2007 IUS IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

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This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

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You need to increase the size of mail box... It is too small.


In general I've been very impressed with the services provided by IT.


Overall, IT is a gem.


The gizmo on our photocopy machine in our office is a constant source of frustration. It always slows me down and sometimes will not let me use it.


Keep up the good work! Note: This question and the provided answers do not match (importance is not satisfaction): Overall, how important are Information Technology systems and services to your work or study?Not at all satisfied Very satisfied Cannot evaluate Never heard of service 1 2 3 4 5 7 8


I am always impressed with the promptness related to IT, (service, questions, availability) the knowledge of the department and their "kindness" with my elementary questions.


I hate the new Oncourse and would love to continue using the old. Unless the new enhancements and EXCELLENT I plan to move everything to the web and use only when forced to. It staff are the best...especially ILTE staff!!


The new oncourse has some major drawbacks. I hope that gets fixed soon. The advising system needs to be updated. Bob at the help desk is the greatest. When are we getting Vista ?


Email down or slow more often. Spam filtering not as good as past. Academic Calender on Homepage NOT up to date. Home pages with missing links or not working with Firefox. Insufficient paper for student computers, no obvious instructions for students to know who to contact.


Overall it's good. As a teacher, I have a computer lab (084 Ogle Center) that doesn't get much attention and is constantly having problems - all of which IT services have had difficulty servicing.


All people in the technology group have always been knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. They are a great group to work with and go above and beyond the call of duty. [IRD]


Need dimmer switches that control FRONT lights in classrooms like the ones in CV211 & CV111. Most other rooms have a single dimmer so the whole romm must be dim to get it dark enought up front for powerpoint to show up.


None. Keep up to the good work.


Wireless access is poor in some faculty hallways. It is very difficult to set-up a cell phone to access campus e-mail.


I think the staff is outstanding!!!


The sound system via computer should be hooked up in Hillside 208


I am grateful for the laser printer placed in my office last year. It has made a huge difference to be able to print more than 2-3 page documents without encountering a problem. thanks! My biggest complaint is not having enough computers for 50 nursing students to take standardized test at the same time and place.


Only two comments: 1. The online catalog at the library seems to be clunky and anti-intuitive. 2. Would like to see more software installed on student access computers : particularly Dreamweaver (Windows version) and Adobe Photoshop. These would really be helpful for electronic writing and web design. Also, a bank of laptops with wireless access on carts that could be locked away and then wheeled into a classroom when needed would really benefit some of my writing classes, especially Web Writing. Great work!


The people in each department mentioned are helpful and courteous. Some of our equipment is outdated: phones, etc I hate the codes for the copiers. It slow down my productivity as does the huge number code for phone (long distance). I use my cell at great expense to me because the codes take forever and one wrong number--you start over. These are ridiculous obstacles for busy faculty and staff. Who ever thought of the scan cards for the copy machines should be fired.


Extend helpdesk hours to later in the evening. I am thrilled to see the installation of SynchronEyes in the labs. Support and responsiveness of IT staff is fantastic. The use of technology is vital to all that I do and I appreciate all of the wonderful technology-related resources that we have at IUS.


1) Why can't we have an email virus scan like Yahoo so that we can send and recieve attached files? I had to get a Yahoo account so that I could exchange files with people outside the IU system (some files are stripped from in/out comming email). This is embarrasing for the university. 2) Why is OneStart/Oncourse such a clumsy system? It has great features but seems like you have to go through a million pages to get to them. Simple is better, a million bells and whistle are no good if you can't figure out how to use them. On your own. 3) Why does IU/IT insist on near total control of web content? This makes inovation on the part of faculty very hard. What if someone has a really great idea of how to present material, something that Oncourse doesn't do or that the webmaster doesn't want to allow? You've got faculty with PhDs and mastery in their field begging a techie with a masters in design to try something new. How about if IT were to make some resources (experimental server and a consultant) so that faculty could play around with new ideas?


Give [IRD] a raise. He is a life saver on many occasions and he has the patience of Job.


[IRD] in help desk very helpful!


Regarding the Junk Mail Filter - e-mails from my students and even my home computer have occasionally been forwarded to the junk mail file. This is problematic when students are e-mailing assignments or questions about assignments and I don't catch them when deleting the junk mail. Regarding Computer Lab staff - there is a wide discrepancy in how knowledgeable and helpful staff members are. Some are wonderful, some useless. Greater consistency would be good. Overall, though, I am pleased with services.


