2008 UITS IUB User Survey - Text Comments

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Question: Are there any additional comments you would like to make about University Information Technology Services?


Identifying references have been removed from this document and replaced with [IRD]. Case IDs have also been removed from this document. Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate students.

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More service oriented, personal contact should be mandated.


* Keep the knowledge base more up to date. * Provide more modern telephone equipment in the faculty offices. * Improve the OneStart interface. The current version is better than the older, but still needs work in reducing clutter and improving usability.


great over all experience with UITS -- via phone and main library. not so much with Stat/Math center personnal, which do not seem to be service oriented.




Can you move stat/math online so I don't need to walk to their offices to buy software


Too often it seems that UITS tells the university community what it needs rather than asking us what we do and do not want or need. Notable problem areas are Oncourse, which is gradually getting better, and Onestart.


The telephone help is essential. I do use it and it has helped considerably. The Oncourse quiz possibilities are disappointing. I would like to be able to ask math questions that allow a different set of numbers to be generated for each variable so that each student would have a different problem for the same question. The current system isn't nearly to that point. Yet colleagues teaching at other institutions have this available, making their teaching more effective.


The TIME system is horrible, and email quotas need to be higher


I have had lots of very positive support from UITS, a [IRD] who knows some technology, and feels very competent and respected when I do have to ask for help. great resource we have here at IU and I think until we talk to folks other places, we have just taken you all for granted. I don't, love you for your support!


OneStart is very cumbersome. Service offered to home computers and to office computers are excellent - incredibly helpful, nice and knowledgeable professionals.


Areas of concern: oncourse is still very user-unfriendly. My most recent serious problem - thus some of the negative evaluations here - was that I started receiving messages on my fairly new, IU-supported and set up laptop that my microsoft copy wasn't genuine. In the end, it turned out that the product key simply had to be reentered, but it took me hours (literally), including several phone calls with iuts and microsoft (!) to figure out what to do because neither my local campus support staff nor the uits support initially seemed to know what to do. It was a bit annoying, to say the least.


I find much of the navigation around the system peculiar, nor illogical. I think part of the problem is having computer people indexing or organizing information instead of librarians




I don't care for the new oncourse - particularly the "gradebook" feature.


I rely heavily on the Kelley School IT personnel. The service I get from them FAR exceeds anything I need from the centralized IU offices.


In general I find the services from UITS are excellent. My department continues to struggle when using the Knowledge Base. It's hard to navigate, and hard to find answers for specific problems.


There are too many bugs in Oncourse. And it is designed for collaborative research, not classroom use. It is much inferior to Angel. This is problem #1. Problem #2 is that the computers in the classrooms (Business school) are set up to cause the most amount of security and the least amount of usefulness. There has to be a better way.


At 1am or 2am on some mornings, everything goes down for about an hour. 2. You are doing a great job.


Overall, I think UITS does a great job and that we have a great computing environment here at IU, especially in the computer science department. I do have a few specific complaints, however. oncourse has been too slow and too inflexible to be useful for me, with no support for setting up my own programs to postprocess assignment submissions and my own cgi scripts to provide feedback. onestart is too full of things I don't use, and it's difficult to find the things I do use---they seem to move around or disappear (e.g., "instructor information", which I could not find anywhere on onestart a week or so ago). Paycheck information cannot be printed reliably with any browser I've tried (IE, firefox, opera)---please switch to pdf. It's irritating to have to go through oncourse to get student ids for my rosters, especially since oncourse is often a day or so behind the rosters (that don't have ids) available through onestart. VPN service for macs is often unreliable.


need to improve the search engine (www.indiana.edu), and get rid of oncourse (too many bugs)


new systems like "Time" are not intuitive. Need to do more user testing prior to release.


1) high speed network/connections are very important for my research -- e.g., I do all significant computing elsewhere at large computing centers but need to access, view and manipulate results. All live scientific discussions (5-7/wk) have web based connection for exchange of content results/presentations. 2) mail service: a giant problem is new expanded memory exchange disks which appear very slow to conventional command line interfaces (well also web browsers but not as intractable). As part of 500 member scientific collaboration I live & die on ability to read/sort/respond to order of 50-100 meaningful e-mails per day. Fight with disks (via pine/etc) a continual PITA and only solution seems to move all info offline as quickly as possible.


need faster, friendlier MDSS for research storage. More wireless, give me a fast affordable home option so I don't need Insight. I am still upset by the loss of on-campus computer repair.


I was told by UITS that Vista was going to be installed in PV151 last fall. I reserved the room last fall for my class. Upon our arrival we found that Vista was not even installed in the STC. I have called a few times asking whether or not Vista was installed in other clusters. The Help Desk didn't know the answer and didn't know how to find out. MS Office was upgraded around the beginning of the semester. Several critical issues with MS Access were to be fixed. UITS was contacted asking when the latest service pack was going to be installed in the STCs. We were told that UITS did not have any plans to install the service pack. You make everyone use Office 2007 when there are so many deficiencies. However, you don't seem to be interested in fixing the problems with the service packs.


OnCourse is a disaster and continues to be more trouble than it’s worth. UITS needs to communicate more with better information when problems occur. On help desk communication needs to be made before/while work on a solution is being done – otherwise we don’t know if you have got our request or not.


Navigation in OneStart is confusing.


Classroom support is terrible. Most of the time, support for specific problems takes from 3-10 days. But what is far worse is the overall support for technology in IUB classrooms. Ivy Tech has better classroom support in terms both of technology and % o


Onestart is terrible.


The folks at x5-6789 have almost always been helpful and polite, as have my contacts at valid@indiana.edu. However, as an LSP I've noticed several issues that never get posted on itnotices.iu, or that only get posted after an hour or so into the issue, and it would help us to see more timely postings there. Finally, here in Jordan Hall we still have only 10% w


It would be very helpful to have an exam environment set up in the labs. When students take an exam in the labs, they could use a specific logon that takes them to a blue screen that only contains the exam file and a method of uploading the exam. Small colleges have this type of exam environment why doesn't IU?


