how I use my keyboard. At the time, I did not think to set my folders view preferenc and my excel tool bars. Funny how my home computer if more user friendly than my work station that I spend approx. 6 hours a day on.


Ugg...change the email system. The current system is only a marginal improvement over pine.




In the Law Clinic we would more one on one training. Thanks




I think UITS has continued to do an outstanding job in providing cutting edge technology services and support to students, faculty, and staff across campus. I especially love the e-newsletters!


They take forever to install network jacks then they aren't activated when it's done. That's just plain stupid. When the network jacks are installed they should be ready to use.


It is very, very difficult for me to believe that out of "all the staff" I was chosen randomly for the second time. Let me say this: I enjoy my job because I like working with students. Please understand, God knows what I'm good at doing. After all I've been thru medically, He--God-- is in control of my life. If you have questions about my answers to any of your questions, I'll gladly meet with you.

When you make a change that will affect how we need to do things, tell us ahead of time. Example: In the past, I used the "send later" feature for e-mail. So, one day I set it up just like before and left for vacation trusting that the e-mail would go out. It didn't go out, so I asked why. I was told that there had been a change and now I had to leave my computer "up" instead of shutting it down like I used to if I wanted a "send later" message to go out. So, my customers got bad service, not because of any negligence on my part, but because I had not been informed of the change and what I now needed to do as a result of the change. These notifications would also need to be in plain language that a non-IT person could understand. One of the big advantages to OneStart was supposed to be that once you put in your username and password, you didn't need to put it in again and again, but that has not been the reality, so I don't use it as much as I thought I would. Also, there was a committee formed to give input from regular people about how to set up OneStart. We had a couple of meetings and were supposed to have more to continue the discussion, but all of a sudden, no more meetings and no more chances for input. It doesn't appear that a lot of the suggestions made by that group were implemented, so I feel like my time and the time of others in the group was wasted. The information piece that was provided recently about the change in voice mail was not clear and not comprehensive enough to be helpful. Our tech person got a barrage of questions at our staff meeting but was not able to answer most of them, so apparently the tech people were not well trained on this implementation either. Before sending out a communication, test it on a few non-IT types to see if they can read it and then tell you exactly what they are supposed to do and how they would know which option to choose.


At times, I feel like the web pages are too densely packed with information. As a result, I spend a lot of time scanning pages trying to locate information. How much input to designers have with the layout of the pages? The community might be able to navigate more efficiently if the layout was more user friendly. Keep in mind, I do not know how much money or time would be required to facilitate the design process. My concerns could be too cost prohibitive.


We need additional open computer labs for students (e.g., in Cavanaugh Hall, in new Campus Center ). It is my opinion that students should have a certain allotment of free "black and white" printing pages per each enrolled semester.


Increase Exchange inbox quota to at least 1GB. Keeping it under 100MB requires constant vigilance and is an unrealistic expectation i this day and age. Improve discussion forum functionality in Oncourse CL. The current tool is in the dark ages when compared to commercial and open source discussion boards. Add search capabilities to every tool in CL, but especially message center, resources, announcements, assignments, and calendar.


Overall the systems could be streamlined and efficient. However the greatest difficult I have experienced is with communication and level of understanding by the staff members themselves. It is difficult to find the person who has the ability to respond and the authority to "fix" the problem. Thank you for listening.


Continued improvement for speed on the network, many days it is very slow.


We continue to struggle with VPN issues - should we use ipsec.iupui.edu or vpn.iupui.edu, even sometimes pptp.iupui.edu? This needs to be resolved QUICKLY.


Overall I am quite pleased with the service I receive. Sometimes I am moderately confused by trying to join or retain list services. I am disappointed that Windows Vista will not be available for our home use until May? I'm not sure why that is, but that is what I was told. Perhaps you have no control over that.

