2007 IUS IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

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This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

The digital imaging needs to be upgraded even further. Many of the images are still blurry on the screen rather than having the crispness and clarity of the computer. Thank you.


This is my second semester at IU South Bend and the IUSB does not reflect the new faculty and changes in the Music Area. Responses from IT IUSB seem incredibly slow and unclear. I have also been waiting for for months for an upgrade in my office computer's memory. It has been approved by my school, but I still don't have the upgrade. My office computer crashed (Intel Mac). I would not restart again. I called IT IUSB, but I never got anybody to come and see the computer. In general, I think we need to have more communication between departments and IT. It seems that faculty do not know what the status is of there requests. IT staff are very helpful and kind. I have had the best experiences speaking with them directly. I wish faculty could go directly to them instead of having to go through administrative personnel in the school (I have been told of this policy while meeting with my own administrative personnel).


Computer labs - all of the computer labs should have user friendly explanations of how to print double-sided. Ideally, all printers would have double-sided printing as the default option. At the very least, a short explanation of how to print double-sided at each computer should be required. ALL computer consultants should know how to do this. Quotas on pages printed should be implemented - this would cut down on the tremendous amount of waste. Onestart - it is cumbersome to access student records for advising (must click through many screens to get information). Reducing the number of screens would save time and frustration. Webpages - it is difficult to get information on how to update and maintain webpages (asking the helpdesk provides limited information). Helpdesk - that staff are helpful and friendly, but it takes a long time (sometimes weeks) to get problems resolved, and requires sending reminder emails to keep on top of submitted problems. Once you are assigned to a "real" person to work with, things usually improve. Is this due to understaffing, or poor management of submitted requests?


The IT tech support people are GREAT! I love Oncourse! I would like my phone to blink or do something if I have a message.


1) Mailbox sizes are too small. 2) Tech desks are located inappropriately in many classrooms so that the projection screen is blocked by the computer screen and the tech desk is too close to the blackboard. 3) The IUSB webpages are almost completely impossible to navigate. I have given up trying to find anything through links and go straight to the Big List or search function. 4) It cannot get wireless access from my office. This should be standard for all IUSB employees.


My biggest problem is with My page, Oncourse and IUCAT. 1) Can there be a set protocols, such as that for setting up e-mail accounts, for those of us who are not that computer-savy to eatablish our mypage more easily? I made my first webpage in 1995, but now, I don't know how to transfer files to be loaded to My page any more. 2) I hope there can be a dialog between the Oncourse user and the software developer. I found impossible to make any suggestions for features that the instructors would like to have. I also don't know why we have to change into Oncourse CL - the original Oncourse is more superior in many ways. 3) Regarding e-mail: can we get a bigger space, like 1 gb storage? 4) IUCAT is not that easy to use - it should serve as a portal, rather than the last resort for those of us who want to look up journal references. First, it should be made into an outstanding feature for the library website. Secondly, since IUSB faculty cannot access IUB database, then I don't see too much good to list all the campuses that carry the journal that I want. I don't know why IU campuses have to be so isolated in this regard. Perhaps the monetary saving on limited access is the main driving force behind it, then it doesn't make too much sense to have IUCAT - why not just show us a customized version of database whenever we log in based on our user name? If one chooses to look for interlibrary loan, which doesn't happen very often, then he/she can click another button that will direct the person to other IU sites that carry such journals. Thank you.


The three-year replacement cycle of office computers is too short for me. Give individuals and units the option of a slower, longer replacement cycle. Use the savings to lower student technology fees, to reduce and better manage e-waste, and to enhance other UITS services. Encourage greater use of PolyCom and IHETS conferences to replace travel time and costs, including fuel and pollution.


Old (Original) oncourse should not be deleted.


Given that many IT services are centralized, the university should negotiate university-wide subscriptions to research databases and software. Regional campuses do not have enough use or funds to justify subscriptions to many necessary but expensive services. IT helpdesk and services in IUB and IUPUI should also be made available to regional campuses' faculty.


1) Oncourse has a long way to go before it begins to approach the functionality of WebCT or Blackboard (a long way to go). 2) The knowledge Base is frequently frustrating to use.

3) Faculty should be provided webpages supported by IT.


IU Website needs search engine optimization. IU website should be treated as a number one marketing investment considering the fact that majority of our target audience gets information through the website. Navigation should be smooth and standardized. Proper guidelines should be provided for each individual school for making it sure that overall navigation is smooth. It is impossible to find information about various relevant matters from websites of individual schools within broad IUSB website.


I love what IT has done by introducing technology into the classrooms; however, the full effect of their efforts has not been achieved due to lack of initiative/funding for classroom design (e.g. location of black/white-boards and projector screens.) There's only so much you can do with fancy tools if you don't have a good workbench.


Improve OnCourse-it's not user friendly! In fact, it's aweful have faster internet speed connection allow more memory for faculty (who receive a lot of attachments)on emails


PeopleSoft is the most user unfriendly system I have ever seen. If I had to design a system to frustrate users, I could not do as well as PeopleSoft has done. There is nothing intuitive about it and I have to relearn it each time I use it. Edoc fines are unconscionable.


Although improvements have been made as of late, there is still much to be done in the realm of instructional technology. A consistent classroom setup should be used including a document camera in all classrooms (in particular the Greenlawn classrooms). The move to require students to access their server space to upload webpages is clumsy and unnecessary. The prior system of having a "live" html folder was much more conducive to teaching new learners how to create and manage websites. It would be nice to have some support for Apple computers on this campus---it seems that they are treated as a "second-class" type of equipment. Scanners in the labs should work. Lab consultants should be trained in customer service AND general applications on BOTH platforms. The labs are RIDICULOUSLY dirty. There is dust on the equipment, paper all over the place, and garbage littering the tables. Certainly the consultants (many who spend their time doing their own work) could be required and MONITORED to tidy the labs during their shift.