IT does a great job in maintaining the computing technology, keeping systems working. Where they have a profound weakness is in communication with users. Things change without notification (drive mappings, files are removed from the common file area). This can be very disruptive to a students who have instructions depending upon the computing environment to remain stable over the semester. There is no online help for the local environment, such as the FTP names of local systems. Little notification when new hardware/software is added in teaching labs. For example, some lab management software (Synchroneyes?) was installed but faculty (or department coordinator) regularly using the lab had no clue that it was available. Teaching technology questions get answered with little consultation of the faculty who will use the technology. The staff are generally open to discussion but tend to operate in a reactive mode rather than soliciting user input.


Too Long Survey as designed. Generally it brings Homogenity in answeres or bias or survey undone. Just my Expert Opinion. [IRD]


I appreciate the help I get from lab consultants and Help Desk people. I'm frustrated that my e-mail account keeps showing it is "full" when I continue to purge messages. Blocking my messages makes communicating with students (for advising, etc.) very difficult.


IT support is very important. I teach only at night. It would help to have the help desk open until 5:30 or 6. Once I called after 5 and was connected to Bloomington 's IT. They were useless. The IUS IT help is wonderful.


Overall, a good job across the board. We have a very impressive IT environment. Keep up the good work!


UITS is there when I need them. they handle even what may be most ridiculous question in a personal, professional manner.


I am a first-time adjunct professor at IUS this semester, but I have more than 30 years experience as a full time professor at 2 other universities in this area. When my email account was set up for me, it was mistakenly entered as "student". I spent quite a lot of time trying and retrying to access it. When I finally call the IT support, I was told that I had been mistakenly put into the "student" email. The young man told me that he could change it but that it would be a lot of work to do so and would take quite a lot of time. As I didn't really have much time at that moment, I opted to leave it in "student", but I really was not satisfied with the willingness (or lack of it) to help with this problem.


not applicable at this time


Additional staff is needed in the student computer labs, and hours in those labs need to increase for student avalability.


[IRD] are fantastic! I use Oncourse CL extensively, and they have helped me in many ways. They are always kind, patient, and willing to help -- with my Oncourse questions and any general IT questions I may have (hardware, software, whatever).


1. If a faculty member calls or e-mails for information, they should get a response within 24 hours. 2. If someone from IT helps you and you need to call back for more help, it would be best to be able to talk to the person who originally gave you advice. 3. I have been helped more with Oncourse and Onestart by [IRD] in the ILTE than the IT department. I wish I had known about his expertise a year ago.

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I think [IRD] is doing a great job. I really appreciate the help desk guys that come over to help with problems. They are always helpful and very courteous. You should be proud of all of them!


IT does a great job! :) Thanks!


Some of the students who work for IT are not very helpful or friendly. It seems like they are missing the customer service part of their job. Otherwise, the service is wonderful! Thanks for all the hard work.




My only issue is every day when I come in, I take an additional 30 minutes deleting emails so my mailbox is not over the limit. Our mailboxes need to be larger!


IT support staff have been great at responding to any issues I have had with computers/telephones/software questions. The response time is exemplary! Keep up the great work.