We are in Speedway . The sevicemen they send out, do not know any of the phone features. We have had numerous times that our phones have static and the our conversations come in and out. We had a tower installed and still have issues. When we had the new Nortel Networks phone installed, we had/have to keep calling [IRD] because he is the only one that knows the phone features. Without him, we would be lost. With the new VM, its takes to long to get to your messages. You enter your passcode and then hear the announcement of your status, your name, etc. And you cannot skip the annoucment to go right into your new messages. It is a nice feature to have acess thru email for your VM messages. Also, its nice to have send an email to commreg. That way we know our problem has been rec'd.

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Please make setting up email accounts on programs such as Outlook easier, espcially with regard to how to avoid getting emails sent to non-IU addresses quarantined when sending from home. An online tutorial would help.

Oncourse is a very frustrating service. It is slow, the menus are not user friendly, and the technology does not seem to work very often. I am currently taking my first online class solely through Oncourse and it is the worst experience that I have ever had at IUPUI. The course is organized well, but Oncourse regularly does not post my papers, comments, and other work. I get more error messages than is practical from any computer application. I have used Oncourse for years and the new "CL" is simply the worst computing experience. The entire structure needs to be scrapped. I do really like the IUware online and use the downloads frequently for useful software. The computer deals though are not very good and I can usually get a better deal in person than through the universtity discount. My only complaint is that not all software is downloadable and SPSS is frustrating because I have to pay for new software twice a year because it shuts down every six months. This has become quite expensive. It would also be an interesting improvement if we could somehow buy e-texts instead of the paper version. I also appreciate having the opportunity to take this survey. Thank You.


Creating my email account was the biggest problem. At first I was unable to sign in through webmail.iu.edu. After emailing someone (I don't remember who), I was able to change my account to one capable of accessing webmail.iu.edu, but now I can no longer access my email through onestart. Due to the frustration of trying to fix my first problem and then having that create a similar problem has led me to become disillusioned with email accounts services system. Other than that, the services that I have used have worked as I have needed them to.


I think there should be now charge for printing as it was when I first came to this campus 6 years ago. Everything else is great, I have no other complaints.


if UITS has anything to do with the printers in the labs ...on behalf of the students, let me say that we are outraged to have to pay for anything printed. it's a huge hassle, way to expensive, and we pay waaaay too much technology fees, etc. to the university to have to pay for printing. the lab use has gone down a lot since we started having to pay. if i weren't almost done with my student career here at the university, i would definitely reconsider transferring to a university where you can print for free. law students especially have to do A LOT OF PRINTING. For cases, research, etc. that's one thing that needs to change. hopefully before my son is looking for a college...


the wireless connection in the dental school is unpredictable and often difficult to access or receive signaling. this affects me directly in my school and clinical work.


I would like to comment on the webmail feature. Because it is required to login to onestart and then again to view mail it is a cumbersome process! It would be better if you could make it only one login! Like once you login to the onestart you should be able to view your mail straight away.




Wireless networking has gotten much better. Computer repair and help/ response time is very quick.


wireless coverage is terrible especially in SL and campus housing

My main issue with computing on campus is that the wireless internet within the Law School is extremely unreliable. This entire semester I have not been able to connect to the wireless system (except for in the Library). This truly hinders my educational experience because due to the advantage of being able to have wireless in the classroom, many professors will direct us to certain case law/other resouces that are online and that we should access during class. I was lucky enough to go to an undergraduate university whose campus was wireless, and it really makes a big difference by enhancing the educational experience. Reliable wireless internet is really a necessary in this day and age, and I hope that this problem can be solved. Other than that, I really think that all of the IT employees at the law school are EXTREMELY helpful and friendly. I have never had a bad encounter. They do a great job, especially around the hectic exam times when students tend to bombard them with millions of questions.


Improve wireless access in the classrooms. Thanks.


I really believe that IUPUI is ahead of IUB in the support realm. I do enjoy all that I have to do on campus and the availability is such that it makes sense. I am hoping that the same planning and care go into the new student center. More workstations (like the ones in Cavanaugh Hall) to sit at and get work done while on campus would be helpful, as well as a few color printers.