1. Why is Greenlawn 132 Computer Lab not open at all on Friday or Saturday? It is one of just 2 labs with a large number of iMacs. 2. The lab techs have very little training on various software applications. More times than not, they are warm bodies who do very little to really assist students other than replace paper in printers. Some even dismiss students who have Mac questions. More application training is needed for lab technicians. 3. While IU South Bend claims to be a "wireless" campus, wireless access is spotty at best. For example, wireless network access in Northside Hall classrooms is not available. I've had to take students to the hallway in order to get access. A wireless router in each classroom would be a minimal investment in creating a truly wireless campus.


Having now worked at a some “competing” universities, I think IU and IUSB, in particular, should be extremely concerned. The IT services at the IUSB campus are far below the services offered at other system schools, Ball State , and Purdue. I’ll list a few of these areas below.

1. The campus website is our public face, and it is poorly organized, unattractive, VERY poorly coded. We’ve managed to break a lot of “best practice” rules for accessibility and XHTML, like nested tables deprecated tags, and so on. The site is too static and gives visitors no reason to return nor does it give them easy-to-find information. Poor organization overall. 2. Teaching in a campus lab, specifically GR132 is far from a strong educational experience. While the Windows side of the room functions enough for us to cover the content needed, the Mac side is dysfunctional at best. Macs have long had a strong hold in education and we in the School of Education are charged with preparing our future teachers to utilize a variety of different technologies. Much of the digital media development is done on the Macs. The support and resources for these computers is far below that of the Windows machines. I have been told on numerous occasions, “that’s good enough.” In this day of No Child Left Behind and the increasing requirements on public education systems, “good enough” is not an appropriate answer. The projector in GR 132 cannot support the higher resolution of the Macs. The scanners don’t work, and the simple fix of changing the older HP scanners that will work on the Windows systems with the Canon scanners that will work on the Macs has been ignored. The systems do not load properly. An incomplete dock is loaded and student are required to logout and login again. OIT has continued to see the differences in what education does compared to other units on campus. We have different needs, and simple requests that are immediately met with a negative response. 3. While IUSB claims to be a wireless campus, Greenlawn and Northside halls is far from Wireless. The classrooms have spotty, at best, service. More and more student are bring laptops, and with wireless carts being available, improved wireless service is a must for this campus to promote itself as a wi reless campus. 4. The campus policy for obtaining mySQL database access is counterproductive. Insisting that a faculty member be open to personal criminal liability for fulfilling their duties as agent of the University is a gross misinterpretation of the Indiana Law (at least according to the IU General Counsel). Additionally, it has prevented the School of Education from accomplishing the work necessary to continue our accreditation. Again, the School of Education has specific needs that are unlike those of other schools on campus. 5. The IUB policy of username assignment highlights the lack of respect given to faculty, staff, and students by OIT. Requiring an individual to pay $50 to change a username is highway robbery. I have a student that has a vulgar username assigned by the system [IRD], but she cannot afford the $50, faculty are given cryptic usernames when their last name is available and are charged $50 to change it. Higher education is here to better community and develop citizens. While we need to continue to develop our endowment and support new initiatives, it should not be done on the backs of our students and employees.


1. Could the IT equipment in rooms with chalkboards have housekeeping more often? Can that dust be any good for the equipment, not to mention the grit under hand as the keyboards are used? 2. Has an educator stood at the desk area and used the keyboard/mouse in most or all instances? A size 12 woman may be too close to the board as she stands in some rooms and the mouse is on a very short "tether" line on the lifted stand for the keyboard. I understand too much play could be abused but wish I were lefthanded or somehow able to get more play standing. I and my students "present" materials and online work on our feet.


I am not in favor of forcing faculty to switch to Oncourse CL, which still lacks the integrated communication features I find most essential with an assentially migratory student body (non-residential.) Forcing the switch will seriously increase my time in struggling to make the technology work for me -- at acost to both students and myself. The telephone equipment in use has the serious handicap of not having a light to show there is unread voice mail. I am frustrated at not being able to reset the font size on desktop captions or on the Microsoft Outlook Exchange command menus. When they have been reset by myself or IT staff, they quickly revertto the font size virtually unreadable for anyone even slightly visually impaired. I believe ADA requirments are being violated if this is a fixed network-wide "rule" allowing for no exceptions. (I have had no problem adjusting this on my home work station.) Besides these complaints, I would like to commend the staff at IUSB and IU for their helpfulness, courtesy, and expertise.


The main problem now, and I'm not sure that this is an IT matter, is that the degree audit system is no longer accurate.


I wish the faculty had been consulted about the tech desks installed in classrooms. When you're behind the controls for the equipment, for isntance, you can't see the screen. In addition, lately the projection bulbs seem to be fading a bit. Overall, however, the staff itself is terrific.


This is my first year as a professor at IUSB, and overall I'm very pleased with the technology. A couple comments/suggestions: My main frustration is with Oncourse. I come from a university that used Blackboard and found it well-organized, intuitive, and efficient. Oncourse organizes information oddly (in gradebook, for example, you can't edit per student, only per assignment) and doesn't allow click-and-drag arrangement of materials in Resources; nor does it allow different folders to organize Resource materials. I can't figure out how to email students individually (not as whole group)--one of my favorite BB features. I also haven't figured out how to revise discussion board information. Some of this may be my own lack of knowledge of the system, but I had much more success with Blackboard. On another note, it would be helpful to have document cams in all classrooms, and in some of the rooms in Wiekamp, it is very inconvenient to have the light and screen switches in the back of the room when all the technology is in the front. Thank you.


