2008 IUE IT User Satisfaction Survey - Text Comments

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This text file includes responses to the final question of the survey: Are there additional comments you would like to make about Information Technologies?

Responses are grouped by sample: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Identifying references in this document have been replaced with [IRD], Identifying Reference Deleted.

Faculty | Staff | Students

I have always found the responsiveness of the staff in IT to be great. I still have some level of frustration with the amount of down time that occurs on the second floor copier--although in recent days, this seems to be working better. Thanks for your help on that. Part of the issue I also think is getting the staff to call or notify the IT staff when a problem is occurring.[IRD].


Computers are too slow, sometimes accessing home page, email, etc. are very slow


All student computer labs need to be staffed by a lab tech who knows how to fix glitches and help students with Oncourse, Word, webmail, and Onestart. Also, computers in student labs are not maintained well--they are slow to operate and filled with junkmail and weird updates (like the msn screen that comes up on the computers in RW).


Oncourse is not a reliable service. It did not work well at the beginning of Fall semester when it was needed for students to view and print off syllabi. The recent outage is another example of an Oncourse service that is not reliable. Blackboard that I have used at other universities has been more reliable and easier to use.


I believe all education classrooms should be equipped with smart boards because they are becoming common in the schools. One classroom should also be equipped with a set of laptops. Instructors cannot model integration of technology into education unless the technology is readily available. Having to order a tech cart sends a message that technology is for occasional use only. In addition, the educational software in HY 254 should be sorted and systematically replaced because it is outdated. Many programs there date from the early 90's.


I want Oncourse to be reliable


Set ups in smart classrooms should operate the same. Do NOT block all chalk boards with projection screen (there is a need to still use the blackboard during class even with Powerpoint). Thanks.




Permanent AV equipment in every main room would be a huge improvement over tech carts. Regular checks to make sure everything is working properly would also help. Much class time has been spent trying to figure out malfunctioning AV equipment.


IT has improved considerably under [IRD]’s leadership!


[IRD] is great!


Things have gotten so much better since [IRD] is in charge of IT. IT now seems to be striving to provide service rather than pushing an agenda of its own!


I have some suggestions to make things better: Stow scribblling instructions for AV equipment on the board in classroom. Make PROFESSIONAL signs and have spelling and grammar checked. We are a University and proper language use should be modeled by every department.


Permanently install all cables in proper conduits. Do not glue them to the floor with duct tape. We don't work in a trailerhome!


I find the OneStart website highly dissatisfying. It is difficult to navigate.


IT Services are the BEST!


Voice mail that prompted you of message (flashing light) would be very helpful. I seldom become aware of voice mail until I use my phone.




The Indidividuals manning the Help Desk are the best I have worked with and that is based upon experience with two other institutions.

Faculty |Staff | Students

computers are slow. long distance requires a long code in order to call out and some of the area codes will not go through(you cannot call a certain area.


It appears that we are getting spam through EALISTSERV it would be nice not to get any spam at all.


Sometimes emails that are sent to me go to junkmail when they should go to my inbox.


Continue to be aware of the changing needs of the Campus and you will do fine!


Overall, they do a very good job.


Very well run system; I always get excellent support when I need it.


I thnk we have a very competent, very willing and very personable IT department. I have yet to have an IT problem that was not solved in a timely manner and even on a rushed day in a very courteous manner. I really do appreciate the service I have been given.


I feel customer service has inproved this past year. I beleive we need a full time position at the welcome center instead of work study positions.


The service is prompt.


Last summer when my computer was replaced I was disappointed that I did not have a disk drive. Most of my information is on disk. Before replacing a computer see if the person wants a disk drive instead of a CD Rom


Help Desk personnel---[IRD] is AWESOME, totally professional and always helpful.


I do have problems with the delay in receiving voicemail messages. Often it seems there is a lag of up to several hours before I get a voicemail that has been left in my inbox. Don't know why that is--but it is not helpful. Can anything be done about this? I know other people also have the same problem.


This is a "now" generation - anytime that I have called IT for assitance physically, I have been satisfied with their timeliness, keeping in mind that my request (although to me it is) may not be top priority to them and that there are other more critical needs and I am always concious of that so as not to be too impatient. They all do a great job with the personnel, resources and time they have


The printer network is always going off line. It's only for a minute or so.


You're doing a great job. You've always been right there when I needed you. Thanks to all.


We frequently get calls in our department saying that there is no one at the welcome center.


Since the change in command at the top, it is much easier to get assistance through IT.


I often hear students complain about the computers being too slow. Other than that, I think things are okay.


Printer care has dimished; many printers are left in disrepair for long periods of time. Accessability to a working printer is difficult.


Overall, IT is an excellent department and provides excellent service.


If it is not already included in the new version of onestart there needs to be a block on students who try to register for classes if they have not completed the pre-req.


All services provided are outstanding. The Help Desk personnel are very customer oriented and helpful to everyone. The department personnel strive to quickly resolve all problem issues.

Faculty | Staff | Students

the webmail, it would be better if you had the option to delete all mail and not only by pages.


Their location is bad. I would like their offices to be at Whitewater, where the other important services are.