Overall, it is an excellent service. I have made several calls to the help line for assistance and received the help I needed.


Cost of printing is too expensive. Please consider revisiting the policy.


Secure Exam software is BAD! It is too unstable to use during exams!


After graduating from Purdue with little to no help with technology (which was intentional due to budget cuts/countless excuses), it was refreshing to come to IUPUI where people were friendly and genuinely helped answer IT questions. Thanks!



1. Junk e-mail: I followed recommendations for junk to go into a separate folder for my math.iupui.edu account (I use Outlook Express because that is what I use at home.). Since then the amount of junk mail has doubled. 2. The people who are in the computer support office for the math department which is adjacent to the seminar room, LD 265, make loud and disruptive sounds in the evening during class and seminars in that room. Last night it was especially loud and obnoxious. Luckily for the noisemakers, at the same time I and another individual were on our way out of LD 265 to confront these people, they had just left the office and were walking down the hall. LD 265 is not a soundproof room and outside noise while trying to concentrate on difficult and deep material is a real problem. Another individual told me that noise was also a problem during the day but I cannot attest to that. 3. When I access arXiv.org, which is a preprint research server out of Cornell or Los Alamos , I frequently get a toolbar that says I cannot download a paper. Well, I ignore the warning and download it anyway. Why would you restrict PDF downloads of research material from such a site? 4. The new library search engine is AWFUL. First there are no call numbers when one asks for the long records of marked items. This makes that part of the search almost worthless. Second, frequently I search, receive a negative answer and then run essentially the same search and get an answer. For example, one asks for a book by jabberwocky, k - no such author. Then try “jabberwocky,” click on it and find the author as “k jabberwocky,” or v. v. The same thing happens with titles. As another “made up example,” ask for “Mathematical Quantum Field Theory” as a TITLE and get a list of 22 books with the book of that exact title not listed first! Also, frequently, I cannot connect from home. Once I received help from a librarian who told me some aspect of the system had changed on January 24 so I followed her advice and it worked. Note: I do not recall ever receiving notification of such a change. Subsequently when I try to connect from home, I get a message telling me to change my password or get help. But it only happens most of the time. 5. The new passphrase is a real pain. Do I really need to use the seventeen characters I have chosen (17 because it makes a passphrase I can remember) with interspersed letters and numbers for security. Was the previous ten characters insufficient to protect the system? Given twenty six letters of the alphabet and ten numbers do you realize the number of possibilities? P.S. I would have responded sooner but my inbox at home got wiped out. I recall that completing a survey would entitle one to items, or an item, in the bookstore. Would you please send me a list of those items that are available? Thank you and thank you for seeking input from users.


I am a medical student at the IUSM-Lafayette campus, so I use Purdue services more than IUPUI/IU. The only 2 services I am familiar with from IUPUI/IU are webmail (which is better than Purdue's webmail but only slightly) and the online medical library, which is sometimes hard to use. Thus, overall, my rankings on this survey are largely not useful since I have not been exposed to the vast majority of the services provided by IUPUI/IU.


I wish there was a way to bypass the wireless VPN connection, always have to reconnect each time I close my laptop. I do understand the security constraints, but still would like to see a work around where I can just 'get on' the network immediately. Thx.


Overall I am pleased with technology services on campus. I would like to see flyers posted around campus stating the location of 24-hour labs.


the wireless connection always reconnected during some time, I do not know the reason.


Please make every bit of information, about what one can do with UITS services( in all streams) available in one page so that new admit students can explore all possible utilisations of such a remarkable development. hats off to UITS


Great job with one exception. Please include the names of the classes on the new Oncourse pages! How am I supposed to remember 10 6 digit phrases?


offer free printing services

Onestart is still supremely difficult to use and very time consuming to navigate.


I would need more storage for my mail box.