It was WONDERFUL to have the size of our email boxes increased, because I need to save lots of stuff so I have access to it when I travel and also in connection with contracts and projects.


If possible, please make Ruckus available through the STCs. I teach a class on Latin American popular music, and I find this free and legal downloading service available to all with a .edu account very useful. They currently need to expand the number of subscribers in order to stay in business.


The new OneStart is extremely difficult to navigate. None of the headings make sense to me.


I could not get by without Computer Support Services. They are terrific. I rely on Webmail exclusively and love it.


One Start is too big and confusing. I can't find what I'm looking for, or remember where things are located. I HATE IT! I want to be able to customize a page with ONLY the things I need in a clear, easy to navigate format. A Macintosh person should look at this and figure out how to make it intuitive. OnCourse is also more complicated than I think it should be. I hate the voicemail program. It forces you to listen to too many prompts and push too many buttons before you get the messages. Logging in to CAS needs to be global. If I am on my personal computer, and logged in to CAS, I should be able to move to Oncourse, OneStart, IUCAT etc WITHOUT LOGGING IN EVERY SINGLE TIME as I change/add windows This is enormously annoying, and a huge waste of time. Either you have a central authorization or you don't - clearly we don't.


Oncourse needs to be improved. You should set up standard attendance for each term. At the moment one has to add an excel form to oncourse and as you up load and down load the functions are lost in the chart. The previous gradebook model worked better. Love UITS though. You are all great!!!!


I would like to see a system allowing a certain number of hours in which users are able to gain administrator rights to their campus computers. the current system requiring permission for every software update or other housekeeping operation is a real pain. Oncourse remains clunky and inflexible in all sorts of ways, most notably in grading. telephone staff at 5-6789 are uneven in quality, though overall service is good. Our CITO staff are generally excellent. I found some software purchasing information hard to find, for common software outside the campus agreement (eg Adobe Acrobat). Overall IT environment is excellent, however. Improved Microsoft Exchange Web interface, which I use when I have no vpn connection, is much much better.


I have experienced ongoing problems with Oncourse - missing assignments, assignments not showing up when students have submitted them...VERY frustrating.

You need to find a better system for managing and training the people who answer the Mac lines at 5-6789. Over the past 5 years there have been exactly two people there who where competent. I avoid calling as much as possible because I know I will get a person who is happy to keep me on the line endlessly while she or he acts like they know what they are doing but in fact don't. In the fall I had a guy who keep consulting with his supervisor on a problem I had and he could not solve, and the supervisor kept making it worse, until finally the supervisor told the guy talking to me that I would simply have to reinstall my operating system. At that point I sought other help, and had the problem solved in less than five minutes, WITHOUT REINSTALLING ANYTHING. In my view you need new supervisors in the Mac line, you need to actually train the people who answer the phone, and you need to monitor the whole operation much much better. I am completely dissatisfied with this service!


You may want to have a newsletter with services you offer and such. It would help enunciate the roles you play. I didn't know enough about the services you offered in several of the questions I answered.


please start answering your phones when faculty call for help----way too often you have to leave a voicemail. system for changing passwords is way out of date....that I have to wait for someone to call me back and leave my new password on a voicemail for web password changes, etc get rid of the 8 character limits and the use of "~" in account names....people think this ~ thing is crazy in other parts of the world and we spend hours in every study reminding people to type the tilda


I love UITS. Having UITS service is a bonus to working at IU. I have always received excellent service when I call for help. Keep up the good work!


An implementation of RSS feed on iuware website would be great. That way I'd know if there is new software available to us right away...


LOVE the 5-6789 service. Need more Oncourse help. Always delete the IUTS bulletins. IUCAT & the library pages are TERRIBLY organized. Find the CITO/IUTS % c


I do not like the gradebook on the new Oncourse...bring back the old gradebook. It worked much better.


Oncourse is bad and getting worse. The help provided for Oncourse is almost completely useless. For some reason the technicians think that faculty are idiots and treat us as such. OneStart has become so complicated I can't be bothered with it. Even the events calendar is so slow that it is useless. Webmail is too slow and the quota's are too small. Spam filters should be better. I am a faculty member and I hear from my staff that PeopleSoft is the bane of their existence. Overall, for all the money and personnel that is devoted to IT, the result is more negative than positive.

I find computing technology and assistance at IU to be, overall, absolutely fantastic. [IRD]


This university takes pride in being recognized in recent years as one of the nation's "most wired" universities. While this is a good thing overall, we would do well to remember that we also enjoy access to one of the best research libraries in the nation. We should not move into a mind-set where we're either putting funds toward improving STCs and technology, or we're increasing the materials budget for the library. We need to do both/and. The ways in which research libraries are being evaluated/ measured for quality is currently not fixed/ established for the long term. New metrics are in place and this will continue to evolve. There are currently many unknowns, and healthy debates about what makes a high quality research library. More access to workstations and a concurrent movement to downsize or eliminate libraries will create a new university environment, but it's premature to conclude that it will produce a superior, research /learning-friendly environment.

New onestart is a disaster. Can't find anything anymore. Changes in email near end of last year screwed up all kinds of things. Marginally better now but still won't connect at times.


please organize to send your experts at UITS to individual departments to train faculty in latest in WEB/Computer/software technologies. Many of us are not using the latest technology when it comes to WEB/PODCasting/software (multimedia), graphics software.


Our building has poor support for high volume data transfer. Laboratory data is video, and backup is SLOOOW.


would like to know what resources are available


It is hard to tell which services are part of UITS and which are School- or program-based. The decision support environment has not received the level of attention that the operational environment has received.