The IUSB home page needs to be updated and simplified. It is far too confusing and obtuse. IUSB.


Please work on searching the IUSB pages. It is practically useless in terms of finding useful information.


The computer I am currently using is slow, often gets confused with commands, and will not boot up in a timely fashion.


For the oncourse related support services, (Backing up files, fixing problems), no fee should be charged, even the problem is caused by a faculty user. The IU information system should not be run like a greedy commercial one. I can never figure out why it would cause so much just to back up a file. It only takes a systems administror a few clicks.


OnCourse CL development is too slow. Need to bring up the speed. Many features are lousy and not error free. Emails from and to outside of the university system seem sporadically delay several munites to hours. It has been the issue for years.


The Oncourse gradebook ought to allow the use of percentages as well as points.

Also, I lost a test from the On Line Test and Survey Tool from a past semester.


Do not change Oncourse until there is consensus on something that is actually better.


Generally, things are fine, especially as compared to other universities of comparable size. With technology though, things can always be better!


OnCourse could be a great tool - but needs work. For example individual student dropboxes would be a welcome addition. I find that in the new OnCourse I often have problems adding attachments to course mail. I end up having to put my attachment in the announcements area. I think OnCourse has a long way to go. I use the Desire to Learn (D2L) platform at the University of Arizona - it is very user friendly and has a lot of student/faculty friendly options. It might be helpful for you to look at what it offers.


I found that the help desk personnel did not know how to help me at all with mypage questions. I had to email [IRD] directly to get any help at all with that. It seems this semester that the availability of computer labs has improved (maybe I was just lucky this semester!)when I need to schedule a lab for one or two times in the semester.


I teach a course with an online format and am not happy with Oncoursee discussion board, looses postings, cannot form students into exclusive groups. looses text as students type in to box, they must cut and paste. message center is too slow when I tried to use it for discussions.


This is a comment about IU not IUSB: the PeopleSoft tax levied on the regional campus is exorbitant, especially since we apparently have no input at all into how the system is designed. My work as a low-level administrator is made harder by the system being designed to fit the structure & needs of IUB's units, not ours. It's also absurd to be forced by IUB to pay for a PS "upgrade", when we haven't had the money to fund a position to update our electronic degree audit.


The new version of Oncourse is awful--awkward and convoluted. I keep going back to the older version.


One Start is very, very poorly designed. The information that One Start provides to faculty advisors is not only unhelpful, it is often just wrong (e.g. degree progress reports that are completely wrong or two semesters out of date). I always wind up going to find an [IRD] still using bits of paper who actually knows what's going on with a particular student. If there is a Hell, may whoever designed the system be forced to spend an eternity using the damn thing with only the idiot over in admin who paid him to do it for backup. –[IRD]


More space for mail. More disk space for backed up drives (O: drive at IUSB). More persons at IT to help with slow turn-around time. The help is usually good, but it can take weeks to get help on problems.


The people at the help desk are wonderful, but is sometimes takes the [IRD] MUCH to long to service faculty computers. I rely on my computer for both teaching and research. I also rely on constant email communication and file sharing for my campus, university, community, and national disciplinary service. I was without a computer for over seven days. This is simply unacceptable. This made my life extremely difficult. A substitute computer should have been located for me. The student services and advising information (including the new rosters and degree audit) are not at all user friendly. I think IT needs to focus on this area in the future. Otherwise, I have been very impressed with the services provided on our campus. I enjoy using (original!) Oncourse and Outlook. The spam filters are working fairly well. The HelpDesk staff has helped me with both teaching and research related questions, as well as general trouble shooting. This has been extremely helpful to me and allowed me to get my work done. Bravo!

In general, very good. Sometimes difficult to get a timely reply when I have problems in the office or classroom. Our campus website could be improved, compared to other campus sites I have visited. Sometimes difficult to find obvious info quickly. (maybe post FastFacts?) And, of course, I would love more frequent upgrades to my office computer!


Last year my computer suddenly stopped working. The IT people that came to help me thought it would be a 5 minute task to figure out the problem and fix it. It ended up taking a few hours, but they stuck with it, cheerfully, and solved the problem so I could get my work done. I was very impressed with their dedication and customer service skills.


SIS continues to be very slow, which is highly frustrating when I'm working with multiple students at a time (for instance, determining eligibility for honors and awards). Oncourse needs improved. I should be able to click on an individual student to access his/her grades for the class instead of having to scroll through the entire gradebook or just one particular assignment/exam. Also, I don't like the way Oncourse is set up to have a window inside the main window with separate scroll bars. When working in the gradebook, if I'm all the way to the right of the inside window, I have to scroll all the way down in the main window in order to access the scroll bar for the inside window, click to view the left side of the window, and then scroll back up to continue working. Oncourse should not be this difficult and time consuming. Oncourse should provide for faster navigation within one window. Original Oncourse was much better and superior than the new version. You should consider keeping as many features of the original version as possible.


PeopleSoft is not fully implemented yet--dreadful for students and advisors. We've had to spend a great deal of money on this system but never had enough support to enter all the data/catalogue information.