The new OnCourse is horrible! The old system was much easier to use and allowed students to see other comments posted rather than having to open all the different sites and hunt for them. It frequently freezes and take forever to load and it frequently loses messages that I post. It acts like it's posting but the message never appears on the site. Go back to the old system!


bring back free printing service. you charge us enough money that you can at least give us paper and ink for free. What else does our technology fee do if not allow us to print a paper without having to walk across campus and put money on a useless card.


Excellent service provided so far but there is always scope for improvement in computers


I don't like the new IUCAT.


We need more labs and available workstations on campus.


I would like to see improvements in the wireless availability throughout buildings. I am a law student at IU-Indy and in several classrooms the ability to access the wireless network may vary from seat to seat. Although almost every seat has a hard connection, the ease of using the wireless network is a great plus. I would also like one version of Oncourse. Enough is enough. I gave the Onestart calender a low score because it could be a tremendous asset if I knew how to use it. It would make sense to me that each individual's calender would automatically include the individual's class schedule.


Many students have wondered if there could be a general "my grade" access which includes a compilation of all grades in the courses. It becomes time consuming to navigate through all the classes we have and search for new grades that have been posted.


most of my ratings of 3 for overall satisfaction are because i cannot get over how much we are charged as students for these services. we seem overcharged for the services.


The original Oncourse is easier to use than Oncourse CL. My usage of your services is generally restricted to registering for classes and tracking my bursar account with OneStart, and accessing class resources and taking online quizzes with Oncourse. The e-mail provisions with Oncourse are a pain to someone used to Outlook or a similar product.


The IU UITS provides a rock solid computing experience with help every step of the way.


various times unable to access wireless connection or it drops signal at very inopportune times. Don't always have network cable so inconvenient.


Please continue to work on making services mac compatible. Please work on providing more wireless connection points across campus. Please advocate continuing Up To Date subscription.


The New Oncourse is terrible in terms of uploading personal files and management of group spaces. New oncourse is not very user friendly to non-IT folks!


I like to work early in the morning and the system is often down for system check at this time. If checks could be completed by 4am, then I could accomplish more in the morning.


It is hard to say what can be improved when I do not know other systems or styles. This works, not always easily.

The Angel web site is difficult to navigate. There are too many central links on the home page. And the nested sites that we link to within the Angel web site are equally poorly designed. There is a lack of central organization. Courses that I was registered for 3 or more years ago are still listed as current courses on my page. I would appreciate a re-thinking of the organization of the site and elimination of many of the links on the personal Angel home pages. I do think the recent addition of logo buttons for log-on, log-off were an improvement. However, MORE needs to be done to streamline the site and make links user friendly. Someone should review the links within the site. Some of them are very poorly done. In addition, I would suggest re-writing many of these survey questions - many are unclear. I have really appreciated the help of the IT support staff. We need more IT support staff! We also need to provide Macintosh access in the medical sciences building and library for medical students, faculty and staff.


Upgrade the printers in the computer clusters so they will print faster. Make access to connecting to the network easier to do via a download that works. Bring back free printing. Expand tutorial on software, add more advanced graphic design and web publishing seminars.


The coupon for free software is no good to a person that is taking courses through Kelley Direct. I was never aware that all of our computer or database items were kept by this service.


will Vista be available at a discount to IUPUI students?


I can never get the IU wireless to work on my laptop when I bring it to school. I do have other wireless networks set up on my machine, but it will not propperly connect with the IU wireless. Please make the necessary info more accessible.


Oncourse CL still needs some easier features. Class e-mail would be easier for instructors and students if there was a 'forwarding' feature available or if you could select only a few recipients like the Old Oncourse allowed.


Can you send out brochures or booklets introducing the facilities and services around the campus?


Much Knowledge Base material is irrelevant or outdated. As just ONE example, I tried to get Outlook going from off campus; the instructions given were very cryptic, and in the end, when I called for help, the person walked me through a process that bore no resemblance to the Knowledge Base instructions.


Provide technology that will allow the capture of streaming video. This would be helpful when it comes to using current or recent media events for teaching and research.