At the ballet department, we do not use much technology--in fact, we use our own cameras to film things, etc. I celebrate my modest achievements with computers and don't feel quite qualified for this survey, but I am very pleased with the computer and telephone services that I do use on campus.


As an instructor, Oncourse has been an ongoing challenge, but the changes made this year have made improved the usability. Ongoing issue: gradebook will not allow the adding of extra credit without weighting it toward grade. We are trying postit now to see if that works better. We have had several UITS speakers talk to our UTA class, and they have been excellent. When equipment fails in p100, service is prompt and very good. Some problems with microphones occur fairly regularly. I very much appreciate the services offered, and the good cheer and hard work of those working at UITS who provide assistance!


In general, these services are very good, but please quit changing the layout and format of services like Onestart. I thought the earlier version of Onestart was more intuitive and easier to navigate than the present one. Don't make changes if they are really not necessary. It's stressful to keep having to learn new sites just to do routine tasks.


Hate hate hate Peoplesoft, don't know if it is anything to do with you...


I'm generally happy with the support provided me, ESPECIALLY with CITO, which is wonderful! On the other hand, Oncourse CL is a nightmare. IU has taken a very functional and easy to use system and rendered it dysfunctional and incomprehensible. The new Oncourse is also dysfunctional because it only allows one gradebook. I have to post attendance records on Post 'Em. Finally, for the most part my interactions with support staff have been very positive. But sometimes the people responsible for helping faculty when classroom technology fails have been rude and unhelpful. I still fume when I recall a situation two years ago when I needed a remote to work a DVD player and the Classroom technology people refused to walk one over, forcing me to leave my class for 20 minutes. When I complained to their supervisor, she told me the person with whom I spoke "didn't realize" that I was in the middle of a class. That's patently false, since when I phone I made it extremely clear that I was in the middle of a class. So I would say that Oncourse and the work ethic/attitudes of Classroom Technology personnel are the issues that need work.


A useful addition to technology classrooms would be a writing tablet to allow annotation of PDF or Powerpoint slides during lectures. Webmail and IUCAT are both often too slow. The search on Webmail has become harder to use. Certain features, such as moving messages to folders, have never worked properly. The grade roster facility in Onestart has improved considerably since its initial implementation. The research computing environment at IU is world class!

There are two areas in my research I would like to have consulting/computing support. One is programming. I'm trying to so some things with Perl and cannot get any help on campus, while if I have trouble with something as elementary as Excel there is all kinds of assistant. Second, I would like support with OCR. The elementary stuff like Omnipage for the desktop is fine for some things, but there are much more powerful solutions that are beyond the reach of an individual researcher.

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It would be nice if we had a way of getting a hold of someone via phone for support services. More in depth IUIE training is needed, if you have anything to do with this. And it would be fantastic if there was actually a unit on campus who could run these reports for departments--they are too confusing to run when you only use the system once in a while.


Regarding the fee sotware CD: I am wondering if instead of macintosh iuware if I could receive some web publishing software for the Mac such as iWeb. I noticed for PC that frontpage 2003 is available, but no web publishing sotware for Mac? Why not?


Please deploy Cisco VOIP phones campus-wide! I had one assigned in the testing phase at Kelley and miss it terribly!!!!!!!




For the services I'm familiar with and have used, UITS is doing a great job. Thanks for your good work!!


I am both thankful and relieved that UITS has such a user friendly help line. I know that most of the problems I have presented to the help line have been created by me, but the staff are very patient and helpful in getting me out of the hole in which I have dug! Thanks


The questions I did not answer simply do not apply to my staff position. Our secretary handles all issues other than the ones our tech person deals with.


The UITS guys are great, and are always ready to help when we need it. I don't touch our home computer,so only use it at work.

the student consultants for the computers at Wells Library are fantastic!


The interruptive changes of PeopleSoft systems has been negative from my perspective. I fail to see why such systems need to undergo such changes so frequently. It has been too disruptive of ongoing work.




I believe UITS does a good job. Occasional system down time is frustrating but infrequent.


Better consultant support for STC lab Music 373. Consultants do understand the special software and interfaced synth keyboards.


If it is possible to get more information to staff about the offerings from the IU department it would be nice. Class offerings, services etc.


It would be nice if when a person calls uits for help with computer stuff that the person does not make the person feel really stupid.


Timekeeping system can benefit from many small improvements to the user interface. It works but is clunky - especially HORIZONTAL SCROLLING!! Get rid of Cha Cha as the default choice in OneStart!! Cha Cha SUCKS! Let me set a Google preference at least.


You should try to hire people who are a little less arrogant in the STCs. Though there are some shining stars and very helpful people, their service is often overshadowed by (frankly) I want to call the "arrogant Mac-loving pricks" who speak down to just about every client who dares to interrupt whatever important personal work they seem to be doing on the workstations behind the counter. Again, I will say that I've met some true gems in the IC, but I (and others) have run across people with such poor social skills that they should not even be allowed on facebook and other social networking sites. (NOTE: I work full-time in tech support, so I may be judging these folks a little more harshly than the average user. With that said, I have heard and witnessed horror stories at some of the clusters, and I have to wonder if part of my technology fees are being squandered.)


I have always received excellent service for the applications I use the most.


Keep up the good work.


All employee pay advices should be available in PDF format. Currently only the most recent pay advice is.


TIME is a dog of an application. To have to refresh the screen after each entry is dated.


UITS continues to incredibly bloat the costs of information infrastructure systems, at staggering levels. PeopleSoft continues to represent a terrible, slow, bloated environment. IUIE is hodgepodge of multiple complex and slow running views for reporting. It is amazing the house of cards has not collapsed, or survived the recent upgrade. Top level management of UITS continues to be a bunch of arrogant, self-centered power mongers, who treat staff with little respect, while rewarding friends and those with close relationships. This has been true for over a decade or more. UITS has far too much power within the university, and eventually academics will realize this, although too late, when they find that the roles of power are reversed, and the technologists are telling them, the faculty, what they should be researching, and how, using technology or else, they should be doing it.