Regarding the issue of classroom cleanliness. I am continuously disappointed by the lack of cleanliness in Northside and Greenlawn Halls. The classrooms in Greenlawn are especially dirty. Trash can sit in a classroom for an entire semester and the floors are so dirty the students hesitate to put their books and bags on the floor because of the dirt. Is there something that can be done to address this issue?



Faculty |Staff | Students

One Start: Program tends to disappear if it isn't used for 15 minutes or so.


The customer service aspect of IT has decreased to where you do not know if you are going to get help or service or not. The cooperation and teamwork of the IT department with other IUSB departments is non existent on campus. The IT department needs to be more reponsive to the needs of the campus and stop saying they can't do this and that and find out how they can.


The IU South Bend IT team does a great job with their limited staffing resources.


Quite good overall.


Response time very, very slow...sometimes not at all. No contact back from voice mail at helpdesk.


IT Helpdesk personnel need to be more helpful to students when their IU email accounts are messed up.


IT has a very professional, caring, and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to assist, advise, and follow-up on a problem until it is resolved. Thanks for all that you do for us!




For the most part the IT systems at IUSB are the best I have used. It is sometimes difficult to find information using the IUSB webpage and many students are still not aware of the vast amount of information that is available to them on OneStart. I do still get a lot of spam, even when I have marked something as spam, I still sometimes get additional emails from the same source. The people who work in IT at IUSB are by far the best as far as being responsive, helpful and friendly. They are the greatest! Thanks!!


Our IT services at IU South Bend have declined in the past 4 years.


I have been satisfied with the services provided and response of our IT staff. Nothing is ideal. With that said, my experiences with the services and staff have allowed me to better manage the demands of my job.


Email is now our paperless file cabinet. Storage capacity is too low. I do not have time to have to save every large file I receive in another software or spend time deleting possibly important email to be able to send. Storage simply must be increased!!!!!


Very satisfied at this time. Thanks!


Some of the older computers in offices need to be up dated to match the ones in the labs. Some of the software that I have tried to download is missing dll. files which makes it impossible to download and/or use the program.


Our IT Staff at IUSB is wonderful! They deserve a big pat on the back.




No other comments


I would suggest training the [IRD] a little more. I frequently receive phone calls transferred from the [IRD] to my department when they were looking for something completely different.


Regional campuses seem to have their hands tied either through lack of resources or systemwide policies. The technology funding we have to send to Bloomington does not seem like an equitable deal for the other campuses. The lack of resources needlessly hampers development of data resources for us as independent institutions. This has put a considerable strain on other offices for data and information, such as the Registrar and Institutional Research.


I find the IT people of IU South Bend to be helpful, courteous, friendly, cooperative and generally feel quite supported with my computer problems here. Thanks for all you do for so many!


For the last 2 months I have been unable to open to view and/or print out the phone bills.


I really feel that I.T. does a good job over all with all the demands that are placed upon it. [IRD]


Problems in IT at IUSB seem to stem primarily from abrupt and unilateral decision making by the [IRD].


No, I don't no comments!


I think the new IUCAT is more combersome than the previous version and requires too much mousing. I would LOVE to see our telephone system provide us with a blinking light when we have a message, rather than having to pick up the phone to hear the dialtone. Many times I miss messages for several hours becuase of this. I have found the last couple of times I have used the Help Desk, that they were more helpful. Rather than just taking a message and getting back to me, the consultants are able to answer my question. This has been nice. I also want to compliment 2 people at IUSB's IT. This past summer I had a lengthy problem with some software specific to my department and [IRD] was very helpful and tenacious and eventually solved the problem. (It was the other end, not ours) Also, [IRD] has always provided me with expemplary service. Thanks!


Suggest having additional available hardware support when a computer is down. Being without a computer in our work area is very difficult and lack of "spare computers" or "lender" seems like it makes no sense. Same for printers...should be spare printers available if it takes more than 24 hours to fix or replace.


On course would be better if we went back to the old method, as it is user friendly...


My office computer has had numerious problem including a rebuild then crash. The unit was down for almost (2) business days. This office is the main hub for the Division and was not able to service student needs for those lost work hours. They did not offer a temporary computer as a loan, it was stated they did not have any avaiable. I find that a bit odd with the size of this campus not to have an extra unit available. Response time is not good between having the problem written up and solved. Staff I must say is a plus, helpful and try to solve the problem my either remote or phyically in person, which again may cause a delay.


It's frustrating as a student that we must pay technology fees that are based on the course.Not the prof. and the course, each have their own teaching methods,etc.. and their own uses or some have no use at all of the technology here, but we are charged these fees. You take a class that has a set tech. fee but you don't use the technology at all. The Prof doesn't use oncourse or any other media equipment for the course why am i paying a technology fee? Or your paying level two tech. fees for 10 minutes of use on the computer every other class period. IT may not be able to do anything about the situation, but i think every course and Professor should be evaluated as to how we are charged technology fees on campus.


When I dealt with [IRD] about a fax machine that wasn't working, he seemed to enjoy asking me questions and when I answered telling me I didn't know what I was talking about. I just wanted my fax machine to work and I never stated I knew how the phones or faxes were set up in my office.


I waste too much time each day deleting junk mail -- nearly 50 throughout each day. Had problems with mailbox being over limit. No one ever explained e-mail/web services to me when I started working over two years ago. A tutorial would have been extremely helpful.


We need more help with the IU South Bend web page.


I think the IT department does a great job. They just need to keep in mind that the vast majority of their customers are not IT experts. They've always been patient with me and I appreciate that.