The computer setups in classrooms would be more helpful if they automatically mapped my personal "H" drive upon login, or had an icon on the desktop to map the drive. I also ran into a problem with playing a DVD in ET312 where InterActual player was not available, however it had been available in the Fall '06 semester. I would like to have this software available for future semesters.


My major problem this year has been intermittent interruption or loss of IPsec VPN connnections, which makes use of remote access to my office computer, look-up of patient laboratory results, etc., very difficult. I've been told by my LSP that UITS knows about this, but it is unclear if anything is being done. The PTPP VPN connection doesn't seem to have the same problem.


I'm am very satisfied, can not imagin working here w/o this solid, strong support


keep doing the great job. if you cna orgnaize presnetation during deparmtent fauclty meetings to let pepole know about the diversity of services you provide. this survey is very long; it definitley needs to be summarized.
Overall, I like UITS. A lot of goods things are done without asking. The only real complaint I have is the length of time that is desired for classroom tasks. As an instructor, I've had problems with access codes (sometimes class rooms change), running software for class presenations (when a guest lecturer cancels and I have to change my presentation), and the like. I've also had problems working with UITS to set up online classroom presentations, but after I got a physical person involved, they were extremely helpful. In short, it takes too much upfront time to fix these problems. I fully understand the security issues, but at the end of the day we're in the business of educating students. I feel that UITS is sometimes too concerned about its own interests, and loses sight of educational mission.


Only that the survey verged on being too long - I almost stopped prior to completing it.


Need to improve response to faculty attempting to implement new technology in the classroom. Six weeks or more since asking for assistance splitting the feed from an auditorium microphone to supply input to both the computer for voice recording and to the speakers, UITS is still studying the issue. I'm stubborn. I worked around UITs to get the recordings I need for my students, but other faculty would just decide it's not worth the hassle.


There is insufficient space on webmail for an active full professor. I have 100 MB and am constantly going over when people send large documents. I ahve to spend a lot of time saving things other places to keep up with demand. The space should be significantly increased. If yahoo and google can do this, why can't iupui.


Get rid of your help-desk staff they are totaly un-helpful. The go out of their way to hinder the process. Instead of being part of the solution they are part of the problem. I don't even use them anymore.




I would recommend changing curriculum management software (i.e Oncourse). I find it to be not very user friendly or intuitive. I also work with ANGEL in the medical school and while it is not my favorite it is more intuitive and user friendly.


I tried to answer these from my perspective--I rated several things low and very low because my uses of UITS tech for teaching are specific and short term. I don't like the way I have to have a password for each classroom at specific times with the crazy limits placed on it--I hate the fact that when I log into a classroom computer, I log into a company(UITS)'s home page not the campus--IUPUI's home page. The fact that I have to type in IUPUI.edu reminds me every time that UITS tries to wag the dog of the institution by forcing things on us that we don't really need or buried in some lame hour+ long workshop that I, for one, don't have time to attend. I don't like UITS really at all; I think it might just be a bureaucratic layer of overpaid mismanagers of technology, driven too often by market and "progress," not by objectives central to teaching and learning. It should work for me--not me for it. In the office, the email use, web use etc. are different--but nothing seems to be really outstanding in terms of what it does to do its function (i.e. web, phone, email,etc.) other than the online library catalog/research tools.


Interfaces could be more user-friendly. More wi-fi hot spots (particularly in med school) would be helpful.


You've already heard all the complaints about Oncourse CL. The Pine address book was MUCH easier to use than the address book in Webmail. The directional arrows on the IT equipment in many classrooms seem to be the reverse of other electronic equipment (that is, hit what you think is "fast forward" and the tape reverses).


Facitate access to telephone support for setting up Outlook functions. Referral to the knowledge base is time consuming and frustrating for routine settings.
Thanks for excellent service!