I'm glad you are there when I need help


It would be very nice if the OneStart system wasn't so slow. Sometimes it takes too long to get a document to open or to be able to get maneuver around the system.

I am a staff member with a lot of programming and network experience. (1) I find web applications slow. I think overall this hurts productivity. Part of the problem is over-engineering. Part of the problem is network traffic. (2) There have been serious network problems in the past year. I know a lot of UITS staff, and in the main I feel they know their jobs and work hard. But, I think the problems indicate that (a) the number of systems and their complexity is outstripping UITS' ability to handle them and (b) the bureaucracy and "chimney" culture at UITS hampers problem-solving. It is too easy to say "not my job". People are also apparently discouraged (or not sufficiently motivated) from getting an overall, rough-outline view of how things work, how things fit together, and what the dependencies are. This is a killer for the kind of institutional memory required to manage a complex system. (3) The network is crucial to staff productivity. One problem is that we have a lot of long-serving staff members who don't want to change how they do things (this one often included). But, on the other, UITS "sells" things with whiz-bang, rah-rah rhetoric, not with a practical approach of "this is the problem you've told us about, and here's how this innovation can help solve it". There are two types of UITS staff. First, there are management bureaucrats. Here's an example. I went to a meeting recently, where a high manager was urging staff to take certain actions. In the course of the talk, it became evident that (a) this person had no clue as to how the institutional data was structured and organized, even though that knowledge was crucial to the goal, (b) what other needs competed with what was being pushed, and what the priorities of those needs might be, and (c) the problems the people in the trenches might have. The whole talk was "it's really important that we all get on board and get this done". This turned me off--the whole tone was a veiled "we haven't go tten the cooperation we need from you on this, and I can't be bothered to understand why that might be". Second, there are tech-weenies (this staff member being one at times). These folks want to build shiny new stuff. They don't care to understand business rules, they don't care to listen to computer-inarticulate users try to explain what needs to be done, they don't want to take the time to translate users' needs into a solution ("would something like this work do what you are asking for?"). They don't want to hear about a lot of outlier cases that don't fit into a neat programming box. They just want to do cool, clean techie design stuff and go on. High-skill (at least nominally) programming types are rewarded. So are cool-buzzword, trade-mag-reading, latest-trends managers. People who work hard to understand what users are trying to do and how the systems look to them, and then try to translate that into technical specifications, are not. So, you don't have a whole lot of them. I have seen a lot of fads come and go. (One might be java.) It is important to keep one's eye on the needs, and not on the "next big thing". [IRD]


The 24/7 support is invaluable.


no comments


no comment


The current voice mail system is terrible and a huge step backward from the system that had been in effect before. It needs to be changed.




I think UITS and the ITs (especially [IRD] in University Division) provide an outstanding service to us all I appreciate it very much! Thank You!!!!!


The business systems are terrible--an incredible amount of time is WASTED dealing with E-doc problems. It's so inefficient and "clunky" and frustrating.


The live support people at 5-6789 are great; so are the classroom technology live support people. I really appreciate the high level of service you guys provide.


Overall, very good. Some things (voicemail, webmail) could be more user friendly, but I am confident in UITS's attempts to improve usability.


I would definitely like to see notices about IT problems posted more quickly to http://itnotices.iu.edu/. That way not so many of us would end up calling to report the same problem. I always check itnotices first, but there is usually quite a lag time before the first "We're aware that there's a problem" notice goes up. And I would like to see more Knowledge Base entries for the kinds of problems that we end up having to call UITS about. Sometimes the person I reach is really knowledgeable and helpful, but too often I realize that I already know more about what's needed to resolve my problem than the person I've called for help knows.


The CSR's that give support on 5-6789 are extremely helpful, keep up the good work. They are very patient and able to assist with a variety of issues. I wish all the other systems (epic, payroll, fis, etc.) worked so well.


Thank you for your services.


UITS is a huge unit and it is difficult to know about all the services it offers. When I have inquired, the responses I have gotten have been difficult to understand, given that I am not well-versed in the tech vernacular that so many in UITS speak. It would be very helpful to get some plain language answers to questions that we ask. There is no better way to make me not want to engage the unit than for members in that unit to continually speak "over my head" constantly even when I ask for a description that a technology mortal might understand... I appreciate the role UITS plays tremendously - but, collectively you are not the easiest to work with.




The IUIE is very difficult for me to use. I think if the development teams would have included a person or two that were users of the old system, the same jargon could have been used. I think it would be much less confusing.


Nice work!




When doing an IU Search it never brings up the departments first. Usually it brings up an article in the news and several links down will be the department. This can get confusing and irritating. Try looking up Continuing Studies and see where they are in the list.


Phone service is archaic; phone forwarding and voice mail do not work well and are cumbersome, have to push 1 three times to get your voice mail; if i forward the phone it still rings, etc. As far as UITS training, i find the training sessions to be at inaccessible times, as i am an employee and work so there is no chance for me to add to my skill set, I have been struggling with Office 2007 since it was installed because there is no time to take a course outside of work time. part is due to departmental restriction but also the very few times courses are offered.


Some IUIE searches are nearly impossible to construct without help from the experts.


Most of the "3" answers I gave on this survey have to do with PeopleSoft/Oracle, not with UITS itself. The software is usable and in some cases quite good, but my job takes me a lot longer to do now simply because I'm clicking and scrolling a lot more than in the legacy system--and because it is constantly being upgraded. Just when I'm starting to feel comfortable with the system, I have to relearn what I'm doing. The same goes for OneStart. I'm sure these are not new complaints, however. :-) I tend to use what I'm given and shut up about it, but since you asked.....




I wish my phone had caller ID. It would be nice to be able to connect to dss1prd prior to 7:30 AM. More software available on IUWare would also be great.