Hi Folks, I have some suggestions! Thanks for the oppertunities! On Scheduler Plus System (Room info and layout) Some Ogle rooms and Loading docks are not entered in the System. If we look at whats listed you will see 2OG-Dressing & 2OG-Dressing room There are a total of 4 Dressing rooms Stem Dressing rooms #O89,090 & Robinson Dressing rooms #094,096 These rooms are in pairs.(Listed Below) The green rooms should be labled as Stem Green Room #159 The other Green Room needs to be labled Robinson Green Room #176 I have a small problem that the room number #150 isn't listed next to the Room label. Example: 2OG Stem Concert Hall(150) There is no 150 when when scrolling throught the rooms. You might be able to see the Room number as you open the program. But for the people that just view the system gets confussing. I can help this Once using the room numbers at the beginning on the ground floor will help seprate the ground floor rooms from the rest of the Ogle Center . Example: ID Room# Discription Class Rooms 2OG-069 Performance Class Room(GroundFloorClass) 2OG-072 Theory Room (GroundFloorClass) 2OG-082 Organ/Harp Studio (GroundFloorClass) 2OG-084 Listing Lab (GroundFloorClass) 2OG-085 Scene Design Studio (GroundFloorClass) ID Discription Room# Venues & Related Rooms 2OG-BARR Gallery 140 (1st floor) 2OG-BARR Storage 140A (1st floor) 2OG-Knobview Lobby entrance 199(1st floor) 2OG-Knobview Student Lounge 240 2OG-OGLE Lobby (1) 199 (1st floor) 2OG-OGLE Lobby (2) 299J (1st floor) 2OG-STEM CONCERT HALL 150 (1st floor) 2OG-Stem Green Room 159 (1st floor) 2OG-Stem Dressing Room(1)089 2OG-Stem Dressing Room(2)090 2OG-Stem/Recital LOADING DOCK 199P(1st floor) 2OG-ORCHESTRA REHEARSAL HALL 160(1st floor) 2OG-RECITAL HALL 165 (1st floor) 2OG-Recital Hall Booth 167 (1st floor) 2OG-OGLE CENTER BLACK BOX 172 2OG-ROBINSON THRUST THEATER 142(1st floor) 2OG-Robinson Audio/Lighting Booth 142A(1st fl) 2OG-Robinson Green Room 176 2OG-Robinson Dressing Room(1)094 2OG-Robinson Dressing Room(2)096 2OG-Robinson Costume Storage 088B 2OG-Robinson Costume Shop 095 2OG-Robinson Laundry 095A 2OG-Scene Shop 179/Tool Room 179A 2OG-Robinson Loading Dock 199P 2OG-Black Box Theater 172 2OG-Black Box Audio/Lighting Booth 299UI labled these rooms and venues for grouping purposes and added rooms & the 2 Loading Docks that need to be in the system. [IRD] might need to add rooms to ground floor Class Rooms for Music Department scheduling? I can't make the dissions for the Ogle Center these are the suggestions that I see could help! Once again thanks for the oppertunity [IRD]


The construction makes it difficult for student computer availability.


The copier cards we have to use with the 4 digit PIN numbers to make copies are a HUGE pain. All of the IT staff is great when you call and need help with software or hardware issues--fast reponse time too. The copy center employees are always very helpful. FDRS has way too many options to try to find information you need. It's too cumbersome to use, so I pretty much only use 3-4 standard reports and that's it.


Do not like all the codes, pin numbers etc. a person has to put into the copier when copying work for faculty ------very time consuming when you have a large volume of copying to do. I liked the old process when you only had to enter a few numbers.


We need more pay phones on campus.


Since the removal of computers from custodians in their work areas, they have to use the computers in common areas which are always busy. A personal computer is needed for custodians in each building so that e-mail, work orders, and paychecks can be accessed.


The IUS Web pages when viewed using the updated Internet Explorer do not appear formatted correctly. This is taking too long to correct. IT was notified weeks ago and problem is still there.


Overall, very very great job of course. Two things - removing administrative rights and moving/removing some files from the network caused some problems in our department that were not immediately addressed and are still a problem waiting to crop up again. Also, the junk mail filtering is a problem in that at least some of us still get a lot of junk mail in our Inbox. I have to spend far too much time dealing with this annoyance and sometimes don't get important emails because I'm over my limit - often on Mondays because of the junkmail, which doesn't seem to empty out on its own. Very frustrating. I was sent some instructions to follow to help solve this problem - a couple pages, long and confusing, and I'm pretty computer-literate. Someone should probably have come by to see the problem and fix it. I got the feeling you don't think it's a real problem, but it's costing the university many hours in labor every week across campus. One more little thing. When we request projecters and computers for presentations we always want a wireless clicker, but more than 1/2 the time the battery is dead or low or it doesn't work. We find out too late to get it corrected. This is a problem if you have to block peoples' view to advance the slides by the keyboard, which is almost always the case. Thanks - you know I love you :) everyone is of course very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. [IRD]


Accommodate administrators with higher level data support needs as they relate to the IUIE, Aqua Data Studio and deriving student data. More intuitive and pro-active approach in providing web-based tools and services for empowering employees to creating intranets and customized dashboards (i.e. SharePoint, SQL Server 2000, Coldfusion). More resources (such as secured space on the network) to do testing and build programs and servers that relate to our specific functional areas. We are currently limited to a secured drive space where we cannot 'test' server based software as it relate to our department. There is no place where we can internally develop, build, test and roll-out internal web-based forms and the databases that might drive them. Actually told not to use the drive space provided for MS Access databases that contained a mixture of static and dynamic student data links and extracts on the current drive space allotted. It was recommended by IT Administrators to house the database 'securely' on desktop, as opposed to using network drive space.