More tutorial computer class in powerpoint format for self-learning. Make the website more easily to find the new technology information. Due to the work schedule, I am unable to attend the computer learning class. I would like more tutorial CD or DVD available from the library for check out or even I could purchase them in a reasonable price. DVD for vedio recording for the seminar or keynote speach on campus, and we could check it out later in case we missed the seminar due to the working schedule. Thanks for your hard work


streamline this survey so faculty aren't asked to answer questions directed to students and vice versa


The constant wireless problems MUST be taken care of, especially at the Dental School . The clinical managment software is worthless when the wireless is down--for whatever reason this week. THIS HAS TO BE SOLVED!!!!!


help desk needs an attiude adjustment they often try ot prove that the caller is ignorant and oftne are not helpful


The new Oncourse is the weakest link in the IT system. In many respects it is less user friendly than the old system. Sometimes instructions given to us are not easy to understand, e.g. shift to new voice mail system. Also, I never figured out how to access files on the servers (K drive, Q drive etc.) from outside of the law school (although I was given instructions twice, the "mapping" or whatever did not work). Otherwise the environment is usually helpful and efficient.


The 100mb storage limit in Webmail is highly frustrating. Image files, PowerPoint presentations and even Acrobat files (all of which I encounter regularly) will cause the mailbox to fill very quickly. This requires constant monitoring to ensure that the "quota" isn't exceeded, which is a perpetual hassle. I have been impressed with your help line and have received prompt, courteous service each time I called (even when the technician didn't know the answer to my question).

Faculty | Staff | Graduate Students | Undergraduate Students

Pay the money and switch to Blackboard. Stop putting hotmail in the junk folder


IT building is way too far from the rest of the campus. This is a big strike out. What's it doing way over by the law school where no one goes except for the law people? Terrible choice of location. Shoulda left it well enough alone at the ET building which is connected to the rest of the campus.


For some students who work full time and are only taking 1 class and go to a computer lab and need to print. I think the people working there should be allowed to accept cash for printing. We all do not find a need to put money on a jagtag since we are only there a few times a wk.


The price of printing jobs is too expensive. I hope to see the charge decrease over the next couple of years.


The new oncourse is still difficult enough that it hinders my use. I believe one issue is that online classes, at least with my experience, generally use the old format. Can we focus on one instead of bouncing back and forth?


Keep up the great job!!


There is not very good wireless coverage in the Herron Library. It's frustrating when OnCourse frequently has issues, making it so that I cannot access it.


Like most, I don't have the UITS or the knowledge base website memorized so I usually search for it from the main search engine on IUPUI's homepage. This usually ends in frustration because I can never tell if the IT sites I find are IU or IUPUI based due to the websites from UITS at IUPUI mimicking IU Bloomington’s websites. This is very confusing and it would be nice if it could be avoided. I just tried to search for the knowledge base and found mainly links to the geology department and when I searched UITS I found (http://www.uits.iupui.edu/scripts/ose.cgi?ltxt.ose.help) which looks like an IU website and the only way I found that it wasn't was from looking at the URL. Isn't IUPUI a separate entity from IU and Purdue? Why can't we have our own websites with our own logos? Other than that I find the support UITS provides great. Thank you, [IRD]


The old oncourse is 100 times better then the new one. I waste so much of my time waiting for the new one. I don't see anything that the new one does better then the old one and I feel it is a waste of money and time.


Overall, the system is very helpful


Try to get the consultants in the computer labs to be quiet. I was under the impression that students would have a quiet area to study and work on the computer yet I have been disturbed greatly by consultants speaking very loudly about personal stuff (i.e. their day, week, movies, people), I imagine it is hard to be silent but they should try and speak quietly for the students sake.
Oncourse CL should not take the place of the original Oncourse. As a student, I have taken many online classes, and currently still do, and Oncourse CL is not user-friendly. The original Oncourse is very basic and simple to use, even the "tab" look is helpful. It makes each item very clear. I would not recommend Oncourse CL to professors to use right away, especially when they have not had the proper training, which was the case this past summer in one of my online classes. Thanks!


We shouldn't have to pay for printing on top of our technology fees. It is quite annoying to have to have my JagTag with money on it, log on to a computer, select the document that I printed, and pay for each page. It used to be simple. Paying for printing makes me feel like my technology fee was wasted.