At times there are barriers to getting IT Services in a timely manner. In addition there is a fee associated with these services which may not be understood by the requestor. If IT services are needed, but not budgeted, what is the process for getting these services?




The IU South Bend IT department has been excellent! It may help for staff to have a list of charges for different types of equipment hook-ups. I have defenitly appreciated all of the assitance I have received!


I find it difficult to change my voice message on the phone when I am going to be away. The directions are confusing. I follow them but it does not work. Every time I do it by trial and error. It takes way too long. Other than that, I am very satisfied with your services.


The Financial Management system is terrible. We have several accounts and subaccounts and I can't find out what the balance is, and neither can anyone in accounting. It looks like a very outdated DOS system.


I don't use the computer very much...only to check e-mails and answer requests from certain departments. However, this is the best system we have had in a long time.


I am fairly illiterate when it comes to computer usage and I have made that clear to several of the IT Support Staff. For some reason they do not seem to understand the concept of not having enough knowledge to even begin to understand the workings of the computer world. Although I had a class in the irst summer session on Introduction to Business computers, I did not learn a thing. We simply copied assignments out of a book and did each thing once and that was it. Not to mention the fact that there was always converstions going on in the class that had nothing to do with what we were to be learning. There were even women in the class that set there and put on their nail polish. I know very little and when I come and ask questions of IT support personnel, I always come away feeling as if I am the most ignorant of persons. You asked for my opinion and it is just an opinion.


It would be most helpful if, at the beginning of the survey, you indicate how long it might take to complete the survey and how many questions there are. For instance, "it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete this 25-question survey."


I personally think IT does a good job because as instructional technology specialist of UCET, I do have a lot of opportunities to work with IT personnel. For example, when I tried to set up a Webniar for a faculty, [IRD] did give me a lot of valuable help. IT Help Desk is even super nice. They are very responsive. Recently [IRD] and [IRD] help us with both designing a complicated web page and online streaming set up. We really appreciate that. I hope IT keep up with their good work. Thanks.

Faculty | Staff | Students

The oncourse interface is clunky and you usually have to login twice. Why? When using one start for registration and bursar bills, etc. it is not always clear how to move from one screen to another without losing data.


This works very well for me. I haven't had any problems with it so far. Good job!


I really like how the web is set up i can not think of any changes at this moment.




i really like being able to download software from iuware online. its very useful. (if only photoshop was free..)


The computrs should be updated like the ones in the computer lab in the library because the present ones are slow. the software should include more langauges becuase English is a bit hard at times.


Oncourse is a little bit hard because so few of the Professors actually use it. My first semester I checked it more often because I had a professor that posted regularly on Oncourse. This semester, I rarely check it because so few of my profs use it...


The one professor I had acted as if he didn't have or want to take the time to really teach students and since it was a beginning class I though that to be inappropriate. I have heard this complaint from other students in other classes also. The professors need to understand we are not on their level when we take these classes if we were their help would not be neede.


The facilities at Greenlawn are atrocious.


I had a major problem just before this semester began that lasted a couple of months. For reasons I do not understand, my ID and passphrase would not allow me to access webmail and many of the Onestart services. I repeatedly visited the help desk and was repeated told the same story: They had fixed the problem and all I would need do was wait a certain amount of time--long enough that I would not be able to follow up directly with the assistant with whom I had dealt--and I would be able to access these services. And frankly, every time I visited the help desk they seemed quite put off. Noone really seemed to care what a major communications stumbling-block I was facing. I finally called another number--presumably in Bloomington --and the person with whom I spoke was very amiable and solved the problem quickly. I was simply left with the impression that my local staff could not be relied upon for help.


Many of the webpages are so crowded with text and links that it is difficult to find what one is looking for. The old Oncourse was relatively user-friendly, but the new Oncourse is not.


Many of the headphones in the labs have only one working speaker.


Oncourse needs a lot of work done to it. Its hard to figure out how to email staff and students while signed into it. Otherwise, I am happy with the IT services provided at IUSB.

Good job


there should be some IDE software installed on the machines in the labs. only Visual studio 2003 and Java Forte are the ones installed. There is nothing for PHP or some of the other computer languages taught. those sort of softwares should be available in the computer labs. ofcourse only the computer science and informatics students are the ones that might use it, but they are the ones that help in developing the IT System at IU.


Just a few comments. There are not enough computers for daily student use on campus. I usually have to wait for a computer in the labs at DW. Also, the NetExpress computers in the SAC are great, but there should be two more. Also, the wireless connections in the library are terrible. I have tried several different wireless cards and computers to no avail. Thanks for the survey!


I have done a lot of research in the library. Your staff has always been there to help me. It has been a wonderful experience. When I came back to school in 2000 I had never been on a computer and it was the people in your labs that helped me with EVERY THING. I know that I was a pain because I was so ignorant. Only one student was not polite. That shows that you have a good staff. Thank-you so much for all of your help. I am finishing my Masters and will be out of school for a time. I plan on returning to take other classes. Thank-you again for all of your service. [IRD]


The next step would be to REQUIRE ALL FACULTY AND STAFF to USE oncourse as it is intended. Many professors do not use oncourse or even know how to.


[IRD] has had a horrible time getting equipment set up for our Tuesday class in 2263. We have wasted almost 2 hours of class time trying to track someone down. Finally, [IRD] (whom we really appreciate) fixed the problem. HE was courteous and helpful. The others were kind of rude and condescending - and to [IRD] no less. People in IMS need to answer the phone instead of people having to chase them down - literally.