UITS needs to do a better job communicating both between their internal departments and with their customers. The system notice page, for example, almost never shows problems occurring on campus in a timely fashion.


Some of my less than satisfied responses were due to experiences I've heard about from other users such as: lack of ease of access to teleconference facilities, less than good service from Dell equipment support, particularly lap top PC support.Unit lap top support has been excellent, central administration Dell lap top support has not been.


The new dept coordinators should be given training as to terms used since there are often misunderstandings as to what services are needed and how to communicate the needs of the services to the UITS personnel.




IUIE is far too difficult to navigate. There's so much information available but I struggle with the queries to get the information that I need. It's very time-consuming trying to get to where I need to be at times. It also annoys me that when I contact the support service with a question that I'm always directed to the Knowledge Base instead of just getting a straight answer to my question. Sometimes the knowlege base provides an answer that makes sense, sometimes it doesn't.


Oncourse is so unstable we are afraid to use it for many simple tasks. Onestart cannot display my current paycheck right now. People who answer the support telephone (855-6789) should have other skills in addition to being able to pick up the telephone handset, like basic MS Office skills, basic IU network familiarity, etc. It is very frustrating to get someone on the other end of the phone that is less knowledgeable than myself, which I would estimate is 4 out of 5 calls. UITS has a campus-wide reputation for being inadequate, and Stat-Math's reputation is even worse, that is the truth, sorry.


1-For commuters who live more than 15 miles away, we should have an 800 dial in number to be able to access university services free and not pay another internet provider plus long distance telephone charges, this stinks! 2- UITS systems are pretty efficient however it is cumbersome to have to log into so many times as well as having to know several passwords or passphrases for different daily needs.


Remember the Alumni


Timekeeping needs to be replaced. I've never used it without encountering multiple problems.


E-mail quota's for professional staff and faculty should be larger than 100MB. Knowledge Base is good for on-line support, but I have found some articles are out of date and need to be updated.


I find the fact that we are told to go on line and tell our problems about our computer rather strange because if I could get on line when I was having a problem then I would not have a problem. I like the spam blocker except it sometimes stop materials that are coming to me that are important. I find the library online system slow cumbersome and hard to use. Not at all satifactory. Also form a staff point of view it works in fits and starts. The new time system is totaly unworkable. It at times will say I have worked 4 hr when i have worked 6 hr and unless I go back in and deleate everything and start over I cannot get the hours to add properly. This system is very bad. It is hard if not impossible to make it work the time you really work but you have to fuge your time to get it to give your 40 hr. At time is says I worked over my 40 hr and at times says I worked under my 40 hr because I try to be accurate with my time until I just make it work to get my 40 hr and leave it.




There are too many systems and we can't spend all our time going to training sessions just to keep up. There has to be a more simplified way to do this.


I frequently work with the IT policy and security area and commend this group of individuals on their knowledge, professionalism, inclusiveness, and collegiality.


overall very good. Search from IUB homepage is difficult


net-G training is not up-to-date with current software packages including Adobe CS3. Would like department consulting services to evaluate how a department can use newer tech and software to be more efficient.


The instructors that I have had (word and excel basics and excel data management) have all been really nice, helpful and professional and I like the hand outs as a reference. thank you for all your hard work in preparing for the classes that you teach and for answering all my questions


You guys do A LOT, and overall, I have to commend you all for the work you do. My biggest complaints are: -Mail quotas. In my office, we get TONS of email, files, etc. 100mb is just too little storage space, and I think there should be an easier way for offices to increase storage space, if necessary. My office-mate and I are constantly running over quota, and an extra 25-50mb would be a huge help. -Webmail (I know you are working on a new version, but there is no link on the webmail main page where beta testers can connect, so I almost never tried it because I didn't have time to hunt down the beta link). 2. Computer kiosks--those little Apple computers are toast. I mean, the kiosks are a great idea, but it takes 10 years to log on because the computers are so slow (at least the ones in Jordan Hall are). 3. Phone installs take too long.


I have been at several different Universities and UITS has by far the best system. I also really enjoy the free/low cost software available through IU Ware.

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Overall, fantastic services - however, there are a couple areas for improvement: 1. The express stand-up stations tend to have very sticky keyboards that sometimes don't even work. These need to be maintained on a regular basis, as they get a lot of abuse. 2. The printers in the Music Library are unacceptably slow at printing PDF and graphic images, frequently causing long backups (the newest printers especially). An effort needs to be made to find a printer that can stand up to the printing requirements of a music library setting.


Wireless access continues to suffer from connection problems.


I think there should be more printing areas available around campus, not just in classroom/computer labs or the library.


most of my complaints have to do with compatibility with Macintosh, the competency of computer lab consultants, and navigation of oncourse/onestart. By the way, why are they two separate things?? It would be better if they were integrated into one entity. It is really annoying to enter your username and password 4 or 5 times every time you want to use a computer. You log in so you can log in so you can log in.


The Computer labs in apartment housing need more supervision. Phone calls and distractions by users need checking.


IU Search is the WORST search engine I've ever experienced. The Library article search should be improved more as well. I've called UITS and had mixed results with the technical help provided by consultants. Stats Help department needs more WELL-TRAINED consultants. My experiences with the consultant there have not been helpful.


Overall, I think the resources and services available through UITS are great. The only complaints I have are: 1) the spam filter is much too restrictive and has blocked research-related emails from people at other universities using .edu addresses; 2) the user-interface of OneStart is clumsy and difficult to use; and 3) the same thing goes for the OnCourse interface.


Great job:)


A few comments: 1. I am an MBA student, so only have classes at the new business building, and the wireless connection there drops out a lot, especially in the basement. 2. OnCourse and OneStart could get an ease-of-use boost if they used graphics instead of all the dropdowns, which can get confusing to navigate. 3. The email alias structure is frustrating - it is limited to 8 characters, and you cannot create an alias, like I was able to in undergrad. For instance, here my email address is [IRD], but this is neither easy to remember, nor does it look professional to companies. If we could customize it, such as [IRD], that would better all around.