There could be more services offered at IU East and accessibility to financial aid and holds on my records could be better too.


Several times during the semester I have been stymied by computers in labs being slow to respond and often having connection problems to printers. It seems as if these problems continue even though similar complaints are being voiced by numerous others.


I havent used the computers since last semester, because I am not on campus this semester, but... sometimes you get a computer that has a bad mouse, for example - you can hardly get the cursor to move and you have to move the mouse around and around the screen to finally get it to move as if the mouse needs cleaned, or justs needs replaced.


I work full time, so having the computer labs open later in the evenings would be beneficial for me.


In tutorial services and anywhere else it takes FOREVER to get anywhere at all. Also, I have asked for the help from IT to get my name right in the system and this hasn't happened for me. I am totally unhappy with the computer services availabe at IU East as well as the speed of things. We are students and don't have time to waste.


I have had a lot of trouble with the oncourse site, there have been times when I have tried to complete classwork that had to be completed that day and I could not access the oncourse site.

***The availability of internet connection in the bottom of Hayes Hall is not very good, if you even get it some days, this is really bad for nursing students like myself because there are times when we have to take exams over the internet and the connection is either slow or not available at times. This is very upsetting to me and frustrating!


yes it has improved over the years that I have attended IU east, but it still needs improvement. maybe a different connection style other than VPN for devices that don't support VPN for wireless connections (Nintendo DS, playstation portable, etc.) or maybe some kind of work around for it. Also maybe a little more open source products available.


As soon as we get used to software like oncourse or onestart you change it. Oncourse could use some consistancy.


Wireless network should extend to lobby in Whitewater hall as well as more outdoor areas.


I like getting a telephone call when the campus is closed.


IT services at IU East need improvment. Some of the classes do not work with the oncourse system and the components that go along with the classes. This problem needs to be fixed.


I would like the range of the wireless internet to reach the parking lot.


maybe it would be helpful to have contact information posted for an IT number so students know who to call when they are having problems with their computer? Overall - good offering of programs


IU East needs to offer some type of SPSS software assistance either on-line or in person. I cannot find any help with the software.


too slow logins in labs; recent changes to OneStart are awful; Oncourse CL is clunky to use




Trying to search for the list of classes and times they are offered each semester is a challenge to track down--it seems like the schedule of classes is called something different at every university.


The speed of the computers in the Math Lab and Computer Labs need to be faster.


More uniform ways that instructors may post class materials on oncourse so they may be found. Making it simpler to forward communications to other email services such as outlook express.


In various computer labs, it takes computers 5-7 minutes to log on. I have had a terrible time getting the computers to work at a reasonable speed. Many times I have ran out of paper for the printer, and have not known where or how to locate more paper to refill it. I lost so much time trying to work on the computers in the labs, I now use my macbook pro while at campus. Even when now using my laptop, it is not unusual for me to loose internet connection throughout campass 3 or 4 times an hour. I have registered myself for classes the last 4 years, but was unable to do so this semester due to the new formatt. I had to wait and get assistance. When trying to download available software for IUE students, the technicians were very helpful.


The most important parts of IT to me are not having oncourse or angel crash, and having a fast and available internet connection when I am on campus.


I'm dissatisfied with how long computers take to start up once you log-in. They also never remeber the personalized settings (which toolbars to show, what icons are on my desktop, etc.), even if I use the same computer everytime. Also, I've had several issues trying to print recently that seem to do with the network, and then I know the lab in Whitewater hasn't been making you release your print jobs, it just prints without using the release station.


the computers in most of the labs are painfully slow


Labs in many buildings, especially Springwood Hall, are slow and unreliable-it has taken me as much as 15 minutes to access and print an assignment. The addition of the Information Commons has been convenient, and the computers there are generally more reliable than in other buildings.


The computers in the lab next to WZ202 are terrible and everyone complains. It takes a good 15 minutes just to sign on and let it load. No contact needed just letting you know it is a concern.


[IRD] and the [IRD] in the office are the only two I've ever worked with. [IRD] is excellent, polite, etc. The other guy is knowledgeable and helpful too, but reeeeeeaaaally needs a course in people skills.


I have been trying to get my Dell Axim on the IUE network for three years. VPN is a PITA. I can access the internet in motels, coffee shops, at work but not at my university where I need it most.


I think the computers in both the math lab and writing labs should be replaced. They are terribly slow.


I think there should be public phones, like the ones in Whitewater Hall in each building.


I went to IUB last year and I feel IUE has their computer rejects. It is ridiculous when it takes 15 minutes to print out an assignment from Oncourse. I think the guys at IT at IUE need to get in gear and check every single computer on campus. If the computer takes longer then a few minutes to boot up, they need to fix that. This longer booting time usually happens when you log on to a computer for the first time. It is a very big inconvenience for me and my fellow students.


The new oncourse I don't like how you cant remove the old class tabs. But ovewrall it is ok.


Oncourse is a little confusing and I KNOW there are better programs out there such as BLACKBOARD. Also I think the charges for printing is outrageous considering that as students we have ALOT to print...can this be added in to our tuition some how?