One complaint that I have is that, during the day, there is a lack of computer availability. Either entire computer labs are devoted to a single class, and therefore off-limits to those not in the class, or the "open" labs are fully occupied. I have also occasionally experienced impending deadlines only to discover that the servers are down.


It would be beneficial if at least one computer with internet access could be made available to students in the Fine Arts building so that students who need to do a quick research study for a class would not have to leave the building to do so. It would also be very helpful if a complete computer/media set up could be made available in DW 3160 so that the English grad students would be able to use multi-media presentations. There are still several bugs that need to be worked out of the Oncourse system - especially in the Wiki area of the new version. Uploads from word documents are a nightmare! The system will not read punctuation from a curved font which is translated by the system as extremely irritating upside down question marks. When transferring a 10 plus page paper for online sharing, everything must be carefully re-edited. I know that many of my fellow users feel the same way. Although you can avoid the problem by typing directly into the window - it is quite tiny and hard to see what you have written. I also have issues with the One Start navigation through classes to take. It is really difficult to scan potential choices if you don't have a number in front of you. I much prefer the paper hard copy and then take the info online to register. Please, if the University does phase out the paper class catalog - at least print several copies to have available, if nothing else in the registrars office, so that those of us who do not wish to wade through the multiple steps of locating them on line can quickly find what we want on paper. I do want to thank IT for all of the great services that they offer and our on-line research database available through the library is one of the best in the country.


Wireless reliability and availability could be significantly better. Instructors tend to lack training or comprehension of how to use some of the classroom facilities, which is frustrating. Information on how to use IT resources is pretty spotty--it ranges from terrific to baffling. Also, please spell-check your pages. The ease of finding information has improved significantly in the last year or two, though, and I appreciate that. The new Oncourse posting stuff is much better in that it allows one to preview, spell-check, use formatting, etc., but the forum view in old Oncourse is much better and what I'd really like to see is message-board-style appearance in the forums. At a minimum, I would like "Expand all" in "Discussion" to actually EXPAND ALL, i.e., show me the actual responses in an expanded form, not just create lines for each person's response that I still have to click on. For an application that's otherwise great, this is really freaking annoying. Also, it would be nice if we could select which classes are always displayed along the top in Oncourse, or even just "archive" old classes--once it's been in use for a while, it seems like people are going to have to do a lot of scrolling to find their current classes in the list. I like Onestart a lot, especially our ability to register online. That is totally awesome because then I never have to deal with real actual people. However, the actual adding/dropping classes interface involves a lot of back-and-forthing, and I'm not sure why we can't arrange it so that we can search from the same page our chosen classes appear on.


The personel are awesome!


Web-based services made a big difference in the college experience. Keep expanding these services.


I have appreciated the reduced cost of computer software available. It has been very helpful in my studies to update or not pay the extreme cost of programs. Thank you.


I am an education major and have found trouble locating computers (that are available) to use the software program Inspiration. It is required for most, if not all, education classes, so it would be nice to have it available on all campus computers.


I live in campus housing and the wireless service is not regular or reliable... The bursar account summary is confusing, in that sometimes different amounts appear depending if you are at the make a payment page, or if you are at the summary of your bursar account for all semesters. Without this two execeptions, I can say the IT has been very helpful in all the services I have used.


I had frequent difficulties logging into IU websites via my home computer. When I would contact the help desk I was informed it was due to using Mozilla Firefox as my browser. I believe it would be beneficial to accommodate those of us who use something besides explorer. Overall I have been satisfied though.


Don't offer a link to access the campus network drives remotely if it isn't going to work. Or if you do, put a note on the page that says that it doesn't work. The slashes of the URL are backwards and don't include http: Beyond that the system does not even seem to be up and running anymore. Before I could connect and there would just be no drives to access, whereas now I am not even able to authenticate. Hopefully this means that you are aware of this and working on it. You could take a look at Notre Dame's webfile system, webfile.nd.edu, for a good example of a functioning system. Its also easy to remember, unlike \\sb-inft-vault2.ads.iu.edu That's my only major problem, but its a big one. Many professors of mine use the S: drive rather than oncourse.


I hope student computing aid staffs will be more friendly and respond to students' needs more properly. There were some occasions where I couldn't even find any staffs when I needed help.


IUSB may give more information about computer labs' locations and open time to students.


IUSB webpage is not userfriendy and not attractive


I have always had positive experiences when dealing with the IT help desk, and appreciate the technology available to me as a student. I am not completely sold on the new OnCourse system. It does not allow you to communicate with professors or classmates. It would be helpful to education students to have a computer lab available in Greenlawn at all times.


I would like to utilize the system more between the instructors and the students on the OnCourse system. I would especially like to have on-line 3credit classerooms available. The student could be at the home computer and actually see the instructor instructing the class and maybe somehow we could be on a chat page or voice response system with the classroom. Maybe the instructor would instruct the entire class from a computer, we could all be logged in together with a special code or password available only to the students of that class. Similar to the code for the instructor evaluation forms. I would certainly try one class from home if the program were made available to us. Thank you.


I find it extremely frustrating that the SOE has one computer lab and general availability during day classes is very limited due to scheduled computer classes. In addition, if a student needs to access a file from, say Oncourse, between classes, the only choice they have (because of time constraints, obviously) is the LRC and they are charged (a nominal fee, but it is the principle)for prints. I believe it would be more equitable to education majors to move the W2oo classes to Wiekamp or open a second lab in Greenlawn


the new oncourse is terrible, I like the old way better, and I don't like how hard it is to navigate between iusb's home page, onestart, & oncourse and having to enter my password so many times. The new classifieds on onestart are awful. i like the old way better.