I don't have much interraction with UITS or the services, but the ones I've used have not struck me as poor so I suppose you're doing a great job.


IU search does not really seem to ever get me in the direction that I am looking, I always have to find other means to find what I am looking for. Also there should be a clear link on the campus front page to the campus map that also includes abbreviations for buildings not just their names.


It will be great if UITS can provide more information of computer hardware repairing and consulting




I find the technology services at IU generally excellent. However, I don't like receiving the unsolicited UITS newsletter. I must have received about 100 of these, and I have not learned anything useful from any of them. To me, these emails are spam.


too many emails from UITS; delete spam instead of throwing it in a folder; get Geneious Pro; Library website is difficult to navigate


I did not appreciate being harassed to take this survey.

1. Connecting to the wireless network is really a pain on laptops using an OS other than Windows. 2. OnCourse assignment handling is awful: a) multiple submissions are not possible b) no automated mechanism for multiple choice or written submissions c) robust and reliable systems exist at other universities.


The mailbox has very low capacity.


The call in service is great, as is IUWare online.


In the past I have been very frustrated with the layout of OneStart, however, the new layout so far seems to be easier to navigate through. Emailing a class from Oncourse is frustrating because, for some reason, there are always a few Other than that, I am satisfied with computing at IU.


Wireless coverage is weak at 510 N. Fess. The main library website is still horribly confusing to navigate; it looks like a big huge mess!! I had some good support with using Quarry last fall; UITS installed Mono on Quarry for my use -- greatly appreciated.


The lack of support for Windows Vista is inexcusable. Vista is now the default OS for new computers, when will it be supported!


UITS support offers help, but also information on where to get help when UITS is unable to help, or does not give that particular support. Thank you.


With regard to Webmail: There is some kind of a glitch that causes the entire screen to go blank if you delete every email from the inbox. Amazingly frustrating. That's my only complaint at present.


I think I have check more information about what UITS is doing. It seems that I am missing a lot of information.


The biggest complaint I have for the past year is it seems that with the new version of adobe acrobat, PDFs are printing VERY SLOWLY in the Student Building computer labs. Student Building is where I do all of my work, and it has become a great inconvenience to not be able to print articles in the computer labs there.


Some of the language in this survey confused me. I am very unfamiliar with some of the language associated with UITS. Perhaps you could have an orientation to the various services available. I sense that technology is a moving target in general as it keeps expanding out so quickly, but as someone who is not immersed in it, it's hard to keep up with what IU offers. And so it was hard to answer some of these items.


I can honestly say that I've only had positive experiences with UITS. Of course, when dealing when technology, one runs into occasionaly snags. However, I think the both the technology and technology support at IU are exemplary. I have always been very pleased.


The UITS newsletter is not necessary on a weekly schedule. The wireless network in the law school needs much improvement. IUCAT and One Start are good services and easy to use.





Overall, they've been great. Whenever I've had trouble getting the wireless access on my laptop to work on campus, they've been helpful whether I've called in or walked in.


Oncourse is a terrible system. It gets in the way of learning in the classroom. I usually beg professors not to use it.



1) Study late at school and find out almost all printers are offline after I have pressed the print button. 2) No ink inside the printer especially during examination period and I have already printed out about 60 pages materials without ink on them. Both (1) & (2) cost me a lot and I have to overpaid printing fee every semester. (3) VPN connection is bad particularly on the 2nd floor and in the basement in graduated school. Once, my network was disconnected and couldn't connect to the VPN again to post my exam on oncourse.


I would like it to be easier to print wirelessly.


Make folder navigation and message movement easier in Webmail. Provide better training for color plotting staff in the IC, and perhaps provide short training sessions for those wishing to use the color plottor to cover supported file types, etc.


I wish there was someone who could still help with Mac OS9 and Entourage.


Webmail is terrible. We need a faster more intuitive system, preferably with a much larger mailbox quota. I would love something that works like gmail.


It takes me a while to understand where I can find information in Onestart. The divisions are named weird and so I dont know what to look under.


For graduate students, the print quota needs to be increased substantially. 1,000 sheets is really only a handful of research articles.


Generally, things are quite good: I am happy with the quality of service I have for e-mail, with most services from the libraries, and with facilities like scanners. Support is lacking in many areas for those of us who use "alternative" operating systems / computing environments (e.g., GNU/Linux). For example, it is difficult to get online on campus (the wireless network has a firewall which is excruciating to get working under Linux, and there are very few ethernet jacks available). There is also very little commercial software made available for Linux. The library site is generally very good, but it is a bit difficult to use in that "links" to books, etc. are actually scripts, meaning that normal browser commands (e.g., open in new tab) do not function. OneStart and OnCourse are absolutely dreadful. They are difficult to use, crash frequently, and every operation requires 3 or 4 more steps than seems necessary. It seems that the choice of solutions here has been driven by political concerns rather than by quality / usability.


The new library website implemented over the past year is terrible. It's hard to navigate, hard to get to the online databases, and information is hard to find.


Make Webmail run faster- sometimes it is REALLY slow.


Overall, UITS does a good job at providing services to students and staff. However, I (as well as other peers) experience slow response times quite often. Secondly, the new print release stations sometimes cause long lines and back-ups. I do understand why this was implemented, but perhaps there could be more print release stations installed (though space may be an issue).


visiting webmail.iu.edu is a little bit slow


You guys do a great job! Two suggestions: (1) the computers in the law school library lobby are painstakingly slow, and (2) last semester, the wireless signal dropped frequently depending on where I was in the law school library. I do not know whether this has been fixed since I no longer study in the areas with bad connection. Thanks!