Whenever the IT staff visited our offices before, during and after the move, they were very friendly and helpful.


Where are the pay phones? The one in CV is gone. Not sure where there are any on campus. I really appreciate the help desk staff. They are always so helpful and, even though I am basically only a little better than a novice at computers, they never make me feel stupid. Thanks for helping the technology deprived.


[IRD] and all the other staff people are very helpful and informative whenever we call. We are located off site but never have to wait long for any help. Thank you


The staff are so supportive, helpful and professional. In my recent move due to rennovations, I was very impressed with the way the staff promptly had me moved and up and running in record time. I appreciated the attention to detail, the cleaning of my computers and the assistance through the move. My students appreciated that the disruption in services was brief and painless. Thanks so much for all you do!


As a newer employee (two months), I am amazed at the vast number of computer and technology services on this campus. The IT staff (including phone services & development/programmers) are responsive, knowledgable, prompt and courteous to users. My one complaint is that the division of labor is confusing for new employees between IT Media & IT Computer Services. An example is not knowing who to call for personal printer assistance or to discuss assistance with powerpoint.


Some of the e-mails I send to myself from home (either on ius account or on my home account) end up in "junk" mail. I have also had messages and papers from students that went into my "junk" file. I do not have the level of software to re-direct these messages. If I catch them before they are expunged, I move them. I have lost some messages. [IRD]


Sometimes the voice mail system is difficulty to hear. The words are distorted. There is some concern about the price of Savin copies.


I believe we have a very knowledgeable staff in our IT areas who provide prompt, friendly service. It is rare that someone cannot help me when I call, but if so, they usually provide a referral to someone else or will research my question and get back with me asap. I am very happy with the campus computer services, phone service, copy center, and video conferencing services. I have had occasion to use all of them this past year and each have provided excellent service.


Our campus IT does not provide supportfor many of the Admin apps nor IUCAT. While not technically IT employees[IRD] in ILTE are wonderful, they keep faculty feeling suppored and they have the best customer service on campus.


Wireless VPN disconnects frequently for no apparent reason.


In regards to the printing questions, I really only have experiences with the main printer/copier in my office. I really cannot comment on other printers & copiers across campus.


Need more printers, fax, and pay phone (none now) available for students. Need communication regarding calendar glitch with daylight savings time change. Support staff desire training programs that used to be offered via IT vouchers. Email for students needs to be improved to look like Outlook.


It would be nice if P & D had a link off of their website where you could directly submit via an upload the document(s) you wish to have copied instead of having to copy the form and email. Regular office phones need to have speaker phone.

Faculty | Staff | Students

Oncourse mail needs to be integrated with regular university mail instead of two different systems.


I have couple of overall suggestions. I would suggest that the McCauley Nicholas building be available on weekends so that students do not have to track all the way to campus to use computers for special software. In my regard, it cuts my travel time in half versus going to the IUS library. I know that I am not in the minority when I say this. There should be some way that we use our cards to gain access to the labs while still maintaining security for the building. My second comment relates to my experiences at the IUS library. I have found the staff very helpful in most circumstances, but sometimes I think that one staff's behavior crossed the line when it comes to the phones. I do not own a cell phone. I was using one of the house phones in the library calling my pregnant wife while on campus. It was a local call, but the library staff was beligerent telling me that it was not for calling outside. There should be some form of phones with limits that people talk time for local calls. I complained to IUS with email, but I never heard back. My final suggestion is that students should have rollover on their unused print pages (until they graduate). For example, if I had 50 pages of printing from last class, it should rollover to my account since I already paid for the use. It would be similar to a cell phone rollover.


Thank You. :-)


this semester, i am taking a course, A510 - where much of the work is on-line communication with other students. with the old on-course, the ability to read and reply to individual postings was much better. also, the new on course can be very slow working in this environment. it is endless to open and read the other postings - this is a real problem. love taking classes at the lab at the mccaully center...have never had a printing problem in the labs in Hillside Hall - use them in the summer. the calendar on the IU website is terrible...to find the registration dates a few months early is impossible... someone needs to think about placing a long range calendar on the site.