It has always been happy to help me when I have needed it. Thank you and keep up the good work.


When it comes to the online posting of financial aid, it seems like it takes much longer then it should. If the information is there, it should be posted as soon as possible to plan ahead.


there are always problems with oncourse and the new oncourse system is more diffifult to navigate and communicate with individuals w/i your classes


it is very difficult to register for classes (just putting in the course number becomes difficult


Good job.


From the webmail login page, a link to the main iusb page and to Oncourse would be highly recommended. As it is setup now, I have to type in the address to the main page to continue on with my routine. Most students like to go from one to the other to check for mail, updates, etc. Also, from the main page I think it would be easier if you provided the plain links instead of a scroll box of links to specific pages. The way it is setup now is inconvient and time consuming. Another gripe I have is that the search function that searches the IUSB webpages and databases is completely useless. When I wish to find information I'm usually directed to irrelevant pages or actual documents that provide too in-depth information. On the OneStart page I am of the opinion that there is absolutely way too much going on. Too many links and too much information is provided at once, causing confusion and frustration. I understand that Oncourse is in an inbetween phase right now, but I find that I prefer the old Oncourse to the new. I'm only a first year student, being introduced to both at once and my preference falls on the old. The new Oncourse in clumsy and hard to navigate. Another gripe is the off-campus accessibility of the network. I searched the IUSB website for 45 minutes and couldn't find anything to let me connect from a remote location. In general the IUSB Webpages are hard to navigate and can be extremely frustrating.


I do not like the new Oncourse.


I do not like the new oncourse because it seems more confusing to use. its also harder to upload pictures and the tab for class, shows all the classes you have taken at IU south bend. I rather have the class per semester show.


I would like to clarify that my low evaluation of Oncourse is specificly for Oncourse CL [the new Oncourse]. I like the old Oncourse better because you can go to one main screen and it shows you if you have new mail or new bulletins and from which classes, and it's easier to navigate than the new Oncourse. You're less likely to miss something that the professor has posted because it will show up right when you log into the classroom site, and there is so much clutter in the new Oncourse that it is easy to miss things, sometimes, I think.


Information Technologies is great!! It helps me out alot!! Thank you!!!


majority of the time the equipment does not work in our classrooms, when the professor goes to get someone to fix it there is no one avialable. We pay quite a technology fee for us not to be able to use the technology when it matters. If the technology will not work we should not have to pay the fee. What am i really paying for??? Also everytime i ask a computer lab attendant a question they have no clue what i am talking about!! are they there for assistance or just to make sure no one does anything stupid? They are clueless about software, even how to access IU specific things!! this is very frustrating.

Any not satisfied boxes marked I intended to refer to the the sebalious lab and recording studio in the basement of NS0068. Its sad the school can invest in bigger windows for the doors to the practice rooms but they can't afford keyboards for ten new MACs for those rooms. Fred Flinstone used those machines. Where does our fees for those rooms go. The school charges us for it. We expect to be able to do homework there. [IRD] has went above and beyond in assisting me in my computing issues. He has helped me to build a system at home that can do what the sorry computers in NS0068B cannot. Give that guy a raise. Hire ten more of him.


The IU Black board system. Don't use it, I don't care for it. I can't figure out how to use it and the old way of emailing anouncements was way better. I have miss out on alot because of black board.


Survey was to long


Newer hardware needs to be available sooner.


More computer labs, more computers.




I am a blind student on campus, availibility and knowledge of reading software is extremely limited. also, the "speical needs" room in the library is lacking , braille printer has not worked on a regular basis, the reading programs that myself and other visually impaired students would need are in the main lab, where one has a hard time accessing them, they need to be moved. Understandly this is a budget issue, but at times when the programs do not work, seems like a long time before they are fixed, they need to be in more labs than just one or two (programs) Kurzweil (version on campus) is not good for the blind. Need more Jaws, Window Eyes, Zoomtext Thanks !


It would be great if there was a way to keep people off of MySpace and FaceBook because even though poking people at school is a vital task, I would love to be able to use a computer when I need it instead of waiting for some dumb blonde to upload pictures. Thanks

You need more computing labs and mark the ones you have so that they are more recognizable. They can be hard to find at times for a person that it unfamiliar with the campus. Signs giving directions, in the basement floor in the Northside Building for example, would also help. One can easily get lost in that building. But that is true for about any room down there, not just the computer lab. You also need to have more random computer stations throughout the campus and have them more clearly marked. I don't know if this is your area, but it would also be a good idea to have an interactive academic planning section in OneStart that shows how far a person has traveled in their educational goals and how far they have left. You have the beginning for one, but it isn't very user friendly. An online acacedemic mapping system of some sort that shows what the various programs require (both for the generals and the core courses) would be good. It would also be nice if we could have a "Maintain My Account" tab or something in OneStart so that we could more easily change our account passwords. You also need to make it so that email could automatically be accessed once one has already signed in to OneStart, much like one can sign in to Oncourse without having to retype the user name and password again once one has signed in to OneStart. This makes it so that you can keep just one screen going and access everything from email to registration to the calendar all at once. How do I know if once I sign out of OneStart at the top of the screen that it signs me out of IUWebmail as well? Getting these sections to work together would be a good idea. It could be a sort of one stop shop, much like you are attempting, only the shop keeper (OneStart) wouldn't be sending one off to another shop to find something that the shop has already advertised as having available. If email could be a section of OneStart and not just a connection to OneStart, I think it might make it a little easier and help a person move much faster th rough the system. If you could accomplish this, than why not do the same with OnCourse? You could have it as a tab like you do email. If you could get the system to keep tabs at the top of the screen so that one could navigate in between tabs easily while seeing where they are and knowing what else is available, it would cut down on navigation between websites. I hope this all makes sense. Thank you.