The Law School printers are perpetually broken. They don't work more than they work. Additionally, there are WAY too many spots were wireless is weak, especially in the libraries. That should never be the case.




With regard to the gradebook feature of OnCourse..I want the "average grade" for the individual assignment to appear with two decimal places. I often grade in 10ths of a point, but the average grade shows up as 4/5, instead of 4.6/5, or whatever the actual average is.


Logging into IUCAT is cumbersome because of the multiple login requirements. Should not be required especially when trying to access IUCAT from on-campus terminals.


Oncourse CL is ineffective and a waste of university resources.


Thank you for your continuous endevor in developing the system.


Make wireless functionality better. Often have to plug in because wireless is down.


I think the OneStart portal is overwhelming to use and difficult to navigate. I am often confused about the different tabs/windows etc.


When I call in for help, some people speak very fast, using technical words. People call, because they don't know. So it is best if UITS people could be a bit more kind by speaking slowly with easy-to-understand terms.


Please improve wireless connectivity in the law library -- especially during the late morning, early afternoon.


I think that I accidently skipped a question, it wasn't intentional.


Wireless services bad even on campus, half the artilces I need are not available bc IU does not have an account with many journals, UITS services too expensive!!! (Carry in service)


I am a law student, and it is awfully hard most of the time to get a VPN connection in the law school. It can be very frustrating. It was terrible last semester, has improved some this semester, but overall there are still some problems.


Consistent and easier to understand documentations for high performance systems are needed.


need more server space on e-mail network; e-mail program should save e-mail drafts automatically because I have lost numerous e-mails; if the system logs you off or shuts down and you are in the middle of writing a message, you cannot get back to it


Even when first saving a PDF to a desktop, the printing is still incredibly slow. Additionally, if users are unaware of the need to download a PDF first and you are waiting on their job to finish, the wait can be extremely long (longer than I've experienced before on any other network system).


I live out of state (while I complete my Ph.D.), so haven't had much to do with ITS, except for when I visit the IUB campus periodically.


I wish my mac didn't have to use remote (vpn) log on to use on campus. would be nice if wifi honored it, too. that's my one big complaint.


Oncourse is still rather awkward to use. Webmail could be improved. Overall, great job!

I can't believe you give out coupons for software that is free, as if it is some type of incentive. Thanks a lot for that. Also the search algorithm for IU is horrendous. I don't know if UITS does technology services for the graduate business school. If not, my responses would be more positive. If so, get it together, the technology there is embarrassingly bad.


Has made for a very smooth experience at IU.


More computers are needed


UITS, or specifically RITS, should consider that Weatherly Hall houses a lot of AIs, staff and professors, yet there is no wireless availability there. Some of us are making use of the RITS cables and software, but it would be much more convenient to have a wireless access point there.


Why can't oncourse and onestart become one location that provides all services? It would be much more convenient.


As a graduate student, I find it somewhat disconcerting that after the expansion of the information commons in the Wells Library, there seemed to be more overcrowding, not less. It's difficult to find a quiet, study-oriented lab that doesn't close before 9 or 10 in the evening. This makes it difficult to complete some projects which require the use of IU technology only available on campus.


The software deals available through UITS are the best part of the service. I've downloaded Office 2007 for free, and purchased Vista Ultimate for $20. My major does not rely heavily on computing or computer-based research, but it has been readily available when I have needed it.


very good


More free or discounted software items such that are mac-compatible and for visual creation (photoshop, video editors, etc.).


Wheelchair access to your services is terrible. Very few labs have *any* wheelchair accessible computers... I have to sit sideways to the computers because the desks/tables are too low. Printers are usually set on top of something, making them too high for a wheelchair user to reach the printed pages. NONE of the "infostations" are accessible, they are ALL set at "standing" heights, so I can't check my email during the day despite the fact that I constantly pass by computers. I asked, through the disability services office, to have an infostation in the music school lowered, but it never happened. I sent an email to UITS through the contact section of the UITS website last semester about my access concerns and never received any response.


IU UITS is amazing, at least for students. A lot of services we do not use very often, even unheard of, but we do see UITS has put a lot of efforts into that. I personally like Gmail, especially the feature of a chain of mails goes together.


I only have one IU distance learning class. I am never on campus. I do everything at IUPUI-- thus so many "cannot evaluate" and "never heard of" answers.




overall you are doing fine but I am beginning to see lapses in intelligent classroom technology maintenance and I would like to see better and more user-friendly interfaces in IU systems like OnCourse and OneStart

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Wright Quad needs to have wireless access.


I wouldn't be able to survive without it!!


I just have a minor comments. I am in Informatics major, so I am taking a lot of courses related to Math,Information systems and so on. Sometimes when I use specific programs, e.g. Matlab, or want to connect to Steel server, I cannot do it while trying more than 10 times.Especially in happens on computers installed in residence halls. So my suggestion, if it's possible, to try to improve the performance of computers and workstations in Residence halls. Thank you!


I often feel that the IU network is very very slow and at times does not work at all. If there is a way to solve this I would like to see that happen, but I understand if this is just the system being overloaded.




Create a better search engine for search.indiana.edu and increase storage for Webmail.


I have been pretty disappointed with the lag in the systems; this year in particular. It seems Onestart, Oncourse and Webmail have often been extremely difficult to sign into and it is, at times, when I need them most.


When I had a problem with my computer I came into the library to make an appointment for someone to come check on it. Not only did I have to wait for days for the appointment, but the person never showed up, nor did they call to cancel or reschedule. That to me is unacceptable. I'm paying for your services and I should at least receive a courtesy phone call if the person isn't going to show up. I also do not like the new Onestart at all. It's too hard to navigate and it deleted some of the services I used a lot.