Anytime I have had a problem, I call the UITS number and right away they figure out what the problem is and help me find out what to do next. There have been a couple of times that without them I would probably still have the same problem!!!


None at this time, thanks.




Bursar can sometimes be very confusing. Confusing on what one owes and what someone needs to pay. They just say this is what you owe, this is what grants you have and how much you get, this is your financial aid and this is how much you get, it can sometimes get confusing.


Just keep what you are doing!


Everyone that I know HATES the new oncousre CL. It's hard to use and navigate through. We would like for you to not use, but keep the old oncourse. Thank you for KEEPING the OLD oncourse.


The IT services would be PERFECT if I can only get some of my lazy-butt co-workers who download crappy, annoying, IQ-reducing country music videos AWAY from the computer so that I can communicate to other persons involved in my work as to what needs to be done :-) That's obviously not your fault; I'm simply blowing off steam...A "delete" button in which I can delete them off the communal computer so that I can do my job would be ideal. Other than that--great job, guys :-)


Onestart is impossible to navigate. I hated it when I was at IUB and I hate it here. No students I know like using it. The system needs lots of improvement. The new Oncourse is not as easy to navigate as the original Oncourse. There are features that are better but for the most part it is difficult to get through. Before making changes like those to the major websites, I would say ask the students before hand.


Please make Oncourse CL easier to navigate.


Don't charge for printing, because tuition is already very expensive, and students also pay for technology fees.


When able to get through to a live person, they are very helpful and pleasant, no matter how silly the question or problem may seem to them.


The library online service could be more user friendly and the iuweb mail needs to be better at screening junk and spam mail...thanks I think the university does good with the students services and online regestration




I believe the technology at IUPUI can be considered top of the line. Thank you for keeping up with technology and offering it to the students we will greatly benefit from it.


Faster log-ins in the library and the IT building, please!! More standing computers...THAT ALL WORK.


I just wish that more professors would use the services, too (even if they only used the gradebook and test/quizzes).


Oncourse CL is a lot more difficult to navigate and use than the old oncourse. Many teachers I have had refuse to use Oncourse CL.


On the top of Oncourse CL there is a box that says "My Workspace" and lists four classes. It would be convenient if these classes were classes that a student is currently enrolled in, or the option that the student can choose which classes to put in their workspace.


The knowledge base seems to cater to IU Bloomington more so then IUPUI, and it is difficult to find information regarding specific problems. OneStart is a great resource. The new oncourse should have a course list like the old oncourse does, instead of the top nav bar and the drop down menu. The course pages layout is better though. Other than the above, I've had nothing but good experiences with UITS.


I don't like the navigation of the new oncourse.


Sorry, I am in online courses and don't have access to campus for these things.


Everytime me or a friend has had a problem with a computer we have always had the help we needed and it was very helpful.


I really would like more workshop about the new oncourse cl because I am still trying to figure out the email setting with the new oncourse.


Improving the wireless in the IT building would be a big help. In some areas I get a very low signal.


I have had pretty much nothing but good things to say about all the system I have dealt with here. Thank you.


I take all online courses and use the original oncourse. I have seen the new oncourse used and it seems to have made improvements and I hope that my teachers use the new one next semester. I think oncourse is a great system that helps busy online students keep in contact with professors and what is going on in a particular course.


The University Information Technology Services overall does a great job at providing students with available resources. I particularly like the software agreements which allow me to buy programs at a discounted price. Since I dont live on campus this allows me to get more work done at home. The spam filter on the onestart mail account could be improved but other than that I have never had a complaint or problem with oncampus resources. After going taking classes at Butler I find their campus's lack of technology available intolerable.


Hot spots in Education building are lacking - new routers in science ed., mathematics, and music room would be nice.

Pay for print is kind of a hassel because you have to make sure you have your jagtag with you when you print; and if you for get at home your pretty much SOL with campus printers anywhy.