I was looking to change my major and I found that the link to some department are easier to naviagate and find the information needed opposed to others


oncourse and onestart are too busy. for example: when i want to check a message from one of my teachers on oncourse i have to click through several different tabs before i find what i am looking for. there is too much useless information. students want to check for messages and assignments from teachers on oncourse and not too much else. as far as onestart, it is too congested as well. the email is frustrating. when i delete something i want it to disappear, instead i have like 15 pages of mail, some of it from previous semesters. and no one want to read those weekly newsletters that are sent out. they just congest the inbox. at least make them shorter and to the point. simple is better. i promise. students have enough to concentrate on without the frustration of navigating through the websites.


The Help desk is very efficient in their response time when confronted with student problems with IT, they are great.


E-mail should offer an optional download-able component similar to Thunderbird or Outlook express. I hardly ever check it online - I only visit to clean out my inbox. OnCourse (new) is a complete disaster. The old format was much better - overall easier to use and it looked nicer. More computer labs need to be open in all buildings, and hours of operation should be extended.

I found that the hours listed for a computer lab did not match up to actual hours open. At first, I planned my schedule around open lab hours. After I found that the posted hours did not match open hours, I gave up on IUSB's reliability and found an alternative way to access online information. If you say that the lab will be open, I expect that it will be. I feel that the IUSB "lab" hours are a tease. Why isn't ther a 24 hr. lab available to students at IUSB. As students at a commuter campus, we have a variety of commitments. Why should commuter students be expected to comply with traditionl lab hours? I have felt very frustrated when arriving on campus to find the campus closed. Why are all of the computer labs closed at the same time? B.S. I have begun suggesting Bethel as an alternative to IUSB! IUSB is not friendly to adult, alternative, or continuing eduaction professionals!


The Original OnCourse is a LOT better than the new version. It allows for students to see how they are measuring up to the rest of their class as far as grade percentages. It also calculates the grade by the course and the new version does not. This is a serious fault in my opinion. The student must manually calculate their overall grade which takes time to do something that the old oncourse version did. The new version is also not very user-friendly.


make available more computer labs, especially the computer lab in greenlawn. The lab seems to be closed quite a bit.


Wireless availability is weak at best in many campus buildings, also [IRD] are extremely rude.


There are not enough computers in the nurses lab in NS on the 4th Floor, most of the time 2 or more are down...this is a shame...as there is a lack of computers there anyway. Placing an additional 4 more lab sets in there is easily accomodated...this should be done to help us in the nursing dept.


Many Professors aren't very familiar with the Oncourse system and don't know how to post grades and announcements. Many do know how to use it and choose not to. Students love being able to see their grades online, rather than waiting until the next class. About the room temperatures and overall atmosphere, it seems that Wiekamp Hall can't figure out how to regulate the temperatures among the classrooms. Many are sooo cold that it distracts from attentiveness.


Chairs in computer labs are horrible and need to be evaluated and cycled out when they no longer work properly (lower & lift option, back support broken). Access to scanner can be difficult when you have to ask someone to get up and move to another computer (even more so, when all other computers are in use), it should either have time limit on those station or special password access, so that it is not used as a generic work station... also, need to make sure HP software is updated at all stations to avoid problems for users). When all the computers are taken in every lab, it is frustrating to see that many students (as many as 75% at times)are looking at UTube/ Myspace/ watching TV or other web site video/ soft porn / etc. Those who need to access stations for class projects and research are unable to. I don't know if there is a way to better monitor personal usage on these stations, but during busy times... there really needs to be a better policy in place to ensure that those who need stations for school related projects have access.


Whenever I have had questions, someone was available to assist.


the information provided for remote access to the campus network drives is inadequate


It's unfortunate to eliminate dial up service. I and many others use it every day.


Please create a new webmail site. After I check my IU webmail box and log in, the whole webpage has no other link I would go. For instance, if I want to go back to IUSB website, there is no link on the current webpage, so I need type IUSB website address again. It is really bad.


Personaly, I feel the old version oncourse (the one i used in 2005 Fall to 2006 Spring)is handier than the new version oncourse(currently one).


I am very happy with the Oncourse and OneStart programs at IUSB. They are extremely helpful!!


I think there should be clearer signs put up so you can see if there is a class in the computer lab or not.


You should think about a computer lab in the SAC...even if it entitles you to use your student id to get in. I also prefer the old Oncourse to the new.


The labs are open 24 hours prior to finals week, during finals they close. Iis is really inconvenient to have a place to work on campus to be moved out because labs are closed. I sat in my car, after midnight during finals week and realized I was not the only one wanting, more like needing a place to work. I don't have a computer at home,and I know many other student don't either, so I utilize the labs frequently. The closure made my studying and I know many others more complicated. I would hope that those decision makers would reconsider the policy before the end of the semester.




The individual computers placed around campus are very good but it would be nice if you guys could put up more in Northside and one in the art building.


OneStart Lite is faster than regular OneStart, but still is way too slow.


onestart could be better organized. registering for classes could be a little simpler.


Would like to see more teachers posting and using OnCourse for grades and schedules, even their syllabus. Most of the profs that don't use it say it is too difficult or time consuming.


Good job


No thank you. But I appreciate the offer.