The technology fee is too high.


I appreciate that the professors require older students to get with the technology age, yet are so willing to help us navigate through the various systems. I have learned a lot through my classes.


I am currently taking a Special Ed class that is half in class and half on line. The problem is that all our test are on line. I have tried to take several test and the message states, the test is no longer available. There are several people in class that have gotten the same message. The teacher said she will not go back into the system and reopen the test. I am now going to drop my class because I cannot afford to get three zeros. This means I will not graduate when I thought, plus the added expense. I guess I must take some of the blame, because I went to the professor, but I did not go to the IT to see if they could solve the problem.


My usage has been a positive experience.


I sent an email over a week ago concerning problems with OnCourse Message Center and never received a reply or acknowledgment of my email.


There shouldn't be any extra work to connecting to the internet, it should be wireless, that way you can connect anywhere on campus.


The new Oncourse does not give you the option of emailing all the students or the instructor from the screen. You have to write down their ius email and then login to email and then type the address manually.


One thing that might be good to have is the ability to sign into all the services (onestart, oncourse, email, etc.) at once. If there is a way it would be very helpful because it is aggravating sometimes logging in to the services 2,3, or even 4 times. Also if there was a way to save files on Microsoft Word, Publisher, etc on the network, and be able to pull up your files on any computer avavliable. At my high school we were able to do this and it made it much easier to save information if you didn't have a flashdrive, We could even load the files at home if needed. There just doesn't seem a good easy way to do this that I know of.


Internet connections seem to be slow lately on campus. In addition, Oncourse and OneStart have been difficult to access in recent months. I do like the fact that there seem to be enough computers to accomadate students on campus though.


You should have a networking degree like cisco


The IU Calendar should be more current. For instance, the dates are known for Summer I, Summer II, and Fall at the beginning of the year so that stuff should be loaded in rather than waiting until close to that semester.


This is my first semester at IUS and I am still not fimilar with all the technology that is offered on campus.


very good service


To have couple more places for computers to print out papers for classes.




I think we need more pay phones on campus.


Overall, I think the IT services are great! My only complaint is the New Oncourse. I prefer the Old version and know several others, including teachers, who feel the same way. I think the older version is easier to navigate.


I could not access my email account on IUS homepage, last couple of semesters. I asked the IT to help with my problem, it was fixed this semester in just a matter of minutes as opposed to the assistance i received 3semesters ago. I use the email system to contact my fellow students, and receive important email updates about campus activities, Thanks to the guy who helped me this time.


i think that if we have accounts elsewhere-itunes, limewire, etc..., we should also be able to use them on compus and access them, but we can't.


The nursing computer lab on the 2nd floor of the life sciences needs a new printer!!!! It breaks down at least 3 times a day, and it is a commonly used printer. It would save us and the IT students who have to constantly come and fix it a lot of time.


need to correct the problem with the printer charging 2 pages for 1 page copies. this uses our available pages for blank space.


There needs to be more computers available to students.


The new Oncourse is a lot more frustrating than the old one. REASONS:1. You cannot see all your classes at a glance.2. It won't tell you when you have a new mail message or unread forum message.3. Does it even have mail or forums???4. Every semester, you have to re-learn how to change out the classes on the top bar.5. More difficult to navigate than the old one. Also, when I first came to IUS I got a "J drive" that I think could be accessed from any computer on campus. I am told we don't have those anymore. Now I have to keep a thumb drive with me.


Everything is good overall. The printers in Crestview computer lab lately have been screwing up.


Color printers need to be marked so students can choose the option of printing in color or black/white.


I absolutely hate the new version of oncourse!!! The original version was much easier to navigate and use. Agreed there needed to be improvements made to the original version, but as I said before I hate it and I know many other students feel the same way.


I have had a very pleasant time at IUS and I have felt when I needed additional help I was able to easily attain it. [IRD]


Add more printers


1 color page should not be equivalent to 10 B & W pages. It should be 5 at most. It also is not clear where color copiers are located. Also, [IRD] is very rude and thinks he controls the campus.