Please combine the new and old oncourse systems into one system so that I don't have to check both, it would be less complicated that way.


The new design of Oncourse, in my opinion, is unnecessary. The original version was quicker and easier to use. There have been times when Oncourse does not work properly for one reason or another, mainly when trying to log on, which is very infuriating. But the people who are available to help correct the problems are very good at their job. I do not know if this department is responsible for the charge that has now been imposed on printing from printers on campus, but if it is, let me say that it is very, very disappointing. Students pay a great deal of money to attend classes and I do not believe that it is too much to ask to simply limit the amount of pages per person that can be printed rather than imposing a tax per page.


I do NOT like the new Oncourse CL compared to the original oncourse. Also, I am not satisfied with the wireless availability on the IUPUI campus.


I appreciate the services very much. I have been to universities that doesn't have half of what you offer and I feel like I am spoiled a little bit. The services make you feel like IUPUI wants us to go to school and succeed. With all that you offer, there is no way a person couldn't get an assignment done no matter where they are. I can do research, do my rough draft, and turn my assignment in from your services all the way from Kalamazoo if I needed to do it. It is great. Thanks.


The University Information Technology Services has been instrumental in my ability to successfully complete my program requirements. As I prepare for graduate school I realize that IT will continue to adjust and improve as technology changes. It is comforting to know that I can depend on IT to assist me by providing quality service throughout my academic endeavors.




I am in the computer graphics technology program and have most of my classes in the ET building, and most of the computers in that building are extremely outdated. I think it's unfair that other schools, such as education, have brand new systems, while students whose learning experience is dedicated to working on computers have old slow systems that can't even run some of the software we are learning to use (3D Studio Max).


I would be completly satisfied with the printing services if they were still controlled by a printing quota like they used to be at IUPUI and IUB other then that the services are great and very helpful...There could be more nicer study rooms with computer like at IUK and more scanner stations like in the library @ IUB.

Though the additional features of the new Oncourse are beneficial, the original Oncourse was much more user friendly and more easily navigated. Most of my professors over the past year have preferred it as well. So, I have classes in both old and new Oncourse. It gets quite confusing sometimes. Frankly, I wish the new features could be integrated into the original Oncourse.

I have attempted to create a personal website hosted by IUPUI. I understand that this can be done in Steel via ancient methods of coding. I do not know those methods. Is it not possible to make this a little easier to do? Many student organizations would have websites if the creation and management of such was easier to accomplish. Printing used to be free of charge for students. With the exorbitant fees that we pay, I feel that it should still be free. I have a Xerox color laser printer at my home business, and to print in black/white costs less than 3 cents per page. At school, I pay 4 cents for a crummy copy printed from a printer so low on toner that the document can hardly be read (SL computer lab). That needs to be addressed. If I am going to pay for pages that I print on campus, they should be good quality prints. Okay, that's enough complaining... Other than these three issues, IUPUI IT does a fantastic job. Thank you all for making our lives easier!


I'm not happy about the printing fee.


More computers. Every building should have some stand up computers (as in LE building) for fast access for students. With the prices we pay for tuition compared to many similar colleges, our equipment is not nearly as new.


I would like some kind of enhancements for the VPN connection required for Mac users. I have very frequent difficulty connecting to the VPN server. This is also a second cumbersome step that Windows users need not worry about. It is disappointing that no steps (that i know of) have been made to better support Mac users, especially considering that large number of them (as compared to the general Mac marketshare) represented at IUPUI (more specifically at the School of Informatics).


Make the Central Log in system truly central so I don't have to keep logging in when I switch services (i.e. switching from One Start to Oncourse)


Since IUPUI is so technicaly saavy, it only makes sense to have all computers at the library working properly. It is frustrating when trying to find a computer to check our techinical resources, that most 2nd floor computers have sign saying out of order. So I'd suggest all computers get fixed so we can have more access & be able to see what needs improved & give more feedback




The old oncourse seems to be much better. More straightforward.