My only concerns regarding UITS are as follows. I have had several classes, particularly in Ballantine Hall, Jordan Hall, and the Chemistry Building, where I am unable to access the internet from my laptop. I feel that there needs to be more connection points in these buildings. It is also nearly impossible to connect to the internet during certain busy times at the main library due to the number of people trying to connect. I feel that at such times, there needs to be more servers to accommodate the increased usage. This is important, because people go to the library expecting to be in an environment to successfully complete their work and often times the internet is crucial for this to happen. Finally, I also there are times where webmail, oncourse, or onestart are moving too slowly to function. I am unaware of the exact reasons this occurs, but I feel that it occurs too often and it should be looked at. Other than that, I am 100% s


Linux machines would be nice to have available


The library should have the best Wireless in the whole campus and it has the worst. this is a place to study and you cannot get an internet connection when you need it most this needs to be fixed promptly because it is not fair to go to the library to do work and not be able to get internet access. This is the worst part about IU it is supposed to be the 5th best wireless campus but you can't get it in the library. That shows poor consistency on the part of the UITS


Overall the tech that is available is very good and beneficial to studies.


You guys are doing a great job.




The newest version of onestart is confusing it was very difficult to find my degree progress report,likewise, five or more people have expressed this same feeling


OneStart is more difficult to nagivate through for me now that it changed


I wouldn't mind a greater coverage of wireless service around the campus, mainly near dorms. At Ashton I receive a very weak signal which cuts out. Its not completely necessary, but it would be a nice convenience.


Make the servers run cleaner and faster by maybe adding another one


No thanks.


We need more computers! Especially at the business school! Also, I have not been able to successfully troubleshoot my listserv programming, and have not found anyone on your staff to help me with that. A highly publicized seminar for campus organizations run by your staff on how to use listservs and other group contact mechanisms to their full purpose would be well received.


Keep up the great work! :)


Support workers sometimes don't know what they're talking about and the wireless access points are infrequent and mediocre.




Any additional services that you can offer disabled students would be appreciated. Example: the new drop and add system on the computer [instead of standing in line for an hour] are fabulous. More of that please. Also, when registering for classes, it would be wonderful to actually read about the class and be able to register for it in the same window! Thanks for asking


When in the Stacks of the Well's Library it is sometimes hard to get and keep a wireless connection.


The printer in the Collins RTC is miserable. It's a high-traffic RTC but the printer is very slow on PDFs and does not print any faster when students follow the instructions for PDF printing. Students frequently joke about sticking a wrench/pencil/firework in the printer so it will finally be replaced.


The main problem is when oncourse is down.


Webmail's lack of a trash folder is inefficient. When I delete something, I want it out of my inbox. The "purge deleted" step is just a waste of time. Also, logging into campus computers takes forever because of "loading personal preferences," but it never seems to save those preferences in the first place. Finaly, Onestart is impossible to navigate (I've heard nothing but complaints) and Oncourse is frequently a disaster.


I appreciate the constant work that UITS does to improve Indiana University; and although, the system is not perfect, it is better than most modern universities.


Due to the slow network speed, my fraternity house no longer uses the campus internet network.




I would really like to see the search page on the page IU page improved. It's virtually impossible to find anything. Additionally, the changes to OneStart made it very difficult to use. I use all of these services quite often and get frustrated with the frequency that they are down. However, when they are running properly they're extremely helpful.


Onestart got a bad review from me because you keep changing it. Stop. I had just learned the old way. Also, though it would be a pain and reduce the Mac traffic, I really would like to see an STC cluster of PCs in Jordan Hall. I frequently use the STC clusters for printing purposes and the Macs refuse to recognize word 2007. They are difficult for a non-computer guru pc user like to to navigate and everyone who says they're intuitive is clearly much smarter than I am.


Overall, I would rank the UITS as average. There have been a lot of times where the network has been extreamly slow, or unavailable. I have also had networking problems and have been waiting for a solution to my problem for almost 2 weeks with no feedback.


I think the e-mail system needs improvement so that it has more of a look and feel of other e-mail programs such as Yahoo!, AOL, or hotmail.... Other than that, I am happy with my computing experience here at IUB


Improve webmail. Its extremely slow during peak hours.


Overall, I satisfied especially webmail and onestart programs.


I've never really had any problems so sorry I can't evaluate a lot of things




why does log-in take so long in dorm/library student labs? this is very frustrating.


need more outlets throughout library for many laptop users.


Get rid of oncourse, onestart, webmail!


By far I am least satisfied with Oncourse CL, it continuously runs very slow. Also, nearly every professor I have had cannot run the classroom technology station efficiently, I would suggest better training of faculty to increase classroom productivity.


I appreciate the fact that there's always someone to help me with computer problems whenever I need it.




My main complaints with the technology is the frequency in which it will not work, at busy hours of the day


i was in the ic about two weeks ago trying to print on the plotter. i tried to get assistance from the ic workers to make sure that my page size was correct and i had laid everything out properly. the people i spoke with did not know how to navigate photoshop. although i had only first opened the program two days prior to this, i had figured out the basics well enough on my own to guide them. they did not know what they doing with the printer and just used trial and error using my print quota. finally, i came back the next day on my own and figured it out in about ten minutes. i was dissatisfied with the service i received and unhappy that my resources were wasted because the people working at the ic couldn't figure out how to print in photoshop. however, i have also had some good experience with uits workers. they were very helpful when i got an embedded virus. they tried everything they could to fix it and when they couldn't, explained my options.


The printers in the residence centers are almost always having one problem or the other and there is usually no one to fix it, at least most of the times I've been there. It would be nice to have staff available to help when it is needed. Also, the internet service is not always readily available where wireless should be accessible.


I appreciate and use the computer labs and printers outside of the libary but I wish there were more computer rooms and printers. There are only computers rooms that I can think of around campus and half of the buildings I am by I can't even find one if there is one in that particular building.


I really appreciate the large number of computer labs that are positioned around campus. It makes my life so much easier.