Not at this time


We need new printers, and we need fully staffed computer labs. Some labs are often closed, and only one lab is open 24/7. Often, problems occur and no one is aware because various labs are not staffed. Lab use is sporadic, and unpredictable. Therefore, the labs should be staffed consistently. The labs are not properly regulated with heat and air conditioning. Students, as we well as computers overheat. In the long-term, the lack of proper heating and air conditioning will cause more equipment replacement costs, so they should fix the problems before the problems damage the equipment. No other business would create computer labs with improper cooling features. the labs become uncomfortable and sweaty, so students avoid some computer labs in favor of others. However, when other labs are full students have no choice but to use what we call "The Sauna Labs" or "Sweat Lodge Labs." It seems that the school would be able to use the technology longer if the environment was conducive to using modern technology. Also, often, users must turn off "Internet Worm Protection" on Norton Antivirus to access the IUS wireless network, but they would need that feature at home. This could cause problems. The printers are old, clunky, and in need of replacement. However, over all, the computer environment is very beneficial and helpful! The Computer Labs are very necessary. Many people cannot afford a home PC or laptop, so they rely upon the campus computer technology, daily.


The printer in the computer lab next to nursing office in life sciences is always broken. Nurses always need printers!! HOwever, whenever I call for assistance in fixing it, someone is there within minutes and they are always pleasant. We need a reliable printer!! Please?


There are not enough seminars and presentations offered to teach students all the aspects and capabilities of computing. IUB and IUPUI offer alot of stuff like that for free, where IUS does not offer any.


I understand space is limited, but there are two major computer labs on campus, and every time I go in there, they seem to be packed. Perhaps a few more computers outside of the labs would work. Also, there is only one area with Macintosh computers, and you generally need to have a class to even be allowed to enter the Mac lab, and I don't agree with that.


There have been quite a few times I have been in the computer lab in Knobview when the help desk has been unmanned or the printer was having problems with no one in the computer room to ask about the problem. Consistent availability of computer lab help is sometimes a problem.


It would be helpful to know where all the computer labs are or make it known where you can find this information. I have found several on my own while looking around.


The Copy Center Girls are awesome.


The webmail storage needs to be increased. Also, please offer wireless everywhere on campus, including parking lot.


We need more printers, there are times when it is a mess printing things, because so many students are printing at one time. There has also been some slowness to the loading up of computers this year, this is something that I have not experienced in the past at IUS.


Many student and I have noticed the computers in Crest view run very slow. I have never noticed this problem before this year. It can take me 10 min. to open Word and print a document off my flash drive. This to me is entierly to slow. This lab is typically the only lab I use. The computers are so slow that I perfer to use my home computer and not mess with very slow processing speed.


Making long surveys decreases the likelihood of a student finishing the survey!


the past year i have had a lot of issues with finding an open computer on campus.


One comment to add: Install color printers for photojournalism course in LF room 240 for remainder of this Spring 07 semester. It would make the course less stressful for we are using the library's color printer. The color printer in the journalism lab is broken.


I have found that it has been very difficult to find printers that work correctly and computers that do not freeze. In the LS building, in the nursing lab, I especially find it difficult to acsess a computer and the printer is horrible. Half the time it does not work and I find it hard to get help when we the nursing students need help with fixing it. Maybe a new printer is something that should be looked into. Most of the computers in this lab work or don't work. This makes it hard for the nursing students to do what we need to do. Thank you for your time and efforts. Hope to see some type of improvement in the nursing lab. The overall system is nice.


network lag time is frequently infuriating, at least from the lab in Knobview.




Have had many problems in the LF bldg with network. Crashed many times during our Stats 250-251 classes. I took home my thumb drive after using it for Stats, and transferred 61 viruses that I picked up on classroom computer to my home PC. I had to have someone come to my home to repair/restore my system. (I have a new Dell computer and my system crashed as soon as I put the thumb drive into usb port upon returning home after class.)


Some printers print on both side of a page, but still take credit for two pages. I understand that it still prints two pages, but if you need two separate pieces of paper, you have to print again. Some professors do not want front and back pages. Onestart is not the most user friendly. Once you log into Onestart, you still have to put in passwords for email and oncourse.


printers are not properly working a lot of time.


I disagree with the technology fee due to the fact that I very seldom ever use the computers for school work at IUS. Nor do I feel that there should be a paper limit on students. Some professors dont care what a limit is the only thing they care about is that the report gets done. [IRD]




I have difficulty reaching e-mail from off campus